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Robert James - Carrier
The jobs are still leaving. Nothing has stopped. I don't see Carrier hiring anytime in the near future. I don't think they built that facility in Monterrey, Mexico, just to have four departments in there. It's a little too large for
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NEW Jun 22 2017
Juan Carlos Osorio, Bruce Arena and Enrique Pena Nieto, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Mexico. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 570 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 826 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Juan Carlos Osorio is: “We've studied all our opponents and we believe we have great possibilities tomorrow. We think that New Zealand will think about playing direct. It's a very different opponent from what Portugal was, but complicated in the same way. We're thinking of moving our structure a bit, of refreshing the team to go out to compete and try to win the game using our strengths.”.
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Jan Hasselmann

Our view has been that the pipeline should be shut

Chris Wood

The second one was a bit harder but we also had Ryan's that hit the crossbar. We've had a few chances and on another day we would have won

Chris Wood

On another day I would have had three. I am disappointed with not putting them away, especially the first one. The keeper has made a good save but I feel I should have done better but that's football. It happens in football, it's life. We stuck up for our players after someone went in a bit hard and heavy and they're the same. It is what it

Chris Wood

We had our chances, we needed to take them and be more clinical and it would have been a different

Fernando Santos

If we had scored twice like we did against Mexico it would've been better, but we also conceded two goals against Mexico which is not

Pete Kassetas

This is putting lives at risk. I would implore that he stop this nonsense. Certainly, we want people to get outdoors and enjoy New Mexico but you have to do it safely. I think he has an obligation to retrieve his treasure if it does

Alan Lewitus

This is a real concrete, quantitative effect, which hits economies. So it's something to really

Alan Lewitus

We've known for a long time that the hypoxic zone reduces fish and shrimp habitat

Rob Magnien

The Gulf's summer hypoxic zone continues to put important habitats and valuable fisheries under intense stress. Although there is some progress in reducing nutrients, the effects of the dead zone may further threaten the region's coastal economies if current levels

Jasmine Goode

I'm really happy things got resolved and that we can finally move forward! It's so exciting knowing we are heading back to finish what we

James Rubenstein

North America is a highly integrated production system with the three countries totally, inextricably intertwined with each

Reid Wilk - PricewaterhouseCoopers

It has to do the scale. If you happen to be selling a car globally and only making 300,000, how expensive is it to make in every location?feedback

Joe Hinrichs - Ford Motor

We can reinvest in the business, including exciting things that we're working on in autonomy and electrification, and a lot of that work is done right here in the

Robert Best - Mattel

Right? When I look at the makeup of our own team, we have South Americans, Latinos from Mexico,

Anthony Hudson

We understand there's a big gulf in level between the two teams, so we just want to come away from this game and be proud of what we've done and have a strong

Juan Carlos Osorio

We've studied all our opponents and we believe we have great possibilities tomorrow. We think that New Zealand will think about playing direct. It's a very different opponent from what Portugal was, but complicated in the same way. We're thinking of moving our structure a bit, of refreshing the team to go out to compete and try to win the game using our

Corinne Olympios

Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place, which I understand is why production on the show has now been suspended and a producer on the show has filed a complaint against the production. As I pursue the details and facts surrounding that night and the immediate days after, I have retained a group of professionals to ensure that what happened on June 4 comes to light and I can continue my life, including hiring an attorney to obtain justice and seeking therapy to begin dealing with the physical and emotional trauma stemming from that

Daniel Millan Valencia

There is no proof whatsoever that Mexican government agencies are responsible for the alleged

Carmen Aristegui

This is an operation by the Mexican state, in which state agents -- far from doing what they should legally do -- have used our resources, our taxes, our money to commit serious abuses. What does the Mexican president have to say today about this treacherous, illegal spying?feedback

Daniel Millan

For the government of the republic, the respect of privacy and the protection of personal data of all individuals are inherent values of our liberty, democracy and rule of

Erika Guevara-Rosas - Amnesty International

This new, chilling evidence confirms that Mexican journalists and human rights defenders are a target of illegal practices designed to interfere and hinder their

Carlos Puig

If it wasn't them, isn't the Mexican government worried that someone is going around spying? Shouldn't it be the government itself asking for an investigation? Or is it simply that they already know the answer?feedback

Wilbur Ross

So, I don't know whether we'll be able to do that. But we're certainly mindful of the calendar and the fact that the calendar is fundamentally not our

Juan Carlos Osorio

Every game has its importance. Now we have this result and we're going to focus and concentrate on the next game. It's going to be a very difficult opponent who is going to give everything in the next game and we're going to try to win and

Edward Glossop - Capital Economics

It's not that uncommon for the less risky economies in the region such as Chile or Mexico. For the higher-risk countries in the region, it's less

Jesus Martinez

We hope that in many years your career will bring you back to this great institution, Club Pachuca. I love you, enjoy it

Marcel Brands

I'm glad it finally succeeded. We spent more than six months working on this transfer and some creativity was needed to eventually get the transfer through. I like to play as a winger. I've played there almost my whole career, on the outside, so I'm more used this and I like that more but I can play in the middle of the field without any

Fernando Santos

We played a team that has very good, technical players. At the beginning we couldn't enjoy good control of the ball but then we managed to balance things out and could have won it in the end. In the end the result was fair as Mexico also played

Fernando Santos

We know we didn't play well. Mexico was better, more aggressive. We played without confidence, couldn't connect two or three passes. It was a fair result for how the teams

Alberto de la Fuente

I'm positive about what's been achieved, but we need to redouble our

Carlos de Regules

The operators have to show they can react, contain and deal with the possibility of an out-of-control

Carlos Loret de Mola - Televisa

You have to remember this was a government that went from setting the agenda to being entirely reactive. They looked at journalists and thought, They are bringing these things out and embarrassing us, so it's better if we spy on

Eduardo Guerrero

Mexican security agencies wouldn't ask for a court order, because they know they wouldn't get one. I mean, how could a judge authorize surveillance of someone dedicated to the protection of human rights? There, of course, is no basis for that intervention, but that is besides the point. No one in Mexico ever asks for permission to do

Juan E. Pardinas

We are the new enemies of the state. Ours is a society where democracy has been

Juan E. Pardinas

For the government of Mexico, anti-corruption measures are like garlic to a

Luis Fernando Garcia

The fact that the government is using high-tech surveillance against human rights defenders and journalists exposing corruption, instead of those responsible for those abuses, says a lot about who the government works

John Scott-Railton

I think that any company that sells a product like this to a government would be horrified by the targets, of course, which don't seem to fall into the traditional role of

Andres Guardado

There is, I've never denied it. There are approaches; they've made approaches from a long time ago and there are always

Juan Carlos Osorio

We had almost 60 percent of the possession. It's deserved and what Mexico have done deserves praise, to go toe-to-toe with the champions of Europe. We played against a team at a high level. There are a lot of things to improve. We lacked a little bit of efficiency. The Kazan Arena is amazing. There was a great atmosphere, we felt very close to the fans and the pitch was really perfect. We're very happy with this first

Juan Carlos Osorio

I think that, when football people enjoy the way we play, especially against a team like the one we faced, it's very

Guillermo Ochoa

We knew their style was going to be on the counterattack. They were looking for the mistake. They've got dangerous players up top who have good timing in the area, but you can't let them make you nervous. I think at the end of the day, it's a deserved result because the team played our style, showed our characteristics and played our

Juan Carlos Osorio

We got almost 60 percent of possession. What Mexico did, going directly up against the European champion, is commendable and deserves

Daniel Coronell - Univision Communications

Every single investigation in Colombia or Guatemala or Mexico, is followed by 'This journalist has his own agenda; he's trying to affect my government' and 'That's fake news'. Many of us, we know the movie – we've seen it in Spanish. It's crucial for us that people know their rights and the possibilities. And we are working all the time to use the investigative journalism tools in order to provide better information to our

Juan Carlos Osorio

In the end, it was a well-deserved result after how we played today. We faced the European champions, a team that plays at a very high level, and we played equal to them. It was a great result for Mexican

Fernando Santos

I would put my hands in the fire for [Ronaldo's] character and integrity, . As a person and as an athlete. I have a pact with the players and we treat these personal matters away from the national team. All these issues will not affect

Juan Carlos Osorio

They're coming here to win, which is wonderful for the tournament. You can see they are taking this very seriously. It's the same with Chile. It's an honour to play against the best teams in the world and that's what Mexico really

Juan Carlos Osorio

The collective is above the individual, but it is clear that not only in Cristiano, also in Nani, Martins and Quaresma, they have elite players. We also think that ours can do a very good job. We come to compete not against Cristiano Ronaldo, but against the Portuguese national team. Obviously we will have special considerations for him, for the magnificent player that he

Juan Carlos Osorio

It's an extraordinary opportunity to compete against the current champion of Europe and against one of the best players on the planet. I think that it's an extraordinary opportunity for Mexican

Samuel J. Himmelstein

If third parties are causing the problem, that's his problem, not the tenants. The landlord absolutely cannot do what he's threatening to do with the tickets. A landlord is not allowed to pass on any costs to tenants that are not explicitly authorized by the rent-stabilization

Samuel J. Himmelstein

If we bring this to court, we would fight it and we would win. This is pretty clearly the

Bruce Arena

That's essentially what I've always done with my teams. We don't get real hung up in formations, so when we play 4-4-2 it might be a 4-4-2, but at times it looks different depending on the characteristics of the players, and the kind of game you're playing. The score of the game. Your opponent. It's constantly changing. Nobody is losing a game because they're playing the wrong formation. They're losing because they're not playing well as a

Paul Arriola

We talked about it a couple days ago in breakfast. We just had a short meeting, each person, and I think that really helps a lot, everyone really understand what their role is and what the team role

Bruce Arena

I think it's because I think a lot of people really don't really understand the game. And they think it's all about your formation. There are 11 players on the field, regardless of the formation you play and the starting point. And it's how those player work together on the field. People get all caught up in formations and everything

Curt Onalfo

He's tactically astute, and ultimately he knows how to prepare a team and he knows how to win. Tactically he can match up with the

Pablo Mastroeni

Getting everyone to buy into what he's trying to do is an art form as well. You can have a guy that can articulate tactics to a tee, but if you're not willing to fight for this guy, and you don't believe in the message that he's selling, it doesn't matter how well he explains the

Paul Arriola

At halftime, we talked about a tactical switch. Their left back was coming up a lot, so how can we avoid him receiving the ball, or do we want to hold in and allow him to receive the ball? We kind of talked over that. And everything was pretty clear. Myself, I was never

Landon Donovan

Bruce will tell you that, obviously the tactical side of the game is important, but he believes the other parts of the game are just as important. To claim he's not tactically intelligent is wrong, it's just not something he's overly focused on discussing like a lot of coaches are in the game

Pablo Mastroeni

Every time I ever played for Bruce I knew exactly what he wanted from me in my role as an individual. And then collectively as a team we knew what we wanted to

Bruce Arena

Mexico does an unbelievable job in their spacing. They play players on both (touch lines) so they stretch you out and like to open you up and attack the gaps between your back line if you're playing a back four, and we protected all those spaces. We call the system a 3-4-3 to a 5-2-2-1, or whatever you want to call it. But somehow, if we can add up to 10, that's what it

Bruce Arena

How'd we play the game against Honduras (in March)? What was our formation. It was a 4-1-3-2, in our view, that's our starting point, but how it looks during the game is different. That was what our formation was on a piece of paper. We didn't get overwhelmed by the fact that maybe it looks a little different in the

Pablo Mastroeni

Did he do it with power points and magnets on a white board? No, he has his own way of communicating. Whether it's pulling people aside, showing video, whether it's walking across the field and saying 'hey, I want to play on that side of the field and I want to move our lines and move as a group'. He just found simple ways to articulate exactly what we wanted, and because they were simple, everyone was on the same page and knew what he

Bruce Arena

(Clint) Dempsey comes underneath. (Christian) Pulisic goes high. We're playing a formation that takes into account the skills of the player you have. And sometimes it's fluid and it constantly

Bruce Arena

I had a very good talk with a coach in Germany. I'm not going to tell you his name, but clearly one of the better coaches, and he said basically the same

Bruce Arena

I was pretty confident we could implement that (system). We have very good center backs. That's a key to that system. We worked real hard preparing the team to do

Pedro Joaquin Coldwell

The pleasing thing about this auction is the high number of consortia taking part, which is a sign there will be plenty of bids. There wouldn't be much point in forming a consortium and then not making an

Bruno Alves

Obviously there are no words to describe what Cristiano means to our country, with everything that he has achieved. He is an idol even for the players, and we hope that he can help Portugal with some of his goals and

Bruno Alves

Portugal always shows ambition in every competition that it plays. Now we have to show on the pitch why we are being considered favorites. We have already shown our strength in the past, and we want to do it again. We want to show that we are able to win more

Bruno Alves

Mexico has shown that it is a very good team, always playing attacking football. It is an aggressive team, pressing you all the time, but I think that we have enough quality to win this

Juan Orlando Hernandez

A convulsing Central America, faced with a lack of opportunities and with violence, is a tremendous risk for the United States, Mexico and the region. On the contrary, a prosperous and peaceful Central America is America's best investment in support of its people and, of course, a great investment for

Angela Merkel

When Great Britain is ready, we are ready to negotiate. We have finalised guidelines, the plan and I assume that Great Britain, from what I have been told today, will respect the negotiations calendar. We want to do it quickly, respecting the timetable and I don't see any obstacle in the way of finalising the

Robert J. Samuelson

The idea that Canada and Mexico are going to offer us vast new markets — without corresponding U.S. concessions — seems to be wishful

Juan Carlos Osorio

The collective is above the individual, but it is clear that not only in Cristiano, also in Nani, [Gelson] Martins and [Ricardo] Quaresma, they have elite players. We also think that ours can do a very good

Sarah S. Osmundson

About a quarter of the women used all their pills and still reported they had pain, so it's not so simple as 'just use less.' We need to figure out how to individualize opioids, as opposed to giving all patients the same

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

The environmental standards were unrealistic for smelters and processing plants, and with the new standards Grupo Mexico is thinking of doubling its smelting in

Scott Bardsley

There was an anticipation of that possibility. But that was all accounted for in the planning that was done to do the visa

Ali Esnaashari

They're usually offered: 'You can be in detention or you just go back and withdraw your request to enter the country'. Most of them end up spending a night or two at the immigration holding center and then they go on the plane and go back

Remi Lariviere

The lifting of the visa requirement for Mexican citizens strengthens Canada-Mexico ties and builds momentum to expand trade, investment and tourism. It will provide lasting benefits for both countries. As with all visa lifts that Canada undertakes, we continually and carefully monitor migration trends to ensure the integrity of Canada's immigration

Seth Meyers

Haters and losers (stipulating that such terms are subjective, pursuant to relevant codes and libel laws) refuse to admit that Mexico (as well as its subsidiaries, LLCs and other related or independent entities) will pay ('pay' not being limited to actual disbursement of monetary funds) for the wall. (Reader acknowledges that 'wall' may be defined to include fencing, rivers, existing natural boundaries, scarecrows, do not enter' signs, dirt, hedges and/or unseen physical barriers that may or may not appear visible to the naked eye.).feedback

Rona Olds

We are a nation of food lovers and the rise of street food has allowed us to play with presenting food in a different

Dylan O'Shea

We were amazed at the quality of what we found. If you go to Peru or Guatemala you will see lots of amazing textiles but you won't necessarily see the kind of thing they do for us, because it's not for the tourist market. It's beautiful, detailed, incredibly skilled

Jessica Macias

One of the most difficult and interesting aspects of our job is to find highly-skilled

Andres Fassi

We have an offer from Benfica, but there are others from PSV, Celta and Real Sociedad. I can tell you that the offer from Benfica is not the highest but the player will also have a say in this. It's certain that he'll go to Europe this summer. We also have offers from Mexico, but Lozano feels as though he is at a level to make the leap to a more competitive

Hector Moreno

I am very happy to sign for Roma. This represents an important step up in my career. I hope I can show my individual qualities and contribute to the overall success of the

Chris Harrison

The safety and care of the cast and crew of our show is of the utmost importance to us. It is with this thought in mind that we made the decision to suspend filming. Normally with a situation like this I would not say anything until the incident is fully resolved, but with all the rumors and misinformation being put out there I don't find that to be possible anymore... I know in this day and age we want and even expect immediate answers but in this case it's just not possible. I urge you to please be patient and respect the privacy of the parties

Ryan Beckett

I would not imagine that a number of producers would stand idly by. I would expect two drunk contestants to do something stupid, but it would be surprising to me that something nefarious was going on and it was allowed to go on. … In my experience, the producers definitely step in. I felt like they definitely had it under

Ryan Beckett

People drink like they were in college or on a cruise. They go out and they drink more because they don't have to drive, they're on vacation. I think people indulge more a lot more than they normally would. We'd just go up to the bar and order a margarita or whatever. So it was always available, but it definitely was never forced on

Ryan Beckett

They encourage men to be more open. So I didn't get any encouragement to go sleep with a girl or to go hook up with a girl, but I definitely had encouragement in terms of moral support to boost my confidence. It might be surprising, but I really think that they try to keep it, relatively speaking, as genuine as possible. They may insert an idea in your head, but they want it to come from you more than anything. There's some leading the horse to water, but at the end of the day, it's always the cast that has to decide if they want to drink or hook

Bruce Arena

I think the competition for the first three spots in CONCACAF is going to go down to the last

Bruce Arena

I thought we had a good game. I think we played well. Mexico is certainly a very good team and even a better team at home. But our team really did an excellent job with our tactical plan. Certainly some fatigue came in at the end of the game, but I thought our players played very

Bruce Arena

Certainly Mexico has a big advantage at this point, and the second and third places and fourth as well is going to be very challenging right to the end. But I feel very good about where we are. We've made up some lost ground, so I feel good about

Omar Gonzalez

Last time we did this in Columbus, it was a maybe. We didn't know until a couple days before the game and then it was just thrown out there. Now we had two weeks to really

Juan Carlos Osorio

Their idea from the start was to defend. They defended with five, waiting for us to make an error. That's what happened on the

Bruce Arena

I haven't spent a whole lot of time examining what happened in the past. In a lot of ways that's not my business. I've tried to provide the environment that I think is right for a national team program, when I started with the team in January. That's all I can say. I'm just doing things the way I do things. They maybe don't have enough experience in that formation. I was pretty confident we could implement

Paul Arriola

I knew that I would get a chance. It was huge. It was a huge boost of

Bruce Arena

I can't comment on the things that went on the past, but I can say that the players have responded very well. We're really becoming a

Miguel Herrera

He hasn't been able to shine like normal. They defended him well. He hasn't been able to find his timing, space. I don't think it's been his best

Angela Merkel

I hope these talks are a big success. And I'd like to offer thanks that the interests of German companies are also being taken into

Juan Carlos Osorio

I'm a low-key, low-profile manager that can get on with the young players, but I can also have a very good relationship with the veteran players because at the end of the day I can put my ego aside and try to speak to the players at their level. And I think that's a big plus when you are managing a

Juan Carlos Osorio

I wasn't there so I'm not 100 percent sure, but from a distance I would think it is easier for a manager like Bruce Arena or myself to get on with the players and to be almost at the same level versus top managers with top professional careers as players like Mr. Klinsmann. That's a simple assumption on my part. It could be the other way around, I'm not sure. But as far as I'm concerned that has been the case for me (with the Mexican team).feedback

Juan Carlos Osorio

I told him that it would be fantastic if one day I could compete against him. That would be an honor, like it is for me in most

Juan Carlos Osorio

If there is any football man that understands the American players it has to be Mr. Arena. Not only has he been there since day one with MLS, but also did a very good job at the national team level. I think he makes his team very well organized and it seems to me that he has a good relationship with them. Which probably with (Jurgen Klinsmann) was difficult because of his

Juan Carlos Osorio

It will be a fantastic occasion for me on Sunday. For us to compete against the U.S., a national team that we respect, and a manager that I also respect a

Juan Carlos Osorio

Obviously I cannot read into the future. Nevertheless, I said 'I'm sure you will come back at some point to the national team' because of his ability and his knowledge of football in general, and specifically the football in the United

Asha Mehta

Saudi Arabia will become tied to significant global capital flows. The market could be larger than Turkey, larger than Thailand, possibly larger than

Juan Carlos Osorio

The guys know that (Sunday's match) is an extraordinary opportunity in the face of the Russia World Cup. We rested various players in the last match and they're going to be very fresh for tomorrow. We're going to put out a competitive team and hopefully we can take this step, which would be extraordinary for Mexican

Bruce Arena

We were certainly positioned to get three points. We were close. I'm proud of the result. I'm a little greedy. I would've liked three

Bryan Graham

The US team emerged from the tunnel to a half-full Azteca Stadium minutes ago for their warm-ups, yet the volume of the reception they received from the early-arriving Mexico fans made this 51-year-old fortress sound packed to capacity, their jeers and whistles drowning out the cheers of the US fans surrounded by riot police in the upper deck of the stadium's south end. The Mexican team soon followed to deafening

Enrique Ortiz

Escamilla said everybody was a leader, but the women were the ones who carried out a large part of the

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