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Ty Vaughn - Monsanto Company
There are parts of the label that we need to
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Sep 22 2017
“New technologies take some time to learn. Thus far, what we've seen in the field, the vast majority, more than three-quarters of them, has been due to not following the label.” said Scott Partridge speaking about Monsanto. It’s one of the 220 quotes about Monsanto you can find on this page. 147 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Werner Baumann, Hugh Grant and Michel Demare. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

Whether this is a question of negligence or intent, it is completely unacceptable. It calls into question the entire EU pesticide approval process. If regulators rely on the industry's evaluation of the science without doing their own assessment, the decision whether pesticides are deemed safe or not is effectively in the industry's

Wolfgang Vogel

We strongly hope that with the new government there will be a new approval of glyphosate. It would be very hard for farmers if they had to renounce

Jeff Donald - Bayer

Their voices along with other scientists are critical to ensuring sound science that supports the regulatory

Jonas Oxgaard - Sanford Bernstein

If the EPA imposed a April 15 cut-off date for dicamba spraying, that would be catastrophic for Xtend – it invalidates the entire point of planting

Panagiotis Retsos

Bayer have always played in the Champions League, despite a difficult national competition, which has impressed me very much. To be wanted by such a club makes me proud and I'm looking forward to playing in the Bundesliga in one of the most attractive leagues in

Rudi Völler - Bayer

Retsos had offers from some top clubs playing internationally this year, so it is all the more pleasing for us that he has decided to move to Bayer – especially since he was so elemental to Olympiakos qualifying for the Champions League. He's a young player with special talents and fits perfectly into our requirements. He is an investment in the future of the

Clay Mayes

This is what we're dealing with here. We go to work every day wondering if next year we're still going to have a

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

We're visiting every grower and every field. If there are improvements that can be made to this product, we're going to do

Bob Hartzler

It's really hard to get a handle on how widespread the damage is. But I've come to the conclusion that [dicamba] is not

Nathan Donley

We're on a road to nowhere. The next story is resistance to a third chemical, and then a fourth chemical - you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see where that will end. The real issue here is that people are using ever-more complicated combinations of poisons on crops, with ever-more complex

Frank Misselwitz - Bayer

In total, the benefits outweigh the side effect risks by far. You can see it from the clearly lowered mortality rate and that number also takes the cases of fatal bleeding into

Vance Crowe - Monsanto Company

If you shoot at it, people don't view that as you shooting at their idea, they view that as you shooting at their

Vance Crowe - Monsanto Company

The agricultural tribe is really heavily on Twitter, they are sitting in combines and planters and listening to podcasts. Sceptics spend a lot of time on sites like Reddit and have their own YouTube

Brooke Binkowski

It hurts businesses financially and it also makes things toxic for them by destroying trust and creating an atmosphere in which people don't know who they can trust. It is the same tactics that were levelled on us as a country,

Mandy Jenkins - Storyful

A few years ago, you would never imagine this was something you had to deal with. Maybe you would get a letter from a person. Now, millions of people know about the incident because maybe someone had a bad day working in McDonald's in

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

Seeds and pesticide products are essential for farmers and ultimately consumers. We need to ensure effective competition so that farmers can have access to innovative products, better quality and also purchase products at competitive prices. And at the same time maintain an environment where companies can innovate and invest in improved

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

While these concerns are of great importance, they do not form the basis for a merger

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

It uses very simple words and terms. They are not complex in a fashion that inhibits the ability of making a correct

Bob Hartzler

The restriction on these labels is unlike anything that's ever been seen

Nathan Donley

California's decision makes it the national leader in protecting people from cancer-causing

Robert T. Fraley - Monsanto Company

We firmly believe that our product if applied according to the instructions on the label will not move off target and damage

Robert T. Fraley - Monsanto Company

Given the timing of the approval … there simply wasn't the opportunity to do the additional

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

To get meaningful data takes a long, long time. This product needed to get into the hands of

Jason Norsworthy

This is the first time I'm aware of any herbicide ever brought to market for which there were strict guidelines on what you could and could not

Bill Sherman

If authentic, these records confirm that Monsanto knew that their PCBs were harmful and pervasive in the environment, and kept selling them in spite of that fact. They knew the dangers, but hid them from the public in order to

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

More than 40 years ago, the former Monsanto voluntarily stopped production and sale of PCBs prior to any federal requirement to do so. At the time Monsanto manufactured PCBs, they were a legal and approved product used in many useful applications. Monsanto has no liability for pollution caused by those who used or discharged PCBs into the

Bill Sherman

At the same time that Monsanto was telling the public that that PCBs were safe, they were literally graphing their potential legal liability against the lost profits and public image boost that might accompany being responsible and honest. At the end of the day, Monsanto went for the profits instead of for public health and environmental

Terry Walker

As the system progressed and it got closer to EPA approval, the board kept asking for local data. That did not

Sarah Alsager

The EPA is the federal agency responsible for approving and registering pesticides for sale and use. The Department does not perform field testing or solicit local

R. Brent Wisner

Clearly Monsanto's lawyers made a mistake. They didn't properly take action to preserve the confidentiality of these

R. Brent Wisner

Now the world gets to see these documents that would otherwise remain

Sam Murphey - Monsanto Company

We have never paid Dr. Miller. Our scientists have never collaborated with Dr. Miller on his submissions to The New York Times. Our scientists have on occasion collaborated with Dr. Miller on other

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

That was a collaborative effort, a function of the outrage we were hearing from many people on the attacks on glyphosate. This is not a scientific, peer-reviewed journal. It's an op-ed we collaborated with him

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

What you're seeing are some cherry-picked things that can be made to look bad. But the substance and the science are not affected by

Mia Carbonell - Forbes

We take this matter seriously and are in the process of looking into

Javier Chicharito Hernandez

It's going to be a very special weekend. Who would've thought my return to the English league would be playing at the place I called home with my old club? It'll be really nice. I'm very motivated, very hopefully to be there that weekend, also just because it'll be start of the

Martin Richenhagen - Agco

The acquisition of Precision Planting will solidify AGCO as one of the global leaders in planting technology and strengthen our position as a full line partner for professional farmers across the

Nick Flynn

It would control more than one-fourth of the combined global market for seeds and pesticides and lock farmers ever tighter into a supply chain for products that threaten biodiversity and food security by creating dangerous, genetically modified and pesticide-addicted

Robert LaCaze - Bayer

Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a very difficult-to-treat tumor, and we had hoped for a better outcome for

Vytenis Andriukaitis

I wanted to make clear that the Commission has no intention to reapprove this substance without the support of a qualified majority of member states. This is and will remain a shared

Rudi Völler - Bayer

He's interesting to many parties because of his quality. We often receive enquiries. We can wait a little. Something can happen later on. He is the clear number two in Germany. Napoli asked, we had contact, but we said very clearly: no

Jim Cramer

Powerful moves can, and often do, elude those who are only focused on the underlying companies and not the action of the stocks

Jim Cramer

They defy the notion of the inevitable gravitational pull of the old equilibrium line and can't be contained by any of the various ceilings that overbought conditions usually bump into. When you spot these highly unusual moves, you may be able to strap yourself into a real moon

Jai Templeton

I'm confident that we can address this issue as we have in other cases to ensure the safe and effective use of these

Hannah Lownsbrough

Research has proved insecticides are a key culprit behind the decline of bees. People power, with this new evidence, can take on the agribusiness giants• Hannah Lownsbrough is executive director of

Terence Kongolo

I am very pleased to join AS Monaco. I will discover a new and exciting challenge in a prestigious and ambitious

Martin Brudermueller - BASF India

There are assets that will come to market for antitrust reasons and they might come at prices that are different from those that we have seen in the past. That's why we will look into it and see whether it makes sense for us. Seed assets are an option, not a

Juan Carlos Osorio

You have mentioned that Germany is a very young squad; they have only one player who is 20, [Benjamin] Henrichs, who plays with Javier [Hernandez] at Bayer Leverkusen. There are two who are 21, [Niklas] Sule and [Julian] Brandt, who are the same age as [Mexico winger] Hirving

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

This is not the final step in the process, and it has no bearing on the merits of the case. We will continue to aggressively challenge this improper

Robb Fraley - Monsanto Company

I would put RNA in the suite of really advanced, next-generation technologies that are adding to the excitement from a research

Werner Baumann

We are in very good and constructive talks with the EU Commission's Competition Department. But we are not quite there

William Gallas

The Champions League is different to the Premier League. You need experience, you need to be more clever and stay focused. If you compare our squad back then with now, we had many older and more experienced

William Gallas

It was a big shame what happened to them last season, but this Tottenham squad is a little too young for the Champions League. Against Monaco and Bayer Leverkusen in the group games, it showed that they needed more

Kerrey Kerr-Enskat

That comes with a lot of responsibility. It's not just about row crops -- we don't want to waste that opportunity [to engage with the public].feedback

Sarah Davidson Evanega

There's great optimism that this time we'll do communications better. The great hope is that CRISPR is going to be

Neal Gutterson - DuPont Pioneer

It's more about social science than science. [It's] ultimately about getting social license for this

Kerrey Kerr-Enskat

For GMOs, they waited until the product hit the market before there was a lot of communication. But this is a two-way

Andy Birchfield
Brian Barr

They "will continue to press forward with the legal claims of the thousands of innocent victims of this

Jose Tarazona

The observer from the US-EPA [Rowlands] informed participants during the teleconference about potential flaws in the Kumar (2001) study related to viral

Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

Any meddling by Monsanto in regulatory safety assessments would be wholly unacceptable. We urgently need a thorough investigation into the Efsa assessment before glyphosate can be considered for re-approval in

Jose Tarazona

The issue of 'high background incidence' is something common to all studies that use that strain of mouse. There was [also] the fact that the effect was observed only at a very high dose

Bart Staes - European Parliament

It makes no sense to accept the wide range of risks associated with

Andy Kimbrell - Center for Food Safety

So yes, that gives them a marketing problem. But Monsanto has plenty of money to advocate for GMOs ... Why do we need to use taxpayer dollars?feedback

John May

We are deeply disappointed in this outcome as we remain confident the acquisition would have benefited customers. With an opportunity to see this to conclusion, we believe it would have been clear the challenge to the transaction was based on flawed assessments of the marketplace. As a world leader in precision agriculture, John Deere will continue developing technology-based products and services to help customers improve the productivity and profitability of their

Lionel Henderson - World Wide Fund for Nature

Monsanto develop the traits, we then work with Monsanto to incorporate those traits into varieties we are

Werner Baumann

Monsanto's image does of course represent a major challenge for us, and it's not an aspect I wish to play down. Yet we are facing this challenge with all those qualities that have made us what we are today: openness, expertise and

Werner Wenning - Bayer

Over the past 35 years, Johannes Dietsch has contributed to the success of Bayer in a number of different functions. We are very grateful to him for this service and would like to wish him all the best for when he

Richard Pazdur - Food and Drug Administration

Limited treatment options are available for patients with liver cancer. This is the first time patients with HCC have had an FDA-approved treatment that can be used if their cancer has stopped responding to initial treatment with

Neil Genzlinger

When your opposition consists of giant corporations like Monsanto (the companies are not heard from in the film, by the way), you'd better bring more to the fight than a flute and some folk

Carlo Ancelotti

The performance of the team was good. We played with great intensity, had many possibilities, but sometimes a tie happens. I think we deserved a win. We earned it, but Bayer Leverkusen fought superbly. We have to accept

Tayfun Korkut - Bayer

We knew we would suffer a lot. That we would not have much possession. I am proud of the team and the way we have kept this point

Fiorella Belpoggi

Exposed animals had no evident differences from non-exposed animals. But this tells us very little at the moment, because the examinations of key parameters that could be affected by exposure are still being done (and) we are waiting for those results. We are focused on reproductive and developmental issues, in other words, whether glyphosate ... affects the development of embryos, fetuses and pups. This was to ensure we would have the best experts analyze each end

Fiorella Belpoggi

We would like to have the results in time to help regulators have a good judgment about this chemical. If it is negative (no effect), then I will be happy because I am also exposed. But if there is some damage, then we would like everyone to

Hans-Joachim Watzke - Borussia Dortmund

Bartra is feeling better today, however, but he will be kept under observation for some hours more in the hospital before being discharged. We're not just playing for ourselves tonight (against Monaco). We're playing for everyone, whether they're Borussia Dortmund, Bayer or Schalke. We want to show that terror and hate shall never determine our actions. And of course, we're playing for Marc Bartra, who wants to see his team

Hans-Joachim Watzke - Borussia Dortmund

The BVB family was particularly strong when it had to cope with difficult situations. This is perhaps the most difficult situation we have had in the past decades. And I am sure that we will show ourselves as BVB as strong and closed as never before! We do not just play for us today. We play for everyone. No matter whether Borussia, Bayer [Leverkusen] or Schalke. We want to show that terror and hatred can never determine our actions. And of course we play for Marc Bartra, who wants to see his team win. I just called the team in the cabin to show the company that we did not bend before

Jonathan Tucker

He examined his eyes in a mirror and discovered that his pupils had constricted to pinpoints, giving him an eerie, zombie-like

Chris Packham

We're up against agro-chemical businesses like Monsanto and Bayer. That's why no one's getting involved: no one has the balls. I think Jen's come to accept that I have chosen to talk about some of the things that she thought were painful. She texted me a little while ago, a reference to an article about 'curing' autism. I texted back saying: 'That would have saved you a lot of boring dinner times.' And she texted back: 'I would have missed the

Jurgen Brandt

It is fake news that Julian has agreed terms with Bayern. Julian has never been in the situation where he had to - or wanted to - make a decision on his

Adrian Bebb - Friends of the Earth

We think these cooperations have already a toxic grip on our food supply and if these mergers are allowed to happen then we think it will be a marriage made in hell. It's going to be bad for farmers, it is going to be bad for the consumers and it is going to be bad for nature. We think the European Commission should stop these mergers from

Philip Wells

The demonstrated safety of both 20 and 10 mg of rivaroxaban to prevent recurrent VTE in the extended treatment setting will add flexibility and comfort for doctors, and it should result in better patient

Tayfun Korkut - Bayer

Oblak was there and made the saves, but he had four or five team-mates throwing themselves at the ball and we couldn't find the space to score. That's a demonstration of how well this side defends and how much they do not want to concede. This is football - you have to defend your goal well. We also showed that we have the quality to cause damage; not a lot of sides come here creating six or seven clear chances but we did and we take this as a positive moving

Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

ECHA has gone to great lengths to sweep all evidence that glyphosate can cause cancer under the carpet. The data vastly exceeds what's legally necessary for the EU to ban glyphosate, but ECHA has looked the other way. For the EU to make decisions based on science, it can't distort the facts. If the EU doesn't get this right, people and the environment will continue to be the lab rats of the chemical

Fernando Torres

Comebacks can always happen, not just because of what happened in Barcelona. It will be a tough game and I'm expecting a similar game to the first leg in which they can create chances. We want to play our game and we are expecting a

Tim Bowmer

Glyphosate should not be classified as a carcinogen, that is, as a substance causing cancer. This conclusion was based both on the human evidence and the weight of the evidence of all of the animal studies

Graeme Taylor

Science prevailed. Glyphosate is not carcinogenic. We expect the European commission to move swiftly with the registration process for the substance in the EU and grant a 15-year

Marion Copley

I have cancer and I don't want these serious issues in HED [health effects division] to go unaddressed before I go to my grave. I have done my

Robin Greenwald

People should know that there are superb scientists in the world who would disagree with Monsanto and some of the regulatory agencies' evaluations, and even E.P.A. has disagreement within the agency. Even in the E.U., there's been a lot of disagreement among the countries. It's not so simple as Monsanto makes it out to

Timothy Litzenburg

I think it's important that people hold Monsanto accountable when they say one thing and it's completely contradicted by very frank internal

William F. Heydens - Monsanto Company

We would be keeping the cost down by us doing the writing and they would just edit & sign their names so to

Jonathan Scott

When you go to SNL and Leslie pulls out reno plans to review. Any other cast renos I can help with? How about a meditation room for Vanessa [Bayer], karaoke studio for Kenan [Thompson] and a karate dojo for Kate [McKinnon]?feedback

Bektas Demirtas

Hakan will be [under contract] at Leverkusen for three years. If an offer comes along that is fine for Bayer and which also fits with Hakan, we will do a transfer. But the final decision lies with the

Werner Baumann

The fact that with the combination of both companies' competencies, we can develop better solutions faster, that will provide benefits to farmers and people in the world, by providing affordable and safe food for an ever-growing

Werner Baumann

We price our drugs in line with their innovation potential and in line with the competitive environment. I think even more importantly, President Trump could develop a better understanding of the overall health care market, the industry and what is driving cost up really. If you look at pharmaceutical pricing - as a total share of health care funding it actually has not changed since the early 1960s and has been very stable around 10 percent. The combination of Bayer's crop business and Monsanto's business is actually all about

Werner Baumann

We have said we plan to fully divest the stake over the medium term, without speaking about the modalities. As to how that will play out, there are many ways. Covestro is a highly attractive company and that is now also reflected in the market

Laura Tamayo - Monsanto Company

It's going to take a long while for all the evidence to be presented. I think we're talking years. But there's no magic wand to do that. We made a mistake; it's just that simple. For 18 years we didn't explain (to the consumer) what is biotechnology, what's it for and why it's

Peder Holk Nielsen - Novozymes

There's a risk that the huge focus Monsanto has had on biological solutions will be less at Bayer. That's not our expectation, but we don't know until the transaction is

Peder Holk Nielsen - Novozymes

My sense is that even if they remove the entire legislation on bioethanol, consumption in the United States will still be high, although probably a little less that

Scott Enright

Even though they're doing similar work, Syngenta, Monsanto Dow and Pioneer are all competitors, and they're trying to keep the millions of dollars that they've put in to research the genetics lines that they're developing as confidential business information. You're basically limiting somebody's use of their private property, without just cause if you don't have the science to back up what you're asking

Jim Cramer

When you spot these highly unusual moves you may be able to strap yourself into a real moon

Alfredo Paseyro

The three years proposed by the government is not adequate because it takes longer to develop new seed

Alfredo Paseyro

The time during which royalties have to be paid will have to be negotiated in a way that works for both the seed industry and the farmers. The good news is that now both parties are willing to

Kemal Malik - Bayer

Accessing cell-based therapies is part of Bayer's strategy. We are launching this enterprise to develop transformative and curative therapies for patients based on the latest stem cell

Harry Stine

They just wanted to make sure you weren't having some farmer just go to a bin (of genetically modified seeds) and plant whatever he wanted. Other than that, they were fine with the

Myron Stine

Bayer despises that we're doing it. We are constantly changing things to fit what Bayer

Charla Lord - Monsanto Company

PCBs sold at the time were a lawful and useful product that was then incorporated by third parties into other useful products. If improper disposal or other improper uses created the necessity for clean-up costs, then these other third parties would bear responsibility for these

Stephane Ekolo

Market participants are trying to assess the impact of the Trump's victory. But I expect rotation from low volatility sectors such as utilities into banks or tech companies to continue until the end of the

Markus Mayer

The 300-400 basis points premium on the average of other deals is high ... makes the Monsanto takeover even more value destroying and might mirror the insecurity on the deal and the pending capital

Nathan Donley

Piling on more pesticides will just result in superweeds resistant to more

Benny Loft

Prices on crops have fallen, which makes many farmers not invest in long-term solutions (for their crops) and only buy the grains instead of the technology that we

Frank Lutz

It looks like the positive development in China has been

Erik Fyrwald

I think it is likely and we are expecting it, but it is not certain. The process was going along and then on Sept. 14 ... the Bayer and Monsanto deal was announced, since then in both the U.S. and the EU there has been a very large escalation in data requests and

Liam Condon

Be assured that Bayer will have a unified croporate

Sonny Beck - Beck's

If they say, we're going to keep it all for ourselves,' that would hurt

Todd Martin

It's the big question that everybody is looking at right now. Anything that does not support the expansion of the licensing market, we are

James Collins - DuPont

Especially in agriculture, innovation is a requirement not a

Hugh Grant - Monsanto Company

Consolidation in the industry is a prerequisite to further investment in R&

Markus Heldt - BASF

Farmers don't want to lock into any particular combination of seeds and crop chemical at an early stage. You can sell the two in the bundle, but only if you happen to have the best product in each category. Not even the biggest companies could secure such a dominant

Hugh Grant - Monsanto Company

It will ... create an innovation engine for the next generation of

Mike Lee

The transaction has the potential to result in a significant loss of competition and reduced incentives and ability to innovate, thereby raising

Bernie Sanders

These mergers boost the profits of huge corporations and leave Americans paying even higher

Diana Moss

People don't get the enormous impact that these deals can have on innovation markets. You need more innovators in there battling it out so that you actually do produce new technology for

Craig Brown - National Cotton Council of America

I would have to say this: I think there will be some concern from the growers because of the

Mark Dampier - Hargreaves Lansdown

My view on the market is that it's going to be pretty flat, possibly down, over the next few days while they wait for yet another ... macro-statistical event to come

Jeffrey Wolford - Jefferies

Given recent updates on the Monsanto approach suggest a final conclusion may be close, we suspect (Bayer) will work hard to try and reach a final conclusion before the Meet Management event, if

Jane Norberg - Securities and Exchange Commission

Company employees are in unique positions behind-the-scenes to unravel complex or deeply buried wrongdoing. Without this whistleblower's courage, information, and assistance, it would have been extremely difficult for law enforcement to discover this securities fraud on its

Kavita Gupta

Despite the whitefly attack, farmers in northern India are still interested in cotton, but they are moving to the desi (indigenous)

Keshav Raj Kranthi

Just wait for the crucial three to four years to see a complete, natural turnaround. By then most farmers will give up Bt cotton and go for the indigenous

Andrea Williams - Royal London Asset Management

I am happy that the new offer made by Bayer did not go as far as $135-$140. However I don't think it will be enough -- Monsanto management rejected the $122 offer as financially

Christopher Kapsch - Bb&T Capital Markets

He "could see a little extra motivation to do something with Monsanto because the eventual commercialization of seeds with the Dicambra tolerance

Mark Connelly - CLSA

They are under pressure to start delivering on promises, and it's been a long time since they've done

Christopher Kapsch - Bb&T Capital Markets

By engaging in conversations with BASF, the message to Bayer is you either have to give us a better price or we may consider doing something with BASF. I don't think they believe selling for $125 (per share) today is in the best interests of shareholders... and I do believe they are still considering being a consolidator and not a

Werner Baumann

We are convinced that this transaction is the best opportunity available to provide Monsanto shareholders with highly attractive, immediate and certain value. Bayer is fully committed to pursuing this

Rodrigo Santos - Monsanto Company

We want to foster new startups in the agricultural sector. There is a vast area for research and

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

Our evaluation was a review of all the published scientific literature on glyphosate and this was done by the world's best experts on the topic that in addition don't have any conflicts of interest that could bias their assessment, and they concluded that, yes, glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans based on three strings of evidence, that is clear evidence of cancer in experimental animals, limited evidence for cancer for humans from real-world exposures, of exposed farmers, and also strong evidence that it can damage the genes from any kind of other toxicological

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

It is an important topic that needs important scrutiny,

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

I think it's important to understand the literature that our assessment that glyphosate can cause cancer in humans still stands, and then you have to look at the other assessments for the specific scenarios, and that is not my authority to comment on these

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

Our classification of the cancer hazards of glyphosate still stand. We are the authority to classify cancer substances worldwide for the WHO, and it was then this other panel that looked at a very narrow angle of exposure from daily food, and then came up with the conclusion on how much of that may be safe or

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

This is really an independent review of all the published literature that then leads to a classification about what we know about the substance and particularly its cancer-causing effects, but then it's up to other agencies, the WHO internationally or other national agencies to turn that into a risk assessment and decide on the different exposures in our use, for farmers, from our diet, in cosmetics, wherever the substance can end up, to come up with

Michael Rubin

It happened shortly before the rapeseed colza harvest. In our region the colza is sprayed to death. My animals were harmed because at the very moment the colza was treated with glyphosate, they were exposed to the toxic mist. They got cramps, they got diarrhoea, they died within

Ariane Failer

There is just ten meters between the property line and the enclosure for my dogs. It is unavoidable that the wind carries glyphosate to us… We cannot do anything. She had been operated on the lower milk line to remove tumours, but they came back. Two of them you can see: cancer is growing there… and there. Four tumours on the same milk

Michael Rubin

Have a look yourself: this is my hayfield, some 16 to 17 hectares. It is surrounded by cornfields treated with

Hans Von

Well, glyphosate – such as Roundup and other brands – is sold almost everywhere. You can buy it without

Hans Von

Once you start digging into this story, you'll get a kind of feeling that all this is not just about science – but about politics. So, let's have a talk with the politicians….feedback

Hans Von

Well, looks impressive… A field not sprayed with glyphosate and it's a sheer riot of

Hugh Grant - Monsanto Company

Over the past several weeks, with the support of our board and advisors, I have personally been in discussions with Bayer's management regarding this proposal, along with others regarding other strategic

Pierre Courduroux - Monsanto Company

We encountered several headwinds in the quarter. These included the expected absence of last year's Scotts licensing agreements and the anticipated glyphosate pricing

Laurence Alexander - Jefferies

The combination of weak results and a weaker-than-expected outlook suggests a more conciliatory tone will be taken to merger proposals. We expect a modestly better proposal (e.g. break-up fee, antitrust tactics) before Monsanto's annual

Brett Wong - Piper Jaffray

In our view, a Bayer/Monsanto combination helps to ensure the new company will remain a leader among a changing [agribusiness] backdrop with a more formidable competitor in Dow/DuPont and likely market disruption from the potential Syngenta/ChemChina

Brett Wong - Piper Jaffray

For antitrust purposes, we expect that Bayer will have to divest seed crossover, which would be primarily cotton, canola and some vegetables. Assuming that BASF is the stand-alone ... [agribusiness] major at the end of this consolidation wave, we believe BASF (a chemical producer based in Germany) would potentially be a leading strategic buyer of the divested seed assets given its historical intent to purchase a seed

John Bennett

Bayer have backed themselves into a corner. The money would have been better spent buying their own stock. Alas, for shareholders, it was not to

Greg Herbert

The company will be left with a highly geared balance sheet and the management effort to integrate the two businesses could easily lead to the larger pharmaceutical business being

Graeme Taylor

With this decision all they do is cast doubt on that system, and create fear and confusion amongst Europe's

Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

Extending the glyphosate licence would be like smelling gas and refusing to evacuate to check for a leak. As long as there is no meaningful EU-wide restriction on glyphosate use, we will continue to live in a world that is awash in a weedkiller which is a likely cause of

Melissa Harper - Monsanto Company

The opportunity to use data in meaningful and new ways means that we need new and different types of skills and competences to drive agriculture technology

Melissa Harper - Monsanto Company

That partnership shows up as an opportunity to create an annual development program where selected students join us at our world's headquarters and spend time with us learning about the agro business broadly, but also preparing for future

Melissa Harper - Monsanto Company

Some of the most difficult-to-fill positions tend to be software engineers. The competition is vast. Everyone is looking for data scientists, those are people who not only understand data but have the ability to translate it into commercial insights for farmers, and the third would be

Hugh Grant - Monsanto Company

We believe in the substantial benefits an integrated strategy could provide to growers and broader society, and we have long respected Bayer's business. However, the current proposal significantly undervalues our company and also does not adequately address or provide reassurance for some of the potential financing and regulatory execution risks related to the

Werner Baumann

We fully expect a positive answer of the Monsanto board of

Markus Manns

The price that has now been disclosed is at the upper limit and it is just about economical. Should it rise further, which is to be assumed, the takeover will become increasingly

Alex Holmes - Capital Economics

It is clear that the Fed is ready to move again soon. And if expectations of a June hike continue to build, the Fed may well take the opportunity to take another step towards normalization next month without fear of surprising the

Marietta Miemietz

While the leverage appears to be manageable from a (credit) ratings perspective, we believe that it would curtail Bayer's strategic flexibility in the Healthcare

Markus Manns

After a Monsanto deal it can largely be ruled out for Bayer to retain the financial flexibility over the next two to three years for acquisitions in the pharma

John Bennett

I had hoped that the days of such arrogant empire-building and ignorance of the actual owners of the business were at an

Alistair Campbell - Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co.

Bayer's pharma business is in excellent health today, but the clock is ticking regarding rebuilding its pipeline and recent newsflow has been

Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

This is no surprise, since the commission has continued to ignore the concerns of independent scientists, [EU lawmakers] and European

Ulrich Huwald - Warburg Research

A combination of both companies would create $67 billion of annual sales and the world's largest seed and crop-chemical company. However, the question is if Monsanto would be interested in a

Barbara Hendricks

It's proven that glyphosate has negative effects on the environment. That needs to be fully taken into account for the approval. Given that there is still uncertainty about the health risks associated with glyphosate, the SPD-led ministries will not agree to the approval of

Bart Staes - European Parliament

It is scandalous that the Commission is ramming through an EU approval for glyphosate to be used with no restrictions, despite the very serious concerns about the impact of this toxic substance on public health and the environment. Clearly banning glyphosate would be the responsible course of

Ajay Vir Jakhar

India is too huge a seed market for anyone to leave (of) one's own

Shilpa Divekar - Monsanto India

We sincerely hope that the government will be fair in its approach and that certain reports in the public domain are false... It is difficult for MMBL to justify bringing new technologies into India in an environment where such arbitrary and innovation stifling government interventions make it impossible to recoup research and development investments focused on delivering extensive farmer benefits and where sanctity of contracts is

Shilpa Divekar Nirula - Monsanto Company

If the committee recommends imposing a sharp, mandatory cut in the trait fees paid on Bt-cotton seeds, MMB will have no choice but to re-evaluate every aspect of our position in India. It is difficult for MMB to justify bringing new technologies into India in an environment where such arbitrary and innovation stifling government interventions make it impossible to recoup research and development

Sarah Sorscher - Public Citizen

The FDA unacceptably puts patients at risk by allowing the device to continue to be marketed as this surveillance study

Kurt Bock - BASF

We feel very comfortable with what we have. We are very disciplined in our approach. You have to answer the question how do you create value for your shareholders and you have to look at multiples and price

Daniel Wendorff - Commerzbank

The outlook is conservative in the context of the CEO handover. The intention was arguably not to burden the successor with too ambitious targets, but the outlook is below our estimates and below

Michel Demare

We are working hard on our savings programme. We will be able to show margin improvement this year, perhaps as the only one in the

Michel Demare

A combination with DuPont would have made a lot of sense for us, but unfortunately that is off the table

Michel Demare

An offer price has to be measured against our share price without any latent takeover fantasies. And I believe such a price would be closer to our

Michel Demare

China is a serious partner and has to be taken into consideration. The Chinese have made big takeovers in the West, mostly successful, as the examples of Volvo and Lenovo show. We view ChemChina with the same seriousness as Monsanto, Bayer or

Mike Mack - Syngenta

I believe that this is an appropriate time for the company to benefit from the perspectives of a new

Medardo Avila Vasquez

If a woman gets pregnant during the period of crop fertilization, the risk is very high that she will have a disabled

Christoph Debets

When you search for the reasons for Germany's economic strength, you might think of the big names of her industrial history like Bayer or Porsche, Thyssen-Krupp or Siemens; you might think of regions like the Ruhr, Hamburg, Rhein-Main (Frankfurt) or Stuttgart. But we found the answers somewhere

Jean Philippe Delsart - Monsanto Company

For Monsanto, there was no evidence of a causal link between the symptoms presented by Mr. Francois and the inhalation of a

Joel Spiroux

Therefore these tests give no real information about the effects of genetically modified food on health over a

Francois Dufour

There should be no GMO's in our fields, and the ruling confirms this. It encourages us to continue to influence the political debate and eliminate GMO's from

Frederic Vincent

If this is proved and based on sound scientific evidence then the European Commission will obviously act

Mark Tester

There is no clearly defined data analysis and it would appear the authors have gone on a statistical fishing

Gleb Shatunovsky

Paris Saint-Germain luckily avoided the two unseeded English heavyweights City and Arsenal and will play against a more welcomed opponent in Bayer Leverkusen who are already labeled as the underdogs. But, second in the Bundesliga this season behind Bayern Munich, they are underdogs with huge potential for causing an

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