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Art Cashin
The North Koreans shoot off a missile and somehow it disintegrates over Japan or hits some [populated] area.feedback
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NEW Sep 22 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Japan. You'll find 1522 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Japan are: Shinzo Abe, Yoshihide Suga, Theresa May and Eddie Jones. Shinzo Abe specifically said: “It's absolutely possible to break down even a massive wall that everyone feels is insurmountable.”.
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Ulrich Leuchtmann - Commerzbank

I don't expect that the dollar will strengthen very much over the course of today's session. Even if the dollar gets stronger, it will not be on a scale comparable to yesterday, because I think the outlook is still uncertain and the Fed for a long time had promised to hike rates much more aggressively than they normally did.feedback

Irene Pollin

This was not what Michael expected. He was shocked. What followed was a heated discussion of what had and had not been promised. But after Abe repeated his decision 'to go in a different direction,' Michael lost it. He became very angry and began shouting. At that point, Abe walked out of the room as Michael called him several unflattering names. Michael stormed out of the room, went down to the parking garage, jumped into his Mercedes convertible with Illinois license plates, took the top down, and drove directly back to Chicago.feedback

Nicholas Burns

What has been missing in Trump's North Korea strategy is a major diplomatic show of unity among these three countries. By standing firmly beside South Korea and Japan, President Trump can strengthen our strategic deterrence against Pyongyang.feedback

Norihiro Fujito - Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities

No one is really paying much attention to the BOJ today, but rather there is a lot of focus on what the Fed said overnight. We have to see if any policy promises are realized before we can say whether it will have an effect on the market.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I intend to put forward daring policies unlike any that have come before. I will invest the entirety of my political resources to open up the future of Japan.feedback

Yun Duk-min

Although there is not much common ground between Moon and Abe, the gravity of the North Korean nuclear crisis has brought them together in an uncomfortable partnership.feedback

Lee Won-deog

President Moon appears isolated from the other two. There is a suspicion that Prime Minister Abe is using his close personal chemistry with President Trump to help shape the American leader's views on South Korea.feedback

Neil Golightly

If we assume Brazilian football's home is Rio, they have in recent years played friendlies (as the notional home team) against Argentina in Melbourne (13,221 km) and Japan in Singapore (15,743 km) but the furthest flung appears to be the 15 October 2013 game between Brazil and Zambia in Beijing, 17,343km from Rio. The furthest possible point on Earth from Rio is 20,020km away but since that's somewhere in the middle of the Philippine Sea it's unlikely the Seleção will be playing there any time soon.feedback

Rick Rieder - BlackRock

We're in an unbelievable conundrum. If you take where real rates should be, given where economic growth is– 26 out of 27 major countries are in expansion mode– you have a dynamic whether it's the reserve build around the world, or the international bid because bunds and JGBs are too low. The back end of the yield curve is less relative to what the Fed does, relative to what the Bank of Japan or ECB does. There's not enough bonds in the world at an attractive level.feedback

Falk Frey - Moody's

While steady global GDP growth will drive a bigger demand for cars in key markets like China, Japan, and India, we expect U.S. car sales to weaken and slow the speed of growth for the automakers sector globally to less than 2 percent into 2018, and so our sector outlook remains negative. Western European auto sales will grow 2 percent this year on the back of improving demand in Germany, where automakers such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Daimler have been offering consumers incentives to trade in older diesel vehicles for less polluting ones.feedback

Robert Gates

So, a political solution involves perhaps recognition, lifting sanctions, signing a peace treaty. These are all very big steps that have to be done in coordination with South Korea, with Japan. And in exchange for that, either dramatically curtailing the North programmes or eliminating them. Well as it's often the case, Russia is not being very helpful. I think that this is a situation when, unlike China, Russia is perfectly content to see the US preoccupied with this problem in North Korea and to exploit it in Asia and wherever else they can.feedback

Anthony Esteves

A lot of people don't think shou sugi ban is for them, because it has this impermanence to it. Over time, my house will weather in this soft way. It's going to become more beautiful.feedback

James Steele

The American architects who are using it often don't go the full route. It's a bit too extreme.feedback

Marc Keane

It's become quite stylish, but in the past, in Japan, it was considered countrified.feedback

Pratyush Kumar

Look at Turkey, look at Japan, look at Brazil - look at multiple countries. In all cases there is a fine balancing act of co-opting the capabilities of both public and private enterprise.feedback

Andrew Dewit

Since Fukushima, there has been a gradual elaboration of policies to realize that kind of local autonomy, local consumption paradigm.feedback

Stefan Worrall - Credit Suisse Group

There has been concern among foreign investors, about the future of Abenomics and the Abe administration, with clear declines in Abe's approval ratings earlier this year. If Abe is cemented in power for another few years, that would be a market-positive event. Certainty is preferred to uncertainty, when it comes to market confidence.feedback

Charles Hayter

It's still unclear whether there is a full permanent outright ban in China. Earlier in the year the market was bullish whilst the Chinese exchanges were facing regulatory implementation and Japan picked up the slack. The market is moving on and realising the price drama was excessive and overdone.feedback

Aurélien Menant

The market is realizing that it doesn't really matter what happens in China anymore, the exchanges based there no longer dominate trading activity and more mature liquidity from institutional players in Japan, Korea and Europe is providing a boost to this next bull cycle. It's also important to remember that the crackdown in China was targeting the activities of the local exchanges for not complying with the Chinese financial regulatory environment and not a crackdown on bitcoin and blockchain technologies.feedback

Yukihisa Fujita

In a sense, it's as if China and North Korea are supporting Abe's popularity.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

They see Trump as this ignorant man-child who is creating huge security problems for everybody in the region and nobody knows to what extent they can really rely on him. I think Abe made a calculation: You don't get to pick your presidents.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

I don't think he's going to be sending a case of champagne to Kim. But he certainly does owe him.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

There is right now a one-sided arms race that China is winning.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I have a belief that a nation's surest defense is the trust and gratitude of its neighbors.feedback

Yoichi Funabashi

I think that could induce or tempt the United States to lessen U.S. commitments to Japan's defense. There has emerged more inward-looking tendencies in the U.S. and no