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Joseph Muscat
You have confirmed your confidence in the movement despite one of the most negative electoral campaigns in the country's history. Those who thought that the Maltese people would choose negativity don't truly know the Maltese people, because the Maltese people choose positivity, optimism, energy, goodwill, unity and
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Jun 06 2017
Malta has been commented on by 80 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Malta are: Joseph Muscat, Joseph Farrugia and Chris Packham. For instance, the most recent quote from Joseph Muscat is: “You have confirmed your confidence in the movement despite one of the most negative electoral campaigns in the country's history. Those who thought that the Maltese people would choose negativity don't truly know the Maltese people, because the Maltese people choose positivity, optimism, energy, goodwill, unity and equality.”.
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Pierre Moscovici - European Union

EU citizens can no longer accept that multinationals don't pay taxes or pay less than they should. Legal certainty will come from common rules across the EU to tackle frauds. This should not be used as a political alibi to stop our

Elise Abrahams

After the UK referendum, as soon as they said that Great Britain would be out of Europe, some British decided to live Malta, probably because they were worried about what would happen. Most of them were oldies, concerned about health care and pensions. We were living in north Spain, coming often here for holidays and then we decided it was the right time to move permanently

Carl Manning

People are afraid that it will be a lot worse than it will be. I think being here won't be a problem. But no one knows what it's gonna be. And I am uncertain that Britain will be better after Brexit….feedback

Roy Ernest Sullivan

Today a process started. It will take a long time. I am not sure if I will be here that so….feedback

Roy Ernest Sullivan

The Maltese are like British people, rather than French or German. It is the George Cross island. British saved Malta during WWII and Maltese feel

Elise Abrahams

When you think how many live here and how many left, they weren't so many. But people who were concerned have already

Carl Manning

Today is the start of the process. To me, it's obviously a case of the Britain getting the best deal they can with other EU countries and depends on them, what these countries are prepared to offer. But, in the same breath, the British have strong economy and still trade with the biggest countries, like France and Germany. This is the case of what deals they will offer, I

Nicos Anastasiades

We need to find a win-win or at least not to have such a result which might encourage more member states to look after the same decision. The basic rules governing the European Union will

Michel Barnier

Today is the first day in a very long and difficult road. The EU will look to establish a fair agreement for the long term future of union

Joseph Muscat

Negotiations should be fair for both sides, but it is imperative that EU membership emerges as the superior option. EU will not be 27 different opinions on Brexit but one common

Mark Busuttil

There has been a lot talk going on about our natural heritage. It's made us think a lot that's for

Noel Formosa

It was the longest flight ever. I had the feeling of loss. It was my first feeling when I was informed. I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. Many people were

Noel Formosa

It helped the people of Malta connect to nature. When you go there it's like another world. We felt and still feel the positive energy from the

Peter Gatt

Waves crashing against the cliff formed the striking window and they will also destroy it. It is safe to say that the Azure Window is not facing any imminent collapse as was previously believed. This still doesn't mean it will last forever – this is a

Peter Vella

The Azure Window is a sad loss but Gozo is already known as a very popular tourist destination. It is an unspoilt island, known for its amazing history, culture, gastronomy, diving and outstanding beauty. Gozo is home to the Ggantija Temples, the oldest in the world, its stunning mediaeval Citadel, an amazing coastline which includes one of the world's most beautiful beaches and its superb gastronomic culture including stunning vineyards and Mediterranean

Roger Chessel

There was a big raging sea beneath the Azure Window. Suddenly, the arch collapsed into the sea with a loud whoomph, throwing up a huge

Joseph Muscat

Reports commissioned over the years indicated that this landmark would be hard hit by unavoidable natural corrosion. That sad day

Simon Busuttil

This is a sad day for Malta. We have just lost an icon of our country's natural

Roger Chessel

There was a big raging sea beneath the window. Suddenly, the arch collapsed into the sea with a loud whoomph, throwing up huge spray. By the time the spray had faded, the stack had gone

Lisa Butler

If you start with healthy skin, it means there's less you have to put

Yael Selfin - KPMG

For many Eastern European countries, protecting the workers in and remittances from the UK may be the most important priority, and countries such as Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus rely on British

Yael Selfin - KPMG

Spain, however, may be glad to stem the flow of British pensioners to the economy, whilst Germany may be glad to see greater immigration from Eastern Europe and to repatriate some of its own

Yael Selfin - KPMG

Remittances from emigrants can make a significant contribution towards national income. Latvia, Croatia, Hungary and Lithuania are the most reliant on remittances in the EU, all with over 3 percent of GDP coming from abroad. For many countries, one of the most important factors to influence the impact from Brexit will be the goods and services they export to the UK. The effect on domestic economies of migration may be

Simon Busuttil

This is a restriction on Internet freedom and a future Nationalist government will repeal it if it gets approved by

James Franey - Euronews

Making the case for Brexit in Malta is, some ways, symbolic. It gained independence from Britain in 1964. Today, 12,000 British people live here, the country's largest foreign community. The weather is better. So is the

David Thomas

I think pensions and healthcare are an issue. But I think as long as you can get a deal with the EU countries so that British people living in the EU can remain. And I do feel that the people living in the UK from the EU should be able to remain as

Joseph Muscat

And British expats don't have to go through that awful bother of mastering a foreign tongue. That's because English is also an official language

Colin Pilling

One of the main things I would say to her (Theresa May) is: look after your British expatriate communities and also our counterparts in the United Kingdom. If we lose all the bilateral agreements, then pensions, healthcare and all the other ancillary ways of living here. And that is one of the major things that is worrying

Joseph Muscat

I understand that Theresa May would want to position herself in that way at the start of negotiations; when you're negotiating you definitely have to convey the message that it is not a do or die sort of

Federica Mogherini - European Union

We will agree on a very relevant packages of measures that will help us manage the flows better save lives in partnership with the UN agencies, the UNHCR and the IOM, in Libya, in the countries of origin, having a strong external European initiative to decrease and avoid loss of

Francois Hollande

Those who would like to establish bilateral relations with the US are understood. But there is no future with Trump, if there is not a common

James Franey - Euronews

It is not often EU leaders get to meet up away from the doom and gloom of Brussels. Even on the picturesque island of Malta, they will find little to be cheerful about. The hosts worry about more refugees and migrants arriving this Spring. Britain is headed for the EU exit door – and the spectre of US President Donald Trump looms large. Trump's immigration policies have been met with indignation in European capitals. All this however as the EU is planning tougher policies of its

James Franey - Euronews

Malta wants stop more arrivals from Libya – and according to a draft statement, leaders would consider sending people back

Regina Catrambone

The Mediterranean Sea for me has been always a place of holiday and relaxation, instead it is becoming a tomb because many, many people that are fleeing war and persecution in search of a better life. It is not just the person who is drowning out at sea. If we allow them to die, we are dying with them. Our humanity is dying with

Ahmed Bugri

The discussion that they are going to send people back to Libya, I think is hypocritical. Because I think the EU cannot blame Trump on the one hand of building a physical wall between the USA and Mexico and building structural walls to keep young people from Africa coming to Europe to seek asylum. I find it very hypocritical and I find it very

Helena Dalli

There are countries which we had looked up to 'til now and that are said to be very progressive. But they are asking us now, such as Belgium for instance, whether they can take our model of law, the gender-identity law, so they can model their own law on

Helena Dalli

I am very happy that what we have done here is serving as a model to other countries, and, in a good way, because more people are leading better

Maithreyi Seetharaman - Euronews

Minister on that note, thank you for addressing a critical issue that sometimes feels like it gets put on the back burner a lot – and thank you for watching – We'll catch you next

Edward Scicluna

Well the impact was as expected, perhaps even more. You know we had a very high female participation after that – but you have to look at the background –-we had a low female participation and although there were lots of excuses of why so…religious or cultural and so on – the real truth is obstacles. Economically, it costs a parent or a mother to send to a child care center, more than she would there was no

Maithreyi Seetharaman - Euronews

Well maternity leave also was in the picture. We thought by extending by another four weeks – it had a very positive effect, because it all boils down to economic reason. There were other reforms which helped such as helping families, specially on low incomes.We made a deal, whereby they will get a salary but at the same time keep a part of the benefits. Two-thirds in the first year, 45 percent second year..and 25….And that has released as well a number from long term unemployed..and in Malta's context – thousands are big

Maithreyi Seetharaman - Euronews

Why not look at it in a wider picture of paternity and maternity leave?feedback

Maithreyi Seetharaman - Euronews

From your experiences what would you say are the right kind of tools to give to young mothers and fathers to get women back into work after maternity?feedback

Edward Scicluna

Well when they are around the table and they you know see..that it…the big picture – its in the interest of all they would. But as you see, you have to consult, you cant just ride roughshod on them and expect that they will

Mairi Vella

It allowed me to continue working, and I went back to work for my second child after four months and after her after six months. I can work many more hours, it's a personal choice that I don't. I had my first child in Australia in 2011. The childcare [facilities] were actually all full, and we had to get a nanny initially and it was 250 dollars a day, so we decided that it would be better to come back to

Joseph Farrugia

We believe that such issues are better tackled on a case by case basis, than to have legislative measures that might make it impossible to implement. One would try to establish a common denominator which would be applicable to all the countries with their different labour markets without having adverse effects. This is the main challenge of

Joseph Farrugia

Now government and employers need to work hand in hand to ensure that the benefits outweigh the cost. Therefore measures such as free childcare, measures taken at enterprise level, which are related to a flexible work environment, it is all adding to the benefits and cutting, reducing the cost of going out to work. And it is this attitude towards the situation that will help women to continue

Joseph Farrugia

Business organisations do discuss at European level as well, in fact Maltese business organizations, there is the Malta Employers' Association, chamber of commerce, general retailers and traders unions. We participate at European level. We do have a voice in the formulation of European

Joseph Farrugia

But there are also benefits. The main benefit of course is the financial aspect that family with working parents would generally be in a better financial position than those with one working parent. Therefore families do take this into

Joseph Farrugia

Also, consequently, the ones which are related to social and economic affairs. And the entitlement of employees to these benefits are certainly one factor which influences the operation of the labour market. Therefore, if we believe that these measures will on one hand encourage more people to work, encourage the retention of people particularly female employees into the labour market, and on the other hand therefore will also contribute to the country's competitiveness then we're all for such measures to be

Milad Matouq

Security breaches happen everywhere and Libya is not an exception. Despite the security situation (in the country), things are excellent. This is the first incident since the (2011)

Salah Qalma

It's very easy for anyone to enter without passing through the electronic

Joseph Muscat

It has been established that #Afriqiyah flight has 111 passengers on board. 82 males, 28 females, 1

Joseph Muscat

Informed of potential hijack situation of a Libya internal flight diverted to Malta. Security and emergency operations standing by

Sarah Gerdner

The roots of this go out very far after this event. So while it is quite focused to just three or four days with a very select group, the impact I think is enormous and it spreads out to the world as everyone returns back to their home

Kris Spiteri

If you go through the history of the world you see that in every protest group there is a song – so definitely art is very important, even for identity, who are we, we are Maltese, we have these melodies, this is me that is part of us – I have a saying, everything is political, so why not art?feedback

Rana Yazaji

It is our role to create parallel narratives to say how arts and culture could change a lot, could change what is happening in refugees camps. Arts & Culture can't build houses for people, but it can give hope. We can create memories together and we can imagine another future together through arts and

Marina Barham

This young man always struggled with whether to go and throw stones at a soldier or at a checkpoint, but he felt if he did that he would loose his life. So, he decided to enroll in a theatre training and now Murad has a masters degree and is travelling all over the world; he is telling the story of the refugee camp, he is telling the story of Palestine and he is trying to achieve justice for his country through culture and

Mahan Esfahani

Too often we musicians don't really pay attention to visual art, visual artists most certainly don't pay attention to musicians, people in dramas don't pay attention to artists and you know, we have to realise that we have the same friends; we are doing the same thing for society, we also have the same enemies too. So, you know its important that we are supportive of each other and I think, things like this summit are very positive in that

Owen Bonnici

In order to succeed we have to be creative, in the industry, in arts, in culture, in science, in education, in law, in justice, in everything we do – we must be creative and the arts foster that creativity. So a picture, a painting, a piece of music is beautiful but it also transmits a creative aura, which is important in order to make new solutions for today's

Albert Marshall

In Malta, we are conscious of the fact that we are a small country and therefore it's very easy for the cultural sector to suffer of insularity unless we are constantly aware of the importance of networking and therefore a summit like this, that brings the cultural world together, is extremely important for

Ron Westdorp

There obviously are a lot of exploratory talks with countries like Malta to keep, if and when needed, access to the continental European

Christian Kern

What Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Malta are doing here lacks solidarity towards the rest of the European economy. They massively suck up the advertising volume that comes out of the economy but pay neither corporation tax nor advertising duty in

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

It wasn't easy at all, it took a lot of reassurance, a lot of conversations over the phone, by email, on Skype, on Facebook. They really were scared to speak. Of course it's difficult for any woman to talk about abortion, whether it's legal or not. The first thing we had to do was to take a written commitment for us not to reveal their identity, and that was

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

Considering that women have to carry their baby to term, because there is a blanket ban on abortion, are they still screened during their pregnancy?feedback

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

But how about this doctor you interviewed in your report? She's not even a gynecologist and yet she too did not want to appear on camera. How come?feedback

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

You can risk up to four years in prison if you perform an abortion, and even advising women or assisting them in any way for anyone in the medical profession carries some

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Of course they are. Malta is a very developed country and the have all the usual tests that any other country has: the ultrasounds, the scans and so on. You can have amniocentesis [also referred to as amniotic fluid test or AFT] if you want to, however I was told that in some cases they just don't bother because there is this ban on abortion, or [because] it's beyond their beliefs and

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

On the other hand, they wanted to talk, they wanted to share their experience, and the fact that I was a foreign journalist working for an international network made it easier for them. Paradoxically they could tell the world about an experience they couldn't even talk about to their own mother or

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

So you mean for some of them it was actually the first time they talked about the procedure openly?feedback

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

Valerie, considering that in Malta women can not have an abortion, does it mean that there is a higher prevalence of birth defects compared to other European countries?feedback

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Indeed, it was. The lady who spoke to us who had an abortion in her 40s hadn't told anyone. There was another woman that we were in touch with who lives abroad who isn't in the report. She had agreed to talk to us, again on condition of anonymity because her partner didn't know about

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Well this is actually what the official figures show. Prevalence of what are called neural tube defects (NTDs) is the highest in the EU. Also for Down syndrome, Malta is ranked second, just after Ireland and before Poland, which happen to be the countries where the abortion laws are the most restrictive. The surveys also make a clear link between the fact that abortion is banned and these high birth defect

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

Valerie, you're just back from Malta. We saw in your report how difficult it is for people to talk about abortion. How did you convince the women who went through the procedure to talk to you?feedback

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Indeed she's not a gynecologist but she explained that even speaking about abortion in a way that implies that you're in favour of at least an easing of the ban would be risky for her. She could lose her licence and, at the very best, she could lose her reputation and her

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Abortion in Malta is very much a taboo subject. I've made repeated efforts, including here in my hotel room, to try and convince people to talk to us, particularly those who want to decriminalise abortion. They exist, they're active on social media, but speaking openly is out of the

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Sociologists we've contacted didn't want to meet us. And ultimately it's here in the village of Zabbar, whose patron saint is the Madonna, that we see some light, in the street of the Immaculate

Kenneth Zammit Tabona

In the last 4 years (since the festival was founded) we have seen a tremendous rise in interest in Baroque music. So it's not so far at all, it's very, very present. And in four years we have managed to establish this festival as one of the leading ones in Europe. Its' a new niche

Queen Elizabeth

At this meeting, the Commonwealth will be charged with demonstrating leadership, often in practical ways, on an agenda of global issues and drawing on a distinctive contribution of our

Donald Tusk - European Council

Saving Schengen is a race against time. And we are determined to win that

James Franey - Euronews

So the EU's courting of President Erdogan continues. Officials on the sidelines here are talking about a possible EU summit later this month with the Turkish

Angela Merkel

The readmission agreement for Turkish citizens is already in place. But they could speed up readmission for nationals from third

Miro Cerar

We are not closing the border by doing this – the border will remain open but it will be monitored at control points. The hurdles will serve to direct the uncontrolled crossing of refugees and to prevent the dispersion of migrants, and direct them to the crossings where we will do everything to control the

Agustín Reyna

Unlike physical or traditional books, consumers are not allowed to resell or transfer ebooks. And this is because the European legislation makes a difference between traditional goods and digital content

Francois Hollande

It is not because Italy is in the South of Europe that it should together with Greece and Malta, be the (only) ones to make an effort for the benefit of all. It is not Italy's duty to take care of this operation and this mission, other countries are to be

Omar Fathi Bin Shatwan

All the people near him (Gaddafi) started to go away. First it was ordinary people, then people from the government started to run out, now the time will come for the

Omar Fathi Bin Shatwan

If the international community ensures that he can not get help from the sea, if they take care of the sea and don't allow him to get oil, he cannot run his war machinery and he will

Wim Wenders

I have been with the EFA from the start, and sometimes I'm like: hang on a minute, it's almost unbelievable that it still exists. When we started we were naive and the event was rather small but now it has become a pretty big

Mads Mikkelsen

It is celebrating films made in Europe. We should do that twice a year. There is such a diversity, we should stay that

Boudewijn Koole

We really lack a lot. But at least there is one thing: a great desire to do good cinema and I think there are wonderful authors that are inspired by these real-time stories that happen in today's

Lawrence Gonzi

The introduction of the euro means that Malta is now more close to the European reality. It means it will attract more investment, more jobs, better

Joseph Calleja

I know of no other concert that makes this mix nowadays, literally nowhere, because I have done them all. [It's] like a Trojan horse using pop music, there were many people here tonight, who came for the pop music of Leona Lewis and Claudio Baglioni, and then they were exposed to classical

Lawrence Grech

The first chapter was meeting the Pope and I hope this experience is going to change my life. To be able to go to my daughter and say, I

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This incident marks a significant shift in policy by the Italian government and it's a source of very serious concern. The UNHCR deeply regrets the lack of transparency which surrounded the

Irene Binal

Finally, returning to the Catholic church: Benedict XVI went to Malta where he met some victims and prayed with them. That's not exactly what they were hoping for . We've already talked about apologies – but what else could the Catholic church do? Would financial compensation be appropriate for example?feedback

Michele Cercone

Member states have full sovereignty to decide to who and how they grant their

Tonio Borg

It is fair that those immigrants are distributed on a rotation basis through the 27, and temporarily should go to the nearest country until a destination country is

Laura Boldrini

The principle of non-rejection, which is the basis of the Geneva Convention and therefore international refugee law is valid everywhere, even outside territorial

Joseph Muscat

Yes, but there should not be a situation where the message that goes out to the smugglers who are abusing these people is: 'Well send more boats, we will rescue them and they will get in'. So, I do think that we need to rethink our visa system, our asylum system and to make legal migration in Europe more possible and more

Enrico Letta

We consider it very important that the conclusions of the summit include the idea of 'solidarity'! I underline this, because we all know, that this cannot been taken for granted!feedback

Joseph Muscat

People who apply for asylum but get their application refused need to go back. That should be part of the Frontex terms of reference and

Joseph Muscat

Most important is that the Council agreed that there should be a timeline, a clearly inscribed deadline. The Council agreed that by next December Europe will decide and will take the operational decisions to face this

Herman Van Rompuy - European Council

We ask the newly established task force for the Mediterranean, led by the European Commission with member states, to come up quickly with concrete operational proposals, for a more efficient use of European policies and

Joseph Muscat

I believe it is Europe's job to do that. I believe it is an important step forward. I do believe that the Commission is proposing something similar, so that is something that offers relief. Then there are other points which are contentious. It is a thorny

Joseph Muscat

I know I might sound hard on this but that is how it works. My point is that if the situation right now is that all those who get their application refused stay in Europe, that's not on. That is something that we want to

Joseph Muscat

We don't say there's isn't a need to improve the infrastructure. But we are also saying that there is the need for detention. If someone comes into our country without documentation you cannot just let him or her go. We can't just close our eyes to further people smuggling. What are we saying if we don't have detention? That we should just close our eyes and instead of making just one trip between Libya and Malta, we should also close our eyes to another trip between Malta and Italy? We don't do that!feedback

Patrick Fenech

Now, thanks to the new plane, we can deliver training towards the commercial pilot's licence, multi-engine ratings, instrument ratings, plus also use the aircraft for Maltese public transport flights and also to nearby

Ian Borg

So far, we have some 551 loans guarantees which have been signed, and around 492 SMEs who have benefited from this

Patrick Fenech

Our interest rate was reduced by one percent, and the collateral required was only 32.5 percent, which is one third of traditional

Patrick Fenech

My keys to success are… having a solid business plan… being innovative… and

Ian Borg

When the loans are repaid, the money goes back to this fund, and other SMEs can re-use that fund which is reinvested in the SMEs, in further

Antonio Fragapane

I think that at that depth – 45 metres or so they say – they will be able to do it…with air balloons, they will be able to lift it to the

Mario Dobon

The Libyan Central Bank doesn't seem to be operating any more, the (commercial) banks dont seem to be operating anymore. A number of Maltese companies have not received their money and we are talking here about millions of

Massimo D'Alema

Yes. I agree with you and in addition I think we need immigrants. If we want to keep a balance between the youth and our ageing population, we will need immigrants in the coming years. The European Commission itself said that we need roughly 30 million immigrants over the next 15 years. So I think we should have a European policy of immigration and right now we do not have that but if we're talking about Italy, look at Malta? They have never had one. When there is a boat, the only thing they do is to point the way to

Jens Hjorth

It has a route in the Western Mediterranean. It starts in Savona, then it goes to Barcelona, Palma, Malta, Catania, Naples and then back to Savona. It makes this trip every week. We have been taking these kinds of measurements since 2006, always in the same area, following more or less the same route. This gives us a data set that allows us to look at change, to see how this situation is changing from year to

Lawrence Grech

He used to masturbate me. And after seven o'clock, you know, we go downstairs, for mass. And you see him celebrating the mass. Imagine how you

Patricia Hewitt

We've not only delivered on our manifesto, we've gone those two additional steps further by banning smoking with a huge parliamentary majority not only in all licenced premises, but also in those membership clubs as well. This Bill is going to save thousands of people's

John Dalli

They (the lawyers) would lead me on the actions that I should be taking and which court I should be taking, because I have the choice of Malta, Brussels,

Teixeira dos Santos

Cyprus and Malta will join the euro on 1 January next year. I would like to congratulate these two countries for this achievement, which is the result of appropriate

Teixeira dos Santos

We can't ignore that, due to the size of its economy, the French structural reforms programme will certainly, have a positive impact in the euro area and in the

Joseph Muscat

My feeling is that Europe is just playing for time and the European Council this week will just say some words, hoping that the bad weather in winter will discourage the crossings and hoping that people will just forget. Until we get to next May or June, more people will start crossing, more people will

Tonio Borg

The more difficult areas are the oil fields in the desert, and I say this because there is not just one but there are a lot of installations if you look at a map. So those are more difficult to evacuate and we not have evacuated

Laurence Gonzi

We are foreseeing a scenario where it will be absolutely vital for us to provide basic essential needs for the Libyan people in

Fernando de la Gándara

There were fewer eggs being laid in Malta than here in Cartagena, but we have achieved the reproduction of Bluefin Tuna in captivity. So now that we have shown that is possible, the next hurdle is breeding Bluefin Tuna larvae, and that will require a special

Ali al-Rabiti

I want to train the next generation of pilots, to protect Libya and its

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

The Euro is not just a currency,it's a symbol, a very powerful symbol of our common heritage – our shared values and success of European integration in bringing the peoples and nations of Europe together and Europe is above all a process of values, common ends, values of freedom and solidarity.So I want to end by saying welcome to the Euro area, congratulations

Joseph Muscat

We will never risk the life of any person but rules have to change and there needs to be a more European approach to safe patrols. We have to discuss in a very sensible manner whether we need to tighten the rules or loosen

Queen Elizabeth

Determined and collective action can also help us tackle other challenges that cannot be dressed alone, such as the scourge of terrorism, which is a threat to us all and has directly affected a number of our

Jennifer McKeown - Capital Economics

Given this and the fact that tight fiscal policy will keep domestic spending subdued, the recovery in the wider euro zone economy may soon grind to a near

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