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Mike Modano
The talent level now, it really reminds me of our group the mid to late '90s. About 10 to 12 guys, all the same age, coming up together. We competed really hard against each other in the NHL but put our egos aside and loved getting the chance to play with each other to represent our country. It would be unfortunate for these guys to miss out on the Olympics, because I'd like to see what they're capable of doing.feedback
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Aug 15 2017
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Jim Johannson - Kontinental Hockey League

We have not had any conversations with any players and we are respectful of our relationship with the NHL.feedback

Edrick Floreal

The N.C.A.A. screen at Eugene is so much higher, so you have to take your eyes a little bit off the track and go 60 to 70 feet up. Whereas in London and all the world championships and Olympics, the screens are typically directly in the middle of the turn and are so big you can see all the lanes.feedback

Ted Leonsis

The Olympics are incredibly meaningful to Alex and his family. So my commitment to them was, I will always do what's in Alex's best interest, and I said it 10 years ago, I'll say it today: If Alex Ovechkin says this is really important to me to go represent and play for my country, I'm going to support him. What's the worst that could happen? We'll get fined or something. I hope it doesn't get to that. But I've got to have my captain's back, and I will.feedback

Allan Yeoh

We tried for many years to convince developers to include a proper ice skating rink in their plans, but there were no takers. But we're very happy that we now have a state-of-the-art facility already completed.feedback

Seng Chee

This is the closest we'll get to training like a professional athlete. We've been training 13 times a week and that's basically all we've been doing.feedback

Trevor Noah

Of course, because this is Hollywood, there will be big changes to the Olympics. For example, the entire Chinese Olympic team will be played by white actors.feedback

Eric Garcetti

We know we will return the Olympic legacy to what it's all about. We're a city that has always been a Games-changer and again will be in 2028.feedback

Patrick Nally

The insecurities of what bidding has become means they (International Olympic Committee) have got to move away from a format which does cause them problems be it Rio, be it Sochi. The Olympics has got to move on and LA has solved their problems but there are not many LAs in the world; they can't rely another LA coming along in another eight years, so time to change.feedback

Eric Garcetti

On my first day as mayor, I wrote, as my first act, a letter to USA Olympic Committee to saying that we wanted to bring the Olympics back. That day we have begun a remarkable journey. In sports term there is no other metaphor: it was a marathon.feedback

Eric Garcetti

This is an historic day for Los Angeles, for the United States, and for the Olympic and Paralympic movements around the world. Today, we take a major step toward bringing the Games back to our city for the first time in a generation and begin a new chapter in Los Angeles's timeless Olympic story. This agreement with the IOC will allow us to seed a legacy of hope and opportunity that will lift up every community in Los Angeles–not in 11 years' time, but starting now. Will kick-start our drive to make L.A. the healthiest city in America.feedback

Bill Furniss

What it means is it's probably a really good launch pad for the next three years [looking towards the Tokyo Olympics].feedback

James Magnussen

I'm sure there are swimmers within those teams that are frustrated with the order and selection of those relay teams and I'm sure they'd be feeling the same way I did last year at the Rio Olympics.feedback

Kevin Durant

I really don't care about the Kyrie Irving situation. I just want guys in the league to be happy wherever they are playing and have some fun playing with the ball. So, wherever that is, for Kyrie, I hope he finds that. But LeBron James is a phenomenal player. I got a chance to play on his team in the Olympics in 2012, and learned a lot from him.feedback

Nastia Liukin

I designed this collection around stars because explorers in the early days would use the night sky for navigation. If they kept their course and followed the stars, they'd reach their destination. I put stars on my vision board as a reminder to stay focused on my goals, despite any disappointments or failures. Even now after the Olympics, I still use stars as a guide, knowing I'll get there one way or another.feedback

Jon Jones

I believe I'm already the greatest fighter of all time. I'm the one. I'm something special. ... Either you got it or you don't. Throughout (Cormier's) career it's been proven time and time again that he is not the one. If he was the one he would have beat Cael Sanderson (in wrestling), if he was the one he would have won the Olympics. If he was the one he would have beat me the first time. I believe that I'm the one and I'm going to prove it again.feedback

Margaret Bergmann Lambert

And suddenly I realized that there were tears just flowing down my cheeks. I'm not a crier. But now I just couldn't help it. I remember watching those athletes, and remembering what it was like for me in 1936, how I could very well have won an Olympic medal. And through the tears, I said, Damn it!feedback

Margaret Bergmann Lambert

It was a terrible shock, because I was the best. I don't hate all Germans anymore, though I did for a long time. But I'm aware of many Germans trying to make up for wrongs as well as they know how. And, yes, I felt that the young people of Germany should not be held responsible for what their elders did.feedback

Laura Blakey

Honestly, if it wasn't for Greg, that wouldn't have happened. I wasn't Katie Ledecky going to the Olympics, but he cared about me. He could tell I had a little bit left in me, and I wanted to prove him right.feedback

Giada De Laurentiis

It's tricky but I take it day by day. I try to schedule my time so if I do come to New York for something, I bang it out and then I go home. It also means I have sinus infections constantly because I'm always on the road. There's not one single part of her that's like, I'm going to be a cook like my mom.' No it's like, That's my mom and I am my own person. She likes to do other things. One day she wants to be a professional horseback rider, the next day she wants to be a gymnast in the Olympics and the next day she wants to sing. It changes every day. Cooking is never on that list.feedback

Martin Slumbers

A testament to that was that [the Open coverage] won a Bafta for sport. They were up against the BBC's coverage of the Olympics and Paralympics, and also the Six Nations. So I think that was a fantastic testament to what we did last year at Royal Troon, and really shows what you can do with TV. We're building on that this year.feedback

Svetlana Kolesnichenko

My answer would be: It's a different type of work. When you synchronize to the music, you have your own vision, your own interpretation of the music.feedback

Ona Carbonell

Obviously, we would like for the Olympics to be like the world championships, to have more medals. Swimming gets a lot of tests, and we only get two.feedback

Hideki Matsuyama

It is hard to imagine a greater honour than representing Japan in a home Olympics. It is definitely a goal for me. When Andy Murray won the tennis Olympic gold in the 2012 London Olympics, I dreamt about how incredibly special it would be to do the same in the golf in Japan.feedback

Johanna Konta

I was actually born in Australia to Hungarian parents but I've lived here for half my life now almost and I'm a British citizen and I'm incredibly proud to represent Great Britain...I've represented Britain in the Olympics so I'm definitely a British athlete.feedback

Aled Davies

I'm in good shape, really strong. I think I can throw 18 metres next Saturday and really bury the comp. We'll be aiming towards able-bodied Commonwealths over the next few years. That's the long-term goal. I think the Olympics would be a bit out of reach.feedback

Michelle Obama

Eunice Kennedy Shriver was a passionate champion for those with developmental challenges, empowering them to fulfill their highest potential. Her work to promote inclusion and acceptance transformed the lives of countless young athletes and inspired us all. I am incredibly honored to present this award to her son to celebrate her life's work.feedback

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

Quite frankly, I don't think that you need to reward somebody if you give somebody a present. You know for the city it would also be a safe bet. Then city would get the right to host the Olympic Games without the risk of defeat in the election procedure. So again this would be a win, win situation. It would be a win for the candidate city and it would be a win for the IOC and this would put this city on an equal basis as the '24 city.feedback

Eric Garcetti

I'm sitting up here with two mayors of two cities which will host, after Tokyo (in 2020), the next two Olympics ... We are one step closer to making that happen and I have full confidence we will get there.feedback

Eric Garcetti

They can't afford to lose the United States. Both (United States and French officials) will find it more and more difficult to convince cities -- whether it's Paris, Los Angeles or other American cities -- to really go into this process if one of us gets turned down.feedback

Michelle Obama

I am here tonight to honor a remarkable woman, a woman who believed that everyone has something to contribute and everyone deserves a chance. When we give others the chance to fulfill their greatest potential, we all win. Through her passionate service, she made our world more welcoming, inclusive and fair. Our mother would have loved you. She would have loved your forthrightness, your honesty, your toughness, your commitment also to get everybody on the playing field. She would have been so honored that you are here for here tonight as we all are.feedback

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

With Los Angeles and Paris, there are two fantastic cities from countries with a profound Olympic history.feedback

Eric Garcetti

[This team] has presented I think the strongest bid in modern Olympic history,'. We look forward to working together maybe not in competition but collaboration with Paris.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

We lost three times, we don't want to lose a fourth one. I'm here to convey the message that there's a strong unity to back this candidacy.feedback

Jim Bush

I think they should do away with the Olympics. The purpose of the Olympics is dead. There is no such thing as amateurism. The Games don't bring people together in peace, but give vent to national hatreds.feedback

Anne Hidalgo

We are all at the disposition and by the side of the IOC which was right to ask itself this question.feedback

Phil Hersh

Minimizing the financial risk – and thereby the likelihood of another budget-busting fiasco that would further frighten potential future bidders – is the best part of a well-conceived L.A. bid that will have no major venue or village construction needs.feedback

Gemma Fay

England have qualified for international competitions for many many years. Then came the explosion of support around the 2012 Olympics and the 2015 World Cup. We see this tournament as the start of something. It's an opportunity to start creating the depth of passion for women's football that England now seem to have.feedback

Rob Manfred

I can't imagine a situation where we would take the kind of break that would be necessary to have our best players in the Olympics. As a result of that, we feel the WBC is crucial as a substitute, a premiere international tournament that allows our players to play for their countries.feedback

Ilya Kovalchuk

Yes, the team has the task of defending the championship and that's always difficult to achieve. It's an Olympic year, so everyone who wants to represent their country has to play at their best. I am not an exception, and it's a challenge which I accept.feedback

Ilya Kovalchuk

One of the main factors was the upcoming Olympic Games. In 2018, only players who play in European championships and the KHL can compete there. It was important to stay with SKA, because I have only played here in the KHL. I have a lot of warmth for the club and our fans.feedback

Richard Budgett

We will assist it but (testing) in Pyeongchang will be under the authority of the ITA. It will be there in Pyeongchang, even if in a preliminary form. Responsibility will be passed to the ITA. The resources of the IOC will be there at their disposal.feedback

Mark Adams

We are already discussing a potential refugee team for Tokyo 2020. We want to strengthen our efforts with the United Nations.feedback

Moon Jae-in

I think (North Korea's Olympic attendance) would greatly contribute in realizing Olympic values, which are about bringing humanity together and promoting world peace.feedback

Moon Jae-in

When athletes from South and North Korea, and from the rest of the world, sweat and compete against each other, offer a hand to fellow athletes who have fallen down, and embrace each other, the world will witness peace through the Olympic games. I look forward to North Korea's active and positive response.feedback

Jung Moon-hyun

What's most important is that North Korea not act in a way that earns President Moon criticism when he makes a gesture of reconciliation.feedback

Mario Lowe

To see that my sport was one of the dirtiest in that Olympics changed my world. It's a really dark rabbit hole. I don't want people to cast a shadow on my career. Mom saw that our ship was sinking.feedback

Christyn Williams

I would never have known it was her first time coaching if she hadn't told us. She's a great mentor. She's done a lot of the things I want to do -- Olympics, WNBA, coaching, sports broadcasting.feedback

Stéphane Bermon

This study brings new evidence [of] the performance-enhancing effects of androgens in elite female athletes. Although long suspected [to be the case], until now there was no proof. Our starting position is to defend, protect and promote fair female competition. If, as the study shows, in certain events female athletes with higher testosterone levels can have a competitive advantage of between 1.8 and 4.5% over female athletes with lower testosterone levels, imagine the magnitude of the advantage for female athletes with testosterone levels in the normal male range.feedback

Odorico Roman

He's 24, so that augments the risk of not adapting the old continent where I don't think they play the same kind of football, but I repeat, he has great qualities. I don't think his value can be far away from Gabigol or Gabriel Jesus. He played more than them in the Olympics, and he's currently the best striker in Brazil.feedback

Leon Goretzka

I didn't even notice that to be honest. I don't read all the stories every day. But last year we had a similar situation at the Olympics. There a young German team showed that you can get a whole nation to rally behind you at a seemingly unnoticeable tournament. Suddenly you gain attention and the support of the fans. This is the case again at the Confed Cup.feedback

Mary Joe Fernandez

She's always studying. Every time I had her, whether Fed Cup or the Olympics, she always had her books with her, always was looking to improve some aspect of her life, and I think that's why the longevity is there in her tennis.feedback

Mary Joe Fernandez

In 2012, when she played at the Olympics, I remember her wanting to practice so much and her mom saying, Please be careful, she can't be practicing that much. She definitely wants to train the way she used to, but has learned she cannot. It was hard in the beginning, but now she manages her Sjogren's really well, knows when to push and when to back off.feedback

Gabriel Jesus

I'm very fond of Neymar, not only for the quality that everyone knows about, but for the person he is. I met him at the Olympics, he treated everyone well, even though he was the star of the competition. He was a normal person. He took on the responsibility and made the whole group like each other.feedback

Quinton Fortune

I was very fortunate to play for South Africa against him in the Olympics in front of 72,000 fans. But, when he was at Barcelona, he was a different Ronaldinho so I'm hoping we get a glimpse of that and I hope I won't have to mark him!feedback

Ken Kato

Ski equipment used at the Masikryong ski resort was mostly obtained through UN sanctions violations and the IOC should not use the proceeds of crime. I sincerely hope that 'the educational value of good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles' enshrined in the Fundamental Principles of Olympism be respected.feedback

Keni Harrison

Everyone in this event is really strong. These girls are going to represent and get that sweep like last year (at the Olympics).feedback

Connor McDavid

It's more about team stuff, and he's got all that. I'm sure personal accolades are nice and you appreciate them very much. But it's about winning Cups and winning Olympics and winning World Cups and that kind of thing. He's done it all.feedback

David Florence

It's a real shame, especially seeing other sports get medals added. Unfortunately, in the U.K., if a sport is not in the Olympics, it doesn't get heavily supported, so Richard and I decided to call it quits.feedback

Gauthier Klauss

It's a big shame that the politicians decided to take C2 out, because it is an event that is fun for the canoeing family and federation. The Olympics are now mired in marketing and politics.feedback

Sepp Blatter

No. At school, if you had somebody who was a whistleblower towards the tutor, then…. Yes, yes. She wants to go to the Olympics, and now everybody says it is a shame she can't go because she is a whistleblower. Before long whistleblowers will be allowed to go to everything. Because if you are a whistleblower, it's not correct as well. Why the hell then should the FIFA president bear all the charges, the responsibility and the blame?feedback

Silvia Lagnado - McDonald's

McDonald's and the IOC have mutually agreed to end our worldwide TOP Partnership (The Olympic Partner Programme). As part of our global growth plan, we are reconsidering all aspects of our business and have made this decision in cooperation with the IOC to focus on different priorities. We have been proud to support the Olympic Movement, and we thank our customers and staff, the spectators, athletes and officials, as well as the IOC and local Olympics Games organising committees, for all of their support over the years.feedback

Andy Murray

So long as I'm fit and healthy and enjoying playing I'll do it as long as I can. I don't want to stop in two years. I want to keep playing. Who knows where I am going to be in a few years. When I go out, I'm really trying to get better and learn stuff and improve. There's a point to me doing it. Maybe I might not even be in the Olympics ranking wise or there might be more British guys ahead of me at that time.feedback

Sepp Blatter

Blazer was at the Olympics as a representative of Fifa, and he was wired by the FBI. So, what is such a country trying to give us lessons in how to honestly do a job?feedback

Timmo Lumme - International Olympic Committee

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, we understand that McDonald's is looking to focus on different business priorities. For these reasons, we have mutually agreed with McDonald's to part ways.feedback

LeBron James

I don't know, I have to think about it. It's great for basketball. For us to be able to add another category to the Olympics, another basketball category, I think it's pretty great. I haven't seen the full layout of how they plan on executing it ... are they going to use NBA guys, are they going to use college guys. I'm not quite sure.feedback

John Bertrand

There's an 'X' factor with Peter Burling. What he has achieved in the Olympics and the Cup, he's a phenomenon. It's a rare, instinctive, natural talent.feedback

LeBron James

I'm not very good in a 3-on-3 thing. I'm more of a 5-on-5 guy. I stay out of the 1-on-1 matchups during our practice, the 2-on-2s and the 3-on-3s. So probably not. I probably won't be a part of the 3-on-3 matchup that it has to offer. I think it's great for basketball. For us to be able to add another category to the Olympics, another basketball category, I think it's pretty great. I haven't seen the full layout of how they plan on executing it and are they going to use NBA guys are they going to use college guys. I'm not quite sure.feedback

LeBron James

I'm not very good in a three-on-three thing, I'm more of a five-on-five guy. I stay out of the one-on-one matchups during our practice, the two-on-twos and the three-on-threes. So probably not. I probably won't be a part of the three-on-three matchup that it has to offer.feedback

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

This represents a golden opportunity for the Olympic Games and for the IOC.feedback

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

I don't think you need to reward somebody if you give somebody a present. This would put the [2028] city on an equal basis with the 2024 city. This city would get the right to host the Olympic Games without the risk of a defeat in an election procedure.feedback

Mark Tatum

Today's announcement by the IOC to include 3-on-3 basketball in the 2020 Olympics is great news and continues to signify the growing popularity of basketball around the world. The last few years, we have made a major push in 3-on-3 basketball with our nationwide Dew NBA 3X tour and several international 3-on-3 competitions and the Olympic stage will provide these elite athletes with the opportunity to further demonstrate their talents.feedback

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

The fascinating new events that we approved today, together with the five new sports that were added to the Tokyo 2020 programme last year, represent a step-change in the Olympic programme. I am delighted that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will be more youthful, more urban and will include more women.feedback

James Lankford

When the president asked you about he 'hopes' that you would let this go … this seems like a pretty light touch.feedback

Sanya Richards-Ross

[Ross] explained to me that he was just as burdened by the decision as I was. He believed that our child in 2008 was a blessing we had rejected by always wanting to be in control.feedback

Missy Franklin

I think it's so fun. Honestly, I think it's a big testament to swimming for combining men and women competing together. I think that that's so cool to have that opportunity.feedback

Virginia Raggi

In light of the data we have, these Olympics are not sustainable. They will bring only debt.feedback

Sanya Richards-Ross

In that moment, it seemed like no choice at all. The debate of when life begins swirled through my head, and the veil of a child out of wedlock at the prime of my career seemed unbearable. What would my sponsors, my family, my church, and my fans think of me? Abortion would now forever be a part of my life. A scarlet letter I never thought I'd wear. I was a champion – and not just an ordinary one, but a world-class, record-breaking champion. From the heights of that reality I fell into a depth of despair.feedback

Ryan Lochte

After Rio, I was probably the most hated person in the world. There were a couple of points where I was crying, thinking, If I go to bed and never wake up, fine.' . You can be at the all-time high and then the next second the all-time low. I love being at the Olympics, but I'm the opposite of what you'd expect. It's been that way my whole life. Look, I was done with swimming back in 2013. I was drained, wiped out. Now I've found a new purpose with my son. This fire has been ignited, and it's bigger than ever, and I'm just so excited because I know what's going to happen in Tokyo.feedback

Sanya Richards-Ross

The name of the book is called 'Chasing Grace.' Chasing is something I've been doing all my life. I'm chasing gold medals; I'm chasing records, and chasing the best version of myself. So, for me, if I didn't share the toughest moment in my life where I felt God's grace the most, it would be disingenuous to this journey. I think there are lots of young girls who experience this especially female athletes. I look forward to having more discussions about it and helping young women heal from it.feedback

Sanya Richards-Ross

I made a decision that broke me, and one from which I would not immediately heal. Abortion would now forever be a part of my life. A scarlet letter I never thought I'd wear. I was a champion– and not just an ordinary one, but a world-class, record-breaking champion. From the heights of that reality I fell into a depth of despair. I always harbored some resentment toward Ross. It was our mess-up, but I felt abandoned in the decision. It was like by not saying anything, neither agreeing nor opposing, he kept his conscience clear, but it wasn't fair. We were in it together.feedback

Tony Estanguet

I heard and learned a lot from the previous bids that anything can happen in the last minute. We are still two candidates; there are still the same rules, so don't count on me to be relaxed. I haven't seen any paper that will tell me that I will get the Games in Paris in '24, so I want to remain focused on this objective.feedback

Tony Estanguet

It's important to our bid because it's a well-recognized place internationally.feedback

Tony Estanguet

When we entered into the room for the final result, we were quite confident, and then it was, waaaah, cold shower. I don't want to comment anything about Trump. What I can tell you is that I think the I.O.C. needs to get a sustainable Games at the moment. This is really important. Personally, I think that's part of the credibility of the whole system, and not only during the Games time.feedback

Thomas Drake

If there was anything exceptional about America, it was our Constitution . . . and yet, here I was, seeing it unravel, in secret, from within the government. To me, this still really matters.feedback

Wayne Murphy - National Security Agency

The NSA has never . . . at any time conducted 'mass' or 'blanket' surveillance, interception, or analysis . . . of e-mail, text message, telephone, or other telecommunications in Salt Lake City or the vicinity of the 2002 Winter Olympic venues, whether during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games or otherwise.feedback

Rocky Anderson

It's incredibly important that the public be aware of what our government's doing, and all of us standing up against it. We need to let our elected officials know that we will resist in any way possible this rather sudden transformation of our country, not only to a surveillance state, but to a nation where the rule of law seems to mean very little.feedback

Lynda Carter

I'm very excited – I feel like I just passed the baton to the anchor in the relay race in the Olympics. I think she's going to do amazing. She's a great girl.feedback

Eric Garcetti

As we've talked to the Olympics they've asked us to think about - both Paris and us - what would it take for us to consider one of us going first and the other going second. My dream is not so much just to bring the Olympics here, but is to bring youth sports for free to every zip code. Given some of the challenges we face globally right now with leadership, that [hosting the 2028 Olympics] would be I think quite a coup and something for us all to celebrate.feedback

Ian Lavery

People don't want austerity, people have had enough of cuts. Today's economy is completely fractured – it's broken, it only serves the rich and the wealthy and we'll change that. We want change that and we're in the process – it will be a long, long, long process, of changing politics in Britain. Whatever happens at the election isn't the end of the Corbyn project, it's only the beginning of the Corbyn project.feedback

Bill Daly

We have a lot of patience for the Coyotes. We're confident there are a lot of good arena opportunities available to them there. Our ownership is focused on cultivating one of those opportunities. There's every sense that they'll be successful in doing that. So we support their efforts.feedback

Gary Bettman

(We've seen) a number of comments from the (International Ice Hockey Federation) and player reps suggesting it was still an open issue, it is not and has not been. We have an expectation that none of our players are going. But I don't want to get into the gymnastics involved in what that means. There's no reason to pick that fight right now. I think the focus is more about long-term developing the sport, not what happens for two weeks in 2022.feedback

Michael Fallon

Now with two weeks to go before an election he wants to pretend to voters he will put Britain's security first and will stand up for the country's interests in the Brexit negotiations. His record says otherwise.feedback

Jennifer Gerber

It is almost unbelievable that any Labour MP would participate in a ceremony honouring a man involved in the vicious murder of innocent Israeli athletes. Unfortunately, this appears to be part of a very disturbing pattern of behaviour and we are seeking urgent clarification from the Leaders office on this matter.feedback

Michael Fallon

Jeremy Corbyn has spent thirty years siding with those who oppose Britain and the west. Too often he has either ignored the horrendous actions of Britain's enemies as he stands by their side, or worse still sought to excuse their actions.feedback

Simon Johnson

In light of today's news reports, it is high time that Jeremy Corbyn clarifies his views regarding Palestinian terrorism. At first sight, attending a wreath-laying ceremony of a known terrorist, who led one of the most notorious acts of international terrorism, the attack on the Munich Olympics, would appear to be beyond the pale.feedback

Michael Phelps

I'm training Boomer and all the babies around the world to be the best swimmers that they can be. It's never too early to introduce your baby to the water. We're at the stage where we're constantly looking out for him, because he's grabbing everything. We basically hop in two or three times a week. Boomer loves it, he floats around in our hands trying to swim butterfly. He loves being in the water and he doesn't mind going under.feedback

Jérémy Florès

I've been watching the Olympics since I was a kid – it's amazing for our sport.feedback

Tom Curren

It's been a long time that the surfing community has been knocking on the door and always getting the same answer. There was even talk about it in 1980 when we were here. But surfing has grown to where it includes enough countries and the format of the events is structured enough now, so it's great to see surfing finally in the Olympics.feedback

David Wallechinsky

They can go into the Summer Olympics and win gold medals. They're not going to win any gold medals in the Winter Olympics. So what do they gain by having two people go and finish in 32nd place in women's figure skating and be eliminated in the first round of short track?feedback

Marissa Brandt

It's like the girls didn't bat an eyelash; no one seemed panicked. If they weren't concerned, I'm not going to be concerned.feedback

Sergey Radchenko

Today, North Korea's sole supporter, China, is increasingly losing patience with Pyongyang. If Kim does something 'stupid,' he may well push the Chinese over the edge and lose all support. And he would not want that.feedback

Tyler Brickler

You get the feeling that something could happen. I just want to make sure this is a safe place to come back to.feedback

Ryohei Miyata

We are praying for the birth of a mascot that will be loved and praised by the world.feedback

Mário Andrada

We're seeing problems with the covering on between six or seven per cent of the medals and it seems to be to do with the difference in temperatures. The most common issue is that they were dropped or mishandled and the varnish has come off and they've rusted or gone black in the spot where they were damaged. The medals will either be repaired or replaced.feedback

Patrick Baumann - International Olympic Committee

Paris 2024 has developed an excellent proposal. It's built on a very solid concept of the games with remarkable sites, built around the most extraordinarily beautiful historic buildings and places around Paris.feedback

Lee Hee-beom

I have discussed with him over the phone last week. We are widely open to discuss this matter. We are discussing not only with IIHF but also with the IOC in many channels.feedback

Lee Hee-beom

I don't think they made the final decision so far. [There is] still room to discuss and negotiate. I'm ready to meet with their [the NHL] delegations wherever it is they say to do so. Very recently I met their delegation in Pyeongchang, not only the athletes' side, but also the labor union side. Not only in Pyeongchang, but also in New York. Nothing is concluded until the final conclusion is made.feedback

Lee Hee-beom

I had a very useful breakfast meeting with Rene Fasel this morning and I also met many ice hockey leaders in Europe. We totally agreed between IIHF and Pyeongchang organizing committee that we are in the same boat. We will cooperate with the IIHF to further develop the Olympic (hockey) venues.feedback

Franz Reindl

I feel we would be more competitive if our N.H.L. players were available, of course, but the players playing in Germany or other parts of Europe, they see a chance and a challenge for themselves that maybe they didn't see before with the opportunity to go to the Olympics. It's not our decision, but we have to live with it.feedback

Eric Garcetti

But I'd love to go to Paris in 2028 and see my friends; I think it would be great Olympics.feedback

Diana Taurasi

Certain names have been connected to our franchise for so long. So from the outside, it's very different. On the inside, it's not as big a change because the people we have coming in, I'm familiar with their game and we've been friends for a long time. Playing overseas, in the WNBA, in the Olympics -- everyone is used to being in the moment with whatever team they're on. So I think that's the approach we're taking this year. But on the flip side of that, there is something to be said for the unknown. It's kind of exciting. So there is that energy you get from that.feedback

Gwen Jorgensen

Every doctor I've talked to has said that even if everything goes perfectly, you need at least 10 days of no running or exercise to let everything heal. But my long-term plan is to race in 2018 and make it to [the Summer Olympics in] Tokyo 2020.feedback

Eric Garcetti

On the logistics side there were a lot of 'WOW' moments. The Olympics asked us not to buff the city up. This is Hollywood. We could have had the best show, the cutest kids lining the streets, we could have had the most amazing fireworks, but we didn't change a single thing. We didn't go out of our way to show a city that's any different than the city we know.feedback

Carli Lloyd

The Champions League was obviously disappointing. It was a little bittersweet because we did really well. It wasn't the result we wanted but we ended on a high and to finish the Champions League with a victory over a really quality side says a lot about this club and its character. It should give the players more confidence to know they can play with the best and this club can be at the top level. So now to be able to shift our focus to an FA Cup final is huge. For me, this is up there with the World Cup and the Olympics. This is a massive tournament and I'm going to approach it as such.feedback

Serena Williams

Growing up in Los Angeles taught me that anyone can succeed as long as they have dreams and goals. Los Angeles embodies the optimistic spirit that allows kids like me to become athletes and Olympians. I am proud to join the LA 2024 Athletes' Advisory Commission and help bring the Olympics and Paralympics home and inspire the next generation of champions.feedback

Andrew Zimbalist

The problems for 99 percent of the cities out there is that the demands of the I.O.C. have grown to the point where to host a Summer Olympics you are looking at an expenditure of $15 to $20 billion, for most cities. In the case of the Summer Olympics, you might bring in $4 billion or $5 billion of revenue.feedback

Jonny Coleman

We know we are going up against a $50 million war chest.feedback

Eric Garcetti

Clearly we want 2024 and Paris wants 2024. Both of us look at 2028 as a long time away.feedback

Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles is one of the few places in the nation and the world that can pull off an Olympics that is fiscally responsible and that is ready to go whenever we get the green light. We do big events here every year all the time. It's kind of second nature to us.feedback

Zev Yaroslavsky

As one of the 1984 Olympics skeptics – who said let's not take any chances, let's make sure the city not be exposed – I have a lot of confidence that with fiscal discipline, they can do this right. There is no organized opposition to this in L.A. People have a very fond memory of the '84 Games. I certainly do.feedback

David Wallechinsky

Los Angeles is like Paris. It doesn't really need the Olympics to put it on the map. Los Angeles and Paris are already on the map.feedback

David Wallechinsky

I think that Paris gets the nod in 2024 and L.A. in 2028. And, yes, Trump does not help. That's very clear. It was the opposite of disruption. Employers were encouraged to let people go home or to work on flex time. Traffic was great. I had people say, Why can't we have Olympics 365 days a year'?feedback

Casey Wasserman

Our risks in terms of delivery are minimal at worst. The benefits are we get to harness the great creativity and innovation in L.A., to help deliver the Olympics of the next generation.feedback

Andrew Zimbalist

The main thing that is driving the opposition is we are in a world where public resources needed for basic needs – transportation and health care – are more pressing than ever. Los Angeles is sui generis. Because of the large level of top-level colleges and universities, and the large number of sports teams in Los Angeles, they basically have all the venues they need.feedback

Henrik Lundqvist

I haven't played with him in 12 years. Also the fact that we're not part of the Olympics, I see this as an opportunity for me to play for my country one more time, and with my brother. I'm gonna go there and try to finish really strong.feedback

Patrick Baumann - International Olympic Committee

This Evaluation Commission is for 2024. Now of course there discussions going on for (20)24-28 at the executive board of the IOC. Also having two great cities bidding for 2024 we can see if this creates opportunities and what those opportunities are.feedback

Jules Boykoff

A lot of the stadiums for the Olympics are being envisioned for the future. They would not even be built if it wasn't for the Olympics. If you have existing venues, you don't have to envision as much. It still takes some imagination.feedback

Patrick Baumann - International Olympic Committee

We will be concentrating on the process that has started and these cities have been going through for the purpose of awarding the host of 2024.feedback

Casey Wasserman

There has obviously be a lot of discussion recently about this 2024-28 question and frankly I applaud the IOC's thinking, it's the right thinking at the right time. But this week is our opportunity to focus on core question, the question we set out to answer in September 2015 -- why is LA2024 the right city at this important time for the Olympic movement. Today was the first part of our answer. We have the strongest foundations of any Olympic bid in history.feedback

Nick Ekbatani

Everything in my life that I've been through and what I've learned from being an athlete trained me to keep my chin up and keep going and persevere. At the time, the 2012 Summer Olympics were going on, and Oscar Pistorius was in front of me running on two prosthetic legs, so I had a lot of hope. I kind of denied the potential consequences of losing my leg. I didn't want to accept the fact that I wouldn't be able to be an athlete or move like I used to. I think that's what's helped me heal.feedback

John Ritblat

With the Winter Olympics fast approaching, this is a tremendously exciting time for British snow sports. We are delighted that His Royal Highness will be supporting the journey of our athletes to emulate the success of their summer sports compatriots at the upcoming Games and in the years to come.feedback

Reini Fernsebner

I am looking at installing a real structure which will mean we are strong going into the 2018 Winter Olympics and even stronger and with a bigger team as we look towards Beijing 2022.feedback

Rene Fasel - International Olympic Committee

What we will do for sure if the NHL isn't coming is that we will work in China, in the KHL. That will give the space to the Russian and the non-Russian clubs to be present in Asia.feedback

Bill Daly

The decision has already been made. We have nothing further to add.feedback

Rene Fasel - International Olympic Committee

I would say the latest we can do is end of June, beginning of July, for calendars, schedules, arenas. We will see. I have a very good relation with Gary. But what can I say? I have nothing to give him. I can say 'Hello, how are you? Great playoffs.' Just social talk. Maybe I come to New York, we have a steak and go back. This is the way it is. I'm a very positive person so I never give up, and there is still some time where maybe we can convince Gary Bettman to change his opinion.feedback

Rene Fasel - International Olympic Committee

The puck is for sure on the stick of the NHL Players' Association and we will see.feedback

Gary Bettman

There is nothing bigger and more important. We don't have a better platform for our sport than the Olympic Winter Games. Three billion people watching.feedback

Rene Fasel - International Olympic Committee

We played before without the NHL, we will have anyway a great tournament. But it would be so much better with the best players in the world. The players want to go, so I really don't understand. But if Gary decides not to go to the Olympics, the fans will not be happy, the players will not be happy, I hope (the) media won't be happy. The whole world will not be happy. There is a unique opportunity for our sport to show up there, a unique opportunity for the NHL to be there.feedback

Casey Wasserman

Just at every touch point, the community of Los Angeles in the largest possible sense is entirely supportive and embraces the idea of hosting an Olympic Games in 2024. That is unique. We are an oasis of optimism.feedback

Chris Dempsey

I truly believe the experience in Boston is and should be instructive for people on both sides of the Olympic debate. I like to think that what happened in Boston really has been an example in other cities. I think that really there is something to be said for the momentum that Boston created.feedback

Tamás Csillag

It was a super-encouraging thing to learn that a small but well-prepared team could pull it off, without having hundreds of thousands of dollars, or a political party behind them.feedback

Sean Beardow

We're really committed to hearing all sides of the story. We thought Chris could bring some valuable perspective. He gave an excellent presentation. It's been important to Calgary from Day 1 that it's not just about whether Calgary fits with the Olympics but if the Olympics fits with Calgary.feedback

Chris Dempsey

I wanted to be helpful in explaining how the IOC process is set up that tends to lead to these really negative outcomes for the host cities. Even though the IOC and its sponsors do great and the TV contracts are profitable, it's still the case where these host cities have bad outcomes.feedback

Chris Dempsey

I don't see an incentive structure for the IOC to be any different tomorrow or five years from now or 10 years from now than it is today. As long as they have at least one bid, the Games will go on, they'll still be profitable and still have these lavish events.feedback

David Ellis - Morningstar

We have been chuntering along quite happily for a number of years and built a great foundation in the UK. Since slightly before the London 2012 Olympics, there has been an energy behind London. We are now hoping to really drive this internationally. It is time to push the brand in key territories across the global market.feedback

Vladimir Putin

I believe that positive processes which we have started, to reform anti-doping structures, are irreversible. We must listen to what WADA has to say, because we have to admit that we have several cases of proven doping violation. This is unacceptable. We will do everything to organize efficient and fruitful work with all our partners, including WADA and the IOC. I hope they have the same intentions.feedback

Vladimir Putin

Russia is ready for an open and consistent participation in work to establish an accomplished global anti-doping system. Once again, I would like to reiterate something that we have always stated: Russia never had, and I hope never will have, a state-backed system of doping support. On the contrary – we will fight doping.feedback

Vladimir Putin

I would rather speak of Russia generally, not necessarily about Moscow. Apart from the capital of our country, we have a number of cities which could potentially host Summer Olympics. There is Sochi, of course, but also St. Petersburg and possibly Kazan. We are not going to make any specific statements, yet. In 2014, our country successfully hosted the Winter Games in Sochi. However, I do not rule out the possibility that Russia will decide to enter in bidding process for the right to host another Olympics.feedback

Vladimir Putin

Regarding Los Angeles, it is not for us to estimate the city's chances. This must be done by the IOC. USA is one of the leading sports countries in the world, and I believe had good chance of getting the honour of hosting the games. It is well known that LA hosted the games in 1984 and the USSR team unfortunately did not participate - just like the U.S. team which did not come to Moscow in 1980. No-one benefited from this.feedback

Andy Murray

I met him [Joshua] for the first time at the Olympics in 2012. He doesn't appear to have changed at all, which is refreshing, because there's a huge drama around every fight. When you listen to him, he does appear to be very grounded and very aware of where he wants to get to and the best way of doing that.feedback

Tetsuro Kojo

Only 18 per cent of people may smoke, but the percentage of smoking customers in smaller restaurants is much higher - nearly half. We must take care of them.feedback

Chris Smith - ANZ New Zealand

What I really wanted to capture in this photograph was a sense of place. This was particularly difficult due to the fact that the ski jumping took place seven miles from the city and the weather was never very good. There was one perfectly clear day, the day this photo was taken, which was my golden opportunity.feedback

Douglas Bettcher

A recent newspaper described Japan as a 'paradise for smokers,' and I'm sure it wouldn't want that title. It's not a good impression to give ... as Japan is preparing and investing so much for the 2020 Summer Olympics.feedback

Naomi Tokashiki

I believe Japanese people really are considerate of others. It's more important for us to trust people than enact a really repressive law.feedback

Laura Muir

Zola Budd is definitely one of the icons of British distance running. I know she's got a very quick time so if I were to break hers, it would be great. I'm not sure I'm quite up for running barefoot though. My lucky spikes are doing well so far so I think I'll keep them on. All my records have come with the same spikes. I wore them for the first time at the Rio Olympics and they are doing pretty well.feedback

Gabby Douglas

Coming off of the Olympics was so stressful mentally and physically, so my body and my mind are thanking me for the break.feedback

Simone Biles

I just realized I'm really short. Yes. You just have to have confidence in yourself.feedback

Laurie Hernandez

She knows that I'm a perfectionist, and tells me that I have to be patient with myself. We're all different, so even though someone is getting a skill before you, it doesn't mean that you're not good enough, it just means you have to wait a little bit, and the skill will come when it comes.feedback

Laurie Hernandez

She taught me to be grateful for every moment. There was one competition where I fell multiple times, and it was a really big meet. She just said, Look at where you are, let's celebrate.' And we got ice cream.feedback

Carli Lloyd

You have European football growing a lot now -– Barcelona, the Spanish teams, the English league, France, Germany, the game is growing in Europe and it is going to be exciting the next few years to see what happens. I have had nothing but good things to say. I think so, time is running out though as we get close to 2019 and 2020 because those are big years with the World Cup and Olympics, it would have to be between now and 2019. It is a great competition to be able to compete in -– it's been a lot of fun.feedback

Wang Yi

You mean the big leadership issue? Every year is something special. Last year was some anniversary, and a few years ago were the Olympics. Next year will be something else. Right now the Communist Party is not so stable. We can't know what is going on inside. They may feel they need quiet at all costs, and we'll have trouble. Or they could also say that they need quiet so will ignore us; after all, we're not challenging them. We just trust in God and let Him decide.feedback

Raymond Domenech

I remember Ronaldo at the Olympics in 1996, and Mbappe is of this level - a world-class player. It is up to him to manage this well: he has the choice between being Ronaldo or Anelka.feedback

Kathrine Switzer

In 1967, few would have believed that marathon running would someday attract millions of women, become a glamour event in the Olympics and on the streets of major cities, help transform views of women's physical ability and help redefine their economic roles in traditional cultures.feedback

Laura Kenny

I'm not scared in the slightest. I've put myself through hell and back with training. How hard can it be to give birth?feedback

Laura Kenny

It was my choice to do this, and it'll be my choice to try and start again afterwards. It doesn't scare me at all because [I've wanted to be a mum] for a long time.feedback

Laura Kenny

We didn't want people waiting for it. I've always wanted kids and said that would happen so I would have been gutted if it hadn't. You feel a lot more pressure [to have children] when you get married.feedback

Laura Kenny

I wouldn't want to be treated the way they have. It's happened in a system I work in, but as bad as it sounds you don't know anything's going on till you read it in the newspaper which sounds insane, but you focus on your own goal and don't look on the outside.feedback

Laura Kenny

It happened really quickly. Even though [the pregnancy] seemed like it took a long time. I was always like, come on, is it this month? But it just happened.feedback

Laura Kenny

That's the end goal, I feel like I'll still have time to be a mum and then I've got a long time afterwards to train. I never wanted it to be all rushed, or have either of them half-heartedly done. I wanted to settle and then start training afterwards. Everything's going to be new to me. I know I want to get into the team pursuit, but anything after that is a bonus. If I'm good enough to compete in the individual one, then I will, but it was never a target.feedback

Bob Bowman

I have concerns about adding relay events and also adding individual events while keeping the roster sizes the same. The IOC has been insistent on keeping participant numbers at the same level. It doesn't make sense to add relay events in this dynamic.feedback

Wladimir Klitschko

He impressed me with his attitude. He was in the background and learning. Sometimes you need to be quiet and just watch, and he was observing everything. He could also box, so I gave him credit and I was there in the arena when he won gold [at London 2012]. Every medallist in the super-heavyweight division at the Olympics has to be considered successful. He has a lot of potential and so far has done good.feedback

Frank Busch

I am sure that the 50s would add a level of excitement to the swimming competition, but swimming is already the most successful sport at the Summer Olympics.feedback

Chris Carver

Seeing two women swim together is a beautiful thing when they are perfectly matched and move like one. But the interplay between male and female gives the opportunity for artistry in a whole different dimension.feedback

Justin Rose

I take confidence from two years ago. And from Rio; the Olympics aren't a major but I held off great players down the stretch.feedback

Emma Watson

It's about taking the time to appreciate your body and realizing that our bodies are constantly changing… Of course I'm not going to look the same, or be in the same shape as I was in the Olympics and that's okay.feedback

Odorico Roman

I don't think his value can be far away from Gabigol or Gabriel Jesus. He played more than them in the Olympics, and he's currently the best striker in Brazil.feedback

Vitaly Mutko

It's the top of the pyramid. No business interests, no loss of earnings - though you can discuss those things - should restrict your opportunity to show what you can do at the Olympics.feedback

Mário Andrada

We are confident we will come to an agreement and will honor our commitments.feedback

Ignacio Cano

[The city] is in the worst condition in 20 years. You have an economic crisis, a political crisis, a moral crisis. There is a general perception of a very dark time. The perception was that things were getting better. Now the perception is everything is deteriorating.feedback

Ryan Lochte

I was still intoxicated. I was still under that influence, and I'm not making me being intoxicated an excuse. It was my fault, and I shouldn't have said that.feedback

Laurie Hernandez

It was great to go to the Olympics and represent Hispanics. My advice is to try something new and don't be afraid to go after your dreams!feedback

Marie Delarbre

I think we were all pretty upset after not qualifying for the Olympics. But that's life. You've got to keep your head up and just look forward and don't let anything bring you down.feedback

Ryan Miller

It's all about money and Coca-Cola and where you can put the rings and where you can't. Of course it's self-interest because if it gets too much warmer, there won't be any more Winter Olympics because we won't have any more snow. So it's a natural. Everybody would understand why the I.O.C. would be engaged in that.feedback

Cory Schneider

I know you can have language in the C.B.A. regarding the Olympics, but ultimately, they're pretty independent of each other. If we start giving up years or concessions for this Olympics, then every Olympics, I'm sure something will open up if they said, If you want to go, we want this. Who knows? Once you set a precedent, it's pretty hard to go back on. That's not our thinking.feedback

Alex Ovechkin

I haven't changed my mind and I won't. I'm pretty sure everything is going to be fine. Next year's schedule is not out there yet.feedback

Alex Ovechkin

It's my country. I think everybody wants to play there (at the Olympics). It's biggest opportunity in life to play at the Olympic Games. If somebody's gonna tell me not to go, I don't care – I'll just go.feedback

Alex Ovechkin

I haven't changed my mind and I won't. It my country. I think everybody wants to play there. Somebody going to tell me don't go, I don't care, I just go. The situation was the same before the Sochi Games in 2014. I'm pretty sure everything is going to be fine, they (NHL) just want to do a big story about it because it's their plan. For us as players, we want to go there and represent our countries.feedback

Alex Ovechkin

I didn't change my mind and I won't. Because it's my country. I think everybody wants to play there. It's the biggest opportunity in your life to play in the Olympic Games. So, I don't know, somebody (is) going to tell me 'don't go,' I don't care, I just go. So if the schedule is not going to the Olympic Games, then you can see they don't bluff. But again, still long time, still everything can change. I still hope the NHL will let us play. But nothing is going to change my point of view... if Russia needs us, of course.feedback

Olivier Niggli - World Anti-Doping Agency

Of course this is not great. Because if you're cheating, if you are a cheater, you have a perfect excuse [with contaminated meat] if you get caught. But that's where we are.feedback

Angel Herdedia

There were plenty of questions from Jamaican coaches [contacting and] asking me […] if clenbuterol was good for sprinting. They have asked me since very long, even years before that, they asked me how clenbuterol was good for sprinters and they were asking me questions how to use it. And whether it was good for sprinting, for recovering and all this stuff. Basically clenbuterol, […] they used it a lot for recovery, for increasing their oxygen intake, you know, for anti-asthmatic properties.feedback

Kevin Shattenkirk

It really seemed like kind of a knee jerk decision by the NHL to just kibosh it. I know we really want to go, and I think we deserve to go and the world deserves to see hockey at that level. It's the highest level of hockey that I've ever played at. And it's great for our game. If we can get over there and the next two Olympics are in that part of the world and grow our game even more, I don't see why we wouldn't do it.feedback

Kevin Shattenkirk

I'd tip my caps to those guys for doing it, and I think that's something that I'm sure will cause trouble with your team, but if that's your sentiment and that's how you feel, then absolutely, you should honor that and be proud that you did it. I definitely wouldn't hold anything against you.feedback

Evgeny Kuznetsov

I didn't really pay attention yesterday about that (Olympic announcement) because there were some tough things in St. Petersburg. ... But it is what it is, I still hope they (the NHL) will let us play. But nothing is going to change from my point of view. Of course, if Russia needs us, of course. It's from the heart for Russian people. We'll see though. Maybe they'll let us go.feedback

Braden Holtby

I have no idea if guys will or not, that's a personal decision, (but) I wouldn't be able to go away from my team here. I couldn't do it. That's just personal. But everyone's priorities are kind of different. He plays a big role on Team Russia. But as me, I've always liked the group that I've been with through the year. That's my No. 1 focus.feedback

Dylan Larkin

We grew up watching the Vancouver Olympics, the Sochi Olympics. With Canada winning the last two [Games], you want to get there. They're the champions of the world. With the youthfulness of USA Hockey, we would want to change that.feedback

Jim Slater

I'm also a believer that the best athletes in the world should be in the Olympics. As a fan and former [NHL] player, I definitely think the NHL players should go.feedback

Ron Wilson

I believe Auston would have done very well at the Olympics. He has a knack for big games and big moments. He can do it all.feedback

Dmitry Orlov

We'll see how it's going to be, the situation. Right now, for sure, we want to go. It's hard to do. Ovi said yeah, he can go, but he's a superstar of this league and the world. It's easy for him to do it.feedback

Kevin Shattenkirk

It just seems like they want to use it as a bargaining chip. That's wrong. That's not what the Olympics is for. The reason we started going was so we could grow the game and show the world how great it is when you get the best players in the world playing against each other. That's what we're trying to achieve with the World Cup, but that's going to take time and this is right in the prime of it. The last Olympics was fantastic, and to just dismiss it, really, without much conversation is tough.feedback

Evgeny Kuznetsov

If Russia needs us, of course. It's in the heart always for Russian people. … I'm pretty sure for Ovi, [Dmitry Orlov] and me, we kind of always talk about that and we always, like, if you don't make the playoffs or whatever, you have to go to play World Championships or always go even if you're hurt. It's in the heart. That's why we play hockey, to play for national team.feedback

Mike Babcock

I'm disappointed. I've been twice… greatest event you'll ever go to in your life.feedback