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Amy Hood
For the first time, Office 365 Commercial revenue surpassed revenue from our traditional licensing business. I feel very
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Jul 20 2017
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Kevin Dallas

We're excited to partner with Baidu to take a giant step in helping automotive manufacturers and suppliers fully realize the promise of autonomous driving. Today's vehicles already have an impressive level of sophistication when it comes to their ability to capture data. By applying our global cloud AI, machine learning, and deep neural network capabilities to that data, we can accelerate the work already being done to make autonomous vehicles

Jim Cramer

CEO Satya Nadella impresses many people as an intellectual techie, but he doesn't get enough credit for competitive spirit and nature when it comes to winning. Don't forget, we're also going to see the full fruits of his Microsoft's LinkedIn acquisition. I bet they'll be very positive

Michael Nemeroff

Our Outperform thesis on MSFT shares is centered on what we view as significant earnings power potential over the next few years. [Earnings potential] could be unlocked from (1) strong commercial cloud growth and (2) higher cloud gross margins due to economies of

Samson Mow - Bitcoin

People are fed up. The users are taking back their

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

So improving the products some and improving and making the monetization better, I think the company has been on top of both of those things. The market understands that. And it is now getting somewhat reflected in the stock

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

They still have their work cut out for them. And their path could be way up, relatively sort of gently up or something

Saqib Shaikh - Microsoft Research

I teamed up with like minded engineers to make an app which lets you know who and what is around you ... years ago this was science fiction. I never thought it would be something you can actually do, but artificial intelligence is improving at an ever faster rate and I am excited to see where this can

Brad Smith

This is really all about getting everybody online in rural communities. That includes consumers, it includes businesses, it includes farmers and agricultural enterprises, and it includes

Brad Smith

My sense is that they are focused on a full range of infrastructure needs, including 21st century infrastructure like broadband. We welcome the

Ethan Jackson

What we hope is [the traps] will allow us to bring more precision to public

Dennis Wharton

It's the height of arrogance for Microsoft -- a $540 billion company -- to demand free, unlicensed spectrum after refusing to bid on broadcast TV airwaves in the recent FCC incentive auction. Microsoft's white space device development has been a well-documented, unmitigated failure. Policymakers should not be misled by slick Microsoft promises that threaten millions of viewers with loss of lifeline broadcast TV

Doug Brake

In rural areas, there aren't that many television broadcasters so there's a lot of unused spectrum. The real challenge is getting the number of users, the scale. Is there enough of a market for the device manufacturers to build these devices?feedback

Anandasankar Ray

It's exciting when technology companies come on board. Their approach to a biological challenge is to engineer a

Steve Mulligan

That is very much of a concern because it is the primary vector for diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and obviously

Ted Deriso

We said, Wow, the problems they're trying to solve in rural parts of Africa are the same we have in rural Virginia, on the technology side,' . When you think of rural, you have a lot of trees, hills. You need a type of technology that can go longer distances and has better penetration. You're trying to reach more customers without using a ton of

James McQuivey

It would only be valuable to Microsoft if the company uses that engagement to build a branded relationship with the customer, moving them to Bing as a search engine, encouraging them to use Office 365, Outlook, and

Doug Brake

White spaces has tremendous opportunity to help with broadband coverage in rural areas, but it's hard to justify the cost to device makers who don't see economies of scale in rural

Brad Smith

We're looking at this to be price competitive for people in urban areas. There is no reason people in rural areas need to spend

Craig Bushman - Certiport

If they can demonstrate that they have a high aptitude of knowledge in Microsoft Office, that gives them greater productivity skills when they go into their careers or it can prepare them better for

Frank Shaw - Microsoft

This is being done mainly to evolve the skill sets we

David Spiegel

Oracle moves up in the CNBC IQ 100 Index on the strength of cloud and cybersecurity

Gulshan Rai - National Cyber Security

It will be a one-time upgrade offer to Windows 10 and it will be a discounted price for the entire country. New OS versions have different architecture, much-improved architecture and much more

Freddie Lait

But there is a small chance that, if the shine wears off and you have more of these terrorist videos...and the fine is a huge fine, which sent a message to consumers that there's been wrongdoing. If the shine comes off, the claws are out from regulators and governments to try and get their pound of flesh out of all of the big tech

Tony Fadell - Nest Labs

The touchscreen MacBook project was basically trying to get touchscreen technology into a Mac to try to compete with Microsoft tablets. Steve [Jobs] was pissed off, and wanted to show them how to do it right. Well, that might have been the project to show Microsoft how to do it right, but they quickly realized there was so much software and there were so many new apps needed, and that everything had to be changed that it was very

Stephen Kinsella

Years ago Google said they wouldn't make the mistakes that Microsoft did. Instead they made all of them and came up with a few of their own. The public statements yesterday show they still don't get

Georg Berrisch - Baker Botts

When I saw this yesterday, it absolutely rang a bell. The real danger for Google is to enter into a prolonged battle with the Commission on whether what it has done is sufficient to comply with its decision. It could be quite expensive for Google in the end. This is not the end of the

Suzanne Rab

The Commission's focus on Google (and Microsoft before it) has prompted the often recurring question as to whether U.S. companies are receiving rather more EU competition law scrutiny than their European rivals. However, Vestager has made clear her views that Google is a 'good company' and that it makes no difference from the EU competition law perspective whether a company is American or

Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Systems

It's a way to really bring creativity to the masses. And it's a way to enable everybody to be a creator. We partner with great companies like Nvidia who are able to process this in real time, but it's all the magic that's created by our product

Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Systems

I think using the right lens and unleashing innovation on our product development, that's how we do it. If you're a creative professional, we're just as mission-critical as a Bloomberg terminal might be for somebody in the financial community. And on the enterprise side, when small and medium businesses want to create an online digital presence, and they want to have commerce as part of their future, they use us to enable themselves to have this online

Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Systems

Design and aesthetics have never been more important, and I think as it relates to modernizing government, all businesses are transforming so that the customer experience is front and center. There's no reason why the government shouldn't do exactly the

Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Systems

I think both companies share this common vision of being able to help businesses transform. When you think about what we can do with the combination of what they've done with Dynamics and what we have done with the Experience cloud and the Marketing cloud, together we can go in and automate both sales and marketing with artificial intelligence. The volume of data that we are tracking and enabling people to understand and infer things from ... that will help a creator be a better creator. That will help a marketer be a better

Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Systems

If you're not careful, I think it impacts the competitiveness of our country vis-à-vis some of these other

Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Systems

People want to create and businesses want to transform, and we are mission-critical to both of them. We are driving tremendous innovation and

Scott Forstall

The moment you saw that, you knew this was the way to go. Steve said, do you think you could take that demo that we're doing with the tablet and the multitouch and shrink it down to something small enough to fit in your pocket?' We went back to the design team and they took it and they carved out a corner of it. Steve saw it and said 'put the tablet on hold, let's build a phone.' And that's what we

Scott Forstall

The iPhone had a very circuitous route. We'd been working on a tablet project. It began because Steve hated this guy at Microsoft. Any time Steve had any interaction with the guy, he'd come back pissed off. You don't use a stylus ... we're born with 10 styluses. What they didn't get was we were changing the entire paradigm. We were changing the entire way things were

Scott Forstall

It was being compared against other smartphones of the time, BlackBerry etc, according to the metrics people thought were important at the

Pamela Stark

The white scales get rubbed off, so you lose the white lyre on the back that tells you it's aegypti. June bugs get pulled in and stomp around like

Ethan Jackson

Then I realized that's a mosquito's full-time job. There are over 3,600 species, but if we can catch the right ones and do metagenetic sequencing on all the DNA and RNA we find in them, we can see the diseases on the

Keith Weiss

With a strengthening secular positioning and rationalization of underperforming portions of the solution portfolio, Microsoft is back to showing durable double digit EPS growth – and investors should be willing to pay a higher multiple for that

Keith Weiss

Windows 10 gives Microsoft an improved story on tablets, a new leg of rev. growth and downstream opps. for synergy with the Surface, Xbox, and the device

David Treat - Accenture

Without an identity you can't access education, financial services, healthcare, you name it. You are disenfranchised and marginalized from society. Having a digital identity is a basic human

Todd Gordon

What we're essentially doing is defining a range in which we think Microsoft will exist heading into July monthly

Todd Gordon

Microsoft, as well as the broader market, has had a very nice move up over the last nine months, following a very orderly uptrend. It appears that the last consolidation we saw was back in the second half of summer 2016, into early fall. So that consolidation is right in this range, so it lasted about three to four

Todd Gordon

Done properly, options are a wonderful way to potentially make money in a sideways market in high implied volatility

Bob Lease

This is like the Mecca of the gaming industry so to be here is like a huge honour to be able to come here and see what's going on and get the first glimpse of all the greatest stuff coming

Craig Young

Anyone still using Windows 2003 or XP should install these patches ASAP with the expectation that they will be actively exploited in the near term. This move may indicate that Microsoft has been made aware of exploits that may be pending imminent release from the Shadow Brokers. WannaCry was orders of magnitude smaller than some successful malware campaigns of the past. We may not be so lucky the next time this

Peter Bright - Ars Technica

Patching is the wrong decision: it sends a clear message to recalcitrant corporations that they can stick with Windows XP, insecure as it is, because if anything too serious is found, Microsoft will update it anyway … Every time an organisation resists upgrading to Microsoft's latest operating system, it jeopardises its own

Adrienne Hall - Microsoft

Due to the elevated risk for destructive cyber-attacks at this time, we made the decision to take this action because applying these updates provides further protection against potential attacks with characteristics similar to WannaCrypt [alternative name to WannaCry].feedback

Scott Davis - Barclays

G.E. needs an 'AT&T-style' breakup. With someone like Microsoft or Google makes the most

Mike Chapman

You could form a bond, make a new friend and decide to form a crew together. We're making all these design choices where you really do want to meet people and work together, it doesn't have to devolve into combat. We want to make the most fun, welcoming multiplayer

Mike Chapman

The chest is a real object in the game world and can easily change hands. You get all these memorable adventures where you come across another ship, sneak onboard, while trying to be as quiet as possible (the game has a proximity chat system, so the rival crew will hear you if you shout), get down to their lower deck and find tons of chests because they've been out on their own adventures. You get to steal that and have your pirate

Andrew House

The PS4 platform is in its prime, with the industry's best lineup of exclusive and partner titles slated to release this year, taking full advantage of the power of the PS4 system. We are committed to further expanding our overall PS4 ecosystem, by broadening the PlayStation VR content portfolio, as well as enriching our network services along with our ground-breaking software lineup. We remain steadfast in bringing the best entertainment experience to users worldwide and making PS4 the best place to

Robert Bouroujerdi

Five companies poised to dominate disruption - Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet - have added a total of $600m (£474m) of market cap this year, or the equivalent gross domestic product of Hong Kong and South Africa combined. Parallels to the 'nifty-fifty' and 1999 to 2000 are growing as their performance is even more pronounced on a risk-adjusted

Andrew House

I still firmly believe the normal step change of a platform life cycle is very important. I think the fact that the technology resets mean you get to reset the medium every five to seven years and I still think that's very positive. Yes, you've got raising production values and often costs, but you do have the opportunity to essentially reinvent the medium and bring something new and different to it. ... I don't think we, as a category, should walk away from

Ben Schachter

There hasn't been a lot of really great software. The exclusives from third parties aren't there. We need to see more interesting first-party exclusives or something special on the virtual reality/mixed reality side. ... You need to show people why there is a reason to

Kareem Choudhry

We viewed compatibility as critical for Xbox One X. Right from the start, all Xbox One accessories and games will work with Xbox One X. … The game library you have today will be even better with Xbox One X with ... faster load times [and improved graphics]. Even if you haven't made the jump to a 4K TV yet, we made this Xbox for

Phil Spencer

Xbox One X, the most powerful console ever made, sets a new standard for gamers and game

Michael Pachter - Wedbush Securities

We expect (Xbox One X) to underwhelm at retail, as has PS4 Pro, which costs $399. The subdued sales numbers for the PS4 Pro since launch are partly a reflection of gamers opting for the older and cheaper hardware (sometimes with a pack-in) in order to save over $100. The potential price delta between Project Scorpio and the Xbox One of $200 or more is even greater than the delta between the PS4 Pro and the PS4 of $100 or

Piers Harding-Rolls

Crucially, we do not believe that, at this stage, Xbox One X is a device to re-ignite Xbox One sales in continental Europe and to gain market share from Sony in key sales territories outside of USA and

Bill Gates - Microsoft

Building Microsoft was incredibly fun, and because we were right about software we had the wind at our back. When I got into philanthropy, the idea of could I do it twice, in an area where the feedback isn't quite as obvious of what you're doing right and wrong – now I can say that we've got this organization that's so much fun to be part of so it's not only a great organization it's got these metrics that, at least on some of them, we've exceeded our own expectations. How do we get out of here?feedback

William Lee

It's not the type of culture you want to create. You want to create a culture that's much more enhancing, where people are able to talk on the way to the office, on the way to the meetings. So the tall buildings and the elevators, socially you're supposed to be pretty silent. People don't want to walk beyond four

William Lee

Half the leaders believe that the campus needs to be much more open to the community for the company to survive for the next 50-100 years. There's another thought where tech companies have a lot of intellectual property and therefore, to protect that, you can't have a free-flowing campus. A lot of the Microsoft campuses have a strong balance of

Peter Walshe - Millward Brown

Strong brands continue to deliver value for the companies that own them, regardless of economic, political and category disruption. The BrandZ Global Top 100 is now dominated by the internet giants – brands that have operated on a global stage since day one, and which are built on powerful, innovative technology platforms. This has enabled them to transcend regional and sector boundaries and grow their value at an unprecedented

Jane Bloomfield - Millward Brown

The superstar technology brands in the BrandZ Global Top 100 are capable of abundant innovation, using their platforms to create connected ecosystems that meet multiple needs and make our lives easier. They also have great elasticity, confidently playing in new territories and categories to expand their customer

Adam Cheyer

We are working on a next generation assistant and we will deliver it through Samsung's devices, perhaps under the Bixby brand eventually but also to other interfaces. Right now there is a race to the single interface where all of the big companies Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and now Samsung are trying to make the assistant the next paradigm like the browser, like the smartphone, you'll have an assistant to help you in your

Andrus Ansip

No way. No way. The aim of taxation is not just (to) collect revenues … But to increase salaries of teachers and police. Taxes are also to have some influence over some processes. I fully agree that we have to tax bad habits, for example pollution, or smoking, or drinking alcoholic drinks, this I can

Jean Floyd

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be actively conducting ground and flight line testing at the Mojave Air and Space Port. This is a first-of-its-kind aircraft, so we're going to be diligent throughout testing and continue to prioritize the safety of our pilots, crew and staff. Stratolaunch is on track to perform its first launch demonstration as early as

Amritansh Raghav - Skype

What differentiates one application from the other is the network that you have. For us, we have a network on Skype, and it is the exact network that we want to grow - the personal network. From our perspective, we look at giving our users the tools they

Paul Allen - Microsoft

Opening up access to LEO (low earth orbit) will deliver many benefits. For example, we could deploy more satellites that would enable better understanding of why our weather patterns are changing and help increase agricultural productivity. And, we could study atmospheric chemistry more closely to better study and mitigate climate change. But none of this will happen as quickly without exploring new, flexible and streamlined ways to send satellites into

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

Frankly I don't think the stock price had a chance to move while I was CEO. That's our controllable. The stock price is not a controllable. I've only been back on the Microsoft campus once, I think, since I've retired. Whether it's Microsoft or the competition, that's certainly what I've seen happen, but I'm glad to see energy happen on the topic, because it is the frontier of

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

Companies get successful with an idea, with talent around the idea and with capability as a company to execute on the idea. It turns out if you want to have a second idea that is different than the first, you may need new talent, but you also need new capability. And you don't get new capability

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

So if you're lucky enough to invent the first thing and the second thing before nobody else does, then you can build new capability. But I think I was too slow, in cases, to recognize the need for new capability. And particularly in hardware. I wish we'd built the capability to be a world-class hardware company, because one of the new expressions of software is essentially the hardware, and I think we came to that later than I think the company should have built that under my leadership should have built that capability earlier than we

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

The thing I would say we missed with Phone is we tried to use the old techniques -- software licensing and blah, blah, blah. We tried to use all the same techniques, and the same techniques were never going to get us there. We had the wrong monetization model, we had the wrong delivery model -- all of that, and it's because we didn't build new

Bill Gates - Microsoft

Right now, the human worker who does, say, $50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed and you get income tax, social security tax, all those things. If a robot comes in to do the same thing, you'd think that we'd tax the robot at a similar

Peter Johnston

It was an emotional decision. This is the sweet spot. Do I think they'll attack the freelance market and build a module as fast as us?

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

I think obviously somebody buying the stock at $1,000, they're hoping it goes to $2,000 so I think the opportunity again is the market share in online, that's an increase and it would put Amazon at $1 trillion in revenue if they get to that. The specific reason is Azure from Microsoft is gaining share, and Google is making a big push within that ... so that's an area that Amazon had an early lead on but is not maintaining the same market share they had in

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Change starts local. Even global changes start small – with people like us. In our generation, the struggle of whether we connect more, whether we achieve our biggest opportunities, comes down to this – your ability to build communities and create a world where every single person has a sense of

Leslie Jones

BET was the first place I ever did comedy on TV, so it's a full-circle moment of coming home where I started. I went out in the world and did what I needed to do and now I can come home to my people and say, Yo! Look what I did!feedback

Brad Gerstner - Altimeter Capital

Compute and storage utilities, I think this is going to enable massive innovation by all sorts of companies, not the least of which are all the industrial companies that can lever and take advantage of the massive investments that Google's making, Amazon's making, Microsoft's making, and machine learning that's in the

Ben Wolff - Sarcos

Every time we use the robot, it may be a different environment. Inspecting a bridge one day, a refinery tank, the welds inside a shipping container. In a nutshell, if the infrastructure plan goes forward it creates a lot of opportunity for Sarcos. One thing that will be critical is evaluating the useful life of some of the remaining

Crawford Del Prete - International Data Corporation

While I am sure that [Microsoft] is positioning itself for growth in the manufacturing sector, there are other options – and there are many manufacturing customers that are using those options. I think the real value for MSFT is in the developer networks, and in their ability to attract developers from industries to

Robert Seidl

We're at the beginning of something that is going to grow much much bigger over the next 10 years. Some places will be quite affected by automation. There's a very large market opportunity in automotive. Then more broadly, the kinds of things that happen in technology. Not just driving and people-moving, but warehouses, packing and unpacking, and delivery, inspection in oil and gas, infrastructure

Robert Seidl

I think it's worth being cautious about funding [until it] actually happens. American governments have been notoriously underfunded when it comes to infrastructure. We always tell our founders, Do not rely on other start-ups as customers, and don't rely on the government as your only customers. Funding can evaporate if there is an election.' That's a challenge for

Ben Wolff - Sarcos

Before the forklift or before the power drill, we had humans doing the work and they had to lift the heavy things on their own, and there was more danger involved. So I think we look at the robots as really the next level of innovation – tools in the workplace that enhance safety. I call this the golden age of

Leslie Jones

I'm not trying to be Giselle. I'll get dressed up for the red carpet or the party but on stage I'm going to wear something like what I wear when I do stand-up. It's all about being

Leslie Jones

I am tired of everybody being sad and angry. I want people to just downright laugh. You can't do the event without touching on certain things, but I'm trying to make it all funny. It's really just about pulling the elephants out of the room and, actually, I'll make the elephant in the room laugh about it. So my goal for this show is to have a big 'ol nice barbecue, family reunion feel. I just want everyone cracking up. I want everyone leaving that event going, Wait, did they even give awards out? I was too busy

Rob Mee

We'll definitely do it when the market conditions and the business conditions are just right. Everything that we do is open-source ... in that mode of openness, now that we provide cloud technology as well, which we have built over the last four years, (the cloud business) has become a big growth engine for us. Companies want a multi-cloud strategy. The timing is really good for us to step up investment in Asia in a big

Michael Warrilow - Gartner

The future for cloud is bright ... adoption will increase within the majority of organizations. There is definitely a place for smaller companies to use big public cloud providers for their

Rob Mee

Software development is optimized for continuous change is essentially what it is. Prior to that, software development had tried to limit change because it was seen as risky. It turns out that in order to move safely, you have to move much more

Af Malhotra

With the majority of their business coming from US-based clients, it seems like a natural step for Indian IT companies to expand and strengthen their client offering in a market that promises sustained growth. This will undoubtedly benefit U.S. workers and sing to the tune of Trump's America First strategy. The H-1B talks have led to speculation and that is causing a stir in India. The proposed changes to H1B visas will also impact American tech companies, such as Google, and Microsoft, increasing their costs, and potentially leaving them with a skills

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

The external design isn't dramatically different, but there are lots of changes

Neil Shah - Apple

The Surface Pro's global launch in China, along with announcement of Windows 10 China Government Edition, speaks volumes of Microsoft's China

Panos Panay - Microsoft

People's expectations for what their devices should help them accomplish are high – and the Surface team works to exceed those expectations. People want beautiful and powerful devices, with all-day battery life and amazing digital inking experiences. They want to better express their ideas creatively while being able to work whenever, wherever and however they choose. The new Surface Pro delivers all that and

Carolina Milanesi - Gartner

I am sure I am a minority but I have been waiting for years for LTE support!feedback

Ian Fogg - IHS

13.5 hours of battery life on the new Surface Pro is very impressive, if reality matches marketing. If so, it's way ahead of the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro

George Lenhart - Hershey's

We are looking at the chocolate next. The ingredients in chocolate are far more expensive, so small savings have a much higher return. We are putting plans together. They would love it if we could do it on every line right

George Lenhart - Hershey's

We had to go a little heavy all the time. Variability is something that we are always are trying to minimize. They have spent years perfecting it, but if I could predict the weight of the licorice, would I be able to adjust the machine automatically. If the highs are not as high, lows are not as low, you are getting closer and closer to the net weight number is without going below. The less waste, the more

Brad Smith

Just as the fourth Geneva convention recognised that the protection of civilians required the active involvement of the Red Cross, protection against nation-state cyber-attacks requires the active assistance of technology

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

The interesting thing about it is everyone who's not Facebook and Google is pretty much using our platform. We are one of only three companies in the world that can recognize, across the world, when phones walk in and out of these places. And if you look at all our paying customers, it's Apple, it's Microsoft, it's Snap, it's Twitter, it's Uber, it's Pinterest, it's Samsung, and 100,000 other

Jimmy Wales

I would join with Microsoft and the other leaders of the industry in saying this is a huge screw-up by the government. This is an issue that should have been, the moment the NSA found it, they should have notified Microsoft so they could quietly issue a patch and really chivvy people along long before it became a huge problem. So I think it's very problematic when we see the security services stockpiling and weaponizing what are things that are very risky to the

Marc Benioff -

You can really see we are crushing Oracle. SAP, Microsoft – it's just across the board. We're getting all these great wins in sales, in service in marketing. We're just seeing an amazing set of situations for Salesforce and customer wins, foreign exchange going our way. And also you see it's really the culmination of many great quarters coming together to produce amazing numbers for this

Dhruv Ratra

Wal-Mart and Amazon are the most notable examples in the recent past. Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Facebook all face the issues of endemic corruption and draconian tax laws [in a] culturally unfamiliar

Brad Smith

We need governments to consider the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities and the use of these exploits. This is one reason we called in February for a new 'Digital Geneva Convention' to govern these issues, including a new requirement for governments to report vulnerabilities to vendors, rather than stockpile, sell, or exploit

Matthieu Suiche

Companies need to be better prepared with backup strategies and up to date systems! We got lucky today because this variant was caught early enough that no further damages had been done, but we need to be prepared for tomorrow!feedback

Liran Eshel - CTERA Networks

The attack shows how sophisticated ransomware has become, forcing even unaffected organizations to rethink

Paul Pratley - MWR InfoSecurity

We haven't seen many organizations fall over and that's because they did some of the security

Ziv Mador - Trustwave Holdings

Some organizations just aren't aware of the risks; some don't want to risk interrupting important business processes; sometimes they are short-staffed. There are plenty of reasons people wait to patch and none of them are good. Clearly people who run supported versions of Windows and patched quickly were not

Samil Neino

What really makes the magnitude of this attack so much greater than any other is that the intent has changed from information stealing to business

Sanjay Bahl

Those who are using pirated software, they don't even have any patch. They won't even report any attack. They have no option but to go for something

Fred Wilson

Even Amazon will be impacted by it. Microsoft got massively impacted by the internet – just massively impacted. ... But they're still around. None of these companies will go out of

Fred Wilson

I think that what happened to Microsoft in the late '90s will happen to them, we just don't know when. They are optimizing around an attention-driven business model. Somebody will create a new business model that is not attention driven, the way that the attention-driven business model disrupted the enterprise software business model. And they won't be able to react to it quickly enough, and they will get

Marcy Wheeler

Heck, at this point, Shadow Brokers doesn't even need to have this exploit (though I'm guessing the NSA and Microsoft both may be erring on the side of caution at this point). Because simply by threatening another leak after leaking two sets of Microsoft exploits, Shadow Brokers will ratchet up the hostility between Microsoft and the

Alex Abdo

This area of law has been stunted in its growth. It is very difficult to hold software manufacturers accountable for flaws in their

Michael Nemeroff

The recent global ransomware attack exploiting a flaw in Windows, while serious, not only demonstrates the continued ubiquity of Microsoft, but also highlights that many of the affected enterprises or entities that are still using older, and now unsupported, versions of Windows need to accelerate their plans to upgrade to Windows 10. We believe the recent ransomware attack could accelerate the Windows upgrade cycle for enterprises, which would drive further upside to Office 365 Commercial MAUs [monthly active users] beyond what is currently factored into our

Michael Nemeroff

We view MSFT shares as attractive due to the significant earnings power potential over the next several

David Omand

Should Microsoft have stopped supporting Windows XP so soon, knowing that institutions had invested heavily in it (at the urging of the company at the time)? At least a Windows XP patch for the flaw that allowed the worm to spread so readily has now been issued, but it would have been better if it had been released a month earlier, when the company first became aware of the

Bill Gates - Microsoft

When I left school, I knew little about the world's worst inequities. Took me decades to learn. (Artificial intelligence), energy, and biosciences are promising fields where you can make a huge impact. It's what I would do if starting out

Bill Gates - Microsoft

As software has become ever more complex, interdependent and interconnected, our reputation as a company has in turn become more vulnerable. Flaws in a single Microsoft product, service or policy not only affect the quality of our platform and services overall, but also our customers' view of us as a

Thomas Bossert

The United States, more than probably any other country, is extremely careful with their processes about how they handle any vulnerabilities that they're aware

Bruce Schneier

We'll need new security standards when hackers go after the Internet of

Thomas Bossert

The provenance of the underlying vulnerability is not of as much concern to

Michael Daniel

We still don't have a good rating system for vulnerabilities in terms of their severity. Not all zero-days are created

Zohar Pinhasi

What happened with the Shadow Brokers in this case is equivalent to a nuclear bomb in cyberspace. This is what happens when you give a tiny little criminal a weapon of mass destruction. This will only go bigger. It's only the tip of the

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

People have extremely short memories when it comes to this. I think, realistically, people will move on pretty

Judson Althoff

Our key direction to you is to remember that we are in this with our customers – we are trusted advisers, counselors, and suppliers to them. More than technical guidance, I want you to make sure you are spending the time needed to understand the concerns they have and that they know we are here to

Mikko Hypponen - F-Secure

I can understand why they issued an emergency patch for XP after WannaCry was found, but in general, we should just let XP

Zeynep Tufekci

Companies like Microsoft should discard the idea that they can abandon people using older software. The money they made from these customers hasn't expired; neither has their responsibility to fix

Ziv Mador - Trustwave Holdings

Even though it's becoming harder and harder, the incentives have increased

Bill Gates - Microsoft

Looking back on when I left college, there are some things I wish I had known. Intelligence takes many different forms. It is not one-dimensional. And not as important as I used to think. I also have one big regret: When I left school, I knew little about the world's worst inequities. Took me decades to learn. You know more than I did when I was your age. You can start fighting inequity, whether down the street or around the world, sooner. Meanwhile, surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best self. As [Melinda Gates] does for

James Lewis

Think of it like a master key. NSA identified a vulnerability in a Microsoft software that the Shadow Brokers, then released so anybody could use

Eric Chien - Symantec

At this time, all we have is a temporal link. We want to see more coding similarities to give us more

Chris Dore

Using outdated versions of Windows that are no longer supported raises a lot of questions. I doubt there can be any liability that stems back to the

James Lewis

NSA should be embarrassed – they've had a lot of damaging leaks. Microsoft needs to admit that the 20th century is over, it's a much more hostile environment, and that hobbling the NSA won't make us any

Edward J. McAndrew - Ballard Spahr

There is this stream of liability that flows from the ransomware attack. That's liability to individuals, consumers, and

Emily Orton - Darktrace

You can buy these things and launch them. The barriers of entry to hacking are going

Emily Orton - Darktrace

There are stockpiles of the most sophisticated cyber exploits up for sale. There is a whole marketplace if you want to hack and you don't have to be good at

Peggy Johnson - Microsoft

It seems like such a small thing, but when you're one of 15 brothers and sisters like me, those small reminders about the importance of discipline and order are critical. I still reflect back on that lesson with my team at Microsoft – what are the little moments of discipline that need happen each day to help us stay on track and achieve success as a team?feedback

Brad Smith

We take every single cyberattack on a Windows system seriously, and we've been working around the clock since Friday to help all our customers who have been affected by this incident. This included a decision to take additional steps to assist users with older systems that are no longer supported. This attack provides yet another example of why the stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments is such a problem. This is an emerging pattern in

Brad Smith

This attack provides yet another example of why the stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments is such a problem. (...) We have seen vulnerabilities stored by the CIA show up on WikiLeaks, and now this vulnerability stolen from the NSA has affected customers around the world. Repeatedly, exploits in the hands of governments have leaked into the public domain and caused widespread damage. An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the U.S. military having some of its Tomahawk missiles

Jeremy Wittkop - Intelisecure

The government has a responsibility like with nuclear weapons to make sure they don't fall into the hands of the wrong people. If you are going to create something that can cause this much damage you have to protect

Derek Manky - Fortinet

Out of that batch, it is probably a high-water mark. WE KNEW IT COULD BE A

Thomas Parenty

It certainly wouldn't be Microsoft though. It would be some Chinese customized Linux distribution so that the money doesn't go

Thomas Parenty

It turned out every single one of their computers, all the software, was bootlegged. They had every Adobe product and movie you could download. The computers were so overloaded by things that weren't for work, they had no capacity to do work. The only way I see this changing things is if the central government decides there is a risk to critical infrastructure from this threat and force people to buy legitimate software. But I don't see that happening right

Phillip Misner - Microsoft

We know that some of our customers are running versions of Windows that no longer receive mainstream support. That means those customers will not have received the … Security Update released in March. Given the potential impact to customers and their businesses, we made the decision to make the Security Update for platforms in custom support only, Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003, broadly available for

Ben Wallace

It's not about a billion pounds in this infrastructure or that infrastructure. After the NAO report and indeed at numerous occasions after there are incidents, whether there are cyber attacks, small or large around the world, we pass on information to the trusts. Some security patches were issued by Microsoft back in March and some trusts absolutely clearly loaded those up to protect themselves. Of course, after this we have got to ask ourselves why was it not

Malcolm Turnbull

We haven't seen the impact that they've seen, for example, in the United Kingdom. But it is very important that business and enterprises that are in the private or government sector make sure those patches for the Windows systems that were made available by Microsoft in March are

Dan Tehan

At this stage, it does seem like we have missed the major impact of this ransomware

R. David Edelman

There are certainly still systems in the government that are running XP. Some of them are almost certainly Internet-connected; some of them might be further back-end or otherwise not as

James Barnett

They're going to turn on their computers in the morning and find out if they were protected or

Peter Warren Singer

If you looked at what the biggest trends all the security companies were highlighting at the beginning of the year, ransomware was in all of their

Adam Segal

They knew the vulnerability was online ... so they went to Microsoft and warned the company they needed to patch it. That opens a lot of questions about back doors and access to encryption that the government argues it needs from the private sector for

Dan Wire

There's some truth to the idea that people are always going to hack themselves. You've got to keep your systems

Cynthia Larose

There's a lot of older Windows products out there that are 'end of life' and nobody's bothered to take them out of

Mark Weatherford

It's going to be big, but it's too early to say how much it's going to cost because we still don't know the magnitude of the

Jonathan Ashworth

Operations have been cancelled and patients put at risk. Cyber security can't just be left to the Home Office, we need to know what action Jeremy hunt is going to take to protect the public from an attack like this in

Graham Cluley

There are other criminals who've launched this attack, and they are ultimately responsible for this. But there's clearly some culpability on the part of the US intelligence services. Because they could have done something ages ago to get this problem fixed, and they didn't do it. Obviously, they want those tools in order to spy on people of interest, on other countries, to conduct surveillance. It's a handy thing to have, but it's a dangerous thing to have. Because they can be used against you. And that's what's happening right

Lawrence Abrams

The problem is the larger organizations are still running on old, no-longer-supported operating systems. So they no longer get the security updates they should

Johannes Ullrich

Malware that penetrates the perimeter and then spreads inside the network tends to be quite successful. When any technique is shown to be effective, there are almost always copycats,'' said Steve Grobman, chief technology officer of McAfee, a security company in Santa Clara, California. But that's complicated, because hackers need to find security flaws that are unknown, widespread and relatively easy to

Patrick Toomey

It would be shocking if the NSA knew about this vulnerability but failed to disclose it to Microsoft until after it was stolen. These attacks underscore the fact that vulnerabilities will be exploited not just by our security agencies, but by hackers and criminals around the world. It is past time for Congress to enhance cybersecurity by passing a law that requires the government to disclose vulnerabilities to companies in a timely manner. Patching security holes immediately, not stockpiling them, is the best way to make everyone's digital life

Jeremy Corbyn

What we've now got is a bunch of 21st century highway robbers that have hacked into our NHS and are basically offering protection money to get the information back in order to treat cancer patients or anybody else. It's unbelievably disgusting and I've got nothing but contempt for those people that have done it, and I'm sure all of you would share

Jeremy Corbyn

But I'm also very angry that in 2014, there was a one-year renewal of the protection system on the NHS systems which was not renewed after that and not renewed the year after that, and so our systems are now not upgraded and not protected. As a result, we've got this dreadful situation that NHS workers are facing

Phillip Misner - Microsoft

Seeing businesses and individuals affected by cyberattacks, such as the ones reported today, was painful. Given the potential impact to customers and their businesses, we made the decision to make the Security Update for platforms in custom support

Phillip DiBartolo

Teachers really helped to drive adoption of Google in the classroom, while Apple and Microsoft continued to leverage traditional sales

Jonathan Ashworth

As Secretary of State, I urge you to publically outline the immediate steps you'll be taking to significantly improve cyber security in our NHS. The public has a right to know exactly what the Government will do to ensure that such an attack is never repeated

Jeremy Corbyn

As a result we have got this dreadful situation that NHS workers are facing today. I'll tell you this, a Labour government would not leave our NHS's very vital information systems unprotected. We would protect

Ross Anderson

If large numbers of NHS organisations failed to act on a critical notice from Microsoft two months ago, then whose fault is that?feedback

Steve Grobman - Intel

When any technique is shown to be effective, there are almost always copycats. Whenever there is a new patch, there is a risk in applying the patch and a risk in not applying the patch. Part of what an organization needs to understand and assess is what those two risks

Adam Segal

The NSA is supposed to lead the vulnerability equities process with all the other government agencies gathered round to discuss their interests in the vulnerability, and to weigh the offensive capabilities against defensive concerns for the private sector and US interests. It seems that in this case their hand was forced. They knew the vulnerability was online because of Shadow Brokers and Vault 7 so they went to Microsoft and warned the company they needed to patch

Jonathan Ashworth

The public has a right to know exactly what the Government will do to ensure that such an attack is never repeated again…. NHS Trusts have been running thousands of outdated and unsupported Windows XP machines despite the Government ending its annual £5.5 million deal with Microsoft, which provided ongoing security support for Windows XP, in May 2015. It effectively means that unless individual trusts were willing to pay Microsoft for an extended support deal, since May 2015 their operating systems have been extremely vulnerable to being

Jonathan Ashworth

As secretary of state, I urge you to publicly outline the immediate steps you'll be taking to significantly improve cyber-security in our NHS. The public has a right to know exactly what the government will do to ensure that such an attack is never repeated again. NHS trusts have been running thousands of outdated and unsupported Windows XP machines despite the government ending its annual £5.5m deal with Microsoft, which provided ongoing security support for Windows XP, in May

Edward Snowden

Despite warnings, (NSA) built dangerous attack tools that could target Western software. Today we see the cost. If [the NSA] had privately disclosed the flaw used to attack hospitals when they found it, not when they lost it, this may not have

Terry Myerson

We are building Windows to be the platform that empowers everyone to

Chris Pratley - Microsoft

What you're basically seeing is everyone in the industry is taking advantage of deep learning and how it's revolutionizing how we build

Dan Sullivan

Shadow Brokers obtained the NSA tools that exposed a vulnerability in Microsoft's operating systems. They dumped the instructions detailing how to get in. The exploit is the 'crowbar' to open the door and the ransomware is the 'hand grenade' you lob in once the door is

Graham Cluley

It's likely that regular online criminals simply used the information that the Shadow Brokers put on the internet and thought 'how can we monetise

Edward Snowden

Circumstantial evidence and conventional wisdom indicates Russian

Graham Cluley

Microsoft developed the patch after an exploit was taken from US intelligence. The US intelligence agency found a security hole in Microsoft software and rather than doing the decent thing and contacting Microsoft they kept it to themselves and exploited it for the purposes of spying. Then they themselves got hacked. And it was at that point Microsoft thought, Jesus we need to patch against this

Terry Myerson

For developers, Fluent Design is built to help you create more expressive and engaging apps that work across a wide range of device and input diversity. Imagine logging off your PC and having the doc you were editing pop up on your phone. Cortana asks if you want to pick up where you left in your app, doc or website. It's like having your PC and your phone finish each other's sentences. Just hit copy on what you want to grab; your photo, map link, paragraph, even an animated gif; and it is ready to paste into whatever you

Satya Nadella - Microsoft

Any company that just collects rent internationally will be in trouble. Every head of state only cares about one thing: it is about their country first. In the US it is about America first, and in Britain it is about Britain first. It's no longer just mobile first, in other words, it is not about one device, and app model for one device. The user experience itself is going to span all of your

Richard Windsor

This is where Google Assistant has a huge advantage as it has already been designed to run with a screen (smartphones) meaning that adapting to having a screen on the Google Home product should be much easier and much better. We still think that Google Home has the advantage here as it has a much better assistant than Alexa, but its lack of developer support for the smart home is starting to be a real problem. Google really needs to pull its finger out and show developers love, especially as Microsoft looks set to launch something similar to Echo Show but using

Jim Cramer

Nvidia makes the best graphics processors around. Gaming was up 49 percent as this company makes graphics chips that can run gorgeous games on your PC or power the new Nintendo Switch, which is the hottest console in the universe. Amazon Web Services, Facebook, [Alphabet's] Google, IBM and Microsoft all rely on their chips – who else is there – to power their cloud platforms because of Nvidia's artificial intelligence

Jason Calacanis

The 'FAAAM' index – Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft – these companies now have virtual monopolies. In fact, they've figured out how to game the Justice Department and really become monopolies that are immune to government action – at least, in the United States. They're not going to try to compete with the global user base in the same way Facebook is obsessed with having everybody. Snapchat is going to really get themselves into trouble if they get into Yahoo's big problem, which was a constant comparison to .... Google. Snapchat has to establish they are something

Alex Kipman

The phone is already dead and people just haven't

Michael S. Dell - Dell

We've been gradually embracing this for some time, but we talk about this as consumption models. So, pay-as-you-grow, pay-as-you-use, pay-per-use – and we're absolutely embracing that. It's what our customers are asking us to do, and we're happy to do it. We've seen a bit of a boomerang effect where, you know, customers have run to the public cloud and say, Hey wait a second, this is more

Michael S. Dell - Dell

Because the operating costs of the infrastructure itself is too large of a cost relative to their overall P&

Ali Mokdad - Hezbollah

If you decide to eat right it's so expensive. We're one of the richest cities in the country – we have Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, headquartered here among many other companies – but if you go into some stores here in the poor areas south of the city, you can't buy fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. We have places where there's an obesity epidemic, and we have an epidemic of smoking that's coming down but still as high in some rural areas as Europe and the Middle

Tariq Shaukat

I don't think that looking at prices itself as opposed to the value being delivered to the customer is the right way to look at it. Our skill set capability in data management, machine learning, is second to none and we think that will be one of the key adopters in cloud adoption. Within five years we can overtake Amazon in the market and that is all based on this idea that only 5 percent of workloads are currently in the cloud that could go into the cloud. What happens today is not a terribly good predictor of what is going to happen in the

Tariq Shaukat

We don't need to compete on price to be honest. We definitely compete on value more than price … but if you look at the products, (they) are hard to compare side by side. We believe that our pricing models are much more friendly. So just simply by adopting the more flexible pricing models we have, things like billing by the minute rather than the hour, we think we can save a typical company 20 to 30 percent without having a unit price different to the

Brian Krzanich - Intel

This is the best time, I think, in history to go out and buy a PC or be in the PC business because the innovation is tremendous. There are other places that people are spending their dollars, so I can't come in to you and say, This is a revenue growth engine. But we've been able to grow profitability and we've been driving innovation with our partners, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo. The products you're going to see over the next couple of years are going to just wow

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

The earnings multiples for these companies are partly wrong on the basis that actually, I think there is power in the earnings cycle. I don't think people have got the right earnings forecasts if you are looking into 2017 and

Jim Cramer

In other words, the stunning rally in the Nasdaq is about more than just these high-profile stocks. Ponsi notes that when Microsoft got overbought in the recent past, your best course of action has been to wait for the stock to come back down. Now, if history's any guide, you'll get your chance to buy this one closer to the 50-day moving average. If you don't get a pullback and you don't already own it, you've got my blessing to put on a partial position on

Hal Friedlander

The challenge for Microsoft is that it did not seem to have a coherent

Rob Dickson

Now it's not four or five different experiences based on which app you are using. It's a single app with all those experiences within

Terry Myerson

Sometimes school districts aren't managing the devices. Teachers are on the front lines of managing the

Panos Panay - Microsoft

We talk to a lot of them... they're asking for a laptop, they're asking for a Surface laptop. So we built a laptop, and it's

Terry Myerson

Everything that runs on Windows 10 S is downloaded from the Windows Store, . Windows 10 S will run any browser in the Windows

Tyler Bosmeny

The success of the Chromebook has awakened sleeping giants. There's so much investment into the space – it's unlike anything I've ever

Terry Myerson

Windows 10 S is streamlined for simplicity, security and speed, so that it runs as well on day one as it does on day 1,000. But the full Windows peripheral ecosystem is available, meaning you can still plug things into Windows 10 S, from STEM tools and lesson plans to

Jeff Orr - ABI Research

Both Apple's Mac laptops and Google-powered Chromebooks have offered a combination of hardware and software to keep Windows from being as dominant in education as it has become in the workplace. The affordability of Chromebooks and the benefits of cloud services has propelled the low-cost laptop use case even

Panos Panay - Microsoft

We built a laptop that's beautiful, but it's beautiful because it's personal. And it's going to last you; it's going to last that student from the day they start to the day they walk across that stage and collect their diploma four years later. The Surface Laptop is lighter and thinner than any MacBook Air or MacBook Pro currently available and it's faster and has longer battery life than any MacBook on sale today. We want you to be proud of your laptop when you pull it out of the

Hamdan bin Mohammed al-Maktoum

The launch of the Dubai Font to the world is a very important step for us as part of our continuous efforts to be ranked first in the digital

Nadine Chahine

The aim was to make the font legible, while also conveying the spirit of Dubai as a city with openness to other cultures who live on its land in harmony and

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

What's missing from Dubai's new motto is a little asterisk with fine print, Except that anyone who says something the emirs don't like goes to

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