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Greg McKenna
That (Libya), along with the Iranian oil minister saying there is likely to be an extension to the production cut deal helped crude oil rally overnight.
NEW Mar 29 2017
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Ahmed Mismari

There is a very large air and ground mobilisiation of (LNA) forces to drive back the terrorist gangs in the Oil Crescent.

Giovanna Di Benedetto - Save the Children

Unfortunately today we are seeing many, many unaccompanied minors. And as is the case with most who arrive from West Africa, many of them have lived through violence and months of deprivation.

Afshan Khan - UNICEF

Children should not be forced to put their lives in the hands of smugglers because there are simply no alternatives.

Mohammed al-Mosrati - Libyan Red Crescent

Judging by the increase in the number of trips made by migrants, we can affirm that the crisis has worsened this year. This is all because of the intolerable economic, security and political conditions faced by those migrants in their countries.

Afshan Khan - UNICEF

The Central Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe is among the world's deadliest and most dangerous migrant routes for children and women. The route is mostly controlled by smugglers, traffickers and other people seeking to prey upon desperate children and women who are simply seeking refuge or a better life.

Peter Millet

I follow with great concern fighting in the 'oil crescent' which threatens Libya's oil and the lives of civilians.

Ahmad al-Mismari - Army

The attackers were armed with modern tanks and a radar to neutralise our air force. But the battle is ongoing. The situation in the 'oil crescent' remains under control.

Ayoub Qassem

They are from different sub-Saharan countries, one from Bangladesh and six women. Our coastguards carried out a search operation in that area off Tajoura in attempting to find the missing ones but no one was found.

Giovanna Di Benedetto - Save the Children

These people had a very difficult journey. Many of the minors are unaccompanied, including small children. Some of them are very small indeed.

Gianfranco Rosi

I asked the people who made journey from Nigeria across the desert to Libya: 'What made you cross the sea? You know you might have died there.

Ayoub Gassim - coast guard

We are seeing the new boats, which are not equipped with anything, but they carry more people. This is going to be even more disastrous for the migrants.

Ayoub Gassim - coast guard

We are seeing the new boats, which are not equipped with anything, but they carry more people. This is going to be even more disastrous to the migrants.

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

This is not a only horrible number of deaths in one incident but it strikes us as something that we haven't really seen much of, which is either deliberate punishment or murder of migrants.

Marine Le Pen

I explained clearly that…Bashar al-Assad was obviously today a much more reassuring solution for France than ISIL would be if it came to power in Syria, as it has partially taken power in Libya after the disappearance of (Muammar) Gaddafi.

Marine Le Pen

I explained clearly that ... Bashar al-Assad was obviously today a much more reassuring solution for France than Islamic State would be if it came to power in Syria, as it has partially taken power in Libya after the disappearance of (Muammar) Gaddafi.

Fabrice Leggeri - Frontex

The number of migrants now on very small dinghies or fishing boats has increased, on average there are 160 migrants this year while in 2015 there was approximately 100 migrants per boat.

António Guterres - United Nations

The U.N. needs to be able to act with impartiality in all circumstances and cannot be biased in favour of anybody.

António Guterres - United Nations

I do not think there is any valid reason to avoid someone who is very competent to do a job that is extremely important. Let's do everything possible to make this relationship a constructive relationship. Having said so, we need to respect our values and we need to make sure a multilateral approach to global problems is valued.

Nikki Haley

The United States was disappointed to see a letter indicating the intention to appoint the former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister to lead the UN Mission in Libya. For too long the U.N. has been unfairly biased in favour of the Palestinian Authority to the detriment of our allies in Israel.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

When the UNHCR manages to operate in a centre and then identifies someone as someone in needs and having the right to international protection. The UNHCR starts a resettlement program and those persons are resettled being it in Europe, being it in Canada or in the US, that I don't know… or elsewhere in the world.

Fayez Abdelnasser

Today, we patrolled an area north of Tripoli, and we arrested between 100 and 110 migrants, we brought them here to Tripoli's naval base.

Donald Tusk - European Council

Transatlantic cooperation remains and absolute priority because it has until now been a key pillar of the free world. At the same time we know that today we have no other option than to regain confidence in our own strength.

Joseph Muscat

The Libyan authorities are asking for assistance in monitoring their borders, not only maritime borders, but also land borders. They are asking for assistance in managing the camps where refugees, potential refugees and migrants are kept.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

We will agree on a very relevant packages of measures that will help us manage the flows better save lives in partnership with the UN agencies, the UNHCR and the IOM, in Libya, in the countries of origin, having a strong external European initiative to decrease and avoid loss of lives.

Francois Hollande

Those who would like to establish bilateral relations with the US are understood. But there is no future with Trump, if there is not a common approach.

Carlotta Sami - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Running camps in Libya would mean keeping migrants in inhumane conditions and putting them further at risk.

Arjan Hehenkamp - Doctors Without Borders

The European Union and its Member States need a reality check. Libya is not a safe place - there is no way this can be considered a humane approach to migration management.

Paolo Gentiloni

It's an agreement which strengthens the cooperation between Italy and Libya in many areas. There is need for development, stability, reconstruction, rebirth of unity. On the other side the agreement commits Italy to strongly support Libya.

Donald Tusk - European Council

This is the only way to stop people dying in the desert and at sea. The only way to gain control over migration in Europe.

James Franey - Euronews

Malta wants stop more arrivals from Libya – and according to a draft statement, leaders would consider sending people back there.

Ahmed Bugri

The discussion that they are going to send people back to Libya, I think is hypocritical. Because I think the EU cannot blame Trump on the one hand of building a physical wall between the USA and Mexico and building structural walls to keep young people from Africa coming to Europe to seek asylum. I find it very hypocritical and I find it very displaced.

Paolo Gentiloni

If we want to give real strength and legs to managing migration flows, then there needs to be an economic commitment by the whole of the EU.

John Cornyn

Our country is no longer respected by many of our friends around the world because we have withdrawn from international leadership. We are no longer feared by our adversaries, who are all too quick to fill the leadership vacuum around the world … Russia being perhaps the most obvious example, not only in Crimea and Ukraine but obviously, in Syria and now in Libya. And it's dangerous, it's destabilising.

Jessica Stern

Sudan, Iran and Yemen officially punish homosexuality with death, and Iraq, a country that has seen killing sprees of people perceived as gay or transgender, has never held a single perpetrator responsible. The governments of Libya, Syria and Somalia punish homosexuality with prison – even up to 10 years. Thanks to President Trump's executive order, LGBTQ people will remain in unsafe environments, they will languish in refugee camps, they will endure violence and some will die.

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

I can't imagine too many people out there watching this right now think it's unreasonable to ask a few more questions from someone travelling in and out of Libya and Yemen before being let loose in the United States. And that's all this is.

Angela Merkel

At the moment we cannot sign an agreement like that concluded with Turkey.

Karim Mezran

He expects this political agreement to fail and in his mind, he thinks he only solution will be a military takeover, and in the end, he thinks the West will side with him.

Hamid al-Habouni

The closure of the oil ports had a very big impact on the plants. We lack the budget to keep the plants working and maintain them.

Ibrahim al-Malhouf

We have some foreign workers including from the Philippines, Tunisia and Sudan but they are not specialists and the specialist work now depends on Libyans.

Miftah Magariaf

This region is under the (LNA) general command, and wherever there are oil facilities or oil or gas pipelines, they are under the PFG. Now the situation is good and the area is protected.

Mohamed Aoud

Of course we have financial problems. The financial authorities need to place greater importance on oil, because it is the country's only income.

J. Peter Pham

More worryingly, this faction is displaying complex tactics and weapons, and that suggests outside influence. My reading is that ISIS is being squeezed in Libya and it is coming south to Nigeria.

Alexey Malashenko

One single Syria is not enough. That's why we need one more state for the Russian presence not only in Syria but generally in the Middle East. Libya is a convenient territory for it. It's complete chaos and you can always say that Russia helps to fight terrorism.

Abdallah Bilhaq

We hope for a return of the Russian state to its role as a support of Libya's armed forces, which have been abandoned by most countries in their war against terrorism.

Karim Mezran

If he is getting signs of possible tribes or groups or militias who are really ready to switch to his side he might take the Russian encouragement and move.

George Vella

Egypt is the country with which one could come to some sort of agreement. There is stability to a certain extent, and they are interested because even they themselves have got their own problem with migration.

Sarah Emerson

The one thing that helped boost rail into the East Coast was Libya production disappeared. That's not the case any more, and I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing Libyan barrels on the East Coast.

Mathilde Auvillain

We are expecting another long year. There's no sign that things are going to improve. So far this winter we have had no rest. We have not gone a full week without a rescue.

Aisha Yesufu

The (Nigerian president Muhammadu) Buhari administration's response to issues about the Chibok girls is representative of its handling of other issues – insecurity, welfare of internally displaced persons, military welfare, corruption and poor governance.

Albert Pahimi Padacke

Some isolated ... groups have converged towards the south of Libya, that is to say on the northern border of our country, which is potentially exposed to a serious threat of ... infiltration.

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

We are not necessarily set for an immediate price take-off. One problem is the very high OPEC production in fourth-quarter 2016, . The still-rising crude oil production in Libya is also creating concerns that OPEC's cuts might be less effective.

Mohamed Gnounou

We, the emergency operations room of air forces of the GNA consider this a criminal act. However, in the interests of Libyans, we will respond wisely.

Khalifa Haftar

If our army controlled our southern border, there would be fewer problems for everyone. And the same is true for the energy plants so dear to Italy. I would be very happy to discuss this with the managers of (oil major) Eni. They were simply not ready.

Musa al-Koni

I announce my resignation due the failure of the Presidential Council, because it holds responsibility for the killing, kidnapping, and rape that happened over the past year. I don't think we are unaware of what the citizens are suffering, but we are incapable, and I admit that we are failures because we didn't solve the problems, which are many.

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya

There are many different nationalities, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya and citizens of other nations.

Ahmed al-Mismari

This was a pre-emptive strike against militias that are mobilising for an attack against the Libyan army.

Milad Matouq

Security breaches happen everywhere and Libya is not an exception. Despite the security situation (in the country), things are excellent. This is the first incident since the (2011) revolution.

Salah Qalma

It's very easy for anyone to enter without passing through the electronic gates.

Joseph Muscat

Informed of potential hijack situation of a Libya internal flight diverted to Malta. Security and emergency operations standing by -JM.

Claudia Gazzini - The International Crisis Group

It's still a very fragile oil and gas structure. Reopening one valve doesn't give any guarantee that production will restart in the fields.

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

I welcome the statement by the Rayayina Patrols Company of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, Western Branch, announcing lifting of the blockade on all the pipelines. There were no payoffs and no back room deals. For the first time in nearly three years, all our oil can flow freely. I hope this marks the end of the use of blockade tactics in our country.

Tarek Megerisi

Now it's over it's just back to business as usual, because none of the divisions have been healed, none of the drivers of conflict have been stopped or put on hold. Everyone's just been manoeuvring, waiting for this to end, so that they can return to their power struggle.

Marco Arnaboldi

He's one of the leaders who is going to prepare the next wave of Islamic State from south of the city.

Marco Arnaboldi

Most of our people in Sirte have moved to neighbouring areas six months ago - and are still moving - during which they experienced the worst. The mujahideen in the Libyan provinces are still well ... Their security detachments are still spread in all the cities and the areas, and their brigades move in the east and west of the desert.

Ahmed Algennabi

Every time after we win a war we celebrate. But now I don't think that it's the end of this war, and I expect more fighting against Islamic State.

Martin Kobler

It's the only workable framework. Its articles are not set in stone.

Sami al-Atrash

This is a struggle over power. Each of the warring parties has its political and ideological agendas. The clashes are belated. They were expected at any moment and finally happened.

Enrico Credendino

Migrant smuggling, originating far beyond Libyan borders, remains a major source of income among locals in Libyan coastal cities generating estimated annual revenue of up to 275 to 325 million euros [about $292 million to $346 million].

Kaed Essebssi

Tunisia is a target for terrorists because its democratic and social model is the opposite of their obscurantist approach. Tunisia is on the frontline in the fight against terror and deserves to be fully supported in its efforts.

Kaed Essebssi

Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt have direct contact with Libya on three levels: security, geographical and economic levels. May God help us to meet and coordinate together with Libyans. If this happens, we might give Libya, through our help, the opportunity to stabilise the country.

Michael Cohen

Three things have changed since Algiers. One is Trump was elected. Two, the earnings season showed U.S. oil producers were more resilient, and the third is the return of output from Libya and Nigeria.

Angela Merkel

We both put emphasis on creating migration partnerships with African countries, we have to put all our efforts into getting a stable government in Libya as fast as possible. So, there was a high amount of agreement on our ambitions, our conceptions, and a strong commitment of both our countries to engage into making economicl development and creation of jobs a priority for both our countries, along with the control of migration.

Ahmed al-Mismari

The forces of LNA have liberated Guwarsha and our forces found 15 bodies belonging to terrorist groups.

Tarek al-Jaroushi

I strongly support Trump because of his and the Republicans' resolute and decisive attitudes. The Republican Party, which understands the truth about Daesh (Islamic State) and the positions and the victories of the Libyan army, will support us.

Claudia Gazzini - The International Crisis Group

Up until now it's the U.S. Democratic administration that has been the major cheerleader of the Presidential Council, and the U.S. position on Libya has really dictated the international alignments, at least among Western countries.

Benjamin C. Glassman

He's accused of paying money that was intended to go to a foreign terrorist organization – in this case [ISIS].

Hassan Ottman

The three were released in the early hours of Saturday and were handed over to Italian authorities.

Carlotta Sami - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

They were shocked, they were traumatised, because they spent many hours in the water trying to swim towards safety. They were found in the water, not on a boat.

Leonard Doyle

In the absence of those boats and with the migrants determined to leave, and the smugglers interested in making money off them, they have been putting them in completely unsafe rubber dinghies.

David Hufton

With OPEC production creeping up towards 34 million barrels a day, a production freeze guarantees that the oil market will remain out of balance throughout 2017 and into 2018.

Milad Lahmar

I only hear about money being printed outside Libya and brought here, but we receive nothing. There is no transparency.

Sadiq al-Kabir

The Presidential Council did not submit any realistic, executive programs to be carried out on the ground.

Mark R. Cheadle - US Army

There are US service members working with the Tunisian security forces for counter terrorism and they are sharing intelligence from various sources, to include unarmed aerial platforms.

Matteo Renzi

Italy cannot take another year like the one we have just had.

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

We were told by witnesses there may be many more. There may be other shipwrecks that occurred over the weekend that we are learning more about.

Rida Issa

The forces have completely recaptured the 600 block area in Sirte from gangs of Daesh [Arabic acronym for ISIL], and now the Ghiza Bahriya area is the last pocket of resistance.

Ayoub Qassem

The crew alleged that we attacked them and a number of casualties have been reported. This is not true at all. We call on them to prove this incident if they are right. The commander asked them why they were in Libyan waters but the crew of the organisation did not answer logically. The crew was asked to leave. It is a breach and disrespect to Libyan sovereignty and according to international rules and norms.

Ruben Neugebauer

This was an attack on our rescue operation. We were engaged already with the boat to hand out life jackets, which is very important because the situation is very dangerous.

Michele Telaro - Doctors Without Borders

They are vulnerable people, especially psychologically. They have lived through very difficult situations and tough experiences. Many have witnessed violence in Libya, or been victims themselves. They are very vulnerable.

Ayoub Qassem

The commander asked them why they are in the Libyan waters but the crew of the organisation did not answer logically. The crew was asked to leave. It's a breach and disrespect to Libyan sovereignty according to international rules and norms.

Mohammad Ghasri

Each round of fighting has its own circumstances ... and it's difficult to predict when the battle will be over. But the end of Daesh will be very soon.

Rida Issa

Sometimes the battle takes a long time because we face unexpected situations like civilians being detained. The battle is now in residential areas and that means tough, street-by-street fighting.

Rida Issa

There was a desperate resistance by Daesh, but it was confronted by heavy weapons.

Alex Beard - Glencore

We have seen defaults before and we will see more in the future. That (pre-financing) has been a core part of the business, it's been a good part of the business.

Fathi Bashagha

What has happened is unfortunate and disgusting. It is an individual cause that represents no group.

Khalifa Ghwail

The presidential council was given chances one after another to form the government, but it fails ... and has become an illegal executive authority.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

He [Trump] won't care about Syria, Libya and Iraq and why an earth should America interfere in these countries? And Ukraine. Who needs Ukraine? Trump will have a brilliant chance to make relations more peaceful. He's the only one who can do this.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Libya has three governments at the moment; there are 100 militias in Tripoli. The country is awash with weapons. It's like asking Somalia to get their act together.

Pierre Andurand - Andurand Capital Management

There will be a quota. They spoke about a range of 32.5-33 million bpd, with Libya, Nigeria and Iran allowed to go back up. If production from Libya goes up, say, then the other OPEC producers will have to cut production to make space.

Andrew Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

This "puts OPEC in an even tougher spot because they have to cut even more production to accommodate the resumption of sales out of Libya and Nigeria.

Torbjorn Tornqvist - Gunvor Group

Clearly, they have put a floor on the market. But I don't think they can do any substantial cut. There are too many uncertain factors involved. These two countries (Libya and Nigeria) can wipe out any other deal that has been agreed.

Alex Beard - Glencore

Volume is not really a metric that we look at. In 2016, you'll see the energy segment not as good as 2015.

Alex Beard - Glencore

We're very happy with our relationship with NOC and we've been very pleased to support them through some difficult times in the last 12 months and we're open to do more business there.

Alex Beard - Glencore

In the first half of 2016, you had certainly the contango element, but declining. Wet freight rates were very poor and getting poorer and refining margins ... were nowhere near as good as the first half of 2015.

Alex Beard - Glencore

We are currently lifting products from (Iran's) NIOC and private firms and are looking to expand into crude.

Maria V. Zakharova

Kerry used these words from the point of view of fanning tensions. As long as war crimes are at question, the Americans should start with Iraq. And then look at Libya and Yemen to see what is going on there.

Tom Kloza - Oil Price Information Service

The price for the next few months is going to be determined not in Vienna, but in places like Lagos, Nigeria; Tripoli; and Moscow – and maybe Midland, Texas.

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

The agreement still leaves hard and difficult negotiations for the individual caps to be set. Now, with an OPEC curb on the cards for the first time in eight years, Brent crude is not even able to lift above US$50. At least not yet.

Ole Hansen - Saxo Bank

Considering the signs that demand growth is fading, U.S. production is stabilizing and Libya and Nigeria are both increasing production, these developments will make it very hard to keep the oil bears locked up for longer.

Martin Kobler

It is very important that the international community maintains cohesion in order to bring the Government of National Accord to a stage where it can effectively combat the questions on the table.

Martin Kobler

This is of course Europeans, but this is also Egypt, Algeria, in particular the south. There is a link between the terrorism in Libya and with Boko Haram in the south.

Martin Kobler

This is the lifeline for the Libyan people, that more money comes into the coffers of the central bank in order to improve the imports and to finance salaries and other basic needs and services for the population.

Martin Kobler

My position here is very clear. These weapons do not fall from the sky, they come via the sea, they come via land.

Donald J. Trump

Now they have oil all over the place, including a lot of the oil in Libya. You're telling the enemy everything you want to do. No wonder you've been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.

Viktor Orban

If we cannot keep Libya together, if we cannot stabilise it, then we cannot create that gigantic refugee city at the Mediterranean coast of Libya where we have to send back all the migrants who came to Europe illegally.

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

The increase of oil production will help earn more money and the revenues will go to the central bank.

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

These amounts of money are not enough but we take into account the difficult financial situation currently.

Omran al-Zwai

We will maintain production at this level and we are capable of increasing it, though we are suffering from a financial crisis at the moment.

Gomani Mohamad Saleh

The two Italians were working on a runway project at the airport but the Canadian was working on installing air aviation system. The security authorities are following the incident closely ... That's all the information we have so far.

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

The events in the Oil Crescent must have made it clear to everybody that the use of blockade as a tactic in (Libyan) politics is a dead end.

Jean-Marc Ayrault

The Libya situation is worrying and worsening. The offensive by Haftar is not taking us in the right direction,. There is a real chance that we are going backwards in Libya.

Jean-Marc Ayrault

The Russian-American accord is particularly fragile, but this must remain a glimmer of hope. It is the only basis on which the international community can (proceed).

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

(This) had the potential to escalate, with potentially devastating consequences for the nation and our petroleum industry.

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

Exports will resume immediately from Zuwaytina and Ras Lanuf, and will continue at Brega. Exports will resume from Al-Sidra as soon as possible.

Scott Shelton - Icap

The perception of more supply from Nigeria and Libya is trumping the physical markets. The market could care less about strong physical markets when it sees potential for another 600,000 barrels per day of crude.

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

I hope this will be the start of a new phase of co-operation and peaceful existence between Libyan parties as well as an end to the use and closure of ports and oilfields for political purposes.

Martin Kobler

This development will further hinder oil exports, deprive Libya of its only source of income, and increase the division of the country.

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

Our technical teams already started assessing what needs to be done to lift force majeure and restart exports as soon as possible.

Mohamed Eljarh

The view of the LNA is that, now they are taking control and making advances, they will want to see an improvement in their funding, they will want to see this reflected economically and politically in their benefit.

Claudia Gazzini - The International Crisis Group

I think this is what he's aiming for – to be the one who reopens the terminals. The unexpected outcome is that the terminals could open earlier than expected if there's no military counter attack.

Jason Miller

Last night Hillary Clinton again failed the commander-in-chief test, where she was unable to answer for her terrible foreign policy judgment, mishandling of classified information and claims that the VA wait time scandal was overblown. Her claim that no lives were lost in Libya was an insult to the memory of the four brave Americans who died in Benghazi.

Abhishek Deshpande - Natixis

In a market full of disruptions and uncertainties, if there was a blow up of the scale of Canada once again, we would see oil prices rise like we did pre-summer.

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

Americans need a strong leader who will keep our country safe and secure, not a politician who can't even say she will make the country safer from terrorist threats. And her shocking claim that not a single American has died in Libya ignores the four brave Americans who fell victim to a terrorist attack on her watch.

Donald J. Trump

We could've done a minor attack – you know, he was begging. He wanted to make a deal. He wanted to do whatever and this was just, Qaddafi was so strong on wanting to, you know – cause he knew what was gonna happen. But she was a disaster, Libya right now.

David Mack

They never controlled any oil exports or sales from Libyan production. It's possible that they were in a position to extort money from some Libyan militia who had control over oil wells, but that would have only been indirect.

Ahmet Üzümcü

Removal of these chemicals is the first stage of an ongoing operation to verifiably eliminate the remnants of Libya's now-defunct chemical weapon programme. This OPCW-coordinated international effort has achieved a major milestone in guaranteeing that these chemicals will not fall into the wrong hands.

Robert Nunan - Mitsubishi Corporation

There's a feeling that the OPEC production freeze talks might result in something positive, but it's just talk. Either way, despite some increases in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, OPEC production seems to be flattening with the outages in Libya, Nigeria and Venezuela, knocking out about some 3 million barrels of daily production and no one is holding their breath they'll return soon.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

The gasoline glut was the catalyst for this latest move lower. [We] look at the refinery run test, we look at maintenance season [and] that's near-term bearish for crude. We think you have to clear out gasoline first.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Right now there is kind of this fear that we could get 900,000 additional barrels [per day] out of Libya, the head of the national company said that by year-end.

Mustafa Sanallah - National Oil Corporation

I am pleased the Presidential Council agrees that we cannot reward individuals who hold Libya's oil hostage.

Mousa Alkouni

I think the resumption depends now on technical part ... and I think also it will happen from within a week to two weeks, but not more.

Donald J. Trump

Though Bernie is exhausted and has given up on his revolution, many of his voters still want to keep up the fight. I expect that millions of Bernie voters will refuse to vote for Hillary because of her support for the War in Iraq, the invasion of Libya, NAFTA and TPP, and of course because she is totally bought and sold by special interests.

Goran Tomasevic - Reuters

After sending the pictures I went straight to bed. All day running in the sun made me sick.

Goran Tomasevic - Reuters

I am constantly following the Libya story and I am in touch with few friends in Misrata since 2011 – they keep me updated. My goal is to cover the final battle for Sirte.

Goran Tomasevic - Reuters

It was challenging to shoot the pictures, I pushed very hard and I did not get what I really want, but I am still happy because I am covering such important story.

Erna Rijnierse

You can tell it from the nail scratches on people's arms and legs, but also we had 10 people with human bites on arms, a back and also on the lower back and ankles.

Peter Thiel

We don't need to see Hillary Clinton's deleted emails: her incompetence is in plain sight. She pushed for a war in Libya, and today it's a training ground for ISIS. On this most important issue, Donald Trump is right. It's time to end the era of stupid wars and rebuild our country.

Geir Hilmarsen

How do they get to Libya? Who arrange their boat trip? What do they have to pay? All those kind of things…. We do try to identify who is controlling the ship and who has certain specific tasks on board. I give the Italian police the information we get, in order for them to have some lead to investigate properly.

Trey Gowdy

Nothing could have reached Benghazi because nothing was ever headed to Benghazi. Not a single wheel of a single U.S. military asset had even turned toward Libya.

John Brennan - Homeland Security

That is very concerning, particularly since Libya is right across from Europe on the Mediterranean with refugee flows that are going there.

Jamie Oliver

We hold them to commitments, which on a global government level is really useful, it gets nicely competitive… you can say 'why is that government not doing it.

John Brennan - Homeland Security

The branch in Libya is probably the most developed and the most dangerous. We assess that it is trying to increase its influence in Africa and to plot attacks in the region and in Europe.

Donald J. Trump

Look he's a good man he wants what's best for the party. I don't have very thin skin. I have very strong, very thick skin. I have a strong temperament, and it's a great temperament, and it's a very in control temperament.

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Reports of trauma from sexual and other forms of gender-based violence among women making the journey – or being trafficked – appear common. Some women have told us they were subject to sexual slavery in Libya. We have also been seeing an increase in arrivals of unaccompanied children.

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

It is possible, and I want to stress that it is possible, that the period of stark lethality that has been going on since 2013 may have run its course by now. Maybe we will see a safer summer than we had anticipated a few weeks ago.

Mohamed al-Gasri

We declare the completion of the first stage of al-Bonyan al-Marsous after we pushed the militants of Daesh (Islamic State) back to the outskirts of Sirte.

Jim Ritterbusch - Ritterbusch & Associates

All in all, this feels like a complex that still possess enough bullish momentum to boost nearby WTI values to above the $50 mark, while bolstering July Brent to as high as the $53-54 area.

Antony Blinken

We've seen that Boko Haram's ability to communicate has become more effective. They seem to have benefited from assistance from Daesh.

Antony Blinken

So these are all elements that suggests that there are more contacts and more cooperation and this is again something that we are looking at very carefully because we want to cut it off and we want to prevent it from going any further.

Jim Ritterbusch - Ritterbusch & Associates

The market was again rescued by a larger than expected pace of U.S. production decline and overnight headlines regarding disrupted supply out of Canada and Libya.

David Hufton

Events in Canada are yet another example of what has turned out to be a key feature this year, which is a sequence of unexpected supply disruptions supporting prices.

Donald J. Trump

I think the only thing she's got going is the fact that she's a woman. She has done a terrible job in so many different ways. You look at Libya, you look at some of the things that she's done are just absolutely disastrous.

Donald J. Trump

We went from mistakes in Iraq to Egypt to Libya to President Obama's line in the sand in Syria. Each of these actions have helped to throw the region into chaos and to give ISIS the space it needs to grow and prosper. Very bad.

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

It's not clear how many people were on the boat when it sank. Eyewitness accounts talk about up to 500 people. In recent weeks, we have seen the number of people crossing from Libya into Italy increase dramatically and we fear that this is the beginning of the good season. The weather is getting better in the Mediterranean and more people will attempt to cross.

Jean-Marc Ayrault

We must do all we can to fight against the human smugglers and arms trafficking.

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

Several hundred in a few weeks across Mauritania is an indicator that people are looking for openings where they can. There's a huge amount of pent-up demand in Libya to get away from that situation.

David M. Rodriguez

In Libya, the US intelligence community has said it is around 4,000 to 6,000. It has probably about doubled in the last 12 to 18 months, based on what their assessments were last year.

Francois Hollande

We must come back as quickly as possible to the Schengen procedures, while ensuring the dignified return of those who were unable to stake their claim to settle in Europe, and that's the sense of what's been found with the accord on Turkey and Greece.

Angela Merkel

For security reasons as well as for reasons of gaining people's trust, we have to show we can protect our external borders. You can see that Europe's territory is diverse: that maritime borders are harder to protect than land borders; and that we need cooperation with our neighbours. This applies to Turkey and this will apply now for Libya.

Barack Obama

We are continuing to co-operate on an ongoing basis about operations potentially in areas like Libya where you have the beginnings of a government.

Barack Obama

NATO continues to be the lynchpin, the cornerstone, of our collective defense and U.S. security policy. It is because of the strength of NATO and the transatlantic partnership -- this transatlantic alliance -- that I'm confident that despite these choppy waters we will continue to be able to underscore and underwrite the peace and security and prosperity that has been the hallmark of the transatlantic relationship for so many decades.

Matteo Renzi

At the same time we say with great clarity and very strongly, that press freedom is an amazing value for France, home of the Declaration of Human Rights, for Italy and for all those men and women who believe in the founding values of the European Union.

Michael Fuchs

The humanitarian way is still the best one. Germany is a big country and we are a rich country.

Michael Fuchs

We need to have a solution which is including Syria and also Libya because both countries are still filled with refugees which are trying to enter either via Turkey into Europe or directly from Libya into Italy. One of the problems is, for instance in Libya, to whom to talk. There are three different groups fighting each other: who to talk to? They don't have a foreign minister to talk to.

Michael Fuchs

We have over a million refugees already in Germany, which is quite a lot.

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Today's attack on the army, the guards and security in Ben Gerdane since 5 a.m. is unprecedented, organized and was probably meant to control the area and declare a new state (territory). In fact, I would like the Tunisian people to be proud that the Tunisian army, guards, and security personnel were vigilant in response to previous events. Reinforcements were in place and were poised for an attack.

Barack Obama

The good news in Libya is that they don't like outsiders coming in and telling them what to do.

Paolo Gentiloni

We all repeated that we don't need triumphalism, that we must continue our commitment in Iraq, a military commitment to take other cities and important areas from ISIL, and make more efforts to consolidate the freed areas militarily and economically.

Adam Schiff

I think we ought to be working with our partners to remove the leadership of ISIS that has been sent from Iraq and Syria to organize. That is not a permanent solution, but it does have an impact on their operational capability.

Hassan Rouhani

We want a safe Afghanistan. We want Iraq and Syria to be safe. We want Lebanon to be stable, Libya to be safe and on all of these issues we can collaborate, engage in dialogue together.

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

I know that the state and the government are able to find the appropriate funds, even if we have to take it from somewhere else to allocate it to this issue, because this is our responsibility.

Haamza Hizi

I thought the revolution would give us hope to find work with dignity. I never thought I would repeat the same demands as five years ago. The old regime has robbed our dreams.

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Daesh, which is present in Libya at our borders, finds that the moment is opportune to act in Tunisia.

Fayez Seraj

Our forces succeeded in recapturing some important and strategic positions.

Peter Cook

These actions and those we have taken previously will help deny ISIL a safe haven in Libya from which it could attack the United States and our allies.

Peter Cook

These strikes were authorised by the President following a recommendation from Secretary Carter and Chairman Dunford. They are consistent with our approach of combatting ISIL by working with capable and motivated local partners.

Mohamar Kaddi

Hours after the blast, rescue crews at the scene had only managed to extract 60 bodies out of the wreckage, said a hospital spokesman, Moamar Kaddi. Libyan officials said they believed there might be dozens more dead.

Barack Obama

W're going after ISIL from their stronghold, right in downtown Raqqa to Libya, where we took out Abu Nabil, the ISIL leader there. The point is ISIL leaders can't hide and our next message to them is you are next.

Ibrahim Jadhran

We can describe the situation in Libya by saying the country is at a crossroads. Either the national reconciliation government will succeed to save Libya from what is happening nowadays, or the country will go towards further division and fragmentation, but we hope that Libya under the auspices of God, plus the existence of the government will succeed in achieving security and stability for this country.

Ibrahim Jadhran

There is no doubt about this, and I am confident that this government is moving in a clear and explicit manner, so it works strongly and quickly to restore the prestige to the Libyan state and its sovereignty, in addition to achieve social justice and to re-activate the work of the judiciary and security institutions in Libya, such as the army and police.

Ibrahim Jadhran

It's worth mentioning that we participated strongly in the fight against the Gaddafi regime and we were able to liberate those cities and oil fields from Gaddafi's forces. Moreover, we were at the forefront of the people who were fighting to liberate these areas, and the tribe to which I belong was in this area according to virtue and the social combination in Libya, this region called Crescent oil in Libya, along with these areas and our brothers in other tribes such as Al-Ebidat in Tobruk where the port al-Hariqa is located.

Ibrahim Jadhran

Achieving peace is possible in Libya if the international community stands seriously along with the national reconciliation government, however, this government also has to work seriously with the necessary files in Libya without delaying and holding up the implementation. I want to emphasize once again that the chances of achieving peace are there, especially as the Libyan citizen has suffered a lot and knows now very well the political conspiracies, so of course they aspire to achieve security, stability and comfort in their lives.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

First of all, how do you describe the situation in Libya these days and what's your position with your armed groups?

Ibrahim Jadhran

We did not export any single drop of oil or gas from Libya since the incident of the oil tanker Morning Glory.

Ibrahim Jadhran

We exported oil because the previous government hadn't done its duties and did not respond to our demands neither in the conduct of investigations, nor the achievement of social justice, therefore we were authorized by concerned people in these regions to export oil, and act within what is subjected in Law No. 58 of the 1951 Constitution. Therefore, we have commissioned the Executive Office of Burqa to export oil and they have already exported a large oil tanker in the past in front of the whole world.

Ibrahim Jadhran

We have not exported oil since that day, it was the only oil that we have exported and it was supervised by oil installations' guards and they protected it. It was on its way to Greece and not North Korea, even though it was flying the North Korean flag.

Ibrahim Jadhran

There are several challenges, including the political differences among the Libyan people, as well as the tribal and social differences, plus the presence of Islamist groups on the ground, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, who could not understand that they are part of the Libyan people, thus they vanquish the public interest on their interest.

Vladimir Putin

[The refugees] escape the radicals first of all. If Russia had not supported Syria, [it] would have been worse off than Libya, with an even bigger flow of refugees.

Mussa al-Kouni

Now the real work starts. Basically, now it is up to the Libyans represented by the parliament to decide upon this government. Without that we can't do anything.

Bernardino Leon

The options were not infinite and perfection maybe was not a possibility, but I think that it is a quite reasonably good list of names, politicians, personalities that will do their best I'm sure to take their country out of this crisis.

Alsalam Ismael

But I can also say that the Arab countries are currently engaged and busy in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, I think that the Libyan requests came in the wrong place and time.

Marco Bertoni

They left from Alexandria, Egypt, ten days ago. They have arrived here in the Port of Augusta on two different ships, one from the Croatian Coast Guard and one from the Italian finance police. There are many families, many children, mainly from Iraq, but also from Libya.

Melissa Fleming - U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees

Apparently this boat sent out a signal, made some phone calls. They were only 15 miles away from Libya so probably at the very beginning of their journey, and when they spotted a rescue boat, panicked, moved to the side and the boat capsized very tragically.

Saleh Smaw

We condemn and deplore this cowardly act and we would like to send a message that these cowardly acts will only give us more determination and power to continue the security work and punish all those who will think to risk the security of the nation and people.

Mohammad Ali Al-aroui

We will carry out vigorous security operations inside tourist institutions, and we will call up army reserves to support the security apparatus as well.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

Let me be very clear: the targets are not the migrants, the targets are those who are making money on their lives and too often on their deaths. It is part of our effort to save lives.

Sameh Shukri

Heads of tribes, I'm not exaggerating when I say that the whole world is watching you today, waiting for your unified word and looking forward to your important role in creating stability in Libya.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

The tribal influence in Libya still holds sway and has been rooted in state institutions for years giving rise to the belief that they are the key to any solution to the current crisis in Libya.

Paolo Gentiloni

I am expecting very tough discussions. Regarding the repatriation of people arriving, we can obtain good results.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

We need to improve our sea rescue, but we need to discuss the distribution of refugees in Europe, we need to fight people-smuggling networks and we need to do something to help stabilise our southern neighbouring states, especially Libya.

Rocco Liguori

The crimes the captain is accused of include facilitating clandestine immigration, causing a shipwreck and multiple homicide, while the crew member is accused of facilitating clandestine immigration.

Abdel Rashid Ali Nour

I was a student, living and studying in Somalia. My country is at war and is good for nothing. So I chose to travel to Europe.

Almazbek Atambayev

When trillions of dollars are being spent on wars in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya or elsewhere you can't stop them with force. They can be stopped only by showing an example of at least one country – democratic, secular Muslim country. I'm tired of pointing out that it would be much cheaper just to help Kyrgyzstan build a secular democratic state in our Muslim country. But you know, we are left with no real support from the democratic countries.

Jamal Benomar - United Nations

Any side that would want to push the country in either direction would be inviting a protracted conflict in the vein of an Iraq-Libya-Syria combined scenario.

Bernardino Leon

I have had the chance to meet the parties and to see that there is goodwill. . In the coming days we will discuss two urgent issues: the formation of a national unity government and security measures.

Mohamed Dayri

Help would come through a lifting of the embargo on weapons, so our army can receive material and weapons, so as to deal with this rampant terrorism.

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Egypt reserves the right of retaliation and with the methods and timing it sees fit for retribution from those murderers and criminals who are without the slightest humanity.

Saber Mednini

We are aware that these regions have long been marginalised and that Dhehiba's citizens are essentially living from commercial activity with Libya.

Giovanni Pettorino - coast guard

Criminal smugglers were sending people to certain death and also endangering the live of rescuers.

Alaya Allani

An important part of those who left can't come back here since a law was adopted that makes them criminals. They prefer to either stay there or to go to other countries such as Libya or Iraq.

Zafer Aknar

They themselves said that they felt alone. That's why they came to us. They came to Istanbul to show that Islam actually is a religion of tolerance. They wanted to say, look in a Muslim country there is a magazine like ours. They cooperated with us to show people that Islam is not what you think. But nobody got that.

Zafer Aknar

They were hardcore opposition. They directed their strongest criticism at their own society and political system. But people are not aware of that. They just picked up on one thing and focused on that. Why don't you look at what else they did? About 80 to 90 percent of their cartoons were against their own government. Did Charlie Hebdo support the occupation in Iraq or Libya? Did they support the French action in Libya even once? Which war did they support? If we in Turkey did what they did to their society, we wouldn't even be able to walk about in public.

Najib Mikati

We are pretty sure that the incidents in Beirut's southern suburb and Tripoli yesterday were by the same people. We are not calling for reconciliation really, nor are we accusing each other of planting bombs. What we need to do is unite in order to fill any void that might come about.

Mahmoud Jibril

Cities in the south after still under siege by the former regime while other cities like Sirte and Bani Walid are not decided yet.

Abdulfatah M. Husni

And most of our vaccines for the animals are out of date. The drugs were in the refrigerator.

Ben Zaid

On Saturday we will enter Bani Walid, God willing.

Ben Zaid

Nothing else has worked, no negotiations worked or anything else, just ammunition.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

What is happening in Libya is of great concern to all of us. It is a crisis in our immediate neighbourhood.

Catherine Ashton

The three aspects of what we're doing [are], first of all, the evacuation, secondly, the coordination of what the EU can do to put pressure on the situation in Libya to stop the violence, and thirdly, the collaboration internationally, particularly with the Security Council, to ensure that we have a coordinated approach.

Paolo Scaroni - Eni

We have on-shore fields, notably Huafa in the west of Libya which is operating regularly – we still have 34 expatriates there. Obviously, it's an emergency situation, but things are continuing.

Hans-Gert Pöttering

We are grateful to receive in our tribune the Bulgarian and Palestinian medics who were condemned to death in Libya.

Catherine Ashton

I'm really worried about what's happening in Libya at the present time. We have been urging restraint, we continue to do so. It's very important – you will have heard it from all of the foreign ministers you've asked tonight -, it's very very important that this violence stops and they move to dialogue.

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi

Libya consists of tribes and clans. It's not a society with political parties and so on. It's tribes and clans. Everyone knows their duties. This could cause civil war and we will repeat the civil war of 1936.

William Hague

We want to see proper protection for foreign nationals in Libya and in particular assistance for them as they are trying to leave the country.

Reed Brody - Human Rights Watch

We would like to see friends of Libya, the African Union, the European Union, make clear that this violence against unarmed protesters has to stop, that these are crimes that are being committed and that those who commit them could be brought to justice. We would like to see a total cut off of military and security aid to Libya and demand that Libya restore the Internet and allow journalists and human rights group in to see what is really happening.

Muammar Gaddafi

Countries that attack us, let us negotiate with you.

Brian Katulis - Center for American Progress

At this stage, there's certainly a double standard in play here. We acted in Libya because we could. We are not acting in Syria in a similar (way), because the military options and others are simply not available in a place like Syria.

Salah Al-Marghani

The transitional government has a vision for how we can urgently solve the situation, at the core of which is to put in place all necessary solutions to preserve security, using all means possible that will produce a balanced situation in Libya.

Catherine Ashton

By opening the office of the European Union, I bring the commitment of the European Union's 27 Member States – and all of the institutions – in support of the people of Benghazi and of the people of Libya.

Adrian Edwards - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Also in eastern Lebanon, in the Bekaa, we've had to reconfigure the way we work to avoid large gatherings of people there.

Sirajeddine Moussa

It's a mirror for the revolution, but we aim to give the news in a transparent and frank way and to reflect what happens on the ground.

Maha Barada

Given the absence of any media that speaks on behalf of the revolution inside Libya, this channel is considered the only platform to express their opinions and fears.

Ibrahim Issa

I sent all my family to Tunisia in order to be safe. In Libya, I couldn't be sure that nothing would happen to them, because the bombing was arbitrary. There are troops everywhere and you do not know where the shots are coming from.

Hatim Saied

I hope the situation will not last long. If it does, we have a long term plan and a contingency plan. If there's a massive influx, the camp has capacity for 10,000 people or 1,500 families.

William Hague

We encourage those around Gaddafi to abandon him and embrace the better future for Libya, that allows political transition and real reform, that meets the aspirations of the Libyan people.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Money taken by Gaddafi and his entourage has to go back to the Libyan people, so we have all agreed to unblock the money that Libya had yesterday to finance Libya today.

Alex Salmond

The right reason was to release a dying man on compassionate grounds and not on any other factor: international politics, trade, whatever oil deals may or may not have been – not allow any of these to affect the decision.

Ihsan Dagi

Turkey has managed to combine Islam with democracy and a market economy. The interest in his visit must be analysed in the right way.

David Cameron

Your city was an inspiration to the world, as you threw off a dictator and chose freedom.

Abdul Kader Hamze

People are fed up with the fighting and shelling. They don't want to see another house attacked or any family displaced from their home because they're in a bad financial situation.

Mohammed Al-Alagi

For me, as a minister of justice, I consider this case closed. It is finished, actually. We cannot put the same person on trial for the same charge twice. This is a basic principle of justice.

Abdul Walood al-Wali

The conditions we are in now, we are encountering an air blockade and they are closing all the country's exits for us. The supplies that we have will run out, we are running out of everything.

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

It was a well managed camp despite the challenges of addressing different cultural backgrounds and finding different solutions for them. Not everyone can get on a plane and go home, and you have to manage the expectations of those who stay behind.

Guillermo Martinez

We have identified some needs. They've told us very clearly what they want is know-how and technical support. They don't need funds they don't need money. Libya is a resourceful country.

Brian Flynn

The airspace restrictions closing the airspace in eastern Ukraine from ground to 32,000 feet which were put in force on Monday 14 of July, there was some hours later there was a similar notification published by the Russians' authority that was to the airspace to the east of that, but that also applied from ground to 32,000 feet so there is no incompatibility between the two pieces of information that were published.

Kristalina Georgieva - European Commission

In the Benghazi area, we have humanitarian teams already on the ground, and they report that there is a need for medical assistance. Because the Libyan health system had foreigners at its heart and they have left, leaving behind a huge void, which has to be filled.

Josette Sheeran - World Food Programme

We've had more than 70,000 people move through here and there are many thousands at the border and so we see the situation isn't going to alleviate immediately and so now we have to look at how we can help shore up the work that is being done here by these local heros. These people are heros, what they have done is extraordinary- they are great humanitarians.

Muammar Gaddafi

I am ready to debate with any one of them, one of their 'emirs' or whomsoever appoints himself, who comes to me to debate with me, but they do not debate … they do not have demands at all.

Muammar Gaddafi

We will enter a bloody war and thousands and thousands of Libyans will die if the United States or NATO enters.

Mohamed Elhamy

Morale is high after the news that Brega is back in the hands of the rebels.

James Franey - Euronews

What are the big challenges the National Transitional Council (NTC) have to face?

Daniel Serwer

Stabilising Tripoli first and foremost. Getting oil and gas moving in the next few weeks at least, if not sooner. The National Transitional Council was necessarily more representative of Benghazi than it was of the west of the country, when Gaddafi still controlled the west. They now have to expand the representation and select a real government that can deliver services to the population. If you don't get the electricity and water flowing, people aren't going to be very patient with them.

Mahmoud Shamam

We understand we are lacking a lot of institutions, so we are starting from almost zero in this situation. But with the help of everybody, I think we will be able to do our best.

Ahmed Bani

We are still hoping that there will be a good proposal shortly before Saturday. We confirm our backing for peaceful efforts and a peaceful solution to stop any more bloodshed on both sides in the conflict. Despite this, we confirm that we are ready for military action.

Alain Juppé

Gaddafi has to leave power, and give up any civil and military roles. That is a condition for us that could lead to a cease fire and a resumption of national dialogue.

Agostino Miozzo

The situation is still very fragile. You feel that the city wants to get back to normality. But there are still a lot of variables. The social situation is precarious. There are too many weapons about, too many men with Kalashnikovs. So many guns gave me an impression of great instability.

Raquel Garcia - Euronews

You've just come back from Tripoli where you opened an EU office. Our correspondent there met you a week ago. You're now back in Brussels but can you tell us what your impression is of the situation on the ground?

Agostino Miozzo

They all expressed a desire for 'business continuity'. That means the previous government international obligations will be respected and domestically all civil servants and workers will return to work. When I was in Tripoli I saw a text message that had been sent to all mobile phones in the country. It urged everyone to go back to work at the end of Ramadan.

Agostino Miozzo

We and the Council have said we are available to help. It's up to the future Libyan government to say what they need. We know they don't need financing because Libya is a rich country. However, they will need technical assistance and know-how and that's where Europe is ready to step in.

Moses Wetangula

We are continuously reminding the rest of the world that if NATO can engineer an attack on Libya and spend billions of dollars to drive out Gaddafi, they can spend a little of that to save the dying people in the Horn of Africa.

Mohammed Sharef

The number of injured people during this war is approximately 8-10,000 and the number of people killed, I think, is approximately 1,000. In fact, this hospital is not an admissions hospital, it's a polyclinic hospital. We tried to change this polyclinic into a hospital or an emergency department to receive our patients.

Abdullah Kinshil

We are waiting for the decision from the NTC council. They said yes, they agree with us and we are just waiting for the order to go to Bani Walid.

Nazir Fernandes - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We really call upon Europe, which is our traditional partner in helping find solutions for refugees. Resettlement is a worthy solution for refugees. We call upon them to please help us and in solidarity with Tunisia, which was going through a very delicate process and, despite that, opened its door.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

The fall of Gaddafi allowed most Libyan refugees in Tunisia to go home. But it's double punishment for those originally from Sub-Saharan countries; they had to leave not only their home countries but also Libya, where they went for refuge, and where their life was unenviable, with or without Gaddafi.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Gaddafi is contradicting himself. He said he does not have an official position. If he does not have an official position then he should hand Libya over to whoever does have legitimacy.

Abdurrahim El-Keib

The assault on the lives and properties of citizens, regardless of their ethnic or regional origin, is a violation of the law and the government will not tolerate these violations.

Mohamed Ennaser

We have taken all the necessary measures to deal with these new waves of refugees. We've also doubled our efforts and cooperation with civil organisations.

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

Hundreds of Bangladeshi refugees have been repatriated back to Bangladesh in the last four days. Others are in a camp waiting their turn to go back home to their home country. The Tunisian government – in cooperation with domestic and international organisations and also Arab countries – is preparing to welcome a wave of refugees. The question is whether these preparations will be enough. That will remain unanswered until it becomes clear what is happening on the other side of the border.

William Lacy Swing - International Organization for Migration

One has to be prepared in case large waves of migrant workers start coming across again, or if it becomes a case of mixed migration, where you have in addition to migrant workers, you have refugees. Then you have another situation.

Jürgen Büchy

There have been many attempts in the past to establish Libya as a tourist spot. There are, of course, many beaches, but only a little infrastructure. The Libyans were trying to improve that. Of course, the current civil war-like situation has dealt a serious blow to those efforts.

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This incident marks a significant shift in policy by the Italian government and it's a source of very serious concern. The UNHCR deeply regrets the lack of transparency which surrounded the event.

Fouad Siniora

The killer is the same, the same as the one who is thirsty for blood, both Syrian and Lebanese… in Beirut, in Tripoli, all over Lebanon…. as in Syria, from Deraa, to Aleppo, to Damascus, all over the country.

David Cameron

In terms of an inquiry I'm not currently minded that we need to have a UK-based inquiry on this, probably for this reason: I don't need an inquiry to tell me what was a bad decision: it was a bad decision, and if you like, the big fact that has changed over a year that makes it an even worse decision is the fact that of course Megrahi is still free at liberty in Libya rather that serving the prison sentence in Scotland as he should be doing.

Maha Barada

The rebels also made their pledge to the contact group to help them meet the needs of the civilians in the East of Libya. They said they would like to receive humanitarian aid in return for oil shipments.

Hillary Clinton

The United States continues to watch the situation in Libya with alarm. Our thoughts and prayers are with those whose lives have been lost and their loved ones and we join the international community in strongly condemning the violence as we received reports of hundreds killed and many more injured.

Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti

The members of the Security Council expressed grave concern at the situation in Libya. They condemned the violence and use of force against civilians, deplored the repression against peaceful demonstrators, and expressed deep regret at the death of hundreds of civilians.

Snezhana Dyakova

I saw people running towards the main street armed with clubs. There was continuous shooting, from automatic weapons and big guns.

Zheko Gyurov

When we drove from the embassy across Tripoli we saw Gaddafi supporters everywhere, shouting euphorically 'Gaddafi, Gaddafi', waving green flags. And yesterday there was non-stop shooting.

Ibrahim Dabbashi

They (pro-Gaddafi forces) are attacking people in all the cities in western Libya. Certainly the people have no arms. I think the genocide started now in Libya. I think the … Gaddafi statement was just a code for his collaborators to start genocide against the Libyan people.

Herve Morin

I want to remind you that the Russians have sold missiles to Libya, the Italians have sold weapons to Libya, and that the British have a signed a co-operation deal.

Ahmed Alamin

The government has ordered both the Ministry of Interior and the army to secure the capital's streets and neighbourhoods as well as vital locations and installations. And it has declared a state of emergency within all hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Ali Mohammed Irgabbi

This event is for the International Day of Forgiveness and we are calling for an end to violence and disagreements.

Ole Hansen - Saxo Bank

The rise in OPEC production we saw last year was in order to alleviate the pressure from reduced supplies from Libya. They're now coming back, so we should expect some kind of reaction sooner or later. But at the moment we're seeing a production rise from Iraq, it could potentially rise from Iran as well and Saudi Arabia at this stage is willing to give up its market share.

Ole Hansen - Saxo Bank

Rising supplies are keeping prices under pressure. Some of the geopolitical risk premium that we saw building up over the summer, especially related to Iraq, has disappeared. We are coming into the time of year – over the next couple of months – where demand from refineries generally tends to slow down, so the near-term outlook is possibly for weaker prices still.

Vladimir Putin

The tragic consequences of these events led to a terrorist attack in Algeria which took the lives of civilians, including foreigners.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

It was vitally important that the Security Council Sanctions Committee acted to release 1.5 billion dollars in frozen Libyan assets for humanitarian assistance.The first allocation of these assets, 110 million dollars has just been made. The people of Libya are looking to the international community for help. The transitional government will be outlining specific requests in the coming days. My aim is to get UN personnel on the ground absolutely as quickly as possible under a robust Security Council mandate.

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

The foreign policy establishment in this town believes that the French have shown determination in stamina on issues Mali, Libya, Syria and Iran. More than any other European leader, Francois Hollande seems to be in sync with President Obama. And American-French relations are at their best in a decade.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

So, now the United Stated is talking about human rights?! Where are human rights in Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, or Egypt?

David Cameron

Libya's new beginning requires three things – first to reaffirm our commitment to UN Security Council Resolution 1973 and the broad alliance determined to implement it; second, to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid, including to those newly liberated towns; and third, to help plan for the future of Libya after the conflict is over.

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

The efforts being made in Ras Jedir are to ensure better conditions for all those making it across the border. But at the same time there are calls on the United Nations and the European Union to implement an evacuation plan. The crisis is a humanitarian crisis but it is also a crisis of not having the capacity to cope with so many new refugees arriving each day.

Muammar Gaddafi

Why did we not intervene in northern Italy when Umberto Bossi wanted to created the so-called state of Padania? Because it was illegal, that's why. These armed terrorists in Benghazi, including members of al Qaeda, do not have clear political demands.

Jan Randolph - IHS

Well, that's interesting, some of the rebels have been saying that. The Russians and the Chinese contracts - and they were very late in the game here – but they do have a foothold; the Chinese National Oil Company and Gazprom, for example, did have some licenses. I think they did, however, not veto the UN move to secure safety for civilians. But at the same time, they did complain about NATO overstepping the UN mandate. Yes, I think, it's obvious that the Europeans will be advantaged. It's the closest market, it's where all the business is to be done. And I think they will pursue that line.

Jan Randolph - IHS

I certainly think so. I think the interim government will want to honour the existing contracts, although they do have the right to reopen them as a new sovereign [government]. I think those that have investments there already will be allowed to resume operations and then I think also because the Europeans, particularly the French and the British, were spearheading the rebel cause from the beginning, they will be looked upon advantageously in terms of new contracts.

Ahmed Jehani

All lawful contracts will be honoured whether they are in gas or oil, at the moment it is not for this government to decide to revoke any contracts.

Mustafa Bag

The United States bombed this symbolic building in 1986. Before this war, Colonel Gaddafi challenged the coalition saying 'Come and get me.' Now the rebels are here and firing in the air to celebrate their victory.

Mustafa Bag

Here in the garden of Bab al-Aziziya we can see an entrance to the tunnel network. This is Gaddafi's supposed escape route in times of war. The entrance here leads to two tunnels, the first goes to Buslim, the other to the airport. But there's no indication that Gaddafi took either way out.

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

The rebel soldiers from all over Libya – Zintan, Nalut, Benghazi and other towns – say this last assault against Gaddafi groups in Tripoli was focused on ultimate victory. They would accept nothing less than victory.

Fawzi el-Zoueri

The National Assembly has a week to respond to our demands when the entire eastern region will gather in protest to demand the withdrawal of confidence from their representatives, and will demand a referendum to start the process of autonomy.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

Nato is absolutely determined to continue its operations as long as there is a threat against Libyan civilians. And it's impossible to imagine that that threat will disappear with Gaddafi in power.

Robert Gates

Let's just call a spade a spade: A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy the air defences. That's the way you do a no-fly zone. It's a big operation in a big country.

Alain Juppé

France does not think that, in the current context, military intervention by NATO powers would be well-received on the southern shores of the Mediterranean. It would be counterproductive. That said, given the actions that have been carried out by Colonel Gaddafi, we must put ourselves in a position to act. That's why we've given our permission to the planning of an exclusion zone over Libya.

William Hague

We're also agreed that the international community, including the United States, and our other partners should continue to plan for different contingencies, including a no-fly zone, to ensure that we can respond swiftly and resolutely to events in Libya.

Mohamed Elhamy

This anti-aircraft gun is one of dozens that have been placed inside the city and surrounding area with fears of an imminent attack by Gaddafi's forces.

Muammar Gaddafi

Sarkozy must repay Libya the money he took for his election campaign. We financed it. We have all the details and we are ready to publish them. The first thing we ask of this clown Sarkozy is that he repay this money to the Libyan people. We helped him become president so that he would help the Libyan people but he has disappointed us. And very soon we will publish all the details.

Mustafa Bag

The insurgents have been retreating since losing Bin Jawwad. This is the western gateway to Ajdabiyah. The rebels are taking up position and they want to stop Gaddafi's forces, who are over there, from entering.

Milad Hussein

All is going well, and now, most of the areas that were attacked are free. They do not need a big offensive. They are a bunch of rats and cats that are hiding behind weapons and terrorising civilians. Every area we, the People's Armed Forces, enter, they raise their hands.

Alain Juppé

I think armed intervention of the kind that took place in Libya is not the order of the day; in any case it's not what we want now. Nevertheless, we can envisage ways of protecting the civilian population, namely through observers, for example, through the United Nations.

Rosen Marcov

Libya has become aware that time works against the infected children and their relatives. Urgent measures are necessary to provide the best possible care for the children and free their medics, as they are innocent.

Ahmet Davutoglu

Turkey will support the demands of the Libyan people and the unity of Libya. Therefore we have declared a roadmap, and this roadmap will underline the basic principles of such a transformation.

Mohamed al Bezanti

I feel like a groom. It is the 'wedding' of democracy today. It is the first time that we will choose who will govern us and the people are happy.

Muammar Gaddafi

Pick up your weapons, Prepare yourselves for battle, and free Libya.

Leon E. Panetta

This latest defection is another example of how weak they've gotten.

Roland Lavoie - NATO

The Gaddafi regime does not have anymore an effective operational capability. He could certainly 'throw the dishes against the wall to make a bit of noise' but we do not believe that he could generate a significant operational effect.

Alain Juppé

We have to analyse the conditions of this ceasefire, it must be a ceasefire on the whole territory of Libya and not only on Benghazi, and we think that Libya must also comply with the whole resolution of the Security Council.

Nick Clegg

I think it would be wrong to try and draw neat comparisons between the situation in Bahrain – the tensions between the Sunni and the Shia communities there – and the decades of brutal abuse of the human rights and freedoms of people in Libya by an authoritarian regime under Colonel Gaddafi.

Michael O'Hanlon - The Brookings Institution

We could kill people in the process, if Gaddafi put military personnel, or civilians, next to these sites, essentially as human shields. And a weapon could always go astray and hit something it wasn't supposed to.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

Any ceasefire must be credible and verifiable… there must be a complete end to violence and a complete end to all attacks against and abuses of civilians.

Susan E. Rice

By grossly and systematically violating his own people's human rights.

Mike Bracken

The intended target during last night's air strike in Tripoli was a military missile site. However, from our initial assessment of the facts it appears that one weapon did not strike the intended target due to a weapons systems failure. This technical failure may have caused a number of civilian casualties. NATO regrets the loss of innocent civilian lives.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

In just two months, we have made significant progress. Gaddafi's reign of terror is coming to an end. He is increasingly isolated at home and abroad.

Nicolas Sarkozy

I would like to make it clear that Europe, and France, only worked in a humanitarian and political capacity, and it was left at that. Tomorrow, along with my foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, I will go to Libya to help it reintegrate into the international community.

Peg Klein

Some of those cities still have tanks advancing on them to attack the Libyan people. We are authorised, and the President made the nexus between the Security Council resolution and what he considers our legal mandate to attack those tanks. And so that is the type of target that our strike aircraft will go after.

Ahmed Mustapha

They are saying they are protecting civilians, but there are no civilians to be protected here and there are no rockets to be attacked.

Alain Juppé

I have taken the initiative along with my British colleague to bring together a contact group in London next Tuesday. This includes all the countries in the coalition, as well as the African Union, the Arab League, and all the European countries involved, to make it clear that the political leadership of the operation is not NATO, but this contact group.

Hillary Clinton

NATO is well suited to coordinating this international effort and ensuring that all participating nations are working effectively together toward our shared goals. Gaddafi's troops have been pushed back, but they remain a serious threat to the safety of the people.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

We will co-operate closely with our partners in the region and we welcome their contributions.

Saif al-Islam

He will be treated as a human being with respect. So far you can make sure that he has been and he will continue to be and also then, he will get his day in court and it will be a just and proper justice applied.

Kostas Pliakos

I found out about Yusef through a Libyan relative, Mohamed ben Guzi, who fought in various battles. He was there in the war, during the revolution. He is a journalist. He pointed Yusef out to me. Yusef has a remarkable character, he is a unique person. I thought he would be the ideal character to describe and tell us what is the vision of today's young generation of Libya, after the revolution.

Joseph Muscat

We don't say there's isn't a need to improve the infrastructure. But we are also saying that there is the need for detention. If someone comes into our country without documentation you cannot just let him or her go. We can't just close our eyes to further people smuggling. What are we saying if we don't have detention? That we should just close our eyes and instead of making just one trip between Libya and Malta, we should also close our eyes to another trip between Malta and Italy? We don't do that!

Claude Moniquet

No, I don't believe that because I don't believe that Gaddafi really financed Sarkozy's campaign. After all, we're talking about someone who has been a professional liar for the last 20 or 30 years. I think his son Saif Al Islam takes after his father in this respect so I think that this was pure propoganda as part of a media war aimed at discrediting France.

Claude Moniquet

The main point is to take a strong political position on the Arab world which has been in a state of flux for the last three months. There, I think there is a political interest, a noble one, which explains why they had to invervene. The second thing which explains why this was mainly a Franco-British initiative was the understandable American reluctance to be the first wave of intervention. The American involvement in Iraq isn't finished and has left a very bad impression in the Arab world and a military operation which was too American-led would have, by its very nature, been problematic.

Claude Moniquet

There is obviously a window of opportunity for Europe, and that's quite rare. A chance for Europe to play a role on the international stage, and if there's anywhere where Europe can be significant, it's obviously in North Africa and Africa. North Africa and Libya, it's just the other side of the street from us, like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia…for us these are neighbouring countries, countries with which we have a common history, long-standing relationships, and I think that's the right policy to show: that we are interested in these situations and that we are on the side of their people.

Mustafa Bag

Rebels are celebrating victory here at the southern entry to the city. Thousands of people are gathering here, and celebrating by firing shots into the air.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Syria may not be attracting attention as much as Libya because it does not have enough oil. But I want to stress that those killed in Syria are as human as those killed in Libya.

Pietro Carosia

We think most were travelling as individuals, nobody could tell who was missing at the time of the accident and they all spoke different languages.

Nicolas Sarkozy

On the first of September we are inviting all of our allies to a conference in Paris, but we want to go further, to show that the period of the Contact Group and of the Military Coalition is coming to an end, and that we are moving into a new era of a free Libya and we will move with them.

Ahmed Jehani

All contracts will be honoured. All lawful contracts will be honoured, whether they are in the oil and gas complex or in the contracting. At the moment it is not for this government to decide whether they will be revoking any contract.

Mohammed Al-Guarshaa

God willing, this election will go to plan and we expect that after recent events, we will reach the foundation stage and people will start moving forward and the country will calm down, because the people are really tired of what's going on.

Rania Adriss

It's worse now. Because the new people in Benghazi think that black people are their enemies. Because Gaddafi loved black people, now everyone thinks they are enemies.

Awatef Beshti

I can't describe what I feel. I still don't believe it. Really I don't believe it. Sometimes I wonder, is this true? And then, I find it is true! So I feel alive again.

Hana Beshti

It's a country that never had political freedom, never had different political parties. We had one ruler, one dictator, one thinking. We have to learn how to practice our freedom now. We have to learn how to accept divisions politically. We hope that we will keep the unity of our people through that.

Saad Sharif

Not everyone was a mercenary. We don't deny that they existed. But those people were forced by Gaddafi's men. They told them, Either you're with us, or you're with the rebels. Some of our people were killed in Misrata because they refused. The brigades forced them to join them, or killed them. The choice was between two ills and even the softest option was sour for us. Either you joined the brigades and got killed by the rebels or you didn't and you were killed anyway. But not everyone participated.

Hana Beshti

For us, this place represents him. His thinking, his people. All the atrocities started from here, all that happened in Libya for the last 42 years. So this place for us now, with him gone, represents our freedom. And the freedom of Libya, and the future of Libya. And hopefully once it's demolished, there will be nothing left of Gaddafi.

Jerzy Buzek

I offered quite concrete projects, at the level of political exchanges, how to build democracy, democratic institutions and procedures.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil

The source of all legislation in Libya is Sharia law. On this basis, and during the transition period, any law or decision that is not in accordance will not be implemented.

Jonathan Ganesh

They seem more interested in oil. I know energy must be important, oil must be important. But surely human life is more precious, because we are valuing human life now with barrels of oil.

Gordon Brown

Over the coming weeks and months I can say that we will continue to step up our support by establishing dedicated foreign office support to the victims' campaign, we will appoint dedicated officers in the foreign office and our embassy in Tripoli will accompany the families and their representatives to meetings with the Libyan government to negotiate compensation.

Ali Zeidan

We started to cooperate with the EU at the beginning of the revolution, and there has been diplomatic cooperation at the headquarters of the EU in Strasbourg. Europe has helped us a lot during the different stages of the revolution. We have a strong connection that we are seeking to develop, especially in matters of security control, the issue of illegal immigration and adjusting the costs of security measures, and the security of the southern borders. And, for sure, they are helping us to train and rehabilitate the army and police forces.

Ali Zeidan

If there were no cooperation between the government and the National Congress, we couldn't advance in our work. I can confirm that there is an understanding between us, so we can move to another stage and bring stability to the country.

Ali Zeidan

In my opinion, at least over the past three months, we have seen significant development, the most important part being that we have actually established an army and a police force. Lately we have seen the first police officers graduate, and they have begun working on the task of maintaining security in the streets.

Ali Zeidan

What is happening in Libya is the natural fallout of a huge event that shook the whole of Libya at different levels. It caused a situation of insecurity, which provoked negative repercussions. This state of affairs is normal in the transitional phase, although it harmed the Libyan people. I really wish that we could have avoided the crisis we went through to reach this stage but realistically, in the circumstances, that was not possible. I see that there are still great hopes to change the situation and I think that now there is some degree of control.

Ali Zeidan

Our government is working according to National Congress legislation. For one year, we have been going through tough times, which are still ongoing.

Ali Zeidan

So far, we do not know how the constitution will be written and whether Libya will be under a presidential system or a different system. This issue will be decided after the constitution has been written. In my estimation, that will be six months after the constitution is adopted.

Ali Zeidan

We are in a process of intensive training and this will help to improve the security situation, and the government will be able to function more productively, especially with the support of our people.

Ali Zeidan

Armed brigades are now on their way out of Tripoli. Secondly, we are working on integrating all militia members wanting to join the army or the police.

Ali Zeidan

Compatibility between Libyan parties exists and we are looking to get better convergence of views and ideas. We have made great strides in this matter, and we are getting close to electing a committee to write a constitution.

Mohamed al-Fessi

I appeal to my tribe… I ask them to join the revolution immediately to avoid a bloodbath.

Jamal Ibrahim

This place was for Abdul Sala Jalud and Saadi Gaddafi. People could not come here. Whoever did so would be walking in fear.

Omar al-Shibani

We handed him over to the ambulance. It all happened quickly so we didn't concentrate too hard on the exact details. There was blood on his clothes around the chest and abdomen and on his face. But he was alive.

Andrei Beketov

Ministers are satisfied with the cooperation over Libya and believe Europe is now safer. However Nato is worried about the threat reappearing from the East if the withdrawal from Afghanistan leaves conflict in its wake.

Mohsen Marzouk

According to the first indications from polling stations we can say that Beji Caid Essebsi has won the 2nd round.

William Hague

It is absolutely unacceptable of course. It is in this case the cold-blooded murder of people going about their business. So there is no excuse whether it be connected to Libya, Mali or anywhere else.

Ali Zeidan

There are those who want Libya to enter the realms of the unknown and to turn Libya into a new Afghanistan or a new Somalia.

David Cameron

I believe it was profoundly wrong and the fact that 18 months later the Lockerbie bomber is today living at liberty in Tripoli only serves to underline that.

Tarek Mitri

The chaotic security situation and the very limited capacity of the government to counter the threat may well have created a fertile ground for a mounting danger in Libya and beyond.

Ibrahim Musa

This building is an administrative building in which people were working. It was hit only two hours ago and as you have seen with your own cameras, people, civilians, families, children have come from everywhere, to protect this location and the rocket hit only 50 to 100 metres away from them.

Louise Arbour

I think to look exclusively at the military options is a form of escalation that is not prudent. The African Union had already launched a negotiation initative, dispatched a mission, the secretary general has a special envoy so I think diplomatic initiatives have to continue to be pursued. First to cease all combat operations and to try to find a form of accomodation that would bring democratic space into Libya.

Catherine Ashton

While contributing in a differentiated way, the EU and its member states are determined to act collectively and resolutely with all international partners, particularly the Arab League, to give full effect to these decisions.

Abdel Jalil

The number of refugees is growing all the time. We don't have exact figures but there are thousands arriving. We're trying to organise medical help for the sick.

Shokri Ghanem - National Oil Corporation

I am in my office; we are running the business; we are trying to do our utmost to keep the oil installations safe.

Mario Dobon

The Libyan Central Bank doesn't seem to be operating any more, the (commercial) banks dont seem to be operating anymore. A number of Maltese companies have not received their money and we are talking here about millions of euros.

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

Tens of thousands of Egyptians and other foreigners were having to spend another night outside at the mercy of the elements in Ras Jedir. Everyone hopes that tomorrow will bring a solution to end their suffering as the aid efforts from the Tunisians are not nearly enough.

David Cameron

It's a moment for Europe to say what we have done in the past hasn't always worked. Now we should be reaching out to these countries, offering them a new partnership, opening up our markets.

Oliver Roth

Every wave of sales needs a break and I think we will see a break this week. The market is going to go sideways, and at the end of the week there will be some economic data published which we will look at very carefully as recession is an issue here.

Oliver Roth

I am expecting a slow-down of the selling market, simply because they (investors) are out of breath and they need some time to rest. We will see for this week a calming down of the markets, definitely.

Nadir Kubar

So he play his last cards, if you can say (that), his last game he don't have. And even his big corner in his army, they lose control. So all of the army of Gaddafi now they fight without any order, without anything.

Barack Obama

I have directed my administration to provide all necessary resources to support the security of our personnel in Libya, and to increase security at our diplomatic posts around the globe.

Abu Shagur

I do condemn the cowardly act of attacking the U.S. consulate and the killing of Mr Stevens and the other diplomats.

Jamel Ezzidini

Gaddafi addressed the people at the beginning of the revolution, saying: 'Who are you?' Libyan people are answering today, We're the ones who will follow you everywhere you go, wherever you have disappeared, and we will continue to follow you until justice is done.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil

Muammar Gaddafi has defied the world by challenging coalition forces. He remains a threat not only to the Libyans but to the world. Therefore the Libyan people and humanity appeal to allied troops to continue protecting the Libyan people from this tyrant.

Robert Gates

A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya, to destroy the air defences. That is the way you do a no-fly zone.

Luis Amado

The Gaddafi regime is finished, no longer legitimate. Dialogue must begin with the opposition in Tripoli, to obtain a cease-fire as quickly as possible.

Guido Westerwelle

We don't want to get sucked into a war in North Africa.

Catherine Ashton

It is very important in anything we do to be clear about what action we take and why, who is best-placed to do what, but to keep the pressure on.

Saif al-Islam

The Libyan people, they will never ever welcome NATO, we will never ever welcome the Americans here. Libya is not a piece of cake. We are not a Mickey Mouse.

Peter Bouckaert - Human Rights Watch

The CIA rendered eight or nine individuals according to these files and it wasn't just abducting suspected Islamic militants and handing them over to the Libyan intelligence. The CIA also sent questions they wanted Libyan intelligence to ask and from the files it's very clear they were present in some of the interrogations themselves.

Nouri Al-Drougi

Look at this, is the blood of Libyans!… I say to the General National Congress, you traitors' and to the government, you 'traitors. Where is the army where is the police?

Alain Juppé

NATO must play its role fully. NATO wanted to take the military direction of operations, and we accepted it. Now it must prevent Gaddafi repeatedly using heavy weapons against populations.

Nick Clegg

The UN was very clear, the international community was very clear. It wants to see an end, an absolute end to these needless, senseless and brutal attacks on the Libyan people. And until the international community is satisfied that that is happening, the UN resolution will still be unfulfilled.

Nick Clegg

It's very difficult to be honest to tell exactly what is happening on the ground. There is some evidence right now he is continuing to brutalise some citizens in the west of Libya even though he is declaring a ceasefire in the east so we need, sort of, to see it to believe it.

Nick Clegg

We are not, let's be absolutely clear, we are not going to a war. This is no Iraq, there's going to be no invasion of Libya. The UN resolution very clearly rules out, absolutely rules out any ground invasion (of Libya). But clearly if Gaddafi's own ground troops are menacing and attacking and brutalising innocent Libyan citizens then we would take military action from the air in order to seek to stop them doing that. That is squarely within the terms of the resolution.

Nick Clegg

Well not really, in a sense it's fairly obvious. The UN resolution speaks for itself. It mandates the international community to take action, all necessary measures to protect those Libyan citizens who are being attacked and brutalised by the Gaddafi regime.

David Cameron

It was the people of Libya, through the transitional national council, who were the first to call for protection from air attack through a no-fly zone. More recently the Arab League made the same demand. Mr Speaker I would say this, it has been remarkable how Arab leaders have come forward and condemned the actions of Gadaffi's government.

William Hague

We have said all along that Gaddafi must go; that the Libyan people must be able to have a more representative Government and determine their own future. And it is necessary to take these measures to avoid greater bloodshed, to try to stop what is happening in terms of the attacks on civilians and on the people of Libya.

David Cameron

We will judge him by his actions and not his words. What is absolutely clear is the United Nations Security Council resolution says he must stop what he is doing – brutalising his people; if not all necessary measures can follow to make him stop.

Bernard Valero

I would recommend to anyone to be very cautious with a statement made by Gaddafi. If you remember what he has said over the last three weeks, and especially I would like to remind you of the terrible threats he has issued against his own people, it was not only words but also crimes.

Moussa Koussa

We decided on an immediate ceasefire and on an immediate stop to all military operations across the country. Libya was surprised about the resolution, which permits military action against the Libyan people.

Anas Lotfy

The city has a shortage of petrol and fuel. We had to buy fuel on the black market so we can provide for the people. We only have enough flour to last for two days and we had to buy that on the black market.

Moussa Ibrahim

The leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is in excellent health and in high spirits. He is a man who believes in God. He is present and well and in good health. He's in a place that cannot be reached by those fractious groups and he's still in Libya.

Anwar el Saber

For almost half an hour, one of Gaddafi's fighter jets shelled Benina Airport, 10 kilometers south of Benghazi. This plane has been shot by national (insurrectional) forces and has crashed in the Suluk-zone, south of Benghazi. It was a Mirage fighter jet.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil

We are surprised at these voices calling for division in Libya. We call on all Libyans to gather round the internationally legitimate Council.

David Fyfe - International Energy Agency

I think the market from 2010 through 2012 is looking tighter than we were thinking six months ago.

Guillermo Cervera

We were in Tripoli Street working, and an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) hit us, the group. We were coming backwards because we were scared of the fight and just an RPG went where we were and it hit the group.

Ian Martin - United Nations

The first tasks have to be the decisions regarding the electoral system, the establishment of an electoral commission that I am sure will be widely respected for independence and integrity, and of course all the technical tasks that are involved in a good register of electors and so on.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

We will continue our current operation as long as there is a threat against the civilian population, but not one minute longer. In a post conflict period we stand ready to assist the new Libyan authorities if requested and if needed.

Mohamed Ali

We do not want any more militias or displays of arms. And Tripoli is considered a civilian city and we do not want anyone coming here and terrorising us, like what happened today.

Khalid Yossef

What is happening is a struggle for power, that's it. And the people are the ones who are suffering and they are the real victims As you can hear there are bullets flying around, and it's all down to your luck when that happens.

Robert Gates

The president has said where we have some unique capabilities he is willing to use those, and in fact he has approved the use of armed predators, and I think today may, in fact, have been their first mission. I think that will give us some precision capability.

Abdel Hakim Belhadj

Saadi contacted us and expressed the intention to join the rebels. But we in our turn said the surrender of all the figures of the regime is inevitable.

Hasni Abidi

We all know there are Islamic groups among the rebels. Also, there are an enormous number of weapons spread across the country. They have either come from Gaddafi or other countries, or even cross-border smuggling. It is difficult to know how to gather those weapons.

Hasni Abidi

I don't think that welcoming part of the Gaddafi family to Algeria for humanitarian reasons will end the relationship with Libya. There is a pragmatic and realistic wing within the National Transitional Council and it tends to build healthy relations with neighbouring countries, mainly Algeria.

Hasni Abidi

It is true that France and the UK have been leading the military operations against the Gaddafi regime, to help the rebels topple Gaddafi. But I think what is important for Libya is to develop a new system, new institutions to help run the country, because Libya has no institutions apart from those run by Gaddafi. The challenges for the future are difficult and I do not think the National Transitional Council will be able to handle them alone.

Hasni Abidi

There are big fears after information suggested some organisations took part in fighting in Afghanistan, such as the al-Jama'a Almoqatila in Libya, headed by Bilhaj, who is currently the chief of Tripoli's military council. The fear is that those organisations may get involved in the political system. Therefore, the National Transitional Council is not ready and cannot rule, but it is a tool to help the transition into a political system.

Alain Juppé

Today we have to help the NTC, as the country is devastated. The humanitarian situation is difficult, there's little water, electricity, fuel. Libya is potentially a rich country, it has frozen assets elsewhere that were embezzled by the previous regime, which we're in the process of unfreezing. France, for example, has just authorised the release to the NTC of 1.5 billion euros.

John Kerry

A lot of the violence is around the embassy and not on the embassy, but nevertheless it presents a very real risk to our personnel, so we are suspending our current diplomatic activities at the embassy – not closing the embassy.

Condoleezza Rice

I think we are off to a good start. It is only a start but after many, many years, I think it is a very good thing that the United States and Libya are establishing a way forward.

Bora Bayraktar - Euronews

I am standing in one of the spots where clashes took place, in front of the prime minister's office. Police are still patrolling the area but both sides have agreed to stop the violence. It seems, for here at least, life has returned to normal.

Sergey Lavrov

It means once again that those who declare recognition (of the rebels' National Transitional Council) stand fully on the side of one political force in a civil war which is ongoing in Libya. It means once again that supporters of such a decision are supporters of a policy of isolation, in this case the isolation of those forces that represent Tripoli.

Mohammed Badr Aldien Zayed

We have begun making contact with the security council and the international community to prepare punitive measures against those who support terrorism in Libya as well as those who carry it out.

Bernard-Henri Levy

This is not a history about Libya in general, there are plenty of films like those around. For this one, I stick to the story about what I experienced, what I witnessed and sometimes what I took part in.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

This decision sends a clear message to the Gaddafi regime: We are determined to continue our operation to protect the people of Libya.

Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi

The African Union and the United Nations need to set a date and time for a ceasefire so we can all be held accountable to the international community. We are ready for dialogue with the leadership of the People's Committees that represents all Libyans.

Nicolas Sarkozy

The situation is unacceptable and the government's behaviour is shocking. The terms of the final declaration of the G8 are clear about the condemnation of the Syrian power against peaceful protesters.

Abb-Rabbo al-Barassi

I see progress with the state, the government, the General National Congress assembly. I think it won't take longer than two weeks to reach a deal, God willing. Maybe even less than that.

Ashley Pereira

G8 members have made a very good effort to bring in the African countries that aren't members. They are trying to involve them, to welcome them into the dialogue.

Louis Moreno-Ocampo

Libya is now established, it is a new government and they have the right to prosecute Saif and Sennussi here, and in according to our rules the primacy is with the national system. If they conduct the proceedings, the court will not intervene.

Mohamed Ouamoussi

Joining us now from Paris is Nuri al-Mismari, Colonel Gaddafi's former head of protocol, who was very close to the Libyan leader. Mr Mismari, welcome to euronews. There have been a number of defections from the army, the police and diplomatic service. The question to be asked is: who is governing Libya today?

Nicolas Sarkozy

Alain Juppe and me, in time will go to Benghazi but we hope that when the time comes we can make a working visit to meet all those who want to build Libya's democratic future. We spoke with David Cameron and feel it should be a French and British initiative.

Tamás Fellegi

In line with Saturday's decision by the [United Nations] Security Council, the Council of the EU banned the supply to Libya of arms, ammunition and related material. In addition to the UN measures, the Council also prohibited trade with Libya in equipment which might be used for internal repression.

Laurence Gonzi

We are foreseeing a scenario where it will be absolutely vital for us to provide basic essential needs for the Libyan people in Libya.

Luis Moreno Ocampo - International Criminal Court

I would like to put on notice everyone in Libya – anyone who decides to attack civilians could be investigated and prosecuted and the commanders have peculiar responsibilities because the commanders are in charge of the army and they know whatever the troops do, they could be responsible.

Sybella Wilkes - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We're asking that commercial and military vessels remain really vigilant at this time, on the understanding that there are many boats packed full of migrants and refugees that are escaping the violence in Libya, and in many cases these boats are in an unseaworthy condition.

Claudio Cordone

I think that it is important, despite all the great challenges that they have, that they prioritise the situation in the detention centres, because every day people are being brought in there, beaten, it also happened in our presence, and people are at risk of abuse. There is no judicial process and it is important that there is a central authority that takes care of all the detention centres.

Mohammed Al-Alagi

I think there are no war crimes. They are not the military, they are only ordinary people. (There) might (have been) some mistakes, but we can't classify them as war crimes at all.

Hillary Clinton

Clearly on our agenda is looking for the most effective ways to deliver financial assistance and other means of supporting and helping the TNC (Transitional National Council) opposition.

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

They promised investment, loans, aid and an increased partnership with Tunisia. The US wants to invest in Tunisia, promoting tourism and the Gulf states, which are the main investors in Tunisia, the neighbouring Maghreb countries, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and the Arab world.

Awad Ibrahim Elbarasi

I heard the explosion at dawn, as I was here in Benghazi. We still don't know who was behind the attack but an investigation is ongoing.

Susan E. Rice

This is not about military intervention. This is not about Libya. That is a cheap ruse by those who would rather sell arms to Syrian regime than stand with the Syrian people.

Stephane Abrial - NATO

The Libyan crisis came as a surprise to, I guess, everybody here. We are facing it and we are conducting this operation with all the means we have and the best we can. If the operation were to last long, of course, the resource issue would become critical.

Mustafa Bag

Gaddafi loyalists were found here in the Abu Salim camp. The fighting went on all night. Several African soldiers died here. You can see the possessions of the troops who fled. Those who couldn't escape died right here.

Nicolas Sarkozy

One should never rejoice in the death of a man, whatever he has done. But the threat posed by Gaddafi and the group of mercenaries who were with him was a real threat to the future of Libya. Now you have to turn the page, and progress with forgiveness and reconciliation.

David Cameron

People in Libya today have an even greater chance, after this news, of building themselves a strong and democratic future. I'm proud of the role Britain has played in helping them to bring that about, and I pay tribute to the bravery of the Libyans who've helped to liberate their country. We will help them, we will work with them, and that is what I want to say today.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

NATO and its partners have successfully implemented the United Nations mandate to protect the people of Libya. We will terminate our mission in coordination with the United Nations and the National Transitional Council and that moment has now moved much closer.

Maha Barada

Free libya is a slogan that's been chanted by libyans for many days, now they are on their way to forming a government after Gadaffi. But before that outcome can be finalised many obstacles must be overcome and the friends of Libya may still have a crucial role to play.

Mustafa Bag

There've been clashes for two weeks but with pro-Gaddafi forces now pushed back, local people have been coming out in droves to see the scenes of battle. While some have taken pictures as souvenirs, others are taking vehicle parts to sell.

Charles Bouchard

I can assure you that every action that we take is always taken with care to ensure that minimum collateral damage takes place. Our job is to ensure the safety of people and we will do what it takes to do that.

William Hague

Since the conditions of a ceasefire and an end to violence are not fulfilled, then our operations to protect civilians in these locations in Libya will continue. It's very important that that unified commitment to them continuing is very, very clear in our statements today.

Ali Sheikholeslami

A member of the Libyan Interim National Council said we've had enough of tyranny over the past 42 years. He said the council will draft a constitution for the post-Gaddafi era. The Qatari Prime Minister concluded the conference by saying that Gaddafi must stop the bloodshed and go. But one question remains: will he?

Sergey Lavrov

The NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the Libyan operation was being conducted to protect the population, not to arm it. We fully agree with the NATO Secretary-General on this.

Barack Obama

I think that it is fair to say that if we wanted to get weapons into Libya, we probably could.

Alain Juppé

I must remind you it is not part of the UN resolution, resolution 1973 and 1970 – which for the moment France is sticking to – but we are open to discussing arming rebels with our partners.

Ali Zeidan

Our relationship with the USA is one of friendship and cooperation. They helped us with our revolution. Our relationship will not be affected by this event, which we will settle in our own appropriate way.

Hillary Clinton

The people of Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia did not trade the tyranny of dictator for the tyranny of a mob.

Ali al-Rabiti

I want to train the next generation of pilots, to protect Libya and its people.

David Cameron

The targeting is about saving civilian life and putting in place a no-fly zone. And I think it is very important we don't go beyond that in any way.

Thierry Burkard

In terms of the collateral damage that Libyan TV purports to show, I can assure you that of the strikes that were carried out, we are certain that there has been no collateral damage.

Alain Juppé

It's about protecting civilians. It's also about giving an advantage to the anti-Gaddafi forces fighting for democracy and freedom, and it's for that that we are targeting Gaddafi's military resources and nothing else.

Abdullah al-Badri - OPEC

There is a trend in lowering demand because of the economy, a lot of uncertainties in the world economy.

David Welche

This is a very important day in US-Libyan relations. With the signature of this agreement, we open the possibility of completely new normalised relations.

Jalal el-Gallal

We honestly believe that they should support their president and his pursuit of democracy and freedom which are fundamentals to the American people and to assist the Libyan people to realise their aspirations.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We have made moves internationally for the removal of the United Nations sanctions against the old regime and for Libyan assets abroad, which belong to the people of Libya, to be used for the benefit of the Libyan people.

Moussa Ibrahim

It's the same old nonsense. We have always asked time and again for people to come on the ground and investigate all accusations against us.

Seham Sergewa

We have found in east Libya 259 women who have said they have been raped so far and I have reviewed 140 women.

Alain Juppé

We cannot let the warmongers get away with it. We cannot leave the civilian population in the lurch, suffering brutal repression. We cannot let legality and international morals be ignored.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Friends of Benghazi, we ask you now one thing… We believe in Libya united, not Libya divided. Vive Bengazhi! Vive la Libye!

David Cameron

It is great to be here in free Bengazhi and in free Libya! Your city was an inspiration to the world, as you threw off a dictator and chose freedom!

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The former regime under Gaddafi has reported to the relevant international United Nations organisations on nuclear materials as well as chemical weapons.

Nicolas Sarkozy

If we want to control matters in the Mediterranean, we can only do so with the cooperation of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya.

Benjamin Netanyahu

I promise the other side will pay a heavier price than it has so far, until it stops shooting. There is no ceasefire. The Israeli Defence Forces will protect the residents of southern Israel and eliminate the rocket launchers.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

At midnight tonight a successful chapter in NATO's history is coming to an end. But you have already started writing a new chapter in the history of Libya: a new Libya based on freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law and reconciliation. We know it's not easy. We know the challenges, and if you ask us for help in areas where we can help, we will help.

Hillary Clinton

I think it is very important that this not be a US-led effort because this comes from the people of Libya themselves, this does not come from the outside.

Hillary Clinton

Until an interim authority is in place, the United States will recognise the TNC as the legitimate governing authority for Libya and we will deal with it on that basis. In contrast the United States views the Gaddafi regime as no longer having legitimate authority in Libya.

Barack Obama

We are naturally reluctant to use force to solve the world's many challenges. But when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. That's what has happened in Libya over the course of these last six weeks.

David Cameron

Yes our military action can protect people from attack, and yes our humanitarian action can help people recover. But neither are sufficient to provide a greater path to freedom. Ultimately the solution must be a political one and it must be for the Libyan people themselves to determine their destiny.

Hillary Clinton

We will support a process of democratising that respects the rule of law, that respects the rights of minorities and women and young people. Groups that want to undermine democracy or subvert it are going to have to be dealt with by the Libyans themselves.

David Cameron

I think it is quite right to take the time to establish the facts of the case, rather than rushing to judgement. I quite understand why Liam Fox has decided to resign, though obviously I am sorry to see him go. He did a good job at the Ministry of Defence clearing up the mess left by the last government and giving good leadership to that department, particularly while we have been in action in Libya and also of course in Afghanistan.

Nicolas Sarkozy

It will inevitably be political and diplomatic, too, even if the military option has become unavoidable because of Mr Gaddafi's inability to listen to reasonable propositions.

Dmitry Medvedev

There are different comments regarding what is happening but I believe we should be extremely careful in our assessments. In no way is it acceptable to use expressions that in essence lead to a clash of civilisations, such as crusades and so forth. Otherwise things can end considerably worse than what's happening today.

Vladimir Putin

In general it reminds me of a medieval crusade when someone rallied others to go and liberate something.

David Cameron

Many people would ask the question I am sure today about regime change and Gaddafi and the rest, I have been clear: I think Libya needs to get rid of Gaddafi. But in the end, we are responsible for trying to enforce the Security Council resolution. The Libyans must choose their own future.

Laurent Fabius

It is an attack that targets not only France but all the countries that fight against terrorism. I'm going to travel immediately to Libya. This attack aimed to kill. France will never give in.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

An inclusive process for democratic change should be launched immediately, taking the legitimate interests of Libyan people into consideration. The purpose of this process should be to secure a constitutional democracy in which people will choose their own leaders with their free will.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

He, (referring to Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi), has lost his legitimacy when he declared war on his people. This is again a totally unacceptable situation. I hope, I sincerely hope and urge him to listen to the people's call.

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

Output was close to zero in the months after the US invasion. The big question is how much damage has been done to the oil facilities in Libya where the fighting has gone on much longer than in Iraq. There's a risk it may take a bit longer in Libya.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil

We are trying hard to speed up the process of the treatments. Both moderately and critically wounded people want to be treated abroad, which is difficult. They are competing with each other.

Barack Obama

These resources will give us flexibility to fulfil different missions, including training security forces in Yemen who have gone on the offensive against al Qaeda; supporting a multinational force to keep the peace in Somalia; working with European allies to train a functioning security force and border patrol in Libya; and facilitating French operations in Mali.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

A visit to Gaza is not planned at the moment, but frankly I'm yearning for such a visit. I really would like to visit Gaza as soon as possible.

Guido Westerwelle

We think the real work will start after the time of Gaddafi. It is very crucial to rebuild the country and to help the country so that means creating a better future for the people in Libya.

Sergey Lavrov

As regards possible proposals to sanction through the UN Security Council a ground operation in Libya, the resolution 1973, which the Security Council has already adopted, directly and unequivocally rules out such an option.

David Cameron

I think today is a day to remember all of Colonel Gaddafi's victims. From those who died in connection with the Pan-Am flight over Lockerbie, to Yvonne Fletcher in a London street, and obviously all the victims of IRA terrorism who died through their use of Libyan Semtex. We should also remember the many, many Libyans who died at the hands of this brutal dictator and his regime.

Dmitry Medvedev

We hope that there will be peace in Libya and that all those who are governing the Libyan state, different representatives of Libyan tribes will reach final agreement on the configuration of power and Libya will be a modern democratic state.

Guido Westerwelle

The Bundeswehr (the German army) is not going to be sent to Libya. But that does not mean that we are neutral. We share the aim to protect civilians and of course the aim that the dictator must be stopped.

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