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There are believed to be less than 100 examples left of these unusual 2CVs left, maybe 30 of which are in running condition, making this a truly rare vehicle.
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In this page you'll find all points of view published about Nigeria. You'll find 341 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Nigeria are: Muhammadu Buhari, Francois Hollande, Goodluck Jonathan and Hadi Sirika. Muhammadu Buhari specifically said: “There is no iota of truth in the messages being circulated on the health of the President, who is hale and hearty, and the purported emergency meetings of the State Governors in Abuja or anywhere.”.
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Mohammed Tafida

Some people who got fertilisers were not even farmers. They sell it then.

Idris Salihu

In Nigeria talking is one thing and implementing plans another. We need more support.

Rahul Savara - TGI Group

Important is that they started the journey to become food self-sufficient. They are going on the right track, and the government has to continue the same policies it is doing now.

Samuel Ativ

I like better the taste of the local rice. The only problem is the stones in it. If I am in hurry I prefer the foreign rice because there are no stones.

Frank Kahumba

The authorities do not seem keen to bite the bullet and let the naira find its own level as driven by market forces, and we see this continuing to put a damper on [foreign investment] and inward portfolio flows.

Precious Okolobo

Our focus on the Forcados leaks is on containment, spill recovery and securing the line.

Gianfranco Rosi

I asked the people who made journey from Nigeria across the desert to Libya: 'What made you cross the sea? You know you might have died there.

Toby Lanzer

They are living on the edge, barely getting by on one meal a day. My biggest concern today is starvation. Hungry people without shelter when it rains die. If we were to lose another planting season, I dread to think how severe the crisis could get.

Ibrahim Momoh-Bekisu

Their children come to my flat to come and study and watch TV.

William Jackson - Capital Economics

The markets will be looking to see what fiscal tightening will be undertaken to reduce the budget deficit, stabilise debt ratios and maintain the investment grade rating.

William Jackson - Capital Economics

The story of a possible devaluation has come back as the latest moves seem to show a small entry towards to a weaker exchange rate. My worry is that they are not moving to a fully floating rate but to a more complex system of parallel rates, which will add to the confusion but won't help exporters. What people also want to see is a realistic growth forecast as the consensus is increasingly bearish.

Oluseun Onigbinde

For years, billions have been budgeted for the State House Medical Center while it has always been evident that every president mostly accessed medical facilities outside the country, going back to the 1980s.

Charles Adolor

If I am having my bath, the colour of the water, the stains on the sink are always black. Before we can use already-washed plates we have to rewash them again.

Yemi Osinbajo

Our approach to that is that we must engage them (illegal refiners) by establishing modular refineries so that they can participate in legal refineries. We have recognised that young men must be properly engaged.

Olayinka Abioye

The federal government has to pay staff posted from Abuja to Kaduna all their entitlements before we can contemplate moving to Kaduna to give our services. There have been situations in the past when such staff were owed their travel and other associated entitlements for two to three years. We do not want a repeat.

David Bagambe

Importer appetite is pretty flat but on the other hand some flows are coming in from commodity exporters. Some remittances are also trickling in.

David Bleasdale

Behind it all, there is a real dollar shortage in Nigeria, so the government needs to clarify its priorities.

James McCullagh - Energy Aspects

Follow-on detail has been conspicuously sparse, leaving the market effectively in no man's land.

Muhammad Ghuluze

The attitude towards mental health care in Nigeria has been inept, but because of the dire needs, we are starting to see more attention from the government.

Mohamed Fall - UNICEF

Security has improved in some areas so we have acted quickly to access places we could not previously reach and protect children from the spread of a very dangerous disease. We are still extremely concerned about children living in large areas of Borno state that are not yet accessible.

Muhammadu Buhari

There is no iota of truth in the messages being circulated on the health of the President, who is hale and hearty, and the purported emergency meetings of the State Governors in Abuja or anywhere.

Stuart Culverhouse - Exotix

(Nigeria) might have to accept that people are charging more for them because of the situation. It could be a reality check.

Kieran Curtis - Standard Life

The government has access to hard currency even if they are restricting the access of other agents in the economy.

Claudia Calich

Nigeria's starting position is one of low debt so if they price it attractively they will be able to get it done.

Yahya Jammeh

I believe in the importance of dialogue and in the capacity of Africans to resolve among themselves all the challenges on the way towards democracy, economic and social development. It is as a result of this that I have decided today, in good conscience, to relinquish the mantle of leadership of this great nation.

Michael Ugwu

We saw the market being worth over US$100 million a year in terms of sales, purely on caller ringback tones.

Michael Ugwu

MTN has about (a) 60 million subscriber base, which shows that penetration is still at the early stages.

Toby Lanzer

The situation of many affected communities has deteriorated beyond alarming levels. If we do not act fast, and do more especially in areas that were previously inaccessible, thousands of people will die.

J. Peter Pham

More worryingly, this faction is displaying complex tactics and weapons, and that suggests outside influence. My reading is that ISIS is being squeezed in Libya and it is coming south to Nigeria.

Jason Straziuso

They were part of a team that had brought in desperately needed food for over 25,000 displaced persons.

Jean-Clément Cabrol - Doctors Without Borders

This large-scale attack on vulnerable people who have already fled from extreme violence is shocking and unacceptable. The safety of civilians must be respected.

Hadi Sirika

We will try and fast track the contractor to deliver the terminal building before the end of February so that we can take it over in March.

Bello Rabiu

It is our opinion that the proposal to increase the royalty rate for terrains beyond 1000 metres, from zero percent to 3 percent, is commendable but it is necessary to also make corresponding adjustments in other categories.

Igwe Achese

All issues have been addressed one after the other. We are very satisfied with the commitment shown. We have decided to suspend the three day strike that commenced today and also asked our members... to do all that is necessary to keep the industry flowing.

Aisha Yesufu

The (Nigerian president Muhammadu) Buhari administration's response to issues about the Chibok girls is representative of its handling of other issues – insecurity, welfare of internally displaced persons, military welfare, corruption and poor governance.

Muhammadu Buhari

I salute the fortitude of the distraught parents. As a parent myself, I feel their pain. The tears never dry, the ache lingers in our hearts.

Aaron Sayne

Communities deserve compensation for damages when it's Shell's fault. But I don't think it's going to be easy for a foreign court to get its head around how complicated it is.

Gaurav Sharma

We fully intend to have this (jurisdictional issue) decided by a trial judge, to determine the issue once and for all.

Tom Cummins

This case brings home the message that multinationals may increasingly face claims in the English courts arising from disputes which have little or no connection to England.

Daniel Leader - Leigh Day

You've got a dual problem: the systemic ineffectiveness of the courts and the fact that people (in local communities) just can't get the evidence together or even representation to take on these companies.

Muhammadu Buhari

In this New Year, I want to reassure all Nigerians that our defence and security forces are more than ever before ready to perform their constitutional role of protecting lives and property in the country; and we will surely overcome all other forms of security challenges. These ugly crises cannot be allowed to fester as they strain the unifying bonds of brotherhood and neighbourliness.

Maambo Hamaundu

The kwacha is likely to continue trading flat going into 2017, it seems to have found its place.

Muhammadu Buhari

I, therefore, call on all Nigerians to cooperate and support the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies by providing useful information that will expose all the terrorists hiding among the populace. Further efforts should be intensified to locate and free our remaining Chibok girls still in captivity. May God be with them.

Muhammadu Buhari

I was told by the Chief of Army Staff that the camp fell at about 1:35 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 22, and that the terrorists are on the run and no longer have a place to hide.

Lumumba Okugbara

Production will resume any moment. We just rose from a meeting with the management and the issues that had led to the labour impasse have been resolved after the minister of petroleum intervened. It was not a total shut down. I cannot tell you for now whether the company has agreed to stop sacking of workers or not but the doors for further negotiations are open.

Hadi Sirika

They have the capacity to refine A1 (fuel) but they have long stopped doing that. The petroleum resources ministry and NNPC have assured us that they will resume production of Jet A1 - that is for the long term.

Hadi Sirika

While this recession will last and while this problem of forex availability will last, we'll have to appeal to Nigerians and other people that pass through our airports to exercise patience and be aware of the situation.

Hadi Sirika

I was in the central bank three times since I became minister, soliciting for foreign exchange, and they have started to give airlines foreign exchange. The major challenge is that we have a foreign exchange issue.

Ola Adebanji

It is not a strike by Arik staff. The aviation unions stopped our operations.

Lumumba Okugbara

Suddenly this week the management began an involuntary redundancy exercise sacking workers whether they want to leave or not, thus repudiating our agreement with them.

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

Show the need for those cuts – the oil needs to move. If they are respected, the physical impact would be later. It will take some time.

Andrew Wilson

Buyers are loading as much sour (crude) as they can. The light sweet is not as interesting – there is a glut of it.

Andrew Wilson

If they start taking crude from Nigeria again, they're not sure they'll get it next month.

Muhammadu Buhari

This budget...represents a major step in delivering on our desired goals through a strong partnership across the arms of government and between the public and private sectors to create inclusive growth. Fiscal, monetary and trade policies will be fully aligned.

Bukola Saraki

We assure you Mr. President and all Nigerians that not even a single minute would be wasted on our side in the course of getting this budget approved.

Ukeme Eyibio

There were trapped bodies, parts of bodies, blood all over the place, and people's handbags and shoes scattered.

Ukeme Eyibio

I rushed to my car, got out the tire jack and used that to get the beam off his legs. We managed to get him out but we saw others dying all around us. I'm so traumatized I could not sleep last night for the horrors repeating themselves in my mind.

Gary Ubong

I saw more than 100 dead bodies brought out on loaders. I also went to two hospitals and saw heaps of dead bodies difficult to count.

Geoffrey Onyeama

In this agreement both countries agreed to study and take concrete steps toward the promotion of a regional gas pipeline project that will connect Nigeria's gas resources, those of several West African countries and Morocco.

Michael Cohen

Three things have changed since Algiers. One is Trump was elected. Two, the earnings season showed U.S. oil producers were more resilient, and the third is the return of output from Libya and Nigeria.

Kamal Budhabhatti

We plan to go by the first quarter of next year. Most probably it will be either Nigeria or Uganda. We are thinking of one of the two countries.

Bukola Saraki

The essence of the motion was to ensure transparency in a matter that involves future investment in the oil and gas sector of the country.

Pius Olaoye

We're looking at the various outlets that we have and some of those foreign subsidiaries are part of it. If we get good offers we will consider selling them off. If we get good offers then we'll go ahead and spin off all of them, if not it will be selective.

Cobus de Hart

The ramp up in fiscal spending has been slower than anticipated, and the policy response in general remains weak.

Razia Khan - Standard Chartered

We were expecting a more shallow contraction. Much of it seems to have been driven by the outsized contraction in the oil sector once again, with much lower levels of oil production than we had expected.

Babatunde Fashola

We will find a way ... and ensure that going forward they will not accumulate again.

Rolake Akinkugbe - FBN Capital

It "requires significant rehabilitation at least, due to system losses which result in up to 40 percent wastage.

Kola Adesina

Gas supply has been a major constraint for us from the standpoint of the Niger Delta crisis.

Ola Adebanji

We are managing the situation to ensure our international flights are not affected.

Isaac Adewole

They are armed, but look like normal people so they don't scare anyone.

Ladi Bada

The lack of an oil law has held back investments in the sector while the government does not have the funds to operate the joint ventures for which it has a majority shareholding.

Peter Lundberg - United Nations

Next year 26 million people will be affected by the ongoing crisis and 14 million of these will need international and national humanitarian assistance.

Sadiq Daware

Whoever tells you the items were diverted is very far away from the truth.

Hassan Barguma

Stealing food meant for starving children is beyond the pale and only adds insult to injury.

Aaron Sayne

It's commendable that they have actually tried to make a petroleum sector policy.

Aaron Sayne

Where this is short on details is where the vested political interests are the strongest. It's not clear that it has the political support.

Manji Cheto

The big thing I'm watching is to what extent the proliferation of this group actually results in them turning against each other.

Ayso van Eysinga - Eurasia Group

It shows some kind of capacity to get around the armed forces, which shows the limitations of how much you can defend the creeks.

Manji Cheto

I think what they want to do is continue to cause spectacular disruptions.

Ayso van Eysinga - Eurasia Group

It's just another number that is a huge number that is not going to happen in the short run.

Eric Umeofia

CBN (the central bank) refused to give us forex to import machineries, machine spare parts and raw materials to be used for processing of Nigerian fresh tomatoes into tomato paste in our Lagos factory.

Bukola Saraki

Work on the passage of the two key bills will be nearing completion stage before the end of the year.

Bukola Saraki

For many years now the PIB has been stalled at different stages for one reason or the other. At this point, the Senate is ready and willing to do everything that it takes to get Nigeria's economy out of this recession -- and the efficient and effective management of our oil resources is a key component of this.

Eric Umeofia

Your Excellency Sir, you may wish to know that Erisco Foods Limited is the only tomato processing company that is using Nigeria's fresh and dry tomatoes as the major raw material to produce tomato paste till date.

Tayo Alasoadura

The poor performance of the NNPC is a major concern. The commercialisation of the corporation and its splitting into two entities is for more efficiency and to enhance performance.

Tayo Alasoadura

It (the bill) also provides for the establishment of a single petroleum regulatory commission which will focus mainly on regulating the industry.

Garba Deen Muhammad

Production is affected but I cannot tell you by what magnitude.

Ousmane Dore - African Development Bank

The economic recovery plan that the government is working on must be a package of comprehensive reforms, including even exchange rate policy, the consistency with regards to the monetary policy and structural reforms.

Oumarou Mohamane

The nomadic herders fought with a farmer, whom they wounded. He was taken to the medical center and everything started from there.

Nnimmo Bassey

The younger kids all pledge to be protectors of the environment, And that, to me, is the most encouraging outcome.

Jackie Farris

They weren't aware that climate change was having this impact on Nigeria.

Patricia Afuberoh

It was impossible for the community to relocate. The community has no other land. Where will they now go?. There is nowhere to run to.

Jackie Farris

This film is Nigeria's 'Inconvenient Truth'. It has been an issue for Nigeria that we cannot afford to ignore.

David Hufton

With OPEC production creeping up towards 34 million barrels a day, a production freeze guarantees that the oil market will remain out of balance throughout 2017 and into 2018.

Muhammadu Buhari

The golden era of high oil prices may not be here now, but oil and gas resources still remain the most immediate and practical keys out of our present economic crisis. Oil and gas sector still remain critical enabler for the successful implementation of our budget as well as the source of funds for laying a strong foundation for a new and more diversified economy.

Kola Karim

The Delta and the spread of its people is so wide and huge, the biggest disparity is going to be, who are the people the government will continuously engage with to get a comprehensive resolution. There are a lot of different groups springing up.

Oweikeye Endoro

When such a development becomes known to the others it becomes a source of conflict resulting in agitations.

Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu - OPEC

Our target is to ensure zero militancy in the area. This planned meeting shows the level of interest the president has to ensure peace in the area.

Igwe Achese

So we want government to act. That's why we have given a 21-day ultimatum. We believe government would act. If they don't, when we get to the bridge, that is at the expiration of the ultimatum, we will cross it. I don't want to use the word 'strike' now.

Igwe Achese

The government should call the multinationals to order. They are sacking and closing shop.

Manji Cheto

While the exact impact on production of the latest bombings is still unclear, the attack nevertheless reaffirms our earlier expectation that a sustained increase in domestic crude production is unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Manji Cheto

This is clearly an attempt on these groups' part to assert themselves as important stakeholders in any talks, ostensibly in the hopes that they too would benefit from any eventual government pay-outs.

John Campbell

You can buy off fragmented groups. You just pay everyone. But to address the fundamental issues, the sense of alienation, the sense of unfairness, the consequence of years of poor governance, all that takes time. It takes political will and resources.

Ayso van Eysinga - Eurasia Group

It doesn't seem like they have a coordinated effort to try to figure out who they should speak to. It's many different people trying to get to the same end but without a concerted strategy.

Sani Zorro

They have illegally launched an attempt to take over our refineries; that was resisted. They are now making attempts to take over our remaining public assets. We call them parasites because they have the option of starting same businesses from the scratch.

Ferdi Moolman - MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria only requested for CCIs for foreign capital that was imported into Nigeria, and dividends were externalised on CCIs.

Jonathan Millard

What you are offering as an investor is liquidity. In the country itself, there is no liquidity. If you're looking at this on a five to 10 year cycle there are tons of opportunities.

Jan van Zyl

We believe Nigeria has massive potential in the retail area. The sector is in its infancy and will only continue to grow from a very low base.

Patricia Obozuwa - General Electric

This procurement process is still ongoing and as such, we are not at liberty to disclose full details at the moment.

Rotimi Amaechi

GE is proposing a two-year rehabilitation of the rail tracks to be carried out by them and to have a concession period of 25 years within which to recover their investment. The government has not agreed and that is what our advisers will sit with GE to agree.

Rotimi Amaechi

The government has not agreed and that is what our advisers will sit with GE to agree.

Lai Mohammed

Please note that this is not a swop. It is a release, the product of painstaking negotiations and trust on both sides. We see this as a credible first step in the eventual release of all the Chibok girls in captivity.

Aisha Buhari

A lot of people have been coming ... to tell him that things are not going the way they should. If it continues like this, I'm not going to be part of any [re-election] movement again.

Celestina Kalu

They were rescued two days ago along the Urhonigbe-Abraka road in the bush. No ransom was paid, no arrest has been made.

Aisha Buhari

The president does not know 45 out of 50, for example, of the people he appointed and I don't know them either, despite being his wife of 27 years. Some people are sitting down in their homes folding their arms only for them to be called to come and head an agency or a ministerial position.

Muhammadu Buhari

About 100 more (girls) are still in the hands of the terrorists. We hope we'll get some ... intelligence to go about securing the balance.

Emmanuel Ogebe

Nkeki "expressed her desire to go home, which the government has refused to respect and comply with."

Emmanuel Ogebe

It is hoped that the newly released 21 won't exchange captivity in Sambisa Forest for captivity in an Abuja fortress. Nkeki "expressed her desire to go home, which the government has refused to respect and comply with.

Aly-Khan Satchu

The sooner they do (IMF talks) the better. They have talked to the World Bank, all the sovereign wealth funds but nobody is interested.

Jan Dehn

You probably need to see a 10,20, 30 percent naira depreciation from here before you get full clearing. It would then come in and probably ultimately end up 10-15 percent weaker than it is today or maybe 20 percent.

Jan Dehn

It would then come in and probably ultimately end up 10-15 percent weaker than it is today or maybe 20 percent.

Anders Faergemann

It makes us a bit nervous as to where the future lies for the naira and also for the central bank.

Cobus de Hart

It's not unfeasible to see the exchange rate going to 550 per dollar but it will depend on FX liquidity conditions and in turn on how much external debt and investment inflows they can generate.

Mallam Garba Shehu

The president welcomes the release of the girls but cautioned Nigerians to be mindful of the fact that more than 30,000 fellow citizens were killed via terrorism.

Pierre Andurand - Andurand Capital Management

There will be a quota. They spoke about a range of 32.5-33 million bpd, with Libya, Nigeria and Iran allowed to go back up. If production from Libya goes up, say, then the other OPEC producers will have to cut production to make space.

Gordon Brown

We do not know how they will readjust, but one thing is for certain, their lives have changed forever.

Pogu Bitrus

We just want all of our girls to come home.

Ebi Atawodi - Uber

In the central business district of Lagos, there is one ambulance. So in an emergency, how do you get to the hospital, especially if you can't drive? People know they can get a car in less than five minutes.

Ebi Atawodi - Uber

In the West, the Uber partners (drivers) tend to drive their own vehicle. In sub-Saharan Africa, they are employed by someone who owns one or more cars and then they employ the drivers.

Hauwa Biu

We thank the federal government and, like Oliver Twist, we ask for more.

Andrew Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

This "puts OPEC in an even tougher spot because they have to cut even more production to accommodate the resumption of sales out of Libya and Nigeria.

Kayode Fayemi

We are looking at a $500 million fund from their side which would primarily focus on exploration.

Kayode Fayemi

They have given figures in the region of about 100kg of gold leaving the country on a daily basis. None of this gets accredited as gold from Nigeria.

Kayode Fayemi

By the time we put it out on offer to everyone we will get the best bidder who can really do what we want done with the steel plant.

Alex Beard - Glencore

We need to see the real deal in November rather than the talk of the idea of doing a deal. Libya's production is certainly going up at the moment and Nigeria is obviously off its lows as well. So I guess my outlook on the OPEC meeting is they've still got their work to do to come up with the detail that will convince the market.

Torbjorn Tornqvist - Gunvor Group

Clearly, they have put a floor on the market. But I don't think they can do any substantial cut. There are too many uncertain factors involved. These two countries (Libya and Nigeria) can wipe out any other deal that has been agreed.

Kelechukwu Nwachukwu

Lots of young people are speaking out about FGM – whether it is Twitter chats, blogs or webinars.

Kelechukwu Nwachukwu

Young people might not have access to traditional or print media, but they feel engaged on social media.

Mary Wandia - Equality Now

If FGM does occur, the first place a case is reported is often on social media. It is hugely important to help gather information quickly.

Manuel Fontaine - Unicef

The re-emergence of polio after two years with no recorded cases is a huge concern in an area that's already in crisis. The scale of our response reflects the urgency: we must not allow polio to spread.

Manuel Fontaine - Unicef

Children are dying and more young lives will be lost unless we scale up our response. Through the polio vaccination drive, we can protect more children from the virus while also reaching children in need with treatment for malnutrition.

Udo Udoma

We have not been able to meet overheads (such as travel allowances) but have concentrated on capital expenditure.

Tom Kloza - Oil Price Information Service

The price for the next few months is going to be determined not in Vienna, but in places like Lagos, Nigeria; Tripoli; and Moscow – and maybe Midland, Texas.

Akin Adigun - Renaissance Capital

There is a general aversion to risk at the moment hence low activity on the stock market, and investors, pension funds inclusive, have switched to fixed income securities which barely guarantee a positive real return.

Muhammadu Buhari

Now, residents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States ... go about their daily business in relative safety. Commuters can travel between cities, towns and villages without fear.

Cogent Ojobor

No one has been able to pinpoint the explosion but there was a big bang around Warri axis yesterday and for now no production was affected.

Clement Nwankwo

(Presidency officials) negotiated to reduce the fine and the committees of the National Assembly were upset.

Natalie Roberts

Civilians are not receiving aid, and find themselves trapped between Boko Haram and the military's operations.

Natalie Roberts

It is shocking to see so many people malnourished in Maiduguri, not just in isolated and hard-to-reach areas. Aid actors have access, and there has been no Boko Haram presence for the last few years, but people are starving to death inside Maiduguri. Millions are in a nutrition crisis.

Ole Hansen - Saxo Bank

Considering the signs that demand growth is fading, U.S. production is stabilizing and Libya and Nigeria are both increasing production, these developments will make it very hard to keep the oil bears locked up for longer.

Cobus de Hart

It's not a good development but it may stem from the forex crunch in Nigeria. They don't want forex to leave the country unnecessarily. It highlights the fact that the Nigerian central bank wants to maintain a firm grip on the forex market and this will obviously not bode well for investor sentiment.

Michael Cohen

Some of the exports have returned in Nigeria and I do think we'll see Libyan production come in, in fits and starts.

Alexandre de Juniac - Air France-KLM

Up to now, we haven't been able to have a unified approach without breaking anti-trust rules. The question is (whether you can have) a unified approach to say to the state: 'You are not fulfilling your basic obligations to pay us,'.

Mona Aubin - International Air Transport Association

Talks continue toward establishing a realistic and achievable payment schedule to settle the remaining amount.

Lisa Bay - Oxfam Intermón

Civilians have paid a high price for policies of cutting off Boko Haram's food and supplies. We have seen hugely generous communities welcome people who have fled their homes – but now they have nothing to give. They too are hungry and need access to aid.

Yannick Pouchalan - Action Against Hunger

What we are seeing is families teetering on the edge of famine. We see families who have not eaten for days, many are begging for food.

Tunde Fowler

We are thinking of giving them a waiver on interest and penalties for three years – for the period between 2012 and 2015 – and we will only ask them to pay the principal amount of tax that we believe is due, and we will give them a 45-day window to come forward and register, and that will make them eligible for that waiver.

Scott Shelton - Icap

The perception of more supply from Nigeria and Libya is trumping the physical markets. The market could care less about strong physical markets when it sees potential for another 600,000 barrels per day of crude.

Jay Hatfield

I think the oil market clearly overreacted to the products build data we had yesterday and that's indicative of today's price rebound.

Abhishek Deshpande - Natixis

In a market full of disruptions and uncertainties, if there was a blow up of the scale of Canada once again, we would see oil prices rise like we did pre-summer.

Godspower Gbenekama

We have appealed for calm but it is very painful considering the circumstances that led to his death.

Godspower Gbenekama

His leg was amputated because he could not gain immediate access to hospital and treatment after the injury because of the lock down after and during the period of the invasion. By the time the military left our area it was too late.

Tayo Alasoadura

We have to hold it because of all the problems in the Niger Delta. As soon as things improve, then it will come to the front of the line again.

Tayo Alasoadura

There is a deliberate effort to keep things waiting so we don't accentuate what is happening there.

Thina Margrethe Saltvedt - Nordea Bank

Maybe Saudi (Arabia) finds it easier to cooperate with Russia to get an agreement that actually has an effect on the market. A small cut from UAE (United Arab Emirates) or Qatar would not help and member countries like Venezuela and Nigeria would not cut as they are facing deep economic and political problems. So – Russia and Saudi could agree on a freeze agreement at today's level, but I doubt it would have a major impact on the market.

Nnamdi Omoni

We have recovered the vehicle they were travelling in before the incident occurred. Police are currently combing bushes around the area in a bid to find and release the victims. I do not think there was a foreigner among those kidnapped. Their abductors have not made any contact and nobody has been arrested yet.

Abraham Goorhuis

If there was broad circulation of this virus in Asia, then it could be that the risk of Zika spreading to Asia won't be as bad as we think.

Abraham Goorhuis

No one has ever looked, so we don't know if there is any pre-existing immunity to the virus.

Ben Neuman

We have the opportunity right now to prevent (Zika's) spread and by doing so, halting the spread of unnecessary suffering.

Robert Nunan - Mitsubishi Corporation

There's a feeling that the OPEC production freeze talks might result in something positive, but it's just talk. Either way, despite some increases in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, OPEC production seems to be flattening with the outages in Libya, Nigeria and Venezuela, knocking out about some 3 million barrels of daily production and no one is holding their breath they'll return soon.

Juliette Touma - UNICEF

Child recruitment across the region is increasing. Children are taking a much more active role ..., receiving training on the use of heavy weapons, manning checkpoints on the front lines, being used as snipers and in extreme cases being used as suicide bombers.

Eric Omare

From the situation on the ground I do not think the oil companies are ready to improve the lives of people of the Niger Delta region. The present structure of Nigeria does not encourage that.

Graeme Stephens - Sun International

In South Africa, the economic environment remains a serious concern. We do not anticipate any meaningful growth in gaming revenue until there is a recovery in the economy and renewed consumer confidence.

Bettina Luescher - World Food Programme

Because of Nigeria's economic downturn, the number of hungry people could double in the northeastern states that are already so heavily afflicted by the conflict.

Pogu Bitrus

The girl in the video spoke in the Chibok language and identified her mother by name. Her mother has now seen the video and identified her daughter.

Michel Zaffran - World Health Organization

I believe we're still on target to do that. But of course the risk has increased that the targets might slip if we are not able to interrupt transmission in Nigeria.

Dimitris Lois - Coca-Cola HBC

We do forecast an improvement (in the back half). This improvement reflects one more selling day and additional initiatives we have focusing on very strong marketing calendars.

Dominique Burgeon

If you miss the opportunity, you perpetuate the need for food assistance. You create dependency.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

The gasoline glut was the catalyst for this latest move lower. [We] look at the refinery run test, we look at maintenance season [and] that's near-term bearish for crude. We think you have to clear out gasoline first.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Right now there is kind of this fear that we could get 900,000 additional barrels [per day] out of Libya, the head of the national company said that by year-end.

Bruno Jochum - Médecins Sans Frontières

Probably the medical and epidemiological indicators are the worst we are facing today in the world.

Hugues Robert

It is a situation of complete destitution, with hardly anything to eat. What is extremely shocking is the level of severe acute malnutrition.

Peter Kinsella - Commerzbank

If they want to stop the negative spiral on the currency they have got to raise interest rates.

Manuel Fontaine - Unicef

Some 134 children on average will die every day from causes linked to acute malnutrition if the response is not scaled up quickly. We need all partners and donors to step forward to prevent any more children from dying. No one can take on a crisis of this scale alone.

Jesper Kleingeld - Heineken

The brands that contain maltose extract from cassava in their recipe are presently the fastest selling beer brands in Nigeria. In Africa his company aimed to source 60 percent of its raw materials locally by 2020.

Udo Udoma

Up to April we have not been able to meet our revenue target. We have only realized 55 percent. The bulk of this constraint is the problem in the Niger Delta.

Bryan Baas - TD Ameritrade Institutional

It used to be people only worried about wiring money to Nigeria. Criminals change their tactics. So many events have happened now that it's at the top of everyone's minds.

Simon Flowers

In conventional oil projects, deepwater west Africa is a tough place to be. A number of projects in Angola and in Nigeria have been pushed out of our analysis.

Tom Kloza - Oil Price Information Service

In the fall, there's no question there's going to be a challenge in the marketplace, particularly if you see production in some of the places like Nigeria and Kurdistan will ramp higher.

Ayo Teriba

This is good news for the majority of Nigerians. The biggest gain is on the appreciation of the parallel market because the parallel market devaluation has destroyed domestic activities, with prices of local goods sky-rocketing.

John Ashbourne - Capital Economics

Over the long run, a weaker currency will help Nigeria's economy by encouraging import substitution and attracting foreign investors, who have shunned the country for fear of a devaluation.

Gregory Kronsten - FBN Capital

This is a major about-turn. The central bank has traditionally favoured a managed rate and preferred a strong currency to contain inflation. It seems the CBN is eager the market captures forex from remittances (international money orders) as well as FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

Godwin Emefiele

To improve the dynamics of the market, we will introduce foreign exchange primary dealers who would be registered by the CBN (central bank) to deal directly with the bank for large trade sizes on a two-way quote basis.

Manji Cheto

I think it's just simmering under the surface. I don't want to sound alarmist, but for the government to ignore it would be a misstep.

Scott Shelton - Icap

The trend is your friend and picking tops can be painful as all of the money out there chasing trends from the systematic side of the market can overwhelm.

Norbert Ruecker - Julius Baer Group

Oil prices at $50 per barrel could revive shale-drilling activity and stabilize declining U.S. oil production, possibly already harbingered by the recent uptick in rig counts.

Kaname Gokon - Okato Shoji

With Brent staying above US$50, oil is on an upward momentum with the restart of French refineries that were shut on strikes and pipeline attacks in Nigeria.

Robert Yawger - Mizuho Securities USA

If you're starting to see some of those barrels coming back, well, that's happening ahead of schedule, in my opinion.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

It may ultimately be mounting supply disruptions in stressed states, rather than collective cartel action, that causes an accelerated market rebalancing.

Kevin Watkins - Save the Children

We're seeing huge reversals of education in countries like Central African Republic, South Sudan, northern Nigeria and displaced populations in Cameroon and elsewhere.

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

The main factor weighing on prices is the much appreciated US dollar. What is more, rain forecast in the Canadian oil province of Alberta is giving rise to hopes that the devastating wildfires there could be brought under control.

Kashim Shettima

We believe that in the coming weeks we shall recover the rest of the girls. The military is already moving into the forest.

Olatunji Olarewanju

Early information from her was that the rest of the girls are alive and well and, you know, are holed up in Sambisa forest under Boko Haram fortification. And then she also said unfortunately that about six of the girls may have died over the course of the 765 days.

Amina Ali Nkeki

This is a major, major breakthrough – this is the breakthrough we've been waiting for.

Francois Hollande

Boko Haram is the most barbaric and deadliest terrorist group in the world, even if it's difficult to draw rankings in horror. We must therefore support the Nigerian army and neighbouring countries, we need to help them be more efficient, to train personnel and share information.

Francois Hollande

We must therefore support the Nigerian army and neighbouring countries, we need to help them be more efficient, to train personnel and share information.

Francois Hollande

This terrorist group [Boko Haram] has been weakened, it's been pushed back, it's been chased around and has given up the territories it was controlling, and as a result it's being even better targeted and fought. However, this terrorist group remains a threat.

Antony Blinken

We've seen that Boko Haram's ability to communicate has become more effective. They seem to have benefited from assistance from Daesh.

Antony Blinken

So these are all elements that suggests that there are more contacts and more cooperation and this is again something that we are looking at very carefully because we want to cut it off and we want to prevent it from going any further.

Mohammad Farhad Sediqi

At this stage, when the anti-corruption conference is due to be held in London, we were not expecting the British government to raise the issue. This is a clear insult to the Afghan nation.

Daniel Eyre - Amnesty International

People are detained, often with their children, in appalling conditions which do not meet basic human rights, or keep them alive.

Daniel Eyre - Amnesty International

Once detained, there is scant investigation, no opportunity to contest the legality of their detention and no access to legal aid ... people are relying on the military to determine their innocence.

Ole Hansen - Saxo Bank

We've seen the market slump 10 per cent from the highs since this (Canada) news came in, which suggests that there are other fish to fry at the moment.

Scott Shelton - Icap

I think we are still in bull market, but I also think the headwinds are increasing.

Josh Earnest

Unfortunately there have been thousands of people kidnapped in Nigeria.

Toby Lanzer

When a violent extremist group straps explosives to a seven year old's midriff and sends her onto a market to blow her up. I mean for me that's the epitome of evil. I cannot think of anything more horrifying. Northern Cameroon had 63 suicides bombers detonate themselves in one month, the month of January of this year. And over half of those suicide bombers were girls and women.

Ryan Cummings

This was not one of the towns that Boko Haram renamed as part of its caliphate.

John Campbell

I am also skeptical about the huge numbers of kidnap victims allegedly liberated by the security services. It's terribly, terribly hard to verify any of this information [and] to have a clear picture.

Raymond Roksdo

One of them indeed declared that she is one of the Chibok hostages. She is around 15. We are now verifying, because on the Nigerian side they have the names and photos of these girls.

Daniel Leader - Leigh Day

Given the extent of the damage, we believe that the clean-up costs for both communities will run into several hundred million pounds. The claims from the thousands of individuals affected by this pollution, could run into tens of millions of pounds given the impact on these communities.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary

The town of Goshi in Nigeria was formally identified as one of the Boko Haram posts, hosting factories for the manufacturing of bombs and mines.

Alexis Masciarelli - World Food Programme

People who have virtually left everything behind them, the food that they had harvested this year, their clothes, their tools, their fishing nets and the vast majority of them rely almost exclusively on humanitarian aid.

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

You have declining supply in the United States and a declining rig rate. You mix that with outages in Nigeria … and put Doha on top of it, and your eyes are looking towards the tightening of the market.

Dari Bazine

Our defence forces are always one step ahead of our enemies and we are ready to confront them. They're just bandits, small-time thugs. It's a criminal sect, not an army that respects international conventions.

Phineas Elisha

We were told they applied Islamic law to the people they caught looting.

Idriss Dezeh

Some saw their parents die. Some saw their parents leave them. Some saw other children die next to them. Some barely escaped being executed. Fortunately, at this age, one forgets things very quickly. Each one has a special story.

Stephanie Giandonato

Many of these refugees witnessed the deaths of their loved ones in acts of extreme violence. When these people reach Chadian territory and the Dar es Salaam camp, they're not only physically weakened because crossing the lake is very complicated, but also psychologically weak.

Attahiru Jega

We are concerned about what seems to be happening in Rivers State, there are many alleged cases of malpractices and we certainly pay a lot of attention to investigating this.

Mohammed Benhammou

There is a great number of displaced. Their numbers are now over one and a half million. The election commission is now putting all of its efforts into solving the problem. But I think it will be really difficult and consequently this poll will see irregularities. This could have repercussions for the results because violence will come after the elections.

Mohammed Benhammou

I don't think that Boko Haram will sabotage the elections. It is certain they have managed more or less to obstruct the elections especially in the north of the country. But I don't think they will succeed in stopping them. It's true that there is a security threat. Boko Haram might carry out terrorist attacks to stop people going to vote, particularly in the north.

Mohammed Benhammou

Nigerian authorities have taken extraordinary measures. They've closed the land and sea borders. Vehicles are not allowed to be used, except official vehicles. The Nigerian authorities are also circling Boko Haram strongholds.

Mohammed Benhammou

No, we cannot say that. Polls from February were not going in his favour because he's seen as failing on security and on facing up to Boko Haram, among other issues.

Mahmat Madaga

Boko Haram is a militia made up of civilians. They don't have the same experience we have. We are a well-organised army, they cannot withstand us.

Phineas Elisha

...We were told they applied Islamic law to the people they caught looting.

Mike Omeri

We are interacting with experts, military and intelligence experts from different parts of the world… If it is necessary that we use whatever kind of action to get our girls out of the captivity that they are now in, we will do it.

Ememanka Onyebuchi

People are more inclined to identify with their tribal blocks than with the country as a whole, and that is one of the tragedies of this nation.

Alojz Peterle

We know that all parties involved are or might not be pleased with the outcome of the elections but we would like to encourage all stake holders to use only legal and judiciary ways to express their opinion.

Makmid Kamara - Amnesty International

The people in the video are people who are believed to be Nigerian military officers as well as member of the civilian JTF. We are calling on the Nigerian authorities to investigate this immediately and to ensure that those who are responsible are brought to justice in a fair trial.

Makmid Kamara - Amnesty International

The situation in north-eastern Nigeria in relation to the activities of Boko Haram and the Nigerian military response to the violence of Boko Haram has been escalating. It has gone beyond a situation where the ordinary people in that part of the country can feel safe.

Steve Lott - International Air Transport Association

Instead of looking for dangerous objects like toenail clippers and rogue bottles of shampoo, we should be looking for bad people. We should be using intelligence to target bad people around the world who may be wanting to cause harm to airlines or interests around the world.

Laurent Fabius

We support you in your fight against terrorism, against Boko Haram, which is a necessary fight, not only for your country, but for the whole region.

Mathieu Guidère

2009 was a turning point because leaders emerged, in particular the group's current leader Shekau, who had a messianic vision: impose a system on the entire population of the north of the country. They began a strategy of revenge; attacks and reprisals that bred more violence, feeding off hatred. Today it's very hard to see just what Boko Haram and Shekau really want.

Mathieu Guidère

This mobilisation has two aspects, and it is very interesting and will certainly lead to something. It's useful on an international scale because for once it throws light on the situation of women in Nigeria and what they have to put up with, especially in the north.

Mathieu Guidère

Until 2009 we knew more or less the group's aims. It was opposed to Nigeria's education system, based on the British model, and it wanted to replace it with a Sharia-based one.

Mathieu Guidère

But on a local level, unfortunately, the fact there's been an international mobilisation, from outside, from abroad, and that Boko Haram is at the centre of this global communications campaign, makes Boko Haram look like the champion of all things anti-Western, refusing foreign interference and fighting it, and this will only raise its profile and help it recruit new members.

Abubakar Shekau - Boko Haram

By Allah, these girls will not leave our hands until you release our brothers in your prison.

Mathieu Guidère

This can be explained by a number of very complicated factors, but it comes down to geopolitics in the end. After internal power struggles both at federal and governmental level, there is no consensus on how to fight Boko Haram. And we are in a pre-election period for the presidency and both national and state parliaments.

Goodluck Jonathan

No president anywhere in the world… can promise to take corruption to zero level.

Esther Kiobel

My situation is terrible. This country brought me here as a refugee. They saved me from being killed. That's why we want our case here. Right now, I don't feel safe in Nigeria.

Aliyu Abubakar

One of my sons fell down, I came out dragged him in and we drove off back home.

Goodluck Jonathan

The troops and other security agencies involved in these operations have orders to take all necessary action, within the ambit of their rules of engagement, to put an end to the impunity of insurgents and terrorists.

Vicky Marangopouloy

Since it was conceived 19 years ago, the Kalamata International Dance Festival has showcased the most important choreographers in dance. These choreographers are now part of the history of contemporary dance. We also host younger talented artists who have been selected to perform at the festival. We believe that after some years they too will be highly acclaimed and a part of history.

Yorgos Mitropoulos - Euronews

In almost two decades, the Kalamata Dance Festival has become a leading destination for top dancers from around the world to showcase their work.

Mike Omeri

One of the informants, one of the key commanders who supplies information to them [Boko Haram] has been apprehended, so something is being done. We are inching towards it, we are inching towards where we want to go.

Raymond Carbone

If anything were to happen on the Iranian front, in the Strait of Hormuz, in the region in general, we could see much higher prices than we have right now.

Jean-Yves Le Drian

We believe that it is the Boko Haram group which is behind the kidnapping, but we don't have a signature yet. And now unfortunately, terror comes after horror. Now this group – which we think is behind it – is in the process of kidnapping children.

Marie Gisele Alima

I'm getting worried, because these are things we never hear about in our country, we are a peaceful country. We don't have conflicts or relationships with terrorists.

Abubakar Shekau - Boko Haram

I took the girls. Girls, go and get married! Leave western education, ladies! I took the girls, and I will sell them!

Salil Shetty - Amnesty International

No responsible government can sit back and do nothing in the face of such unfolding horror.

Iliyasu Abba

Even if it is targeted against Israel or Western interests, in most of these places you will find a lot of Nigerians working there.

Jim Yong Kim - World Bank Group

This money will go on very basic support, for medical supplies, medical staff and also the people who are facing economic hardship as a result of this epidemic.

Eduard Gnesa

We know that most immigrants from Nigeria and Cameroon can't give any reasons to claim asylum. They then end up in illegal situations: the black market and exploitation. That's what we want to prevent.

Musa Mohammed

It was just like a flash of light and many people were killed. Some had to be amputated and suchlike. But thank God mine was a lesser injury.

Daniel Serifo

I believe his family in Africa today is devastated. He was a guy who worked to provide for his family. We want justice.

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

So one of the things we're working so hard to do is not just do everything we can to bring these girls home, but make sure this stops happening.

Susanna Flood

They had warning that this school was under threat, and nothing was done to save these girls.

Harold Demuren

Unfortunately this (accident) blew us apart. We must regroup and come back solidly and make sure we have safe operations. This is an unfortunate accident and things have far improved in Nigeria. We want to make sure that we get to the bottom of this.

Raymond Carbone

OPEC producing countries cannot produce enough petrol – gasoline – to satisfy their own demand, and so I think that is very supportive over the long term for oil prices. I think we're going higher. I would not be surprised at all.

Adrian Hill

This is a remarkable vaccine trial. Just about a month ago, we had no idea that this vaccine existed or was going to be available for clinical testing.

Francois Hollande

I assure you…your fight is our fight and we will always be ready to not only give you political support, but our help every time it is necessary.

Goodluck Jonathan

Human beings are not donkeys, if you uncover that you have subverted their will, they will react.

Delia Fischer

The Disciplinary Committee understands the urgency of the matter, is working to get all and assess all elements in order to make a decision as early as possible, particularly given that Uruguay is still in the tournament.

Barack Obama

I believe that nobody is more qualified to carry out that mission than Dr. Jim Kim. It's time for a development professional to lead the world's largest development agency.

Rose Marie Compaore

If there is no solution in the next 12 to 13 days, the people will go back to demonstrating. Those who died during the demonstrations should not have died for nothing. But we think that something will happen before the 12 days expire.

Tom Cargill - Chatham House

It's hard to be sure who is responsible. You have the Islamist insurgency – Boko Haram – who have been increasing in activity but this would be a major escalation. You also have al Qaeda-linked elements who have been trying to move in and who Western diplomats have been increasingly worried about.

Edmund Daukoru

Current overproduction – excess supply – is about one million barrels per day. That probably will built up – according to forecasts – to about two million barrels per day by the second quarter of next year; it doesn't make any sense. We stand ready to give the market as much oil as the market needs to refine, but the current excess is just a bit too much.

Francois Hollande

For the moment it's best to operate with discretion to identify the exact place where the nationals are being held, probably in two groups, and to see how we can have them released in the best conditions.

Francois Sanson

They were kidnapped in a particularly magnificent spot, the Waza Park. It attracts many tourists, and it's a region we know to be extremely poor. The far north is poorer, and tourism is very important for the local economy.

Guillaume Morel

We were given a lot of information from our consulate, to warn us to limit our movements in the north of Cameroon.

Babatunde Ogun

We are hereby notifying the President of Nigeria and indeed all Nigerians that Pengassan has been forced to go ahead and apply the bitter option of ordering the systematic shutdown of oil and gas production with effect from midnight of Saturday January 14, 2012.

David Cameron

We should be clear, this is not just a Nigerian issue, it is a global issue. There are extreme Islamists around our world who are against education, against progress, against equality and we must fight them and take them on wherever they are.

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

The supply risk regarding Iran is still boiling. On top of this, there is also supply risk from Nigeria.

Goodluck Jonathan

Your coming here to support us morally is a major blow to the terrorists and by God's grace we will conquer the terrorists.

Goodluck Jonathan

What we request is maximum cooperation from the guardians and the parents of these girls because up to this time, they have not been able to come clearly, to give the police clear identity of the girls that are yet to return.

David Cameron

A window of opportunity arose to try and secure their release. We also had reason to believe that their lives were under imminent and growing danger. Preparations were made to mount an operation to attempt to rescue Chris and Franco together with the Nigerian government. Today I authorised it to go ahead with UK support.

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