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Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics
It's unclear if you need Congress. Part of the issue is we've never done something like this before; we've not gone through the legal i's that need to be dotted and t's that need to be crossed. The White House is supposed to consult with Congress [about free trade accords] at a minimum, but what does that mean? That's up for interpretation. You could tell trading partners that you may withdraw in six months, but in the end you choose not to withdraw, so it's not actual
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NEW Apr 27 2017
“First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court! There are many people that want to break up the 9th Circuit. It's outrageous.” said Donald J. Trump speaking about NAFTA. It’s one of the 210 quotes about NAFTA you can find on this page. 129 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Jim Cramer and Justin Trudeau. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Crawford Falconer

The WTO has plateaued because it hasn't got the kind of leadership and innovative thinking that will take it to the next level. The UK now has a unique opportunity, within the WTO, to provide economic leadership for the world trade agenda - and my God, doesn't the world need that right now. Many of the leading economies in the world has lost the plot. An economy like the UK is going to be an independent and powerful voice for reform and change in the global economy, and that is going to be a massively refreshing political voice in Geneva [at the WTO's headquarters].feedback

John Weekes - Nafta

In many ways it would make a lot of sense for the UK to join Nafta - you wouldn't have to sit down and work out de novo what a trade agreement with the US would look like, you would start with something that is already there. In many ways it would make sense to think of docking initially with some of these existing agreements rather than starting from the beginning to negotiate a set of free trade

John Weekes - Nafta

It would make a lot of sense from a UK perspective to have one agreement with the North American countries rather than three agreements [one per country] especially when those countries have one agreement with each other. Why not think of joining that? In many ways the TPP agreement is a modernisation of Nafta as it involves the three Nafta

Laura Dawson

You're trying to find a pattern, and it's really difficult to say whether we should expect that there would be a pattern in the way that this White House behaves in its foreign relations. I think it's going to go more or less the way it has gone in previous negotiations. The things that are more worrying here are the leakage between the issues that are known to be systemic irritants and the broader trading relationship. We all know that we're not going to get along on softwood, but that's not a reason to blow up the

John McCain

Withdrawing from #NAFTA would be a disaster for #Arizona jobs & economy – @POTUS shouldn't abandon this vital trade

Donald J. Trump

Absolutely, I have. There are many people that want to break up the 9th Circuit. It's outrageous. Everybody immediately runs to the 9th Circuit. And we have a big country. We have lots of other locations. But they immediately run to the 9th Circuit. Because they know that's like, semi-automatic. You see judge shopping, or what's gone on with these people, they immediately run to the 9th Circuit. It's got close to an 80 percent reversal period, and what's going on in the 9th Circuit is a

Marc Chandler - Brown Brothers Harriman

NAFTA negotiations haven't even begun yet, and I think it'll maybe catch people by surprise. We all thought Trump was going to pick on

Andres Jaime - Barclays

How I read this is markets were discounting a very benign scenario, and this is a wake-up call. The administration is willing to push for some changes in the way the U.S. trades. ... The general story hasn't changed that much. the U.S. is not ripping up NAFTA or something very

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

Yes. That's my opinion. That's my view. The bottom line is we need to move forward on this deal. It is critical to our economic and geopolitical well-being.

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

We're not going to be fooling around with this deal in 2018. In fact, we haven't heard of that in a long time. Because if a country were to put a 35 percent tariff on products moving into their country, the guys you're trading with are going to do it the next

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

(Trump) is looking at how to get things done. And I can tell you that he wants to speed this thing

Donald J. Trump

Canada, what they've done to our dairy farm workers is a disgrace. It's a disgrace. I spent time with some of the farmers in Wisconsin, and, as you know, rules, regulations, different things have changed. And our farmers in Wisconsin and New York State are being put out of business, our dairy farmers. And that also includes what's happening along our northern border states with Canada, having to do with lumber and timber. The fact is, NAFTA–whether it's Mexico or Canada–is a disaster for our

Donald J. Trump

We're going to stand up for our dairy farmers in Wisconsin. We are going to make some very big changes, or we are going to get rid of NAFTA once and for

Bill Morneau

No surprises, from my perspective. It's really not a surprise that we've moved from a positive relationship, which it is, to thinking about specifics. The measures around trying to reduce speculation in the market, we think are positive. We do believe that there's an important issue around psychology in the market that needs to be addressed, and Ontario's making progress on that issue. We haven't entered into NAFTA discussions

Donald J. Trump

Because in Canada some very unfair things have happened to our dairy farmers and others and we're going to start working on that with Ron [Johnson] and with Scott [Walker] and with Paul [Ryan] and with all of your representatives. What's happened to you is very very unfair. It's another typical one-sided deal against the United

Donald J. Trump

We're going to do everything in our power to make sure more products are stamped with those wonderful words 'Made in the USA'. For too long we've watched as our factories have been closed and our jobs have been sent to far away lands. We have to get the health care taken care of. We are going to make very big changes or we are going to get rid of NAFTA for once and for all. We cannot continue like

Luis A. Ribera

This could certainly become an issue in any attempt to renegotiate NAFTA. Once you open NAFTA, everything is theoretically on the table for

Donald J. Trump

NAFTA is a disaster. It's been a disaster from the day it was devised. And we're going to have some very pleasant surprises for you on NAFTA, that I can tell

Laura Dawson

Canada has been looking at a deal with China for a long time, but the destabilization of the NAFTA relationship has made it even more important for Canada to look for alternatives to the U.S. market. Canada is well-known to be a middle power, a negotiator, a conciliator, and so we can explore a range of possibilities and negotiating outcomes with China. But when the two world leaders, when China and the United States, get into a room, it becomes more of a power

Elías Massri

We don't depend on NAFTA at all, not for exports or for supplies. For us, this is where the opportunity

Thea Lee - AFL-CIO

The NAFTA notification was clearly inadequate, and a disappointment given all the rhetoric and campaign promises on that

Drew Greenblatt

The vice president looked at his cellphone and said, This wasn't around 23 years ago. Pence said Nafta is from a different time and the world has changed

Paul Christopher

The market's been reversing itself on Mexico and on NAFTA for some time. The initial reaction was the bludgeoning of Mexico and the peso. I think the market's anticipating a renegotiated NAFTA that's not so bad as people were

Paul Waldman

I’m going to rip up those trade deals, ” Donald Trump promised when he was campaigning for president, and about no deal was he more emphatic than the North American Free Trade Agreement, signed by George H.W. Bush and ratified under Bill Clinton. “NAFTA has been a disaster for our country. NAFTA has to be totally gotten rid of, ” he said. “So, all of that will change with me and what I tell people is you’re going to have jobs.”.feedback

Mark W. Warner

It's not ripping up Nafta, but there are a bunch of sticks of dynamite contained in those pages. It's going to be a messy, hard-slogging

Donald J. Trump

NAFTA has been a disaster for our country. NAFTA has to be totally gotten rid of. Something has to happen with

Ross Perot

I believe the time will come when trade will be free from Alaska to Argentina, when every citizen of the Americas will have the opportunity to share in new growth and

Beatriz Leycegui - Nafta

I think it's good news for Mexico. I think this is a responsible letter, something that is indicating a willingness to cooperate, to work together in the competitiveness of the region, and this is extremely important for Mexico at a time when Mexico needs to have clarity and make progress on this

Antonio Ortiz-Mena - Albright Stonebridge Group

It could lead to tit-for-tat protectionism. That particular issue would keep me up at

Luz María de la Mora

Because when are we really going to know what the stance of the White House is? That is where all the uncertainty lies, more so than in the substance of this

Sean Spicer

That is not a statement of administration policy. That is not an accurate statement of where we are at this

Carlos Elizondo

The temptation to simply delay the negotiation until it becomes the next president's problem is

Carlos Elizondo

It is clear that Trump's priority right now in terms of his agenda is to try to pass Trumpcare, and we know how long that takes. The outcome of that debate and process in the U.S. Congress will undoubtedly affect every other item on his list, including, of course,

Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena - Mexichem

When you know the kind of value chain that we have, you understand that it is a very difficult world to destroy, almost impossible. There is so much at stake, of course, more for Mexico than the U.S., but there is a lot of value already in place. And when people understand that, they don't worry so

Michael Camuñez - ManattJones Global Strategies

From the Trump and American perspective, this is purely an optional problem. They have taken one of the most productive trade relationships in the world and amazingly have turned it into a

Pamela Starr

The longer we wait, the harder it is going to be for Trump to get what he wants because the nationalist pressure on Peña Nieto will be cumulative. The longer he is in the presidency, from today forward, the more of a lame duck he

François-Philippe Champagne

We have a good relationship, but I do believe when you look at the supply chain in North America, we can do so much more together. We value our political and commercial relationship with Mexico and we will work closely with Mexico to build a more prosperous North

Bill Morneau

Our view is that something can always be improved, and as long as we focus on better outcomes for our constituencies, we can get to a good

François-Philippe Champagne

For me it is quite clear. NAFTA is a three-nation agreement. So the way to renegotiate a three-nation agreement is on a trilateral

François-Philippe Champagne

The United States has not yet still made a formal notification to Congress about the issues and also about the timing with respect to the renegotiation of NAFTA. But what is important to acknowledge is that, as Prime Minister Trudeau said, we are prepared to sit down at the table. NAFTA is an agreement that was negotiated about two decades ago and has been amended already about 12

Justin Trudeau

We've got auto parts criss-crossing the border six times before they end up in a finished product. You've got over $2 billion a day going back and forth. So, making sure that the border is ... secure but also smooth in its flow of goods and people is essential to good jobs on both sides of the

Justin Trudeau

I know and I've always felt for Canada that we recognize that diversity is a great source of strength. I think Canadians have always been interested in the choices Americans make because the choices you make inevitably impact upon us ... and how we make sure that we get that balance right between continuing to have a good relationship and standing for the things we believe in is what we expect of

Justin Trudeau

NAFTA's been ... improved a dozen times over the past 20 years. There's always opportunities to talk about how we can make it better. It has led to a lot of great jobs for a whole lot of people on both sides of the border and I very much take [US President Donald Trump] at his word when he talks about just making a few tweaks. Because that's what we're always happy to

Tom Carper

Mexico is now maybe our top customer for American poultry -- in the whole world. And Canada maybe is among the last. Among the worst. (In Canada) they slap a tariff -- I think it's something like a 200- to 250-per-cent tariff -- on poultry. It takes away a lot of incentive to try (our) Delmarva chicken when you have that kind of a tariff. Your thoughts on fixing that kind of imbalance if we have the chance to renegotiate NAFTA?feedback

Juan Cortina

There was a sugar mill...that was loading a ship headed to refineries in the United States and when it was ready to leave the port, we suddenly learned that the export contracts were being

Carlos Pascual - IHS

The prospects are for additional gas supply only to continue to increase, and right now we see over the next five years, at least, relatively flat prices for natural gas globally, so the question then becomes, Where does American natural gas fit in?feedback

Carlos Pascual - IHS

It will give them an opportunity to bring international technology and capital in to develop Mexico's deep water. Pemex never could have developed that. In the United States, there's been a huge benefit in the sale of natural gas to Mexico and also in the renewable-energy sector. Many of these companies buy GE equipment, for example. GE is a massive player here, particularly in wind turbines, so there's been a very significant boost to American commercial interests as a result of the development of natural gas and the power

Justin Trudeau

There's always opportunities to improve trade deals. NAFTA has been improved a dozen times over the past 20

Donald J. Trump

It makes no sense to introduce an agreement with border restrictions or

Guajardo Ildefonso

The moment that they say, We're going to put a 20 percent tariff on cars,' I get up from the

Cesar Ochoa

Are we in trouble? I don't think so. Mexico has a world class team of negotiators. The U.S. shouldn't do too bad for themselves, but Mexico is not a

Sergio Ornelas

A new crisis is an opportunity to restructure, have better institutions. Be calm. Patience. Sell and inform about the benefits of NAFTA. We only hear the negatives, we only hear the bad guys

Chrystia Freeland

We very much recognize that NAFTA is a three-nation agreement and were there to be any negotiations, those would be three-way negotiations. We all have to collectively be careful not to get ahead of

Luis Videgaray

NAFTA is a three-party agreement and any conversation we have regarding that ... will be a three-party conversation; it has to

Guajardo Ildefonso

Nothing in the new NAFTA should be a step backward. We will definitely not include any type of trade management measures, like quotas, or open the Pandora's box of tariffs. That will be disastrous in any process moving

Carla Hills

The fact that the President met with Congressional leaders on Feb. 2 and discussed NAFTA renegotiation does not mean the U.S. clock has

Mark W. Warner

I can't see how it's possible at all. It would be very complicated to do and I don't think Mexico would ... ever go along with

Matthew Kronby

It is very hard to tease apart the elements of the deal that I suppose Trump might think are a disaster with Mexico while leaving it intact with

Ron Kirk

[TPP] was at the top of Canada's agenda because they wanted to be a part of that new market. And the irony was that the Trans-Pacific Partnership effectively was the opportunity for the three North American partners to modernize and update

Carla Hills

Canada is our largest export destination, and Mexico is our second largest. And I think the prime minister does not want that to be destroyed. There are a lot of things we could do to make ourselves more competitive, but let's not tear down the structure that has given so much to each of us. Our most efficient supply chains are in North America. You ask the state of Washington, What do you import?' And they say airplane parts. What do you export?'

Carla Hills

If we were to cut off our supply chains for imports, we would be far less competitive in terms of our

Angus Reid

What a difference eight months and a new U.S. president make. Today, with NAFTA under threat, Canadians have radically changed the way they feel about the deal in a relatively short period of

Nelson Wiseman

It's a smart thing if Canada proposed this. It takes attention off of NAFTA. And from Trump's point of view, it contributes to softening Trump's image, and he's got a problem with

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

Withdrawing from NAFTA would be devastating for the workers, businesses, and economies of our countries. Beneath all the debates, arguments, and attention-grabbing headlines, I think our leaders across the board understand this. To address areas open for modernization or improvement, we would insist on doing it in a way that doesn't disrupt the $1.3 trillion worth of trade that depends on

Justin Trudeau

First, let's do no harm. Let's preserve, protect, and advance the robust trade that supports both of our economies and millions of our

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

AMLO is a populist, nationalist, anti-globalization, anti-NAFTA candidate, not unlike Trump himself. Regardless of his economic or other leanings (which veer toward leftist populism), the two personalities would make bilateral compromises all the

James Barrineau

We've gone from an outright short late last year to an overweight position relative to the index, just because there's a lot of bad news priced in. The real exchange rate is very, very cheap relative to history, and at this point, the bond yields are competitive with the higher yielding countries in

Kieran Curtis - Standard Life

The peso is cheap certainly and absent a big unfavorable change to NAFTA, you will make great money investing in Mexican bonds. But a change to NAFTA that's unfavorable, and who

Jim Carr

I think that's a real possibility. I think the energy sector is one of those where the integration argument and the mutual benefit can be well advanced by

Leo Gerard

We said, If you're serious about repealing NAFTA, we're with you. If you're serious about taking on China, we're with you. If you're serious about rebuilding America's infrastructure, we're with you. So if the president's prepared to take that on, he can consider us an ally on that, and we'll consider him an

Donald J. Trump

I would like to speed it up if possible. You're the folks who can do it. We are working very, very hard and will be very soon, as soon as we get the go-ahead – we have the 90-day period that we have to think

Charlie Weaver

We supported TPP strongly and wish [the president] would have embraced it. Protectionism isn't good for U.S. workers, consumers or the economy. That's the fear of changing NAFTA and walking away from

Jerry Dias - Unifor

This came right out of left field. This nothing to do with Trump, but it has everything to do with NAFTA. Everything we've been led to understand is that by concentrating the Equinox production on our Ingersoll facilities, everything was going to be fine. There is a solution. They should halt plans immediately to shift the Terrain to

Jim Cramer

The 20 percent tax, the idea that this is not about jobs as much as it is just a spat between to countries that have had very good relations. The spat should be about NAFTA. The spat should be about the way we set up trade with the Mexicans. I don't think the spat should be about not talking to each other, which is what Vicente Fox was

Jerry Dias - Unifor

This came right out of left field. This is NAFTA, this has nothing to do with Trump, but it has everything to do with

Reva Goujon - Strategic Forecasting

The main barrier to an import tax like that is that it could be in violation of NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] or WTO [World Trade Organization] rules. And that's where the Trump team could potentially get more creative and declare this border wall as a national security

Reva Goujon - Strategic Forecasting

There's an implicit threat that the U.S. still has more room to escalate, up to and including the potential repealing of NAFTA, which Trump technically has the executive authority to do. That comes with political, economic costs and even social costs, especially if we see people mobilize around this

Sean Newman - INVESCO

There are certainly risks to this trade as they go through the 22 chapters of Nafta. We have to clarify what that might

Donald J. Trump

If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting, . It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) with massive numbers of jobs and companies

Donald J. Trump

We're working on a tax reform Bill that will reduce our trade deficit, increase American exports and will generate revenue from Mexico that will pay for the wall, if we decide to go that route. I will not allow the citizens or the taxpayers of the United States to pay the cost of this defective transaction, NAFTA, one that should have been renegotiated many years ago, except that the politicians were too preoccupied to do

Donald J. Trump

If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting (with Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nietro). The US has a $60 billion trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers… of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming

Donald J. Trump

The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers.. ... of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting. Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders. We are going to get the bad ones out. The criminals and the drug dealers and gangs and gang members and cartel leaders. The day is over when they can stay in our country and wreak

Donald J. Trump

Anybody ever hear of NAFTA? I ran a campaign somewhat based on NAFTA. But we're going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration and on security at the border, and Mexico has been terrific, actually, terrific. And the president has been really very amazing, I think we're going to have a very good result for Mexico, for the United States, for everybody

Luis Videgaray

What we want is to maintain free access for Mexican products, without restrictions, without tariffs and quotas. Any agreement that is proposed that infringes or endangers Mexico's social and economic interests and which harm the dignity of our nation will be

Ildefonso Guajardo

There could be no other option. Go for something that is less than what we already have? It would not make sense to stay, . The strategy for this treaty needs to be one in which everyone wins. It's impossible to sell it here at home if there aren't clear benefits for

Matthias Wissmann

It's beyond all questions that should restrictions be made to the NAFTA area, they would first deal a significant blow to the U.S. economy. By putting up tariffs or import taxes, the U.S. would shoot themselves in the foot over the long

Derek Burney

We have security agreements, both continental and multi-lateral -- Mexico does not. Mexico has a huge border problem with the United States in terms of immigration and drugs -- Canada does

Mathieu Negre

If that's the case, there are 4 items that could be significant: the renegotiation of NAFTA, the introduction of a possible border tax, the straight imposition of tariffs and the labelling of China as a currency

Donald J. Trump

We are going to have trade, but we're going to have one on one. And if somebody misbehaves, we'll send them a letter of termination. 30 days and they will either straighten it out or we're

Steve Schwarzman - The Blackstone Group

Canada finds itself, frankly, in a really very special status. I don't think he should be enormously worried because Canada is held in very high

Donald J. Trump

All you have to do is stay. This is not about party, this is not about ideology. This is about country, our country. It's about serving the American people. We're going to start some negotiations having to do with

Kristen Welker

A White House official tells NBC News that as early as Monday, President Trump is expected to sign an executive order that will put in motion the renegotiation of NAFTA. President Trump is also expected to sign an executive order announcing his intention to withdraw from TPP, a trade agreement among 11 other Pacific Rim

Donald J. Trump

We are going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration and on security at the border. The regulations are going to be cut massively, and the taxes will be cut with

Donald J. Trump

Great thing for the American worker, what we just did. We've been talking about this a long time. We're going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration, and on security at the border. I think we're going to have a very good result for Mexico, for the United States, for everybody involved. It's really very

Donald J. Trump

Busy week planned with a heavy focus on jobs and national security. Top executives coming in at 9:00 A.M. to talk manufacturing in America. This is not about party, this is not about ideology. This is about country, our country. It's about serving the American people. We're going to start some negotiations having to do with

Gregory Daco

If Trump renegotiates NAFTA, as he has said he would, activity in these states would likely come under

David MacNaughton

They haven't said anything specific about any real problems that they have with

David MacNaughton

I don't think Canada is the focus at all. But we are part of NAFTA, and there are discussions that need to be had, and we'll be having them over the next few

Donald J. Trump

We're going to start some negotiations having to do with NAFTA. Anybody ever hear of NAFTA? I ran a campaign somewhat based on NAFTA. But we're going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration, on security at the

Sara Fagen

Quite a bit of trade can be done through executive action, particularly

Luis Videgaray Caso

This is a man who has negotiated all his life. We have to be open to re-negotiating some points of NAFTA – to Mexico's

Jim Cramer

Anything that touches NAFTA could be considered to be good for people who are in the workforce if you're not looking at the later consequences of having to pay more for a certain

Steven Mnuchin

I think most people acknowledge NAFTA was negotiated a long time ago, that we should reopen this agreement. I'm optimistic that we can renegotiate that deal (in a way) that's both advantageous to us and advantageous to Mexico. That it's a win-win for both

Daniel Clifton

Tomorrow's going to be trade day, NAFTA, TPP withdraw and some stronger enforcement of trade

Vladimir Budker

Plan B is to look at a couple of local (U.S.) producers - we've looked but didn't approach them yet -- to see if there is any change in policy, in NAFTA or taxes. We'd be looking at this avenue pretty

Lance Fritz - Union Pacific

While I think NAFTA is ripe for modernization in labor practice, environmental practice and e-commerce, it also represents a boon to the U.S. economy. It benefits the U.S. consumer and creates U.S.

Wilbur Ross

They're being kept alive by state-owned banks. To me that looks and feels and tastes a lot like artificial subsidies. I am not anti-trade. I am pro-trade. But I am pro-sensible trade, not trade that is to the disadvantage of the American worker and to the American manufacturing

Wilbur Ross

As to Canada and Mexico, the President-elect has made no secret in his public remarks, nor have I, that NAFTA is logically the first thing for us to deal with. We ought to solidify relationships the best way we can in our own territory before we go off into other

Donald J. Trump

We're meeting with the prime minister of Canada and we will be meeting with the president of Mexico, who I know, and we're going to start some negotiations having to do with NAFTA. The president has been really very amazing and I think we are going to have a very good result for Mexico, for the United States, for everybody involved. It's very

Jason Leinwand

Most of what's driving the peso today is [still] policy, what you might hear [at] the Trump press

Boris Schlossberg

You may see the dollar reverse quite a lot if the press conference disappoints. Right now the market is pricing in a lot of

Linda Hasenfratz - Linamar

The prospect of trying to put some trade barriers up between those countries is extremely troubling. Can you imagine adding a border tax seven times to these products that are passing back and forth between our borders? It would add enormous cost that no one can

Jimena Blanco - Verisk Maplecroft

To be honest, there's very little that Mexico itself can do. I think the power here lies with the U.S. companies lobbying the Trump administration and saying: wait a minute, there's about 5 million jobs in the United States riding on this relationship with Mexico, and if we increase tariffs or walk out of NAFTA, those jobs will be at

Jim Cramer

This is very different from going to a Ford plant – which actually wasn't about to move – and saying, Listen, we're going to keep these jobs here.' To bring those jobs back, you have to make it so it is punitive to make anything in Mexico. That means you either have to change the terms of NAFTA or scrap

Jim Cramer

It's not like Republicans are necessarily now going to turn on NAFTA. Trump will lose it. He will not be able to change NAFTA

Dennis Williams

I'm prepared to sit down and talk to him about trade. NAFTA is a problem. I think his position on trade is right

Andres Rozental

At the end of the day it's clear that the amount of U.S. investment in Mexico based on NAFTA will

Bob Lutz - General Motors

Today there is a global flow of parts and technology. A lot of those Mexican-assembled units contain a very, very vast majority of U.S.-made mechanical components like engines and transmissions that are exported from the United

Bob Lutz - General Motors

Fundamentally, you have to look at the brand. Where is the brand located? Where is the engineering conducted? Where is the value added of the design done? Where does profitability return to for reinvestment?feedback

Bob Lutz - General Motors

We also export cars to Mexico and to Canada, so my guess is if he wants to look at unfair trade … he would need to look at the Germans before anything else, because we have a 10 percent tariff going into the EU, which hits all American-produced

Michael Cohen

Mexico can serve as a balance. It's important regionally because right now you have a whole bunch of growth in production in the Northeast, and now you have constraints on that production getting out. The fact you have Mexican demand increases can balance out where the supply might come from in the medium

Francisco Blanch - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

It could very well be a case where there's some tweaking around on [NAFTA], as opposed to a big breakdown. Certainly, I am concerned a little bit about the Mexican economy. It's been a big driver of demand for U.S. gas. The supply chains are very well integrated between the three countries. Changing the rules of the game on account of NAFTA would be pretty challenging not just for Mexico but for U.S.

Alex Wood

Mexico is building some renewable projects along the border and that power is going to the U.S. It really is becoming more and more integrated. Virtually all of Canada's surplus oil goes to the United States. The United States is producing surplus crude oil. … It's refined and it goes to

Daniel Yergin

Mexico has become a very important market for U.S. gas producers and without it, we'd be looking at lower

Scott Anderson

It's not so simple to say we're going to renegotiate the trade deals. We set up the system to create those inter-linkages. You just can't overnight legislate or executive order that away. If you try to do that, it's going to have negative economic impacts, not just for the economies on the border but for these specific industries, like

Anthony Yuen

Without exports to Mexico, the U.S. market would not be where we are right now. It would be way lower. Producers may not be drilling as many wells. Without Mexico, it would be

Anthony Yuen

Mexico had a pretty high cost of power in the past, because the country used oil as a power-generation fuel, and natural gas there is more expensive because of pipeline bottlenecks. We would not be surprised if exports to Mexico by 2020 by pipeline would still be larger than U.S. LNG

Daniel Yergin

Instead of Mexico spending a fortune building new refineries, they are buying from the U.S., and it turns out energy exports are now an important contributor to the jobs in our

Anthony Yuen

This speaks to how extensive the energy cooperation is between these countries. It's almost as if the borders aren't really there. If you look at Canada and the U.S., they are part of the same cross-border electricity reliability councils for some regions. … It's not just natural gas, it's power lines, hydroelectricity and those are long-standing agreements and

Evan Ellis

The China-Mexico relationship is back on again. The election of President Trump and the associated threat to North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) probably was one driver for (Pena Nieto) to position Mexico to diversify its foreign economic

Fernando Turner

Trade between Mexico and the United States did not begin with

Brian Coulton - Fitch Ratings

We're going to have less open economies; we're going to have trade barriers going up; I think Donald Trump is going to be looking at NAFTA, he's going to be looking at China very hard, and those were very clear parts of his

Jimmy Jean

That means tighter financial conditions here in Canada, including the housing market, which was already subject to tougher macro-prudential

Nick Exarhos - CIBC World Markets

Even if trade isn't disrupted from Canada, the uncertainty over our trade position with the U.S. will, if anything, delay the turn in capital

David Watt

We might get some spillover effects, but I don't think it would necessarily be enough to overcome some of the uncertainty or anxieties about U.S. trade

Swati Dhingra

A bigger issue is these are really simple solutions that are being given [by Trump], that 'let's cancel NAFTA, let's cancel TPP and somehow that's going to get things okay in our country'. It's not going to be that simple and that worries me

David Spooner

Companies will quietly admit that (the North American Free Trade Agreement) is now 25 years old and needs updating. Of course, if we're updating or amending NAFTA, people get

Wendy Cutler

In a renegotiation, one side can come in with requests, but the other side is going to expect concessions. We need to know what we're going to ask for and what we can

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

If U.S. workers are more expensive than Mexican workers, the only way to level the playing field is to do things that raise costs in

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

There is no precedent in free trade negotiations for one side raising tariffs more than the

Xi Jinping

Closed and inclusive arrangements are not the right

John Key

I personally think that President Trump will be very much like chairman of the corporation Trump is. He's a flexible business guy. He's going to realize he has a role to

Barack Obama

My main message to you ... and the message I delivered in Europe is don't just assume the

Enrique Pena Nieto

There are elements that could be included, issues to do with the environment ... the labor issue is one I think that wasn't incorporated in NAFTA, just to mention some chapters that could be included in this

Flavio Volpe

It (the North American auto industry) really only works if there are no borders. A revision of NAFTA for the auto sector - there's likely zero support for

Matthew Wilson

Mexico is still an important market for Canadian exporters and bilateral business, but if anything did happen with NAFTA, we expect the Canadian government would be able to, fairly quickly, negotiate a deal with both Mexico and

Matthew Wilson

We spoke to our members, and based on trade stats alone, the priority has to be the U.S.

Jose Antonio Meade

Mexico's public debt ... is something we are revising and discussing with the

Jose Antonio Meade

And we're facing this situation with well-capitalized

Carlos Petersen - Eurasia Group

The problem is that there is still high uncertainty and a lack of information on how much President-elect Trump will push on NAFTA revisions when he's in the White

Thierry Albert Wizman

It's just too early to say what changes would make President-elect Trump

Enrique Pena Nieto

We both agreed that we have to work towards a relationship of trust, of a shared future, because our countries are highly important one to

Carlos Petersen - Eurasia Group

Nieto's response to Trump's victory is the correct strategy. He has to strike a friendly tone. This is not the moment to be

Luis de la Calle

We should look to having sufficient clarity, as quickly as possible, on what kind of proposals could come from the United States with regard to relations with Mexico. But we must also be aware, it's not very probable there will be such a radical proposal because the benefits are for both

Ildefonso Guajardo

We're ready to talk so we can explain the strategic importance of Nafta for the region. Here we're not talking about ... renegotiating it, we're simply talking about dialogue. Today the world is not competing by country, it's competing by

Justin Trudeau

I think it's important that we be open to talking about trade deals. If the Americans want to talk about NAFTA, I'm more than happy to talk about

Ricardo Adrogue

Even if they specifically target NAFTA, the implications for the Mexican economy would be relatively

Ildefonso Guajardo

We'll need to talk with the others to change the limiting clause that meant us having to wait until the United States had completed the approval

Ildefonso Guajardo

There haven't been any effects so far because I think the economic players are waiting to see how campaign rhetoric translates into public

Ildefonso Guajardo

We can't anticipate anything because we'd be anticipating something that wouldn't suit anybody, which is a trade

Clément Gignac

If you have a president who wants to renegotiate NAFTA then that can create uncertainty on exports and on capital expenditures. No company is going to make a big bet on Canadian investment as long as they don't know the rules of the

Craig Erlam

When the dust settles will depend on the reaction of Trump and the Fed. Markets have been sent into a frenzy because of poor positioning and the worrying rhetoric of Trump in the lead-up to the election. If both respond quickly, we could see some calm return the markets relatively quickly, as we did after June 23. Whether this applies to the peso will very much depend on what he has to say regarding NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).feedback

Jim Cramer

If he managed to pull off a surprise win tomorrow, you need to sell Kansas City Southern and the iShares Mexico Capped ETF. KSU in particular would make a terrific Trump

Jim Cramer

I would say that Cemex is the perfect example of the kind of company that gets hurt if Trump wins the White House, except for one thing – the

Jim Cramer

The thing to keep in mind is that if we toss NAFTA down the train, it won't just be Mexican exporters that get hurt. Their whole economy will be put through the meat grinder, and the value of the peso is going to

Martin Arnold

In the case of a Trump victory, (the) Mexican peso will experience a sharp fall as anti-Mexican sentiment from Trump is likely to depress investor optimism about the future of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the benefits that accrue to Mexico from free

Mitch Goldberg

This isn't like the days when NAFTA was passed. Feedback comes almost instantaneously, which helps with crafting trade agreements and

Marcus Noland - Peterson Institute for International Economics

The TV industry is characterized by particularly dense webs of cross-border supply chains with Mexico and China. There'd be chaos and a trade

Paul Gagnon - IHS

The main reason for that is so the producers can respond quickly to fluctuations in

Michael O'Shaughnessy

It's pretty crazy that I'm disadvantaged for using U.S.

Mick Mulvaney

You could never do that in America – at least not

David Garff

If Trump does try to blow up NAFTA, it will hurt Mexico. No

Jeff Flake

I hope when he sits down with the Mexican president, that the Mexican president will tell him how important NAFTA is for both of our countries, to tell him how those crossing the border aren't Mexico's worst. That they aren't rapists. To tell him this is a complicated

Hans Redeker - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

It seems that both candidates would likely look to restrict trade to some extent. Trump appears to be the more severe in this regard, proposing tariffs on key trade partners and leaving NAFTA unless there were meaningful concessions. Clinton hasn't suggested equally aggressive tactics but has also said she would renegotiate

Rafael Amiel - IHS

The possibility of a Republican win in the U.S. elections is certainly a factor that triggers weakness of the Mexican peso. Expect a lot of volatility because we don't know what will happen. Before, the U.S. elections were about immigration – and now immigration is second place in the agenda in the concerns or risk ranks. From the Mexican standpoint, the concern is NAFTA and whether the winner will revise the terms or the whole

Wilbur Ross

Hillary Clinton can't tell a good trade deal from bad one. She was for NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement], which has cost almost a million jobs. The one that [Clinton] boasted in her economic speech that she went against was Central American Free Trade Agreement. That free trade deal worked out well for the U.S. in the form of trade surpluses with CAFTA

Colin Dueck

Trump's actually been saying for decades that he thinks U.S. alliances are more of a burden than an asset, he's been saying for decades he against free trade deals like NAFTA. He's very volatile and contradictory day to day but he has been actually saying this for

Donald J. Trump

Every policy that has failed this city and so many others is a policy supported by Hillary Clinton. Trade deals like NAFTA, signed by her husband, that have shipped your jobs to Mexico and other

Matthew Shay

I think we are very troubled by the comments about trade. The arguments against trade that we've heard from the two candidates make for great politics. They make for terrible

Donald J. Trump

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, before NAFTA went into effect, there were 285,000 auto workers in Michigan. Today, that number is only 160,

Donald J. Trump

Though Bernie is exhausted and has given up on his revolution, many of his voters still want to keep up the fight. I expect that millions of Bernie voters will refuse to vote for Hillary because of her support for the War in Iraq, the invasion of Libya, NAFTA and TPP, and of course because she is totally bought and sold by special

Tom Donohue - US Chamber of Commerce

We've beaten the dickens out of the NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement]. But the fact is it's created all kinds of jobs here the United

Donald J. Trump

We're going after Hillary Clinton. She will not be a great president, she will not be a good president, she will be a poor president. She doesn't understand trade. Her husband signed perhaps in the history of the world the single worst trade deal ever done. It is called

Larry Cohen

The trade regime that we are living in today, that has devastated this state ... has not changed since NAFTA. And that's what this is really

Mark Cooper - TransCanada

TransCanada has undertaken a careful evaluation of the Administration's action and believe there has been a clear violation of NAFTA and the U.S. Constitution in these

Arseniy Yatsenyuk

We have to make responsible, to make criminally responsible everybody who is guilty over this fire and who is guilty of breaking the

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