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The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested documents and testimony from Michael G. Flynn, the son of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, but has not received a response, three sources familiar with the matter told NBC News. The committee, which is investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, is interested in Flynn's work as his father's aide and travel companion with Flynn Intel Group, the consulting firm retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn formed after he left government service, the sources
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Oct 17 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about National Security Council. 45 people are quoted and you can read 52 citations of them about National Security Council. Sally Yates, Jennifer Rubin and Ken Dilanian, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Sally Yates said: “That created a compromise situation, a situation where the national security adviser essentially could be blackmailed by the Russians.”.
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Nick Ackerman

Yeah, there's no question that Trump was involved in a obstruction of justice. The Comey testimony today makes that crystal clear. The bottom line is the president is worried that [former national security adviser Michael] Flynn is going to turn into the next James McCord, the Watergate burglar who wound up getting a heavy sentence and then fingering the people in the White House. The idea that he is some kind of naïve waif who doesn't understand how Washington works or the criminal system [works] is

Michael McFaul

People I know, they look at what's happening with McMaster and they think, well, if you're the national security adviser and you can't even get in that sentence, just an obviously low-hanging-fruit achievement, why should anybody assume you'll have any control over major foreign policy decisions?feedback

Alexandra Petri

The day after President Trump asked James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, to end an investigation into his former national security adviser, Mr. Comey confronted Attorney General Jeff Sessions and said he did not want to be left alone again with the president, according to current and former law enforcement officials. … But Mr. Sessions could not guarantee that the president would not try to talk to Mr. Comey alone again, the officials said.”.feedback

Nikki Haley

That's so dramatic. That's so ridiculous. Sometimes Secretary Tillerson and I have different opinions, but when we come to the [National Security Council], everybody has different opinions. I have seen the president and Secretary Tillerson work together. They work very well together. They talk through things and then they manage it properly. If there's an issue, I haven't heard about it. Everybody is turning a blind eye to Iran and all of those violations out of trying to protect this agreement. What we need to say is, We have to hold them

John Nagl

Running an anticorruption task force in Afghanistan makes being Donald Trump's national security adviser look easy. He understands how arduous, how grinding, how interminable this is going to be. But what is the alternative?feedback

Joe Scarborough

The former national security adviser was a favorite of “Morning Joe,” and a trusted

Jimmy Carter

He was inquisitive, innovative and a natural choice as my national security adviser when I became president. He helped me set vital foreign policy goals, was a source of stimulation for the departments of defense and state, and everyone valued his opinion. He played an essential role in all the key foreign policy events of my

Mike Pence

Yet Pence was the head of the transition team that recommended Flynn for National Security Adviser and news reports in November 2016 had disclosed Flynn's lobbying for

Stephanie Schriock

Pence was the head of the transition team that tapped Mr Flynn for national security adviser. That is not

Vaughn Hillyard - National Broadcasting Company

Vice President Mike Pence has been kept in the dark about former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn's alleged wrongdoing, according to a source close to the administration, who cited a potential 'pattern' of not informing the vice president and calling it 'malpractice or intentional, and either are

Jonathan Freedland

The latest revelations that Trump tried to shut down the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn could be the ‘smoking gun’ that spells the end for the president. First there were the uncomfortable similarities. Then there were some striking echoes. Now, with the revelation that Donald Trump asked the director of the FBI to shut down an investigation into his former national security adviser, the parallels with Watergate are becoming uncanny – and full of foreboding for the beleaguered

Dana Milbank

Trump’s national security adviser presents a frighteningly expansive view of executive

Andy Wigmore

We had a guy called Matthew Richardson who'd known Nigel for a long time and he's always looked after the Mercers. The Mercers had said that here's this company that we think might be useful. The best dinner we ever went to. Around that table were all the rejects of the political world. And the rejects of the political world are now effectively in the White House. It's extraordinary. Jeff Sessions. [Former national security adviser Michael] Flynn, the whole lot of them. They were all

Sally Yates

Logic would tell you that you don't want the Russians to have leverage over the national security

Sally Yates

We felt like it was critical that we get this information to the White House, in part because the vice president was unknowingly making false statements to the public and because we believed that Gen. Flynn was compromised with respect to the Russians. To state the obvious, you don't want your national security adviser compromised with the

Sally Yates

We were concerned that the American people had been misled about the underlying conduct and what General Flynn had done, and also that we weren't the only ones that knew all of this. The Russians also knew about what General Flynn had done, and they Russians also knew that General Flynn had misled Vice President Pence and others. This was a problem because not only did we believe that the Russians knew this but that they also likely had proof. This created a compromise situation … where the national security adviser could be blackmailed by the

Sally Yates

To state the obvious, you don't want your national security adviser compromised with the Russians. I'm not, but I'm also not aware of a situation where the Office of Legal Counsel was advised not to tell the attorney general about it until after it was

K.T. McFarland

First of all, President Trump hired me, and he gave me a call on Thanksgiving Day to ask me to be the deputy national security adviser. The president and I have had a number of conversations over the last two months, really, about what my role would continue to be and where I could be best used for what his vision is of foreign policy. So I can tell you we talked about it again last night and there are changes coming, but I'm not going to tell you what they are. You've gotten enough secrets out of me this

Bijan Zanganeh

The new oil contracts [IPCs] are currently being reviewed by the Supreme National Security

Eli Lake - Bloomberg

White House lawyers last month learned that the former national security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of US persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect to the Donald Trump transition and campaign, according to US officials familiar with the

Ken Dilanian - National Broadcasting Company

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Tuesday flatly denied that she sought to improperly 'unmask' Trump campaign officials whose conversations were caught on surveillance by U.S. intelligence services. The allegation is that somehow the Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,' Rice said in an exclusive interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell. 'That's absolutely false.' Rice added that it's not unusual to request the identities of people caught on intelligence

Eli Lake - Bloomberg

The pattern of Rice's requests was discovered in a National Security Council review of the government's policy on 'unmasking' the identities of individuals in the U.S. who are not targets of electronic eavesdropping, but whose communications are collected

Jennifer Rubin

The list of objections to Jared Kushner’s expansive role in the administration - nepotism, the aura of monarchical power and his lack of credentials - grows each day. Seeing him pop up in Iraq in a meeting with Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, underscores the degree to which the State Department - along with the official National Security Council - has been marginalized in an administration in which political cronies and relatives run the show. Who speaks for the administration, and why go through normal diplomatic channels if you can bypass all that by going to the president’s son-in-law?feedback

Nada Bakos

In a situation where there's incidental collection and it appears that they're discussing U.S. incoming or current officials, it would not be unusual for a national security adviser to try to understand what it is this foreign government is trying to do to manipulate their position against the U.S. That's how the game is

Ely Ratner

Ely Ratner is the Maurice R. Greenberg senior fellow in China studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. He served as deputy national security adviser to Vice President Joe

Jennifer Rubin

At a Friday signing ceremony for two executive orders, President Trump apparently was so flustered by a reporter’s question about former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn’s bizarre public plea for immunity being turned down by the Senate Intelligence Committee, he left the room without signing the

Jeremy Bash

And for the Justice Department to agree to give somebody like him immunity it means they want him to turn and testify against someone higher up in the food chain. Who is higher up in the food chain, higher than the national security adviser? There's really only one person. And so this shows that the jeopardy of criminal liability actually extends all the way to the top. Immunity from what? What is he in jeopardy of being prosecuted for?feedback

Simon Jenkins

The former national security adviser is seeking immunity from prosecution in return for coming clean about the president’s links with Putin. From Russia to Donald with love is a story that just keeps giving. The latest explosive revelation is that sacked security chief Michael Flynn is seeking immunity from prosecution to come clean on Trump’s links with Moscow. It has Democrats on the congressional committee salivating with glee. It was Flynn who said of a similar deal with Hillary Clinton’s aides last year: “When you are given immunity, that means you’ve probably committed a crime.”.feedback

Jennifer Rubin

This seems entirely reasonable. “Republicans joined Democrats on Wednesday in pressuring the Trump administration to surrender records of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s payments and contacts with foreign officials during the past three years.”.feedback

Daniel W. Drezner

If there has been a narrative about the Trump administrations foreign policy, it has been the idea that the primary cleavage is between the populists and the grown-ups. The populists consist of Trump, Stephen K. Bannon, Peter Navarro and Bannons minions in the White House. The grown-ups are Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, national security adviser [].feedback

Margaret Sullivan - the Post

We got Russian oligarchs, Cypriot banks, the firing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and much

Dean Boyd

CIA is focused solely on providing the President and other policymakers with the best intelligence possible to protect the nation against adversaries. That's a full-time job. We're working quite well with the National Security Council on a range of issues confronting the nation and foresee no change in this collaborative

Condoleezza Rice

I was the National Security Adviser on 9/11. The day after 9/11, we closed our borders and thought that we were more secure. That turned out to be a

Scott Hiltgen

They're trying to make up a story that Trump worked with the Russians to rig the election. Now they're trying to make a big deal out of (former national security adviser) Mike Flynn. He was doing what he was supposed to do. He was talking to his counterparts. He was talking to the Russians. He got fired because he lied to (Vice President Mike) Pence. There's no story there. The left media is so excited. They think they took this guy down. No, he made a mistake. He just

Hallie Jackson - National Broadcasting Company

NBC News is the first to report the vice president was in the dark until this past Thursday when media reports surfaced, indicating the now-former national security adviser may have talked sanctions in a call with the Russian

Adam Schiff

This isn't simply about a change in policy toward Russia, as the administration would like to portray. It's what's behind that change in policy. It's not just that an administration official was caught lying. It's that the national security adviser to the president was caught lying and on a matter of central importance. So this is

Paul Ryan

You cannot have a national security adviser misleading the vice president and others. So I think the president was right to ask for his resignation. And I believe it was the right thing to

Robert Gates

My biggest concern is there are actually, under the law, only two statutory advisers to the National Security Council and that's the Director of Central Intelligence, or the DNI, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I think pushing them out of the National Security Council meetings, except when their specific issues are at stake, is a big mistake. I think that they both bring a perspective and judgment and experience to bear that every president, whether they like it or not, finds

Mike Pence

We are so grateful and honoured to have Gen. Flynn as our nominee for national security adviser. He brings an extraordinary wealth of

Julianne Smith

You don't want to have a distracted national security

Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Someone gave an order to do that, someone in the department of home security, someone in the national security

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