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Mauricio Pochettino
I understood it when he explained to me. What he said did not upset me, it is only that he wanted to be sure that I had got the right message, not the wrong message. For me it is not a big
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NEW Aug 19 2017
London has been commented on by 562 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about London are: Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn and Sebastian Coe. For instance, the most recent quote from Sadiq Khan is: “My thoughts are with the victims of this barbaric terrorist attack in the great city of Barcelona and with their brave emergency services. London stands with Barcelona against the evil of terrorism.”.
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Harry Briggs

There is probably more money available in venture capital for early-stage tech businesses than there ever has been, but our biggest concern is on the talent front. If the UK stops being a magnet for the best talent, and if the top universities stop attracting the best computer science and engineering undergraduates from across Europe, then clearly startups will suffer because they will have a smaller talent pool to fish

Gerard Grech

This is a time-sensitive issue with important consequences for maintaining confidence in the UK tech

Nir Agam

Berlin is very nice and you have already places like Slovenia that are offering benefits to entice people to relocate there, but for me it's about the pro-business atmosphere here and the links to the US

Sophie Galustian

The whole idea of it being that expensive is off-putting for people our

Alan Smithers

We may be about to see a declining interest in going to university and that will lead to the system having to adapt. How it does that I don't know. Some institutions will have to reconsider their

Dina Asher-Smith

I know everybody wants to see more medals but we had so many near misses. There were so many people that have never finished a competition so highly before and many of them were in their early 20s. We're constantly having to flip-flop back and forth between team-mates and rivals but that's part and parcel of the job. It's after the championship so everybody is a bit more relaxed. Some people will be super tired and some people will be fresh and ready to

Dina Asher-Smith

This year was very stressful, as all third-year students can tell you. The degree was very intense – I did 61 essays in three years. So for the next few months, I am focusing on my training and enjoying the Commonwealth

Dina Asher-Smith

And, arguably, this injury has done more for me in the long term mentally than having an easy season and getting a medal would have. That sounds crazy as a medal would have been fantastic, but when you are young you have to go through trials and tribulations to realise what real problems

Dina Asher-Smith

I am pretty close to my best. My foot still plays up now and again but that's standard when you've got screws in your foot. Your body is still getting used to having a new-shaped foot and a foot that functions differently to how it used to. But running a 22.2 off not much training is really good so I am hopefully looking to go a bit faster in the near future. I really want to maximise my potential and see where that takes me. So I am going to fully focus and be a proper professional athlete for the first time in my life and see what

Dina Asher-Smith

If I was about 28 I would be a bit more angry. But I've probably got another two Olympics left – and [high jumper] Morgan Lake and I were even debating whether we'd be at Los Angeles in 2028 too. I am convinced I am going to be there with a kid but we will

Idris Elba

I trained twice a day. I was quickly becoming in incredible shape to endure some of the stuff we did. To be honest, the action sequences were what they were and done in pockets, but I was in good physical and mental

Idris Elba

#Boardmasters, regretfully I will not be able to make it down tonight due to an injury. Absolutely gutted! Hopefully catch you next

Paula Higgins

This is where the young people are struggling to get on to the property ladder which is why towns are banning holiday homes. These people have had years and years of benefit from a rising housing market - but you shouldn't be making more money off your house than you do from going to

Paula Higgins

It's telling that there's little incentive to sell - even with an empty house you're sitting on a rising

Paula Higgins

It's really the haves and have nots - there's a generation of people being locked out of owning their own home and all the benefits that go along with it, and there's another generation who's got the leverage to benefit from rising house prices. We need to get homes that are for living in and not for investment. These people have had years and years of benefit from a rising housing market - but you shouldn't be making more money off your house than you do from going to

Therese Heslop

As St Paul's receives little external funding, visitors who pay to enter for sightseeing remain absolutely crucial for us to be able to maintain both the fabric and rich, faith-led working life of the

Therese Heslop

Our only problem has been a drop in continental school groups. Because we are on the way from Dover to London, about 25 per cent of our visits are school

Therese Heslop

We do however remain deeply encouraged that for many years we have consistently seen more than half of those visiting St Paul's coming here for worship and without having to pay a

Therese Heslop

Following a peak after the 2012 Olympics, overall numbers have reduced, although some of this fall is owing to a change in the way we count non-paying

James Corden

When we hear about London or Paris, Stockholm and now Barcelona, you could almost start to become numb to it, like this is something becoming normal and we don't need to talk about it here on our show. But we think we mustn't allow it to become something that's normal. We must talk about it so that we remember how sad, horrific and tragic these moments are. To the people of Spain and Barcelona, I just want to add to the rest of the world outpouring of love and give our thoughts for

Hall Peter Kosminsky

I do feel that dramatists' job is to hold a mirror up to society and - given the fact that thousands of Brits decided to go over there and now that some of that issue is spilling back onto our streets in London and Manchester and other European cities and capitals – I just think this is an issue we need to address. Will this increase Islamophobia?' is obviously something I've had in the front of my mind for the whole process, because that's the last thing I want to

Mauricio Pochettino

Last week, we had (an) opportunity to talk a little bit and he was very clear with me. He tried to explain what he wanted to say and sometimes the headlines are not the same as what he wanted to say. He explained to me and it's not a big issue. He did not apologise, he just tried to explain things to me. It is one thing how he relates things to you, it is another how you perceive the message and translate it to the fans. It is true that last week they had a problem but in football always the next game will be different and complicated and

Rachel Merelie

We examined the proposals very thoroughly during the consultation period to ensure that they addressed all of our concerns. We believe that they will protect passengers from fares being pushed up due to lack of competition on this key route between London and

Brad Pickett

I'm excited about running my own event. The sport will always be with

Steve Garrett

Obviously coming from England it reminded me a great deal of what happened in London, so we were very concerned about what might be going on. The lady that was with us said she heard

Bill Leone

The government has done the right thing. The evidence in the case has been pretty overwhelming for some time that our client didn't mislead anyone or do anything

Christian Estrosi

It's obvious that it is the mayors - be it in Berlin, London, Paris, Nice, Barcelona or Stockholm - who are the first to be confronted with this violence and who manage these public

Ivan Gazidis

OK, now it's about me, we go to London because this is my time, then when I finish it's your

Howard Archer - IHS

There was an increase of 35pc from North America (up to 650,000 from 483,000), clearly buoyed by the particularly sharp drop of the pound against the dollar since mid-2017. This is a welcome positive for the UK economy. The inference is that the terrorist incidents in London and Manchester earlier this year have not markedly deterred foreign

Christian Estrosi

I am convinced that life will prevail over death and that we will triumph over barbarism and terror. It's obvious that it is the mayors - be it in Berlin, London, Paris, Nice, Barcelona or Stockholm - that are the first to be confronted with this violence and who manage these public areas ... but we are not the ones who take part in the big national and European

Simon Jenkins

The white van has become the poor man’s guided missile. We must work out how to retain a balance between defacing cities and averting risk. Europe has endured seven acts of vehicle terrorism in the past year, and the Barcelona killer was apparently able just to walk away. What on earth can be done?feedback

Steve Garrett

Coming from England, it was reminding me a great deal of what happened in London, so we were very concerned about what might happen next. They seemed to sweep through the market area. They seemed to be looking for someone. They were going very carefully, very cautiously, stall to

Sadiq Khan

My thoughts are with the victims of this barbaric terrorist attack in the great city of Barcelona and with their brave emergency services. London stands with Barcelona against the evil of

James Binny - State Street Global Advisors

Most investors are still relatively underinvested in the euro and that unwinding is still going on, while structural factors such as the current account surplus for the euro zone (are) a strong support for the

Nasreen Yadallee - Cps

Kerr could find no excuse for carrying a corrosive substance in a squeezy bottle with the label removed. It was clear he was carrying it as a weapon, ready to use on someone if the need arose. Carrying a corrosive substance for the purpose of causing injury is a criminal offence punishable with a prison

Sally-Ann Hales

The obvious inference is that it was a bottle, originally used for some innocent purpose, which had been refilled with a noxious substance, turning it into an offensive weapon. While it is a commonly available household product, it is a liquid that has the capacity to do a great deal of harm, particularly in the wrong hands such as yours, which is no doubt why you were carrying

Alex Rooke

They found in that bag a squeezy drinks bottle with what they described as a frothy, murky liquid. Mr Kerr said that this bottle was his. He said it was washing-up liquid that his mother had given him because he was

Neil Coyle

Sadiq is a winner and is delivering a strong Labour agenda in London. He's saved my constituents thousands on tube and bus fares and is delivering infrastructure projects that'll benefit

David Motadel

It has never been more important to acknowledge the history of fascism and neo-fascism in America. David Motadel is an assistant professor of international history at the London School of Economics and Political

Katherine Lloyd Clark

Things change quickly. There's no harm in ringing round. It's a great market for students at the moment and they should be

Amy Antonioni

Students have become more critical consumers of higher education. Adjustment is a chance to take

Jens Pedersen - Danske Bank

(But) these levels are likely too high from a market fundamental point of

Vernon Rapley

I am very concerned that the Metropolitan Police is unable to give assurances on when the three detectives who have been temporarily reassigned will be returned to the

Vernon Rapley

Losing it now, when cultural heritage is under threat in so much of the world, would represent a very serious

Crispin Odey

China's economy in a year's time will be much weaker than it is now. Let's just keep on partying - this is exactly what it feels like at the top of the

Edmund Jarzembowski

It is tradition in taxonomy to contact the person concerned. Sir David was delighted because he is not only interested in the story of amber, but also a president of the British Dragonfly

Matt Wolf

These early contemplations of being and nothingness resonate with a new

Jon Pople

London' appears to be poorly represented in terms of appearing in team names. Who is the highest ranked football team with 'London' in their name? Also, do any other capital cities suffer with this in the same way?feedback

Hakan Enver

Normally the City clocks out for July, but with the industry being swept from under them, people are scrambling to make the most of the time left in the EU, . EU nationals who want to stay in Britain have a shrinking window of opportunity to get a job and permanent residency, and many are seizing it. The City is still haemorrhaging talent because of Brexit, and we risk losing jobs, too. The language has changed. Employers and employees used to talk about 'if' they had to leave London. Now they're talking about 'when' they leave

Natasha Coello

We all commute because we want to have more opportunities and better wages in order to pay for the roof over our head, but unfortunately the fares do not even allow you that opportunity due to the

David Sidebottom

This is an eye watering amount to pay for a commute. Time and time again passengers tell us they want a service they can more consistently rely on, in our latest survey only a third of commuters thought their ticket was value for money. So while performance remains patchy and with pay and wages not keeping pace with inflation, passengers will feel rightly aggrieved if they are paying much higher rises next January. Passengers deserve a fairer

Richard Snook - PricewaterhouseCoopers

There has been much reflection about the 10-year anniversary of the global financial crisis and housing market performance over this period highlights the disparate performance across different parts of the

Ian Kernohan - Royal London Asset Management

While there is still some residual impact of sterling devaluation to feed through, with underlying inflationary pressures low, we think that CPI is close to topping out for the immediate future. In their latest Inflation Report, the Bank of England forecast inflation to peak at 3pc in the autumn, and will be happy to keep interest rates on hold as a

Hakan Enver

The City is still haemorrhaging talent because of Brexit, and we risk losing jobs, too. The language has changed. Employers and employees used to talk about 'if' they had to leave London. Now they're talking about 'when' they leave London. Downing Street appears to be the only place in London where you can find someone who doesn't understand the economic importance of the free movement of labour. It's the difference between being a diminished financial services hub, and not being a hub at

Hakan Enver

Normally the City clocks out for July, but with the industry being swept from under them, people are scrambling to make the most of the time left in the EU. The language has changed. Employers and employees used to talk about 'if' they had to leave London. Now they're talking about 'when' they leave

David Callan

I had my head down looking at something on my mobile phone when I heard a

Mark Wyeth

We have seen velodromes and seasoned athletes. One way the fixed-wheel bikes can be brought to a stop involves getting up out of the seat and [putting] down pressure on pedals to get that kinetic energy to come to a sharper halt than just a free

Peter Foggitt

Is having a church that is silent a better demonstration of what the church believes and what it's there for than have a church full of people making music?feedback

Stephen Colbert

It's not like Trump is a shrinking violet! He's known for criticizing things. If only the president was as mad about neo-Nazis murdering people in the streets as he's been about Hillary Clinton, The New York Times, CNN, Joe Scarborough, Kristen Stewart, the cast of Hamilton, Diet Coke, Nordstrom not selling his daughter's clothes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan, me, the state of New Hampshire, Gold Star families, Penn Jillette's Las Vegas show, the movie Django Unchained, Meryl Streep, and lady

Christopher G. Owen

Increasing sleep is a very simple, low-cost intervention. We should be doing our utmost to make sure that children sleep for an adequate amount of

Emma Dent Coad

People have woken up to the two extremes of Kensington. Everyone now knows that Kensington is not just about cafes and museums and designer shops and fabulousness. That facade has dropped and we can see the rest of Kensington that has been betrayed by a very, very rich council refusing to spend what is pocket money to them on the things that help people better

Daniel Moylan

Social housing embeds disempowerment. I'm a big believer in private

Niles Hailstones

How do you think our children feel seeing people not care about their mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunties? We watched the building burn down in front of our

Edward Daffarn

I wanted to create a resource for anyone, who in 30 years' time wants to study how London ended up like this, with only rich people

Tim Coleridge

We totally agree with you, and our experiences as local residents matches

Tony Auguste

If a flat costs £500,000, a £100,000 discount doesn't make it affordable. It's an insult,

Alan Milburn

Whole tracts of Britain feel left behind. The growing sense that we have become an us-versus-them society is deeply corrosive of our cohesion as a

Edward Daffarn

This council does not represent the people of North Kensington. Now, it's evidence. They need to go, all of them. They're all

Charlie Alliston

I feel bad due to the seriousness of her injuries but I can put my hands up and say this is not my fault. We collided pretty hard, our heads hit together, hers went into the floor and ricocheted into mine. It is a pretty serious incident so I won't bother saying oh she deserved it, it's her fault. Yes it is her fault but no she did not deserve it. Hopefully, it is a lesson learned on her behalf, it shouldn't have happened like it did but what more can I

John Rutter

The Church of England needs all the friends it can get. It shouldn't be making enemies - it's un-Christian. Churches are and should be busy places where all can walk through the door and all are welcome. That's my feeling but it's obviously not his

Peter Foggitt

We do wish to reiterate that we remain committed to our ministry as the National Musicians' Church. In the coming weeks we will reflect and pray, and consult with members of the musicians' community about how best to fulfil that ministry moving

Sadiq Khan

It's my duty to ensure taxpayers' money is spent responsibly. Following the very serious issues highlighted in Dame Margaret Hodge's independent review of the bridge – including a funding gap of over £70 million, potentially unlimited costs to London taxpayers to fund the bridge in the future, systemic failings in the procurement process and decisions not being driven by value for money – I could not permit a single penny more of London taxpayers' money being spent on

Boris Johnson

So sad Sadiq Khan has killed garden bridge and wasted so much time and money. Labour has no vision for London and no ambition. The garden bridge was a beautiful project and could have been easily

Sadiq Khan

I have been clear since before I became mayor that no more London taxpayers' money should be spent on this project and when I took office I gave the Garden Bridge Trust time to try and address the multiple serious issues with it. Londoners will, like me, be very angry that London taxpayers have now lost tens of millions of pounds - committed by the previous mayor on a project that has amounted to

Matthew Riley - Natixis Global Asset Management

There's a lot of uncertainty at the moment, certainly geopolitical uncertainty from what we read is pretty much high although market volatility is quite low. So I would expect at some point investors to come back to property, but in the interim period the biggest move we've seen since Brexit has been a reduction in property

Joan Murphy

We're hard on ourselves because we want to do the best [we can], but you have to let some fires burn and some things

Joan Murphy

It's hard," but "you have to give yourself some

Joan Murphy

For the first four years I'd be on reception in the morning while Pip was teaching, and then we'd switch in the afternoons. It's a balancing act. The vision was to get people to have fun with fitness, and we've always stuck to

Tom Edwards - BBC

This shambles is an embarrassing mess for the capital and it has already descended into finger pointing and a blame game over who is culpable for wasting 46.4 million pounds of public

Thomas Heatherwick

London needs new bridges and unexpected new public places. The Garden Bridge has not found its right moment, but I hope one day it

Duncan Penny

The crown suggests that what the defendant was doing – riding a fixed-wheel bicycle without a front brake through a busy area of central London at nearly 20mph at lunchtime when hazards, such as pedestrians stepping out into the road, might well be expected to occur in front of him requiring him to react – was dangerous. What he was doing was such that all sober and reasonable people, knowing the circumstances as he knew them to be, would inevitably recognise it subjected other people to the risk of some harm resulting

Duncan Penny

What he was doing was such that all sober and reasonable people, knowing the circumstances as he knew them to be, would inevitably recognise it subjected other people to the risk of some harm resulting

Diane Abbott

The recovery operation has been blighted by failures. Commissioners who have the trust of the community must be appointed to take the necessary action. It is now two months since the catastrophic Grenfell Tower fire left at least 80 people dead, though more are still categorised as missing and are feared dead by their loved ones. That some of the poorest residents were subjected to a catalogue of failings in one of the richest boroughs is a stain on the national conscience. The lack of health and safety measures that could have been decisive in preventing loss of life, including fire-proof cladding and a sprinkler system, have led to serious questions about the impact of austerity in a borough that has reserves of £

David Collett

Where you live is an exciting part of your university experience. We understand how important it

Steve Ward

The sooner we have a confirmed place on a course, the quicker we can allocate a student room in our halls – or we'll help them find a suitable

Mo Farah

It's like a broken record, repeating myself. If I've crossed the line, if Alberto's crossed the line, why bring it up year after year, making it into headlines? I've achieved what I have achieved – you're trying to destroy it. The fact is I've achieved what I have from hard work. Putting my balls on the line, year after year and delivering for my

Sadiq Khan

As we complete the London-wide rollout, the cameras will also provide our officers with confidence in the transparency of their actions, as they continue their great work on the front line fighting crime and keeping our city

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

The theatre that has been provided by those full houses has been incredible. We have had more people in 10 days across a world championship than ever before. And I genuinely can't remember a time when the sport was so competitive and the stories around them so

Ed Warner

The London 2012 Olympics gave the nation its self-belief back. London 2017 has given athletics its belief back. It has given the sport the opportunity to believe

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

There is a growing confidence within the sport. We took tough decisions and reforms to make the sport better. There is still a long way to go. But people are proud about being involved in the

Mervyn Davies

It is with great regret that trustees have concluded that without mayoral support the project cannot be delivered. We are incredibly sad that we have not been able to make the dream of the garden bridge a reality and that the mayor does not feel able to continue with the support he initially gave

Mervyn Davies

We had made great progress obtaining planning permission, satisfying most of our planning conditions and we had raised £70m of private money towards the

Sadiq Khan

The funding gap is now at over £70m and it appears unlikely that the trust will succeed in raising the private funds required for the project. I am simply not prepared to risk a situation where the taxpayer has to step in and contribute significant additional amounts to ensure the project is

Omar McLeod

But it was ridiculous. We waited a really long time. I drank like two bottles of

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

What we will miss is not just all the back-to-back gold medals, or the clutch of gold medals, but the fact that he has an opinion, that he fills a room. Maybe, instead of athletes looking nervously to agents or handlers, we need greater

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

This is hardcore athletics territory. We have a deep-seated culture, created over a 50 to 60-year period. The levels our athletes have reached make it our most successful national sport. It is statistically the toughest to win a medal in, too, which always has to be put into

Adam Gemili

I was 18 in London, myself and Danny both very new to the team, very young. It was brutal. Honestly, it was a horrible time we went through. It really made us tough and strong within ourselves and a bit resilient to

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

I can't think of anybody else besides Muhammad Ali who has captured the public imagination or a global audience like Bolt. He has gone way, way beyond

Mick Cooper

They would have the same challenges as any drug developer – i.e. they would have to demonstrate safety, efficacy in a specific indication and consistency of product. It is worth emphasising the manufacturing issue, as the levels of THC and other chemicals produced by a cannabis plant will vary depending on conditions. It might be very difficult to produce a medicinal cannabis that is sufficiently consistent to meet the demands of the

Daniel Pryor

The main harms of criminalisation come from putting it into the black market, and in the knock-on effect on the criminal justice system. In the medium term we see [decriminalisation] as a possibility. If the Conservatives want to reconnect with young voters it would be a very good way of demonstrating they're in tune with their

Emil Sohrab - Self Storage Company

[We are] combining our mutual experience with a view to becoming one of the UK's largest self-storage

Mo Farah

I haven't thought that far ahead. I've a few races left, Then I'll take a nice break. And see how it goes. How many races has he been to this year for me or last year? He hasn't been to any races. For the last three or four years I have been pretty much by myself and it didn't make much difference really - I knew what I needed to

Omar McLeod

It's heart-wrenching. It was ridiculous man, we were there around 45 minutes waiting outside, I think they had three medal ceremonies before we went out, so we were really trying our hardest to stay warm and keep

Justin Gatlin

You can't really have this night or championship define what he's done in the past. From 2008 on, Usain Bolt has done amazing things. Tonight is not going to define who he is. He is still the man. I'm going to win my 100, he's coming back in a year or two. He'll be ready. He has a passion for the sport, he loves the fans, the fans love him. It's something you can't walk away too easy

Justin Gatlin

This is a farewell tour, we take our hats off to him and we hope he gets

Muktar Edris

I look at my family, what I've done and it gets to you. At the end of the day I'm human and it hasn't all been a smooth ride. If I had it perfect it would have been nice to end in double double but anything is possible. At some point it has to come to an

Muktar Edris

I know myself when I crossed the line there was nothing left of me, nothing. I gave my all. Over the years it has worked and I crossed the line first, but not

Muktar Edris

I always told myself London is where it started and London was where it was going to stop. I was known as normal Mo and then overnight after London I was 'Mo', I couldn't go anywhere. To finish here is a nice

Mike Bishop

He was hunting us at that point. There was so much gunfire, you couldn't get up and run. Pop, pop, pop, pop – it's a sound I'll never

Matt Twist

Officers who carry an overt firearm as part of their role very much welcome the use of Body Worn Video. It provides a documented and accurate account of the threats officers face and the split second decisions they make. The cameras also offer greater transparency for those in front of the camera as well as those behind

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

I've proved with hard work anything is possible. I personally think this is a good message to the kids. Push on, be strong, be as good as you can be' – that's a good legacy to leave'. The first thing I'm going to do is have some fun. Have a party and have a drink. I need to

Brandon Lewis

The blanket licensing approach adopted by some local authorities has major drawbacks. This is because it impacts on all landlords and places additional burdens on reputable landlords who are already fully compliant with their obligations, thereby creating additional unnecessary costs for reputable landlords which are generally passed on to tenants through higher

Brandon Lewis

The vast majority of landlords provide a good service and the government does not believe it is right to impose unnecessary additional costs on them, or their tenants. Such an approach is disproportionate and unfairly penalises good

John Mortimer

The sadness about the bar nowadays, is that the Rumpoles are dying out, to be replaced… by greyish figures who think that the art of advocacy has been replaced by computer

Richard Posner

I look forward to a time, when computers will create profiles of judges' philosophies from their opinions and their public statements and will update these profiles continuously as the judges issue additional opinions. [These] profiles will enable lawyers and judges to predict judicial behaviour more accurately and will assist judges in maintaining consistency with their previous decisions – when they want

Isla Middleton

Many designers are going more into digital but I prefer the process of drawing, working out a repeat block and then transferring that pattern on to lino and paper before screen printing on natural fibres such as wool and Scottish

Katie Scott

My drawings aren't always completely accurate and they don't need to be; they are decorative

Rebecca Intavarant

Watching Wes Anderson's films, we always notice the amazing wallpaper in the background of the interiors. When we're coming up with patterns, we ask ourselves: would Wes use this in a film? We also love the Arts and Crafts movement, so that's our main

Lucy Auge

I love talking about plants; I could bore your socks off about the subject. I didn't realise how old the paper was until I took it to a specialist to get more and discovered it was made in the same French mill that supplied Turner. I'm still using inks but moving into colour. I'm experimenting with my palette and trying to capture the spirit of the

Asha Philip

We definitely embraced the opportunity. None of us competed here in 2012 so to have this crowd is breathtaking. They really carry you around over every changeover. For me it's hard to be sad because of the energy I am getting from the crowd, I just feel happy and

Asha Philip

For me it's hard to be sad because of the energy I am getting from the crowd, I just feel happy and

Asha Philip

It's been brilliant, the energy in the stadium is outstanding. I knew it was going to be like this, I appreciate you guys coming out and supporting not just me but the whole World

Mo Farah

The knee's all right, the body is a bit tired - that's all. I just have to recover now and get in the zone and switch off, turn off the

Mo Farah

It was amazing. I had to get my head around it and I got a bit emotional at the start. I had to get in the zone. It wasn't an easy race. I work on everything, and it's been a long journey. What a way to end my career in London. It's special. You've seen it with Usain Bolt, it happens. It would have been nice to see him win but it didn't happen and no-one is going to give it to you - no matter who you are, even Usain Bolt. The 10k did take a lot out of me and I'm a little beaten up but I'm okay, I'm glad I've qualified and will get ready for the

Chris Packham

The idea that in the 21st century it's appropriate to charge around the countryside tearing animals to pieces with dogs is wrong, pure and

Chris Packham

In newspapers today, in websites today, it's not all about the Glorious 12th any longer, it's more about the Inglorious

Chris Packham

They sometimes say: 'Ah, it's a tradition.' Slavery was a tradition, racism was a tradition, homophobia was a tradition. We haven't quite got rid of all of them, but we are justifiably trying to get rid of these abhorrent, out-of-date

Mo Farah

It was amazing. I had to get my head around it and I got a bit emotional at the start. I had to get in the zone. You've seen it with Usain Bolt, it happens. It would have been nice to see him win but it didn't happen and no-one is going to give it to you - no matter who you are, even Usain

John Picton

The moral case is indisputable. Those antiquities were lifted from Benin City and you can argue that they ought to go back. On the other hand, the rival story is that it is part of world art history and you do not want to take away African antiquity from somewhere like the museums in Paris or London, because that leaves Africa without its proper record of

Kwame Opoku

Most of the artefacts displayed appear inferior in quality to Nigerian artefacts that are in western museums, in Boston, London, Berlin, Paris and elsewhere. One might even wonder if they are not fakes. One thing this exhibition confirms abundantly is that the policy of quiet diplomacy that has been pursued by Nigerian authorities since independence in 1960 has completely

Kevin McKenna

Crossing social classes can be done, even in Glasgow. The tale was buried deep inside the Scottish satellite edition of a London newspaper, but it startled me all the same: “Britons afraid to talk politics with those from another class or race.” It wasn’t the revelation that we were queasy about the subject of politics that jolted me, you understand, but the casual use of the word “class”.feedback

Catherine Dilnot

A student who aspires to a career in a professional services firm might easily think taking an A-level in law, accounting or business would be helpful in achieving that goal. But it may be that choosing these subjects is actually unhelpful in high-status university admissions. So an apparently sensible subject choice for students wishing to prepare for a professional career may, in fact, put them at a

Catherine Dilnot

Schools and colleges can give clear advice on A-level subject choices to those hoping to do degrees in subjects with prerequisites. It is much harder for them to know how to advise those applying for subjects such as business and law, which do not have required

Tom Bosworth

Stop a second. Would you do this to your colleague? Would you say that in the workplace? You would lose your job

Tom Bosworth

I was expecting to get on my social media and it be like, They're all running. They're all cheats. But in my world it was the opposite. You wouldn't hurl abuse or those comments anywhere, yet people feel free to put it on social media behind a screen and do it in a stadium. In the walks community, nobody ever did bite their tongue. It just took the rest of track and field to catch up. Our event, there is no doubt about it, has been tarnished by cheating. Now the IAAF are doing some

Tom Bosworth

British Athletics have always been supportive. I never spoke about it but I never felt that I had to hide anything when I was on the team, which is brilliant. Hopefully, that message can get across slowly but

Tom Bosworth

What is it about that environment that you feel so comfortable – too comfortable – in saying things that you would never dream of saying in the workplace or down the pub?feedback

Tom Bosworth

At no point did I think I was going to win, get a medal or even make it to the top 10. It just happened that my form at that point had taken me to being at the front of races, not in the middle of the pack. I just loved every moment of that race – absolutely loved it. I wish I had gone into that race knowing how good form I was

Tom Bosworth

I'm really looking forward to it. I watched two of the races in London, pretty much the same course, from the Olympics and that was about three or four people deep. It should be a little bit like that. It would be incredible. I can't imagine what the noise is going to be like. I've just got to stay calm and be prepared for that. I hope they do come out because I buzz off the

Kate Hewitson

Now I'm preparing to do a year in industry in London, which I'm really excited about. I've come a long way from the girl who did not want to leave the north-east, but that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been through clearing. It's been the best decision I ever made. Clearing was almost the push I needed to go out of my comfort zone and I've never looked back!feedback

Rav Panesar

Look at the modules covered to make sure they match your needs, have a look on the university or college website, and have a look at the Student Room to see what other students are saying. Think of the end goal and what you want to do after you have finished your degree. Perhaps a joint honours, or even a completely different route altogether, such as a higher level apprenticeship, could offer you more

Rav Panesar

Your confidence may be low, but don't accept the first thing that you get offered. You are going to be doing that course for a long time, and you don't want to be doing something that you don't enjoy. Think about what it was about your original choice that you liked. Was it the modules, or was it the actual college or university that you were interested in? The challenge is finding something that ticks most of those

Kate Hewitson

After just missing out on my first choice, my careers adviser mentioned that Nottingham Trent was advertising spaces through clearing for fashion management with a one-year work placement, so I gave them a call. I was made to feel at ease straight

Celia Munoz

When I opened my shop [in Hampstead, London] it was a surprise that here the children are the ones who choose what they want to wear. In Spain and France your mummy tells you. With my own children I let my kids choose what they want to wear - but they come to my shop!feedback

Gore Vidal

May I also at the same time say how grateful my wife and I are for the cordial hospitality offered to us by your Majesty and Prince Phillip during our visit to London last Monday. We shall always cherish the memory of that delightful

Mat Knowles

The victim was put in extreme danger when she was knocked into the road. It was only due to the superb quick reactions of the bus driver that she was not hit by the vehicle. We are keen to speak to the jogger in the CCTV about what happened that morning. We would urge him or anyone who recognizes him to get in touch with us as soon as

Mark Forster

I urge anyone who is cold called and offered investment opportunities to simply put the phone down. A legitimate company will never cold call you and put you in a position where you need to make an investment on the

Mark Forster

Investment fraudsters are still targeting people throughout the country and they employ aggressive sales tactics which are often used to pressurise unsuspecting victims into parting with large sums of money. These people often base themselves in the City as they believe having an address in a prestigious financial district will help to legitimise their

Jermaine Jenas

But they are happy, they live in London. You add these things up, your family are happy living in a lovely area in London, you are at a good football club and you are becoming a better