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Sam Poser - Sterne Agee Group
The performance of key marquee basketball product has slowed, as Nike continues to barrage the market with launch product. Additionally, checks with industry sources indicate Nike continues to force premium wholesale accounts (tier zero accounts) to buy large allotments of in-line/tertiary product, compounding the oversupply issue. We have no doubt that Nike management recognizes this and is in the process of correcting the inventory glut. However, oversupply, partially due to lack of innovation within the basketball category, is not something that will be corrected
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NEW Sep 19 2017
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Stephen Curry

When I came into the league, that's the only thing I did say -- I want to play 16 years just because my dad did. I've always had an appreciation of what that meant. But now -- having done eight years and understanding the work that it takes and whatnot -- playing eight more years somewhere near the level I'm playing now would be

Kevin Durant

Shoe companies have a real, real big influence on where these kids go. So, nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I'm sorry. Like, the top kids don't because they all play

Stephen Curry

Where we were four years ago and where we are now – you can't tell me nobody wants to wear our shoes. I know for a fact they do. This is nothing that is going to put a wrench in the locker room. I told him that he has a certain opinion based on his experience growing up in the Nike business. What that means when it comes to the competition among shoe brands and universities and the whole grassroots system and whatnot - he's entitled to that opinion,

Vadim Vasilyev

I would need to know all the facts in order to be fully cognisant with the situation. I think that they have considered it more on a revenue and sponsorship angle, notably with

Jim Cramer

You buy a share of Nike and the next day Goldman Sachs downgrades it and the day after Foot Locker says there's been a slowdown in Jordans. You can't go back to your broker and say, Hey, chief, you never told me this could happen. I'm down $3 on 2000 shares. I'm out $6,000. I want that six grand. I want it

Justin Hollins

I'm a shoe guy, myself, so it really hit home for me doing cleats. I was like, Bro, this is going to be nice. This is going to be clean.' He came in with the whole fade the color thing and then then added the camo, the stomp out cancer [logo] and put the signatures on the side. It was

Kushal Das

We are extremely happy that both the senior and the U-17 team will be wearing kits that include some of Nike's most pinnacle innovations in football. The new blue look for the team will complement our fearless brand of football

Sunil Chhetri

Over the years, I have witnessed the India national team kits evolve as the game has. As we continue our journey in the world of football, Nike's new innovations in the kit will certainly help the team on the field. The material is much lighter and the air truly flows through the jersey to keep us dry on the

Virgil Abloh

I look at Off-White like a sandbox where I can make

Randal Konik - Jefferies

With expectations for less robust fundamentals, Nike's premium valuation conflicts with intensifying US competition

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

Shares have been weaker on a relative basis, and [are] faced by what we see are these top-down headwinds from this bearish apparel and retail

Laurent Potdevin

Our performance in Q2 and the solid momentum we are seeing in early Q3 gives me great confidence in our strategy and long-term

Scott Nova

Every brand and retailer in the garment industry has its own labor code and monitoring program, but those are voluntary programs, created by each brand and retailer itself. What is special about the university codes is that they're binding, they're part of the contract between the university and the

Hannah Jones - Nike

We now have a road map together, for how we coordinate, which we didn't have before. This protocol helps us to establish how we will work together in a much clearer

Scott Nova

They've been a powerful instrument for improving conditions in a difficult

John J. DeGioia

As a university, we are able to realize our commitment to the safety, welfare and rights of workers through principled and practical engagement. This protocol is animated by our shared commitment to workers' rights and a belief in the dignity and worth of every

Scott Nova

Our job, on behalf of the university, is to determine whether or not violations have occurred. In the case of that facility, we identified a number of significant labor rights violations, and have been working since then to try to get them

Hannah Jones - Nike

We were pretty easily, very quickly, able to establish that we did indeed have a shared vision of good, which is ultimately to impact system change across the apparel and footwear industry for workers, that was something that was really – we were all passionate about. What we weren't agreeing on. per se, was the ways to get

Rafe Jadrosich

Lululemon's fabric and product innovation appears robust, in our view. We believe lulu will increase its assortment of Jacquard (specialized knitted and dyed nylon yarn that allows designers to form unique textured patterns), which will carry higher average selling prices and is difficult to

Rafe Jadrosich

Nike and Under Armour have suffered from a lack of innovation, over-distribution in moderate channels, and heavy

Randal Konik - Jefferies

We believe secular industry tailwinds still exist, but Adidas brand heat dilutes them. Nike innovation is strong, but there's less buzz around its near-term

Randal Konik - Jefferies

The athletic footwear cycle and Nike brand power are strong, but the competitive landscape should make share gains and margin expansion elusive … With expectations for less robust fundamentals, Nike's premium valuation conflicts with intensifying US competition unfolding. Adidas has been successful in leveraging the spark from its fashion retro footwear resurgence into other categories like running and athletic

Edward W. Stack

We are intentionally joining the battle, and we will aggresivley be promoting our business to drive market share to our stores and

Edward W. Stack

There's a lot of people right now... in retail and in this industry in panic mode. They seem to be in panic mode with how they're pricing, and we think it's going to continue to be promotional, and at times irrational, going

Edward W. Stack

We started to see this happening a little bit before Father's Day, and it continued to be very promotional, not only from retailers but also from some of the brands on a direct-to-consumer

Stacey Widlitz

Dick's is another example of Amazon becoming the new middleman... Here we go down the gross margin rabbit hole just in time for the

Ronald Cook Barrett

It's used for intimidation and it's used for

Niels de Vos

As well as their apparel and kit their investment in the Futures programme demonstrates real commitment to supporting the next generation of British Team athletes. This commitment to British Athletics is a brilliant platform of support for the sport to move forward with. We're looking forward to collaborating with Nike further over the next few years on some exciting

Christopher Balding

In other words, if Nike sued China, it wouldn't be heard in a Chinese

Scott Nova

Why they stopped, I do not know. Nike is obligated, under many of its licensing agreements, to provide access to relevant factories for universities' inspectors. Nike's discomfort with the WRC's independence from industry funding and control is not a valid excuse for ignoring these obligations. We hope Nike will return to

Patrick Kluivert

My son so proud of you @shanekluivert Just signed his first contract with @Nike at nine years #proud

Patrick Kluivert

My son so proud of you @shanekluivert. Just signed his first contract with @nike at 9

David Kahan

Amazon can't get Birkenstock by legitimate means so why not dangle a carrot in front of retailers who can make a quick

Mark Parker - Nike

As we do with all of our partners, we're looking for ways to improve the Nike consumer experience on Amazon by elevating the way the brand is presented and increasing the quality of product

Russell Wilson

No matter how big you are, what's important is how hard you work and how much you want it. Fans here have been really welcoming. I appreciate all the support from my fans and the 12s in China and am excited to share my passion for football with

Jay Sole - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

As Nike proves it can deliver winning product innovations and navigate the online transition, we think market fears subside and the stock's P/E [price to earnings multiple]

Jay Sole - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

We think the window to buy Nike at the bottom of a cycle is closing. Nike EPS and North America sales growth rates are likely troughing. We believe new Nike products like Air VaporMax, fashion shifts, and Nike's improving-more-rapidly-than-expected speed-to-market capabilities reverse headwinds experienced over the last 18

Jim Cramer

We need to hear something from Macy's. We need to hear that [its] July Fourth sale was really big. And that the traffic is good. Traffic is the lifeblood. I think Kohl's is doing well with Under Armour; doing well with Nike. … It would be great for Kohl's to come out and do what Brian Cornell did. It would be

Lonzo Ball

Just thought I'd switch it up. Wore them tonight. It's good when you can wear whatever you

Lonzo Ball

At BBB, you can play in what you want. I already played in both of my shoes, might as well get the 'Mamba Mentality' going. Put 'em on, and it worked out

LaVar Ball

Let her go with Nike and see where she gets. We will see her when time goes

Elena Delle Donne

Most of the time I look at it and go, oh, my gosh' and let it go. But when it gets to a point where they take it out of context with me wanting him to get injured, absolutely not! I have to correct that. I would never wish that on any human being. That's where you get a little frustrated by it. I didn't say that. So don't take my words and stretch it to something that it's

Elena Delle Donne

I was getting killed. Got to love it, though. It was a joke, I like to mess around, think of myself as a kind of funny

Cedric Lecasble - Raymond James & Associates

The growing influence of millennials is radically transforming the sporting goods industry. Nike's approach to social media and e-commerce has radically evolved for the better recently, in our view … Leading brands' online growth will outpace retailers' as they develop customization capabilities (Nike and Adidas lead the game) and improve their collaboration with

Troy Carnrite

My client has created one of the most recognizable brands in sports today. We are very proud of this brand and are optimistic that we will resolve this with Nike

Elaine Kwon

Amazon is giving more attention to wholesale, and that side of the business has a lot more overhead, but the marketplace is actually the side that is growing organically and is making more money. Nike is choosing a side of the business that is, in many people's eyes, a losing side. From an insider's point of view, it's a head-scratcher. I wonder if anyone asked Nike, Are you sure you want to do this?feedback

Elaine Kwon

Wholesale with Amazon ends up creating a downward spiral of brand equity. Most brands don't think about it this way, but when you are directly wholesale, you forfeit any and all pricing control, and it becomes problematic because of the way Amazon matches prices – not just across the site, but from across the web. There is serious concern to be had about how Amazon's pricing will affect Nike's business and image in the long

Elaine Kwon

It was problematic because three months down the line, the items were marked down and all of a sudden it became the standard. Amazon begins to lose money on the product, and so we went back to companies, telling them that they either had to make up for the loss or lower the price to supplement what they are doing. As someone who had to have these conversations, I've seen that it's devastating to the

Norn Sophea

Certain departments have small fans to cool the area, but in others the fans are only designed to remove dust from the factory. So it gets very

Kim So Thet

It was very hot in the dry season. The combination of the fire in the generator, which smells like a poison, and the heat, makes the workers

Bent Gehrt

There is no proper investment in an adequate working environment and no investment in the living wage. If workers are fainting, it should be a clear indication you need to do something more

Cheav Bunrith

The cooling systems need to be set up appropriate to the size of the factory and a safe electrical system has to be set

Jim Cramer

High West, Prisoner – the wife's fave – and Case Noble – my fave – were all brilliant acquisitions at tremendous prices, much better than the billion dollars that Diageo's shelling out for George Clooney's Casamigos tequila. After the close we hear from a company that's become very controversial: Nike. Me? I despise battlegrounds, and Nike's the Wall Street equivalent of the Somme. If you want to invest in apparel, go buy some PVH, which is underrated and doing

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

I have seen this before where there's a personal tragedy. [Former Nike CEO] Phil Knight stepped out after his son died, but he got a second wind, came back, and pulled the rug from beneath [successor] Bill Perez, who was doing a good

Matthew Boss - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Putting the pieces together, we are encouraged by mgmt's more efficient SG&A [selling, general and administrative expenses] approach (i.e. 2% global workforce reduction) and forward thinking initiatives (speed/innovation), but change takes time with N/A marketplace disruption and elevated promotional activity pressuring mgmt's mid-teens algorithm. Based on our work, we see the N. America top-line picture likely worse before better modeling flat N/A revenues in

Matt Powell - NPD Group

Nike missed the fashion shift away from performance basketball to retro. They still have not caught

Jim Cramer

Nike's so well run that for a while it didn't even matter. Its expansion in Europe and China was so flawless that it just kept chugging along. But you know me, I preach 'buy and homework,' and the homework in the last few quarters showed that Nike had lost its edge in the United

Jim Cramer

Remember that while 'tech' has become a curse word of late, there's a reason why so many clamor for it and come back to it in the end: earnings, solid, raw, organic earnings, the type you don't get shortfalls from, the type you get upside surprises from. That's why, unlike what seems to be the majority of my compadres, I'm not abandoning tech stocks. The tech sector may not be the only game in town, but, heaven forbid, at least they know how to play

Jim Cramer

Now, look, on any given day we're going to have shortfalls in this market. We have stories that resonate negatively and give you the sense that things are falling off a cliff, including tales of trading woes from the major banks, stories of brutal price cutting in the malls, and of still-lower numbers for the department stores. But you know what? You know where those shortfalls don't seem to be coming from (at least not yet)?

Jim Cramer

Now, I know Nucor as a conservative, a true under-promise and over-deliver company. I hope that when it talks about a hotly competitive environment, it's referring to the endless dumping that we see from our trading 'partners,' the Chinese and the Koreans, who maybe our embattled 'president' will do something about. Nucor could be a big winner if President [Donald] Trump would become a little more like candidate Trump for more than just

Jim Cramer

Mark Parker is the wolf in sheep's clothing. This is a very interesting announcement. He is not going to stand for that stock price being where it is. Nike has been a phenomenal stock. It has not been a phenomenal stock,

Mark Parker - Nike

The future of sport will be decided by the company that obsesses the needs of the evolving consumer. Through the Consumer Direct Offense, we're getting even more aggressive in the digital marketplace, targeting key markets and delivering product faster than

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

The Commission is investigating whether Nike, Sanrio and Universal Studios are restricting cross border and online sales of merchandising products. We are going to examine whether the licensing and distribution practices of these three companies may be denying consumers access to wider choice and better deals in the Single

LeBron James

Yeah, I mean, before the series even started, we knew what we was dealing with. I said it after we won the Eastern Conference finals that we're getting ready for a juggernaut. It's probably the most firepower I've played in my career. I played against some great teams, but I don't think no team has had this type of

Mark King - Adidas

For many years, we had the same franchises that lasted for years and years. I think what we're really excited about is that we've introduced new franchises like NMD, Tubular, Ultraboost,

Mark King - Adidas

In the past we have shipped too many at times, and now we're very cautious about shipping the right

Jeffrey Stuart Brown

Throughout my career the health of my patients has, and always will be, my absolute priority. I will not be bullied or coerced regardless of tactics used, and I intend to fully defend myself against any baseless allegations brought against me in any

Steve Kerr

Both those guys were amazing, 38 and 39. But that takes a lot out of you. We just kept telling the guys, they're going to get tired. Stay in front of them. Force them into outside shots, if you can. Fatigue will play a role. When I say his team, I mean it's not literally just his team. We got a group around him that can help him and create space for him with the shooting and the playmaking, and I think he's having the time of his life out

Tom Sachs

I'm the Michael Jordan of plywood. That's the place where I'm like Mike – mixed-media

Tom Sachs

We put it through all of the usual Nike tests, but we discovered an unknown

Ann Ringstrand

In Sweden, we have a lot of respect for handicrafts and Swedes feel comfortable, for example, in the fashion world, but we don't have the tradition of making

Leroy Sane

I've loved my first season with City. We work hard to play fast, exciting and attacking football and we're looking forward to creating winning moments for our

Robert Gorman

The key for us was to create something that people could unite around to show their support for LGBTQ athletes. Sporting your rainbow in the gym or on a run became a way to feel like you belonged to something larger – you were connected to being 'out' or being an ally. The rainbow has and always will be incorporated into the Betrue product in some

Bella Hadid

What is so cool about [them], especially being a girl, I think it is so dope to see a girl in really amazing sneakers. It is sporty but very cute and sexy to have a woman wearing

Bella Hadid

This lemon cayenne juice cleanse is pretty crazy. It is next level. It doesn't sound crazy and then once you're in it and you're like, What is life? What is going on?' That is definitely a crazy one. I know it is pretty popular but….feedback

Bella Hadid

The shoe is amazing on its own but to be able to put it with any outfit is so cool. You can mix and match it with a black dress or Levi's or sweatpants – whatever you

Matt Nurse

We are already discussing other moonshots, perhaps related to female athletes. It's not one and done, it just may take a different form next

Matt Nurse

This is one particular endeavour where we have learned an awful lot about running and performance running but another attempt is probably not what some other people want to

Eliud Kipchoge

Running under two hours will mean no human has limitations. So I am running on Saturday to prove to any human in this universe that there are no limitations. We need to push and stretch beyond our

Mike Gratton

When you run a marathon at some point you are hurting so much but you have to trick your mind to believing you can still achieve your goal. Often when people drop off the pace they just fall apart. That might be what happens in the sub‑two – if after 30km they start to struggle a bit they might pack

John Brewer

I'd say there's about a 20% chance. I'd say that a time of around 2:01.30 is more realistic shot for now. But one day I believe that two hours will be broken. It is just a case of when, rather than if. It will require the ideal athlete under the ideal conditions with the right mental approach. But it may be that the chunk of time that they are looking to take off on Saturday is too big for one

Mark Burnley

Economy is a measure much like miles per gallon in a car. The more economical the engine, the further a given fuel load [muscle glycogen] can take you. Theoretically, the maximum speed a runner can sustain is given by a thing called the 'critical speed'. Above this your physiology goes haywire. We know from elite 10,000m runners that critical speeds of just over 21km per hour are possible [sub-two-hour pace], but running this fast places a severe strain on your carbohydrate reserves. The probability of hitting the wall within the 26.2 miles is very

Matt Nurse

This is about pushing the limits of human performance. It is a moonshot. You can do all the work in the world and when you set the spaceship into orbit you don't know whether it will land on the moon. But one of Nike's goals is to take on missions with a risk of

Lonzo Ball

We're not going to sign with a company and then wait around for five or six years for a shoe like Paul George had to wait for with

Lonzo Ball

I've been working on that shoe ever since my boys were

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

We do not believe that the travails of the U.S. sports market are solely responsible for Under Armour's lackluster performance. Especially as a number of other sporting brands and retailers have done relatively well over a similar period. A step up in competition from players, including Nike and Lululemon, is one of the reasons for Under Armour's slower growth. Unless North American growth gets back on track, earnings will remain under

Kailyn Lowry

I like to think that everything kind of happened for a reason – I'm not really sure what the reason was yet for that, but I'm just constantly reminding myself that there was a reason why this

LaVar Ball

Let me tell you something: I know I'm on the right step because if nothing ain't happen like this in 100 years, guess what? We in a new lane, baby. That Big Baller Brand about to be your

Phil Knight - Nike

If he can get it, get it. It's a little steep. … He's an awfully great player. Yeah, we have an

Tom McAdam

As you get older I would recommend spending more and more time on stretching, mobility and recovery work. If you run for an hour, you should stretch for an hour. This radically increases your longevity in the sport of running, which all too often leaves people with chronic injuries. Look after you body, and your body will look after your race times!feedback

Leo Savage

Running is all about efficiency, whether you're sprinting or running a marathon. The ability to run long distance is often halted, due to an accumulation of stresses to the wrong parts of the body, through poor

Tannia Ospina

You think this would happen to Nike or Louis Vuitton. You wouldn't think it would happen to small

Susan Anderson

We are downgrading UAA … given recent checks, proprietary surveys, unfavorable trends, and our apparel/footwear analysis pointing to continued sales/margin pressure. Our checks show a price war is intensifying between NKE and UA. Also, a lack of UA footwear innovation, increased competitor innovation (NKE VaporMax), and our footwear survey showing UA is losing consumer resonance could mean lower 2017 footwear

Mark Few

Absolutely, he's a mentor, somebody that I looked up to when I was first getting in. My wife and I, Marcy, we were on one of -- I think it was probably the first Nike trip we were on, which is a gathering of just basically legendary coaches. And I mean, we didn't feel like we were worthy. We didn't feel like we belonged when there's Roy and Coach K and (Jim) Boeheim and all these guys are walking around. And, bang, right when we got there (Williams) and Wanda took Marcy and I under their wing and treated us like we were anybody else. Couldn't have made us feel better and more

LaVar Ball

A billion dollars, it has to be there. That's our number, a billion, straight out of the gate. And you don't even have to give it to me all up front. Give us $100 mil over 10

Thomas Tuchel - Borussia Dortmund

There is nothing arrogant about Aubameyang's masked goal celebration. It's a derby and I'm sure you'll be talking about it in years to come. We controlled large parts of the game but needed a lot of time to find solutions up front. Missing by centimetres when Dembele hit the post - sometimes we lack the urge to score a messy goal. We needed a bit of luck for the referee not to give the handball. The referee doesn't have to give it - but he certainly

Hans-Joachim Watzke - Borussia Dortmund

I can't verify it yet. But if it was an advertisement partner we will talk with him and it will be difficult for

Jim Cramer

Now Disney's stock trades up on both good and bad days, even as the ESPN woes haven't really been stemmed. It's a textbook case of the market getting comfortable with a negative, baking it into the stock, and then starting to process other positives. I think people are looking for long-term bargains and they've settled on Nike as one with staying power. I think these two are rallying because their consistency had somehow made them persona non-grata in the wake of the election as we rushed for first the banks, then the materials and then the industrials. Now, they seem

Sam Poser - Sterne Agee Group

Hot brands such as Adidas & Puma are receiving much larger allocations [from retailers]. Nike is commanding its usual allotment of incremental dollars... several retailers are planning incremental dollars to fund Under

David Weinberg - Skechers

The strong quarterly growth was primarily the result of a 17.1 percent increase in our international wholesale business, led by China with an increase of 48.5

Mike Kenneally

The big players in that are Under Armor and Nike. I sat with our retail partners, and they said it was a bad idea and to stay with just the

Jeff Van Sinderen

March Madness gets the consumer in the mindset to buy basketball

Jeff Van Sinderen

This is 'recruiting season' for the brands. They see who the latest rising stars are and work to 'align and sign' the best of the best

Brian Yarbrough - Edward Jones & Co.

A lot of the concern about Nike is its growth in a competitive environment. Three to five years ago, a competitive environment (for Nike) was almost non-existent and the market was moving towards

Fred Smith

We believe strongly that our strategic investments to expand our global scope and our portfolio of services will significantly increase long term

Trevor Edwards - Nike

In China, the opportunity [in running] is massive ... Nike and China have a long history

Mark Parker - Nike

[Many] factors have shifted consumer patterns ... in North America, impacting traffic, the economics of brick-and-mortar retail, and it's driving a more promotional environment in the near term. The more directly Nike engages with the consumer, the greater the

Josh Loerzel - Zing Toys

It connects to the core of where kids are today. Back in the day, I'd get a new pair of Nike Jordans to look cool and get people liking me at school. Now it's, I want to post cool stuff on

Leo Chang - Nike

When we've tested shoes and they didn't squeak, it comes up with our players and our testers. The squeak is reassurance to a lot of players. They listen for it. It gives them that audio sense of reassurance that they're

Greg McDaniel

That compressed air sucks in neighboring air, causing it to expand, and that expanding air compresses neighboring air, and you get this compression-expansion, compression-expansion, compression-expansion. That's an acoustic wave. The rubber's moving, and as it moves it is compressing air. And it compresses air at the same frequency of the

Leo Chang - Nike

I see the squeak as the perfect signal that you've got the right amount of slip and

Sheila Patek

If you've ever played a violin, you have to push down and slide at just the right combination to get these two surfaces to stick and slip across each other. And on each slip it makes a little burst of sound. And that's the same thing for a spiny

Greg McDaniel

If you wave your hand through the air, you don't hear it. Why? Because you haven't compressed air. The air sloshes around like water sloshes, and the air has enough time to get out of the way before you compress

Judit Puskas

The sole makes sure you can stop, but also move quickly, which are two competing requirements. You want the rubber to stick enough that you can stop, but you don't want to stick too much that you can't

Hajar Abulfazl

I think hijab in sport has always been part of the conversation; it just seems that the larger community is all of a sudden coming to the table. From the outside, people are saying, Nike is so unique for coming to the forefront and including the hijab in their conversation.' But there's tons of companies that have come up with a sport hijab, it's just that they don't have the same reach that Nike has. If you ask people within the Muslim community, we all know that there's been access to sport hijabs from smaller boutique

Aisha Manzoor

As a Muslim woman who wears a hijab, I applaud major brands such as Nike catering towards Muslim women – but at the same time they are a few years late. There are Muslim brands out there – both international and American – who have been doing this for a long time. I hope Nike will bring attention to the brands that have been doing this, and shed light on their work. I am willing to give anything a try and am looking forward to seeing what the Pro Hijab will look like. I also saw that they're working with famous [Muslim] athletes, so that pulls me and I think other Muslims

Frank Zaccanelli

The biggest surprise for me would be if Nike's competitors like Adidas and Under Armour don't immediately follow suit. They better not waste any

Hussam Ayloush

One out of four people in our world is Muslim. It makes good business sense to cater to such a large segment of consumers. Over the past decade, we have seen many major corporations cater to this rapidly growing consumer market by introducing halal and other Sharia-compliant items, such as clothing, food, and financial

Hussam Ayloush

Nike entering this market will help bring attention to the existence and profitability of this growing market; hence attracting many more corporations and products. This increased supply will also provide the Muslim consumers with more options, improved quality, and possibly reduced

Aisha Manzoor

I'd say the range for an athletic hijab is between $15 and $

Hussam Ayloush

Regardless of the values driving this new product, it is always a welcomed move when corporations and media normalize the presence of Islam and Muslims in our world and especially in the U.S. Such normalization helps weaken the rhetoric of fear and bigotry advanced by the powerful Islamophobia

Sherin Sultana

Nike launching their own line really advertises a bigger price tag. It kinda seems like it's more for the money than the

Sherin Sultana

I think it's great that such a large corporation has finally recognized the need for more comfortable head-covering for [Muslim women] athletes, but it's a little too late. There are many Muslim-owned companies that have been making breathable workout hijabs to cater towards women who cover, but smaller companies obviously don't get as much

Christian Buss - Credit Suisse Group

We are becoming increasingly bullish on Nike as we see a series of incremental revenue catalysts that suggest the recent period of market share losses will moderate in 2017. In the near term, we are more positive than the street in our 3Q17 and FY17 revenue and EPS expectations. Longer term, we believe the company can maintain high single-digit topline growth and teens EPS growth, making it a true standout in the softlines

Casey Neistat

It's about this idea of grabbing on to whatever's in front of you and running with it, without having much understanding of where it's going to lead

Casey Neistat

Looking in the rear view mirror is a mistake unless you learn from

Casey Neistat

YouTube five years ago wasn't the YouTube today, and it brought an entirely new audience to my

George Hirsch

This is a game changer, in the sense that if the shoe companies get patents and these shoes go onto the market, and they're in wide use, it does make you wonder if it'll be a level playing field if people can use these

Ross Tucker

It's quite a fun ethical sports technology area that we're heading into. I bet they were having the same

David Levy - Edvisors

No person or organization will ever persuade us on how we change our journalistic

Jos Hermens

We're not living in medieval times. There are going to be new techniques and materials. It's time to show something to go forward instead of tipping

Bret Schoolmeester - Nike

We're very confident we're doing things within the rules and above board. We're giving our athletes a benefit within the rules as they're written. To me, it's kind of a compliment when you are delivering a big enough benefit that people are starting to ask, is this unfair? We don't believe it is, but that's pretty

Ross Tucker

It's quite a fun ethical sports technology area that we're heading

Manal Rostom

There are a lot of … women and girls who are breaking barriers. For me growing up, though, I never had these women to look up to. I had to break these barriers for

Zahra Lari

People may think or tell you that you can't do certain things, but I'm going to show them you absolutely can. I am covered, I am Muslim, I am from a desert country, and I'm doing a winter

Matthew Centrowitz

I'm not aware of any request. But as I've said many times, I'm happy to be tested any time, anywhere and have any of my samples tested or retested now or at any time in the future, by any official

Matt O'Toole - Reebok

I think if we look back at that period in the Nineties, it was primarily an arms race with

Matt O'Toole - Reebok

This began the fitness revolution of the Eighties and Reebok was at the centre of it. The company's growth from a couple of million dollar company to a two billion dollar company was really born out of its focus on fitness shoes, which no other company had really thought of. By the end of the Nineties even though Reebok had acquired a lot of sports bona fides, Nike was a much bigger brand and was able to compete much more effectively in terms of sports marketing contracts. There are a lot of people for whom fitness is part of their

Ryan Madden

USADA can confirm that it has prepared a report in response to a subpoena from a state medical licensing body regarding care given by a physician to athletes associated with the Nike Oregon Project. It appears that a draft of this report was leaked to the Sunday Times by the Russian state-affiliated hacker group known as Fancy Bears. We understand that the licensing body is still deciding its case and as we continue to investigate whether anti-doping rules were broken, no further comment will be made at this

Sam Sheffer - Mashable

I have 25 pairs of shoes that I've never even put on my feet. Those I bought for the intention of just holding onto, but if I ever one day want to [show off], I have 25 pairs of fresh kicks to choose from – or, in 15 years, if I need a couple thousand dollars, I can flip them

Sam Sheffer - Mashable

I don't want to speak on behalf of all sneaker heads, but I think a lot of it is appreciation for the shoe. The shoes looks cool, and they look good on feet, and it feels good having a collection of dead stock

Mark Stevenson

It started to get to a point where I started getting there at two or three o'clock in the morning, outside waiting till 9 a.m., when the store

Mark Stevenson

That was the moment where I was like 'What are you doing?'. It was a terrible experience, and honestly, I could have caught pneumonia just for a pair of

Mark Stevenson

I can't do this anymore, knowing that there was a chance you could get robbed. It's a real thing, you see it on the TV and the news all the time, people get shot and robbed over

Paul Trussell - Deutsche Bank

The assumption is that the retailer is going to at least attempt to pass this onto the consumer. And so on one side you have companies like Nike that are perceived to have pricing power and that could be helpful for someone like a Foot Locker as well. But when it comes to the department stores or some of the specialty retailers, such as a Gap ... I think the perception there is that those guys will have much more difficulty passing that

Nada Sahimi

I think this ad was an utter fail. This is not the true representation of Arab, Muslim women. We do not wear a hijab and go running in the streets, shame on

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

In fact, both of these stocks look like they've been put in the penalty box for a while. Under Armour looks like it's got a 10-minute major, and Nike looks like it's a two-minute minor penalty at this point in time, sparing no pun. But again, you're still trying to trade a stock that's in a pretty well-defined downtrend. I see the best ultimate support on this stock at about $16. Look for the stock to go higher first, but ultimately re-test that 16. And that's where I'd get more interested in trying to take a long position in that

Eddy Elfenbein

Both stocks are not in a good way right now. And then they tried to broaden out. I don't think they know exactly what kind of company they are, because they're trying to be more than they've been, and it hasn't been

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

I think from my perspective, if we see some of these border tax and even repatriation of some dollars, you've got a mixed set of headwinds there. But ultimately, at the end of the day, I do think that Nike, on a repatriation of dollars, will see a meaningful leg higher, because they do have quite a bit of dollars

Mark Parker - Nike

Nike believes in a world where everyone celebrates the power of diversity. Regardless of whether or how you worship, where you come from or who you love, everyone's individual experience is what makes us stronger as a whole. Those values are being threatened by the recent executive order in the U.S. banning refugees, as well as visitors, from seven Muslim-majority countries. This is a policy we don't

John Tighe - J.C. Penney

Nike is immensely popular across all categories and with the rapid rise of activewear and athletic shoes, we want to have the best expression of Nike in any department store. J.C. Penney is an activewear destination, and by partnering with a perception-shifting national brand like Nike, we can deliver both the performance and athleisure products that customers

Eliud Kipchoge

There are two other top guys in the field whom I cannot take for granted. I will fully focus there. Anything else can wait. I am not even keen on World

Laurent Potdevin

We had a strong holiday season in both our store and digital

Tim Seymour - Triogem Asset Management

Nike's management is some of the best. I think it's an oligopoly with they and Adidas. I think they will win again after really falling behind over the last couple

Mike Khouw

It isn't quite the oligopoly that it once was. The Under Armours of the world sort of coming in and eating their lunch sometimes, that's part of

Trevor Edwards - Nike

We create environments that bring our products and services together in a way that allows consumers to experience the Nike

Robert Drbul

Heading into 2017, Nike becomes our Best Idea. We continue to believe the Nike brand is one of the strongest global brands. In 2017, we expect revenues to reaccelerate and gross margin expansion to resume. We believe ... current levels offer an attractive entry point for long term

Sam Poser - Sterne Agee Group

I think Nike had a hiccup last year. I think that's going to work both in the near term and the long term. I like both these companies very much, but I really think Nike is not a complacent company, nor is Under Armour, and I think that's really what's made Nike the winner it is and will make it what it will

Camilo Lyon - Canaccord Genuity

Last year ... Nike's signature basketball business took a huge hit because of the onset of Steph Curry and Under Armour's basketball

Matthew McClintock

That is one of the best results across the entire retail landscape. Basketball is back' is the phrase that Nike used, and I believe it. Apparel is a piece of the business and they talk about it, but at the end of the day shoes are the bigger market and that market continues to grow and Nike has a huge competitive

Sam Poser - Sterne Agee Group

The kid who is wearing Under Armour at a Little League game, and you see the kids are head to toe [in] Under Armour, when that kid goes into the locker room and changes, he's putting on his Jordans. Under Armour has the opportunity to get to that sort of 'cool factor' of wearing it off-field, and it hasn't gotten there yet. And for me, that's the longer term

Matthew Boss - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

One of your best positions would be if you have pricing power, and if you're passing through other people's goods. So with Foot Locker, for example, reselling Nike, reselling Under Armour, the off pricers, like TJ Maxx reselling other people's brands, they're at the best position. But, they still have to deal with the potential for rising

Mark Parker - Nike

NIKE's ability to attack the opportunities that consistently drive growth over the near and long term is what sets us apart. With industry-defining innovation platforms, highly anticipated signature basketball styles and more personalized retail experiences on the horizon, we are well-positioned to carry our momentum into the back half of the fiscal year and

Mo Farah

I believe I have to learn about the event, I have to understand what it takes. I'm good on the track but it's taken me years to be able to get there. And same thing on the road. My first marathon was two hours eight, it was okay but it wasn't great. To be able to mix with the guys I'll need to run a lot faster than

Mo Farah

It's good in a way to see what they can do and that they're looking that far ahead because I believe that if you do get ready for it, it's possible. I don't know how long it will take - a year, two years, three years, but if you try hard then it's possible and it's great that Nike have put a massive investment into it and let's see what they can

Mo Farah

I do have a lot of plans to run the marathon. My aim is to get the world champs out of the way then see what I can do on the

Jim Cramer

It's holiday time, which has often produced very good performance. I wouldn't be surprised if it does so

Jim Cramer

I suggest you wait until Nike reports and then if it is weak, Foot Locker will likely go down, and I'd buy the stock of that retailer … if Nike misses, that could be good for Foot Locker as long as the shortfall was caused by price

Bob Dorfman

I still remember that famous shot at the Masters where Tiger's ball rolled slowly into the cup and all you could see was the Nike logo. If he can compete again and in the final groups on Sunday, it will be a huge boost for

Bob Dorfman

The fact that Nike exited the equipment business when he built their brand, means that he doesn't have the same buying clout as he used

Michael Binetti

We're lowering our FY17E EPS based on ongoing heavy markdowns and our view that F2Q revs & GM's [gross margins] are likely trending below plan. We believe NKE's current headwinds are temporary, but a re-acceleration will likely require reinvestment in more impactful innovation, a price/value equation reset, new pinnacle brand expressions (like the new Soho store) and more

John Kernan - Cowen and Company

NKE's share loss to Under Armour and Adidas could accelerate, while promotions in N. America and international inventory appear elevated. We see a high probability that NKE reduces second half FY17 guidance or guides Q3 below consensus, and we view sell-side estimates (75% net buy rated) as too high into

Sam Poser - Sterne Agee Group

They do a ton of business in novelty kids shoes, brown comfort shoes, work category, women's active, etc. and they're doing well. You've got to do what you do well. I mean you could argue that Nike does a lousy job getting 55-year-old men wanting their comfort shoes. But should they be working on that? Not

Scott Krasik

(Skechers) has identified the 'next thing' in women's comfort as it transitions from GoWalk to You by Skechers which appears inspired by key styles from Adidas (DE:ADSGN) and

LeBron James

It's been something that's been in the works for years now. We finally was able to put together a shoe and work with the Nike football lab to put a cleat on there. It's always a hard process when you turn a basketball shoe into a cleat, so we finally was able to find a shoe that fits the Nike lab football

Matt Powell - NPD Group

The only process of scale today is Nike's Flyknit. They've made 1 million of those. But it's important to remember that they sold 400 million shoes last year. So it's still

Bill McInnis - Reebok

We're looking at the entire process of shoe making from end to end with a clean

Matt Priest

The ones that stand to lose out here are consumers, because if we start to eliminate trade deals, they'll be paying a lot more for

Ed Van Wezel

At this point, what you have is what we call 'lick and stick,' putting together uppers and outsoles imported from Asia. It's as much about a public relations story – that you're producing close to the

Kipchoge Keino

It's all lies. Athletes sign for endorsement and bonuses with Nike. All we get are kit and training funding. We don't handle athletes'

Robert Ohmes - Merrill Lynch

We now expect Nike's market share loss to Adidas and Under Armour to continue through 2017 as our meetings with manufacturers/suppliers and competitors indicated a potential narrowing of the innovation gap for Nike's pipeline relative to the competition compared to historical levels, in our

Peter Cardillo - First Standard Financial

This situation (Clinton email review) is going to keep the market in a very cautious trading atmosphere in this final election

John Kernan - Cowen and Company

As consumer tastes and preferences have shifted over the last year to a more retro and casual aesthetic, Adidas has led the

Sam Poser - Sterne Agee Group

The point is, Nike has a host of drivers and levers at its disposal across geographies vis-a-vis its: 1) robust innovation engine, 2) extensive scale and reach, 3) unmatched marketing prowess, and 4) highly sophisticated (and improving) grassroots go-to-market

Ingo Speich

I expect small measures rather than a bombshell. But in 12-18 months, if the margin is still where it is now, it will be difficult for the

Scott Cobb

We believe there is a lot of low-hanging fruit that Mr. Rorsted can address to get to that 10-11 percent range. Approaching Nike is going to take some more work and heavy

Tim Albrecht - Deutsche Asset Management

Reebok needs to be closely monitored and perhaps reexamined. Reebok waters down margins for the whole

Marty Mucci - Paychex

I think it is really fine tuning. We had a guidance out there at about 4 percent and when you look at the year, we lost one payroll day this year compared to last year … We refined it to be 3 to 4 percent, and we try to be on the conservative side of making sure there is no surprises and we are very

Andy Campion - Nike

We expect North America's reported revenue growth over the balance of the year to outpace the rate of futures

Matthew Boss - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Eighty percent of sneakers today are being bought with no intention to ever make it to a field or a

Jim Cramer

The big brands are Nike, they aren't Under Armour. You need more than Steph Curry. You need kind of a big pan of

Jim Cramer

Maybe as great as Steph Curry is ... that he may not be in the league of people who really know how to

Jim Cramer

It's very strange, I know that, because Curry is loved in this

Tobie Hatfield - Nike

When they are going across the finish line, ... I feel like I'm going along with

Tobie Hatfield - Nike

By working with the best athletes around the world, it authenticates the product and then trickles down to the

Paul Hickey

You have increased competition. Under Armour is a public company out there now competing for more sponsorships. It's more expensive for the companies

JJ Kinahan - TD Ameritrade

This might be the weekend when people go out to stores, because last night was the most excitement I've had so

Tom Nikic - Wells Fargo

They launched Flyknit in 2012 and the Nike Free running shoe in 2004. That kind of carries the business basically for the next four years until the next Olympic

Phil Knight - Nike

We knew we could fail, we just didn't think we would. We loved doing what we were doing, and we loved each

Trevor Edwards - Nike

We're committed to being the undisputed leader in golf footwear and apparel. We will achieve this by investing in performance innovation for athletes and delivering sustainable profitable growth for Nike

Tom Quinlan - RR Donnelley

We haven't responded on rumors in the nine years that I have been CEO, and we are not going to start now. But what I will tell you is we are on track for the

Benno Dorer - Clorox

One of the hallmarks of our company now is that we have growth where others don't. And the reason is pretty simple. We take out costs and we reinvest those cost savings into the

Phil Knight - Nike

I think obviously the whole industry has changed dramatically from the way it began when I got into it. The Jordan brand has become a true brand, and it stands for more than just

Mike Parker - Nike

Phil's impact on Nike is immeasurable. His entrepreneurial drive is and always will be part of our DNA. Along with Nike's exceptional management team, I am committed to leading our next era of innovation and growth as we serve and inspire athletes throughout the

Christian Buss - Credit Suisse Group

The biggest risk to earnings is the potential demand shock across broader European markets given likely instability in the region over the next nine months. This adds incremental risk to a sector already showing clear signs of top-line deceleration in the North American market, while still suffering from unfavorable currency

Erinn Murphy

We believe signature basketball's reset should commence in early July ... and would anticipate new innovations to follow the Olympics. We view [the Sports Authority] bankruptcy as more

Jay Sole - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

SportScan data shows Nike apparel sales trends have deteriorated significantly in 2016. Adidas' U.S. resurgence is the biggest surprise and the most recent development – and this has changed the (Nike)

Mark Parker - Nike

Nike has never been in a better position to deliver against our long term

Nick Raich

It's going to be a good read on the consumer really for the months of February and December and January. The interesting take from Nike is not just what it's doing domestically but what it's doing

Mark Parker - Nike

In the third quarter, Nike delivered robust and balanced growth across our expansive, powerful portfolio. We grow by serving the athlete personally every day and, as we unveiled last week, through breakthrough innovation that gives us a foundation for growth for years to come. Combined with our strategic investments, world-class execution and financial discipline, Nike consistently delivers value to our

Mark Parker - Nike

Much like an autonomous car is adaptable and can tell you when someone is too close to you, these shoes can sense your body and react

Mark Parker - Nike

It's great to be able to put a product out there that is a step toward the future of adaptive

Mark Parker - Nike

We're not seeing consumers backing off of really innovative products ... that's what we're all

Mark Parker - Nike

Today showcases a breadth of innovation that only Nike can deliver. It represents a fundamental shift in how we serve the athlete. We've entered a new era of personalized performance. Athletes want more than a dashboard and data – they want a more personal relationship, one that gives them real solutions and total access to the best products and

Herbert Hainer

Our order books are full across all major performance and lifestyle categories. And our brands are set to shine at this year's major sporting

Susan Anderson

If you look at the numbers versus Nike Inc, they're still very, very tiny, so I think we can continue to see this growth over the next 3-5

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

I have sought advice from the IAAF's Ethics Committee to review my interests and was told I could retain my positions in Nike and CSM as long as I do not seek to influence any decisions that could influence them. I'm grateful for that advice but it is clear that perception and reality have become horribly

Sebastian Coe - International Association of Athletics Federations

I've made the following decisions: I've stepped down from my ambassadorial role with Nike which lasted 38 years. The current noise level around it is not good for Nike or the IAAF and is a

Greg Miller

We're just able to pick up multiple pieces at a time and put them down in the right place, based on the vision system and the robot operating system that we've

Greg Miller

We're working with them and a number of others in this space. We've had discussions with Brooks Brothers, those sorts of

Jurgen Kolb

Brand Adidas has seen a turnaround with new initiatives and products. It is back to gain market share even in the United

Herbert Hainer

We are winning big time. Both Adidas and Reebok are enjoying great momentum across the

Tammy Marcotte

With the actions that he's displayed and everything that's in the media, it's really disgusting and what's happening with him in his life. He definitely needs to step back and work on that and put his family back together – if she will take him

Donald Marcotte

I'll continue to watch the PGA and I hope he comes back, you know, one day, or whenever he feels like playing again. I hope he's back in the

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