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Allen Peake
Quite frankly, I don't know how the product gets
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Apr 28 2017
Multiple people spoke about Marijuana in the news. We gather all their quotes on this page, an easy way to see all views about this topic at a glance. To go deeper, all quotes are redirected to the article from which they come. Jeff Sessions is the person who had the greatest number of quotes. The most recent one of them is: “It remains a violation of federal law.”.
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Rama Mayo

He has so much knowledge. We bring him the product, and he's not even smelling it – just holding it in his hand and telling me about it without even putting it to his face. And his eyes are closed!feedback

Roger van Zandt

Anybody can go on [global trade site] Alibaba and find a supplier and put your name on it, and a lot of those companies have. It's completely flooded with people that do that because they don't focus on the brand. They just think, Oh we're gonna put out this pen and make a million dollars. We're in the picks and shovels

Rama Mayo

I think it's the same no matter what the product is, whether it's cannabis or not. The kids know what's up. They know if you're getting paid to sell something or if you really love it. It's our goal to find artists and brands who really love each other. You want to find someone who actually uses the product, whose friends use the product, who's down with the

Roger van Zandt

We have 12 celebrity endorsements. We've done over 35 videos, product integrations. We're carried by the biggest distributors in the nation, and so we're in all major storefronts, so when someone is in the market for a vaporizer, we hope that they'll choose ours because of all the different places that they've seen

Rama Mayo

You're gonna see a Two-Buck Chuck, and also the most expensive shit of all time. You're gonna see vineyards built around it. Sommeliers. The distribution is kind of similar. I'm not even joking. It's insane

Susannah Grossman

The workplace wasn't an environment where you could be open about it. But there's something about the THC in sativa strains that I enjoy. It lifts my spirits – gives me a sense of

Allan Frankel

I'd been depressed and cannabis stopped the depression, . It gave me something to look forward to. My brain was turned

Susannah Grossman

It took quite a while to find what works. I'm currently taking a tincture that's 5 mg of both THChc and CBD. Then I'll take a puff of a certain strain three or four times a day, if I'm feeling at the end of my runway, or if I'm about to go into a meeting where I need a fresh

Dustin Sulak

Our bodies are already working to prevent dementia, reduce inflammation, and respond to any pathological process. If we can enhance the functioning of that system with a little bit of extra THC, we can benefit. I discovered that most people have a certain threshold of cannabis. Below it they'll experience a gradual increase in health benefits, and above it they'll start building tolerance, experiencing diminishing benefits and more side effects, like short term memory loss and clumsiness. I can't tell you your perfect dose, but I can teach you how to find it for

Susannah Grossman

I had a major fear that I wouldn't be able to write or work. I'd slack off and produce less. But it's been just the opposite. Microdosing has helped me focus and accomplish

Allan Frankel

A quarter of my patients are taking less than 3 mg of THC a

Dustin Sulak

You're saving money. If you're a smoker, you're saving smoke exposure to your lungs, and having less side

Dustin Sulak

You repeat this process over the next few days, increasing the dose by small increments. When you reach a point where you feel a difference after consuming, you've found your minimal effective dose. You've established your therapeutic range, and can take the minimum dose. That's all – that's the magic time when tolerance gets re-set. The idea that THC is recreational and CBD is medical is far from true. THC, milligram for milligram, has a much greater therapeutic effect than CBD. You could treat pain with 3 mg of THC, but it might take 15 to 30 mg of CBD to attain the same

Earl Blumenauer

Ask Me Anything. We've pointed out repeatedly in the press and with advocate groups that marijuana got more votes than Donald Trump last November and that the American people are on our

Steve DeAngelo

Towards the end of the 17th Century, the Catholic Church caught wind of this and banned cannabis, spreading rumors that people who used it were in communion with the devil and would go

Steve DeAngelo

When you look at the number of people who can benefit from the medical use of cannabis and the number of people who are actually benefiting from it, there's a gap of millions upon millions of people who are suffering needlessly. There's a great deal of activist work that still needs to be

Balram Vaswani

I could see April 20th becoming an official holiday worldwide as marijuana continues to decriminalize and legalize around the

Derek Peterson - Terra Tech

It's a pretty specific skill set, and over time I expect the recreational marijuana will shape up with celebrity cultivators like celebrity

W. David Bradford

It is plausible that forgoing medications with known safety, efficacy, and dosing profiles in favor of marijuana could be harmful under some

W. David Bradford

This decision was made despite the substantial and growing evidence that the requirements for Schedule I status involving 'no currently accepted medical uses' are no longer met by

W. David Bradford

Patients and physicians in the community are reacting to the availability of medical marijuana as if it were

Mark A. R. Kleiman

The companies' interest is therefore directly contradictory to the public

Sean Spicer

They're not going to fight that fight. I look at the polls, and cannabis is a hell of a lot more popular than

Vivian McPeak

We're looking at an attorney general who wants to bring America back into the 1980s in terms of drug policy. I'm skeptical they can put the cannabis genie back into the

Steve Berke

We thought we could do something different, something

Joe Salazar

I thought that this was engaging in a nanny state. I completely disagree with saying that a person can worship in one particular way or the other, and that that's going to be regulated by the

Lee Molloy

We're jumping through all the hoops the state and city require us to jump through. It's a world-class piece of art. It's a masterpiece. And I think the city of Denver is lucky to have

Dan Pabon

I think it offends both religious beliefs everywhere, as well as the voters' intent on allowing legalization of marijuana in

Joe Salazar

This is fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, blazing-the-trail kind of policy-making. And Colorado is a leader on

Steve Berke

It's a number that everybody's adopted, and we're adopting it too. We're building a community of volunteers, and the common thread is that they use cannabis to positively influence their lives, and they use cannabis for spiritual

Steve Berke

And for those who accuse us of creating a church as an excuse to smoke weed, we're in Denver. We can smoke anywhere. I think he should be

Michael Ortiz

It's almost a deal breaker if they take a childish taboo viewpoint on marijuana. I'm like, I don't think we're going to really understand each

Molly Peckler

I want to help people build confidence and find love and really understand that if cannabis is an important part of their life, then they shouldn't be

Molly Peckler

Cannabis is almost an analogy for being authentic. If this is a part of your life, then you should be open and honest about that, especially if you're trying to start a romantic relationship with someone. I work with white-collar cannabis consumers. That's my bread and butter, for sure. We were totally in the moment. It just felt so much more natural because we knew we had this one thing in common. It ended up being so powerful in terms of building that bond between us. Moderation is

John E. Franklin

In relationships, where you have to have all your feelings available to be able to navigate intimacy, chronic marijuana use can be a

Bob Hoban

The biggest problem as it pertains to the American economy and the hemp industry is: Stop treating industrial hemp and cannabis plants that are made for industrial hemp purposes should not be treated like a drug. If, in fact, the court finds that the DEA has no jurisdiction over cannabinoids, that would help us solve major

Karen O'Keefe

In Washington is was kind of a mess, because there you had medical marijuana dispensaries but they were at best in a legal grey area because a court had ruled, essentially, they were illegal. So you had, side by side, a completely new regulatory system for adult use which was much stricter, with testing and lots of restrictions on where they can be

Karen O'Keefe

While politicians are behind voters, and about half the states don't have voter initiative processes so you've got to rely on the legislatures. They're still catching

Karen O'Keefe

One of the biggest differences between the states is whether or not there was a medical marijuana distribution system in place before the adult use law

Adam Eidinger

You can only ask nicely for so long before you have to change your tactic. It's come to

Adam Eidinger

It's silly. We should legalize the activity that is already going on and give the District the ability to tax and regulate – it will raise money and make it safer for

John Kelly

Let me be clear about marijuana: It is a potentially dangerous gateway drug that frequently leads to the use of harder drugs. Its use and possession is against federal law and until that law is changed by the United States Congress, we at DHS, along with the rest of the federal government, are sworn to uphold all the laws that are on the books. Yeah, marijuana is not a factor in the drug war. It's three things. Methamphetamine. Almost all produced in Mexico. Heroin. Virtually all produced in Mexico. And cocaine that comes up from further

John Kelly

Its use and possession is against federal law and until the law is changed by the United States Congress, we in DHS, along with the rest of the federal government, are sworn to uphold all the laws that are on the books. Finally, ICE will continue to use marijuana possession, distribution and convictions as essential elements as they build their deportation, removal apprehension packages for targeted operations against illegal

John Kelly

When marijuana is found at aviation checkpoints and baggage screening, TSA personnel will also take appropriate action. Finally, ICE will continue to use marijuana possession, distribution and convictions as essential elements as they build their deportation, removal apprehension packages for targeted operations against illegal

Keegan Petersen

People work with us; we calculate their taxes for them; we fill out their forms for them; we tell them where they can remit their taxes. But they have to figure out how to get their money to the IRS building or the state

Lance Perryman

At the department of revenue, they have armed guards there waiting for you. So they have armed guards, we have armed guards, and they meet – it's secure all the way

Keegan Petersen

This isn't just an IRS problem. State taxes have to be collected as well. You have to remit your payroll taxes quarterly. Your excise taxes are collected monthly. It goes on all

Keegan Petersen

I think the IRS wants to get behind the industry not being in this situation. For them its extra work and extra security risk for their

Steve DeAngelo

There are thousands [of cannabis businesses] in the United States now, and all of them are carrying around tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. If something isn't done to change the situation, it's, in my opinion, just a matter of time before we see a tragedy. We are building more and more support in Congress with each day, each week, each year. But my fear is that somebody is going to have to die before we really see effective

Lance Perryman

We've been banked many times, and many times those accounts have been shut

Philip Wolf

Cannabis is already very big in the culture [in California]. People are going to rip up vines and put in cannabis

Alan Brochstein

It's definitely a two-way flow. It's sad but true that Canada is the global leader in

Jeff Sessions

When they nominated me for attorney general, you would have thought the biggest issue in America was when I said, I don't think America's going to be a better place if they sell marijuana at every corner grocery

John Schott

I think we all know someone who has benefited from some application of marijuana or certainly could benefit based on the research that's available

Matt Simon

I remember 10 years ago, when I started working on theses issues, it was hard to have a conversation about limited medical use with a lot of legislatures. They didn't even want to take meetings on it. The tide has shifted dramatically – it used to feel like we were trying to push a boulder up a mountain, and it feels like we're going downhill with the wind at our

Steve DeAngelo

California is destined to do with cannabis what we've done with every other fruit and vegetable. And that's take half of the national

Jeff Brothers

They can be the specialty brands, and we will be

Gerald Voge

Everyone is running after gold. I am afraid that in three or four years a lot of people will go belly

Mary Zeeb

The industry is cautiously coming out of the

Jeff Brothers

Harborside takes grief for being the 800-pound gorilla. But if we want cannabis to be widely accepted, we need it to be

Maximillian Mikalonis

It is a critical moment, a defining moment for the future of the industry in

Tawnie Logan

We are watching the industrialization of commercial cannabis. For them, the name of the game is the profit margin. They say they are fighting for the little guy while they set up a 50-acre

Tom Adams

The effort to protect the little guy is ultimately doomed. The retailers are going to have to get big or get

Brandon Swanson

Nobody is at full capacity of what their land can do

Hezekiah Allen

The entire experiment will fail if California's continues to sell out of state. The more product that leaves the state, the more the federal authorities will

Dee Dussault

Think about it like peanut butter and chocolate: Each is fantastic on its own, but when they come together, each makes the other

Tom Angell

With legalization in a growing number of our own states and now an entire major neighboring country ending prohibition, it's going to be increasingly difficult for drug warriors in [President Donald Trump's] administration to meaningfully roll back our gains. It's never been clearer than today that legal marijuana is the

Justin Trudeau

It's too easy for our kids to get marijuana. We're going to change

Renuka Prasad

There is a strong evidence base showing that early and regular cannabis use can affect cognition, such as memory, attention, intelligence and the ability to process thoughts and

Ralph Goodale

The law as it stands today has been an abject failure. This needs to be an orderly transition. This will not be a

Ralph Goodell

Police forces spend between two and three billion dollars every year trying to deal with cannabis, yet Canadian teens are among the heaviest users in the Western world. Criminals pocket 7 to 8 billion dollars in

Pamela McColl

This piece of legislation puts the Canadian family at risk. Youth already think marijuana is harmless, and now we are giving them the government's seal of approval. This risk will spill over into even younger

Tim Neville

It only makes sense to allow people to have a place to where they can (smoke marijuana) where it's controlled and confined. We have legalized marijuana. Where do we want people to use it if not at home? On the street?feedback

John Hickenlooper

Given the uncertainty in Washington, this is not the time to be ... trying to carve off new turf and expand markets and make dramatic statements about

Jonathan Singer

I'd like to see (a club bill) that goes much further, and that does a lot more, but in a year with Jeff Sessions, a small first step is better than no step at

Christina Grant

One in seven youths who have used cannabis will develop an addiction to cannabis and that impacts your life, schooling, job prospects, social and emotional relationships. And there is the risk of developing psychosis if you start using cannabis as a teenager. The more you use and the younger you start, you have up to four times the risk of developing some kind of psychotic

Theresa May

We will continue to keep the UK's drug laws under review and look at new ways to reduce the demand for drugs, restrict supply and support individuals to recover from

Thomas V. Mike Miller

I believe the arbitrary actions of the existing Cannabis Commission leading to the current lawsuits could threaten the advancement of the program and further delay the availability of this important treatment option for

Michael E. Busch

Given the cloud that has hovered over this entire program and the 2017 legislative session, we must be entirely transparent and give the public confidence in the decisions that we make. I do not believe it is the job of the General Assembly to decide what applicants are awarded

Shareese N. Churchill

This is between the President and Speaker, and it appears they are moving even further

Tom Marino

The only way I would agree to consider legalizing marijuana is if we had a really in depth-medical scientific study. If it does help people one way or another, then produce it in pill form. I think it's a states' rights issue. One treatment option I have advocated for years would be placing non-dealer, nonviolent drug abusers in a secured hospital-type setting under the constant care of health

Paul Davies

Any change to the structure of the commission would result in a delay and implementation of the

Cheryl Glenn

It's not important to me what the speaker's reasons or justifications were. What is important is to understand where this leaves the black community: It leaves us outside of the medical cannabis industry, and that is absolutely

Rick Abbruzzese

Our members never lost focus on the primary goal: getting medical cannabis to Maryland patients, hundreds of whom stepped up in Annapolis to make their voices heard. We can now continue to move forward, confident in our ability to deliver as planned by the end of this

Lisa Smith

Some people like a glass of wine to relax when they travel. I prefer a little marijuana. Only once has a T.S.A. agent pulled the container out of my purse, but that was because she was looking for a water bottle that had set off the scanner. I don't think she noticed what it was. I'll take a couple of cannabis-infused chocolates or mints and transfer them from their packaging to a container that isn't labeled as a cannabis

Cy Scott

Along with cookies and chocolates, there are transdermal patches, sublingual drops, vape pens and topical ointments. So there are endless ways to carry marijuana in a nonobvious

Melissa Etheridge

Once the T.S.A. left a note that they had inspected my luggage, and they left it right on top of my

Robert Ralphs

In terms of addictiveness, it's more similar to using an opiate than a cannabinoid and one of the misconceptions with this is that people think it is a legal or cheap version of

David Peel

I loved playing music, and I saw all the musicians standing there in Washington Square Park. I got involved and had a great time with the older people, playing all those oldies, from camp songs to calypso. And that's where I

John Lennon

We loved his music, his spirit and his philosophy of the street. That's why we decided to make a record with him. People say, Oh, Peel, he can't sing and he can't play.' But David Peel is a natural, and some of his melodies are

Juan Andres Roballo

Cannabis will be dispensed in pharmacies starting in the month of July. Buyers will have complete certainty about the quality of the product they are consuming, and so the risks will diminish

Robert Capecchi

If you're a medical marijuana patient cardholder in Minnesota, then as long as you're legal under state law, in an ideal world what happens is local law enforcement would check your certification, verify that you're a medical marijuana patient, and let you go. I say in an ideal world only because I know there are certain [law enforcement] individuals out there who may not be comfortable with medical marijuana laws. I have no reason to think otherwise because I haven't heard any stories of patients being arrested while traveling with their medicine, but I like to be cautious about these

Robert Capecchi

I've known people for years who regularly fly through multiple jurisdictions with marijuana, even where it's illegal, and have never gotten in trouble. What probably happened is that someone thought, Let's put our practice into policy.' But when they put it up on the website, someone higher up took umbrage with that and had them take it

Heath Montgomery

We have an administrative policy in place that prohibits the possession of any form of marijuana on airport property. There's no distinction for us between medical marijuana or otherwise. Our policy prohibits the possession, display, or use of any form of marijuana. We have not yet written any of these

Heath Montgomery

To be clear, it's not a criminal offense. But there is an administrative citation that the airport has the authority to write to somebody for violating our

Thomas M. Middleton

The way this whole entire thing was handled by this commission was really screwed up, so really the legislature is trying to resolve a messy

Cheryl Glenn

They absolutely were wronged by the commission. But I'm not willing to sacrifice any of the licenses that we have negotiated to be awarded to African Americans and other

Alan Brochstein

It's a cannabis play buried in a large fertilizer play. Sales are being priced for post-legalization, which might only happen in 2019 or 2020. These estimates are based on the production from places that don't even exist yet. Capital needs to be put into productive capacity, but that productive capacity needs to scale up. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out. It can be expensive if you have a lot of money in it. The need for a stock vehicle is great. And the market has matured now to where it makes sense to have

Steve Hawkins

It's a young industry, and it's evolving daily. It has the growth that internet companies once

Steve Hawkins

You don't have to be a marijuana user to be able to want to invest in this. It's for people who can see the growth prospects of the

Alan Brochstein

Several of the selections are odd. INSY, which is under heavy scrutiny from the government for its alleged marketing practices and is also restating its financials, and ZYNE are biotech companies engaged in the development of drugs derived synthetically and not from botanical cannabis. Rather than being 'medical marijuana' companies, their success may come at the detriment of the medical cannabis

Jerry Jones

I'm just aware of all the circumstances here. I would want our fans to know that I'm very aware of all the facts and the details and been aware of it since training camp and not one thing has come up or surfaced that in any way gives me any concern that I actually to my mind put to bed at training

Jerry Jones

I don't want to get ahead, because that's obviously somebody other than me, but I'm well aware of all of the circumstances involved there and have felt good about it since training camp. And have seen nothing that in any way would make me think any differently than we felt shortly after it became a

Roger Stone

The Trump administration should be mindful that the recreational marijuana measures that passed in several states all passed this same way, with overwhelming popular support. This was clearly the Will of the People. It is not Jeff Sessions place to prosecute his version of morality and President Trump should not allow him to do

Tripp Keber

I know my 16-year-old daughter would rather ingest cherry-flavored cough syrup than something which tastes really

Derek Petersen

I think the industry will continue to grow. I expect it will bifurcate between medical and adult use. The medical side will become heavily biotech, working with the Food and Drug Administration, while adult use will become much more about lifestyle and

Kelly Cassidy

We have looked at states like Colorado and that is what we are basing our calculations

Frank Lane

Some analysts believe that by 2021 recreational and medical marijuana sales could hit $35bn in the US. That's as big as the wine

Sean Kiernan

We're trying to study what cannabis does for veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD. These are vets who have not been helped by the traditional regimen, and in many cases have been severely

Suzanne Sisley - Heliospectra

It's crucial that the public is aware that their taxpayer dollars are going to support a single government-enforced monopoly, the sole federally legal supply of cannabis for any and all cannabis controlled

Nathania Stambouli

We're bringing together two great spiritual practices. Marijuana is a way of enhancing the experience. Maybe they're fans of marijuana. We're going to let the buzz

Joe Schrank

Cardiologists make money and so do lawyers. I'm a socialist and I fucking hate it. I don't like class systems. I don't like that suburban white kids go to rehab and black kids go to jail. We're trying to get insurance companies to accept what we

Anita Willard Briscoe

Heroin took over this area starting in the 1940s with the Lowrider culture and then in the 1970s with Vietnam veterans. I saw it absolutely ravage my hometown. I had a lot of high school classmates who died. They state it calms down their cravings, relaxes their … anxiety and is helping to keep them off opioids. If they are in pain, cannabis is helping relieve their pain, often to the point that they don't need opiates

W. David Bradford

We're finding strong evidence that approving medical cannabis can be effective in preventing people from using opiates. The clinical community has passed the Reefer Madness stage. Opioid addiction is killing over 6,000 people a week. That's more than two 747 planes crashing every week. There's no single solution to that problem, but we haven't really seen the beginning of the deaths that are rooted in this country and anything we can do to slow that down we just have to take advantage

Scott Bienenfeld

There seems to be an association between cannabis use and psychotic mental illness in people who either have an underlying psychotic disorder, or a strong family history of schizophrenia, therefore it can be risky. The 12-step advice to fight the opiate epidemic is to go to more 12-step meetings and

Thomas McLellan

The United States has the safest, most effective medications in the world. We should not approve something as serious and important as medications by voice

Scott Bienenfeld

Opiates kill you in overdose by cutting off the brain's sense that it needs oxygen, thus the reflex to breathe is cut off and people die of respiratory failure. Combining opiates with other drugs like alcohol and sleeping pills makes it easier to overdose. There are no actual data or studies that prove marijuana treats opioid addiction, but there are studies to suggest it may be a viable

Anita Willard Briscoe

This will help the state's children if the parents aren't hooked on prescription pills and heroin. It will help our economy, because they will get on their feet and get jobs. Crime will go down. This is a simple solution to our heroin problem. There is no reason not to sign off on

Joe Schrank

I think Greg's death was the moment I said, Fuck this, if people can get better smoking pot rather than using cocaine and Valium, I'm going to help. Having worked in rehab for many years, my first thought is, Why didn't we do this years ago? One of the barriers in entry to treatment is detox. Many people are afraid of it. It's difficult to break this step. But when they're told, Hey, you can smoke pot.' It softens the

Jessica Gelay

The program is established. People continue to use marijuana here and lessen the

Scott Gentry

We're hoping to make things easier on the patients enrolled in the program. Medical cannabis has great potential as an opioid replacement drug and we want to move people away from being prescribed highly addictive

Debra Snyder

Until there is research that deems safe and successful outcomes for the use of FDA-approved, marijuana-derivative medications to treat a substance abuse disorder it does not align with the currently available FDA-approved Medication Assisted Treatments for Opioid Use

Jessica Gelay

I hope the governor recognizes medical marijuana as a tool to help save lives. No other solution is working. Overdose death rates are still going up. Naloxone works, but we need to find a more proactive solution. It's pretty clean cut, and she would be such a hero if she signed the

Justin Trudeau

It's easier for a teenager to buy a joint right now than a bottle of beer, and it's not right. We know by controlling and regulating it, we are going to make it more difficult for young people to access

Chuck Rifici

The average Canadian is not particularly concerned with cannabis usage, or its

Amanda Reiman

There's no scientific reason to believe that somebody is better off being completely miserable and sober than using cannabis occasionally, or even fairly regularly, as an adult and being functional and happy and productive, Using cannabis is a relatively safe

Jeff Sessions

I don't think America is going to be a better place when people of all ages, and particularly young people, are smoking

Julie Combs

We're making this happen. This is an industry that can really help our

Sam Edwards

They can come in and ruin your whole life. They can throw you in prison, take your

Hezekiah Allen

At the highest rates, the tax would be a de facto prohibition. Generally speaking, I'm feeling encouraged. But it's a huge, huge

Terry Garrett - Sustaining Technologies

I think it's kind of doubtful right now, looking at the Trump administration. Let's see them do health care first, round up immigrants, build a

Patrick Stewart

The spray, however, was much more usable and I would spray my fingers and particularly my thumb joints several times a day. My mother had badly distorted and painful hands. I believe this program of research might result in benefits for people like myself as well as millions of

Scott Campbell

You know where you would go to a dinner and bring a fancy bottle of wine? That's what we want, dinner-party

Scott Campbell

You go in to buy weed, and it's like visiting your parole officer. You get buzzed through three metal

Scott Campbell

You can eat one of the candies, and it's five milligrams. You don't get high off one candy, it just makes your day a little bit warmer, a little bit better. It's little like 'mommy's little helper.' You could eat one at 3 p.m., and your boss wouldn't know. You don't have to worry about being in the fetal position on the sofa crying for four

Scott Campbell

There's always that moment, like at the Chateau Marmont, where you'll go to this dinner, and then at one point in the meal, between entrees and desserts, a handful of people will sneak off into the bushes and smoke a joint. We're just trying to make it so they don't have to leave the

Clement Kwan

I was heartbroken. I love, love, love

Scott Campbell

I remember one time, after a fresh batch of brownies, my mother put one of her chemo wigs on a remote control car of mine, and chased our dog around the house with it. She and Grandma couldn't breathe, they were laughing so

Neil Mahapatra

Medical cannabis and cannabinoid medicine is already helping patients with some of the most distressing conditions across the world. However, research into the specific pathways and mechanisms that create this benefit is limited and long overdue. Through OCT, we hope our strategic partnership with Oxford will support the development of innovative new therapies to help millions of people around the world. The partnership gives the UK a global leadership role in this fast-growing

Alfonso Duarte Mugica

The presence of the military in this and other areas of the state is because of the important presence of opium poppy and marijuana fields that the drug cartels have been planting in the mountains of Oaxaca. I want to repeat that the Defense Department and particularly the soldiers of the 8th Region are respectful and sympathize with the traditions and practices of each of the Indian groups in Oaxaca

Jeff Sessions

I've heard people say we could solve our heroin problem with marijuana. How stupid is that? Give me a break!feedback

Ahmed Ahmed

This field holds great promise for developing novel therapeutic opportunities for cancer patients. Two years ago, in Los Angeles I was examined by a doctor and given a note which gave me legal permission to purchase, from a registered outlet, cannabis-based products, which I was advised might help the ortho-arthritis in both my hands. As a result of this experience, I enthusiastically support the Oxford University Cannabis Research

Jeff Sessions

I am determined that this country will not go backwards. President Trump gave us a clear directive. It's the policy of this administration to reduce crime in America, not preside over an increase in crime, but reduce crime. The crime rate in our country remains at historic lows. But we're beginning to see an increase again. We have too much of a tolerance for drug use. We need to say, as Nancy Reagan said, Just say no.' There's no excuse for this, it's not recreational . Lives are at stake, and we're not going to worry about being fashionable. Medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too

Robert Gebelhoff

The relationship of marijuana use to public health is one of the most confounding topics in science. As soon as one study is published making a claim about the safety of the drug, another is often published warning of the exact

Jeff Sessions

Marijuana is against federal law, and that applies in states where they may have repealed their own anti-marijuana laws. So yes, we will enforce law in an appropriate way nationwide. It's not possible for the federal government, of course, to take over everything the local police used to do in a state that's legalized it. And I'm not in favor of legalization of marijuana. I think it's a more dangerous drug than a lot of people

Jake Browne

In two decades of smoking weed, I've never seen anything that looks like that. People typically smoke the flower of the plant, but here you can clearly see stems and leaves in there as well, parts that should be discarded. Inhaling that would be like eating an apple, including the seeds inside it and the branch it grew

Mark Pugash

Our history of enforcing the law against illegal cannabis dispensaries is well established. This is the latest effort in our law enforcement, and I'm certain there will be further

Michael Felberbaum - FDA

Ongoing scientific and medical evaluation determined at this time that the marijuana plant continues to have high potential for abuse and does not meet the criteria outlined by the DEA for currently accepted medical use, requiring its continued placement in Schedule I under the law. Marijuana is not physically addictive, although it can be psychologically addictive like, sugar, salt and fat, none of which are classified as Schedule I drugs. It's ridiculous when in California anyone can legally go down to the corner store and just buy

David Schubert

I can go to a medical marijuana dispensary and buy marijuana, or I can grow it, but I can't bring it into a lab to study it, because of the federal restriction. It's a totally unexplored area, because researchers have been stopped by the DEA, due to the way the agency classifies marijuana. The result is that basically no clinical trials have been held to test the use of marijuana-based drugs in the treatment of Alzheimer's or any other neurodegenerative disease. It's not right that they have that type of say over something that could be very

David Schubert

The pharmaceutical companies want to stop the use of cannabis in the research community because it's a natural product, so it can't be patented. That's the reason they don't have any incentive to use it (cannabis) in the development of new drugs. … They can't make money on it, so they are against

Mauricio Caso

What's important here is we don't go 500 years backward to the times where indigenous people were working for outsiders and

Mauricio Caso

We Nasa walk slowly but safely. You men from Medellín tend to be crafty and

Edward García

That people can even pay their taxes is because they are growing

Blanca Riveros

How am I supposed to feed my family? It would be a miracle for

Bill Lowe

He was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for a traffic violation. The trooper recognized the odor of marijuana, and marijuana was located in his

Ken Pawlowski

Our hands really are tied. Definitely we're getting more questions from clients asking about it for their pets, but unfortunately we don't have any answers for

Lynne Tingle

You just see a real difference in their spirit. They're just not in pain, so they're happier and they're moving better. They just get a new lease on

Barbara Stein

All I know is that none of the traditional medications she got from the vet worked, but the cannabis did. I swear by the

Michael Fasman

We think it's really lifted her spirits and made her a happier dog. It's not that she's changed. She's just back to her good old

Alison Ettel

What we find is a lot of the animals are coming to us when there are no other options and pharmaceuticals haven't worked for that animal. They're at that last resort, and cannabis is really good for those types of

Ayelet Shaked

Israel cannot shut its eyes to the changes being made across the world in respect to marijuana consumption and its

Joe Brezny

We've removed the marijuana. There will be no smoking area, no edibles competition, no cannabis topicals or

Adrienne Jones

We must have the confidence and trust of the citizens of Maryland to be effective

Dan K. Morhaim

While I have consistently maintained – and do today – that I did nothing wrong and complied with all laws, that was not enough. The harsh fact is that being technically right is not enough. I am concerned about the fairness of a process that penalizes members who comply with the clear letter of the law, but who can be found to violate the 'spirit' of the

Amelia Chassé

Sweeping these problems under the rug undermines public trust in our institutions of

Yasmin Hurd

People could work through their pain threshold in a way that could harm themselves because they are tearing muscles and they're not going to feel them. That to me is the main

Jim McAlpine

If you use it right, cannabis takes the things you love and lets you love them more. With fitness, that can help get you into the zone, into eye-of-the-tiger

Clifford Drusinsky

Marijuana relaxes me and allows me to go into a controlled, meditational place. When I get high, I train smarter and focus on

Yasmin Hurd

It's shocking to me. Cannabis decreases reaction time, it definitely impacts motor function. I don't see how encouraging intoxication during workouts is something

Gordy Megroz

While stoned, the experience is much different. I can still feel the pain, but I'm not fixated on it; my mind is lost in random thoughts. Finally, my legs stop turning over quickly enough and I hit the stop button: 19:30. Interesting. I repeat the test twice more over three days, both sober and stoned, and yield similar

Thomas Garrett

This step allows states to determine appropriate medicinal use and allows for industrial hemp growth, something that will provide a major economic boost to agricultural development in Southside

Thomas Garrett

Virginia is more than capable of handling its own marijuana policy, as are states such as Colorado or

Amir Englund

A lot of countries are deciding to change their cannabis policies to more permissive ones and we don't know whether that will lead to significantly more use and problems, but we do know there are vulnerable groups out

Amir Englund

We don't always have the luxury of waiting for a lot of research and we can sometimes use the scant evidence we have to try and make some kind of best case judgment. We are fairly confident that higher THC levels in cannabis are not a good thing, and it does seem that higher CBD levels in cannabis are protective, at least to some

Mike Liszewski

Sessions has yet to make such a commitment to respect state medical cannabis

Jeff Sessions

Experts are telling me there's more violence around marijuana than one would think. I am definitely not a fan of expanded use of marijuana. But states, they can pass the laws they choose. I would just say, it does remain a violation of federal law to distribute marijuana throughout any place in the United States, whether a state legalizes it or

Seth Ammerman

Parents will say, I use it moderately and I'm fine with it, so it's really benign and not a problem if my kid uses

Sean Spicer

The president understands the pain and suffering that many people go through who are facing, especially terminal diseases, and the comfort that some of these drugs, including medical marijuana, can bring to them….feedback

Cheryl Shuman

They're helping to legitimize marijuana. Marijuana is fast becoming cool and

Sean Spicer

Well, I think that is a question for the Department of Justice.I do believe you'll see greater enforcement of it. Because again there is a big difference between the medical use … that's very different from the recreational use, which is something the Department of Justice will be further looking

Ian Eisenberg

I always have concerns, but I did not take Spicer's comments to be as ominous as everyone else did ... it seemed to be an off-the-cuff comment. This is always serious, but it isn't as if the sky is falling. We are such a well-regulated, seed-to-sale adult use market in Washington. I don't see the feds targeting Washington State. Spicer is not the DOJ – if the DOJ were making those comments, I would be more

Matt Karnes - GreenWave

I think the states will still have the right to enforce their own laws. I think they will still let the states decide, but have more enforcement around it, or deploy more resources for the federal government to go after those committing any type of marijuana

Mason Tvert

Nothing the press secretary said indicates a specific plan or position the administration is

Paul Franklin

Almost every single room had been converted for the wholesale production of cannabis plants, and there was a large amount of evidence of previous crops. This was an enormous set

Mike McGuire

This country has evolved and I would hope that our federal leaders have evolved as

Pamela Johnston

When you think about a cannabis product or service, it doesn't lend itself to all of your traditional types of advertising and marketing, not only because of legality but because you have a very curious consumer - we're going to make a gross generalization - who is 'clueless' as

Pamela Johnston

The trends are leaning towards use-cases specific markets – this is good for a concert, this is good for date night, this is good for Sunday

Pamela Johnston

So if you have a clueless, curious person, even if you were a cannabis enthusiast, how could you really be educated [about the product] unless it was part of your job or your life's passion? This combination – of clueless and curious - is very interesting because it lends itself to trial and that's what you want. People are willing to try and have varied

Mitch Yergert

When you start with no knowledge at all, it's rough. Nobody in our agency ever grew marijuana, so how are we supposed to develop best practices? It hasn't gotten a lot more warm and fuzzy. I think they look at us as, What an annoyance!' I mean, they deal with drug smugglers and international cartels, and here's the Colorado Department of Ag coming wanting a permit for

David Boyer

It's huge. No longer will we be punishing adults for using a safer substance than alcohol. We're not making criminals out of thousands of Mainers who choose to use

Steve Richard

Burned my first legal 'J' on my front porch. I tried to get others to join me, but it was

Scott Gagnon

We've gone from a campaign to doing everything we can to mitigate the risk. The statehouse will provide the voice for the half of Maine that said no to Question

Gilad Erdan

This means that we are moving toward fines... and that criminal prosecutions will only be used as a last resort. Police will be able to redirect resources ... away from normative personal users and focus instead on dangerous

Hermann Gröhe

Those who are severely ill need to get the best possible treatment and that includes health insurance funds paying for cannabis as a medicine for those who are chronically ill if they can't be effectively treated any other

Joshua Miller

Our constituents think it is time for lawmakers to pass this legislation, and we should listen to them. If we fail to pass the bill this year, we will lose significant ground to

Juan Sartori

Public opinion has completely changed on the subject. Every single poll all around the world is showing that people now are in favor of relaxation or

Juan Sartori

Product that was illegal, but was a big market, is become a standard one. It's a big industry that is just starting, and with an interesting

Adam Eidinger

This is political warfare. There is no respect in Washington for the marijuana movement or its business interest right

David Boyer

Mainers will no longer be punished for using a substance that is safer than alcohol. We look forward to working with the legislature to ensure a timely implementation of Question 1, which will provide adults with a legal way to purchase marijuana from licensed and regulated

Taylor West

What the industry needs is a sustainable solution that services the entire industry instead of tinkering around the edges. You don't have to be fully in favor of legalized marijuana to know that it helps no one to force these businesses outside the banking

Paul R. LePage

There is nothing I can do until the legislature gives me money to set up the infrastructure.I don't think that they realize what they have done. we need to sit down and look at

Jaime Andres Vinasco

The cannabis from California, for the Tijuanenses, or residents of Tijuana, has become, for the great majority, a luxury item. Quite a paradoxical

Stan Rosenberg

This short delay will allow the necessary time for the legislature to work with stakeholders on improving the new law. Luckily, we are in a position where we can learn from the experiences of other states to implement the most responsible recreational marijuana law in the

Jim Borghesani

We're very disappointed with what they did and with the way they did it. We're disappointed that they extended this awkward period we're in now where possession is legal but sales are

Benjamin Hansen

Public safety doesn't decrease with increased access to marijuana, rather it

Benjamin Hansen

We don't know the public health consequences of those types of policy changes

Julian Santaella-Tenorio

Instead of seeing an increase in fatalities, we saw a reduction, which was totally

Magdalena Cerdá

Across the country there has been a decreased perception of risk and an increase in marijuana use among

Alain Joffe

Sound public policy should be based on data that are meticulously collected and thoughtfully analyzed. The evolving status of marijuana in the United States provides a critical opportunity for us to do

Donald J. Trump

Medical marijuana, medical? I'm in favor of it a hundred

Qiana L. Brown

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests that physicians refrain from prescribing or suggesting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes during preconception, pregnancy, and lactation. This is particularly important in the context of political and social norms in the U.S. where attitudes and policies regarding marijuana use are becoming increasingly more

Nora Volkow

Although more research is needed, there is strong reason to believe marijuana could be harmful to fetal development. Women who are pregnant should avoid using marijuana, even though it might seem like a 'natural' solution to their

Olivia Mannix

Be professional, that's really the best advice. Have education and information behind your

Aaron Salz

If you've been able to build a brand presence ahead of potentially more restrictive rules on advertising, you're going to have a leg

Michael Gorenstein

If you build a culture and recruit a group of people that really represent what your brand is, you don't need to advertise. The brand recognition will

Bruce Linton

We were not going to be using swirly, psychedelic colors. We're going to be using the chance to put the name 'Tweed' on the

John Fowler

A good analogy would be Intel chips. Whether you're buying an Apple or a Dell, you're looking for Intel inside as a mark of

Mark McPherson

We had a board member who introduced the idea back in June who indicated he felt the need for this because of the distance and response time (from law enforcement) as well as all the (potential) trouble from marijuana

Keith Saunders

Ultimately, we are moving toward taking the existing marijuana market in Massachusetts and bringing it above

Jim Borghesani

When you look at Jeff Sessions' comments around marijuana, you can't help but be worried. Until we see the way they are going to move, it's difficult to

Robert Capecchi

I don't think they're going to aggressively go after the businesses and I really don't think they're going to start arresting patients. I cannot imagine individuals in Mississippi want their tax dollars to go toward breaking up medical marijuana businesses in

Bill Downing

The only limitation is how willing they are to tread on the will of their

Bill Downing

I am both celebrating and worrying that the law might not be implemented

Lisa Sanchez

It's been years that we've been fighting for acknowledgment and approval and recognition of the medical and therapeutic uses of cannabis, and today we finally have

Nora Volkow

Clearly our public health prevention efforts, as well as policy changes to reduce availability, are working to reduce teen drug use, especially among eighth graders. However, when 6 percent of high school seniors are using marijuana daily, and new synthetics are continually flooding the illegal marketplace, we cannot be

Juan Manuel Santos

The war has not been won and won't be won. It makes no sense for a peasant who grows marijuana to be convicted or killed when marijuana is legal in eight US states. It's time to change our

Steve Kerr

... The issue that's really important is how do we do what's best for the players? But I understand that it's a perception issue around the country and the NFL, NBA, it's a business, so you don't want your customers thinking, These guys are a bunch of pot heads.' That's what it is. But to me it's only a matter of time before medicinal marijuana is allowed in sports leagues because the education will overwhelm the

Steve Kerr

First, I'm disappointed it didn't work. I really wanted some relief and I didn't get it. Having done the research it was well worth a try. You can see it with our country, our country is starting to wisen up on the medicinal marijuana side. I hope we can wisen up on the prescription drug side. That's scary stuff and it's really not talked about often

Steve Kerr

I'm actually kind of glad it became an issue because I think it's a very important issue to talk about, having gone through a tough spell over the last year with my own recovery back surgery, a lot of pain, chronic

Steve Kerr

Athletes everywhere are prescribed Vicodin like it's vitamin C, like it's no big deal. I think the league should look into medicinal marijuana for pain relief ... that's what should be in the

Klay Thompson

Steve's open-minded, and obviously with the way the world's going, if there's anything you can do that's medicinal, people are all for it, especially when there's stuff like Crohn's disease out there, glaucoma, a bunch of stuff, cancer. But not recreationally, that should not be of its use ever. There's a medicinal side to it that people are finding out have benefits, especially people with really high

Steve Kerr

I'm always struck every time I'm home on the couch watching a sporting event, some drug commercial comes on, they show these happy people jumping in a lake, rowing a boat, then you just wait for the qualifier. Side effects include suicidal thoughts and possible death. And you're like, this is insane.

Steve Kerr

I guess maybe I can even get in some trouble for this, but I've actually tried it twice during the last year and a half, when I've been going through this chronic pain that I've been dealing with. A lot of research, a lot of advice from people, and I have no idea if maybe I would have failed a drug test. I don't even know if I'm subject to a drug test or any laws from the NBA, but I tried it and it didn't help it

Steve Kerr

I would hope so, and I'm not a pot person. It doesn't agree with

David West

He's a public figure with some notoriety making a statement. It brings more attention to a cause for something that people feel like there needs to be a shift in the way we monitor it and change things. Obviously somebody of his stature can give a little weight to the

Steve Kerr

I have no idea if I would, maybe I would have failed a drug test, I don't even know if I'm subject to a drug test or any laws from the NBA. I tried it and it didn't help at