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Mark R. Tercek
Today our impacts on the land cause a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. The way we manage the lands in the future could deliver 37 percent of the solution to climate change. That is huge potential, so if we are serious about climate change, then we are going to have to get serious about investing in nature, as well as in clean energy and clean transport.feedback
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Oct 18 2017
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Costis Stambolis

Greece's contingent oil reserves are estimated at 950 million barrels. To date, however, 50 million of proven reserves have been discovered.feedback

Pat Thaker

Direct confrontation in the Gulf is a major risk to the global oil market, given that 20 percent of the world's oil travels through an Iranian-controlled chokepoint at the Strait of Hormuz.feedback

Alan Gelder - Wood Mackenzie

We are becoming increasingly efficient as we use our energy. So as economies grow we are less reliant on oil, so the significance of oil in the global economy should decline over time.feedback

Robert Manning

I'm not going to speculate on that but I will tell you that we're looking at all options for planning considerations ... We encourage dialogue.feedback

Edward J. Markey

This Republican budget scam to hand over the wildest place left in America to Big Oil should be removed from the budget and put on ice.feedback

David Letzler - Impact Radius

Even websites whose mission is to promote accountability can inadvertently wind up getting used by snake oil salesmen.feedback

Dale Ross

We were on the frontier of the fossil fuel business, oil and gas. And now Texas again is on the frontier of the new energy that's going to be the future.feedback

Paul Polman

Fortunately, this research shows we have a huge opportunity to reshape our food and land use systems.feedback

Donald J. Trump

He's led this charmed life. He goes into a country, takes the oil, goes into another country.feedback

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman

How can you not take sides? This is Iranian-backed militia, using American weapons, to attack an ally of the United States. I'm bewildered by the U.S. government position. Not just President Trump's statement, but statements from the [Defense Department] and others, trying to downplay what's been happening in Kirkuk.feedback

Haider al Abadi

We assure our people in Kurdistan and in Kirkuk in particular that we are keen on their safety and best interest. We have only acted to fulfill our constitutional duty to extend the federal authority and impose security and protect the national wealth in this city, which we want to remain a city of peaceful coexistence for all Iraqis.feedback

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon - NATO

The greatest evil everywhere is Isil and the greatest threat to the UK is Isil. It's the defeat of Islamic State that is key and the trouble is people in Iraq believe that the fight against Isil is over and it's focused in Raqqa and Syria. But there are still pockets in Iraq and anything that deflects from that could have a global impact.feedback

Kawa Mustafa Mohamed

I don't know where I'm going now but my father was killed by the Iraqis and I don't want that to happen to my family. I want to keep my daughters and wife safe.feedback

Baran Abdullah

I'm going to stay to the end. Our leaders sold us out, they sold Kirkuk and they sold the martyrs.feedback

Andrew Love

My house actually shook. At first I thought it was a sonic boom or something. I had no idea what was happening.feedback

John Kilduff - Again Capital

It's an unfortunate turn of events. It seems that now that the Islamic State has been vanquished – their common enemy – [Iraq and the Kurds are] turning their sights back on each other in what is really a historic battle or standoff.feedback

Dave Tibbetts

We feel confident from the fire fighters' aspect that we have control of the situation at the present time.feedback

Donald Mackenroth

We've got a bunch of people at the hospital; we don't yet know the extent of their injuries.feedback

Stephen Brennock

The return of a geopolitical risk premium could usher in a sustained bout of price strength just as OPEC dithers over whether to prolong supply cuts.feedback

John Kilduff - Again Capital

Just as the battle against ISIS seems to be finally ending, there is a new theater of battle emerging in Northern Iraq.feedback

John Kilduff - Again Capital

Oil prices could spike a lot higher on this development because this time is different, after years of war in the region. The battle, finally, is for the oil, and no other reason. In other words, here we go.feedback

Tomoaki Shishido - Nomura Securities

At the moment, there's no consensus at all in the market and there is little point betting on who will be picked as it would be a complete gamble. But once the decision will be made, there will be a clearer market direction. And when the uncertainty is cleared, bond yields are likely to rise given the strength of the economy now.feedback

Arihiro Nagata - SMBC Nikko Securities

There is no major country that is facing economic troubles. We have a decent global growth, upbeat corporate sentiment and no inflation. Stocks are the obvious choice in this environment.feedback

Anthony Headrick - CHS Hedging

We're seeing increased geopolitical tension in the Middle East providing support in the market today, namely in Iraqi Kurdistan, and some uncertainty around Iran.feedback

Anthony Headrick - CHS Hedging

The supportive Chinese import data from Friday generated a spark in energy markets that continued today.feedback

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

What has helped risk appetite this morning is that the Chinese inflation data suggests the world's second biggest economy is doing much better than people expected this time a year ago for 2017.feedback

Oswald Clint

In the range I am talking about, I don't think so.feedback

Richard Mallinson - Energy Aspects

We have got a cocktail of geopolitical risks that can certainly keep supporting prices and probably – if demand stays strong – contribute to pushing them higher.feedback

Rick Fowler - LLOG Exploration Company

The previously reported sheens have dissipated and there continues to be no detection of potentially related oil on the surface as confirmed by multiple flyovers since Friday night. The fractured jumper will be recovered and a complete diagnostic will be performed. LLOG will not speculate on the cause of the fracture until that work is complete.feedback

Victoria Clarke - Investec

Ahead of China's Congress, it is helpful that we have reassuring numbers from China. There were concerns about weaker economic growth.feedback

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

The rising L.N.G. supply has put consumers of natural gas in the driver's seat, minimized the oil link and maximized competition. This is a really revolutionary change.feedback

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

The escalation in Northern Iraq is the main driver. Oil supply from this region is at risk.feedback

Franco Ghilardi

Richard Serra was one of our inspirations. Nature, landscape design, architecture become very site specific. And we concentrated on local materials like the stainless steel they use on Norwegian oil rigs because we knew they would wear well over time even in extreme weather.feedback

Donald Mackenroth

I can confirm it was our platform, and there was a fire and an explosion.feedback

Chris Weston

In terms of event risk the focus is on China with the Party Congress getting underway on Wednesday... and inflation data later today. The inflation numbers are important as they form part of the argument around the global reflation thematic priced into markets of late.feedback

Shane Chanel

If Iran (were) found breaching their nuclear agreement and had their trade agreement revoked, (that) would be the biggest catalyst for upward momentum on crude prices.feedback

Chris Watling - Longview Economics

We forget don't we? I mean 120 years ago the world didn't live on oil. Oil hasn't always driven the global economy... The point is alternative energy in some forms is gathering speed (and) things are changing.feedback

Antwan Harris

Several people have been rescued from the active fire on the rig.feedback

Anton Siluanov

Our challenge is to safeguard our budget, to safeguard the implementation of our obligations with regards outside factors including a reduction in the price of oil.feedback

Cesar Abi Khalil

The first licensing round for oil exploration closed.feedback

Darius McDermott - Chelsea Financial Services

The crash began in Hong Kong, spreading to Europe, the UK and US as markets opened. One theory is that initial falls due to the slowing US economy, Iran attacks on US ships and falling oil price were intensified by computer trading, which coupled with overvalued markets, led to a panic. Markets today are different, as they have a circuit break which shuts down trading past a certain point. We saw this kick into gear with China in 2016, which prevented panic selling to some extent.feedback

Anton Siluanov

In order to minimize price fluctuations on foreign markets we have prepared a budget which is based on a price of forty dollars a barrel. I think that this is a fairly considered and conservative price, which has been factored in for the next three years. Incidentally our balance of payments on our current account is balanced on a price of forty dollars a barrel. Therefore, the percentage of the federal budget from oil and gas revenues has gone down from 60 percent to 40 percent.feedback

Andrew Tidey - Wood Mackenzie

Is the real issue information or is it human behavior? We will see how that plays out.feedback

Tommy Langnes

It is just like your iPhone. We have built the phone. We have a couple of apps installed. Now the R&D team is working on new apps to install on the digital platform.feedback

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

We woke up with the strong data from China. That's on the supportive side.feedback

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

The last place that we have an excess supply of oil is actually in the U.S. and you saw week ago we exported record amounts of that oil and that trend's going to continue for the rest of this year.feedback

Benjamin Salisbury - FBR Capital Markets

The president has made it very clear that he wants to escalate the pressure on Iran. So sometime middle of next year you could see the deal start to deteriorate and then you could have meaningful impact on oil supplies right when the market is tightening.feedback

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

The world simply can't afford to see that lost supply because we can't make it up from the other OPEC and non-OPEC producers.feedback

Cathie Wood - Ark

[Cryptocurrency] markets are huge. We believe that digital services are as integral, or maybe more integral to our lives, than commodities that are traded on exchanges right now. It's interesting that you've got corn and oil and copper trading on the exchange but you don't have computing power, and bandwidth, and storage necessarily. Well, we think that's going to happen because of blockchain technology and all of the cryptos that are coming along.feedback

Scott Chronert - Citigroup Global Markets

The post-September 8 interest rate inflection action has us on alert for a change in the year-to-date ETF flow narrative as we move into October. Flows into both funds have been strong since interest rates bottomed in early September. Yields have remained fairly constant over that period, resulting in spread compression to near the lowest levels seen since 2014. Oil price gains likely contributed, but are showing signs of rolling over. Therefore, we are inclined to be more cautious than sentiment implied by recent inflows.feedback

Bruce Latimer

There was a little reversal yesterday, things were sent lower by oil prices. We came in this morning and we had gold up through $1,300 and oil up on the day. The market opened stronger and basically held that gain all day.feedback

Shelagh Whitley

The air pollution crisis in cities across Europe and the recent diesel emissions testing scandal have rightly led to increased pressure for governments to act, yet our analysis shows European countries are providing enormous subsidies to the transport sector. This study shows how governments in Europe and the EU continue to subsidise and finance a reliance on oil, gas and coal, fuelling dangerous climate change and air pollution with taxpayers' money.feedback

Matthew Doman

While several other companies continue to develop exploration plans for the Bight, the international environment for the oil and gas industry is challenging. With the oil price halving over the last three years, exploration activity around the world is at very low levels. Global exploration spending is expected to fall this year for the third year in a row to less than half 2014 levels.feedback

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

There's nothing that's going to happen for a good, long time. The bad expectation in the market would be a re-imposing of those sanctions which force the U.S. to try to get allies to reduce a significant amount of the oil imported from Iran.feedback

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

China would probably ignore it and add more from Iran if the U.S. goes ahead with something along those lines. Between European countries and Asian countries, we suspect both Japan and Korea will be cooperative, potentially reducing their imports from Iran by 500,000 barrels a day…Europe is mixed.feedback

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

It' s not like there's a lot of sympathy for doing anything that would result in lower imports because the Europeans think this is kind of a unilateral decision by the U.S. government, which has reneged on an official government policy – which has nothing to do with Iran violations of the conditions of the JCPOA.feedback

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

It could be the nuclear agreement, per se, but there is a clamoring to do what Obama didn't want to do, which would be to bring in complaints about Iran on the use of cash in the neighborhood.feedback

Scott Modell

[Congress] can vote to re-impose sanctions that are currently waived, and then the president would have to sign it…But I think what's going to happen instead is there's lower-hanging fruit they're going to go to. They're going to push on non-nuclear sanctions.feedback

Scott Modell

There's always a push to add new names to the list. …There's no real appetite even among Iran hawks to unravel the deal. They don't want to re-impose sanctions that would blow up the deal.feedback

John Kilduff - Again Capital

If he doesn't surprise us with more than just de-certification it shouldn't move prices. But he is talking about a new strategy, so I don't know if there's something more there than just de-certification.feedback

Jim Cramer

Don't forget that this market is fickle. Sure, oil and retail have been a continual disappointment, but supply does come out in tech and transports. As for the banks? They've run a huge amount. It looks like they're now going to give you a chance to scale into them at a lower level. ... My advice: never buy on day one of a big sell-off or day two, either, which would be [Friday]. There will most definitely be more supply behind it.feedback

Greg Clarke

The world is moving from being powered by polluting fossil fuels to clean energy. It's as big a change as the move from the age of steam to the age of oil and Britain is showing the way.feedback

Carl Weinberg - High Frequency Economics

I believe that yuan pricing of oil is coming and as soon as the Saudis move to accept it – as the Chinese will compel them to do – then the rest of the oil market will move along with them.feedback

Daniel Lacalle

The bulls of the oil market are missing the elephant in the room which is efficiency and technology. It takes away every year – no matter what they say – it takes away estimates of growth of demand in the region of around 500,000 to 600,000 barrels per day. The level of investment which has been taken in the last decade has created an overcapacity that is simply impossible to offset with a Chinese economy moving into a different state. (China) is less about a massive use of commodities and more into the services business.feedback

Greg Clark

This Government has put clean growth at the heart of its Industrial Strategy to increase productivity, boost people's earning power and ensure Britain continues to lead the world in efforts to tackle climate change. For the first time in a generation, the British government is leading the way on taking decisions on new nuclear, rolling out smart meters and investing in low carbon innovation. The world is moving from being powered by polluting fossil fuels to clean energy. It's as big a change as the move from the age of steam to the age of oil and Britain is showing the way.feedback

Michael Sprung

The market doesn't like change, so I think it would be perceived initially as negative. But we do a lot of cross border trade. I can't see how in the long-term that's going to change very much ... I really think things would adjust.feedback

Steve Prator

In addition to the bad ones – and I call these bad – in addition to them, they're releasing some good ones that we use every day to wash cars, to change oil in our cars, to cook in the kitchen, to do all that, where we save money. Well, they're going to let them out. My many years of public service prove beyond any doubt that I view all persons equally. To say or imply any differently is untruthful.feedback

Rodrigo Duterte

You built your riches, you were ahead in the industrial race of planet earth because you stole the greatest resource of the Arabs – oil. You colonised there, then started to divide the Middle East - the United States, UK, France, and that is why you are paying heavily now with terrorism. May you end up happy for what you have done.feedback

Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth

I'm not threatening anybody, but if you don't meet our terms, we will say, Bye-bye,' and then somebody else will come in immediately.feedback

Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth

He is very committed to inviting investors and open this conference but he had other national engagements.feedback

Fawad Razaqzada - Forex.com

Sentiment has turned positive again on renewed hopes that supply of oil will reduce in the coming months. Although it is questionable if any US oil producers will actually listen to him, the fact that Russia and a few other non-Opec members are continuing to comply with the Saudi-led supply cuts suggests there is a strong consensus among oil producers to do whatever is needed to shore up prices, as this would be good for all parties involved.feedback

John Hardy - Federal Reserve System

Russia and Iran, long suffering at the hands of U.S. financial and trade sanctions, will be happy participants in this scheme and could provide critical mass. The bigger test will be whether traditional U.S. allies, such as Saudi Arabia, would be willing to risk the ire and financial might of the U.S. by agreeing to receive yuan for oil.feedback

Mohammad Barkindo - OPEC

There is a growing consensus that, number one, the re-balancing process is underway. Number two, to sustain this into next year, some extraordinary measures may have to be taken in order to restore this stability on a sustainable basis going forward.feedback

Carl Weinberg - High Frequency Economics

Moving oil trade out of dollars into yuan will take right now between $600 billion and $800 billion worth of transactions out of the dollar… (That) means a stronger demand for things in China, whether it's securities or whether it's goods and services. It is a growth plus for China and that's why they want this to happen.feedback

Helena Wright - E3g

Development banks must do more to green their investments. As a first step, the banks should commit to ending finance for fossil fuel exploration. Obviously exploration for new resources is not in line with the Paris goals – we have got enough fossil fuels already to go over 2C of warming.feedback

Alex Doukas - Oil Change International

Despite the Paris Agreement being reached, multilateral development banks that say all the right things on climate are still financing billions of dollars in oil, gas, and coal projects. They are using relatively scarce public resources that need to be used as strategically as possible if we have a hope of meeting the agreement's aims. If they really want to help lift people out of poverty, taxpayer-funded banks can no longer finance climate destruction. They must stop funding fossil fuels.feedback

Yongping Zhai - Asian Development Bank

ADB will continue to expand climate finance, while still providing access to energy in the most cost effective manner to support progress for developing countries. ADB's financing to fossil fuel in 2016 was limited to natural gas, which is an important transition fuel, [with] lesser carbon.feedback

Luke Patey

I think it's a combination of the real risk that exists ... and that the global oil price has been quite low compared to when South Sudan became independent.feedback

Andy Slaughter

The bottom line is that companies should focus on cost discipline and operational efficiency. The new reality seems to have set in; waiting for a significant price recovery may be a long haul.feedback

Andrew Firth

The quickest way to drive the petroleum sector forward is by allowing the market to drive development, not for the government to drive (it).feedback

Roberto Friedlander

China and India are cutting their imports and more is coming from the U.S. export machine.feedback

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

At the same time, we've seen a number of strategic petroleum reserve releases that have added to supply that the market has easily absorbed.feedback

Mohammed Barkindo

We urge our friends, in the shale basins of North America to take this shared responsibility with all seriousness it deserves, as one of the key lessons learned from the current unique supply-driven cycle. At the moment we (OPEC and independent US producers) both agreed that we have a shared responsibility in maintaining stability because they are also not insulated from the impact of this downturn. The call by independents themselves (is) that we need to continue this interaction.feedback

Mohammed Barkindo

The speed and pace (of destocking) has accelerated as a result of anticipated and projected demand growth in the second half of 2017 to the tune of 2 million bpd. We are witnessing a fast return to a balanced market.feedback

Mohammed Barkindo

Demand-supply is returning to rebalance through massive destocking that we have been witnessing of stocks in OECD across regions in a very massive way. In the past four months alone, we have seen destocking to the tune of 130 million bpd.feedback

Mohammad Barkindo - OPEC

There is clear evidence that the market is rebalancing. The process of global destocking continues, both onshore and offshore, with positive developments in recent months showing not only a quickening of the process but a massive drainage of oil tanks across all regions.feedback

Dennis Gartman

All things being otherwise equal, if things remain as they are right now, crude oil probably wants to continue to trend downward. I watch the term structures and the term structures had turned about a month and a half ago pretty bullishly, but in the course of the last week they've actually begun to turn bearishly once again.feedback

Dennis Gartman

If that were to occur, you'd probably get a $3, $4, $5 dollar rally for crude oil. But let's remember that crude oil is fungible. Are the Iranians not going to sell crude oil? Will they not be able to move it to somebody else? Of course that's what's going to happen.feedback

Aura Gloss - The Estée Lauder Companies

The formula is so thick and buttery. When I have a tan, I'll mix it with coconut oil–the same you use to cook with–and cover my entire body with it. I suppose some people may not like the greasiness, but it helps me hold on to the color. And by the time I leave the house, I feel as if it's really sunk in.feedback

Narendra Modi

Subjects such as the need for a unified energy policy, contract frameworks and arrangements, requirement of seismic data sets, encouragement for biofuels, improving gas supply, setting up of a gas hub and regulatory issues came up for discussion.feedback

Mohammad Barkindo - OPEC

Just a mere 25 million barrels are products, almost converging with the five year average.feedback

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

It's really been a very minor event as far as the energy infrastructure is concerned. Damage to energy infrastructure including oil production and refining is minimal.feedback

Mohammad Barkindo - OPEC

It is a big market and demand is very strong. Between the first half and second half this year, demand growth is almost about 2 million barrels (per day), which is very robust. So everybody has a role to play.feedback

Mohammad Barkindo - OPEC

Crude in floating storage is down by an estimated 40 million barrels since the start of the year with help of a narrowing contango since June and then Brent flipping into a clear backwardation from the second week of September. This trend will obviously make it unprofitable to continue to store crude. We have recently seen a deceleration in U.S. tight oil growth compared to the first half of the year, evidenced recently by falling productivity of wells particularly in the Permian basin as well as growing concerns from the investment community.feedback

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

It's important that Anadarko has chosen to come to Peru, to an area as vigorous as the northern region. These are deep waters of 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) where it is very difficult to work.feedback

Bob Dinneen

Big Oil needs to stop scapegoating the RFS and get about the business of providing consumers with lower cost.feedback

Alay Patel - Wood Mackenzie

But more is needed. Allowing marketing and pricing freedom for all gas production, regardless of shore status and contract vintage, would incentivise companies to develop gas in the less explored basins.feedback

Matt Stanley - Freight Investor Services

I don't think this one (Nate) will have much of an impact on production...What will be impacted though is the refining sector. With U.S. crude exports surging and U.S. demand falling seasonally we could see the refining margins start to fall sooner rather than later.feedback

Callum Macpherson

When a disruption like that happens it really shines a light on how complex the process [is] of getting oil to the point where it is diesel or petrol at a service station. It rippled around the world. Because US consumption is quite petrol-focused, it tends to produce an excess [of] what are called middle distillates such as jet fuel and diesel, and these are shipped over to Europe.feedback

Shane Channel

We remain fairly confident that the Saudi's will look to continue to support the oil market, especially until the sale of Aramco.feedback

Callum Macpherson

The consequence of the hurricane is that it caused significant changes in the price of different oil-based products relative to one another. Refined products increased in price relative to crude oil, and the price of crude oil – in this case Brent – rose relative to that extracted in the US.feedback

Julian Zegelman

If you would have asked 10 years ago what Russia was known for, it would be Putin, the oligarchs and oil. Now when you ask folks, What do you think about Russia?' you get things back like: 'Oh, great cryptography., Oh, it's a lot of talented engineers.feedback

Colby Goatley - Weather Decision Technologies

Rigs on the eastern side (of Nate) are racing westward to get on that more favorable side.feedback

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

Yesterday, we had Russia and the Saudis talking about extending co-operation, and today we saw a little bit of backtracking with respect to additional cuts in production. What the market gained yesterday is clearly being given back today.feedback

Luis Martinez

In that time of extreme petroleum prices, the utility was borrowing money and buying oil in order to keep those plants operating. That precipitated the bankruptcy that followed. It was in pretty poor shape before the storm. Once the storm got there, it finished the job.feedback

James Waskom

High water is already a problem in many southeast Louisiana parishes. High tides and easterly winds in recent days are impacting some areas ahead of the storm. Those conditions may worsen over the weekend.feedback

Khalid al-Falih

In the kingdom, we have to keep all options open, President Putin agreed with us on this and expressed his readiness to extend until the end of 2018 if this is agreed, and if this is the best option.feedback

Jamie Oliver

I gave Land Rover a massive challenge to create the ultimate kitchen on wheels. … I didn't think they'd actually be able to put a slow-cooker next to the engine and an olive oil dispenser in the boot, but they did. The result is an amazing Discovery, tailored perfectly for me and the family – we love it. Of course, it's my dream (car).feedback

Alex Nussbaum - Bloomberg

U.S. oil explorers could see a multibillion-dollar benefit from a move to slash the U.S. corporate tax rate but some of the industry's biggest tax breaks could also be under fire… Still, the total tax bill for U.S. oil and gas companies could "shrink dramatically" if Congress enacts a law cutting the corporate rate to 20 percent from 35 percent… A proposal to allow immediate deduction of capital investments is likely to help companies like Exxon Mobil Corp. and Chevron Corp., although there's also talk of limiting explorers' ability to deduct interest costs.feedback

Luca Bertelli - Eni

We believe Mexico is one of the last major opportunities to access material oil assets in unexplored or under-explored areas. There aren't many of them left.feedback

John Kinsey - Caldwell Securities

The first eight months were pretty disappointing for the Canadian market compared to the U.S. September's been very good, so it's starting to catch up here.feedback