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Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa
So much is happening in our industry right now. That's why we need
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Mar 27 2017
Carsten Spohr, Joerg Handwerg and Bettina Volkens, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Lufthansa. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 61 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 114 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Carsten Spohr is: “So much is happening in our industry right now. That's why we need partnerships.”.
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Christof Wellens

Some relatives view the closure of the case in Germany with horror because there are a lot of emotions, even two years after their family members were murdered. They don't understand why only Germanwings and Lufthansa should be responsible. I think there are actual people who could be held responsible

Christoph Kumpa

We have closed the case, there will be no further

Karl Ulrich Garnadt

Our hands are full. We don't have much capacity to handle anything else in

Michael Gierse

They want to reach the level of easyJet, but it's a tricky path. There's airports in Europe, such as Brussels, where Ryanair has even ousted

John Strickland

They've made a big commitment to the Air Berlin wet lease and the question is whether gaining that market share will be of tangible

Hans-Joachim Koerber

I thank Pichler for his unwavering efforts to achieve a

John Strickland

Other major airline groups like IAG and Qantas have long seen the value of

Ruxandra Haradau-Doeser

The limited code share agreement announced today is in our view a marginal price component for the Air Berlin

Bettina Volkens - Deutsche Lufthansa

The negotiating table is the only place where we can find solutions that offer prospects for employees and for the

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

We of course will continue to harmonise the fleet, using the A320 for short-range. And a decision needs to be taken on future of long-range fleet next

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

It's 100 million that we have to deduct due to what's happened in the last few

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

Dirks has shown that he achieves economic success with firm cost

Paul Dobson

I think airline strikes have a short-term effect on people, so it only influences their booking decision if they are travelling again

Alexander Gerhard-Madjidi

For mediation you need an offer that can be the basis of negotiations. Lufthansa has not made such an

Martin Leutke

This could not go on and two more days of punishment are coming which is very disappointing for

Joerg Handwerg

We reject the accusation that we are not willing to compromise. We have already gone many, many rounds with Lufthansa. We have always tried new beginnings. Nevertheless there is still no negotiable offer on the

Bettina Volkens - Deutsche Lufthansa

We have to talk. I hope very much that Cockpit finally changes their uncompromising

Bettina Volkens - Deutsche Lufthansa

The wave of strikes by VC has already hit hundreds of thousands of passengers. This is completely inappropriate because a wage increase demand of more than 20 percent is unique within Lufthansa and across

Joerg Handwerg

As this affects many people, many clients, it would of course be very, very desirable to be able to end this conflict in a different manner. But for that you need a compromise, and compromise is only possible when one is prepared to move in the direction of the other

Joerg Handwerg

As things stand at present, we will have to keep striking as there is no basis for negotiations or arbitration with Lufthansa at the

Ruxandra Haradau-Doeser

Investors trusted him on this. He is in a difficult position. If he were to yield, in my opinion he would lose the trust of investors and the

Michael Fuchs

It can't be that hundreds of thousands are taken hostage for the interest of a small

Joerg Handwerg

What annoys me the most is that everything is so spontaneous, you can't make any plans. Notice such as, for example, In three days we will cancel this and this flight,' is not being given, rather from hour-to-hour basically passengers are being told they now cannot

Harry Hohmeister

It is not only that acute damage is occurring, but also in the mid-term booking numbers. We are, of course, noticing that customer behaviour is changing. On every strike day we will lose millions of

Barbara Clingan

Now my patience is slowly ending. I've been flying for years, but this is unbelievable. No, no more

Dieter Eidt

It's not pleasant. I believe that they are demanding something that can't be fulfilled and which is

Harry Hohmeister

Not only have we suffered severe damage (from the strike), but we're also noticing from mid-term booking numbers that customer behaviour is

Joerg Handwerg

Lufthansa management has shown no sign that it is willing to move and has not provided an offer that could serve as a basis for

Bettina Volkens - Deutsche Lufthansa

It is incomprehensible that the union is calling for the biggest pay increase for the most well-paid group of

Rupert Pearce - Inmarsat

Basically we now have the top three European airline fleets in the bag, which is a wonderful position to be in, with DLH (Lufthansa), this third airline and

Kenny Jacobs

We think and we hope it will happen for some airline in

David O'Brien - Ryanair

We are open indeed to any airline tapping into our network, even

John Strickland

But Ryanair is likely to succeed soon, though at this time Lufthansa would be a less likely

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

My preference is to feed our long haul with Lufthansa. My second preference is (Lufthansa's budget carrier) Eurowings. My third preference is to use other

David O'Brien - Ryanair

Anyone can produce a low fare, producing a low fare with a margin is the

Dick van der Aart

I got up very early and now I'm standing in a queue. Yes, I'm

Daniel Flohr

If the employer's behavior doesn't change, we will strike on two days next

Martin Leutke

A call to strike because of a disagreement over temporary contracts is incomprehensible and

Sylvia De la Cruz

We have to assume that this is a stalling tactic and therefore we cannot avoid calling for industrial action for

Stefan Pichler - Air Berlin

I want to reassure every customer that we continue to operate all our flights as scheduled. We will communicate future schedule changes as a result of the forthcoming restructure well in

Michael Gierse

Traditional volume catering is shrinking due to the low-cost carriers and buy on board is not as good as expected, because passengers often bring their own sandwiches on

Gerald Khoo - Liberum Capital

We struggle to see how contract terms could simultaneously deliver an acceptable positive return for Air Berlin while also delivering a suitably competitive cost base for

Michael O'Leary - Ryanair

The German airports will then be trying to encourage Ryanair to open more routes. So I think it's likely to speed up our growth in

Michael Gierse

But it will only delay them and not prevent them

Andreas Jahnke - Lufthansa Consulting

The market potential for the commercial use of drones in the wind energy sector is growing

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

It complements the group of joint ventures Lufthansa has around the world, and it was always our strategic goal to have a joint venture partner in the top five intercontinental markets, and today's joint venture completes that

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

There is infrastructure restrictions in China, especially when it comes to slots at the big, important airports in Shanghai and in Beijing and also when it comes to entry points on the Chinese border. Joining forces between Air China and Lufthansa will help us to optimize our schedules and, therefore, reduce those infrastructure restrictions which exist without disadvantaging the

Willie Walsh - International Airlines Group

If we can facilitate that for the customers in a way that makes sense that doesn't increase our costs or complexity ... then we want to do

Willie Walsh - International Airlines Group

I think there are airlines out there that would like to be consolidated into a larger group, I get calls from a lot of

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

This year we said we wanted to put an end to pay disputes with our

Simone Menne

We don't have any visibility on how people are booking, and we're losing group bookings from Asia and the United States due to travel

Simone Menne

The key performance figures show we will be technically capable of making a

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

We expect the high pricing pressure to continue... This is why we will push on our efficiency increases even more

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

The terrorist attacks in Europe and also the increasing political and economic uncertainties are having a tangible impact on passenger volumes. The forward bookings, in particular for our long-haul services to Europe have declined

Jarrod Castle - UBS

We have seen a number of the largest European airlines profit warn over the last

Michael O'Leary - Ryanair

This modest 4 percent increase in (first quarter) profit to 256 million euro ($281 million) is in line with previous

Jarrod Castle - UBS

The trading environment has taken a turn for the worse due to geopolitics and recent events which means it is likely that only a marginal amount of the net benefit will be retained. While Lufthansa will generate nearly 1 billion euros of fuel tailwind, we think based on current guidance the majority of the tailwind will be passed on to

Simone Menne

We will look into the strategy and consider the size of the freighter fleet, and further measures of the cargo business

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

That is a major challenge under the current security provisions, and must now be the priority. And in view of this, we have agreed with Brussels Airlines to give ourselves a further three months to conclude our negotiations on the acquisition terms and devise the migration concept

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

We had a buffer from the first few months of the year, so even if we have some weaker months, our guidance remains the

Anke Fransen

Practical matters, what goes where, which facilities can we use – they were the questions during the first few days. Now we think about the people, are they ready to return to work? How will employees react to this situation, because for many it will be the first time they are

Dianne Feinstein

This is one more incident that could have brought down an airliner, and it's completely unacceptable. A near-miss of 200 feet should serve as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by reckless drone

Giovanni Magi

If one of the two pilots gets out of the cockpit, he or she is temporarily replaced by a flight attendant, so if one of the occupants of the cockpit has any problem, the other can take action. This rule was already mandatory in the US and China at the time of the accident, and many airlines around the world had already adopted it – but not Lufthansa, which Germanwings belongs

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

With the recent market developments, the importance of efficiency gains is

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

According to the information available, the main hypothesis is that the crash was caused by a technical failure on the plane. But the answer will be found in the examination of the black

Markus Wahl - Vereinigung Cockpit

We have called on our members to be available to fly again at any moment. Lufthansa however must know that despite this verdict, this is not how personnel problems are

John Strickland

Many airlines will increasingly get benefits of low fuel as hedges unwind. This will certainly bring into sharp focus areas of high cost in the legacy airlines such as labour and it comes at a time when Ryanair is piling on the competitive pressure in Germany with massively expanded

Jonathan Wober

Ultimately, fares are down to the balance between supply and demand. No matter which way you look at the oil price and hedging issue, low cost carriers always have the advantage because of their lower fares and

Francois Balique

The idea is to make this mountain a place of silence, a place of remembrance, where people can gather to pay their respects, where the families can come to remember their loved

Carsten Spohr - Deutsche Lufthansa

The tragedy has changed us and the scars that it has left on our company will remain

Barbara Schadler

Thankfully, we have very loyal customers. Although we notice a decline in bookings with every announced strike, fortunately it's only for a short time. Still, it's a loss of reputation and obviously something we'd like to put behind us as quickly as

Christoph Kumpa

The fact that torn up sick notes were found, among other things, which were recent and even from the day of the crime, support the assumption based on the preliminary examination that the deceased hid his illness from his employer and his professional

Alexander Dobrindt

I agree with the proposal concerning the 'four-eyes-principle' (pilot and co-pilot in the cabin), because by this means one can avoid that any of them can be locked out of the

Jakub Adamowicz

We are waiting for the results of the ongoing investigation and see what lessons can be

Doris Möller-Scheu

Initially we believed that the coins had been reassembled in China. But searching the suspects' premises we found a machine for putting them back together here in

Joerg Lehr

And then there is the matter of whether it has just gone too far – in what is being demanded by the unions and the impact on passengers. So no, I don't think it is

Klaus Walher - Deutsche Lufthansa

We have lost millions of Euros. Even the announcement of a strike causes damage – because of cancelled bookings. Of course we are going to check every possible way of bringing the strike under control. Our legal department is checking this, but at the moment I can't say anything

Klaus Walher - Deutsche Lufthansa

As far as we can see right now, about a quarter of flights leaving Frankfurt have been affected. The union said the action would end at 13H (CET) and we hope we'll be able to take all passengers who planned a trip today to their

Jörg Handwerk

It's important that Lufthansa makes a substantial offer. As it stands now, we haven't received a single serious offer from them, but a solution is most likely to be found during

Robert Revet

The offer Lufthansa made cannot even be called an offer. They only demand, and what they demand is: More work, less

Erhard Ott

That we have to launch a strike during the holiday period is not ideal. I'm grateful to the passengers for their understanding. We will try to end this dispute as soon as

Winfried Streicher

Lufthansa has promised us negotiations without any pre-conditions. That means that our demands of the last few days are met and I would like to thank everyone

Wolfgang Mayrhuber

Our strategy will benefit from gaining a large hub in Switzerland. And customers will now have more choice of destinations and where they can change planes within one integrated airline. We'll also access new markets with a a strong network of African destinations in addition to our

Urs Eicher - Deutsche Lufthansa

We have no guarantees the Zurich hub won't be cut back, whcih means I can't give reassurances to my

Peter Michaelis

I am moved because, despite the bad circumstances, something important has been accomplished for

Jonathan Todd - European Commission

We are confident that these slots that will be made available will be taken up by new market entrants. People flying on the routes where we had concerns will continue to be offered a choice of

Wolfgang Mayrhuber

For that to continue, the infrastructure at German airports must improve urgently, otherwise the new jobs will be in Dubai or somewhere

Frank Hartstein

We will increase the impact slowly. Lufthansa has to see that workers have a legitimate

Joerg Handwerg

Lufthansa has more than a billion euros in the early retirement fund for colleagues, some of whom have worked for the company for 30 years. And now Lufthansa wants to get its hands on it, dissolve and absorb it, in order to distribute it as

Thilo Mauns

In my opinion the strike is totally disproportionate to the cause. It does immense damage to the national

Klaus Walher - Deutsche Lufthansa

We are ready to agree a solution over pay for these workers, that is still on the table. But the union UFO apparently wants to address some other issues. That is unlikely because the concerned collective labour agreement is not open for

Silvio Berlusconi

As far as Alitalia is concerned, the Chancellor and I are agreed that the best option would be a deal between Lufthansa and Alitalia. We hope it will

Joerg Handwerg

We are on strike, because several collective labour agreements with Deutsche Lufthansa ended more than one year ago and we have been in negotiation with Lufthansa since. But up to now Lufthansa has not made a substantive

Klaus Walher - Deutsche Lufthansa

Our legal counsel has suggested that the legal route we are taking could be successful and that is why we are seeking a court injunction at the Labour Court in Frankfurt because we believe that the strike is

Charles Favre

These days there is no alternative, the company needs a strong partner. If, with this bid, they maintain the Swiss destinations and all the routes, then it makes no sense for the Swiss Federal government to keep its 20% holding, and anyway that's not a very significant stake anyway. In addition, I don't think the state should be an investor in an

Pedro Passos Coelho

Lufthansa would be very well advised to develop the market in South America and Africa together with TAP. I could imagine that Lufthansa is following our privatisation programme attentively in which TAP, too, is being privatised. Surely that would be a good investment for a German

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