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Amber Atherton
I used to have a long note going on my iPhone that I'd update regularly with caption ideas and everyone asked me to caption their photo. People would text me photos all day asking for caption ideas and it just got to the point where i was like 'OK I'm gonna build a visual recognition system and embed machine learning to solve this problem in a more scalable way.feedback
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NEW Apr 26 2017
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Steve Wozniak

I'm hoping Apple does the same thing with autonomous cars that [they did with the iPhone]. I hope it's so much better than the others and not just another player. So we're just primed for these ideas that seem impossible, like they will never happen – but maybe with the right stroke of luck and the right finding by scientists, we can create futures you can't imagine.feedback

Steve Wozniak

Apple is such a large company it has to go after big markets. And self-driving cars is one that we're all reading about every day, and almost every car company in the world is working toward that. I go back and think about what made Apple successful and as big as it is. Look at the iPhone... you know, it was questionable at first but that was the way everyone wanted to go...So I'm hoping Apple goes the same way with autonomous cars. That you have one car –that can be sold without a steering wheel maybe – that is so perfect that everyone goes, Oh my gosh, I want this.feedback

James Marsters

We were in Paris one beautiful spring day, but in our hotel room – the curtains were drawn, and we were playing Assassin's Creed: Unity, which takes place in Paris. It just struck me how obscene that was – that we were in Paris, pretending to be in Paris. I thought, This is ridiculous! Let's go out and see the town!' So we used an iPhone and started filming ourselves on the streets and we got some good stuff.feedback

Amit Daryanani - RBC

We have seen increased discussions among investors regarding 'How could AAPL gain scale in media/content and what could it do with potential cash repatriation? We see a confluence of events that make an acquisition of DIS a 'greater than 0 percent' probability event (while odds are low). AAPL's focus on services and its inability (so far) to replicate its music/iTunes strategy into content/media make acquiring DIS logical in our view.feedback

Hannah Kaspar

I love nothing more than when people send us pictures of a cherished diary or letter collection. There's a romance to stationery that you don't get with a text or an email. Tangibility makes the products more desirable than ever – you can't pass on an iPhone. The way we communicate has fundamentally changed and time has become the most precious commodity – it's the true luxury.feedback

Timothy Arcuri - Cowen And Company

The goal continues to be finalization of fingerprint sensor spec by May, but if the internal solution is not workable, assembly of this OLED version could be slightly postponed to Sept vs. the normal late July to August timeframe which would effectively delay shipment (although launch would still come in early Sept).feedback

Karsten Iltgen - Bankhaus Lampe

We have been observing much stronger interest in engineers of analogue and power management chips from Apple in its hiring activities for a little over a year. We believe that Apple is setting up power management design centres in Munich and California. We believe Dialog is facing significant uncertainty. Customer diversification seems more important than ever.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

Our contact strongly believes the 5.8-inch iPhone will be delayed by several weeks due to challenges around the 3-D sensing technology but still in time for the December holidays.feedback

Susan Hughes

In this scenario, we found women were lowering their pitch and men were raising their pitch, sort of mimicking by matching each other's pitch. People are absolutely changing the sounds of their voices when communicating based on the different feelings they have. And other people are adept at picking up when these [changes in pitch] are being spoken to them. We've very keen, but I don't know if we're always aware of it.feedback

Susan Hughes

If you hear someone talking, even in an overheard phone conversation, you can usually tell if they're speaking to their significant other. They use a different type of voice.feedback

Susan Hughes

I always say, it's okay to have a blind date without seeing a person, but don't have a deaf date where you've never heard their voice. At least pick up the phone and call them first. Their voice is going to tell you a lot about that person.feedback

Steve Stricker

So much of our world is on that iPhone or iPad. It's kind of refreshing that nobody has them out here. You don't have to worry about them ringing or people talking on them.feedback

James Cordwell

The increase in our estimates is predicated on growing evidence that Apple will launch a premium-priced, redesigned iPhone later this year, alongside upgraded 7s and 7s Plus devices.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

First off, our smartphone contact believes the 3D sensing technology and OLED displays will only be offered with the 5.8-inch iPhone 8. However, our contact strongly believes the 5.8-inch iPhone will be delayed by several weeks due to challenges around the 3D sensing technology but still in time for the December holidays.feedback

Silvia Bellezza

When we are thinking about giving things to someone that we care about, we become less careless.feedback

Rod Simms

It's fair to say we haven't observered similar behaviour by other manufacturers. Apple seems to have a particular way of doing things.feedback

Andy Hargreaves - Pacific Crest Securities

We continue to recommend owning AAPL. Recent checks at suppliers indicate strong initial indications of component orders for the coming iPhone cycle, which prompts an increase to our unit estimates at the high end of the iPhone lineup.feedback

Pius Uzamere

By promoting Metal instead of relying on other existing standards, Apple is not only able to control what graphics chip functionality is exposed at its own pace, but also blur the line for developers between coding for desktop and mobile GPUs.feedback

Jim Morrison

Apple clearly got rid of all the conventional suppliers and replaced about five chips with one.feedback

Luca Maestri

Today we do much more in-house development of fundamental technologies than we used to. Think of the work we do on processors or sensors. We can push the envelope on innovation. We have better control over timing, over cost and over quality.feedback

Tom Kang - Counterpoint

We think the S8 series will definitely be a strong flagship for Samsung and help it gain back market share. The launch of the fully revamped iPhone 8 will also be threatening. But there is also pent up demand for Samsung devices rolling over from last year due to the disappearance of the Note 7. So those 2 factors will balance out.feedback

Luca Maestri

It's very important for us because we can push the envelope on innovation, we can better control timing, cost, quality. We look at that as a great strategic investment.feedback

David Hsieh - IHS

Apple has ordered 70 million units of OLED panels from Samsung this year, while Samsung is preparing to churn out as many as 95 million for Apple in 2017, in case demand exceeds expectations. It is also possible that some of these 70 million handsets will not be shipped to customers this year and be carried over to next year depending on demand.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

What they are creating here is a vehicle that can capitalize on the world as it becomes a computer. Whether it's a TV, whether it's a watch, whether it's your home, whether it's a car .... Today the phone is the biggest piece of it, but I think it's going to give people kind of the walkway into these other areas over time.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

I think this still remains one of the most under-appreciated stocks in the world. I think what people are starting to understand is they were negative on Apple for all the wrong reasons.feedback

Timothy Arcuri - Cowen And Company

This phone's going to be launching into an install base that's 50 percent bigger than the last big phone, the iPhone 6, launched into. So even if the upgrade rate is way lower, they're going to sell way more phones. I think the numbers are still way too low. They have at least one more big phone cycle here. There's a ton of innovation yet to come in the phone. You're going to have a foldable phone from Apple probably by 2019 .... I think there's a lot more lengths to go with just the phone.feedback

Hayley Romer

A huge part of the reason readers come to The Atlantic is to understand, more broadly, what people are thinking about and why specific issues matter. Brands have the same opportunity to provide greater perspective for consumers for dramatic changes that are happening now and shaping their world.feedback

Andrew Essex - Tribeca Enterprises

The brand will make the thing, not the thing that interrupts the thing, with shows and films in addition to the programmatic stuff. You'll have that classic high and low but nothing in between.feedback

Jae Goodman - Creative Artists Agency

It's the same elements that make it a great, great story, that touches you, that sparks the right emotion, that gives you the same great response that an Oscar-winning movie would give you. However, it also needs to drive those brand and business results. If Coca-Cola makes a great feature film and doesn't sell more Coca-Cola, then that's a failure on Coca-Cola's part.feedback

Andrew Essex - Tribeca Enterprises

The makers of these films and tellers of these stories know if this feels like overt advertising or gross product placement, people will tune out, so authenticity becomes a key metric here. Traditional advertising tends to annoy people, and this makes the argument that you have to add value to people's lives rather than bombard them with a pitch and a hard sell, especially in a world of so much noisy content. The old model was that you did an ad and you hoped no one would see it.feedback

Jae Goodman - Creative Artists Agency

The idea of being misled by marketers or tricked into choosing one brand over another comes up in this conversation a lot, and for what it's worth, I think it's a little bit unfair as long as the brand is straightforward about its role in the creation and distribution of the content.feedback

Stanley Kovler

Investors are keenly focused on the iPhone 8 'supercycle' as it pertains to Corning but we believe this is well reflected in estimates.feedback

Benjamin Fail

He is lucky to be alive. Electrocution kills.' After the brush with death, Day says he's going to stop sleeping in bed with his phone. He said: 'Charge your phone away from you. Charge it the next day. It's not worth your life.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Apple ought to give the security for that phone, okay? What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such a time as they give that security number. How do you like that? I just thought of it. Boycott Apple.feedback

Gokul Hariharan - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

We anticipate Pegatron having 100 percent (share) in the iPhone 7S 4.7-inch in the upcoming cycle and keeping a majority market share in the smaller size OLED model in the next model cycle.feedback

Gokul Hariharan - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

This is our assumption as of now that (Hon Hai) will handle all of the (newest) iPhone assembly. Historically, they have handled the most advanced product in most iPhone cycles. We are anticipating a meaningful shift towards OLED ... in a 2 to 3 year horizon, realistically, every new iPhone model should be OLED-based.feedback

Renaud Lienhart - Apple

IOS 10.3 feels 'snappier' because many of the animations were slightly tweaked & shortened, for the better.feedback

Steven Milunovich

In the most likely scenario, we see Apple maintaining a 14 times multiple, moving the stock up on rising earnings but at a slowing rate. The iPhone goes ex-growth, new products have moderate success, and margins are flattish. For Apple to hit $200, iPhone needs to continue to grow beyond full year 18, new product categories must be established, and buybacks should exceed $50 billion per year, boosting the P/E to 17 times.feedback

Ben Rogoff - Polar Capital

The iPhone 8 or whatever it's going to be called will be the last hurrah for smartphones. One thing that could change the conversation… is the flexible screen and putting that into a flexible device, where the screen opens up and your phone can become your tablet. Actually I think that offers more promise for reacceleration in the market.feedback

Ben Rogoff - Polar Capital

If this new product upgrade turns out to be another iteration, and an underwhelming one, then I think the market will fall back on the fact that this is a saturated market. Apple will continue to take a disproportionate share of that market, but this growth is done, he said. I don't think that's a likely scenario but it is a scenario.feedback

Rebecca Krohn

You're dancing in eight shows a week, and your body is incredibly depleted.feedback

Rebecca Krohn

It seems silly now. But it meant so much to me. As an athlete, you need so much protein, and I just wasn't taking care of myself.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

The implications of the government's demands are chilling. If the government can use the All Writs Act to make it easier to unlock your iPhone, it would have the power to reach into anyone's device to capture their data.feedback

Will Strafach

It's too old. And even if it wasn't too old, it requires you to get to a device that is en route to somebody specific.feedback

Jim Cramer

The company's promotional enough that the first trade often produces a jump. But that jump's been worth shorting ever since the iPhone took over the smartphone universe, so just say no to Blackberry.feedback

Jim Cramer

There are distinct positives to this cycle, including Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 that might devour a lot of flash supply that's not due until later in the year. But at the moment. I think that Micron, or MOO, as we call it, is still in raging bull mode and you're free to buy it until we get much closer to that one incremental chip that sends it over the peak and back down into oblivion.feedback

Jeff Pollard - Forrester Research

The most concerning part of this is that it highlights that it doesn't matter how secure you keep a device. You have to understand that there could also be something that gets delivered to you in a device that you purchased.feedback

Wamsi Mohan

All three models are expected to have [a] front and back glass cover and wireless charging. The frame is expected to be stainless steel in the OLED [display] model and aluminum in the other two. Given the significant content increase, in our opinion, AAPL will raise the ASP [average selling price] significantly for the iPhone 8.feedback

Shawn Shieh

Even if (RED) were to register or submit documents for temporary activities, it's not clear whether it could do what it's doing with Apple, which could be interpreted as 'fund-raising.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

You start to get more comfortable when you put together the services side of the business on top of the augmented reality side.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We have some exciting things coming on iPad, I feel very optimistic about where we can take the product.feedback

Meghan Markle

Captivating art prints, iPhone cases, mugs, mouse pads, and trinkets, oh my. It's seriously a treasure trove of unique findings that you'll adore in-home or in that gift closet where you tuck away previous goodies for last minute hostess gifts. So began our friendship. She quickly became a confidante I would text when I was traveling, the friend I would rally around for her tennis matches, and the down to earth chick I was able to grab lunch with just a couple weeks ago in Toronto. When I close my eyes and think of what I wish for, I come up with a blank. A big old happy blank.feedback

Timothy Arcuri - Cowen And Company

Field work for both near-term iPhone 7/7+ supply and early read on iPhone new model builds support our long-held view that Street ests remain WAY TOO LOW for C2H:17 and C2018 as an aging base (esp in China) forms a powder keg for this launch.feedback

John Oliver

Impatient, vain and horny for malice. Basically Mulvaney treated Trump's past statements the way Trump treats women: randomly singling out a few of them and then reducing them down to numbers. It sounds like the audiobook of A Farewell to Arms broadcast by an iPhone submerged in hot coffee. He just needs one person to tell him that World War I was called the great war and he's going to want to have a better one out of sheer pettiness. You don't cut those agencies as a cost measure, you do it as a fuck you.feedback

Dan Frakes

Swift Playgrounds turns learning code into a game. If programming piques your child's interest, Playgrounds can keep them engrossed for hours, as each level builds on what they learned during the previous lessons, encouraging them to keep progressing.feedback

Dan Frakes

Dragon Box Elements turns learning the basics of geometry into a fun adventure. Its quest/puzzle theme can keep a kid's attention for long stretches and encourages show and tell with other people, while the use of discrete puzzles means they can stop at any time and pick it up again later.feedback

Christine Elgersma

On long trips, apps with lots of levels that encourage problem solving, like Busy Shapes 2, keep children challenged and thinking. Instead of having to lug a whole bag of picture books in a car or on a plane, this is sort of like having that bag of books in an app.feedback

Craig Pattison

We found an iPhone plugged into the extension cable and then the charger element in the bath. There was some confusion about an electric cable in the bathroom. There was the possibility of it being suicide.feedback

Sean Cummings

This was a tragic accident and I have no reason to believe at all that there anything other than it being completely accidental. These seem like innocuous devices, but they can be as dangerous as a hairdryer in a bathroom. They should attach warnings. I intend to write a report later to the makers of the phone.feedback

Richard Bull

I have worried that so many people and especially teenagers, that can't be separated from their phones, don't know how dangerous it is.feedback

Sheila Merrill

If you have got any appliance attached to the mains electricity circuit you have to be aware there is a danger there. You're risking death. Electricity and water don't mix, but particularly with phones, people don't probably always think about it. It's not advisable to use them while they're plugged in, particularly in a bathroom situation.feedback

Nick Greenhalgh

He was a pleasure to play both against and with. He would play in any position without giving it a second thought. He stepped back from nothing and left everything on the pitch for whichever side he was playing for.feedback

Jim Cramer

That's real cash that can't be spent elsewhere, but a smartphone is simply indispensable. An [Apple] iPhone is the most prized and cherished purchase any American makes after his car or home. So what does pry the typical consumer off the couch? Trips to theme parks, hence why Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Disney and Comcast's Universal theme parks are jammed to the gills. Or cruise ships, because they create experiences.feedback

Timothy Arcuri - Cowen And Company

Most importantly, a bullish outlook for JBL's August Q is highly supportive of our long-held view that a super-cycle is brewing for this iPhone launch (especially in China).feedback

Jermain Defoe

It was funny because on my iPhone it popped up on the screen and I didn't see the full message, I just saw the game – Gareth. I thought, 'I don't know a Gareth, who's this?' so I put my phone down. I looked at it and it said, 'Hi Jermain, it's Gareth Southgate, I got your number off Louise (Wanless, Sunderland's press officer), can I give you a call when you're free?'. I deserve this.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

I sort of view India as where China was seven to 10 years ago from that point of view. I think there's a really great opportunity there.feedback

Jason Chaffetz

Americans have choices, and they've got to make a choice. So rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest in their own health care. They've got to make those decisions themselves.feedback

Katy Huberty - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

We do not think the super cycle is fully appreciated. What we expect in September is a phone that has significant advancements in technology: OLED screens, 3-D sensors, wireless charging [and] likely some more advanced software in the area of artificial intelligence.feedback

Shari Hunter

An iPhone and insurance are not the same thing at all. If you need to be able to decide between an iPhone and health insurance, you need to look at: Why is that the choice? He needs to know we believe in him. That's the biggest thing. We'll have to wait.feedback

Sean Spicer

And make no mistake about it I think the president has talked before that anybody who leaked classified information will be held to the highest degree of law. We will go after people who leak classified information. we'll prosecute them to the full extent of the law. This is playing with our nation's national security is not something that should be taken lightly under this administration.feedback

Jason Chaffetz

Americans have choices. And they've got to make a choice. So maybe, rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest that in health care. They've got to make those decisions themselves.feedback

Stephen Pimpare

In response to a question about his party’s plan to increase the cost of health insurance, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) suggested that people should “invest in their own health care” instead of “getting that new iPhone.” He doubled-down on the point in a later interview: “People need to make a conscious choice, and I believe [].feedback

Michael Calabrese

Smartphones are no longer a luxury. Surveys show that lower-income and minority people increasingly rely on smartphones for Internet access, since they can't afford both home and mobile broadband subscriptions.feedback

Jason Chaffetz

You know what, Americans have choices. And they've got to make a choice. So maybe, rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest in their own health care.feedback

Rob Knake

The idea that there's an operational need for the CIA to target Apple and Google overseas shouldn't surprise anybody, given the pervasiveness of the Android and iPhone. The policy is not unilateral disarmament of the United States.feedback

Jason Chaffetz

We're getting rid of the individual mandate, we're getting rid of these things that people said they don't want. And, you know what? Americans have choices, and they've got to make a choice, so maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love, and they want to spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest in their own health care. They've got to make those decisions themselves. Yes, I think that's fair.feedback

Jason Chaffetz

I think it's a legitimate question, the president is emphatic about it. We're going to look into it and try to figure it out. Maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and want to go spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should go and invest in their own healthcare.feedback

Kevin Brady

We dismantle Obamacare's damaging taxes and mandates so states can deliver quality, affordable options based on what their patient populations need, and workers and families can have the freedom and flexibility to make their own health care choices.feedback

Jason Chaffetz

We are getting rid of the individual mandate. We are getting rid of those things that people said that they don't want. And, you know what? Americans have choices. And they've got to make a choice. So maybe, rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest that in health care. They've got to make those decisions themselves.feedback

Jason Healey

If the CIA has this many, we would expect the NSA to have several times more.feedback

Jason Chaffetz

Americans have choices, and they have got to make a choice. So maybe rather than getting that iPhone they just love, that they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest in their own health care. They've got to make those decisions themselves.feedback

Mark Landler

I have an alert for Trump's tweets, so my iPhone beeps dependably early in the morning as soon as he hits Twitter. It's actually become a substitute for my morning alarm.feedback

Julianne Chu - Uni-President China Holdings

Foreign investors will continue to buy Taiwan stocks, which have been their favourite market in Asia since Trump took office. The focus of their buying will be iPhone 8 component makers.feedback

Ian Fogg - IHS

The iPhone changed everything, it changed the entire market, it changed what people thought a mobile phone should be. It took the smartphone market – which was a niche section of the market – mainstream. No question Apple revolutionized nearly every technology product. If you buy any technology product it connects to the smartphone. The smartphone is the hub that connects people to their digital lives.feedback

Toni Sacconaghi

Our analysis suggests that the stock is highly anticipatory of new product announcements. We found that the stock appreciates [and] outperforms the market by an average of 1,600 basis points in the six months prior to an iPhone product launch. He loves great consumer franchises, which obviously Apple has. He loves recurring revenue. He likes disciplined capital deployment. Apple fits the bill on all of those things.feedback

Ben Schachter

Investors need not rely on Apple for all the innovation to drive the model forward. If someone creates a game in their parents' garage in Taipei or if GE revolutionizes health care with an app, Apple can benefit.feedback

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

You get to the point in any consumer electronics category where things just becoming good enough and the upgrades start to feel a lot less dramatic.feedback

Steven Milunovich

Apple appears more interested in AR [augmented reality], which connects people, than VR [virtual reality], which potentially isolates experiences. Apple may be well equipped to lead given its core competencies in hardware design and software/hardware integration as well as its large base of affluent iPhone and iPad owners.feedback

Steven Milunovich

According to some industry sources, the company may have over 1,000 engineers working on a project in Israel that could be related to AR [augmented reality]. Our work suggests that AR could be the next major innovation from Apple and that its competencies could make the company a winner ... Augmented reality is an area where Apple could leapfrog competition in providing a superior user experience. This could result in sustained iPhone retention rates and more switchers.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

I absolutely think Samsung is going to have a huge impact on the market. I think it's going be the biggest launch they have ever done. I think it's going to be an extremely impressive device and I think it must be a very daunting prospect to all of the competitors in this Android market where competing there is really, really tough. And that's before you even start going head-to-head with the iPhone.feedback

Rick Knowles - SAP

The collaboration between our two firms is unparalleled from an engineering standpoint. Every five to six weeks, we've put our developers in the room with Apple's lead engineers to do a code-level review.feedback

Patrick Moorhead

First, Samsung expended many resources to find the root cause of the Note7 issues and change their processes to assure it won't happen again. Secondly, the expectation is that Apple will really extend themselves to make the next iPhone dramatically different, so Samsung benefits from the extra time.feedback

Bob O'Donnell

When a market gets saturated, the growth is all about refresh. This is exactly what happened to PCs. It's exactly what happened to tablets. It's starting to happen to smartphones.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

IPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come.feedback

James Albertine - Consumer Edge Research

The vertical integration here is what GM and Ford were 100 years ago and why they worked 100 years ago. It's why the Model S is the Apple iPhone to everybody else's competitive dynamic here on the electric vehicle front.feedback

Katy Huberty - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Introduction of a high-end iPhone in September 2017 is likely to drive accelerating upgrades and share gains, especially in China. In addition to more modest updates to current iPhone SKUs, we expect Apple to launch a higher-priced device with AMOLED display that allows for a curved form factor and longer battery life, wireless charging technology, 3-D sensors and more advanced AI software capabilities. While we see accelerated upgrades for Apple's highest end users in all regions, our work suggests China users are especially sensitive to new technology and form factor changes.feedback

Wang Cheng-hung - Cathay Financial Holding company

Export orders should grow each quarter thanks to the launch of the new iPhone this year.feedback

Harlan Sur - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

We believe the glass back cover is conducive to wireless charging as it reduces signal interference versus a metal casing. It is possible for Apple to add proprietary features such as fast charging or extended charging to differentiate itself from the pack and enhance the value of its own hardware ecosystem.feedback

Timothy Arcuri - Cowen And Company

For the 2017 iPhone 10/X, we continue to gather more details about display, form factor, fingerprint sensor, baseband modem, wireless charging, and facial/gesture recognition.feedback

Timothy Arcuri - Cowen And Company

Field work suggests stabilized iPhone supply for FQ2:17 (Mar) .. [is] well supportive of our current estimates. … While supply for the Jun Q is down slightly Y/Y - not great, but also largely meaningless w/new launch coming. For the 2017 iPhone 10/X, we continue to gather more details about.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

It's not just the iPhone 10. It's also services – they're going to double in the next four years. You've got a valuation that allows for upside. So there's a lot [that's] exciting to look forward to at Apple.feedback

Simona Jankowski - Goldman Sachs

Following recent industry commentary, we are increasingly confident that the upcoming iPhone 8 will include AR [augmented reality] technology that represents a significant feature upgrade from prior iterations.feedback

Gina Sanchez

Apple has been really undervalued for most of 2016. Apple has had high dividends, it has had good growth, and it has also had a great buyback program that has been buoying stocks. The problem going forward is that now that the move is done, now that you've gone from 10 times to 15 times earnings, where do you go from here? We don't think it's certainly overvalued, I mean it's maybe a little overbought, but it's certainly not overvalued where it is, but we need to see a reason to get excited for the next leg of growth.feedback

Gina Sanchez

You really have to continue to see growth in Apple revenue, and the problem is they haven't really unveiled anything really beyond new iPhones.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

My advice to all of you is, don't work for money – it will wear out fast, or you'll never make enough and you will never be happy, one or the other.feedback

John Arnott

For many of them, their smartphone is their bank, and it's a natural extension that their iPhone will also become their wallet.feedback

Ross Gerber

Apple TV is like off the radar now. Using an Apple TV is actually worse than using cable used to be, and I thought the whole goal was to make it better. Really it's become just a Netflix portal. Apple absolutely needs to find direction with Apple TV and some sort of purpose. I don't know if original content is the solution. I look at acquisitions at the solution, but they just seem like they're not willing to make one. Apple "missed the boat. We were really frustrated with the iPhone. We don't see any path for growth for Apple in the future right now.feedback

Tay Xiaohan - International Data Corporation

Increased dependence on mobile apps has led to consumers to seek phone upgrades, thus helping drive the large growth in 2016 Q4. In lower-tiered cities, there was a similar demand by consumers, which OPPO and Vivo met by aggressively pushing mid-range smartphones in these cities.feedback

Priyank Kharge

Apple's intentions to make iPhones in Bengaluru will foster cutting-edge technology ecosystem and supply chain development in the state.feedback

Kim Gladstone Herlev

The idea is that you involve yourself in doing something that is new, difficult, special, but using your own senses.feedback

Kim Gladstone Herlev

You cannot fight social media and smartphones, we do not want to fight these things, but we want to show people that there's another approach to the world. And actually, everyone forgets about their smartphones once they're interacting with the exhibits here.feedback

Henrik Helsgaun

When we go to work, when we go to school, we sit down and have all these technology gadgets – we have phones, iPhones, iPads, computers – technology that takes our time, sitting down all the time. And that's a big issue in the western world, that we sit down too much.feedback

Jim Cramer

When I say that Apple is the mall, I also mean that if you were actually thinking of going to the mall, you probably ended up using your iPhone to comparison shop to be sure you weren't overpaying. What has dogged Apple's stock for ages, what has kept its share price so low, at least in terms of its valuation, is the 'Blackberry-ization' issue. The notion that in the end, the iPhone is just a device and device companies eventually get wasted as Blackberry did.feedback

Jim Cramer

That is what happened this quarter. That is the switched narrative.feedback

Jim Cramer

The convenience and power of the iPhone has probably taken away as many white collar jobs as the countries President Trump accuses of stealing our manufacturing jobs. Probably more so.feedback

Kate Warne - Edward Jones & Co.

They'll wait until they actually know what's going to happen. The fact that we're seeing solid earnings and they're coming in better than expected ... will help sustain stocks over time.feedback

Morris Mark - Mark Asset Management

To me, the real question in regard to Apple is how they strengthen their ecosystem. When you got the first iPhone, if you had iTunes, that was the only place that you could listen to it on a mobile [smartphone] device. Now you want greater content that's proprietary the same way. That's where Apple should be pointing and I thought that Tim Cook alluded to that in the call.feedback

Kate Warne - Edward Jones & Co.

Economic growth appears to be strengthening even though fourth-quarter growth came in weak.feedback

Neil Shah - Apple

They have to invest a lot in these markets, build the brand, build the channels, so when the market matures those consumers are looking at Apple.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

I think right now it really comes down to can you see China growth start to see a renaissance … especially going into iPhone 8 … It all comes down to China is key fuel in the growth engine for Apple.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We're thrilled to report that our holiday quarter results generated Apple's highest quarterly revenue ever, and broke multiple records along the way. We sold more iPhones than ever before and set all-time revenue records for iPhone, Services, Mac and Apple Watch. Revenue from Services grew strongly over last year, led by record customer activity on the App Store, and we are very excited about the products in our pipeline. When I say, Good morning,' to Siri, my house lights come on and my coffee starts brewing. This level of home automation was unimaginable a few years ago.feedback

John Sculley

It makes a huge difference if Apple can show it can be a leader in this pivot to a different way of approaching the economy. I don't think it's something investors should be concerned about. I think people love the iPhone. I am not sure it's price sensitive.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

It's good that the services is growing and that's the long-term strategy for better profitability and sustainability, they are not getting credit for it from a stock perspective.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

You can rest easy knowing that the iPhone franchise is in fact intact. That's huge because about a year ago when the iPhone 6S came out that March guidance was a disaster.feedback

Andy Hargreaves - Pacific Crest Securities

The stickiness of ecosystems is quite high. If you're deep in the ecosystem you are not leaving soon.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

It's like a drum roll while everyone waits for the curtains to roll back to unveil the next iPhone. There is a lot of pent-up demand out there, so this has the potential to be a game changer. The smartphone is still in the early innings of the game. I think there's lots more to do.feedback

Steven Milunovich

It's a great revenue line... and helps offset the fact margins are coming down on the iPhone. Given we don't know what Trump policies will be it's very difficult to model. We're sticking with iPhone price and modeling from there.feedback

Michael Olson - Piper Jaffray

The pessimism among investors is largely based on perception that potential iPhone 7 buyers are holding out for the 10th anniversary device in Sept (iPhone X). Our survey of 1,000 U.S. iPhone owners suggests most are not aware of the potential for a 10th anniversary device with more significant upgrades later this year.feedback

Colin Gillis - BGC Partners

When your iPhone juice runs down, you should already be ready to ramp up your next product.feedback

Colin Gillis - BGC Partners

Remember when Apple called itself Apple Computer Inc.? They may as well call themselves Apple Phone Inc. now.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

Looking forward, the response to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has been very positive. It's very hard to gauge demand, as you know, when you're selling everything you're making. So we'll find out more through the quarter, but we're confident enough to give you guys guidance that we're returning to growth this quarter, which obviously feels very good for us.feedback

Aaron Rakers - Stifel

We think Apple's possible integration of 3-D sensing in the next-gen iPhones could be considered a killer app and provide renewed confidence in Apple's innovation engine.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

The transition to Services is important as new platforms like AR and VR emerge and transform Apple's existing mobile device businesses.feedback

Neil Shah - Apple

The key features which are driving smartphone market have been fast-charging, OLED displays, bigger batteries and dual cameras which were already available. But most were missing in the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 Plus has a bigger battery and dual camera but it was beyond the reach of most consumer in China because of price. In the iPhone 8, the OLED screen which is rumored will be a positive. I think the next model will be key for Apple.feedback

Mark Mahaney

When the iPhone rolled out in 2007, everyone developed [software] for that. Right now, everyone is developing for the voice-activated Internet.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

There will be a lot of pressure to bring some manufacturing back to the U.S.. If I were Apple, I would bring whatever they need to bring back – through the repatriation, because it may be connected – and they could market iPhones made in the U.S. and charge a premium. Can [CEO] Tim Cook make Apple grow again? I think that's what we're going to see next week.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

Both countries need each other a lot. Foxconn, for example, employees a million people working on Apple products in China. We, as consumers – the vast majority of consumers in the U.S. – enjoy lower prices. Both countries are winning based on the way things are set up.feedback

Janardan Menon - Liberum Capital

We expect STM's strong revenue growth to convert into rising margins and further multiple expansion.feedback

Carlo Bozotti - STMicroelectronics

We cannot say more. We cannot give more color. Based on market forecasts, a positive booking trend, and a strong ... performance at our distributors, we see the momentum of the second half of 2016 to continue (as ST enters) 2017.feedback

Trip Miller

They really need to have a big value-add in the next product they come out with.feedback

Brian Hennessey

We think this is going to be a pretty solid launch, a really big one. I think even the bears would probably suggest that this product that's coming out is going to be pretty interesting and hard to ignore.feedback

Colin Gillis - BGC Partners

There was a wonderful period when people rotated to buying smartphones instead of cellphones and smartphone growth exploded. But similar to PCs, the speeds and capabilities are becoming adequate.feedback

Rushabh Doshi - Canalys

Local brands' target customers typically buy in cash and from independent retailers. With the short-term liquidity crunch caused by demonetization, these retailers are suffering a slowdown in consumer spending. Local vendors are losing out as retailers look to shift their stock to fast-moving, current devices.feedback

Mark Hung - Gartner

Apple needs to bring the prices further down in India so that it's more (affordable) to a greater populace. Overtime, if (Apple) commits to a path where eventually those high-end components can be sourced locally, then I think the Indian government may be more amenable to providing them with some of those breaks initially.feedback

Mark Moskowitz

Our view is that customers are increasingly mixing down (IP6S in favor of IP7) and maturation of the device-centric consumer electronics adoption wave could weigh on both Apple and the smartphone market.feedback

Raj Dasgupta

If you know you're going to bed and are having a stressful day, maybe you should set up worry time in advance.feedback

Philip Gehrman

Most people need a good hour of winding down down time before they're just physically and mentally ready to go bed.feedback

Raj Dasgupta

When you can't shut your mind off, you have to leave the bed within the first 15 to 20 minutes of going to bed.feedback

Arvind Vohra

What Apple is trying to do, if it happens, I think it will be available to everybody in the industry. I don't see the government of India making discriminatory policies.feedback

Katy Huberty - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

We lower FY17 [fiscal 2017] iPhone estimates slightly to reflect weaker iPhone 7 demand (7 Plus stronger), somewhat offset by better ASPs. We expect March guidance below consensus. We remain confident on our supercycle thesis [for the next iPhone] ... Apple remains a top pick.feedback

Drew Powell

I was with a producer one time who pulled out her iPhone and had a list of every actor she had ever worked with, and whether they were good or bad, and specific reasons, things they did. Like, she kept notes. It was a long list, and there were a lot of well-known names on there. … She could say, This person was great.' Or, This person screamed at me because they didn't have M&Ms at the craft service table.'.feedback

Andrew Murphy - Loup Ventures

The iPhone 7 Plus will have a huge implications for 3D mapping and real-time image processing in an AR world. AirPods (our new favorite toys), in combination with Apple Watch, are clear steps towards a post-mobile world.feedback

Peter Thiel

Confirm. We know what a smartphone looks like and does. It's not the fault of Tim Cook, but it's not an area where there will be any more innovation.feedback

Jim Cramer

The iPhone's are 10 years old and that's a long time. That's a very long time for a product that we still care about, right? Most products 10 years ago we don't use anymore.feedback

Steve Jobs - Apple

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.feedback

Katy Huberty - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

The market is focusing too much on near-term supply chain noise and not enough on three potential catalysts: 1) iPhone super cycle led by China, 2) cash repatriation, and 3) US tax reform. Near-term, we see pent-up demand heading into a significant form factor change that is likely to accelerate iPhone unit growth. ... Apple is a top US IT Hardware pick in 2017.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

It will be a tough road to get investors to accept Apple as a services business instead of hardware.feedback

Walter Price - Allianz Global Investors

The next iPhone is a chance for Apple to regain some of the excitement that the company had in the past. I hate to say it's the last chance, but it could be a really important turning point for the company. If they do not execute on the opportunity, then they may just be relegated to a slow growth, annuity type company.feedback

Steve Jobs - Apple

He said developers would pick the price and keep 70 percent of the revenue. Of course, free apps would be equally welcome.feedback

Steve Jobs - Apple

The developer and us have the exact same interest, which is to get as many apps out in front of as many iPhone users as possible.feedback

Peter Karazeris

There was a group that was fascinated by it and a group of the growth momentum investors that really felt like this was going to change the way things happen.feedback

Henrik Torstensson - Lifesum

The iPhone launch ignited a smartphone race which deposited intelligent devices into the bags and pockets of hundreds of millions of consumers.feedback

Henrik Torstensson - Lifesum

Lifesum simply would not exist without the iPhone, and it is hard to imagine the consumer health-tech industry being where it is today without the Apple device's revolutionary aspects.feedback

Francisco Jeronimo

The SE was about understanding the user base and a group of people who want a smaller screen and providing a device for that market segment. It's nothing new, but it was about Apple understanding their customers very well. I don't know that many vendors that can know their customer base as well as Apple.feedback

Francisco Jeronimo

It was the biggest revolution in the last few years in technology, it revolutionized the way we interact with services and what we can do not just with the phone but with other devices. Apps changed the way we interact with the internet because we can access almost anything today.feedback

Francisco Jeronimo

The touch screen, despite not being the first phone to have one, completely changed the way we interact with devices.feedback

Ian Fogg - IHS

They were starting to compete in areas which consumers cared about but they couldn't fit it in the 2007 original iPhone. From thereon, the camera became a signature feature of the product.feedback

Steve Jobs - Apple

Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone. What we want to do is make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been and super easy to use.feedback

Robert Cihra

We believe any hardware changes [on the iPhone 8] have the potential to make an iPhone look 'new' again for the first time in three generations.feedback

Ben Bajarin

The bottom line is, these markets just might never be as good as something like the iPhone.feedback

Steven Milunovich

Last year Apple initially provided the supply chain with high numbers only to cut numbers later. Given last year's misread on demand, its clear visibility beyond one quarter is limited causing Apple to play it safe for now. Apple could keep inventory lean through Dec in order to support what could be a difficult Mar.feedback

Jordan Edelson

If you are trying to position it as a casual game (that can be played) with one hand, you want people to be able to play it wherever they are.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

We believe the efforts in automotive tie back to services in that automotive for Apple may mean partnering with experienced automakers to deliver great services rather than building the hardware itself, cars in this case. While an autonomous vehicle solution from Apple, either a car or the software, is likely multiple years away, we view auto as the next platform likely for the company to try to own.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

In those days, you had to have a Mac to put music on the iPod, so I would spend nights in the design office at Piper Jaffray painfully uploading music from CDs on the only Mac I had access to.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

The smartphone remains the world's window to augmented reality today. While this will change driven by augmented and mixed reality hardware in the future, we would expect the next five years of AR innovation will happen mainly through the device in our pockets.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

The experience was rough, but using the iPod gave me a sense of joy I never had from any other product. They did it with the iPod and recreated that joy with the iPhone. That magic is a big reason why we've been unwavering bulls on Apple for almost the entire time we've covered it. Sometimes we missed the short-term, but long-term it's been the right bet.feedback

Michael Olson - Piper Jaffray

Our confidence is based on an expectation for growing anticipation around iPhone X (aka iPhone 8) and a favorable long-term trajectory for services growth.feedback

Putu Suryawirawan

Apple has committed around $44 million to invest in R&D over three years. Therefore, they can distribute devices priced 6 million rupiah ($448) and above. That means all iPhones can be distributed.feedback

Nicole Peng - Canalys

The Samsung case did make (Chinese smartphone users) start to think an international brand doesn't necessarily equal to a safe product.feedback

Kulbinder Garcha - Credit Suisse Group

We see an opportunity for Apple to gain high-end market share and build upon the recent near-term momentum around the iPhone 7.feedback

Janelle Waack

This removes a threat for technology companies. The products that incorporate technology are not automatically going to get stung with a patent infringement suit that's going to cost them all of the profits from their product.feedback

Andy Hargreaves - Pacific Crest Securities

Demand and supply checks suggest the iPhone 7 cycle is OK, but not great. We see greater potential for upside through 2017 as detail about the next iPhone cycle may help address gross margin risks or new products could emerge.feedback

Melissa Chau - International Data Corporation

It's been a long slog for 4G uptake in many emerging markets as 4G data tariffs have long been very expensive compared to 3G, while 4G handsets themselves have also been relatively pricey across the board. We are quickly seeing this change in key growth markets like India where new operator Reliance Jio is aggressively trying to shake up the market by handing out free 4G SIM cards and launching own-branded low-cost 4G-enabled smartphones.feedback

Steven Milunovich

Procurement estimates for F1Q-2Q/17 [Fiscal quarters 1 and 2 in 2017] are down YoY [year over year], putting current consensus estimates for unit shipments growth in Dec and Mar at risk. We still believe the guide for Dec implies at least moderate unit growth.feedback

Abhey Lamba - Mizuho Securities

I still think Apple is going to win that game. Pixel is not as widely available as Apple. This weekend I was out phone shopping, and I had a hard time finding a Pixel that I could play with. I walked into AT&T and they were essentially discouraging me from going that route. ... Customers are favoring Apple.feedback

Amit Daryanani - RBC

The reason you buy an Apple product, an iPhone, is not the hardware itself, but its entire ecosystem: iOS, the App Store and so on. You're seeing challenges from Samsung, from Xiaomi, from maybe a Pixel phone right now. But that's a hardware discussion. It doesn't change the value proposition Apple has as an ecosystem.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

I wouldn't read too much into it. What ends up happening is people have to go and spend more at Apple. They weren't really discounting the products per se.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

The percentage of people who wanted an iPhone [was 7.2 percent]. That was the No. 1 requested gift. It was [5.2 percent] in 2015.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

They're still in tight supply. ... That is probably the bigger story, which should be good for the March numbers [for Apple].feedback

Linda Sui - Strategy Analytics

Three of the world's top four most profitable smartphone vendors are currently Chinese. Huawei, Vivo and Oppo have not only improved their smartphone product line-ups this year, they have also enhanced their operational abilities and kept a tight lid on expanding distribution costs.feedback

Linda Sui - Strategy Analytics

Apple's ability to maximize pricing and minimize production cost is hugely impressive and the iPhone continues to generate monster profits, Huawei, Vivo and OPPO are the next three most profitable smartphone vendors globally this quarter, but they are still a long way behind Apple.feedback

Donald J. Trump

I'm going to bring jobs back. I'm going to get Apple to start making their computers and their iPhones on our land, not in China. How does it help us when they make it in China?feedback

Andrew Uerkwitz - Oppenheimer Holdings

We believe Apple lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovation (AI, cloud-based services, messaging); instead will become more reliant than ever on the iPhone. Over the next decade we believe the stock will generally underperform the market.feedback

Peg Fitzpatrick

If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can get really great pictures. So there's no excuse for a bad photo on Instagram. If it is blurry or out of focus, retake it.feedback

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

If the world moves to a more nationalistic approach 'made in America, by Americans, for Americans' or 'made in China, by Chinese, for Chinese'? The unwind of these variable conditions will likely impact margins, growth and suppliers exposed to the globalization trend of the last decade. The same will likely make global tech a tougher place to invest in 2017.feedback

Walter Isaacson

It's much broader than just quick conversations that disappear. To me, the ultimate test of a tech company like this is not just, Do you have a cool service,' but 'Do you have a platform upon which other people can build good products and good services?' That's, of course, what made the iPhone so great, ... it became a platform. I think what they're doing with Snap now, is making it a platform.feedback

Tayfun Karadeniz

To them, this was just another alphabet they had to support. Originally when the iPhone originally came out, the emoji keyboard was only available to the Japanese region.feedback

Mitchell Goldberg

China dumps cheap products in the U.S. where people are looking for bargains. It's a pretty simple equation. Go ahead and build an iPhone just in the U.S. It'll cost a lot more money.feedback

Shafiq Rab

Electronic health records has changed the staff. That means they have to learn how to use the iPad, the iPhone, the Android, Google. It has created new opportunities. It has created new types of jobs. And the shift of the jobs is going more toward informatics. The people who were nurses, they are now joining IT. People who were transport people, they have joined information technology.feedback

Tom Neumayr

We strive to offer customers the best experience possible and we take their security very seriously. We've set up ways for customers and developers to flag fraudulent or suspicious apps, which we promptly investigate to ensure the App Store is safe and secure. We've removed these offending apps and will continue to be vigilant about looking for apps that might put our users at risk.feedback

Ben Reubenstein

It's important that brands monitor how their name is being used.feedback

Jack Lin

We hope that our clients are all official sellers. If they are using these brands, we need some kind of authorization, then we will provide services.feedback

Min Yingguo

The mother feeds both the cubs. Firstly, the mother can know both the cubs are hers and she can take care of them. Secondly, breast feeding is much better than artificial feeding.feedback

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

I wish I'd thought about the model of subsidizing phones through the operators. And there was business model innovation by Apple to get it essentially built into the monthly cell phone bill.feedback

Paul Coster - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The margin swoon is on higher-than-expected revenues, so the gross profit and consensus EPS [earnings per share] outlook remain largely unchanged, and the company outlook calls for margins to improve in early CY17 [calendar year 2017].feedback

Steven Milunovich

This time we find higher overall smartphone purchase intentions the next six months with iPhone 7 interest especially strong in the US and rising demand for the Plus. However, China, is exhibiting signs of softness in F17, including lower interest in the 7 than the 6/6s.feedback

Tetyana Panina

It was difficult to accept that and hard to believe it's true. Each person in this world is looking for a way to express himself. Why not to do that in this way?feedback

Matthew Ramsay

If any third-party vendor makes a headset to use with the iPhone 7, they are going to need to buy an adapter or piece of silicon from Cirrus.feedback

Tony Phoo - Standard Chartered

The effect of iPhone 7 should be short term, so we still need to see if global tech demand will sustain next year.feedback

Patrick Moorhead

It's not nearly as important as the iphone and iPad, but the end-to-end user experience is so important.feedback

Neil Mawston - Strategy Analytics

Apple has been given a slight boost by Samsung's Note 7 missteps, but it continues to face iPhone fatigue among many consumers in major regions such as China and Europe.feedback

Luca Maestri

IPhone sales in Greater China declined during the quarter, but the initial customer response to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus gives us confidence that our December quarter performance in China will be significantly better on a year-over-year basis than our September quarter results, even as we lap the all-time record period from a year ago.feedback

Katy Huberty - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

We see new form factor, better display and longer battery life driving shorter iPhone replacement cycles in fiscal year 2018, with double-digit revenue and EPS growth.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We have the strongest product pipeline we've ever had.feedback

Trudy Muller - Apple

We don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.feedback

Mark Moskowitz

We take the company's multiple references to iPhone 7 plus demand likely outstripping supply in (December quarter) as affirmation of the near-term lift to the iPhone business.feedback

Neil Shah - Apple

The iPhone 7 series should help Apple regain lost (China) market share as demand is tracking better than for the iPhone 6s series. (But) Apple needs to offer something cutting-edge to appeal to maturing Chinese smartphone users who are warming to local brands.feedback

Nicole Peng - Canalys

I think Q4 looks promising for Apple in China as long as they ensure supply of the larger 7 Plus.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

Our iPhone sales in India were up over 50 per cent in the fiscal 2016 compared to the prior year and we believe we are just beginning to scratch the surface of this large and growing market opportunity.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We couldn't be more excited about the customer response to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.feedback

Tim Lesko

He's not worried the technology giant will suffer the same fate as the PC or Blackberry. The end of the PC cycle was pretty damaging to a lot of companies if you look at the landscape of the Dells and the HPs. But the mobile lifestyle and the presence of the iPhone and the Apple ecosphere seems to have longer legs to us than the traditional PC cycle.feedback

Colin Gillis - BGC Partners

Management hasn't diversified the revenue stream. Counting phones is a horrible way to live and die every quarter.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

It's going to be interesting: The next 6 to 12 months are pivotal for the industry. It speaks what type of pent up demand there is. Does Google become a player? Will Samsung get back on track? I think it's almost like a game of high stakes poker. You want to see where everyone's cards stand.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

It's been a challenged smartphone industry, and consumers as well as the industry have been yearning for that next major smartphone release. Can iPhone 7 be the hero to rescue Apple from the fallout that we've seen from the iPhone 6S?feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

As you've seen a lot of commoditization on the hardware side, you're going to see a lot of differentiation on the software side.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

Especially in light of the Note 7 fiasco, I think there is a lot of focus to see what types of market share gains Apple has, with iPhone 7 now in their back pocket. In the last 18 months Samsung had a strong momentum. The question is, does iPhone 7, as well as the Note 7, change the dynamics between Apple and Samsung.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

Remains Top Pick ... [We are] buyers of AAPL based on our belief that shares will move higher as we approach the iPhone 10th anniversary release in the fall of 2017. We believe the multiple on shares of AAPL will rise over the next two years as investors slowly appreciate the sustainability and profitability [of the] services business.feedback

Michael Stuart-Moore

There is a particularly horrifying aspect of the case. One of the victims was subject to extreme cruelty and violence. The defendant even recorded on his IPhone the torture inflicted on the first victim before she died.feedback

Sherri Scribner - Deutsche Bank

We believe investor expectations have already moved higher and are reflecting a beat and potential raise.feedback

Neil Cybart - Apple

After the debacle seen with Apple overshooting iPhone 6s demand, management did not want to see a repeat situation occur this year.feedback

Steven Milunovich

IPhone 7 interest [is] tepid ... [UBS China] distributor checks find that iPhone 7 sales are weaker than the 6s was out of the box [after launch]. Apple [is] losing share to domestic handsets ... Apple's brand remains strong, but the App Store can be difficult to access and slow.feedback

Leon Chu - Franklin Templeton SinoAm Securities Investment Management

The better-than-expected export order growth benefitted entirely from Apple Inc's new iPhone. If export orders in the fourth quarter grow 3.5 to 5 percent each month, then it means the overall economy is improving. After all, global trade volume is still decreasing. It would be difficult for Taiwan to grow on its own.feedback

Walt Mossberg

Suddenly, there's no longer an Apple-Samsung duopoly in premium handsets.feedback

Walt Mossberg

The Pixel is easily the best Android phone I've ever tested, and seems to hail from a different planet than the chunky, clumsy and pokey 2008 G1 which introduced Android to the world.feedback

Joanna Stern - The Wall Street Journal

The Assistant works great but you have to be willing to let Google be Big Brother.feedback

Lynn La - CNET

But the Pixel is a beaut. It runs fast and comes at a time when the largest Android phone maker, Samsung, is hitting some rough luck.feedback

Simona Jankowski - Goldman Sachs

We think Apple should launch a subscription bundle as a way to reinforce iPhone loyalty and leverage it into content. ... This strategy would help Apple fend off smartphone commoditization and position it well vs. Amazon and Alphabet as content shifts to streaming.feedback

Kulbinder Garcha - Credit Suisse Group

We see our trip to Asia, recent news flow, Dialog's preannouncement, and the Galaxy Note 7 issues all giving us further confidence that this iPhone 7 cycle may prove stronger than expected.feedback

Kelly Crummey - Verizon

We have the new iPhone … the new Google Pixel … [and] great phones from Motorola as well. I think you'll see our marketing focused on those devices because there is certainty on those at this time.feedback

Park Chul Wan

I think there was nothing wrong with them or that they were not the main problem. The Note 7 had more features and was more complex than any other phone manufactured. In a race to surpass iPhone, Samsung seems to have packed it with so much innovation it became uncontrollable.feedback

Romesh Wijewardena

I can't compare the iPhone...Samsung is 10 times better. I'm a Samsung fan [ever since] the very first Note came out. I have every single Note.feedback

Noreen Krall - Apple

We firmly believe that strong design patent protection spurs creativity and innovation. And that's why we've defended ourselves against those who steal our ideas. Eleven times now, Samsung has been found guilty of intentionally and blatantly copying the iPhone. Every court at every level has agreed. We think that's wrong and that it poses chilling risks to the future of design innovation.feedback

Kelly Crummey - Verizon

We have the new iPhone, we're about to launch the new Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Pixel, which is exclusive to us. We've got great phones from Motorola (NYSE:MSI) as well.feedback

Richard T. Thornton - FBI

Dahir Adan's iPhone is locked. We are in the process of assessing our legal and technical options to gain access to this device and the data it may contain.feedback

Mark Hung - Gartner

The biggest challenge for Apple today is that the tariffs that India imposes on imported phones greatly increases the pricing of iPhones in India.feedback

Kulbinder Garcha - Credit Suisse Group

We believe this is another confirming data point of stronger than expected iPhone demand, corroborating the U.S. carriers' reports a few weeks ago.feedback