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Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways
There has been some uncertainties with certain categories of passengers, who got a bit concerned about why laptops are not allowed. It is a misperception of security requirements by the American administration, which in my opinion was really not
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Apr 27 2017
“I will start thinking what I will do next – while recognising that I am 66 years old, which is not exactly the same problem when you are 36 years old – I'll start thinking about this after midnight on the 31st of August which is the moment when I will formally handover.” said Pascal Lamy speaking about Qatar. It’s one of the 258 quotes about Qatar you can find on this page. 176 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Akbar Al Baker and Maha Barada. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We are buying American aeroplanes in big numbers and we are providing jobs. Every single flight we do brings economic benefits to the U.S. So to us, America is

Bashar al-Assad

Even if they are not a regular Israeli army, they are still fighting for Israel. And Israel shares the objectives with Turkey, the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other states. They all share the same objective. It is a war that has taken a new form and uses new instruments. Practically, our victory over the terrorists is a victory over all those states put

Edgar Bruno da Silva

I was able to help my team-mates who gave me a chance that to score and to cheer up the team's fans who are waiting for us to regain the QSL

Edgar Bruno da Silva

I know well the value of Lekhwiya team and I know that it is one of the special teams in the Gulf and in Qatar, so the task will not be easy for me and this is what keeps me at the top of my concentration when I entered the

Jesualdo Ferreira

We won't give up. There are two more rounds until the end of the league. Unfortunately, we made some mistakes in the previous matches. We will work to make up for

Jesualdo Ferreira

I feel disappointed that we dropped points in matches which we had to win. We will attempt to return to the top and I hope Lekhwiya will slip

Darren Chester - Federal Transport

In response to national security advice the Federal Government has made precautionary changes and instructed airlines to implement new protocols from next week. Explosive detection screening will be conducted for randomly selected passengers and their baggage. Checks may also include targeted screening of electronic devices. Our changes are in line with the UK, which recently announced that people travelling from Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be subject to random explosive trace detection (ETD)

Mohamed Al Jazar

Our message to the Q.F.A., is, please talk to us. Please tell us who is responsible for the lost

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

As an award-winning and global airline we truly appreciate the importance of being able to work on board our aircraft and that is why I have insisted on offering only the best possible solution for our customers. By providing this laptop loan service we can ensure that our passengers on flights to the U.S. can continue to work whilst on-board. This unique ability to offer 'business as usual,' above and beyond the competition, is yet another example of Qatar Airways justification for being the 'World's Best Business

Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi

What happens with the economy of the UK long term with Brexit and so on really will not be a game-changer for

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

I don't think it is fair for me to say it is targeting Gulf airlines. As far as I am concerned it is a security measure and we have to comply with

Ali Shareef al-Emadi

The way we look at our investment in any market, and especially in the UK, it is a very long-term investment, so we don't look at any cycles up or down. So if you are talking about Brexit, I can go back to the financial crisis and tell you the same

Ali Shareef al-Emadi

Currently the UK is our first investment destination and it is the largest investment destination for Qatari investors, both public and private. We have more than £35bn to £40bn of investments already in the UK. We're announcing an additional £5bn of investment in the next three to five

Abdullah Bin Mohammed al-Thani

Soon we will be opening an office in the Silicon Valley in San

Henry Farrell
Abraham Newman

Three of the airlines that have been targeted for these measures – Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways – have long been accused by their U.S. competitors of receiving massive effective subsidies from their governments. These airlines have been quietly worried for months that President Trump was going to retaliate. This may be the

Vincenzo Montella - AC Milan

We could not repeat the victory in Doha, but we have shown we are not afraid. Too bad for what happened at the end, but we have proved once again to have a soul. I don't feel penalised and the team must not feel like victims – we must focus on our next matches and our objective, the Europa League. The match against Juve is in the past, we are now focusing on this game and we need to prepare it well. Genoa have got nothing to lose and will play to win the game. Then next week we will have the international

Lene Wendland

There is therefore huge potential for FIFA to play a dynamic role in standing up for human

Fatma Samoura

It is the first advisory board of its kind for any sports federation, and we look forward to the pioneering work we will jointly

Johan H. Andresen

Authorities in Qatar have issued new regulations forcing companies to better their practices, with more decent living and working conditions and the ability for a worker to keep his/her passport. I had anticipated a larger number of exclusions, but several companies show some

Saeed Sheikh

Our cause is now lost. Without Turkey and Qatar, we are nowhere. And the reality is it has been like that since before (the fall of)

Giorgio Chiellini

Juventus versus Milan is always a classic. The defeat in Milan earlier in the season [a 1-0 loss in October] does not bother us; if anything, the [Supercoppa Italiana] loss in Doha hurt more, at least on a personal level. With all respect to them, we lost that game, they did not win

Mohammed Al Sada - OPEC

It is a very important parameter to show whether we are heading towards market stability or

Karolina Pliskova

I'm having a great start to the year, which is always important. Last year was a breakthrough. (Reaching) the U.S. Open final was my biggest result. It gave me a lot of

Donald J. Trump

Our airports are like from a third world country. You land at LaGuardia, you land at Kennedy, you land at LAX, you land at Newark, and you come in from Dubai and Qatar and you see these incredible – you come in from China, you see these incredible airports, and you land – we've become a third world

Mohammed Al Sada - OPEC

The market is gradually accommodating for shale oil as well as shale gas – the demand is healthy. With that continuous demand increase, I think all available oils are going to be accommodated. All indications show we are heading in the right direction and the drop in supply started in a very concrete way. That will give us a sort of comfort that the gradual drop [in inventories] towards the five-year average will be clearer down the

Mohammed Barkindo

This investment project will further strengthen OPEC and non-OPEC relations. The investment (Rosneft deal) is very strategic for all the parties

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We will look at other acquisitions of airlines but we look at airlines that don't take the resources of Qatar, or attention of Qatar management, to fix issues. We will always go after goldsmiths, not scrap

Allen Sandeep

Positive sentiment will continue to support the market and this is likely to be the case until there is specific, negative news that reverses the

Will Horton - CAPA Centre for Aviation

The rapid growth of Qatar Airways and its future expansion will make it harder and costlier for Etihad to stay relevant on its own - everything else

Novak Djokovic

I'm very pleased with the first round, considering I had one of the toughest first-round draws, definitely considering his form, how well he played against me in Doha. I think that I could have drawn an easier

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We had to lower because oil prices were going down, but now we are starting to put prices up because oil prices are starting to go up. Soon, I think not only Qatar Airways but most of the airlines will re-introduce the fuel surcharges because they budgeted on lower fuel price and prices are now rising

Alexandre Borges - Brf

We can use our own cash, we've got the cash for that, or we could use a different

Mohamed El Nabarawy

Since the float of the currency on Nov. 3 the market has not witnessed a correction and foreign funds have been flooding the market with fresh money, helping maintain positive appetite towards equities. Non-loaned sources of inflows are more productive in the long term than borrowed

Andy Murray

He played great, great tennis and dominated large parts of the match. I told him at the net he will keep climbing the rankings if he plays tennis like that. I played pretty good but he was hitting the ball

Anton Siluanov

We and the central bank had a task to minimise the impact from bringing foreign currency resources into the country. We met the

Lee Levkowitz

A more significant portion of LNG import increases in 2016 have been driven by the national oil companies' contractual ramp

Mohamad Al Hajj

Fresh money is coming into the capital markets, helping boost liquidity, and funds are positioning their portfolios for what they expect to be a top-performing market on both the Middle East and emerging market levels in

Mohamed El Jamal

The primary reason is that the market is perceived as an inflation hedge in Egypt, particularly in a context where EGP is at an all-time low and there are further expectations for inflation to continue to creep

Murtaza Ahmadi

I'm very happy to have met my hero. It is a dream for me. I can't wait to see Messi at the game, it will be the first time for me in the

Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi

We have started advising our customers of the expected reductions in oil deliveries to ensure the State's compliance with OPEC's

Issa al-Nuami

The new law is the latest step towards improving and protecting the rights of every expatriate worker in Qatar. We urge the international community not to draw any definitive conclusions until there has been time to see the new law in

Saad al-Kaabi - Qatar Petroleum

Of course as an outcome of this cost reduction will be realised, it will make us more competitive in the

Josh Earnest

Experts at the Department of Treasury that are responsible for constructing and enforcing the sanctions regime will carefully look at a transaction like this. They'll look at the terms of the deal and evaluate what impact sanctions would have on

Vladimir Putin

That is the biggest privatization deal, the biggest sale and acquisition in the world's oil and gas sector in

Gourang Hemani

We keep assessing our requirements and the market situation. We will go to market as and when

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

Given the very difficult economic circumstances and the extremely tight deadlines for this kind of project, I can report to you that we were able to land this deal thanks to your personal contribution, your

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Tunisia has an advanced infrastructure, and a competent and open economy, which is integrated in the global market. This qualifies it to become a real destination for investments and exports in the European, Arab, and African

Helima Croft - BC Capital

What I hear is kind of crazy. The fear in town is it's Doha redux. Everybody's worst

Manuel Valls

The French government and investors need to stand by Tunisia's side more than

Mohammed Saleh Abdulla Al Sada

The combined effect of the slow global economy and rising LNG supplies will lead to an oversupplied LNG market which will take some time to

Mohammed Saleh Abdulla Al Sada

While the low price and oversupplied market environment will benefit consumers in the short term, it is also likely to lead to a new period of market tightness and price spikes at some point in the

Craig Reedie - World Anti-Doping Agency

There is never a good time to announce the suspension of any laboratory. There is a procedure which WADA has to

Hassan al-Thawadi

While we have made a number of improvements in the last two years, from health and safety to accommodation standards, we recognize there is still work to be

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

I don't think we will get them. That's why we ordered Boeing, which we will start getting next year, to fill the gap with the Airbus

Zabihulhah Mujahid

The delegation was sent to discuss some major issues with Pakistani leadership including the arrests of Afghan refugees and their repatriation to

Hani Ibrahim

They'll come to market and they will come in a big way. They need to fill a big funding gap and there's a limit to how much they can raise

Anita Yadav - Emirates NBD

Given the importance of setting a benchmark not only for its own future issues but also for potential bond offerings from government-owned entities, I think Saudi Arabia's government will be very vigilant about pricing. It is likely that the government will compromise on size over pricing at this

Anita Yadav - Emirates NBD

With low oil prices, budget deficits are here to stay for a few years, and Saudi Arabia will need to approach international capital markets on a frequent

Anita Yadav - Emirates NBD

There's the difference in credit rating, but also U.S. investors have a different view on the Saudis. They'll consider the Saudis' engagement in Yemen, the much bigger budget deficit, some political uncertainty. I think even if the Saudis printed only $1 billion, they would still have to pay more than

Hani Ibrahim

Also, Qatar is a small country. How can Qatar issue $9 billion and Saudi less than that?feedback

Angelo James Rossetto

The 30-year tranche is the more interesting in terms of yields, and I believe they will offer incentives to invest in the longest piece of

Jassim Jubran

Petrochemicals are at an advantage in this round of earnings - on the one hand their valuations are attractive, and on the other their exposure to international markets has kept them relatively safe from the slowing domestic

Akber Khan

ETFs are now a $4 trillion asset class globally, so global investors understand them well. As with any new product, local investors will rightly take their time to gain comfort and understand the advantages and

Toshiyuki Ito

We are at the final moment. There were no technical problems from our

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

The market is reacting to all those headlines but I think if there is a 'Doha Two', it's probably going to be at the end of March or April 2017 and until then, there will continue to be discussions and negotiations, which will make a lot of

Helima Croft - BC Capital

People are so bearish at the moment and they just think OPEC has no credibility. Vladimir Putin was silent in the runup to Doha. He said nothing and the fact that he came out and praised Mohammed bin Salman saying this is the right thing to do, Putin's putting his personal capital in this and I think that's a different

Thina Margrethe Saltvedt - Nordea Bank

Maybe Saudi (Arabia) finds it easier to cooperate with Russia to get an agreement that actually has an effect on the market. A small cut from UAE (United Arab Emirates) or Qatar would not help and member countries like Venezuela and Nigeria would not cut as they are facing deep economic and political problems. So – Russia and Saudi could agree on a freeze agreement at today's level, but I doubt it would have a major impact on the

Faisal al-Shadi

What happens down the line when these individuals and their descendants call for change and go against Qatar's political stability? These citizens might come together and challenge the status

Abdullah al-Mohannadi

Even without naturalizing people, our identity is in a kind of crisis. Giving out passports would complicate

Daniel Hynes

Prices are only marginally above where they were when the group met in Doha in April and couldn't agree to a deal. It's clear OPEC saw the weakness in oil prices in July as unwarranted and this forced its hand. However, instead of having to cut output, verbally intervening has achieved the same

Bhushan Bahree - IHS Energy

The word 'cut' is not being mentioned anywhere and 'freeze' is not anywhere. The 'freeze' in OPEC is that everybody's ice cube freezes at a different temperature. At Doha, a lot of the language was very

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Partnering with Meridiana would only make Meridiana prosper, grow and actually increase the working population of Meridiana. But for the initial period there will be some pain on the part of

Mohammed Ali Yasin

The results from the two banks should be a sign of how the banking sector is doing with some of the recent consolidation efforts taken in the emirate to improve

Saud Ghani

Qatar wants venues that can be used all year. They don't want white

Saud Ghani

We're looking at aerodynamics, how changing the shape of the stadium affects the dust, heat and wind

Mike Wittner - Société Générale

Not much of anything has really changed since Doha. I think it would be hard for Iran and the Saudis to get along, and with prices the way they are, I don't see that they have much

Paul Horsnell - Standard Chartered

The only aspiration OPEC should have for its 2 June meeting is simply not to repeat the chaos of the Doha

Craig Erlam

With oil now trading at its highest level since early December and showing little sign of easing up, despite no deal being reached in Doha and the strike in Kuwait being resolved, I wonder whether what we're seeing here is partially a demand side story, with Chinese data having improved as of late, and partially an assumption that further supply disruptions are on the

Helima Croft - BC Capital

It shows things can shift fast ... there was a working assumption on Friday that no production would be

Kathy Lien - BK Asset Management

Investors were relieved that oil did not fall 10 percent on the back of the Doha meeting and they were quick to reward risk currencies like the Australian and New Zealand dollars with

Jim Ritterbusch - Ritterbusch & Associates

While a few forecasters may be dusting off some old $20 WTI expectations as a result of the Doha outcome, we expect solid support in nearby WTI at the $35

Frederic Neumann

In the near-term, lower oil prices are bound to weigh on investor confidence and could exacerbate financial volatility. Concerns over financial stability in the energy sector and a further fall in drilling capex are headwinds to growth against an already fragile global economic

Matt Smith

The material loss in production from the Kuwait strike has helped the oil market forget about the farce from

Daniel Yergin

We still expect one way or the other, the price looks like it will be at that $40 to $50 range in the second half of the year. With the freeze, it would have gotten there earlier ... there's a question about Kuwait, declining U.S. production. Declines elsewhere just because investment slowed

Edward Morse - Citigroup Global Markets

The U.S. has always been a factor. ... It will remain the biggest factor in the rebalancing of the market. The U.S. is going to make a disproportional contribution to the market's

Daniel Yergin

What this does is it restates Saudi Arabia's pre-eminence in the world oil market – it has a unique position and flexibility that nobody else has. The current mantra is 'Let the market manage the market,' and the phrase they'll use is 'We'll produce the barrels our customers want.' What this does is it reasserts their power in the world oil

Javad Montazeri

Iran has announced any expectations that the country would cut its production is illogical under the circumstances and it would not accept that. Iran plans to increase its exports to two million barrels per day. Right now it is around 800,000 barrels per day short of that

Atif Latif

Although we reacted to the downside on the news yesterday, the broader market has

Mohammed bin Saleh al-Sada

Fundamentals are improving now and oil is heading in the right direction: how long will it [take to] balance itself, we are yet to see, but it is certainly [heading] in the right

Maha Barada

Disappointment that no deal was reached at this meeting here in Doha will mean an increase in the uncertainty on the financial markets and over oil prices. In the days before the producers' gathering speculation about a positive outcome had improved the

Jeremy Klein - FBN Securities

I think a lot of people were short some energy names going into Doha and they're scrambling to

Michele Della Vigna - Goldman Sachs Group

We can see it as the rational decision that there has been no decision (in Doha). It has taken 18 months to start to rebalance the oil market with falling non-OPEC production in a variety of countries and demand showing signs of recovery which means we are getting there, we're getting to a new

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

(Saudi oil minister Ali) Al-Naimi will have lost credibility with Russian Federation and will have as well upset other OPEC and Gulf

Jon Rigby - UBS
William Featherston - UBS

It suggests that any attempt to balance the market, should demand falter, will be tougher to engineer, while also leaving open the possibility that Saudi may choose to expand its production from its as yet untested spare capacity, dampening the price effect of any market tightening later this year and into

Alessandro Balsotti - JCI Capital

The effects of the Doha talks failure on oil prices and (most of all) on other asset classes are going to be the main focus of today's

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Unless Saudi Arabia or Iran has a change of heart, we fail to see how the outcome (at the June meeting) will be any different, and it may ultimately be mounting supply disruptions in stressed states, rather than collective cartel action, that causes an accelerated market

Russ Mould

The fall in oil prices is sparking profit-taking as a marked slide in crude raises the question of whether BP and Shell will be able to maintain their dividend payments if oil remains lower for

Gary Ross

The failure is negative from the psychological point of view. It shows the inability of all sides to

John Saucer - Mobius Risk Group

Whether it's a speculator or a hedger looking to put a floor in place, the $35 strike price makes

Tariq Zahir

I think we're going to see continuous builds (in inventory) over the next few weeks, so I think it's going to be hard to get up to that $45

Daniel Yergin

The big decision from Riyadh is to take decision-making away from the exporters and leave it to the

Daniel Yergin

By some time in the summer, it will be down to 8.3 million barrels a

Stephen Innes

The collapse of the oil production freeze summit has caused a wave of selling across the commodity block currencies at today's open. Traders will be closely monitoring oil prices and the knock-on effect on global equity markets. All of which should increase volatility and keep traders on the edge of their seats for most of the (Asia-Pacific)

Daniel Yergin

In 2014, OPEC revenues were about a trillion dollars. Last year, they were half a trillion dollars. This year they're on a course to be down another 20 percent. This creates inordinate pressure on governments. Very difficult choices have to be made. Budgets have to be cut, credit ratings go down. There is a risk of social turmoil and problems. I think that is really weighing on producers, forcing them to find some way to stabilize

Daniel Yergin

There's a lot of rhetoric, a lot of statements around the oil market, but the fundamental thing you have to look at is money. It's revenues, and the revenues of these countries that export oil have really

Helima Croft - BC Capital

I think they're they're trying to put lip stick on this pig. They will try to make sure they don't walk away grim

John Kilduff - Again Capital

As far as Saudi finances, they have plenty of room to tap the global credit markets and even sell a stake in portions of

John Kilduff - Again Capital

I think it's negative. I think the market has rewarded them richly for action and inaction will be

Chris Weafer - Eurasia Group

I do not expect to see a firm agreement coming from Sunday's meeting. I think kicking it down the road to some future deal is the best we're going to get ... kicking it down the road and hoping the oil market fundamentals improve enough. When this started, the oil price had dipped below $30. They had to do something and creating optimism has worked very well, and it has had traders building long

Dominick Chirichella - Energy Management Institute

A cut in production is very unlikely at this meeting and I would say it will probably not even be a discussion item on the meeting

Daniel Yergin

Were it not for the Iran issue, you could count on there being a freeze. I think with this meeting in Doha, there's so much invested in it, there's the likelihood it will end with some kind of agreement, though one that will have some sort of ambiguity in

Phil Flynn

People are now realizing that this OPEC meeting could be a historic turning point for the market. Now, with U.S. production cuts, our sense is that we're entering a new cycle

John Kilduff - Again Capital

The market seized upon it and it was seen as bullish. As we inch closer to a deal, if there is one, it's obviously bullish for the market. I remain skeptical,

Eklavya Gupte - Platts

Iran and Iraq remain the big swing factors, having driven OPEC output higher in March, while Saudi Arabia has been more neutral, keeping production steady since January. Neither Iran nor Iraq has made firm commitments to the Doha talks on April 17, but their collective stance could be a decisive element regarding any agreement over a production

Helima Croft - BC Capital

This is dead in the water then. No one is going to overrule bin Salman on oil policy. If he's going to stick to his position, there's no point in showing up in

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

There is a clear risk of disappointment and for a temporary setback in prices ahead or immediately after the Doha

Audrey Gaughran - Amnesty International

As part of its major business, it has awarded the World Cup to a country where migrant workers are subjected to systemic abuse of their labour rights. As such, it has to act given that those workers are going to be at risk of abuse on World Cup

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

The fact that the announcement comes so shortly before the meeting in Doha is a disastrous sign. After all, it gives the impression that the lip service paid to freezing oil production is nothing but hot

David Hufton

A March 20 meeting in Moscow has changed into an April 17 meeting in Doha, which is only six weeks ahead of the next full OPEC meeting on June 2. Dollar strength that might reverse and a production freeze that might turn out to be an empty vessel are not the strongest foundations on which to be long oil at $40 a

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

My country has very good relations with Iran and has ... always played a balancing role in the

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

I don't think this engine was tested adequately, especially for the temperatures in which Qatar Airways will operate. We will only accept it when we are fully satisfied that it can operate efficiently and safely at Qatar operations (and) ... once we get sufficient performance guarantees and undertakings from both Airbus and Pratt &

David Hufton

Doha may have ended in an agreement but it opens up more questions than it answers. All the meeting has done is highlight the difficulties in reaching any agreement. The market needs a cut, not a production

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Some countries like us, Saudi Arabia and some other Western European countries have said that a ground operation is necessary ... But to expect this only from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar is neither right nor

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Let me be very clear: it is not the fault of Airbus. Airbus has delivered all their part, and as you know, no airplane can fly without an engine. And they have huge issues with the

Pierpaolo Marziali

We've already started talks in the country and we hope to be able to boost our sales in 2016 to get back to pre-sanction

Amira Nasr

And then there are competitions to encourage and motivate students. They do presentations for their projects and products. They use social media as well to spread the word about

Charles Brown - Air Force

The B-52 demonstrates our continued resolve to apply persistent pressure on Daesh and defend the region in any future

Chris Karns - US Central Command

Accuracy is critically important in this war. Carpet-bombing would not be effective for the operation we're in because Daesh doesn't mass as large groups. Often, they blend into population centres. We always look to minimize civilian

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

You have declining supply in the United States and a declining rig rate. You mix that with outages in Nigeria … and put Doha on top of it, and your eyes are looking towards the tightening of the

Gozde Ozerkan

To attract students, we're trying to find an easy way to teach them what's going on here, what they are doing, what the research

Fatima Nabhan

We want them (students) to understand that it's very important to pursue a scientific degree. Instead of getting people with expertise from abroad, we want local expertise that can start in secondary

Amira Nasr

Al-Bairaq is a comprehensive programme. The student takes part in several stages, including practical workshops, practical experiments. And then there are competitions to encourage and motivate students. They do presentations for their projects and

Julia Valmarrosa

We realised that it was not only a need of children, but also of young people who had not passed through reading experiences as a child. Then we searched for age-appropriate stories and interests of young people, as we couldn't offer them stories like Little Red Riding

Andreas Renschler - Volkswagen

A sale (of truck divisions) is currently not at all an issue for

Xavi Hernandez

I would like to win the Qatar league, the cup and the Asian Champions

Walter de Gregorio

You don't believe I know but I'm going to say it once again. This for FIFA is good,is not good in terms of image, it is not good in terms of reputation but in terms of cleaning up, in terms of everything what we did in the last four years this is

Mohamed Dayri

Help would come through a lifting of the embargo on weapons, so our army can receive material and weapons, so as to deal with this rampant

Michael Connarty

There's clear evidence which I have seen, paper evidence showing that a substantial amount of money changed hands to buy votes from the African Federation, which then tipped the balance and the Executive of FIFA to award the World Cup to Qatar and my report is recommending that recognition of that breach of law, that in fact they should rerun the 2022 World Cup

Mohammed Fahim

These journalists are oppressed, they are professionals and do not belong to any terrorist group and cannot harm Egypt's security in any way, and I hope they are

Mohammed Fahim

I hope the reconciliation between Egypt and Qatar continues, and is reflected in this issue, in a positive

Mohammed Fahim

All three are prisoners of conscience, targeted simply for exercising their right to freedom of expression in carrying out legitimate activities as

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Today's decision sends an optimistic signal and raises the possibility of a positive outcome after the retrial of the three journalists. But it also means starting the case from scratch once

Mostafa Nagy

They will not be released until they appear before the new chamber, which will decide whether to release them or

Maha Barada

Differences remain over timing, procedures and the nature of international support. The Thursday meeting is supposed to bring together the opposition and other Arab and international parties to help resolve the 19-month-old conflict in

David Crane

It hasn't been since World War II and the Nuremberg trials that we have seen this kind of cinical industrialised documentation of the deaths of human

Boris Johnson

Stupendous! Stupendous! Amazing, I love it! Twelve thousand, five hundred jobs just to begin

Maha Barada

Certainly the visitors to this exhibition have come to see the latest models on offer in the car market, but it is these kind of shows that have added a lot of excitement, entertainment and

Ronel Lefranc

I hope that this summit which has brought so many education experts together from all over the world, can produce concrete practical ideas for radical change in the field of education

Fei Chen

We're really working to find inovative ways of use new technologies in our everyday studies and lives, to encourage students to be a motived as well as engaged

Mohamed Farag

We interview delegates in the summit – we do video interviews and we put them in our blog posts. So, it's not really very professional but we try to do our best to get as much information from the interviewer, what kind of ventures are they in and what is the sucess recipe for their

Jim Boyce

The situation, as far as I'm aware, is that the FIFA executive committee was awaiting a report set up by all the stakeholders involved in the World Cup – television companies, leagues, sponsors – meeting between now and the World Cup in Brazil. The plan was that there would be no further discussion on the World Cup in Qatar until December at the end of this

Jim Boyce

The decision would not be taken until the end of 2014, or at the March 2015 meeting of the executive

Jim Boyce

100 per cent I can confirm that the FIFA executive committee has not decided to move the World

Jim Boyce

Whether Jerome was making a personal opinion or not I just don't know, but I can confirm this has not been discussed by the FIFA executive committee. I am very surprised about what has happened this

Tariq al-Hashimi

I could talk from my own experience and the dialogue I had just recently when I was visiting Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey for instance. Three countries which have influence and significant power in the Middle East. They are very much concerned about the stability of Iraq and they are very willing for all Iraqi social components to come together and try to re-consolidate in their differences, to maintain and achieve sustainable unity in

Maha Barada

Doha has been exerting big efforts to achieve a final and comprehensive peace agreement in Darfur. With a coming conference to be held next month, hopes are renewed for progress in negotiations between all

Rafiq Abdel-Salam

The constitution is disappointing, it doesn't include anything worth mentioning. In fact it doesn't include any radical changes. The ruling party's dominance in one form or other will continue to dominate. Bashar al-Assad remains in power. This constitution does not meet the ambitions and aspirations of the Syrian

Abdililah Benkirane

There should have been initiatives to stop the bloodshed first, and then there could have been a referendum which could have protected the United Syria we used to

Elliott Abrams - Council on Foreign Relations

The United States does not have much leverage right now. The Israeli-American relationship is not the best that it has ever been, that's clear. We obviously have no influence on Hamas. The Egyptians are following their own path, and right now I would say are the big winners for having tried a cease-fire. We don't have great relations with Qatar. So I think at this exact moment, American influence is

Joseph Parkes

You can motivate them and bring out that native talent that is within them, so they can become productive players as they grow into adulthood and that's really what the world

Theo Zwanziger

We are going to have to give this issue a much higher status in the

Zahir Belounis

There was a time that I wanted to be dead it was so horrible. They treated me as if I was the guilty

Theo Zwanziger

What do you expect from a football organisation? Two years after we made the decision we noticed (all this). I mean do you expect us to interfere in matters of state?feedback

Sharan Burrow - International Trade Union Confederation

Frankly, both the Qatari statement today and the workers' charter are sham provisions. They are window dressing. We have seen it before. And it just seems like this is a country that wants to treat workers as less than

Joaquin Pachego

It is a complete disaster. I am 52 years old. I have been doing this since I was a child. We will fight and fight to keep what we have because there is nothing else. Where would we go?feedback

Nasser Al Khater

Our position from the beginning was we will be ready to host the World Cup whenever the international football community decides is the best time to host the World Cup. Whether that be summer, whether that be winter, fall, spring, we will be ready. As long as the decision made has the concensus of the international community, we will be

Riad Seif

For the first time it seems that this unification is possible, with love and understanding. This meeting is different, there is significant presence of different opposition members and the mood is

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

What the international community needs to hear are specific public and enforceable commitments from them and the construction companies. FIFA should also push for such action, give its public promise to promote labour rights in

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

The government needs to ensure that the cutting edge, high tech stadiums it's planning to build for World Cup fans are not built on the backs of abused and exploited

Thomas Zaccaria

Committing 2.8% of government revenues is essentially aspiring to be among the top 5 nations in terms of research investment and Qatar certainly has an interest in being a leader in the region and a partner and collaborator in the region. But I think it would be fair to say that our ambitions are truly to be leaders in the world in a few areas where we intend to

Khaled Machaca

Part of our mission in Qatar is not only to do good science but also to build future generations in terms of their ability to conduct good science by themselves. So the training becomes critical, it's an essential component. So our programme is structured with training spanning the entire spectrum of all that we

Khalid al-Nima

In Qatar we are not used to these sort of atrocities, we have come today to be with the families, even though for me personally I don't know them, but just by being here we can offer a sort of moral

Ayatollah Khamenei

It is genocide committed by the Zionist regime. It is a catastrophe of history. Those who support the people responsible for these crimes must be condemned. The whole world, above all the Islamic world, must arm the

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

In other words, the Doha agreement had shortcomings in it which means it cannot guarantee the integrity of the election, Abu Mazen, that is Mahmoud Abbas the President of the Palestinian Authority, would have no part to play in such

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

First, the agreement made in Cairo over four years ago said we needed to form a national unity government, which would not include members of Hamas or Fatah, or even from other Palestinian factions. That is the first point in the Doha

Ali Alemadi - Qatar Airways

It's a totally new technology and different than other aircraft. It's kind of easier to work, it's like more computerised than other

Aikaterini Lakouri - Qatar Airways

The 787 is our new aircraft and is very luxurious. The seats are different from the other aircraft, they're facing from the other side and we can provide a 5-star experience

Mohammed al Ateeq

These new proposals give a flexibility for the employee to move from one employer to the other through a work contract, it also gives the employee the flexibility to leave the country and the law would increase financial punishments on any employer who prevents his workers from keeping their own

Maha Barada

When this draft law comes into force, Qatar will have put an end to much of the criticism by human rights organisations concerning the situation of foreign workers in general. Many people here see it as a historic step that could completely change the relationship between the employer and the

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

No – I am hoping for the success of Airbus that it achieves more orders and deliveries and that we deliver the A350 to Qatar Airways in the last quarter of 2014 which will conclude seven years of development and hard work and we hope it will lead the way to growth in the long-haul

Ahmad al-Jarba

We have requested that before any negotiation process, the Arab and Islamic states must be present to oversee it, especially countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

Well, I don't think my starting point would be the same as yours. Your starting point is that WTO is becoming irrelevant. The amount of world trade is roughly twice what it was 10 years ago. Has this worked for development? Yes. The share of developing countries in international trade, the contribution of trade opening, trade expansion to their own development has been

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

Of course we have contributed to these changes. The main driver of change is technology and development. Trade has its own contribution to that, not least because it is creating efficiencies which then end up into the pockets of people who will become less poor, who can spend more and grow their

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

It is deadlocked because the world has changed very

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

I think this is perfectly doable. The engine for that remains trade expansion. There needs to be conditions which pertain to the quality of domestic policies, of social systems, of education system, of capacity to innovate, to promote entrepreneurship. The countries that have been doing best in globalisation, are the ones who have improved their social

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

Transatlantic negotiations are just beginning, but again the beginning of a negotiation is not the end of a negotiation. I know of plenty of trade agreements, the negotiations of which have started and so far have never

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

The history of human economy development, economic progress – hence social progress, hence poverty reduction – has always worked by substituting less competitive activity with a more competitive activity. What matters at the end of the day is whether this overall is job creating, and the answer to that is

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

I have no doubt that he is the most qualified to do

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

I will start thinking what I will do next – while recognising that I am 66 years old, which is not exactly the same problem when you are 36 years old – I'll start thinking about this after midnight on the 31st of August which is the moment when I will formally

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

If you look at the sum of these virtual trade agreements, these encompass roughly 80 percent of world trade. And the question is whether this will happen in a convergent way or not. If it does not happen, then it will not

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

I would follow you on this one. It's not so much that they are a problem. It's that in today's world, and in tomorrow's world of trade expansion, regulatory discrepancies have become, or may become, obstacles to trade, which is why convergence is the main

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

It is not the old issue about protectionism. At the moment half of your exports are imported which is the global economic integration model we live in now. Shooting on your imports has one result which is deteriorating the competitiveness of your exports. So, this sort of protectionism does not work. What we have today is standards, regulations, norms, that are established not to protect the producer but to protect the consumer. What will be at stake is whether Europeans and Americans can share a similar concept of precaution on GMOs, on poultry dechlorination water, on data privacy….feedback

Victoria Nuland

You don't negotiate a peace deal at the end of a war with your friends. We've seen in many other conflict situations that you have to have a political address if you are going to begin a political

Bernadette Ségol

We hope it won't but we are worried about that because we know that the influx of small cars could be really dangerous for jobs in Europe and we hope that this safeguard clause is going to function but we are not quite sure yet. So let's see. The proof of the pudding is in the

Bernadette Ségol

Yes, it can help. We believe that these economies are in great trouble and that trade could help them to find solutions, but trade is not going to build democracy in these countries. You need a lot more than trade to build these democracies. So trade, yes, for building these economies, but it is not the final word to have sustainable development

Reinhard Quick

The auto industry is nervous about it but I think we should also recognise where we are as far as tariff protection is concerned. The Commissioner said that the Korean car industry constructs and also builds cars in Europe. I think you have to take that into account, as well as the investment coming into Europe. We will have more exports and then it's quite normal that you also have more imports and I think it will be beneficial to the European

Karel De Gucht - European Union

It is creating jobs because we expect the exports to increase by about 20 billion euros. As from the first day, European exporters will pay 850 million euros less in import duties and that's moving up to 1.6

Reinhard Quick

Well we see results in the fact that I hear from our sectors that they were able to export more in July to Korea and I think that's a basic demonstration that the agreement

Reinhard Quick

While I think trade can help, trade is not the only solution. And I think we should look at our already existing agreements with these countries and if I'm not mistaken they already have quite a lot of duty-free access to the European

Karel De Gucht - European Union

We are continuously working on them but it is very difficult because every country has its own way of putting into place non-tariff barriers. They are painstaking, so they are costly. But what we for example have been doing in the Korea deal is have a dispute settlement mechanism – a very quick one – so that if ever that kind of thing appears then we can act immediately and make a deal with them at very short

Karel De Gucht - European Union

We have been doing everything to make the Doha round work and it's a real pity that it didn't do so, that we didn't manage to close the deal because recently several countries have taken protectionist measures and that's my big fear – that if we were to go into a downturn on the economy that a lot of them will go down that route. If we had concluded the Doha deal it would no longer have been possible. So that's a big mistake, by the

Reinhard Quick

I very much favour stripping down non-tariff barriers because they are an obstacle to trade. But that doesn't mean for example that environmental barriers should be stripped down. Imports still have to comply with our environmental regulations, so I think there is a mistake in thinking that you strip down environmental barriers when you conclude multilateral trade negotiations where you liberalise trade – but on the same time the goods which come into the EU have to comply with our

Bernadette Ségol

Well certainly we would be afraid to be overloaded by cheap goods but the main thing is what is implemented in those countries. Do we have labour rights? Do we have freedom of association? Do we have trade union rights? As long as we don't have that, we can't agree to certain

Bernadette Ségol

While we are in favour of trade and the recent Korean agreement, we are waiting to see how it is implemented. I mean we know that things were not implemented very nicely in the OECD and we fear it's true for the car industry in Europe and we hope that the safeguard clause will

Karel De Gucht - European Union

Well, first let's talk about our own exports; they will certainly go up, our exports to Korea. It is true that we are going to face competition from Korean cars but we were already facing that competition because those companies also assemble cars in Europe itself. And as the representative from the trade unions just said, there is a safeguard clause in the treaty so that if the situation gets bad in Europe, then we can intervene and we

Omar Hasan Al-Bashir

We confirm our full commitment to this signature and its implementation as a base for a new era in

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

Tunisia's revolution is marking its first anniversary but it still has a long way to go before its objectives are reached. Tunisians are in the streets today to celebrate, but also to remind the leadership that the revolution that toppled Ben Ali can get rid of them too if they have not yet learned the

Maha Barada

There remain big challenges to that growth in demand, mainly the availability of infrastructure and the ability to distribute and transfer the

Michael Kelly

The industry is going through an excellent time – even though globally we are going through complicated and difficult times -and some of that has to do with the fact that the big growth markets for our industry are in the developing world, the countries and the markets that have not experienced an economic

Zahir Belounis

My fight is not against Qatar, it's against my club. But, of course we have to talk about the system, and the system killed me, destroyed me. I will not defend the system of course, of course

Pamela Rutledge

It's not a big leap to go from a pursuit of self-exploration to the desire for

Mustafa Abdel Jalil

Muammar Gaddafi has defied the world by challenging coalition forces. He remains a threat not only to the Libyans but to the world. Therefore the Libyan people and humanity appeal to allied troops to continue protecting the Libyan people from this

Zahir Belounis

I haven't seen my family in France since June 2012 because my employer refuses to give me the exit visa needed to leave the country. This is a special document that only exists in this country and Saudi

Zahir Belounis

In spite of all the good things that I could say about this country that has a sincere desire to do great things, I have been living a nightmare for several months because of the kafala system. This system is slowly killing me and many other people risk suffering in the same

Zahir Belounis

I don't think I can take it anymore. I'm desperate. I'm not a criminal. I've done nothing wrong. Please help

Mahmoud Abbas

We are very much interested in stopping the aggression and restoring

Stavros N. Yiannouka

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, chairperson of the Qatar Foundation, in introducing WISE last year, said that WISE is now a global movement that is sustainably embedding innovation in education. That is really the ultimate measure of our

Alexander Pankin

This document, just like the two similar documents adopted in 2012, is clearly a one-sided text. The full responsibility for the tragic development of events is being put on the shoulders of the Syrian

Michael Stephens

The Emirates in particular for a long period of time have been incredibly strongly opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood. So for them, this is seen as a victory. For Qatar, on the other hand, its seen almost as a defeat.They have supported the Muslim Brotherhood government and so what would seem is victory for Qatar when Mohamed Mursi came to power has turned against them quite

Fouad Siniora

The government has been formed and we will work together to confront the challenges that lie

Sara Sainz-Aja

All these children have previous knowledge of technology, that's obvious. But they have no prior experience of programming. So we have very simple programmes equipped with an interface like a puzzle; very simple to understand, so they don't need any previous programming

Michael Lawton

They learn how the wind works, therefore they are immediately learning about the environment. They get a little knowledge about how the tides work and also about the moon, the sun and the alignment of gravity. They also learn about what is in the sea and therefore learn to respect it. The more conciousness we can get into those young children about the world they live in, and how not to damage it quite so much – I think is so

Jani Bergdahl

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported Bowe. He's had a wonderful team. We will continue to stay strong for Bo while he

Maha Barada

Challenges facing the Arab world have underlined the need of reconciliation between Gulf countries. Here there's been lots of general agreement, but perhaps not enough to completely sweep away differences on some crucial regional

Sepp Blatter

We have together with the Olympic, the IOC, practically the same media, television and marketing partners and we cannot have two competitions at the same time. And it is logical to play this competition at the end of the year in

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

I think it is no use beating around the bush. This meeting has collapsed. Members have simply not been able to bridge their differences. What happened today will certainly not strengthen the multilateral trading system. It will not improve the system which has provided members with an insurance policy against protectionism over the last sixty

Jean-Pierre Jouyet

Yes, yes, you are right there is a willingness to unblock Doha, for the moment we have a balanced agreement we cannot move on Doha if we only talk about agriculture, this is fear of the Irish, it is not possible to have an agreement that just talks about sacrifice in terms of agriculture. And from this point of view France and Ireland hold the same

Wang Qishan

We should jointly promote the reform of international economic and financial rules and standards. It is important to oppose all forms of protectionism, to exercise prudence in adopting trade remedies and to push for comprehensive, balanced outcomes of the WTO Doha Round negotiations, at an early

Maha Barada

The forum has given no indication of how it's going to control natural gas production or prices, but efforts to reassure consuming countries was the most prominent feature of the Doha summit. While natural gas exporters have united to boost the market, it is still too early to talk about a cartel similar to

William Hague

Since the conditions of a ceasefire and an end to violence are not fulfilled, then our operations to protect civilians in these locations in Libya will continue. It's very important that that unified commitment to them continuing is very, very clear in our statements

Ali Sheikholeslami

A member of the Libyan Interim National Council said we've had enough of tyranny over the past 42 years. He said the council will draft a constitution for the post-Gaddafi era. The Qatari Prime Minister concluded the conference by saying that Gaddafi must stop the bloodshed and go. But one question remains: will he?feedback

Khair Abu Arab

European tourists are worried about coming to countries in conflict. The tourism sector is hardest hit because of these protests or

Ali bin Al Hussein

I think it's better to play in winter. This way the weather would be better for the players and the fans. I don't see why a World Cup in Winter in Qatar should be a big

Maha Barada

While this truce potentially ends the row for now, it is unclear if there has been any shift in views on how to deal with crucial issues affecting the region. For instance observers want to know if Qatar has agreed to stop its support for the Muslim Brotherhood, bringing it into line with the policies of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. It is unclear if the agreement has resulted in such a

George W. Bush

For The United States, we're willing to reduce our agricultural subsidies in a substantial way. We understand. On the other hand, we expect our goods and services – wether they're agricultural goods, or manifactured goods, and services – to be given an access to

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

An inclusive process for democratic change should be launched immediately, taking the legitimate interests of Libyan people into consideration. The purpose of this process should be to secure a constitutional democracy in which people will choose their own leaders with their free

Connie Hedegaard - European Union

One thing must change. We cannot continue where a small group of countries, Europe and a few more who make commitments, while others voluntarily decide whether they want to do anything or

Peter Mandelson

It's not the first time in political career that I have been unfairly blamed and I suspect it won't be the

Peter Mandelson

The chances for a breakthrough are improving but the breakthrough is not yet in the

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

This government is a clone of previous governments. This government will not fix the problems and will not achieve unity for the Palestinian people. It was not submitted to the legislative council so it is illegal. In addition, it does not include all the different sections of the Palestinian people according to the Doha and Cairo

Nicolas Sarkozy

… With others I wanted this choice to be made. Why? Because we needed to wait until the 21st century for a Muslim country to organise an event of this importance for the first

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