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Mauro Barogiola - Citi
We believe that Sicily elections (held in November) might shape the future of Italy. In a system favoring coalition – Silvio Berlusconi (assuming he's cleared for the job) rather than Matteo Renzi might run for the prime minister's
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Jul 26 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Italian Democratic Party. 78 people are quoted and you can read 149 citations of them about Italian Democratic Party. Matteo Renzi, Matteo Richetti, Angelino Alfano and Aldo Cazzullo, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Matteo Renzi said: “Oh Beppe, what a fine present we are offering you by only talking about ourselves.”.
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Michele Emiliano

I am running because this party is my home and nobody can kick me

Enrico Rossi

We are going to build a new political force which is stronger in terms of policies and

Matteo Renzi

Oh Beppe, what a fine present we are offering you by only talking about

Matteo Renzi

The word 'secession' is one of the most awful of the political vocabulary. Worse than this word, there is only the word 'blackmail'. It's not acceptable that a party is blocked on a minority diktat

Luca Cazzulani - UniCredit Group

The mood was improving in the first half of the week for Italian bonds and Renzi was a factor in that but the largest part of the movement came after the ECB

Matteo Renzi

I, for my character, always choose the challenge of the open seas and not the swamp of internal equilibrium for which I am not adapted. If you want that, choose someone

Roberto Speranza

We need to work to build an alternative point of view to

Silvio Berlusconi

Taking the country to the ballot boxes in these conditions would be

Roberto Di Legami

There were tens of thousands of e-mail accounts hacked, and among them were accounts belonging to bankers, businessmen and even several cardinals in the

Erik Jones

Since the referendum constitutes a risk for the PD (Democratic Party, led by Matteo Renzi), I suspect that Renzi will ensure that elections are held this Spring before such a referendum can take place. That will push the referendum off the agenda until – I believe –

Silvio Berlusconi

It's up to the PD to express and sustain a government for the remaining part of the legislature, which has to be as short as

Sergio Mattarella

In the coming hours I will evaluate what has emerged from these discussions and will take the necessary initiatives for the solution of the government

Markus Huber

Recent events in Italy leading to Prime Minister Renzi to resign and resulting in more uncertainty for Italy and the euro zone ... make an extension of QE by the ECB more likely. Until recently, the most likely scenario appeared to be that the ECB would slowly reduce the amount of QE starting in April or even earlier. However this might be pushed out much further now as the ECB won't be risking the euro zone sliding into a new

Patrick O'Donnell - Aberdeen Asset Management

If Monte dei Paschi's plan fails, then that spells bad news for the other Italian banks that need recapitalizing. If Italy can't sort out its banks, then they will be in a real mess. Once again Europe finds itself in a position where politics, the ECB, and the banks are dangerously

Stephen Innes

Global risk sentiment roared back after falling prey to the initial (Italian Prime Minster) Renzi fallout and whatever negatives Italy creates for the eurozone, yesterday (Monday) was not the time for a euro

Angelino Alfano

I am increasingly convinced that creating a government after this government is very difficult, that this legislature is coming to its

Sergio Mattarella

There are commitments and deadlines which the institutions need to respect, to guarantee answers consistent with the problems of the

Angelino Alfano

If I had to bet a euro I would say that we will go to vote not in the spring but in the winter, in February

Nicola Mai - Pimco

The referendum outcome makes the recapitalisation of Monte dei Paschi harder to achieve, with potential negative knock-on effects on the rest of the system and in particular on UniCredit's equity raising

Connor Campbell - Spreadex

It doesn't take a lot for the Dow to be at an all-time peak anymore. Another half a percent climb has seen the index break 19250 for the first time, continuing its astonishing post-election

James Newell

The electoral law might not survive in its current form. If Renzi loses, then the electoral law will have to be revised and the prospect of an M5S majority government will retreat accordingly. For the law's operability depends on the constitutional reforms being passed and it is opposed by powerful groups from across the political

Michael J. Geary

Renzi thought he could tackle (the rise of anti-establishment sentiment) by making it about him; we see now that was a radical big mistake for him and now he's paying the ultimate price by having to resign much like David Cameron last June when they try to leverage that personal popular support for him on a wider canvas and ultimately it just simply failed, Squawk

Renato Brunetta - Forza

The ball's in President Sergio Mattarella's court. As far as we go, never, never would a second mandate to Renzi [be acceptable].feedback

Megane Greene - Roubini Global Economics

Whatever solution is found for Monte dei Paschi, I believe there is a significant risk of contagion to other Italian banks in

Seamus Mac Gorain - JPMorgan Asset Management

Most market participants don't expect an early election. Even though Renzi has said he will resign, a new government is likely to be formed and that will lead to a bit more stability. People are conscious that the ECB is buying Italian bonds and, now that the Italian referendum is over, the focus turns to Thursday's ECB

Wolfgang Schäuble

Italy has to continue in a consistent manner on the path that Prime Minister Renzi has taken economically and politically over the past three years. Those responsible in Italy know

Wolfgang Schäuble

I think we should see the situation in Italy with a certain calmness. That is how democratic and constitutional processes work in the member states. The Italians have decided, that is to be respected. They will make the best of it. I think there is no need to talk about a euro

Matteo Renzi

The 'No's' have won in an extraordinary clear-cut way. I lost and the post that gets eliminated is

Beppe Grillo

We did a great job, thus the important thing is, if we must lose, we don't blame anybody. If the Italians choose something else, we'll respect

Eugenio Scalfari - La Repubblica

For example, if only 30 per cent of eligible voters turn out, the result will hardly be

Massimo D'Alema

We didn't exit from Europe, but we didn't 'exit,' from the Constitution

Luigi Di Maio

Arrogance lost, from which we'll learn many things in forming our team for government and our platform. Starting tomorrow we'll be working on a government of the 5-Stars, we'll involve the energies and the free persons who want to

Matteo Renzi

If 'Yes' wins, Italy will be the strongest country in

Graziano Delrio

I believe that ... (if defeated) Renzi will go to the head of state and hand in his

Matteo Renzi

It is not for us, it is not for a political party, it is for

Matteo Renzi

If 'Yes' wins, Italy will become the leader of

Fergus McCormick

If a yes vote prevails, then we would assume (Prime Minister Matteo) Renzi stays in and he has a mandate to continue with his economic reform program. That would most likely be the best outcome from a credit standpoint. If the referendum is defeated by a very wide margin, and then snap elections are called, this raises the political uncertainty...We are concerned about investor sentiment in this

Matteo Richetti

We made a mistake in personalising this reform. But I think we can still win this. Italians realise this is not about Renzi, but about how the country should be governed for years to

Larissa Brunner - Oxford Analytica

(In the context of Europe), if Renzi wins then he may well become more confrontational and stretch EU deficit laws even further while pursuing a more expansionary monetary policy which could be interesting but if he loses … Well, it's anyone's

Holger Schmieding - Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co.

Also, many of the rebellious young people who oppose Renzi may not bother to vote. Whereas the outcome is thus no foregone conclusion, I put the probability of a 'no' vote at 60

Holger Schmieding - Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co.

Some whispers suggest that more than half of the up to 20 percent of undecided voters may back Renzi in the

Carsten Nickel

Governing Italy has always been a difficult affair. Pushing reforms has been

Megane Greene - Roubini Global Economics

If you have a crisis in the Italian banking sector kicking off again, not only that could spread across Europe but also the solution that Renzi may come up with to just break the rules and bailout the banks, in which case he would be massively undermining (the) banking union, which is actually the only area where they made progress in Europe since the beginning of the

Ayako Sera - Sumitomo Mitsui Trust

Renzi is not obligated to step down, but has said he intends to if he loses, which has weighed on the

Rick Rieder - BlackRock

We think that is somewhat overstated. It's making a series of assumptions. One is that Renzi resigns. Two is that you're giving up on any plans to help stabilize the banking system. And both of those are big

Elga Bartsch - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

With the Italian referendum, the French presidential election and the German general election, we are essentially attempting a political triple jump in Europe. Matteo Renzi will likely lose the referendum on the constitution, but we don't expect that to pave the way for an early election into the first half of next

Carlo Calenda

My personal opinion is that Renzi should stay. What needs to be considered ... is what is good for the

Matteo Richetti

All those who are demanding a 'No' vote should support a government that prepares the way for elections. But that won't happen. They are going to create an almighty mess and expect us to clear it

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

Italy is an essential part of Europe, should we lose it as Europe's architect, inspirer and artisan, it would not be the

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

I don't know whether I would be useful to Renzi saying I would like to see 'Yes' win, I just say I would not like to see 'No' prevailing (in the referendum). Italy is a great nation and Renzi has contributed to this, we have to admit

Sergio Marchionne - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

But its value lies in its recognition of the willingness of the country to change. It is time to stand behind the prime minister on

Andrea Montanino

If Renzi suffers a big loss, he can't continue easily. A 60-40 vote means Renzi will likely resign, and then it will depend on the parliament to figure out what to do

Stephen Szabo

The prospect of a Fillon presidency clearly is welcome in Berlin. If Le Pen loses and Renzi survives, Merkel will have a chance to shape European responses to Brexit, the refugee situation, the problems with the euro and

Matteo Renzi

This government was born to make constitutional reforms, as you remember. We've made them and it's up to the citizens to decide if they are good or not. But our mission was to give Italy a reboot, it is stronger than before but still not as much as we would like, and the approval of the constitutional reforms which, as you know, is now in the hands of the people

Renato Mannheimer

Nearly all the undecided voters would have to vote 'Yes' for Renzi to recover, and that is certainly not the trend that we are

Alessandra Ghisleri

Trump's victory was important because Renzi strongly backed Hillary Clinton and so people link him with the loser and the mainstream establishment that Clinton was seen as

Renato Mannheimer

It's all about disenchantment with Renzi because the economic crisis isn't finished and the lives of most Italians aren't improving. I don't think it has much to do with the constitutional reform

Federico Benini

It seems those who back the reform were the first to decide and now we are seeing the undecideds, who are mostly less interested in politics, moving towards 'No' because they want to get rid of Renzi. I think Renzi is going to

Piet Lammens - KBC Group

The markets are afraid of Italy, and that has been behind the spread widening. Italian banks are one of the reasons and, of course, the fate of

Neil Wilson - ETX Capital

We have Renzi now saying he won't head up a technocratic government in the event he loses the vote so it's turned into a straight referendum on the prime minister and his government. It's going to be that much harder to fix Italian banks if he loses and it looks like it's going that

Matteo Renzi

I'm not willing to take part in old-style political games. Either we change or I have no role to

Matteo Renzi

I can't be someone who negotiates a deal with the other parties to create a little government or one with a limited goal (to change the electoral system).feedback

Federico Benini

It may be that a significant number of those in the south who say they are going to vote 'No' will end up staying at

Matteo Renzi

December 4 is their last chance to get back into the game. That is what this is all

Matteo Renzi

We are at a fork in the road. The referendum pitches the past against the future, cynicism against hope, hope and ideals against nostalgia and

Renato Boccardo

This is a tragedy, it is a coup de grace. The basilica is

Pope Francis

I express my closeness to the population of central Italy hit by the

Matteo Renzi

Italy has many faults, but these situations bring out the best of us. We will rebuild everything, the houses, the churches and the businesses. Everything that needs to be done to rebuild these areas will be

Matteo Renzi

Italy is wounded but will not be bowed. It's impossible to imagine living in a tent during the winter. Our real goal is not even to set up a tent city, we will see in the coming days how we need to

Neil Brown

We have a lot in Europe coming up, which is on the horizon, but it's also going to be done quite quickly. So within 12 months, we'd have de-risked a lot of really big issues for us, as a team. It's looking at those issues, facing the risks now, but trying to understand where would we be, how different Europe would be with perhaps Clinton in the White House, perhaps Renzi secured, perhaps Europe through a number of

Francois Hollande

At this stage, there are no sanctions linked to the Russian intervention in Syria. If there are new massacres, bombing, we'll need to start by sanctioning the Syrians who are responsible; if it continues bombing, Russia will also expose itself to a response from the EU, but we're not there

Mohamed El-Erian - Pimco

There is a tipping point when the changes become excessive and when central bank policy becomes less effective in playing the role of volatility repression. Should the outcome of the Italian referendum go against Prime Minister Renzi, you would have to ask if we are getting closer to that

Barack Obama

If we aren't successful in helping ordinary people as they're fleeing from ISIL, then that makes us vulnerable to seeing ISIL return and feeding on the resentments in the aftermath of Mosul being

Nicola Chelotti

There's some people who are agnostic about the reforms but might vote in favour of them because if Renzi loses and he steps down then there could be question marks over what happens next. Even if he doesn't resign there is still a huge question over what will happen at the next election with the Five Star Movement. They are saying they will have a referendum on the

Matteo Renzi

We cannot do this during a referendum campaign. Our responsibility to keep the party united cannot reach the point where we are holding the country

Matteo Renzi

The constitutional reform is not a plaything. It represents a point of departure for the country. We are ready to have further thoughts about it, but we are not ready to block the

Alfredo d'Attorre

Renzi is choosing the last useful date with the expectation that a low turn-out in December might give some advantage to the yes

Matteo Renzi

I'm not going to stay silent for the sake of a quiet life ... if someone wants to keep Italy quiet they have picked the wrong place, the wrong method and the wrong

Matteo Renzi

If we want to pass the afternoon writing documents without any soul or any horizon they can do it on their own. I don't know what Merkel is referring to when she talks about the 'spirit of Bratislava'.feedback

Matteo Renzi

At Bratislava we had a nice cruise on the Danube, but I hoped for answers to the crisis caused by Brexit (Britain's exit from the EU), not just to go on a boat

Matteo Renzi

I don't know what Merkel is referring to when she talks about the 'spirit of Bratislava'. If things go on like this, instead of the spirit of Bratislava we'll be talking about the ghost of

Matteo Renzi

We are doing our bit on migrants and we are ready to do so alone if

Roberto D'Alimonte

Renzi would emerge enormously weakened in the event of defeat and would lose all credibility if he carried on as prime

Roberto D'Alimonte

Renzi tends to come across as arrogant, but maybe Jim Messina has had a positive impact because he is now using the right arguments on why people should vote 'yes'. No one knows how this will end. The outcome is incredibly uncertain, like the Brexit

Josh Earnest

Italy is one of our closest and strongest allies and we cooperate across a range of shared interests from addressing climate change and the global refugee crisis, to promoting global security and inclusive economic

Matteo Renzi

The conditions are in place for the Monte Paschi capital increase to take place this

Matteo Renzi

The final plan must be a serious plan, not just hot air. It must be something everyone can relate to. A building project which will be serious and systematic. The fact that we have not succeeded before does not mean that we should not try to do it now with the help of

Matteo Renzi

Many thought that after Brexit Europe was over. Not so. We respect the choice of the British people, but we want to write a page for the future. And that's why internal security, external security, the fight for a common Defense, cooperation between intelligence services, better integration of national Defense industries, the project for an European Community for security are our top

Matteo Renzi

They will be coming to discuss how to relaunch Europe from the bottom up, there's a big need. Relaunching Europe is a totally open game but it needs to be

Matteo Renzi

If Europe continues to only discuss (economic) technocrats, the role of technicians, Europe is finished. So the question is … how everyone could help their respective countries to consider Europe as a great place for the future for democracy and

Matteo Renzi

I am totally sure if we choose a different Europe in which there is not only austerity, but investment … I think with every effort we can change this direction (of countries considering leaving the EU).feedback

Matteo Renzi

I am sure we (will) win. This referendum is about the future of the country and I am sure the Italian people, if (they) read the question in the ballot in the electoral place, will vote for

Alessio Angelucci

This demonstration is a message directed to the government and to Europe. Years and years of European politics that are fully sustained by the Renzi government have literally dismantled public education in Italy and have lead to the formation of discriminatory schooling that gives different opportunities to different social classes. Schooling in which not all students have the same opportunities, schooling in which revenue is the decisive

Virginia Raggi

Certainly not from my side. I have always said that I want a loyal and frank relationship with other institutions. The Democratic Party was very harsh towards me during the electoral campaign. As far as I am concerned there isn't a problem. We'll start from scratch and work in the interest of Rome and its citizens. I expect the same integrity from the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, and the other

Vladimir Putin

Mr Trump said he is ready to restore Russia and American relations. What can be bad about that? We welcome that. He is a bright

Matteo Renzi

At the same time we say with great clarity and very strongly, that press freedom is an amazing value for France, home of the Declaration of Human Rights, for Italy and for all those men and women who believe in the founding values of the European

Matteo Renzi

I hope that in a few days we can end the debating game being played in the senate, then go to parliament and approve the bill

Matteo Renzi

For me Italy is totally fighting for avoid bail-in because also soft bail-in could be a disaster for the credibility and for the

Matteo Renzi

Terrorists want to destroy our daily lives. We are duty bound to respond with even more determination to defend our

Matteo Renzi

Together with the other countries that have been affected, Bangladesh, Japan, and all the countries in the international community which have experienced moments like the one we're going through today, we will continue our struggle because only together, united, can we state an idea of civilisation, which is different from what we have unfortunately seen tonight in

Shinzo Abe

Those innocent lives were taken by this cruel and atrocious terrorism, and I feel strong indignation. This is a challenge for the common values shared by the international community. We strongly condemn

Matteo Renzi

The end of sanctions is a historic step not only for Iran but for the whole region. We are committed to making sure the efforts of the international community are accompanied by mutual trust and by the immediate relaunch of economic

Natasha Bertaud - European Commission

We understand that some people think that the proposal goes too far, some people think that this is not going far enough. We think it strikes the right balance and that is what we will be

Alfredo Ranavolo

Renzi wanted a president who's very different to himself in terms of character and style. What kind of relationship will they have? And what about between the measured Mattarella and a political class that is so often over the top?feedback

Alfredo Ranavolo

Mattarella's election was good news for prime minister Matteo Renzi. He proposed one person, who became president at the fourth ballot. How much is Renzi strengthened by this outcome?feedback

Angel Gurria - OECD

Well, first of all, I think that the countries that have been under market pressure – that includes Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal – are the ones who have been doing more structural change. I have to say that Italy is belatedly – [although] not at the same speed – doing things now. And Mr Renzi not only has the political backing but also the decision[-making ability], the

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

Ángel Gurría, Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said here in Davos that an ECB stimulus package could really give Europe a shove in the right direction, economically speaking. Your take on that?feedback

Matteo Renzi

Let's start by eliminating the excess of politics and sending a signal to the families who are struggling everyday to survive. This is an operation that I would describe as

Angelino Alfano

It's a big responsibility, because we don't have the option of making a

Angelino Alfano

If we say no to the government, it won't be formed. If we say yes to the government, it will be

Matteo Renzi

Whoever thinks the democracy gap in Europe can be filled just by appointing Juncker or somebody else to head the Commission… is living on Mars!feedback

Matteo Renzi

It's laughable, those who say talking about growth means violating the Treaty. The Treaty breakers are those who talk only about the Stability Pact. Unless we reduce unemployment, unless we can create growth again, we won't have any

Matteo Renzi

After 1,000 days, we'll show a country which has been able to achieve the kinds of reforms achieved by other countries, like Germany after 2003. We'll reform not because someone from the outside is asking us to, but because we know we have

Marco Incerti

Renzi has arrive on the scene. He might be appointed prime minister, with little knowledge of his colleagues, and being little-known by his colleagues. It's something that does not work in his

Aldo Cazzullo

Because I think Mario Monti and Enrico Letta, who were actually very good prime ministers, showed themselves to Europe with a sort of 'Italian abroad' complex. They took care to express themselves in English, and tried not to push too hard. In contrast, I think Italy has to face Europe to make itself heard – even in poor English – its clout, its interests, its desperate need for public investment and new

Aldo Cazzullo

First of all he has to form a solid team of ministers. The names going round don't look that great to me. We're going to have to see what kind of team he manages to put together and what kind of support it can get, not just in parliament but especially from the

Aldo Cazzullo

Jobs, jobs and more jobs. That's the absolute priority. It's not only about making money circulate again. Italy does have a financial crisis but above all it has to get its confidence back, give young people back their confidence. Youth unemployment in Italy today is higher than 40 percent, and one young person in every four is neither in work, studying or training. No country can survive that. The country is going to have to be kickstarted so that young people go back to work. I think Renzi has a

Sabrina Pisu - Euronews

Matteo Renzi has been asked to form a government. As Italy's probable next premier, what are his strong and weak points?feedback

Sabrina Pisu - Euronews

After receiving the mandate from President Napolitano, the road carrying Matteo Renzi to the role of prime minister, is not without obstacles. Crucial days lie ahead to form the government team and define the political balance of the coalition. The deal on the reforms programme will be decisive in responding to the country's needs and Europe's

Maurizio Landini

The real point is that Renzi doesn't have the consent of workers and job seekers in this country. So he should understand that if he really wants to change this country he has to do it with the people who work here and with the people who really want to change (the country).feedback

Andrea Villa

He's a little Italian Obama. Actually, Obama called him and said that when he was 39-years-old, no one knew him. This kind of thing gives us

Matteo Renzi

In the next 1000 days the Italian government can defy the European Parliament, in a positive and a proactive way, in order to improve the country's conditions. In order to allow Italy not to have an agenda dictated from elsewhere. So we could say that we are improving reforms not because others asked for them but just because we are aware that we need

Matteo Renzi

Italy is getting tired of waiting for us, and I propose to you – we propose, as a government – to bring Italy up through a package of reforms that considers the upcoming Italian presidency of the EU as the main opportunity. And before that term, we will tackle the challenges linked to labour policies, taxes, public administration and

Matteo Renzi

If someone in Italy thinks that you're the future, they're wrong. You are the present. Stay in Italy, don't go abroad and try the impossible. Make the most of this beautiful country and have a can-do attitude. Best of luck to all of

Matteo Renzi

The Europe that we want, as we've often said, is a Europe where Italy doesn't receive the line it needs to follow and instructions on what it must do. Instead, we what a Europe where Italy makes a fundamental contribution because there can be no Europe without

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