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Hua Chunying
We hope that the relevant parties can appropriately resolve the issue via dialogue and consultation.
NEW Mar 28 2017
Najib Razak, Khalid Abu Bakar, Hishammuddin Hussein and Peter Bellew, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Malaysia. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 221 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 386 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Najib Razak is: “We are one of a very few countries that have been very fair to North Korea, quite friendly to them. We did not pick a quarrel with them, but when a crime has been committed, especially when chemical weapons have been used in Malaysia, we are duty-bound to protect the interest of Malaysians.”.
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Nigel Stevenson

It is a major problem for some developers that have megaprojects overseas, as it appears they sell, and were intended to sell, mainly to Chinese investors rather than local buyers. Anecdotally it does seem much harder for Chinese buyers to transfer money offshore to pay for properties.

Kitty Zhu

I've lost confidence in this project and I don't want to pay any more. I told my salesman that I want a refund, but he just avoids me.

Ong Kim Swee

Maybe there's a curse on the Philippines and Malaysia, whereby we've drawn 0-0 three (consecutive) times, even in Kuala Lumpur. I believe it's always tough to play the Philippines. There were two sides of the game, you could see in the first half they controlled more of the game. But in the second half we got back in the game. I believe this game served its purpose... I think it is a fair result.

Ong Kim Swee

I believe we still need the senior (experienced) players to guide the younger members of the squad in the future.

Ong Kim Swee

You could see that Amri Yahyah, Safee Sali, Shahrom Kalam and Ronny Harun, all of them worked very well and worked very hard.

Peter Bellew

My problem now is I don't have enough seats and I don't have big enough aircraft. Some airlines in the Middle East and Turkey have grounded aircraft so it's a good time for Malaysia Airlines to be looking for these type of aircraft. If you're not getting the business class seats filled up, you will end up not operating flights over time and then you won't need as many planes. In a strange way, it could benefit us. There is no hassle coming to Malaysia.

Windsor Paul John

We've given them until April 14 to come back to us with the neutral venue, in the event that the diplomatic situation (between North Korea and Malaysia) is not solved.

Khalid Abu Bakar

After investigations, the recipient in Thailand was found not to exist. So we blocked the shipment from entering Malaysia and from being sent to Thailand. This company never sold any weapons in (Malaysia)... not one weapon was sold.

Khalid Abu Bakar

I don't deny we are targeting new individuals including North Korean nationals involved in this murder and we will use all legal channels to apprehend them. Although I can't reveal who they are, we believe there is an 'important person' among them.

Khalid Abu Bakar

I do not deny that there are more North Koreans involved in the murder of Kim Jong Nam. We will follow the legal channel to get them. I do not want to say more than that. If I do, they may run ... but we believe there is an important person too.

Noor Rashid Ibrahim

I was made to understand that they are leaving it to our government to deal with it (body) ... yes, they have given their consent,'' Noor Rashid said.

Pak Myong Ho

The recent incident that occurred in Malaysia was clearly a political scheme by the U.S. and South Korea aimed at hurting the DPRK's reputation and overthrowing the DPRK regime.

Pak Myong Ho

The only parties that will benefit from this incident are the enemy countries.

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

The governments should recognise that peace and stability requires promoting tolerance, not kowtowing to extremists who haven't figured out that their children are going to watch everything on the internet anyway some day. These three governments should protect freedom of expression and the arts, and tell the gaggle of extremists to stay at home if they don't want to see the movie.

Dede Oetomo - Disney

It is also an example of the total ignorance among many adults of the possibility that a child may be gay and that could lead to a good thing.

Noor Rashid Ibrahim

I was made to understand that they are leaving it to our government to deal with it (body)... yes, they have given their consent.

Abdul Halim

We have approved it but there is a minor cut involving a gay moment. It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie.

Eugene Tan

The contestation by both camps has to be adroitly managed… governments are often caught between a rock and a hard place. Once the confrontation has crystallised, it's often too late and the domestic concerns tend to prevail.

Josh Gad

Never judging a book by its cover. There is so much fear out there of that which we don't understand, that which we don't know… And you have a character in Gaston who uses his charm offensive to whip other people into a frenzy to go and attack somebody they've never met. Somebody that's different. Somebody that only represents a danger because [Gaston] says that he represents a danger… I think that that theme is as relevant today as it was when Beauty and the Beast was first written 300 years ago. So that's what I hope people take from it.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

And those samples have been put through forensics and DNA procedures and I would like to again say that the body is that of Kim Jong Nam.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

I again confirm that it is Kim Jong Nam... This is based on a sample taken from his son.

Abdul Hamid

'We have approved it but there is a minor cut involving a gay moment. It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie.'.

Jo Jong Chol

We regard the lifting of the (U.S.) hostile policy toward the DPRK is the fundamental issue to address all kinds of issues ... between the two countries.

Kim Jong Nam

We are not interested in any kind of talks ... which is aiming to make the DPRK to abandon its nuclear program.

Jasrena Jasmih

They (the censors) are too sensitive... they should be open-minded, because it's just a movie, just a story. Nothing else matters.

Rennis Ponniah

Disney films for children's entertainment are usually associated with wholesome and mainstream values. But times are changing at a foundational level.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

It's an effort to preserve the body, because if it is kept in the mortuary it might decompose so we did this to preserve the body.

Kim Jong-un

It is a final aim sought by the United States to store up the international repugnancy towards the DPRK. So the U.S. and South Korea were starting the political chicanery to bring down the social system in DPRK.

Hamidin Amin

Regarding the new date and venue, FAM will follow whatever decision made by AFC and will give our support to the matter.

Affendi Zahari

Considering it's right in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, Kampong Bharu lags behind in many aspects. Development is the only way forward.

Yiwen Zhang - World Food Program

The staff members are international civil servants and not representatives of their national government.

Kang Choi

The statements I made to reporters were an expression of my righteous stand as the ambassador of the DPRK to Malaysia, as its government conducted the autopsy without the consent and attendance of the DPRK embassy officials and later arrested our citizen without any clear evidence showing his involvement in the incident. I express grave concern and regret over the extreme measures taken by the Malaysian government, as it is doing great harm to the friendly bilateral relations which have a history of more than 40 years.

Najib Razak

We are one of a very few countries that have been very fair to North Korea, quite friendly to them. We did not pick a quarrel with them, but when a crime has been committed, especially when chemical weapons have been used in Malaysia, we are duty-bound to protect the interest of Malaysians.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

So far, we believe they are going to act rationally. We believe what is important for us is to maintain our diplomatic relationship with them because I think what is important is the safety of our citizens in Pyongyang.

Leszek Buszynski

It's the North Korean way of doing things – dramatic intimidating gestures and then waiting for the other side to plead for some concessions.

Najib Razak

This abhorrent act, effectively holding our citizens hostage, is in total disregard of all international law and diplomatic norms. I know that the family and friends of our fellow Malaysians detained in North Korea are anxiously anticipating news of their loved ones. You can rest assured that we are doing our very best to secure their safe return. As a peace-loving nation, Malaysia is committed to maintaining friendly relations with all countries. However, protecting our citizens is my first priority, and we will not hesitate to take all measures necessary when they are threatened.

Najib Razak

This abhorrent act, effectively holding our citizens hostage, is in total disregard of all international law and diplomatic norms.

Najib Razak

I condemn in the strongest possible terms, North Korea's decision to prevent Malaysian citizens from leaving the country. As a peace-loving nation, Malaysia is committed to maintaining friendly relations with all countries. However, protecting our citizens is my first priority, and we will not hesitate to take all measures necessary, when they are threatened. Our hope is for a swift resolution. I call upon the North Korean leadership to immediately allow our citizens to leave to avoid any further escalation.

Francis Au - Arcadis

Solutions based on migrant labour aren't acceptable to the local population at this stage. To stabilise the rising building costs, the government and the construction industry will have to look into investing in initiatives and solutions that can increase industrial productivity. We used to call those casinos money-printing machines. As China's state economic policy is to expand overseas, we can expect to see more Chinese funds go to other Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Cambodia to fuel their infrastructure projects building.

Hamidin Mohd Amin

The government have asked us not to go to Pyongyang. We asked the AFC today if we could play in a neutral venue. We expect a decision by the end of this week.

Najib Razak

It means that we are firm in defending our sovereignty and dignity. Don't ever insult our country and don't try to cause disruptions here.

Jacquita Gomes

The search should go on. The reason for the suspension is that they say there's no more credible evidence that has come in, in order for them to continue the search. So I guess they should get in more experts then, to sit down and re-evaluate what they have, and go through everything again to see what went wrong.

Khalid Abu Bakar

We have our experts who are qualified to determine the cause of death of Kim Chol. Our investigations, supported by expert reports, confirmed that Kim Chol was murdered. North Korea can say what they like but the facts remain.

Florrie Tseng

The whole show was designed to be an unforgettable experience. We wanted everyone who was flying across the world from Zimbabwe, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, London, China and Hong Kong, to feel it was worth it.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

We don't want to make enemies, but if they had used Malaysia for their own agenda, they should not accuse Malaysia and tarnish our image on the international stage. We will act firmly to guarantee the safety of our people. Don't ever use Malaysia as a base to do anything you like.

Khalid Abu Bakar

We have our experts who are qualified to determine the cause of death of Kim Chol. Our investigations, supported by expert reports, confirmed that Kim Chol was murdered. North Korea can say what they like, but the facts remain.

Keith Hockton

Malaysians are some of the friendliest people that I have encountered in Southeast Asia. We live in an apartment block where all the neighbors talk to you. We talk food. People in Malaysia love their food. Often we will talk lunch after just having breakfast, and dinner after just having lunch. Food is definitely the most discussed topic here.

Selvam Shanmugam

She denied it. She denied it. She said 'I'm innocent'. She was perfectly all right and she was calm. Of course she's definitely distressed because she is facing the death penalty.

Subramanya Bettadapura - Frost & Sullivan

This investment confirmation would help bring the RAPID project to the commissioning stage. It's the goodwill of the Saudi king himself to invest and to maintain good ties with Malaysia, boost bilateral ties.

Yun Byung-se

We should act individually and collectively before the violation of human rights leads to a much bigger calamity.

Louis Low

They use (the) Pan Systems (name) and say it's a foreign company, but they operate everything by themselves.

Abdul Samat Mat

We confirm, number one, there is no hazardous material found in KLIA2, number two, KLIA2 is free from any form of contamination of hazardous material and thirdly, KLIA2 is declared a safe zone.

Najib Razak

Saudi Arabian investment in Malaysia is expected to create thousands of jobs and we are proud that Malaysian firms have been chosen to undertake projects at some of the most prestigious locations in Saudi Arabia.

Andriano Erwin

She didn't tell us about that. She only said that it's a kind of oil, baby oil, something like that.

Sankara Nair

Police can apply for a warrant, but it can easily be set aside by the embassy.

Abdul Samat Mat

And if he failed to turn up ... then we will go to the next step by getting a warrant of arrest from the court.

Andriano Erwin

She doesn't want her family get sad to see her condition. She only delivered a message through us to her father and mother not to be worried and take care of their health.

Sankara Nair

If he is a Korean diplomat with a diplomatic passport, then he has immunity no matter a criminal case or otherwise. Police can apply for a warrant, but it can easily be set aside by the embassy.

Andriano Erwin

She didn't tell us about that. She only said that it's a kind of oil, baby oil, something like that. She doesn't want her family (to) get sad to see her condition. She only delivered a message through us to her father and mother not to be worried and take care of their health.

Abdul Samat Mat

And if he failed to turn up upon given this notice, then we will go to the next step by getting a warrant of arrest from the court.

Ryan Palmer

I watched a few tournaments. There were times when she said I should have gone and played. I was going to play Vegas and I was going to play Malaysia, but after that, there was no way I could play golf. Enjoyed time at home, took care of the kids. But it was a lot of hard times, for sure. The greens, all hell broke loose – the nerves, anxiety right hand. I spent four weeks going through that. Felt like it was the best putting I've done in a year and a half, and it's carried over to this week.

Bruce Bennett - Rand Corporation

This is not something you make in a kitchen lab. You'd kill yourself if you did.

Khalid Abu Bakar

Our preliminary finding of the chemical that caused the death of Kim Chol was VX nerve. No. No. No. But I don't know. I am not the expert.

Khalid Abu Bakar

If the amount of the chemical brought in was small, it would be difficult for us to detect. Other exhibits are under analysis.

Khalid Abu Bakar

(We are looking to) sweep all locations that we knew the suspects went to. We will get the experts from the atomic energy department to go to the location and sweep it to see if radioactive (material) is still there.

Khalid Abu Bakar

We are investigating it. If the amount of the chemical brought in was small, it would be difficult for us to detect.

Jang Jin-sung

They produce people with real jobs and skills and send them abroad with family to live. When an urgent opportunity arises like this one on Kim Jong Nam, those people are tapped into operation, so they would be planted way before hand.

Najib Razak

The statement by the ambassador was totally uncalled for ... But Malaysia will stand firm.

Yong Ho

Even if North Korea denies the assassination, one hundred percent it was ordered by Kim Jong Un.

Khalid Abu Bakar

You see the lady moving away with her hands like this toward the bathroom, to the washroom. So she knew very well that it is toxic and she needed to wash her hands.

Khalid Abu Bakar

Surely we know, surely we have the reasons – the grounds to ask them to assist us in the investigation. We would request the North Korean authorities to assist us in tracing them and hand them over to us. Everybody is saying he's Kim Jong Nam; surely we need DNA to prove he is Kim Jong Nam.

Khalid Abu Bakar

Of course they knew. You have seen the video, she was moving her hand away from her body and walking to the bathroom. We strongly believe it is a planned thing and they have been trained to do that. We have written to the embassy to allow us to interview both of them. We hope that they [the embassy] will cooperate with us and allow us to interview them quickly, if not we will compel them. Surely we know that we have the grounds to ask them to assist in the investigations... It is a crime committed in Malaysia.

Khalid Abu Bakar

He's the second secretary of the embassy. … They're not in custody, they've been called in for assistance. Yes, the two female suspects knew that the substance they had were toxic. We don't know what kind of chemical was used. They used their bare hands. I think you have seen the video, right? The lady was moving away with her hands towards the bathroom. She was very aware that it was toxic and that she needed to wash her hands.

James Chin

Malaysia is the source of a lot of smuggling operations by North Korea to raise money for the motherland. They also buy a lot of high-end consumer goods in Malaysia for the elite in Pyongyang.

Chong Ah Kow

They have great shows. (Ri was a) soft-spoken, courteous, humble man - just like other North Koreans.

Najib Razak

The statement by the ambassador was totally uncalled for. It was diplomatically rude. But Malaysia will stand firm.

Noor Hisham bin Abdullah

We have to confirm with the lab report before we can make any conclusive remark.

Prasanth Kakaraparthi - Wood Mackenzie

Given that the second phase of development will involve a significant amount of capital commitment, it's not completely out of the question to think that they might want to bring in some partners to sort of share some of that burden.

Lee Jaehyon

Malaysia is very embarrassed. This incident has caused significant damage to Malaysia, and its image of safety and political stability.

Najib Razak

But we will be objective and we expect them to understand that we apply the rule of law in Malaysia.

Noor Rashid Ibrahim

We haven't met the next of kin. We are trying very hard to get the next of kin to come and to assist us in the investigation.

Kang Chol

The investigation by the Malaysian police is not for the clarification of the cause of the death and search for the suspect, but it is out of the political aim.

Hwang Kyo-Ahn

The murder carried out in public at an international airport of a third country is an unforgivable and inhumane criminal act and clearly demonstrates the recklessness and brutality of the North Korean regime that will spare no avenues when it comes to perpetuating itself. As was seen in this case, the North Korean regime's terrorism tactics are getting bolder so we must be more vigilant about the possibility of terror by the North Korean regime against our government and people.

Kang Chol

The investigation by the Malaysian police is not for the clarification of the cause of the death and search of the suspect, but it is out of the political aim.

Noor Rashid Ibrahim

We have to send a sample to the chemistry department, we have to send a sample for toxicology tests. We haven't met the next of kin. We are working, we are trying very hard to get the next of kin to come and to assist us in the investigation.'.

Subramaniam Sathasivam

We are talking about the normal period of time to complete most post mortem and give results, so on this basis, yes.

Noor Rashid Ismail

The four suspects are holding normal passports, not diplomatic passports. Next plan is to get them. We of course have international cooperation especially with Interpol [and] bilateral involvement with the country involved. We will go through those avenues to get the people involved. The body must be identified. The most eligible to identify the body physically is the next-of-kin. We will verify again through scientific means, so it is very important for close family members to come forward to assist us in process of identification base on legal procedures under Malaysian law.

Noor Rashid Ismail

I can confirm today that they (four North Korean suspects) have left our country the very same day the incident happen. The four suspects are holding normal passports, not diplomatic passports. Next plan is to get them. We, of course, have international cooperation especially with Interpol, bilateral involvement with the country involved, we will go through those avenues to get the people involved. The body must be identified. The most eligible to identify the body physically is the next-of-kin.

Abdul Samat Mat

No such thing as a second post-mortem. If there is no claim by next-of-kin and upon exhausting all avenues (to obtain DNA), we will finally then hand over the body to the (North Korean) embassy,'.

Noor Rashid Ibrahim

I am not going to disclose where they are. We have to send a sample to the chemistry department, we have to send a sample for toxicology tests. We haven't met the next of kin. We are trying very hard to get the next of kin to come and to assist us in the investigation. We are investigating a case of murder … we just follow our rules and regulations.

Tito Karnavian

Such an action was done three or four times and they were given a few dollars for it, and with the last target, Kim Jong Nam, allegedly there were dangerous materials in the sprayer. She was not aware that it was an assassination attempt by alleged foreign agents.

Siti Aisyah

She said she wanted to go to Malaysia to film on a show to surprise people by spraying perfume on them. […] She's an innocent girl who was drawn by an offer of good money.

Kang Chol

The Malaysian side forced the post-mortem without our permission and witnessing, we will categorically reject the result of the post-mortem conducted unilaterally excluding our attendance. North Korea can reject or show disapproval. But we are doing things according to our law. Something happened in our country. We don't do it according to their law.

Yoji Gomi

"He must have been aware of the danger, but I believe he still wanted to convey his views to Pyongyang via the media,". "He was sweating all over his body, and seemed very uncomfortable when he responded to my questions. He was probably worried about the impact of his comments and expressions. The thought now gives me a pain in my heart.".

Agung Sampurno

They were allowed to see her but cannot make any questions. However, the team can confirm that Aisyah is Indonesian.

Zahid Hamidi

What do you mean? Do we have to engage a bodyguard and usher him everywhere? No.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

After all the police and medical procedures are completed we may release the body to the next of kin through the embassy.

Mark Tokola

It seems probable that the motivation for the murder was a continuing sense of paranoia on the part of Kim Jong Un, which may be a well-placed paranoia.

Rodrigo Duterte

We would be glad if they have their presence there ... just to patrol. In the Malacca Strait and here in Sulu Sea remains to be a big problem.

Jorge Lorenzo

I think that to go a lot faster we have to do two things. The first is to adapt the bike bit by bit to how I like it, and the second and most important is to understand how to go fast. To get there I'm missing quite a lot, more than I expected, honestly, but it's still very early to draw conclusions. It's a question of putting in the hours and the laps to bit by bit find how to go fast.

Rahim Ramli

We are looking at strong winds and choppy waters, and have requested assistance from the air force to conduct an aerial search.

Achal Agarwal - Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific

I think the reality is that many people will sometimes talk of an Asian consumer. There's no such animal, Even within a country, there are different consumers ... What works in Indonesia may not work in Thailand and Malaysia so we actually tailor our products for the customers in that specific market.

Michael Olajide Jr.

I think the exposure to the Aero brand and what we do is, for us, No. 1. For somebody over in Dubai to say, I do this Aero jump, Aero Box and it's incredible,' then we have somebody over in Malaysia saying, We do it.' They are taking it to a different level.

Alasdair Macleod

We are already seeing growing demand from Muslim-majority countries, and take the view that being Shariah-compliant will considerably raise our profile in this important market.

Robin Lee

Promoting competition is key as fintechs are likely to target under-served consumers and the unbanked and to drive cost to consumers down.

Adib Iliya Azlan

Unfortunately with Trump, I don't expect him to show up in Malaysia in a few years talking about open elections and transparency. If Trump upsets the Chinese or vice versa, that may force Malaysia's hand in some way. My concern will be if Trump ends up going on a tirade against the Chinese and putting us in sticky situation, because I think it's always good as a developing country to sort of have the ear of both the East and the West.

Darren Chester - Federal Transport

I understand the disappointment and frustration felt by the families. The tripartite decision to suspend the search in the absence of any credible new evidence leading to the specific location of the aircraft was not taken lightly.

Najib Razak

We appeal to the government of Myanmar - said Najib - to put an immediate end to all discriminatory actions and attacks against Rohingya. And that the culprits are brought to justice.

Najib Razak

For a start, the killing must stop. The violation of women and girls must stop. The persecution of your fellow men and women, simply on the grounds that they are Muslim, must stop.

Abdul Aziz Kaprawi

We know the next-of-kin are not happy when we suspended the search. We can't proceed until there is new evidence, but if there are credible companies that want to take on the search, then why not?

Tringh Nguyen - Natixis

Clearly, the BNM opted for a more prudent choice despite low inflation on the face of a more hawkish Fed, expected higher inflation and an improving commodity cycle, helping export revenue.

Tringh Nguyen - Natixis

As Malaysia has high exposure to foreign portfolio investment, especially in fixed income, it was a wise move to hold and watch how external conditions unfold.

Oliver Salmon - Oxford Economics

A weaker ringgit will help boost export competitiveness and this comes at a time where export growth is really starting to pick up toward the end of last year and early this year and so external demand is really seen as a catalyst to growth for next year especially as there are some soft patches in the domestic economy.

Oliver Salmon - Oxford Economics

They've already taken steps to try to shore up the ringgit. For example, they've compelled exporters to convert about 75 percent of proceeds into the ringgit. This should help boost reserves. We've seen a significant decline in reserves in the last 18 months, but they'll be a lot more cautious in setting policy over the next year as a result of this fear of capital outflows.

Oliver Salmon - Oxford Economics

We've got base effects coming out of inflation, higher oil prices and also with the Fed likely to move a couple of times this year, clearly they won't want to see interest rate differentials narrow too much to stoke fears of capital outflows.

Abdul Aziz Kaprawi

All costs must be borne by them. We will only reward them if they are successful.

Najib Razak

It is incumbent on us all to do what we can to save them from the humanitarian tragedy they are suffering.

Grace Nathan

The whole series of events since the plane disappeared has been nothing but frustrating. It continues to be frustrating and we just hope they will continue to search. ... They've already searched 120,000 square kilometers. What is another 25,000?

Peter Bellew

We owe it to the people that lost their lives and the families and everything to make sure that the place is a success and that it survives, because that's the right thing to do.

Peter Bellew

Tremendous result, tremendous improvement for us. Our planes are so full at the moment that our own staff are not able to use their standby tickets.

Abdul Samad

We are looking at various assets we own. You will see disposals, particularly overseas assets.

Jeanette Maguire

It's very upsetting for everybody, but at the same token you've got understanding there as well to the finances that are required as well as the time required for that search.

Peter Bellew

There's people I work with every day who lost some of their friends, so they're living with that.

Marc Breuil - Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

After putting down roots in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau, we are pleased to further expand our operations in Asia and bring facultative reinsurance capacity and new products with the backing of our strong balance sheet to selected Malaysian insurance partners.

Angus Rodger

Regional oil production will be underpinned by giant fields in Indonesia, Malaysia and China but these fields are super mature and will require expensive techniques, high break-evens and capex cuts.

Jeanette Maguire

We were hoping and praying that that wouldn't be it and we would have found something of significance for them to be able to keep searching.

Azman Mokhtar

The volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global business and market environment is expected to continue in 2017.

Muhammad Ibrahim - Bank Negara

Given the openness of our market, we will always be exposed to uncertainties in global economic developments and geopolitical tensions.

Virendra Chauhan

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are focusing their cuts on U.S. and European customers as they target excess inventories and protect market share in Asia. Southeast Asian demand is small when compared to North Asia.

Ibrahim Suffian

In the lead-up to the elections, if they (UMNO) can develop measures that can persuade the voters ... then they can still mitigate the concerns arising from the purchase of Eagle High. But this is not a done deal; it is a developing story.

Mazlan Aliman

All this while, UMNO has won the elections because there are 54 parliamentary seats in the Felda (settlers) areas. Now I am sure the sentiment has changed. If this happens, (Barisan Nasional) will lose in the upcoming elections.

Rafizi Ramli

Felda's debts are growing ... and the government will use the settlers money to pay it off. If we don't stop this, the debt will be shouldered by our future generations.

Robert Rennie - Westpac Group

Expectations are for slower China through 2017, that's something that weighs on Malaysia clearly. Domestically, we have political issues.

Thibault d'Argent - Trident Energy

We believe there is a big mid-life assets potential in Southeast Asia, mostly in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and also in Brunei, Vietnam and the Philippines … so it's a good time to invest. We're looking at fields producing more than 15,000 barrels-per-day and with more than 50 million barrels of reserves.

Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar

There's an indication that there is illegal mining going on, otherwise there would be no heap (of bauxite).

Johari Abdul Ghani

If IPIC could just acknowledge that they received the US$3.5 billion payment made to them, then this matter could be easily resolved.

David Gaveau

By and large, we can say that the oil palm industry has always been the major driver of deforestation.

David Gaveau

Most of the plantations in Kalimantan were developed either on land that were cleared much earlier, or in forest areas that had been degraded by recurring fires brought on by droughts. But plantations on the Malaysian side have always expanded into forested areas and this has been constant over the past forty years.

Liow Tiong Lai

I wish to reiterate that the aspiration to locate MH370 has not been abandoned and every decision made has and will always be in the spirit of cooperation among the three nations.

Noor Hisham bin Abdullah

His family members were questioned and their blood and urine samples were taken as soon as he (the patient) tested positive for Zika. Active case detection is being conducted in the patient's residential area to detect if neighbouring residents have symptoms of Zika.

Richard Towle

Although it's proper to highlight the situation in Myanmar itself, it's also very important to look at the situation of the Rohingyas in Bangladesh and here in Malaysia, where there is a lot we can still do to make their lives more secure and safer.

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

Quite clearly, there is a major domestic political dimension to this, as Najib positions himself as the champion of downtrodden Muslims in the region, which he and United Malays National Organization (UMNO) obviously believe will be popular in the Malay Muslim heartland. And of course, talking about the Rohingya is a good way to change the subject from the 1MDB scandal.

Islam Muhammad Kassim

Rohingya people are hoping something may change in Myanmar - and also in Malaysia where many of us live.

Arul Kanda

1MDB does not have anything further to add to previous statements in relation to the ongoing dispute with Ipic.

Adnan Zaylani - Bnm

We are providing liquidity to the (onshore) market and will continue to do so as far as necessary. We do need to maintain liquidity in our markets.

Ron Christianson

Earlier this year, we became aware of certain circumstances relating to services provided by Human Connection HR which were not in compliance with our standards. As a result, we have terminated our contract with them.

Ron Christianson

Because the workers are not employees of McDonald's, our efforts to address the issues were unsuccessful, as were proposals for McDonald's to assume responsibility for paying workers directly.

Omar Slim

Fundamentally, we still like the Indonesia story and we don't feel what happened in the last three or four weeks since the U.S.elections fundamentally changed our view. We think that yields will go lower and that's driven by attractive valuations.

Michael Buchanan - Western Asset Management

You want to make sure you have a consistent approach to policy. If people fear that if the currency depreciates more than a couple of percent, you're going to start imposing quasi-capital controls or some other sort of measure like that, they're obviously going to rush for the exit.

Michael Buchanan - Western Asset Management

If you're going to have a more important bond market and you're going to get more of your financing from abroad, that's a good thing. But then you have in place the policies through the whole cycle that can support that.

Michael Buchanan - Western Asset Management

If foreign investors can't feel comfortable getting their money out, can't hedge their currency exposure, they're probably not going to put their money in or if they do, it won't be at the same price.

Kenneth Akintewe

Our ability to hedge in the NDF market is being slightly restricted, and we do have to think about taking those positions where we may not necessarily be able to hedge the currency.

Ng Kheng Siang

The [Malaysian] regulators want something to be done fairly quickly, but the reality is, operationally, certain things may not be achieved that quickly.

Nitin Dialdas - Mandarin Capital

If you think the economy is not doing well, then going onshore (to trade) will hardly help, as there is a high possibility the government may slap capital controls to protect its currency or domestic markets. And that would be very painful.

Najib Razak

After that I think that the price of oil will likely be at a slightly higher level, not at the all time high, but something between US$60 to US$70 per barrel, will be a comfortable level for us.

Najib Razak

If the TPP is a no-go, then RCEP must be brought to a conclusion, the earlier the better and I think realistically we are talking about the end of 2017.

Najib Razak

With today's economic situation, it's going to be a challenge because you don't see the world economy on a rising trend. It's going to be much more the same next year, as the year before.

James Fry

2017 should enjoy a sharp rebound. In both H1 and H2, world output will be around 3 million tonnes up on 2016.

Fadhil Hasan

In 2016, Indonesia experienced a wet dry season, which is favourable for oil production, so we expect that production will be back to its normal trend (in 2017).

Sime Darby Berhad

The lingering effects of the Super El Nino continued to impact production, particularly in South Kalimantan and Sabah.

Tan Min Lan

We are looking at a cheap currency. The current account position is very comfortable. The fiscal balance is very well managed. The monetary policy, as well, [central bank] Bank Negara continues to have a very good standing with international investors.

Muhammed Noor

The Myanmar government says the claims are all fabricated but they are not fabricated. This movement has to continue, to pressure the government to stop the killing.

James Fry

The only thing that will stop CPO prices falling below US$500 is the BPDP.

James Fry

By 2Q, we will see very solid evidence that Indonesia's revival in CPO output is gathering pace, with Malaysia eventually following suit. The only thing that will stop CPO prices falling below US$500 is the BPDP.

Nigel Williams - ANZ

While there is no evidence that FX benchmarks in Singapore were successfully influenced, we accept responsibility and apologise for the actions of our former employees.

Rod Simms

These proceedings are a reminder that Australian cartel laws apply to financial markets, and capture cartel conduct by firms that carry on business in Australia, regardless of where that conduct occurred.

Jason Daw

A surprise increase in foreign-exchange reserves and BNM reassuring investors that capital markets and the banking system is deep and liquid in their policy statement leaves more questions than answers. Valuation effects alone should have caused reserves to fall and it is unlikely that dollar buying occurred in the November 1-15 period.

Khairy Jamaluddin

While we've known for a while that Myanmar will be the host, this (decision) is based on recent reports from Rakhine that showed proof of attacks, that reportedly show evidence of genocide. We must continue to speak up.

Alicia Edwards

The United States remains committed to the strong and growing partnership we have with Malaysia. In the spirit of that partnership, U.S. officials routinely and strongly voice our concerns about the rule of law, human rights, and fundamental freedoms with the Government of Malaysia, and we will continue to do so.

Wan Mohd Fauzi

To get it right, (bunker suppliers) need support from the (Malaysia) government to have proper pricing and support from oil majors for cargoes to be competitive with Singapore.

Khairy Jamaluddin

I raised this issue in the cabinet last week. I will do so again this week and stand guided by decision.

Nurul Izzah Anwar

In 1980, we withdrew from the Olympic Games that is more prestigious to protest the invasion of Soviet troops on Afghanistan.

Nazri Abdul Aziz

After 2018 no longer. From the longer term perspective, it is probably the correct decision because it's more expensive and no longer that attractive.

Krystal Tan - Capital Economics

That they have felt the need to intervene to support the ringgit suggests they are less sanguine in private than they are in public.

Tringh Nguyen - Natixis

The ringgit move has been rather sharp and this is partly due to the fact that it's one of the more globalized financial markets, especially the bond market.

Tringh Nguyen - Natixis

Whenever there's an external shock unrelated to Malaysia, and some of this is related to Malaysia as well, it can move the currency massively. This is because investors are reshuffling their portfolio and this reshuffling will continue for some time as we learn more about what the Trump policy would be like in the future.

Muhammad Ibrahim - Bank Negara

Taken together, these three measures are targeted at residents such as the small and medium-sized enterprises, with a view to expand their access to hedge freely and directly with onshore banks.

Muhammad Ibrahim - Bank Negara

This week has seen many noises surrounding these measures. There is no new policy on capital flows. There is no proxy capital control either.

Wan Aisyah Wan Ariffin

We want to see Malaysia more developed and not robbed of billions of ringgit [Malaysia's currency].

Claire Rewcastle Brown

My site was banned for disseminating false information, but people still managed to access it, that's new media for you.

Claire Rewcastle Brown

Malaysia has asked Interpol to arrest and extradite me but again, but it's not getting much luck there.

Maria Chin Abdullah

If we keep quiet and don't do anything, the consequences will be worse. We have to continue telling our government that this, the abuse of power and laws to silence dissent, cannot carry on.

Claire Rewcastle Brown

The parliamentary system that both Malaysia and Britain share enables the PM to call elections at any time, but it also behoves the PM to step down if his leadership stands under the kind of scrutiny that Najib faces now.

Adnan Zaylani - Bnm

We can take (punitive action) as they will be breaching the Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA).

Moh Siong - Bank of Singapore

There's also concern about the ringgit as a trade-exposed currency. And if Trump does carry out his trade protectionism threat, this could be bad for the ringgit.

Peter Bellew

They say they don't need low- cost carriers. They are looking for full-service carriers, with alliances.

Peter Bellew

March 2019. Notwithstanding shocks, that's our Olympic Games, that's what we're focused on at the moment.

Peter Bellew

There are going to be some big losers. There is going to be blood on the floor.

Wan Azizah Wan Ismail

This is a sad day for Malaysian democracy, when a democrat has been brought to court for daring to speak up to protect the rights and interest of the people.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan

He tried a cheap stunt for personal political gain, but he knowingly committed a serious crime in doing so. It is right that he pays the price, and he only has himself to blame.

Muhammad Ibrahim - Bank Negara

The situation now is the result of speculative positioning... We don't want to be dictated by factors that have nothing to do with the country's fundamentals.

Khoon Goh - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

Mr Trump's economic policies present an upside risk to rates. This, coupled with the depreciation pressure on Asian currencies, has put serious pressure on Asia's carry trades.

Paul Dillon - International Organization for Migration

Despite the need for sustained political attention, often these issues are only addressed in the wake of some particularly egregious incident that sparks public outcry.

Dee Jupp

People need to earn and if the jobs are elsewhere, you should be ensuring people can go legitimately and work safely. Recognizing this will give legitimacy and allow it to be regulated and safer.

James Chin

The problem with these deals is that they are seen as selling the country's golden jewelry.

Najib Razak

Some have scaremongered that Malaysia is being sold off. This is absurd and absolutely false.

Steven Gan

You can ask any of our journalists or editors ... that's completely impossible.

Najib Razak

The relationship between China and Malaysia is based on mutual trust and respect ... We firmly believe that overlapping territorial and maritime disputes should be managed calmly and rationally through dialogue, in accordance with the rule of law and peaceful negotiations.

Peter Foley

It was probably in a non-extended position which means the aircraft wasn't configured for a landing or a ditching. You can draw your own conclusions as to whether that means someone was in control or not.

Mustafa Izzuddin

Chinese leaders are aware that the U.S. [a key ally of Malaysia] have already pressed Najib. Taking the opposite position of non-interference is more likely to benefit China, as it will draw Malaysia under Najib closer, economically and strategically.

Mustafa Izzuddin

China regards Malaysia as an important player in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) bloc, and a claimant that Beijing believes it can have a more reasonable dialogue to address and resolve the South China Sea dispute, notwithstanding Malaysia's own shifting and ambiguous stance.

James Chin

China knows Najib needs it more than the other way around, so Beijing will give him the five-star treatment to signal to the rest of the world that they have Malaysia in their pocket.

Tonny Budiono

For safety and security reasons ... all ships must sail in the recommended corridors and avoid conflict areas or waters (around) the southern Philippines and east Malaysia.

Danielle Henry

But due to the care she receives here and the veterinary and keeper care she's obviously well surpassed that life expectancy. She likes to get her own way. If she's waiting for her breakfast and doesn't think it's coming fast she will stamp her foot. Today, I think she was quite unimpressed with all the fanfare.

Khairy Jamaluddin

When we first hosted the F1 it was a big deal. First in Asia outside Japan. Now so many venues. No first mover advantage. Not a novelty.

Najib Razak

We will continue to ensure economic indicators - such as inflation levels, growth rates and debt levels - remain strong and resilient, reflecting the core fundamentals of the economy.

Lim Cheong Guan

The deal size could be up to 1 billion ringgit. We are looking at niche private players... These could be specialised glove makers.

Lim Cheong Guan

We are looking at niche private players... These could be specialised glove makers.

Lim Wee Chai

In the United States and Europe, where mergers and acquisitions are common, companies are willing to pay three to four times the price-to-book value. They can compete. Our acquisition must be done smartly, or we would not be able to compete efficiently.

Aernout Boot

So in a lot of countries, it's not easy to say we're an outsider wanting to invest in terminal facilities. There are only a few places that tick the boxes.

Aernout Boot

People have the idea that Asian economies are all growing so it's a slam dunk to invest in new projects, but that's not really (the case).

Aernout Boot

Teapots (are) setting up offices here, going to banks to get credit lines, so normally the next thing is that they'll go to people like us for tanks. I haven't spoken to them but it seems you could imagine that in 2017 we'll have discussions with them because they're short crude, long products.

Ted Osius

Indonesia is very internally focussed right now ... Thailand is very internally focussed, and Malaysia has a rolling political crisis. I don't know exactly what direction the Philippines is headed; Singapore has a lot strategic thinkers but it's a city state; I don't think you can really count on Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar to provide the strategic engine for ASEAN.

Salleh Said Keruak

Action will not be taken without an investigation being carried out first, and only if there is sufficient evidence of a breach of the law.

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

We found that there were few countries in Southeast Asia worse than Malaysia when it came to the rapid deterioration of human rights ... it's like a bad movie sequel.

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

What Malaysia is trying to do is put the internet genie back in the bottle, back to a time when the government had greater control over information received by its citizens.

Donald Rothwell

The Malaysian government will be sure to make sure that its international reputation as a tourist destination for the Grand Prix is not too damaged.

Razlan Razali

This shows a huge lack of respect to us as Malaysians; this is stupid behaviour from foreigners who have no sense of cultural sensitivity and respect. They deserve to be locked up, investigated and taken action against. It embarrasses their own country as well, it gives Australians a bad name.

Fernando Alonso

We knew these penalties would come. One of the best places was Spa because of the conditions of our engines at that point. The second best was maybe Malaysia because the weather could play a big factor in the race.

Fernando Alonso

That's the target for both cars. Even if I start last then hopefully we can recover places quite soon.

Najib Razak

We rest on our record. We have a strong record and we will continue to tell the Malaysian people that our government is still the best choice.

Chamnan Bhutpakdee

The assailants detonated the bomb when the truck was passing over, instantly killing the three officers.

Thomas Aquino

At the moment the crew are being intensively examined on explosive material ammonium nitrate that was carried, shipped from Malaysia. They confessed that the boat was rented to be shipped to Sulawesi. They thought the material in the sacks was fertiliser. We will detain the ship crew to be processed legally.

Jamal Hisham Hashim

"The pollution level that occurred during the haze is severe enough to cause premature deaths. That is indisputable". "The study is a wake-up call. We need to be shaken; we have become too complacent with the haze".

Wan Kamaruzaman Wan Ahmad - Uber

This lower-for-longer climate is prevailing. We think we are able to achieve a 5 percent target. To our standards in the current environment, that is still good.

Jamal Hisham Hashim

The pollution level that occurred during the haze is severe enough to cause premature deaths. That is indisputable. The study is a wake-up call. We need to be shaken; we have become too complacent with the haze.

Philip Hopke

A major event like occurred here is extremely likely to have caused adverse health outcomes in terms of both sickness and deaths.

Subramaniam Sathasivam

People have died but to what extent the haze contributed to it, it's hard to say. If an 80-year-old fellow with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem and exposure to haze died, what did he die of? This is hell of a difficult question to answer.

Jamal Hisham Hashim

The study is a wake-up call. We need to be shaken; we have become too complacent with the haze.

Jamal Hisham Hashim

The pollution level that occurred during the haze is severe enough to cause premature deaths. That is indisputable. The study is a wake-up call.

Srisompop Jitpiromsri

It is clear why Thailand is pursuing this wall. They view it as a necessary step to combat these groups that cause violence.

Najib Razak

The matter is under consideration, but we need to determine the physical dimensions of the wall or fence as well as the sharing of the costs.

Subramaniam Sathasivam

It's still unclear whether the woman contracted the disease from her husband or whether it was locally transmitted.

Amar Singh

Zika will spread even faster in Malaysia than Singapore because our Aedes volume is so much higher and the breeding grounds are enormous.

Subramaniam Sathasivam

The confirmation of the second case of Zika in Kota Kinabalu suggests that the virus is already present within our communities.

James Chin

People don't have to worry about embarrassing Najib, because he'll be out of power by then.

Oscar Primadi

We can conclude that it is rather easy to get infected by the virus when visiting places that has outbreak, including Singapore. Proactive action from the community can help stop the spread of Zika virus in Malaysia.

Maria Chin

I don't think that nothing has changed. If you say that you want change immediately it doesn't happen. So let us not kid ourselves that change is going to happen just like that. I think the change is that you see so many Malaysians around here.

Yusof Basiron

The utilisation of the high carryover stocks in China caused them to import less oils and fats especially in the first half of 2016, but imports will be increased to replenish stocks in the second half of 2016.

Lee Chong Wei

My mind, I was thinking I would lose the same as the 2012 (final), (where) I lead and I then lost.

Oliver Williams - WealthInsight

Wealth has grown hugely in Asia – that is no surprise. But one of the trends we notice is that the wealth has been quite concentrated among the female high-net worth population, which is in contrast to growth in Europe and North America. So we have been seeing in China and Japan, Malaysia and India, a lot of wealth concentrated on the female high-net worth individual.

Mohamad Safri Shahul Hamid - CIMB Islamic Bank

The benefits are multifold, to us and to the industry. As EPF allocates more into the syariah fund, surely they would want to progressively deploy more of their funds into syariah-compliant investments.

Mohammad Jaaffar Ahmad

In the long run, we have to work very hard to secure other markets which Indonesia is not competing with us in. Indonesia will go to the big markets like China, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

David Ng

Pakistan and Bangladesh are emerging quite substantially in palm oil demand and they are price-sensitive, so they will start shifting to Indonesia along with China and India.

Maria Chin

Not protesting is not an option. The group aimed to gather more diverse groups and stakeholders for the rally, although she did not identify them. Awareness of 1MDB at the ground level is not yet there, we need to raise the level of anger and awareness.

James Chin

A lot of people in Malaysia don't trust Najib. It gives him too much power. This gives the prime minister the powers of the king. Previously only the king had [this] authority.

Peter Bellew

We will have a lot more to do in the next five quarters to make sure the airline gets back on track but we are there at the moment. Malaysia Airlines is now on a path to growth across the ASEAN region. This new aircraft order will set the stage for our continued recovery and success into the next decade.

Najib Razak

As the Prime Minister has always maintained, if any wrongdoing is proven, the law will be enforced without exception.

Liow Tiong Lai

In the absence of new evidence, Malaysia, Australia and China have collectively decided to suspend the search upon completion of the 120,000-square-kilometer (46,300-square-mile) search area.

Liow Tiong Lai

I must emphasise that this does not mean we are giving up on the search for MH370.

Tiong Lai

I must emphasise that this does not mean that we have given up on locating MH370. In the spirit of tripartite, if there are any new credible news, or new credible new evidence we will continue to work together to analyse those evidence.

Jerome Cohen - Council on Foreign Relations

Vietnam must be very happy, Indonesia too and perhaps Malaysia less obviously. Vietnam and Indonesia can credibly threaten to launch their own arbitrations unless Beijing gives assurances of better behaviour and shows a willingness to compromise.

Paul Riechler

If the nine dash nine is illegal as applied against the Philippines as the tribunal declared today, then it is equally illegal as applied against Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and other states along the South China Sea.

Subramaniam Sathasivam

We have to presume that there will be more cases particularly in Johor Bahru because of the close proximity to Singapore, and there is some new cases emerging from time to time. And the only way to avoid increasing in numbers of cases is by self protection and in the control of breeding sites of Aedes mosquito.

Najib Razak

Tun Mahathir Mohamad turned the elections into a referendum on my leadership. They (the people) rejected Tun Mahathir's lies, they rejected his unworkable coalition of former enemies, and they rejected the incoherent opposition – partly because of their alignment with Tun Mahathir.

Jenny Ong Chin Lan

The victims have not been identified and the NCA only informed about the incident about one month ago, but no information had been given because the case is still on trial. We have asked for the information repeatedly and will continue to press them for more information for follow-up action.

Jenny Ong Chin Lan

Hopefully, after the court judgement on Friday, the authorities in the United Kingdom can provide us with more information.

Maria V. Zakharova

It's true. I cannot talk about particular cases with Malaysia and the Philippines, but in general the United States always applies this kind of pressure.

Simon Boxall

The depth in that area is in the region of 1.8 miles, which is significant and not much shallower than the area in the Indian Ocean where they are looking for [missing Malaysia Airlines flight] MH370. We are not talking shallow waters … this is well below what divers could reach.

Mohshin Aziz - Maybank

Mueller is a war general. He came in at the worst time. A change of management can't help, a lot of people might feel things are uncertain.

Khalid Abu Bakar

Between March 22 and 24, the Special Branch counter-terrorism unit launched an operation in seven states, including the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Khalid Abu Bakar

Between 22 and 24 March, the special branch counter-terrorism unit launched an operation in seven states, including the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Liow Tiong Lai

From the paint and the stencils of these two pieces, it is similar to MAS [Malaysian Airlines] airlines paint and also that we conclude it is most certain belong to MH370.

Liow Tiong Lai

The coastal search will be by a Malaysian team and focused around South Africa and Mozambique.

Liow Tiong Lai

There is a need for us to search the South African coast to find more debris. Malaysia is sending a team there and we are currently awaiting approval from the South African authorities.

Julie Bishop

We are deeply concerned about this. We are providing consular support to the ABC crew and we are certainly raising the issue at the appropriate level within the Malaysian government.

Mahathir Mohamad

We're not here as representatives of parties and NGOs (non-government organisations). We are here as citizens of Malaysia. It's not about joining the opposition or joining any particular group. It's about citizens joining together to show support.

Michael Lauber

The monies believed to have been misappropriated would have been earmarked for investment in economic and social development projects in Malaysia.

Tony Pua

Such cooperation will not only go a long way towards identifying the culprits ... but also removing the perception that the Malaysian AG was biased in favor of the Prime Minister.

Mark Farrington

We have a direct position in the (yuan) but it's much easier to trade second-round effects of China. The Korean won, Malaysia, Taiwan, are all easier plays.

Najib Razak

Now that the matter has been comprehensively put to rest, it is time for us to unite and move on.

Najib Razak

The findings followed a thorough investigation by the relevant institutions, and he has confirmed what I have maintained all along: that no crime was committed.

Bin Chua

The attorney-general is satisfied with the findings, but it remains to be seen whether the public is satisfied and will put the 1MDB scandal to rest.

Najib Razak

This issue has been an unnecessary distraction for the country. Now that the matter has been comprehensively put to rest, it is time for us to unite and move on.

Tito Karnavian

His vision is to unite all ISIS supporting elements in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Mark Rutte

I want to call on Russian authorities to respect but also to provide complete cooperation with this report and the following criminal investigation by the Dutch public prosecutor in collaboration with four other countries.

Michael Tham

A lot of vendors here were afraid to open their stores. It's the first time it's been this deserted.

Cheng Liping

We want the Malaysian government to give us an explanation for this.

Abdul Aziz Kaprawi

It is almost certain that the flaperon is from a Boeing 777 aircraft. Our chief investigator here told me this.

Warren Truss

This wreckage has been in the water, if it is MH370, for well over a year so it could have moved so far that it's not going to be that helpful in pinpointing precisely where the aircraft is.

Alexander Borodai

I just know that it is not our fault that the plane went down, it is obvious to me that this is the result of activities on the Ukrainian side.

Wen Wancheng

We're here to go after Malaysia Airlines, Boeing, Rolls-Royce and anyone else who's responsible, because they didn't provide us with the support we were entitled to.

Warren Truss

In the event that we cannot find the aircraft, the commitment is being made to extend the search over a further 60,000 square kilometres. That would cover the entire highest probability part of the search area, the places where we believe that the aircraft is most likely to be located.

Justin Green

The airline … even more clearly now may be responsible for the unsuccessful search for this plane.

Tony Abbott

As long as there are reasonable leads the search will go on. We've got 60,000 square kilometres that is the subject of this search. If that's unsuccessful, there's another 60,000 square kilometres that we intend to search and, as I said, we are reasonably confident of finding the plane.

Christoph Mueller - Malaysia Airlines

We are technically bankrupt […] the decline of performance started long before the tragic events of 2014.

Hishammuddin Hussein

The Malaysian authorities are refocusing the investigations on all crew and passengers on board MH370 as well as all ground staff handling the aircraft.

Najib Razak

It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that according to this new data, Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

Teng Chye

Even before we were independent, during the days of the British, we already had to import water from Malaysia and so from day one of our independence, I think trying to be sure that we could be sustainable in water has always been a strategy, a priority.

Lin Hong

Nothing can be grown in Thailand's rice fields for at least two crop seasons. Thailand has abundant resources and goods production but after the flooding we are considering importing from Malaysia.

Hans-Rudolf Merz - Swiss Finance

We are disappointed, especially as we're a member of the OECD and we had no chance to influence the criteria for this list and that's not nice. But this demonstrates that we have to work more intensively on an international level. We're doing that, we've had the first contacts about double taxation treaties, but in the end we had no influence.

Gérard Feldzer

We're told that the transponder was then switched off. It would have to be proven that was voluntary. It means the plane was on radar – a blip on a radar screen with a label identifying the plane, with its altitude and so on given by the transponder. That disappeared from radar screens. But it could also have been a mid-flight explosion which took out absolutely everything, or a fire, or a major power blackout.

Gérard Feldzer

It is a very large area, and it is extremely complicated to find it. It's a game of hide and seek or a poker game, because there are spy radars that exist. We know perfectly well what's flying around in any given region of the world. Since we are capable of finding a Bin Laden with his mobile phone today, it doesn't make sense that we can't find a 300 tonne airplane. But information from the Americans, the Russians and the Chinese is let out on a drip feed, because they don't want to expose their strategic capacities. They don't want to reveal that they know everything about everybody.

Veeru Mewa

It's frustrating. People are looking for pieces of the puzzle, every bit of information is weighed up. They're in the middle of grieving, which is already perturbed by the slow, difficult identification process and the fact that research in Ukraine isn't possible. This sort of information leads to confusion.

Wilfred Marie

There is a very good quality-cost ratio between the structures offered by the government, by the Malaysian state. The economic environment, the educational environment and the costs associated with this. So, we will continue to develop this Malaysian structure for production, but also for development in line with regional needs.

Avirup Chatterjeepillay

Malaysia should press on, they should take the world on, rather than just investigating. They should pressure world leaders so that these incidents do not happen in Malaysia or any other country.

Hishammuddin Hussein

It's probably one of the largest search and rescue operations, but what is sobering for me is the large and massive area that we need to cover.

Jamil Khir Baharom

It is not right to resort to Shaman and black magic because this can easily take us away from resorting to Allah's help in this matter.

Jamil Khir Baharom

We understand that a lot of people are anxious and everyone is trying to lend a helping hand but we must also be careful.

Abdul Rahman - Civil Aviation Authority

So far there is no report of any sightings. We have extended our area of operations which includes the west side of Malaysia.

Jamil Bidin

Pork-free vaccines will be in high demand, not only among Muslims but also non-Muslims. People will go for the alternative once they know about it. After developing these three vaccines, we will continue to produce others.

Colin Barnett

As a state government we will assist the Commonwealth and do all we can to make them feel welcome, to be respectful of the very sad loss of the family members.

Steve Wang

We are furious that they have repeatedly deceived everyone in the world. We hope their lies will be exposed.

Warren Truss

The search area remains the same but some of the areas, some of the information we now have suggests to us that areas a little further to the south – within the search area, but a little further to the south – may be of particular interest and priority in the search area.

Andriy Lysenko

They are trying to keep Shakhtarsk and won't let the Ukrainian military get there. Because Shakhtarsk is a key point which divides Donetsk region from Luhansk region.

Angela Okta Via Koeswanto

I wanted to cancel today's flight, but my father told me that, just go on, keep faith that God will save us.

Alexander Hug - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

We reached the site shortly before two o'clock, stayed there until shortly after three o'clock and then returned back the same way we came without any incident, left rebel-held territory into government-held territory and then shortly before Donetsk returned back into rebel-held territory.

Krirk-Krai Jirapaet

We hope it will not take long to get them back. We have recommended to the government that the local tourism industry should be the first to come to the rescue. People will see for themselves that the situation has come back to normal.

Birger Backmann

When you look at the reaction in Europe for instance, where I come from, many people feel they should go over there now to keep the tourism going. So there is a positive sense and I think that positive sense can been seen from the tremendous amount of money that has been collected.

Hishammuddin Hussein

There is evidence of a partial handshake between the aircraft and ground station at 0019 UTC (GMT). At this time, this transmission is not understood and is subject to further ongoing work.

James Franey - Euronews

We were walking around Eindhoven this morning speaking to locals and to sum up the mood it really was a mix of grief, anger and disbelief. A lot of people were asking themselves how this could happen to Dutch citizens? Many of them had just broken up from school, from university, were taking their annual vacation on their way to Malaysia and further afield. Really a lot of anger not just on the streets of Eindhoven but across the Netherlands. You will have seen the massive floral tributes at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam that have been amassed over the past few days.

Leo Fattorini

You've got to ask whether the brand can survive this latest tragedy?

Mark Rutte

It appears flight MH17 has been shot down, but we are still waiting to get clarity about the exact cause of the disaster.

Minna Saneri

In Malaysia, we have an English speaking and skilled work force, we have good infrastructures, we have a pro-business government… It's a very good place to start the penetration of the ASEAN market.

Stellios Plainiotis

Malaysia has a booming construction industry and offers great opportunities for research and development, because the sector of energy and environmental optimisation of buildings is still in his infancy.

Stellios Plainiotis

We are not afraid of competition or of being copied. By sharing our knowledge, our methods and our experience, we are leading development and we are helping the market grow.

Hishammuddin Hussein

The new developments over the last few hours has been the most promising lead we've had. I urge all Malaysians and the international community to unite in their prayers and not give up hope.

Julie Bishop

This will be a police-led humanitarian mission. And there will be body identification experts, forensic experts. And of course we will insure that they are safe, that they will have protection.

Hishammuddin Hussein

I would also like to address the speculation that Malaysia has held back information about the MH370 movements. For the families, I understand that every day prolongs their anguish, I understand because Malaysia too is missing sons and daughters: there were 15 Malaysians on board the plane. Our priority has always been to find the aircraft.

Hishammuddin Hussein

Rolls Royce and Boeing teams are here in Kuala Lumpur and have worked with MAS (the airline) and the investigation teams since Sunday. These issues have never been raised. Whenever there are new details they must be corroborated. Since today's media reports MAS has asked Rolls Royce and Boeing specifically about the data; as far as Rolls Royce and Boeing are concerned, those reports are inaccurate.

Tony Abbott

We had quite a few ships out there in the search zone. And two vessels – a Chinese vessel and HMAS Success – did recover objects from the ocean. We haven't yet been able to ascertain what those objects are, but nevertheless, for the first time yesterday objects have been recovered from the ocean.

Liow Tiong Lai

It is imperative that we protect the integrity of the crash site, and allow the investigation to proceed. I call upon the international community and all those involved in the Ukraine conflict to seek justice and find the perpetrators who caused this brutal act of aggression.

Hishammuddin Hussein

42 ships and 39 aircraft have now been deployed to search for MH317. This is a multinational operation.

Hishammuddin Hussein

We confirm that our search now has been extended to even wider areas because there is the possibility, we are looking at the possibility, of an aircraft air turn back in which case different locations will have to be identified.

Hishammuddin Hussein

Together with our international partners, we are now pushing further east into the South China Sea and further into the Indian Ocean. We want nothing more than to find the plane as quickly as possible.

Hong Lei

China urges Malaysia to promptly and comprehensively report its information about the search to China. It is not only conducive to China's search and rescue effort but will also make the rescue operation for all parties far more effective and targeted.

Pavlo Klimkin

Now the political atmosphere has changed, perceptions have changed. The Rubicon has been crossed. Now the EU speaks with one voice, in one language. The EU is talking about coherent political pressure, about sanctions.

Warren Truss

We expect that the underwater search element will commence in August and take about 12 months to complete. In addition, the search effort will include equipment provided by Malaysia which includes vessels fitted with search equipment including towed sonar systems which will be used to search the sea floor.

Barack Obama

North Korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is a path that leads only to more isolation.

Hishammuddin Hussein

I know that this rollercoaster has been incredibly hard for everyone, especially for the families.

Hishammuddin Hussein

The transcript cannot be publicly released at this stage. I can, however, confirm that the transcript does not indicate anything abnormal. Preliminary investigations of the cargo manifest have not shown any link to anything that may have contributed to MH370's disappearance.

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