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Caspar Hallmann
The protected areas in which this study was undertaken are relatively small and surrounded by agriculture. This suggests a possible role for, for example, fertilizer and pesticide
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Oct 19 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Pesticides. 71 people are quoted and you can read 89 citations of them about Pesticides. Matt Shardlow, Nicolas Munier-Jolain and Brenda Eskenazi, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Matt Shardlow said: “Pesticides have got big on society – the thin veil of science around the approvals process has been exposed and the marketing strategies are stronger than the products they tout. If you think the biggest governments in the world are wrapped around the pesticide industry's fingers, that's nothing compared to the 35% of countries that have no regulation at all. It looks as if only an international convention can get pesticides back into a box that helps rather than harms us. It can't come soon enough.”.
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Valentina Gallo

I think one should be reasonably concerned. The report found a lot of pesticides, though we don't know the doses. It is true the cocktail effect may worsen the effect of pesticides and it is very true that children are much more vulnerable to pesticides. However, there is the balancing effect of eating more fruit and vegetables, because this protects against a lot of diseases. Basically we don't know enough. But there is a gap in research funding because there is a lot of lobbying, with big powers not wanting the research on pesticides to be carried

Baskut Tuncak

The fact that the EU has decided to ban the pesticide for health and environmental reasons, but they still export it to countries with far weaker regulation and far weaker controls, is shocking to me. The impact is often felt outside the countries where companies implicated are headquartered. It's a double standard and an example of the need for global

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

Seeds and pesticide products are essential for farmers and ultimately consumers. We need to ensure effective competition so that farmers can have access to innovative products, better quality and also purchase products at competitive prices. And at the same time maintain an environment where companies can innovate and invest in improved

Nick Mole - Pesticide Action Network

There's no reason for it to carry on whatsoever. It's a massive failing in the regulatory system: if a pesticide is banned, it shouldn't be exported for use in other

Melanie Benesh - Environmental Working Group

What is clear from these documents is that Administrator Pruitt's abrupt action to vacate the ban on chlorpyrifos was an ideological – not a health-based decision. In fact, the Pruitt E.P.A. has shown time and time again that it seems to only be willing to act quickly when it comes to dismantling health-protective rules like the proposed ban on chlorpyrifos at the behest of

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

It is important for European farmers and ultimately consumers that there will be effective competition in pesticide markets, also after ChemChina's acquisition of

Tom Udall

Congress must act because Administrator Pruitt has shown that he won't. The science hasn't changed since EPA proposed banning chlorpyrifos in 2015 and 2017. Only the politics

Nick Flynn

It would control more than one-fourth of the combined global market for seeds and pesticides and lock farmers ever tighter into a supply chain for products that threaten biodiversity and food security by creating dangerous, genetically modified and pesticide-addicted

Ian LeMay

Calls for a ban are not grounded in sound science. Further, unnecessary and unjustified restrictions limiting the utility of chlorpyrifos would disrupt pest management programs and could significantly change general insecticide use patterns and result in significant economic harm to California

Paul Towers - Pesticide Action Network

The evidence is very, very strong and compelling – some of the best of any single pesticide in the

Seth Meyers

Several states are also challenging an even more troublesome decision Pruitt made to reverse a ban on the use of a pesticide that the EPA's own scientists have said could damage children's brains. And if we have to protect anything, it's the brains of our children, because when we don't protect their brains, they take meetings with Russian

Seth Meyers

The company that makes the pesticide in question has close ties to the White House. Dow's CEO, Andrew Liveris, heads up the White House manufacturing working group, and there he was, right by Trump's side, as he signed an executive order on reducing regulations across government agencies back in January. So the Trump administration is vehemently anti-leak, unless that leak is

Patti Goldman

We are disappointed. The tragedy is children are being exposed to this pesticide that can cause brain damage. That's going to happen for a longer period of

Jai Templeton

I'm confident that we can address this issue as we have in other cases to ensure the safe and effective use of these

Laura Anglin

It is something that we were doing a few years ago and we were told to stop, because dry ice was not deemed a pesticide. We petitioned the state and asked them if we could do this again, and very quickly they worked with us to get federal approval to do

Liz Bowman

They did not discuss chlorpyrifos. During the same trip he also met with the Canadian minister of natural resources, and CEOs and executives from other companies attending the trade

Liz Bowman

Despite several years of study, EPA has concluded that the science addressing chlorpyrifos remains

Simone Tosi

Our results provide the first demonstration that field-realistic exposure to this pesticide alone, in otherwise healthy colonies, can alter the ability of bees to fly, such as impairing flight distance, duration, and velocity. Honey bee survival depends on its ability to fly, because that's the only way they can collect food. Their flight ability is also crucial to guarantee crop and wild plant

Terrence McGann

Why is that so confusing? Who cares as long as you know the rules in your area? If you live in Mayberry, all you have to know is what the rules are in Mayberry. You're saying it lacks wisdom? I won't challenge the county's wisdom

Edward Lattner

The county pesticide law does not address any of those things. It is a limited ban on application of certain pesticides in certain

Virginia Ruiz

We were extremely disappointed with the EPA's decision but the administration received a lot of pressure from industry and donors. I don't have much confidence that the current administration will end the use of chlorpyrifos. These are the incidents we are afraid of because workers and their kids are particularly vulnerable to the effects of this pesticide. It's not just the acute incidents but also low level exposures that are harmful to children. It's a double standard to expect farm workers to be exposed to something that's banned from

Senzeni Zokwana

As the fall armyworm is a new pest to South Africa, no pesticide was previously registered to be used against it. A process of emergency registration of agricultural chemicals is ongoing with two active ingredients already registered to be applied against this pest. As with all agricultural remedy applications the label instructions must be followed in accordance to the supplier's

Theodore Slotkin

Even at exquisitely low doses, this compound would stop cells from dividing and push them instead into programmed cell

Brenda Eskenazi

The human literature will never be as strong as the animal literature, because of the problems inherent in doing research on humans. The animal literature is very strong, and the human literature is consistent, but not as

Theodore Slotkin

There doesn't appear to be any period of brain development that is safe from its

Brenda Eskenazi

We know more about chlorpyrifos than any other organophosphate; that doesn't mean it's the most

Carol Burns

It's not a criticism of a study – that's the reality of observational studies in human beings. Poverty, inadequate housing, poor social support, maternal depression, not reading to your children – all these kinds of things also ultimately impact the development of the child, and are

Stephanie Engel

When you weigh the evidence across the different studies that have looked at this, it really does pretty strongly point the finger that organophosphate pesticides as a class are of significant concern to child

Brenda Eskenazi

The human literature will never be as strong as the animal literature, because of the problems inherent in doing research on humans. The animal literature is very strong, and the human literature is consistent, but not as strong. We know more about chlorpyrifos than any other organophosphate; that doesn't mean it's the most

Erik D. Olson - Natural Resources Defense Council

The E.P.A. has twice made a formal determination that this chemical is not safe. The agency cannot just decide not to act on that. They have not put out a new finding of safety, which is what they would have to do to allow it to continue to be

Rachel Bradley - B&Q

We are encouraging everyone to do more for wildlife and to that end we will ensure that none of the flowering plants we sell will be grown using any pesticide containing any of the nine

Lori Ann Burd

It's outrageous that on the same day the EPA acknowledged these dangerous pesticides are killing bees it also reversed course on mandating restrictions on their use. This is like a doctor diagnosing your illness but then deciding to withhold the medicine you need to cure

James Nieh

Bees that fly more erratically for greater distances may decrease their probability of returning home. The honey bee is a highly social organism, so the behavior of thousands of bees are essential for the survival of the colony. We've shown that a sub-lethal dose may lead to a lethal effect on the entire

Brett Hartl

You can't just take an endangered fish out of the wild, take it to the lab and then expose it to enough pesticides until it dies to get that sort of data. It's wrong morally, and it's

Bob Blakely

We're very heavily regulated. I'd be more concerned about children not eating fresh fruits and

Domitila Lemus

They were out of breath. Some were throwing up. The children had teary eyes … It's a strong smell that gets into your head and hurts your

Luis Medellin

There's a sense of helplessness. I'm being poisoned and I can't do anything about it. It's like a slow

J.P. Freire

We have had no meetings with Dow on this topic and we are reviewing petitions as they come in, giving careful consideration to sound science and good policymaking. The administrator is committed to listening to stakeholders affected by EPA's regulations, while also reviewing past

Nicolas Munier-Jolain

Farmers are doing their best to use fewer pesticides. Many are motivated because they are thinking about their own

Nicolas Munier-Jolain

It is striking. Our results are quite consistent with the UN [myth] report. But [the research] does not mean pesticides are useless or inefficient. If you want real reduction in pesticide use, give the farmers the information about how to replace them. This is absolutely not the case at the moment. A large proportion of advice is provided by organisations that are both selling the pesticides and collecting the crops. I am not sure the main concern of these organisations is to reduce the amount of pesticide

Dave Goulson

While we have a system where farmers are advised by agronomists, most of whom work on commission for agrochemical companies, then inevitably pesticides will be massively overused. Even the few independent agronomists struggle to get independent information and advice to pass on to

Matt Shardlow

Despite evidence that much pesticide use is unnecessary and a big European Union initiative to encourage sustainable use, farming continues to be dominated by pesticide use. Financial advisors and doctors cannot profit from their advice to individuals and it is time that this market failure was corrected for pesticide sales as

Paul Towers - Pesticide Action Network

Given the science, we thought it seemed practically impossible to not move forward with the ban. We know it can have a profound impact on children's brain architecture and their lifelong

Bonnie Wirtz

By leaving this chemical on the market we are gambling with the lives of children and their long-term wellbeing and they have no choice in the matter. That's reckless and

Judith D Schwartz

In this time of reckless US action, it’s crucial to shift the narrative beyond despair over fossil fuels and look at water as a primary tool of climate control. It’s easy for all concerned about air, water and nature to descend into despair as we watch brazen rollbacks of environmental legislation in the US. Just last week, developments included an executive order to rewrite US carbon emissions rules, jeopardising the country’s ability to uphold its Paris climate talk commitment; the end of a moratorium on new coal leases; and the green-lighting of a pesticide claimed to cause harm to children. But as apathy is not an option, let’s try to think beyond the usual strategies. For one, we can recognise that the way we talk about our environmental challenges has interfered with our ability to truly grapple with them: that we limit ourselves by creating too simple a story. Specifically, the story we tell about

Sheryl Kunickis

This is a welcome decision grounded in evidence and science. It means that this important pest management tool will remain available to growers, helping to ensure an abundant and affordable food supply for this nation and the world. This frees American farmers from significant trade disruptions that could have been caused by an unnecessary, unilateral revocation of chlorpyrifos tolerances in the United

Patti Goldman

EPA's refusal to ban this dangerous pesticide is unconscionable. EPA is defying its legal obligation to protect children from unsafe pesticides. We will be going back and asking the court to order EPA to take action now, rather than in 5 more

Ken Cook

The chance to prevent brain damage in children was a low bar for most of Scott Pruitt's predecessors, but it apparently just wasn't persuasive enough for an administrator who isn't sure if banning lead from gasoline was a good idea. Instead, in one of his first major decisions as head of the EPA, like a toddler running toward his parents, Pruitt leaped into the warm and waiting arms of the pesticide

Matt Shardlow

Given the failure of the pesticide industry to address, or even acknowledge, the ecological disaster caused by neonicotinoid pesticides, we agree that there is an urgent need for a new global

Paul de Zylva - Friends of the Earth

The science is catching up with the pesticide industry – the EU and UK government must call time on neonics. Going neonic-free puts farmers more in control of their land instead of having to defer to advice from pesticide

Baskut Tuncak

While scientific research confirms the adverse effects of pesticides, proving a definitive link between exposure and human diseases or conditions, or harm to the ecosystem, presents a considerable challenge. This challenge has been exacerbated by a systematic denial, fuelled by the pesticide and agroindustry, of the magnitude of the damage inflicted by these chemicals, and aggressive, unethical marketing

Erica Maganga

A combination of too much rains and the successful pesticide distribution to farmers have helped us to stop the armyworm invasion. The first round of the 2016/17 agriculture production estimates have given us a glimmer of hope because we are expecting 3.2 million metric tonnes this year from 2.4 million the previous

Bruce Bennett - Rand Corporation

You can think of VX as being a pesticide on steroids, this is an extraordinarily toxic substance. Roughly 1/100th of a gram, a third of a drop, on someone's skin, will kill

Cynthia Aaron

It's not a rare exposure, but deaths like this are rare. We see mostly the overdoses. For example, they used to use this in ship holds when they ship grain. So if they are de-mousing the big ship hold and someone doesn't realize the pesticide has been activated or they haven't yet been aired out properly, they might enter and pass out or

Josh Green

I'm hopeful that we're not going to wait for a bad event and see some terrible sickness in our

Ashley Lukens

With really focused public pressure, we could really see something get through. The time is

Chris Lee

There's still zero transparency for the long-term cumulative impacts on various communities around the islands for what's being sprayed and any impact it may be having over the long term. And that's something that we have a clear obligation above anything else to dive into, because it is health and safety and people have a right to

Scott Enright

Even though they're doing similar work, Syngenta, Monsanto Dow and Pioneer are all competitors, and they're trying to keep the millions of dollars that they've put in to research the genetics lines that they're developing as confidential business information. You're basically limiting somebody's use of their private property, without just cause if you don't have the science to back up what you're asking

Derrick Rozdeba

Canadian growers value imidacloprid due to its efficacy, safety to applicators and favourable environmental profile, when used according to label

Dave Carey

There are always concerns when a product that companies and growers rely on is taken off the

Kim Hoelmer

A drone would be a lot more precise and could apply the pesticide where it was needed, and presumably nowhere else. So that would be minimizing the

Cynthia Giles

When you break a law that protects public health, there are real victims and real consequences, as this case tragically shows. This incident illustrates how important it is for EPA to enforce environmental laws and hold anyone accountable for endangering our safety. Today's charges should send a clear message to the industry, and directs important funds toward training programs to help ensure this can't happen

Philip Landrigan

I advise pregnant women to try to eat organic because it reduces their exposure by 80 or 90 percent. These are the chemicals I really worry about in terms of American kids, the organophosphate pesticides like

Alain Guedin

I reckon that the treated seeds are less harmful for the environment than particles that are sprayed in the

Mickael Henry

These disorientated bees that get lost in the environment are bound to die because they cannot survive out of their

Reiner Stolzenberger

Our suppliers guarantee that the imported cereal is pesticide free and we are sure that, in 99 percent of cases, this is true, and the quality is

K M Dubey

Organophosphorous is a compound, also used as a pesticide for crops. It is very dangerous. Even a small quantity of it would prove fatal for small children. Looking at the critical condition in which they were brought to the hospital, it seems like there were large quantities of poison in the food that they

Jean Philippe Delsart - Monsanto Company

For Monsanto, there was no evidence of a causal link between the symptoms presented by Mr. Francois and the inhalation of a

Agusti Mariné

The only thing I can tell you is that for food safety, what we do for example, what we have to do, is test the pesticide residue and test for mycotoxins. We have seen that there is less pesticide residue and fewer mycotoxins in GM

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