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Radley Balko
The journalist who headed up the Panama Papers project has been killed by a car
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Oct 17 2017
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Bruce Klingner

The bank president is not only allowed to defend his bank, he's obligated to do so, otherwise he's in violation of U.S. law. Similarly, Chinese, and North Korean, and other entities have been digitally entering U.S. banks and committing money laundering. If we don't enforce our laws, we're giving de facto immunity from U.S. laws simply because they are

Moeed Yusuf

In some ways, this is a clear victory; there is no question about that. Sans Panama Papers scandal, PML-N, the ruling party, was sitting pretty for the next

Adam Schiff

There is no doubt that Mueller has the authority to investigate anything that arises from his investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, including financial links. Indeed, this is a very important part of Mueller's responsibility given that any financial impropriety between Russia and the Trump organization, such as money laundering, could represent just the kind of 'kompromat' that Russia could utilize to influence administration

Dan Frechtling - G2 Web Services

Transaction laundering is serious misconduct – often criminal. It violates the merchant's agreement with its acquirer, allows prohibited goods and services to enter the payment system, and may flout anti-money laundering

Dan Frechtling - G2 Web Services

Some PSPs will make a basic anti-money laundering check - for example, using sanctions lists. But they may not do a full vetting of you until you start transacting. That is a weak

Gadi Tirosh

These days that extends from endpoint security to cloud security to fraud detection, anti-money laundering measures and so on. As the whole space evolves, the definition of what is cyber expands as

Lisa Osofsky - FBI

I'm not suggesting corruption is a 'lesser' crime, and a healthy prosecuting arm needs to be kept, but a classic SFO prosecution is about individual scalps and even big brand names such as Rolls and Tesco, but the scale of money laundering is much bigger but largely

Chris Wei - Aviva

For example, giving access to financial institutions, to Singapore government databases for identity validation, for anti-money laundering validation etc., that helps a lot. So I think Singapore has taken a little bit of a lead in that. The journey is not over, it's a long-term one, but that, I think, is the next

Cathy Mulligan

From the UK perspective, we haven't seen huge amounts of regulation. They aren't being forced to have AML [anti-money laundering regulations] or 'know your customer' regulation just yet. I think what will happen in Japan is, there will be an influx in startups, because the business environment is stable and you'll know how you're going to regulate

Rommel Banlaoi

It remains highly capable, because it has followers in Visayas. The core of the Abu Sayyaf group remains small, but its network with criminal groups nationwide is huge, established through arms smuggling and money

Roberto Saviano

Transparency groups have shown this with irrefutable data. The UK is already the most, without doubt, the most corrupt country in the world, not in terms of politics or police, but in terms of money

John Oliver

Legal marijuana businesses have struggled to get bank accounts because at the federal level they are still seen as criminal enterprises, so if banks took their deposits, that could be considered money laundering. This has meant that the businesses have had to operate all-cash. Listen, I'm not saying there shouldn't be laws that place sensible restrictions on marijuana as there are with other substances. But our federal laws desperately need to be brought up to

Tom Cardamome - Global Financial

There are some red flags here. It looks suspicious and any bank that wanted to address money laundering would certainly have looked into the ownership of the company who owned these

Amy Lynch

What I'm concerned about is whether there will be an appetite for adopting new regulations with this new administration. The majority of investment advisory firms are small. They have limited resources and may not be able to invest in the same surveillance technology that larger firms can invest in. There are sophisticated mechanisms today that can monitor accounts and look for patterns in activity. They are very valuable in preventing money

Simon Kirby

The Financial Conduct Authority and National Crime Agency take any such allegations seriously and will investigate closely whether recent information from the Guardian newspaper regarding money laundering from Russia ... would allow the progression of an investigation. Beyond that we need to make sure sophisticated criminal networks cannot exploit our financial services

Robert Barrington - Transparency International

A year after the Panama Papers, we can see that the anti-money laundering supervisors have been asleep on the job, the banks have been at best lax and at worst complicit, and the UK's law enforcement agencies have a dismal track record of investigations that lead to prosecutions. Basically, the UK's anti-money laundering defences are just not fit for purpose. The government needs a concerted, world-class strategy to deal with this if it's going to convince people that we are not in a post-Brexit race to the bottom in which corrupt money is welcomed to the UK with open

Roman Borisovich

In Russia I have witnessed an entire shadow industry of money laundering engineered by professional financiers and operated by organised criminal groups under the Kremlin's watchful eye. We have no idea yet how the other $900m got across the Russian border – but rest assured they ended up in the same

Barney Frank

It is not the case that the law has caused a problem with lending in general. If you ask them, much of what they're complaining about in terms of regulation that has been a problem for them has nothing to do with the financial reform law that I worked on. The anti-money laundering that's aiming at drug smuggling and terrorists. Know your customer, all those things. You have to report if people are taking out more than $10,000 at a time. Those have nothing to do with our

Barney Frank

Interestingly, the right in America, politically, tended to push those harder. So they are glad to have some of the complaints about the money laundering and anti-corruption things kind of be blamed on us. Interestingly, Mr. Hensarling, who had the power to put some of this through, wouldn't do that because he does not want to do things that would be helpful to the smaller banks. He wants to, frankly, capitalize in their dissatisfaction to weaken more substantial parts of the

Ira Rothken - Dotcom

Our view is that the charges are like a house of cards. Once you get rid of criminal copyright infringement, everything falls. There is no money laundering if you have a non-copyright infringing cloud storage site. We think it will be very quick when Court of Appeal looks at this to basically say that this case can no longer be sustained and should be dismissed. We believe the remaining claims have no

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

It's quite normal for a bank of our size and scale with 37 million customers to find among them instances of money laundering that we have self-identified or the regulator has

Mark Steward

The size of the fine reflects the seriousness of Deutsche Bank's failings. We have repeatedly told firms how to comply with our AML (anti-money laundering) requirements and the failings of Deutsche Bank are simply

Soumya Kanti Ghosh

Possibly the reason is to prevent any large scale money laundering towards the end of the

Gil Buenaventura

We welcome the charges as an opportunity to conclusively prove that our executives acted properly and had no knowledge or participation in any money

Amber Rudd

Money laundering still poses a real threat both to the UK's international reputation and integrity of our world leading financial

Fraser Howie

Anti-money laundering and know-your-customer oversight at Chinese banks is not taken as seriously as it should be. The nature of Chinese business is often opaque in the best of times, so you have opaque businesses dealing with poorly supervised

Mark Branson

We have introduced a warning system in relation to money laundering risks. Roughly 15 banks are in the red zone here. That means they are particularly

John McDonnell

What happened was with the leak of the Panama Papers, we discovered just how the integral links between companies and the City of London and tax evasion, and that's unacceptable. So what we want to do is make sure there's proper enforcement and actually make sure we have a proper legislative base. What's interesting in the City now is that's what a lot of people are saying as well. The good do not want to be brought down by the

Ragnar Kjartansson

That's why it's in the Panama Papers. We are like Sicily, with volcanic activity and huge family bonds, and a really strong mafia. The Sicilian mafia by comparison is totally amateur, so resorts to violence. Ours just rules. Iceland got one of the best deals out of the second world war and gained its independence from Denmark. Old people would arrogantly call it 'the blessed war', because the economy started booming. Two generations ago, we were the total scum of the earth. Now you go to every border control, and you are white, and from a cute country, with so much

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

BSI Bank is the worst case of control lapses and gross misconduct that we have seen in the Singapore financial sector. It is a stark reminder to all financial institutions to take their anti-money laundering responsibilities

Vikas Swarup

Having considered the replies furnished by Vijay Mallya to the show cause notice, facts brought by Enforcement Directorate and Non-Bailable Warrant under the (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) PMLA Act, 2002 issued by Special Judge, Mumbai, the MEA revoked the passport of Vijay Mallya under Section 10 (3)(c) and 10 (3)(h) of the Passports Act,

Jeremy Corbyn

This week the publishing of the Panama Papers drives home what more and more people feel, quite simply it's this; It's one rule for the rich and one rule for everybody else. And it's therefore high time that we got tough on tax

Antonio Di Pietro

I think it's extremely important that the whole of the EU is aware that without a common legal framework to fight mafia organisations and money laundering, there is always going to be the danger that something born in one member state could spread to

Grant Wormald

They have been arrested on warrants relating to breach of copyright offences in the United States, money laundering and

Nicos Anastasiades

I have the impression that we respond to all the indicators under international anti-money laundering rules much better than some of the big countries which obliged us to go through this extended rough time. Cyprus doesn't seem to be among the countries which are known for money

Edda Muller

Tracking money laundering and finding where it is being hidden is a very difficult area of investigation and because of this is often neglected. So, a potential criminal drug dealer, if one can catch him, will be punished but not the real criminal cause of money laundering. This is a big problem that we have to

Eduardo Sanchez

This person has seven arrest orders issued by federal judges and is at the centre of 12 criminal cases. He is accused of organised crime, murder, torture, money laundering and importing specialist military

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