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Ted Cruz
It appears that President Trump's discussions with President Xi at Mar-a-Lago had some beneficial impact. Time will
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Apr 26 2017
Mar-a-Lago has been commented on by 58 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Mar-a-Lago are: David Kerner, Jeri Muoio, Donald J. Trump and Sarah Mooney. For instance, the most recent quote from David Kerner is: “While he may treat it like it's the Southern White House, it's not.”.
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Tom Fitton - Judicial Watch

His [Obama's] vacations to Hawaii cost millions of dollars. The political problem with President Trump, and the accountability problem, is after a period of time, the cost will be difficult for him to be able to defend. It doesn't help that we don't know what the [total] costs are because the Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security [which oversees the Secret Service] haven't gotten their act together to turn them over to

K.T. McFarland

Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korea problem? We will see what happens!feedback

K.T. McFarland

Even in the last year, President Kim of North Korea has launched over 30 missiles. Most of them have failed. So it didn't come as a surprise to us. We were expecting something surrounding the birthday of his grandfather. It's like your kids in the back of the car on a long trip saying, When are we going to get there?' . Well, in this case, I think we should give the Chinese president some opportunities and some time, as well as pursuing the economic and diplomatic pressures that we have and that our allies have that we can bring to bear on North

Jennifer Rubin

Politicians, including President Trump, seemed to have learned very little from an election in which anger toward them overtook all other emotions. Voters dismayed at the arrogance and dishonesty of politicians who forget whom they work for spurred 46 percent of the electorate to vote for an outsider precisely because he was not

Donald J. Trump

If you're in the White House, who wants to take a vacation? You're in the White House. What's better than the White House? Why these vacations?feedback

Stephen Lawson

These infractions were part of a routine inspection and were not complaint-based. The infractions were corrected on site, and the establishment was immediately brought into

Tom Fitton - Judicial Watch

It's the president's home. It's probably a nice way to visit with leaders and get to know them and to do some important business with them. So it's not the end of the world that he hosts the president of China, or anyone else, down

Tom Sietsema

Trump, a reluctant hand-shaker who has been known to chew out double-dippers at parties, told CNN that the fast-food chains' cleanliness is part of their appeal. One bad hamburger, and you can destroy McDonald's,' said Trump, ever the businessman with an eye on the bottom

Steve Schooner

This is a privately owned club that for all intents and purposes was just another golf property in Florida before, that almost now is something that Americans immediately recognize. Imagine what you would have to pay to get that kind of brand recognition. That's

David Kerner

While he may treat it like it's the Southern White House, it's

Steve Schooner

It's just another example of his consistent efforts to exploit public office for private gain. He's using his official office and the fact that people have to travel with him, meet him, and follow him to promote his commercial enterprise, in this case his privately owned club. I can't think of anything like this that we've seen at anytime in the modern

Paul Zukunft

We have teams protecting the approaches to Mar-a-Lago on both coasts. We're also protecting in the air, as well. Is there a supplemental to support this? The answer is

John Miller

The FAA has a strong incentive to work with us and help get some funding that will put a system in place that will appease the Secret

Ric Bradshaw

I had a personal conversation with the president in February and he understands. There is a system in place and, unfortunately, that involves Congress ... and that is not an easy thing to navigate through. I am sure they will get around to

Bob Brink

Trump is costing this area so much money, a hell of a lot of money, and he doesn't seem to give a

Julian Detwiler

The fact that he comes down here, the fact he is involved in the community to this extent even though he is the president, I think that's great. There are costs associated with everything. It doesn't cost the country or the community more for him to (visit) than lots of other things we do. It keeps the economy

David Kerner

We're very honoured to have the president here, but at the same time, his travel here is such high frequency he's not visiting Palm Beach County – he's governing from it. Whatever our priorities are, the taxpayers didn't pay this money to us to protect the

Donald J. Trump

It is a great honor to have the president of China and his incredibly talented wife, a great, great celebrity in China, a great singer. It's an honor to have you in the United States. So far, I have gotten nothing. Absolutely nothing. But we have developed a friendship. I can see that. I think, long-term, we are going to have a very, very great relationship, and I look very much forward to it. We have not been treated fairly on trade for many, many years. No presidents have taken care of that the way they should have. And we have a big problem with North Korea. We're going to see what

Li Yonghui

China needs to understand the attitude of the United States, Trump's real intentions and use that to form the basis of developing relations. Right now there's a lot of uncertainty in the relationship, and both countries need to find some common ground in this meeting. In economic terms, China may make certain concessions, but it's still unclear how far China will

Charles Pittar

Historically, Los Angeles and New York have been the mainstays of (Chinese)

Hua Chunying

President Trump, after taking office, announced that Mar-a-Lago would be the winter White House. The U.S. proposal to hold the U.S.-China heads of state meeting there, I think, represents the importance that the U.S. side places on this meeting. China respects the U.S. side's

Eric Trump

You go back at it – all these foreign leaders remember their time in Crawford. They all talk about being there. That's how you get a deal done. Mar-a-Lago is an impressive place; it makes sense to be there. He's working. This is how he

Zhang Haibin

Chinese people love nepotism, we're very good at it. Chinese people have been using social networks and influential relationships to facilitate business and political dealings for thousands of

Bonnie Glaser

Both these guys are strong willed people and overly self

Bonnie Glaser

It demonstrates he has a good relationship with the new president and can maintain a stable relationship with the US. Xi doesn't have any big asks, whereas Trump

Bill Stanton

One of the worst case scenarios for Taiwan is a statement where, either by error or lack of preparation, Trump says something–or Xi says something that Trump doesn't contradict–that implies that they have reached a deal. What makes it so difficult is that there are so many different things going on, so many contradictions, so much incoherence: Trump contradicts himself, his secretaries contradict him, then they contradict each other. Who is preparing Trump and how prepare-able is he? Unless he has a script and he sticks to it, there's no way to know what he will

Donald J. Trump

The President of Taiwan CALLED ME today to wish me congratulations on winning the Presidency. Thank you! I fully understand the One-China policy, But I don't know why we have to be bound by a One-China policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including

Lo Chih-cheng

If he is serious about U.S. military influence in the region, then Taiwan is something you can't give up. The concern now is that if everything is on the table, then Taiwan may be on the

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

Despite the solid gains seen so far this year, there is some evidence that the rally in U.S. markets is looking a little tired given President Trump's trials and tribulations in Congress. The reflation trade is likely to face a new test this week when President Trump entertains the Chinese leader Xi-Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago golf course in Florida, which in the words of President Trump himself could be a little '

Hugo Brennan - Verisk Maplecroft

Beijing has pushed the Mar-a-Lago option over a more formal affair at the White House. This suggests that the Chinese side want to reduce the scope for protocol blunders overshadowing the event. Expect personal gifts designed to please the man, rather than abstract offerings seeking to make a political statement a la Obama's

Chong Ja Ian

Having Xi not stay at Mar-a-Lago is indicative of China's desire not to be seen to be subject to U.S. demands, so any gift-giving is likely to follow a similar

Paul Christopher

The markets want to see that the president's efforts to prepare for tariffs are just mainly a negotiating ploy, and not a serious pre-commitment. If President Trump's already made up his mind that he's going to hit China with big tariffs, the market wants to know that now. We might get that sort of thing next week or we might not. Trade has not been a part of the market's rally since November. So far, they've only been talking about growth

Paul Christopher

The market's been reversing itself on Mexico and on NAFTA for some time. The initial reaction was the bludgeoning of Mexico and the peso. I think the market's anticipating a renegotiated NAFTA that's not so bad as people were

Sean Spicer

The president is very clear that he works seven days a week. This is where he goes to see his family. He brings people down there. This is part of being

Tom Udall

People "deserved to know who has access to the president, how much it's costing to protect him and whether the Trump Organization is benefiting from that

Tom Udall

By refusing to release the White House visitor logs, President Trump is only validating the rampant concerns about who may be pulling the levers in his administration. The president should end his administration's disturbing pattern of stonewalling information and immediately reinstate the previous administration's policy of publishing White House visitor logs, and given President Trump's unprecedented decision to conduct official business at his private business properties, the Trump administration has an obligation to make public the visitor lists at places like Mar-a-Lago and Trump

Sheldon Whitehouse

The American people need to know who has access to the White House if we're going to 'drain the swamp'. So far, all we've seen from the President is murk. His Administration has stonewalled congressional requests for information about his advisors and appointees' conflicts of

David Kerner

It's just devastation. I'm going to have to fight for those businesses in the county budget and maybe rent rebates or some sort of subsidy that

Ashley Svarney

So far this year, the numbers are pretty good, but it's too early to tell. When people see the photos and video of the crystal clear blue skies, the turquoise waters, the beautiful homes, it may make them think more about

David Kerner

I would never consider a proposal that says we're not going to use our county resources when the president's here. It's our patriotic duty. Its just unfair that burden should be borne alone. Those are real issues: keeping cops off the street and diminishing our opioid epidemic response. There's federal infrastructure coming

Carol Canright

They'll start with the planes going over at 5:30 a.m. You have to turn up the volume to hear over

Ric Bradshaw

I told him we were incurring these expenses, and he said, I'm going to take care of law enforcement. We were having a conversation, and he said, I'm a big supporter of law enforcement, you guys are doing a good job down here with the Secret Service, and I don't expect that you guys are doing it for free.' So he gets it, he knows what's

Jimmy Fallon

Meals on Wheels are out, but don't worry the gold trips to Mar-a-Lago every weekend, those will not

Jimmy Kimmel

There are a lot of cuts in the plan, including: PBS would be cut, Meals on Wheels would be cut, the National Endowment for the Arts would be cut. The guy who has three oil paintings of himself in his bathroom wants to cut the National Endowment for the Arts. And Meals on Wheels – how could that be? How can you cut Meals on Wheels? Meals on Wheels is out, but don't worry, the golf trips to Mar-a-Lago every weekend, those will not

Michael Mulvaney - Office of Management and Budget

They're supposed to help kids who don't get fed at home get fed so they do better in school. Guess what? There's no demonstrable evidence they're actually doing

Adrian de Valois-Franklin

It's our debut to the U.S. markets. We've heard he'll be in attendance at Mar-a-Lago – coming in on

Sarah Chaulk - Columbus

Mr. Obama went on so many vacations and played golf every week. The news media can say, Trump went to Mar-a-Lago,' and their hair catches on fire. But if they will look at this honestly – and I'm all for the truth – they'll see Trump is just using his own resources and money to take care of things. It doesn't bother me one

Elaine Kent

And when Michelle Obama and her friends went to Spain and spent millions of dollars on a vacation? They did so much nickel-and-diming of taxpayers. When they say 'Mar-a-Lago,' that's not a vacation. He's wearing suits – he's clearly working. It stuns me that they say he's 'on vacation.' I say, What vacation?feedback

Kathleen Walter

Are we getting some attention because we have a famous neighbour? For sure. But this has always been an alluring community and I think there are a lot of residents here who are

Sarah Mooney

When one side of the neighborhood had an incident the other side would be next. We tried to do almost home visit type interventions to keep things from getting

Ricky Aiken

Trump is a guy who lives over there. If he is serious about making changes in the inner cities, he would be welcome. But people like him tend to avoid communities like mine. Things are better but we're not there yet. A lot of kids grow up in West Palm Beach thinking that crime is kind of what you are expected to do. They don't have role models in the community. There are no father figures. I talk to people all the time who would never cross the bridge out of fear of being stopped, arrested. It's never happened to me, but I understand that

Jeri Muoio

Since 2007 our crime rate has steadily gone down. There will always be peaks,spikes that happen. Overall there is a significant downward

John Smykla

They're very community-centric. They are willing to innovate and try new things. The result is that citizen complaints are down...on both sides of the

Jeri Muoio

We're a very different place from Chicago. We did have a spike in 2015 ... it was very upsetting to us all. Young black men shooting young black

Jeri Muoio

He might come here to come to the performing arts center or have dinner at some of our marvelous restaurants. That's about

Jeri Muoio

We don't have traditional gangs, or ongoing gang activity. Back in the day when guns were not as readily available there would be fights. Now, unfortunately, young people have access to guns and use

Eric Danziger - Trump Hotel Collection

There are 26 major metropolitan areas in the U.S., and we're in five. I don't see any reason that we couldn't be in all of them

Charlotte Triggs

So in 2005 she was covering a story at Mar-a-lago with Donald and Melania about their anniversary. And she said that while Melania was upstairs changing, and of course Melania out was pregnant at the time, Donald wanted to show her around the compound. And so he took her into a room and closed the door, and then he threw her up against the wall and kissed her against her will. And she was so shocked that she honestly didn't know what to

Hope Hicks

Tony Senecal has not worked at Mar-a-Lago for years, but nevertheless we totally and completely disavow the horrible statements made by him regarding the president and first

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