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Jennifer Bea
Obesity itself is a metabolic disorder.feedback
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Oct 26 2017
“The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has described childhood obesity as a 'great scandal' but does little to tackle it. There is no single solution to reverse what's been decades in the making.” said Tam Fry speaking about Obesity. It’s one of the 306 quotes about Obesity you can find on this page. 213 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Frank Hu, Izzi Seccombe and Jessica Weber. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Frank Hu

It's difficult to be optimistic at this point. The trend of obesity has been steadily increasing in both children and adults despite many public health efforts to improve nutrition and physical activity.feedback

Helen Dickens

However this is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to tackling obesity. We need to go much further, which is why we are also calling for the government to toughen restrictions on junk food marketing to children, end price promotions on unhealthy foods and introduce mandatory front of pack food labelling. We need to act now for the sake of our nation's health.feedback

Tam Fry

A 250kcal chocolate bar is a quite sufficient snack for anybody and his limits on sugary drinks, fat and savoury items are probably the severest that he can get away with for the time being. If levels of obesity continue to rise, however, he could opt for even more draconian measures.feedback

Frank Hu

There's still a huge amount of cheap, accessible, highly processed food available everywhere [at] almost any time. And despite people doing more recreational activity these days, the overall activity level, household activity and occupational activity have decreased in recent years.feedback

Andrew Stokes

This is quite disappointing. If we were expecting the trends to budge, this is when they would be budging.feedback

Majid Ezzati

This shows that something can be done about obesity, but it might be an exaggeration to call this 'good news,' . These are still pretty high levels and we don't want it to stay there; we want it to go down.feedback

Fiona Bull - World Health Organization

Children are not getting physical activity in the school days, there are poor food opportunities in many schools, walking and cycling to school are going down in many countries, unsafe in many other countries, and parents are not being given the right, sufficient advice on nutrition. It's the changing environments - food, behaviours, portions, consumption patterns have completely changed over the last 40 years. Highly processed food is more available, more marketed and it's cheaper.feedback

Fiona Bull - World Health Organization

We need to turn our concern into action - more action and more widespread action. The response so far has been insufficient, inadequate and not at scale. We are surrounded by environments which market unhealthy, high fat, high sugar, high calorie food. That's what's on the TV, that's what's promoted at bus stops, and that's what children are seeing all day, every day. The promotion and the price and the specials, the two-for-ones, the super-sizing - these are the problems that drive overweight and obesity, over-consumption.feedback

David Behan - Care Quality Commission

The NHS was created in the middle of the 20th century when the big issues it was attempting to deal with were diseases like TB and polio. Today, the NHS and social care are dealing with obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancers, dementia. All of which are driven less by those diseases of the middle of the last century and more by lifestyle choices. There are some areas where there are clearly insufficient staff - I'm calling out the availability of nurses in nursing homes.feedback

Tam Fry

If you're not doing anything about obesity, you are just increasing the problems that come with it later, like diabetes.feedback

Tam Fry

It is a great idea. The Government has wasted millions nannying and hectoring the public. But the key people in the battle with obesity are GPs.feedback

David Behan - Care Quality Commission

Today, the NHS and social care are dealing with obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancers, dementia. All of which are driven less by those diseases of the middle of the last century and more by lifestyle choices. The future of the social care system is one of the greatest unresolved public policy issues of our time – a long-term sustainable solution is urgently required.feedback

Tim Lobstein

For middle income countries we are going to see an enormous impact. Countries in the Middle East and Latin America where health services are stretched are going to become highly stretched.feedback

Tim Lobstein

This is going to be an enormous burden either on the state, the individual or the insurance services which simply won't be able to cope. How high can an insurance premium go?feedback

Tim Lobstein

That's why the figures are pretty astonishingly high. Some poor countries are already swamped.feedback

Johanna Ralston

Right now there is a big focus on sugar-sweetened beverages, which is fantastic. I think as with tobacco, you want to find something that is tangible that governments can do and is measurable. But it is not enough.feedback

Ian Caterson

The annual medical costs of treating the consequences of obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease, is truly alarming. Continual surveillance by WOF has shown how obesity prevalence has risen dramatically over the past 10 years and with an estimated 177 million adults suffering severe obesity by 2025, it is clear that governments need to act now to reduce this burden on their national economies.feedback

Johanna Ralston

One of the reasons is that the consensus that obesity is a disease is only really emerging now. That will also help with the stigma. Bariatric surgery is a fantastic intervention but realistically it will only be for a smallish proportion of the population. It has to be offered in concert with other forms of weight management. Every single individual has to be offered multiple interventions.feedback

Helen Stokes-Lampard

Dr Google enters 80 per cent of consultations that I have nowadays. We have to work with it and we have to be bold and that's a challenge for all of us I think.feedback

Helen Stokes-Lampard

Some GP surgeries already do it really well. You do need a bit of space and a bit of privacy because most people don't want to measure their waistline in the waiting room, they would rather do it in a quiet corner.feedback

Tam Fry

It's a good idea to get patients to measure their own height, weight and waistline as they wait for their appointment at the practice. Then the GP can use their clinical judgement to give advice and the patient feels involved.feedback

Helen Stokes-Lampard

By getting patients to do this themselves, it is encouraging them to be more interested in their health – in self-caring. And where weight is concerned – we know that obesity is a huge issue – this proactive approach brings it to the front of their consciousness; it isn't just a passive thing that they have no control over.feedback

Andrew Hardie

Taking the BMI is what I do to the patient. If the receptionist gives them a tape measure to measure their abdominal circumference - which is actually a more accurate measure - they are doing it to themselves and they are buying into it.feedback

Clifford Saper

I would suggest that for humans, staying up late, watching video screens with high levels of blue light and eating high fat foods, is potentially a major cause of obesity and diabetes.feedback

Anne Schuchat

The question is whether the mechanisms that are turned on in the process of overweight and obesity can be turned off.feedback

Anne Schuchat

Our report found an increase in a number of types of cancers associated with obesity and overweight, at a period when the prevalence of obesity and overweight has increased substantially in the middle ages. The prevalence of obesity and overweight is starting to show up in our cancer statistics.feedback

Anne Schuchat

When we step back and lump together all the types of cancer associated with overweight and obesity, we saw a direction upwards. That's not a smoking gun, but it's a note of caution for us.feedback

Jonathan Valabhji

Only this month PHE published a report which makes clear, thanks to improved NHS care, the risk for any individual with diabetes suffering a major amputation has actually fallen significantly. Nearly 2.5 million adults and children diagnosed with diabetes will also benefit from around £42 million of additional national funding, some of which will go towards advancing care and treatment and improving access to multi-disciplinary foot care teams in 50 parts of the country.feedback

Dan Howart

The record rates of diabetes-related amputations we're seeing are being largely fuelled by increasing numbers of people developing diabetes. This is in part linked to the growing number of people living with Type 2 diabetes, which is closely linked to obesity and so, in most cases, can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.feedback

Tam Fry

People are losing limbs and going blind because of diabetes. Successive governments have done nothing to reduce levels of obesity in the UK and we are now seeing the tragic consequences. I am left numb with fury that we have got to this stage because we failed to tackle obesity.feedback

Ju-Sheng Zheng

The majority of women who are not hypertensive are still at risk when their blood pressure increases, even to levels not generally considered dangerous. There is still that obesity risk to offspring.feedback

Thomas Barber

Every day millions of internet users ask Google life’s most difficult questions, big and small. Our writers answer some of the commonest queries. ‘Cause” is a strong word. It means that A results in B happening. Causality is also surprisingly difficult to prove. Most medical studies only show association between A and B, while causality often remains speculative and frustratingly elusive. Obesity and diabetes are no exception.feedback

Ann Tutwiler

We are not winning the battle against obesity and undernutrition. Poor diets are in large part because we have very unified diets based on a narrow set of commodities and we are not consuming enough diversity.feedback

Eustace de Sousa

It is alarming that year after year we continue to see children leave primary school overweight or obese and it is affecting the poorest in our society the most. The causes of obesity are complex and we all – government, industry, local authorities and the public – have a role to play in this.feedback

Irfan Lodhi

Our goal is to find a way to treat or prevent obesity. Our research suggests that by targeting a protein in white fat, we can convert bad fat into a type of fat that fights obesity. The challenge will be finding safe ways to do that without causing a person to overheat or develop a fever, but drug developers now have a good target.feedback

Irfan Lodhi

The challenge will be finding safe ways to [block the PexRAP protein] without causing a person to overheat or develop a fever, but drug developers now have a good target.feedback

Jonathan Grigg

This is a dangerous combination of factors … childhood is a critical time in terms of health. Children should have the right to breathe air that does not cause them harm.feedback

Jonathan Grigg

This is going to have major consequences not just in childhood but over the whole of the life course.feedback

Saul Billingsley

Children from some of London's most socially deprived areas are not only affected by unacceptable levels of air pollution around their schools, they also face compounding health risks.feedback

Celia Dugger - The Times

This was just the kind of project we would be able to undertake if we had reporters with experience in business and international reporting, as well as in science and medicine.feedback

Celia Dugger - The Times

It just seemed stunning to me. It was a huge problem and a fascinating one to try and understand.feedback

Hilary Stout

You have to hold the reader's attention and get them to see the human aspects of it.feedback

Dan Howarth - Broccoli

Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition that can lead to harrowing complications, so preventing it from developing in those at higher risk is hugely important. We welcome these updated guidelines from NICE, which recognise the importance of preventing the condition, and the serious harm it causes to those living with it.feedback

Tam Fry

Diabetes is threatening to bankrupt the NHS so we urgently have to do something about it. Referring high risk patients to slimming classes and getting them to improve their diet is crucial. It will cost upfront but it is an investment in the future. The benefit of reducing type 2 diabetes and the obesity epidemic is extremely worthwhile, both from a health and financial perspective.feedback

Mads Hjorth

This finding is something that could really be used. You can't go and get this done now, but within a reasonable amount of time it might be a possibility.feedback

Mark Baker

We know that helping someone to make simple changes to their diet and exercise levels can significantly reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. And that this approach is a cost-effective way of managing an illness that currently costs the NHS around £8.8 billion a year. We need to make sure that the people most at risk have access to the care they need. This is why this updated guidance from NICE is so important, it will help NHS England and Public Health England to prioritise when necessary.feedback

Emilia Papakonstantinou

Our 24-week weight maintenance study showed that using a six-meal pattern instead of three-meal, while containing the same overall calories, improved blood sugar control and reduced hunger in obese people with prediabetes or full-blown diabetes. These results suggest that increased frequency of meals, consumed at regular times, may be a useful tool for doctors treating subjects with obesity and diabetes or prediabetes, especially those who are reluctant or unsuccessful dieters.feedback

Adam Hulman

Having an obese wife increases a man's risk of diabetes over and above the effect of his own obesity level, while among women, having an obese husband gives no additional diabetes risk beyond that of her own obesity level. Our results indicate that on finding obesity in a person, screening of their spouse for diabetes may be justified. Recognising shared risk between spouses may improve diabetes detection and motivate couples to increase collaborative efforts to eat more healthily and boost their activity levels.feedback

Adam Hulman

Obesity or type two diabetes in one spouse may serve as a prompt for diabetes screening and regular weight checks in the other.feedback

Adam Hulman

Our results indicate that on finding obesity in a person, screening of their for diabetes may be justified.feedback

Eleanor Raffan

This is a common genetic variant in Labradors and has a significant effect on those dogs that carry it, so it is likely that this helps explain why Labradors are more prone to being overweight in comparison to other breeds. However, it's not a straightforward picture as the variant is even more common among flat coat retrievers, a breed not previously flagged as being prone to obesity.feedback

Alice Potter - Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Keeping your cat as a house cat keeps them away from busy roads but some indoor environments can become predictable and boring which can lead to stress, inactivity and obesity. For some cats, for example those with a disability or medical problem such as cats who are deaf, living indoors could be a better option and they may feel more comfortable.feedback

Shirley Cramer

We should remember that customers have a choice and are ultimately responsible for what they choose to buy, but nevertheless, arguably have a healthier range of options to choose from than ever before. Venues have spent time, energy and money in providing greater choice for customers, along with healthier options and a renewed focus on transparency and provenance. Incentivising businesses to help keep their customers healthy by offering reduced business rates could be a positive step to help reduce the burden placed on our health-care system by obesity-related illness.feedback

Alison Tedstone

The last thing people need is to be coaxed into consuming more calories – people on average consume 200-300 calories too many a day, so we need the opposite. Upselling is bad for our waistlines and bad for our health, and we are pleased to see action discouraging these practices.feedback

Quanhe Yang

In the US, we do have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. One in three adults in the U.S. is obese, and that's a problem because obesity can cause high blood pressure, which is the primary risk factor for a stroke.feedback

Carlijn Kamphuis

Biking saves medical costs since biking contributes to people's overall physical activity levels, and getting sufficient physical activity prevents against many noncommunicable diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and some types of cancers.feedback

Robert Kushner - National Institutes of Health

We don't necessarily put people on any specific diet; it really gets to what is their life, what are their struggles. We believe obesity care can't be inconsistent with culture, family or how you lead your life. I said, It's a strategy that works whether you're with other people or not. . . . Be assertive,' . I think people don't think about it because they just aren't raised to share.feedback

Aseem Malhotra

It's time for a complete U-turn in the dietary guidance. The sooner we do that the sooner we reverse the epidemic in obesity and diabetes and the sooner start improving health.feedback

Joshua Samuels

These guidelines really are a streamline for how to evaluate blood pressure in children and adolescents. We have seen an increase in children's blood pressure over the last decade or so and that's probably related to the obesity epidemic that we're seeing in children, but that doesn't completely explain the increase in blood pressure that we're seeing.feedback

Scott Kahan

Obesity has been called the last socially acceptable form of prejudice, and persons with obesity are considered acceptable targets of stigma.feedback

Kawther Hashem - Action on Sugar

Sugar-sweetened drinks such as cola are the biggest contributor of sugar in the diets of children and teenagers. Unless they are reduced, these drinks will contribute to high levels of obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.feedback

Billy Wilson

There are a few things in society right now which are worrying. Obesity and diabetes rates are up, loneliness is up, people spend more time on social media and less time with friends. It all comes back to our mission to grow a global tribe. The boot camps are the local community hub and the event is the pilgrimage when the tribe comes together. I don't pretend we are curing cancer. But I do think in our own small way we are making the world a better place.feedback

Alison Tedstone

We get food pushed at us from every direction now. The foods have got bigger and bigger, and we all know how tempting it is to finish that pizza - whatever size it is, or to eat a whole bag of crisps, even when it's enough for people.feedback

Alison Tedstone

This is a big deal. We are the first country in the world to embark on a plan like this, and we ewre the first in the world to introduce sugar targets.feedback

Malcolm Clark

Beyond passing a sugary drinks tax into law, the government has so far provided thin gruel for parents and health professionals keen to see significant progress on tackling childhood obesity. We remain to be convinced that the calorie reduction programme announced today, welcome in principle but short on detail, will change this leadership deficit. It is time for the government to reclaim the brave and bold parts of the original childhood obesity strategy, which it discarded last summer before launch.feedback

Philip Dunne

Too many of our children are growing up obese, which can lead to serious health complications. We all have a responsibility to help people live healthier lives, but with a third of children leaving primary school obese we must take a comprehensive approach and now focus on excess calories.feedback

Duncan Selbie

A third of children leave primary school overweight or obese and an excess of calories – not just excess sugar consumption -- is the root cause of this. We will work with the food companies and retailers to tackle this as the next critical step in combating our childhood obesity problem.feedback

JoAnn Manson

We can't afford to be complacent about the epidemic of obesity.feedback

Charles N. Rotimi

So far, we have not seen this variant in non-African Americans or non-Africans. Not everyone who carries it is obese, but if you carry it, your risk of obesity is very high.feedback

Ayo P. Doumatey

By studying people of West Africa, the ancestral home of most African Americans, and replicating our results in a large group of African Americans, we are providing new insights into biological pathways for obesity that have not been previously explored.feedback

Charles N. Rotimi

Six pounds population-wide is a huge amount. If you could get Americans to drop six pounds, you probably could reduce the rate of [Type 2] diabetes by 10 percent. Dropping six pounds could make a tremendous difference in health status.feedback

Frank Hu

Our findings indicate that genetic risk of obesity can be mitigated by simply changing an eating habit.feedback

Frank Hu

Because the genetic variants for obesity are numerous, it is virtually impossible for someone to not carry any of these variants,''. However, some people may carry much fewer variants than others, but they can still become obese with an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.feedback

Frank Hu

As a hypothetical example, for a group of sedentary people who carry one FTO gene variant, their likelihood of obesity is 10 percent.feedback

Marc Reitman

Obesity has been increasing since the 1970s, but genes are the same. Genes can't be the deciding factor, so it must be something in the environment. Both contribute.feedback

Frank Hu

Genes may have weak effects overall, but they could have stronger effects in certain groups of people who are exposed to certain environments.feedback

Marc Reitman

It's amazingly complicated, but even the genetic variants that contribute the most have a low risk. It could be when you and I go to a restaurant, you say 'no thanks' when the waiter offers us a rich dessert, but my genes predispose me to say 'yes,' . Why are some foods addictive? Why do we still eat when we feel full? The wiring and physiology around obesity is complicated, and we are just starting to try to figure it out.feedback

Frank Hu

We looked at the risk of becoming obese for those who were not obese at the beginning of the study. Those with a genetic predisposition were more likely to become obese four years later, especially for those who consumed sugary beverages or ate fried foods on a regular basis. Although we did not specifically analyze weight gain per se, the results on obesity imply that the findings would apply to weight gain as well.feedback

Ayo P. Doumatey

Some people may have a variant of the gene that allows them to produce more. The more you have of it, the better. Individuals who tend to have more adiponectin do not develop obesity.feedback

Frank Hu

For a group of physically active people who also carry one gene variant, their likelihood of obesity would be lower, at 7.3 percent.feedback

Christopher J. Gostout - Apollo Endosurgery

Each patient must be appropriately evaluated prior to the decision to place the balloon, especially the potential risks of anesthesia and an endoscopic procedure. Patients must be monitored closely during the entire term of treatment to detect the development of possible complications and each patient should be instructed to contact his or her physician immediately upon the onset of any unexpected symptoms.feedback

Susan Persky

People feel less blame when doctors talk about genetic factors. In obesity, we find this idea of genetic predisposition resonates with people.feedback

Lisa Hollier

The next step that we took was we looked at these chronic problems, like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, and found that the frequency of those conditions has also been increasing in Texas over time.feedback

Justin Warner

Obesity is major public health threat and there needs to be action at all levels to reverse the trend. The Soft Drinks Industry Levy – or sugar tax – is a positive step towards reducing the amount of sugar in the nation's diet.feedback

Izzi Seccombe - Local Government Association

It is vital that the measures in the childhood obesity plan improve the health of young people, and can help parents make more informed choices about the eating habits and lifestyles of their children.feedback

Izzi Seccombe - Local Government Association

These figures show a hugely disturbing trend in the increasing number of children and teenagers being treated in Paediatric Diabetes Units for Type 2 diabetes, a condition normally only associated with adults. Obesity is usually linked with major health conditions later on in life, but already we are seeing the devastating consequences at an early age.feedback

Sheera Lerman

Sleep is really important and when it is compromised like in insomnia it can increase the risk for many negative health outcomes, including chronic pain, depression, obesity, high blood pressure and more. The good news is that for most people with insomnia, it can be effectively treated without using medication.feedback

Izzi Seccombe - Local Government Association

Obesity is usually linked with major health conditions later on in life, but already we are seeing the devastating consequences at an early age. This highlights the need to take urgent action on this major public health time bomb.feedback

Todd Newton - Apollo Endosurgery

Patient safety is a key priority in everything we do at Apollo Endosurgery and we take adverse event reporting obligations related to our products very seriously. The FDA letter is an important reminder to the physician community that obesity is a serious disease and many obese patients are affected by one or more co-morbid conditions due to their obesity. In our physician training, we are diligent to emphasize the factors that support the safe and effective use of ORBERA and we will continue to do so.feedback

Radha Chanchani

To address traffic congestion by widening the roads is like trying to address obesity by loosening the belt.feedback

Warren Ross

I see patients who want to use lifestyle measures to control and treat chronic conditions: obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol. I see people who generally have seen everybody else and are persuaded and motivated that lifestyle – especially nutrition – has a great deal to do with their well-being.feedback

Rebecca Siegel - American Cancer Society

The main risk factors for colorectal cancer that we know of are obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption and smoking. We don't think that the obesity epidemic is driving this trend because we see different trends in blacks and whites.feedback

Brad Frankum

If we send very overweight or obese people down the catwalk modelling clothes, what it is saying, in a way, is that we are celebrating obesity. I think that is dangerous because we know it is a dangerous health condition.feedback

Soraiya Fuda

We've worked our society up to have a heightened sense of sensitivity around overweight issues where the word 'fat' is now frowned upon. In turn it has created a taboo 'look-away' culture in fear of offending someone – even if the intention is to urge them to seek help. I'm guilty of turning a blind eye when a friends says, I'm so fat.' I just stand there denying that they are but maybe a bit of truth can lead some people on the right track of weight loss. Too many people are risking their lives with weight-related problems.feedback

Laura Alcock-Ferguson

Meaningful social connections are essential for human happiness. At the Campaign, we want to make loneliness everyone's business and show that we can all play a role in combatting loneliness in their community, whether as an organisation or an individual.feedback

Julianne Holt-Lunstad

Yet an increasing portion of the population now experiences isolation regularly. There is robust evidence that social isolation and loneliness significantly increase risk for premature mortality, and the magnitude of the risk exceeds that of many leading health indicators. With an increasing aging population, the effect on public health is only anticipated to increase. Indeed, many nations around the world now suggest we are facing a 'loneliness epidemic. The challenge we face now is what can be done about it.feedback

Laura Alcock-Ferguson

At a national level, we're calling for the development of a UK-wide strategy for tackling loneliness and social isolation to help end this growing crisis.feedback

Soraiya Fuda

It seems to me the women who appeared to be approaching the sizes 20-26 on the catwalk are less representative of the average woman but are representative of a big underlying societal problem. Parading and glorifying size 20-somethings on any runway promotes an underlying and irresponsible message that doing nothing about your weight is OK. There is a difference between being confident in who you are and promoting a healthy weight message. It's a difficult message but just like we don't use cigarettes to promote products I don't think we should have unhealthy weights promoting products.feedback

Xiaoyang Wu

This is really flexible, We can use the skin as a platform to develop all sorts of new therapies.feedback

Xiaoyang Wu

Compared with other ways to introduce genes into humans, this is much safer and more affordable for delivery.feedback

Sarah Schenker

If it was as simple as not eating when you're not hungry, we wouldn't have half of the problems with obesity that we have. It's not a magic bullet. It could be wonderful for some people, but not necessarily for others. It's not necessarily going to work by itself, it's the whole process.feedback

Gilad Twig

Even if you are perfectly healthy at 17, but you are overweight or obese, we saw pretty much a 50 percent increased risk of cancer. This should be a red flag for fighting adolescent obesity.feedback

Izzi Seccombe - Local Government Association

It is vital that the soft drinks levy, which marked a significant step in the fight against obesity, is protected. Government needs to find genuinely new money to meets its new school funding commitments. The government needs to be clear about what this now means for the levy, and for reducing the worrying levels of child obesity in this country. Schemes that encourage physical activity, healthy eating and improve children's mental and physical health - which the levy would have been used to pay for - cannot be seen as nice-to-do but fundamentally non-essential.feedback

Izzi Seccombe - Local Government Association

It is vital that the soft drinks levy, which marked a significant step in the fight against obesity, is protected. Government needs to find genuinely new money to meets its new school funding commitments. It is perverse and counterproductive to simply shift this money around, particularly at the expense of children's health.feedback

Sheryl Rifas-Shiman

Childhood obesity is widespread and hard to treat. So, it's important to identify modifiable factors that occur prenatally and during infancy so prevention can start early.feedback

Simon Capewell

The junk food and sugary drinks sold by these outlets make an important contribution to the UK epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Furthermore, the much greater density of fast food outlets in deprived neighbourhoods exacerbates existing, substantial inequalities in health. These trends are very worrying.feedback

Caroline Cerny

Despite the health impact of the obesity epidemic being well known, it is shocking that the number of fast food takeaways is increasing. Whether it's the marketing of junk food on billboards and TV, or the proximity of junk food outlets to schools, we know our environment has a huge impact on levels of overweightness and obesity.feedback

Joseph F. Smiddy

We're sicker here than in Central America. In Central America, they're eating beans and rice and walking everywhere. They're not drinking Mountain Dew and eating candy. They're not having an epidemic of obesity and diabetes and lung cancer. I don't want to hurt your feelings.feedback

Mika Kivimaki

The relative risk of A.F. associated with long working hours is of similar size as those associated with hypertension, diabetes, obesity and heart failure.feedback

James Sallis

The problem is, diet and exercise specifically are related to many different diseases. Cardiologists don't pay much attention to cancer and osteoporosis and depression, but they are all affected by obesity. Recently, as an example, there was a very large study that linked physical activity levels to 13 different cancers.feedback

Sian Robinson

I was struck that the differences in children's body composition were seen in relation to intake levels that appear unremarkable, even less than one serving per day. We need to know more about the long-term effects of maternal nutrition on offspring health. Few intervention studies in pregnancy have longer-term follow-up data to describe the effects on children's body composition.feedback

Sheryl Rifas-Shiman

I was surprised that maternal intake seemed to be more important than child intake.feedback

Sian Robinson

The links between sugar-sweetened beverages and obesity are well-established. But this new data suggests mothers' consumption is important and has public health relevance.feedback

Tim Althoff

For instance, Sweden had one of the smallest gaps between activity rich and activity poor, and the smallest disparity between male and female steps. It also had one of the lowest rates of obesity.feedback

Brenda Fitzgerald

I am humbled by the challenges that lie ahead, yet I am confident that the successes we've had in Georgia will provide me with a foundation for guiding the work of the CDC. The progress we've made in Georgia around early brain development, childhood obesity and creating a model for addressing the Ebola epidemic would not have been possible without the full support of Governor Deal and a dedicated public health staff.feedback

Julie C. Lumeng

So, this study is telling us that when both parents are in the home, and regardless of how many hours each works outside the home, when fathers are more involved in caregiving responsibilities, children are less likely to be obese.feedback

Christine Hunt

Can't the NY Times be a little more creative with the image they use? Every time a news agency talks about obesity, they use a photo of an unfortunate individual and then just cut their head out of the shot.feedback

Michelle Wong

It is possible that when fathers are more involved, the total amount of time both parents dedicate to child caregiving increases - it's not just the mother providing care but the father as well. When both parents are more involved, the quality of care might also increase.feedback

Stephen Furst

The way to deal with the devil of obesity and diabetes is literally one day at a time. When I achieved my weight goal, I bought myself a bracelet inscribed with the following 12-Step prayer: 'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.' The magic is you can change more things than you could ever dream of.feedback

Diana Thomas

There are all kinds of reasons to exercise that are good for your health. However, if you're trying to lose weight, the biggest problem I see is food. We need to cut back the food we're eating.feedback

Andrew Stokes

Even if we were to dramatically step up prevention efforts tomorrow, there is a generation of children, over 100 million globally, that will likely have to grapple their entire lives with weight-related diseases, such as diabetes and heart diseases and also face higher rates of premature mortality.feedback

Michael R. Bloomberg

Today, for the first time in history, more people are dying from too much unhealthy food than they are from too little healthy food. This is a global epidemic that governments can no longer ignore, because there are many steps that they can take to tackle obesity and save lives.feedback

Andrew Stokes

This adds urgency to finding solutions to the epidemic of obesity that can be implemented in these settings before rates rise as they have elsewhere.feedback

Chang-Ho Yun

If you cannot sleep sufficiently on workdays because of work or social obligations, try to sleep as much as possible on the weekend. It might alleviate the risk for obesity . Weekend sleep extension could be a quick fix to compensate sleep loss over the week but is not an ultimate solution for chronic sleep loss.feedback

Chang-Ho Yun

Short sleep, usually causing sleep debt, is common and inevitable in many cases, and is a risk factor for obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease, as well as mortality. Sleeping in may be better than napping, as the sleep may be deeper and follows the body's sleep-wake rhythms more closely.feedback

Ashkan Afshin

Most of the obese people are dying because of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The change in physical activity preceded the global increase in obesity. We have more processed food, more energy-dense food, more intense marketing of food products, and these products are more available and more accessible. The food environment seems to be the main driver of obesity. . It is all very nice to talk about the need to eat less unhealthy foods and more healthy foods.feedback

Jean-Philippe Chaput

Sleep experts say that if people need an alarm clock to wake up it is a sign that they don't sleep enough. The more good behaviors we can have every day (and sustain for the rest of our lives) the better it is for the prevention of chronic diseases and optimizing health. Sleep should be one of these priorities. If you cannot sleep sufficiently on workdays because of work or social obligations, try to sleep as much as possible on the weekend. It might alleviate the risk for obesity.feedback

Martin Neovius

Severe obesity confers excess risk for so many other negative outcomes for pregnancy: pre-eclampsia, diabetes, still-birth. It's really not a good place to be.feedback

Omar Kassaar

Excess sugar is well known to be bad for us when it comes to diabetes and obesity, but this potential link with Alzheimer's disease is yet another reason that we should be controlling our sugar intake in our diets.feedback

Ashkan Afshin

Excess body weight is one of the most challenging public health problems of our time, affecting nearly one in every three people. Over the past decade, numerous interventions have been evaluated, but very little evidence exists about their long- term effectiveness. Over the next 10 years, we will closely with the FAO in monitoring and evaluating the progress of countries in controlling overweight and obesity. Moreover, we will share data and findings with scientists, policymakers, and other stakeholders seeking evidence-based strategies to address this problem.feedback

Azeem Majeed

The risk of death and diseases increases as your weight increases. People who are overweight are at high risk of mortality and other diseases [beyond obesity itself]. People often assume you need to be really fat to be at risk. But once you hit a BMI of 25, your risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer all begin to increase.feedback

Bradley Turnwald

Our results suggest that emphasizing health in descriptions of healthy foods may not be an effective approach for motivating most diners to choose healthy options, and that a better approach may be to emphasize the indulgent, tasty components of the food. This means that we may be able to help fight the obesity epidemic and the problematic mindset that healthy foods are not tasty by changing the way that we label and talk about healthy foods.feedback

Ashkan Afshin

The change in physical activity preceded the global increase in obesity. We have more processed food, more energy-dense food, more intense marketing of food products, and these products are more available and more accessible. The food environment seems to be the main driver of obesity. But we cannot have all people on drugs. Ideally, we want to go to the root causes and address the problem of overeating.feedback

Barry Popkin

Its global implications are huge. This study shows what we know: No country in the globe has reduced overweight or obesity levels. This is astounding given the huge health and economic costs linked with overweight and obesity.feedback

Teemu Niiranen

Especially staying lean and avoiding diabetes seemed to be very important. This association is thought to be mainly caused by the excess inflammation and neurohormonal imbalances associated with obesity and diabetes.feedback

Chuck Love

A dwarf has a regular-sized torso and shorter limbs, so we have the same size stomach as everyone else, so we have the same size appetite.feedback

Maziar Mike Doustdar - Novo Nordisk

With regards to obesity, Latin America is where we have started the launches of Saxenda before some of the other markets and have seen a phenomenal success to it.feedback

Kevin McKenna

Children should be encouraged to walk to school to help us tackle the childhood obesity problem. It was surely only a matter of time – that being a commodity Doctor Who possesses in abundance – before he would get to encounter space zombies on his intergalactic travels. Thus in last week’s episode we saw Peter Capaldi putting the boot into a colony of the intergalactic undead and emerge with nary a ruffle of his big hair and long coat.feedback

Paul Aveyard

It gets round the problem that people don't think their child is overweight and they will grow out of it, when we know that's not really true. It's quite a striking result and it's cost free.feedback

Angela Jones

Parents play a key role because of how they shape children's health behaviour. They are also relied upon to recognise that their children is an unhealthy weight and take appropriate action. But we know that parents tend not to recognise when their children is overweight or obese.feedback

Susan Jebb

Seeing it projected forward [to adulthood] really personalises it for your child. If you can show what your child looks like as an adult you can think 'this is the kind of person who looks like they're going to have a heart attack.feedback

Jason Halford

The fact is its become normal to see people eating burgers on buses. I think it would be a great relief for the bus companies if that wasn't the case, but it also sets a norm that we don't consume all the time.feedback

Tim Lobstein

I would like to see Network Rail and Transport for London setting conditions for offering healthier foods setting standards. I think a ban is probably a step too far - I would like to see signs saying 'please refrain' from eating smelly foods, I think that is useful. I think it's a way to nudge rather than nanny.feedback

Jamie Oliver

Obesity hasn't just happened overnight. We've all heard the staggering facts that one in four British adults are obese and one in three UK kids leave primary school overweight or obese. Yet we're continuing to walk into this crisis with our eyes now widely open, despite the impact it's having on our health, our public services and economy.feedback

Jamie Oliver

It's awful, it's awful. [Theresa May] will regret it. We know the diseases that the NHS are overtly paying for now and being punished for and crucified now on cost, which is largely obesity, type 2 diabetes and diet-related diseases. This tracks from childhood. It doesn't just happen [during adulthood], it tracks from childhood. As far as I see it … the school is at the front line of the fight against obesity and diet-related disease.feedback

Aseem Malhotra

This study provides further strong evidence that adopting a Mediterranean style diet significantly reduces the chances of obesity. The UK government need to urgently adopt a health policy that makes a healthy diet easily accessible and affordable for all. Not only will this reverse the obesity epidemic but it will quickly reduce the burden of all associated lifestyle diseases that have brought our NHS to the brink of collapse.feedback

Tam Fry

British research has calculated that 19,000 a year could be saved if we ate our five-a-day or more, In addition the Mediterranean diet cuts the risk of cancer and stroke by 40% and also keeps the brain young.feedback

Julen Sanz

Our study suggests that plant-based diets are associated with substantially lower risk of developing obesity. This supports current recommendations to shift to diets rich in plant foods, with lower intake of animal foods.feedback

Carolyn Dunn

Results suggest that there is a beneficial association between mindful eating and weight loss.feedback

Hermann Toplak

Reducing stress before eating is one of the most important things. If you have stress in your job, don't go [straight] home for dinner. You have to reduce your stress levels before – walk or do something restful – then you will eat differently. If you are eating out from your stress and that's very frequent today – especially in cities like London where people are so busy – then you eat quicker, fatter and sweeter. And if you reduce stress levels you will eat salad, you will eat vegetables, because you are in the mood to eat things like that also.feedback

Ujué Fresán

This study found that replacing one sugar-sweetened soda beverage or beer with one serving of water per day at the start of the study was related to a lower incidence of obesity and to a higher weight loss over a four-year period in the case of beer. As obesity carries a high risk for the development of other diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular disease, the possible effects of substituting these beverages with water is an important target to consider in future public health research.feedback

Paul Christiansen

You are taking empty calories out of the diet. Alcohol within itself is incredibly calorific – second only to fat – and beer is an easy way to consume alcohol. Beer also has knock-on effect. When people are dieting they check calories in food, but they are less likely to do so for alcoholic drinks. People also tend to eat more when they have alcohol, they struggle to control their intake. For example, getting a takeaway on the way home from the pub. Nobody goes out saying I really want to eat a kebab. You've already had a day's full amount of calories and a skinful of beer.feedback

Rishi Caleyachetty

Metabolically healthy obese individuals are at higher risk of coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and heart failure than normal-weight metabolically healthy individuals. The priority of health professionals should be to promote and facilitate weight loss among obese persons, regardless of the presence or absence of metabolic abnormalities. At the population level, so-called metabolically healthy obesity is not a harmless condition and perhaps it is better not to use this term to describe an obese person, regardless of how many metabolic complications they have.feedback

Zsuzsanna Jakab - World Health Organization

Despite sustained efforts to tackle childhood obesity, one in three adolescents is still estimated to be overweight or obese in Europe, with the highest rates found in southern European and Mediterranean countries. What is of particular concern is that the epidemic is on the rise in eastern European countries, where historically rates have been lower. Ambitious policy action is required to reach the Sustainable Development Goal to halt the increase in childhood obesity. Governments must target efforts and break this harmful cycle from childhood into adolescence and beyond.feedback

Joanna Inchley

High rates of overweight and obesity among many countries in Europe are an important public health concern.feedback

Dan Cuthbertson

Yet again the science is telling us that physical activity should not, and must not, be missed. Those who fail to exercise ignore activity at their peril: sarcopenia, serious muscle wasting, and obesity may combine to catch up with them.feedback

Heiko Krude

I'm sure that in many clinics worldwide that link is not made. There's now more and more evidence that a partial loss of POMC gene function is linked to more common forms of obesity.feedback

Tam Fry

The Department of Health must now curb the use of any chemicals that impinge on health and that should include carbon dioxide if this effect is replicated in further studies.feedback

Gavin Partington

There is no body of scientific evidence that carbon dioxide contained in soft drinks – or even beer – causes increased hunger or obesity.feedback

Wang Xuebao

Company employees were always sitting in the office, and they don't move around enough.feedback

Alexis Wieroniey - Stroke Association

Most strokes are preventable and everyone can take steps to lower their risk of stroke as they get older. Obesity can increase your risk of stroke by at least 64 per cent, however simple lifestyle changes, like eating healthier meals, taking regular exercise and stopping smoking along with checking your blood pressure regularly can greatly reduce your risk.feedback

Jamie Oliver

These bloody politicians that are like ships that pass in the night they're not necessarily expert in anything. They've possibly never even run a f---ing business. If they're entrusted with the responsibility to represent the community, the very least they can do is go and talk to a GP, a doctor, a bariatric surgeon, [or] a podiatrist that takes limbs off people because they've got type II diabetes.feedback

Laura Dwyer-Lindgren - Institute For Health Metrics

Looking at life expectancy on a national level masks the massive differences that exist at the local level, especially in a country as diverse as the United States. Risk factors like obesity, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, and smoking explain a large portion of the variation in lifespans, but so do socioeconomic factors like race, education, and income.feedback

Ali Mokdad - Hezbollah

If you decide to eat right it's so expensive. We're one of the richest cities in the country – we have Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, headquartered here among many other companies – but if you go into some stores here in the poor areas south of the city, you can't buy fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. We have places where there's an obesity epidemic, and we have an epidemic of smoking that's coming down but still as high in some rural areas as Europe and the Middle East.feedback

Jessica Weber

I was extremely nervous. I almost didn't share it because I thought it would get so much hate. I'm glad I did because I was overwhelmed with kindness and love.feedback

Jessica Weber

I was always prepared for it, but it is still such a struggle to deal with daily. I've seen some people lose weight and have it not be such a problem, but I wasn't that lucky.feedback

Jessica Weber

I wanted to be open about it on Instagram because I wanted people to realize what obesity does. That they can make changes, but they'll also face problems with loose skin in all areas.feedback

Jessica Weber

Seeing everyone so positive has been the best feeling. It makes me more open about my journey!feedback

Jessica Weber

I'm not perfect by any means, and I do stray off of it, but that's what I stick to for the most part. So far it's been a constant struggle. I have to wake up every day and convince my mind that this is the right thing to do. So many people don't understand that it's a mental battle more than physical.feedback

Lars Fruergaard Jorgensen - Novo Nordisk

When we lift the lower end of the range it is mainly because now we are four months into the year and we have not been exposed to any change in the political environment, hence the risk is lower. Sales were driven by our new, innovative products within diabetes and obesity care, and we are seeing the effects of our cost control initiatives.feedback

Bill Ackman

There was all this news agitated by a short seller. Fake news.feedback

Michael O. Johnson - Herbalife

Our company has been under scrutiny but we are a nutrition company. We are in a real mess because people don't take care of themselves. Our company helps with that. That's my advertisement.feedback

Ali Tavassoli

Someone with obesity or diabetes might be taking a pill for 40 or 50 years. What happens when you take a drug like this for that long? What happens to you? These are big unanswered questions. I can't see these things getting regulatory approval.feedback

Krista Varady

This diet just doesn't happen to do better than a traditional approach, but it still is an effective diet for weight loss.feedback

Chris Rayner

HS2 trains will need to offer space for taller people and [allow for] much higher instances of obesity among passengers.feedback

Gavin Partington

Despite their claims, the authors of this observational study admit they found no cause and effect and provide no science-based evidence whatsoever to support their theories. In fact, based on the evidence, Public Health England is actively encouraging food and drink companies to use low-calorie sweeteners as an alternative to sugar and help people manage their weight. Surely we should be trying to help consumers reduce their calorie intake, not presenting unproven claims?feedback

Rachel Clark

Sugary drinks are a big contributor to the nation's obesity epidemic and they contain little nutritional value. With 62 per cent of English adults being overweight or obese, it is encouraging to see NHS England taking steps to reduce sugary drink consumption across England. Hospitals should be leading by example to make the healthier choice the easy choice. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of a number of different health conditions, including 11 common cancers.feedback

Simon Stevens

A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but spoonfuls of added sugar day-in, day-out mean serious health problems. It's great that following discussion with NHS England, big name retailers are agreeing to take decisive action, which helps send a powerful message to the public and NHS staff about the link between sugar and obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.feedback

James Pickett - Alzheimer's Society

This research does not show that artificially sweetened drinks cause dementia. But it does highlight a worrying association that requires further investigation.feedback

Tam Fry

Don't be fooled by the use of the word diet. Diet drinks were dreamed up as a description by an industry wanting to lull you into believing that it was a healthy thirst-quencher. Whether you're thin or fat and thirsty, and not near a good old-fashioned tap, buy yourself bottled water.feedback

Naveed Sattar

This is an interesting paper, but I would strongly caution against the conclusion that artificially sweetened drinks may increase the risk of stroke and Alzheimer's. There is little other strong evidence to support a link between artificially sweetened drinks and adverse health outcomes.feedback

Mary Hannon-Fletcher

These data are sound as far as they go. However it is important to note 'the associations between recent and higher cumulative intake of artificially sweetened soft drinks and dementia were no longer significant after additional adjustment for vascular risk factors and diabetes mellitus' – as the editor also pointed out. So are the conclusions sound? Perhaps not.feedback

Julian Knight

This report highlights a deeply concerning trend away from children's playgrounds. At a time when we are all trying to combat childhood obesity and promote exercise we need to encourage children's play. It would be most helpful if the likes of the Big Lottery Fund could look again at projects which promote children's play.feedback

Lee Peterlin

As obesity and being underweight are potentially modifiable risk factors for migraine, awareness of these risk factors is vital for both people with migraine and doctors. More research is needed to determine whether efforts to help people lose or gain weight could lower their risk for migraine. This makes sense, as the risk entailed by obesity and the risk of migraine is different in women and men and in younger and older people. Both obesity disease risk and the occurrence of migraine is more common in women and in younger people.feedback

Hannah Gardener

Patients and physicians need to work together to monitor and minimize the burden of vascular health factors like smoking, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes with the goal of protecting both heart and brain health decades before Alzheimer's disease typically manifests.feedback

Julia Belluz

A new Pepsi ad that sparked public outrage is a sign of just how far soda companies are willing to go to appeal to black and Latino youth. The ad features a staged protest filled with beautiful, smiling young people (many of them people of color) and the model Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian clan. Near the end of the almost three-minute video, Jenner offers a Pepsi to a handsome young cop, and all is sunny and well in the world.feedback

Esther Murphy

No one seems to mention this first and crucial step – don't have children.feedback

Kimberly Rotter

My mother-in-law died young, with lots of never-fulfilled plans to enjoy her hard-earned savings. My husband and I learned a very tough lesson from that. We save, but we choose to not miss our chance to experience life now. Cancer runs in both families. There's no way I'll miss out on weekends with my loved ones just to put more money in the bank.feedback

Tiffany Rose Capasso

I would sacrifice anything to be a millionaire. I am trying so hard, but I just can't seem to find my niche. I am a hard worker and would do just about anything to make it happen. I just don't know what. My boyfriend and I just bought a house. We are 30 years old and have to support my mother and it is very hard. I would love to make more money. Any tips would be appreciated?feedback

Richard Spencer

When single-payer healthcare is implemented, issues like food safety, nutrition, and obesity become matters of public concern. It will draw more attention to the alternative we are presenting to America's current lowest-common-denominator society.feedback

Jenny Shapiro

She pulled her shirt up over her mouth, eyes watering, and said, I don't want to gain weight again.' The complication of hypothalamic obesity has been her biggest struggle.feedback

Brad Appelhans

Having to wait for something makes it less desirable. Research shows that humans strongly prefer immediate gratification, and this preference influences choices and behavior in daily life. We wanted to see if we could use this preference for immediate gratification to improve people's vending machine snack choices. Junk food is often immediately available and convenient.feedback

Judith Kuiper

There is more child obesity, and there are initiatives to get them to move more and eat more healthily. This initiative has a wider goal: it aims at what we call 'risk competence', so children become more independent and better at protecting themselves. If they are properly guided, a child of five can light a fire, sometimes even a four-year-old. You should warn them that it's hot and you shouldn't stand on the wrong side if there is wind. But they should learn to handle fire, rather than you saying: 'Don't do that. It's dangerous!feedback

Duncan Selbie

The UK has one of the most innovative food sectors in the world, and it's in everyone's best interests to ensure it remains a dynamic and thriving sector of our economy. The scale of our ambition to reduce sugar is unrivalled anywhere in the world, which means the UK food industry has a unique opportunity to innovate and show the rest of the world how it can be done. We can't duck the fact a third of children are leaving primary school overweight or obese, and obesity generally is having a profound effect, not just on the costs for the health service, but on the overall health of the nation.feedback

Graham MacGregor

We congratulate PHE's tremendous achievement on setting coherent and achievable sugar reduction targets in such a short space of time. However, the missing factor in this report is how these targets will be enforced. We've seen over recent weeks that some companies within the food and drink industry have made great progress whilst others are seriously lagging behind and others claiming wrongly that they can't do it.feedback

Tam Fry

Simply down-sizing sugary food is not the answer. Of the four options given to industry to remove 20 per cent sugar from their products, down-sizing runs the real risk that people will buy two of whatever the product is and eat substantially more. The preferred option is to reformulate the entire product and replace sugar with other ingredients.feedback

Duncan Selbie

We didn't want to spend years in judicial review arguing about whether a jaffa cake is a cake of a biscuit. We will publish details of exactly who is doing what and in the event which we don't see progress we will be giving further advice to the Government.feedback

Abdul Dulloo

Terms like 'war on obesity' and obsession about slimness can backfire over the long-term. The emphasis should not be about 'body weight' or 'body fat' per se, but about motivation for a healthy lifestyle in relation to food and physical activity.feedback

Louise Brown - Medical Research Council

Overall, the uncovering of this association is interesting but I do not feel that is of great help in our fight against the increasing global incidence of diabetes , unless they are suggesting that we all move to colder climates. If they have stumbled across a useful pointer that leads to appropriate metabolic research on the role of brown fat in the development of diabetes then great, but their claims are too strong at this stage.feedback

David Spiegelhalter

Even if these estimates were true, it would mean a 2 degrees rise in average temperature was associated with an increased incidence of diabetes of 0.7 per cent.feedback

Johan Sundstrom

There is also some evidence that obesity per se may cause heart failure, a condition sometimes called obesity cardiomyopathy. From that perspective, weight loss may preserve cardiac function by reducing the heart's pump demand and stress.feedback

Dennis Bier

There's a consistency of data throughout the world that people who have low cholesterol, keep active, don't smoke, avoid obesity and maintain their blood pressure live a longer life. People in these other societies often provide us clues to these health questions, but determining the reasons for their unique metabolism is frequently not so easy to do.feedback

Jerry Summers

I emerged from the week drinking water in huge amounts and going to the bathroom at every opportunity. By God. I've got diabetes. It was not obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, or wrath of God.feedback

Neil Stanley

I'm regularly asked by workers how they can get by on less sleep but I ask them, Why on earth would you want that?' Given the cognitive disadvantages, plus the health consequences that include a greater risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and depression, there's not a single good thing about poor sleep. It's great to send people on courses and write about sleep in the employee health handbook, but what really works is when bosses stop writing emails at 11pm.feedback

Lesley Carter

We wrongly assume that malnutrition and dehydration belongs to the past but the reality is that poor nutrition and hydration are often not recognised by older people, families or healthcare professionals. We all know that obesity causes serious health problems but there are also serious health consequences for older people who are at the other end of the scale and don't eat enough.feedback

Tanisha Cleveland

I was happy for a bit, but it wasn't much better living with them, because when I was 9, I was molested by my grandfather, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. And that's when I started to run to food to find peace. Cause when I ate, no one was hurting me.feedback

Tanisha Cleveland

She had different people living in the house with us, and I was molested by one of her boyfriends. So I felt like I couldn't control who touched my body.feedback

Wolfram Schultz

Colourful wrapping of high energy foods of course makes you buy more of that stuff and once you have it in your fridge, it's in front of you every time you open the fridge and ultimately you're going to eat it and eat too much.feedback

Wolfram Schultz

We should not advertise, propagate or encourage the unnecessary ingestion of calories. There should be some way of regulating the desire to get more calories. We don't need these calories.feedback

Graham A. Colditz

Avoiding weight gain through adult years is important. Even if you are overweight focus first on not gaining any more weight; for those who are overweight or obese taking off some pounds can lower cancer risk.feedback

Maria Kyrgiou

Other associations could also be genuine, but there is still substantial uncertainty about them.feedback

Rebecca Siegel - American Cancer Society

It is interesting that the increase in colorectal cancer incidence is in parallel with the obesity epidemic.feedback

Rebecca Siegel - American Cancer Society

And some of the factors that are thought to have contributed to the obesity epidemic like a more sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are also independently associated with increased risk for colorectal cancer, as is obesity.feedback

Rajeshwari Sundaram

If our results are confirmed, fertility specialists may want to take couples' weight status into account when counseling them about achieving pregnancy. The benefits of a healthy weight are well known: obesity increases the risk for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.feedback

Dan Witters - Gallup

Obesity is the big one. It continues its relentless climb, it keeps muscling its way higher. It is a real, bone fide health crisis in America. Diabetes gets dragged up with it, same thing with depression.feedback

Kenneth Wright

Late circadian and sleep timing in modern society are associated with negative performance and health outcomes such as morning sleepiness and accidents, reduced work productivity and school performance, substance abuse, mood disorders, diabetes, and obesity. Our findings demonstrate that living in our modern environments contributes to late circadian timing regardless of season and that a weekend camping trip can reset our clock rapidly.feedback

Colette Heimowitz

This is the first generation that's going to have a shorter lifespan than their parents because of obesity. If we can get them young and educate them about better choices, that might help.feedback

Samina Mishaal

This one-off cost will allow us to cut our monthly spending on taxis. Besides, it will help my children overcome their obesity.feedback

Nigel Hunt

While these sweet treats might be well meaning, they are also contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health. We need a culture change in offices and other workplaces that encourages healthy eating and helps workers avoid caving in to sweet temptations such as cakes, sweets and biscuits.feedback

Sunit Jariwala

Cured meats are rich in nitrites which may lead to any kind of oxidative stress related lung damage and asthma. In this study, as well as previous studies, obesity may be linked to systemic inflammation that can worsen asthma as well as other obesity related conditions such a sleep apnea.feedback

Nigel Hunt

Managers want to reward staff for their efforts, colleagues want to celebrate special occasions and workers want to bring back a gift from their holidays. While these sweet treats might be well meaning, they are also contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health.feedback

Sam Kass

There was very little positive industry action before she got there. Health and obesity issues weren't on their agendas.feedback

Adam Briggs

The good news is that our study suggests that all of the most likely industry responses ... have the potential to improve health. The extent of the health benefits of the tax will depend on industry's response.feedback

Susan Jebb

The direction of the effect is clear. This levy will have a positive impact, especially on children's health.feedback

Michiko Ohashi

We're really heavy but we want to use that to shake up the idol world.feedback

Michiko Ohashi

People assume that being chubby is a sign of laziness or lack of self-discipline. I became an idol with the hope of changing that image. If they see us working to make our dreams come true, we can show that chubby people can work hard.feedback

Deborah Cohen

The public may want to consider how they are at a disadvantage to prevent childhood obesity when so many food outlets serve foods in quantities that put their children at risk. It is too difficult for children and their parents to limit consumption when they are served too much.feedback

Tom Frieden - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The data speak for themselves. If you look for the goal we set for ourselves, and look at what happened, we didn't achieve it.feedback

Jeff Levi

I think, to CDC's credit, they picked a broad range of public health challenges and they set the bar high enough that they could not automatically declare success at the end of an administration.feedback

Gavin Partington

Evidence worldwide does not suggest that taxes of this sort have any impact on levels of obesity. However, we will review the legislation when published and will continue to work with Treasury officials during the process of implementation.feedback

Eran Segal

People go on diets over and over again – and keep failing. It's a very common problem. Up to 50 per cent of obese people suffer this relapsing pattern.feedback

Eran Segal

The microbiome by itself is not sufficient to produce this (rapid weight again) effect, but it's the diet plus the microbiome.feedback

Zsuzsanna Jakab - World Health Organization

Our governments have given the prevention of childhood obesity the highest political priority. Nevertheless, we consistently find that children - our most vulnerable group - are exposed to a countless number of hidden digital marketing techniques promoting foods high in fat, sugar and salt.feedback

Judith Owens

Their morning wake time should be around 8 a.m. to allow them to get both an optimal amount and timing of sleep. Both insufficient and misaligned sleep has consequences for physical and mental health (increased obesity risk, depression) safety (car accidents, sports injuries) and academics (absenteeism, lower grades).feedback

Carlene Wilson

The mood benefits are likely to be short term and impacted by amount consumed so that consumption of larger amounts would lead to excessive energy intake and associated guilt. Excess energy intake is linked to the occurrence of obesity, which is a risk factor for virtually all chronic diseases.feedback

Linda Bauld

The benefits of e-cigarettes for smokers have been shown to far outweigh the harms, as vaping carries around 5 percent of the risk of smoking.feedback

Linda Bauld

Weight gain prevents some smokers from quitting so we need to explore alternative ways of helping these individuals control their weight, while removing the risks of tobacco use.feedback

Susan Jebb

E-cigarettes are an effective strategy to help people stop smoking and improve their health. If they also help smokers who quit to limit weight gain that would be a bonus, though not yet proven.feedback

Bernie Sanders

Excessive sugar consumption is a serious health problem for children and all of us. It can lead to obesity, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Every community in our country will determine how best to address this major health crisis.feedback

Mindy Lubber - CERES

These are good steps, but when we have an obesity crisis, I think there is more that we can be doing. If a food and beverage company is not looking at nutrition, they are not looking at the direction the world is going in.feedback

William H. Herman

Obesity and lack of focus on diet and physical activity may certainly be contributing to the lack of improvement in blood sugar control.feedback

Michael R. Bloomberg

Smart policies can help to turn the tides on this deadly epidemic, especially those aimed at reducing consumption of sugary drinks, which is fuelling obesity rates.feedback

Douglas Bettcher

Consumption of free sugars, including products like sugary drinks, is a major factor in the global increase of people suffering from obesity and diabetes. If governments tax products like sugary drinks, they can reduce suffering and save lives. They can also cut healthcare costs and increase revenues to invest in health services.feedback

Michael Siegel

From 2011 to 2015, the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo were found to sponsor a total of 96 national health organizations, including many medical and public health institutions whose specific missions include fighting the obesity epidemic. During the study period, these two soda companies lobbied against 29 public health bills intended to reduce soda consumption or improve nutrition.feedback

Laura A. Schmidt

While the sugar consumption was going up in the 80s and 90s, we also witnessed a tragic obesity epidemic.feedback

Mads Krogsgaard - Novo Nordisk

This is a molecule which Novo will examine from every possible angle, also in regards to new disease areas such as liver complications and obesity.feedback

Richard Hamburg

Obesity remains one of the most significant epidemics our country has faced, contributing to millions of preventable illnesses and billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs. These new data suggest that we are making some progress but there's more yet to do. Across the country, we need to fully adopt the high-impact strategies recommended by numerous experts. Improving nutrition and increasing activity in early childhood, making healthy choices easier in people's daily lives and targeting the startling inequities are all key approaches we need to ramp up.feedback

Dympna Gallagher

When you have groups of individuals who are fit and highly trained, then BMI is absolutely useless.feedback

Majid Ezzati

Our study also shows the English-speaking world, especially the USA, is falling behind other high-income nations in Europe and Asia Pacific. Together with the poor performance of these countries in terms of obesity, this emphasises the need for more effective policies towards healthy nutrition throughout life.feedback

Justin R. Ryder

We know that youth with severe obesity often experience high levels of pain while walking and have a difficult time with tasks that normal weight persons might take for granted. The most important finding is that not only does bariatric surgery reduce body weight in these teens, but also there are important improvements in walking speed, heart rate and reduced pain while walking.feedback

Emanuele Di Angelantonio

The study found that men who were obese were at much higher risk of premature death than obese women. This is consistent with previous observations that obese men have greater insulin resistance, liver fat levels, and diabetes risk than women. On average, overweight people lose about one year of life expectancy, and moderately obese people lose about three years of life expectancy.feedback

Amir Ghaferi

There's always a concern about weight regain over time so it's good to see 50 percent of excess (BMI) was kept off at 10 years. It's a piece of the puzzle on how to treat and manage obesity, but you can slip back into your bad habits. That's why surgery follow up is vital to treatment success.feedback

David Grabowski

Obesity is associated with higher mortality among younger and middle-aged individuals. However, among older adults, this association is not present.feedback

Cecilia Bergh

The alternative is drugs, it is for the obese surgery, very lengthy treatment. So if we can prevent eating disorders and obesity that would be the goal of our work.feedback

Anastasios Delopoulos

We try to improve it as much as we can and to plan our next steps so it can be used on a very big scale, precisely because we see that the target group exists and they are in danger of becoming obese. It is a very large part of the population.feedback

Vanessa White

I didn't really have any life, I mean I was at school but I would come out for morning tea and lunch to eat with my parents and I lost a lot of friends.feedback

Pierre Vial

When you put on weight you just literally hate yourself, so you don't look at yourself in the mirror any more. When you buy clothes you just get something, and you can't really stand yourself any more.feedback

Ioannis Ioakeimidis

On top of that we have developed a prototype chewing sensor… and as soon as it connects, you put it in your ear and then it detects chewing, from that – with some extra data processing – we are using this throughout the day to quantify automatically, without us being there, hands off, to quantify snacking.feedback

Jamie Oliver

We hold them to commitments, which on a global government level is really useful, it gets nicely competitive… you can say 'why is that government not doing it.feedback

Shane Norris

Being overweight is seen as a positive thing. South Africans believe it means someone does not have HIV/AIDS, which often leads to weight loss.feedback

Shane Norris

Many countries now across the continent are facing a double burden of malnutrition.feedback

Lili Lustig - Cleveland Clinic

The rates among children and adults are driven by the same factors.feedback

David Haslam

I often contrast a Caravaggio still-life masterpiece, giving ideal positive images of healthy food - pheasant, meat, fish, wine, cocoa, fruit and vegetables, with maybe a slice of bread - with the negative image of a traditional 'diet' … and wonder where the world went wrong.feedback

Shelby Sullivan

At this point, millions and millions of Americans who have obesity are not being adequately treated. These devices give us an option that eliminates the need to take medications.feedback

Majid Ezzati

Obesity is the most important risk factor for type 2 diabetes and our attempts to control rising rates of obesity have so far not proved successful.feedback

Steven Nissen - Cleveland Clinic

In this study many of these patients had abdominal obesity, about a quarter of them were smokers, so they had risk factors.feedback

Erin Hanlon

Our current study adds to that growing literature and suggests that along with changes in leptin and ghrelin, alterations in endocannabinoids – all changing in the direction to favor food intake – may be mechanisms by which sleep restriction promotes overeating. And, on a larger scale, evidence from both laboratory and epidemiologic studies have consistently associated insufficient sleep or short sleep with increased risk of obesity.feedback

James Joyner - Army

It's absurd the percentage of high school teenagers who are considered to be too fat to join the military. Maybe there are two problems: One, obesity, and the other that the standards are out of date and not relevant.feedback

Thomas Hughes - Article 19

We are actively working to better understand the mechanisms and incidence of underlying thromboembolic disease in PWS and severe obesity, as well as the potential impact of beloranib treatment on thrombosis in order to develop a strategy for risk mitigation.feedback

Graham MacGregor

This is yet again another example of scandalous amount of sugar added to our food and drink. No wonder we have the highest rates of obesity in Europe. David Cameron now has all the evidence to make the UK the first country in the world to stop the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemic.feedback

Leda Chatzi

Our findings indicate that women should adhere to current fish consumption guidelines. In general, women should eat a variety of types of fish each week and avoid consumption of large predatory fish such as king mackerel, swordfish, shark and tilefish.feedback

Emily Oken

I don't like to use the word 'dangerous' because that may well scare women from eating fish, which are a good part of a healthy diet.feedback

Peter Gluckman

Increased political commitment is needed to tackle the global challenge of childhood overweight and obesity. The WHO needs to work with governments to implement a wide range of measures that address the environmental causes of obesity and overweight, and help to give children the healthy start to life they deserve.feedback