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Shawn Layden
The future is bright. And as we celebrate today, I want to give my sincerest thanks to the adventurous teams who helped create, shape, and build PlayStation VR. We are equally grateful for the one million-plus gamers who have taken the plunge into virtual reality with us. We'll have a lot more to share with you in the days, weeks, and months ahead.feedback
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Oct 13 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about PoPro. You'll find 75 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about PoPro are: Ben Schachter, Freddie Prinze Jr., Andrew House and Andrew Paradise. Ben Schachter specifically said: “We are in the trough of disillusionment. The fact is the software hasn't delivered on expectations. People want it and love it, but it hasn't been delivered. ... You need to see a killer app – a Pokemon Go-type event – on the hardware.”.
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Greg Brockman - OpenAI

If you're a novice playing against someone who is awesome – playing tennis against Serena Williams, for example – you're going to be crushed and you won't realize there are slightly better techniques or ways of doing something. The magic happens when your opponent is exactly balanced with you so that if you to explore and find a slightly better strategy it is then reflected in your performance in the game.feedback

Greg Brockman - OpenAI

You kind of see that this thing is super fast and no human can execute its moves as well, but it was also strategic and it kind of knows what you're going to do. When you go off screen, for example, it would predict what you were going to do next. That's not something we expected.feedback

Mike Ybarra

It's a complete redesign based on gamer feedback. We've heard for a long time now that gamers really want to customize Home. They want to make it more about them. And so we've embraced that in a very big way.feedback

Robert Yang

Decades of male heterosexual hegemony have trained gamers into thinking of 'looking' as a 'free' action, with few consequences or results. I tried to look at some sex games to see how they do this, and they're much worse at embodiment, because it's less about you being there and more you being a director, creating some kind of scene and watching it from afar.feedback

Jim Cramer

A lot of people think that trading is incredibly exciting, and it can be, but if you're good at trading around a core position, you should be pretty bored. All you're doing is watching the stock move, and trimming or adding to your position accordingly.feedback

Jim Cramer

Trading around a core position is an important basic trading strategy that everyone can use, even those of you who find the notion of trading, as opposed to investing, to be abhorrent.feedback

Maureen Fan

It took many years for gaming to advance, just like it took decades for film to figure out its language of cuts, pans and zooms. Games are often about being someone else or escaping to another reality. Therefore, V.R. intersects directly with gaming. We are at the very beginning of creating this industry.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

These things end up being more complex than you think upfront. If anything, we may have to invest even more money to get to the goals we had than we had thought upfront.feedback

Ray Davis

What needs to happen is for the early visionaries to stay the course, the investors to continue subsidizing the first wave of content until the economics are in place, and the platforms to continue maturing their hardware to bring in more consumers.feedback

Mattie Brice

There are lots of fundamental issues V.R. hasn't worked out, such as nausea or how our body actually moves and reacts. V.R. has to figure out what's unique about it besides being immersive, a consumer product buzzword for every advancement since games went 3-D.feedback

Pete Hines - Bethesda

You're not looking at a screen on which something is displayed; all you see is the screen – you're in it.feedback

Diego Gigliani

In the US many kids start liking the professional football game by playing the console-based game. We thought a natural next step was to have a player representing Manchester City in competitive gaming tournaments.feedback

Andrew House

I take issue a little bit, if I'm frank, of the analyst view of the world. I think they've been guilty of potentially too much hype in the category. This is VR 1.0. It's the start of a very long road in terms of the maturation of this new medium. Our view of it was fairly slow and steady. ... From our perspective, it's going better than or just as well as we first envisioned.feedback

Ben Schachter

People are realizing there's no quality content, so there's no need to buy these systems.feedback

Ben Schachter

We are in the trough of disillusionment. The fact is the software hasn't delivered on expectations. People want it and love it, but it hasn't been delivered. ... You need to see a killer app – a Pokemon Go-type event – on the hardware.feedback

Phil Spencer

Xbox One X, the most powerful console ever made, sets a new standard for gamers and game creators.feedback

Michael Pachter - Wedbush Securities

We expect (Xbox One X) to underwhelm at retail, as has PS4 Pro, which costs $399. The subdued sales numbers for the PS4 Pro since launch are partly a reflection of gamers opting for the older and cheaper hardware (sometimes with a pack-in) in order to save over $100. The potential price delta between Project Scorpio and the Xbox One of $200 or more is even greater than the delta between the PS4 Pro and the PS4 of $100 or more.feedback

Atul Goyal

Switch has turned out to be a stealth hit and is positioned to drive Wii-type [the company's last successful console] software sales and profits cycle. Switch's appeal to core-gamers (vs. Wii to casual gamers) is likely to drive higher attach-rate and higher earnings than Wii-era. Nintendo is also actively targeting and courting its core-gamers with a very powerful game line-up in the year 1 of Switch's launch. We believe this is the most powerful and attractive line-up of any Nintendo game console ever.feedback

Andrew Paradise - Skillz

For the last five years, we've been building out a fully featured eSports [platform]. Mobile eSports will push eSports into the mainstream much faster than what's happened with computers.feedback

Andrew Paradise - Skillz

I think you can now expect a lot more larger partnerships from the company now that the software and platform have proven themselves.feedback

Andrew Paradise - Skillz

[Big game publishers] haven't been building [eSports] content for mobile devices. This is a pivotal moment in the industry, where one of the biggest competitive games is being built for mobile. We're going to see more of that 'traditional' hardcore gaming experience. More and more studios will be doing that with Skillz in the future.feedback

Freddie Prinze Jr.

I'm a big gamer. I'm 41 years old and I still play video games all the time. I love it. I always have and I always wanted to do a cookbook for gamers, like a healthy cookbook for my fellow gamers' lives because too many of them don't cook because they don't have time for it.feedback

Freddie Prinze Jr.

That's how they make a living – by entertaining other people watching them play video games as crazy as that sounds. I'm a partner in this company called Twitch and they have 9.7 million active viewers watching these people play video games. I want to create a cookbook that promotes good living, healthy living and easy recipes, where, again, you can sort of walk away, do your own thing.feedback

Freddie Prinze Jr.

My cookbook has a million stories in it about my life from being in movies to the people that my father charmed who wanted to take care of me after he passed away. Because otherwise it's just a cookbook with recipes in it, so I definitely always have to have a point of view behind it and a philosophy behind it–otherwise anybody could do it.feedback

Tom Rogers - TiVo

The gamers watching the gamers, the way e-sports has always been watched, don't have a game themselves.feedback

Ian James Corlett

Every toy back in those days had its own cartoon attached to it. It was a means to an end for the marketing company. It was way before games were revered the way they are now. We just sat down and wrote fun little stories so they could involve as many Nintendo characters as possible.feedback

Joshua Clay

For the average consumer seeking a new console, they want to be able to spend the least money, be able to keep up with all the biggest releases and play the same games as their friends, none of which they can currently do with Nintendo Switch.feedback

Shinya Takahashi - Nintendo

Really the goal with the Nintendo Switch is to reach as broad an audience as possible.feedback

Lewis Ward

I'm predicting Nintendo is going to be viewed in retrospect at the end of the year as 'Back in the game.feedback

John Hussey

Knowing I could get the 'Zelda' game both at home and on the road, at this stage in my life that's essential. I can't sit around at home and play a 70-hour game, but if I'm on airplanes or hotels, it's perfect for me.feedback

Joseph Bein

There were blind gamers saying they've wanted something like this their whole lives. That really raises the bar for us, and puts the pressure on us to release a product that meets those expectations and doesn't disappoint people.feedback

Phil Spencer

Every month new games will cycle into the subscription with some cycling out, giving you a constantly-updating library of games. Xbox Game Pass is your ticket to endless play.feedback

Ben Schachter

We simply do not have confidence that [Gamestop] or anyone can accurately forecast console market growth in 2017 and beyond. We remain open to the potential for [Gamestop] to rebound on a faster than expected shift to new businesses and business models, but given management's recent track record and our own uncertainty around forecasting core console gaming, we simply want to see better execution before we can recommend the stock.feedback

Piers Harding-Rolls

Mobile gaming through app stores has completely transformed the scale and growth rate of the digital games market and is now the biggest platform category within the market by quite some margin. While a lot of mobile games growth is additive to the total market opportunity, it has also led to less growth in the PC games segment, as gamers transition their spending to smart devices. This is particularly true in markets such as South Korea and China where PC gaming was so dominant up until a few years ago.feedback

Piers Harding-Rolls

Zelda is not the biggest selling game of all time but it's a title that gamers love and so its release will generate a lot of hype and expectation. They had to launch with something compelling and unique and clearly Zelda is very important for the Nintendo faithful.feedback

Artem Fedyaev

The current virtual reality market is focused heavily on games and 360 degree videos, so the majority of people who are using VR right now are gamers and early adopters. The goal of myVR is to bring virtual reality to a wider, more mainstream audience that wants a broader range of virtual experiences.feedback

Morgan Romine

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, giving more women confidence and experience in that space.feedback

Stephanie Llamas - SuperData Research

It's difficult to understand the demographic if you are not part of that demographic.feedback

Mark Religioso

These are baby steps so that we can get more women on the team. We need to make the scene a welcoming place.feedback

Jayson Dubin

GameStop TV provides a distribution channel that hits gamers at a mass scale. What's new and what's exciting here is it's a way to hit a large amount of retailers at once.feedback

Joost van Dreunen - SuperData Research

The nostalgia factor plays a key role here, as an entire generation of gamers suddenly, and finally, finds itself able to play one of their childhood franchises on their phone, two weeks before the holidays.feedback

Shannon Loftis - Microsoft

Among other items, we are taking the extra time to focus on the visual polish so gamers can feel completely immersed in a living world. We want them to really feel the larger-than life enemies as they're exploring the expansive open world, combatting crime and collecting orbs.feedback

Ben Schachter

New consoles from both Microsoft and Sony are a clear positive for the industry, as new hardware sales drive increased software sales. Additionally, Sony's introduction of PlayStation VR, while having limited near-term direct financial implications, should drive interest in the group and traffic to stores.feedback

Thomas Husson - Forrester Research

Sony's virtual reality experience will be more affordable than the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, and is targeted directly at the most relevant audience for VR: gamers. Beyond its brand DNA in the gaming space, the key advantage for Sony is that it can already leverage an install base of close to 45 million PS4 users.feedback

Mike Hickey

They are fighting two combative smartphone-related player migrations: a casual console or 'in-home' gamer and/or a dedicated handheld gamer – both are under the gravitational pull to the smartphone/tablet. The value proposition for a dedicated casual console or a portable game device feel antiquated, so perhaps the idea of combining both markets was a compelling competitive positioning for Nintendo to follow.feedback

Mike Hickey

At the moment, the Switch platform does not feel disruptive or desirable and way too gimmicky for a millennial to embrace.feedback

Billy Pidgeon

Phone games have been pretty disappointing. That's not necessarily because of the processing capability, but because of the marketplace. People largely choose free-to-play games – and free to play is shackled creatively. ... It's not necessarily a satisfying experience.[Switch] is a different gaming experience and therefore it's worth carrying around.feedback

Satoru Iwata - Nintendo

During the roundtable discussions there were such arguments about should we make [the Wii U controller] capable of being a stand-alone system or should we make it work only with the [base console] system. We came to the conclusion that this controller is only going to show the images generated and processed by this hardware unit – and sent from the hardware unit wirelessly. That means sharper graphics. A battery couldn't do that.feedback

Michael Pachter - Wedbush Securities

If [Switch's components are] similar to PS4 and Xbox One, porting should be relatively easy and cost-efficient, which will mean that there should be high-profile third-party games available early on, increasing the system's popularity.feedback

Reggie Fils-Aime

Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like. It gives game developers new abilities to bring their creative visions to life by opening up the concept of gaming without boundaries.feedback

Andrew House

We're putting a lot of different choices in front of gamers this holiday season, with the Slim PlayStation4, the PS4 Pro and now PlayStation VR as well. I think it will be a balance among those products. I think PS VR sales are going to be driven by people who are already committed or enthusiastic gamers and are looking for something they've never tried or played before.feedback

Gavin Parry

They held their own kind of Nintendo world and did not want to corrupt their own characters and brands and trademarks by allowing their products or characters to be utilized on other platforms. The internal philosophy is changing and opening up.feedback

Benjamin Outram

There's a huge saturation of mobiles, there are billions (of dollars) being made in mobile gaming ... and Nintendo has realized that. Nintendo is an entertainment company so will go in whatever direction they can entertain.feedback

Jennifer Kent - Parks Associates

A new Mario game is likely to be popular not only among the kid/teen crowd but also among the older Millennial generation who grew up with the famous game. Apple is hoping to recreate the 'Pokemon Go' craze of the summer, which also leveraged an established gaming character and a sense of nostalgia to engage gamers from older demographics.feedback

John Hanke - Niantic

The technical challenge for us is having enough server capacity on the back end to handle that number of users.feedback

Yoshihiro Okumura

Now if we were talking about its next generation console becoming the core platform for gamers, then that would be something to get excited about -- but at the moment, this alone is not enough.feedback

Peter Warman - Newzoo

Our data suggests that gamers spend about $600 a year on game-related products. I'm sure Sony and Microsoft think they can sell 10 or 20 million more units – or even more than that – rather than just keep the existing hardware out there. The true enthusiasts out there will want the latest hardware.feedback

Noemi Besedes

As you sit on the bed, the light automatically changes and you see relaxing images on the ceiling, like these wonderful stars. Here (shows wall behind bed) we have our vital data, so you can see how you sleep, that is also good to know. You can try different kinds of make-up (sits in front of dresser mirror), for example on the left side you have the suggestions and you can see what it looks like in the mirror.feedback

Emmanuel Guardiola

A lot of possibilities are hidden in the village, for example we can discover fungi. Will the gamer find out? Will they be interested? Will it spread and change the way the village looks ? Will the gamers use this as a tool to change the way they navigate around the village? All the data is compiled and it provides a psychological profile and help career development.feedback

Jim Yin - S&P Capital IQ

They (Microsoft) are at the forefront of not only bringing this console to the core gamers, but also to the mass market. And I think that's more important, because I think in order for this industry to grow and to continue to bring more users, they have to expand beyond the core gamers.feedback

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