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Fernando Coelho Filho
We hope we have turned the page. We want to promote a competitive exploration and production market in
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Sep 27 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Petrobras. You'll find 90 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. You can also see the other popular topics. The 3 people who have been quoted more about Petrobras are: Pedro Parente, Ivan Monteiro and Dilma Rousseff. Pedro Parente specifically said: “We are slowly doing the homework of fixing the company's dynamics.”.
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Marcio Faria da Silva

Eduardo Cunha spoke. He explained that we were seeking a contract with Petrobras. A commitment that it would be signed would require a very important contribution to the

Pedro Parente

Considering movements towards a strategic partnership, we have nothing concrete with Exxon, but they have certainly expressed strong interest in the Brazilian pre-salt

Rodrigo Spagnolo

In 2016, there was a startling increase in theft from our

Jose Helio Macedo

The militia has rushed headfirst into this business. We are trying to curb

Ignacio Cano

Stealing fuel was not typically a crime associated with militia, but they must see an opportunity for making millions. It's unusual for them to operate outside the territory they

Emerson Martins

The gang was stealing oil from Petrobras' pipelines in Rio de Janeiro, filling trucks and taking it to these secret

Jorge Celestino - Petrobras

If you look at the oil industry chain in Brazil, it makes a lot of sense for us to seek partners in

Ivan Monteiro

The court ruling will demand some additional administrative work, but now we have a method validated by Justice and have ways to speed up the

Pedro Parente

I have no timetable to leave the company. If it were up to me, I would continue to implement this

Omar Zeolla - Oppenheimer Holdings

Pampa is more diversified and has a more stable revenue stream than YPF, though the purchase of Petrobras Argentina will bring in more revenues from E&P and

Ivan Monteiro

Our cash and financial position is a source of tranquility for the time

Deltan Dallagnol

In the dead of night, [lawmakers] took advantage of a moment of national mourning and shock to subvert the

Marcio de Freitas

The anti-corruption measures are still in Congress. We must wait to see what gets

Carlos Fernando Lima

We plan to resign collectively if this proposal is signed into law by President Michel

Rodolfo de Angele - JPMorgan Securities

In our view, rich valuations are explained by the strong strategic logic for

Rodrigo Janot

It's obvious that in an investigation of this type, which disturbs economic and political powers, self-preservation provokes a reaction from those centers of

Rodrigo Janot

Have no illusion that Operation Car Wash will rid Brazil of corruption. But I hope it will put an end to the endemic and systematic

Ben van Beurden - Royal Dutch Shell

This was a good move by the government and it will open up opportunities for more players to invest in

Ivan Monteiro

The message we want to convey is that situations like these impairments are non-recurring, and we don't expect them to take place, not at least in this magnitude, in the coming

Aaron Holsberg - Santander

Petrobras could partly monetize the reserves as part of its asset divestment

Rich Ross - Evercore ISI

We have some symmetry here, which is troubling for a stock that has rallied 300 percent off its lows and is up 200 percent year to

Carlos Lima - Petrobras

Everybody wants us to sign a deal with Cunha, including newspaper columnists and editorials basically saying we have an obligation to do so. But I'm not going to trade Cunha for anybody less powerful than he was, unless he comes and offers up some 200 deputies (legislators) that were beneath him. Then perhaps it is

Magda Chambriard

All indications are for the company to be a creditor. We only have to check the

Pedro Parente

We recognize that to remove uncertainty about the company is extremely important so that our investors can have a better notion of the company's future

Lawrie Tremaine - Woodside Petroleum

We're focused on near term production in that zero to five year (timeframe). So if something delivers in that range it'll probably be of interest to us, particularly if it's

Marcio de Freitas

This will make it cheaper to produce oil and reduce the cost for

Costa Filho - Tereos

We know these assets well, we understand their potential, so if they indeed decide to leave the business we are

Costa Filho - Tereos

They have not approached us yet. But they said in the announcement that the idea is to leave the sector in 2017, so it is still

Costa Filho - Tereos

If Petrobras finds a buyer, it will have to extend to us the same conditions, and we will decide. I believe we will reach a good

Mark Branson

Here a procedure is under way against one bank. We are talking about smaller amounts than with 1MDB or

Michel Temer

When we thought about a ceiling on public spending, we thought precisely about avoiding any new type of

Pedro Parente

I think that a clearer policy and the adoption of the monthly meetings will give greater

Pedro Parente

The percentage change was not revealed, nor the direction of the change, whether it would be up or

Sergio Praca

This is a momentous moment for the Car Wash investigation, this splitting the investigation into politicians into four parts. This decision will really get things moving against the PMDB, it will speed up the

Sergio Praca

This is a clear sign that neither the Supreme Court nor federal prosecutors are doing anything to try to protect the PMDB simply because they are now in

Carlos Lima - Petrobras

Panama is our biggest problem, to tell you the truth. There have always been obstacles to working with

Jorge Camargo

We can only know the degree of attractiveness, the participation of investors in the next auction. If there is no change, we will repeat the last auction, which was a

Pedro Parente

The main difference is that if we want to alter the price today, we change

Pedro Parente

We evaluate market conditions. We don't have to ask anything of anyone. We can take actions that attend to the interests of the

Pedro Parente

This plan should start bearing fruit within two years, when we expect to have strong metrics that will allow us to return to the good situation of a few years

Rodolfo de Angele - JPMorgan Securities

Lower capital spending makes absolute sense as the company aims at decreasing cash burn to accommodate interest and debt payments and to avoid stretching even further its balance

Luana Siegfried - Raymond James & Associates

This plan is very important for setting expectations at a company that has consistently missed expectations. The company will have to cut enough to show it's being realistic, but not so much that its future output falls too

Thiago de Aragao

The damage to the Workers Party is enormous. The creator and the creation are being systematically

Marcos Troyjo

That means the Workers Party, which may have thought it would move comfortably into the opposition after Dilma's impeachment, will confront extreme challenges. It's certainly the beginning of the end to Lula's presidential aspirations for

Marcos Troyjo

But these charges are likely too big a blow to the political myth of Lula, to the candidate Lula and to the Workers Party as a whole for that to

Pedro Parente

Debt can't be 2.5 times bigger than our cash flow. We'll work to reduce our indebtedness and raise revenues through a business-oriented policy for fuel

Ivan Monteiro

From our point of view the company is becoming more predictable. Clearly we're still facing difficulty because the company's debt level is still very high ... still at a level where we are required to maintain a very high level of

Andrea Murta

Petrobras will never be the same company it used to be, but I think that's a good thing. More foreign investment will be able to come into Brazil's energy industry with the decline of

Carlos Caicedo - IHS

There are very few countries with a company like Petrobras. Petrobras alone accounts for more than 5 percent of Brazil's

Mario Veiga - Petrobras

His handling of the crisis was nothing short of amazing. People were in panic, nobody was in charge, and he handled the situation

Pedro Parente

I understand the responsibilities. I have no doubt that the company will have good governance and ...a strictly professional

Jorge Piedrahita - Torino Capital

In general investors are fuming about the new Petrobras bonds. They more than doubled the size...(that) was a big

Sarah Leshner Carvalho - Barclays

Once the tender offer is completed (secondary prices) will look better. We maintain our overweight (on Petrobras).feedback

Sarah Leshner Carvalho - Barclays

All this suggest to me that they won't have a liquidity problem. It will alleviate short-term funding

Ivan Monteiro

We want to increase our levels of predictability and meet our targets; when your debt is large and your risk increases you have fewer

Ivan Monteiro

Petrobras is a company with high cholesterol, and that cholesterol is debt leverage. all senior executives are now focused on cutting costs and meeting

Dilma Rousseff

If there was any doubt about the coup, the farce and the betrayal that is underway, there is no more. If there was any doubt about my denunciation that there is a coup d'etat under way, there cannot be anymore (...) Yesterday it was clear that there are two leaders of the coup that are acting together and in a premeditated

Fabio Fuzette - Antares

Every day Petrobras is under more and more pressure. If oil prices stay low, I'm not very hopeful. We will likely see more of the same

Fabiano Santos

Now she wants to raise taxes and energy prices so that we, the masses, pay the price for the corruption at

Dilma Rousseff

All of us here are in complete agreement with this demand by the people, and have a clear determination to take measures that intensify the fight against

Dilma Rousseff

Brazil has learnt to practice social justice in favour of the poorest, as well as apply the harsh hand of justice against the corrupt. This is what has been happening in the vast and rigorous investigation of the regrettable episodes concerning Petrobras… You have every right to get irritated and be worried, but I ask for patience and understanding because this situation is

Fábio Fuzetti - Antares

The decline of Petrobras has been stunning, swift and painful. This is the energy company that served as the model for others in developing countries. Now it's the example of precisely what not to

Tony Volpon

The problem with Brazil is that the days of 4 percent growth are

Paula Almada

We'll have an inflection point in our debt starting in 2015, when revenue generation will surpass investment, initiating a trajectory of debt reduction. No operation is 100 percent

Gary N. Kleiman

It's just such a big issuer. We are just waiting for this thing to blow

Graças Foster

The best people to work with me are those who interrupt me, even question me. If I'm speaking loudly, speak louder. When you discuss, you have an environment that's more intense, that's actually warmer, where you arrive at the best solutions for the

Daniel Yergin

The program that Petrobras is launching is both critical for Brazil and the global market. She sees the big picture and, at the same time, pays close attention to the details. She will quickly become known as one of the most important people in the world oil industry, and certainly the most important and influential woman in the business

Graças Foster

She knows the industry very well, and can be extremely demanding. When she calls, I need to have the answer on the tip of my

Norman Gall

Petrobras is engaged in by far the biggest industrial undertaking in Brazil's

Dilma Rousseff

This finding by Petrobras alone, is between four and eight billion barrels. So taking the average of around six billion barrels that would mean this discovery is almost 40% of everything that has been discovered up till now in

Igor de Paula

A large proportion of the contracts that are being investigated have been obtained from prior agreements with a group bearing all the characteristics of a cartel; and moreover a cartel with a system to divert funds to pay politicians and public

Sergio Gabrielle - Petrobras

It's possible that conditions for negotiations exists, within the Bolivian government's sovereign and autonomous legislation. There's no questioning of Bolivia's right to make decisions, but we're going to defend the interests of Petrobras and the interests of the Brazilian

Dilma Rousseff

You cannot treat a president in this manner three days before the election. Why has this not appeared before? What is this about? My indignation is proportional to the injustice they are committing, the political use they are making of

Dilma Rousseff

I never obstructed the investigation into corruption at Petrobras. I never blocked the authorities from investigating, from looking into and verifying what was

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