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Jim Cramer
Some are game fish like Nvidia, hitting an all-time high on autonomous driving chips. Some are the bottom fishers: Intel, AMD, Kroger. Some are brick-and-mortar retailers that typically rally for a few days, then you've got to toss them back. Those are strictly catch and release. And some are just delicious dinners like McDonald's, Visa, MasterCard, Wal-Mart, visible from the surface – branzino – capable of being lured in with some chum and a couple of dumb
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Oct 11 2017
Rodney McMullen, Jim Cramer and Mike Schlotman, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Kroger. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 48 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 83 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Rodney McMullen is: “We have the scale, the data, the physical assets and human connection to win. Restock Kroger builds on our strengths and strategically repositions Kroger to accelerate our customer-centered efforts in order to create shareholder value.”.
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Gabriella Santaniello

I don't think this came out of nowhere. (Target) were clearly picking up on the signals and the consumer's response to Amazon and it is clear to me Amazon encroaching on their

Gabriella Santaniello

At the end of the day people just want everyday lower prices and that is what Target is aiming to

Brian Yarbrough - Edward Jones & Co.

The fear around this right now is that Amazon buying Whole Foods is going to lower prices, which will cause Wal-Mart and Kroger to lower, which is going to cause impact on Dollar General. In this environment, people sell first and ask questions

Chris McCabe

Amazon's using the same playbook they always have when competing with booksellers and other retailers. They take out their revenue stream by killing them slowly on

Mike Schlotman - The Kroger Company

If we have to sell a can of corn for 40 cents, we'll figure out a way to sell a can of corn for 40

Steve Schmitt - Wal-Mart Stores

Amazon is really good. We certainly have respect for them, and we have experience competing with Whole

Greg Portell - A.T. Kearney

We don't buy their meat all the time, because it is really expensive and we have other

Howard Popoola - The Kroger Company

Yes, the industry is cautious because this could be the next best thing since sliced bread, but you wouldn't say everything was fine and dandy after a trial you had with just two suppliers. The key right now is to involve suppliers and retailers and see how well we can share data to oil the IBM blockchain machine. This is an opportunity for us to speak with one voice and say to the world that food safety is not going to be a competitive

David Seaburg - Cowen and Company

Although it's a neat concept, the dominant players within the space will compete at a level that won't allow Blue Apron to be successful long term. It's all about scale, it's all about relevance. You look at Kroger, Whole Foods and Amazon. They can take this section of the market over from a price perspective alone in a very short period of

Rodney McMullen - The Kroger Company

Anytime you're transitioning the environment is harder. We're definitely up for all challenges. ... We've been through many

John Brick - Morningstar

My takeaway is simply this interview invokes confidence that Kroger is still very competitive in the space ... and [Kroger's] $16 billion dollars in natural and organic sales is larger than the entire Whole Food chain's revenue. This is on the back of their CFO ... saying they are ready for Aldi and Lidl to expand, as [Kroger] has been preparing for

Andrew Wolf

Kroger's use of big data analytics ... continues to set it apart in the US grocery landscape. We believe this critical capability would benefit Whole Foods immensely as it is in the early stages of its own journey to price relevancy in a dynamic US food retailing

Andrew Wolf

The offensive play would make Kroger by far the largest natural/organic food retailer at over $30B in category sales and would generate significant synergies both financially and in mind-share. In turning around Whole Foods, both Amazon and Kroger would bring strong capabilities but ironically, Kroger's leadership in big data analytics in grocery could arguably be the most

Brittain Ladd

Amazon will reduce prices and change the assortment of products carried in Whole Foods stores to attract a larger customer base. Kroger and Wal-Mart will be impacted as their customers will defect to

Jim Cramer

If I were Brian Cornell, Target's CEO, I would make that call to Kroger right

Jim Cramer

Next is Kroger, which has an expensive, unionized workforce and is already struggling with deflation. I didn't see how Kroger could compete yesterday after that downbeat rap about all of the other companies seeking to take share. Now it's even more un-investable. In some ways, I feel it's too small to really just talk about these individual companies, though, because it, frankly, throws you off the much larger scent. I think the grocery industry has gone from being a not-so-hot area to invest in to [being] basically hideous

Floris van Dijkum - Boenning & Scattergood

Number one, this confirms ultimately that online e-commerce guys are going to have to go to brick and mortar. How safe is Kroger now?feedback

Daniel Binder - Jefferies

What is unclear is what the Amazon strategy will be and how it will leverage this asset. With no investor calls planned, to our knowledge, investors, analysts, competitors and suppliers are left guessing what Amazon may do to evolve this business. One might argue that the stores will act as distribution points for more same-day delivery and pick-up and this will probably be done in a more cost effective fashion than the current Amazon

Floris van Dijkum - Boenning & Scattergood

Grocery was perceived as being safer. Now it's like... if you don't have the best grocer, you are not

Charlie O'Shea

Amazon's announcement this morning that it had agreed to acquire Whole Foods Markets for around $14 billion is a transformative transaction, not just for food retail, but for retail in general. Implications ripple far beyond the food segment, where dominant players like Walmart, Kroger, Costco, and Target now have to look over their shoulders at the Amazon train coming down the tracks, but also the potential for multi-channel, which Amazon up until now has largely

Mark S. Siegel

We've had 12 consecutive months of increases in rig count despite oil prices, as you say, being a little bit soft. So the reason is that the people who produce oil in the mid-continent and the Permian Basin – they figured out how to be economic at these kinds of prices. And for us, on-shore, $50 is the new $

Jim Cramer

Rent-A-Center's stock is down 70 percent from its all-time high set nearly four years ago, and that attracted me. But lately it's begun to bounce and bounce hard, so this could be interesting. Right now, the stock's up 8 percent year-to-date. It's rallied more than 50 percent from its 52-week low back in

Mark S. Siegel

We're kind of in a Goldilocks position, and the Goldilocks position is between $45 and $55 for oil prices. Quite frankly, it's not so good for off-shore, it's not so good for international, but it's pretty darned good for people who are in the on-shore business in the regions of the mid-continent and the Permian. If it's between $45 and $55, we're going to do just

Jim Cramer

Let it be duly noted that after today, the grocery business has now become no better than department stores as a place to invest. That's right, after the horrendous forecast cut by the largest supermarket chain in the country, Kroger, one that drove the stock down almost 19 percent, we have now officially come to still one more un-investable space in the retail

Rupesh Parikh

The environment is challenging, but the management team here is making the necessary price investments to improve their competitive

Mike Schlotman - The Kroger Company

Anytime you're in the transition period, whether going from inflation to deflation, or deflation back to inflation, it just takes a while for all those nuances to find their way to the shelf edge. So that makes it a little bit choppy in the short

Rupesh Parikh

Shares are down almost 7 percent right now, but we think the Whole Foods management team has potential to turn around the business. So we think Whole Foods could rally back up to the $40 level over the next few

Mike Schlotman - The Kroger Company

In the quarter, we had about 20 basis points of deflation, excluding fuel. That was a little bit less deflation than the prior year and the prior quarter. But keep in mind that's deflation on top of

Rodney McMullen - The Kroger Company

We are committed to delivering that experience, and we will not lose on

Rodney McMullen - The Kroger Company

Customers tell us they want to connect with us in multiple ways with the help of friendly associates to easily provide meals to their families at prices that enable them to stretch their budgets. We are committed to providing that experience, and we will not lose on

Mickey Chadha - Moody's

We expect the pricing environment to get more competitive in 2017 ... causing Kroger's profits to remain

Scott Mushkin - Wolfe Research

Kroger is probably facing its most trying time since the Wal-Mart invasion of the late 90s. The challenges facing the business over the next 12 to 24 months have done nothing but

Andrew Wolf

Kroger has discussed that while certain markets are indeed more competitive, such as those in which Wal-Mart is changing prices, certain other markets are less competitive than

Andrew Wolf

Wal-Mart is taking back share from the traditional supermarket at an accelerating rate. Wal-Mart's last period of sustained outperformance versus the supermarkets was 2009-2010, while from 2013 through Q3'2016, the supermarkets outperformed Wal-Mart at same stores. Like Wal-Mart, Kroger is pursuing an e-commerce grocery 'click and collect' model, for which customers order online and pick up their orders at store. We believe this will be an increasing feature of U.S. grocery shopping going

Jim Cramer

If you look at the stock of Buffalo Wild Wings, you can understand Marcato's point: I mean, the stock's done nothing for almost four years. [On Thursday], Credit Suisse suggested that Kroger, the supermarket giant, which needs market share gains to continue growing, is a logical suitor. The stock of Whole Foods has done poorly of late – although, please, you've got to acknowledge it was a star for ages – and I can see why someone would agitate for

Ajay Jain - Pivotal Research Group

It's not a core competency for Whole Foods, which is why they have the relationship. Even major self distributing chains like Kroger ... also rely on suppliers like UNFI because they can procure products more easily than the

Zachary Fadem - Wells Fargo Securities

Kroger is not wedded long term to charging a fee. If they determined that is a competitive disadvantage then they could potentially change that. I don't necessarily think it hurts them to charge a fee right now because of the relatively solid

Diana Sheehan - Kantar Retail

Both models are going to thrive in 2017 and 2018. I would actually predict that within 3 to 5 years – maybe sooner – that we would start to see some of these third parties getting acquired by major

Ralph Izzo

As much as it pains me to say, please enjoy this wonderful

Rodney McMullen - The Kroger Company

I always hate to use weather as an excuse. But we had absolutely no weather benefits this

Daniel Cregg - Public Service Enterprise Group

We believe the decline in weather-normalized gas sales for the year is due to the extreme weather conditions experienced over the past two

John Morikis

We've sworn [an] oath not to ever talk about weather again. We quite frankly insist that our people focus on how they improve their results, not report the

Denise Morrison - Campbell Soup Company

After experiencing quality issues last year due to execution and poor weather conditions in California, we've restored our carrot

Marvin Ellison

It will be very difficult. In the short run, virtually impossible. It takes our tax structure, as an example, from roughly a 34 percent corporate tax to over 170 percent. So that gives you an idea of the financial impact to a company like J.C. Penney. And that's very consistent with other companies, companies like Best Buy, Target, Kroger, Wal-Mart – I mean, you name it, we're all in this same precarious position because we don't have a manufacturing capacity that exists in the United

Jeffrey Metzger

The fact that there's vacant mall space at the old-school, indoor malls and the hit they are taking from online companies is really significant. If you talk to Giant, Safeway or Kroger, the old-world mall is not their target. They would still like to be on main

Ken Goldman - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

In sum, this was not an impressive print, and we expect the stock to underperform

John Blackledge - Cowen and Company

We believe Amazon's multi-platform approach to the U.S. grocery market affords Amazon the flexibility to address different aspects of the

Rodney McMullen - The Kroger Company

As our customers change and evolve, we are taking steps to meet them where they are and more importantly where they are going. We're making meaningful investments in digital. We feel great about these investments because customers tell us they are important to them. We have a couple of other home delivery tests as

Patricia Orsini - eMarketer

I think it's definitely going to make other retailers stand up and take notice. It's addressing a lot of the pain points that people have in terms of shopping – the amount of time spent and standing in line and that sort of

Mike Schlotman - The Kroger Company

It's another competitor out there and we've certainly done things inside our stores. Our average wait time before you start checking out at a Kroger store is almost 3-1/2 minutes lower than it was a few years ago by a one-time investment in

John Blackledge - Cowen and Company

They are serious about grocery. [Amazon] Go seems like an incredible step up from any kind of convenience store that I've ever

Zachary Fadem - Wells Fargo Securities

I don't think there's a huge barrier toward a Kroger to set something like that up. Kroger is already far along on kind of the brick-and-mortar technology

Joseph Feldman - Telsey Advisory Group

The technology has a lot of potential to really be game changing in the way people

John Mercer - National Farmers Union

Online grocery will take off this holiday season, with consumers buying more turkeys, cranberry sauce and stuffing online than ever, as a result of Wal-Mart, Kroger and others ramping up their e-grocery

David Balto

An acquisition (of the divested assets) by a supermarket would be a substantial challenge because it's outside their normal area of

Rodney McMullen - The Kroger Company

We expect continued deflation and tough year-over-year comparisons for the remainder of the year, and even into the first

Ken Perkins - Morningstar

(Kroger) did not drastically cut guidance which has probably provided some

Ajay Jain - Pivotal Research Group

The latest results at Kroger represent the most significant confirmation that the deflationary cycle is starting to impact margin performance for the sector

Shane Higgins - Deutsche Bank

Given weaker-than-expected comps from several competitors who reported over the past six weeks (Sprouts, Smart & Final Stores, SuperValu, Whole Foods Market, Publix, just to name a few), investor expectations for Kroger have been reset

J. Michael Schlotman - The Kroger Company

In thinking about the cadence of our quarterly results compared to our long-term 8 percent to 11 percent guidance, we believe that the second quarter will be the toughest quarter, with slight growth over

Zachary Fadem - Wells Fargo Securities

One big issue with deflation is with lower prices it breeds more competition because you're trying to win traffic and you're being more promotional doing

Edward J. Kelly - Credit Suisse Group

The current landscape is now beginning to look a lot like 2009, when meaningful deflation resulted in an industry price war and multiple quarters of declining earnings. The "price war of 2009/2010 carried on for three to four quarters before

Jeff Talbot - The Kroger Company

We want families dealing with addiction to know that they can count on having this drug available in the event that they need

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