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Gerry Simpson - Human Rights Watch
Poorer countries hosting huge numbers of refugees for many years, such as Kenya, Pakistan and Turkey, have recently pushed back hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers. They seem to be taking their lead from richer countries, such as Australia, the E.U. and the U.S., who are pulling out all the stops to limit refugee
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NEW Jun 28 2017
The latest person who has talked about Kenya is Uhuru Kenyatta: “Politicians encouraging invasions of privately-owned property or attacks on individuals can expect strong deterrent action in terms of the law.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Uhuru Kenyatta and all the other people that have spoken about Kenya. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Timothy Kiogora

Water hyacinth has spread into the lake, killing fish and clogging the flow path. The government should be doing more to protect

Eric Njuguna

The money and training will help them buy and set up household bins to reduce uncontrolled

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Over half of all refugees and displaced people worldwide are women and children. How we treat them is a measure of our humanity as nations. On World Refugee Day my only ask is that people consider the pain and suffering of young girls like these. Not only have they had to flee extreme violence or persecution, lost everything and witnessed the death of family members, but they have also had to face so much abuse and intolerance and

Gertrude Nyenyeshi

After university it was very difficult for me to get an opportunity working as a software developer, which is what I wanted to do for a long time. In 2000 Kenya had 200,000 out of the 2 million people in the country online. Technology in Africa is not where it should be but we are getting there. When it does, Africa could use technology to tell its

Nico Wesselingh

I didn't pay attention to who the author was at the time. That was quite interesting for me, because his father worked in Kenya during the time I was there as well. I read the book and then I looked at the item of Barack Obama in Wikipedia, and then I noticed a picture of one of the two books, Otieno Jarieko.' I said to my wife, Well, I'm going upstairs to have a look in my library.' There it

Lumumba Lameck

Power is primarily generated by solar panels, it has an inverter which converts power from direct current to alternating

Lumumba Lameck

We have a battery bank that, during the day, when the sun is a lot, some of the energy is… stored for night time use by the

Carol Barton - American International Group

There's a lot of back and forth and it's all through e-mail chains going around the world, instead of a centralised

Holly Dublin

In essence, the elephant story in Africa encompasses many aspects of your

Holly Dublin

Nobody's doing any spatial planning. That fact that you are getting elephants and humans into such close contact with each other again and again means that planners were not thinking long-term

Julian Blanc - United Nations Environment Programme

Poaching attracts a lot of media attention, but it's only part of a big picture. If we somehow stopped poaching tomorrow, elephants would still be in big trouble. One elephant is enough to destroy a year's worth of crops for a multitude of families and create a lot of economic

Ben Okita-Ouma

The government needs to come in quickly and with a lot of force to ensure that the illegal settlements are completely

Holly Dublin

By the time you get to the space where people and elephants are in conflict and you're trying to mitigate there, you're just talking about taking an aspirin for

Holly Dublin

If you need that land for people, it's going to compromise the

Ryan Wilkie

What we're trying to do with this early warning system is to respond faster because we can anticipate crop raiding. He's definitely incredibly smart. I mean I'm enamoured of this elephant – just trying to understand how he's thinking … He's certainly a very intelligent and strategic

Julian Blanc - United Nations Environment Programme

Elephants are not quite the gentle giants that many people in the west perceive them to be. They destroy crops, they kill people, often without provocation – they are one of the top killers of people in

Holly Dublin

Sadly, I think what you are going to find is that much of the elephant range is going to be under siege. I mean, look what the plans are for Africa. Elephants live where there's water. So does agriculture. So do humans. It will be difficult to have it

Ben Okita-Ouma

At the moment very little action is taking place, and if there is any action then it isn't what you require and want to

Pius Masai

Basically this was a disaster to come. An evacuation was sounded. People evacuated but we might have some people who might have been left

Dennis Mosoti

Some came from work late and tried to go in and collect their

Faye Cuevas

It is a war that we have not won, but I would say it is a war that we are winning. And if we can continue with the same momentum, we can ultimately win the

Faye Cuevas

If you start to really untangle how poaching happens – how poachers are armed, how they're connected into larger networks and how those networks can move ivory and horn on a global scale, who protects them? Who provides logistics? – it resembles a war in anything but name. At the current rate of elephant decline, my 6-year-old daughter won't have an opportunity to see an elephant in the wild before she's old enough to vote. Which just is unacceptable to me, because if that is the case then we have nothing to blame that on but human apathy and

Faye Cuevas

The first time that I saw an elephant in the wild was in Amboseli National Park here in Kenya two years ago. It was

Faye Cuevas

The Kenya Wildlife Service and many other conservation groups are doing fantastic conservation work. However, the reality is that there are other challenges – from a cyber perspective, from a global criminal network perspective – that really necessitate security approaches integrated into conservation

Ian Craig

This is an indication of how wildlife rangers' roles are evolving in northern Kenya. The rangers were historically recruited and trained to protect wildlife, but given the proliferation of arms, and the drought, and the massive movement of livestock across the landscape, they are now finding themselves drawn into issues that are unconnected to

Ian Craig

They are Kenya police reservists and as such they have a responsibility to help enforce law and order. Yes, that's stopping poaching, but increasingly here it means dealing with stock theft, road banditry, and helping the regular police deal with general

Rasna Warah

Asians shouldn't play the same tribal game. Either you are a Kenyan or you are not. Where is my homeland? This is all I've

Samson Ogina

We are known to be cooks and watchmen, but mostly

Sudhir Vidyarthi

Asians underwrite ruling parties so much, but they're not at the table. In the end, the man holding the whip owns the

Ekuru Aukot

When tribal affiliation is played at the political level, it gives false hope to people that they are, or will be, better off, even if the tribe itself doesn't even

Manoj Malde

Hopefully it will inspire people to use colour in their gardens. I do think people tend to be a bit scared of colour – they play things quite safe. But colour is not scary, you've got to just try things out. As a child I was surrounded by women who wore beautiful saris, my ancestry being Indian. And I was born in Kenya, so I know of the colourful attire worn there. My main thing was I wanted to produce a garden that was very different from what you generally see at

Peter Njane

We have been able to reach 4,200 members since we started in 2005. Out of the 4,200, we try to maintain contact with 2,500. From those 2,500, the [HIV] positive rate is about 12 percent. So we really need to know what we can do with these members to ensure they receive care and retain

Peter Njane

I would come and help organize events. At that particular time the organization wasn't that active. We have not been able to give antiretroviral therapy to those people who are HIV-positive, because we are not able to give treatment at the moment. What we will do is refer our members to either an NGO we have negotiated with or a government facility. They think they will not be treated well. Or they say, I don't want to come out there and talk about my sexuality. You should know in Africa, things change. Politics change. We are now in an election

Peter Njane

It was so fulfilling for me. I almost shed a tear with how much the guy was

Peter Njane

People are comfortable [coming to us], because the things they are going through are the same things we are going through. We understand their

Peter Njane

Everyone is from the community – from the receptionist, the nurse, even the health care provider. We were happy that we were the first community health clinic that gave services run by the community and for the

Peter Njane

We have a lot of issues of discrimination, because [many times] health care workers are just employed, they are not sensitized [to the LGBTQ community]. They're just coming in to get [their paycheck].feedback

Peter Njane

I think for me, having grown in this movement, having seen the organization grow into a full-fledged clinic – we used to work as volunteers and now we have a full-fledged staff – it has been a success

Peter Njane

We don't take anything for granted. But I think for Kenya, I'm looking for a brighter future for the community. We have people who are courageous enough to speak for the [LGBTQ] community and stand by it. And people respect

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Sweetie don't try and come for me so you can have a story line for next season. Thx to all my supportive followers for keepin me in the loop! #Repost @realhousewivesatlanta #KimAndNene

Tavneet Suri

When bad stuff happens, people reach out to friends and family. That's what M-Pesa helps them

Pauline Kimari

There was so much delay. It took three days to get the money

Pauline Kimari

This was not efficient for me, and it was not safe at all. Maybe that person was not trustworthy. Maybe the money didn't reach the person you wanted it to, or it was less than the amount you

Paula Radcliffe

It would be better to remove all records where there is sufficient evidence of doping to stand up in a court of law [Stasi files, later failed tests etc], and put in place stringent conditions for records going forward. But don't punish athletes just for the era they were born and performed

Matshidiso Moeti - World Health Organization

The prospect of a malaria vaccine is great news. Information gathered in the pilot program will help us make decisions on the wider use of this vaccine. We require new diagnostics, more effective anti-malarial drugs and new chemical formulations to prevent insecticide resistance in order to win the war against malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. The vaccine will be assessed as a complementary intervention in Africa that could be added to our existing toolbox of proven preventive, diagnostic and treatment

Sandra Zhao

I wanted something I could shove in a backpack, that wouldn't look like I'd just shoved it in a

Richard Cohen

Under Trump, the United States’ image as a nation has been

Uhuru Kenyatta

Politicians encouraging invasions of privately-owned property or attacks on individuals can expect strong deterrent action in terms of the

Sveva Makena

We remain positive that this wave of terror and mayhem will pass once elections and the rains have come, and that the government are doing what they can to restore law and order one step at a

Harold Sena-Akoto

You know Italians, . They are so passionate. My chef said to me: 'Consider yourself blessed that people come to you for a meal. So imagine that every meal you cook is going to be their last. Many of my waiters have never been waited

Rose Wahome

It's a crazy operation. Sometimes they tell us, Oh, the moon was out and the fish could see us and they were hiding.' So no fish. And guess what? We have customers

Daniel Ruiz

They refuse to release our agents, 13 in total, of which two are expatriates. They are all disarmed, but they demand asylum in Uganda, Kenya or

Henry Bailey

If those areas are rehabilitated then it would provide a basis of a vibrant pastoralist economy. When you provide business opportunities for people they are less interested to go out and commit a crime because they have a vested interest in the

Martin Barstow

Europe and the US have a good developing state data industry. But no one has a fully fledged fully formed space industry. A lot of use of data originally comes from space, but people don't realise - that is part of the challenge. Every time you use satellite navigation or GPS software, that is space technology. There is also monitoring of agricultural land - we are already exporting expertise to Kenya and Brazil with forestry monitoring

Phaedra Parks

I'm doing it on national TV so the public will see both! You don't even know me so how you would know what image I'm keeping up? You don't know me to be a freak

Moore Manor

You [have] your real life [where] you kiki with Porsha and laugh about being divorced and being the best. But then you think, How will the public think about me and how will I feel in this moment?' And then you readjust to keep up this false image that you have. I know the Southern Belle, I know the freak hoe – I know all those images… You're full of s–. You're phony and fake and that's what you

Kandi Burruss

I think it's b––-. I just feel like whenever we're on camera she's always giving us positive positive positive. Then as soon as she doesn't realize she's being taped anymore, y'all cut away to her saying something that's either crazy or whatever. So I don't

Porsha Williams

You started with the digs – 'Are you on medication? Are you cured?' It started to go below the belt. You not only followed me across the street, you got very close – walking up on me from behind and like, Oh is this your trigger? Am I triggering you?' And then in the end, you would play victim. Oh my God, she dragged me down the street.' But you actually provoked that

Porsha Williams

You are an angry person. All you do is hide behind those words. You are really

Phaedra Parks

She texted my husband and that's a fact. When we were in Anguilla she asked if we wanted to have a threesome. It's inappropriate… That was

Phaedra Parks

I didn't feel like her intentions were pure. I thought her intentions was to make fun of me for getting a divorce. Me and her have had direct issues relating to her marriage. You can't erase the

Moore Manor

Our feud is silly. At the end of the day, you did your thing. And it's beautiful for you – that's all that

Martin Evans

They are telling the people 'the land is yours, take

Kandi Burruss

Well, after we finished taping, I decided to pump them up. I was like, I'm gonna take these from sleek to on fleek.' You know what I mean?feedback

Moore Manor

I've always had baseboards. I don't have trim because it's a modern home. I have two kitchens that were done during my

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

I got a man at home. A real one. Don't even pull that m–––– card with me. At least I have six kids. You should probably stop talking s– about kids because then God might give you f–– one, nasty. Twirl your f–– unhappy ass out. You don't come into somebody's house while they're celebrating moving-in and be an a––.feedback

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

I see some of my lighting fixtures. This bed is very similar to mine. These are my same colors. Oh this is the his [closet] but there's no his? It's cute – it's like half the size of mine. That's not a read, that's just a fact!feedback

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

The entire party is on this level. Why the f– would somebody be going in to the basement unless they were trying to be nosey and messy?feedback

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Really? Eight years in the NFL, $20 million – I think he's okay, bitch. Bitch, you want to be me. You want to have a baby, you can't. You want to have a man, you f–– don't. Bye m––––. Bye!feedback

June Shannon

Grapes are probably my favorite thing. The grapes the girls actually like, but the watermelon more so than the

June Shannon

I was drinking three to four Code Reds a day, and I just went cold turkey that day. Take it one day at a time. Don't ever give up. You don't have to be perfect, just take it at the pace you want to. It's all in moderation, especially the eating!feedback

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

I think where people get confused is that I was pregnant for three years. I saw a [Real Housewives of Atlanta] clip with Kenya [Moore] saying, Kim looks real different now than when she walked off the show five years ago' – well, I hope so! I was eight months pregnant with my son [at the time], and I've had twins since then. So I look different. People are always like, You're so skinny now!' . I'm the same exact size, nothing has changed. I've aged, so my face has thinned out a little bit. But I have nothing to hide. And also I have nothing to prove!feedback

Nicholas Lacy

When you get there, you get so much out of it. You get so much more, with the relationships you build with the kids. I love going there. I'm still on a high from going

Brady Bodine

Half a second later, I was running in, putting a kid on my shoulders, playing with him. That's one of the experiences I remember because, just like that, I was in it. I was playing with

Matt Jordan

I had something good and you ruined it. You're the only thing that I cared about… pull the trigger. Whatever you need to do, because you clearly don't care about me. You know why I'm playing the same record? Because you won't say sorry. You keep going on in your life, you'll be unhappy for your actions. I'll be in jail and you'll be single and miserable. So we're

Matt Jordan

Where are all these guys? Where are they? Because you've been dealing with me. For some reason, for one reason or another, I've been here. We didn't have sex the other night in my truck because you wanted to?feedback

Matt Jordan

Go do the other stuff. Go get whatever you need to get to make you whole. Cause I'm not the

Barry Otieno

Yes, Oburu (Vincent) has been recalled to the camp. He will probably act as a back-up because Musa (Mohammed) and Akumu (Anthony) have not trained since

Richard Munang

Africa is projected as the continent that will experience climate deviations earlier and more severely than any other

Joseph Ekimomor

I don't know what climate change is, but I know from all the changes – the constant droughts, the seasons are gone – these are changes happening in our land. Our life is becoming hard, and we can't do

James Oduor

If they are in good condition, they can be moved to graze elsewhere. When they cannot be moved, the animal is slaughtered so the community can benefit from more

Lowake Alishu

We are collecting the goats around the manyatta (group of thatched huts) to stop the spreading of

Libby Whitley

Guess how many applicants we had? ... 13. And they were all from places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria. We did not have one American worker apply on (the first job order).feedback

Phaedra Parks

It's the truth, I'm being very real. You in particular did send my husband texts. I asked you to stop talking to him, and you continued to talk to him. So you were disrespectful of my marriage. And you cannot deny that … I'm never going to

Phaedra Parks

These women are over here like hyenas, mocking the sacrament of marriage. I want no part of this. Do they not respect the institution of marriage and what it stands for? Who makes light of that? They celebrate destruction. And I've made it very clear: I do not care to speak with anyone outside you about anything going on with me personally. When I was married, Kenya continuously flirted with husband. So no wonder she's celebrating. It's just on a whole 'nother level of skanky. Maybe she's happy? Maybe she can finally have her chance with

Phaedra Parks

I'm appalled that they would think that the breakup of a family is the cause for celebration and with the host being the trifling woman who was texting my husband. Disgusting and

Nick Mwendwa

Muhoroni Youth and Sofapaka are back in the league and the federation is not against that ruling by the Sports tribunal. However, everyone must know that Caf Licensing is a process that will be happening every year before the start of the season and every club must strive to be

Nick Mwendwa

This is the promotion/demotion criteria. Two last teams in Kenyan Premier League will be automatically relegated. The 16th placed team will, however, play a play-off with the third-best team of NSL to get who plays in

Joseph Shuel

Droughts are cyclical and they will happen again. We shouldn't have these fights every time. We just need an accommodation where everyone feels they are benefiting. The conservancy operators should spread their wealth more widely and allow access to water and pasture in dry seasons. They should also engage the local people who in turn should resist incitement. Going back to history will not solve any of our

Joseph Shuel

This crisis is partly driven by the effects of the drought. But historical grievances also play a role with politicians inciting herders and misleading them that they can take land by force outside the bounds of the law. We need to pay attention to land usage and not just ownership. Going down the populist route, where politicians urge supporters to just grab land, will mean a loss for everybody and this place will soon be a

Elijah Kamunya

What we have is an unfortunate combination of events, with a serious drought coming just before an election, and that has fed into the

Afua Hirsch

The foreign secretary carries the baggage of his derogatory comments about black people. The continent deserves better – and so do we. Boris Johnson, our foreign secretary, is in Africa. On Wednesday he landed in Somalia to unveil a much-needed aid package. Yesterday he was in Uganda, in the state house, underlining Britain’s controversial support for President Yoweri Museveni, and in turn inviting him to a UK summit on Somalia in May. Next stop:

Edward Oduor

Bandari football club management board met and, in efforts to streamline the club's operation, relieved duties a group of stewards, who have been serving the club and in place appointed new stewards. The decision is in conformity with the new Kenya Premier League rules and

Cleopa Mailu

Kenyans have suffered, and I am quite sure we cannot in anyway begin to fathom the extent of the pain which the ordinary Kenyans felt during those 100

António Guterres - United Nations

It is difficult to explain to a country like Kenya that has more than 500,000 refugees that they should go on accepting this large number of refugees, seeing the kind of measures that the United States or that several European countries are

Danielle A. Gray

Bohemian-chic design is an eclectic blend of casual, comfortable living with an edge. It's for people who aren't afraid to think outside the

Martin Evans

We are very sad and despondent tonight. We have lost a good man and a great

Jacob Endung

It is true the Sosian ranch director was shot dead while going to inspect damage at his ranch. He was riding on his horse when he was felled by bullets. Even the horse was also shot at and is lying there. These people are dangerous, they don't spare

Edward Oduor

I wish to appeal to soccer lovers in the entire coast province to show patriotism and turn up in large numbers to cheer up the team. Bandari is the pride of Coast and the boys need your morale

Stephen O'Brien

Crops are failing, food prices are rising and families are going hungry. The specter of hunger and disease is haunting East Africa again. We need to put a stop to

Andy Eaton

One of the problems that we face – mainly on site – is site access. These sites are very remote, and the powerhouse is usually located down by the river. Recently we've carried out some upgrading work… of some equipment on a tea estate in Kenya, where they have five machines of ours dating back to the 1920s. We haven't really carried out too much mechanically on the turbines, it's just an upgrade on the electrical side of the equipment where over a period of time the software, etcetera, has

Ashley King-Bischof

In Kenya .... [many] farms are small farms in very rural areas without a lot of infrastructure – access to power, running water, roads. It's a fragmented system

Susan Murabana

What we mainly target are schools and all the schools in all honesty, so we want to reach as many kids as possible and the whole idea is to get them to appreciate science not necessarily to get them into astronomy, but get them to appreciate science. So one of our powerful tools is the telescope, it has been around for more than 400 years and yet very few people have looked through one and that includes many kids in

James Macharia

Kenya Airways will immediately apply for approval to codeshare with U.S. airlines while concurrently pursuing approval for direct

Manny Coto

We regretfully included news footage of an attack in Nairobi. It will be removed from all future broadcasts and versions of the

Steve Njumbi

Nairobi National Park is 117 square kilometres, it has about 23 to 25 lions within that and they want to collar six of them during this phase. Five lions already have collars, with six, that will be about 11, this will give them adequate information about the movements of the lions out of the

Steve Njumbi

Lions were going out of the park. The resulting action was to shoot the lion in order to protect human life. If we continue at that rate, then we will clear all the lions and therefore we are collaring them here today so that we can have pre-emptive action, we will be able to monitor their movements and take pre-emptive action before they go out of the

Hellen Wasilwa

This court declines to review its order sentencing the applicants to one month jail terms ... you can now start serving your sentences, those are the orders of the

Hellen Wasilwa

This court decides to resume its order sentencing the applicants to a one month jail term. The applicants have not demonstrated to court any new and compelling issue, or pointed out any mistake or error apparent on the record, or any sufficient cause that would warrant review of the court's

John Githongo

This is the most corrupt government we have in history. Here we have entire government projects that are designed from the onset to steal. We no longer have corruption in Kenya, we have theft and

Michelle Kagari - Amnesty International

The way the Kenya government went about dealing with their concerns with regards to security contravened the standards that are supposed to be followed where they are concerned that someone may no longer qualify for refugee

John Mativo

The government decision specifically targetting Somali refugees is an act of group persecution, illegal, discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional. Hence the said decision is null and

Babar Baloch

Refugee returns to country of origin should be voluntarily, in safety and dignity and when conditions are

Erick Kiraithe

Being a government whose cardinal responsibility is first to Kenyans, we feel this decision should be

Laetitia Bader - Human Rights Watch

The High Court sent a strong message that at least one of Kenya's branches of government is still willing to uphold refugee rights. After months of anxiety because of the camp closure deadline hanging over their heads, increasingly restricted asylum options and the recent US administration suspension of refugee resettlement, the court's judgment offers Somali refugees a hope that they may still be have a choice other than returning to insecure and drought-ridden

Jibran Qureishi

Since the legislation to cap interest rates came into effect ...we can now see signs of distress within the private sector as ...(survey respondents) lament about cash shortages. A further slowdown in private sector credit growth and poor weather conditions will most likely lead to a downward trend in the PMI over the coming

Sam Gichuru

When you give young people Internet connectivity and you give them gadgets, they get creative and they start finding

Derrick Muturi

Your capital is actually what you know, your experience and how good you

Joseph Mucheru

It is called the gig economy. Companies are actually putting work online because it is cheaper, it is efficient and it is better for

Patrick Njoroge

We are fully committed to flexible exchange rate regime. We know the benefits of that and we are not deviating from

Richard Lesiyampe

Because of the depressed rainfall, definitely we are going to have a challenge on all our crops including the cash crops. The short rains failed

Edward Mudibo

There has been a little bit of enhanced demand in key consuming countries, Egypt, Pakistan and even the

Simon Mutui

Children born out of wedlock stay with their maternal extended families but have no claim to land, as their mothers lack inheritance rights, they have no claim to

Evans Yegon

I decided to paint him because it's an interesting topic and an interesting character. So the paintings show more about his facial expressions that he usually makes while he is talking and I painted him because he is hated and he is loved. There are extreme parts, some hate him a lot and some love him a

Carlo Van Wageningen

So hopefully in the middle of this year we should start delivering the cheap power, 310

Carlo Van Wageningen

As of last Friday, we had 299 turbines standing and ready. Of those, we have by tomorrow (Thursday), 120 turbines fully connected to the substation and therefore ready to deliver 110 MW of power. We expect all the turbines to be erected, 365 (of them) by mid-March, and by mid-May latest, all of them will be fully connected to the substation, in readiness for power

Mike Nolan

Our site is located very close to the grid interconnection point and so engineering challenges were

Helen Osiolo

The potential for biogas generated electricity in Kenya is significant. There are concerns that the tariff is too low to attract substantive investor

Mike Nolan

The Gorge Farm plant is physical proof that locally produced feedstock can be used to generate clean and cost-effective power for all

Meryl Streep

Amy Adams was born in Vicenza, Italy. And Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem. Where are their birth certificates? And (Indian-origin) Dev Patel was born in Kenya, raised in London, and is here playing an Indian raised in Tasmania. Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if you kick us all out, you'll have nothing to watch except for football and mixed martial arts, which are not

Gertrude Nalianya

We have decided to discourage people from importing textiles. We have discovered that we are capable of producing the blankets ourselves so that we can sell them locally and internationally because we have a permit from the national and county

Nick Johnson

We are trying to catalyze a market further down the income

Ravi Kohli

They have been haranguing us to buy. There is such a huge demand for

Frank Ireri

The minute you go to the market, it becomes commercial and affordability is out of the

Ravi Kohli

It'll be a horrible place to live if we don't find a solution. We have to pay our contractors. If we can't release those funds, we'll basically go bankrupt. If things go well ... an active mortgage market will trigger the housing ownership

Sam Muturi

We are looking at projects of probably even 10,000

Nick Johnson

The bulk of the population was desperate, had nothing to lose. That was a root cause as to why this violence took

Britt Gwinner

It's a property market that's oriented towards wealthy people. That's where the money

Nick Johnson

Hopefully, by doing what we are doing, more developers, ourselves included, will be able to provide much-needed housing for a bigger proportion of the

Maambo Hamaundu

The kwacha is likely to continue trading flat going into 2017, it seems to have found its

Piers Simpkin

Generally, responses to drought or crisis are too little and too late. In the past, money for water trucking is released after the rains have

Piers Simpkin

We really are concerned that the situation is going to deteriorate rapidly early into next year. There is serious drought looming in early

Eveline Koskey

We have chosen four different locations to reach the thousands of people that live around those places. With enough fodder, the people of Pokot will not have to move in search for pasture and therefore this will put an end to resource

Eveline Koskey

We hope that by the time we are done, the conflicts over resources will be a thing of the past as fodder and water will be readily

Andrew Taimoi

When the sun shines, water flows, and when it is cloudy, it stops, so we

Andrew Taimoi

When there is no rain and the place is very dry like it is now, we have to walk longer distances to find pasture for the

Alfred Tulel

In places where we have solar-powered pumps, we have received favourable feedback. We hope to add more in the next financial

David Rudisha

We have already seen a lot of responses. Every year, big numbers of lions were being killed but because of this event the numbers have dropped and that is a great achievement. We are looking forward to continuing until there is zero killing of

Irungu Nyakera

The information that we have is that 13 vehicles were involved and so far we have retrieved 33

Peter Kimani

The lorry was in high speed and lost control after hitting speed bumps and ended up ramming into oncoming

Pius Masai

This is a serious chemical incident. Police and other rescuers are still on the scene ... clearing

George King

I have not been able to speak to him since they took away his phones. I understand they will deport

George King

I have no idea why I am being held, nor has anyone proffered any kind of explanation. As far as I am aware, I haven't been

Maria Burnett - Human Rights Watch

We have serious concerns that officials seek to silence independent voices who are critical of the government. We have documented cases of intimidation, arrest, questioning and harassing criminal charges brought against Kenyan journalists and

George King

The immigration officer noticed something on her computer and led me to a side room. They said there was a security block on my passport, which had been put there by Kenyan security

Anthony Ngondi

Organic farming has given local communities a reliable source of income by ensuring their crops can withstand

Mary Wanja

It also more healthy as consumers now eat produce that is

Francis Mureithi

The mulch insulates the soil, keeps weeds at bay, and protects the plants against extreme

Stephen Karanja

I used to lose 70 percent of my produce in times of drought, compared to only 20 percent now, thanks to the mulch that keeps the soil

Charles Mwangi

This has allowed me to not only feed my family but also send my three children to

Sylvester Jefua

Perhaps this county planning will ensure the government finally recognizes us and allocates us

Mohamed Mbwana

Before independence, only a small portion of land was allotted and assigned title

Tavneet Suri

What we saw over six years was impressive. When M-Pesa came to an area, women shifted their occupations and their savings went

Annie Duflo

Sometimes the poor, and poor women in particular, just need access to the right set of simple tools to help themselves, but we haven't always known what that the right set was. Hopefully these results will inform and encourage the targeted scaling of mobile money services in other countries. While many other countries have a system, too few have the kind of nationwide infrastructure that now exists in

Violet Karimi

The streets are well lit with solar energy and so I am not afraid of traveling at night because there is

Martin Wambora

For us, investing in the solar project is a double win. Solar energy is cheaper to maintain in the long term and puts us in solidarity with the world's push for a global green

Lois Gicheru

This is where development partners should come in and support solar micro grids with finances so that they can be able to expand their generation and storage

Joe Njiru

Every day there were blackouts in the evening because that is when people with illegal connections would interfere with electricity as they tried to switch on. Customers could not stay long because they feared to be mugged on their way

Bahram Ghassemi

The two Iranians are lawyers who had gone to Kenya to provide their jailed Iranian clients in Kenya with legal counseling. Police arrested them as they returned from a meeting with their clients in

Cohen Amanya

My clients pleaded not guilty and have been detained by the ATPU (Kenya's Anti Terrorism Police Unit) for further

Njambi Njuguna

Young women across Kenya lack knowledge about HIV, but many have mobile phones and love

Patrick Njoroge

Our expectation is sometime in Q1 of next year, we will bring this to

Rose Musyoka

We have advised (all government institutions) that they should get titles for their land and they must also fence it physically. It is the responsibility of every Kenyan to jealously guard public land because the consequences of not doing that are

Charles Ahenda-Bengo

With the solar irrigation pump my work is easier since I don't have to monitor it every time. I just place the kit in the farm and leave it to continue pumping

Geoffrey Mwau

We have moderated our growth (forecast) in 2017 to slightly over 6 percent. Before we were very optimistic it would get to 6.5 percent. We don't see credit growth affecting growth especially for

James Nyiha

My client should not have been charged in the first place. The state did not have an iota of evidence against my

Kipchoge Keino

It's all lies. Athletes sign for endorsement and bonuses with Nike. All we get are kit and training funding. We don't handle athletes'

David Mugambi

In African culture, a woman has no say when it comes to property. Her views aren't valid and cannot therefore influence a man's decision in any way. Even at the household level, a woman cannot own a cow, a goat or a sheep ... she has no collateral when it comes to a loan guarantee as she isn't even the legal owner of the

Nathan Njagi

Only six percent of women own land in Tharaka - the majority are the elite ... ironic a few years after Kenya ushered in a new era in land management in

Nathan Njagi

Customary laws, the patriarchal nature of Kenyan society - where the man is held as the head of the household and women's rights to land are seen as secondary - as well as some communities dictating that women should not own land or other immovable properties - play a key role in the discrimination against

Tabitha Karimi

As a couple, I now understand where we have been going wrong as we have not only been using the wrong techniques but have not farmed with the right crops adapted to the

Keith Hill

If we could get to a billion barrels of 2C and say 300-350 million of 1C those would give us a pipeline tariff and lending base which would work very well for

Jacob Kaimenyi

Their experience of reporting on corruption is very isolating. Many of them are very

Evans Kidero

(The developers) rush to court and we get court orders and there is very little you can do in the face of a court order. The role of courts in maintaining and sustaining impunity needs to be

Muhammed Swazuri

Any public land that is found to have been given to anybody is going to be

Manu Chandaria

Slow cannot be so slow that it cannot bring results. Just get the spaces, get the equipment and I'll get you 100,000 people, young Kenyans very ready to work on IT, to put all your land registries in

Haile Gebrselassie

This guy is really, really strong and for 4-5 years no one showed up from both sides, meaning from Kenya and Ethiopia. But we will

Henry Njeru

We thought that to level out the earnings, diversification would be a good

Samuel Ogola

We are aggressively promoting speciality teas manufacture and increasing consumer awareness on innovative tea products. We have reduced the acreage required to license a tea factory from 250 hectares to 20 hectares for speciality tea

Yash Shah

I would recommend they plant more purple tea, there are so many customers who would like to try new

Veronica Lemungat

With this money, I buy maize flour and vegetables to cook for my family. It's better than staying at home like I used to, with only sour milk to survive on during

Thomas Mwanzia

I rely on firewood to make charcoal. Getting firewood in Kenya is becoming very difficult because the government protects natural resources like forests and

Veronica Lemungat

Drought dries up rangeland vegetation, making firewood readily available in the

Veronica Lemungat

I collect the firewood from the bush in the evening and go to the market in the morning because it is not too

George Marona

This prevents people from using fire to scare away bees and harvest honey, as they normally do for traditional beehives, with flames that can lead to dangerous bush

Veronica Lemungat

A motorbike can carry five times what I can carry on my back and reach the market faster. The higher number of sellers is bringing firewood prices down in

Farrukh Raza

This will be the first precursor to overall industry development by giving legal recognition to Islamic finance

Farrukh Raza

Over the past decade sharia compliance has been a challenge for them. Differences in opinions have led to some issues and these have affected

Gerry Simpson - Human Rights Watch

In colluding with South Sudan and deporting James Gatdet Dak, Kenya has exposed him to a serious risk of persecution ... Kenya is steadily shredding any pretence of respect for its fundamental refugee protection

Erick Kiraithe

(Dak) became an inadmissible person, so we cancelled his visa and he was taken to his country of

Cecile Pouilly - United Nations

The key element is that this person needs to have his rights protected and his well-being ensured by the

Gerry Simpson - Human Rights Watch

They tried to forcefully take (Gatdet) to the plane, and he struggled and refused to go, and the pilot refused to take him. I am very much concerned. In the first place, I don't see a reason why he should be deported. He should have been taken to a different

Steve Jumbe

The purpose for collaring the elephants is that will provide information on its movements across this landscape. Those movements will define critical corridors and dispersal areas that the elephants use ... so that we can secure [these areas.].feedback

Meloy Horn - Naspers

We are aware of the investigation and are cooperating with the CAK. We do not believe there are any transgressions on our

Patrick Barasa - Square

We needed to address the myth and convince the people that life insurance is not only about death, so we designed special micro saving schemes and linked them to our life

Patrick Barasa - Square

You hear of people suffering all the time. The breadwinner disappears, the children suffer. Friends come for a short time, but there's no

Elijah Wachira

In our African culture, a problem is communal. (But) this culture is

Courtney Blodgett

The consumers tend to be more familiar and therefore comfortable with mobile money or pay-as-you-go systems, since many solar products are sold or leased using the system across

Courtney Blodgett

Privately operated renewable energy mini-grids, on the other hand, can be installed and be operational in a matter of

Nancy Kaisa

I now serve more customers a day than before because (the pump) dispenses fuel faster than it used to before, when it was

William Brent

Part of moving mini-grids into the mainstream is shifting our thinking from grids to utilities. What we're seeing from Vulcan and is not just infrastructure, it's the emergence of a new energy services delivery model for remote

Uhuru Kenyatta

We've had to contend with the ICC pursuing weak, politicised cases. This has become a huge distraction from our duty serve our people and this continent fully. That is not what Kenya signed up for when we joined the

Michael Joseph

Our first priority is to restructure the financing and once we have done that we can start thinking about a strategic investor but it is too early to talk about that at the

Guy Lawrence - Solarcentury

The level of interest and the number of contracts we are signing are growing

Guy Lawrence - Solarcentury

The idea of installing the solar panels on the rooftop is for practicality, whereby cars are protected from rain and sun and other environmental elements while supplying

Guy Lawrence - Solarcentury

Despite the high cost of installation, the use of solar systems with battery storage is not only environmentally friendly but also economical in the long

Wesley Kirui

My father couldn't accept me a space to farm. He always tells me I am grown up enough to go and look for my own income, so I got employed by my neighbour as a tea broker and I left our

Francis Terer

People should be informed about land title acquisition, transfer processes and there should be more barazas (village meetings) to educate them on the importance of involving the youth and allowing them to have access to

Ibrahim Mwathane

The government should update the land register and make the land acquisition process more friendly and affordable for

Wesley Kirui

After I finished primary school in 2004, my parents were unable to raise fees for my secondary education so I stayed at home to help them on the

Joseah Bii

Most parents would prefer to hold on to their land than release it to these young men. This is because the next day they sell it to buy a motorbike, so many parents fear

Tarek Kabil

We have already opened a logistics center in Kenya ... last month. We have a direct shipping line now from Egypt to Kenya and we're expanding on that ... Kenya is a no-brainer because it has access to five immediate countries next to

John Steed

It is great to be here today and to bring them home and to hand them over to their embassies and their families. We have achieved what we have achieved by getting tribal elders, religious leaders, the community and regional government all involved to put pressure on these guys to release these

Francis Mwangi

That is not a two-, three-year process but a longer

Paul Gichinga

We have taken the decision to defer the strike action to accommodate the ongoing

Irungu Nyakera

The priority now is to get the strike notice

Daniel Kuyoh

They are laying out plans to replace the senior management, that includes the CEO, this is based on reports that I am

James Macharia

The government will use all the levers available under law to take action against those who defy this

Mariamu el Maawy

We will start with reshuffling and we will go on to purge. If we have shuffled the problem elsewhere then we know the problem is not environmental. We will able to start zeroing in on where the challenges

Adnan Z. Amin - International Renewable Energy Agency

About 60 million people may be using off-grid renewable electricity of some kind in Africa. That is about 10 per cent of those living

Adnan Z. Amin - International Renewable Energy Agency

Here in Kenya, we find ourselves at one of the global epicenters of growth, where solar products combined with pay-as-you-go models and mobile payment technologies are breaking new ground in bottom-up electricity sector

Joseph Njoroge

We have a third of Kenya's population living in the northern part of the country, which is also two-thirds of the total area of the country, and it is here that we shall hugely deploy solar mini-grids to attain universal access to power – possibly even before the year

James Mbugua

I could not go on like that and had to seek an alternative way of lighting my house and I discovered that with only $150 I could use solar to light my house and power the television plus

Naomi Barasa - Amnesty International

It does not have the capacity to safeguard the victims of forced

John Cheboi

The government gives us the chance to compensate people who have title deeds because those are the real owners. But if you are just a squatter, then you are just given an