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MHP leader Mr Bahceli has once again put the future of the nation first with foresight and patriotism, putting aside political goals, and we will carry out the constitutional change with the MHP.
Nov 11 2016
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Omer Gul

What kind of a result do you expect on 1st November? What do your recent surveys show?

Murat Yetkin

On November 1st, President Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party will try to win back an absolute majority in parliament.

Zeki Saatchi

The sheer number of voters registered abroad makes up 5 per cent of the total electorate. This can help the HDP pass the vital 10 percent threshold to get into parliament or assist the AKP to get an absolute majority.

Selahattin Demirtas

We will not make any comment before seeing all coalition opportunities. But, regarding a coalition with the AKP, we stand behind our words. I'm talking about other options.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

We ended an autocratic era through democratic means. Democracy has won. Turkey has won.

Devlet Bahçeli

The first possibility should be a coalition between the AKP and HDP. The second model is a coalition between the AKP, CHP and HDP. If these two options fail, early elections must be held.

Oktay Vural

It would be wrong for me to make an assessment about a coalition, our party will assess that in the coming period. I think the AK Party will be making its own new evaluations after this outcome.

Orhan Miroglu

This region is not a place to be defined as one political entity. The AKP and the HDP have equal power, simply in different cities.

Bora Bayraktar - Euronews

With a week to go, parties are playing their last cards in Istanbul which has the biggest number of voters. On the one hand, the HDP, seeking to pass that threshold. On the other, the AKP which wants to rule alone. The two parties' supporters, meeting in nearby squares, will determine the fate of Turkey.

Bora Bayraktar - Euronews

The ruling Justice and Development Party is the biggest alliance in Turkish politics. It brings conservatives and the centre right under one roof. The Republican People's Party and the Nationalist Movement are the oldest political traditions. The main actor in this election is the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which brings Kurds and the left-wing together.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We will look seriously at the results, and the government will learn the necessary lesson.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

To begin with, we must respect each other's sensitivities. Yes to criticism, no to insult. Incitement to hatred breeds violence.

Ali Ozek

Since an Islamic party came to power in Turkey, secularists have been saying that they will forbid many freedoms according to the Sharia law, but they forget that even during the Ottoman empire in this country nobody was punished in the name of the Sharia, for instance for drinking alcohol, these freedoms were not invented by securlarists.

Adil Gür

Our studies show that at the last local elections 97 percent of people who voted AKP voted for Erdogan. And 98.4 percent who voted for the People's Democratic party also voted for their candidate.

Adil Gür

In Turkey the people who vote for Demirtas are Kurds, and over the last decade of elections only two parties have taken any Kurdish votes; the AKP and HDP. That means a large number of HDP and BDP supporters will vote for Erdogan. I don't think a second round will be needed, someone will win outright.

Bora Bayraktar - Euronews

AKP delegates hailed their new leader while saying goodbye to Erdogan. Both stressed unity and togetherness in their speeches and signalled that they will work in harmony.

Dilek Akagun Yilmaz

All our members are in agreement, that is, we think the AKP is exploiting religion. We will never remain silent towards actions aimed at eliminating the principle of secularism.

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

The AKP is the party closest to us and the similarity between the Turkish and Tunisian situation is the same, even in the context of the historical development in both countries along with the proximity to the West and their recent historical experiences. All these factors are similar and our ties with the AKP are deep, we are moderate Islamic parties and we use the AKP as a model, we can benefit from Turkey's economic success and in terms of human rights and democracy, though each country is unique with its own circumstances.

Adell Dellal

The AKP the Islamic party in Turkey has proven it's worth politically….

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