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Leila Conners
Americans are often under the belief that the EPA or their local state environmental agency is going to save them from environmental pollution, and that is simply not the case.feedback
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May 22 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Pollution. 385 people are quoted and you can read 496 citations of them about Pollution. James Thornton, Sadiq Khan, Dan Greenbaum and Yuhang Wang, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. James Thornton said: “The more we study this appalling plan, the more unsatisfactory it gets. We need to ask ourselves at what point will the government take this public health emergency seriously enough to start protecting our health and our children's futures, instead of the car companies.”.
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John M. DeCicco

I do not find these results surprising, but they are significant because the extent of the problem has been underappreciated, and it's one that too many policymakers prefer to sweep under the rug. So most of what is going on is not cheating but rather inadequate testing and enforcement.feedback

Allen Schaeffer

It's important to understand that diesel has been a technology of continuous improvement, meaning that today's generation of new diesel technology is lower in emissions and more efficient than one built 10 or even five years ago.feedback

Joe Dennett

It is an issue which Londoners are becoming more aware of, and which we have become increasingly concerned about. But we realised a lot of people were not aware of where pollution levels are high because you cannot see the pollution, it's quite nebulous. We wanted to try and create awareness and anger about it at grass roots and to come up with something that would identify the air pollution. The English Heritage blue plaques highlight the invisible past of a building and this is trying to highlight the invisible danger of the pollution in the areas where the grey plaques are being put up.feedback

Sadiq Khan

Toxic air causes more than 9,000 early deaths every year in London, as well as stunting the growth of children's lungs, causing dementia and strokes. Londoners are understandably concerned about the possible damage to their health of living in high pollution areas and want to make informed choices. That's why I'm writing a new London plan with policies in place to make sure pollution levels are considered when deciding where to build new homes and schools in London, as well as a whole host of other measures to make our air cleaner.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The Tories are refusing to take any action to clean up our dangerously polluted air, while Labour is delivering the most ambitious clean-air plans of any city on the planet. The best way to clean up our air is to vote Labour.feedback

Mark Hayward

I don't think it will be very long before it becomes compulsory to display pollution information on listings. This is already at the forefront of buyers' minds, particularly if they have children or health problems, and it would be a logical next step. High levels of pollution could depreciate the value of a home by at least 10 per cent.feedback

Henry Pryor

Home buyers used to have a blaze attitude to air pollution but now this has completely changed. People are very concerned and they are suddenly discovering that they can look at two homes at different ends of a street, and one will be more polluted than another. I get asked about pollution levels so regularly that I now check it as standard before suggesting a property to clients. If a house is in a highly polluted area, such as near a train line, it might go for a 15 per cent less than a similar property in a less polluted zone.feedback

Maria Westerbos

So far we have hardly seen any effort from the clothing industry to tackle the problem at the source.feedback

Paula Higgins

Giving buyers information about pollution would help them think with their head and not with their their heart. People need to look at pollution levels in a prospective area just as they would when they look at crime rates.feedback

Wang Fangyuan

I was sending coal from Inner Mongolia to the port and carrying imported iron ore from the port to other places. The government has completely cut my livelihood. I have been working in this tough business for more than six years. What they have done is just adding more difficulty to our harsh life.feedback

Zhang Min

The ban has sharply weakened Tianjin port's role as a leading trade port in China.feedback

Wang Di

The air is so much cleaner now. It used to be very dirty. We couldn't even keep the windows open for more than five minutes. Otherwise, my face would be covered in coal dust.feedback

Sadiq Khan

We've dragged the government kicking and screaming through the courts to produce these belated proposals – but they are toothless and woefully inadequate.feedback

Jyotsna Jagai

We do not experience exposures in a vacuum but rather are exposed to several exposures at any one time. We considered a broad definition of environmental exposures, which included pollution in the air, water, and land and also (man-made) and sociodemographic environmental factors. We found that counties with poor overall environmental quality experienced higher cancer incidence than those counties with good overall environmental quality.feedback

Scarlett Lin Gomez

We do have to be careful about drawing conclusions from studies of neighborhood factors that lack detailed information on characteristics of individuals living in those neighborhoods because the observed associations could very well be due to attributes of the individuals rather than the environment itself.feedback

Tom Toles

In another display of bare-knuckled, unprincipled ruthlessness, Scott Pruitt of Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has a solution to the stubborn nature of facts: Replace the scientists who assess those facts with people who will tell you what you want to hear. That’s right — the agenda now is to begin removing actual scientists from the EPA’s Board of Science Counselors and replace them with non-academics. The idea is to replace “the academic scientists with representatives from industries whose pollution the agency is supposed to regulate.”.feedback

Theresa May

Nobody in this house doubts the importance of the issue of air quality. We have taken action, there is more to do and we will do it.feedback

James Thornton

The more we study this appalling plan, the more unsatisfactory it gets. We need to ask ourselves at what point will the government take this public health emergency seriously enough to start protecting our health and our children's futures, instead of the car companies.feedback

James Thornton

The government must, and will be forced to, obey its own laws to protect our health and give us safe and cleaner air to breathe.feedback

James Thornton

This latest plan is even worse than the previous effort, which has already been ruled illegal by the high court. The government should be ashamed of itself. It has dragged its heels for seven years while we choke on illegal and poisonous air; it's been hauled through the supreme and high courts and had to be forced by a judge to publish this delayed plan.feedback

James Thornton

The government had agreed EU regulations to improve air quality but then said it had no intention of acting upon them until 2025. Effectively, they were putting off, for a generation, a law they had helped draft and that would help save lives.feedback

James Thornton

We are facing some very challenging times over issues such as air quality, marine protection and loss of biodiversity. We should take nothing that the government does for granted.feedback

James Thornton

In the case of air quality legislation, the government was saying, essentially, that it had no intention of complying with the law until it felt like doing so. The Treasury was saying it was too expensive to implement, even though lives were being harmed. It was a remarkable intrusion by the Treasury into public interest. The court decided to overrule that effort, however.feedback

James Thornton

We have been told that the EU has warned Poland it must stop cutting down trees in the Białowieża forest or face an appearance before the European court and a substantial fine. I don't know what it is about rightwing governments but they do seem to like chopping down trees all the time. However, in this case, this should stop Poland in its tracks. It ordered the government to come up with a plan to comply with air quality standards by the end of 2015.feedback

James Thornton

Essentially, the judge said he put a very low weight to the government's case that publishing the plan was inconvenient to ministers during a general election and a very high weight to the fact that this law is about protecting the health of the public.feedback

James Thornton

Well, they did publish a plan in time but it was such a bad one that we had to go back to the high court and complain. The court agreed. The plan was so bad it was illegal, it said, and so the government was ordered to redo it and publish in April 2017.feedback

Brian Eno

Once something becomes law, it becomes actionable and enforceable. Shortly afterwards, it becomes 'common sense'. It becomes possible for a small group of people like ClientEarth to use existing legal structures to trigger big changes. The task is pretty daunting but the rewards are huge.feedback

Timo Mäkelä

We have more than 4 million green jobs in Europe at the moment. That is twice as many as, for instance, in the car industry. And the sector is growing very fast: 7% a year!feedback

Tuomas Mustonen

It allows us to grow faster. It allows us to use more experts, for example in engineering, in building the plan for our next machine, to scale up the company and scale up our product, and replace plastic bags quicker.feedback

Tuomas Mustonen

It's the next generation of paper. It's environmentally-friendly, recyclable, renewable, and it's really durable. So, that's the reason why we are replacing plastic with our material.feedback

Tuomas Mustonen

We are a 10-person company. But in two years' time, our target is to employ directly 50 people. And we are maintaining hundreds of jobs in the European plastics converting industry, which is, in practice, European family-owned SMEs.feedback

Andrea Leadsom

Improving air quality is a key priority as we support businesses in building a stronger and cleaner economy. Our plan today sets out how we will do just that - including presenting options for targeted diesel scrappage schemes. But in contrast to this common-sense way forward, Jeremy Corbyn's only solution would be to hit you in the pocket with higher taxes.feedback

George Wittemyer

What we found was that a lot of the protected areas in the U.S. are pretty noisy. As society grows, the sound level does, too. It's just this sort of constantly increasing pressure.feedback

Rachel Buxton

Next time you go for a walk in the woods, pay attention to the sounds you hear -- the flow of a river, wind through the trees, singing birds, bugling elk. These acoustic resources are just as magnificent as visual ones, and deserve our protection.feedback

Catherine Ortega

Not all species respond negatively to noise pollution.feedback

Angelika Nelson

Noise pollution doesn't yet receive the attention other pollutants do. Hopefully the analysis in this new paper will help to increase people's awareness of the effects it can have on us and other organisms, and change how we think about protected areas.feedback

Frances Lawson

The public has had seven years of excuses from government while the medical evidence about the health impacts of air pollution strengthens all the time. The government has not addressed this issue with the requisite urgency and people are suffering as a result. We are looking to provide at least some of those affected with a means of redress.feedback

Claire Holman

I believe there is good, strong evidence that exposure to nitrogen dioxide, both in the long and short term, causes adverse health impacts, particularly on children. The evidence is strong that nitrogen dioxide pollution causes asthma as well as exacerbating the symptoms where asthma is already present.feedback

Frances Lawson

We are looking to bring a state liability claim against the UK government on the basis that it is in breach of an EU directive and that people have suffered as a result of that breach. The fact that the UK is in breach of the air quality directive is well established. We believe we can show that people in polluted areas like London are suffering from the symptoms of asthma in part because of excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air they are forced to breathe.feedback

Jeremy Hicks - Jaguar Land Rover

We, the car industry, accept we are part of the problem around pollution but are also a big part of the solution, meeting the new targets and investing in electric cars.feedback

Jeremy Hicks - Jaguar Land Rover

We've had customers asking if diesel is banned or is going to be. There is no danger of concerns hitting sales - we sell petrol and diesel cars. The problem is this is not a simple issue to discuss, it's the media generating the concerns. But cars are only responsible for about a fifth of the pollution - no one is talking about HGVs and other transport.feedback

Susanna Rustin

The environment secretary has made much of being a mother. So what will she do about the UK’s air pollution – so toxic, experts advise plastic covers on prams?Theresa May has never struck me as much of a joker. But was it with a secret snigger that she offered former banker Andrea Leadsom the cabinet seat of environment secretary last year? Leadsom, you will remember, sparked a short-lived but almighty row, and handed May the premiership, when she told an interviewer that she thought motherhood made her a stronger candidate for the Tory leadership.feedback

Taylor McKinnon

The Ohio and Little Muskingum rivers provide precious water to millions of people in Ohio and downstream states. Pollution from fracking would be disastrous for the people who depend on this water.feedback

Abraham Esteve-Núñez

The result is clean water, with zero energy cost and no residual pollution.feedback

Elisa Simonpietri

The latest scientific research found that only 20 per cent of skin ageing is down to genes; the remaining 80 per cent is caused by environmental and lifestyle factors like climate, urban living, lack of sleep, sun, pollution, diet and stress. These are what causes skin to look dull, tired and less healthy. The Slow Age formula works to strengthen the skin against these lifestyle aggressors.feedback

Miguel Román - Nasa

It doesn't matter whether there is a moon, it doesn't matter whether there is airglow [from pollution or auroras]; we can turn it off, and see only the light from cities.feedback

Mike van Keulen

The more insidious aspect of the toxicity is the ever-increasing pollution load in the world's oceans. They're all connected, and background levels of pollutants are becoming a major concern in even very remote locations. This means that reefs are weakened and can't bounce back from the global events, like bleaching, acidification, etc.feedback

Darek Urbaniak - World Wide Fund for Nature

EU coal power plants will now either have to reduce their pollution or close down. It is about time Europe quits its dirty coal addiction for good and invests in energy efficiency and renewables instead.feedback

Enrico Brivio - European Commission

Air pollution is the prime environmental cause of premature death in the European Union. The European law does not require the closure of Bulgarian plants and will not increase the price of electricity.feedback

Jeremy Pearson

There is no doubt that air pollution is a killer, and this study brings us a step closer to solving the mystery of how air pollution damages our cardiovascular health. More research is needed to pin down the mechanism and consolidate the evidence, but these results emphasise that we must do more to stop people dying needlessly from heart disease caused by air pollution. Crucially, individual avoidance of polluted areas is not a solution to the problem. Government must put forward bold measures to make all areas safe and protect the population from harm.feedback

Jeff Holden - Uber

What started as a simple question – 'why can't I push a button and get a ride?' – has turned, for Uber, into a passionate pursuit of the pinnacle of urban mobility – the reduction of congestion and pollution from transportation, giving people their time back, freeing up real estate dedicated to parking and providing access to mobility in all corners of a city. Urban Aviation is a natural next step for Uber in this pursuit, which is why we are working to make 'push a button, get a flight' a reality.feedback

Federica Bertocchini

We have found that the larva of a common insect, Galleria mellonella, is able to biodegrade one of the toughest, most resilient, and most used plastics: polyethylene. Wax is a polymer, a sort of 'natural plastic,' and has a chemical structure not dissimilar to polyethylene. We are planning to implement this finding into a viable way to get rid of plastic waste, working towards a solution to save our oceans, rivers, and all the environment from the unavoidable consequences of plastic accumulation.feedback

Catherine Haddon

In the end it was a political choice to implement purdah early and interpret the guidance in this way.feedback

Colin Talbot

Purdah rules normally only come into effect when parliament is dissolved, not as soon as an election is called. In this case it is quite clear they have stretched the definition considerably. They have stretched the time limit, it has no legal standing and it seems to be completely selective – they are settling other bits of legislation and government announcements – so I think it is pretty clear they are just using this as an excuse not to put out this particular policy statement.feedback

Jo Murkens

The supreme court said in no uncertain terms that a governmental veto was impermissible – a judicial decision, even one from a lowly tribunal, is binding on the government. If you apply that here you have on the one hand a political convention with no legal weight regulating restrictions during the purdah period, and on the other hand a legally binding decision of the high court. The government should not be able to use purdah to thwart an order from the high court.feedback

Paolo Bombelli

If a single enzyme is responsible for this chemical process, its reproduction on a large scale using biotechnological methods should be achievable. This discovery could be an important tool for helping to get rid of the polyethylene plastic waste accumulated in landfill sites and oceans. The caterpillar produces something that breaks the chemical bond, perhaps in its salivary glands or a symbiotic bacteria in its gut. The next steps for us will be to try and identify the molecular processes in this reaction and see if we can isolate the enzyme responsible.feedback

Rachel Shimbles

I'd encourage people to seriously consider leaving London. My quality of life shot up when I did.feedback

James Thornton

Our court case forced the government to come up with new plans to bring down illegal levels of air pollution across the country. Those plans must include a national network of clean air zones to keep the dirtiest diesel vehicles out of pollution hot spots, if we are to stand any chance of dealing with this public health crisis.feedback

James Thornton

We are urgently considering the Government's application to delay the publication of the draft Air Quality Plan which was received on Friday evening, less than one working day before the plans are due. It is far from acceptable that ministers have left this to the very last minute. The Government proposes to delay the publication of the Air Quality Plan despite the clear public health risk caused by illegal air quality. These plans are essential to safeguard public health and they should be put in place without delay.feedback

James Thornton

New plans were ordered by the High Court as a result of our case last year. This is not a political issue but a public health issue. Whichever party is in power, the British public need to see an air quality plan which relies on good scientific evidence and which ensures that people no longer have to breathe toxic air and suffer the grave consequences to their health as a result.feedback

James Thornton

Whichever party ends up in power after the June 8 will need this air quality plan to begin finally to tackle our illegal levels of pollution and prevent further illness and early deaths from poisonous toxins in the air we breathe. The Government has had five months to draft this plan and it should be published.feedback

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

Ministers have had months to come up with a robust plan to tackle illegal air pollution. They have no excuses to delay its publication any further. The Cabinet Office guidance makes it clear that essential consultations can still be launched during purdah, and even mentions safeguarding public health as a ground for exceptions.feedback

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

Air pollution is a full-blown public health emergency, linked to thousands of premature deaths and a host of health problems. If the government intends to use the election as a pretext to buy more time, that would only be a sign that they just don't get the gravity of the situation.feedback

Andrés Cózar Cabañas

Our data demonstrate that the marine plastic pollution has reached a global scale after only a few decades using plastic materials. A clear evidence of the human capacity to change our planet. This plastic accumulation is likely to grow further. We should properly manage the plastic waste at its source. Once the plastic enters the ocean, its destination and impacts are uncontrollable.feedback

Jo Preston

It's a perfect storm of overfishing, habitat destruction, dredging, climate change, disease, invasive species and quite possibly pollution.feedback

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz

There was a lot of opposition. It's not easy to convince people to use public transport if driving a car is still quite an entrenched habit. Everybody wants to live in a healthy environment. In my case it's also about my daughter and grandchildren - they are an additional motivation. Modernising old trams, SKM (rapid city trains) would certainly have been impossible without EU funds. The difficulties were in changing some attitudes such as that a car is cool or that smog is not really all that harmful. Even the health minister was surprised that we should be fighting smog.feedback

Jenny Leong

Newtown is an electorate that is made up of some of the most wonderfully progressive people in the country, who want to see a real shift towards genuine protection of our planet and our environment from pollution.feedback

James Pew

There's no way it could ever make that showing when it comes to power plants. It's really hard to understand why the administration would want to do this.feedback

Ann Weeks

The Trump Administration and EPA Administrator Pruitt are again playing fast and loose with Americans' health. Seeking to delay the oral argument scheduled for May 18th serves no public purpose whatsoever.feedback

Graham McCahan

Virtually every power plant in America is already in compliance with the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. Weakening them would be a serious threat to the safety of our food, air and water.feedback

Griffith Bell

We're still not totally sure why air pollution might lower HDL, but it's possible that inflammatory responses to air pollution might change some of the proteins in HDL, making it less effective at protecting the body from cardiovascular disease. This is still an ongoing area of research, however.feedback

Frank Gilliland

People may want to plan their outdoor activities to avoid areas within 100 meters of major roads and freeways and-or other highly polluted areas.feedback

Martin Barstow

One of the biggest problems in the UK is that air pollution is getting worse. You can monitor it from space over large areas and get a really detailed picture of what is going on across the whole city. Monitoring the earth from space also allows you to look at populations, to look at the environments and how they affect people's health. For example, we know that when people live near trees it is good for their spiritual health.feedback

Dieter Helm

Everyone is repeatedly surprised at how fast electric cars are coming forward, but the political pressure to adopt this technology is increasing all the time. And it's not due to concerns over climate change – it's city air pollution. Suppose you're sitting in Saudi Arabia: until now you've been reasonably confident in assuming that if you don't pump the oil today it will be worth more tomorrow. But if you believe in my view that oil will be worth even less tomorrow, then what do you do? You pump even more now which will take the price down even further.feedback

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

A really progressive scrappage scheme will help kick start the shift to electric vehicles, as well encourage a shift to car sharing and public transport. Even the newest diesel cars are heavily polluting, and the majority aren't meeting pollution standards. So they shouldn't be promoted by government as a clean option in any scrappage scheme. To sort out this health crisis, we need to remove all diesel from our roads and transition to full electric.feedback

Neil Parish

I know there are concerns about the costs of any scheme. That's why any proposed scheme should be targeted and proportionate. It should be a key weapon in the armoury of the Government in tackling air pollution problems. Instead the Government should particularly consider targeting a scrappage scheme at poorer households or those earning less than 60 per cent of the median UK household income. If the Government ear-marked £500million for this scheme, it would take nearly 10 per cent of the five million dirtiest diesels off our roads.feedback

Neil Parish

If the government earmarked £500m for this scheme, it would take nearly 10% of the 5 million dirtiest diesels off our roads. Limiting the scheme to these hotspots could potentially take as many as half of these dirtiest diesels out of these pollution hotspots.feedback

John Higginson

The organisation has a single aim. A plastic free aisle in supermarkets. It's about choice. With concern growing over pollution and health, people are demanding a reduction the amount of single-use plastic - and the choice to buy food not wrapped in plastic. It's not saying that all plastic is bad, sometimes it's very useful. But there is a lot of needless waste. The idea behind the campaign is that people are making a confession, and then vowing to make a change.feedback

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg

It's a long time ago now. Since 2012 we've been talking about how bad (diesel) is for people's health, and people are adjusting to the science. In the past year we've seen quite a big change in attitudes. People are well aware of the health implications now. They don't think children and elderly people should have to stay in their homes to avoid pollution.feedback

Sean Hoobin

We need greater investment in catchment repair so that the next cyclone or flood does less harm to the reef.feedback

Peter A. Nadosy

When we first started talking about this nine months ago, I was very wary. I'm on 10 different boards and investment committees. It's deeply ingrained that your goal is to maximize returns, because that's how performance is measured. I'm on two boards where clean technology and pollution are big issues. We invested in some ventures going back five or six years. They've been money-losers, by and large. They were good people and good ideas, but they haven't worked out.feedback

Julie Morrissey

They'd looked at the effect [of air pollution] on the immune system, like human cells, but never on the actual bacteria themselves. We thought, well, this is really relevant.feedback

Imogen Zethoven - Marine Conservation Society

In nearly 20 years [the reef] has suffered four severe coral bleaching events, 10 severe cyclones and four massive flood events washing huge volumes of pollution into its waters. It can't take much more.feedback

Liz Bowman

We are thankful to the court for granting our motion to postpone oral argument. In light of President Trump's pro-growth agenda, EPA continues to carefully review the broad implications of the 2015 ozone standard and ensure that we are supporting American jobs and protecting human health and the environment.feedback

Seth Johnson

We will continue to fight to protect public health under the Clean Air Act and for the continued implementation of the more protective 2015 smog standards. The EPA has no justification to weaken anything about these key pollution reduction measures, and we'll fight against that. We look forward to having our day in court in the future to fight for stronger protections.feedback

Brett Cosgrove

The chemicals used to dye fabric are a major source of water pollution. We developed a collection of organic cotton sweaters that were dyed using Quebracho Rojo (a pink natural dye made from tree bark) and natural indigo.feedback

Seth Johnson

Smog is dangerous to kids, seniors and asthmatics. The Trump administration is taking the first step toward tearing down a crucial protection against dirty air.feedback

Edmund King

Government and local authorities need to deal with air quality issues in a sensitive and scientific manner rather than just demonising all diesels. We are encouraging Government to introduce a targeted scrappage scheme in urban areas to encourage the faster replacement of older buses, trucks, taxis and other gross polluting vehicles.feedback

John Walke

President Trump is aiding baseless litigation mounted by Scott Pruitt before he was put in charge of EPA over the consensus of doctors and scientists.feedback

Tamzen Isacsson

Industry has invested billions into reducing emissions and has drastically reduced or banished pollutants such as particulates, sulphur and carbon monoxide, while the [latest] diesels are delivering vastly lower NO2 emissions.feedback

Tamzen Isacsson

It is well known that the existing emissions test is outdated, and industry welcomes a new, more robust regime coming this September. This will see cars tested on the road for the first time, meaning that the UK will be part of the toughest emissions standards in the world.feedback

Anna Heslop

With the government's new air quality plans due before 24 April, she has the chance to prove that she can do this. Successive governments have got it wrong over diesel and the current government has had seven years to put it right and has done nothing to address the problem.feedback

Frank Kelly

The car industry knew that, and they still know that. The car industry really has got a major role in this debacle.feedback

Steve Gooding

The real-world emissions performance of many vehicles has turned out to be a far cry from the hoped-for improvements the standards were intended to deliver. Going forward we need a testing regime we can all trust and cars that meet or preferably exceed the required standard.feedback

Greg Archer

We were told by the vehicle manufacturers the [diesel emissions] limits would be met and there was no problem. What of course actually happened was those limits were not met on the road, as the car manufacturers started to turn down the after-treatment systems and cheat the tests. The car industry continues to be as obstructive as they have always been. Nothing has changed. When I talk to people on the boards of the companies, many now see there is a huge change underway, to electric, connected, digital cars and that that transformation is coming very fast.feedback

Frank Kelly

We have now reached a point where we have reached a high level of NO2 and we have now got health evidence against NO2 – it's perfect storm.feedback

Anna Heslop

Car manufacturers have consistently failed to hit air pollution limits for diesel cars – it is about time prime minister Theresa May put the interests of people's health above the interests of the car industry.feedback

Sam Hall

Most Conservatives do care about climate change and the natural environment. They support ambitious environmental policies, including closing Britain's remaining coal-fired power stations to introducing new low-emission zones in air pollution hotspots. There is a clear mandate from its own voters for the Conservative Government to adopt a more ambitious, conservative agenda on the environment.feedback

Eric T. Schneiderman

The law is clear: the EPA must limit carbon pollution from power plants.feedback

Erik D. Olson - Natural Resources Defense Council

If the state doesn't have a program, which is true in most states, and if the EPA doesn't have a program, how are you going to have compliance with the lead rules? Basically, this is the guts of the program that protects kids from lead poisoning from paint.feedback

Julia Valentine

Administrator EPA in a more effective, more focused, less costly way as we partner with states to fulfill the agency's core mission.feedback

Greg Archer

The polluter should be paying, not the consumer and not the taxpayer. But the UK is doing nothing. If the car industry was required to recall those vehicles and upgrade the after-treatment system that would make a sizeable difference to the air pollution problems in our cities.feedback

Edson Severnini

Clearly there was an effect of coal emissions driving pollution and - in turn - infant health. If you compared these effects to the effect of supplementary nutrition to women with a disadvantaged background, the magnitude is comparable in different directions. The ultimate goal was to protect public health, but by not taking into account this response, public health was being affected in another way.feedback

Frank Gilliland

The choices in terms of modes of energy production are important. They have consequences.feedback

Frank Gilliland

I think further research in this area is probably warranted to quantify the other risks associated with the trade off between air-polluting power generation and non-polluting power generation.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The air in London is lethal and I will not stand by and do nothing. Today I'm announcing bold proposals which are critically needed to safeguard Londoners from our air quality health crisis. Now I urge the government to step up and match my ambition to transform the appalling air we breathe. Ministers need to deliver a national vehicle scrappage fund, reform fiscal incentives like vehicle excise duty and pass a powerful new Clean Air Act to end the toxic smog in London once and for all.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The air in London is lethal and I will not stand by and do nothing. Now I urge the Government to step up and match my ambition to transform the appalling air we breathe. Ministers need to deliver a national vehicle scrappage fund, reform fiscal incentives like vehicle excise duty and pass a powerful new Clean Air Act to Act end the toxic smog in London once and for all.feedback

Janet McCabe

We know that a little bit of cheating can mean a lot of air pollution.feedback

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

Most people don't realise that all across the country toddlers are being exposed to invisible air pollution caused by diesel vehicles. We were told diesel vehicles were the cleaner choice but car makers lied about the toxic pollution they emit. The only way to make our communities safer is to tackle air pollution head on. To fix this problem we need wholesale transformation on our roads away from diesel towards hybrid and electric vehicles. Both the government and the car companies need to work urgently to fix this.feedback

Chris Griffiths

The research on exposure to traffic fumes and children's lung growth is pretty consistent. It shows that such exposure reduces lung growth, produces long term ill health and can cause premature death. We should be outraged that we are exposing our developing children to these obvious problems. Why should we tolerate this? It is a relatively simple thing to try and solve. It is a choice we have to make. Rather than telling people to take their inhaler, stay indoors and reduce exercise when there are high pollution levels, attitudes need to change and we need to make the polluter pay.feedback

Marg Randles - Busy Bees Childcare

Air quality is a concern for many communities in the UK. Undoubtedly the levels of pollution across many parts of the country have reached unacceptable levels and we understand that everyone is affected by high levels of nitrogen dioxide. Reducing the levels of pollution especially around homes, schools, hospitals and nurseries where levels are high is hugely important.feedback

Sandra Nelson

It's never been brought to my attention. If the level here is higher than what it should be I think it needs to be addressed by the local authority and the government.feedback

James Burn

The West Midlands is facing an air pollution crisis – the shocking truth is that 3,000 people a year here die prematurely from breathing our dirty air. For us to tackle this problem we need a huge investment from government to enable us to build a world-class public transport system that gets people from A to B without contributing to air pollution and congestion. Until that happens, we'll continue to see cars choking up our roads and our most vulnerable citizens choking on filthy air.feedback

Anne Shaw

We are not anti-car, the car is still here, but there are 200,000 journeys of under a mile in this city each day – it is about removing some of those trips.feedback

Sadiq Khan

The air in London is lethal. We think that half of air pollution comes from vehicles. My plans will lead to a 50% reduction in NOx in 2020.feedback

Chris Wallace

You're talking about regulatory overreach. But the question is, there are 166 million people living in unclean air, and you're going to remove some of the pollution restrictions, which would make the air even worse.feedback

Muzhe Yang

We have this very unique situation where the source is uniquely identified. Most studies focus on low-wage areas, and we looked at a wealthy region. We are filling a very important gap. This is just the beginning step, an impact on early life through birth outcomes. The problem is, who should have the authority to solve cross-border pollution problems. We are not providing any solutions, but we want to raise this question that deserves more attention.feedback

Guy Shrubsole

If Ineos got their way, the petrochemicals industry wouldn't bear any of the costs of cleaning up their carbon pollution.feedback

Michael Gannon

We need to be cleverer and smarter about carbon abatement and the necessary changes in society to reduce the impacts of climate change. The necessary changes in changing our energy mix and reducing pollution will have victims and we just need to think about that. We just need a secure energy supply, and that does not for one minute diminish very clear AMA policy which is there. Every member that telephoned or emailed the AMA was responded to and they were pointed in the direction of our policy which talks about all of this – the need to reduce the carbon footprint of our society.feedback

Frederic Speidel - IG Metall

China is developing whole cities to develop only batteries. The battery will be 40% of the whole value of the car in the future world. Air pollution is dangerous. Dieselgate was the industry's Chernobyl and it has to do something. The classic internal combustion engine will sooner or later disappear.feedback

Wolfgang Forderer

This is the beating heart of the world car industry. The reality is it is very hard to do anything against the car lobby. They are well organised. We are 100% over the pollution limits but persuading people not to use their cars is hard.feedback

Christian Hochfeld - Agora

The plan by the Chinese to clean up pollution in their cities by introducing more and more electric cars will drive the global market. They are starting to build cars around batteries and are getting better and better. In a few years, Chinese cities will have quotas for electric cars, progressively closing down the market for petrol or diesels.feedback

Mohammad Javaid

We wanted to find something better than furnace oil, or burning wood, something that caused less pollution.feedback

Edward Wong

Even those colleagues who go to great lengths to protect the lungs of their children find it can be difficult to keep the effects of the smog at bay.feedback

Kim Shin-do

The government is sitting idly by while passing the buck to China. Only after we handle our own air pollution problems can we grasp the extent of air pollution or fine dust [coming from] the deserts in China and Mongolia.feedback

Steven J. Davis

Some other country would step up and say hey, we're willing to let our people die to have that business. We need to move our lifestyles away from cheap and wasteful.feedback

Dabo Guan

For greenhouse gas emissions we have a global agreement. People can argue about whether its been effective or not – but at least we have a global framework. People have thought air pollution was a local issue.feedback

Brendan Ahern

In general, Tesla's done very well in China. There's a lot of effort in electric cars in China to help address the pollution issue.feedback

Bill de Blasio

We are choosing to meet this challenge head-on, investing to make our neighborhoods more resilient and doing our part to reduce the pollution that drives climate change. Faced with presidential orders that reject sound science and common sense, I am proud to join mayors across the country in offering bold solutions capable of leaving our children a healthy planet.feedback

Fiona Armstrong

People in the Latrobe Valley have suffered a burden of ill health from the pollution caused by the burning of coal over a long period, given it is linked to cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological diseases, as well as lung cancers. For children with asthma, the elderly, and people with respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, this announcement is good news. We've seen examples where hospitals had supply interrupted from extreme weather events. Brown coal fuels climate change which causes these events to occur more frequently and more severely.feedback

John Podesta

This threat alone is no reason to give up hope that we can still avert the most severe impacts of climate change. If the US cedes its leadership in the global movement to curb greenhouse gas pollution, other major powers, most notably China, are primed to dominate the coming clean energy economy.feedback

Tomás Carbonell

Large majorities of Americans in red and blue states alike support strong action to reduce carbon pollution from the nation's power plants, and the clean power plan is supported by a broad and diverse coalition of states, municipalities, power companies, leading businesses, consumer advocates, faith organizations and many others.feedback

Tomás Carbonell

These supporters will turn out in force to oppose the administration's outrageous attack on the United States' only nationwide limits on carbon pollution from power plants – safeguards that are essential to protecting our public health, securing a clean energy economy and yielding a safer climate for our children.feedback

Liao Hong

Everyone used to think that controlling smog hinged on reducing regional pollution. Now it's clear that it will require a global effort.feedback

Marc Lanteigne

In light of growing local protests against poor air quality, linking this issue with climate conditions outside of China underscores the fact that the pollution problem has international sources in addition to local.feedback

Yuhang Wang

In the long run, emission reductions of both pollutants and greenhouse gases are needed to mitigate the winter haze problem.feedback

Dong Liansai

It won't change the overall conclusion that air pollutant emission is the direct and interior cause for this air pollution problem. Much more action is required.feedback

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

As we mark the 60th anniversary of that fateful date, we are also marking the birth of the European project anew. It's around that but that's not the main story. We have to calculate scientifically what the British commitments were and then the bill has to be paid. Pollution, terrorism and organised crime, to give just three examples, do not stop at national borders. So without collective policymaking there can be no effective policy on those matters.feedback

Tony Avella

I understand the logic. But that doesn't mean that anytime you think you have a good idea, you have the right to roll over everybody and do it. This is a democracy, not a dictatorship.feedback

Tim O'Connor

If the federal government won't protect the people and the environment from oil and gas pollution, it has to be up to the states.feedback

Mark Wakeham - Victoria

The lack of coherent national policy on energy and climate change is now damaging business confidence and investment across the economy. First Mr Abbott scrapped Australia's carbon laws which made polluters pay for their pollution. Then he replaced these effective laws with a policy which used taxpayers' money to pay polluters to stop polluting. Now he wants to use taxpayers' money to encourage one of the world's dirtiest power stations to keep polluting.feedback

John Hayes

This government is committed to improving air quality and reducing pollution in towns and cities, which is essential for people's health and the environment. This is also great news for the economy as we invest in cutting edge technology and the next generation of transport and engineering professionals by creating thousands of new high skilled jobs.feedback

Florian Bohnert

The government [in Singapore] has been very supportive of moving around in more environmentally friendly ways. We hope to work closely with agencies to put in place a framework for smart bikes to be able to operate safely and securely. It's really about trying to provide a solution for cities that have pollution and traffic congestion.feedback

Bob Brown

Adani's coalmine will be the most dangerous in our history, ramping up global carbon pollution precisely when emissions need to be drastically cut.feedback

Sarah Wollaston

Poor air quality is affecting on the health of millions of people across the U.K. because of the impact of invisible particulates and other pollutants. Our joint inquiry will include an examination of the scale of the harm caused and the action necessary to tackle it.feedback

Louise Ellman

The UK economy depends on an efficient and flexible transport system but emissions from vehicles are a significant problem and the standards that Governments have relied on have not delivered the expected reductions. We will be asking what more can be done to increase the use of cleaner vehicles as well as to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport.feedback

Mary Creagh

Ministers will face unprecedented scrutiny in Parliament to ensure they finally step up to the mark to ensure adults, and children in particular, do not have their health damaged by filthy air. Four committees coming together for a joint highlights the degree of MPs' concern at the Government's slow pace in cleaning up Britain's air. It's time for action on a far bigger scale.feedback

Neil Parish

The solutions to cleaning up our air are not the responsibility of just one minister. That's why we have taken the unprecedented task of convening four select committees so we can scrutinise the Government's efforts from every angle and look for holistic solutions that are good for health, transport and the environment.feedback

Aishwarya Madineni

The moment the air quality goes moderate, they're willing to go back to normal – it's basically work as usual. I think the mind-set of both the government and the public is extremely episodic. They wake up when there's a crisis, and they switch off after that. They're not even following even 10 percent of what that action plan is asking them to do. To me, it's clearly an implementation challenge that is being addressed haphazardly.feedback

Gina McCarthy - United States Environmental Protection Agency

This budget is literally and figuratively a scorched-earth budget. It really represents an all out assault on clean air, water, and land. You just can't put America first when you put the health of its people and its country last, and that's what this budget really represents.feedback

Gina McCarthy - United States Environmental Protection Agency

Literally and figuratively, this is a scorched earth budget that represents an all out assault on clean air, water, and land. You can't put 'America First' when you put the health of its people and its country last.feedback

Justus Notholt

You can say that every molecule has its finger print in the spectrum. There are million of lines, so there is an enormous amount of information in it and these lines in this case now can be attributed to CO2. So, it's the CO2 in the atmosphere, which is absorbing solar sunlight.feedback

Maria Dolores Andrés Hernandéz

We have two intensive air born measurement campaigns where we get a kind of snapshot of the chemistry of these outflows and in the analysis we combine this with satellite data to understand how the chemical evolution of the outflows from mega-cities.feedback

Justus Notholt

Mankind has a large influence on the climate and the problem is everything that we are doing now has very long time scales, we have to make now decisions so that we can see results in 50 years or maybe even later.feedback

Folkard Wittrock

The truck provides a unique set of different instruments. On one hand we have instruments which are just sucking in the air around us, which means that we are able to analyse the air for pollutants. On the other hand we have remote sensing instruments using more of less the same type of analysis as the space born instruments, to having a broad idea of pollutants around us.feedback

Robert Lightfoot - Nasa

Overall science funding is stable, although some missions in development will not go forward and others will see increases. We remain committed to studying our home planet and the universe, but are reshaping our focus within the resources available to us – a budget not far from where we have been in recent years, and which enables our wide ranging science work on many fronts. This budget also keeps aeronautics on stable footing allowing us to continue our forward movement in many areas, including the New Aviation Horizons initiative.feedback

Robert Lightfoot - Nasa

We remain committed to the next human missions to deep space, but we will not pursue the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) with this budget. This doesn't mean, however, that the hard work of the teams already working on ARM will be lost. We will continue the solar electric propulsion efforts benefitting from those developments for future in space transportation initiatives. I have had personal involvement with this team and their progress for the past few years, and am I extremely proud of their efforts to advance this mission.feedback

Cynthia Giles

[More cuts] won't just drastically reduce EPA enforcement, it will bring it to a halt. Not only will the staff be a shadow of its former self, the inspectors, lawyers and criminal agents who would be left would be unable to do their jobs, because these cuts would zero out the already small amount of funds used to do inspections, monitor pollution and file cases.feedback

John Garder

The administration's proposed budget is a non-starter for our national parks, our environment, and our cultural heritage, and should be dead on arrival in Congress. Agencies like the National Park Service and EPA cannot take care of our treasured landscapes and historical landmarks with further cuts to what are already shoestring budgets.feedback

Margie Alt - Environment America

Slashing EPA's overall budget by more than a third means the agency cannot adequately enforce our clean air and clean water safeguards. It is basically a 'get-out-of-jail-free card' for polluters. In addition, Trump's proposed budget underfunds environmental issues that matter to millions of Americans – like climate action, clean energy and our national parks.feedback

Yuhang Wang

When you look at haze reduction, it is not just about reducing emissions of air pollutants, it is also about reducing emissions of greenhouses gases from China and all the other countries in the world, so we can possibly slow down the rapidly changing Arctic climate.feedback

Yuhang Wang

The very rapid change in polar warming is really having a large impact on China. Emissions in China have been decreasing over the last four years, but the severe winter haze is not getting better. Mostly that's because of a very rapid change in the high polar regions where sea ice is decreasing and snowfall is increasing. This perturbation keeps cold air from getting into the eastern parts of China, where it would flush out the air pollution. And the winter of 2016-17 was nearly as bad.feedback

Michael Saul

Backing away from these modest rules is doubly dangerous given the administration's reckless plans to ramp up fracking and drilling on public lands across America. Federal rules are critical because state rules in places like Oklahoma have been appallingly slow to confront air pollution, man-made earthquakes and other serious harms caused by oil companies.feedback

Jennifer Francis

Not all the impacts of a melting Arctic are bad – such as taking the edge off of winter cold snaps – but most of the effects will have a negative impact on the billions of people living in temperate regions.feedback

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

We need to put clean car standards in the fast lane to keep our air clean and our climate safe. Donald Trump and the automakers are endangering the health of our children and families by abolishing lifesaving vehicle emissions protections that cut down on dangerous smog pollution and asthma attacks.feedback

Kristin Igusky - World Resources Institute

There's no doubt that the current standards are reasonable and achievable. In fact, the industry as a whole has surpassed the vehicle standards in each of the last four years, while creating jobs and selling more vehicles than ever.feedback

Richard Vevers

"For the reefs that are least vulnerable to climate change, the key will be to protect them from all the other issues they are facing – pollution, overfishing, coastal development,"feedback

Richard Vevers

For the reefs that are least vulnerable to climate change, the key will be to protect them from all the other issues they are facing – pollution, overfishing, coastal development.feedback

Manuela Carmen

This is plan A for air quality in Madrid. It's plan A because there can't be any plan B.feedback

Florence Williams

More people than ever live in urban environments, where dirty air, noise and stress must be tackled. I recently spent some time walking around Washington DC, where I live, with an aethalometer sticking out of my shirt collar. I carried the device, which measures air pollution, around with me like a pet monkey as I walked in a city park, drove on the city’s circular beltway and picked up my kids from school. It was sadly eye-opening because it confirmed what I have long suspected: my city is a polluted place.feedback

Prashant Kumar

Young children are far more susceptible to pollution than adults, due to their immature and developing systems and lower body weight. These findings provide an insight for families who walk to and from nursery and primary schools with young children. Essentially, children could be at risk of breathing in some nasty and harmful chemical species. One of the simplest ways to combat this is to use a barrier between the in-pram children and the exhaust emissions, especially at pollution hotspots such as traffic intersections, so parents should use pram covers if at all possible.feedback

David Doniger - Natural Resources Defense Council

After obscuring his true views during his Senate confirmation hearings, Scott Pruitt has outed himself as a pure climate denier. Having an EPA administrator who claims carbon pollution is not the primary cause of climate change is like having a U.S. surgeon general who says smoking is not the primary cause of lung cancer.feedback

Rob Lloyd

Tying together the Middle East region would produce greater virtual density, without congestion and pollution, spurring innovation, productivity, job growth and more powerful sharing of knowledge, labor and investment.feedback

Chen Jining

If we look at the overall situation we see progress. That's not to say that there aren't places where it is inadequate, especially at the district level, which is the focus of our current work.feedback

Sadiq Khan

There is definitely an element of environmental injustice among those commuting in London, with those who create the most pollution having the least exposure to it.feedback

Prashant Kumar

Young children are far more susceptible to pollution than adults, due to their immature and developing systems and lower body weight. These findings provide an insight for families who walk to and from nursery and primary schools with young children. Essentially, children could be at risk of breathing in some nasty and harmful chemical species.feedback

Prashant Kumar

One of the simplest ways to combat this is to use a barrier between the in-pram children and the exhaust emissions, especially at pollution hotspots such as traffic intersections, so parents should use pram covers if at all possible.feedback

Sadiq Khan

London's toxic air is an outrage. [This] will make a big difference to the pollution caused by our public transport system.feedback

Mandy Lee

In 2012, two years after my husband and I, along with our two dogs, had relocated from New York to Beijing, the extremely authoritarian political environment and world-famous pollution had driven this self-proclaimed New Yorker into an emotional exile. I started an angry food blog out of sheer desperation and misery. Just when I thought I was balancing [].feedback

Rob Lloyd

While technology is revolutionising many facets of our lives, we have not seen a radical change in transportation since the Wright brothers introduced air travel over 100 years ago. Tying together the Middle East region would produce greater virtual density, without congestion and pollution, spurring innovation, productivity, job growth and more powerful sharing of knowledge, labour and investment. Building a Hyperloop would vastly impact the economy and make any major city in the Gulf Cooperation Council accessible within one hour.feedback

Janet Sanz

The people of Barcelona have told us clearly in surveys that they want to fight against air pollution because it is a health problem of the first order.feedback

Maria Neira

Investing in the removal of environmental risks to health will result in massive health benefits.feedback

Margaret Chan - World Health Organization

A polluted environment is a deadly one – particularly for young children. Their developing organs and immune systems – and smaller bodies and airways – make them especially vulnerable to dirty air and water.feedback

Li Keqiang

Officials who do a poor job in enforcing the law, knowingly allow environmental violations, or respond inadequately to worsening air quality will be held accountable. At present, overall, systemic risks are under control. But we must be fully alert to the build-up of risks.feedback

Li Keqiang

We will work faster to address pollution caused by coal burning.feedback

Ken Kimmell - Union of Concerned Scientists

These vehicle efficiency and emissions rules have helped us cut oil use, reduce pollution, save money at the pump and reduce the risk of climate change.feedback

Wei Song

The government should increase the penalties in order to bankrupt the people and the companies responsible. Otherwise, if the punishment is just a little scratch, they will carry on polluting.feedback

Li Keqiang

The projected target for this year's growth is realistic. An important reason to stress the need for stable growth is to ensure employment and improve people's lives. All key sources of industrial pollution will be placed under round-the-clock online monitoring. Economic globalisation is in the fundamental interests of all countries. China will not shift in its commitment to promoting global economic co-operation.feedback

Rhea Suh

EPA's clean car standards are driving unprecedented reductions in carbon pollution and saving drivers money at the pump. Strong standards have been a critical factor in the auto industry's recovery from financial distress, so it makes no sense to reverse this progress.feedback

Luke Metzger

We think they need to be held accountable for thousands of releases of dangerous pollution into the community.feedback

Paul Monks

This research has significant potential to initiate a global research effort to understand a hitherto unknown effect of air pollution and provide significant additional impetus to the control of pollution.feedback

Neil Beveridge

If you look at the pollution in China, it's clearly a massive problem so it's not a surprise they want to do this. The big question is: how are they going to achieve it?feedback

Paul Biedrzycki

Good emissions numbers translate to sales these days. If one does it, they all have to at least seriously consider it.feedback

Steven Barrett

It ends up being about a one percent extra risk of dying early in a given year, per microgram per meter cubed of fine particles you're exposed to. Typically that means that someone who dies early from air pollution ends up dying about a decade early. It seems unlikely that Volkswagen is the only company with issues with excess emissions.feedback

Ken Cook

The Trump administration has decided fence-line communities across the country, whose residents already bear an outsized burden from pollution, are on their own to take on big polluters. Most pollution-spewing operations are within eyeshot of the backyards and kitchen windows of African American and Hispanic families, as well as those of many largely white lower-income communities.feedback

Penny Woods

The chancellor must take bold action to reduce the number of diesel vehicles on UK roads. We also need a new Clean Air Act, with fair targets to work towards. Few things are as precious as our children’s health. That’s why the research commissioned by the mayor of London on the amount of schools in areas with illegal levels of toxic air is so troubling. The findings expose the severe problems with air pollution in London.feedback

Jing Kang

Pollution is a very critical issue for human health, but we cannot change the environment right away. At least we know the particles can harbour in that type of tissue.feedback

Jing Kang

These pathological changes are very important because they are the fundamental mechanisms for the common chronic diseases we have today. I can anticipate the same things [that happen in mice] would happen in humans, because many other inflammatory diseases in humans can be treated with OFAs. We feel very confident OFAs can do something very good. I would definitely recommend taking OFAs to counter air pollution problems. OFAs are well known to have many other healthy benefits and the key thing is they are not like a drug, but a nutrient with so many benefits.feedback

Bill Becker

Any of these programs where they've cut air pollution or water pollution is going to have a direct effect on inner cities.feedback

Paul Monks

The lead investigators have brought together their expertise in genetics, microbiology and air pollution chemistry to provide truly multidisciplinary, ground-breaking insights.feedback

Julie Morrissey

This work increases our understanding of how air pollution affects human health. It shows that the bacteria which cause respiratory infections are affected by air pollution, possibly increasing the risk of infection and the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment of these illnesses. Our research could initiate an entirely new understanding of how air pollution affects human health. It will lead to enhancement of research to understand how air pollution leads to severe respiratory problems and perturbs the environmental cycles essential for life.feedback

Ulrich Vogt

We do not have good ventilation and hence no way of diluting the air pollutants.feedback

Thomas Bareiss

I think it would be fatal. Even the discussion about driving bans will lead to the destruction of [Stuttgart]. There are more intelligent ways to tackle the fine dust problem.feedback

Julia Pieper

In the eventuality that the 2017 limit values are not met, traffic restrictions on individual days are planned for the year 2018. In doing so, the affected area is kept as small as possible.feedback

Ulrich Vogt

Combustion residues, mainly from diesel engines, as well as the abrasion of brakes and tyres, are the main reasons for these high PM10 values. Another reason we have such a high concentration [of air pollution] is that everything is very, very densely populated. Stuttgart west has the highest population density in Europe. There are no broad avenues here, only narrow street canyons. Every microgram per cubic metre of PM10 is unhealthy. So there is no threshold value or lower limit [of acceptability].feedback

Susanne Jallow

The politicians are satisfied with Feinstaubalarm without considering any other action. Why can't we have a ban on vehicular traffic on pollution days, like Paris and Madrid?feedback

Ulrich Reuter

I hope it will be possible to bring down the pollution levels. But I'm afraid it's not possible without restrictions.feedback

Peter Erben

You can only imagine what the lungs of people who live inside those houses look like.feedback

Jan Lutz

I wanted to build cost-effective sensors, given the less than reliable government data and coverage regarding air pollution. But I think in five years Stuttgart will be like Detroit or something, because there is simply no innovation. The automobile industry continues to produce more cars, which is basically two tonnes of steel transporting a 70kg human. It's an overkill, and not sustainable in the long run.feedback

Ulrich Reuter

We are now experiencing a phenomenon called temperature inversion. It acts like a lid, trapping cold air in the ground without allowing for exchange.feedback

Peter Erben

We wanted to highlight the bureaucratic apathy of the city administration. There is a pressing need for more proactive measures to combat air pollution. The existing ones are inadequate.feedback

Khem Bahadur Karki

It is a very serious problem, which poses a threat to people's health. Around 30 percent of respiratory illnesses are contributed by outdoor air pollution.feedback

Yu Wensheng

If the government is not restricted by law, then what else can restrict it?feedback