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For today, obviously, this is within the sphere of our questions. The dynamics are positive here, I believe.
Mar 26 2017 Alexander Novak
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Kuwait. 50 people are quoted and you can read 62 citations of them about Kuwait. Matt Smith, Nour Al Hammoury, Salem Al Sabah and Nawal Al-Fuzaia, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Matt Smith said: “Really, these guys have been going hell for leather here, pedal to the metal, before screeching to a halt as they try to reach compliance. It's the most transparent way we have to see if they're adhering to the production cuts, given they depend upon these exports for revenues. They would be the last thing to be cut.”.
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Salem Al Sabah

I do not know President-elect Trump. I do not know any of his people. None of his people have contacted me.

Salem Al Sabah

I thought would be exciting for our guests to see a new venue. It looks great. It looks cool. So let's do it.

Donald J. Trump

We have very deep economic, military and cultural ties; we've had tens of thousands of American troops in our country. You think a two-hour reception in a ballroom does that?

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Tunisia has an advanced infrastructure, and a competent and open economy, which is integrated in the global market. This qualifies it to become a real destination for investments and exports in the European, Arab, and African markets.

Marzouq al-Ghanem

As I pointed out to all political blocs, progress or development must have a base and the base is political stability.

Ibrahim Al-Hadban

MPs who were in the assembly did not object to these decisions. So, in my view, they were blamed and punished.

Nasser al-Dawood

There is nothing that drives me to cast my vote. We boycotted the previous elections for a number of reasons. Those reasons are still valid ... our participation will only give legitimacy to this cat-and-mouse game between cabinet and parliament.

Amal Abul

We want young men who can help turn Kuwait into a financial and commercial hub, and who can help give people their rights without the help of influential people.

Chen Jun

After due diligence, we realised the asset was not mature and suggested to shelve the purchase.

Jamal Ja

We hope that by 2020 we can make 20 per cent of the electricity which will be needed to run KOC from alternative energy.

Khalifa Hamada

Until the first half of this fiscal year at the end of September, the deficit reached around 3.6 billion dinars and (the full-year deficit) is expected to be lower than estimated in the budget due to the slight rise of oil prices.

Khalifa Hamada

We will look at the economic feasibility and the cost on the country for the issuance, as it is very important to take this into consideration.

Jasper Lawler - CMC Markets

It's becoming increasingly clear that Saudi Arabia, along with the UAE and Kuwait will have to shoulder most of the output cut for it to have any chance of happening.

Abdulaziz Al Loughani

We are going to go bankrupt if we don't change. I think we have the courage not to be taken by our egos.

Abdulaziz Al Loughani

After three years of working, we had 2,000 transactions a day. After four months of work, Carriage has 1,500 orders a day.

Abdullah Al-Mutairi - Enertech

Kuwaitis are now very supportive of renewable and becoming very familiar with it. All Kuwaiti companies and individuals are working to achieve this target by 2030.

Abdul Kadir Hussain

If you go down the list of Gulf Cooperation Council issuers, in terms of need and requirement to issue, at the top of the pile there's Saudi Arabia. At the bottom of the pile you have Kuwait and Dubai.

Dima Jardaneh - Standard Chartered

The government has not mandated banks on the bond, which would suggest that they were targeting a later release post-the Saudi Arabia one.

Iyad Ghulam - NCB Capital

If the tower company is set up and if Zain KSA takes part by selling its towers, then it may be able to lessen its debt burden.

Iyad Ghulam - NCB Capital

STC is the only Saudi company that has the financial bandwidth to purchase the 4G licence especially if the reported $1.8 billion stake sale in Malaysian carrier Maxis goes through.

Kourosh Kian - GE Aviation

In putting out the fires in Kuwait, the firefighters used water pipes and pumped the water from the Persian Gulf to spray at the base of the fires.

Humphrey Percy

An important component of KEH's strategy is to build out a financial services division that can develop a true bridge between investors in Kuwait and elsewhere in the Middle East, and financial markets in Europe, particularly in London. Having a significant stake in a prominent London securities house such as WH Ireland is an exciting next step of this strategy.

Matt Smith

OPEC members, including Venezuela, Ecuador and Kuwait, are said to be behind this latest reincarnation. But just like previous endeavours, it seems doomed to fail, given key OPEC members (think: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran) persist in their battle for market share, ramping up exports apace.

Al-Khair National

A final agreement has not been reached between Al Khair and the buyer, Adeptio, for all of Al Khair's shares in Americana. Therefore, the two sides have agreed to end negotiations.

Craig Erlam

With oil now trading at its highest level since early December and showing little sign of easing up, despite no deal being reached in Doha and the strike in Kuwait being resolved, I wonder whether what we're seeing here is partially a demand side story, with Chinese data having improved as of late, and partially an assumption that further supply disruptions are on the horizon.

Brian Busch - Genscape

I think they definitely were upset with exactly how much production was starting to come out of North America and the U.S.

Richard Scalone - TJM Brokerage

The predominant theme is risk on. We came into the year concerned about Chinese growth and an aggressive (Federal Reserve), and we've gotten nothing even remotely similar to where our fears were.

Saif Mohammed al-Qahtani

We don't want to strike, we have no desire for it. We have been forced to do this. [We feel] as if we have been pushed towards this strike by third parties. We are just trying to keep what we already have, and we're not demanding anything extra.

Peter Chatwell

It looks like the (Italy) announcement came as a surprise ... and now the market is preparing for that supply. We've also got all of these political factors building up ... and the sentiment is going to be towards spreads widening from here.

Coline Schep
Greg Priddy - Global Energy

In the lower-likelihood scenario that the strike drags on, the state oil company would probably call in foreign staff to support continued operations.

Niels Christensen - Nordea Bank

It (Other OTC: ITGL - news) is quite amazing how oil prices have recovered from Monday's lows. That is shoring up risk appetite and pushing up commodity-linked currencies. As long as oil remains above $43 a barrel, we think commodity currencies will remain supported.

John Kilduff - Again Capital

The Kuwait strike in particular is a major factor. It was a bolt out of the blue in terms of how much oil came off the market so quickly. Usually these things have a ramp down period but this seems to be able to flick a switch...It's supportive for the market for now.

Jim Ritterbusch - Ritterbusch & Associates

While a few forecasters may be dusting off some old $20 WTI expectations as a result of the Doha outcome, we expect solid support in nearby WTI at the $35 mark.

Matt Smith

The material loss in production from the Kuwait strike has helped the oil market forget about the farce from Doha.

Daniel Yergin

We still expect one way or the other, the price looks like it will be at that $40 to $50 range in the second half of the year. With the freeze, it would have gotten there earlier ... there's a question about Kuwait, declining U.S. production. Declines elsewhere just because investment slowed down.

Gary Ross

The failure is negative from the psychological point of view. It shows the inability of all sides to cooperate.

Farhan al-Ajami

There are no negotiations between the unions and the government over the strike.

Nawal Al-Fuzaia - Opec

There are positive indications an agreement will be reached during this meeting ... an initial agreement on freezing production.

Matt Smith

The comments out of Kuwait have encouraged the sell-off and it appears likely that a focus on weekly oil inventories will encourage prices lower.

Nawal Al-Fuzaia - Opec

There are positive indications an agreement will be reached during this meeting … an initial agreement on freezing production.

Nour Al Hammoury

Moreover, another development happened recently, which is seen as another challenge for the oil market. Iran promised to increase its oil exports by one million barrels once the sanctions are lifted, which will keep the supply higher again by another 1 million and keep downward pressure on oil, as well.

Nour Al Hammoury

We hope. Major global banks have faced many scandals related to commodities and not only gold. The banks who were predicting the price of gold to reach above 2,000 USD/oz are the same banks who are predicting now that the price will fall below 1,000 USD/oz. Despite that, the major banks remain the biggest gold buyers, according to the latest report from the world gold council. In the meantime, the new pricing might give the market some confidence, especially if its transparent and this is what we will be watching over the coming period.

Nour Al Hammoury

I believe that it's more of a political issue than economic. OPEC members could not find a solution so far. The issue is about how much they will cut and how the members will the cuts the agree on. It's clear that they could not find a solution until today. However the minister's comments could be a sign that they might not agree in the June meeting as well.

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

It is more fears that this might spread to places like Algeria, Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates.

Fadi Ajaj

Of course there is panic going on right now, but my suggestion at this point is, if you are holding positions you are probably better off to hold on until it becomes much clearer. It's really hard to make an investment decision based on the news we are hearing in the past few days.

David Cameron

The idea that we should expect small and democratic countries like Kuwait to be able to manufacture all their means of defence seems to me completely at odds with reality.

Mohammad Al Olaim

The problem that the prices are increasing now, we think, is not related to the demand and supply, so whatever you do, maybe, it is not going to effect, crucially, directly, the prices.

Saleh Yemen

They have political parties in a way that Kuwait or Bahrain don't.

Melissa Fleming - U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees

We have estimated that we will need $6.5 billion to help Syrians, Syrians who are internally displaced inside the country and Syrians who have been forced to flee outside the country.

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