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Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
Populisms feed on the deficiencies, slowness, incompetence and irresponsibility of political power.feedback
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Apr 25 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Portugal. 358 people are quoted and you can read 601 citations of them about Portugal. Pedro Passos Coelho, Anibal Cavaco Silva and Jose Manuel Barroso, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Pedro Passos Coelho said: “We see power as [public] service. So it must be a deception of the opposition, who believe in the false idea that it will be hard for us to leave government. It is not everyday that one leaves a government holding the vote of the electorate.”.
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John Hall

Those killed and injured included Londoners, but also people from the United States of America, from Romania, France, South Korea, Italy, China, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Poland and Ireland. We weep for the violence, for the hatred, for the loss of life, for all that divides and spoils our world. It was not meant to be like this. It should not be like this. Violence and hatred are not the answer.feedback

Carlos Costa - Bank of Portugal

The sale is an important step for stability of the banking system. The agreement allows to meet the deadline set jointly with the European Commission for the sale of Novo Banco.feedback

António Costa

The operation has removed the specter of a liquidation, Novo Banco's future to carry out its role of financing the economy is guaranteed. There is no direct or indirect impact on public accounts, nor any new costs to taxpayers.feedback

Brian Kilcline

That's Finn MacCool from the Giant's Causeway, he's bigger than me. There's a mermaid up there as well. She's lying on AstroTurf, to give the impression of a garden. Lynn made them both, using push fit piping for the skeleton. We had to drive them back from our home in Portugal, so we sat them in the back – you can imagine what that was like at passport control in Spain.feedback

Fabio Coentrao

I'm in no condition to play for Real Madrid. I want to return to my best next season. I have a contract with Real Madrid until 2019, so if they continue to count on me, perfect – if not I'll choose my own path. Maybe returning to Portugal would help me recover the level of play I once had. We should all admit our limitations at some point in our lives and I feel that, right now, this club demands a level of play I'm not at. I hope to play three or four more years at the highest level. I know I can do it.feedback

Cristiano Ronaldo

Thank you for being here in my honour. Seeing my name being given to this airport is something very special, everyone knows that I am proud of my country and especially my home city. Thank you very much to the president of the regional government Miguel Albuquerque for having had the courage and the firmness to do it. My friend, I never asked for this, but I'm not a hypocrite, and I'm happy and honoured. I know some people do not agree and I know some people who are not here would be happy for this moment.feedback

Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland, like the rest of the UK, stands at a crossroads. When Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is triggered tomorrow, change for our country becomes inevitable... There will be an impact on trade, on investment and on living standards, and an impact on the very nature of the society we live in. When the nature of the change that is made inevitable by Brexit becomes clear, that change should not be imposed upon us. The people of Scotland should have the right to choose between Brexit, possibly a very hard Brexit, or becoming an independent country able to chart our own course.feedback

Cristiano Ronaldo

I thought they'd won the Euros the way they celebrated at the end. … shows a small mentality and they are not going to do anything in the competition.feedback

Graham Burke

I just made my debut for the Under-21s three weeks ago against Portugal, and I think that came from doing well for Villa. Noel King came over to watch us and you always want to impress the national manager, but club football comes first. I know if I do well at Villa, then hopefully international football will lead from that. Winning the NextGen was the biggest achievement of my career, and especially scoring the two goals in the final. I think that if I keep working hard, then opportunities will come.feedback

Fernando Santos

After the first goal, the game was unlocked and we found our way through much better. In the second half we always had the game under control. It was a fair victory, with some good things and some things we can do even better.feedback

Fernando Santos

We had six finals. From this point, we have five left to reach our goal of reaching the World Cup from first place in our group. Hungary tried to block our way but we adapted very well to the three central midfielders and we did not allow them to come out and play. I think we were slow in our ball circulation during a period of the first half. We should have done it faster, especially on the flanks. With a lot of balls in the air, against players of this calibre, it's very difficult.feedback

Antoine Bouvet - Mizuho Securities

The driving force for the market reaction is the extra liquidity provided to the market, as investors see it as ... more money that can be invested into bonds or for lending. This scheme is high up on the list of things that can be reintroduced if conditions sour again.feedback

Juan Carlos Osorio

Nestor Araujo, Hirving Lozano, Orbelin Pineda and Jesus Molina, the four could play, for example, in Spain without a doubt in the teams from the middle of the table going up and indisputably in the teams at the middle of the table going down. They also could play in Holland, in Portugal as well. I don't want to say they could go to play at Barcelona, but that there's a process to arrive there. I'm sure a lot pf players have a chance and the only way we're going to realize if they're ready to play there or not is being there.feedback

Cristiano Ronaldo

It was a very special year for me because the Euros was the only trophy I was still missing. I want to thank the Portuguese people again, they gave us confidence on our way to the title.feedback

Paulo Grillo

We've got common projects on access to the labour market for people with Downs Syndrome. There are European Projects like between Italy, Spain, Portugal and even France, where hotels, for example, organize training for permanent jobs.feedback

José Mourinho - Manchester United

My time in Italy was when the Italians decided that, when clubs go to the knockout stages of the Europa League and Champions League, the week before, if they play Tuesday or Wednesday, they play on the Friday. In Portugal, every time in Europe plays on the next Monday. Every country is doing that, Germany are doing that.feedback

Thierry Henry

He had a plan. If you don't actually do what he's asking you to do, you're going to be in trouble. I scored a goal, 1-0 up against Sporting Lisbon at half-time, all nice and everything, and he took me off. I was like, What did I do wrong?' Very similar to [Louis] Van Gaal, when Pep had a plan, respect his plan.feedback

José Mourinho - Manchester United

When I was in Italy if you had a Champions League game coming up you could move your league match the previous weekend to Friday night. In Portugal a team playing on the Wednesday in Europe could play its next domestic game on the Monday. This never happens here, and it makes no sense. Nobody can give me an explanation of why we are playing this Sunday at 12 o'clock.feedback

Tom Kibasi

Article 50 is almost upon us. We need a fresh vision to take us forward. By the end of this month, perhaps as early as next week, the prime minister will have signed and dispatched a letter notifying the European Council of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union through the provisions of article 50 of the Lisbon treaty. There will be no turning back. The most serious negotiation in our post-war history will commence. It must conclude within two years – unless the remaining EU member states determine that the negotiating period can be extended. It will shape our new settlement for decades to come.feedback

João Russo

The fact that they are from the Late Jurassic makes these eggs the oldest crocodilian eggs known so far. This new discovery from Portugal extends the knowledge of this type of egg by approximately 40 million years. The fossil record tells us that crocodiles and their relatives (forming the larger group of crocodylomorphs) were much more diverse in the past, with different feeding habits, ecological niche distribution or morphology.feedback

Carlo Ancelotti

Renato will still be at Bayern next season, that is 100 per cent certain. We will not sell him and neither will we allow him to leave on loan.feedback

Kevin Green

We've got a recruitment agency in Wales which has historically recruited nurses from Spain and Portugal - the supply is completely drying up.feedback

Jim Sillars

He "profoundly hope she finds a way of getting out of the corner she has boxed herself into. I would abstain. I would not vote to remain in the UK but at the same time I would not vote to go into an even worse union. That would apply to a fair number of people like me who voted Leave. People I know and campaigned with didn't vote on immigration. They voted Leave because they had read the Lisbon Treaty and realised they were governed by an unelected elite.feedback

Raphael Guerreiro

We have proven to be a great team, that has been able to cause Real Madrid and other big teams problems. But we are still lacking some consistency, which is frustrating.feedback

Raphael Guerreiro

Even if PSG might have seemed like the natural next step, I do not think I would have gotten a lot of playing time there. I knew I would have the opportunity to keep on developing at Dortmund. I know a lot of young players who became great at BVB. Borussia Dortmund are a great club for me and I hope to stay here for a long time. Dortmund's style suits me well because we always want to have the ball. It is not my type of football to just hit it long and then start running.feedback

Hakan Çoban

I have a couple of friends who have been studying engineering, and are still working in a bank, or in supermarkets. Because there's no job opportunities for our youth. So I booked a ticket, I said instead of waiting here, let me go to Lisbon and apply for jobs there, but I don't want to wait here.feedback

Achim Post

More must be done for growth and employment. If I push Greece further under water, or Portugal too, how should growth be generated if I cut wages and pensions? He doesn't just want to stand as a candidate, he wants to be chancellor.feedback

Angela Merkel

We have at the moment in the euro zone of course a problem with the value of the euro. The ECB has a monetary policy that is not geared to Germany, rather it is tailored (to countries) from Portugal to Slovenia or Slovakia. If we still had the (German) D-Mark it would surely have a different value than the euro does at the moment. But this is an independent monetary policy over which I have no influence as German chancellor.feedback

Rui Patricio

I'm astounded that my client has been accused, not only because he had nothing to do with the facts mentioned but also because he has never even been questioned about them.feedback

Alastair Winter

It seems the overall aim of the roll-back is to allow U.S. banks to do more business with fewer capital restrictions. Thanks to the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) U.S. banks were able to recover relatively quickly from the crisis and have been in a better competitive position for several years than the Europeans who were left to themselves unless as in the UK, Spain and Portugal full-scale bail-outs were required. A roll-back is going to make the recapitalized U.S. banks even more competitive.feedback

John Redwood

Germany as the strong area with the big surplus has to share that money more willingly with Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, otherwise they will have a series of crises and in the end they undermine the very customer base for Germany industry that has driven that surplus in the first place.feedback

Jose Ferreira

The Lisbon Drainage Master Plan will be implemented for about 15 years. The place we are here now is where we start the first drilling and we'll start the big tunnel. Five kilometers.feedback

Antonio Vieira Monteiro - Santander

We made an agreement with Madeira, which is a great sign that gives us hope that one day we will reach a deal with the Portuguese state. I'll say that we've had conversations (with the Portuguese state). We are open to studying all solutions.feedback

Rafi Ashkenazi

We anticipate that 2016 will be a record year of revenues for Amaya. We also saw better than expected fourth quarter results from our casino offering, operational excellence program and a successful re-launch in Portugal, all while continuing to take an efficient and measured approach to marketing our product offerings.feedback

Joao Matos Fernandes

Portugal will request the intervention of Brussels in this case...Once accepted, the issue between neighbouring countries will have to be resolved by the European Commission.feedback

Joao Matos Fernandes

We are not saying there is necessarily an impact for Portugal, but any potential impacts have to be properly studied, which has not been done.feedback

Sebastian Fellechner

The new benchmark and the resulting injection of liquidity, PSPP-related purchases of Portuguese government bonds could well normalise to some extent, at least in the short term, and unfold their positive yield-compressing effect.feedback

Orlando Green - Crédit Agricole

If you look at how much issuance Portugal needs to do this year, and we're looking at around 16 billion euros, that's already around 15-20 percent of their issuance in one go in this auction. That might be what the market is looking at and that may have given Portugal a small bid today.feedback

Cristina Casalinho

Despite the current yields, most investor concerns seem to have abated as Portugal has been able to post one of the highest quarterly GDP growth rates in quarter three last year. In Q3 last year, both investment and exports have resurged and helped the economic recovery.feedback

Michael Leister - DZ Bank

Trump's first press conference is the major risk event today that should support demand for core paper. When facing critical journalists, the incoming President may struggle to impress markets as much.feedback

Francesco Garzarelli - Goldman Sachs Group

If France were to change gear and become more inclined to move forward into reforming its economy I think that will force the likes of Italy, Portugal, Greece to do the same.feedback

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

Proudly Portuguese, proudly European, with his passing both Portugal and Europe lose a part of what made them all they are today.feedback

Mario Soares

Portugal is ready to contribute in a balanced way to this collective effort.feedback

Mario Soares

We are likely to see major revolts within Europe itself; populations could refuse the way things are. This is not what Europe is supposed to be. Europe is something else, a space for dialogue, of social well-being and respect for others.feedback

Mario Centeno

We are definitely closer to the end because an important phase is reaching its conclusion, but I won't say anything is over until I have access to all the information.feedback

Mario Centeno

This is not necessarily the end of this process, in the sense that there may have to be adjustments due to the proposals that appeared.feedback

David Schnautz - Commerzbank

To me (the reversal) shows that the ECB support for Portugal is no longer the same and it is now trading more according to its rating.feedback

David Schnautz - Commerzbank

The changes to the ECB's bond-buying programme leave Portugal hanging because they don't address the specific problems Portugal faces in terms of QE eligibility.feedback

Christian Lenk - DZ Bank

Though the risk of a DBRS downgrade is a bit less now, the danger always remains like the sword of Damocles.feedback

Ricardo Angelo

Putting an end to this process is extraordinary, it's a blessing.feedback

António Costa

This is a balanced commitment that seeks to minimize existing losses ... those who have to pay will not be exempt from paying, those who are owed will see their money sooner and it is guaranteed that taxpayers will not have to contribute to resolve this situation.feedback

Rogério Lucas Zandamela

It would have had a cost of incalculable dimensions. It is frightening when such an institution falls into bankruptcy.feedback

Padhraic Garvey - ING Group

There has been volatility but in terms of performance this year, it's been fantastic if you've had the appetite for Greece.feedback

Ira Jersey

One reason why we went more underweight on Portuguese debt was the idea that Portugal would not be as fiscally responsible as some had hoped a year ago -- especially when you compare it to other countries such as their neighbor Spain.feedback

Scott Thiel - BlackRock

Clearly the benefit of ECB's purchase program is going to help the higher yielding asset, so Portugal, Italy etc. But when you look at all yields on offer against the backdrop of political risk, I do think it's time for an active management process in Europe.feedback

Robert Halver - Baader Bank

There is the famous danger of contagion. Should Italy be in trouble, for example because elections are required, there is a virus that could also affect other countries: Greece, Portugal, Spain and even France. Yields for government stocks are going up and bank risks are increasing again. There will be a renewed call on one institution to save everything: the ECB.feedback

Valdis Dombrovskis - European Commission

It's agreed already in August and the Commission will continue work on this basis.feedback

Joao Raposo

It will take years to change the mindset of creditors, banks mainly, who prefer to flood the justice system with often hopeless claims rather than acknowledge bad loans and write them down or off.feedback

Joao Paulo Dias

The reform was done hurriedly and cheaply, which means more costs in the longer run.feedback

Joao Paulo Dias

The reform's nature was cosmetic to show to the troika (of EU-IMF lenders) that Portugal was taking action.feedback

Antonio Saraiva

The judicial reform for the economy has failed. Court delays cause unbearable constraints on companies cash flow, generate a sense of impunity and make up one of the main obstacles to investment in the country.feedback

Joao Raposo

Most of the cases end with zero debt recovery ... In that aspect the reform was inefficient and dysfunctional. The statistics look good, but it's a bit of an illusion that the bailout lenders were happy to accept.feedback

Mario Centeno

The capitalisation of CGD is approved. It is a process which is ongoing, and includes a series of important measures for CGD. The public injection of capital into CGD will take place in 2017.feedback

Luis de Matos

It's basically a totally autonomous shopping cart that was designed to follow a person with reduced mobility, helping them carry their goods around a shopping centre for example.feedback

Paulo Santos - Kinematix

What makes TUNE innovative is that it monitors foot behaviour as soon as the foot touches the ground. To monitor the feet is very hard because you need to monitor from inside the shoe – there's humidity and friction, which destroys sensors – but ours are long-lasting, allowing us to analyse the moment the foot touches the ground, which is a split second and from that to understand the technique and behaviour of the runner.feedback

Manuel Caldeira Cabral

I think the prospects in the medium run are for ratings of most agencies to come up. We don't expect this to happen the next day or the coming semester (six months). I think they're going to stay stable and then in the medium-term they're going to increase.feedback

Manuel Caldeira Cabral

We still have a lot of work to do, but I think our fundamentals now make us deserve a better rating than we have.feedback

Manuel Caldeira Cabral

I don't think the U.S. should go for protectionism. It would be bad for U.S. workers; it would be bad for the U.S. economy. It would really be the wrong signal to the world economy as well.feedback

Klaus Regling

We've assisted five countries during the crisis: Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus. Four of these are now success stories.feedback

Klaus Regling

We have to be very careful that the competitiveness that was won at great effort ... that this won't be put at risk.feedback

David Schnautz - Commerzbank

We expect the trend to be lowered to negative, which should cap the upside in Portuguese government bonds medium-term, and we stick with our cautious strategic stance.feedback

David Schnautz - Commerzbank

I think the market now believes the investment grade rating should survive, and we tend to that view as well. It remains to be seen if this is just a feel good environment or if it is justified.feedback

David Schnautz - Commerzbank

This is a reminder that there are issues for Portugal beyond Friday's review, and NPLs are a very difficult beast to tackle. Though the mechanics of the bad bank are still unclear, at the very least they are dealing with issue head on.feedback

Paulo Rosa

This is the reaction to the summoning of the shareholder meeting, which facilitates Fosun's entry, so the stock has gotten out of the lethargy of the past few weeks.feedback

Barack Obama

We have every confidence that, as a former prime minister of Portugal and U.N. high commissioner for refugees, Mr. Guterres has the character, vision, and skills needed to lead the United Nations at this critical moment.feedback

Vitaly Churkin

Today after our sixth straw poll we have a clear favourite and his name is Antonio Guterres. We wish Mr. Guterres well in discharging his duties as the Secretary-General of the United Nations for the next five years.feedback

Carlos Costa - Bank of Portugal

Banks are confronted with non-performing loans that will consume capital to get sorted out ... Banks are in critical need of capital increases to switch to a new business model.feedback

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

The prime minister may agree or not with my attitude and my choice, but he is defending me as a Portuguese. As a Portuguese and European citizen I do not accept being limited in my rights. I have done everything transparently, scrupulously following the rules.feedback

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

Who defines what banks one can work at? This is arbitrary, discretionary treatment for political purposes.feedback

Wolfgang Schäuble

We just looked at each other because we're used to respecting foreign ministers a lot. If we need to do more, we will gladly send her majesty's foreign minister a copy of the Lisbon Treaty. Then he can read that there is a certain link between the single market and the four core principles in Europe.feedback

Wolfgang Schäuble

I can also say it in English. So if clarification is necessary we can pay a visit and explain this to him in good English.feedback

Petteri Orpo

If there is no sanction at all, we will lose the credibility of the monetary union.feedback

Petteri Orpo

There must be some principles to hold on to, regardless of the fact that we are on the same path ourselves.feedback

Daniel Lenz - DZ Bank

Even if Moody's view on Portugal's rating is left unchanged there could be some negative comments on the government's fiscal plans and this could fuel speculation about the DBRS decision.feedback

Padhraic Garvey - ING Group

The initial reaction was that the data was a bit soft, but I think the market is slowly getting its head around the fact that the Fed is focused on hiking rates. Whether that will happen in September or later I don't know, but I don't think this data in itself changes the Fed's plans significantly.feedback

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

We've had Brexit already and will this lead to Ireland again, they've done it twice before - don't forget the Lisbon Treaty in 2007/2008 - will they again lead to the threats of job cuts in Ireland ... could this lead to another vote on the EU inclusion?feedback

Christian Lenk - DZ Bank

At first glance, everyone was looking at the headline that a case for a hike had strengthened. But what came into focus after the speech was that the word 'September' was not mentioned.feedback

Orlando Green - Crédit Agricole

The short-term debt market is so far immune from concerns about Portugal. You have lots of demand from local banks of course, but it was a solid, positive auction. It's a different market for long-term bonds, but it's now very thin and I wouldn't read too much into the rise in bond yields to say that it is a trend even though people are talking about a possible downgrade.feedback

Filipe Silva

The DBRS warning is another alert signal, but it's no more than a warning for now and had no negative impact (on T-bills). Portugal continues to benefit from low yields on the European debt curve, which is good to reduce the average debt cost.feedback

Carolina Magalhães Silva

It helps me become a better person and all of this will open doors for me in the future – doors that wouldn't be open if I was in another school.feedback

Reinald Fischer

We managed to hire teachers who were interested in the project, interested in the common campus and interested in the relational work that we offer here.feedback

Carla Sousa

Lots of pupils don't study, don't make an effort, but some have good grades and can go to university to study medicine, engineering, law.feedback

Jasim Ljuma

We have new teachers and they know better how to impose themselves. They're also nicer, but basically they have more authority.feedback

Reinald Fischer

What happened outside of school was what mattered most, and our teachers were only reacting and trying to handle groups that had inevitably formed and were openly fighting with each other.feedback

António Costa

We understand the dimension of this horrible tragedy that devastated various municipalities here in Madeira, and we also know about the calamities affecting other zones of the country that now have to be addressed.feedback

António Costa

This abnormal situation surpasses the normal response capacity of our forces. The next few days could be critical due to scorching temperatures.feedback

António Costa

Now we have to move to the next phase – to rebuild what has been destroyed, return to normality, and rebuild confidence in Madeira as a major and safe tourist destination.feedback

André Lamas Leite

We will have to prove, in order to get a conviction with this crime, that, firstly, the victim was affected by that offer, proposal. Secondly, that there was a proposal with sexual content. If someone says that a woman is pretty or makes a compliment about any part of the body of that woman, that is not formulation of a proposal with sexual content.feedback

André Lamas Leite

I don't foresee many convictions in relation to this crime for two reasons. First, it is a semi-public crime for which you need to file a complaint and most people aren't aware that the formulation of proposals with sexual content is a crime. Therefore, often, they see it as a flirtatious comment, as a compliment.feedback

Tatiana Mendes

To work these subjects with young people at schools we use art as a pedagogic tool, because this way we can involve emotionally the young people and it's easier to achieve changes in their behavior and attitudes.feedback

Mario Centeno

The merger would negatively impact the functioning of the capital market. Such a concentration of trading and trade-related services poses a clear threat to competition.feedback

Mario Centeno

The European Commission is in the position to prevent this market distortion.feedback

Mario Centeno

France and Belgium have already expressed similar opinions. There have been contacts at various levels on the subject.feedback

Didier Deschamps

There is a title at the end of it. You must not think of it, to focus too much on it. But you also need to stay true to what you are used to doing. What is ideal is to go into the game as relaxed as possible, at the same time focused on the match.feedback

Vincent Menard

And the result Bruno, is that Greece beat you in Lisbon and deprived you of a coronation as you stretched out your arms. So here in France we want to avoid that scenario. That would be a disaster after beating Germany, our nemesis, in the semi, only to lose to Portugal in the final. We are reassured that les Bleus have won the last two competitions held at home, Euro '84 and the '98 World Cup, I see a hat trick and France to win the final 2-1.feedback

Bruno Sousa

We have seen a huge change in Portuguese team during the tournament. For the first couple of matches everybody played for Ronaldo and it was up to him to make the difference. That didn't really work against Hungary, however we now see Ronaldo playing for the team, he's tracking back, he's helping the midfielders, he's passing the ball to teammates in better positions. And when the best player in the world plays for the team, then the team is stronger. I'm sure Ronaldo wants to beat Griezmann collectively not individually.feedback

Cinzia Rizzi

We'll keep the ball in the middle of the field and wish you both the best of luck thank you.feedback

Vincent Menard

It's true that the Portuguese have the players to hurt us because our defence is not the best in the tournament, the defence can be breached. Didier Deschamps has had to tinker to get his central defence right because of injury and suspensions. That resulted in Samuel Umtiti being brought in, he had never played for France before last Sunday. Fortunately we have the majestic midfield duo of Matuidi and Pogba, and in attack a certain Antoine Griezmann.feedback

Vincent Duluc

Spain is a big loser this time around, eliminated in the knockout stages. They were European champions in 2008, world champions in 2010 and European champions again in 2012. It's a tired generation, so that's why we're going to say Spain was a big disappointment of this Euro.feedback

Vincent Duluc

The other disappointment of the Euro was the level of play. Show-wise, expanding the competition to 24 teams, finally got lots of smaller teams involved. And small nations can do one thing at least, defend. That's why the Euro was a bit more defensive and less spectacular than previous occasions.feedback

Vincent Duluc

In fact it is regrettable to say that we've had a somewhat defensive Euro under the influence of those teams that did not have the means to do other things. In contrast, there were two amazing impacts. First, the atmosphere, because fans of Britain and Nordic countries were truly exceptional and France lived through these beautiful days thanks to them.feedback

Vincent Duluc

But he's managed to elevate them, he saved the day against Hungary in the third group match. And we must respect the great career of this player, who's aiming for the ultimate crown in the twilight years of his career.feedback

Vincent Duluc

And another memory will be the epic journey of Iceland, who reached the quarter finals of the Euro, with a population of just 330,000 and five percent of them were in the stadiums. This will be a lasting memory.feedback

Vincent Duluc

It's quite a fascinating quest. That's to say that the most reputed selfish player on the planet carries his team. He played his first Euro final at home in Lisbon in 2004. And 12 years later, he will compete in a second final in Paris. Honestly, he's the captain of Portugal, a team that's been poorly performing for a few years.feedback

Vincent Duluc

Right now, it's confirming the theory that a French team never goes far without a world-class player. That was the case with Raymond Kopa, Michel Platini, and Zinedine Zidane. Today, that great player is Antoine Griezmann. This is the second French player to score six goals in a Euro, after Michel Platini. He's a player who's not only French, he grew up in Spain. It's this mix of cultures that makes him stand out.feedback

Vincent Duluc

At the moment in the Euro, we're seeing countries one after the other who are slapping the curse that's been afflicted. We finally saw Germany eliminate Italy and we finally saw France eliminate Germany. So we are a little fearful that Portugal could finally beat France, after France snatched a Euro 2000 final and a World Cup final in 2006.feedback

Vincent Duluc

For once, the final will pit two teams who have a bit of champion's luck. Because in fact, the Portuguese have won only one match before stoppage time. And the French have beaten almost everyone, but yet almost no-one. That is to say that facing Ireland in the round of sixteens and then Iceland in the quarter-finals, it was really lucky. I think it will be a derby of teams who've had all the luck on Sunday night at the Stade de France.feedback

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

Those financial consequences could be equal to zero, because we have also to take into account the fact that these countries have suffered of very severe economic crisis and that they are now recovering.feedback

Jose Fonte

The Welsh don't just play typical English football, they have players with excellent skills, that are at a very high level. So, we're counting on a very difficult match, an ultra difficult match. We're waiting for a battle.feedback

Chris Coleman

I don't think Gareth Bale really needs to tell us about Cristiano Ronaldo, I think we all know about Cristiano Ronaldo. We've been watching him long enough so, like I said earlier, the players will know what they're up against; not just about Ronaldo, they know all about the other Portugal players, they know all about Portugal. It won't be just about one player.feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

We may not need formal coordination of policies but we can benefit from alignment of policies. What I mean from alignment is a shared diagnosis of the root causes of the challenges that affect us all. And a shared commitment to found our domestic policies on that diagnosis.feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

Sadness is the best word for what we feel when we witness changes of this magnitude.feedback

Angela Merkel

Britain will remain a close partner, with which we are linked economically. There was no hurry for the UK to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty - the first step it must take to set in motion the exit process. It should not take ages, that is true, but I would not fight now for a short time frame.feedback

Emilia Campos

We are not prepared for the pound falling around 15 per cent, we are not prepared for the coming recession, we're not prepared for people's reactions.feedback

Adrian Bridge

We have reached a critical point, a serious point that would have consequences if the United Kingdom leaves the EU, but for me this is a wake-up call to Europe.feedback

Paula Vilaplana

And here's my last question. How do you think the game will end?feedback

Paula Vilaplana

What is the atmosphere like in Hungary right now and how can you explain your team's great start to the competition?feedback

Paula Vilaplana

Hello and welcome. Portugal take on Hungary this evening in a crucial Euro 2016 game. For Bernd Storck's men, this fixture serves as a chance to upset the odds yet again. How well have the underdogs played so far and will it be enough to trouble Cristiano Ronaldo's team-mates?feedback

Paula Vilaplana

Hungarian journalist Doloresz Katanich and Francisco Marques of Portugal joined us to share their views on their respective national teams. After a 44-year absence from the European Championship, Group F leaders Hungary look set to qualify for the knockout phase. Did you expect this?feedback

Paula Vilaplana

Portugal, on the other hand, have failed to deliver so far. They were held twice and currently sit third in Group F. What's going on?feedback

Francisco Marques

5-3 and this will be the most exciting match of the tournament. Good luck!feedback

Vitaly Churkin

Today after our sixth straw poll we have a clear favorite and his name is Antonio Guterres. We have decided to go for a formal vote tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, and we hope it can be done by acclamation.feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

Reforms implemented by Portugal under its adjustment programme are estimated to have reduced the unemployment rate by around 3 percentage points over the 2011-2014 period. Likewise, the Spanish labour market reform in 2012 has been a factor supporting employment growth since then.feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

There are many understandable political reasons to delay structural reform, but there are few good economic ones. The cost of delay is simply too high.feedback

Paula Vilaplana

Two years after a painful victory in Lisbon Real Madrid will meet Atletico Madrid once again and fight for this cup. The Whites (Real) could win their eleventh trophy, and Colchoneros (Atletico) their first one. The cup is looking for an home.feedback

Ken Loach

I think it's a dangerous moment now in Europe because we see that the austerity program, the neo-liberal program is driving people to despair, in milions from Greece to Portugal, Spain, millions are really suffering and millions above them are really struggling, with a tiny elite at the top who are hugely wealthy. Now, we can't go on like that because there is such despair at the bottom.feedback

Francisco Ferreira

Currently we are restricted to increasing renewable power because we may not manage to store and sell that electricity. It's the reason why it's really important to have the possibility to export this renewable energy.feedback

Jean-François Fauconnier - Climate Action Network

Solar power is only a small share of electricity production which is surprising for a country like Portugal, so there's a lot more potential. Ocean power is also only in its infancy, there are some prototypes of wave power but it's not being harnessed at the moment.feedback

Jean-François Fauconnier - Climate Action Network

The UK and Netherlands are really far off track and will most probably not meet their targets. That's why they are the states that have been fighting the most against national binding targets for renewables beyond 2020, because they know they are not going to meet them.feedback

Jean-François Fauconnier - Climate Action Network

It's really remarkable for Portugal because it was four days in a row and not only on a weekend but Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday, when industry is running at full speed. Some member states – Spain, Denmark or Germany – have reached near this level, but only briefly.feedback

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

We also take into account, and i think nobody should blame us for that, the fact that these (Spain & Portugal) are two countries that have suffered the crisis with full force, which still have very extremely high levels of unemployment and which have made significant reform efforts.feedback

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

It is nearly impossible to construct fiscal rules that satisfy everyone at any time and any situation.feedback

Hermann Gröhe

Our goal is to provide the best care for seriously ill people. We want the costs of patients using medical marijuana to be covered by their health insurance plans when there is no other cure.feedback

Adrian Edwards - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Small countries like Portugal are taking in Syrian students to finish their university studies. We think many more countries can be doing that kind of thing.feedback

Alberto Mesquia

It's extremely important to have a woman give a feminine vision of society. I think that step by step, women are gaining their natural place in society. But there's still a long way to go, and that's what Cécile's work illustrates here.feedback

António Antunes

The internet is not an alternative to newspapers, because there's no money to be made. Either you work for nothing or your work is very badly paid. The internet is a subsidiary form of the traditional press. The internet can be useful for many things, you can use it to show your work, to get your work known, but it is not an alternative.feedback

Valdis Dombrovskis - European Commission

We need to remain very attentive, we cannot be certain that the Portuguese budget plan offers enough reassurance to correct the excessive deficit in 2016 – and government debt is still very high at 130 percent of GDP.feedback

Antonio Sampaio da Nóvoa

I don't know (if government will survive). No one knows, but I hope so. I believe so and if I'm elected president, I'll do everything, in order to make that happen, as I would do if it was another government, with another parliamentary majority. The role of the president is to try to ensure the government's stability.feedback

Nuno Augusto

I think the image of these parties has been affected. There is a lot of pressure that the president be independent from the political parties. There is also the context that the last parliamentary election created, a convergence of the parties of the left, and the relationship established between the candidates and the president.feedback

Nuno Augusto

The president has more responsibilities to moderate now, to try to smooth differences between parties and to help processes, than he had in the context of an absolute majority.feedback

Luis de Guindos

Logically when there are circumstances in which the rules do not seem to fit with what has to be delivered – namely to establish positive incentives for a country to reduce the public deficit at the right pace – we should modify the rules and that is what will happen now.feedback

Anibal Cavaco Silva

Until the moment of the appointment of the Prime Minister, no stable, coherent or credible alternative solution for a government was presented by the other political forces.feedback

António Costa

For the first time, reinforcing our democracy and pluralism, a government may be formed by parliamentary agreement.feedback

António Costa

The fact that for the first time a government may be formed by parliamentary agreement between PS [Socialist Party], the Left Bloc, PCP [Communist Party] and PEV [The Greens] is indeed something new.feedback

Pedro Passos Coelho

We see power as [public] service. So it must be a deception of the opposition, who believe in the false idea that it will be hard for us to leave government. It is not everyday that one leaves a government holding the vote of the electorate.feedback

Catarina Martins

Mr. Prime Minister, today we have indeed a very strange debate, because we are debating a government programme that ends before it starts. The rejection is already announced and you Mr. Prime Minister, soon will no longer be prime minister.feedback

Jeroen Dijseelbloem - Eurogroup

For both countries it is true that there are budgetary issues and they still need to be resolved. So the question really is: what more can these countries do? How much time is needed to sort out the budgetary problems?feedback

Paola Vilaplana

Football is full of surprises and Euro 2016's final was one of them. Few could imagine at the start of the competition that Portugal would become Champions of Europe. Joy in Portugal and sadness here in France who could not crown themselves champions at home.feedback

Pedro Passos Coelho

The current parliamentary situation – in which the majority supporting the government is relative and not absolute – reinforces this need.feedback

António Costa

It is incomprehensible to nominate a prime minister who the president already knows does not have and will not have the conditions to form a majority in parliament.feedback

Ana Fritsch

A reflection of the crisis is the creativity, which we've seen all year, in every way. We also have to be really creative in fashion – use pieces that we have at home, so everyone is consuming less. Play more, while also adding colour and creating new experiences. I think we're seeing a lot of this on the runway too, the labels trying to bring some joy with colours.feedback

Anibal Cavaco Silva

Even if the government formed by the winning coalition might not fully assure the political stability the country needs, I consider much more serious, the financial, economic and social consequences of an inconsistent alternative suggested by other political parties.feedback

Pedro Magalhaes

He is seen as calm and reserved and generally speaking a truthful person, although of course the opposition points to many contradictions between some promises he made before the 2011 election and what he ended up doing.feedback

Pedro Passos Coelho

This is the first time that a coalition government completed their mandate. It was the first time.feedback

Nuno Pereira

New political parties, with a substantial vote base, have emerged from the social unrest in Greece and Spain – Syriza and Podemos – why not in Portugal?feedback

Ana Morgado

People are more and more bitter, more mistrustful and rebellious. When I talk with my friends, I wonder what will happen when things get even worse.feedback

Pedro Passos Coelho

If I ever have to lose an election in Portugal to save the country, as they say, the hell with elections, what matters is the country.feedback

Pedro Passos Coelho

The 2012 budget eliminates the Christmas bonus and vacation pay for all civil servants receiving a salary of more than 1,000 euros per month.feedback

Laura Lavandeira

I only buy essentials. I far prefer fish rather than meat, but I buy cheaper fish than I used to. I have to choose carefully which vegetables to get. I was raised in Africa and I love tropical fruit, but I don't buy it anymore, it's become much too expensive.feedback

Filipa Soares

Young or old, the Portuguese don't seem to believe in politicians or that the next elections will bring big changes.feedback

Francisco Proença de Carvalho

We think it's a disproportionate measure – and that's also the opinion of others linked to this process – and so with all due respect for the rule of law and for the rules we will appeal.feedback

Claudio Rocco

But, in particular, they will allow them to delve into the complexity of the human brain, an organ that's so far essentially unknown.feedback

Irfan Kaygisiz

Imperialist institutions and countries in Europe are imposing limits because of Greece's economic crisis. They want to reduce people's savings and their public and social rights.feedback

Maria Duarte

(I'm here) to show solidarity with the Greek people for having the courage that we did not. I hope we might get it but maybe we will never will.feedback

Robert Halver - Baader Bank

Either a Grexit or staying in, either way we need a decision. The uncertainty is wearing us all down. But of course we know that if the Greeks do stay in, that will only a pyrrhic victory. In the long term it will achieve nothing. Give the Greeks a chance – let them leave.feedback

António Marques

Seafood is generally known to be healthy and a high-quality product. However, some of it can be contaminated. And so far only a few contaminants are formally regulated. There is insufficient data available on many other chemicals released into the environment.feedback

Pedro Passos Coelho

The Council of Ministers has made an important contribution to the Lisbon hub, in order to consolidate it; in order that all services, with tourism in first place, can benefit from predictability and from conditions of accessibility.feedback

Tatiana Vaz Pereira

The EU has a concern for the preservation of its countries' cultural identities.feedback

Tatiana Vaz Pereira

Is standardisation of language destroying free thinking and therefore cultural diversity… with institutionally imposed rules?feedback

Jose Geraldo Gouvea

When I was a child, my school received a huge donation of books for its library, but they were all trashed because they featured four different spellings. Some were traditional, some were Portuguese spelling, some were Brazilian spelling.feedback

Jose Geraldo Gouvea

Portuguese has come to have a spelling of its own, hindering the learning of other languages by Brazilians and of Portuguese by foreigners. Thanks to the spelling reforms, our literary classics had to be re-edited several times. If you find an old copy of Machado de Assis you won't be able to read it, because the ancient spelling often rendered words completely different.feedback

Tatiana Vaz Pereira

I see the difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese as a hard-core version of the American/British English pair. Both languages evolved differently and at different times, and have their very own accents, spellings and colloquialisms.feedback

Tatiana Vaz Pereira

It is actually very hard for a Brazilian person to understand the Portuguese accent, and the Portuguese can be totally in the dark if their Brazilian interlocutor resorts to vernacular a lot. It's like a foreign language to me.feedback

Diogo Esteves

We need to be careful with humidity, because water ruins chocolate just like heat does. This is why we use air conditioning to control the room's temperature. The sculptures cannot stand variations in temperature, otherwise they can be completely ruined.feedback

Ricardo Ribeiro

Obidos is a land of passion. When we like someone we offer them chocolates, so I think it's the perfect connection. And here is the place of the great love story between Pedro and Ines – so you have Obidos, chocolate, and their common denominator, love: it's the perfect connection.feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

So Portugal should have its debt written off, Spain should have its debt written off…?feedback

Pedro Passos Coelho

Portuguese culture lost one of its most important figures today.feedback

Angel Gurria - OECD

Well, first of all, I think that the countries that have been under market pressure – that includes Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal – are the ones who have been doing more structural change. I have to say that Italy is belatedly – [although] not at the same speed – doing things now. And Mr Renzi not only has the political backing but also the decision[-making ability], the courage.feedback

Joao Pereira Leite

The Portuguese government is doing the right things but in the macroeconomic scenario it all depends on the global situation, not only the Portuguese situation. Whatever we are doing now, we are doing the rights things, but the results will only come in the long term.feedback

Margarida Marques - European Commission

You have to realise that at the time of adhesion there were only 120 kilometres of motorway. Today Portugal has 2,000km. It's obvious that when people move around they notice the link with the European Union when they see all these little stars. You can call it a Portuguese success story. That doesn't exclude that enormous progress remains to be made, notably with education and training.feedback

Amadeu Altafaj - European Commission

This shouldn't have any impact whatsoever on the packages for Greece, Ireland and Portugal.feedback

Carrol Phua

I think it will get worse actually. Because it has been pushed under the Lisbon agenda under improving competitiveness and growth, and if the environmental issues are not put as a priority, you can imagine what the environment is going to look like, especially the marine environment. You have large sectors in place such as shipping, fisheries, oil and gas – and these are big industries. Without very firm guidelines as to what environment should be protected, it is not going to be a success.feedback

Lars Börner

From these remains, we can tell how they lived and how they died. In places there are fatal injuries which they sustained in fights and there are injuries they survived, too. We can also deduce some bahaviour. Their thighbones were curved from riding horses, and we can see where they had strong arm muscles from using a bow and arrow.feedback

Fredrik Reinfeldt

Without this clarification on the ratification itself, I will not open on consultation on names, I will not even have an informal discussion on names, because there is no use to open up a process if you don't know when it tends.feedback

Daniel Gros - Centre for European Policy Studies

Implicitly, the EU wants to say: Look, we bailed out Greece, it means they we will also bail out Portugal, Spain and other countries, if there were a need for it. We very much hope there will ne no need. And the question is: Will financial markets test that statement or not?feedback

Wolfgang Schäuble

Perhaps the approach we are taking is the more important one, on a European and a national level, to better monitor the rating agencies. No market participant is prevented from not taking the agencies too seriously. The seriousness with which they are taken today is a little exaggerated.feedback

Christian Pellerin - Alstom

As you see, we are producing energy. The water circulates from the upper reservoir to the lower one. It isn't just energy production in the day and pumping at night, but energy production can be adapted to demand, practically from minute to minute. In summer we can meet the demands of air conditioning, during wintery cold spells we can also supply the energy for extra heating.feedback

Manuel Teixeira dos Santos

The initial public offering of shares was very positively received by the market. The figures reveal the interest that the market has in investing in a company like Galp Energia. Indeed, the fact that the offering was 20 times oversubscribed demonstrates the level of interest.feedback

Anders Borg

All member countries will commit substantial amounts of money, even if they are in or out of the Euro system, and that means that we have a demand for audit processes. Therefore I think it's quite problematic that they waited so long, and came with such a short time notice.feedback

Elena Salgado

I do not see any risk of contagion. I think we are totally out of this.feedback

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

The Troika and the EFSF have proposed to increase the maximum average maturities of the loans by seven years in order to smooth the redemption humps and reduce the refinancing needs of both countries.feedback

Olli Rehn

I want to welcome today the political agreement, reached on the memorandum of understanding for the Cyprus programme. And I hope it will be possible to satisfactorily complete this procedure by end of next week.feedback

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

The Lisbon Treaty gives us the opportunity and the responsibility to play a major role in the world. I think that we need strong leadership to achieve that.feedback

Nicolas Sarkozy

Does anybody in France want to end up like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Iceland?feedback

Álvaro Santos Pereira

Portugal is showing the world and the financial markets, that, once again, we are managing to overcome our differences and that we can be united in difficult times.feedback

Jean-Paul Chifflet - Credit Agricole

Today the group (BES) must deal with the issues specific to the Espirito Santo family and which took place outside the sphere of the bank's corporate governance and which were unknown to us. We can only regret having been misled by the family with which Credit Agricole was trying to create a true partnership to build the biggest private bank in Portugal.feedback

Francisco Lopez

Spain is better positioned than Portugal, because of its economic structure.feedback

Oliver Roth

Bailing out Portugal is a short term game for the Euro governments. They have a little time to fix the structural problems of the Euro now. If they don't do that, Spain will be next, and then the Euro will be under massive pressure again.feedback

Jacques Delors

I would have preferred it if the European community had taken a bigger share of the burden but as I say the Chancellor refused that. And then, whilst being open to and happy about enlargement, I asked that our community, our shared house, prepared itself to take in ten more countries. But there unfortunately I failed. I proposed that at the 1992 European summit in Lisbon and the heads of state didn't go with me. So I regret that we didn't get our house in order and reflect on what a Europe of 25 or 27 would be like before making conclusions about enlargement.feedback

Nicolas Sarkozy

If there's one country that can understand the Czech Republic, it's France – which said 'No' (to the EU draft constitution) in 2005. Let's not be hasty. Let's not dramatise. Let's try to find the best path to bring back unity to the European family.feedback

Mirek Topolanek

In fact, it's not a question of saying 'yes' or 'no'. For us here, the debate is whether it's possible, or even legitimate, to pursue the ratification process. Happily, it's not up to us to resolve the problem, since it has been suspended by (our) Constitutional Court.feedback

Angela Merkel

I'm saying this for Germany, and I've heard it from the Polish side, we need this Lisbon treaty to be able to work and to be able to enlarge the European Union.feedback

Gerry McCann

I would like to ask anyone who is going on holiday to take a poster, or ten posters, and put them up anywhere around where you may be. This will help us.feedback

Joe Higgins

To ratify Lisbon would copper-fasten the right of business in fact to exploit migrant workers and enforce wages and conditions way inferior to accepted norms, in particular member states of the European Union.feedback

Brian Cowen

We're emphasising today that in the context of the jobs we have in the country, two out of three are dependent on access to European markets and I think it's very important that that sort of broad, big picture is understood by the people as we consider this referendum.feedback

Jose Socrates

Abortion will be legal in this county within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, if it is requested by the woman and carried out in a registered clinic.feedback

Timothy Garton-Ash

We heard today, here at the World Economic Forum, both Jose Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy, saying monetary union needs an economic union which needs a political union – that is the logic of the situation. My own view is that most European countries are not ready to follow that logic to the end including Germany which is clearly not ready.feedback

Michel Santos - Euronews

Two weeks on, so ends an electoral campaign that's been dominated by the economic crisis. A topic that will certainly be top of the agenda for the winner of this Portuguese presidential election.feedback

Alvaro de Vasconcelos

There is no common EU position, not only for the NATO's new strategy, but also for military operations such as Afghanistan.feedback

Nick Stamenkovic - RIA Capital Markets

But the fact that Portugal is looking to raise money at this juncture clearly shows the authorities have noticed sufficient investor support out there and are taking advantage of conditions.feedback

Mario Soares

This vote is hugely important – we must stop Cavaco Silva, regain ground and win the second round in the elections.feedback

Vitor Gaspar

This year we face a considerable effort that cannot be minimised.feedback

José Diogo

In Lisbon it was hard to find work or get a job, so I seized this opportunity here. The living standard and conditions are better. The outlook on life here hasn't changed. That's why I moved inland and began my farming venture.feedback

Piotr Kaczyński - Centre for European Policy Studies

You can change the rules of the game, the rules guiding the euro, and you still have to ratify by the 27 parliaments, in the 27 member states, but you do not need to have a convention, you do not need referenda in Ireland or in the UK.feedback

Herman Van Rompuy - European Council

We've agreed there needs to be a permanent mechanism to deal with crises, and that means a limited amendment to the treaty.feedback

Sergio Cantone - Euronews

The bail-out mechanism and revision of the treaty, interest rates and the risks of referenda mean that van Rompuy has a tough several weeks to cope with. As the European Council's President, he'll need to employ all his diplomatic skills to moderate and negotiate, as he seeks a consensus on this among all the 27 EU countries.feedback

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

We keep the agriculture budget, but we now have a diplomatic service with still the same budget. So where are the cuts going to fall research, development, education, infrastructure?feedback

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

We want, first of all, to be the escape motor for the economic crisis, and to create a new, more sustainable economic model. To do this, the Lisbon Strategy will need to be renewed, and financial reform agreements have to be put in place.feedback

Janez Potocnik

Yes, it is. But on the other hand a huge challenge is also hiding. If we focus on what is the last message which came from the Wim Kok report, it is very clear. We have to change priorities, we have to put knowledge in one of the main positions – and we have to do that fast. I think that it is very important that we focus on that. But, of course, this monster of bureaucracy which you mentioned is hiding som