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Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën
If you have ministers in Europe who say they will forbid the use of internal combustion engines, then I have to comply and we will have to transform, re-engineer and retrain. But if electrification is not profitable in future, we all have a problem. How do we ensure jobs in the motor industry if the cost structure cannot secure future investment? If we had gone with Hybrid Air, it would be dead by now, because although it is highly efficient, it is not electric. That's really bad from a citizen's
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Sep 12 2017
“If you have ministers in Europe who say they will forbid the use of internal combustion engines, then I have to comply and we will have to transform, re-engineer and retrain. But if electrification is not profitable in future, we all have a problem. How do we ensure jobs in the motor industry if the cost structure cannot secure future investment? If we had gone with Hybrid Air, it would be dead by now, because although it is highly efficient, it is not electric. That's really bad from a citizen's perspective.” said Carlos Tavares speaking about PSA Group. It’s one of the 136 quotes about PSA Group you can find on this page. 71 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Greg Clark and Len McCluskey. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Chuck Stevens - General Motors

The market is definitely slowing -- it's something we are going to monitor month to month. Pricing is more

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

A certain number of good achievements have been made under General Motors' leadership, but we must recognise that the losses are real and probably will be again in

Luc Alphand

This year the Peugeot team is the clear favourite, they work hard and they have a really competitive

Anne Laliron

That is the reason we jump on the opportunity to work with

Nigel Gough

There are believed to be less than 100 examples left of these unusual 2CVs left, maybe 30 of which are in running condition, making this a truly rare

Robert Peugeot

All large carmakers have a volume of three million cars in one important market. Opel is strong in markets where PSA is not so strong...There is very little cannibalisation between the

Jean-Philippe Peugeot

This will allow the group to conquer the rest of the world step by step. This remains an important goal for PSA. Our family thought about getting closer to Opel even before the agreement with General

Karl-Thomas Neumann - Opel

It is important for me to stand before employees and show leadership. I have done this in the past and will continue to do so. The Chinese market is no longer the cure-all to help solve the problems on all the other

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

In the past Opel and PSA have been our accepted and well-respected competitors and they will be in the future as well. So we'll be excited to see how competition changes in that environment. Obviously we have our own homework to do and we're going to do that in a very single-minded way and therefore we are very positive about the

Jean-Philippe Imparato - Peugeot

Last year, we welcomed the Opel Astra's win, because they made a great car and I'm happy to see we'll continue the adventure together, it's

Len McCluskey - Unite

The uncertainty caused by Brexit is harming the U.K. auto sector. We need assistance from the government to give this sector a fighting

David J. Herman

The idea is that this deal makes a strong second to VW, but they've got to make

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

We think, with humility, but with a certain trust, that we can help Opel to accelerate its economic reconstruction. We see that there's a similarity between the difficulties Opel is going through today and PSA's situation three, four years ago. Shutting down a plant is rather simplistic. The only thing that protects us is

David J. Herman

What better industry to express a view of 'France first' than the auto industry? Is going to be excruciatingly

Rory Harvey

A key part of the brand heritage is that there is UK

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

We want to give them all the good ideas, the best practices that we have implemented in our own plans and I'm sure they are bright, well-educated and they will understand it is in their best interests to 'copy paste' everything they can from everything we have done so

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

The most convincing argument that we can send to them is to show them what we have done at PSA over the last four years. Everybody knows the turnaround, everybody can see the results…Because we have succeeded in our own turnaround we may have a chance to help Opel to become also a great company. Since I took the helm of PSA we didn't shut down any plant by PSA. This is not how we address the problem. I think shutting down plants is a simplistic way of looking at things. Before we reach that kind of dramatic situation, we have tonnes of things we can do to improve the efficiency of the

Jean-Philippe Imparato - Peugeot

For us it is a new brand in the group's portfolio. It is new colleagues and we will go together to hunt for new markets. It is very good news for

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

Our job is to continue with the momentum. I would prefer that we don't speculate on the future. The worst can always happen, but we are fighting for the best. We have reduced the break even [at PSA] by one million invoices (cars), which makes a stronger company... We will apply the same lessons and best practises at Opel Vauxhall as we have at

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

I am telling you that it is a strategic opportunity. In the event of a hard Brexit, the fact that we have a UK footprint supplying the UK market with significant custom duties all around would be a good thing, don't you think? The brand will be managed by the Opel and Vauxhall people, and the pricing is also their responsibility. They will soon discover that it is important to have a healthy revenue as well. But I want to clearly state that we do not intend to come to Opel/Vauxhall with a pre-cooked plan. They will make their own turnaround plans with best practises from

Matthias Mueller - Volkswagen

We are actually quite confident when it comes to the future despite this new reality (of a merger between PSA Group and General Motors' Opel).feedback

Alexis Albert - Barclays

The fact that GM covers most of the pension obligations is good news for Peugeot

Philippe Houchois - Jefferies

This is a legacy issue that will remain on GM's balance sheet for a while. They will still be paying for retirees in the U.K. and Germany although they no longer have productive assets

Chuck Stevens - General Motors

It was really a question of different legal regimes and different jurisdictions and, for example, in Germany the liability needs to travel with the employees whereas in other jurisdictions, it didn'

Greg Clark

The context clearly is nothing to do with Brexit. This is a restructuring of the organisation. And in my discussions with PSA, actually the chief executive has said today that Brexit isn't an essential driver of this, and we want to have the best possible trading relationship with Europe, but in any event Carlos Tavares has said there are opportunities

Len McCluskey - Unite

It is critically important that Vauxhall production remains with the

Brigitte Zypries

What is important now is to create further transparency until the negotiations are finalised, to further engage the unions and the management at Opel in order to achieve a good outcome for Opel in

Len McCluskey - Unite

What is being said at the moments by PSA Peugeot Citroen is that they are going to honour all of our agreements. Now, that means that the current model at [the UK plants] Ellesmere Port and Luton will continue. But, the real challenge to us is to make certain that we get new models, and that is about going forward, making sure that we have a future – a long-term future for our

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

We want to create a European automotive champion from the combination of a French and a German company. We are indeed committed to these two iconic brands with their respective German and British heritage. We're confident that the Opel-Vauxhall turnaround will significantly accelerate with our support. If it is a hard Brexit, perhaps, in terms of strategy, it is going to be a very nice opportunity to be able to source the UK from the UK. This may look to you a little bit

Greg Clark

We will continue to engage and work with PSA in the weeks and months ahead to ensure these assurances are kept and will build on the success of both sites for the long

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

There is... Brexit and the risk and the opportunity to have inside of the UK some manufacturing plants in case we have a hard Brexit. All of this represents opportunities that we want to

Len McCluskey - Unite

The next six months will be crucial in discussing the next model for Ellesmere Port. We'd like to be in a position certainly by the end of next year to know what that model was so that we can begin to prepare for

Christian Stadler

I would expect job cuts. PSA has done it before and there is no other way to realistically achieve the cost savings they have in mind. The U.K. is definitely in a bad position as Brexit makes it less competitive than Germany and the unions are stronger in

Rebecca Lindland - Kelley Blue Book

Unloading Opel-Vauxhall and the European part of the financing greatly improves GM's balance sheet, allowing investments in growing markets such as China and

Greg Clark

The government welcomes the assurance by PSA that they will respect the commitments made by GM to Vauxhall's employees and pensioners. We will continue to engage and work with PSA in the weeks and months ahead to ensure these assurances are kept and will build on the success of both sites for the long

Len McCluskey - Unite

There is a cautious optimism. But of course the real issue is not the current products, it's about the new models and we'll be determined to make certain that the British plants have a long term

Rebecca Lindland - Kelley Blue Book

Opel/Vauxhall was a profit-losing puzzle no one at GM could solve for decades, and outside forces such as Brexit and an increasingly complex regulatory environment did not help. Unloading Opel-Vauxhall and the European part of the financing greatly improves GM's balance sheet, allowing investments in growing markets such as China and

Mary Barra - General Motors

This was a difficult decision for General Motors but we are united in belief that it is the right

Teresa Carway

I think a lot of people are worried because the average age around here is 52 or 53. But if they could get another five, six years out of here, then they can retire. (The plant) have taken on loads of new workers. They've taken on around 300 young workers in the last

Greg Clark

We've said that by being part of the UK automotive sector, all of the benefits of that in terms of research and development, in terms of trading, in terms of the expansion we see through the industrial strategy of the supply chain, will be available to all such companies. The fact that plants are going to be judged, as they tend to be in the automotive sector for new models, on the basis of their competitive efficiency is a strength for us in this country, because our automotive plants are the strongest in the

James Upton

I've had jobs before but this is the one that's actually stuck. Around here, it's kind of difficult when you go on the Jobcentre websites and you apply for loads of stuff but nothing ever really comes through, and you think 'I have to go further

David Bailey

Peugeot shut Coventry 10 years ago and moved production to Slovakia. That plant was efficient and profitable, it was just easier to sack workers here than in

Joshua Taylor

I looked up other plants Peugeot have bought and it doesn't look

Len McCluskey - Unite

This has obviously been a very difficult time for the workforce…Now that General Motors has disposed of its UK sites, our focus switches to working with the new owners to persuade them of the evident merits of our plants and this excellent, loyal workforce. I am determined that we can convince the new boss, Mr Tavares, that it makes sense for him to continue to build in Britain. Our plants are the most productive in the European operation, the brand is strong here, the market for the products is here, so the cars must be made

Justin Madders

There should be no doubt that one of the biggest selling points to UK consumers is that Vauxhall is a British brand that supports British jobs. That is something that I know will be stressed to

Greg Clark

Vauxhall has a long history of success in this country and we are determined to see that continue. The government welcomes the assurance by PSA that they will respect the commitments made by GM to Vauxhall's employees and

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

We do not need to shut down plants … We believe we need to trust the talents of people. They always come up with ideas and solutions we could not imagine … Shutting down plants is rather

Gavin Shuker

Glad to see the uncertainty over the PSA/GM deal is now over. Our UK plants are among the most efficient of any in the new company. They deserve a bright future. Now government needs to play its part, delivering a Brexit deal that keeps Vauxhall building in the

Greg Clark

We will continue to engage and work with PSA in the weeks and months ahead to ensure these assurances are kept and will build on the success of both sites for the long term. The prime minister and I have been in close contact with the PSA Group and General Motors and they have been clear this deal is an opportunity to grow the Vauxhall brand, building on their existing strengths and

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

Business ethics means that entering this deal, any agreement existing in the Opel Vauxhall company, especially all the deals with the unions, will be respected. This is not tactical, this is ethics. If there is an agreement, we respect

Len McCluskey - Unite

While initial discussions with the PSA Group have been relatively positive, our priority now is to ensure a long-term future for our plants and the tens of thousands of workers depending on them. Our plants are the most productive in the European operation, the brand is strong here, the market for the products is here, so the cars must be made here. It is vital that those who have saved hard for their retirement receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Unite will not allow our members to lose out, not by a

Len McCluskey - Unite

I have sought and have received urgent assurances from the PSA Group and General Motors as to their intentions towards the pensions of the UK

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

Everybody will have a chance to reach the benchmark in terms of efficiency and as we are progressing towards the benchmark and efficiency we do not need to shut down plants. Shutting down the plant is rather

Len McCluskey - Unite

Over the weekend, the chief executives of both General Motors and the PSA Group have spoken to me to outline their plans. Unite will ensure that these are communicated to our members at the earliest opportunity so that we can end this nerve-wracking period for these loyal workers, and move forward on how to safeguard our sites. So while initial discussions with the PSA Group have been relatively positive, our priority now is to ensure a long-term future for our plants and the tens of thousands of workers depending on

Greg Clark

We discussed how PSA's approach is to increase market share and expand production rather than close plants. I was assured that the commitments to the plants would be

Greg Clark

There was also recognition that members of the Vauxhall pension fund will be no worse

Len McCluskey - Unite

He talked in terms of not being here to shut plants. That's not his

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

When you look at the product plan you see that you can, in a quite speedy way, implement significant synergies. This company needs help. Opel's been losing money for ever, it's sub-critical mass and there's no interesting technology. But on the upside, a lot of the technical work is already

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

It's about hard restructuring in Germany, the UK and Spain resulting in at least 5,000 manufacturing job

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

Given the massive overlap of the two businesses, there should be no illusion as to what will need to

Jean-Baptiste de Chatillon - Peugeot

At this stage there can be no certainty as to the outcome of these talks. The effect will be amplified this

Dominic O'Brien - Exane

The most obvious starting point for any restructuring of course lies with

Greg Clark

There was a recognition, which I emphasised, of the contribution to the performance of Vauxhall, of the two plants and indeed the other operations that they have in this country. They are efficient, they are successful and there was a clear recognition of that by

Andrea Nahles

We believe that both locations could benefit from it - both the French and the German plants. German-French cooperation could really spawn a champion company and that's why we're very pleased about the development

Wolfgang Schaefer-Klug

Tavares communicated convincingly in the talks that he is interested in a sustainable development for Opel/Vauxhall as an independent

Greg Clark

One of the points the PSA executives made to me was that since the new management of PSA has been in place, they have taken some pride in having part of their strategy not to close

George Galliers

General Motors have not made money in Europe for many years, it's a drain on free cash flow and with the European (car) sales above 15 million (units) now you'd argue we're at least three-quarters of the way through the cycle… if you're not making money (now) then will you ever? We like the deal, particularly from General Motors'

Stéphane Le Foll

But I understand that, from the point of view of Germany, there is a desire to preserve a vital part of their industry and to preserve

Bertrand Blaise

We are in discussions with Opel to expand upon our existing

Linda Jackson

2016 was the year where we were at the lowest point in term of our product cycle. When we introduced the new C3, the best-seller for Citroen, at the end of 2016, we started to see the volumes

Carlos Sainz

It is obviously devastating to have to retire. We had been running at a good pace since the start of the

Stephane Peterhansel

We have a team that is very homogeneous, there are four drivers who are capable of winning the Dakar today in the Peugeot team. We'll be ready to help each other to help the team win. I hope that will be the key to

Stuart Pearson - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

It might be one reason why Renault's earnings could be handicapped relative to Peugeot over the next few

Thomas Besson - Kepler Cheuvreux

Peugeot may stay unclear at this point on cash uses to keep its options open on M&A as long as

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

This was a very strong result, and Tavares continues to make significant headway in transforming the

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

We don't believe the plan will have PSA investors ecstatic--more a story of steady

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

I am delighted with this collective success. It puts our company back in the race and proves its

Javad Montazeri

Despite all the challenges, it seems that with the removal of sanctions, President Rouhani's support, and partnerships with world-famous companies, Iran's car industry should get back on its

Antoine Juillard - Euronews

What state is PSA in as the Frankfurt motor show opens?feedback

Maxime Picat

Our stategy is clearly to respond to our customers needs. We have anticipated some years ago that there was a fast growing segment for the future – that is the small car/SUV. That is the reason why we have decided to launch the 2008, and it's a real success already, 40,000 orders as I told you. So, it's first about responding to what our customers want, but we have also to go upmarket, which means our cars have to improve their quality, and the best example of that is the new 308, with quality standards that are very close to premium

Maxime Picat

Outside Europe we have targeted as our main priorities China, South America and Russia. And we see that we have got good results in China, as I've already mentioned. But if you look at Argentina we have also fantastic results there, as well as in North Africa. So, we keep investing a lot in these key international regions, because we believe they will help us to balance the situation of the European market, which is more

George Hay - Reuters

The DongFeng money and the French state money is pretty much the only game in town. As for whether that actually decisively sorts them out, there are general problems for European car makers, so it's not a

Paul Ingrassia

The industry is very sick. Usually at a car show, the cars are the story. This year the economy is the story. There is a lot of over capacity in the middle part of the market. So companies such as Renault, Opel, and especially Peugeot-Citroen and Fiat, they are all have too many cars, too few buyers, especially because of the economic recession that seems to be setting in in

Trevor Finn

It's nothing to do with Britain booming. It's to do with car manufacturers doing better deals because they

Derek Simpson

What the French people do when they're threatened with these sorts of situations – you almost believe it couldn't happen in France – well all we're saying, without getting dramatic, is that the British people, with their sense of fair play, have the right to know the facts, and if they respond in the traditional way, Peugeot, and anyone else, will have to rethink its

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

In Europe, we expect slight growth, and for now things are going more or less in this

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

Everything we have seen so far from the presence of the French state on our competitor's board seems to indicate concretely that things can be

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

There is a lot of uncertainty on global markets, difficulties in Russia and instability in Latin

Philippe Varin

The group has today announced bad results for the year 2012, which was an extremely difficult year, not only for the group but for the whole automotive sector in Europe. Now, as I have indicated, we have financial security, which has been improved over the past year by everything we did in 2012. Moreover, I can confirm that in 2014 we will be back to break-even

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

It's started its recovery. That's what I think. I am really, really convinced that it has a future in Europe and that PSA Peugeot Citroën has unique characteristics and

Philipp Dorge

We are redeploying 2,700 out of 3,000 people in what is a well established process that we take very seriously. Of that 2,700 only 700 still remain to be

Jean-Baptiste de Chatillon - Peugeot

We will need to launch negotiations on the competitiveness of the

Jean-Pierre Mercier

The state coffers are already empty. If the idea is to empty them a little more, to use our taxes to pay even more public subsidies to automotive bosses without asking for the slightest guarantee, the slightest quid pro quo in terms of job security then it is scandalous, sickening and

Philippe Varin

Of course I welcome with great interest anything that supports the competitiveness of the entire sector in

Frédéric Banzet

We're working on a two-year timetable to get the PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) group back into profit, that is by the end of 2014; even so it's always a very difficult decision to have to cut jobs, but unfortunately it is the market situation that forces that decision on

Antoine Juillard - Euronews

Peugeot Citroen sales fell 16 percent year-on-year: what are you doing to halt that seemingly never ending decline?feedback

Frédéric Banzet

It's obvious that – unfortunately – because of the major recession in Europe we are having to restructure the company, in Europe. It's very difficult to take these huge decisions, and we try to do that in the most responsible way possible when it comes to social issues, having made a commitment that we will help every single one of our workers facing problems with

Steve Fowler - Auto Express

Peugeot have got a big job to be done to persuade people that they are really rivals for Volkswagen and part of that is showing exciting, upmarket cars – which is what the Exalt certainly is. Whether we actually see something like that on sale, very doubtful, but it's a good intention to show where Peugeot is going in terms of its

Jean-Baptiste de Chatillon - Peugeot

Everything is in place to give Peugeot a new lease of life as a major international carmaker. We have the products, the teams, the know-how and now we have a new balanced and stable

Laurent Meillaud

Everything changes with an electric car. It's not simply a battery and an electric motor. You need to install sockets. You need to learn how to drive it, because the battery life is purely theoretical. And obviously if you turn on the heating or the air-conditionning, you lose on the battery

Arnaud Montebourg

PSA has the technology, but sells mostly in Europe without enough access to the fast growing Asian market. Dongfeng lacks technology and an international brand presence, but does have growth in Asia, so this is a good way of pooling their

Giovanni Magi

At the same time as the French government commits to helping the automobile industry, Peugeot Citroen says that after this major restructuring a page will be turned and the future will be brighter. But unions say the price paid for that restructuring is too

Jean-Pierre Mercier

Even if there is a deficit employees shouldn't be picking up the bill. They (the group) paid out 2.7 billion euros in shareholder dividends and they splashed out three billion more buying back

Jean-Marc Ayrault

The government has no intention of handing out gifts like this without return

Jean-Baptiste de Chatillon - Peugeot

It's not state aid, it's state support. It's priced at market

Jean-Philippe Thiran

If the car detects that the driver is tired and getting sleepy, then the car might start energetic music or change the light of the dashboard to make it more aggressive. On the contrary, if the driver is stressed then the car should, for instance play calming

Jean-Philippe Thiran

Basically we have this camera, this series of lights, and then at the back we have a computer analysing the video on real time. The first difficulty is the light conditions. To cope with that we choose an infrared camera which is sensitive to the infrared and we have infrared lighting, so we get rid of the problem of illumination and we can work day or overnight without any

Olivier Pajot

One of the intermediate steps is a partially autonomous vehicle. That means that the vehicle will be able to drive by itself but will still need some supervision by the

Koichi Kondo - Honda

For us to post a bigger profit, it is essential to see a recovery in the North American

Philippe Julien - Confédération Générale du Travail

We were still not given a reason for the closure of this site, which has a modern, well-situated factory with access to the airport, railway and motorway as well as its proximity to Paris in the north-south axis. There is no reason to close this plant, we make the C3, which is the best-selling car of the group and the one that pulls all the sales in right now and we've still got 450,000 cars to make according to management, so that production could take us into 2016 at

Philippe Julien - Confédération Générale du Travail

We ask the government to respect the agreements it signed with PSA. There have been agreements, through which PSA received huge subsidies worth hundreds of millions. In return, PSA promised to maintain

Giovanni Magi

After the strike on Thursday, activity has resumed at the plant. Everyone is at work. The tone of the language is strong, the union considers Peugeot-Citroen's restructuring plan a declaration of war, but the climate still seems marked by a sense of responsibility and

Philippe Varin

The closure of the Aulnay plant will take place. A total of 8,000 jobs in total are concerned. But, as we have said since the very start, we attach a great importance to the limitation of the social

Philippe Varin

A situation where a group is losing 200 million euros a month is a serious situation, and dithering is absolutely not an option if we want to prevent it becoming critical one

François Roudier - Comité des Constructeurs Français d'Automobiles

We are happy sales have stopped plummeting. They've hit the lowest point and are starting to recover. But realistically sales this year will be the worst since the crisis the French industry suffered in

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