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Morgan Freeman
We need him to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office and say, My fellow Americans, during this past election, we came under attack by the Russian government. I've called on Congress and our intelligence community to use every resource available to conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this
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Sep 21 2017
“Many performing artists easily succumb to becoming victims of emotional strain with no real information about the real state of things. They become victims of an emotionally charged, self-exalted status, an extension of some sort of McCarthyism, I would say. It fades away over time. This can hardly be taken seriously, because it is obvious that such a phenomenon has no real informational basis, it's purely emotional.” said Dmitry Peskov speaking about Kremlin. It’s one of the 510 quotes about Kremlin you can find on this page. 249 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Vladimir Putin and Alexei Navalny. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Dmitry Peskov

I confirm that among the general mass of emails, also came such an email from Mr Michael Cohen. That really

Trevor Noah

Come on, guys. This is the same lie as the Russia one. I have nothing to do with this guy. Oh, actually, he's my senior adviser and I printed it in gold.' But the big story isn't just that this shady, Russian-born criminal was acting as a middleman between Trump and the Kremlin. The real story here is what the shady guy was

Chelsea Clinton

[My husband] Marc & I visited Russia as tourists in 2006-Tretyakov, Hermitage, Pushkin, Tolstoy's home, Novodevichy, public parts of Kremlin & great

Clint Watts

Trump's claims to have nothing to do with Russia are clearly false with revelations Cohen emailed the Kremlin directly to gain support for a Trump Tower Moscow. Trump's laudatory comments of Putin came at times when Trump's companies also sought Kremlin-assisted business

Felix Sater

Michael I arranged for Ivanka to sit in Putins [sic] private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin. I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected. We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins [sic] team to buy in on

Dmitry Gudkov

The atmosphere of hatred hasn't gone anywhere. We're swimming in it, it's thick, it's hard to breathe in

William Courtney - Rand Corporation

When given the choice between geopolitical preferences or economic preferences, the Kremlin keeps picking geopolitics. It's a consistent pattern and it always hurts the Russian

William Courtney - Rand Corporation

[The Kremlin] probably should have thought about that when they were picking the numbers of employees to cut; they should have picked a number that was a lot more

Michael McFaul

I remember him as a very tough negotiator. He rarely gave an inch, which meant we – i.e. Obama – usually had to go directly to Medvedev for all the major moves on the treaty

Francesca Unsworth

If RT were to criticise the Kremlin they would be off the air quite quickly, whereas if the BBC holds British foreign policy or anything up to scrutiny, well we are not going to be off the air. The Foreign Office may be writing the cheques [to fund the World Service] but there is no question that they would be able to phone up and influence any editorial agenda that we are

Pavel Usov

The Kremlin understands well that with all his flirtations with the West, Mr. Lukashenko is still a dictator and cannot move Belarus into another geopolitical space. The dependency is so strong that Russia can manipulate any political process and event in

Arsen Sivitski

The Kremlin has the ability to break this game at any

Arsen Sivitski

For the Kremlin, it is very important to have its own troops here to have the ability to escalate the situation in the region at any time. For Belarus, it is important to restrain the Kremlin. Otherwise, Minsk would have no strategic value for

Timothy Snyder

When the N.K.V.D. arrives in Eastern Poland, the essence of their reports back to Moscow is something like this: 'We have found some Poles, and we have found some Ukrainians, and they are part of the same conspiracy, they are run by the international capitalism, they are all taking orders from the British.' Now, that was completely incorrect. The British are not in charge, the Poles and Ukrainians are fighting against each other, the various groups the N.K.V.D. encounter have different and usually incompatible

Timothy Snyder

But the important thing, is that ideology gives the N.K.V.D. certainty about what they see and confidence about what they are going to do, which is to penetrate and destroy these groups. So, you can be totally wrong and you can be

Dmitri Trenin

I think the Kremlin views the U.S. as a dysfunctional polity, with its political class at war with itself and its society deeply divided along cultural fault lines. Under these circumstances one hardly expects a consistent

Adam Smith

There are other economic tools. There are companies that depend on Russian goods, and Russia is still a major energy producer. But in using economic tools, Russia risks potentially being collateral

Maria Olson

We have received the Russian government notification. Ambassador [John] Tefft expressed his strong disappointment and protest. We have passed the notification back to Washington for

Gennady Timchenko

Now, I basically can't leave the country. My family is spending the summer in the south of France, where we traditionally spend every summer, and I am cut off from all of it. From my family, from my beloved dog, a

Sergei Ryabkov

This is already having an extremely negative impact on the process of normalising our

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

The EU is fully committed to the Russia sanctions regime. However, G7 unity on sanctions and close coordination among allies are at the heart of ensuring the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements. This is a core objective that the EU and the US share. The US Bill could have unintended unilateral effects that impact the EU's energy security interests. This is why the Commission concluded today that if our concerns are not taken into account sufficiently, we stand ready to act appropriately within a matter of days. America first cannot mean that Europe's interests come

Hassan Rouhani

If the enemy steps over part of the agreement, we will do the same, and if they step over the entire deal, we will do the same too, . We must always develop our defence capability and we will strengthen our defensive weapons regardless of the opinion of

Dmitry Peskov

These contacts do not require any authorization from the Kremlin and they were not carried out on behalf of the

Ben Freeman

I might meet with you on behalf of my foreign client and I might also write you a $1,000 check that same day. Now is that quid pro quo? Is that a dirty exchange? Maybe. [I] can't say. All I can tell you is that those two things happened on the same

Ben Freeman

At best we the public only see a small percentage of where all this money is coming from. There's a strong possibility that in a lot of this dark money or soft money, some of that is coming from foreign governments or foreign

Lee Goodman

There are many historical examples of overreaction to foreign threats in American

Ann Cooper

You don't want to get into a situation where you're trying to set up categories and define different news agencies and basically say, These ones are good, these ones are

Mikhail Rubinsteyn

This is America. To have something believed in this country, you have to prove it. People I know a long time from Russia, they don't care what's going on in Russia. I wish Russia the

Sam Kliger

Some are very much afraid of Russia, while others think it should be

Sam Kliger

Anything that remotely smells of Communism they

Ben Cardin

I believe the proposed changes to the bill have helped to clarify the intent of members of Congress as well as express solidarity with our closest allies in countering Russian aggression and holding the Kremlin accountable for their destabilizing activities. A nearly united Congress is poised to send President Putin a clear message on behalf of the American people and our allies, and we need President Trump to help us deliver that

Michael McFaul

Russia violated our sovereignty, meddling in one of our most sacred acts as a democracy–electing our president. The Kremlin should have paid a much higher price for that attack. And U.S. policymakers now–both in the White House and Congress–should consider new actions to deter future Russian

Dmitry Oreshkin

It will not work especially for advanced young people in the capitals – on the contrary, it will annoy them even more. But I would like to repeat that they ignore such young people. They do not want them, and they do not hope to draw them to Putin's side. They rely on provincial young people who do not see any

Alexei Navalny

[Officials] that receive money from taxpayers are investigating spinners. A gang of chairwarmers hanging around our

Darrell Stanaford

He is not the biggest retail guy, but Crocus City Mall was the first luxury mall to appear in

Donald Trump Jr.

I honestly paid no attention to any of them or their names – my job was to make sure they found the right security desk and signed in and found the

Adam Schiff

Donald Trump, Jr.'s denial of any such meetings, his misleading initial representation that it dealt only with adoptions – a statement evidently approved by the White House – and his later admission that the whole purpose of taking the meeting was to receive the support of the Russian government in the form of damaging information about Hillary Clinton paint a portrait of consistent dissembling and deceit when it comes to the campaign's meetings with Russian officials and

Adam Schiff

Today's report that a former Russian counter-intelligence officer was also present during the meeting with Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, if accurate, adds another deeply disturbing fact about this secret

Alexei Navalny

I have no doubt I will take part in the election and that we will achieve our

Alexei Navalny

The security services are following us. They follow my children, my wife and me. Cars are constantly passing by. I don't even pay attention to it any more, but Yulia (his wife) is really bothered by

Alexei Navalny

My mood is generally really positive. I have 125,000 volunteers, people turn out to demonstrate, they are detained, campaign literature is confiscated. (But) I see that people support us. In an authoritarian country, such a number is not relevant. There will be an election campaign, people will see an alternative, and this 86 percent will

Alexei Navalny

I constantly hear that it's impossible to change anything and that there is this 86 percent (which supports Putin). But I don't see this 86

Alexei Navalny

I understand the rules of the political games pretty well and what they (the Kremlin) do and what I must do. We are conducting a real campaign which nobody else is doing. We are changing the political

Lee Stranahan

I think the Russia narrative is b-------, so I'll work for the Russians. If you really thought the Russians were meddling . . . you wouldn't work

Lee Stranahan

I like the fact that I'm on the same network as 'By Any Means Necessary,' . I think that's awesome. What I don't like is highly controlled corporate

Randy Barrett

The owner of the transmitter clearly got a better deal from Putin than a public radio

Jeff Bezos -

This is an extraordinarily valuable opportunity to have. The New York Times and Washington Posts of the world aren't giving these voices their just

John Garziglia

I leave it to anyone who listens to make up their mind to what Radio Sputnik is doing. I think they've been

Eugene Kaspersky - Microsoft

If the United States needs, I can come for this and testify. We are open, we are transparent and we are very flexible. Anything I can do to prove that we don't behave maliciously, we will do it. Unfortunately, now the links to the FBI are completely ruined, and this is a very bad thing that my company and the Russian government, they lost connection to the FBI. It means that if some serious crime happens which needs Russian law enforcement to cooperate with FBI, unfortunately, at the moment, it's

Kathy Lien - BK Asset Management

No Eurozone economic reports were released today so this was purely a function of anti-dollar flows. The email correspondence between Trump Jr. and a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer makes investors nervous and they are turning to the euro, with its steady data improvements and hawkish central bank for

Donald Trump Jr.

Russian government attorney.' [If I'm Trump Jr.,] I now know that I am meeting with somebody tied to the Russian government – I know that I am meeting with an agent of a foreign power. That should have been a red flag: I'm setting up a meeting to get damaging information on my political opponent in the United States during an

Tor Ekeland

Another phrase that they say: 'official documents.' They say they've got damning official documents. Now, an official document, that could be a government document that's, say, maybe top secret? I don't know, right? ... You've got the elements for conspiracy there for a number of crimes. You don't know if those documents are classified, you're meeting with the Russian government? I mean, holy

Tor Ekeland

The act in furtherance doesn't have to be illegal – like, driving to a bank [after you've agreed to rob the bank] isn't

Tor Ekeland

It's incredibly clownish and amateurish that they just laid out hard evidence of, potentially, multiple criminal acts. Violations of U.S. election laws, conspiracy ... maybe they're violating the Espionage Act, trafficking in personally identifiable information, aiding and abetting

Keir Simmons - MSNBC
Rachel Elbaum - National Broadcasting Company

The Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. during the presidential campaign denied in an exclusive interview with NBC News that she had any connection to the Kremlin and insists she met with President Donald Trump's son to press her client's interest in the Magnitsky Act – not to hand over information about Hillary Clinton's

William Browder - Heritage Capital

In the world of Russia he'd be the equivalent of a Chris Christie: no formal relationship to the Kremlin, but with very strong relations to the powers that

Ron Wyden

These emails show there is no longer a question of whether this campaign sought to collude with a hostile foreign power to subvert America's democracy. The question is how far the coordination goes. It is now up to elected officials of both parties to stand up and do their duty: protect and defend the

Dmitry Peskov

No, we don't know who it is and, certainly, we cannot track down all movements of all Russian lawyers both within Russia and

Donald Trump Jr.

If there was no collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump inner circle [to weaken Clinton], it was not because top Trump aides were against

John Brennan

Russian intelligence agencies do not hesitate at all to use private companies and Russian persons who are unaffiliated with the Russian government to support their

Donald Trump Jr.

It was a short introductory meeting. I asked Jared and Paul to stop by. We primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children that was active and popular with American families years ago and was since ended by the Russian government, but it was not a campaign issue at the time and there was no follow up. Did I meet with people that were Russian? I'm sure, I'm sure I did. But none that were set up. None that I can think of at the moment. And certainly none that I was representing the campaign in any way, shape or

William Browder - Heritage Capital

She's not just some private lawyer. She is a tool of the Russian

Dmitry Peskov

There is an understanding that effective measures should be taken, which would lead to real ceasefire on the frontline and to ensure military hardware withdrawal. Minsk accords are being implemented too slowly, serious disappointment is not

William Browder - Heritage Capital

I can't imagine that she brought up anything during the Trump Tower meeting other than the Magnitsky

Jamie Gorelick

He has since submitted this information, including that during the campaign and transition, he had over 100 calls or meetings with representatives of more than 20 countries, most of which were during transition. Mr. Kushner has submitted additional updates and included, out of an abundance of caution, this meeting with a Russian person, which he briefly attended at the request of his brother-in-law, Donald Trump Jr. As Mr. Kushner has consistently stated, he is eager to cooperate and share what he

Jamie Gorelick

Mr. Kushner has submitted additional updates and included, out of an abundance of caution, this meeting with a Russian person, which he briefly attended at the request of his brother-in-law, Donald Trump Jr. As Mr. Kushner has consistently stated, he is eager to co-operate and share what he

Donald J. Trump

I was asked to attend the meeting by an acquaintance, but was not told the name of the person I would be meeting with

Richard Engel - National Broadcasting Company

For President Trump, meeting President Putin may be a way to thumb his nose at critics -- to show he's NOT scared of the multiple investigations into his inner circle's ties to the Kremlin. But for Russians who've tried to stand up to Putin, Trump is being played -- has been from the

Wolfango Piccoli

The Kremlin seeks to discuss a wide range of topics from economic relations to the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, while the U.S. side prefers a loose agenda for this first official meeting. It is unlikely that this closely-watched meeting will result in any tangible

Johnny Isakson

The return of these two facilities to Russia while the Kremlin refuses to address its influence campaign against the United States would embolden President Vladimir Putin and invite a dangerous escalation in the Kremlin's destabilizing actions against democracies

Adam Schiff

If the president is not going to be the leader of the free world and champion human rights and democratic governance, who is? There is nothing the Kremlin would like to see more than a president who will settle for a grip and a grin, and walk away saying that he had this fabulous meeting with the Kremlin

Adam Schiff

This is not putting America first, but continuing to propagate his own personal fiction at the country's expense. President Trump must have the courage to raise the issue of Russian interference in our elections directly with President Putin; otherwise, the Kremlin will conclude he is too weak to stand up to them. That would be a historic mistake, with damaging implications for our foreign policy for years to

Andrei Kolesnikov

The Kremlin is astonished that the president cannot behave like a real president, like ours, so what can they do in this situation?feedback

Volodymyr Omelyan

Thank God we still have people who know how to fill out

Eugene Kaspersky - Microsoft

I do understand why we look strange. Because for Russia it's very unusual, a Russian IT that's very successful everywhere around the world. But it's

Eugene Kaspersky - Microsoft

I stopped that immediately. I don't even want to talk about it. We stay on the bright side. And never, never go to the dark

Craig Schmell

The story of the book is really about, while I thought I was lifting myself up and getting accolades for being this sneak artist, I realized that all these things I was doing, I was defining myself as a liar and a

Craig Schmell

If you act like you belong, then you belong. What I would do is I had asthma as a child, so I'd say I had to leave because my asthma was bothering me and I'd show them my inhaler. So it looked like I

Zhanna Nemtsova

Clearly, investigators and the court did not strive to establish the truth. It was of course not a proper investigation, but only an imitation of

Zhanna Nemtsova

We will fight on to find out the full truth using all means at our

Olga Mikhailova

We are absolutely convinced, considering how the murder was organized and carried out, that the roots of the killing go straight to top Russian and Chechen

Vadim Prokhorov

It's the biggest crime of the century and yet they haven't identified the real organisers or those who ordered it. The Russian government was not prepared to look into the entourage of (Chechen leader Ramzan)

Dmitry Peskov

Anyway, they (Putin and Trump) will be present at the same event, in the same city, at the same time. Anyway, there will be a possibility for such a meeting. Let's wait for this G20 summit . But I repeat again: to our regret, there have so far been no definite arrangements regarding this (meeting).feedback

Adam Schiff

I think the Obama administration should have done a lot more when it became clear that not only was Russia intervening but it was being directed at the highest levels of the Kremlin. And indeed Senator [Dianne] Feinstein and I were repeatedly trying to make that case to the administration initially when they didn't want to make attribution, to talk publicly about Russia's role, and later when we issued our own statement and they did attribute the conduct to

Jeanne Shaheen

Today the Senate has finally confronted Russia for interfering in our elections. This bipartisan amendment is the sanctions regime that the Kremlin deserves for its

Marc A. Thiessen

False charges and innuendo directly assist the Kremlin in its efforts to undermine confidence in our democratic

Alexei Navalny

The scope of the rallies was amazing, and so many people came

Alexei Navalny

I want changes. I want to live in a modern democratic state and I want our taxes to be converted into roads, schools and hospitals, not into yachts, palaces and

Stephen Gillers

If the behavior of a Russian client of the firm or its relationship with Trump becomes an issue in the investigation, a conflict could

James Williams

The Cold War is long over and Cuba is no longer a threat to the United States. If President Trump reverses course with Cuba, it would be a gift to Putin and the

Dmitry Peskov

Apart from this claim, which absolutely does not conform to reality, we have not seen any other information nor heard any arguments for the reliability of this information and we resolutely deny the possibility that such a thing could have

Pavel Ivlev

For me, it's obvious that he's a Kremlin agent, he's not just a banker. Besides the general stuff, Gorkov could have passed on a message that was entrusted to him by the Kremlin. What exactly, and how Kushner reacted we don't

Vladimir Putin

The most important this is that we don't do that on government level. Secondly, I can imagine that some purposefully does that, building the chain of these attacks in a way to make it seem that Russia is the source of these attacks. Modern technology allows to do that quite easily. I'm certain that no hackers can influence an electoral campaign in another country. It's just not going to settle on the voter's mind, on the nation's

Andrey Movchan

He indeed is an FSB academy graduate, and for the Kremlin today it is a sign of

Michael McFaul

I can think of many back channels that one might cultivate to have close, discreet, indirect communications with Putin. VEB's Gorkov would not make my

Gennady Gudkov

This activity is constant. They are trying however they can, even informally, to lower the

Vladimir Putin

Hackers are free people like artists. If artists get up in the morning feeling good, all they do all day is paint. The same goes for hackers. They got up today and read that something is going on internationally. If they are feeling patriotic they will start contributing, as they believe, to the justified fight against those speaking ill of Russia. Is that possible? In theory,

Oleg Kouzmin - Renaissance Capital

There is no way that Putin would support something like that. Russia's successful adaptation to lower oil prices has convinced him that orthodox macroeconomic policy

Vladimir Nazarov

Russia is one of the five countries with the highest level of social security contributions for employers in the

Boris Titov

Maybe somewhere, some day, when the conditions are right, the 'institutions' will improve. But here and now, everyone will just keep on stealing and taking the riches

Yevgeny Gontmakher

In the autumn, when the president officially decides to run, he will use these materials for his campaign

Hope Hicks

Mr. Kushner was acting in his capacity as a transition official and had many similar discussions with foreign representatives after the election. In these meetings, Mr. Kushner worked to build relationships that would help advance the president's foreign policy goals. For example, he also started conversations with leaders from Saudi Arabia that led to the president's recent successful international

Ladislav Kasuka

It does not matter to me whether money comes from the Kremlin or from America, so long as it helps the cause. What matters is the

David Satter

They're trying to create these bogeymen to link the opposition to undesirable people – me being the undesirable in this

Eva Galperin - Electronic Frontier Foundation

Of course, governments spy on journalists and read all their emails. The notion that they should do all of this and make the contents public – with or without changes – is a fairly new thing from the last couple of years in Russian information

Matthew Rojansky

The idea that Russians would tell a story in which the Clinton campaign, Soros and even an Obama administration official are connected – that Russians might tell such a story, that is not at all surprising. Because that is part of the Kremlin

Dmitri S. Peskov

In this case I can say only one thing: Only a court can accuse anybody of

Vladimir Urin

He is an artist, someone who is not, in my opinion, responsible for the financial

John Schindler

There's good evidence that the Kremlin was planning a secret operation to put Trump in the White House back in 2014. With a few exceptions, the MSM [mainstream media] hasn't exactly covered itself in glory with Kremlingate. They were slow to ask obvious questions about Trump in 2016, and they're playing catch-up now, not always

Natalia Samover

The building has lost its historical appearance. We no longer have the Volkonsky House, we have an eyesore half a kilometer from the

Oksana Romanyuk - Reporters Without Borders

VK provided a means of communication for Ukrainian individual entrepreneurs who had pages and advertised their goods. And this is not to mention the millions of citizens who used it to have a social

Chris Weafer - Eurasia Group

I think what greatly concerned the Kremlin was that ordinary people protested…The idea of real people in the streets with some real issue, they freak and they address it very quickly. Both leaders, both governments are concerned about social issues on the back of tighter budgets. For Saudi, the deputy crown prince has really staked a lot om the budget revisions, on the 2030 program, and also getting a Aramco away at a very high

Yuri Ushakov

We are waiting for the return of Russian diplomatic property illegally impounded before the New Year by the previous U.S. authorities. We decided not to respond immediately to this escapade, but no one has yet abolished the principle of reciprocity in diplomacy ... Our patience is not without

Dmitry Peskov

The conversation itself is extremely positive. We have a lot of work ahead of

Vladimir Putin

Your question looks very funny for me. Don't be angry with me. We have nothing to do with that. There will be no

Vladimir Putin

There will be no effect. You see, I am going to play hockey with the hockey fans. And I invite you to do the

Vladimir Putin

There will be no effect. Your question looks very funny for me. Don't be angry with me. We have nothing to do with that. President Trump is acting in accordance with his competence, in accordance with his law and Constitution. What about us? Why we? You see, I am going to play hockey with the hockey fans. And I invite you to do the

Matthew Olsen

Russia's efforts to subvert Western democracy will continue until the Kremlin pays a

Ben Nimmo

The Kremlin doesn't have a preference in terms of right or left. It has a preference in terms of useful or

Hans-Georg Maassen

Our counterpart is trying to generate information that can be used for disinformation or for influence

Alexei Navalny

They have no shame. We're fighting to ensure that the vision in the eye remains clear. If it doesn't work out (and that's a possibility, alas), then Russia will have a president with a stylish white

Jean-Marc Ayrault

We have definite sources that the procedure used to make the Sarin sampled is typical of the methods developed in Syrian laboratories. This method bears the signature of the regime, and that is what has allowed us to establish its responsibility in this attack. Only the regime has such air

Georg Zachmann - Bruegel

Emmanuel Macron is not considered a Russia hawk. But he is not ignoring the challenge arising from Russia. More importantly, Macron wants to strengthen the EU, which runs against the interest of the Kremlin to weaken it. All other candidates were openly against or at least less enthusiastic about the EU. If Macron succeeds, the EU might continue to be able to defend its values on human rights and international law - even in times when the U.S. takes a more appeasing stance towards the

Ben Nimmo

There is very, very strong support for the Kremlin among the far right in Europe. And Farage is squarely in that bloc with the likes of the Front National in France and Jobbik in Hungary. And it's not going to be his normal 'Mr Brexit' speech. He's going to be talking about the need for closer relations with

Alexey Kovalev

Everyone, please chill. These guys (average age: 70) couldn't have possibly game-planned making a sandwich, let alone rigging U.S.

Leonid Reshetnikov

World War II was orchestrated by the same forces now trying to rule the world, forces located in the United States. I'm talking about international companies and the upper crust of the Anglo-Saxon

Dmitry Kiselyov

The world is a hair's breadth from nuclear war. War can break out as a result of confrontation between two personalities; Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Both are dangerous, but who is more dangerous? Trump is. Limited international experience, unpredictability and a readiness to go to war. He [Kim] is after all on his home territory. He doesn't plan to attack anyone just for the sake of

Sergey Lavrov

I really hope that the kind of unilateral action we recently saw in Syria won't happen (in North Korea) and that the USA will follow the line which President Trump repeatedly set out during his pre-election

Alvi Karimov

You cannot detain and persecute people who simply do not exist in the republic. If there were such people in Chechnya, the law-enforcement organs wouldn't need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no

Valery Fedorov

The U.S. missile strike on Syria was a 'cold shower' for many Russians. Donald Trump's aggressive behaviour has resurrected distrust and ill-will towards America, something that has characterised Russian society for the last two

Dmitri Muratov

Information from the Kremlin or from the White House, it's not for us verified information. We don't place our trust just on their

Dmitry Peskov

We are against any actions that could pose a threat to the safety or lives of

Dmitry Peskov

We call all countries for restraint, we call all the countries to refrain from any actions that could amount to provocative

John Ficarra

I took an informal poll around the MAD offices and, to a person, Jake was everyone's No. 2 choice to write the book's foreword. Vladimir Putin was No. 1, but our repeated calls to the Kremlin went

Dmitry Muratov

This resolution is encouraging religious fanatics to retaliate against our

Sergey Lavrov

As for the allegations that the U.S. government has irrefutable proof that we interfered with the electoral campaign, I have to say, once again, that we have not seen any facts, even hints at

Rex W. Tillerson

Clearly, this is an issue that has emerged in our time for which we have yet, as an international community, come to some conclusion on how we want to respond to that. This is just the latest of the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, and notwithstanding their use on more than 50 occasions of chlorine bombs and cluster bombs and other types of weapons that are intended to maim and kill in the most horrific

Tatyana Stanovaya

They will only happen when you start seeing an open split in the

Tatyana Stanovaya

Until that happens again, a lot more time is needed for dissatisfaction to gradually

Alexei Navalny

I of course assess the March 26 action to be very successful. It was the first simultaneous action in towns since the 1990s. Despite the fact that the authorities tried to frighten everyone ... tens of thousands took to the streets. We need to

Dmitry Peskov

Returning to pseudo-attempts to resolve the crisis by repeating mantras that Assad must step down cannot help sort things

Sarah Posner

Before departing for a closely-watched trip to Russia this week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on the Kremlin to “confront” its meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. In a segment on ABC’s “This Week, ” Tillerson warned Russia that its continued meddling here and elsewhere “undermines any hope of [Russia] improving relations” with the United States and European

Hillary Clinton

Oh my gosh, by the time they finished with me, I was Typhoid Mary. Yes. That was one of the high points of the last weeks. We aren't going to let somebody sitting in the Kremlin, with 1,000 agents, with bots and trolls and everybody else, try to mix up in our election. We've got to end that, and we need to make sure that's a bipartisan, American commitment. I am passionate about the unfinished business of the 21st century, the rights and opportunities for women and

Mikhail Yemelyanov

Consequences could be grave. Up to military confrontation and exchange of blows, nothing can be

Carter Eskew

The cruise missiles that hit Syria last night not only struck back at Bashar al-Assad for the recent heinous poison-gas attack but also obliterated (at least temporarily) President Trump’s Russia problem. One wonders whether some segment of die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters, who last night heard their candidate blame Russian interference in the November elections for her loss, don’t feel this morning that Trump’s attack was motivated by his desire to stanch the weeks of political blood-loss from the revelations around his administration’s coziness with Russia and its seeming indifference to the subversion of our democracy. If so, Russia certainly cooperated. Almost on cue, the Kremlin denounced the attack and “smart” Russian President Vladimir Putin ridiculed it as “trumped-up.” Putin and Trump: Comrades, it would seem, no

Dmitry Peskov

President [Vladimir] Putin considers the American strikes against Syria an aggression against a sovereign government in violations of the norms of international law, and under a false pretext. Syria does not have chemical

Rex W. Tillerson

There were no decisions or prior contacts, nor have there been any since the attack, with

Rex W. Tillerson

Clearly, Russia has failed in its responsibility to deliver on that commitment from 2013. So either Russia has been complicit or Russia has been incompetent in its ability to deliver on that

Viktor Ozerov

This will have negative consequences for normalization of the situation in

Mikhail Yemelyanov

This is fraught with the possibility of a clash between Russia and the USA, and the consequences might could be the most severe, including military conflict. Here you can't rule out

Hillary Clinton

I do not want any Republican candidate to be subjected to what I was subjected to… I don't want anybody running campaigns to have their communications stolen. It was a more effective theft even than Watergate. We are not going to let somebody sitting in the Kremlin, with bots and trolls, try to mix up our election. We have got to end that and we have to make sure that is a bipartisan, American

Yelena Suponina

Some people here thought that it would be easy to deal with Trump. No, it will be very difficult. He's not only ready to make tough decisions, he is

Alexey Kovalev

Russian state TV will say literally anything as long as it exonerates Assad and blames the West. No matter what Assad does - he's never to blame for anything, even if it takes impossible rhetorical

Soraya Post

Beware Mr Putin. You need to respect the constitution. You need to release your political prisoners. Or March 2017 will be another winter month that goes down in Russian

Alexey Kovalev

So far, the state-run media’s reaction to this latest attack has been more restrained and less paranoid than

Dmitry Peskov

As a person, he might be stung, but as president he is quite resilient to these vulgarities and has learned to brush them off long ago. I have not seen the documents and I cannot say anything. Actually, our legislation has, so to say, a certain code defending a citizen's honor and dignity, including those of the president. Individuals need to be guided by these norms, so unfortunately, I can say nothing. Well, let's do this. I will have a look at the picture, hold consultations with the Justice Ministry and answer your question

Jennifer Rubin

The Russia scandal won’t vanish anytime soon. “What was young [Ezra] Cohen-Watnick, a 30-year-old favorite of [Michael] Flynn, Steve Bannon, and Jared Kushner whom National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster tried and failed to fire, doing ransacking this supersensitive database? Gellman speculates that he was trying not only to buttress Trump’s smears against Obama but also to monitor the status of the FBI investigation into Kremlin-gate. If so, was he acting on his own initiative, or did someone higher up, e.g., Bannon or Kushner, authorize an attempt to use top-secret intelligence for political purposes?”.feedback

Jennifer Rubin

During Thursday’s highly informative hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Clinton Watts, a former FBI special agent, explained that President Trump helped spread Russian propaganda by echoing its claims during the campaign. He

Vladimir Putin

We feel that our US partners are interested in developing this cooperation and this is a very good signal. We hope that this (cooperation) will spread to other world regions, including the Arctic,'' the president

Jennifer Rubin

The House Intelligence Committee’s probe of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, including potential ties between the Trump team and the Kremlin, is effectively on hold, after its chairman said the panel would not interview more witnesses until two intelligence chiefs return to Capitol Hill for a still-unscheduled private

Karen DeYoung - the Post

Hill, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and former member of the National Intelligence Council, was first recruited for the NSC job under Michael Flynn. … [The] job offer was subsequently renewed by [H.R. McMaster]. … In her book 'Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin,' Hill described Putin as a survivalist on foreign policy, willing to use 'forms of blackmail, intimidation, punishment, and blatant distortion of the truth' to defend Russia and his

Dmitry Peskov

There were dozens of meetings, among them with Mr Kushner's company and with Mr Kushner himself. It's normal

Ekaterina Schulmann

Our political regime is fixated on what it calls stability, that is a lack of change. The political machine believes the best offer it can make to society is 'Let's keep everything the way it is for as long as possible'. Young people need a model of the future, clear prospects, rules of the game which they recognize as fair, and ... a social leg-up. Not only do they not see any of that, no one is even talking about

Maxim Trudolyubov

Right now it looks like a major new phenomenon in that there are young people who are active and have agendas. One important factor is that these people all grew up under Putin. They don't remember any other

Aleksei Petrov

A milestone event occurred in Irkutsk today – a new politically active class was born. Almost a thousand young people of student age have taken to the

Oleg Kashin

The aftermath of the rallies will show whether we are having a political thaw or not. If there is a new Bolotnoye case, then it is not a thaw. Otherwise, it is, even if no substantial policy changes

Dmitri S. Peskov

The Kremlin respects the civic stance of the people and their right to voice their position. We can't express the same respect for those who consciously misinformed people. We don't shape the editorial policies of TV channels. The Kremlin is quite sober when analyzing the scale of yesterday's

Victor Zadorozhnyi

Younger people have smarter eyes. Elder people, they have rigid brains, watching Channel One is a routine for them – they switch it on to see what is Channel One telling us. Everything's good, Mashka the cat had kittens

Dmitri S. Peskov

Law enforcement was acting in a totally correct, highly professional and lawful

Alexei Navalny

Even the slightest illusion of fair justice is absent here. Yesterday's events have shown that quite a large number of voters in Russia support the program of a candidate who stands for fighting corruption. These people demand political representation – and I strive to be their political representative. You can't detain tens of thousands of people. Yesterday we saw the authorities can only go so

Dmitri Trenin

By co-opting the masses against the elite, the president has shaped a country to echo his values and grievances. And now he’s working to secure his legacy. When Vladimir Putin was asked about his job, two years after becoming master of the Kremlin on New Year’s Eve, 1999, he said something about being a hired manager elected by the Russian people for a term of office. When he is asked about his job now, he calls it “fate”. Yesterday saw thousands joined the biggest since anti-government demonstrations in many years to protest against Putin and his prime minister/protégé Dmitry

Alexei Navalny

The Kremlin sees us as their enemy, but what should I do? I'm not going away. I live here. I'm going to live here. It doesn't guarantee your safety. It's an arms race I can't

Alexei Navalny

I know that I represent millions of people, I know that my positions are supported by the people, and if it were an honest election, I'd

Anton Gerashchenko

[Parshov] underwent a special course at a school for

Vladimir Putin

We attach great importance to our relations with France, but at the same time we try to maintain equal relations both with the current authorities and with representatives of the opposition. We do not want to influence events in any way, but we reserve the right to talk to representatives of all the country's political forces, just as our partners in Europe and the United States

Ludovic de Danne

He wished her good luck for the presidential election. We felt they understood each other, they were on the same wave length. Macron-Merkel it's the declining establishment, Le Pen and Putin represent the freedom of the people, cooperation in a multi-polar

Nicolas Bay

With Donald Trump to the West, and Vladimir Putin to the East, Marine Le Pen clearly appears to be the least isolated of the presidential

Christophe DeLoire - Reporters Without Borders

It is clear that at the moment the direct audience for Russian media in France is very

Gleb Pavlovsky

The Kremlin keeps persuading itself and the population that it is right, its policy is shaping the future and its vision of the world will win. The Kremlin has made more than one bet (in the French vote), but the question is if these bets are real. I believe it's a

Dmitry Kiselyov

There is an impression that they are bluntly clearing the political field for Emmanuel Macron, the project of Francois

Gennady Gudkov

I have an impression – I hope it's only an impression – that the practice of killing political opponents has started spreading in

Denis Voronenkov

For our personal safety, we can't let them know where we are. It's a totally amoral system and in its anger it may go to extreme measures. There's been a demonization of us. It's hard to say what will happen. We need to be careful. We are poking a sore spot of the Kremlin with our

Michael McFaul

After the vote results came in last November, many Russians close to the Kremlin celebrated. “Our Trump” - or #TrumpNash, as they tweeted - had been elected president of the United States. Few in Moscow expected Donald Trump to win, but many Russians wanted him to win, including Vladimir Putin. The Russian president so passionately supported the Republican candidate and despised Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that he brazenly tried to influence our presidential election. As FBI Director James B. Comey described on Monday, the Russians “were unusually loud in their intervention, ” violating our sovereignty by meddling in one of our most sacred acts as a democracy and not seeming to care if they were exposed. The Russian theft and then publication of private data from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta produced a significant impact on our electoral process. The DNC chair was forced to resign and Democratic supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) became more enraged at Clinton, causing many of them to stay home on Election Day. Clinton’s image was damaged continuously by daily media coverage of these stolen emails. Of course, many factors combined to produce Trump’s victory, but Putin’s intervention most certainly played a contributing

Dmitry Peskov

The decision from our point of view is absolutely unfair, it's unfortunate. And we hope all the same that it will be

Alexander Baunov

It's a strong simplification to think that Yanukovych was acting as the Kremlin's puppet and followed all the instructions coming from the

Alexei Navalny

Maybe in the Kremlin they think I won't make video addresses with a green face. But I will definitely make them because more people will watch them now and it definitely won't stop me. I will be opening a headquarters in Barnaul as if I am from the film The Mask! Cool. Even my teeth are green!feedback

Vladimir Putin

"We can't allow splits, animosity, insults and the bitterness of the past to be dragged into our lives today,"feedback

Lev Gudkov

"A long and dangerous confrontation caused strong public fear of a big war,"feedback

Lev Gudkov

"There are no other real candidates. The political field has been burned out,"feedback

Tatyana Stanovaya

"The aim is ... to create a feeling of intrigue and uncertainty regarding the nation's future,"feedback

Gleb Pavlovsky

The Kremlin is trying to encourage people, various population groups, to turn out for vote. It's a nervous moment for both Putin and his entourage. It's not a thaw; it's the Kremlin games with liberal factions in the business community and the establishment. It's a signal to young bureaucrats: Wait a little and you also will go up, your careers will grow. Immediately after the vote, a struggle will begin in his inner circle between those aspiring to be his successors. He will become a lame duck from the very

Gleb Pavlovsky

"Voters must receive some political gifts, such as the release of political prisoners, the softening of the regime,"feedback

Kateryna Rozhkova

These banks have a high level of debt to their parent structures. Sanctions prevent these debts being

Milan Patel - K2 Intelligence

Magically those guys would disappear off the battlefield and most likely end up working for the Russian

James Lewis

Rule Number Three (is), if we ask you to do us a favour, do

Lev Lurie

It doesn't fit for the authorities. They are passing it from hand-to-hand like a hot

Mikhail Zygar

Only retrospectively it looks like a tragedy, the end of the Russian Empire. But if we look inside that year, we see that people perceived it as a year of hope, of creativity. 1917 was the year when history was made by Russian

Dmitry Peskov

And we are really sorry about that. Because the whole issue takes us away from getting the situation to a better position. Quite unexpectedly, we were in the position where Russia became, shall we say, a nightmare for the United States. You are self-humiliating yourself to say that a country can intervene. America, a huge country - the most powerful country in the world, with very, very stable political traditions, and you say that a country can easily intervene and easily influence your electoral process? This is simply

Vladimir Putin

The candidate Hillary Clinton was quite negative – declaring Russia the main evil, the main threat. Whom would you like better – the one that says Russia is evil? Or the one that says yes we disagree, but let's find points of agreement. We don't have a proper understanding of the future. We certainly would expect our contacts to be more frequent, more in depth, because we had quite a significant

Dmitry Peskov

Well, if you look at some people connected with Hillary Clinton during her campaign, you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind. There are lots of specialists in politology, people working in think tanks advising Hillary or advising people working for

Anastasia Zotova

Ildar again is arrested. His first picket (since his release), his first

Dmitry Peskov

We disagree with and reject any such accusations. Russia has adhered to and will adhere to all its international obligations, including those under the INF

Erik Wemple

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, WikiLeaks enjoyed bragging about the impact of its repeated dumps of emails targeting Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and the Democratic National

Stephen Colbert

Big news today out of the Kremlin – I'm sorry, I misread that: White House. You know how there's all this smoke about the idea that Trump and his folks colluded with the Russians to influence the election, and the Trump people are saying, There's nothing to see here'? Well I spy with my little eye the attorney general of the United States. Things are getting serious because the White House staff has been told to preserve all Russia-related materials. So, you hear that Mr. President? Do not get that mattress steam-cleaned

Natalya Timakova

It is meaningless to comment on propaganda rants made by an opposition character who was convicted and who says he is already conducting some election campaign and is fighting against the

Ilya Yashin

We gathered here to demand bringing of Boris Nemtsov's killers to justice, not only its performers but also its organisers and those who ordered it. We gathered here to demand political reforms and release of political

Konstantin Kosachyov

Trump's campaign slogan 'Make America great again', if that means nuclear supremacy, will return the world to the worst times of the arms race in the '50s and '60s. Are we entering a new era? In my view we need an answer to that question as soon as

Andrei Kolyadin

The presidential administration and various agencies responsible for elections try to gather together in one place all the problem issues before the

Dmitry Peskov

From our side we are not conducting any such activity. At the moment we are not working on elections because it's a little bit early. We have not started

Yuri Ushakov

Specific dates of such a meeting... are not being considered at

Dmitry Peskov

There's nothing to talk about. How can Russia rent its own region from itself?feedback

Dmitry Peskov

These (are) absurd accusations. ... We do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, including

Petro Poroshenko

What is better for us – to have them working in mines or shooting at our soldiers?feedback

Dmitry Peskov

These aren't the documents of an officially recognized state. They are de facto issued on the

Volodymyr Fesenko

It's an attempt to destabilize political situation in

Andrei Fedorov

Very serious preparatory work is going on in the Kremlin, including a paper – seven pages – describing a psychological portrait of Trump, especially based on this last two to three months, and the last weeks. Trump is not living in a box – he is living in a crowd. He should listen to the people around him especially in the areas where he is weak. Trump cannot come to a meeting with Putin as a loser – he must sort out his domestic problems first. It's a risky

Yuriy Myhalevych

People became different, compared to how they used to be. People felt that they could change something in this country. But unfortunately, there have not been enough changes over the past three

Petro Poroshenko

For me, this is another proof of Russian occupation as well as Russian violation of international law. We have once again received a powerful signal that the USA stands with Ukraine, that Ukraine is among the top priorities for the new US administration. The issue of Crimea and decisive struggle for the liberation of Crimea also remain among

Dmitry Peskov

No one has officially accused Russia of violating the INF Treaty. Russia was and remains committed to its international obligations, including those under the agreement you mentioned (INF).feedback

Andrey Kortunov

It is not the goal of Putin's foreign policy to become a new superpower or even to establish himself as the biggest dude on the block. The Kremlin sees its actions much more as defensive and responsive against moves encroaching on Russia's

Andrey Kortunov

Russia has its own post-imperial trauma, like many countries in Europe. A key priority for the Kremlin is therefore to bring Russia back as an important

Dmitry Peskov

There has not yet been substantive contact between the two heads of state, . We haven't been wearing rose-tinted glasses, we never harboured illusions, so there is nothing to be disappointed in. There has not yet been substantive contact between the two heads of state. It's not known when this will happen. And probably only after they talk will it be clear where significant differences remain and where it is possible to discover areas for

Alastair Newton

Despite Trump's seeming single-mindedness over Putin any hope of significant rapprochement with Russia is well and truly dead – as the Kremlin at least appears to be recognising even if Trump himself does

Dmitry Peskov

We hope that sooner or later the process will start to resume a normal business relationship with Washington. We're losing time in terms of solving global problems. Because there are lots of problems which are of a sort that neither the United States nor Russia can solve them effectively

Dmitry Peskov

The theme of returning Crimea will not be discussed ... Russia does not discuss its territorial integrity with foreign

Maria V. Zakharova

We're not surprised by anything anymore. This information once again proves that a very deep political game is playing out within the United

Vyacheslav Volodin

Let's wait for some first-hand words from the U.S. president. When people get elected by voters it's not merely for warm words and the ability to speak, but for concrete promises ... that will be

Alexei Pushkov

It was not Flynn who was targeted but relations with

Alexei Makarkin

This infatuation with Trump in Russia is over, and Flynn as a person who has contributed to this infatuation stopped being perceived as a figure who can have a real impact on the U.S. foreign policy. It has led to a realization that if Flynn wanted to promote better ties with Russia, he would not have the real chance

Sergei Kislyak

I don't exclude that at a certain stage we may have a mutual interest to talk about those issues, but as of now I'm not seeing any basis for reaching agreement. If we have serious cooperation, it could help to start rebuilding

Numan Kurtulmus

From our side the issue is being investigated. Initial information shows this was an accident ... and an undesired incident as a result of incorrect information,

Numan Kurtulmus

It has been understood that closer coordination is required, both with the coalition and with

Dmitry Peskov

Unfortunately, our military, while carrying out strikes on terrorists, was guided by coordinates given to them by our Turkish partners, and Turkish servicemen should not have been present on those coordinates, and therefore these unintended strikes took place. It was a lack of coordination in providing coordinates, that is how I would formulate

Alexei Navalny

What we have just seen is a telegram of sorts from the Kremlin, saying that they consider me, my team and people whose views I represent too dangerous to be allowed into the election campaign. We do not recognize this verdict, it will be overturned, and ... I have the right to run in the election. I will continue to represent the interests of those who want to see Russia as a normal, honest and corruption-free