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Rachel Kim - SoFi
Your professional market value is not a fixed number. It is one that has to be adjusted not only with your education, experience and expertise, but also with the context of the market that you're working in and the company you're working
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NEW Jun 23 2017
Jeff Weiner, Satya Nadela, Daniel Roth and Reid Hoffman, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about LinkedIn. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 82 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 134 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Jeff Weiner is: “Microsoft's offer was of greater value – an all cash offer versus stock and cash –where Salesforce would have potentially been diluted in a way where the stock that they offered to lose value, at least in the near term.”.
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Peter Johnston

It was an emotional decision. This is the sweet spot. Do I think they'll attack the freelance market and build a module as fast as us?

Dana Deasy - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

We've always thought of ourselves as a technology company. We're looking for strong technical minds who are

Ashley Goldsmith - Workday

It's different if you're a Google or a Facebook where people immediately understand that this is a great place for technologists to be. But I think we're still developing our employer brand as a place where technologists would want to grow their

Ardine Williams - Amazon Web Services

It's very difficult for a professor to build a curriculum or course that addresses the needs of tech in real time. The pace of technology continues to accelerate and it doesn't show any sign of slowing. You must have an insatiable curiosity about what's changing and how, and stay current. Otherwise, you're going to be left

John L. Donnelly

As our customers in the consumer bank evolve, and as simple transactions continue to migrate to digital, we are looking for more tech savvy, complex issue resolution and relationship-oriented

Michael Ross - Visa

One area [in the hiring process] that has changed is our increased focus on diversity and inclusion, which has greatly influenced our hiring strategy. You've got to go where the talent

Jeffrey Smith

[You] need to display a voracious appetite to learn. No matter what stage you're in in your career, you should never give up the mindset of a

Karla Samdahl - Cisco Systems

Bleeding-edge technology skills are relatively scarce and highly sought

Michael Ross - Visa

We are looking for software engineers and data scientists – change agents who want to tackle the transformation of digital commerce enabling payment via taps, dips or swipes on smartphones, tablets and even cars and

Steve Price - Dell

Sales and engineering are the two most populated pieces of our company. Those are two areas where we're always on sharp patrol. We're

Taylor Cascino - Square

I think a lot of tech companies are looking for similar types of folks. So we find ourselves competing with other [technology] firms a lot of the time. It's a little bit different than adjusting pixels on a social networking site. Not to say that that's not valuable, it's just less

Magda Yrizarry

You hire people who have in the past been able to bend the curve on technology. They may not have bent the curve on 5G for example, but they were there to create earlier iterations of technologies like IoT or cybersecurity. So you have a confidence that they are not beholden to the past, that they can create the

Bill Strahan - Comcast

What's most in demand and the hardest to get is the combination. It's getting, for example, someone who is highly technical, but then has that and the leadership skills or to have that and the business strategy

Heidi Soltis-Berner

Those 3 Ds are a great North Star for us as we think about the workforce of the

Liz Wiseman

It's fundamental to the value system of the Millennial generation to be a part of things that are of significance, that are bold, that are

Dan Schwabel

Goldman Sachs just burns people out too much. So does Amazon, but it's a great brand, people touch it every day. And plus, it got too political in 2017. People are tired of

Daniel Roth - LinkedIn

The companies that show up really high on the list have set out to solve really big problems. It's amazing, how much people demand to be

Dan Schwabel

People want to work at cool places right now, It's not about making money. It's about making an impression, and having an

Ray Dalio

Big picture, the near term looks good and the longer term looks scary. We fear that whatever the magnitude of the downturn that eventually comes, whenever it eventually comes, it will likely produce much greater social and political conflict than currently exists. The idea of conflicts getting even worse in a downturn is

Kim Jarvis - SoFi

Focus on the empathy you gained while helping kids navigate a new experience, your proactive approach to keeping kids safe and healthy. No matter what your major is, you're likely to find that a local non-profit would be happy to get additional

MaryJo Fitzgerald - Glassdoor

Internship or volunteer experience shows you're eager to

Blair Decembrele - LinkedIn

Regardless of whether or not you have an internship, summer is a great time for students to explore areas outside of the classroom that they may be interested in

Kim Jarvis - SoFi

Reach out to your list of contacts for informational interviews to learn more about their experience, gain feedback on your situation and learn what you can do to prepare yourself for future internship

Rob Wenger

You have a 50,000-member association of people who have the same job. The idea as to make sort of a private LinkedIn and give them a way to communicate with each

Kylan Nieh - LinkedIn

It's not until you're actually out there fighting the war, building those skills, and doing the work that you know if this really is something you could actually be doing when you get

Daniel Roth - LinkedIn

Keeps happening every month. We're seeing these massive year-over-year

Mario Batali

I think what's gonna happen is the rich people are gonna eat the rich people's food and everyone else is not. And what I will suggest is that we might be looking at a violent revolution in 25 years in America based almost exclusively on access to good

Mario Batali

I don't think violent revolution is necessarily so bleak. If you look at the new tax codes, just rewarding the rich for being rich is a very short-term vision for what should be happening in the richest country of all

Satya Nadella - Microsoft

I want to be able to democratize AI so that any customer using these products is able to, in fact, take their own data and load it into AI for themselves. I think that's the only way to long-term change this game, because if all we did was replace somebody else's (sales), or (finance) application, that's of no value, quite frankly. That ecosystem approach is something that we will absolutely maintain and, in fact, if anything keep continuing to

Katia Beauchamp - Birchbox

I cold-emailed every CEO of the beauty industry you can imagine. And it

Maureen Chiquet

I feel both liberated and terrified. I was putting together my LinkedIn profile and I thought: 'What do I call myself? Author? Speaker? Consultant?feedback

Suzy Welch

If you maximize your LinkedIn profile, you may not be looking for your next job. It could come find

Oliver Cameron

I'm starting a new thing with great friends called Voyage Auto. We're deploying autonomous taxis to real users very, very soon. Voyage is building an extremely cheap and safe autonomous taxi

Daniel Roth - LinkedIn

It appears that after coming out of the gates optimistic at the start of the year, employers are taking a slight step back to see how the economy shapes up in the coming

Suzy Welch

If you maximize your LinkedIn profile, you may not be looking for your next job. It could come find you. Use it as an opportunity to talk about your experience, motivations, interests and skills. It

Suzy Welch

Recruiters screen by location. Leaving your location off leaves you out of the running for a lot of

Suzy Welch

You've probably been told a hundred times to leave the objective off of your resume. The rules are different

Daniel Roth - LinkedIn

We think that people will start their day with this, to get the news they

Svenja Gudell - Zillow

High demand and inventory shortages have driven up housing prices in some markets so much that even if you land a great job, the salary might not cover living within commuting distance. On the other hand, the nation's most affordable housing markets don't always offer plentiful employment opportunities. Housing is the biggest line item in most people's budgets, so we did the math for you and found 'sweet spots' – places with great job markets and housing markets that will leave you with some cash at the end of the

Svenja Gudell - Zillow

You move to Seattle for Amazon but you end up at

Peter Roper

Frankly there's a lot of jobs on LinkedIn, there's a lot of job services. Those are jobs people know about. Those are the jobs that are really the most competitive to get because they're widely publicized. Personally reach out to the hiring manager or person in charge of your department

Mark LaSpisa - Vermilion Energy

Are you behind the eight ball and you haven't saved much, and we can use that [cost reduction] to catch up? That's a great opportunity. You never know what's going to be the deciding

Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn

From this position, I will continue to focus on helping LinkedIn fulfill its mission of increasing the economic productivity of individual professionals and the companies they work for. I'll also contribute more broadly as Microsoft deepens its presence in Silicon Valley and continues to weave social, AI, and other technologies into [its]

Jason Jones

They don't handle it well at all. My character, Nate, has been unemployed for 19 months, so he's a bit desperate. He gets a call out of the blue with a job offer, which should have tipped them off–no one gets hired cold off of LinkedIn!feedback

Jay Kreps

A lot of open source is adopted by Silicon Valley startups that don't pay for software -- or not much. Our target is mostly not those guys. We're mostly selling into large enterprises in the Fortune 500, not the tech

Jay Kreps

First, data comes into Kafka about the car. Data about the product, about customers. That's the main thing, they've never had access [to this data] before. That draws in all the apps that need it. Those apps bring in their own data about customers, creating a virtuous cycle -- adoption leads to more adoption. That's an important property that's different from most infrastructure software, where you have to win the adoption app by

Jay Kreps

This space is just emerging. Our capabilities are still not even one-tenth of what they can

Amy Hood

I'm focused on growing the top-line revenue and accelerating that business and its potential with ours. You want to keep the core growing and they're doing a great job of that, things are good. They are motivated, Jeff's a great

Amy Hood

If you ask anybody at Microsoft, could they spend more money, all of them would say yes. They should say that! They should say, Yes, I have so many terrific innovative, interesting, awesomely, impactful ideas, that you have to get me more money.' I love that, I love that energy, and I listen to some really fascinating arguments ....then my job is to take those dollars, every one of them, and ask myself if we're putting it in the right place. I think the IBM cloud gets a lot of mention with very large customers, you see that those in the

Amy Hood

I know we've not been a company to until to wait on tax reform to return capital. It's not been a reason to wait for the board or for Satya, who cares deeply about the

Jon Acuff

Business owners tend to know other business owners. And they know lots of

Amir Mashkoori

We couldn't find anything in the U.S. that was addressing this very, very acute problem. People are freaking out, it's the right thing to do, this is going to make a

Steve Cadigan

Our position is going to be to open the eyes of what career possibilities there are going to be in the digital

Amir Mashkoori

When someone learns how to do a website, they are learning it from someone who builds websites all day long, when someone learns how to do a Google AdWords campaign, they are learning from someone at Google. You're learning what's happening out in the world

Satya Nadela - Microsoft

In our case for example, one of the things that excites me about LinkedIn is to create that economic graph which is ... which is a real-time feedback loop between skills, jobs and people, so that the economic opportunity for every individual can be

Joi Ito - Media Lab

For example, one of the most critical challenges is how do we make sure that the machines we 'train' don't perpetuate and amplify the same human biases that plague society? How can we best initiate a broader, in-depth discussion about how society will co-evolve with this technology, and connect computer science and social sciences to develop intelligent machines that are not only 'smart,' but also socially responsible?feedback

J. Kelly Hoey

We can all make time for a little networking in our hyper-focused lives. All it takes is some thought about who we're connecting with, combined with some

J. Kelly Hoey

Using the stairs or public transport might take you slightly out of your way, but what if you see that detour not as a decision about transportation, but as an opportunity for a valuable interaction?feedback

J. Kelly Hoey

Start thinking of networking as muscle. Use it regularly, in a variety of ways, to achieve your

Jim Cramer

When you see Western Digital go up and Micron [Technology] go up, you say how far can this extend? Well, if it extends to Microsoft, then Microsoft can be a big enough factor in this endless pursuit of Dow 20,

Melissa Llarena

Think about whether higher-ups are using

Melissa Llarena

If you want to gain responsibilities and grow professionally, then show up professionally online and offline when it comes to workplace

Vadim Ampelonsky - Roskomnadzor

The meeting with LinkedIn was constructive. The parties agreed to continue

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

A growing number of Europeans subscribe to professional social networks. These networks are important for professionals to connect and interact and to find new career opportunities. Today's decision ensures that Europeans will continue to enjoy a freedom of choice between professional social

Brad Smith

With this regulatory process behind us, we can bring together two great companies and focus on even broader issues for the future. The events of the past six months make not just this business opportunity, but the broader societal issues connected to them, more

Konstantin Guericke

I think it's very different situation. Nokia was not exactly thriving at the time when this happened. LinkedIn was thriving and it's kind of a career make-or-break for the Microsoft CEO (Satya Nadella) so I think it'll be handled differently, partly because of the lesson of

Konstantin Guericke

They (Microsoft) have always had a sort of line out. It was always difficult because we could see our business growing and so we always had a pretty high valuation in mind because we could see … how the company was going to evolve for the next few years, so there was always a high premium attached that didn't really make sense for an acquirer to

Konstantin Guericke

Microsoft since the early days had a standing offer to our VCs (venture capitalists), saying look, if you want to sell the company talk to us, so it's not a surprise that Microsoft ended up doing the

Lynnette Tay

They come from a culture where work is work and it's kept very separate from fun. I didn't know how they would react to such a different

Nutan Singapuri

We can encourage our employees to learn from their parents. There's always wisdom and nuggets of helping to build on the wisdom and experience they've had over many

Nutan Singapuri

A number of parents would say they don't even understand what the children are doing. The idea is to bring that into generational understanding, connectedness and create belonging

Thomas Vollmoeller

It is okay to have a private life... It is okay to question things, to have fun at work. And to want to have some time off now and

Thomas Vollmoeller

Why a sabbatical? For the same reason that many other people have the desire to take time off. I want to consciously step away from the day-to-day business for a limited amount of

Jeff Weiner

Microsoft's offer was of greater value – an all cash offer versus stock and cash –where Salesforce would have potentially been diluted in a way where the stock that they offered to lose value, at least in the near

Jeff Weiner

It is incumbent upon all of Silicon Valley – anyone responsible for technology that can reach beyond historically what was possible – to think about the unintended of what we're

Jeff Weiner

Not everyone is capable of understanding the consequences of these things. We need to be really thoughtful about what we're going to do about it – as opposed to just rejecting ideas – that's not what we're trying to

Jason Cooper

I think there's a lot of people right out of school that just want to put it on their LinkedIn and resume. It's like a neon, flashing

Maggie Mistal

When people know what you're trying to do, it plants a seed in their brain, and it plants a seed in your

Maggie Mistal

Get to know yourself and the elements of your ideal career – what they look like – so you can sift through what's out there with a more deliberate

Marc Benioff -

We were closer than we realized – maybe a $105 cash plus $105 stock would have done it! But we were definitely over our skis!!!!feedback

Venky Ganesan - Menlo Ventures

Microsoft decided it could go ahead and recreate the best parts of

Satya Nadela - Microsoft

Satya and I have become good friends over the past couple of years. He is an incredible person, an incredible visionary, an incredible leader of an incredible

Peggy Johnson - Microsoft

While we'll continue to compete, we look forward to continuing to

Burke Norton -

Given Microsoft's history and existing monopolies, it is sometimes necessary for antitrust enforcement agencies to intervene to ensure that Microsoft is operating in a manner that promotes competition, rather than stifles

Marc Benioff -

At the end of dinner, I really gave Satya a number of areas I thought we could work closely on. He took me up on all of

Catherine Fisher - LinkedIn

While we see job applications spike on LinkedIn in October, we know companies aren't actually hiring at the same rate until January. While some skills expire every couple of years, our data strongly suggests that tech skills will still be needed for years to come, in every industry. Now is a great time for professionals to acquire the skills they need to be more

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

One key lesson I've learned, which applies far beyond the court, is to treat each point

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

A lot of things learned through sport are transferable into other aspects of life. I certainly found that the skills I've acquired playing tennis have been beneficial to my business

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

Tennis, like business, moves so quickly that if you dwell on the past for even a few minutes, an opportunity will have passed and the moment will be lost. You have to get into the right frame of mind in order to perform your best, and need to be able to put setbacks behind you instantly. In effect, the discipline and determination it takes to compete as a professional athlete is not unlike what it takes to be an

Marc Benioff -

I'm cool with Satya for sure, but some of his executives however, I am not cool with because they have made some very aggressive statements about what they are going to be doing with this LinkedIn data ? It's amazing what they have said. And they are doing things that are absolutely anti-competitive, and that's what I wrote on

Burke Norton -

Salesforce believes this raises significant antitrust and data privacy issues that need to be fully scrutinized by competition and data privacy authorities in the United States and in the European Union. We intend to work closely with regulators, lawmakers and other stakeholders to make the case that this merger is

Crawford Del Prete - International Data Corporation

When you look at a LinkedIn asset in the context of Salesforce it makes a lot more logical sense. When you join LinkedIn you're giving contact information, that's all incredibly valuable in business-to-business sales. The logic of Salesforce wanting that in their cloud offering makers perfect sense. Outside of the verification process [on Twitter], you really don't even know who these people

Neil Doshi

The fact that they went after LinkedIn opens a Pandora's box to the fact that they're interested in internet assets. This seems one degree further from the LinkedIn business, which has a real enterprise

Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn

When I saw the campaign … I said that's exactly the right way to make this message, a message in support of folks who have given great service to our country. If Donald Trump is as concerned with making America great as he says he is he should care about

Kevin Plank

The phone would ring in the middle of the night and we would be writing orders from California half asleep at 4

Steve Sordello - LinkedIn

LinkedIn delivered another quarter of strong growth. We achieved record levels of operating cash flow, while continuing to invest heavily across our core member and customer value

Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn

To reach a lot more people and to grow much more strongly, especially internationally, Microsoft brings all that. From Microsoft's perspective, we bring a network of individuals that tend to bring productivity to corporations. ... Those two things together make great benefit for the individuals and the corporations, and that reflects into kind of a good economic

Satya Nadela - Microsoft

A discussion of cost synergies in the transaction would be

Barack Obama

In seven months or so, I'll be on the job market, and I'm glad I'm going to be here. I'm going to get on LinkedIn and see what comes

Daniel Roth - LinkedIn

Nearly every company is undergoing transformation. The pace of innovation keeps speeding up, which accelerates (and changes) competition and raises customer and client

Matt McIlwain - Madrona Venture Group

The future of productivity is around people, identity and data and the relationships between the

Jeff Weiner

It takes our scale to a completely different level. The combination of our two companies, having Microsoft behind us, just enables us to realize the things we always dreamt of doing, and so we're excited about

Jim Cramer

Microsoft got its man. This is wonderful for

Satya Nadela - Microsoft

Think about taking that and connecting with a professional network and having the entirety of your professional life be enhanced and empowered, where you are acquiring new skills in your current job and finding a greater bigger next

Mark Hawtin - GAM

For LinkedIn, I think it also gives them a chance to have a jump start to move the business more

David Wehner - Facebook

Stock-based compensation plays an important role in how we compensate our employees, and therefore we view it as a real expense for the

Satya Nadela - Microsoft

Cortana can wake up before you go into a meeting and inform you about all the people you are meeting for the first time and the connections you have with

Satya Nadela - Microsoft

The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centered on connecting the world's professionals. Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the

Jeff Weiner

LinkedIn delivered strong financial results and growth across our core product lines. As a result of our new mobile experience, members are increasing their activity on LinkedIn, helping drive strong levels of engagement across the

Ada Yu - LinkedIn

It's no mystery that these types of concerns are shared by students across the country. An understandable trend given the uncertainties that come with an economy mired in $1.2 trillion of student loan debt and an unemployment rate among college graduates of 7.2 percent (compared with only 5.5 percent in 2007).feedback

Jeff Weiner

Q4 was a strong quarter for LinkedIn, bringing to a close a successful year of growth and innovation against our long-term roadmap. We enter 2016 with increased focus on core initiatives that will drive leverage across our portfolio of

Jeff Weiner

In the quarter, cumulative members grew 19% to 414 million, unique visiting members grew 7% to an average of 100 million per month, and member page views grew 26%. This yielded 17% year over year growth in page views per unique visiting member, continuing a pattern of strong engagement growth over the past several quarters. Mobile in particular grew 3x faster than overall member activity, and now represents 57% of all traffic to

Scott Kessler - S&P Capital IQ

Twitter is not the first, the second, or the third but the forth largest global social network based in the US behind Facebook, Google+ and behind LinkedIn and there was a reason for that because it is just not as accessible or easy to use as maybe other platforms

Paola Costa

I launched a marketing campaign, especially through social networks. We are present on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which is the right way to go

Pierre Siaut

Do not hesitate to flag up in a suspicious case a phishing email to the access provider level, cybercrime sections at the local police or associations that deal with security solutions. That is their job, they are there for

Pierre Siaut

No genuine business will ask you for personal details by

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