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Jim Cramer
I say CEO Steve Easterbrook continues to deliver, but if you want to wait and see before you pull the trigger, I'm fine with
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Apr 21 2017
McDonald's has been commented on by 108 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about McDonald's are: Steve Easterbrook, Mark Kalinowski and Darren Tristano. For instance, the most recent quote from Steve Easterbrook is: “We've been very mindful that if we're going to be creating demand, can we meet that demand? It's a win for customers and smooths our operation as well, which is great. The reality is the customer demand exists already for home delivery. So, it's not like we have got to go out and create a market. There's a market there that we simply do not currently meet.”.
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Jeff Farmer

Restaurant consumers are aggressively gravitating toward concepts that offer the greatest level of convenience and control across ordering, payment and distribution. Among the hamburger players, we believe that MCD is establishing a first-mover advantage with digital that can drive sustainable share gains in late 2017 and

Jeff Farmer

We believe that MCD will see a multi-year market share tailwind driven by … the company's marketing muscle and scale in communicating the concept's advancements in customer convenience and

Paul Okon

The work started when I took over here. Gone are the days when the bus pulls into McDonald's after away trips. We've raised the standards. Hopefully our supporters have acknowledged that. In the off-season we'll assess everything, make the necessary changes with the resources we have and hopefully people don't assign the wooden spoon to us before we've even kicked a

Barry Golin

Someone once asked me, Was the call to Ray Kroc – the cold phone call you made all these years ago – the most important call you ever made in your life? And I said: 'No, it was really the second most important call. The first one was asking my wife, June, out for our first

Barry Golin

At that point, when they were so small and I knew they were planning on opening quite a bit all over the country, I thought that public relations would be an economical way to get this story

Tom Sietsema

Trump, a reluctant hand-shaker who has been known to chew out double-dippers at parties, told CNN that the fast-food chains' cleanliness is part of their appeal. One bad hamburger, and you can destroy McDonald's,' said Trump, ever the businessman with an eye on the bottom

Pat McDonagh

McDonald's has literally registered the McWorld. It is trying to make sure that every word in the English language belongs to them if there is prefix Mc or Mac put in front of it. They have trademarked words like McKids, McFamily, McCountry, McWorld, McJob and McInternet in order to, over time, squeeze out smaller family based businesses. This means that if any McGrath, McCarthy or McDermott with a business idea uses their name in the title of that business or product the chances are McDonald's already own the trademark and you can probably expect a knock on the door from

Jacob Koehler

I think there is a good teaching point here. With the way technology is … kids will learn how to do anything and everything. He probably looked it up for five minutes and then said it was time to go. He didn't hit a single thing on the way there. It was unreal. A friend of the family saw what was going on and called the

Julia Sherman

He only drinks Coke and eats McDonald's, which is a sad reality for

Nathan Sadler

She's a potential McDonald's All-American. I think she will be a college All-American at Georgia Tech because she will play early, and they will design a lot of stuff for her and build around

Matthew DiFrisco - Guggenheim Partners

We think it is unlikely a Private Equity player steps in like JAB. JAB has completed five deals in the last six years, focusing on emerging, differentiated franchise concepts that skew towards cafes and consumer packaged

Peter Saleh - Telsey Advisory Group

While we believe the list of potential strategic buyers is likely limited to Starbucks and McDonald's given size, strategy and financial capacity, we think such a strategic buyer is possible with greater likelihood from private equity or other private

Todd Penegor - Wendy's Group

If you think about our brand, right, we have been created on fresh never frozen North American beef since 1969. Today about 3 in 10 consumers really understand that Wendy's is fresh never frozen. We have a great opportunity to amplify that

Michael Bufano

As a matter of policy, we never comment on rumors or

Jason West

We believe this move could be positive for US SSS [same-store sales] trends from both a direct lift to QP sales and a general uptick in brand perception. We note this initiative also opens the door to further expansion in MCD's use of fresh ingredients, which could lead to sales lifts in other products and further improvement in brand

Kurt Kane

McDonald's announcement today is basically saying that in about a year or so, only ONE of their hamburgers will be made with fresh beef and not even in all of their restaurants. So if you're in the wrong McDonald's or order the wrong burger, you're stuck with frozen meat. Don't bother – come to Wendy's for fresh never frozen beef on all of our hamburgers, every single restaurant and every

Robert Byrne - Technomic

Fresh, just as a word and a concept, still carries so much weight for

Karen Holthouse - Goldman Sachs Group

We believe top-line risks at US DD (both comps and unit growth) present downside risk to a stock trading at the high end of its valuation

Sven-Olov Daunfeldt

When done right, music has a major positive effect on sales, largely stemming from guests purchasing more items such as desserts and sides. Play the wrong music, and you just might find that you're alienating that very same customer and selling significantly

Jon Carthy

In the past few weeks there have been a number of worrying packed lunches brought into school. Each of the bullet points below is a real example of complete home packed lunches provided to children in our school this year. Whilst extreme and funny to read on paper, I must make this clear THESE ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE examples of a balanced packed lunch. Children work very hard at school and a balanced meal at lunch time helps provide concentration for the

Chip Kenworthy
Katie Kenworthy

After all these years, she remains committed to serving her customers with one of the most delightful smiles around. Loraine has a loyal following of customers and they look forward to having her take their orders when visiting McDonald'

Loriane Maurer

If you don't like your job, it's a job, but I love it. The people, the clientele, that's why I stuck with

Loriane Maurer

I know what goes on with them, I know some of their children. Some ask me to say a prayer and I do. I know their

Bob Goldin

If you put a franchisee on the board, it could potentially have a major impact on the direction of the company. It's a really significant role. If this happens, it won't just be McDonald'

Julia Vander Ploeg - McDonald's

We look forward to learning from our customers in these markets as they order ahead, pay within the app and choose one of the various ways to pick up and enjoy their favorite McDonald's

Janna Sampson

The potential is that they can screw up the flow of the whole

Jeff Stanton - McDonald's

There are a lot of competitors in this market, and we wanted to play in that arena and expand our chicken

Jacqueline Stevens

Just slapping the word 'volunteer' in front of 'work program' doesn't exempt the prison firm from paying legally mandated wages any more than McDonald's can use 'volunteer' senior citizens and pay them Big Macs. There's no ostensible purpose to rehabilitate them. They're just waiting for a court date in order to clarify their immigration status. Some don't end up being

Ed Failor Jr.

This was a management course he took when he worked for Sizzler, kind of like Hamburger University at McDonald's. He got a

Lucy Brady - McDonald's

Restaurant delivery is a $100 billion market and it's exploded. There's significant

Bonnie Riggs - NPD Group

The cost associated with delivery may make it cost prohibitive for many people, especially in smaller towns and cities where people aren't used to paying high prices for delivery. You've got to remember this is fast

Jonathan Maze - Nation's Restaurant News

Delivery is the single biggest trend in the restaurant industry right now. Numerous restaurant chains are moving in this direction, and there's no reason McDonald's shouldn't do the

Jonathan Maze - Nation's Restaurant News

But, McDonald's fries are absolutely the best when they're served fresh. How will they hold up? That's a big question

Ajay Chopra - Trinity Ventures

The cost of labor is pretty low in those places, so you can see how delivery would make economic sense. It will be trickier for them to make the economics work

Steve Easterbrook

We find customers prefer the kiosks because, particularly larger groups or moms with kids, like to spend a bit more time, they can dwell, they can have fun putting the order together, they can customize it easier and they don't have that stress that sometimes they feel at the front counter when they feel

Steve Easterbrook

We've been very mindful that if we're going to be creating demand, can we meet that demand? It's a win for customers and smooths our operation as well, which is great. The reality is the customer demand exists already for home delivery. So, it's not like we have got to go out and create a market. There's a market there that we simply do not currently

Steve Easterbrook

To deliver sustained growth, we have to attract more customers, more

Darren Tristano - Technomic

McDonald's appears to found their focus on profitability through disciplined efforts to reduce costs and focus on the consumer experience including consumer-facing technology, improved convenience in payment and delivery and value to drive more customer visits throughout the

Darren Tristano - Technomic

For the world's largest restaurant company, this means playing catch up with younger consumer expectations while continuing to engage older generations of consumers that grew up with McDonald's. Creating alternatives for customization, delivery, payment and ordering processes provides challenges but they are necessary to adapt to the evolving consumer foodservice

Christine Kung

We are happy the way we are. We don't need to be invaded by American scenery. We already have McDonald's and that's

Wong Yu Loy - Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions

In other countries where McDonald's has sold a large stake of its business, the resulting model has placed enormous pressure on franchisees, which has made it harder for franchise operators to provide adequate pay and conditions for their workers. If the buyers in Hong Kong get squeezed by McDonald's as they have in other countries, workers here may get even less as a

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

My life couldn't be happier. In fact, it'd be worse if I had six or eight houses. So, I have everything I need to have, and I don't need any

Bill Gates - Microsoft

Remember the laugh we had when we traveled together to Hong Kong and decided to get lunch at McDonald's? You offered to pay, dug into your pocket, and pulled out … coupons!feedback

Ed Rensi

We need to be the land of promise and hope. And our Labor Department in the past 16 years has been nothing but an

Ed Rensi

These things all serve to do one thing – empower unions to manage companies indirectly and it stops

Li Su

The deal will put enormous downward pressure on McDonald's master franchisees, existing franchisees that operate individual stores, and the workers and customers of those stores. Regulators should investigate the transaction and impose restrictions to prevent McDonald's from abusing its dominant market

Sanae Hadraoui

I hear a shot. Then a second shot. Then maybe two more. I hear people screaming, Evacuate! Evacuate! They told us to evacuate. I told my colleagues at the McDonald's. We went downstairs and then took the emergency

Khamzat Khasbulatov

We say it every time: we are a Russian company. I don't think there's a single company that can call itself more Russian than us. They are Russian arches. They shine wherever they

Khamzat Khasbulatov

The (franchising) program will develop, we are looking for new

Khamzat Khasbulatov

(The situation) has not got better or worse, 50 is not a small number, we are just giving more freedom to our partners and time to gather

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

$3.17 is a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, but the market's down this morning, so I'll pass up the $3.17 and go with the $

Becca Hary - McDonald's

The Big Mac Sauce is unique to McDonald's and includes a classic combination of ingredients. The Bic Mac Sauce remains timeless and customers around the world continue to enjoy its signature

Steve Easterbrook

Throughout 2016, we worked diligently to lay the groundwork for our long-term future. Our efforts yielded a more streamlined and focused organization that generated solid fourth quarter and full year results, including our strongest annual global comparable sales growth since 2011 along with record franchisee cash flows in many of our major markets. I am confident that we're on the right

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

These changes were supposed to drive a steady and sustainable uplift in (consumer) spending rather than a one-off spike in sales, but it is increasingly clear that this strategy is not

Richard Cordray

Citi's subsidiaries gave the runaround to borrowers who were already struggling with their mortgage payments and trying to save their homes. Consumers were kept in the dark about their options or burdened with excessive paperwork. This action will put money back in consumers' pockets and make sure borrowers can get help they

Robert Siegel

I'm drawn to stories about polarising, difficult men. Keaton is good at that oily

Lisa Napoli

She couldn't get him to quit, so she helped other people like herself to deal with people who

Robert Siegel

I'm drawn to stories about polarizing, difficult men. The

Mark Kalinowski

In addition, we want to be mindful that Q1 2017 contains one less day in it than Q1 2016 did for McDonald's, as it laps February 2016's leap day – this factor should hamper McDonald's Q1 2017 same-store sales by about a full percentage

Mark Kalinowski

An adverse December (partially if not wholly due to weather) is to

Michael Keaton

Ray Kroc was like a lot of Americans who came from immigrant families, that's who we are and that's a great thing, and built it himself, he was a boot straps kind of

Nick Offerman

The cast is riddled with good-looking, brunette, white men that are very well spoken and from Ivy League colleges. It's the epitome of American capitalism, you know? For me it's the greatest representation of having as much flash and facade as possible backed up by as little integrity as

Lucia Lucchini

They come with a big smile, they're happy and they ask for a hot drink. Usually they stay to talk with us for a while. You can notice this sense of gratitude, then they go to bed, all of them very

Scott Lara

People can enjoy more time on their cruise. I wish it was like this in real life. Can you imagine pulling up to your McDonald's and boop-boop-boop, it's good to go?feedback

Pierfrancesco Spiga

It would be good if these multi-national companies gave food at the end of the day to poor people who don't have any, instead of throwing it

Fotini Iordanoglou

McDonald's responded, giving us this chance to help. We absolutely won't resolve hunger but we are trying to give a small meal to people who need

Dennis Geiger

Shares appear to largely reflect improved fundamentals and refranchising benefits. Despite confidence in the long-term outlook, we're lowering our rating ... we'll likely wait for greater conviction into traffic and sales acceleration and more upside to consensus estimates before revisiting our

Brian Bittner - Oppenheimer Holdings

We believe sickly sales trends could regain health throughout 2017. While we will pay close attention to gas prices (potentially up in 2017), we are cautiously optimistic as the industry laps very soft 2016 comps armed with improving consumer metrics (jobs, wages, sentiment).feedback

Mark Kalinowski

Given that November 2016 was the second-best month for U.S. chain restaurant same-store sales during 2016, the overall fourth-quarter numbers likely will look very similar to those of the (lackluster) second and third quarters. In other words, the solid November results should prevent Q4 as a whole from being a disaster, but the negative December data could hold back some chains from surpassing Street expectations for Q4's same-store

Elio Sgreccia

The mega sandwich shop on Borgo Pio is a disgrace, . It would be better to use those spaces to help the needy of the area, spaces for hospitality, shelter and help for those who suffer, as the Holy Father

Elio Sgreccia

I repeat, selling mega-sandwiches in Borgo Pio is a disgrace. The area's needy...and suffering, as the Holy Father

Jason West

Our recent channel checks suggest US SSS [same-store sales] have improved in recent weeks, allaying fears about difficult compares in

Arnaud de Puyfontaine

It's as if they had invited us to dinner at a three-star restaurant and then we found ourselves at McDonald'

Danny Meyer - Meyer

I think people are coming back in droves. Even if they're coming back to debate, there's nothing like sitting around a table with some good food with friends and that seems to really be bringing people out and we couldn't be

Mark Kalinowski

We are impressed with McDonald's potential product pipeline heading into 2017. Big Mac and French fry line extensions, platforms for customization, fresh beef and further menu innovation have been in test across multiple U.S. geographies. Add in a likely national rollout of its new mobile order-and-pay and we see a number of potential growth drivers for McDonald'

Kristy Cunningham

It gives us the chance to follow what the customer is really looking

Matthew DiFrisco - Guggenheim Partners

In a strengthening consumer-driven, macro environment history suggests the greatest upside is in consumer discretionary oriented casual dining whereas consumer-staple related quick service restaurants should experience minimal valuation

Matthew DiFrisco - Guggenheim Partners

[Same-store sales] catalysts more specific to quick service restaurants appear to be decelerating and both brands shares already reflect the successful execution of their strategic restructuring

Matthew DiFrisco - Guggenheim Partners

Post 2016 election results we have entered a phase of heightened consumer confidence, the Trump rally has pushed consumer confidence above 100 with anticipation for tax cuts, economic investment amid statutory mandatory minimum wage

Matthew DiFrisco - Guggenheim Partners

Delivery, in our opinion, represents the next phase of off-premise sales; management noted they are in active dialogues with the largest third-party

Steve Easterbrook

As you evolve operating models you get a lot of things right and some things incorrect. We're very clear about the partners we're looking for in Asia and

Ron Christianson

Earlier this year, we became aware of certain circumstances relating to services provided by Human Connection HR which were not in compliance with our standards. As a result, we have terminated our contract with

Ron Christianson

Because the workers are not employees of McDonald's, our efforts to address the issues were unsuccessful, as were proposals for McDonald's to assume responsibility for paying workers

Andy Hernandez

The goal is $15 an hour with benefits because many contractors lose benefits without

Steve Easterbrook

We've asked customers to fit around our business model for the better part of 60 years and we have been very successful doing that. But now consumers in general are demanding much more choice and control over their

Chris Kempczinski

People may not always like to change, but people like to make

Steve Easterbrook

But now, customers are more demanding, and we're looking to evolve our

Chris Kempczinski

We are investing in technology and people. We want to personalize and elevate the experience for consumers in the

Terri Hickey - McDonald's

We entered into this mutually acceptable resolution to avoid the costs and disruption associated with continued

Terri Hickey - McDonald's

As this court previously ruled, McDonald's is not a joint employer of its independent franchisees' employees. With this agreement, McDonald's reconfirms that it is not the employer of or responsible for employees of its independent

William Calloway

We demand more accountability of the elected officials that we believe co-conspired to cover up the death of 17-year-old Laquan

Steve Easterbrook

Our third quarter results, including our fifth consecutive quarter of positive comparable sales across all segments as well as improved restaurant profitability, are a testament to the progress we are making to satisfy the needs of today's dynamic

Andre Bakhos - Janlyn Capital

Although earnings have been coming in mixed, GE's comments of a sluggish economy is causing investors to take a step

Rahm Emanuel

Two years ago Laquan McDonald lost his life tragically and unnecessarily. We will continue working together across the city to build a brighter future by restoring trust between residents and our officers, and implementing the reforms necessary to prevent this from happening

William Calloway

This will increase the confidence back in the voters and give them the power to recall elected officials. And most importantly, it would add to the legacy of Laquan

Jim Cramer

We know that McDonald's has become a 'what have you done for me lately' stock, and the answer is not very

Jim Cramer

It's a fabulous company, but I do worry that Samsung will have to cut back on

Terri Hickey - McDonald's

McDonald's and franchisees in local markets are mindful of the current climate around clown sightings in communities and as such are being thoughtful with respect to Ronald McDonald's participation in community events for the time being. This does not mean that there will be no appearances by Ronald McDonald. But that we are being thoughtful as to Ronald McDonald's participation in various community events at this

Darren Tristano - Technomic

[All Day Breakfast] provides [McDonald's] with a little bit more of an opportunity for

Darren Tristano - Technomic

[All Day Breakfast] has clearly given consumers greater choices, especially the younger generation, who want to have breakfast all day

Darren Tristano - Technomic

It's been part of [McDonald's] same-store sales growth, which hasn't been that robust. I think year-over-year, they are doing better, but if we were to look at this a year from now... I think that demand will

Mark Kalinowski

The Truffle Bacon Cheeseburger and Bacon Truffle Fries sound like menu items that play to Wendy's brand positioning within the quick-service industry: 'a cut above' traditional fast food, yet still fully within fast

Alex Wong - Ample Capital

With the involvement of Chinese partners, it will make thing

David Palmer - RBC Capital Markets

The food deflation weighs on the traffic and pricing power and check of restaurants of restaurants. That is happening now because effectively the perimeter of the grocery store is the competitor to

Todd Penegor - Wendy's Group

We believe there are multiple drivers behind the recent slowdown, but the most notable reason appears to be the continued gap between the cost of eating at home and the cost of dining out, which is now at its widest point since the

Catherine Howarth - ShareAction

Investors are right to express their concern directly to the board of McDonald's, and now as individuals we can too, using this new web tool. Improved animal welfare practices are a far more sensible way to prevent disease than antibiotic overuse. We hope this action will encourage McDonald's to supersize their ambition – now is the time for

Ron Shaich - Panera Bread

What do you think kids are dipping those (McNuggets) in? This is not food as it should be. The meals we serve our children should be good

Terri Hickey - McDonald's

We are proud of the big changes we have made to our food. Most importantly, we are committed to doing more and will continue to make the food people truly love to eat at McDonald's even

Steve Easterbrook

I think generally, there's just a broader level of uncertainty in consumers' minds at the moment, both trying to gauge their financial security going forward, you know, whether through elections or through global events, people are slightly mindful of an unsettled world. And when people are uncertain, when families are uncertain, caution starts to prevail and they start to hold back on

Nick Setyan

There haven't been too many facts that can prove that. It's a lot of

Nick Setyan

Restaurants are becoming less of a value relative to grocery

Josh Golin - Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

We applaud Panera's Kids Meal Promise, especially the pledge to avoid gimmicks, giveaways and other marketing techniques that exploit children's developmental vulnerabilities. By letting their food speak for itself, Panera allows children to learn how to make food choices for the right reasons. And parents will appreciate a dining experience where the focus is family and food, not cartoon characters and

Todd Penegor - Wendy's Group

And when a consumer is a little uncertain around their future and really trying to figure out what this election cycle really means to them, they're not as apt to spend as freely as they might have even just a couple of quarters

Mike Andres - McDonald's USA

We need to think about our ingredient labels as being much

Mike Andres - McDonald's USA

Why go to the position of trying to defend them, if the consumer is saying, I prefer not to have that particular ingredient in my food?feedback

Sunny Verghese

Africa is a big focus for us, [It's] a unique differentiator for us because none of our competitors have [the same] operating capability of that

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

There is no doubt that in the United States the market as a whole was weak across the reporting period, with lower growth in consumer expenditure on fast food and casual

Peter Langman

Unfortunately, it does seem that one attack can influence other people to commit attacks. That is why it is important for the media to not focus on the perpetrator, but rather on the victims, and also to use the incident as an opportunity to educate the public about warning signs of potential

Becca Hary - McDonald's

Our culinary team wanted to provide customers with an old-fashioned apple pie with homemade taste and aroma to

Nick Vergis - McDonald's

McDonald's has a long standing history of creativity and innovation. McDonald's Gilroy Garlic Fries is a unique, regional offering that is tailored to Bay Area tastes. The innovation of this new menu item is due in large part to our local franchisees and their commitment to providing food our customers

Jeremiah Rosen

People born in the 1980s and 90s, they grew up with this. It's approachable and reassuring and that's whyit's gone from zero to millions of users in just a few days. I see McDonald's, Home Depot (NYSE:HD), national brands playing into the

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

It's nice to try to lead the way. The labor market is tight and going to get tighter. Our biggest problem going forward is not going to be unemployment, it's going to be a lack of labor. It's not surprising that companies are trying to get out ahead of this and trying to raise wages. He's not the first. You had McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Target and

Dan Nathan

There was a buyer of the January 2017 expiration 125 calls paying $3.15 to open. Those break even at $

Dan Nathan

There's a gap down to about $110. That's the breakout level. That may be a good reason to define your risk looking out to the end of the

Zou Yan - Sanpower Group

In recent years, we are building more offline commercial stores, aiming to provide a better shopping experience for consumers. McDonald's could provide new brand elements for

Terri Hickey - McDonald's

As part of our announced efforts to deliver USD 500 million in savings by the end of 2017, we are restructuring many aspects of our business, including an accounting

Mark Kalinowski

The bundled meals aren't so new anymore, and McDonald's All Day Breakfast is about six months old

Ian Baer

One of the questions we ask study participants is to 'Name the first three words that come to mind when they think of a certain

Ian Baer

There was a tremendous separation between companies that do customer service well, and those don'

Ian Baer

Overall, the words used to describe all of the fast-food companies were generally positive. But it's fairly telling that one of the most often-used words to describe McDonald's was,

Paul Trotti - Chick fil A

We went through 61 different iterations of a tea product. The customers liked it – but they didn't love

Michael Sapin

We don't do deals like Britain, we apply the law. There won't be negotiations. there was always the possibility of some marginal adjustments "but that's not the logic we're

Angel Mitchell - McDonald's

We cook and serve those all-day breakfasts that are making McDonald's millions and millions, but we can't feed our own families without turning to food

Steve Easterbrook

I don't see it being a risk to job elimination. Ultimately we're in the service business. We will always have an important human

Alexis Bourdon - McDonald's France

Basically, we are serene, McDonald's France and its franchisees have paid over 1.2 billion euros in corporate taxes since 2009. McDonald's France has had enough of amalgams, common misconceptions and

Michael Haracz - McDonald's USA

As many people know, McDonald's is committed to listening to our customers as seen by All Day Breakfast. We're proud of the work done by local franchisees and the regional team to create this menu item with locally-sourced garlic and we look forward to introducing Gilroy Garlic Fries to our customers in the Bay

Kevin Ozan - McDonald's

All-day breakfast has been, clearly, a very strong catalyst for momentum. the platform has exceeded expectations for the company following its

Kevin Ozan - McDonald's

We will continue challenging ourselves to see how much more we can

Bonnie Riggs - NPD Group

The only way to grow your business is through building

Bill Phelps - Wetzel's Pretzels

You've got low income people who get a 10-11 percent increase, and probably a 30 percent increase in disposable income, so it's just great for our

Robert Schulz

Higher wages could have a positive effect on consumer spending and we look at potentially higher wages or wage growth as one of the potential main catalysts for retail, small ticket

Robert Schulz

I think if we step back and look at what's happening with wages generally, wage growth has been pretty stagnant in the last few years and our economists do feel like the slack is coming out of the labor

Bill Phelps - Wetzel's Pretzels

You haven't had an increase in the minimum wage for seven years. It's crazy. I think the minimum wage should be increased more than every seven years, that's just my

Bill Phelps - Wetzel's Pretzels

Our business is great, and our business is better since the minimum wage went

Marisa Thalberg - Taco Bell

When we first launched breakfast in 2014, our goal was to give our consumers classic breakfast tastes – in a uniquely Taco Bell way. Now, we're launching our new $1 Morning Value Menu to give people a terrific array of breakfast options they want, all at this incredible price

Jamie Rucker - National Labor Relations Board

If McDonald's is involved in determining working conditions at its franchised operations, it is responsible for what happens to workers subject to those

Steve Easterbrook

All-day breakfast positions us to regain market share we had given up in recent years. it would take at least six more months of positive sales to cement a more sustained

R.J. Hottovy - Morningstar

I am particularly impressed with how quickly things are

R.J. Hottovy - Morningstar

The lower and middle income consumer (in China) is generally holding up okay. You've seen wage rate growth in that region, so I am not terribly surprised to see comps positive in

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

In a sign that its turnaround efforts are paying dividends McDonald's latest results show continued

Steve Easterbrook

We are demonstrating that our turnaround plan is key to restarting growth and becoming a modern and progressive burger company. I am inspired by the dedication and collective determination of our U.S., International Lead, High Growth and Foundational markets to leverage our competitive strengths as they pursue their growth opportunities. As we enter 2016, we expect continued positive top-line momentum across all

Lucia Caudet

The Commission can confirm it has received the complaint, which it will now look

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

A tax ruling that agrees to McDonald's paying no tax on their European royalties either in Luxembourg or in the U.S. has to be looked at very carefully under EU state aid rules. The purpose of double taxation treaties between countries is to avoid double taxation – not to justify double

Jake Chapman

It's as pessimistic as we can make it but it's pessimistic in a joyful sense. Fatalistic in a joyful sense. There's nothing foreboding about this. It doesn't serve any kind of moral

Michael Jacobson - Center for Science in the Public Interest

McDonald's Happy Meals website says, quote: 'You want the very best for your kids and so do we.' That's McNonesense. McDonald's wants your money. And they're going to go around your back, try to use your kids to manipulate you to go into the restaurant, to get your

Svetlana Polyakova

McDonald's continues to work normally, we have 461 restaurants. And by the way we keep opening new places. This year we have opened around 45 restaurants, and by the end of the year we plan to open about 25 more. And next year we will keep the same growth

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