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Jennifer Morgan - Greenpeace
Europe, Canada and Japan stood up today and made a stand, revealing again how far Trump is out of step with the rest of the world on climate change. Leaders must now keep resolve... President Trump should now return to Washington and make the right decision, take climate change seriously and take action with the rest of the world.feedback
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NEW May 27 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Japan. You'll find 1325 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. You can also see the other popular topics. The 3 people who have been quoted more about Japan are: Shinzo Abe, Yoshihide Suga and Donald J. Trump. Shinzo Abe specifically said: “On behalf of the government of Japan and the Japanese people, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the victims and extend our sympathies to those who have been injured.”.
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Spencer Bogart

But Japan's move provides some regulatory clarity, and now there are major tech companies that want to open up bitcoin exchanges in Japan. So what you saw was volume in existing bitcoin exchanges in Japan went through the roof and pushed the prices up. Koreans look closely at Japan and tend to imitate a lot of activity there, so there's been a lot of demand from that area of the world also.feedback

Spencer Bogart

It is possible that, in the short time period from when the SEC disapproved to when the petition was granted, there was a significant regime change at the SEC. You could have a different group of people who want to review the matter because they aren't sure the decision to disapprove was a good choice. I've heard whisperings that there are many people within this administration who are friendly or at least amicable to digital currencies like bitcoin.feedback

Aurélien Menant

There is a lot of fresh liquidity flowing into bitcoin, thanks to a surge in interest among investors in Asia, notably Japan and Korea, coupled with a resolution to the scaling debate. I would not be surprised to see the bitcoin price doubling again to around $6000 by the end of the year.feedback

Jimmy Spithill

It's great to have them. They've probably got one of the biggest budgets and one of the largest teams. In the practice racing, they haven't been at the level of Japan, Artemis and Team New Zealand. But I've witnessed some changes in the past, and we, for one, will not be counting them out.feedback

Daisuke Yamada - Mizuho

If we try to pursue business innovation within the bank, we have to ask around for permission from people in risk management, compliance and others. It takes forever. It's not like building nuclear reactors or railway systems. If projects flop, all the costs wasted will be labour costs, we can move on to the next ones.feedback

Michael Kowalski

While these results modestly exceeded our near-term expectations, we are focused on executing long-term strategies to achieve stronger and sustainable performance through product introductions, optimization of our store base, effective marketing communications and the delivery of experiences that resonate with our customers.feedback

Randal Konik - Jefferies

Chinese spending remains healthy ... and improving macro data in Europe should lead to better trends ahead.feedback

Mark Aaron - Tiffany & Co.

We continue to see a decline in sales attributed to Chinese tourists in Japan. However, as you may recall, we benefited in the first quarter of 2016 from higher sales attributed to Chinese tourists in Japan, which then tapered off in the second quarter.feedback

Ren Lei

Here I have the chance to spend some time with my child and do something together that greatly enriches his mind.feedback

Yi Fuxiang

India could become the No. 1 country. There are many reasons, but population is the most important one. I want people to pay attention, because this is such a big issue for China. We enforced the one-child policy for over three decades, and a swathe of economic and social policies came to center on one child. Even if family planning stopped, habits die hard. Overall, our structure is where Japan was in 1992, and our economic waning will be a long-term trend. Young people don't want to have one child, let alone two children. In the future, it will be very hard to achieve an increase.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

If this is a terrorist attack, such abhorrent acts of terrorism cannot be justified for any reason, and Japan firmly condemns such an act of terrorism. I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the victims and families of the deceased and my prayers to a swift recovery for the wounded. Japan stands in solidarity with the people of the U.K.feedback

Shinzo Abe

On behalf of the government of Japan and the Japanese people, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the victims and extend our sympathies to those who have been injured.feedback

Keijiro Kimura

They just enjoy picking up the funny things of the minister who cannot explain things very well.feedback

Hiroshi Hiraguchi

It is further clear that common people will not be the target of punishment stipulated by this legislation.feedback

Kanako Takayama

It's so vague that it allows the police to justify whatever they do. If you buy a pair of scissors, that may be viewed as preparing for a crime.feedback

Joe Cannataci - United Nations

With great power comes great responsibility. Yet this bill is not accompanied by a stiffening of measures intended to safeguard privacy. Other rights like freedom of speech and freedom of association are likewise not reinforced.feedback

Koichi Nakano

There are no apparent reasons certain crimes are covered and others are not. There will be more self-censorship in a country where there is already not a very vibrant civil society.feedback

Kenta Yamada

How far are we willing to sacrifice our privacy is the question. We may possibly get into the world of '1984.feedback

Alexia Cheval

She was a 92 hips [sic] and fit her in a dress where hips were hidden. She came yesterday in Tokyo to do her final fitting, and she doesn't fit the exact same dress anymore. She has a belly, her face is more puffy [sic] and the back of her dress is open and you can see it is tight.feedback

Ashley Brokaw - Louis Vuitton

Two weeks later, in Tokyo [where the models went for fittings before the show in Kyoto], for whatever reason she came in for her fitting and the coat didn't fit properly. Once we were in Tokyo we were very limited by what we could do. We didn't have the atelier to remake anything and we didn't have a lot of other options to try on her, although we did try some other things on her and nothing quite worked. So it was a situation that was devastating all round. I've been in this business for over 20 years and I have never experienced anything like this. It's horrific.feedback

Ashley Brokaw - Louis Vuitton

We were told before she came for her fitting that she was a 92cm hip. That was fine for everybody and we told the atelier to make whatever we needed to make for her.feedback

Ulrikke Høyer

I actually lost weight when I arrived in Tokyo, but they thought I was too big. Every outfit in that collection is made for a specific body and that specific body and it was fitted for me. I completely fitted the dress, in Japan as well. Why would Ashley's assistant tell my agent things like that I have a belly and that I have a bloated face and that my back is bigger or different than it was in Paris? I know by saying my story and speaking out I'm risking it all, but I don't care. Maybe this was my last job, then that's it. I'm done with working for people that will treat me this way.feedback

Ryohei Miyata

We are praying for the birth of a mascot that will be loved and praised by the world.feedback

Toshiyasu Ohashi - Daiwa Securities Group

This is a signal that the corporate bond market is coming back to more normal conditions.feedback

Avi Hasson

You can really see that happening for Israel in a big way, in China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and so on.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I would like to have a thorough discussion about this at the G7 summit.feedback

Steven Ciobo

Any trade deal, of course, has its critics. From the government's perspective, we are unashamedly pro-trade.feedback

Todd McClay

The value of TPP is just not about the economics. It's a common set of very high quality rules that stretch from countries in North America to Asia across the Pacific. It's a great achievement and it means that many barriers that our exporters, our businesses face when trying to trade across borders will be, over time, removed. I would challenge any future government of New Zealand to make the case of why they'd want to turn their back on the best access that New Zealand has ever has to the Asia Pacific.feedback

Hiroshige Seko

In our TPP, we had addressed the issue of digital trade, intellectual property, as well as customs procedures and trade facilitation. Even with 11, very good free trade can flow as a result of it.feedback

Todd McClay

It should be available for others to join when they want. But they would have to meet the standards that have been agreed amongst us.feedback

Robert Lighthizer

The United States pulled out of the TPP and it's not going to change that decision. That does not mean we will not engage in this region. The president made a decision, that I certainly agree with, that bilateral negotiations are better for the United States than multilateral negotiations.feedback

Keiichi Ishii

The role of the Japanese Coastguard is becoming all the more important with the surveillance of waters around the Senkaku islands, and dealing with repeated missile launches by North Korea.feedback

George Yeo - Kerry Logistics

For Japan, this is a political move to neutralize China. Without the U.S., it is hard for Japan to give concessions on agriculture.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We have finally come to an agreement on the rules of free and fair trade. Since we have come thus far, Japan must now take on a leadership role and bring the talks forward.feedback

Ling Ting Ming

Security companies have been talking to us. They want to use technology to replace labour, which is becoming more and more challenging [to find] in Japan, HongKong and Singapore.feedback


He wouldn't stop doing heroin. He was an amazing man and deeply talented – I loved him. When I broke up with him he made me give [the paintings he gave me] back to him. And then he painted over them black.feedback

Ulrikke Louise Lahn Høyer

I was excited to go to Japan and happy to know that even though I wasn't in my skinniest 'show shape' Louis Vuitton would still have me in their show. Meanwhile I was working very hard to get my measurements back to 'right' (it gets harder and harder each time, it is like my body is working against my hard work, doesn't respond like it used to).feedback

Yoshihide Suga

The government hopes for the smooth passage of the legislation.feedback

Harie Gyo

I would like to see society progress in a way that encourages women to freely take on active roles in society. I think that more women working will lead to a brighter and happier society.feedback

Charles Hayter

Arbitrage between the fiat pairs drags markets up or down in line with leading markets. At present, volumes on the KRW and JPY pairs dominate trading with a combined 48 percent market share.feedback

Tim Collett - U.S. Geological Survey

The path to understanding when or if gas hydrates will be commercially produced will need many similar and more extended testing efforts.feedback

David Sandalow

The climate implications of producing natural gas hydrates are complicated. There are potential benefits, but substantial risks.feedback

Soichiro Monji

When the United States is involved, it is simply not just geopolitical risk as the Trump presidency had come with hopes for stimulus attached. As for the Japanese market, any impasse in U.S. policies would be negative. But there could be positive aspects, such as trade negotiations with Japan taking a back seat.feedback

Yuka Tateishi

When someone points out that their appearance doesn't match their official family register, they need to explain themselves each time.feedback

Tomoya Hosoda

You don't have to make yourself or put yourself into a certain mold.feedback

Takamasa Nakayama

Sometimes they are discriminated against because their appearance is changing. If you are not strong enough, it's hard to keep a full-time job and survive the bullying.feedback

Tomoya Hosoda

I wanted to show children in elementary or junior high school that I exist here. I strongly felt that way, and that's why I entered politics.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

There is no change in our view to proceed with consideration of steps to ensure stable imperial succession.feedback

Gill Steel

Even the imperial family, and the politicians responsible for the law, need to move into the 21st century.feedback

Hidehiko Kasahara

Under the present system, there is the risk that Hisahito will be the only one left in the imperial family.feedback

Hisataka Yakabe

It can convert (the) chemical energy of natural gas directly to electrical power. About half of the chemical energy is converted to electrical energy, and using the heat generated during power generation, hot water is produced simultaneously.feedback

Kentaro Horisaka - Tokyo Gas

The concept is that you can lead your normal, comfortable life, you get plenty of power, you get plenty of hot water, but you're still saving energy, you're still helping… society save CO2. In comparison to owning a normal electric and gas system this ENE-FARM will save 1.3 tonnes of CO2 each year. That is similar to owning two hybrid cars instead of two gasoline cars, and this is achieved through combined heat and power technology, meaning you generate power on site but you also recover the waste heat. You can achieve energy efficiency in higher heating value as high as 95 percent.feedback

Norio Miyagawa - Mizuho Securities

The Japanese economy probably won't grow dramatically, but it's not about to shrink either. The global economy is solid and there aren't many domestic downside risks.feedback

Norio Miyagawa - Mizuho Securities

I think the economic recovery will eventually push up wages and prices, but the pace will be slow.feedback

Kyohei Morita - Crédit Agricole

The economy is enjoying comfortable growth driven by both domestic and external demand. Consumer spending remains relatively soft and it has a room to improve. But the economy passed the grade both in terms of the pace of growth and the quality of the expansion.feedback

Kosei Akaishi

The competition was strong and the American team,, especially the men, were very, very strong. Probably number one in the world. Our team was a little behind it seems to me today. But this was a good match.feedback

Helen Maroulis

I was really excited to wrestle this Japanese girl. Anytime you get to wrestle one of them it's just a really great experience. They always bring a fire, they always bring a discipline and a respect and push, so you know it's going to be a good battle.feedback

Jordan Burroughs

He's a tough guy. I know he's one of the potential opponents for the world championships in Paris. Every match is preparation. I wanted to win, score often and defend well, and he did a great job. Good match for both of us.feedback

Dongke Zhang

Hydrogen is a wonderful thing but we can't just overnight change from burning natural gas to burning hydrogen, and we can't stop our petrol and diesel cars and start to use hydrogen.feedback

Dongke Zhang

The ability of hydrogen is it does not emit carbon dioxide when it is burned.feedback

Sayuri Shirai

It's good, but probably we may not see a continuation of this level of growth for the next quarters.feedback

Monica Laronda

What happens with some of our cancer patients is that their ovaries don't function at a high enough level and they need to use hormone replacement therapies in order to trigger puberty. Our technician removed the ovary of the mouse, replaced it with our scaffold, stitched it all back up and we mated some of those animals and we were able to get live birth. The team is now working on enlarging the scaffold so that it could be in tested on larger animals, and eventually humans.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We would like to enhance economic activities between Japan and the United States based upon trading and investment rules....In addition, we will have sectoral cooperation approaches in the domains of high speed rail, infrastructure and energy. Going forward, with the utilization of artificial intelligence and the internet of things, we want to overcome the challenges coming from an aging society with low fertility.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We have already accumulated data and with the use of AI, we will make good use of the big data that we have. Thereby, we can contribute to other countries and regions, which may suffer from the same kind of challenges. With the use of big data and AI, we can shift to health management and preventive medical care and encourage those dependent on medical and nursing care to become more self supporting.feedback

Isao Tokoro

Now we all know that an important imperial family member will be lost with the engagement of Princess Mako. It is urgent that the system should be reformed so that female members can remain in the imperial family. Otherwise, we will lose more and more members from the imperial family.feedback