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Ben Stiller
I'm three years, now, cancer-free. It came out of the blue for me. I had no
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Sep 20 2017
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Aurora Perez-Cornago

The results emphasise the importance of studying risk factors for prostate cancer separately for advanced stage and high grade tumours. There is nothing men can do about their height but at least it is now more evident that they may reduce their risk of aggressive prostate cancer by having a healthy weight. However, further research is still needed to understand possible mechanisms, such as hormonal alterations, and to establish whether the associations we have seen are

Susannah Brown

In fact if every man in the UK maintained a healthy weight, about one in 10 cases could be prevented each

Matthew Hobbs

It is certainly interesting that, according to this research, certain physical characteristics appear to increase a man's likelihood of developing aggressive prostate cancer, as it might provide pointers to help uncover certain genetic markers and early developmental processes which hold significance in terms of causing the disease to develop. It also underlines once again the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to help defend against a host of diseases, including prostate

Susannah Brown

This study supports our own research which also found an increased risk of prostate cancer in taller men. The link can be explained by thinking of height as a marker of the growth process that occurs earlier in life. While we may not be able to change our height, men can take action to help reduce their risk of advanced prostate cancer by being a healthy

Timothy Wilt

A potential harm of observation is that prostate cancer may spread if left untreated and could result in prostate cancer death. Fortunately for most men, this is very unlikely (about 10 percent of men after 20 years) and was not different in men treated with observation or surgery. Systemic progression and prostate cancer death are rare (about 5 percent) in men with low risk disease and are not decreased by

Alexander Kutikov

Prostate cancer treatment is an investment at least 10 years into the future. Men with limited life-expectancy only risk side effects of treatment and don't live long enough to reap its

Marc Short

We support Senator Cruz and Senator Lee's efforts. The mandates the federal government puts on are so ridiculous that men are forced to carry coverage for mammograms, women are forced to carry coverage for prostate issues – it's absurd. And the American people know this. We're going to get rid of many of those regulations and mandates to lower

John Pfeifer

You can make an argument that for prostate cancer you should probably do this for every patient at the time of initial diagnosis. By extension, you probably have the same situation for other

Paul Workman

This test is particularly exciting because it is multi-purpose, designed for use both before and after treatment, and using both the absolute amounts of cancer DNA in the bloodstream and also a readout of the specific mutations within that genetic material. We believe it can usher in a new era of precision medicine for prostate

Matthew Hobbs

To greatly improve the survival chances of the 47,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, it's clear that we need to move away from the current one-size-fits-all approach to much more targeted treatment methods. The results from this study and others like it are crucial as they give an important understanding of the factors that drive certain prostate cancers, or make them vulnerable to specific

Johann de Bono

From these findings, we were able to develop a powerful, three-in-one test that could in future be used to help doctors select treatment, check whether it is working and monitor the cancer in the longer term. We think it could be used to make clinical decisions about whether a PARP inhibitor is working within as little as four to eight weeks of starting therapy. Not only could the test have a major impact on treatment of prostate cancer, but it could also be adapted to open up the possibility of precision medicine to patients with other types of cancer as

Dick Lamm

When I look at the literature, and there are such things as $93,000 prostate operations at some stage of prostate cancer that might give two extra months of life, it is

Iain Frame

These results are further evidence that earlier, combined use of existing treatments can improve the survival of men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. The potential benefits of giving some men abiraterone alongside hormone therapy are clearly impressive and we will be working with all relevant bodies to make sure this treatment becomes an option available for these men via the

Nicholas James

Abiraterone not only prolonged life, but also lowered the chance of relapse by 70 percent and reduced the chance of serious bone complications by 50 percent. Based on the magnitude of clinical benefit, we believe that the upfront care for patients newly diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer should

Nicholas James

These are the most powerful results I've seen from a prostate cancer trial -- it's a once in a career feeling. This is one of the biggest reductions in death I've seen in any clinical trial for adult cancers. Abiraterone is already used to treat some men whose disease has spread but our results show many more could benefit. In addition to the improvements in survival and time without relapse, the drug reduced the rates of severe bone complications, a major problem in prostate cancer, by more than a half. I really hope these results can change clinical

Alfred Samuels

It felt like my world fell apart overnight. The doctors explained that surgery wasn't an option for me because the cancer had spread beyond my prostate. As part of the trial, I started taking abiraterone four times a day and had a hormone injection every eight weeks. During the first six months, tests showed that the treatment was working. I'm still on the trial, which I find reassuring and, fortunately, my cancer is being managed

Robert Turesky

This is the first unequivocal proof that, once you eat the cooked meat mutagens, some of them find their way to the prostate and damage the prostate. It could just be an association. Now we have to show that the mutations are attributed to the chemicals in cooked

Craig Tendler

The difference here is ... patients who have not been on hormonal

Susannah Brown

As well as increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, being overweight or obese can increase your risk of 11 common cancers, including prostate and liver. If everyone were a healthy weight, around 25,000 cases of cancer could be prevented in the UK each

Susan Barr

Excessive vitamin A can cause birth defects, liver problems and skeletal abnormalities, while excessive vitamin E can lead to hemorrhages and has been associated with increased risk of prostate

Linford Christie

My risk is double that of a white man my age, writes Olympian Linford Christie.None of us should be complacent. This summer marks 25 years since one of the greatest moments of my career, winning Olympic gold in Barcelona. It often feels like the last 25 years have flown by as quickly as the 9.96 seconds it took to run the race!feedback

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

Other men will realize the likely benefit is small and aren't willing to risk the

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

We are more confident about the benefits of screening. We now think, on balance, there is a small

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

Because of the rising use of active surveillance, some are getting more years of life without side

Alex H. Krist

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers to affect men, and the decision about whether to begin screening using PSA-based testing is complex. For men who are more willing to accept the potential harms, screening may be the right choice for them. Men who are more interested in avoiding the potential harms may choose not to be screened. In the end, men who are considering screening deserve to be aware of what the science says, so they can make the best choice for themselves, together with their

Therese Bevers

There will be new discussions that did not previously occur in the primary care

Edward M. Schaeffer

These revisions will increase our opportunity to identify cancers with lethal

Otis M. Brawley - American Cancer Society

I am very positive on their new recommendation. If men are not getting screened because they don't want it, that's a good thing. But if it wasn't their decision, that's

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

It's really a personal choice. The balance of benefits and harms is still close and so that's why we're recommending that every man between the ages of 55-69 talk to his doctor ... and then make his own decision after these

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

The new evidence allowed us to say that, on balance, we think now the benefits do outweigh the harms. Therefore, what we are recommending is that doctors and patients talk together about whether screening is right for them. There are some men who might say, You know, I really want to avoid dying of prostate cancer. That's the most important thing to me. So even if there's a small likelihood this will work I want to do

Quoc-Dien Trinh

Given that most prostate cancers are slow growing, and given the risks of over-diagnosis and over-treatment, there is little evidence that men 70 and older benefit from PSA

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

This new evidence led the task force to conclude that there is now a small net benefit to screening, although we continue to note that the balance of benefits and harms are

Quoc-Dien Trinh

At risk patients (men with a family history and black men) are more likely to die from prostate cancer, therefore these individuals are conceptually more likely to gain from PSA screening. While it makes theoretical sense that screening may be beneficial for them, there is not enough evidence to suggest that detecting their cancer early will, in the end, make a difference. Patients should have a discussion with their primary care physicians about the pros and cons of

Alex H. Krist

Active surveillance is a way we can reduce some of the harms like overtreatment, and the side effects of overtreatment. Men who have more urgent medical issues might see screening as a lower

David F. Penson

This is a major change in the panel's position, and it's a big deal. We're going to see a lot more men making the decision to be

Karen Hoffman

For patients with very favorable prostate cancer, our findings suggest that urologist ownership of radiation equipment may contribute to unnecessary treatment. However, for patients with disease with aggressive features, our findings suggest that urologist ownership increases correct treatment, meaning that these patients who need treatment are more likely to receive it if they are diagnosed by a urologist with an ownership interest in radiation

Quick-Dien Trinh

Allowing physicians to self-refer may lead to unnecessary treatment and added health care costs to society and patients. That said, to be fair, the study does not tell us if self-referral practices merely diverted their previous use of radiation therapy from another facility to theirs. However, it doesn't explain why self-referral practices are more likely to use radiation therapy regardless of disease

Martha Haahr

After six months, eight of the men could initiate sexual intercourse. What we have done establishes that this technique can lead to men recovering a spontaneous erection – in other words, without the use of other medicines, injections, or implants. If it works in these men, it would also work in men with have been treated using chemotherapy and radiation. If it's as effective as we think, it could help many kinds of men. We are now beginning a larger, phase 2 trial to better evaluate its effectiveness and confirm its

Martha Haahr

We could not damage their erectile function any more than it already

Daniel Barocas

This new option would be welcome if would give some return to function. That is pretty exciting. If this pans out in additional validation studies it would be an exciting new option for men who don't respond to the standard

Landon Trost

I think it's important to be educated about the potential side

Blayne Welk

There wasn't a lot of good studies in this area, and it's a very common medication for urologists to use. It is a risk potentially and patients and physicians should be aware of

James Yu - Yale

It probably can work but it doesn't have long-term results and it hasn't been tested against standard

James Yu - Yale

In my own experience, these men have done really well. That tells us that techniques improved, or the medical claims we evaluated were not indicative of major toxicity, or the way we and others at high-volume centers deliver radiotherapy is

Paul Kolnik

I totally kept up with my schedule. The treatment begins and it finishes before you even realize

Linden Zakula

The Governor is resting comfortably at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. As he recovers, he will be joined by his family and remain at the hospital

Karl Oestreich

Governor Mark Dayton's prostate cancer was caught early and is localized, treatable and curable. His Mayo Clinic physicians have discussed several treatment options with the Governor and he is in the process of making his decision. The Governor should be able to carry on his duties ... without significant

Eric Small

Fortunately, this is not extensive disease, can be readily treated with a short course of radiotherapy, and there are not expected to be any significant side effects. The prognosis for Governor Brown is

Mark Dayton

I want to give Minnesotans assurances that I am functioning normally, which I feel like I am. People deserve a governor who is on the job, qualified to perform the job intellectually and physically, and I believe I am. I expect to be judged for how well I

Mark Dayton

I think I am. If I don't, I won't continue. I take it very seriously. I have an obligation to all of the people of Minnesota. It was a very brief episode. If I had known it would result in Republicans not criticizing my speech, I might have tried it years

Anthony D'Amico

Instead of waiting to see if PSA has gone up, this can tell you that somebody has not only failed treatment, but failed so badly that they are going to die of prostate

Anthony D'Amico

These are treatments that are used when a man has metastatic disease. They have been shown to prolong life but not to cure

Trevor Royce

By identifying and enrolling these men in clinical trials immediately, the hope is to take a prostate cancer that appears to be incurable and make it

Anthony D'Amico

You should know what your PSA is after your treatment. You need to know once it stops going down if that low point is above half a point (0.5).feedback

Mark Emberton

In 1975, almost everyone with breast cancer was given a radical mastectomy, but since then treatments have steadily improved and we now rarely need to remove the whole breast. In prostate cancer we are still commonly removing or irradiating the whole prostate, so the success of this new tissue-preserving treatment is welcome news

Mark Emberton

These results are excellent news for men with early localised prostate cancer, offering a treatment that can kill cancer without removing or destroying the prostate. This is truly a huge leap forward for prostate cancer treatment, which has previously lagged decades behind other solid cancers, such as breast

Mark Emberton

The fact that the treatment was performed so successfully by non-specialist centres in various health systems is really remarkable. New procedures are generally associated with a learning curve, but the lack of complications in the trial suggests that the treatment protocol is safe, efficient and relatively easy to scale

Mark Emberton

We can now pinpoint prostate cancers using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans and targeted biopsies, allowing a much more targeted approach to diagnosis and

Jim Hu

This is a controversial issue. I think it's also politically

Raj Pruthi

The trends of a reduction in screening, a decrease in diagnoses, and an increase in advanced disease create a natural concern that we may indeed have turned back the clock in the care of patients with prostate

Jim Hu

My hope is they will reconsider the scope of the

Stuart Holden

In the PSA era, the death rate from prostate cancer went down 40 percent. Those of us in the field don't want to see the clock turn back … but we want to be more precise in our

Stuart Holden

It's hard to know as a practicing physician which tests to

Stuart Holden

It's a rapidly moving field, and these tests haven't been compared head to

Tom McLain - Exosome Diagnostics

The problem is, when a patient hears cancer, they want to be treated. Another part of the challenge here is, urologists make a lot more money doing a biopsy than they would running another urine

Anthony D'Amico

Men with low-risk or intermediate-risk prostate cancer should feel free to select a treatment approach using the data on health-related quality of life and without fear of possibly selecting a less effective cancer

Anthony D'Amico

But the truth is, it's 6 percent versus 3 percent at 10 years. Yes, it is twice as much but it is much less than even I thought it would

Jenny Donovan

Each treatment has different impacts and effects, and we need longer follow up to see how those balance out over the next 10

Otis M. Brawley - American Cancer Society

This study makes a dramatic claim about an issue all of us have been watching eagerly: namely, whether less PSA screening might lead to more advanced cancers. But the current analysis is far from adequate to answer that question sufficiently. Epidemiologists learned long ago that you can't simply look at raw numbers. A rising number of cases can be due simply to a growing and aging population among other

Edward M. Schaeffer

One hypothesis is the disease has become more aggressive, regardless of the change in screening. The other idea is since screening guidelines have become more lax, when men do get diagnosed, it's at a more advanced stage of disease. Probably both are true. We don't know for sure, but this is the focus of our current

Edward M. Schaeffer

The fact that men in 2013 who presented with metastatic disease had much higher PSAs than similar men in 2004 hints that more aggressive disease is on the rise. If I were a patient, I would want to be vigilant. I firmly believe that PSA screening and rectal exams save

Pierre Souvet

Potentially, they are going to affect the programming of the baby's cells, and this could lead to various illnesses later on, particularly different forms of cancer, because it is a known fact that the most frequent cancers are those that depend on hormones, like prostate or breast

Paul L. Nguyen

The take-home message is that the list of potential side effects of hormone therapy is continuing to grow. Any man with prostate cancer considering hormone therapy should find out from their doctor exactly how big the benefit is expected to be in their specific situation so they can weigh it against the list of possible side

Sumanta Pal

Although it's within reason to construe that hormone therapy may have a direct impact on the centers in the brain that control mood, it's important to acknowledge that the side effects of hormone therapy may also contribute to the development of

Bernie Sanders

The United States government should use every tool available to lower outrageously high prescription drug prices. NIH has the power to stop this blatant profiteering and put the pharmaceutical industry on notice that the era of charging unconscionable prices must

Lloyd Doggett

When Americans pay for research that results in a pharmaceutical [innovation], that drug should be available at a reasonable price. An unaffordable drug is 100 percent

Quoc-Dien Trinh

There is much evidence that men with limited life expectancy do not benefit from PSA testing, and I think experts can agree on that. The rest is a matter of opinions and expert panels. I do feel strongly that some men are more at risk of prostate cancer and I'm concerned about what will happen to these men given the current USPSTF recommendations and trends in PSA

Hans Gustafson

This test meant a better and longer life for me. I can also enjoy seeing my grand-children grow up. That's something I'm very happy

Carlo Greco

It is more cost-effective, because we can reduce the number of sessions significantly. Typically we treat prostate cancer in five single sessions. In some cases we treat primary diseases in one session only, meaning that the treatment is delivered in one single exposure of radiation, of high-dose radiation with huge advantages in term of convenience and comfort for the

Carlo Greco

It uses a tracking device, much like a GPS, which tells us what is currently happening, as the treatment is being delivered and it will allow us to track motion and correct it, so that the deposition (of the treatment beam) is with a high degree of accuracy. Through the prostate there is a structure, which is the urethra, through which the urine passes. With our technique and with the tracking we perform during the treatment, we can selectively spare this structure so that the side effects of the treatment are truly

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