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The folks behind me have been so involved in it. They love NASA. They love everything it stands for and they love the people in their areas. You have a couple of areas that are going to be very much benefited by this…it's a lot of jobs and these are great jobs.
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NASA has been commented on by 237 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about NASA are: Elon Musk, Scott Bolton, Gavin Schmidt and Kate Rubins. For instance, the most recent quote from Elon Musk is: “I am not. This bill changes almost nothing about what NASA is doing. Existing programs stay in place and there is no added funding for Mars…perhaps there will be some future bill that makes a difference for Mars, but this is not it.”.
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Judith Lean

It means even though the sunspots have gone, the sun's irradiance isn't at its minimal level. I would say no. It's not something somebody's going to notice. The response time of climate system to changes in irradiance are longer than days and probably longer than months. It takes time for there to be a response.

Paul Dorian

There have already been 26 spotless days in 2017 (34 percent of the entire year) and this follows 32 spotless days last year which occurred primarily during the latter part of the year. The blank look to the sun will increase in frequency over the next couple of years leading up to the next solar minimum – probably to be reached in late 2019 or 2020.

Colin Norman

This asymmetry depends on properties such as the mass and the relative orientation of the back holes' rotation axes before the merger. That's why these objects are so rare.

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

Perhaps there will be some future bill that makes a difference for Mars, but this is not it.

Jeffrey Payne

We need to be smarter about how we approach water resource management. And this new technology is sort of a beacon of hope.

Jeffrey Payne

Some of the snowdrifts have faces of 25 to 40 feet. So we've got some pretty serious snow.

Rod Downie - World Wide Fund for Nature

We need to act now to lower our carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency, switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy and tackling climate change head on.

Julienne Stroeve

Such thin ice going into the melt season sets us up for the possibility of record low sea-ice conditions this September.

Rod Downie - World Wide Fund for Nature

The annual freeze and thaw of sea ice in the polar regions is like the beating heart of our planet, driving ocean circulation and regulating our climate. But sea ice is in decline in a warming world and the records have been shattered this year.

Mark Serreze

I have been looking at Arctic weather patterns for 35 years and have never seen anything close to what we've experienced these past two winters.

Scott Pace - Nasa

I think it's really more of a vote for stability. It's been a long time since a bill like this has been signed reaffirming our national commitment to the core mission of NASA, human space exploration, space science and technology. We support jobs. It's about jobs.

Deke Arndt

There are a lot of what-ifs. But I do think it's going to be one of the warmest years. Comparing one year to another is interesting and provides some insights, but it doesn't really confirm or refute anything that looking at the whole record does.

Maurizio Pajola

This is the most compelling evidence that we have that the observed outburst was directly linked to the collapse of the cliff.

Laura Seward Forczyk

It's how I started my career in the space industry. It's how so many people I know got started in the space industry.

Casey Dreier

The whole idea of engaging students in STEM is one of the most practical consequences of investing in the space program. Hopefully, people in Congress realize this.

Laura Seward Forczyk

A lot of times the only way women or minorities can actually succeed is through these grants. It's the only way they continue getting funding.

Leland Melvin

If it hadn't been for NASA Education I wouldn't have been funded to go to school, to work at NASA Langley, to become an astronaut. We can't say 'we support this' out of one side of our mouths and then go and cut the programs that fuel them. $115 million – that's a rounding error in the grand scheme of things.

Vicki Arroyo

Cutting scientific research in E.P.A. and NASA and NOAA and other science agencies is not going to help us have more information on the causes and, more important, the effects of climate change.

Bill Nye

You have the opportunity to provide clear direction to our nation's space program. The advances and discoveries made on your watch could be historic.

Casey Dreier

One of the reasons we just put this out is because we have heard those rumors. We don't want NASA to shift again and put the majority of its resources into a lunar program. These shifts don't turn on a dime.

Kelley Slack

It will be first time that we've been totally disconnected from Earth. There's no good way of studying that.

Kelley Slack

They'll be going out and they'll have a concept of what's going to happen, but there's a great degree of uncertainty.

Bill Jeffs - Nasa

Neil Armstrong demonstrated this characteristic as he piloted the lunar module for the first landing on the moon.

Kelley Slack

We are actually really good at countermeasures and support for the International Space Station.

Margaret Weitekamp

She has a resume that puts her on par with what male candidates would have had access to a generation or so earlier.

Mae Jemison

I thought that was the most absurd thing in the entire world. I just thought, well, would the aliens actually think this is all there is to humanity?

Margaret Weitekamp

He was thinking that if you're going to have dozens of people on space stations, then you're going to need secretaries, you're going to need telephone operators, you're going to need lab assistants–and that means you need women. So he's thinking about the women for very much traditional, pink-collared, gendered jobs.

Margaret Weitekamp

She was not interested in being treated differently than the rest of the members of her crew because she was the one woman on that mission.

Mauricio Caso

We Nasa walk slowly but safely. You men from Medellín tend to be crafty and fast.

Beka Economopoulos

They're doubling down on space exploration but cutting NASA climate research. Industry science won't be on the chopping block, but basic research will be.

Chris St. Cyr - Nasa

With space-based coronagraphs, we get images back every 20-30 minutes. You'll see the CME in one frame, and by the time you get the next frame – which contains the information we need to tell how fast it's moving – the energetic particles have already arrived [at Earth].

Joan Burkepile

Currently, processed images from K-Cor are available on the internet in less than 15 minutes after they're taken. We're installing a more powerful computer at the observatory in Hawaii to process the images seconds after they are acquired, and provide the data on the internet within a minute or two of acquisition.

Amber Straughn - Nasa

Make no mistake about it, this is really, really difficult, coming up to the edge of impossible, engineering.

Dan Lockney - Nasa

We're pleased to transfer these tools to other sectors and excited at the prospect of seeing them implemented in new and creative ways.

Oren Milstein

This product will enable human deep space exploration. Our breakthrough has come in creating the architecture of the multi-layered shield to accurately cover the most important organs. Based on our simulations, we're sure it works but to be 100 percent sure, we're sending it up on EM-1.

Robert Bigelow

Mars is premature at this time. The moon is not. We have the technology. We have the ability, and the potential for a terrific business case.

Tory Bruno - United Launch Alliance

I'm excited by the possibilities. This administration, near as we can tell, feels a sense of urgency to go out and make things happen, and to have high-profile demonstrations that are along the roadmap to accomplish these broad goals. …There is an opportunity to begin building that infrastructure right now–within the next four years.

Armando Azua

If we can demonstrate that in the Atacama desert, with the evidence that we have, that life is not only able to tolerate extreme dryness but can keep on functioning in this dry state, then that would open the possibilities of finding life not just on Mars but in other areas of the universe.

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

We would expect to do more than one mission of this nature. This should be incredibly exciting. If NASA decides that they want to do the first lunar orbit mission, we would obviously give them priority.

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

I think this should be a really exciting mission that hopefully gets the world really excited about sending people into deep space again.

Eric Christian

This is going to be our first mission to fly to the sun. You'd think the farther away you get from a heat source, you'd get colder. Why the atmosphere is hotter than the surface is a big puzzle. The sun blows a stream of charged particles in all directions at a million miles an hour. But we don't understand how that gets accelerated. [The distance makes] things get smeared out in a way that makes it hard to tell what's happening at the sun.

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

I think they are entering this with their eyes open, knowing that there is some risk here. They're certainly not naive, and we'll do everything we can to minimize that risk, but it's not zero. But they're coming into this with their eyes open. This should be a really exciting mission that hopefully gets the world really excited about sending people into deep space again. This should be incredibly exciting.

Bill Gerstenmaier - Nasa

There's not pressure to go do this. I find it encouraging that we were asked to go do this feasibility study.

Bill Gerstenmaier - Nasa

There are pros and cons both ways, and it's hard to judge that (public) aspect. But I look at it more kind of matter-of-factly. What do I gain technically by putting crew on?

Thomas Zurbuchen

The decision to forego the burn is the right thing to do – preserving a valuable asset so that Juno can continue its exciting journey of discovery.

Thomas Zurbuchen

Three of these planets marked in green are in the habitable zone where liquid water can pool on the surface. In fact, with the right atmospheric conditions, there could be water on any of these planets.

Rob Navias

At no time was the station or the crew in any danger. Dragon did exactly what it was supposed to do and broke out of its approach.

Michaël Gillon

This is an amazing planetary system, not only because we have found so many planets, but because they are all surprisingly similar in size to Earth.

Seth Shostak

Whether or not TRAPPIST-1 has inhabitants, its discovery has underlined the growing conviction that the universe is replete with real estate on which biology could both arise and flourish. If you still think the rest of the universe is sterile, you are surely singular, and probably wrong. A year on any of these worlds would be less than three weeks, and in the case of the innermost planet, only 36 hours. You'd have a hard time keeping up with birthdays.

Thomas Pesquet

As a pilot it is sometimes better to accelerate and circle around than attempt a difficult landing. Same in space – we'll be ready tomorrow!

Thomas Pesquet

As a pilot it is sometimes better to accelerate and circle around than attempt a difficult landing. Same in space - we'll be ready tomorrow!

Rob Navias

The SpaceX engineers are tracing this issue to an incorrect value that was detected in the spacecraft's Relative Global Positioning System hardware, which basically tells Dragon's computers, for its burn plan, where it is in the sky relative to the International Space Station. Dragon itself is in excellent shape. Its Global Positioning System hardware is also in excellent shape. At no time was the station or the crew in any danger. Dragon did exactly what it was supposed to do and broke out of its approach.

Noah Molotch

"It would be, I would say, a monumental leap in our ability to forecast water supply if we had this kind of information,"

Noah Molotch

It would be, I would say, a monumental leap in our ability to forecast water supply if we had this kind of information.

Penelope Boston - Nasa

It's super life. It's simply another illustration of just how completely tough earth life is.

Norine Noonan

Why are we surprised? As a biologist, I would say life on Earth is extremely tough and extremely versatile.

Robert Murray

There's no scientific analysis either. I have 4,000 scientists that tell me global warming is a hoax. The Earth has cooled for 20 years.

Scott Parazynski

If you have a crew on board, the complexity of the mission increases substantially. You are committing to making it a perfect round trip. You need to have the life support systems, the launch abort system and the recovery systems built into the vehicle the first time around.

Aaron Oesterle

During the Apollo years, going to the moon was linked directly with the ability to launch nuclear missiles.

Aaron Oesterle

This is about demonstrating capabilities so we can do really exciting things. How close can we get within four to eight years with having boots on the ground [on the moon]?

Maria Cristina De Sanctis

The geological and morphological settings of Ernutet are still under investigation with the high-resolution data acquired in the last months, and we do not have a definitive answer for why Ernutet is so special.

Maria Cristina De Sanctis

We cannot exclude that there are other locations rich in organics not sampled by the survey, or below the detection limit. In some ways, it is very similar to Europa and Enceladus. We see compounds on the surface of Ceres like the ones detected in the plume of Enceladus. Ceres' surface can be considered warmer with respect to the Saturnian and Jovian satellites, due to [its] distance from the sun. However, we do not have evidence of a subsurface ocean now on Ceres, but there are hints of subsurface recent fluids.

Stephen Payne - Nasa

It's kind of neat to go outside and look at the pad changing and see how what was once the future is becoming the present.

Tom Engler

In the entire history of human spaceflight, there have only been three countries that have ever flown in space, and here we're going to have four separate and distinct programs at the center.

Simone Marchi

The overall region is heavily cratered and appears to be ancient; however, the rims of Ernutet crater appear to be relatively fresh. The organic-rich areas include carbonate and ammoniated species, which are clearly Ceres' endogenous material, making it unlikely that the organics arrived via an external impactor.

Robert Lightfoot - Nasa

I know the challenges associated with such a proposition, like reviewing the technical feasibility, additional resources needed, and clearly the extra work would require a different launch date. That said, I also want to hear about the opportunities it could present to accelerate the effort of the first crewed flight and what it would take to accomplish that first step of pushing humans farther into space.

Hassan Shibly - The Huffington Post

In each incident that I've seen, the subjects have been shown a Blue Paper that says CBP has legal authority to search phones at the border, which gives them the impression that they're obligated to unlock the phone, which isn't true. They're not obligated to unlock the phone.

Gwynne Shotwell - SpaceX

We should be launching every two to three weeks. For us, the concern was not the cracks, but do they grow over time? Would these cracks cause a flight failure? I think NASA is used to engines that aren't quite as robust, so they just don't want any cracks at all in the turbo machinery.

Larry Varholak - Oxford Performance Materials

What really makes it valuable to NASA and Boeing is this material is as strong as aluminium at significantly less weight.

Naveen Jain - Moon Express

Moon Express now has all the capital it needs to land its small robotic spacecraft on the surface of the moon in November or December of 2017.

Naveen Jain - Moon Express

He and his partners are just a group of entrepreneurs trying to move humanity forward. We want to leave a legacy for future generations.

Bob Richards - Federal Aviation Administration

Just before the presidential election, NASA released a call for concepts for payloads to the moon to be delivered by private companies. That shows a rising tide of interest in the moon by our nation's space industry.

Adam Steltzner

I would recommend to someone who's in their 20s and feeling stagnant to look inside themselves and see where the joy comes from.

Adam Steltzner

Fear locks us in so frequently, or locks me in so frequently. Don't be afraid.

Kelvin Manning

We want to honor the crew. We also want people to pause . . . we want to understand the risks so we can ensure our astronauts' safety.

Jim Strothman

It was not only the biggest story of my career, it was the most unwanted story of my career.

Jim Strothman

Then there was a long period of silence. I began to get concerned, just a gut feeling like a reporter.

Hubert Humphrey

The deaths of these three brilliant young men, true pioneers and wonderfully brave, is a profound and personal loss to me. I have had such close relationships with them that my sorrow is very deep. My heart goes out to their families and loved ones.

Bob Cabana

I always have concerns. We have to continue to speak up and make sure that everyone is heard.

John Stennis

I don't think this indicates any dereliction on the part of those conducting our space program. Perhaps it is only the law of averages catching up with us. These simulation programs have paved the way to the real thing....despite this accident I think we must proceed with the programs.

Amy Shira Teitel

The mission was never intended to explore only one body in the outer solar system. In fact, the mission was designed to explore not just the Pluto-Charon system, but Pluto-Charon as well as multiple Kuiper Belt Objects.

Bonnie Baer

I want them to be remembered for the other things and not necessarily for the accident.

Kim Binsted

I'm proud of the part we play in helping reduce the barriers to a human journey to Mars.

Janelle Monae

I am personally inspired by these women because they had to overcome so many obstacles and they persevered and they broke down barriers and they did not allow their circumstances to get in the way of them following and achieving their dreams.

Kim Binsted

Mars is one of the best places in the solar system to look for signs of past or current life.

Gavin Schmidt

This is clearly a record. We are now no longer only looking at something that only scientists can see, but is apparent to people in our daily lives.

Corinne Le Quere

Of course this is climate change, it's overwhelmingly climate change. Warming (is) nearly everywhere. The Arctic sea ice is collapsing. Spikes in fires from the heat. Heavy rainfall from more water vapour in the air.

Bernadette Woods Placky

If our world did not have human-caused climate change, we would see those temperatures fall back below average or even record cold.

Bernadette Woods Placky

That matters because when you add all this extra heat to our climate system our ice melts, our sea levels rise, and our oceans change their chemistry.

Gavin Schmidt

That's pretty unusual, but what's going on is this a long-term underlying trend that's driven mainly by greenhouse gases and the fact that carbon dioxide is continuing to increase.

Gavin Schmidt

This is not what we want, we don't want to be breaking new records every year.

Bernadette Woods Placky

It's leading to an increase in certain cases of extreme weather that are costing lives and are costing a lot of money.

Bernadette Woods Placky

It's a global issue that is felt locally and the way that most people experience it is through extreme weather, when it hits you in the face. There is really no part of the globe that is immune to that.

James Bevington

When I started, my biggest fear was that we were going to be that crew that turned out like Biosphere 2, which wasn't a very pretty picture.

Louis Leonard - World Wide Fund for Nature

The science is clear and headed in one direction. Human-caused changes in climate are putting the lives of both people and wildlife at risk. From disappearing Arctic ice in Alaska to greater storm surges along our nation's coastlines to heatwaves in America's heartland, nature is sending a distress call.

Joseph Nuth

If we build it now on a normal schedule, and put that interceptor into storage, we can launch it in less than a year. This could mitigate the possibility of a sneaky asteroid coming in from a place that's hard to observe, like toward the sun.

Jason Dworkin

If it was up to me, I would send a rocket with some titanium dioxide on it and paint it white, and have that Yarkovksy effect accelerate, and move it away from the Earth.

Bill Bottke

There was a time where we didn't have a program to look for objects, and it was done privately. You had guys like [astronomer Eugene] Shoemaker driving out every month to Palomar Observatory to look for them. Now we have $50 million annually to look for them. Now we're getting serious science missions to look at these.

Catherine Plesko

Cannonball technology is actually very good technology, because you're intercepting the object at very high speed, so it ends up being more effective than conventional high explosives. If you really need a lot of energy, though, a nuclear burst is the way to get the largest amount of energy out to the object in the smallest possible container.

Bill Bottke

Locked in asteroids are stories that are telling us what was going on when the planets formed, when the solar nebula was still around.

Bill Bottke

The probability that any large asteroid is going to hit is in the near future is pretty low. So I tend to focus on the more uplifting parts of asteroids.

Daniel Scheeres

After the mission, we should be able to update all these impact probabilities, and hopefully it will go down. Just by testing the theory and validating it with more precise measurements, that can help all of our other predictions of the Yarkovsky effect for all other asteroids.

Catherine Plesko

For nuclear deflection, it really is the best idea to do an intensive load of these calculations before we even need to contemplate doing anything real.

Jason Dworkin

If you have something like 50 years, that could deflect it enough, and it might be a whole lot simpler than sending up nuclear weapons.

Bill Patzert - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Some of these warm storms have actually decreased the snowpack. Looking ahead to the spring, summer and fall, all this rain might seem sweet at this point but an awful lot of this is running out through the river systems.

Harold F. Levison

This is a unique opportunity. Because the Trojans are remnants of the primordial material that formed the outer planets, they hold vital clues to deciphering the history of the solar system. Lucy, like the human fossil for which it is named, will revolutionize the understanding of our origins.

Lindy Elkins-Tanton

This is an opportunity to explore a new type of world – not one of rock or ice, but of metal. 16 Psyche is the only known object of its kind in the solar system, and this is the only way humans will ever visit a core. We learn about inner space by visiting outer space.

Phil McAllister - Nasa

Awarding these missions now will provide greater stability for the future space station crew rotation schedule, as well as reduce schedule and financial uncertainty for our providers. The ability to turn on missions as needed to meet the needs of the space station program is an important aspect of the Commercial Crew Program.

Shane Kimbrough

All of our focus right now is on those. Just to have those be successful, and everything to go well, would be a great resolution.

Peggy Whitson

I love being in space. I sleep like a baby. I mean, it is amazing the great sleep. Nothing hurts when you're lying in bed. You can sleep the whole night through. It's great.

Peggy Whitson

It's actually a lot of fun seeing space movies while you're in space, too.

Jim Cantrell - SpaceX

They have been unpredictable from the start because there isn't much known about what their core path is. I am fascinated to see what it is the guy has in mind. His style is very different from Elon's. Elon says what he wants to do and goes and gathers the money to do it. Bezos suddenly shows up with a fully functional vehicle that blows your mind.

Jim Cantrell - SpaceX

They aren't going to move as aggressively forward as the smaller companies launching unmanned stuff.

Chris Lewicki - Planetary Resources

If we want to keep building communities and raising families, at some point we outgrow the earth. We've left the planet before – it's something we know how to do, something the government has spent money on. The challenge for companies operating in this space is how to do it more cost-effectively, and how to do it for commerce instead of science.

Stéphane Desjardins

It was a request from NASA to build an arm for the space shuttle, which was then designed and built in Canada. Then, from then on, each Shuttle had its space arm, which was used for most of their missions. Afterwards, when it was time to design the ISS, Canada proposed making a new arm, the Canadarm 2, for the space station.

Thomas Prettyman

Liquid water had to be in the interior of Ceres in order for us to see what's on the surface.

Carol Raymond

By finding bodies that were water-rich in the distant past, we can discover clues as to where life may have existed in the early solar system.

Phillip Larson - SpaceX

Inmarsat is a long-time partner, and we wish them well with their upcoming mission.

Jim Cantrell - SpaceX

This one was particularly devastating from an organizational perspective.

Jim Cantrell - SpaceX

These accidents are tough to come back from and it is often tough to get everybody to agree, this is really what happened,' and sometimes it's tough to fix it.

Phillip Larson - SpaceX

We're continuing to make progress with the investigation into our Sept. 1 anomaly and we are working to safely and reliably return to flight in early January. Inmarsat is a long-time partner, and we wish them well with their upcoming mission.

Ashwin Vasavada

We're keeping busy with using the other instruments on the rover while they do these tests.

Ashwin Vasavada

If we can't move the drill bit down, there's no drilling. There isn't any way to sugar-coat that one.

John Grotzinger

We see all of the properties in place that we like to associate with habitability. There's actually nothing really extreme here, for the most part, so this is all very good for habitability over very long periods of time.

John Grotzinger

It turns out that this Murray Formation is really sort of a bonanza of all the things we intended to study when we picked the landing site.

Michael Lye

Even people inside of NASA can't routinely get access to a real space suit sometimes. Real space suits are millions of dollars apiece. So we really were tying to create something that was affordable. This space suit that we've built is roughly $10,000 in materials and equipment.

Peggy Whitson

Spaceflight's not an easy thing. We just have to keep pressing ourselves to do the right thing, make sure we're doing all the right tests ... so that we don't have these problems.

Earl Maize

Even though we're flying closer to the F ring than we ever have, we'll still be more than 4,850 miles (7,800 kilometers) distant. There's very little concern over dust hazard at that range.

Shane Kimbrough

It's going to be a little bit different for us up here in space , but I'm going to try to make it as much like home as we can.

Thomas Pesquet

So it's going to be the most experienced space traveler there is in the world. The idea is to show that space exploration is just the whole ... we're not competing against robotic exploration, we're all working together. What we do on the [space station] is just one step on that road to exploration.

Stephen Volz

Really a quantum leap above any satellite NOAA has ever flown. For the American public, that will mean faster, more accurate weather forecasts and warnings.

Peggy Whitson

The most important thing about the station is the friendships and the work we accomplish there.

Stephen Hawking

We must also continue to go into space for the future of humanity. I don't think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet.

Noah Petro

Ultimately, people should be more geared toward just getting outside and enjoying it. Everyone gets to see the moon. It's a great shared resource for all humanity.

Robert Braun

It sounds like I just want one goal. But sending humans to Mars encapsulates so many of the things that NASA is already doing.

Noah Petro

The difference in distance from one night to the next will be very subtle, so if it's cloudy on Sunday, go out on Monday. Any time after sunset should be fine.

Thomas Stafford

It's a beautiful exhibit. To me, it's something that's inspirational ... motivational for the young people.

Al Worden

They're going to think back on the wonderful days that we've had here. And I guess in that same vein, that makes me a relic, too.

Donald J. Trump

A lot of what my administration would recommend depends on our economic state. If we are growing with all of our people employed and our military readiness back to acceptable levels, then we can take a look at the timeline for sending more people into space.

John C. Mather - Nasa

We have done two decades of innovation and hard work and this is the result. We are opening up a whole new territory of astronomy. So we will see things that we haven't been able to see before because this telescope is much more powerful than even the great Hubble telescope.

John C. Mather - Nasa

We would like to know how we got here from the Big Bang. I am hoping that we will find something that nobody knows is out there. So some little thing that happened in the early universe, that came before the galaxies, some way the black holes were formed, we don't know where they came from. So that is a wide open topic for scientists. And close to home, everything we know about planets out there has been a complete surprise, so I am expecting some more complete surprises about planets.

Jim Lattis

The perigee moon will indeed be bigger. If you could stack up full moons next to each other, there is clearly a difference.

Shane Kimbrough

I'm going to come home regardless of who's the president and I'll be glad to welcome the new president, whoever that is.

Jose Cordeiro - Nasa

Going to the Moon was fundamental for humanity and a trip to Mars will do the same....We simply need more collaboration.

Jose Cordeiro - Nasa

We shouldn't think about countries when talking about the universe, we should be talking about planets. Thinking just about the U.S.A, Russia or China is not the way to go, we have to think about humanity and its continuation outside Earth.

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

I think we've gotten to the bottom of the problem. It was a really surprising problem. It's never been encountered before in the history of rocketry.

Thomas Stafford

It was unanimous… Everybody there, and particularly the people who had experience over the years, said nobody is ever near the pad when they fuel a booster. Nobody is ever near the (launch) pad.

Anatoly Ivanishin

I'm kind of reluctant to close the hatch. The time is very special here. … I didn't have time to pay attention to what was happening on our planet, and maybe it's for the better. On the space station, you live in a very friendly, very good environment.

Tracy Caldwell Dyson

You're seeing things like your capsule ablating as it goes through the atmosphere and you're smelling the charring as it's happening. You're watching the transition from the blackness of space and the beautiful blue and white glow of the Earth to all of a sudden, streaks of orange, red and yellow fire.

Stephen Volz

Without a doubt, GOES-R will revolutionize weather forecasting as we know it.

Michel Denis

Somehow the parachute has been released a bit too early and after that the engines, the main engines for the controller functions, but only for a few seconds which is also too little. So basically Schiaparelli has reached the ground with a velocity which was much higher than it should, so several hundreds of kilometres per hour and is unfortunately then of course being, well, destroyed by the impact.

Jan Woerner - European Space Agency

In my heart, of course I'm sad that we couldn't land softly on the surface of Mars. But the main part of the mission is the science that will be done by the orbiter.

Scott Bolton

The worst-case-scenario is I have to be patient and get the science slowly.

Jessica Blunden

The key thing to remember is that it really doesn't matter whether the month is record warmest, tied as warmest, or second warmest, etc. – it's the overall trend of increasing global temperatures that matter. Both NOAA and NASA wholeheartedly agree that this year is record warm so far and will end up as warmest or very close to warmest in the modern record.

Frank Culbertson Jnr - Orbital ATK

It is great to be back. It took a little longer than we thought it would. These things are always harder than we expect it to be in many ways, but it was done right and that was the most important thing.

Mike Pinkston - Orbital ATK

We're always nervous, but we wouldn't have a rocket out there if we weren't confident we were ready to go.

Frank Culbertson Jnr - Orbital ATK

Every cargo mission is like Christmas, right, and they never know what they're going to find when they open the hatch.

Frank Culbertson Jnr - Orbital ATK

This is a very exciting time for us at Orbital ATK. A lot of hard work has gone into this.

Christopher Conselice

The number of galaxies in the universe is a fundamental number we would like to know, and it boggles the mind that over 90 per cent of the galaxies in the universe have yet to be studied. Who knows what interesting properties we will find when we study these galaxies with the next generation of telescopes. These galaxies will likely hold the clues to many outstanding astrophysical issues.

Christopher Conselice

Who knows what interesting properties we will find when we discover these galaxies with future generations of telescopes. In the near future, the James Webb Space Telescope will be able to study these ultra-faint galaxies.

Steven Kremer

The tracking station at Bermuda is required to conduct the Antares launch from Wallops. The ability to support a launch will depend on the impact the storm has on not only our systems, but also the overall Bermuda infrastructure.

John Logsdon

There's nothing big here at all, unless you haven't been paying attention. It's a re-focusing of the fact that he set these goals and NASA has been pursuing them.

Scott Pace - Nasa

The question is why and how does this support U.S. national interests.

George Diller - Nasa

In a Category 4 or 5 storm, they don't think its safe to have people scattered around in those facilities.

George Diller - Nasa

It's mostly roof damage and other collateral damage like windows and doors, but no major damage to the major facilities and none to flight hardware, including the GOES-R weather satellite, Orion or the Boeing commercial crew vehicle.

Trent Smith - Nasa

For the astronauts to grow a portion of their food to augment their diet with fresh, nutritious food, I think would be a tremendous benefit and savings overall.

Trent Smith - Nasa

Having that little piece of Earth while they're on the journey to Mars to remind them of the smells and the sights of home will be very important.

Robert Ferl

Turns out that managing water and managing fluids, especially around the roots of plants, is fairly tricky stuff in the absence of gravity.

Robert Ferl

On Mars it will be easier to grow plants and we can use a lot of advanced hydroponics and aeroponics systems that we currently have on Earth and grow plants in lava tubes or any other place where we can keep an atmosphere.

Trent Smith - Nasa

The astronauts are going to have to become the bees for the testing. My hope is we'll be able to do some of this robotically. There's no reason why you can't have a robotic system with sensors to cross-pollinate the plants.

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

Really the key is making this affordable to almost anyone who wants to go. (…) the very first flights will be quite expensive. But the architecture allows for a cost to get (to) less than $200,000, maybe as little as $100,000 over time depending on how much mass a person takes.

Geoff Yoder

Europa's ocean is considered to be one of the most promising places that could potentially harbor life in the solar system.

Geoff Yoder

Europa's ocean is considered to be one of the most promising places that could potentially harbour life in the solar system. These plumes, if they do indeed exist, may provide another way to sample Europa's subsurface.

Williams Sparks

If the plumes are real, it potentially gives us easier access to the ocean below . . . without needing to drill into miles of ice.

Kate Rubins - Nasa

It's very incredible that we're able to vote from up here, and I think it's incredibly important for us to vote in all of the elections.

Kate Rubins - Nasa

Spaceflight is a tricky business. It is definitely difficult, and I think we forget that sometime.

Abhishek Tripathi - SpaceX

We're full-steam ahead for certification. We're still trying to remain on schedule.

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

Still working on the Falcon fireball investigation. Turning out to be the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years.

Jim Garvin

The more big pieces we can get the better ... they could contain the carbon molecules that we want to see.

Daniel Glavin - Nasa

You can think of these asteroids as literally prebiotic chemical factories that were producing building blocks of life 4.5 billion years ago, before Earth formed, before life started here.

Dex Torricke-Barton - SpaceX

We are continuing to thoroughly investigate last week's loss of Falcon 9, with support from the FAA, NASA, the U.S. Air Force and industry experts.

Dante Lauretta

We got everything just exactly perfect. It was an amazing evening for me and for this team.

Ellen Stofan

Tonight is a night for celebration. We are on our way to an asteroid.

Dante Lauretta

We're going to asteroid Bennu because it's a time capsule from the earliest stages of solar system formation, back when our planetary system was spread across as dust grains in a swirling cloud around our growing protostar.

Al Feinberg - Nasa

Fortunately, we have developed other technologies like Aquila [Facebook's internet drone] that will connect people as well.

Bill Nelson

As we continue to push the frontiers of space, there will be both triumphs and setbacks. But at the end of the day, I'm confident that our commercial space industry will be very successful.

Tom Wagner - NASA

The planet is not just changing, it is changed. And we have to deal with the change that has occurred. The melting of the glaciers in Alaska and Canada and Greenland is already raising sea levels to the point that Miami and New York are experiencing flooding.

Tom Wagner - NASA

By some accounts we have lost more than two-thirds of the ice that used to be back in the 1980s.

Thomas Wagner - NASA

This is not something that will affect humanity in the far off future, loss of this ice is already wildly changing the Arctic. The planet is not just changing, it is changed. And we have to deal with the change that has occurred. The melting of the glaciers in Alaska and Canada and Greenland is already raising sea levels to the point that Miami and New York are experiencing flooding.

Thomas Wagner - NASA

In general, we are losing tremendous amounts of ice from everywhere on the planet.

Thomas Wagner - NASA

Think of the Earth's climate system as a 1970's stereo, with great big knobs all over it, and that the music coming out of the speakers is climate and temperature and stuff. Arctic sea ice is one of the big knobs, and we are turning it. And we don't really know how it is going to change the music.

Thomas Wagner - NASA

We are causing tremendous erosion in Alaska because they are exposed to waves hitting their shore in areas that used to be covered in ice.

Rob Navias

We have a new port of call for the new U.S. commercial crew vehicles.

Gavin Schmidt

It wasn't by the widest of margins, but July 2016 was the warmest month since modern record keeping began in 1880. It appears almost a certainty that 2016 also will be the warmest year on record.

Chris Field - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The scary thing is that we are moving into an era where it will be a surprise when each new month or year isn't one of the hottest on record.

Jason Crusan

NASA is on an ambitious expansion of human spaceflight, including the journey to Mars, and we're utilising the innovation, skill and knowledge of the both the government and private sectors.

Bill Cooke

Forecasters are predicting a Perseid outburst this year with double normal rates on the night of Aug. 11-12.

Bill Cooke

Here's something to think about: the meteors you'll see this year are from comet flybys that occurred hundreds if not thousands of years ago. And they've traveled billions of miles before their kamikaze run into Earth's atmosphere.

Robert Field - Goddard Institute for Space Studies

We see drier than normal conditions in the Amazon region, which has also historically led to more fire activity. So one particular impact there, is, depending on what is happening on the ground, and the direction of the winds, the Olympics could be affected if the smoke is blown into Rio.

Gavin Schmidt

While the El Nino event in the tropical Pacific this winter gave a boost to global temperatures from October onwards, it is the underlying trend which is producing these record numbers.

Hans Koenigsmann - SpaceX

From what I can see, [the rocket is] in excellent shape, and probably pretty soon ready to fly again.

Hans Koenigsmann - SpaceX

I know how critical this is for NASA and the ISS in general, and also of course for SpaceX going forward with Crew Dragon. This is a really important piece of hardware.

Kate Rubins - Nasa

We don't get to analyze everything that is happening to human beings and to cells in real time. We've got wonderful clean water, but we've got a water system that's been up here for 15 years. Do we have any microbes living in the system?

Kate Rubins - Nasa

Technology behaves differently up here. Fluids behave differently up here.

Kate Rubins - Nasa

These kinds of small, portable genomic technologies are going to let us look, in real time, at what's actually happening to bone degradation, for example. What's happening to your immune system, what's happening to a population of microbes that you bring up in a culture flask?

Kate Rubins - Nasa

Altogether, it's an extremely exciting research package and a great capability on board station.

Scott Bolton

This scene from JunoCam [the camera onboard Juno] indicates it survived its first pass through Jupiter's extreme radiation environment without any degradation and is ready to take on Jupiter, We can't wait to see the first view of Jupiter's poles.

Rick Nybakken - Nasa

Tonight, through tones, Juno sang to us, and it was a song of perfection.

Scott Bolton

They really are musical notes. Based on what musical note is sent, we will know how something is doing.

Scott Bolton

We are learning about nature, how Jupiter formed and what that tells us about our history and where we came from.

Curt Niebur - Nasa

We are going to be coming in closer than 3,000 kilometers, right to the cloud tops. You hear that and you think that is pretty far.

Curt Niebur - Nasa

It is a quite beautiful planet and it changes on an hourly basis.

Curt Niebur - Nasa

Juno is very special because it is one of those rare missions where it is entirely focused on looking inside Jupiter.

Curt Niebur - Nasa

I think especially the first couple of close flybys of Jupiter are going to be shocking. Not just from a science level, but also from just operating a spacecraft going that fast, that close to Jupiter, in that kind of radiation environment. I think some weird things are going to happen.

Curt Niebur - Nasa

It is the solar system's largest particle accelerator.

Frances Bagenal

We're working in a new environment. We don't know the physics of how things work at these high pressures.

Julia Baum

As scientific divers, we're limited by the depth we can work at and the amount of bottom time that we have while we're diving, so much of underwater marine science, especially on coral reefs, is a painstakingly slow process. This Coral Reef Airborne Laboratory can't replace scientists in the water, but it can provide a very high-level, complementary type of data.

Julia Baum

I'm a huge proponent of open source data. To me, the application of this technology to coral reefs holds great promise, but to fulfill that promise the data has to be made openly available to the scientific community.

Eric J. Hochberg

CORAL (Coral Reef Airborne Laboratory) is an airborne mission to survey reefs at select locations across the Pacific. The idea is to get a new perspective on coral reefs from above, to study them at a larger scale than we have been able to before, and then relate reef condition to the environment.

Alberta Premier

Both (oil companies) Syncrude and Suncor have emergency plans in place, which they are operationalising, and firefighters in place as well. Officials are confident that should additional trigger lines be crossed that people can be evacuated safely if necessary.

Jim Green - Nasa

The orbiters play a key role in that communication cycle and provides us a critical infrastructure that we use today and will continue to use into the future – all the way through the time that humans will be exploring Mars.

Gary Napier - Lockheed Martin

We have a strong heritage building these spacecraft so we definitely have interest working with NASA on any sort of future studies or future architecture.

Erika Wagner - Blue Origin

As we move to human space flight, there is no certifying body. The FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] is required to keep the public safe on the ground, but it's not their responsibility to keep astronauts safe in space. That really is on our shoulders, and in terms of us having a safe place in the market, we take that seriously, we want to put our own families on board, we take that very seriously. So we are holding ourselves to internal standards.

Charles Bolden - NASA

The commercial partners that we have [are] absolutely incredibly important to NASA. They're good for NASA and the nation, primarily because they help us to bring launches back to American soil, whether it's for cargo or people.

Tim Peake

Thanks Soyuz 46S crew for the fresh fruit! Nothing quite like a juicy apple!

John Grunsfeld - Nasa

The science goals of InSight are compelling and the NASA and France's space agency Centre National d'Études Spatiales plans to overcome the technical challenges are sound. The quest to understand the interior of Mars has been a longstanding goal of planetary scientists for decades. We're excited to be back on the path for a launch, now in 2018.

Brian Kelly

We have our work cut out for us with this many applications. But it's heartening to know so many people recognize what a great opportunity this is to be part of NASA's exciting mission.

Paul Chodas - Nasa

The possibilities of collision on any of the three future flyby dates are far too small to be of any real concern. I fully expect any future observations to reduce the probability even more.

Paul Chodas - Nasa

This asteroid's orbit is quite uncertain, and it will be hard to predict where to look for it. There is a chance that the asteroid will be picked up by our asteroid search telescopes when it safely flies past us next month, providing us with data to more precisely define its orbit around the sun.

Marta Hang

I would have never thought that I can build a satellite in my life, because I have always thought that only NASA is building satellites. But no. I can do it in my own university, also.

Gavin Schmidt

This past year saw what is likely the most powerful El Nino during the satellite temperature record. With a record El Nino, we should have experienced record high temperatures. Yet we didn't? Indeed, if a record strong El Nino cannot bring global temperatures back to the warmth of 1998, what can ? and when will that be?

Victor Gensini

2015 will be difficult to beat, but you say that almost every year and you get surprised.

Katharine Hayhoe

It's getting to the point where breaking record is the norm. It's almost unusual when we're not breaking a record.

Phil Bland

Space agencies like NASA, JAXA the Japanese one, will spend a billion dollars trying to get to an asteroid and bring a sample back. Potentially we can do it for an awful a lot less than that.

Vladimir Chuprov - Greenpeace

Of course they don't want to share out the finances, they want to maintain the status quo. And of course, neither renewable energy nor energy saving technologies have any chance in the near future.

Lance Benner

The asteroid's orbit is very oblong with a high inclination to below the plane of the solar system. Such a unique orbit, along with its high encounter velocity – about 35 kilometers or 22 miles per second – raises the question of whether it may be some type of comet. If so, then this would be the first time that the Goldstone radar has imaged a comet from such a close distance.

Paul Chodas - Nasa

The trajectory of 2015 TB145 is well understood. At the point of closest approach, it will be no closer than about 300,000 miles – 480,000 kilometers or 1.3 lunar distances. Even though that is relatively close by celestial standards, it is expected to be fairly faint, so night-sky Earth observers would need at least a small telescope to view it.

Lance Benner

The close approach of 2015 TB145 at about 1.3 times the distance of the moon's orbit, coupled with its size, suggests it will be one of the best asteroids for radar imaging we'll see for several years. We plan to test a new capability to obtain radar images with two-meter resolution for the first time and hope to see unprecedented levels of detail.

Jim Green - Nasa

These discoveries are very important, but they were only part of the hydrological cycle on Mars, that we are just now beginning to understand. What we are going to announce today is that Mars is not that dry, arid planet we thought of in the past.

Jim Green - Nasa

These discoveries are very important, but they were only part of the hydrological cycle on Mars, that we are just now beginning to understand. What we are going to announce today is that Mars is not that dry, arid planet we thought of in the past.

Ray Wheeler

Blue and red wavelengths are the minimum needed to get good plant growth.

Gioia Massa

The farther and longer humans go away from Earth, the greater the need to be able to grow plants for food, atmosphere recycling and psychological benefits. I think that plant systems will become important components of any long-duration exploration scenario.

John Grunsfeld - Nasa

This exciting result brings us one step closer to finding an Earth 2.0.

Will Grundy - New Horizons

"These images show that Pluto and Charon are truly complex worlds. There's a whole lot going on here,"

Emily Lakdawalla

"In the span of a few days, Pluto and Charon have turned from spots to worlds"

Jennifer Wiseman

We can study the characteristics because of Hubble's exquisite sensitivity and resolution.

Samantha Cristoforetti

While master Terry cuts, apprentice Anton is at the vacuum cleaner.

Christopher Russell

This may be pointing to a volcano-like origin of the spots, but we will have to wait for better resolution before we can make such geologic interpretations.

Jeremy Wilks

This is one small step in terms of mars exploration, but it's a giant leap for the Indian Space Agency. They've proved to the world that they can do that tricky thing of flying to another planet, doing that orbital insertion manouevre and managing to fget into position around the red planet. In terms of the science of course they'll be gathering data about the atmosphere, just as NASA's probe which arrived on Sunday will be doing, and that's essential if we're really thinking of sending humans there by the 2030s.

John Shannon - Nasa

We had one debris event where we saw a streak, potentially a spray of some material from the underside of the vehicle, at 58 seconds. That was tracked by radar, and the ballistic co-efficient, or how that particle was tracked, looked more like ice than foam.

Eileen Collins

I think Discovery is in absolutely great shape. It performed well in ascent. This morning we did a flight control system checkout, everything checked out fine.

Jim Green - Nasa

Maven will tell us a lot about how the atmosphere is evolved. This is very important because we're here now looking at Mars from one stage in its evolution. It looked much more Earth-like billions of years ago. Climate change occurred on Mars and we want to know what happened.

David Leckrone - Nasa

I really do think we, NASA, humankind, are on a fast track to, in my lifetime, to detect an Earth-like planet or more than one Earth-like planets around other stars and detect their atmospheres. And I really think that's going to happen. I think we have set the stage for that and when that happens I am going to look back and be proud of the little, tiny steps that Hubble took in that direction.

Heather Knutson

These studies, combined with other Hubble observations, are showing us that there are a surprisingly large number of systems for which the signal of water is either attenuated or completely absent. This suggests that cloudy or hazy atmospheres may in fact be rather common for hot Jupiters.

L. Drake Deming

To actually detect the atmosphere of an exoplanet is extraordinarily difficult. But we were able to pull out a very clear signal, and it is water.

Avi Mandell - Nasa

We're very confident that we see a water signature for multiple planets.

Charles Bolden - NASA

Since the beginning of time, human kind's curiosity has led us to constantly seek new life, new possibilities just beyond the horizon.

Michael Griffin - Nasa

We had an intermittent engine cut off sensor in the liquid hydrogen tank. It's one of four. We require all four of them to work correctly before we launch.

Im Myung-Shin

There was a lot of curiosity on how black holes grow by becoming heavier. Since the mid-1970s, there were continuous predictions that black holes swallow stars, however, no one has actually captured the moment when a black hole swallows a star.

Rachel Klima

Now that we have detected water that is likely from the interior of the moon, we can start to compare this water with other characteristics of the lunar surface.

Rachel Klima

This internal magmatic water also provides clues about the moon's volcanic processes and internal composition, which helps us address questions about how the moon formed, and how magmatic processes changed as it cooled.

Michel Jarraud - World Meteorological Organization

The decade 2000-2009 is very likely to be the warmest on record. So, in other words, this decade is going to be warmer than the 1990s, which itself was warmer than the 1980s and so on. So it is likely to be the warmest on record.

Carolyn Porco

It thrills me to no end that people all over the world took a break from their normal activities to go outside and celebrate the interplanetary salute between robot and maker that these images represent. The whole event underscores for me our 'coming of age' as planetary explorers.

Linda Spilker

Cassini's picture reminds us how tiny our home planet is in the vastness of space, and also testifies to the ingenuity of the citizens of this tiny planet to send a robotic spacecraft so far away from home to study Saturn and take a look-back photo of Earth.

Wayne Hale

Is it something benign like that, which we have seen before, or is it something more critical we should pay attention to.

Steve Stich

In those inspections with the starboard, with the RMS system we didn't see any evidence of any kind of damage. The only remarkable thing we saw was that the gap filler on the starboard ET door, and the little piece of shim stock on the port ET door was no longer there. So far the inspection is going really well.

Michael Duncan - Nasa

Our astronauts are actually isolated for these long periods of time, but of course the ability for communication and re supply of food and that sort of thing makes it a bit of a different environment for them.

Cady Coleman

I was pleased to have the movie show something that we actually do on the space station. Up in space, we are forced to grow things in an alternative way. Just growing them in the dirt is not always the most logistically feasible option. In trying to understand those lessons, we learn how to minimize resources and still grow something.

Cady Coleman

If we are going to go to Mars, we are not going to be able to bring everything we need to eat. This is why it's important to understand how to grow food in space.

Cady Coleman

We looked at the wavelengths of light, how much light, what kind of medium they could grow in besides dirt, what kind of nutrients they needed and how to stress them in certain ways.

Cady Coleman

This isn't a documentary; it's a movie. It transports people from this planet into space. I am really lucky, as an astronaut, to get to go and live there.

Cady Coleman

Our planet sits in a neighborhood within the universe, and we are all space explorers. I think space movies, in general, bring that message home to us. Whether we live with our feet on the planet or whether we live on the space station, we are all space travelers and we are a people of space exploration.

Cady Coleman

This research lets us make more accurate measurements for an easier math problem to solve. Things burn in a different way in space, allowing us to understand the mechanism of burning itself–how soot is produced, how pollution happens–things happen more slowly, so we are able to better measure them.

Roeland van der Marel

Our findings are statistically consistent with a head-on collision between the Andromeda galaxy and our Milky Way galaxy.

Kenneth Edgette - Nasa

We have been able to image gullies repeatedly, the same ones over and over again, and in doing that, we found…. changes, that indicated material had actually flowed through a gully and made a deposit that would indicate by its shape that a liquid was involved.

Mark Raymond

What I think is very exciting about this is that after two centuries of observing this fuzzy little blob of light among the stars, earth now has a robotic emissary in orbit around Vesta.

Christopher Russell

This is not a uniform body. Different things are happening in different regions of the surface and that indicates to me that the interior was very active. It was making this mineral over here and that over there and pumping it out on the surface. So things were going on and we are going to learn how bodies such as Vesta worked when they were coming together and evolving. We are going to learn a lot about evolution.

Phil Christensen

We know Mars has a lot of ice, but this is the first time we've seen the potential for liquid water. It might be salty water but it's still liquid. And I think that's the key here. It's not that Mars doesn't have a lot of ice, but liquid water, certainly to an organism, is very, very different than ice.

Paul Hill - Flight Director

We're going to be pretty darn happy to get the wheels to stop and see this good crew step off Discovery.

Matt Hedman

This mosaic provides a remarkable amount of high-quality data on Saturn's diffuse rings, revealing all sorts of intriguing structures we are currently trying to understand. The E ring in particular shows patterns that likely reflect disturbances from such diverse sources as sunlight and Enceladus' gravity.

Matt Heverly

We are landing a ton, a ton of vehicle – it weighs 900kg – on the surface of another planet, hundreds of millions of miles away. That is a really hard thing to do.

Andrew Petro - Nasa

They can get together with a few other people to build and fly a spacecraft. Some students coming out of college as new hires have already built and flown a satellite . . . that's a whole new notion, one that was not possible even 10 years ago.

Jennifer Trosper - Nasa

There is a lot ahead of us, but so far we are just ecstatic about the performance of the vehicle.

Kristina Pistone

It's fairly intuitive to expect that replacing white, reflective sea ice with a dark ocean surface would increase the amount of solar heating.

Kristina Pistone

We used actual satellite measurements of both albedo and sea ice in the region to verify this and to quantify how much extra heat the region has absorbed due to the ice loss. It was quite encouraging to see how well the two datasets – which come from two independent satellite instruments – agreed with each other.

Norman Loeb - Ceres

By exploiting the unique capabilities of simultaneous CERES and MODIS measurements, the NASA satellite data enable studies on how albedo is changing with unprecedented detail and accuracy.

Harry Teplitz

The lack of information from ultraviolet light made studying galaxies in the HUDF like trying to understand the history of families without knowing about the grade-school children. The addition of the ultraviolet fills in this missing range.

Rogier Windhorst

Ultraviolet surveys like this one using the unique capability of Hubble are incredibly important in planning for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. Hubble provides an invaluable ultraviolet light dataset that researchers will need to combine with infrared data from Webb. This is the first really deep ultraviolet image to show the power of that combination.

Eric Rignot

We've passed the point of no return in this sector and at this point it's just a matter of time before these glaciers completely disappear to sea.

Eric Rignot

We are seeing in this sector retreat rates that we don't see anywhere else on earth. They are retreating at rates of about a kilometre per year. That may not seem much to people who are not familiar with these glaciers but most of them don't change on that scale.

Mark Showalter

We had been processing the data for quite some time and it was on a whim that I said, OK, let's just look out further.

Mark Showalter

I changed my program so that instead of stopping just outside the ring system it processed the data all the way out, walked away from my computer and waited an hour while it did all the processing for me. When I came back, I looked at the image and there was this extra dot that wasn't supposed to be there.

Mark Showalter

We haven't really gotten far with that. What I can say is that the name will be out of Roman and Greek mythology and it will have to do with characters who are related to Neptune, the god of the oceans.

Donald Yeomans

The first near-Earth object was discovered in 1898. Over the next hundred years, only about 500 had been found. But then, with the advent of NASA's NEO Observations program in 1998, we've been racking them up ever since. And with new, more capable systems coming on line, we are learning even more about where the NEOs are currently in our solar system, and where they will be in the future.

Tim Spahr

When I began surveying for asteroids and comets in 1992, a near-Earth object discovery was a rare event. These days we average three NEO discoveries a day, and each month the Minor Planet Center receives hundreds of thousands of observations on asteroids, including those in the main-belt. The work done by the NASA surveys, and the other international professional and amateur astronomers, to discover and track NEOs is really remarkable.

Lindley Johnson

Finding 10,000 near-Earth objects is a significant milestone. But there are at least 10 times that many more to be found before we can be assured we will have found any and all that could impact and do significant harm to the citizens of Earth.

Charles Bolden - NASA

By combining private sector ingenuity with bipartisan national commitment and the unmatched expertise of NASA we are not only better able to stretch the boundaries of the possible, we're strengthening our economy and creating good jobs for our people.

Grant Bigg

Usually the icebergs in this area take a long time to leave the Pine Island Bay but once they come out they can go East through the coastline or drift to the main Pacific Ocean side.

Grant Bigg

A key part of the project is trying to modelize what we think the iceberg could do, taking into account the wind patterns in the area.

Diego Janches

The small meteoroids feed the atmosphere with all these extra materials. They come in, release metallic atoms that get deposited in the mesosphere and then get pushed around from pole to pole by the general global circulation. So by using the metals as tracers, you can answer some important questions about the general composition and movement of the atmosphere.

Diego Janches

This is interplanetary dust. The fragments are either remnants from the solar system's formation, or they are produced by collisions between asteroids or comets from long ago.

Jerome Lalande

Located between the constellations of Bootes and Draco, Quadrans represents an early astronomical instrument used to observe and plot stars. Even though the constellation is no longer recognized by astronomers, it was around long enough to give the meteor shower – first seen in 1825 – its name.

Steve Robinson

Like all kinds of repairs, it is essentially very simple but it has to be done very carefully because as we all know it is fragile and a crew member out there is a pretty large mass.

Steve Squyres

This is the most powerful evidence for neutral (non-acidic) chemistry water that has been found by Opportunity.

Mike Moses - Shuttle

We use these multiple sensors to kind of help us narrow down what we think was induced to the vehicle out there at the pad. The lightning protection system is really good, and it definitely does its job. We are just being extra cautious, I guess is a good way to say it.

Bill Gerstenmaier - Nasa

There was some intentional damage done internal to a Qual unit. We then inspected the flight unit and determined that some wires were cut on the inside of that unit. It's currently being investigated by the Inspector General's office.

Michael Kirsch

The bottom line is that NASA analysis and testing did not find evidence of that malfunctions in electronic and throttle control caused large unintended accelerations as described by consumer reports.

Catherine Coleman - Nasa

I have every confidence. And in all space programmes we have to realise that we fly with risk, it is not a safe thing that we do.

Matt Robinson

The arm is how we are going to get samples into the laboratory instruments and how we place other instruments onto surface targets.

Matt Robinson

We have had to sit tight for the first two weeks since landing, while other parts of the rover were checked out, so to see the arm extended in these images is a huge moment for us.

John Keller

This unique image is a tremendous resource for scientists and the public alike.

Lindley Johnson

We now know that Earth's atmosphere does a great job of protecting us from small asteroids.

Jean Romagnoli

This is an example of one of the devices that miners are using to monitor their health. It measures, for example, heart rate and respiratory rate.

Franco Utili

This is a syndrome that can cause problems with sleep, nightmares, bouts of anger, changes in eating habits and all this can be caused by the person re-living the moment of rescue, or of when they got stranded inside the mine.

Alejandro Pino

The concern to our medical staff was that someone could have had a renal colic or appendicitis problems. Any kind of such disease worried our medical staff.

Radmilla Topalovic

I think, personally, I'd be too scared to get in a space shuttle and go all the way to Mars. So we've brought Mars to you here. And it's absolutely amazing to feel like you're on an alien world. And little things like the sun is a lot further away on Mars, so it appears a lot smaller in the sky. The sunsets are the opposite to sunsets here on the Earth.

Kristian Martin

Because it's on such a huge scale – it's over 13 metres wide, and it has a slight concave shape to it – it gives you an impression that you're actually standing on the surface of Mars, which is something you can't experience anywhere else in the world.

Charles Bolden - NASA

We're on the threshold of being able to tell my kids and my grandkids that we're almost there.

Charles Bolden - NASA

One of the serendipitous results from this (asteroid-retrieval) flight we hope will be the demonstration of a capability to move an asteroid, to deflect it ever so slightly.

Bob Cabana

It does everything that needs to be done as far as developing the technologies and the skills that we need for exploration beyond planet Earth.

Anthony Colaprete

We found water. And we didn't find just a little bit, we found a significant amount. If you remember about a month ago we were talking about teaspoons going into glasses, well now I can say today that in the 20 to 30 meter crater LCROSS made we found maybe a dozen of these two gallon buckets of water.

John Holdren

If anybody has been harbouring any doubts about the status of US leadership in space, there is a one-tonne automobile sized piece of American ingenuity, and it is sitting on the surface of Mars right now.

Charles Bolden - NASA

Today, right now, the wheels of Curiosity have begun to blaze the trail for human footprints on Mars. Curiosity, the most sophisticated rover ever built, is now on the surface of the Red Planet, where it will seek to answer age old questions about whether life ever existed there on Mars.

Madhavan Nair - Indian Space Research Organisation

We have found the signature of water on the surface of the moon but that is not in the form of a sea or in a lake or even a puddle. It's not even a drop. You cannot pick it up just like that. It is embedded on the surface in the minerals and rocks and we have clear indication that hydroxyl (OH) as well as the water H2O molecules are there present on the surface, maybe at least for a few millimetres. And this has got a wide spread and also the quantity what we have found out is much larger than what was expected.

Madhavan Nair - Indian Space Research Organisation

Some of you may ask if can we extract water out of this. Yes, perhaps we can evolve techniques, but if you process one tonne of soil, we may perhaps get half a litre of water. So that's going to be a real challenge. But at the same time for the first time in the history of space research water is confirmed on the moon.

Chris Lewicki - Planetary Resources

Current asteroid detection initiatives are only tracking one percent of the estimated objects that orbit the Sun. We are excited to partner with NASA in this contest to help increase the quantity and knowledge about asteroids that are potential threats, human destinations, or resource rich.

Jason Crusan

For the past three years, NASA has been learning and advancing the ability to leverage distributed algorithm and coding skills through the NASA Tournament Lab to solve tough problems. We are now applying our experience with algorithm contests to helping protect the planet from asteroid threats through image analysis.

Chris Lewicki - Planetary Resources

Applying distributed algorithm and coding skills to the extensive NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey data set will yield important insights into the state of the art in detecting asteroids.

Jenn Gustetic

Protecting the planet from the threat of asteroid impact means first knowing where they are. By opening up the search for asteroids, we are harnessing the potential of innovators and makers and citizen scientists everywhere to help solve this global challenge.

George W. Bush

I know you have very important work to do ahead and we look forward to seeing the successful completion of this mission.

Barack Obama

I think on this 40th anniversary, we are, all of us, thankful and grateful to all of you for what you have done and we expect that there is, as we speak, another generation of kids out there who are looking up at the sky and are going to be the next Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin. And we want to make sure that NASA is going to be there for them when they want to take their journey.

Barack Obama

This won't apply to the benefits folks get through Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. And it won't apply to our national security including benefits for veterans. But it will apply to all other discretionary government programmes.

John Holdren

If anybody has been harbouring doubts about the status of US leadership in space, well there is a one tonne automobile size piece of American ingenuity that is sitting on the surface of Mars right now and it should certainly put any such doubts to rest.

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