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Deborah Bangay
My client has no wish to litigate and she made a very reasonable and sensible proposal. Unfortunately that proposal was rejected and my client had no option but to pursue this in litigation. She is not a gold digger. Far from it. She is simply seeking a fair and proper
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Oct 13 2017
Luxembourg has been commented on by 76 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Luxembourg are: Xavier Bettel, Jean-Claude Juncker, Margrethe Vestager and Hugo Lloris. For instance, the most recent quote from Xavier Bettel is: “I have just one life, and I don't want to hide my life. But I was not the 'gay candidate.' People didn't vote for me because I'm gay or I'm straight.”.
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Margrethe Vestager - European Union

This is about competition in Europe, no matter your flag, no matter your

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

This is an illegal practice under EU state aid rules. Member states may not grant selective tax concessions to multinational groups to which other companies do not have

David Davis

I still know him as the 'hero of Dublin', when as prime minister of little Luxembourg in 1996 he calmed a row between the giants Kohl and Chirac over the Stability and Growth Pact [economic and monetary union policy]….Jean-Claude rammed Germany and France's heads together and made the arrival of the euro possible. In many areas, such as citizen rights and Northern Ireland, progress has indeed been made. Is it enough? That is a recommendation Michel will make to government leaders. He is keeping his cards close to his

Soner Cagaptay

Turkey's neighbors are not Luxembourg or Belgium but the Islamic State and Al Qaeda, so it is risky to promote jihad because of the region Turkey is in and the rising jihadist recruitment trend

Luc Holtz

I wouldn't reproach the game that France played. They had rhythm and pace to their play. The only thing they didn't do was take their chances. When a team plays deep, like we did, there's often a leg or a head in the way of shots. They sought to find spaces but there weren't any. It's difficult to get chances when it's like

Didier Deschamps

It is football. It makes sense. To have so many chances and not to score one, it's infuriating. We lacked a bit of accuracy. A number of little things were not sharp. This was a historic game for Luxembourg. For us, it is a day of

Hugo Lloris

After the Netherlands win, we had the first place with a three-point lead, here we lost two. The only thing that keeps us positive is that we are in a better situation than we were, but it is true that this is a big disappointment

Hugo Lloris

We had to do more, to be more of a killer in the box, to be a little more thoughtful in the last choices and the last passes, everything happened in the last

Hugo Lloris

We have to stay calm, there are still two matches to play, including a tough trip to

Antoine Griezmann

Two matches in three days, it was difficult especially for me it was because I was suspended during my last club match. We had 11 warriors in front of us, and for me, it was beautiful to see because it reminds me a bit of my club, but we will continue to

Zygi Kamasa

Lots of films are multi-territory European co-productions, like The Happy Prince for example. It is being made with UK, Luxembourg and German money. We currently don't even know what it means for movies like that once Brexit occurs. What is the opportunity to keep those productions through EU funding? What does it mean for funding those movies? Could there be levies, or issues getting German funding into a British movie, for example? There are risks associated with

Theresa May

Leaving the European Union will mean that our laws will be made in Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. And those laws will be interpreted by judges not in Luxembourg but in courts across this country. Because we will not have truly left the European Union if we are not in control of our own

Steve Peers

Leaving the European Union will mean that our laws will be made in Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. And those laws will be interpreted by judges not in Luxembourg but in courts across this

Gilles Muller

Luxembourg is very famous for their banks and their tax rules and everything, so they felt like they had a bad image. So they're trying to redo everything and reorganize everything, and they asked me if I wanted to help. Now, I'm playing free and not thinking about that first title anymore. That's helped me a lot. All the attention I got, I took it the wrong way. In my head, I'd made it. I took it for granted, and I think that was not a good

Bobby Friedman

The government must offer some clarity on the judiciary’s relationship to the ECJ – because the Brexit bill itself is ambiguous, and will lead to uncertainty all round. What happens when a judge gets demob-happy? The answer can be seen in the intervention by the imminently departing president of the supreme court, Lord Neuberger, in the debate over the role of the European court of justice – better known as the ECJ – once Britain leaves the EU. The government will doubtless be less than delighted at another dissenting voice in the Brexit

Teresa Parker - Northern Trust

Continental Europe is a strategic area of focus for Northern Trust and the creation of our EU banking presence in Luxembourg highlights our commitment to growing our business in the

Schona Jolly

David Davis has confirmed that the EU charter of fundamental rights won’t become domestic law. This must be challenged and debated immediately• Schona Jolly is an international human rights lawyer. There was a time, not so long ago, that David Davis was a great fan of the EU charter of fundamental rights. He liked it so much that he used it to take up a legal challenge against the snooper’s charter (brainchild of the-then home secretary Theresa May), which ended up in

Gilles Muller

The first time I played him here I beat him, Second time I lost in three sets, but I had a set point in the first set and was up a mini-break in the second set (tiebreak). It's true I beat Rafa in 2005 but he's improved a little bit on grass since then! He's won the title

Pedro Caixinha

I think it is a thing that happens once in a lifetime ... and that is part of the football, but as I say, it's disappointment and I assume all the

Pedro Caixinha

I think the team had more than enough to maybe to score more goals. We know that we are winning one-nil, this is just the half time, nothing is done, and we need to go to Luxembourg next Tuesday with the will and the desire on our mind that we need to do everything and win the game. That is all that

Paolo Amodio - Progres

I think all the pressure is on Rangers to make sure they go through. They probably expected to win tonight by five or six goals and it's not the case, so anything could happen next

Gilles Muller

I'm going to play semi-finals here for the first time tomorrow. I lost in the quarter-finals for the two years, so I'm really happy that I was able to go one step

Luc Frieden

We need a strong partnership with the United Kingdom, it's our neighbor and it's going to remain an important financial services center. Yet at the same time, out' is not 'in' and therefore I think the United Kingdom must know that it's not going to benefit anymore over the passporting rights it used to have. So with those two pillars, I think in between a deal can be found but it will be very difficult and it will take a lot of

Luc Frieden

I think the United Kingdom can in no way get this passport in the future. Look at the Swiss. The Swiss have always asked for this and they've never got it. In these negotiations we always have to keep in mind that we have a partner and a friend that is Switzerland. So these negotiations – Brexit – and the ongoing negotiations with Switzerland have to be kept in mind and have to develop in

Luc Frieden

A kind of Olympic Rings model for the European Union is probably the most realistic one. It's not an 'a la carte' as that will be too chaotic. Suddenly Europe becomes again something positive. People dare to talk about

Dick Advocaat

When I gave him his debut in 2003 we had some discussions, including with the media, as to whether or not he could play with Rafael van der Vaart. But, for me, his quality is still undisputed. He is a great player with a great

Wesley Sneijder

That record is not important. You think the record is more important than I do. Tomorrow [Friday] is about three points. We should be winning against

Fabio Di Masi

He was the architect and the godfather of this cartel, you can see for example from when he took office, the so called tax rulings, which were big topic under the so-called Luxembourg leaks, exploded. So there is clearly a relationship and he met personally, and he basically advertised himself in election campaigns in Luxembourg by saying I was the one who attracted business here with our favourable tax

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

I was a minister at the time, I wasn't responsible for financial and business issues, so I never discussed fiscal measures with a company. It is a clear principle in

Jolyon Maugham

With regret, we have agreed between us and with Ireland that the litigation should be discontinued. It is clear that Ireland does not want a reference to the court of justice in Luxembourg of the questions in the proceedings. If, as is likely, Ireland takes every point available to it, it is unlikely we would have a full hearing in the [Dublin] high court until the autumn … So we might not have a decision on the questions referred much in advance of the date (October 2018) by which both David Davis and Michel Barnier have said negotiations would need to be

Greg Hogben

This pisses me off more than I can describe in 140 characters. His name is Gauthier Destenay - and he should have been

Xavier Bettel

I have just one life, and I don't want to hide my life. But I was not the 'gay candidate.' People didn't vote for me because I'm gay or I'm

Simon Burrows - 3i

We may or may not have to ensure we have a mirror of our approvals in continental

Davide Serra

Everyone is preparing for the worst. You will see the emergence of Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin, Luxembourg, Madrid. To the world, London now matters more than New York. In 10 years' time, New York will matter

Timothy Loughran

Apple is one of the best companies in the world, and a third of their value is sitting in vaults in Switzerland, and Luxembourg and Dublin. Isn't that pathetic?feedback

Kati Piri

Europe should be the place to open up. We know who are coming, if they take them to legal pathways and not to smugglers. You can do all the identification before and we can still show our human our our human side as the European Union, by taking the most vulnerable refugees. It's not happening

Ali Alfauori

My son was killed three years ago, and my nephew after my son, about eight months. My son was 16-and-a-half, and my nephew was 21. Syrian people are very kind people, but they are looking for their opportunity in life again. Don't be against them, try to deal with them, try to sit with them, try to speak with them, try to understand why they leave their

Eugene Volokh

That’s what European Union executive branch leader Jean-Claude Juncker said he’d do, if Trump continues to urges other European countries to echo Brexit. Because we all know how swayed Americans will be by EU politicians telling them whether or not to secede. Or is this that famous absurdist Luxembourg humor?feedback

David Davis

We have been clear that we want a smooth and orderly exit, and the Great Repeal Bill is integral to that approach. It will provide clarity and certainty for businesses, workers and consumers across the United Kingdom on the day we leave the EU. But it will also ensure that we deliver on our promise to end the supremacy of EU law in the UK as we exit. Our laws will then be made in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast and interpreted not by judges in Luxembourg but by judges across the United

David Davis

It will provide clarity and certainty for businesses, workers and consumers across the United Kingdom on the day we leave the EU. It will mean that as we exit the EU and seek a new deep and special partnership with the European Union, we will be doing so from the position where we have the same standards and rules. But it will also ensure that we deliver on our promise to end the supremacy of EU law in the UK as we exit. Our laws will then be made in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast and interpreted not by judges in Luxembourg but by judges across the United

Fred Grim

We played with great flair and energy in bursts, and we also played good football. But you must also be critical: we give goals away too easily. We were on the right track and in some lesser matches, such as against Luxembourg [a 3-1 victory], we did win. But Saturday [against Bulgaria] was not good, and we know

Didier Deschamps

He has to make the right choices but he is able to unbalance defences. This game against Luxembourg will give him

Paul Merry - KPMG

Insurers are keen to work with regulators that ... show some flexibility in tailoring the approach in particular

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

I will sign my dear friends the declaration of Rome with a pen, I should say the pen used in 1957 by Luxembourg to sign the Treaty of Rome. These are the signatures that

Xavier Bettel

We perhaps need Europe, but he too needs Europe. So it is a two-way street. If he thinks he doesn't need Europe, it is a lose-lose situation. But is now important for everyone to go for a win-win

Xavier Bettel

Mr. Trump will learn very fast that the EU is not a bunch of 27 grocery shops, where you knock at the door and start doing business. Instead, it is something grand, if we stick together and continue to act

Xavier Bettel

On the contrary, the 60-year anniversary is the moment when we look at what works well. It marks 60 years of having liberties, having rights, living in a space where I can go to work, I can go to live, I can get married, I can die, I can study, I can be cared for, I can be defended, I can be elected. It is something we must remember. With the digital agenda, for example, we have 28 regulators, we have 28 markets, we are blocked between the United States and Asia, we are caught in a vice. We need to understand we need a common

Xavier Bettel

It is not because a country says 'I do not want to' that we won't advance. We should be able to move forward issue by issue. It will not be a Europe with those who want and those who don't want. I would have preferred 28 ... (but) I respect that decision and regret it. I would prefer a two-speed Europe to a stalled

Xavier Bettel

The problem is that a Europe at two speeds, it's not one speed and then another. It will not be one speed where everyone follows, and the second which no-one will

Xavier Bettel

On the contrary, the 60-year anniversary is the moment when we look at what works well. It is better to be aware that it works, Europe is born of a project of peace, with two countries, France and Germany, who before, were sometimes shooting at each

Xavier Bettel

We have the enhanced cooperation, as you have seen with Schengen. We started in a few countries, then we grew up country by country. It will be like that with other things, and the euro has been the same. We see it with countries that may be initially chilly towards one or the

Xavier Bettel

Other projects will want to continue working. I do not want to have a stalled Europe, and I will not be a hostage of one or the other on domestic policy

Xavier Bettel

You say Poland, but once again it is on a case-by-case basis. If Poland wants to block everything, it has to tell us. It will not be, on the one hand, those who move forward and the others at a dead end, even though often we have the impression some want to move backwards. It will be project by project, it is for me a multi-speed Europe where we move forward rather than remain at a

Xavier Bettel

Rome is not at a moment of negotiation, Rome is the moment when for 60 years one lives in peace, it marks 60 years of having liberties, having rights, living in a space where I can go to work, I can go to live, I can get married, I can die, I can study, I can be cared for, I can be defended, I can be elected. It is something we must

Xavier Bettel

I will not let myself be blocked today because one decides. If one does not want to move forward, it is not the European Union, we are not hostage to one or the other, we continue together. My project is to remain at 27, I would have preferred 28, I respect that decision and regret it. But I want to continue as 27, that's my main purpose, but I don't want us to do nothing. I prefer a two-speed Europe than a stalled

Ryszard Piskorz

Poland is an emerging country and in our sector Poland is coming out as a role expert, maybe even challenging Luxembourg as a fund industry

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

My home country, Luxembourg, was occupied by the Nazis. Our people were suffering. My father was forced into the German army together with his three brothers. If you are establishing a comparison of that period with our times, this is totally unacceptable. And the one who is doing this is taking distance from Europe and not trying to enter the European

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

It is important when people tell if they find that something is not the way it should be – then authorities, law enforcers can do their job and do it in a better

Jacob Kirkegaard

If the U.K. refuses that, then the EU is going to say in return 'we are not going to be negotiating any future trade relations with the U.K.', at which point there is a real risk these negotiations break down and you may have early elections called in the U.K. (This) will create a lot of additional uncertainty and some volatility in the financial

Pierre Gramegna

We have triple-A ratings from all rating agencies. (There is) a lot of predictability and stability politically, economically and financially. Business always finds ways to expand and we want to be natural partners with the U.K. in this new

Yael Selfin - KPMG

For many Eastern European countries, protecting the workers in and remittances from the UK may be the most important priority, and countries such as Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus rely on British

Yael Selfin - KPMG

Spain, however, may be glad to stem the flow of British pensioners to the economy, whilst Germany may be glad to see greater immigration from Eastern Europe and to repatriate some of its own

Yael Selfin - KPMG

Remittances from emigrants can make a significant contribution towards national income. Latvia, Croatia, Hungary and Lithuania are the most reliant on remittances in the EU, all with over 3 percent of GDP coming from abroad. For many countries, one of the most important factors to influence the impact from Brexit will be the goods and services they export to the UK. The effect on domestic economies of migration may be

François Bausch

We have decided that, as there is a large probability that a defeat device was used, to launch a lawsuit against unknown

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

The President is always ready to cooperate with Parliament... He has nothing to

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

The general, forward-looking change of approach announced by Luxembourg is very

Carlo Oly

Having more than 10,000 instruments listed on the Euro MTF market, the recent delisting is clearly

Fiona Le Poidevin

We have seen a steady stream of high-yield bond listings in the last few months, comprising a number of 'migrations' from both Luxembourg and Ireland in addition to new high-yield bond issues, and there are a number of further applications in the

Chris Lewicki - Planetary Resources

They are becoming not only investors, but very strong collaborators in their space resources

Grant Speirs

A Luxembourg retail Sicav platform will enable us to offer fund strategies to European retail investors if the UK loses financial services passporting rights in several years' time as a result of its exit from the

Jean Asselborn

We can resolve the problem of Brexit but we can't resolve the problems of the survival of the EU if we lose the essence of the EU. So what I told the German newspaper is not directed against one nation, it's aimed at better understanding the essence and values of the

Jean Asselborn

We cannot accept that the basic values of the European Union are being so seriously breached. Anyone, like Hungary, who builds fences against war refugees or breaches press freedom and the independence of the justice system should be temporarily, or if needed forever, excluded from the

Jean Asselborn

The fence that Hungary is building to keep out refugees is getting longer, higher and more dangerous. Hungary is not far from issuing an order to shoot

Christian Kern

What Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Malta are doing here lacks solidarity towards the rest of the European economy. They massively suck up the advertising volume that comes out of the economy but pay neither corporation tax nor advertising duty in

Georg Berrisch - Baker Botts

It is quite obvious that the Commission will not be able to investigate 1,000 tax rulings. It will only go after manifest violations. It will have to pick and choose a few cases, maybe look into European companies. Luxleaks mentioned several European companies having tax deals with

Nicholas Veron - Bruegel

A rule of thumb of finance friendliness is provided by the … Financial Transaction Tax. Doubters such as Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Sweden are more likely to attract business from London than … supporters including France or

Etienne Schneider

Luxembourg's aims is to be in the top 10 space faring nations in the world. In 1985 the government decided to launch the first satellite. We had huge discussions then that nobody would need that kind of satellite or that it could fall from the

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

I am confident we will sustain our positive momentum in the coming year, allowing us to maintain attractive returns for our

Michael Sapin

It's thanks to him that we've been able to put an end to the opacity that prevented European countries from fully knowing the tax status of a number of large companies in

Gerard Ryle - International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

For a founding member of the EU to bring charges against a journalist in relation to reporting that is clearly in the public interest shows a lack of respect for the important role journalism plays in holding the powerful accountable. For a country to also charge two alleged whistleblowers shows Luxembourg has not yet caught up with public

Uwe Jakob

We don't really know his real identity at this point. Each time he appears with a different name: in the Central Register of Foreigners, with the police in Luxembourg and in

Jean Asselborn

The EU is accused of not moving quickly enough, so we had to adopt this legal decision on the relocation of 120, 000 people, as the Luxembourg presidency always planned. If we had not done this, Europe would have been even more divided and its credibility even more

Věra Jourová

The data protection regulation will establish a single set of rules on data protection, valid across the EU – so no more fragmentation of the rules per member

Charles Michel

The message is one of good spirits, of joy and of congratulations, and, most importantly, of happiness. This is the message I bring

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

A tax ruling that agrees to McDonald's paying no tax on their European royalties either in Luxembourg or in the U.S. has to be looked at very carefully under EU state aid rules. The purpose of double taxation treaties between countries is to avoid double taxation – not to justify double

Cruella de Vil

I expect to do just that in September when I present an installation in the Casino in

Luisa Laranjo

If you buy a used car from a professional dealer you will pay VAT only in the country where you buy it, Luxembourg in your

Laura Pedio

Gado is a radio relay station. The orders originated in Milan, and bounced from Luxembourg back to the Milan offices where the decisions regarding the brands were

Claude Meisch

What has just happened is what we at the Democratic Party had asked for four weeks ago. That is to call on the government to quit and to make way for a new government via new elections because Luxembourg has a lot of problems and we realised this government was preoccupied with all these

Robert Ley

It's to be forbidden because grape concentrate subsidies are being stopped… Well that's going to raise production costs in our (more northern)

Frank Linster

Our vineyard is very small… Whatever it produces we sell. In other words, it supports our markets' needs, and our markets ours. We don't see an interest in uprooting vines in our

David Hammerstein

The tearing up of the vines and the sugar issue are, of course, connected. They want to suppress most of the production in southern Europe, where it is a more natural process, and they want to make Europe dependent on concentrated must and wines imported from third

Didier Reynders

It is important to say this is a Benelux agreement with three governments on board, who intervened directly to take control of three banks, situated in either Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. With a 49 per cent stake in the business it represents 11.2 billion

Viviane Reding

We have to clarify some questions: let's take Luxembourg citizens who are lost in Kazakhstan and the British embassy is going to save them, that comes at a cost to the British tax payer, so it is normal that they are paid back by the Luxembourg authorities. How this transfer is going to take place, that has to be regulated by a European law and will

Daniel Gros - Centre for European Policy Studies

No, the risk of contagion should be quite limited. The case of Cyprus was really unique in several aspects. Luxembourg has also very large banks, but with one crucial difference: the banks in Luxembourg are all owned by other banks in the eurozone. So the Luxembourg government will never be responsible for anything that happens in Luxembourg. So, savers' in large countries like Italy or Spain should have no fear and therefore there should be no noticeable

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

We have decided there will be an opening up of the services market and this will be done in such a way as to avoid any social dumping. France's concerns are largely shared by Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, to name just a few. It is not true that the European Council has decided to make substantial changes to the directive solely because of strong shifts in

Olli Rehn

Once ratified, the new EFSF will soon have access to new tools of intervention such as precautionary credit lines and interventions in the secondary markets and recapitalisation of financial institutions under certain

Marguerita Sforza - Euronews

The President of the Eurogroup Jean Claude Juncker has shown some optimism, saying he has received reassuring news from the Slovakian government. The objective is to have the EFSF reform ratified by Slovakia before October's European

Xavier Bettel

It's not a case of wanting to stand out or be different, each has his own style. All I want is to continue in a pro-European, friendly spirit, not confrontational but trying to find solutions, and above all what I appreciate is respect, since I recognise I am not prime minister of the biggest

Audrey Tilve

Xavier Bettel, for your first European summit, here's a slightly annoying question. Jean-Claude Juncker, your predecessor, left a mark on European politics. Is it not too burdensome being in his shadow?feedback

Xavier Bettel

No, he has certainly made his mark on summits, but now people will have to do with someone else, and I can tell you the welcome has been very, very warm. Thanks to the people of Luxembourg who made a choice and a parliamentary majority, I've been able to be present among my colleagues

Margherita Sforza - Euronews

Prudence is the word you are hearing here in Luxembourg. Diplomatic sources say a quick decision from the finance ministers on the second aid package for Greece in not likely, they prefer to wait until after the Greek government's vote of confidence on Tuesday. But the euro zone can't afford all this indecision as the financial markets are looking for something more

Sandor Zsiros - Euronews

Jean-Claude Juncker's Christian Social People's Party has governed Luxembourg almost continuously over the last 60 years, except for one term. But now, his reelection is in question as analysts say the election race will be

Sandor Zsiros - Euronews

In the past few weeks opinion polls were banned from being published in Luxembourg, so this Sunday's election could be really exciting and also, the vote will determine the future of Jean-Claude Juncker, who is Europe's longest serving prime

Blaise Ducos

They are the work of a well-travelled person. Rubens visited Italy, Spain, England, and Paris. He worked in Paris, at the Luxembourg Palace. He really had the most extraordinary life experience. In modern terms this makes him a model European. He distinguished himself from his contemporaries, by that

James Franey - Euronews

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was less than enthusiastic when she was asked to endorse the former PM of Luxembourg to take over at the EU executive. If leaders and the European Parliament can't strike a compromise deal over the next few weeks, it could spell the start of a bitter row here in Brussels…at a time when voters are urging governments to do more to fix the

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

The commission will do its job. I won't intervene on this dossier because the competition commissioner is responsible for

Angela Merkel

And we see that pressue alone of drawing up a list of tax havens has already yielded important initil results. Yesterday Lichtenstien, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg took an important step towards greater

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