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David Stern
It was generally known at some point, until we tightened the rules, that a lot of our players were smoking a lot of marijuana. In fact, some of our players came to us and said, Some of these guys are high coming into the game.' But we began tightening it up, and at that time, people accepted the generally held wisdom that marijuana was a gateway drug and that if you start smoking, you're liable to go on to bigger and better
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Oct 26 2017
Jeff Sessions, Hezekiah Allen and Earl Blumenauer, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Marijuana. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 495 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 771 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Jeff Sessions is: “Dosages can be constructed in a way that might be beneficial, I acknowledge that, but if you smoke marijuana, for example, where you have no idea how much THC you're getting, it's probably not a good way to administer a medicinal amount. So forgive me if I'm a bit dubious about that.”.
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Josh Drayton

Now, we might be facing a much smaller harvest than we were anticipating, which could potentially drive the price up. It's going to touch every different piece of the industry, and we can't get ahead of this yet. We still don't know how much has survived, how much has been

Hezekiah Allen

It's the darkness right before the dawn of legal, regulated cannabis in California. These businesses are in a really vulnerable position, and this really came at about the worst time it could have. It means we're on our

Ross Bell

It is over 40-years-old and like many other countries, successive governments have not wanted to engage on this issue. Lo and behold the Green Party come along, and allows the country to have the sort of conversation we should have had for a long

Karson Humiston

I didn't know anyone in Denver. I was living in a hotel and said I'm going to stay for one month, and if I can get meetings set up and get a client I'm going to stick around out here and do this. A light bulb went off in my head like, Oh my God, there are companies out there charging 20 percent of annual salary. At this point, I had this coming-to-Jesus moment that I needed to go out and hire other people who had experience in recruiting, who had experience in client acquisition – and that's really when our business started taking

Karson Humiston

I told them, What I will do, is I will go and put this out to my network of students and recent grads that you're hiring for an accounting intern. I will interview the candidates, check their references and I will send you the top candidates – and the best part is I'm going to do all of this for $

Karson Humiston

Vangst means 'catch' in Dutch. I'm part Dutch, and the idea was we were catching the top talent, and it wasn't just interns and recent

Karson Humiston

Convincing people to leave being a manager at Neiman Marcus or Chanel to manage a dispensary is a transition, and people aren't exactly comfortable with the industry yet. So as a company, we have an obligation to educate our candidates on the industry, on where the industry is going and where the opportunities

Karson Humiston

The types of positions that were available in the cannabis industry, even in 2015, blew my mind. So I decided to start a business, which used to be called 'Gradujuana,' where we would connect college students and recent grads with jobs in the emerging cannabis

Diane Czarkowski

I've used a combination of internal HR people and recruiting agencies, and I just find that Karson's staff are really great hunters and good at reaching out and finding talent who might not be

Melissa Etheridge

My children are my priority. I love my children. They are four of the most amazing human beings on earth. I live a very blessed life. I would never want to harm any of

Jane West

I had to create my tribe myself. When I was entering the cannabis industry women weren't in the spotlight the way they are now. Women weren't as accessible as colleagues and

Jane West

First, I want every woman to know that there's a place for you in this industry, and there will never be a better time to find it. The legal cannabis industry doesn't have the entrenched patriarchal power structures that dominate most of professional life, and the sector is growing fast, so jump in and find a way to apply your skill set. Create your vision, and think

Jessica VerSteeg

I thought it was a 'bad drug' and I was uneducated about the medical side of

Sailene Ossman

The vision is to offer women a way to connect with their divine feminine and to connect to each other as sisters, and we feel that cannabis is the ideal tool to accomplish

Lena Davidson

It is a great time to dig in, bring your insight and make sure that women's influence on the cannabis market is far more than skin deep. Pull your seat right up to the main table. Incremental changes in attitude and approach brought us legal cannabis, and incremental changes in attitude and approach can make it the strongest, most inclusive industry on the face of the

Emily Paxhia

Once something is set into motion, it is much more difficult to influence it than to get it going 'right' in the first place. For example, the tech industry was born out of a mainly male group of 'Founding Fathers'–and some courageous women have had to fight to make a space in that industry. What if cannabis can be formed by 'Founding Mothers' or 'Founding Sisters' and this industry can be more balanced in its leaders?feedback

Hezekiah Allen

If it's supposed to smell like lemon and it smells like wildfire, that's going to be a significant

Hezekiah Allen

They leveraged themselves entirely. It's going to hit some families really

Robert Frichtel

They can look at doing some things with concentrates… but the oils don't sell for nearly as much as the flower product coming out of that area of the

Hezekiah Allen

This is going to be a very expensive disaster when the smoke

Hezekiah Allen

I think the underwriters are figuring it out. Our goal was to have endorsed policies by next planting

Robert Frichtel

The fires are hitting in an area of California that's probably the predominant outdoor cultivation site in the country. It has ideal growing conditions – the same reason they grow wine grapes in that region. It arguably produces some of the highest-quality cannabis in the

Kristin Nevedal

It acts as a multiplier effect on the expense. A lot of farmers have invested in water storage tanks, and a lot of times those are plastic or have plastic liners… those are ruined. Water lines buried underground might be melted – they're usually PVC or poly, and they're not terribly deep. So the infrastructure may be a loss for the farmer as

Hezekiah Allen

None of the confirmed losses had any insurance on their

Robert Frichtel

This couldn't hit at a worse time because a lot of these property owners have just spent a lot of money going through the licensing process… trying to get compliant before the first of the year. They probably have invested with the expectation that this crop would help recoup a lot of those

Hezekiah Allen

The basic reality here is we don't know. What we know is bad, and it's going to get a lot worse. I wouldn't be surprised if, when all is said and done, the number is as high as 100. We just want normal crop insurance like everyone

Daniel Garcez

People are working right now on appellations reports to help us create a better sense of risk assessment. A lot of the farms don't have coverage because they were waiting for their state regulations and local regulations to fall into place. They were being patient, they're taking the risk of the investment. This situation with the fires is just destroying

Josh Drayton

A lot of these crops have not been harvested at all, so that means a total loss on those

Ariel Clark

Cannabis is a big business but it also touches on a lot of aspects of our lives. The challenge is that we've had 20 years of a thriving cannabis industry – really a cottage industry – and we're now in a process of regulating that industry. There are people across the state who depend on this economy to live their lives. So this is a very, very, very, big

Michael Hiller

What is deeply troubling about all of this is that the CSA makes absolutely no sense. We know for a fact that the U.S. government knows that cannabis cannot be legally classified as a Schedule I drug, the requirements for which are a high potential for abuse, no medical efficacy whatsoever, and a substance so dangerous that it can't be tested even under strict medical supervision. And we know cannabis doesn't meet those

Joseph Bondy

This lawsuit represents the truth. Marijuana has a recognized medical purpose. For the government to persist in the position that it doesn't is

Michael Hiller

It just makes no sense for the government to classify cannabis as a drug that's so dangerous that it can't even be safely tested, while at the same time encouraging companies to do business with cannabis businesses. It makes no sense for the Federal Government to have a medical patent and to distribute cannabis to patients for nearly 40 years through the IND Program, while at the same time claiming that it has no medical efficacy and can cause brain damage. Ask the federal government, Do you really believe it?' and the fact of the matter is, they don'

Michael Hiller

The government has obtained a patent for cannabis based on the fact that it

Christopher Hobday

It is life-changing for me. It means that I actually have a

Faye Jones

I was 27 and I was using one of those day organizers for my pills - it was ridiculous. I've now managed to replace all of those drugs with just

Kristen Nevedal

Especially when it's ripe–I can tell you from personal experience, wildfire definitely will make your cannabis have a smokey flavor to it; just like

Paul Lewin

In the places where it will be a monopoly, it will fail. The province [of Ontario] just wants a lot of

Justin Trudeau

The current framework is hurting Canadians. Criminal gangs and street gangs are making millions of dollars of profits off the sale of marijuana, and we need to put an end to this policing that does not

Jahan Marcu

If the package says 100 percent pure cannabis oil, and you look at the cartridge and it looks fluid, it's not 100 percent pure cannabis oil. If it tastes really gross, it might be

Bill Blair

You'll be able to make your own cake [with legal cannabis], but you won't be able to sell it until there are strict rules in place. There will be limits on how branding can be displayed so it can't be used for marketing to kids. It's important that we get this done. The price of delay is continued deaths on our roadways, continued jeopardy for kids and billions of dollars in profits for organized

Rick Barnum

If legislation is ready to go in July 2018, policing will not be ready to go in August. It's

Karine Igartua

When you expose a growing brain to cannabis, you actually change the way it grows and

Zach Randolph

I want to thank my agent, my attorney, my family, the Sacramento Kings, friends and fans who have supported me during this incident. I want to assure all of my fans that I did nothing wrong and I am glad to have this incident behind

Zach Randolph

I'm not speaking a lot about it, but I felt that I was wrongfully arrested. Things that was put out there wasn't true. But I don't want to be a distraction to my team, my organization, so I'm just going to move forward and play basketball. I look forward to working with my teammates and the Sacramento Kings and having a successful NBA

Richard Wagner

I also would like to discuss my plans for my new farming venture. They were worried about the cannabis growing right from the get go. And I came over in hopes of quelling their concerns, to introduce myself, and to show them my

Rick Olson

We upheld the appeal based on these issues. It had nothing to do with whether we like marijuana or

Nina Burleigh

It's hard to say. My research led me to believe Kennedy was a sex addict … and like the 'Mad Men' of the TV show. She was very upper class, and ahead of her time in terms of modern art, personal style, using marijuana and LSD – very much a precursor to the culture we associate with the

Alison Mortimer

Surely when there is culpability, the emergency services are able to charge for their services? All credit to those who get called out tonight to 'rescue' these

Justin Bibby

They are volunteers, they do an amazing job and they are always there to assist those who get into

Justin Bibby

Mountain safety is your responsibility. Carry the right equipment and food, and know how to use it. Our priority is your safety. The Wasdale mountain rescue team had a particularly busy day yesterday dealing with this and other

Justin Bibby

Taking alcohol or any other substance that could impair your judgement significantly increases your risk of getting into trouble. It has no place on a

Jean M. Twenge

There's a link between alcohol and aggression, and in that way it's a very good fit between marijuana and this generation's psychology. Going toward something that would make them more aggressive is really not their

Jared Polis

There's really only one reason to sit on a request: Because you suspect that perhaps the science will show that medical marijuana does have some therapeutic benefit and therefore disprove the need for the failed war on

Orrin Hatch

There's no transformation. I've always been for any decent medicine. I know that medical marijuana can do some things that other medicines can't. I'm for alleviating pain and helping people with

Earl Blumenauer

It's just insane. It is the most visible manifestation of how incoherent our policies are and that the federal government is the biggest impediment to not having the information that people say they want. There's no reason to not move forward on this. The federal government for years has made it artificially difficult. People deserve answers, and there's no good reason to stand in the way of having thoughtful research. The irony is there's pretty clear evidence that in those communities that have access to legal, medical marijuana they prescribe fewer pills – fewer people

Orrin Hatch

I think it's a mistake. We ought to do the research. They're worried about a widespread abuse of the drug, which is something to worry about because it is a gateway drug that's a very big problem. But there's a difference between smoking marijuana – using it illegally – and using it to alleviate pain and

Jared Polis

I would hope that regardless of people's opinion about it, everybody should be about peer-reviewed studies and science about whether there's any therapeutic benefit or whether there's any side effects. That's all these studies would do. For people to be able to show what medical marijuana might work for, we need to allow those studies to occur. And that's what our amendment would have

George Ryan

Currently it is the adult male prisons which face major problems due to Spice. It tends to be more potent than high potency

Lisa Scott

It's a good business – we're at the start, it's brand new. So many minorities are locked up – white people are getting filthy rich from

Marvin Washington

We have the opportunity to do this right and make sure the people that suffered when cannabis was in the black market . . . have the opportunity to participate in the upswing. The genie is out of the bottle. I'm not sure how you get it back

Gia Morón

We are calling it out early. We're starting out saying, You're going to do better.' . . . I hope in five years we're not talking about

Chanda Macias

We are the leaders – the minority leaders – in cannabis, and we make cannabis look

Chanda Macias

I can't say I feel comfortable. As the industry continues to change, less minorities participate because of their

Tawnie Logan

All of a sudden they are calling their buddy

Terry Garrett - Sustaining Technologies

You would be turning these law enforcement agencies against their own communities. That's the conundrum for

Enrique Pena Nieto

I'm not ruling out that in the near future marijuana will be fully legalized in Mexico. It's already occurring in other countries, particularly the United

Orrin Hatch

I understand that medical marijuana is a difficult issue but we can't shrink from our duties…I hope my colleagues today won't stay away from making the hard

Orrin Hatch

Regulatory hoops significantly delay the life-changing medication Americans

Orrin Hatch

It's high time to address research into medical marijuana. Our country has experimented with a variety of state solutions without properly delving into the weeds on the effectiveness, safety, dosing, administration, and quality of medical marijuana. To be blunt, we need to remove the administrative barriers preventing legitimate research into medical marijuana, which is why I've decided to roll out the MEDS Act. In a Washington at war with itself, I have high hopes that this bipartisan initiative can be a kumbaya moment for both

Olivia Newton-John

I need to get through this, I have lots to do. But of course, it's scary. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't scary. It was, but I felt very sure that I would get through

Olivia Newton-John

I can walk, but I can't go long distances. But I'll get there, because I couldn't walk at all a month or so ago. I'll be fine. There have been a lot of women who have had reoccurrences and continue on with their lives to be old ladies, and that's my

Shannon Barney

I think we can all agree that your average pot smoker shouldn't be in prison. But I think everybody can also agree that punishment for a major trafficker needs to be more

Sean McAllister

As someone who has lived through the transition in Colorado, when I go to California I am definitely shocked to see that people in the industry seem very ill-prepared for the

Tom Allman

I've arrested grandparents, parents and grandchildren in different years for growing marijuana on the same piece of property. You get into a generational thing that's almost like moonshine. People think, Why do I have to get permits? My parents didn't have to and my grandparents certainly didn't have

Eli Scislowicz

But there's a lot of irresponsible actors too, that have poisoned the

Hezekiah Allen

I know that the numbers don't look great; there are a lot of folks that aren't coming in. People are losing faith in this

Lori Ajax

You have folks who have been operating for two decades with maybe some local oversight and some with no oversight at all. You want to first give people a chance to get into that regulated market. And then it's going to take some strong

Eli Scislowicz

It's a shame to see the degradation of the land that my industry

David Eyster

The folks in the big cities, they don't realize that out in the rural areas where the marijuana is being grown, there are people being robbed, kidnapped and in some cases

Tom Allman

You could have 1,000 pounds in your hotel room right now and you might be charged with just a misdemeanor. There's romance with marijuana. People think it's a harmless herb. But environmental crimes make people

Bruce Smith - Commet

There are very few areas you can go in the county and not find marijuana – it's everywhere. The vast majority aren't

Yasir Naqvi

Illicit cannabis dispensaries are not legal now and will not be legal retailers under the new model. ... These pot dispensaries are illegal and will be shut down. If you operate one of these facilities, consider yourself on

Alan Down

The police officer who came to see me said he specialised in drugs. He knew of several plants that smelled like cannabis but he couldn't see them in the garden. The smell is so distinct, it really does smell like cannabis. It's more intense when it's hot and

Alan Down

It's an uncommon garden plant that makes good ground cover and is easy to grow but it comes from Iran and is an unusual plant to find in the

Alan Down

I like a challenge. I knew roughly what it was but it took me a little while. The police were very grateful. I assume this couple will dig it up

Ed Gillespie

He "supports passage of legislation such as [Vogel's] SB 1298 to allow the use of medical marijuana and CBD oil when scientific research has demonstrated the benefit of this as an effective treatment for serious

Steven Davenport

Some consumers will prefer higher priced brands, but there will always be a market for the brand that can produce adequate quality cannabis at the cheapest

Nicholas Chroussis

As university students we smoke a little cannabis, and about 80 per cent of students have inhaled laughing gas - it's not cocaine or heroin. We are just having fun. When I finish my degree I will have about £50,000 of debts and now this criminal conviction will probably affect my career prospects and ability to pay that

David Shulkin

Right now, federal law does not prevent us at VA to look at that as an option for veterans. There may be some evidence that this is beginning to be helpful and we're interested in looking at that and learning from

Robert Glatter

The exact cause is really unclear. Some research indicates that it may be related to a genetic polymorphism in what we call the cytochrome P450 enzyme system, which is how we metabolize

Robert Glatter

The patients often don't easily volunteer this history. In states that have legalized, I think it's easier to ascertain that history because they're more willing to come forward. [It could be] endocrine, metabolic, something structural causing the vomiting, it could be a bowel obstruction or gallstones. To the patient who is newly presenting, you have to do the full workup. You don't want to miss

Robert Glatter

When there is less blood flow to the gut and intestines, symptoms of nausea and vomiting are

Robert Glatter

I would see people in the emergency department with heavy and chronic [marijuana] use who would have these vomiting syndromes with abdominal pain, and we just didn't know what it was. If you look at the pharmacology of cannabinoids, there are multiple types of cannabinoids, and at low doses, the majority of these cannabinoids are antiemetic. But with higher and heavier usage what you develop is this paradoxical effect, this incidence of vomiting and

Henry Wykowski

Things like this sort of take on a life of their own, and somebody who is obviously anti-cannabis has decided to push it. They think that this is the Achilles' heel. It is scary stuff. I just hope that the defendants get really good lawyers, because this could have an effect on the entire

Adam George

We're proud to be a UK company. We do all our manufacturing in the UK and we are scaling up, ready to commercialise (the epilepsy product) next

Eugene Monroe - Baltimore Ravens

Whatever happens in terms of my professional football career, I will never stop pushing for the League to accept medical cannabis as a viable option for pain management. I will do everything I can to ensure the generations of NFL players after me won't have to resort to harmful and addictive opioids as their only option for pain

Jacob Soboroff - MSNBC

There are studies that indicate in states where medical marijuana is legal, overdoses and deaths from opioids are down. But that becomes a complicated, partisan–in many respects–policy debate… Until ideological barriers, partisan barriers can come down around solutions to this, nothing is going to

Hannah Hetzer

It is ironic that laws aimed at fighting drug trafficking and money laundering have created a roadblock for a system that intends to do just that. Uruguay is creating a legal market that displaces the illicit marijuana

Frank Robison

Banks are businesses, and they can pick and choose who they do business with. From a banking industry perspective, the marijuana industry might be perceived as a flea on a dog's

Pablo Duran

There probably isn't a trade in Uruguay today that is more controlled than cannabis

Ethan Siegel and Alex Berezow

Barring confession, there’s no way to tell if a driver is

Barbara Yankey

There is a possibility that marijuana use is related to deaths with hypertension as an underlying cause. People who use marijuana should have regular medical checkups to assess their cardiovascular

David Letterman

I'm new to California and I thought 'I guess. I guess this is what you do,' . And I said, Oh, it's minty flavored

Jeff Sessions

Dosages can be constructed in a way that might be beneficial, I acknowledge that, but if you smoke marijuana, for example, where you have no idea how much THC you're getting, it's probably not a good way to administer a medicinal amount. So forgive me if I'm a bit dubious about

Dan Baum

The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or blacks, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we

Lyle Craker - Amherst

I've filled out the forms, but I haven't heard back from them. I assume they don't want to answer,'. They need to think about why they are holding this up when there are products that could be used to improve people's health. I think marijuana has some bad effects, but there can be some good and without investigation we really don't

Rusty Payne - Drug Enforcement Administration

Mexican cartels, Mexican transnational organizations are the greatest criminal threat to the United States. There's no other group currently positioned to challenge them. Whenever drug investigations that we do involve MS-13, we respond, but right now the No. 1 drug threat in the U.S. is the Mexican

Sachin Patel

The current studies highlight the real and urgent need for high-quality clinical trials in both of these areas. If cannabis is being considered for medical use, it should certainly be after all well-established treatments have

Isabelle Claudet

Policymakers should take in consideration this evolution and such intoxication should be tightly monitored and it should be mandatory to report such cases. A solution has to be (found) to regulate THC concentration in cannabis and stop its increasing

Isabelle Claudet

I was surprised by the increase of admissions in my unit for cannabis unintentional intoxication among toddlers and by the increase of severe presentation after children had eaten part or a entire cannabis resin

Mick Cooper

They would have the same challenges as any drug developer – i.e. they would have to demonstrate safety, efficacy in a specific indication and consistency of product. It is worth emphasising the manufacturing issue, as the levels of THC and other chemicals produced by a cannabis plant will vary depending on conditions. It might be very difficult to produce a medicinal cannabis that is sufficiently consistent to meet the demands of the

Daniel Pryor

The main harms of criminalisation come from putting it into the black market, and in the knock-on effect on the criminal justice system. In the medium term we see [decriminalisation] as a possibility. If the Conservatives want to reconnect with young voters it would be a very good way of demonstrating they're in tune with their

Michael Steinmetz

I'm really kind of grateful for the wine industry that existed before and it allowed us to step into the shoes of these giants. We live in a very rare Mediterranean market and Mediterranean climates lend really well to growing

David Boyer

Mainers will no longer be punished for using a substance that is safer than alcohol. This will allow law enforcement to focus on serious crimes and save Maine millions in enforcement costs. We look forward to working with the legislature to ensure a timely implementation of Question 1, which will provide adults with a legal way to purchase marijuana from licensed and regulated

Simon Pope

I would have really liked to have attempted to get a prosecution under the modern-day slavery offences because they were being exploited. This is becoming more and more common – these cannabis factories, with gardeners held in poor conditions, given little to no

Chloe Setter

It is extremely concerning that modern slavery charges were dropped in this case, when there was clearly reason for the police to believe that several people were being exploited. It appears those thought to have been victims of a major organised criminal network potentially making millions from their exploitation have received little to no support, and the risk of retrafficking barely

Paul Franklin

We could prove that they were locked in. We had the key to get in, but we didn't find any keys on them. They were certainly locked in but that's not enough to get it convicted beyond all reasonable

Simon Pope

These people are in fear. I think that this is a general problem – not just in this

Paul Franklin

If that's in the back of your mind, when you're thousands of miles away, it is probably easier to say

Paul Franklin

We told them they were victims, we offered them a way out, and we asked them to make statements. They all refused. Police have a real difficulty penetrating the Vietnamese

Paul Franklin

It was slavery. There's no doubt. They weren't there by choice. They were trafficked from Vietnam, they were placed there, and told to

Paul Franklin

This is the reality of slavery. People sleeping on a mattress on the floor, urinating in a plastic tub, having no access to getting outside. It's very unpleasant. This was hard manual labour. You can see how bad the exploitation

Joe Lockhart

We look forward to working with the Players Association on all issues involving the health and safety of our

Barbara Yankey

Support for liberal marijuana use is partly due to claims that it is beneficial and possibly not harmful to health. It is important to establish whether any health benefits outweigh the potential health, social and economic risks. If marijuana use is implicated in cardiovascular diseases and deaths, then it rests on the health community and policy makers to protect the

Randy Ritchie - Malibu

Our customer base will grow as people are willing to pay more for

Josh Wurzer

I don't want some farmer with no one looking over their shoulder spraying away all kinds of pesticides that they don't really understand, that they are not really trained to

Barbara Yankey

This is not surprising since marijuana is known to have a number of effects on the cardiovascular system. Marijuana stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, leading to increases in heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen

Jason L. Riley

In Colorado, arrests of black youths for marijuana possession rose 58% after the drug was

Robert Greenfield

Rolling Stone was one of the first places where people openly admitted to smoking marijuana. People like Timothy Leary were going to jail for pot. But here were people in Rolling Stone willing to talk about getting high, which was pretty courageous at the

Tim Dickinson

East Coast reporters thought anyone who wanted to use medical marijuana was just a hippie trying to pull one over on people. It's a different world than the one we grew up in. The strip mall now has a Walgreens, a grocery store and a dispensary. We're watching where this is headed. We have to be

Charles Perry

The Army has taken hundreds of thousands of students out of school and plopped them into what seems like a marijuana-heaven on earth. In Vietnam, you can buy marijuana already processed into cigarette form, packaged 10 to the pack (200 to the carton), and a pack costs a

Mary Ann Muckaden

Even then the consumption of opioids has not increased in the country. Many patients who can benefit from these drugs are not getting

MR Rajgopal - Pallium India

Marijuana is a form of cannabinoids that have tetrahydrocannabinol compounds and other compounds structurally similar to it. These cannabinoids can help only a small number of patients who have specific kind of nerve

Mary Ann Muckaden

What we need is to improve the access to [opioid] drugs first which are already

Sameer Kaul

Marijuana is a far safer and subtle form of agent which can help control

Naveen Salins

It is proved that marijuana can help in stimulating appetite and control nausea. Allowing people to consume it in its natural form could be

Sameer Kaul

I am a strong advocate for this. I am not saying that marijuana should be legalised for recreational purpose but patients should get

David Gwyther - American Green

We are excited to lead the charge for a true green rush. The cannabis revolution that's going on here in the US has the power to completely revitalize communities in the same way gold did during the 19th

Nicole Howell Neubert

They could technically be seen as aiding and abetting the commission of the federal crime of trafficking cannabis. It could be accessory after the

Herb Wesson

It is not normal for people to walk around with million of dollars in cash so we've got to deal with this reality and figure out a way to address that

Kamala Harris

I started my career as a baby prosecutor during the height of the crack epidemic – not all drugs are equal. We have over-criminalized so many people, in particular poor youth and men of color, in communities across this country and we need to move it on the schedule. Plus we need to start researching the effect of marijuana and we have not been able to do it because of where it is on the

Corey Booker

Our marijuana laws have devastated communities…wrought poverty, caused crime, driven violence. It's wasted government investment in a way where we should have been reaping

Tony Castrignano

Nipton has been in escrow in the past. Last December, it was in escrow for 90 days and…the buyer chose not to close. At this point, today, it's still owned by the Freeman

Stephen Shearin

We thought that showing that there was a viable means of having a cannabis-friendly municipality and further making it energy independent could be a way of really inspiring folks to say, Why can't we do that here? The [idea] here isn't to create 'Woodstock 2017'. It's about creating an environment where people come to work and share in a

David Gwyther - American Green

We are excited to lead the charge for a true 'Green Rush'. The Cannabis Revolution that's going on here in the US, has the power to completely revitalize communities in the same way gold did during the 19th century. This acquisition allows us to channel the myriad interests in cannabis production and consumption for an immediate positive impact to this community's members and to cannabis consumers across the country. As industry leaders since 2009, we are thrilled to begin work on this first-of-its-kind eco-tourism experience for conscious cannabis

Harry Levine

West Harlem's marijuana arrest rate is 186 times higher than the Upper East Side'

Joe Shrank

We know anecdotally, but with a lot of confidence, that it helps people with detox and it helps people stay off opiates. If we're dropping almost 100 bodies a day [due to the opioid crisis], we should be looking at all options. If there are people who want to use cannabis to get off and stay off opioids ... I'm, like, good with that. You're not gonna drop dead. You're gonna have chances in

Libby Stuyt

I have never seen it. I would support decriminalizing marijuana nationally ... so we can research it. But I just can't imagine that continued marijuana use ... would keep people

Corey Booker

I've seen a lot of very compelling preliminary data that shows there is a drop in opioid overdoses in areas that have better access to

Susan Collins

I do not support a national, a federal effort to decriminalize marijuana. We're in the midst of an opioid crisis in this country, and I think the last thing we need is for the federal government to send a signal that marijuana should be legalized across this

Dianne Feinstein

I'm not there. I think there's a lot about marijuana we don't know. I think marijuana has potential dangers to it. I think they need to be looked at – calibrated. I think we need to be concerned about young people, without judgement, particularly in cars. Particularly on Saturday night, smoking marijuana,

Corey Booker

They're actually seeing positive things coming out of that experience. Now I believe the federal government should get out of the illegal marijuana

Tom Angell

This is the single most far-reaching marijuana bill that's ever been filed in either chamber of Congress. More than just getting the federal government out of the way so that states can legalize without [Drug Enforcement Administration] harassment, this new proposal goes even further by actually punishing states that have bad marijuana laws. Polls increasingly show growing majority voter support for legalization. So this is something that more senators should be signing onto right

Cheryl Glenn

In order for the state of Maryland to have a clean medical cannabis program devoid of any corruption or collusion or anything, we should just restart the whole process with a new commission, with a new system of evaluation where nothing should be

Maneka Gandhi

(In) some of the developed countries like the US, marijuana has been legalised, which ultimately results in less drug abuse. The possibility of the same may be explored in India. …marijuana should be legalised for medical purposes, especially as it serves a purpose in cancer (treatment).feedback

Martha Stewart

Snoop is younger than my daughter. We have to have to have a professional relationship, don't we Snoop?feedback

Martha Stewart

He is very attractive, I must say, he really is an attractive human being. Everybody likes him. It's so nice that he's popular, and the guests really enjoy him and respond to him nicely. And he has a great sense of humor. He's fast!feedback

Lamar Odom

I never wanted to touch anything stronger than marijuana. I definitely never touched cocaine. I actually looked down on it. I didn't try it until I was 24 years old, when I was on summer vacation in Miami. And … I wish I could tell you there was a reason for it. There wasn't. It was just an asinine decision I made. If I knew that it was going to affect my life the way it did, I would've never even thought about it. Never. But I did it. It turned out to be a life-altering

Marcus Lemonis

The marijuana industry is exploding as more states embrace the legalization of pot. Whether this is a good investment opportunity or all a big risk, one thing is clear? these numbers are impossible to

Yvonne Martinez

There was no remorse, only a smirk. The kids were at the park that day smoking marijuana and apparently saw him walk into the water. He walked in on his own. They were watching him. They just started recording what happened and watched until he died. He was a good guy... . It's just tough to know that these kids would sit and laugh at something like

Xavier Ferreyra

Now we're at a point where freedom to consume is

Juan José Rodríguez

Before, marijuana smokers smoked somewhat discreetly because it was something that society frowned upon, it wasn't allowed, you knew you were doing something that wasn't legal. Now people smoke with absolute

Eduardo Blasina

The great responsibility we have in Uruguay is to show the world that this system of freedom with regulation works better than

Sebastian Sabini

The sectors that bear the brunt of drug policies are the poorest ones. The ones who are sent to jail are the poor

Hannah Hetzer

This follows from increasing momentum by leaders in Latin America in calling for alternatives to the war on drugs. What's so important about this is it takes a debate about the need for alternatives and provides an actual proposal for an actual

Alejandro Antalich

These are measures designed to help people who are already users without encouraging others who don't consume. If this works as planned, other countries could adopt it as a

Martín Morón

After years and years hiding, I couldn't believe I let the cops in to inspect what remained of my

Hannah Hetzer

We don't see any champions for our cause. We're very concerned in general that the momentum around criminal justice reform and the effort to reduce mass incarceration is

Eduardo Blasina

Today, what the United States says has never mattered less. We don't see its president as a reasonable individual whose opinion is worth

Desley Brooks

When you look across this country, the people who are making money in respect to cannabis and recreational marijuana are white men. The people who have historically gone to jail for the same activity are predominantly African-American and

Juell Stewart

I wanted to move somewhere that had a more relaxed culture around cannabis because I knew it was something that I was interested in recreationally and also as a business

Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner

We wanted to be there as a resource. If you're going to be dispensing, let's make sure your staff is trained in best practices to do it safely and

Randy Maslow

People that were sort of on the fence – a family office, a high-net-worth individual thinking of privately financing a licensed opportunity – it has swayed them to go the other way and think: not just

Ralph Gants

The fact that the employee's possession of medical marijuana is in violation of federal law does not make it per se unreasonable as an

Dionne Contine

Obviously, as more licenses are awarded, more sales will occur and revenue will

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