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Rachel Clark
Sugary drinks are a big contributor to the nation's obesity epidemic and they contain little nutritional value. With 62 per cent of English adults being overweight or obese, it is encouraging to see NHS England taking steps to reduce sugary drink consumption across England. Hospitals should be leading by example to make the healthier choice the easy choice. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of a number of different health conditions, including 11 common cancers.feedback
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Apr 21 2017
Obesity has been commented on by 89 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Obesity are: Wolfram Schultz, Rebecca Siegel and Graham MacGregor. For instance, the most recent quote from Wolfram Schultz is: “We should not advertise, propagate or encourage the unnecessary ingestion of calories. There should be some way of regulating the desire to get more calories. We don't need these calories.”.
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Graham MacGregor

We congratulate PHE's tremendous achievement on setting coherent and achievable sugar reduction targets in such a short space of time. However, the missing factor in this report is how these targets will be enforced. We've seen over recent weeks that some companies within the food and drink industry have made great progress whilst others are seriously lagging behind and others claiming wrongly that they can't do it.feedback

Duncan Selbie

We didn't want to spend years in judicial review arguing about whether a jaffa cake is a cake of a biscuit. We will publish details of exactly who is doing what and in the event which we don't see progress we will be giving further advice to the Government.feedback

Abdul Dulloo

Terms like 'war on obesity' and obsession about slimness can backfire over the long-term. The emphasis should not be about 'body weight' or 'body fat' per se, but about motivation for a healthy lifestyle in relation to food and physical activity.feedback

Louise Brown - Medical Research Council

Overall, the uncovering of this association is interesting but I do not feel that is of great help in our fight against the increasing global incidence of diabetes , unless they are suggesting that we all move to colder climates. If they have stumbled across a useful pointer that leads to appropriate metabolic research on the role of brown fat in the development of diabetes then great, but their claims are too strong at this stage.feedback

David Spiegelhalter

Even if these estimates were true, it would mean a 2 degrees rise in average temperature was associated with an increased incidence of diabetes of 0.7 per cent.feedback

Johan Sundstrom

There is also some evidence that obesity per se may cause heart failure, a condition sometimes called obesity cardiomyopathy. From that perspective, weight loss may preserve cardiac function by reducing the heart's pump demand and stress.feedback

Dennis Bier

There's a consistency of data throughout the world that people who have low cholesterol, keep active, don't smoke, avoid obesity and maintain their blood pressure live a longer life. People in these other societies often provide us clues to these health questions, but determining the reasons for their unique metabolism is frequently not so easy to do.feedback

Jerry Summers

I emerged from the week drinking water in huge amounts and going to the bathroom at every opportunity. By God. I've got diabetes. It was not obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, or wrath of God.feedback

Neil Stanley

I'm regularly asked by workers how they can get by on less sleep but I ask them, Why on earth would you want that?' Given the cognitive disadvantages, plus the health consequences that include a greater risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and depression, there's not a single good thing about poor sleep. It's great to send people on courses and write about sleep in the employee health handbook, but what really works is when bosses stop writing emails at 11pm.feedback

Lesley Carter

We wrongly assume that malnutrition and dehydration belongs to the past but the reality is that poor nutrition and hydration are often not recognised by older people, families or healthcare professionals. We all know that obesity causes serious health problems but there are also serious health consequences for older people who are at the other end of the scale and don't eat enough.feedback

Tanisha Cleveland

I was happy for a bit, but it wasn't much better living with them, because when I was 9, I was molested by my grandfather, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. And that's when I started to run to food to find peace. Cause when I ate, no one was hurting me.feedback

Tanisha Cleveland

She had different people living in the house with us, and I was molested by one of her boyfriends. So I felt like I couldn't control who touched my body.feedback

Wolfram Schultz

Colourful wrapping of high energy foods of course makes you buy more of that stuff and once you have it in your fridge, it's in front of you every time you open the fridge and ultimately you're going to eat it and eat too much.feedback

Wolfram Schultz

We should not advertise, propagate or encourage the unnecessary ingestion of calories. There should be some way of regulating the desire to get more calories. We don't need these calories.feedback

Graham A. Colditz

Avoiding weight gain through adult years is important. Even if you are overweight focus first on not gaining any more weight; for those who are overweight or obese taking off some pounds can lower cancer risk.feedback

Maria Kyrgiou

Other associations could also be genuine, but there is still substantial uncertainty about them.feedback

Rebecca Siegel - American Cancer Society

It is interesting that the increase in colorectal cancer incidence is in parallel with the obesity epidemic.feedback

Rebecca Siegel - American Cancer Society

And some of the factors that are thought to have contributed to the obesity epidemic like a more sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are also independently associated with increased risk for colorectal cancer, as is obesity.feedback

Rajeshwari Sundaram

If our results are confirmed, fertility specialists may want to take couples' weight status into account when counseling them about achieving pregnancy. The benefits of a healthy weight are well known: obesity increases the risk for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.feedback

Dan Witters - Gallup

Obesity is the big one. It continues its relentless climb, it keeps muscling its way higher. It is a real, bone fide health crisis in America. Diabetes gets dragged up with it, same thing with depression.feedback

Kenneth Wright

Late circadian and sleep timing in modern society are associated with negative performance and health outcomes such as morning sleepiness and accidents, reduced work productivity and school performance, substance abuse, mood disorders, diabetes, and obesity. Our findings demonstrate that living in our modern environments contributes to late circadian timing regardless of season and that a weekend camping trip can reset our clock rapidly.feedback

Colette Heimowitz

This is the first generation that's going to have a shorter lifespan than their parents because of obesity. If we can get them young and educate them about better choices, that might help.feedback

Samina Mishaal

This one-off cost will allow us to cut our monthly spending on taxis. Besides, it will help my children overcome their obesity.feedback

Nigel Hunt

While these sweet treats might be well meaning, they are also contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health. We need a culture change in offices and other workplaces that encourages healthy eating and helps workers avoid caving in to sweet temptations such as cakes, sweets and biscuits.feedback

Sunit Jariwala

Cured meats are rich in nitrites which may lead to any kind of oxidative stress related lung damage and asthma. In this study, as well as previous studies, obesity may be linked to systemic inflammation that can worsen asthma as well as other obesity related conditions such a sleep apnea.feedback

Nigel Hunt

Managers want to reward staff for their efforts, colleagues want to celebrate special occasions and workers want to bring back a gift from their holidays. While these sweet treats might be well meaning, they are also contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health.feedback

Sam Kass

There was very little positive industry action before she got there. Health and obesity issues weren't on their agendas.feedback

Adam Briggs

The good news is that our study suggests that all of the most likely industry responses ... have the potential to improve health. The extent of the health benefits of the tax will depend on industry's response.feedback

Susan Jebb

The direction of the effect is clear. This levy will have a positive impact, especially on children's health.feedback

Michiko Ohashi

We're really heavy but we want to use that to shake up the idol world.feedback

Michiko Ohashi

People assume that being chubby is a sign of laziness or lack of self-discipline. I became an idol with the hope of changing that image. If they see us working to make our dreams come true, we can show that chubby people can work hard.feedback

Deborah Cohen

The public may want to consider how they are at a disadvantage to prevent childhood obesity when so many food outlets serve foods in quantities that put their children at risk. It is too difficult for children and their parents to limit consumption when they are served too much.feedback

Tom Frieden - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The data speak for themselves. If you look for the goal we set for ourselves, and look at what happened, we didn't achieve it.feedback

Jeff Levi

I think, to CDC's credit, they picked a broad range of public health challenges and they set the bar high enough that they could not automatically declare success at the end of an administration.feedback

Gavin Partington

Evidence worldwide does not suggest that taxes of this sort have any impact on levels of obesity. However, we will review the legislation when published and will continue to work with Treasury officials during the process of implementation.feedback

Eran Segal

People go on diets over and over again – and keep failing. It's a very common problem. Up to 50 per cent of obese people suffer this relapsing pattern.feedback

Eran Segal

The microbiome by itself is not sufficient to produce this (rapid weight again) effect, but it's the diet plus the microbiome.feedback

Zsuzsanna Jakab - World Health Organization

Our governments have given the prevention of childhood obesity the highest political priority. Nevertheless, we consistently find that children - our most vulnerable group - are exposed to a countless number of hidden digital marketing techniques promoting foods high in fat, sugar and salt.feedback

Judith Owens

Their morning wake time should be around 8 a.m. to allow them to get both an optimal amount and timing of sleep. Both insufficient and misaligned sleep has consequences for physical and mental health (increased obesity risk, depression) safety (car accidents, sports injuries) and academics (absenteeism, lower grades).feedback

Carlene Wilson

The mood benefits are likely to be short term and impacted by amount consumed so that consumption of larger amounts would lead to excessive energy intake and associated guilt. Excess energy intake is linked to the occurrence of obesity, which is a risk factor for virtually all chronic diseases.feedback

Linda Bauld

The benefits of e-cigarettes for smokers have been shown to far outweigh the harms, as vaping carries around 5 percent of the risk of smoking.feedback

Linda Bauld

Weight gain prevents some smokers from quitting so we need to explore alternative ways of helping these individuals control their weight, while removing the risks of tobacco use.feedback

Susan Jebb

E-cigarettes are an effective strategy to help people stop smoking and improve their health. If they also help smokers who quit to limit weight gain that would be a bonus, though not yet proven.feedback

Bernie Sanders

Excessive sugar consumption is a serious health problem for children and all of us. It can lead to obesity, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Every community in our country will determine how best to address this major health crisis.feedback

Mindy Lubber - CERES

These are good steps, but when we have an obesity crisis, I think there is more that we can be doing. If a food and beverage company is not looking at nutrition, they are not looking at the direction the world is going in.feedback

William H. Herman

Obesity and lack of focus on diet and physical activity may certainly be contributing to the lack of improvement in blood sugar control.feedback

Douglas Bettcher

Consumption of free sugars, including products like sugary drinks, is a major factor in the global increase of people suffering from obesity and diabetes. If governments tax products like sugary drinks, they can reduce suffering and save lives. They can also cut healthcare costs and increase revenues to invest in health services.feedback

Daniel Aaron
Michael Siegel

From 2011 to 2015, the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo were found to sponsor a total of 96 national health organizations, including many medical and public health institutions whose specific missions include fighting the obesity epidemic. During the study period, these two soda companies lobbied against 29 public health bills intended to reduce soda consumption or improve nutrition.feedback

Laura A. Schmidt

While the sugar consumption was going up in the 80s and 90s, we also witnessed a tragic obesity epidemic.feedback

Mads Krogsgaard - Novo Nordisk

This is a molecule which Novo will examine from every possible angle, also in regards to new disease areas such as liver complications and obesity.feedback

Richard Hamburg

Obesity remains one of the most significant epidemics our country has faced, contributing to millions of preventable illnesses and billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs. These new data suggest that we are making some progress but there's more yet to do. Across the country, we need to fully adopt the high-impact strategies recommended by numerous experts. Improving nutrition and increasing activity in early childhood, making healthy choices easier in people's daily lives and targeting the startling inequities are all key approaches we need to ramp up.feedback

Dympna Gallagher

When you have groups of individuals who are fit and highly trained, then BMI is absolutely useless.feedback

Majid Ezzati

Our study also shows the English-speaking world, especially the USA, is falling behind other high-income nations in Europe and Asia Pacific. Together with the poor performance of these countries in terms of obesity, this emphasises the need for more effective policies towards healthy nutrition throughout life.feedback

Justin R. Ryder

We know that youth with severe obesity often experience high levels of pain while walking and have a difficult time with tasks that normal weight persons might take for granted. The most important finding is that not only does bariatric surgery reduce body weight in these teens, but also there are important improvements in walking speed, heart rate and reduced pain while walking.feedback

Emanuele Di Angelantonio

The study found that men who were obese were at much higher risk of premature death than obese women. This is consistent with previous observations that obese men have greater insulin resistance, liver fat levels, and diabetes risk than women. On average, overweight people lose about one year of life expectancy, and moderately obese people lose about three years of life expectancy.feedback

Amir Ghaferi

There's always a concern about weight regain over time so it's good to see 50 percent of excess (BMI) was kept off at 10 years. It's a piece of the puzzle on how to treat and manage obesity, but you can slip back into your bad habits. That's why surgery follow up is vital to treatment success.feedback

David Grabowski

Obesity is associated with higher mortality among younger and middle-aged individuals. However, among older adults, this association is not present.feedback

Cecilia Bergh

The alternative is drugs, it is for the obese surgery, very lengthy treatment. So if we can prevent eating disorders and obesity that would be the goal of our work.feedback

Anastasios Delopoulos

We try to improve it as much as we can and to plan our next steps so it can be used on a very big scale, precisely because we see that the target group exists and they are in danger of becoming obese. It is a very large part of the population.feedback

Vanessa White

I didn't really have any life, I mean I was at school but I would come out for morning tea and lunch to eat with my parents and I lost a lot of friends.feedback

Pierre Vial

When you put on weight you just literally hate yourself, so you don't look at yourself in the mirror any more. When you buy clothes you just get something, and you can't really stand yourself any more.feedback

Ioannis Ioakeimidis

On top of that we have developed a prototype chewing sensor… and as soon as it connects, you put it in your ear and then it detects chewing, from that – with some extra data processing – we are using this throughout the day to quantify automatically, without us being there, hands off, to quantify snacking.feedback

Jamie Oliver

We hold them to commitments, which on a global government level is really useful, it gets nicely competitive… you can say 'why is that government not doing it.feedback

Shane Norris

Being overweight is seen as a positive thing. South Africans believe it means someone does not have HIV/AIDS, which often leads to weight loss.feedback

Shane Norris

Many countries now across the continent are facing a double burden of malnutrition.feedback

Lili Lustig - Cleveland Clinic

The rates among children and adults are driven by the same factors.feedback

Shelby Sullivan

At this point, millions and millions of Americans who have obesity are not being adequately treated. These devices give us an option that eliminates the need to take medications.feedback

Majid Ezzati

Obesity is the most important risk factor for type 2 diabetes and our attempts to control rising rates of obesity have so far not proved successful.feedback

Steven E. Nissen - Cleveland Clinic

In this study many of these patients had abdominal obesity, about a quarter of them were smokers, so they had risk factors.feedback

Erin Hanlon

Our current study adds to that growing literature and suggests that along with changes in leptin and ghrelin, alterations in endocannabinoids – all changing in the direction to favor food intake – may be mechanisms by which sleep restriction promotes overeating. And, on a larger scale, evidence from both laboratory and epidemiologic studies have consistently associated insufficient sleep or short sleep with increased risk of obesity.feedback

James Joyner - Army

It's absurd the percentage of high school teenagers who are considered to be too fat to join the military. Maybe there are two problems: One, obesity, and the other that the standards are out of date and not relevant.feedback

Thomas Hughes - Article 19

We are actively working to better understand the mechanisms and incidence of underlying thromboembolic disease in PWS and severe obesity, as well as the potential impact of beloranib treatment on thrombosis in order to develop a strategy for risk mitigation.feedback

Graham MacGregor

This is yet again another example of scandalous amount of sugar added to our food and drink. No wonder we have the highest rates of obesity in Europe. David Cameron now has all the evidence to make the UK the first country in the world to stop the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic.feedback

Leda Chatzi

Our findings indicate that women should adhere to current fish consumption guidelines. In general, women should eat a variety of types of fish each week and avoid consumption of large predatory fish such as king mackerel, swordfish, shark and tilefish.feedback

Emily Oken

I don't like to use the word 'dangerous' because that may well scare women from eating fish, which are a good part of a healthy diet.feedback

Peter Gluckman

Increased political commitment is needed to tackle the global challenge of childhood overweight and obesity. The WHO needs to work with governments to implement a wide range of measures that address the environmental causes of obesity and overweight, and help to give children the healthy start to life they deserve.feedback

Alexandre Mateus

We have people affected by diabetes, high blood pressure, almost all have problems with obesity.feedback

Kawther Hashem - Action on Sugar

We would very much like to see other sugary food and drink categories in Tesco do something similar and, more importantly, for all the other retailers to also take on this challenge right away.feedback

Sally Norton

This balloon will act to educate them a little bit about portion size, retrain their brain, change their mindset a little bit, but it also motivates them because they're going to lose some of the weight that they need to lose on their own and then they've got the tools to go on and continue that once the balloon has come out.feedback

Tam Fry

What you really have to do is to do everything you can to maintain a proper weight, healthy living, and healthy lifestyle so you never get up to a BMI (body mass index) of 27.feedback

Karsten Kaltoft

I hope it will provide more general job security, and that no-one can be fired because they are overweight.feedback

Alain Le Bail

The aim of the project is help consumers adjust or reduce the quantity of sugar, salt or fat they consume, while providing them with the sensation that they are enjoying a well-balanced and tasty diet.feedback

Maria Angela Guzzardi

Brain activity increases because of these stimuli, in this case chocolate. We see this in slim people and in obese people. The brain activity differs, depending on whether an obese person is more or less dependent on food.feedback

Andrea Hulse-Johnson - Family Medicine

I do believe that these chronic conditions starting earlier in life set a person up for not only long-term use of medications and the need to manage them medically, but a shortened lifespan.feedback

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

Experts are ringing the alarm bell. Among America's children, obesity rates have tripled in a single generation. This may lead to an explosion of already high health care costs, putting America's very future in jeopardy.feedback

Paul Burgess

We haven't got a sport mentality in this culture, it's not like Australia where sport runs through every aspect of the culture. Any kind of physical activity is seen as a valuable thing to do, where it's important to develop your mind and to develop your body. In our country we don't see that, we have obesity problem, we have too much drinking, we have no playing fields in schools for children.feedback

Ed Watson - Debenhams

Having worked on this project for three years, we hope that it will help people in some small way to feel comfortable about their bodies and, crucially, that other retailers will follow.feedback

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