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Min Bahadur Sherchan
I want to be the oldest person to scale Everest again to be an inspiration for humankind, a boost for the elderly people and an encouragement for youths. It will be a message for everyone that age is no obstacle to achieving their
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Apr 12 2017
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Anjali Lama

I knew even as a child that I didn't like being a boy, wearing those clothes. I'm very, very excited. I'm trying to just enjoy this moment. This is a dream come

Jaspreet Chandok

This season, our model pool will feature a transgender, a gender neutral and a plus size model ... (to) take these conversations forward, shining light on some these issues and bringing them to the national

Anjali Lama

My mother, to some extent, was more accepting but there really wasn't much awareness then. There is more awareness and acceptance now in Nepal, and that has helped more people like me to come

Edward Prado

All the conduct comprising the alleged international law violations occurred in a foreign

Rajendra Pandit

Until such a notice is received, we will not accept the new Indian

Farhan Haq - United Nations

By the end of the day, we expect the Paris agreement on climate change to have crossed the second and final threshold needed for it to enter into

Poonam Khetrapal Singh

To date, post-disaster funding through South-East Asia Regional Health Emergency Fund has done an excellent job of helping countries respond to health emergencies once they've occurred, as we saw most recently in Nepal and Sri Lanka. The new funding stream will allow countries to invest in infrastructure and human resources that will enhance

Taj Pabari

We have shareholders, so obviously making money is a big part of what we do. However, we are really proud of the social side, which is going into rural communities, Aboriginal communities in Australia, going into places like India, Nepal ... orphanages and giving them our tablet

Pramila Rani Brahma

The situation is still very bad. We are taking measures to help people in every possible

Charlie Linville

The Everest climb has never been about myself, it has always been about the Heroes Project ... Hopefully we can inspire others to get up and accomplish their goals and have a meaningful life. That's what the whole goal

Tshering Sherpa

Sherra Gyalgen Sherpa reached the top of Sagarmatha at 5:05 p.m. (local time).feedback

Kedar Neupane

If he fails to leave within this time frame, he will be considered as staying here

Surya Bahadur Pariyar

I don't believe in the government also because since one year if we compare in every earthquake victim areas most of the people get most of the contribution, any kind of contribution – like food, like tents, like zinc for making the roof also – they will get it from some Nepali (civil) organisations, some religious societies as well and some international organisations

Nripal Adhikary

Bamboo is a great material. The biggest enemy (in a quake) is weight, so bamboo is perfect because it is light, flexible and very

Yogendra Kunwar

Two helicopters are on a search-and-rescue mission. There is no trace of the aircraft so

Yubaraj Ghimire

More crucial will be who will carry the legacy of the Koirala dynasty that has produced four prime ministers in the past and dominated the Nepali Congress party in the past six

Baikuntha Aryal

The AIIB is specifically for infrastructure so we see it as a supplement to projects in Nepal funded by the ADB (Asian Development Bank) and World

Jeffrey Shannon - Mercy Corps

The inability to bring sufficient fuel and other necessary supplies into the country is causing delays that jeopardise long-term recovery. Having just got through a heavy monsoon season, we need this time before winter to rebuild. Everything is grinding to a halt just when people need to be getting back on their feet. This is the worst possible time for an economic crisis. The borders need to

Thomas Schrom

The damage has been massive. All of the UNESCO's world heritage sites have been damaged. We should not forget that there's thousands of people who have lost everything. I know people who are living in bamboo and corrugated shacks and they've lived through the recent monsoons, that's not nice for

Thomas Schrom

On an emotional level it had a lot of impact and damage. Nepal is slowly recovering but it was a severe shock to its system. But more concerning is the massive damage to towns and villages and it will be extremely difficult to

John Narayan Parajuli

The official explanation [from India] is security concerns for their transporters due to unrest on the Nepalese side of the border, but the real reason is that India is unhappy about the new constitution not addressing concerns of the Madhesi population living in the south of

Ty Cobb - Human Rights Campaign

This is a momentous step forward for LGBT equality in Nepal. The nation's leadership has affirmed that its LGBT citizens deserve the constitutional right to live their lives free from discrimination and fear. We congratulate LGBT Nepalis and their allies for this historic victory, and hope to see other nations across Asia and the globe take similar steps to ensure full legal equality for their LGBT

Bill Calderwood

And they (people around the world) have been following the challenges the country has faced since the earthquake, but many people around the world will be delighted to see the recovery and the resilience of the Nepalese

Pierre-Marie Sarant

The idea is to geo-localise the users, so that in the event of a power cut or if the mobile network goes down, we know where the users were when the earthquake

Sushil Koirala

If anybody wants to rebuild their damaged house, the state bank will provide a loan of up to 2.5 million rupees within the Kathmandu valley and up to 1.5 million outside the valley at a subsidised rate of two percent

Laxmi Prasad Dhakal

Everybody is trying to return to their normal lives and all our government machinery is working to make sure that all relief is provided for as long as people want and need. We are trying our

Kent Page - UNICEF

Measles can kill children, especially those in bad situation and vulnerable health, so we're looking at that, that's a concern. Diarrhea is a concern and just making sure that kids, their hands are clean so they're not getting

Iolanda Mattevi

My friend saw a big stone and instinctively took refuge behind it. And he was not injured. But I was hit by a rock head on. In these moments you don't think. I prayed, I cried. I don't

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

Although I am heartened and encouraged by the progress of the response to date, efforts need to be maintained and stepped up to ensure vital assistance reaches all the affected, especially those in the remote

Namrata Adsikron

Even little children and old women have to stay outside. Nobody has taken care of us. We have to stay like this outside with little space and a lot of dust. We have to stay in fear, without knowing where to move to. The question now is, what do we do and where do we go?feedback

Jean-Jacques Simon - UNICEF

Several thousand children, as you say, have been either directly or indirectly affected. Those most directly are cases where their homes have been lost, or their loved ones, and who find themselves out on the street from one day to the next. This is why several makeshift camps have sprung up around the capital and in other parts of the country. It's understandable that they must be helped very swiftly, with water and medicines, and making sure the youngest are properly

Megan Butler

It took everyone by surprise and people flooded out of the shops, the street was filled, people were grabbing each other and then everyone waited for it to finish, and once it finished there was just floods of people just running to open

John Tripp

Our main mission – and we're committed to this mission because we live in earthquake country – is that we find people in collapsed buildings and we try to rescue them, and then lend aid to

Rabindra Shresth

We are hearing rumours that other bigger earthquakes are expected to happen. We are sleeping here, so we can stay safe and quickly run to safety if

Subrahmanyam Jaishankar

Once we have a damage assessment, which we hope to have done overnight, by tomorrow our endeavour would be to have five helicopters positioned in Kathmandu and five helicopters positioned in Pokhara. Their role would be to do the local rescue, to do airlifting if they have to and to do food distribution

Axel Plathe

The sites that are in these areas are counted by thousands. We of course are mostly concerned by the most emblematic sites: we have been shocked by the aggression against Hatra, which is a World Heritage Site – it's tantamount to aggressing the Pyramids in Egypt or the Birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini in Nepal. So this is really a significant acceleration of destruction. Ashur is on the World Heritage list, the archeological city in Samarra is on the World Heritage list. These are very important sites in

Girija Prasad Koirola

The King is not listening, that's why I have told him that time is running out very fast. If the king doesn't listen to it, then I can only say, God save the

Pushpa Kamal Dahal

This dual regime must be ended through unconstitutional means. The nation must unite. To end the crisis, and to save the peace process that is in danger, I am resigning from the council of

Karan Singh

I bring good wishes from the people of India to the people of Nepal. I bring a prayer and a hope that Nepal will get out of the present difficult situation and return to peace and

Tashi Tenzing

There were two men who came from humble beginnings; one was a beekeeper from New Zealand and one of the men, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, was born in the shadows of

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