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Cindy Grant
There's many risks associated with their presence, for sure. Pollution, and they could have some accident.feedback
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Aug 16 2017
“Tube staff and the millions of passengers who use the underground regularly deserve to breathe the cleanest air possible. TfL's new underground air quality programme will help ensure dust and particles are kept to an absolute minimum. But I want to leave no stone unturned and I've also asked for an updated scientific analysis of pollution on the tube so we can fully assess the air quality levels and take appropriate measures to ensure that the air is clean.” said Sadiq Khan speaking about Pollution. It’s one of the 623 quotes about Pollution you can find on this page. 469 people have said something about this topic. Among them: James Thornton, Frank Kelly and Roland Geyer. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Dustin Benton

It is depressing to visit a beach that is covered in plastic and downright scary to learn that the seafood you are eating might be contaminated by plastic pollution. The popularity of the microbeads ban and plastic bag charge shows the public is up for tackling these problems.feedback

Boyan Slat

Some love the "moonshot" technology of it all, and some love it because they hate the environment going to shit… For me, the intrinsic motivation was the first one. It's not that I didn't care about the problem, but I think the reason I cared was that it was such a big, weighty thing that nobody else was seriously working on. The motivation for me is the challenge, and the major challenges of this time just happen to be related to resources and pollution.feedback

Lori Ann Burd

Pruitt's lawless attempt to delay stronger ozone-pollution protections would have put thousands of lives at risk. It's disturbing how much pressure it took to get this commonsense step from the guy in charge of protecting the air we breathe. We've got to keep fighting the Trump administration's ideological crusade to pander to polluters and special interests.feedback

Bob Bullard

For too long, a lot of the climate change and global warming arguments have been looking at melting ice and polar bears and not at the human suffering side of it. They are still pushing out the polar bear as the icon for climate change. The icon should be a kid who is suffering from the negative impacts of climate change and increased air pollution, or a family where rising water is endangering their lives.feedback

Michael Ramsey

Diesel engines have been amazing at reducing fuel consumption, but the pollution they produce is costly to treat and the arc of transportation technology is bending towards electrification. These announcements, paired with commitments to electrify powertrains, point to a cleaner future.feedback

Stephan Weil

The car industry made serious mistakes, huge mistakes over many years. We will not be able to clear up an aberration that developed over so many years within months or just a few days.feedback

Annette Hebert - California Air Resources Board

We are not just looking at diesels, but we are looking at some gasoline concerns. We're spending a lot of time and effort and resources into looking into all manufacturers' vehicles.feedback

Stefan Bratzel

Software updates are better than nothing, but I have doubts this deal will persuade people to start buying diesels again. The car industry is wrapped up in a prolonged crisis of confidence. It's high time for automakers to make a contribution to get out of this mess.feedback

Lucia von Reusner

This problem is worsening and worsening and regulation isn't reducing the scope of this pollution. These companies' practices need to be far more sustainable. And a reduction in meat consumption is absolutely necessary to reduce the environmental burden. The corporate agriculture sector has shown it is responsive to consumer concerns about meat production so we hope that the largest meat companies will meet expectations on this.feedback

Jason West

As climate change affects air pollutant concentrations, it can have a significant impact on health worldwide, adding to the millions of people who die from air pollution each year, . We also collaborated with some of the world's top climate modeling groups in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan and New Zealand, making this study the most comprehensive yet on the issue.feedback

Dieter Helm

Everyone is repeatedly surprised at how fast electric cars are coming forward. But the political pressure to adopt this technology is increasing all the time. It's not due to concerns over climate change – it's city air pollution.feedback

Luc Vincent - Lyft

[Self-driving cars] will also mean 80% fewer vehicles on the road – opening up more space for all of us in our cities and communities…[and] dramatically reduc[ing] pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.feedback

Arfon Jones - Plaid

It "a danger in many respects but mainly because of potential pollution of water. I was a prominent member of Frack Free Wrexham and campaigned strongly and eventually successfully to prevent [fracking firm] IGas carrying out exploratory drilling at Borras [near Wrexham]. I was also prominent in lobbying the Welsh government to issue a moratorium over fracking in Wales, which they did, and will continue to lobby them to utilise new powers delegated to them over energy to ban fracking in line with other European countries.feedback

Richard Fu - Amalgamated Metal Trading

Overall demand in China is not that bad at all. In general global economic figures are improving, there's supply disruptions here and there, plus the Chinese want to cut metal production in order to tackle pollution and over-capacity.feedback

Greg Clark

The UK-built Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite and the success of the Copernicus Programme demonstrates what we can achieve through collaboration with our European partners and the UK's vital role in the programme thanks to our Earth observation expertise. We've been clear that we want our companies and universities to continue participating in key EU space programmes, and through our Industrial Strategy and ongoing investment in the UK space sector, we are ensuring we have the infrastructure and skills in place to support our ambition to capture 10% of the global space market by 2030.feedback

Scott Segal

The litigants misunderstand nuisance law. Commentators have suggested that nuisance law, a relative backwater in property law, is based upon conditions in which there are distinct producers and recipients of pollution. However, in the case of global climate change, a molecule of carbon is literally around the world in seven days. The requisite causation needed for nuisance suits is missing and unprovable.feedback

Roland Geyer

Roughly half of all the steel we make goes into construction, so it will have decades of use. Plastic is the opposite - half of all plastics become waste after four or fewer years of use. What we are trying to do is to create the foundation for sustainable materials management. Put simply, you can't manage what you don't measure, and so we think policy discussions will be more informed and fact based now that we have these numbers.feedback

Graham Turnock - UK Space Agency

It is clearly important to our industry to stay a part of the programme, We cannot wait until the day before Brexit to get clarity on this.feedback

Colin Paynter - Airbus Defence and Space

Space is not just for geeks, it is part of our national and international infrastructure.feedback

Josef Aschbacher

A system like this has never existed before. The US and other partners are looking to Europe to make deals to get access to this data.feedback

Roland Geyer

We are increasingly smothering ecosystems in plastic and I am very worried that there may be all kinds of unintended, adverse consequences that we will only find out about once it is too late. We are on this enormous growth trajectory – there is no end in sight of the rate of this growth.feedback

Roland Geyer

Combined with this huge growth rate it makes me very concerned. We should look at the numbers and ask as a society, is this what we want, can we not do better?feedback

Roland Geyer

There is much more attention paid to how plastics are interacting with marine organisms but there is much, much less known about how plastics interact with terrestrial organisms – I would suspect there is something equivalent going on and it might actually be worse.feedback

Roland Geyer

If you take the 8.3bn tonnes of plastic and spread it out as ankle deep waste – about 10 inches high – I calculated I could cover an area the size of Argentina with it. That is the world's eighth largest country.feedback

Carl Holthausen

With the old machines producing 120 decibels, a passing diesel street cleaner can shake the windows of your house. Our sweeper is now at 60 decibels so it creates much less noise pollution for the local community.feedback

Fred Krupp

California is once again showing Washington DC and the rest of the world that fighting climate and air pollution is the right thing for our health, economy and future.feedback

Rupert Hoogewerf

Education and pollution are driving China's rich to emigrate. If China can solve these issues, then the primary incentive to emigrate will have been taken away.feedback

Jackie Trad

But we acknowledge that we need to work on transitioning our economy, and one of the things that we need to understand and know is that the global thermal coal markets will change, they will fluctuate, but they are on a general trajectory downwards in terms of relying on coal. This is an enormous challenge and Queensland does emit a lot of carbon emissions, carbon pollution.feedback

Deborah Murray

We continue to believe that excavation and removal is the only way to really halt the ongoing pollution.feedback

Peter Zalzal - EDF

The court reaffirmed the importance of ensuring that its decision vacating Administrator Pruitt's unlawful suspension of these clean-air protections limiting oil and gas pollution swiftly take effect.feedback

Katie Dykes

Power sector carbon pollution in the RGGI states has declined significantly faster than in the nation as a whole, while independent reports have found that RGGI is creating jobs and generating economic benefits.feedback

Daniel Obrist - UMass Lowell

So we believe the Arctic really is an important depository for global mercury pollution. Once it reaches these Arctic soils, it's building up to high levels.feedback

Toby Willison

Water companies work hard to protect the environment. We have set more stringent targets and we are glad to see overall improvements but want to see more effort to avoid pollution incidents. As a fair and effective regulator we are committed to publishing results, highlighting best practice but also taking action to address any poor practice. While we welcome the good progress being made we will continue to address any failings and will take enforcement action in the most serious cases.feedback

Baskut Tuncak
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

The Peruvian Government must suspend the direct negotiations with companies until the right to free, prior and informed consent is guaranteed, and all environmental damage has been remedied.feedback

Liz Bowman

The agency was not going to meet the original deadline for all 50 states. This administrator doesn't like being outside the bounds of statutory deadlines so he said extend it. We're continuing our work.feedback

Hannah Martin - Greenpeace

Dieter has a well-known preference for gas and has historically failed to grasp the full potential of renewables. At a time when the costs of offshore wind and solar are plummeting this review needs somebody with the vision to grasp the opportunities offered by clean energy to provide jobs, lower bills and slash carbon pollution.feedback

Arnold Schwarzenegger

There are around seven million people dying from air pollution every year. It is government's responsibility to protect the people. It doesn't make any sense to be all worried about, When is ISIS going to come to America?' or all those kind of things, when in fact you are killing in America over 200,000 people every year, when you think about the health care [related to air pollution]. No one talks about that.feedback

Lokesh Sharma

I feel blessed to have been born next to Mother Ganges. I never thought of going somewhere else and settling. Devprayag is a heaven for me.feedback

Martin Taylor - World Wide Fund for Nature

State laws should prevent this but the last line of defence is the commonwealth. If the federal government isn't enforcing their laws, which appears to be the case at the moment, then there is no last line of defence.feedback

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

If I were singlehandedly writing legislation that only I had to vote for I might write something stronger, but I think this is one that is a very progressive, very positive compromise. And it allows us to get the pollution language that I don't think we could get without coming at the same time as cap-and -trade.feedback

Imogen Zethoven - Marine Conservation Society

Last week the Australian government bragged that the Great Barrier Reef was not put on the in-danger list at this meeting. However, this week the Australian government should be worried. It knows very well that it is still on probation with the world heritage committee. This decision means Australia needs to rapidly reduce carbon pollution and reject new coalmines – otherwise our reef is at great risk of being placed on the world heritage in-danger list in 2020.feedback

Imogen Zethoven - Marine Conservation Society

The Australian government must now, more than ever, rule out any new coalmines and urgently develop a climate policy that will protect our global icon. It must do its fair share of the global effort to reduce pollution.feedback

Chirag Shah

Air pollution is a major risk, and unless we have data we cannot devise ways to control it and minimise its effect. But what good is collecting data if we just keep it in the office and don't use it?feedback

Pankaj Vir Gupta

Anything that was informal, ecologically, was not really part of the imperial plan for British India. That started the unraveling of the relationship between city and river. You could argue the pollution problem is really a perception problem. The minute you remove something, ontologically, from the center of the city, its meaningfulness and significance goes away.feedback

Janice Nolen - American Lung Association

If you have a lung disease like asthma, cardiovascular problems or diabetes, or if you are a young child, a teen or elderly, you will likely be more susceptible to harm. There is also evidence that women – whose lungs are slightly smaller than men's – are more affected by pollution.feedback

Steven Chillrud

Our preliminary data shows that many bicyclists are getting a bit over half of their daily air pollution dose in only 6 to 8 percent of their day during their daily commutes.feedback

Audrey de Nazelle

Exercise actually lowers the rate of inflammation in the body, which exposure to pollution raises. So the relationship is complicated. In highly polluted cities like Delhi, you'll benefit by outdoor exercise for about a half an hour, but after that the risks begins to outweigh the benefits.feedback

Martyn Day - Leigh Day

The Zambian villagers are hopeful that the judgment is upheld and they can move forward with prosecuting their claims.feedback

Chirag Shah

Air pollution is a major risk, and unless we have data we cannot devise ways to control it and minimise its effect, . But what good is collecting data if we just keep it in the office and don't use it?feedback

Scott Pruitt

Just because you provide a time for implementation or compliance that's longer doesn't mean that you're going to necessarily reverse or redirect the rule.feedback

Nathalie Lieven

The draft AQP (air quality plan) is unlawful. It is incapable therefore of meeting the terms of your order.feedback

John Maggs

Most large ships burn heavy fuel oil. It's a residual product from the refining industry, so after the refiners have produced the petrol and diesel we put in our cars, they're left with what is essentially a waste product. It's called residual fuel, or heavy fuel oil. From an environmental point of view, it's bad because of the air pollution caused by the very high sulphur content. The shipping industry, however, has traditionally liked it because it's much cheaper than other fuels.feedback

David Doniger - Natural Resources Defense Council

The court says you can consider changing the rules but you have to do it the normal way, with a comment period. You can't yank it out of existence on your say-so.feedback

Richard J. Lazarus - Harvard Law Review

Changing the rules mid-stream can occur only after a thorough administrative review, including public notice and opportunity to comment, that ensures that there are good reasons for the change, backed up by sound policy and science.feedback

Richard J. Lazarus - Harvard Law Review

The court's ruling is yet another reminder, now in the context of environmental protection, that the federal judiciary remains a significant obstacle to the president's desire to order immediate change. The D.C. Circuit's ruling today makes clear that neither the president nor his EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, can by fiat unilaterally and instantaneously repeal or otherwise stay the effectiveness of the environmental protection rules put into place during the Obama administration.feedback

Daniel Rieger

The shipping sector is lagging far behind what's going on on land [in terms of regulating emissions]. Air pollution from ships is damaging global climate and human health.feedback

Fred Krupp

The court's decision ends the continued pollution by the oil and gas industry that's been illegally allowed by Pruitt.feedback

Matt Loxham

One cruise ships emits as much particulates as a million cars, so 30 ships pollute as much as all the cars in the UK. From a scientific point of view, we know that pollution causes adverse health effects even in the short term. On a ship deck, you're exposed to higher levels of pollution so you may get symptons such as runny nose, cough, dry eyes or a higher risk of asthma attacks. For those that are pre-disposed, there may be a higher risk of stroke or heart attack.feedback

Jaime Yarza

The presence of the Secretary of Sports at the meetings concerning the state of the works in the stadium and training sites sends a positive message and reflects the strong involvement of the authorities. We expect this involvement to extend into the area of pollution prevention, which has been an important topic discussed in relation to the tournament, in particular in Delhi. We are now expecting an action response plan to prevent pollution levels from affecting the tournament, which ideally should continue beyond the tournament.feedback

Michael Bergin

China is already looking at tens of billions of dollars being lost each year, with more than 80% of that coming from losses due to pollution.feedback

Penny Woods

These guidelines bring into sharp focus the reality that air pollution is one of our most important public health issues. We welcome the recommendations to introduce no vehicle idling areas, which will help to protect the most vulnerable in our society.feedback

Nick Lyes - Rac

We welcome the principle of no-idling zones, especially outside schools, hospitals and care homes. No-one should have to suffer dirty air as a result of a driver leaving their engine on unnecessarily. Sadly, many drivers don't realise the harm they are causing by doing this.feedback

Paul Lincoln

Air pollution is a major risk to our health, and so far suggested measures have not managed to tackle the problem sufficiently. This guidance is based upon the best evidence available. It outlines a range of practical steps that Local Authorities can take, such as the implementation of no-idling zones, to reduce emissions and protect the public.feedback

Paul Cosford

We need a concerted effort to address the health impacts of air pollution and this report shows there are steps we can all take to help tackle it. Many of us can walk or cycle instead of using the car, particularly on short journeys. We can all avoid idling our engines and drive more smoothly to reduce emissions.feedback

Mark Baker

The battle against air pollution has to be one we are all fully committed to, and our actions should know no boundaries. We need a long-term plan to improve air quality. Our guidance can help us to achieve that.feedback

Paul Lincoln

I hope that this guidance will prove influential in reducing the amount of air pollution we are exposed to every day.feedback

Michael Bergin

My colleagues in India were showing off some of their rooftop solar installations, and I was blown away by how dirty the panels were. I thought the dirt had to affect their efficiencies, but there weren't any studies out there estimating the losses. So we put together a comprehensive model to do just that. The manmade particles are also small and sticky, making them much more difficult to clean off. You might think you could just clean the solar panels more often, but the more you clean them, the higher your risk of damaging them.feedback

Francesca Dominici

When you have a large study that shows that the current level of air pollution is toxic – I hope that's something we can do something about.feedback

Brian Christman - American Lung Association

It is clear from this study that there is not really a safe level of air pollution. The Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency have done great work, but the data indicates that additional effort to reduce PM2.5 and ozone would save lives. As a matter of fact, further reduction in PM2.5 below the (federal standard) of 12 micrograms per cubic meter are likely to be even more effective than previous reductions.feedback

Rhea Suh

This proposal strikes directly at public health. It would strip out needed protections for the streams that feed drinking water sources for one in every three Americans. Clean water is too important for that. We'll stand up to this reckless attack on our waters and health.feedback

Tisha Brown - Greenpeace

We ... witnessed plastic pollution in the beaks of puffins, in the waters where basking sharks feed, and even wrapped around the beak of an emaciated gannet. We found plastic bottle tops, bags, packaging, bits of old fishing gear and even crisp packets strewn across the island and surrounding eggs in nests. It's no wonder that studies have shown that 90% of seabirds have eaten plastic.feedback

Michael Bergin

The humanmade particles are also small and sticky, making them much more difficult to clean off. You might think you could just clean the solar panels more often, but the more you clean them, the higher your risk of damaging them.feedback

Eiman Kanjo

Repeated human exposure to environmental pollutants such as noise, air pollution, traffic or even crowded areas can cause severe health problems ranging from headaches and sleep disturbance to heart disease.feedback

Sadiq Khan

We know it causes an estimated 40,000 early deaths in this country every single year. This is now a matter of life and death and the government has one last chance to put it right.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The government can no longer continue to bury its head in the sand about our toxic air. Londoners simply cannot wait ... I urge government to tackle this challenge immediately, because its current air quality plan quite frankly is not fit for purpose.feedback

Sadiq Khan

Michael Gove has a huge opportunity to change course for this government and finally get a grip on the national air quality health crisis.feedback

Sadiq Khan

Tube staff and the millions of passengers who use the underground regularly deserve to breathe the cleanest air possible. TfL's new underground air quality programme will help ensure dust and particles are kept to an absolute minimum. But I want to leave no stone unturned and I've also asked for an updated scientific analysis of pollution on the tube so we can fully assess the air quality levels and take appropriate measures to ensure that the air is clean.feedback

Sadiq Khan

It has been an incredibly difficult few weeks for London, but we must carry on as a city and that means pushing forward our work to keep Londoners moving around our city. We have to make not using your car the affordable, safest and most convenient option for Londoners going about their daily lives. This is not only essential for dealing with congestion as London grows, but crucial for reducing our toxic air pollution, and improving the health of all Londoners.feedback

Simon Birkett

The government is clearly failing to warn people about the threat posed by air pollution.feedback

Neil Thomas

Air pollution reduction should be the goal of everyone for their own health and that of future generations.feedback

Sandrah Eckel

On high pollution days, you might want to stay indoors, close the windows, and clean the air indoors using filters.feedback

Sandrah Eckel

We generally recommend that people monitor their local air quality index.feedback

Neil Thomas

There is increasing evidence that particulate air pollutants can lead to early death from cardiorespiratory disease as well as a range of cancers including liver cancer.feedback

Sandrah Eckel

Our study suggests that liver cancer patients may be another susceptible group that could benefit from reductions in air pollution.feedback

Paul Morozzo - Greenpeace

This ambitious, well-thought-through long term vision for the London transport system is very welcome. Investing in public transport, walking and cycling is crucial to solving the air pollution problem effectively. We also look forward to the Mayor's initiatives in the short term which will improve air quality by helping to phase out the diesel vehicles responsible for much of the roadside pollution blighting our city and expanding the ultra-low emissions zone. London is a city at the cutting-edge of so many fields - let's turn it into a clean transport leader too.feedback

Simon Birkett

This is a very serious episode, which unfortunately combines high levels of ozone with high levels of particulates, so it is very important that people keep an eye on these alerts and follow the health guidelines.feedback

Frances O'Grady

Obviously shorts and flip-flops won't be the right attire for all workers, but no one should be made to suffer unnecessarily in the heat for the sake of appearances.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The government must urgently get a grip on this health emergency and introduce a new Clean Air Act that takes air pollution seriously, plus a national diesel scrappage fund and reforms to vehicle excise duty. But given that much of the toxic pollution today in London is being blown over from the continent, we must continue to work closely with our neighbours to reduce emissions across Europe, even after Brexit.feedback

Adam Bandt

Network charges make up almost half an electricity bill. If we can stop big power companies overspending on poles and wires, and make them invest in energy savings and networks that support renewables, we can help reduce pollution and cut power bills.feedback

Naomi Ages - Greenpeace

ExxonMobil will try to dress this up as climate activism, but its key agenda is protecting executives from legal accountability for climate pollution and fraud. A nicely worded public relations exercise is no cure for decades of deception.feedback

Shaye Wolf

Perry has the science exactly backward. Far from being climate change's key cause, the world's oceans are actually another victim of greenhouse pollution. Our oceans absorb millions of tons of carbon dioxide a day, making them dangerously acidic. They've also soaked up most of man-made global warming's excess heat, putting tremendous stress on marine life.feedback

Steven R. Donziger

The Supreme Court's decision closes a chapter and will allow the global public to properly focus on the true substance of the case, which is an international judgment enforcement process - in which U.S. courts have no role - and the devastating environmental and human tragedy that both Chevron and the global community need to address.feedback

R. Hewitt Pate - Chevron

The facts of the Ecuadorian judicial extortion scheme and the illegality of the plaintiffs' lawyer misconduct have been finally and conclusively affirmed by the legal system of the United States. Today's decision is an important step toward bringing this illegal scheme to a final conclusion.feedback

Ahmet Cemal Saydam

This has nothing to do with pollution. This is a blessing for the Black Sea.feedback

Mark Easedale

This pollution incident had a dramatically negative impact on the local community and the environment with Langwood Brook and the River Irwell severely affected. A week after the pollution incident an investigation by Environment Agency officers found fish populations in the River Irwell immediately downstream of Langwood Brook were around 90% lower than those found upstream. The sentencing today sends out a clear message to anyone whose recklessness causes serious pollution to the environment – we will be relentless in our investigations and take action wherever needed.feedback

Peter Zalzal - EDF

It is unconscionable that this unprecedented loophole for oil and gas pollution will increase dangerous smog, methane, and cancer-causing benzene when commonsense solutions are at hand. Every day that these clean air safeguards are delayed, thousands of oil and gas wells across the country will emit dangerous pollution in the air, harming the health of our children.feedback

Jonathan Elkind

That program will lead to massive savings in terms of avoided carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution. Unfortunately there is an incredible dissonance between the declared interest of this administration to continue to lead on clean energy, and their actions.feedback

Gilaad Kaplan

As a modifiable risk factor, people who are at risk for the adverse health effects of air pollution can take action to protect themselves on days when air pollution levels spike locally by avoiding larger sources of pollution when reasonably possible (e.g. avoiding jogging near heavy traffic, working earlier in the day to avoid the worst of rush hour traffic). Moreover, society needs to prioritize actions to continue to improve the air quality of cities.feedback

Wai-Keung Leung

We already knew that air pollution exposure may alter intestinal immunity, increase gut permeability and influence intestinal microbial composition, which may contribute to the development of various intestinal diseases. This is the first time that the association between air pollution and peptic ulcer bleeding, one of the most important complications of peptic ulcer, is being reported.feedback

Gilaad Kaplan

Air pollution is a modifiable risk factor that is linked to diseases throughout the body from the respiratory system to the cardiovascular system, with growing evidence that it may influence the gastrointestinal tract.feedback

Daniel Pauly

You can have entire fisheries collapsing without knowing because you cannot separate the global warming-induced migration from the reduction due to fishing, or even pollution. So we will never know for sure why this or that collapse has occurred, except in a few cases.feedback

Oliver Hayes - Friends of the Earth

Our analysis of the government's own data shows the scale of this public health crisis. It is not acceptable that air pollution is predicted to go on damaging people's lungs for years to come. People in Birmingham and Leeds would be breathing toxic air for nearly another decade, unless more is done without any more delay. The current plans for cleaning up our air are just not enough. With 40,000 early deaths each year from air pollution, and children's young lungs especially vulnerable, this is a sickening amount of suffering that is preventable.feedback

Brendon Harper

There is a lot of work going on to improve air quality in London but we are not going to get to the point any time soon in the next couple of years where we are meeting the WHO targets.feedback

Gary Fuller

This could be better in so many ways for people's pollution exposure and probably for their sense of wellbeing as well. Anything you can do to limit your exposure will be good for your health. The same applies anywhere, so it would be great if these ideas were taken up in other cities. We weren't surprised at the results, but it was very nice to be able to demonstrate what we believed we would find.feedback

Stephen Holgate

There are multiple benefits to be gained. But parents are confused at the moment because they think there is less pollution in cars than outside, which is not the case.feedback

John Sauven - Greenpeace

Michael Gove is about to find an in-tray loaded with urgent problems, from tackling the air pollution crisis to reforming our broken farm subsidy system and protecting our oceans from overfishing and plastic waste. He should move swiftly to prove that he's better than his record suggests.feedback

Wang Zhenyu

The elite see pollution victims as their enemies, and they will do everything possible to undermine them and keep their grip on power.feedback

Zeng Xiangbin

It keeps stalling, and that's it. That's China's way of solving the problem.feedback

Mao Baozhu

Sometimes I lose hope and feel this will never end. Nobody wants to take responsibility for what has happened to our children.feedback

Tan Zhenli

It's old news. The factory has been closed. Everything is improving here.feedback

David King

The best thing for all our health is to leave our cars behind. It's been shown that the health benefits of walking and cycling far outweigh the costs of breathing in pollution. If more drivers knew the damage they could be doing to their children, I think they'd think twice about getting in the car.feedback

Benjamin Barratt

The car driver, by a very long way, was exposed to the highest level of pollution. The fumes from the vehicles in front and behind were coming into the car and getting trapped there. It is not true that you can escape pollution by sitting inside a vehicle.feedback

Stephen Holgate

It is nine to 12 times higher inside the car than outside. Children are in the back of the car and often the car has the fans on, just sucking the fresh exhaust coming out of the car or lorry in front of them straight into the back of the car.feedback

David King

Children sitting in the backseat of vehicles are likely to be exposed to dangerous levels [of air pollution]. You may be driving a cleaner vehicle but your children are sitting in a box collecting toxic gases from all the vehicles around you.feedback

Stephen Holgate

Air pollution hasn't been taken seriously. There is a very strange situation where the government has to make laws by being taken to court repeatedly. In my view it is really quite appalling that we haven't started to deal with this properly and put children's and adults' health first.feedback

Marcus Schaefer

I took a wave with a friend in Leblon when we saw a floating object a little further. Little by little the current brought it back to us, and it was there that we realised that it was a fridge, surreal. I've been surfing since I was little and almost every day, I go to the beach early, I always worried about picking up the rubbish that people leave behind.feedback

Marcus Schaefer

With this sad episode, I think that I really have to do something more serious. You can not rely solely on the government.feedback

Marcus Schaefer

In reality, it was the current and the waves that brought it back to the beach, it was dangerous. Fortunately, no one got hurt.feedback

Cynthia Sarthou

I think the enforcement of any pollution laws is going to be at risk right now. Bossert (Clark) is unlikely to hold the oil and gas industry accountable for pollution.feedback

Al Gore

It's almost like the computer chip revolution and the mobile phone revolution where products got much cheaper, faster than anyone could have imagined, even as their quality improved by leaps and bounds. The real risk is that all of these other countries will retaliate against the U.S. by trading among themselves and concentrating new jobs in solar and wind in their countries and not the U.S. They have the legal right now to put up barriers against U.S. products that don't bear any price for carbon pollution.feedback

Bill Shorten

In addition, I ask that Labor be consulted on any subsequent work commissioned by your government on specific design options for a low emissions target or similar mechanism going forward. It's regrettable that for too long this nation's energy and climate policy has been hostage to a small handful of climate sceptics in the Liberal party – while power prices have gone up, pollution has gone up and investment has stalled.feedback

Meleah Geertsma - Natural Resources Defense Council

In its haste to do favors for its polluter cronies, the Trump EPA has broken the law. The Trump administration does not have unlimited power to put people's health in jeopardy with unchecked, unilateral executive action like this. Stopping methane leaks is a no-brainer -- avoiding wasted gas, creating jobs, fighting climate change and cutting cancer-causing pollution all at once. We will not stand for this blatant polluter giveaway.feedback

Sam Spokony

We are disappointed with the court's decision, which further delays a project that will reverse 100 years of pollution, create thousands of good-paying jobs and turn vacant lots into a vibrant community. At a time when Queens needs private investment more than ever, the court's decision disregards the City Council, the local community board and other stakeholders who have already approved the Willets West plan. We are in the process of evaluating our next steps.feedback

Peter Zalzal - EDF

It delivers almost half of the smog reductions and more than half of the methane reductions and 90 percent of toxic air pollution reductions. There's absolutely no assurance to the public, who stand to benefit from these protections, that this will happen in the absence of enforceable safeguards. It's something that states like Wyoming, California, Colorado and Ohio are already doing.feedback

Vann R. Newkirk II

Pollution and the risk of disaster are assigned to black and brown communities through generations of discrimination and political neglect.feedback

Jim Holder - Autocar

There is no clear government strategy on diesels. There has been a wave of negative headlines around the fuel but at the same time the taxation system continues to incentivise them. These mixed messages do nothing for consumer confidence, nor does the blanket reference to all diesels being dirty. There have been significant steps in reducing emissions, particularly with the latest Euro 6 regulation compliant units that are on sale now. Consumers have no clear indication of the financial or environmental impact of their decision. That is bad for both legislators and car buyers.feedback

Jim Holder - Autocar

T here is no clear government strategy on diesels: There has been a wave of negative headlines around the fuel but at the same time the taxation system continues to incentivise them. These mixed messages do nothing for consumer confidence, nor does the blanket reference to all diesels being dirty. Consumers have no clear indication of the financial or environmental impact of their decision. That is bad for both legislators and car buyers.feedback

Jessie Bunkley

Certainly this paper is just the very tip of the iceberg.feedback

Jessie Bunkley

When we started doing the identification and looked at the data in its raw format, we realized there were some interesting trends going on.feedback

Andrus Ansip

No way. No way. The aim of taxation is not just (to) collect revenues … But to increase salaries of teachers and police. Taxes are also to have some influence over some processes. I fully agree that we have to tax bad habits, for example pollution, or smoking, or drinking alcoholic drinks, this I can understand.feedback

Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis

As you can imagine, we are extremely disappointed. Back in the day we were known as 'hell with the lid off', and we had air pollution that impacted the entire region. But this is a region that's thriving and growing, and to depict it by its antiquated industrial past is really not a true reflection of what's happening.feedback

Isabella Sigado

We have a history of pollution and industry, and we're working really hard as a city to move past that through our growing industries. Pittsburgh is turning into a green city.feedback

Lauri Myllyvirta - Greenpeace

The real drivers for clean energy in China are much closer to home than Paris. The air pollution and the need to reinvent the economy are much bigger drivers.feedback

Harsh Pant

Modi's constituency is the middle class, and the middle class in Indian cities is choking on pollution. Modi knows climate change is good politics. Climate change makes sense to Modi because he believes it as it is good economics and politics.feedback

Rhea Suh

If true, this is a reckless and foolish mistake, and our kids will pay the price. The Paris climate accord is a triumph of American leadership. It's about doing what's best for our people at home–spurring clean energy innovation and creating millions of good-paying jobs, while protecting our children and communities from pollution. And we got the whole world to join us.feedback

Richard Leck - World Wide Fund for Nature

There is still resilience in the system. This data shows that if the reefs aren't exposed to underwater heatwaves, if they're not subject to major pollution events, and they're not hit by a cyclone, then they recover really well and that should give us a lot of hope that the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef is still there and, if we reduce those threats, we should see recovery reef-wide.feedback

Lyndon Schneiders

The Australian government must consider ending land clearing and deforestation in its climate review as well as cutting fossil fuel pollution. It is time prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and environment minister Josh Frydenberg swept aside stonewalling by the National party and got together with the states to land a grown-up plan to end land-clearing and deforestation as part of credible plan for tackling climate change into the future.feedback

Lyndon Schneiders

Deforestation and land clearing has a double impact on climate change. The trees can no longer draw carbon pollution out of the air and they also release carbon and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as they are burnt or rot.feedback

Therese Coffey

The Conservatives will further improve air quality while making sure that ordinary working families are not penalised for Labour's mistakes. The government is also consulting on what further steps can be taken to mitigate any cost and burdens on ordinary working families and local firms – including the options of targeted scrappage schemes and retrofitting initiatives.feedback

James Thornton

We have been looking at the fine detail of the draft air quality plans published by the government. We have found some major flaws. The law requires the final plan to bring air pollution down to legal levels in the shortest time possible. These flaws seriously jeopardise that timetable. These are plans for more plans, what we need are plans for action.feedback

Nay Aung

Avoid times and places where there is a high level of pollution. If you want to cycle into work and there is heavy traffic around that time then try to find a quieter route. Walk on the part of the pavement furthest from cars to reduce the amount of pollution you breathe in. Those with cardiorespiratory diseases should limit the time spent outdoors during highly polluted periods such as rush hours.feedback

Tiganus Catalin

We have to modernise because otherwise we're out of the market. Our vessels have to fulfil all the new EU regulations concerning air pollution, noise, nitrogen oxides, and so on.feedback

Gao Hongzhi

Some enterprises are reckless and they use the cover of night to emit pollutants.feedback

Oliver Springate-Baginski

The ecology of Indawgyi Lake has been severely impacted by silt and mercury pollution from mining and overfishing, so much that it's become hard for the local fishers to make a living. The conflict has undermined the effectiveness of regulatory mechanisms, and powerful people have been able to exploit the natural resources at the expense of less influential locals.feedback

Jay Coghlan

Fattening up our already bloated nuclear weapons stockpile is not going to improve our national security. New Mexicans desperately need better funded schools and health care, not expanded plutonium pit production that will cause more pollution and threaten our scarce water resources.feedback

Mark Hayward

There would have to be massive uptake to make a difference.feedback

John Roome - World Bank Group

They see the co-benefits between dealing with congestion, air pollution and other development needs, and they see the falling costs of the technology, and they see the opportunity for getting ahead of the curve to create new jobs in developing an electric vehicle industry, an air-conditioner industry, a battery industry. But it's going to take very concerted work between the policies, the incentives, the financing (and) focusing on developing the markets. We need to be much more rigorous about assessing the transformational value of any dollar that we spend.feedback

Steven Miles

Australia doesn't currently have a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we need one. For the sake of our reef, it's time Malcolm Turnbull took his commitments from Paris seriously and introduced a real plan that will cap and reduce carbon pollution.feedback

Leila Conners

Americans are often under the belief that the EPA or their local state environmental agency is going to save them from environmental pollution, and that is simply not the case.feedback

Martha Billings

Your nose, your sinuses and the back of your throat can all be irritated by those pollutants so that can cause some sleep disruption as well as from breathing issues.feedback

Helen Szoke - Oxfam Intermón

Against the backdrop of an imperilled Great Barrier Reef and extreme weather disasters, Australia's carbon pollution is continuing to climb – the tragic consequence of more than a decade of climate policy paralysis and short-term political opportunism. Renewable energy is set to power the fair economies of the future and Australia can make a choice to be part of that. Through its 2017 review of climate change policies, the Australian government has the opportunity to set a credible long-term goal and plan of action.feedback

Scott Weichenthal

There is certainly increasing evidence that air pollution affects our body in ways that we didn't appreciate before.feedback

Daan Roosegaarde

Of course one tower and a few bikes won't solve China's air pollution problem, but smog-free bikes are an exciting idea that will hopefully activate communities towards creating greener cities. Our aspirations are being redefined; in the future, the biggest luxury won't be a Louis Vuitton bag. It will be clean air.feedback

Daan Roosegaarde

Bikes have always been a symbol of energy-friendly and congestion-reducing living, but this bike serves a double function by cleaning the air as you cycle. For me, design has never been about creating yet another chair or another table. We should use creativity to improve the way we live. Healthier cities and urban innovation will always be connected with large-scale governmental investment. But I'm too impatient to wait for change to trickle down. The government does top-down, and designers, universities and NGOs do bottom-up, and hopefully we meet in the middle.feedback

Catherine McKenna

Canadians realize that polluting isn't free. We know that carbon pollution causes droughts, fires and floods across our country and across the world, and that it impacts on our health through issues like asthma, premature mortality and more emergency room visits. Making polluters pay is a critical part of any climate plan.feedback

Jennifer Lavers

What's happened on Henderson Island shows there's no escaping plastic pollution even in the most distant parts of our oceans. It's truly one of the last paradises left on earth, and one of the least visited but heavily protected bits of land on the planet. But I don't think I've stood somewhere and been so utterly and completely surrounded by plastic.feedback

Penny Woods

It is deeply tragic that around 3 million lives are cut short worldwide because the air we breathe is dirty and polluted. In the UK, air pollution is a public health crisis hitting our most vulnerable the hardest – our children, people with a lung condition and the elderly. Yet, we are in the fortunate position of having the technology and resources to fix this problem. It's time to use what we have to sort this problem out as a matter of urgency and clean up our filthy, poisonous air. The next government needs to bring in a new Clean Air Act to protect the nation's lung health.feedback

Jennifer Lavers

What's happened on Henderson Island shows there's no escaping plastic pollution even in the most distant parts of our oceans. Its location near the centre of the South Pacific Gyre ocean current makes it a focal point for debris carried from South America or deposited by fishing boats. It speaks to the fact that these items that we call 'disposable' or 'single-use' are neither of those things, and that items that were constructed decades ago are still floating around there in the ocean today, and for decades to come.feedback

Karen Sonnessa

Have we failed to learn from history, and forgotten the harm done to our air, water, and wetlands? If anything, regulations need to be more stringent. I remember the days of smog, pollution, and rivers spontaneously combusting. EPA is for the people.feedback

John M. DeCicco

I do not find these results surprising, but they are significant because the extent of the problem has been underappreciated, and it's one that too many policymakers prefer to sweep under the rug. So most of what is going on is not cheating but rather inadequate testing and enforcement.feedback

Allen Schaeffer

It's important to understand that diesel has been a technology of continuous improvement, meaning that today's generation of new diesel technology is lower in emissions and more efficient than one built 10 or even five years ago.feedback

Joe Dennett

It is an issue which Londoners are becoming more aware of, and which we have become increasingly concerned about. But we realised a lot of people were not aware of where pollution levels are high because you cannot see the pollution, it's quite nebulous. We wanted to try and create awareness and anger about it at grass roots and to come up with something that would identify the air pollution. The English Heritage blue plaques highlight the invisible past of a building and this is trying to highlight the invisible danger of the pollution in the areas where the grey plaques are being put up.feedback

Sadiq Khan

Toxic air causes more than 9,000 early deaths every year in London, as well as stunting the growth of children's lungs, causing dementia and strokes. Londoners are understandably concerned about the possible damage to their health of living in high pollution areas and want to make informed choices. That's why I'm writing a new London plan with policies in place to make sure pollution levels are considered when deciding where to build new homes and schools in London, as well as a whole host of other measures to make our air cleaner.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The Tories are refusing to take any action to clean up our dangerously polluted air, while Labour is delivering the most ambitious clean-air plans of any city on the planet. The best way to clean up our air is to vote Labour.feedback

Mark Hayward

I don't think it will be very long before it becomes compulsory to display pollution information on listings. This is already at the forefront of buyers' minds, particularly if they have children or health problems, and it would be a logical next step. High levels of pollution could depreciate the value of a home by at least 10 per cent.feedback

Henry Pryor

Home buyers used to have a blaze attitude to air pollution but now this has completely changed. People are very concerned and they are suddenly discovering that they can look at two homes at different ends of a street, and one will be more polluted than another. I get asked about pollution levels so regularly that I now check it as standard before suggesting a property to clients. If a house is in a highly polluted area, such as near a train line, it might go for a 15 per cent less than a similar property in a less polluted zone.feedback

Maria Westerbos

So far we have hardly seen any effort from the clothing industry to tackle the problem at the source.feedback

Paula Higgins

Giving buyers information about pollution would help them think with their head and not with their their heart. People need to look at pollution levels in a prospective area just as they would when they look at crime rates.feedback

Wang Fangyuan

I was sending coal from Inner Mongolia to the port and carrying imported iron ore from the port to other places. The government has completely cut my livelihood. I have been working in this tough business for more than six years. What they have done is just adding more difficulty to our harsh life.feedback

Zhang Min

The ban has sharply weakened Tianjin port's role as a leading trade port in China.feedback

Wang Di

The air is so much cleaner now. It used to be very dirty. We couldn't even keep the windows open for more than five minutes. Otherwise, my face would be covered in coal dust.feedback

Sadiq Khan

We've dragged the government kicking and screaming through the courts to produce these belated proposals – but they are toothless and woefully inadequate.feedback

Jyotsna Jagai

We do not experience exposures in a vacuum but rather are exposed to several exposures at any one time. We considered a broad definition of environmental exposures, which included pollution in the air, water, and land and also (man-made) and sociodemographic environmental factors. We found that counties with poor overall environmental quality experienced higher cancer incidence than those counties with good overall environmental quality.feedback

Scarlett Lin Gomez

We do have to be careful about drawing conclusions from studies of neighborhood factors that lack detailed information on characteristics of individuals living in those neighborhoods because the observed associations could very well be due to attributes of the individuals rather than the environment itself.feedback

Tom Toles

In another display of bare-knuckled, unprincipled ruthlessness, Scott Pruitt of Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has a solution to the stubborn nature of facts: Replace the scientists who assess those facts with people who will tell you what you want to hear. That’s right — the agenda now is to begin removing actual scientists from the EPA’s Board of Science Counselors and replace them with non-academics. The idea is to replace “the academic scientists with representatives from industries whose pollution the agency is supposed to regulate.”.feedback

Theresa May

Nobody in this house doubts the importance of the issue of air quality. We have taken action, there is more to do and we will do it.feedback

James Thornton

The more we study this appalling plan, the more unsatisfactory it gets. We need to ask ourselves at what point will the government take this public health emergency seriously enough to start protecting our health and our children's futures, instead of the car companies.feedback

James Thornton

The government must, and will be forced to, obey its own laws to protect our health and give us safe and cleaner air to breathe.feedback

James Thornton

This latest plan is even worse than the previous effort, which has already been ruled illegal by the high court. The government should be ashamed of itself. It has dragged its heels for seven years while we choke on illegal and poisonous air; it's been hauled through the supreme and high courts and had to be forced by a judge to publish this delayed plan.feedback

James Thornton

The government had agreed EU regulations to improve air quality but then said it had no intention of acting upon them until 2025. Effectively, they were putting off, for a generation, a law they had helped draft and that would help save lives.feedback

James Thornton

We are facing some very challenging times over issues such as air quality, marine protection and loss of biodiversity. We should take nothing that the government does for granted.feedback

James Thornton

In the case of air quality legislation, the government was saying, essentially, that it had no intention of complying with the law until it felt like doing so. The Treasury was saying it was too expensive to implement, even though lives were being harmed. It was a remarkable intrusion by the Treasury into public interest. The court decided to overrule that effort, however.feedback

James Thornton

We have been told that the EU has warned Poland it must stop cutting down trees in the Białowieża forest or face an appearance before the European court and a substantial fine. I don't know what it is about rightwing governments but they do seem to like chopping down trees all the time. However, in this case, this should stop Poland in its tracks. It ordered the government to come up with a plan to comply with air quality standards by the end of 2015.feedback

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