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James Mattis - US Marine Corps
The foreign fighters are the strategic threat, should they return home. So by taking the time to de-conflict, to surround and then attack, we carry out the annihilation campaign so we don't simply transplant this problem from one location to
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NEW May 27 2017
Multiple people spoke about Mosul conflict in the news. We gather all their quotes on this page, an easy way to see all views about this topic at a glance. To go deeper, all quotes are redirected to the article from which they come. Steve Townsend is the person who had the greatest number of quotes. The most recent one of them is: “What I don't know is, were they gathered there by the enemy? We still have some assessments to do. I would say this – that it sure looks like they were. The Iraqis firmly believe that they were gathered there by the enemy. And the people we're talking to say that they were gathered there.”.
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All quotes about Mosul conflict

Steve Townsend

What I don't know is, were they gathered there by the enemy? We still have some assessments to do. I would say this – that it sure looks like they were. The Iraqis firmly believe that they were gathered there by the enemy. And the people we're talking to say that they were gathered

Joseph Martin

Our condolences go out to all those that were affected. The coalition takes every feasible measure to protect civilians from harm. The best way to protect civilians is to defeat

Abdulamir al-Muhammadawi

A committee from the interior ministry will also visit the families and the people mentioned in the report in order to ensure that they were not subjected to any

Sami al-Aridhi

It all depends on the circumstances of the battle. Now they are entirely besieged and there is no way out, it's going to be either fighting or giving up and trying to infiltrate with the civilians. I can't give timelines but I don't expect it's going to be

Patrick Work

The hardest days are still in front of them. Measuring exact numbers of ISIS fighters left in Mosul is difficult, and it may not really

Mirek Dusek

We are focusing on entrepreneurs, start-ups and a generational transformation. The region's young people are going to be a more valuable resource than energy reserves in this

Abdul Ghani al-Assadi

God willing the coming hours we will complete our assigned task. We saw them moving with their weapons in the midst of the civilians but we did not strike

Soner Cagaptay

That's the main ask. He's going to want US support for a Turkish operation against Sinjar. In this case, the stars are a little bit aligned in Erdogan's favour. I think what we will tell the Turks is 'Yes, we can do this, but let's focus on Mosul first'. Look for any deals on Sinjar and the PKK, and for any deals on Gulen or any new wording on that, coming from behind closed

Nawfal al-Dhari

These are their dying breaths. They are completely surrounded. If you trap a cat in a room, it will

Othman al-Ghanmi

Our advance on a vast front has stunned the enemy and, God willing, we will achieve victory before Ramadan and announce the liberation of Mosul and people of Mosul from dirtiness of Daesh (Islamic State).feedback

Rod Nordland

Afghanistan would become a Taliban state again in a fairly short time, or at the very least the Taliban would reconquer large parts of the country. ISIS would probably roll back Iraqi forces from Mosul and might even threaten Baghdad again, and ISIS would be expanding rather than shrinking in Syria, as it is now. The Damascus regime would be less affected, since the American military role is only oriented against ISIS, and the regime is much more threatened by other opposition rebels than

Mahdi Abbas Abdallah - Rapid Response

We are conducting checks on all the fleeing families. The rockets are falling like rain over our heads. The fear and confusion is visible on their

Omar Abou Leila

The fight can't be only in Mosul and Raqqa. It must be on the Deir el-Zour front as well. The three fronts distract

Thomas S. Kaplan

My dream exhibition is the one we're going to have at Abu Dhabi Louvre, right down the road from Palmyra, Aleppo, Mosul. We're dedicated to showing the common narrative the universal culture of mankind. It's the perfect symbolic riposte to what is happening in that

Zuhair Abdul Karim

The women didn't have lunch. Only the children and men have

Aliyah Hussein

I swear to God, we are hungry. (The Islamic State group) made us hungry. They didn't leave anything for us, they even stole our

Lise Grande - United Nations

We know we have a problem because when people reach our camps the first thing they ask for is food. If the battle goes beyond [the next few weeks], then we have a catastrophic

John Dorrian

We believe that opening this new avenue of advance is the beginning of the end of ISIS in Mosul. The loss of Mosul is going to deeply damage ISIS prospects. It is the second largest city in Iraq. They had a tremendous amount of prestige and they have been able to collect a lot of taxes and money from the people of Mosul through their brutal control measures. So the loss of this territory is going to be a very big setback for

Steve Townsend

I don't anticipate that we'll be asked to leave by the government of Iraq immediately after

James Browning - US Army

And sometimes I say 'yes' and he (Maliki) says 'don't strike'. I go through that process every time. We scan, we take a look, we make

Yahya Rasool

Our forces are making a steady advance in the first hours of the offensive and Daesh fighters are breaking and

Yahya Rasool

There are sometimes troop shortages or orders that require us to do so and we will do our

James Browning - US Army

I am looking at trying to strike right in front of him as well as deep, even into Old

David M. Witty

The organizations involved in the Mosul campaign have different reporting chains. The various ministries that the units report to are competing fiefdoms, each struggling for power, influence, prestige and

John Dorrian

When in that type of dense urban terrain, a small number of fighters can control that

Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi

The point of the meeting was to ask if the Federal Police have done their job and how to get the army to participate more in the fighting inside the

Aysar Issa

My brothers and I are working in the camp to survive. We receive little more than 5,000 Iraqi Dinars ($4.28) a day, but we have no other choice since we cannot return to our

Nashwan Yousef

I will go back to Qaraqosh as soon as it is safe. I want to rebuild my destroyed house, even if I have to live in a tent in front of the house until I can do

Mustafa al-Taee

After 15 lashes I started to cry. I couldn't feel the next

Noureldin Qablan

After Mosul is fully liberated, we need a working plan to restore things to the way they were before 2014 when Islamic State took over. Honestly, we are not getting enough support. What has been allocated to Nineveh in 2017 was 52 billion Iraqi dinars ($44.5 million) which is a very small sum for a province this size. In 2013 we were allocated 738 billion dinars, yet after all this destruction we get just 52. It is very hard to reach our goals with this sum, so we are counting on foreign

Donald J. Trump

I would not be happy. If he does a nuclear test, I will not be happy. And I can tell you also, I don't believe that the president of China, who is a very respected man, will be happy either. I'd rather not discuss it. I just don't want to discuss it. And I think you know me very well, where you've asked me many times over the last couple of years about military. I said, We shouldn't be announcing we're going into Mosul.' I said, We shouldn't be announcing all our moves.' It is a chess

David M. Witty

The CTS has made enormous sacrifices since 2014, and many of the old hand are dead, killed in Anbar Province and

Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi

If the city was empty of civilians, we could have been done with our mission a long time

Anwar al-Assi

It is likely their movement disturbed a herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby cornfields. The area is dense with reeds, which are good for hiding

Ameen Mokdad

I felt by doing this I was, in my own way, fighting Daesh's ideology. They could take away my freedom but not my

Ameen Mokdad

It was amazing to be back in my city playing, I can't explain the feeling,@ he told the Telegraph on

Ameen Mokdad

I want to take the opportunity to send a message to the world … that music is a beautiful

Ameen Mokdad

I will never forget June 10. It was the day music died. People always liked music but were afraid to acknowledge this because of them [Islamic State]. We opposed them and we risked

Columb Strack

The capture of Deir el-Zour, the largest city in eastern Syria, could be a life-line for the group's governance project beyond the loss of Mosul and

Lise Grande - United Nations

Civilians in Mosul face incredible, terrifying risks. They are being shot at, there are artillery barrages, families are running out of supplies, medicines are scarce and water is cut-off. Mosul has pushed us to our operational

Sara Umar

I'm very happy. It's better to go to school in the morning instead of staying at

Umm Mohammed

The school has no running water and electricity. God willing, we will try to help the children and the pupils forget the suffering they have

Mayser Suleyman Karim

It's good that I'm not married. But there are guys here who are married and have kids. Their situation is more difficult than mine. Now I'm ignoring everything that happens, no matter how small or big. Your mother or your father getting ill, things like that, I've seen worse than

Mayser Suleyman Karim

It has been a long time now – 10 years. No, 11 years actually. I'm

John McCain

This guy [leader Kim Jong Un] in North Korea is not rational. His father and his grandfather were much more rational than he is. We've got to develop a strategy. There is still not an overall strategy that he can come to Congress and his advisers and say, okay, this is how we are going to handle Syria. Here's how we are going to handle post-Mosul Iraq. We've got to have a strategy and I'll give them some more time but so far that strategy is not

Issam al-Jibouri

We urge more efforts to reconstruct the bridges or bring larger

Amir Khalil

We never got to know the exact details why we were not allowed to pass, but, of course, transporting large wild animals in an area with such a complex political situation is not

Amir Khalil

Our mission in Iraq was supported by many locals and proved that even in worst hardships there are people who care for animals. I am very touched to have experienced the humanity of the civilian population as well as military. Many of the soldiers shared their food with the

Qusi Assaf

We are doing our best but don't have enough funds. It's not just Mosul. Nineveh is a huge governorate, and we also have to provide for the camps in the middle of nowhere with a huge number of displaced people. We don't have any vision for the future. We can count on God

Shelly Kelly - Medical Services

At home, it's not nearly as critical as this. It's really an easy choice. I think it was anger, pushing my family away, and just trying to process through what I have seen here. Finally I told my husband I think a month after I had been home, there was a day when I told him, I feel

Amir Khalil

They were on the brink of death. Now they are able to move, they have gained weight. Physically, they are doing

Joseph Martin

It is clear that (ISIL's) competence, their cohesion and their effectiveness continues to wane over

Joseph Martin

Iraqi security forces continue to progress as they liberate the western side of Mosul. It's hard to tell because the terrain changes literally every day. Some days, like yesterday, (there was) significant amount of progress, other days there is not much progress but progress, nevertheless. It is very complicated. The terrain literally changes from neighbourhood to neighbourhood..the nature of the enemy, how the population reacts. Don't underestimate the ammunition. But the outcome is very, very clear. They are going to lose and the Iraqis will

Rosanna Meneghetti

The mother is very stressed and can't find much food herself so cannot produce so much

Rosanna Meneghetti

Normally nutritional crises are much more common in Africa and not in this kind of country. We did not anticipate

Donald J. Trump

Clearly the Assad regime put the Russians into an awkward position. They are quietly behind closed doors going to grab Assad and say, you will not do that again and that's exactly, that's the objective that everyone wants at the end. I don't talk about the military. I'm not like [President Barack] Obama saying in four months we are going to hit Mosul and they should get ready. We are sending an armada, very powerful, we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you, and we have the best military people on

Amir Khalil

We never got to know the exact details why we were not allowed to pass, but, of course, transporting large wild animals in an area with such a complex political situation is not easy. I like this kind of criticism, because in my opinion humanity cannot be divided. War rages on but all those fighting cannot ignore animals, put them in a cage, starve them to death, deprive them of

Maan Nawaf

We said we have a disabled woman, she can't walk. They said if you don't go, we will kill

Isabelle Legall

It's a new thing in Iraq. Most of the [Iraqi] doctors have never seen it [malnutrition].feedback

John Dorrian

This fighting in the western side of Mosul has been difficult because of the enemy's tactics, of not only hiding amongst the civilian population but also actively pulling civilians into harm's way, surrounding their snipers with civilians, loading buildings that they are firing from with civilians and publicly executing civilians who are trying to escape the

John Dorrian

Once that task is accomplished, the coalition will be here to support our Iraqi partners as they eliminate ISIL from every corner of Iraq. Though the fighting is going to be very hard... this enemy is completely surrounded. They aren't going anywhere -- they will be defeated and the people of Mosul will be free. Every strike that we conduct, we conduct using precision-guided munitions. Every strike that we conduct is coordinated directly with the Iraqi security

Rosanna Meneghetti

The family told me this morning that she (Dua) had some problems, especially in the night, so we are organising a mental health (assessment) for

Alaa Hassan

They told us, stay in the house, you can't get out. One of them even said, you have to stay until it is destroyed. No one can leave. We tried to escape when they were busy fighting. But then we ran into them and they shot at

Ahmed Shawki

They see resistance and implement a carpet-bombing approach to advance. They do this to reduce their own casualties. This is disastrous for the

Donald J. Trump

We had a very, very fine delegation come over from Egypt, and also from Iraq. And they said more has been done in the last six weeks than has been done in years with the previous administration, and believe me, we're going to keep it that

Nabil Noureldin

The destruction is a catastrophe. These are priceless

Mahmoud Salem Ismail

The whole house was destroyed. It was

Mahmoud Salem Ismail

My sister and my nephew were young. They haven't seen enough life. If I go there I will go mad. We will never forget that. Till we die we will not

Mahmoud Salem Ismail

Some people were burned, some were cut in half, . I saw my sister. Her face blue but her body was fine. They were humans, they died without any

Tom Malinowski

We've given Egypt $70 billion over the years, and last I checked there are no Egyptian F-16s helping us fight ISIS over Raqqa or Mosul. All we get from the Egyptians is political repression that radicalizes its youth and gives terrorist groups new

Shukr Mustafa

My family was here. My mother, my two brothers and two of their children – we were five and with our neighbours 22 people died in this house. One of my brothers is injured, he has a broken

Donald J. Trump

I don't have to say anymore. I'm not going to tell you. You know, I am not the United States of the past where we tell you where we are going to hit in the Middle East. Where they say – I used it in the speeches – 'We will be attacking Mosul in four months'. A month later, We will be attacking Mosul in three months, in two months, in one month.' And why are they talking? There is no reason to

Sean Sutton

That was really hard. The whole family was there and it was just awful. He said he had other sons who were fighting in the war against ISIL. He told me he expected them to die but he never expected his younger son to, because he was still a

Nina Seecharan

We have been working around the clock to clear landmines in Mosul and make villages, schools and homes safe to go back to, but more support is needed if we are to prevent further civilian

Nina Seecharan

We are outraged by the escalating loss of civilian life. Our thoughts are with the families of the innocent men, women and children killed by landmines in recent months. The indiscriminate nature of these weapons means they should have no place in modern

Sean Sutton

The grief and fear in communities after what they've been through, like losing family members in the fighting, is just horrendous. Then to flee and come back and just when you think it's sorted, you get this. We've found them inside chicken coops, in freezers, in cupboards and there was one reportedly set off by a TV remote control, but we don't know whether this was when they stood on something else as they were turning on the television. Not every house is set up like this but it's a lottery for people going

Sean Sutton

There was one family that I met in a village [Wardak] near Mosul and I came across this guy and his daughter who were putting sheep in a pen. It was quite picturesque, so I took some photos. Six weeks later I went back and I found out the guy's 14-year-old son had died. He'd been playing and dancing to music on his phone and went to check on the sheep, in the same place he'd been going to repeatedly, and there was an explosion. His father ran barefoot over to where it happened and his son's legs had been blown off and his body burnt to a

George Ciccariello-Maher

I think it's really irresponsible to blindly support, for example, wars that send off young people into combat, risk their lives, kill many others as we've just seen in Mosul. I'm all for generous gestures. You're not an impressive scholar. You're a performance

Mansour Marouf

It is shameful to say this but we have received no help and no support from the government at all even though the town was liberated eight months ago. But every employee has been checked by the security services so they cannot even blame it on

Mansour Marouf

We requested a lot of things. We sent a lot of lists. Every time we ask them they say we will help but then nothing

Joseph Scrocca

But the coalition is not going to back down when (the fight) gets hard or there's a lot of pressure. That's what ISIS

António Guterres - United Nations

These people have suffered enormously and they go on suffering, and we need more solidarity from the international community. There is a huge effort by the regional government, a huge effort by the NGOs, a huge effort by the UN agencies. This is the moment in which the international community needs to express deep solidarity with

António Guterres - United Nations

These people have suffered enormously and they go on suffering. We need more solidarity from the international community. There is a huge effort by the regional government [of Kurdistan], a huge effort by the NGOs, a huge effort by UN agencies but we don't have the resources that are necessary to support these people. That shows how limited our resources are compared to the tragedy these people are

Mustafa Khalil

They're all gone. What can I do? No one came to help us and the blocks were too

Adil al-Saade

This is what they do to religion. We will make this city respectable

Mudhar Salam

What can we do? [Isis] use them as shields. Remember our people have been killed by Isis in our homes and mosques for the last 10

Maud Bellon

Nearly 70,000 [people] have already returned home. The streets and abandoned houses not destroyed in the fighting are littered with explosive remnants of war and improvised explosive devices. It is still very

Khaled Ahmed

There were four of them, no more than 12 years old. The rifles on their back scraped the ground when they walked. They were all

António Guterres - United Nations

We don't have the resources necessary to support these people. Unfortunately our program is only 8 percent

Steve Townsend

ISIS is slaughtering Iraqis and Syrians on a daily basis. ISIS is cutting off heads. ISIS is shooting

Joseph Scrocca

What was see now is not the use of civilians as human shields ... For the first time we caught this on video yesterday as armed ISIS fighters forced civilians into a building, killing one who resisted and then used that building as a fighting position against the [Counter Terrorism Service].feedback

Joseph Votel - Army

It'll be a more formalized approach to really look into the details of this as much as we can to establish what happened, establish what the facts are, identify accountability and then certainly identify the lessons learned out of that. I think is also important to clearly recognize that the enemy does use human shields, has little regard for human life and does attempt to use civilian casualty allegations as a tool to hinder our operations. And so they bear responsibility for this as well. We have not relaxed the rules of

Joseph Votel - Army

It will be a more formalized approach to really look into the details of this as much as we can to establish what happened, establish what the facts are, identify accountability and then certainly identify the lessons learned out of

Sergey Lavrov

I'm greatly surprised with such action of the U.S. military, which has all the necessary equipment and yet were unable to figure out for several hours that they weren't striking the designated

Talas al Salameh

Extensive areas have fallen into our hands. (Islamic State) has been pushed out of them in heavy clashes in 16 days of battles. In the event of the fall of Raqqa and Mosul, where would they go? They would be coming here. So we decided to work and kick them out of this area before they would come to

Ameen Mokdad

My experience living under Isil was profound. I learned many harsh lessons but I developed intellectually and came out stronger. I never stopped playing music and writing, to give myself and others hope. My message to Daesh through my music is that hope can never be

Ameen Mokdad

I will never forget June 10. It was the day music

Ameen Mokdad

They played films of their executions and torture and made young children watch. When they weren't showing films they used the arena to publicly punish people. They accused one boy of being a thief and cut off his hand in front of a

Ameen Mokdad

I was basically living as a fugitive. It was the only place left I had to go but it was surrounded 360 degrees by Isil fighters and their

Ameen Mokdad

I cried the day they came. We had waited so long for anyone to save us. I thought the army would come to liberate the city after a few days, but then weeks turned into months and then

Ameen Mokdad

I was worried Daesh would find my music and all my instruments: I call them my sons because they are the most important things to me in the world. I thought I could just grab the things and leave. That seems crazy

Abu Ayman

We were locked inside our houses as bombing intensified. The air strikes targeted four streets just behind Rahma hospital and Fathi mosque. A few fighters were moving from house to house, using the holes they made before to avoid detection from the

Abu Ayman

I ran to my next-door neighbour's house and with others we managed to rescue three people, but at least 27 others in the same house were killed, including women and children of relatives who fled from other districts. We pulled some out of rubble, using hammers and shovels to remove debris. We couldn't do anything to help others as they were completely buried under the collapsed

Steve Townsend

My initial assessment is that we probably had a role in these casualties. If we did it - and I'd say there is at least a fair chance we did - it was an unintentional accident of

Steve Townsend

My initial assessment is that we probably had a role in these casualties. What I don't know is were they (the civilians) gathered there by the enemy? We still have some assessments to do. ... I would say this, that it sure looks like they

Raed Chaker Jawdat

Federal police forces have imposed full control over the Qadheeb al-Ban area and the al-Malab sports stadium in the western wing of Old Mosul and are besieging militants around the al-Nuri

Yahya Rasool

It is a new tactic being used by the members of this terrorist group, using big car bombs against the troops that impact the civilians to inflame the

Pope Francis

In expressing profound sadness for the victims of the bloody conflict, I renew my appeal that everyone commit themselves to using all efforts to protect civilians, an imperative and urgent

Steve Townsend

Actually our munitions, the fact that the whole building collapsed, actually contradicts our involvement. The munition that we used should not have collapsed an entire building. So that is one of those things that we are trying to figure out in the investigative process because we have ... munitions in our inventory that can collapse whole buildings. That is not what we used in this

Steve Townsend

It sure looks like they were. If we did it – and I'd say there is at least a fair chance we did – it was an unintentional accident of war. It is there that the enemy has invested two-and-a-half years of defensive preparations. I think that's really the explanation for the civilian casualties. Although our partners and the coalition have made mistakes that harmed civilians, we have never targeted them – not

Joseph Scrocca

The death of innocent civilians in war is a terrible tragedy that weighs heavily on all of us. We set the highest standards for protecting civilians and our dedication, diligence and discipline in prosecuting our combat operations, while protecting civilians, is without precedence in the history of

Chris Woods

The scale of the destruction is huge, and we are reeling from the number of alleged cases, not just in Mosul but in Raqqa, too. Casualty numbers from western Mosul are absolutely shocking. In Syria it's a car here, a family there. It happens every

Gn Stephen Townsend

I think that's really the explanation for the civilian

Gn Stephen Townsend

My initial assessment is that we probably had a role in these casualties. It sure looks like they were. If we did it – and I'd say there is at least a fair chance we did – it was an unintentional accident of war. It is there that the enemy has invested two-and-a-half years of defensive preparations. It is there that the fighting has gotten extraordinarily

Ahmed Danoun

We are scared from this, these sleepers. They say maybe they come back here again. Because they have many, many (sleeper cells).feedback

Rupert Colville - United Nations

In terms of the air strikes that have caused casualties... that is also complicated by the fact that ISIL reportedly actually placed explosive devices in these same buildings which they had herded civilians into. So that will of course have compounded the devastation. Clearly not easy. We're not saying it is. But they do have obligations under international humanitarian

Donatella Rovera - Amnesty International

The high civilian toll suggests that coalition forces leading the offensive in Mosul have failed to take adequate precautions to prevent civilian deaths, in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law. The fact that Iraqi authorities repeatedly advised civilians to remain at home instead of fleeing the area, indicates that coalition forces should have known that these strikes were likely to result in a significant number of civilian casualties. Disproportionate attacks and indiscriminate attacks violate international humanitarian law and can constitute war

Steve Townsend

My initial assessment is that we probably had a role in these casualties. The munition that we used should not have collapsed an entire building. That is something we have to figure

Gn Stephen Townsend

My initial assessment is that we probably had a role in these casualties. What I don't know is were they [the civilians] gathered there by the enemy? We still have some assessments to do … My initial impression is the enemy had a hand in this. And there's also a fair chance that our strike had some role in

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This is an enemy that ruthlessly exploits civilians to serve its own ends, and clearly has not even the faintest qualm about deliberately placing them in danger. It is vital that the Iraqi Security Forces and their coalition partners avoid this trap. The conduct of air strikes on ISIL (Islamic State) locations in such an environment, particularly given the clear indications that ISIL is using large numbers of civilians as human shields at such locations, may potentially have a lethal and disproportionate impact on

Mark Milley

It is very possible that Daesh (IS) blew up that building to blame it on the coalition in order to cause a delay in the offensive on Mosul and cause a delay in the use of coalition air strikes. It is possible that a coalition air strike did it. We don't know yet. There are investigators on the

JT Thomas

In Mosul, there are multiple days of strikes. The numbers of civilian casualties that have been reported variously – one of the things we're looking at is if some of those numbers are cumulative from different incidents, different engagements, in this highly contested, very ferocious battle that's going on in Mosul. We know that we were dropping bombs in the immediate

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

There is no military force in the world that has proven more sensitive to civilian casualties. We are keenly aware that every battlefield where an enemy hides behind women and children is also a humanitarian field, and we go out of our way to always do everything humanly possible to reduce the loss of life or injury among innocent people. The same cannot be said for our adversaries, and that is up to you to sort

Mubishar Thanoon

It was a conversation between two dying men. For me and my family, we thought this was the safest

Ali Jamil

I have not seen such a quick response with high coordination from the coalition as I am seeing now. There used to be a delay, or no response sometimes, on the excuse of checking the location or looking for

Ali Adbulghani

Not all of the houses had Daesh on the roof. Why, just because of one Daesh, kill everyone?feedback

Maan al-Saadi

We feel sad for them. This is a war and mistakes can happen and there can be losses. But we are fighting the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, with huge, unprecedented support from the international

Abdulsattar Alhabu

The repeated mistakes will make the mission to liberate Mosul from [the Islamic State] harder, and will push civilians still living under [the Islamic State] to be uncooperative with the security

Abdulsattar Alhabu

I blame everyone. I still have God and I trust that he will take his

Missy Ryan - the Post

While the Obama administration acknowledged that its military operations resulted in a number of civilian casualty incidents in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere, the tightly spaced series of recent allegations is striking. Operations against Islamic State strongholds have reached a new, more intense phase in Mosul, where local forces are battling militants in heavily populated neighborhoods, and in Syria, where the United States is seeking to deal a decisive blow to several militant

Alaa Abboudi

Sometimes there are 10 car bombs driven into the area in one

John Thomas - International Security

General Votel is not looking into changing the way we operate other than to say our processes are good and we want to make sure we live by those processes. There (are) only so many people dedicated to this who really have the expertise to get us where we need to

Hisham al-Assadi

We try very hard to limit casualties, but Isis blends among them. They are happy when civilians are killed. This is war and we wish it was different. They don't speak, they don't say a word when they get here. We tell them, you don't have to fear any more,' then we take them to the

Ali Assad

There are six of my family still under our house. My father, I saw him die in front of me, my brother, two sisters and two cousins. My mother survived, but then she was hit by some other explosion and a concrete slab fell on her. She's badly hurt. There is no civilian defence, no rescue teams. It is only us and our hands. Everyone has to fend for

Jonathan Whittall

We have ... witnessed a disturbing trend of some patients reaching our hospital after a significant delay of up to four days. One father and son that I met recently had been trapped under rubble for four days after an airstrike and they reached us exhausted, hungry and bewildered. Others who are wounded further away from the front lines into west Mosul can only reach us after the frontline has moved and they are able to escape. We are very concerned about the patients who are unable to reach us and whose treatment is

Salim al-Jabouri

What's happening in the west part of Mosul is extremely serious and could not be tolerated under any

Sebastian Gorka

From the first week of the new administration they [the US military] understood everything has

Lise Grande - United Nations

We are stunned by this terrible loss of life and wish to express our deepest condolences to the many families who have reportedly been impacted by this tragedy. International humanitarian law is clear. Parties to the conflict – all parties – are obliged to do everything possible to protect civilians. This means that combatants cannot use people as human shields and cannot imperil lives through indiscriminate use of fire-power. Families are at risk of being shot if they leave and they are at risk if they stay. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped and they are in terrible

Joseph Scrocca

This process takes time, though, especially when the date of the alleged strike is in

Chris Woods

The al-Jadida incident alone is the worst toll of a single incident that I can recall in decades. I cannot think of a higher toll from a single

Mustafa Yeheya

They started in the morning and they continued till around 2pm. There were [Isis fighters] on the roof of several of the buildings and they were in the streets fighting, but the strange thing is that the house they were hiding in, their military room, was not even hit. None of their bases

Yahya Rasool

In the next few days we will surprise Daesh terrorists by targeting and eliminating them using new

John Richardson

They (Iraqi forces) are looking at opening another front to force ISIS to fight on two directions and isolate the Old City, so when it is time to go into the old city, potentially they surrender. That is going to force ISIS to fight on two fronts, and I don't think they have that

Majid al-Najim

We all know each other, and most of us are related. Then after that, we needed equipment to rescue the people. Just one bulldozer. Anything. The corrupt government officials could not help us, and would not if they could. This is an enormous

Thanom Hander

They thought the basement was safe. That morning, I heard the bombing, and I ran to the house. There were civilians shouting. There was nothing I could

Ali Hander

There was a lot of bombing above us, and then I started to feel everything collapse around us. We were buried for 10 hours until the neighbours dug us out. I lost my

Majid al-Najim

Is an Isis sniper being on a roof enough of a reason to send a plane with a large bomb to destroy a house? They hit it many times. They wanted to destroy everything

Jean-Yves Le Drian

Today we can say that Raqqa is encircled and the battle will begin in the coming days. It will be a very hard battle but it will be an essential battle. Daesh will lose. The combined action and the Iraqi forces and the coalition of which France is a part will gradually lead to the resumption of

Khaled Khalil

We've been on the move since yesterday. We're very tired but now we're safe. Anybody they (Islamic State) catch, they kill. If we have time, we

Saad Maan

There are lots of snipers on top of the buildings in the Old City around the al-Nuri Mosque. We need to evacuate the families from inside as they using them as a shield when we are advancing on the

Isabelle Defourny - Médecins Sans Frontières

The need for emergency medical care has risen drastically. We have teams working around the clock treating men, women and children injured by bullets, blasts and shells. Other life-threatening emergencies also need a rapid medical response, such as for pregnant women in need of a

Donald J. Trump

It's not an easy job. It's a very tough job. Your soldiers are fighting hard. I know Mosul is moving along … We will figure something out. Our main thrust is we have to get rid of ISIS. We're going to get rid of ISIS. It will happen. It's happening right now. Mosul was ours until we left. So, perhaps we shouldn't have gone in, and certainly we shouldn't have left. We certainly should never, ever have left, and the vacuum was

Yahya Rasool

We are a few hundred metres from the mosque now, we are advancing on al-Nuri. We know it means a lot to

Haider al-Abadi

We have to be careful. We have to bring back trust in the way we govern. It will be sad day for all of us if people believe a dictatorship is better than democracy. Because if democracy doesn't protect them, doesn't provide for them, if there is corruption, ... I think we failed. We have been given assurances support will not only continue, but will accelerate until we complete the task. Mosul is moving along. We will figure something out. I mean, we have to get rid of ISIS. We're going to get rid of

Joseph Martin

We're going to strike ISIS wherever we can so that the Iraqis can be

Khalid al-Obedi

We are advancing towards the Old City. Their resistance is weakening. They are mostly using car bombs and that is how they are losing on the

Haider Abu-Dirgham

The weather is cloudy and rainy, but despite this, our forces are advancing towards their targets, and in a few steps and strikes we will reach the al-Nuri mosque, where ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was

Mary Floyd

We love to fire. It makes me very happy. At night it is very

Azher Adnan

Every one of my patients, the first thing they say when they approach my clinic is 'I'm hungry,'. The population of Mosul's west is different from the east. Here you have more people in poverty, they couldn't afford to prepare for the

Ahmed Khalil

We couldn't even take the bodies to the cemetery because the clashes were so heavy. We had to just bury them where they

Mary Floyd

The rockets go really high so we have to clear airspace -– civilian and military -– along the flight path. We have had to end missions because they saw aviation. They have very, very low collateral damage, so we like to use them a lot. When the rockets hit they land at near a vertical angle. That really confines the blast to one house. The tempo changes. We'll go a couple of days without orders. Then we might be firing all

Haidar al-Abadi

Daesh become day after day surrounded inside a tight area and they are in their final days. Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday night, he warned the insurgents that they must surrender or be killed although he also pledged to treat the militants' families fairly. Let me be very clear, we will preserve families of Daesh who are civilians but we will punish the terrorists and bring them to justice if they surrender. They are cornered and if they will not surrender they will definitely get

Mahdi Abbas Abdullah - Rapid Response

We are still moving toward the Iron Bridge. We are taking out snipers hiding in the surrounding buildings, we are still pushing for the Iron

Brett McGurk

ISIS has now lost over 60 percent of the territory it once held here in Iraq and is losing more every day. In total, in Iraq and Syria, coalition-enabled operations – that means our coalition supporting local partners, including Iraqi security forces – have cleared 50,000 square kilometres of territory from

Maan al-Saadi

The enemy has lost its fighting power and its resolve has weakened. It has begun to lose command and

Ali Ibrahim

I ask any kind people out there to help me get a prosthetic hand, God

Ali Ibrahim

My brother swore allegiance to them. He was trying to get me out. He didn't stay long, and as soon as they cut my hand, he

Serg Alaa Hassan

Daesh knows they are losing and are lashing out at freed areas to punish the people. They will not win this war, but it about saving the lives of as many people as we can before they are

Musab Mohammed Jassim

As you can see the digging was very extensive and it includes a ramified tunnel network, with one tunnel leading to another in an attempt to dig as large an area as possible in order to unearth and loot

Ashraf Hussein

The only thing they care about is how many areas they take each day. They want to prove that they are better than us at the expense of

Ashraf Hussein

It looks like they were expecting this attack and didn't want to give it up

Matthew Rycroft

We expressed concern over reports of possible use of chemical weapons by Daesh and we look forward to the results of Iraq's investigation into those

Jaafar Kareem

There have been a lot of our guys wounded today in the same

Kathy Bequary

We've already had around 20 people come in for treatment (on Thursday) - about 70 percent civilian, but it's been more military (casualties) up until

Ali Sattar

We've not really advanced for three days now. Two of our teams went further forward, on a sort of recce mission, and raised the Iraqi flag on top of a tall hotel that (Islamic State) snipers have been using, then came back. The flag will probably be taken down again by the

Amal Clooney - Doughty Street Chambers

There are mass graves that are being discovered; just a few days ago in Mosul a huge mass grave that's thought to have 4,000 bodies in it was discovered and there's other types of evidence as

Talib Shaghati

Despite the tough fighting… we are moving ahead in persistence to finish the battle for the western side within a

Talib Shaghati

Despite the tough fighting... we are moving ahead in persistence to finish the battle for the western side within a

Lamia al-Gaylani

They want their own history. Especially in a city like Mosul where the people are very proud of their history, I think (IS) did this as a form of revenge. Most Iraqi people are focused on their own survival, and the government is not concerned with

Layla Salih

These are the remains of a lamassu and the lions of Nimrud. They were priceless, they were in perfect

Haider al-Abadi

I respect the sovereignty of states, and I have secured the approval of Syria to strike positions (on its territory). I will not hesitate to strike the positions of the terrorists in the neighboring countries. We will keep on fighting

Ali Kadhem al-Lami

Today we're clearing the area which was liberated. The museum is completely empty of all artifacts. They were stolen, possibly smuggled. An order was issued for foreign fighters with families to withdraw with them. Those who do not have a family should stay and fight, whether foreign or

Abu Ragheef

There will be other commanders rising because the structure of the organization

Matthew C. Isler

The game is up. They have lost this fight and what you're seeing is a delaying

Abbas Muhammad

Daesh came to Iraq to destroy our heritage because they don't have their

Iman Issam

The situation is not good honestly, there is so much

Haider al-Abadi

They have two choices – either they surrender and receive a fair trial or they will be killed. Some are escaping but even the escape path is closed now. They have no hope so that is why they should

Abbas al-Jabouri

Reaching here is a message to the people of Mosul that the enemy that used to suffocate them is officially

Shaalan Ali Saleh

In the coming hours, our forces will raise the Iraqi flag over the governorate

Ahmed Jamal

Today our battle in Mosul is a battle that Iraqis are conducting on behalf of the entire

Caroline Gluck - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Families that I talked to today had been surviving for weeks on flour and water. Sometimes some tomato paste and maybe a bit of bread. Food prices have shot up – a kilo of sugar is roughly $20. People are also talking about how cold it has been, and they've been burning anything they can find to stay warm, so furniture and plastic. They're tearing tables and chairs apart in order to stay warm. It seems that primarily hunger has been one of the drivers as to why families have

Caroline Gluck - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Pretty soon shelter and camp space will become a critical issue, because the numbers are getting higher and we're running out of

Iolanda Jaquemet - International Committee of the Red Cross

The first cases who arrived were a mother and her five children, aged from 1 month to 11 years. It was certainly [the result of] a toxic chemical agent, because their symptoms were absolutely clear. People had blisters, they vomited. They had irritation in the eyes and

Sara al-Zewqari

Since 1st March, the hospital that our medical team and surgeons are currently working at received 15 people that showed that they some sort of exposure to chemical agents. There are blisters. A lot of them came coughing, vomiting, (or had) redness in the

Lise Grande - United Nations

This is horrible. If the alleged use of chemical weapons is confirmed, this is a serious violation of international humanitarian law and a war

Lise Grande - United Nations

This is horrible, there is never justification – none whatsoever – for the use of chemical

Matthew Saltmarsh - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We have noted a significant increase in displacement in the last week, 30,000 in west Mosul, 4,000 a day or

Robert Mardini

During the past two days, the hospital has admitted five children and two women showing clinical symptoms consistent with an exposure to a blistering chemical agent. We strongly condemn any use of chemical weapons, by any party,

Saif Ali

In total 7,000 people fled through this area last night. We were up all night trying to control the

Nahla Ahmed

All the families were hiding behind a wall. We gave the children valium so they wouldn't cry and (the IS fighters) wouldn't catch

Faysal Itani

Raqqa is more of an abstract goal: everyone wants it in principle, but no one is willing to commit the resources and bear the risks necessary. Witness the slow and ugly progress in Mosul as well. Raqqa would be

Belkis Wille - Human Rights Watch

It will take ages for them to decontaminate the site and excavate. De-miners are rightly prioritizing decontaminating areas that displaced people are returning

Thamir al-Hussaini

In the coming day we will clear the government

Muhammad Abbas

There were two IS fighters there, one with a suicide belt. A coalition plane saw them and killed them with an

Umm Mahmoud

We stayed out of fear of ISIL. People escaping were caught. Their men were killed and the women were left tied up out in the cold as

Muhammad Salah

None of the main road has been liberated yet. Honestly it was a very fierce

Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi

Many of them were killed, and for those who are still positioned in the residential neighborhoods, they either pull back or get killed are our forces move

Dawud Dargham

There is a limit to what we can endure. We are humans made of flesh and

Abdel Amir al-Mohammadawi - Rapid Response

He's not Iraqi. He's probably not an Arab. The closer we get to the center, the more we come up against the

Salman Hashim - Cts

Most of those who arrive to this point are hungry and thirsty and suffering neglect, and need medical

Shalal Younis

His mind was fragile and they took advantage of that, promising him virgins and lecturing him about being a good Muslim. If someone had tempted him with drugs and alcohol, he probably would have done that

Abu Amir

Even now I'm still astounded. I don't know how they convinced him to join. I'm just glad we could bury him and put this whole thing to

Thamir al-Hussaini

He said Iraqi troops suffered casualties, but didn't give a specific

Haider Fadhil

The neighborhood is fully liberated. We are clearing it up and beefing up

Rawa Salem

Inside Mamun the streets are full of bodies. I saw twenty dead with my own eyes, many of them

Haider Ibrahim

There was resistance from the enemy and it was very strong, as they used car bombs and drones. But thank God, they couldn't hit their targets and we are dealing with is. And right now, the advance is

Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi

There is an exodus of civilians especially from the districts of El Mamoune, Tel el romane and Tel el rayane, they are being evacuated via secured passages towards areas further back so that they can then be driven to safe

Abu Naba

We could hear their voices outside and 15 minutes later they were

Abdelwahab al-Saadi

Clearing operations are ongoing and our forces have entered those

Falah al-Wabdan

We are now fighting Daesh at the southern edge of the city. We are trying to breach trenches and high berm they used as defensive

Yahya Rasool

The counter-terrorism forces will be an additional force which will expedite the liberation of Mosul's western

Sabah al-Numani - Cts

Our forces started a major operation early this morning to storm the airport of Mosul and the Ghozlani base to dislodge Daesh (Islamic State) terrorists. We can confirm that the Mosul airport militarily has fallen and it's a matter of short time to fully control

Fattah Mohammed Fattah

This gallery is a message from me to the environmental organisations as well as civil society organisations to raise awareness of the remnants of war that we have been exposed to. Wars that have been imposed on us. In this gallery I tried to collect these remains and turn them into creative artistic

Fattah Mohammed Fattah

In these paintings, I used no paint. I used only the burning technique. Burning has become a phenomenon in our society because of the many times that the environment has been burnt here. And therefore I used the burning style for the

Matthew Saltmarsh - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

It is estimated that up to 250,000 people could be displaced. Almost 217,000 have fled the hostilities since the start of the offensive on October 17, and around a 160,000 of those are still displaced. Others have returned to their homes, in newly retaken areas. But the situation remains fluid and is of course terrifying for those who are trapped or affected by the

Georgina Sword Daniels - International Rescue Committee

If they decide to stay they might get caught in the crossfire. If they flee, they face a very dangerous journey, going across front lines, maybe being shot at by ISIS. Also, there are a lot of landmines and explosive devices lying around the city. We've seen from other places in Iraq that have previously been held by ISIS, people have come across these devices and been killed and injured by them. It's a pretty impossible decision either

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

The coalition forces are in support of this operation and we will continue ... with the accelerated effort to destroy

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

The attack into the city is something I don't want to go into details about because I owe confidentiality to the troops who are actually making the attack. At the same time we are very close to it if not already engaged in that, in that fight. The U.S. forces continue in the same role that they were in East Mosul and the coalition forces are in support of this operation, and we will continue as you know with the accelerated effort to destroy

Haider al-Abadi

We call on our brave troops to start the push to liberate the rest of the city, to liberate people from the oppression and terrorism of Daesh. Our main mission is to liberate the people before liberating the

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

There is concern that the hardest fighting is about to begin. We know that it has been difficult for people to leave Mosul. Sometimes it is just too much shooting, there is a problem with bridges to get out of the city. There were five bridges originally, now I believe there are non in operation. So you have a lot of different problems, that leave desperate people, vulnerable people, in a position that they really do need assistance but they can't get

Peter Hawkins - UNICEF

Three out of five people now depend on untreated water from wells for cooking and drinking as water systems and treatment plants have been damaged by fighting or run out of

Steve Townsend

Mosul would be a tough fight for any army in the world, and the Iraqi forces have risen to the challenge. They have taken the fight to the enemy and sacrificed their blood for the people of Iraq and the rest of the

Lise Grande - United Nations

The situation is distressing. People, right now, are in trouble. We are hearing reports of parents struggling to feed their children and to heat their homes. We don't know what will happen during the military campaign but we have to be ready for all scenarios. Tens of thousands of people may flee or be forced to leave the city. Hundreds of thousands of civilians might be trapped – maybe for weeks, maybe for

Muhammed Ghanim

This was where they had their base. These people were ignorant and very cruel to us. Now I'm proud to help the sec