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Japanese Liberal Democratic Party has been commented on by 150 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Japanese Liberal Democratic Party are: Shinzo Abe, Jeffrey Kingston, Yoshihide Suga and Tobias Harris. For instance, the most recent quote from Shinzo Abe is: “We must explain it after reaching a concrete plan with the constitutional Commission, as I don't see this general election as a reflection of public opinion regarding the revision of the constitution.”.
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Masashi Murata - Brown Brothers Harriman

The election outcome means the Abe administration will retain the status quo, making no changes, and continue with its policies. It will find little need for fresh steps when the GDP has registered six quarters of growth, unemployment is under 3 percent and the Nikkei is above 21,000.feedback

Marcel Thieliant - Capital Economics

The elections have obviously distracted from the cronyism allegations but I think they will resurface in coming months and I would expect the Cabinet Office's approval rating to remain low. As such, PM Abe will probably face a contender for LDP leadership in the upcoming leadership elections in September, unlike in 2015 when he won uncontested.feedback

Scott Seaman - Eurasia Group

Many polls show that most voters are already opposed to Abe getting a third term, and he does not want to make himself appear as a political liability. He might propose making a less controversial revision of some kind next year in an effort to soften the ground for more politically challenging changes later.feedback

Gerry Curtis

This is a situation in which people aren't enthusiastic about Abe. The overwhelming opinion is that Abenomics has not been a great success but everything the opposition offers as an alternative would be much worse.feedback

Yukio Ishizuki - Daiwa Securities Group

An LDP win did not come as a surprise, but it still helped clear uncertainty that had been preventing participants from buying the dollar. Overcoming deflation with the BOJ easing is at the crux of the Abe administration's policies and this will now be allowed to continue indefinitely. It's relief over the BOJ policies, rather than hopes for fresh fiscal stimulus, that is weakening the yen.feedback

Hidenori Suezawa - SMBC Nikko Securities

Now that pro-constitutional change parties occupy more than two-thirds of the parliament, the constitution will be the most important political issue next year. And as we saw in the UK. ..., a referendum could be tricky. So while Abe is likely to be prime minister for the time being, it is too early to say whether he can stay in power until 2021.feedback

Yuriko Koike

We had sought to put policies first. But we ended up with a very tough outcome, so I deeply apologize for that.feedback

Yuriko Koike

We are fighting against the powers that prioritise old policies and vested interests.feedback

Yukio Edano

What's at stake now is whether we will have a politics of arrogance or a grassroots politics that lifts society up from the bottom.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

The story of this election, it would seem, is Abe didn't so much win it as the opposition just was totally unprepared. There is an Abe conundrum. How does a guy who is basically unpopular with voters, whose policies are not particularly popular, who doesn't get high marks for leadership, and yet he keeps winning in elections?feedback

Steven Bleistein

The danger is presuming that Japanese culture alone somehow protects or imperils your investment. For example, Japanese prowess in quality is presumed almost as a Japanese cultural trait. It is not. The quality of Japanese manufacturing is thanks to the imposition of a company's corporate culture of quality imposed by a company's leader, backed up by rigorous processes.feedback

Steven Bleistein

Smart investors look to a company's leadership and processes to make an assessment rather than presuming quality prowess or risk simply because the company is Japanese. Right now there are likely a lot of companies in Japan whose processes are perfectly fine but are undervalued because they are Japanese in the wake of the Kobe Steel scandal. Smart investors will go long on those firms.feedback

Gerhard Fasol

Such problems occur especially in companies which have a close corporate culture, where the same people work with each other for a long time without external supervision and external input. For this reason, recent corporate governance reforms in Japan are very important and have to be taken further – that is, more power and respect is needed for independent or outside board directors, along with a change of mind-set with respect to corporate governance.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

Maybe this will goad Abe into delivering on some of his broken promises.feedback

Michael Cucek

If there's going to be a rejection of Abe ... it will be in the proportional vote.feedback

Yutaka Miura - Mizuho Securities

People were prepared to sell Japanese stocks on profit-taking, but now that there are expectations that U.S. stocks will rise later in the day, they don't want to sell. Stocks are pulled by those who want to take profits and those who want to chase the market higher.feedback

Masafumi Yamamoto - Mizuho Securities

That kind of result would not have a big impact on the yen, but it is important to see whether or not the [ruling Liberal Democratic Party] considers it a victory for Abe or not, and it's difficult to say where the threshold for that might be.feedback

Koichi Nakano

Critics say that changing the constitution is something of a Trojan horse … and that this is the thin end of the wedge. It could bring us into a possible war between the U.S. and North Korea, where the Americans say, Are you coming with me?' And Abe could go along with it.feedback

Alison Evans

The LDP will continue to dominate, but prime ministers will come and go. Japan is a democracy, but culturally and structurally, there has been no move towards pluralism.feedback

Daniel Sneider

Japanese voters are rewarding Abe for providing continuity and stability, even if they don't like him. They might not greet him enthusiastically, and they might worry about his nationalism, but they're not interested in trading that for uncertainty.feedback

Takafumi Sakai

I don't see any choice other than Abe. There's nobody else who jumps out as an alternative.feedback

Satoru Narita

Right now, no one's better than Abe. The radiation would make all the fish inedible. Like in Fukushima, we couldn't do our jobs.feedback

Thanh Ha Pham - Jefferies

Obviously, Kobe Steel cannot rule out the risk of future impact, but so far, so good, in our view.feedback

Yuriko Koike

We have a surplus of things in this country, but what we don't have is hope for the future.feedback

Minori Hiramatsu

I doubt she can deliver politics free from vested interests. Abe has problems domestically, but he is the best person to protect us from North Korean threats.feedback

Koji Sasaya

The Party of Hope looks a lot like the LDP, but doesn't have the same problem with vested interests.feedback

Shinzo Abe

What creates our future is not a boom or slogan. It is policy that creates our future. We just cannot afford to lose.feedback

Walter Russell Mead

Prime Minister Abe and his most serious rival are in agreement on many key issues.feedback

Tobias Harris

Even if they don't get a big foothold across the country, they can really cut the LDP's number of seats and do Abe a lot of damage in Tokyo.feedback

Scott Seaman - Eurasia Group

The real threat that Koike poses to Abe is not that she might overthrow his coalition, but that her party might contribute to a large, embarrassing loss of the coalition's seats. This, in turn, could fuel pressure on him to step down either immediately or derail his efforts to win a third term as LDP president next year.feedback

Mark Macron

I talked to Staley about it. He didn't want to speak with Abe George.feedback

Daniel Sneider

Abe thought the risk worth taking. Maybe he didn't anticipate what Koike would do.feedback

Hidenobu Tokuda - Mizuho Research Institute

Prices are rising gradually. Exports are supporting output and domestic demand doesn't look too bad. As long as Abe remains in power, we will see a continuation of his policies, but it all depends on the election.feedback

Yuriko Koike

I am raising my flag for real. Japan is facing a difficult time considering the situation in North Korea. Economically, the world is making a big move while Japan's presence is gradually declining. Can we continue letting the establishment handle politics?feedback

Shinzo Abe

What did these bring about? Disarray and economic stagnation. We must not entrust the future of our children and the security of Japan to any party that changes its face just for the sake of getting elected.feedback

Gerry Curtis

There's not much daylight between Koike's party and the LDP. It's a question of who can impress the voters as more competent. It's competence and it's character.feedback

Phillip Lipscy

The government has really hyped the North Korea threat – they've been stopping trains, blasting alarms and sending text messages every time a missile goes over Japanese airspace – so I do think it's fair to say that they've been taking maximum advantage of the North Korea situation for political advantage.feedback

Scott Seaman - Eurasia Group

Abe's tough rhetoric at the U.N. General Assembly and his discussions on North Korea with [President] Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in further bolstered his image as a resolute defender of Japanese national security, which will play well with voters when they go to the polls next month.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

Unlike in Britain with Labour, there is no opposition worthy of the name in Japan. (The ruling party) LDP is a giant among dwarves. It would take a major scandal to derail the Abe express. He may not retain his super majority but given the fractured and unprepared state of Japan's opposition parties, it's hard to see much risk for a commanding majority.feedback

Yoel Sano - Bmi

Despite the seemingly favourable backdrop for Abe, there are risks in calling a snap election.feedback

Shinzo Abe

But we are absolutely not lowering the flag of fiscal consolidation.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I'll demonstrate strong leadership and stand at the forefront to face a national crisis. This is my responsibility as leader and my mission as prime minister. We must not give in to North Korea's threats. By gaining a mandate from the people with this election, I will forge ahead with strong diplomacy.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We will turn Japan's social security system into one that responds to all generations by boldly diverting policy resources to resolve the two major concerns -- child rearing and (elderly) nursing care – that working generations confront. We must not give in to North Korea's threats. By gaining a mandate from the people with this election, I will forge ahead with strong diplomacy.feedback

Yuriko Koike

I'm launching a new party and I want to be directly involved in it. Can we continue letting the LDP handle politics?feedback

Yutaka Miura - Mizuho Securities

According to the Nikkei polls, it seems we can expect an LDP victory, so the election is a mostly supportive factor rather than a worrying factor for markets.feedback

Shinzo Abe

With this election I want to ask the people for their verdict on my North Korea policy.feedback

Shinzo Abe

If North Korea doesn't change, we will have to use every possible means to maximize pressure.feedback

Yasuharu Ishizawa

He'll be able to get a majority, but it's a close call whether he'll get near two-thirds or not.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We must protect the people and wealth of this country.feedback

Shinzo Abe

If North Korea follows the right path, it can develop its economy. But if it doesn't abandon its missile and nuclear programmes, then it will not have a bright future.feedback

Koichi Hagiuda

Even if there is a contingency during the election, I am confident that we can respond properly.feedback

Donald J. Trump

You have some pretty tough hombres in Mexico that you may need help with, and we are willing to help you with that big league. Look, I spoke to Putin, Merkel, Abe of Japan, to France today, and this was my most unpleasant call because I will be honest with you.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

He may win big but he may also lose his super majority in the lower house. If the voters give Abe a nasty surprise, it might bring out the long knives in the party. But the chances of that happening are not huge.feedback

Atsushi Kinoshita

With North Korean missiles flying over Japan and local governments conducting evacuation drills, of course people feel a sense of crisis. Prime Minister Abe is betting that Japanese citizens will agree with his position on reinforcing Japan's military.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

Kim Jong Un is doing him a great favor. During crises like this, there is a rally around the flag and that helps the LDP, which is seen as strong on security.feedback

Harumi Arima

Abe's approval rate is now picking up and the Democratic Party is coming apart. If Abe waited until next year, there would be less and less opportunity to find a good time for a snap election and he might have no choice but to dissolve the lower house at a time when his approval rating is low.feedback

Irene Pollin

This was not what Michael expected. He was shocked. What followed was a heated discussion of what had and had not been promised. But after Abe repeated his decision 'to go in a different direction,' Michael lost it. He became very angry and began shouting. At that point, Abe walked out of the room as Michael called him several unflattering names. Michael stormed out of the room, went down to the parking garage, jumped into his Mercedes convertible with Illinois license plates, took the top down, and drove directly back to Chicago.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I intend to put forward daring policies unlike any that have come before. I will invest the entirety of my political resources to open up the future of Japan.feedback

Yun Duk-min

Although there is not much common ground between Moon and Abe, the gravity of the North Korean nuclear crisis has brought them together in an uncomfortable partnership.feedback

Lee Won-deog

President Moon appears isolated from the other two. There is a suspicion that Prime Minister Abe is using his close personal chemistry with President Trump to help shape the American leader's views on South Korea.feedback

Masafumi Yamamoto - Mizuho Securities

Foreign investors usually react instinctively to such themes and there hasn't been a visible response in currencies thus far. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is enjoying a recovery in support and it is hard to imagine a major change taking place. This is likely leading to the lack of reaction or interest from foreign participants.feedback

Stefan Worrall - Credit Suisse Group

There has been concern among foreign investors, about the future of Abenomics and the Abe administration, with clear declines in Abe's approval ratings earlier this year. If Abe is cemented in power for another few years, that would be a market-positive event. Certainty is preferred to uncertainty, when it comes to market confidence.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

They see Trump as this ignorant man-child who is creating huge security problems for everybody in the region and nobody knows to what extent they can really rely on him. I think Abe made a calculation: You don't get to pick your presidents.feedback

Koji Murata

The North Korean provocations are causing concern, and people feel that they want strong leadership.feedback

Naoto Nonaka

I don't know why you would hold an election at a time like this.feedback

Shinzo Abe

The solidarity of the international community is being put to the test in response to the repeated dangerous provocations by North Korea.feedback

Koichi Hagiuda

If we have a snap election now, we need to explain it to the public, including how we will cope with the threat from North Korea.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

I am skeptical about the consensus that Abe will call a snap election because doing so poses a risk, albeit small, to his agenda of constitutional revision.feedback

Shinzo Abe

Resolving the situation on the Korean Peninsula […] is only possible through political and diplomatic means. First we need to dial down general tensions and then to begin dialogue between all interested parties, as proposed in the Russian-Chinese road map of gradual settlement.feedback

Theresa May

It gives me the opportunity to sit down with Prime Minister Abe to discuss the action that North Korea has taken. These are illegal tests, we strongly condemn them and we will be working with Japan and other international partners to ensure that pressure is put on North Korea to stop this illegal action. My discussions with Prime Minister Abe will focus on how we can prepare the ground for an ambitious free trade agreement after Brexit, based on the EU-Japan agreement which I very much hope is nearing conclusion.feedback

Theresa May

We can't sign up to a trade deal with Japan or with any other country outside of the European Union until we've left the European Union. What we can do is to be talking about that future relationship. That's what I'm going to be doing here with Prime Minister Abe. I believe we can look at an EU-Japan deal as the basis for a future trade deal between the United Kingdom and Japan.feedback

Theresa May

This action by North Korea is reckless provocation. These are illegal tests and we strongly condemn them. There will be an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council later this afternoon and we will continue to work with our international partners to put pressure on North Korea to stop these illegal tests. No. I'm absolutely clear that trip to Japan will go ahead. It gives me the opportunity to sit down with Prime Minister Abe over the next few days to discuss the action that North Korea has taken.feedback

Tobias Harris

If it looks like the U.S. set off the chain of events that led to escalation, and Abe didn't use his relationship with Trump to moderate that, it's easy to imagine that there would be a domestic price to pay.feedback

Fumio Kishida

In terms of our philosophies as politicians, to put it simply, Abe is a conservative. One might even call him a hawk.feedback

Renho Murata

It's clear that after all the gaffes and scandals his goal is to avoid mistakes.feedback

Toshihiro Nikai

It's important to listen to a wide array of opinions and pile caution on top of caution.feedback

Tobias Harris

Strong public support gave Abe political capital with which to pursue controversial reforms, but it also made him reluctant to use his political capital lest he risk his public support. Now, with his support falling, it's that much harder for Abe to take risky policy decisions.feedback

Tobias Harris

Having served under Abe, Kishida will be hard pressed to abandon Abe's legacy entirely. He has articulated a mild critique of Abenomics focused on inequality issues, but this would lead to a kinder, friendlier Abenomics rather than a decisive break with Abenomics.feedback

Jeffrey Lewis

If you attack a nuclear-armed country after it has nuclear weapons that is just a plain old nuclear war.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I completely agreed with President Trump on the recognition that we must take further action. We have made repeated efforts to resolve the North Korean issue peacefully, coordinating between Japan and the United States and with the international community, but North Korea has trampled all over these efforts and unilaterally escalated [the situation]. China, Russia and the rest of the international community must take seriously this undeniable fact and increase their pressure.feedback

Cheng Xiaohe

If Trump resorts to a military strike, and fails to get [congressional] approval, I think it would end his political career.feedback

Masashi Oda - Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank

The Japanese market's upside has been capped partly due to Abe's falling support rate. There is no successor's name coming up yet so we should not be overly cautious, though investors probably won't chase the market higher for a while.feedback

Hiroshi Kamiwaki

Instead of taking clear responsibility, Abe seems to want to put an end to the issue by pinning blame on those below him. The problem is that people don't trust him anymore.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We meet as friends, but we never seek or give favours. I have never advised him to visit the ministers in charge.feedback

Donald J. Trump

So, I was seated next to the wife of Prime Minister Abe [Shinzo Abe of Japan], who I think is a terrific guy, and she's a terrific woman, but doesn't speak English.feedback

Fiona Sturges

The subtle slights we’re seeing from first ladies such as Akie Abe are a clear departure from tradition• Fiona Sturges is a freelance arts writer. There are all manner of reasons why a woman,upon finding herself in the same room as Donald Trump, might wish to give him the swerve. There’s his propensity to condescend and talk over her; to rate her in terms of appearance; to publicly wonder whether she is menstruating; or, as he famously boasted in 2005, to simply “grab [her] by the pussy”. And that’s before she gets to his views on childcare, workplace equality and abortion. But how many of us, faced with the actual president of the United States, his tiny hand outstretched, would have the nerve to blank him?feedback

Donald J. Trump

So I was seated next to the wife of Prime Minister Abe [Shinzo Abe of Japan], who I think is a terrific guy, and she's a terrific woman, but doesn't speak English. Like, not [even] 'hello,' . It's hard, because you know, you're sitting there for … the dinner was probably an hour and 45 minutes.feedback

Derek Halpenny - The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

In terms of all that good news we're hearing from Japan, the most interesting story out of Japan at the moment is the collapse of approval rating of Prime Minister Abe. And the most recent approval rating data we got today, we saw the biggest collapse in the cabinet approval rating since Prime Minister Abe came into power in 2012.feedback

Chris Ulrich

Again, this is an awkward moment. The hand-tap is part of his way of establishing both support and dominance. It can be perceived as he is offering support to the touch, and, at the same time, the perception of dominance. When awkward handshakes occur with Abe, May and Macron, you get in the way of the larger message, and that is where the danger lies. Rather than focusing on the message, the perception of a botched handshake causes both leaders unnecessary issues.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

Kishida's exit from the Cabinet would signal his desire to replace Abe and reinforce perceptions that Abe is on the ropes.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I was able to talk with people in evacuation centres and hear their worries and troubles. The government will make every effort to rebuild so that people can resume their former lives without worries.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We reaffirmed our close collaboration in our relationship with Russia.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We will be enhancing our cooperation in the area of the environment regarding the Arctic regions.feedback

Sauli Niinisto

They (Japanese) are particularly interested in the Northeast Passage.feedback

Shinzo Abe

As I look at the current situation, particularly the security environment in the Asia Pacific region, including North Korea, we believe that it has become increasingly severe…We would like to demonstrate the robust partnership as well as the bond between Japan and the United States on this occasion.feedback

Shinzo Abe

Global warming has already resulted in the earth, which sustains human life, experiencing various crises for a long time. That's why we must all take action together quickly.feedback

H.R. McMaster

I'll just note that while in Hamburg, the President will meet with many world leaders, including Chancellor Merkel of Germany, the host of the G20, Prime Minister May of the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Abe of Japan, President Moon of South Korea, President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, President Peña Nieto of Mexico, President Jokowi of Indonesia, and Prime Minister Lee of Singapore, among others. There's no specific agenda. It's really going to be whatever the president wants to talk about.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We have to take [the result] seriously as a severe criticism against our party the LDP. I'm determined to reshape the party to work together and win back trust among the public through realising achievements.feedback

Atsuo Ito

This is the biggest crisis and the first major setback for Abe.feedback

Michael Thomas Cucek

The people who have been betraying Abe and hobbling his administration are his personal friends.feedback

Koji Murata

To promote Japan's interests internationally, having Mr. Abe is very important, and Japanese people understand this.feedback

Shigeru Ishiba

Rather than a victory for Tokyo Citizens First, this is a defeat for the LDP.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I would like to have a thorough discussion about this at the G7 summit.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

Mr. Abe has tried to showboat as somebody who embraces 'womenomics' and promotes empowerment of women. But here is a chance for him to step up, and instead he is avoiding making a decision that would benefit the imperial institution. He feels that this is a step too far, so clearly there is a glass ceiling at least as far as the imperial household is concerned.feedback

Shinzo Abe

Eleven countries have made their judgement on the assumption that the U.S. will be in TPP. We need to consider what is best and the 11 countries must be united. Since the U.S. understands the importance of having free and fair rules in the trading world, our wish is that the U.S. will return to TPP.feedback

Tomo Kimura

Is there an earnest desire among people to change the current Constitution at all costs? I've never heard that there are many such voices.feedback

Shinzo Abe

Despite strong warnings by the international community, North Korea went through [with] its ballistic missile launch. It is a grave threat to our country and it is not acceptable. We'd like to maintain a close coordination with the United States, our ally, to maintain a high state of alert. We'd like to be water-tight to ensure safety for our citizens. We welcome the talks between President Trump and China. As Prime Minister I am focusing on China's response. China, I hope, will play a constructive role; it is my high expectation that China will perform its role properly.feedback

Shinzo Abe

There is a major crisis looming over the peace and prosperity of the world. Our country will be resolute in our response. The international community must display solidarity. For the denuclearisation of North Korea, I hope China will play a constructive role in the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions. It is my high expectation that China will perform its role properly.feedback

Shinzo Abe

A peace treaty between Japan and Russia has not been concluded yet, even after 70 years have passed since the end of World War Two, . It is an extremely unusual situation. Infinite possibilities are latent in the cooperation between Japan and Russia.feedback

Norio Maruyama

The situation concerning North Korea is very worrying. Worrying for us, worrying for Russia, for the international community. The two leaders discussed this point very frankly. And so Prime Minister Abe asked President Putin to play a constructive role to try to apply still more pressure which is necessary for North Korea.feedback

Vladimir Putin

In my opinion, and in the opinion of the prime minister [Abe], the situation on the Korean peninsula has unfortunately got a lot worse. We call on all governments involved in regional matters to refrain from using belligerent rhetoric and to strive for peaceful, constructive dialogue.feedback

Vladimir Putin

The situation on the Korean Peninsula was discussed separately [at the Russian-Japanese talks] as in our joint opinion with the prime minister [of Japan] it has, unfortunately, deteriorated seriously. We are urging all the states involved in regional affairs to refrain from military rhetoric and seek a calm and constructive dialogue.feedback

Alexander Downer

I think the TPP will go ahead, I think Japan's switch in position is very promising and Prime Minister Abe said he wants the TPP 11 [countries] to go ahead. Could the UK join that? We wouldn't have any objection.feedback

Meredith Sumpter

This is a signal that PM (Shinzo) Abe is certainly intent on pursuing the TPP 11– so this would be the TPP, absent the U.S. – probably on account of a rising interest among the other TPP players to see what can be salvaged, even if the U.S. decides to continue to turn away from the TPP. Washington is very intent on pursuing bilateral trade negotiations, not only with Japan, but with other trade partners in the region.feedback

Jerry Sachs

We didn't know the first thing about it, actually, but we got the thing built.feedback

Jerry Sachs

Abe was up for us trying everything. We were the first arena in the country to actually design in sky suites. Madison Square Garden had them, but they were retrofitted into the arena.feedback

Jerry Sachs

The program wasn't ready for prime time, because it could double- and triple- and occasionally quadruple-sell the same seat. It caused us enormous pain.feedback

Arnold Seigel

He went toward business, and I went toward science. Here comes this 6-foot-12 guy and I said, This ticket is counterfeit.feedback

Hiroshi Ogushi

The decision clearly underscores an attempt by the Abe government to reinstate prewar (philosophy).feedback

Narushige Michishita

The question is whether to use the F-35 to its full extent. Abe is politically astute and realistic in understanding what he can do. F-35s might not be enough, but they're a good place to start.feedback

Tobias Harris

Without additional evidence to corroborate Kagoike's story about the alleged donation, it is unlikely that it will significantly impact the prime minister.feedback

Jesper Koll - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Thursday's hearing was the climax of the scandal, and the bottom line is that the prime minister is highly likely to maintain his steadfast grip on power until 2021.feedback

Scott Seaman - Eurasia Group

Because Abe faces no credible challengers inside or outside his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to his leadership, disgruntled or disillusioned voters will find it difficult to shift their support elsewhere.feedback

Koichi Nakano

There is no denying the fact that the (couple) had strong ties with the school, and that the school showcased exactly the kind of jarring patriotic education Abe wants to pursue.feedback

Tobias Harris

It is increasingly unlikely that the scandal will fatally undermine the PM's administration.feedback

Yasunori Kagoike

Although I hear Mrs. Abe has denied the donation and claims she doesn't recall it at all, I clearly remember it as it was such an honor for us.feedback

Matthew Harrelson

It was easy to connect Goodyear and innovation. And then 'Spirit' just seemed to make the name flow better.feedback

Eddie Ogden

Because a Goodyear Semirigid Dirigible doesn't roll off the tongue. There were a couple tears because they've been working with blimps for so long.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I remember that my secretary told me that she would reply to the inquiries he sent to her in a written document. I remember that was a reply declining his request.feedback

Yasunori Kagoike

I am not party to the details of this negotiation. So I would ask that you please ask for clarification from the Ministry of Finance. I believe that perhaps Prime Minister Abe or his wife were reading between the lines. There was some sort of a mutual understanding between us.feedback

Koji Murata

I don't think the majority of the public believes what he said completely. Given the international situation surrounding Japan such as the North Korean provocations and the U.S.-Japan relationship, I would guess the general public is getting more and more tired of this issue without clear evidence of a crime or scandal.feedback

Yasunori Kagoike

She said 'please, this is from Shinzo Abe,' and gave me an envelope with 1 million yen in it. Abe's wife apparently says she doesn't remember this at all, but since this was a matter of honour to us, I remember it quite vividly. My understanding is that political involvement probably took place regarding the acquisition of state-owned land.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

We have to be cautious about summoning people over acts that present no legal issue.feedback

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

I reiterated the commitment to Prime Minister Abe, notably following North Korea's violations of UN Security Council resolutions. We will continue implementing UN resolutions and consider further restrictive measures needed to keep up the pressure.feedback

Donald Tusk - European Council

Let me assure you that the European Union is fully committed to concluding the negotiations for both agreements very soon and together.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We shall try to aim for agreement in principle on the (EU-Japan trade deal) at the earliest possible date because it will give the world a symbol of free trade. In the midst of troubling protectionist trends, I find it important for Japan and the EU to cooperate with the United States as well, to give the world a model of free trade.feedback

Shinzo Abe

Francois and I agreed on the importance of ensuring a free and open maritime order in the Indo-Pacific region (and) of continuing to support the stability and prosperity of this region.feedback

Sean Spicer

Well, I think, two things. One is, you saw him utilize this as an opportunity with [Japanese] Prime Minister [Shinzo] Abe to help foster deeper relationship... in Asia... and have a growing relationship that is going to help U.S. interests. How you use the game of golf is something that he's talked about. Secondly... he had a mini-cabinet meeting the other day, or two weekends ago, down at his club in Virginia. And, I remember, so many people jumping to the conclusion that he was going down, playing golf. Just because you go somewhere doesn't necessarily mean you did it.feedback

Angela Merkel

We want free and open markets. In times when we have to argue with many about free trade, open borders and democratic values, it's a good sign that Japan and Germany no longer argue about this but rather are seeking to shape the future in a way that benefits people. We certainly don't want any barriers but at a time of an 'Internet of things' we want to link our societies with one another and let them deal fairly with one another, and that is what free trade is all about.feedback

Sean Spicer

You saw him utilize this as an opportunity with Prime Minister Abe to help foster deeper relationships in Asia and have a growing relationship that's going to help U.S. interests. How you use the game of golf is something that he's talked about.feedback

Shinzo Abe

Machines equipped with AI, or machines that are essentially robots no longer perform only narrow … functions … the machines of tomorrow will be tasked with solving … (a) multitude of challenges. Japan has no fear of AI. Machines will snatch away jobs? Such worries are not known to Japan. Japan aims to be the very first to prove that growth is possible through innovation, even when a population declines.feedback

Angela Merkel

It is our obligation to explain to our citizens that the state is offering them the options of making use of digital potentials that we will empower them to do that. The task for us is to push digitization and move it forward and to explain to our people what value add is in all of that.feedback

Shinzo Abe

It is through connectedness that economies will grow, Japan having grown through reaping … the benefits of free trade and investment, wants to be the champion upholding open systems alongside Germany.feedback

Angela Merkel

Decision making in the EU is sluggish … it's not a blame game and I get often it's the individual member states … Often they can't agree.feedback

Liu Ming

The military option the Americans are threatening won't likely happen because the stakes will be too high. It's a pretext and an excuse to pile up pressure on China. It's more like blackmail than a realistic option.feedback

Shaun Burnie - Greenpeace

Without a technical solution for dealing with unit one or three, unit two was seen as less challenging. So much of what is communicated to the public and media is speculation and wishful thinking on the part of industry and government. The current schedule for the removal of hundreds of tons of molten nuclear fuel, the location and condition of which they still have no real understanding, was based on the timetable of prime minister [Shinzo] Abe in Tokyo and the nuclear industry – not the reality on the ground and based on sound engineering and science.feedback

Shinzo Abe

The constitution represents the shape of our country, and it should describe Japan's ideal future.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

There has been an incredible concentration and centralization of power in the prime minister's office under Abe, unlike his predecessors, where power was widely distributed and the prime minister was one among many. Polls suggest he has got a long battle to get the public with him.feedback

Yu Uchiyama

The interesting thing is that formerly Abe did not seem to be interested in economic policy. Abe was a very conservative politician, and he was interested in a more right-wing agenda like constitutional amendment. But right after he got power for the second time, he did not put forth such a right-wing agenda. Instead he introduced and emphasized the economic issue.feedback

Yasutoshi Nishimura

We don't want any border tax to violate WTO rules by becoming a tax system intended to promote exports. Our position is WTO rules and multilateralism are important and we want to lobby for that.feedback

Shinzo Abe

When I was alone with the president at the White House, I told him that it would be inappropriate for us leaders to directly debate exchange-rate issues. Currency issues are best dealt with by the finance minister and Treasury secretary of both countries.feedback

Sayuri Shirai

If you talk to the households, they all say they are worried about their futures because they don't know how many years they are going to live and then their pensions are not enough. So the most important thing is Abe really has to touch on Social Security expansion reform and try to make this pension, health insurance system more sustainable and that is the only way in order to reduce the anxiety and concerns that are prevailing among the households.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I think there will be a number of different strategies on the table.feedback

Masayuki Kichikawa - Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management

The global economy seems fairly sound now, compared to last year, as China is supporting its economy through fiscal measures. The downside risk in the U.S. economy is small due to Trump's policies.feedback

Yasunobu Katsuki - Mizuho Securities

We can expect a realistic approach as the dialogue will be led by Pence and Aso. It is reassuring that an unpredictable Trump is not in it.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I am quite optimistic that ... good results will be seen from the dialogue. The president and I confirmed our strong resolve that we will create free and fair markets, based on rules, in the Asia-Pacific region.feedback

Paresh Upadhyaya

The market was very overweight dollars and technically the position is a lot cleaner now. What people had not priced in was Trump's 'social' policy and you are seeing some pricing in of that - that there is a risk of policy inertia, that there may be delays in some of those things that he wants to do.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I'm always aiming for the cup. Never cut to… the goal with the shortcuts and short chops. In a relaxed atmosphere, I hope to take time to discuss with Donald on the future of the world, future of the region and future of Japan in the United States.feedback

Steven Englander - Citi

It looks as if Abe is coming in determined to maintain the U.S.-Japan relationship. It would be a big surprise if Trump were to complain about dollar/yen.feedback

Vassili Serebriakov - Crédit Agricole

This was seen as a pivot back to the economic agenda. Today is a continuation of that move.feedback

Arun Pillai-Essex - Verisk Maplecroft

He wanted to ratchet down the tension surrounding U.S./Sino relations. With [Japanese Prime Minister] Shinzo Abe arriving tomorrow he didn't want to have another flashpoint in the East Asian region. I think he also wanted to assuage concerns with a lot of the U.S. allies that the U.S. wasn't throwing away 70 years of foreign policy just under this administration. Trump is really seeking to restructure the relationship and I don't see that changing.feedback

Lan Nguyen - Commerzbank

The dollar is supported by the Trump announcement on taxation, . But maybe investors will remain cautious for the time being. Since we saw what happened with the (blocked) travel ban ... uncertainty is still quite high about what Trump will do and what he can get through.feedback

Shusuke Yamada

Currency policy may not be a dominant topic at the summit, and that would be positive for the dollar.feedback

Tobias Harris

[Abe] can't just give and give and give a blank check to Trump. I think Abe needs to get much more information on these issues before he can commit to really throwing Japan into bilateral negotiations.feedback

Kevin L. Kearns

(Trump) must bring Abe up short on any cheery notion that business will continue as usual.feedback

Tom Schieffer

They're going to try to engage the American government across the board.feedback

Nobuyuki Fujimoto - SBI Securities

This data came at a really bad time. Trump may demand measures to help slash the (U.S.) trade deficit.feedback

Hiroshi Mukunoki

Given the rules and procedures by the WTO, it would be difficult to impose measures similar to those taken during the 1980s, as long as the U.S. remains a WTO member.feedback

Sean Spicer

I think the president just really enjoys his company and wants to not only get to know him better but to have a greater bilateral relationship. He understands their importance in the region. He values his friendship and looks forward to deepening the relationship.feedback

Alex Furber - CMC Markets

The political landscape still dominates sentiment as the Trump administration takes shape and France gears up for an election. Tonight's U.S. session may be cautious ahead of key data from China tomorrow morning, followed by U.S. consumer sentiment in the evening.feedback

Stephen Innes

The Trump trade is the primary focus for equity markets and without any further guidance on U.S. tax policies, investors stay on the sidelines, annoyed and concerned about the unknown.feedback

Jaime Diaz

He is a legitimate good player. It's not a 'trumped-up' claim that he is somebody who shoots in the 70s.feedback

Shinzo Abe

People in a high position like him do not have to do that for others. He is very polite.feedback

Sadayuki Sakakibara - Japan Federation of Economic Organizations

The most important thing is to reconfirm the importance of the US-Japan relationship in politics, economics and security. We're contributing to the expansion of US exports and want to let him know that.feedback

Dennis Wilder

The symbolism of playing golf is very important to the Japanese. Abe is very proud of his grandfather and has worked hard to fulfill his unrealized dream of building a full strategic partnership with Washington.feedback

Masahiro Ichikawa - Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management

The Nikkei dipped in the morning as the yen initially appreciated, but equities were bought back in the afternoon as the currency market stabilised. Shares of companies that revised up their earnings forecasts are finding bids, but caution towards the Abe-Trump summit is limiting overall risk-taking activity.feedback

Yukio Okamoto

What we want to know is Mr. Trump's attitude towards China. If it becomes only an economic one, then a deal might be made at some point without the consideration of security issues in the region.feedback

Mieko Nakabayashi

We never know whether Mr. Trump would do some kind of a surprise. And we're not sure whether Mr. Abe is prepared for that.feedback

Mieko Nakabayashi

They think that they have to bring something to please Mr. Trump, because his pledge is America first, and bring all the employment to the United States, as well as business investment to the United States.feedback

Aurelia George Mulgan

Japanese prime ministers and ministers often went to the United States ... bearing a package of such offerings. Gift diplomacy could also be twinned with the tactic of substitution compensation, where Japan would not agree with a particular U.S. demand but would offer some other kind of concession instead.feedback

Makoto Koga

Frankly, I have doubts about the idea of him playing golf. It may not be necessarily a good idea to get too close or friendly with someone like Mr. Trump, who seems to be impulsive or simple-minded.feedback

Donald J. Trump

He's coming to the White House and then he'd like to play golf, and we're going to come down to Florida, Palm Beach, and we're going to play golf. We're going to have a round of golf, which is a great thing. That's the one thing about golf – you get to know somebody better on a golf course than you will over lunch.feedback

Shinzo Abe

Toyota has been making big investments in the U.S. It has built big factories, created jobs. If they make profits, their salaries increase and the benefits for Japan also grow. It's important for each of us to think that way. If the United States grows, without a doubt that benefits Japan.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We are already producing extremely large numbers of cars in the U.S. We are one of American manufacturers, aren't we? I hope President Trump understands that.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

We hope to have constructive talks in order to seek how we can forge a mutually win-win relationship.feedback

Su Xiaohui

The reason Abe is unable to accept the current situation is because the TPP is of excessive strategic importance to Japan. From Japan's perspective, the TPP is a key part of the Japan-U.S. alliance. Seeing the disputes surrounding the TPP from the U.S. and Japan, China is even more determined to participate and promote integration in the Asia-Pacific region.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I think President Trump also understands the importance of free and fair trade, and I want to steadfastly seek his understanding of the strategic and economic significance of the TPP agreement.feedback

Koichi Hagiuda

As Prime Minister Abe has made clear, TPP without the United States is meaningless and the balance of interests would crumble.feedback

Hidenobu Tokuda - Mizuho Research Institute

Given the irregularity of Trump's remarks, many companies seem to worry about when a weaker yen becomes the target of his criticism.feedback

Christopher Bong Go

We also showed him how the President enjoys the comfort of his own bed, including his old and favourite mosquito net.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We will leverage Japanese technology and know-how to the fullest extent to positively cooperate for the improvement of infrastructure in Metro Manila and the whole of the Philippines. I chose the Philippines as my first destination this year and that is testament to my primary emphasis on our bilateral relationship.feedback

Barack Obama

As we lay a wreath or toss flowers into waters that still weep, we think of the more than 2,400 American patriots, fathers and husbands, wives and daughters, manning heaven's rails for all eternity.feedback

Shinzo Abe

Our countries, which have eradicated hatred and cultivated friendship and trust on the basis of common values, are now, and especially now, taking responsibility for appealing to the world about the importance of tolerance and the power of reconciliation.feedback

Barack Obama

The presence of Prime Minister Abe here today reminds us of what is possible between nations and between peoples. Wars can end. The most bitter of adversaries can become the strongest of allies. The fruits of peace always outweigh the plunder of war.feedback

Hua Chunying

Without peace reconciliation with China and other victimised countries in Asia, Japan can never leave this part of history behind. Instead of (continually) dodging the real question, Japanese leaders should hold a responsible attitude towards history and (the) future, deeply reflect upon the past history of invasion and make a clean break with it. Despite the ostentatious gestures, serious reflection holds the only key to reconciliation.feedback

Tamaki Tsukada

There's this sense of guilt, if you like, among Japanese, this 'Pearl Harbor syndrome,' that we did something very unfair. I think the prime minister's visit will in a sense absolve that kind of complex that Japanese people have.feedback

Daniel J. Kritenbrink

This visit, and the president's visit to Hiroshima earlier this year, would not have been possible eight years ago. That we are here today is the result of years of efforts at all levels of our government and societies, which has allowed us to jointly and directly deal with even the most sensitive aspects of our shared history.feedback

Harry Kazianis

While not the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit the site of the infamous attack, Shinzo Abe's trip to Pearl Harbor ... is a meaningful measure in a much larger effort to enhance the U.S.-Japan alliance.feedback

Hua Chunying

Trying to liquidate the history of World War II by paying a visit to Pearl Harbor and consoling the dead is just wishful thinking on Japan's part.feedback

Kotaro Tamura - Milken Institute

(For) Japan, we don't have other options other than hedging more towards the U.S. because we are late on the bus. And our general public, the media and the politicians will not allow hedging towards China. Our (only) option is to try to convince Mr. Trump, lecturing and educating him on the importance of the region, and the complexity behind the relations otherwise, we'll be in trouble.feedback

Kotaro Tamura - Milken Institute

(The visit) is very important but that's not enough because (there will be) a new president in a few weeks and his policy is quite unpredictable. If Trump keeps escalating the situation, … (the) worst case scenario might be … something happening in the South China Sea.feedback

Shinzo Abe

The alliance between Japan and the United States is one with hope in dealing with various problems in the world. I hope this visit will be a historical one with leaders of Japan and the United States jointly visiting Pearl Harbor in a show of reconciliation.feedback

Mark Toner

As we often make the case with our own naval vessels sailing ... in those same waters, it's freedom of navigation.feedback

Koichi Nakano

Not just Abe, but the whole foreign policy community in Japan, is desperate to send a message not just to the world, but to [US] president-elect Trump, that the US-Japan alliance is strong and can only get stronger.feedback

Andrew Horvat

If Abe is looking for a symbolic gesture, he must go to Nanjing and to [South] Korea to see 'comfort women.feedback

James Brown

Putin has given away absolutely nothing and, in return, he has received the offer of enhanced economic cooperation. Just as valuably, he has demonstrated divisions in G-7 (Group of Seven) policy on Russia and has encouraged Japan to distance itself from U.S. policy.feedback

James Brown

Under a Donald Trump presidency, there's the potential Russia and the U.S. could become closer. Japan also needs to work hard to improve relations with Moscow to ensure that it doesn't become too closely drawn towards China.feedback

James Brown

The Russian side is also very much aware of the fact that Japan's main ally is the U.S., and there are many concerns that if any territory was transferred to Japan, Russia could find U.S. military bases placed on that territory.feedback

James Brown

The Russian side feels strongly that these islands came to them at the Soviet Union's victory in WWII so unless Japan is willing to acknowledge the results of that conflict, Moscow is unwilling to transfer any territory.feedback

James Brown

And that's where economic deals come in ... we're expecting around 12-15 inter-governmental, commercial agreements to be signed on Friday. Those deals are hoped to be profitable for Japan and seen as a way of drawing Russia away from China.feedback

Yasutoshi Nishimura

The hurdles that remain to be cleared are still quite high. On the other hand, they are two strong leaders, so I hope that some broad path forward and direction will emerge.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I want to negotiate as the representative of Japan with the keen feelings of the former residents of the islands engraved in my heart.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

Then-prime minister Yoshida visited Honolulu in 1951 and at that time he honored the war dead at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

The scope of Pearl Harbor is broad and whether Prime Minister Yoshida visited there or carried out some ceremony cannot be confirmed. At any rate, the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor was not built then and Prime Minister Abe will be the first incumbent prime minister to pray for the war dead there.feedback

Shinzo Abe

President Obama's message for the world without nuclear upon his visit to Hiroshima was engraved in the heart of the Japanese people. I will visit Pearl Harbor with President Obama. This will be a visit to soothe the souls of the victims. We must never repeat the tragedy of the war. I would like to send this commitment. At the same time, I would like to send a message of reconciliation between Japan and the US.feedback

Kyoya Okazawa

The excitement is coming back for the first time in three years. I got a lot of requests for meetings from investors overseas.feedback

Sean Taylor - Deutsche Asset Management

Because of the yen, and because valuations of other equities are now more expensive, Japan looks much better.feedback

Daisuke Nomoto

We are overweight in high quality cyclical companies, mainly in the industrials sector. We continue to hold a positive view on companies such as Keyence Corp, Nidec Corp , Mitsubishi Corp, and Daikin Industries Ltd.feedback

Jonathan Steinberg

The biggest beneficiary of this election is the Japanese market. The world outside of Japan is understanding that they need to buy Japan, with the currency hedged, because of the inverse relationship between the currency and the equities.feedback

Kyoya Okazawa

No foreign investors are talking about 'Abenomics' any more. Instead, they are buying Japanese stocks on 'Abe premium', the stability of his government. At least you can predict his policies... you don't know what France and Germany will do, or what the U.S. will do.feedback

Shinzo Abe

As the outcome of today's meeting and discussion, I've renewed my conviction that together with Mr. Trump I'll be able to establish a relationship of trust.feedback

Takashi Kawakami

Both tend to decide and act based on intuition. And both are pragmatists who put their countries' interests first.feedback

Yasuhide Yajima - NLI Research Institute

A weak yen, TPP ... all these things that were the basis of success for Abenomics risk being upended by a Trump presidency. Abe will probably compile a third supplementary budget. But what's next? I wonder how he could scrape out money to fund yet another big stimulus package next year.feedback

Fumio Kishida

I don't believe Japan will possess nuclear arms. This principle won't change.feedback

Tomomi Inada

Japan is making sufficient contribution. I would like to continue underscoring that Japan is going to strengthen its own defence posture both in quality and quantity, strengthen the Japan-US alliance and strengthen ties with other relevant countries.feedback

Shinzo Abe

He has proven to be able to get along with fairly edgy people.feedback

Shinzo Abe

This red carpet is a lot more exciting than the red carpet at the parliament building. I'm feeling very excited, and it's sinking in that the Tokyo International Film Festival has finally kicked off.feedback

Alison Evans

There is more Chinese assertion in the South China Sea and Japan has more worries it will do the same the same in the East China Sea.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

In regard to the problem in the South China Sea, we are looking reach a diplomatic solution through co-operation between with the countries involved.feedback

Andrew DeWit

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa is of course very symbolic for a lot of people. The sad fact is that without some nuclear restarts, Japan is going to burn more coal and that's not sustainable. Climate change has become a much bigger threat since March 2011.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

If the (regulator) finds reactors are in line with their standards, we will respect that opinion and, while working for the understanding of local residents, we will restart the reactors. There is no change in that.feedback

Shinzo Abe

I want to cooperate with Cuba, joining forces as much in the public sector as in the private one.feedback

Marc Chandler - Brown Brothers Harriman

Many argue that monetary policy is reaching its political and/or ideological limit, even if theoretically interest rates can go deeper into negative territory than the ECB or BOJ have.feedback

Yoshihide Suga

Today's meeting is in line with our stance that the government and BOJ proceed with monetary and fiscal policies while coordinating with each other.feedback

Haruhiko Kuroda - Bank of Japan

There was no special instruction from the premier. We exchanged various views based on recent developments including Asian economies.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

I think the bump up was due to the feel-good factor of Japan doing well in the Olympics and 'Super Mario' is irrelevant.feedback

Yasayuki Nambu

The fact that the country has adopted this message and made it lawful is significant progress.feedback

Saori Osu

I think (change) will be very difficult unless women are placed in a position of leadership. They are still minorities.feedback

Jeremy Stretch - CIBC World Markets

As expected the total stimulus, (as flagged by Abe) equates to 28.1 trillion Japanese yen.feedback

Kenji Yumoto

This is basically a Tokyo issue. Abe's prestige probably won't be damaged and support for the LDP won't fall.feedback

Martin King

The BOJ's announcement to expand easing came as no surprise. (BOJ Governor Haruhiko) Kuroda has been under tremendous pressure from the Abe administration to roll out further stimulus alongside Abe's 28 trillion yen fiscal package earlier this week. A seemingly invincible yen continues to undermine the efficacy of Abe's measures and decisive action at the BOJ is timely.feedback

Alex Wijaya - CMC Markets

The Abe administration continues to highlight the importance of cooperation with the Bank of Japan for a fiscal stimulus package.feedback

Teruo Asada

We have a sense of crisis that Japan will become a laughing stock if we do not encourage renewable power.feedback

Teruo Asada

In the very long term, we have to lower our dependence on nuclear. Based on current progress, nuclear power reliance may not reach even 10 percent. The association wanted measures to encourage private investment in renewables and for public funding of infrastructure such as transmission lines.feedback

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

Abe needs to spend a lot of money and it's easy to spend on big projects. Abe needs things that are linked to technology, the future of infrastructure and getting Japan into the next century. On paper, maglev ticks most of the boxes. The benefits might not stack up in practice.feedback

Peter Cardillo - First Standard Financial

I think what we're seeing is the successful election for [Shinzo] Abe ... is fueling the rally here. Basically, it's a post-labor report rally helped by the elections in Japan.feedback

Yasuji Yajima - NLI Research Institute

There's not a lot of policy tools left for authorities to reboot the economy. Therefore, Abe has no choice but hold meetings one after another at least until the July election. If the yen spikes beyond 100 to the dollar, authorities would intervene in the currency market but I doubt whether it could have a lasting impact.feedback

Ryoko Shimabukuro

All U.S. bases in Japan should close. I want Abe to listen to what the people in Okinawa are saying.feedback

Sean Callow - Westpac Banking

There were suggestions that markets were disappointed that PM Abe only announced the widely expected postponement of the sales tax increase and nothing specific on near term fiscal stimulus.feedback

Masamichi Adachi

It's become clear Abe is not so serious about fiscal discipline. The budget balance target was considered ambitious to begin with and now looks to be given up or pushed back until a few years later.feedback

Hiroshige Seko

Prime Minister (Shinzo) Abe led discussion on the current situation in the South China Sea and East China Sea. Other G7 leaders said it is necessary for G7 to issue a clear signal.feedback

Hidenobu Tokuda - Mizuho Research Institute

The GDP data will likely press Abe to decide to delay a planned sales tax hike next year and to roll out additional fiscal stimulus worth at least 5 trillion yen. I also expect the Bank of Japan to ease policy further in July given weak growth and tame inflation.feedback

Hidenobu Tokuda - Mizuho Research Institute

The GDP data will likely press Abe to decide to delay a planned sales tax hike next year and to roll out additional fiscal stimulus worth at least 5 trillion yen (40.5 billion euro). I also expect the Bank of Japan to ease policy further in July given weak growth and tame inflation.feedback

Kaneo Ogino

The dollar was already off its lows but Abe reminded markets that intervention is a possibility.feedback

Jeffrey Kingston

This is definitely not good news for Abe and it's going to make it harder to sell the TPP.feedback

Rie Yamazaki

We now live in a society with widening disparities. I just want Abe to care about the poor.feedback

Taro Aso

I sincerely apologize for my failure to unite the LDP. I think the LDP party should humbly reflect upon the nation's criticism and make a fresh start.feedback

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