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Rex W. Tillerson
We hope all the parties will continue to talk to one another in good
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NEW Jun 28 2017
“We are tremendously excited to showcase the first aircraft fitted with our revolutionary new Qsuite here in Paris. This product will transform premium travel by bringing a First Class experience to the Business Class cabin. With this innovative offering – which features the first-ever double bed in Business Class - we have set a new standard for the industry, one which demonstrates our continued commitment to providing the finest possible experience for our passengers. We look forward to the debut of Qsuite on our Doha – London Heathrow route this weekend.” said Akbar Al Baker speaking about Qatar. It’s one of the 606 quotes about Qatar you can find on this page. 338 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Rex W. Tillerson and Donald J. Trump. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Demanding that Turkey pulls its soldiers is unfortunately also disrespectful toward

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We consider these demands to be contrary to international law. It is a breach of Qatar's sovereign rights. Even though they still didn't come back to us on this, asking Turkey to pull back its troops [from Qatar] is disrespectful to

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I have a small condition about my blood pressure, related to my diabetes. Thank God, I'm well

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We approve and appreciate the attitude of Qatar against the list of 13 demands ...This approach of 13 demands is against international law because you cannot attack or intervene in the sovereignty of a

Anwar Gargash

The alternative is not escalation. The alternative is parting of ways. It's very difficult for us to maintain a collective grouping with one of the partners ... actively promoting what is an extremist and terrorist agenda. It is understood that any mediator -- that's his job. The job is to take your ... position and to look at the position of the other party and to try and reach something that is

Anwar Gargash

We hope that Turkey prioritises the interest of the Turkish state and not partisan

Al Thani

This reflects basically an attempt from these countries to suppress free media and also undermine our sovereignty. They are trying to impose their views on how the issues need to be dealt with in the Middle East. They are

Sean Spicer

This is something that they want to and should work out for themselves. Any call to close to down or curtail Al-Jazeera is nothing but an attempt to muzzle a voice of democracy in the region and suppress freedom of

Fawaz Gerges

The four states can afford to wait, but Qatar cannot. This crisis could threaten the political stability of the ruling family in Qatar in the long term if it

Heather Nauert

I think that they [the Gulf protagonists] will know exactly what things are reasonable and what things are

Daniel W. Drezner

In this case, there doesn't appear to a rational policy process, or if there is, it seems to exclude the

Daniel W. Drezner

It's a recipe for real problems if the actors in the region conclude that the state department has no voice in this and to look just to the White House for policy. The president still has overwhelming foreign policy

Doug Parker - American Airlines

We will not be discouraged or dissuaded from our full-court press in Washington, D.C., to stand up to companies that are illegally subsidized by their governments. And do not worry, per U.S. law, no foreign entity can own more than 25% of a U.S.airline, so there is no possibility that Qatar will be able to purchase enough of American to control or influence our Board, management or our

Anwar Gargash

This "clearly reflects the depth of the crisis as a result of the damage caused by (Qatar's) policies. There is a price for the years of plotting and there is a price to return to the neighbourhood. The leak (of demands) seeks to derail

Fikri Isik

If there is such a demand, it will mean interference in bilateral ties. The strengthening of the Turkish base would be a positive step in terms of the Gulf's security. Re-evaluating the base agreement with Qatar is not on our

Bulent Tufenkci

Since June 5 exports to Qatar have amounted to $32.5 million. Of this $12.5 million is food. This figure is three times the normal

Helima Croft - BC Capital

He has defied all of the skeptics with his staying power. I think he's going to be leading Saudi Arabia for the next few decades at this

Fikri Isik

The base in Qatar is both a Turkish base and one that will preserve the security of Qatar and the region. At the moment, there is no likelihood of bringing the matter back to the

Saif al-Thani

We are reviewing these demands out of respect for ... regional security and there will be an official response from our ministry of foreign

Donald J. Trump

They spend $40m , $50m. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very

Abdullah al-Muhanadi

There's a lot on the list that is simply not true or unreasonable, so how can we comply? There are no IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) elements in Qatar and the agreement with Turkey is a long-standing diplomatic agreement so we cannot ask them to

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

The demands are so aggressive that it makes it close to impossible to currently see a resolution of that

Doug Parker - American Airlines

While anyone can purchase our shares in the open market, we aren't particularly excited about Qatar's outreach, and we find it puzzling given our extremely public stance on the illegal subsidies that Qatar, Emirates and Etihad have all received over the years from their governments. While today's news for some of our team may be puzzling, at best, and concerning, at worst, here's what we know for sure: We will not be discouraged or dissuaded from our full court press in Washington, D.C., to stand up to companies that are illegally subsidized by their

Meshal bin Hamad Al-Thani

It's an attempt to infringe upon Qatar’s sovereignty and punish Qatar for its

Rex W. Tillerson

In regards to the continuing dispute within the GCC [the Gulf Cooperation Council], we understand a list of demands has been prepared and coordinated by the Saudis, Emiratis, Egyptians, and Bahrainis. We hope the list of demands will soon be presented to Qatar and will be reasonable and actionable. We support the Kuwaiti mediation effort and look forward to this matter moving toward a

Dennis Tajer

This is an adversary of ours, and suddenly it has come to the front door with cash that it got from its rich uncle, the country that runs them, and says, We're here to buy some

Henry Harteveldt - Atmosphere Research Group

Part of this is an attempt to squelch American's voice as part of that fair and open skies group and to have American stop talking about the effect of the Middle East

Hunter Keay - Wolfe Research

We don't see it happening. All else equal, we see a remote chance of this going

Doug Parker - American Airlines

It makes no sense. I found it confusing. I was a little bewildered. Why an airline we are aggressively fighting would want to take a stake makes no

Doug Parker - American Airlines

If that is their motivation, it is misguided and ill conceived. All this is doing is strengthening our resolve to defend our airline, which we will continue doing

Khalid Al-Kubaisi

There is still work to be done to ensure our workers' welfare standards continue to have a tangible impact on the ground and we are comprehensive in our attempts to tackle the myriad of issues facing migrant workers across the SC

Heather Nauert

The more that time goes by, the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Were the actions really about their concerns about Qatar's alleged support for terrorism, or were they about the long-simmering grievances between and among the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries?feedback

Heather Nauert

We are mystified that the Gulf states have not released to the public, nor to the Qataris, the details about the claims that they are making toward Qatar. The more the time goes by, the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by Saudi Arabia and the [United Arab Emirates].feedback

Helima Croft - BC Capital

The key question is what comes next in this quest to counter Iranian influence? Is the Qatar blockade simply the opening act in a broader anti-Iranian offensive? Having President Trump in the White House probably means that MBS will encounter minimal push-back from Washington and a far freer hand to police his

Heather Nauert

We've just said to the parties involved: Let's finish this. Let's get this

Helima Croft - BC Capital

The rise of MbS (Mohammed bin Salman) will likely mean even more hawkish foreign policy moves from Saudi Arabia and more intensified efforts to confront Iran. Under MbS's watch the kingdom has launched a costly war in Yemen and spearheaded a surprise blockade of fellow GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member Qatar. The key question is what comes next in this quest to counter Iranian influence? Is the Qatar blockade simply the opening act?feedback

Kristian Ulrichsen

MbS is very popular among Saudi youth and has a window of opportunity to try and reshape the Kingdom through Vision 2030. If he succeeds, he could be on the throne for

Max Wolman - Aberdeen Asset Management

But if the likes of Bahrain, Oman or even Saudi Arabia were to issue these days, I think there would be a slight risk premium of 10 to 15 basis points in the primary to the secondary market because of current political

Heather Nauert

The more the time goes by, the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. At this point, we are left with one simple question: Were the actions really about their concerns regarding Qatar's alleged support for terrorism or were they about the long-simmering grievances between and among the GCC countries? Now that it has been more than two weeks since the embargo was started, we are mystified that the Gulf states have not released to the public nor to the Qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward

Heather Nauert

What we see this as [is] long simmering tensions that have been going on for quite some time. And that is why we believe that this can be resolved peacefully among the parties without the United States having to step in in some sort of formal mediation role, that they can do this on their own, and we're asking them to move this

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We are tremendously excited to showcase the first aircraft fitted with our revolutionary new Qsuite here in Paris. This product will transform premium travel by bringing a First Class experience to the Business Class cabin. With this innovative offering – which features the first-ever double bed in Business Class - we have set a new standard for the industry, one which demonstrates our continued commitment to providing the finest possible experience for our passengers. We look forward to the debut of Qsuite on our Doha – London Heathrow route this

Brad Kaufman

As one might expect in the challenging circumstances of 2008, Mr. Jenkins sought and received both internal and external legal advice on each and every subject mentioned in the accusations levelled by the SFO

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

We'd like to begin, if you will, by discussing the situation in the middle East. As you know, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates have broken off their diplomatic relations with Qatar. This is a region of the world in which you do business and in which you are active. If this diplomatic crisis deteriorated, would it begin to impact your organisation?feedback

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

All these countries have families on either side of the borders, they have relatives, children, investments. Eventually people will realise that the move they have done against my country was ill-thought out and ill-advised and that life has to come back to normal. I don't think they have moved enough, I don't think they have taken this matter very

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We have another 40 options and purchase rights, which we could exercise depending on the way forward with both Meridiana and our Indian

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

There has been monetary impact. We have had a lot of cancellations, especially to the four countries that did this illegal blockade, but we have found new markets and this is our growth

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We are not going to defer any of our aircraft ... We are continuing our aircraft deliveries at the same pace as we are contractually obligated to

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

I am sure that the Department of Transport and Homeland Security will revisit this. The best way for them to mitigate it is by doing an audit on the

Sepp Blatter

Some weeks before that, he told me that we can't go to Qatar because everybody will say we [must] have been under pressure to go to Qatar – that we were paid, or pressurised. Then he comes with

Saad al-Kaabi - Qatar Petroleum

The siege we have today is a force majeure and we could close the gas pipeline to the

Brian Egan

Other countries in the Middle East see what is happening and may think, We should be opening golf courses' or 'We should be buying rooms at the Trump International,' . Even if there is no nefarious intent on behalf of the president or the Trumps, for a president to be making money from business holdings in sensitive places around the world is likely to have an

Clayton Swisher

Could anyone have imagined that five or 10 years ago, when businessmen turned down a New York mogul and reality TV host auditioning for its investment, that they were jeopardizing the security of their country?feedback

Anwar Gargash

At higher levels in Washington there is a big understanding of what is going on. This very serious dispute is not about a personal family rift or vendetta between monarchies, or an attempt to curtail Qatar's foreign policy. How far are we willing to take this – we are willing to take this to isolation in the Gulf Co-operation Council. In 2014 we tried to do things diplomatically and we failed. The Emir of Qatar did not stick to his word so this time we are saying we will ostracise you. I'm worried less about escalation, and more about isolation of

Anwar Gargash

We have tried the carrot with Qatar, and now we must try the stick. What we have learnt in the past few years is the grey area between extremism and terrorism has become more defined. The extremist narrative has to be countered to defeat

Anwar Gargash

It is like playing a football match when you discover one of your own team is trying to score an own goal in every match you

Anwar Gargash

This is about behavioural change. If we get clear strategic signals that Qatar is going to change and it will stop funding violent Islamist militants that is the basis for a discussion, but we would need a monitoring system. We do not trust them. There is zero trust, but we need a monitoring system and we need our western friends to play a role in

Mahamoud Ali Youssouf

Qatari peacekeepers withdrew on June 12 and 13. On the same day, there were Eritrean military movements on the mountain. They [Eritreans] are now in full control of Dumeira Mountain and Dumeira Island. This is in breach of the United Nations Security Council

Vitaly Mutko

What are you driving at? We are not expecting such rallies, protests and so on. I don't know, maybe you were referring to Brazil, what was happening there for the World

Fatma Samoura

Today we cannot pronounce on the geopolitical situation in Qatar, but we can say that we are in regular contact with the LOC and also the supreme committee. We are monitoring the situation but our stance as always been to disassociate politics from

Vitaly Mutko

The Russian Federation has one of the strictest migration and labour regulations. For us this is excessively important. But in this country we are living in a stable political situation. We are an open country but on the other hand we have laws, regulations, procedures for people who want to protest. There is nothing new, I'm not inventing a

Rania Tadros

It is impossible to confidently predict how the situation will develop, for how long the 'Qatar ban' will remain in place and whether any further restrictions will be implemented. At this time, there are no signs that a wider sanctions regime against Qatar is being contemplated by the GCC states, but we recommend that affected parties monitor the situation closely and check for reports from official sources for guidance as to each State's

David Ignatius

Secretary of State Tillerson is leading the effort to find a solution to the anti-Qatar

Mark Adams

The IOC appreciates all this work very much and hopes that this crisis does not affect this cooperation. This is a political issue in the region. We are encouraging a dialogue on the political level so that the problem can be solved at this

Daniel Yergin

I was in St. Petersburg two weeks ago, and the sense you got is Putin is actually looking at his March 2018 election and wants economic stability. He doesn't want a kind of free-fall in prices. That's the pressure that they're feeling. That's why they came together. And that's why what the Saudis wanted to see was Russia on board. And Russia got on board because of the same revenue

Donald J. Trump

We are friends, we've been friends now for a long time, haven't we? Our relationship is extremely

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

Stop teaching people to kill other people, stop filling their heads with

Marc Lynch

Why be under the thumb of the Saudis if you don't have to be? A lot of it does come down to personality. When the new emir comes in, he really does have a chip on his

Marc Lynch

From 2011 to 2013, they were in open proxy warfare across the

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

This blockade unprecedented, and it is in direct contradiction to the convention that guarantees rights to civil overflight. We call upon the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to declare this an illegal act. We are not a political body, we are an airline, and this blockade has stripped us of the rights which are guaranteed to

David Stubbs

Numbers showing the supply-demand imbalance are pushing commodities to the downside. OPEC has been unable to control global production, and the situation in Qatar is showing it is not very united. If retail sales are weak then the pie is contracting and someone is going to get hammered. Those that are unable to deal with that are going to see a much weaker bottom

Mark Adams

In the world of sport we remain politically neutral and continue our relationships with all the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in the region. We hope for this even more, because all of the NOCs in the region are very active in Olympic sports in different respects and we appreciate especially how much is being contributed to sport development in the

Jassim al-Jubran

Funds can withstand volatility in oil markets because they build long-term positions, and the MSCI review next week is higher on their

Fereidun Fesharaki

You have to cut another 700,000 barrels per day right away or prices will sink, [and] even if you do this, next year you'll still have to cut more, so it comes down to how far the Saudis are prepared to

Yousef Al Otaiba

It's not our goal to undermine the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) but at the same time we don't want a member of the GCC undermining

Rashed al-Jalahma

We have relatives all over the region. We were in shock and awe when we learned we could no longer see them because of politics. What does the population have to do with the problems of the politicians?feedback

Mevlut Cavusoglu

We do not want any differences between our brothers in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, and it is not enough to say that there is a problem without trying to resolve it. Turkey seeks to resolve the unprecedented crisis between brotherly countries in the

Sameh Shoukry

This move will bring concrete, quick and decisive

Mohammed Kuwari

We were stunned at first. Our supply of raw materials was completely cut off. But we took

Ahmed al-Khalaf

We are not working with them again. They didn't honour their agreements. Our products are being held up there. We may not have many factories in Qatar but we have the money to buy from other

Robert Thomas

There is probably some wastefulness in cancer care and there is a problem of over diagnosis and over-treatment in cancer so we believe a system approach will help to solve that problem, then we will have a much better outcome and it will be better for the patients and it will save

Stephen Colagiuri

We need to actually improve the care of people's diabetes. We know what to do in that regard it is only a matter of organizing health systems. We need to be able to educate people and the general public to know whether that is the increased risk of developing diabetes or having undiagnosed diabetes and what they can do to be screened for diabetes and then the third thing is to prevent people from developing

Narayana Hrudayalaya

Tax payers money cannot pay for the health care forever because people are going to celebrate 95th, 110th birthdays. People are going to live longer not working than working so the only way you can have a sustainable health care is everyone pays a small amount of money every month for their health

Paul Collard - Creativity, Culture and Education

We train creative professionals, artists , filmmakers, designers to go into schools to work with teachers to help teachers reinvent or re-image learning in their classrooms. If you are in the classroom with the children working with them you see real long sustainable change in the

Nascira Ramia

We have to see education as an interdisciplinary science, as a science which has to move forward and make progress, a science we have to participate in. We want teachers to be trained with all these different new skills. They have to participate in the research and then they're better equipped to make day-to-day decisions in the

Stavros N. Yiannouka

If you look at her lifetime work in Africa, I think no one can dispute that this is a woman who, through her work and through her organisation, has made a tremendous difference. Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, chairperson of the Qatar Foundation, in introducing WISE last year, said that WISE is now a global movement that is sustainably embedding innovation in education. That is really the ultimate measure of our

Michael Connarty

There's clear evidence which I have seen, paper evidence showing that a substantial amount of money changed hands to buy votes from the African Federation, which then tipped the balance and the Executive of FIFA to award the World Cup to Qatar and my report is recommending that recognition of that breach of law, that in fact they should rerun the 2022 World Cup

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Absolutely keeping in mind the highest cost factor of operating an airline is the fuel so the more fuel efficient an aeroplane becomes the better it is for the airlines and its

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Like all the airlines we will be making more profit than we have been making in the past with lower fuel

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Keep in mind this is being delivered four years after the first delivery of the first 787 so they have incorporated technological advances that have happened in the last four years into this

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We were the airline that placed the first order over seven years ago and on the back of the 80 aircraft order from Qatar airways this progamme was

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

You know the customer always wants a seat, they want a nice meal and they want to arrive from A to B on time. The customers don't get into the details but what is important for customers in Qatar airways is that they can get a product that is head and shoulders above its

Salman Bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa

All the minutes and all the discussion that has been discussed today will be put on the table at the EXCO meeting next month. As I said, you know, my personal feeling will be November-December. We will

Mohamed Dayri

Help would come through a lifting of the embargo on weapons, so our army can receive material and weapons, so as to deal with this rampant

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We have announced 14 new destinations; among them is Krabi in Thailand, the Seychelles, we are going to go to Windhoek in southern Africa, which is the capital of Namibia, we are going to Finland, we are expanding in Central and Eastern Europe, and other parts in South Eastern

Maha Barada

Disappointment that no deal was reached at this meeting here in Doha will mean an increase in the uncertainty on the financial markets and over oil prices. In the days before the producers' gathering speculation about a positive outcome had improved the

Audrey Gaughran - Amnesty International

FIFA can do a lot and FIFA has a responsibility. This is its major business – awarding the World Cup. As part of its major business, it has awarded the World Cup to a country where migrant workers are subjected to systemic abuse of their labour rights. As such, it has to act given that those workers are going to be at risk of abuse on World Cup

Walter de Gregorio

I can confirm the executive committee, based on the proposal of the task force, decided that, yes, we are going to play in November and December and, yes, the final is going to be played on December

Noura Al Kaabi

It's Qatar's choice. We don't want to see that in the future, we don't want to see expelling a GCC country such as Qatar. We don't want to see that. That's why we repeat that there are two ways to go: the way of wisdom, the way of being transparent, the way of stopping the duplicity of its foreign policy, and another way of being

Noura Al Kaabi

The great reactions or as they call it escalations with regard to the crisis with Qatar, are just accumulated for the past 20 years and there have been a lot of issues that we as a government addressed in many meetings and as well in many occasions with regards to Qatar's government policy. In 2014, there was a commitment from Qatar, a signed commitment, during the days of King Abdallah (of Saudi Arabia) Those commitments have stipulated conditions that were not met, promises that were not

Noura Al Kaabi

Like stopping to meddle and interfere with countries in the region, in their affairs. This is one. And funding terrorist organisations, extremists, Qatar being a safe haven for extremists and Muslim Brotherhood and having a media platform that I can call a mouthpiece of radicals, people like Karadawi who is the spiritual father of the Muslim Brotherhood. He's an individual who has more blood on his hands than a suicide bomber having that mouthpiece that's undermining stability and security in the

Noura Al Kaabi

Do they have the vision of guaranteeing stability and a prosper economy and also to gain the trust of countries around them? Is this something they want to achieve in the long term goal? If that's something they want to achieve we ask them to think about their recent actions in terms of undermining the security of this region and also look within their country itself, about what will happen if the sanctions increase. I think the consequence would be something that we don't want to see, especially the Qatari people suffer

Noura Al Kaabi

Otherwise, it's Qatar's choice for it to be isolated. (…) I believe that with the recent steps in terms of isolation and in terms of economic sanctions, we want to deliver a message to the Qatari government. That message is that we've been waiting for the past 20 years and since 2014 and simply the ball that's in their court as to see if they have the vision of what is

Heather Nauert

We recognise that Qatar has made some great efforts to try to stop financing of terror groups, including prosecuting suspected financiers, freezing assets and introducing stringent controls on its banking system there, however, let me make this clear, they have made progress but they still have work to do. More work needs to be

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We appreciate Qatar's laid back and constructive stance. Trying to isolate Qatar, which certainly carries out an efficient fight against terrorism, will not contribute to resolve any

Hamad Saif al-Shamsi

Strict and firm action will be taken against anyone who shows sympathy or any form of bias towards Qatar, or against anyone who objects to the position of the United Arab Emirates, whether it be through the means of social media, or any type of written, visual or verbal

Suleyman Sensoy

Obviously Qatar is being punished by certain countries, I think the mounting anger from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the United States toward Qatar's policies has triggered this crisis . Turkey will continue to rely on bilateral or multilateral diplomacy in an attempt to get the situation back to

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

The Arab states have been abusing the Palestinian cause since the creation of Israel in 1948. This is a fixed

Daoud Shihab

The issues in this relationship go back a long time, and they've been hard to

Josh Rogin

The secretary of state is pursuing a summit of Persian Gulf leaders in Washington, even though the president's message harms this

Rashed al-Jalahma

They are controlling us with the passport. If the Kingdom of Bahrain revokes my citizenship, so be it . . . I am not worried about losing my passport, but my concerns are about my

Fereidun Fesharaki

A drop in the price of oil is like an earthquake or a tsunami. If you have a small drop in the price of oil, then actually it's good for demand and good for economic growth, but last time the price of oil fell, the stock markets fell with it. I think there is a scary environment now that a substantial drop in the price of oil would actually create a global recession. It's not threatening any production, so the markets have

Fereidun Fesharaki

The problem is that there is too much oil on the market. There is too much oil from the U.S., too much oil from Libya, too much oil from Nigeria. While the demand is robust, there is a serious likelihood that prices will sink next year to $30-$35 a barrel and will stay there for a

Yousef Al Otaiba

There is absolutely no military component to anything that we are doing. I have spoken and seen (U.S. Defense Secretary) General (Jim) Mattis four times in the last week; we've given them our complete assurance that the steps we have taken will not affect in anyway Al Udeid base or any operations supporting or regarding the base. We've designated 59 people and 12 entities; it's likely that you could see designations of their bank accounts, and perhaps of the banks

Avigdor Lieberman

Al-Jazeera is not media, it's not journalism. It's an incitement machine. It's pure propaganda, of the worst variety, in the style of Nazi Germany or Soviet

Mustafa Sejari

God forbid if this crisis is not contained I predict ... the situation in Syria will become tragic because the factions that are supported by (different) countries will be forced to take hostile positions towards each other. We urge our brothers in Saudi Arabia and Qatar not to burden the Syrian people more than they can

Yousef Al Otaiba

We've designated 59 people and 12 entities, it's likely that you could see designations of their bank accounts, and perhaps of the banks themselves. And so there'll be an escalation of economic pressure, again, short of a policy shift or negotiations that lead to a policy

Wafa al-Yazeedi

This has made me so sad. We lived and felt like all the Gulf is one country. I have a cousin

Wafa al-Yazeedi

It's fake. I cannot trust them. I won't call them from my

Omar al-Ansari

Our family in Bahrain thinks Qatar is wrong, and we think they are not. That's causing friction between our families. It's not a nice situation to be

Jeff Davis - Navy

We have no plans to change our posture in

Dana Shell Smith

Diplomats explain & defend our political system. Can be tough when partisan acrimony so high, but there is still no greater country.

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

I believe that (Qatar's) Prince Thani inherited a difficult, very tough situation, and he's trying to turn the society in the right direction. But we all agree that funding of any kind of terrorist group is inimical to all of our

Phil Kornbluth

Helium is the single commodity that is affected most by this blockade because it's probably the only thing where Qatar is a major world producer and the supply has been completely cut

Svein Richard Brandtzaeg

There's a recently completed container port in Qatar which we've begun using, and we also have shipments through Kuwait and Oman, solving this for the short

Marc Lynch

From the late 1990s on, Qatari foreign policy is a combination of: 'What can we do to get ourselves on the map?' and 'What can we do to annoy the Saudis?feedback

Marc Lynch

In 2013, you have more or less a rout of the Qatari

Dave Roberts

It takes until 2008 for Saudi Arabia to really digest the notion that Qatar is a fully independent

Christopher S. Murphy

The entire world has no idea where we stand with respect to the dispute between the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We have legal channels to object to this. International Civil Aviation Organisation should heavily get involved, put their weight behind this to declare this an illegal act. It is actually a travesty of civilised behaviour to close airline offices. Airlines offices are not political arms. We were sealed as if it was a criminal organisation. We were not allowed to give refunds to our

Jason Tuvey - Capital Economics

We are extremely comfortable with our positions, our investments and liquidity in our

Donald J. Trump

One of the big things that we did - and you're seeing it now with Qatar and all of the things that are actually going on in a very positive fashion - we are stopping the funding of terrorism, . They are going to stop the funding of terrorism. It's not an easy fight, but that's a fight we're going to win. You have to starve the beast. And we're going to starve the beast, believe me, . We've had tremendous success against ISIS in our fight in the Middle East, where we're doing very, very

Ali Sherif al-Emadi

Our reserves and investment funds are more than 250 percent of gross domestic product, so I don't think there is any reason that people need to be concerned about what's happening or any speculation on the Qatari riyal. We are extremely comfortable with our positions, our investments and liquidity in our

Alexander Novak

As of today, (oil) supply is exceeding demand, and we see that global inventory is dropping, but to ensure a true market balance, it is required that the inventory drops down to the five-year average, and we are sure that it will happen in the next few quarters, probably, by the end of the first quarter of the next

Alexander Novak

Therefore, these shale production increases, we foresaw that. Today we have to monitor the situation, and analyze the current developments. In my opinion, the deal is highly effective, and as for shale production recovery, we have to monitor

Alexander Novak

We believe that this conflict should be resolved via political means, and we do hope that this conflict in the Middle East will be reconciled, because, really, for the sake of the market and further cooperation expansion on the part of the Persian Gulf a stable and normalized situation is

Ali Shareef Al Emadi

He started his speech by really praising Qatar. So I think the message was very clear from the American administration that we're taking good part in this and we're working with our allies, with our partner, with our fried really to

Ali Shareef Al Emadi

I will not put any names here, but I think I will leave this for the

Ali Shareef Al Emadi

I think everybody that works very closely with us will understand clearly where we stand on these issues. And that's why we're working very closely with our allies to explain where we stand on those things, and we're happy to address if there's any specific issue that we are not aware

Ali Shareef Al Emadi

I think what we're seeing today is a little bit of up and down here, but we understand that this is a delicate situation for all the regions in the Gulf and hopefully that we can come out of this in a much stronger way for

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

We are asking Britain, the US and all other countries to condemn the illegal measures such as the blockade against our country and the breakup of families. Families and kids are being taken away at airports and mothers are not allowed to stay with their children. We still do not have clarity why such actions have been

Boris Johnson

Qatar is a partner of the UK in the fight against terrorism but they urgently need to do more to address support for extremist groups, building on the steps they have already taken to tackle funding to those groups. I am also concerned by some of the strong actions which Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have taken against an important partner, and urge them to ease the blockade on Qatar. I call on all states to take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation and to find a rapid resolution through

Ahmed al-Khalaf

There are around 300 containers of fresh and frozen food coming. Some have arrived and the others are on their

Saif Ahmad al-Thani

To us this is an act of aggression and the focus should be the crime of the hacking that occurred. We should not move away from that

Nader Kabbani - The Brookings Institution

Where is it all heading? That's the question everyone is asking here. At the moment everyone is just trying figure stuff out ... but a lot of it is guess

Christopher Davidson

I think Qatar's opponents were certainly lobbying. I think the future that they see for Qatar, if not regime change, is that it needs to be stripped of its foreign policy and independent political resources. It needs to be a

Junaid Ahmad

The Qatar-Saudi feud seems to have come out of thin air. But the reality is that this has been going on for quite a while. All this hyperbolic language we have seen in the last week from Saudi and its allies – how Qatar supports the Houthis in Yemen or the Shia opposition in Bahrain - is about Qatar being neutral. And neutral cannot be tolerated, especially where it comes to

Christopher Davidson

We're seeing a new sort of conflict... where wars are being fought through PR companies. We can see what kind of damage that can do when your rival's PR machine becomes more extensive than your

Graham Robinson

This diplomatic crisis could not have come at a worse time for the construction of the 2022 World Cup stadia and Qatar's infrastructure program. The crisis is expected to most acutely affect labour supply and on top of the controversy around workers' rights, this will be a major blow for the Qatari government. There is the potential for significant disruption and also massive cost overruns as getting construction materials into Qatar to build stadiums may yet prove more difficult, time consuming and

Mohammed al-Kuwari

The situation is great! As you can see, there's lots of production and we have a big share in the

Ahmed al-Khalaf

We've put two shifts instead of one and stopped exporting to concentrate production for the local market ... There are plans to treble

Ahmed al-Khalaf

Some equipment is coming by aeroplane from abroad to double the capacity of the production line. The raw material - we bring it from

Haider al-Abadi

Not one dollar, or euro (...) was spent; they are still in their crates, supervised by a committee, and two representatives of the Qatari government came to check when they were deposited under the trusteeship of the central

Akbar al-Baker - Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways continues to operate to the rest of its network as per its published schedules with day-to-day adjustments for operational and commercial

Sabah al-Khalid al-Sabah

(Kuwait) affirms the readiness of the brothers in Qatar to understand the reality of the qualms and concerns of their brothers and to heed the noble endeavours to enhance security and

Shahrokh Noushabadi - Iran Air

So far five planes carrying perishable food items such as fruit and vegetables have been sent to Qatar, each carrying around 90 tonnes of cargo, while another plane will be sent today(Sunday).feedback

Anwar Gargash

Qatar has been riding (the) tiger of extremism & terrorism. Cost to region & world too high. Diplomacy only way forward. Process can only work following clear indication that Qatar will stop support & finance of extremism &

Donald J. Trump

Stop funding (terrorism). Stop teaching hate. Stop the killing. So we had a decision to make: Do we take the easy road or do we finally take a hard but necessary action? We have to stop the funding of terrorism... the time had come to call on Qatar to end its funding they have to end that funding and its extremist ideology in terms of funding. I want to call on all of the nations to stop immediately supporting terrorism, stop teaching people to kill other people, stop filling their minds with hate and intolerance... we will solve that problem. Have no

Rex W. Tillerson

This is the biggest testimony to U.S. failure in the Gulf. (It) gives others the impression the U.S. does not know how to manage the relationship with its allies or is

Mohammed al-Sada

Circumstances in the region shall not prevent the state of Qatar from honouring its international commitment of cutting its oil

Chiradeep Ghosh - Sico

All Qatari banks will struggle for liquidity and will have to pay a premium for funding from elsewhere outside these four countries. It is especially challenging as they're not very liquid as their loan to deposit ratios are already above 100 per

James Lynch - Insurance Information Institute

These drastic measures are already having a brutal effect, splitting children from parents and husbands from wives. People from across the region – not only from Qatar, but also from the states implementing these measures – risk losing jobs and having their education disrupted. All the states involved in this dispute must ensure their actions do not lead to human rights violations. Prosecuting anyone on this basis would be a clear violation of the right to freedom of expression. No one should be punished for peacefully expressing their views or criticizing a government

Sergey Lavrov

We call for all contradictions to be resolved at the negotiation table through a mutually respectful

Donald J. Trump

To do that, stop funding, stop teaching hate and stop the killing. For Qatar, we want you back among the unity of responsible nations. We ask Qatar and other nations in the region to do more and do it faster. I want to thank Saudi Arabia and my friend King Salman and all of the countries who participated in that very historic summit. It was truly historic. There has never been anything like it before and, perhaps, there never will be again. Hopefully it will be the beginning of the end of funding terrorism. It will, therefore, be the beginning of the end to terrorism. No more

Rex W. Tillerson

Qatar has a history of supporting groups that span the spectrum of political expression, from activism to violence. The emir of Qatar has made progress in halting financial support and expelling terrorist elements from his country, but he must do more and he must do it more

Donald J. Trump

Stop funding (terrorism). Stop teaching hate. Stop the killing, . So we had a decision to make: Do we take the easy road or do we finally take a hard but necessary action? We have to stop the funding of terrorism. I decided, along with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, our great generals and military people, the time had come to call on Qatar to end its funding -- they have to end that funding -- and its extremist ideology in terms of

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

Qatar is accused of having a hidden relationship with Iran, but its relations with Iran are clear, transparent and

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I say it should be lifted completely. There are those who are uncomfortable with us standing by our Qatari brothers, providing them with food. I'm sorry, we will continue to give Qatar every kind of support. Until now I have not seen Qatar give support to

Donald J. Trump

Certainly, we are there to protect and that's one of the reasons that I want people to make sure we have a very, very strong force by paying the kind of money necessary to have that force, but yes absolutely I'd be committed to Article

Rex W. Tillerson

We call on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to ease the blockade on Qatar. We're seeing shortages of food [in Qatar], families are being forcibly separated, and children pulled out of school - we believe these are unintended consequences, especially during this holy month of Ramadan, but they can be addressed

James Lynch - Insurance Information Institute

Political disputes between states must be handled in a manner that respects human rights. There can be no justification for tearing families apart, suppressing peaceful expression, and leaving migrant workers abandoned and at risk. Arbitrary measures should be suspended

James Lynch - Insurance Information Institute

For potentially thousands of people across the Gulf, the effect of the steps imposed in the wake of this political dispute is suffering, heartbreak and fear. These drastic measures are already having a brutal effect, splitting children from parents and husbands from wives. People from across the region – not only from Qatar, but also from the states implementing these measures – risk losing jobs and having their education disrupted. All the states involved in this dispute must ensure their actions do not lead to human rights

Donald J. Trump

No civilized nation can tolerate this violence or allow this wicked ideology to spread on its

Rex W. Tillerson

We believe these are unintended consequences, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, . Our expectation is that these countries will immediately take steps to de-escalate the situation and put forth a good faith effort to resolve their grievances they have with each

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

If anyone thinks they are going to impose anything on my internal affairs or my internal issues, this is not going to happen. We are an independent country with our own

Donald J. Trump

In Mosul, American troops are supporting Kurds, Sunnis and Shias fighting together for their homeland. Qatar, which hosts the U.S. Central Command, is a crucial strategic partner. Our longstanding partnership with Kuwait and Bahrain continue to enhance security in the

Rex W. Tillerson

The blockade is hindering US military actions in the region and the campaign against ISIS. Qatar has a history of supporting groups that have spanned the spectrum of political expression from activism to violence. The emir of Qatar has made progress in halting financial support and expelling terrorists from his country, but he must do more and he must do it more quickly. There are humanitarian consequences to this blockade. We are seeing shortages of food. Families are being forcibly separated and children pulled out of

Rex W. Tillerson

Our expectation is that these countries will immediately take steps to de-escalate the situation and put forth a good faith effort to resolve their grievances they have with each other. We call on the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to ease the blockade against

Jeff Davis - Navy

While current operations from Al Udeid Air Base have not been interrupted or curtailed, the evolving situation is hindering our ability to plan for longer-term military operations. Qatar remains critical for coalition air operations in the fight against ISIS and around the

Robert Malley

Giving Arab allies a blank check in the region to operate is not a good

Donald J. Trump

The nation of Qatar, unfortunately, has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level. Nations came together and spoke to me about confronting Qatar over its behavior. So we had a decision to make. Do we take the easy road, or do we finally take a hard but necessary action? We have to stop the funding of

Sigmar Gabriel

We are convinced that now is the hour of diplomacy and we must talk to each other; along with our American colleagues but above all our colleagues in the region, we must try to find solutions, especially lifting the sea and air

Allison Wood - Control Risks

Qatar stopping flow of gas ... to the UAE would be a significant escalation in the conflict and, at that point, I would start to get concerned. Obviously if you see Saudi troops mobilizing and heading towards to the Saudi/Qatari border that is another point of concern. Those are the two potential red flags that I'd be looking

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

If there is any sensible argument or sensible accusation, we are ready to answer. But all those vague accusations without any solid argument we're not really ready to

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Any disruption in any mature region or market that is relevant for us is a reason for concern, . That's a development that is troubling for our industry, for many industries. We sincerely hope that these disruptions are not developing to a long-term conflict. We are far from being over exposed… to this region, . I think this region will remain important and relevant even allowing for some recouping, some consolidation; nobody can exclude that for the long

Trieu Pham

We see that even Qatar (assets) has not gone through the roof. At this point everything looks controllable so I don't see it spilling out (of the Middle East).feedback

Regis Chatellier - Societe Generale

There is a bit of a spike but Qatar has plenty of reserves to fight the attack on the currency, so we don't think a de-peg is on the

Omar Saif Ghobas

The idea that there is an Islamic solution to Middle East's social and economic problems is not something we are persuaded

Omar Saif Ghobas

It is true it will be difficult in the long run if they agree to sign another document and then decide to drag it out for many months or years and to continue to fund extremist groups. This will require a tremendous verification

Omar Saif Ghobas

We believe we have reached the end of the line in discussing with Qataris how things can get better. They have known for a very long time we have issues with the funding of extremists. Qatar's policy is a dead end and it will only lead to destruction, so essentially what we are asking is for the Qataris to give up on their foreign policy which calls up for an an alliance between a tremendous amount of wealth and extremely radical

Omar Saif Ghobas

There is no trust, it has gone. So when the Qatari foreign minister says 'listen, we need to engage in dialogue', we have done that for many years – that's just a statement for western

Omar Saif Ghobas

They are not devout Muslims promoting a version of Islam. They are taking a bet. They are being very opportunistic; they are making a bet that political Islam will allow them to be the paymaster of the Arab world and they can reap economic

Meshal bin Hamad al-Thani

The most important engagement that happened so far from the U.S. is by the president, which we highly appreciate. We truly believe that the involvement of the president and the U.S. will bring this crisis to an

William Baruch - iiTrader

Oil has bottomed early in Friday's session or finished it in the green for the last six weeks in a row. With the Qatar news in the headlines, look for this trend. And whether you're bullish or bearish you can trade

Helima Croft - BC Capital

We've had very strained relations between Saudi and Qatar, but this sparks an absolute new low in relations. Literally, when they're having a hard time securing food shipments, this is a dire crisis right now. I strain to see an easy off

John Kilduff - Again Capital

Qatar is a big player in LNG but a small player in crude oil, if you exclude their ownership stake in

John Kilduff - Again Capital

Our market seems to be getting some support from this situation even though we're obviously not a big exporter of LNG, it does seem to be a rally in sympathy of what's going on in that market and in Europe. It only highlights a real bright spot for U.S. natural gas producers as we ramp up our export capacity. U.S. shale producers of natural gas are getting ready to do to the global gas market what U.S. shale oil producers have done to

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

We have been isolated because we are successful and progressive. We are a platform for peace, not terrorism. This dispute is threatening the stability of the entire region. We are not ready to surrender, and will never be ready to surrender, the independence of our foreign policy. There cannot ever be a military solution to this

Mostefa Souag

All this talk about Jazeera interfering in other countries' affairs is nonsense. We don't interfere in anybody's business, we just report. If we bring (in) guests who are opposing certain governments, does that mean we are interfering in the countries' business? No. Al Jazeera's editorial policy is going to continue the same regardless of what happens with this

Rohan Murphy

For me (the Qatari conflict) serves to remind us that the Middle East is not a stable place ... ultimately, there are always going to be these tensions. Everyone is analyzing the supply-side risk and not worrying about the risk of somewhere like Iran and you couple that with Libya output going down instead of up and then you could start seeing the signs in 2018 of the underinvestment of the last couple of

Richard Mallinson - Energy Aspects

Until the inventory overhang is clearly running down and much smaller than it is today, that sensitivity will remain relatively low. Geopolitics will matter but it's unlikely to be the overriding topic of market

Anwar Gargash

Enough is enough. That hack showed the UAE's real concerns and that what we really say in our private emails is what we say

Peter Lee - Microsoft Research

Buyers will increasingly look to complement their contract-dominated import portfolio with more spot purchases, although these will be smaller in

Randa Slim

It will create opportunities for groups like ISIS, or for Kataib Hezbollah on the other side of the aisle, to do things at the behest of their

Michael Stephens

This is just a problem no one needs. It is best for British national interests and for American national interests if the Persian Gulf states were united. So this is really not a helpful

Anwar Gargash

The media aspect of it is part of what I would say an overall support for extremism. They can come and talk to

Osama bin Laden

Al-Jazeera is going to continue with its editorial policy. We're doing the job to the best that we

Ira Joseph - PIRA Energy Group

The UK market is the destination of last resort for Qatari LNG, so it would be the last and not the first place to have an

Bassam Fattouh

In terms of Opec, Qatar is a very small player. Opec has had worse conflicts in

Bassam Fattouh

So far there is no indication that either the Qataris or the Emiratis are going to disrupt the gas flows from the

Ken Cronin

It's important for us to insulate. Maybe not so much for now, because we have the North Sea and Norway, but by 2030-35 we are going to be importing 70%-80% of our gas, and the majority of that is going to come from the LNG market if we haven't started the shale gas

Bassam Fattouh

I don't see any impact on energy supplies to the UK and to the rest of the world. Why would Qatar stop exporting LNG? The shipping lanes are open. The markets should not be

Robert Gates

We assured them that we have strong cooperation with our security

Ahmed al-Qasimi

The fact of the matter is that the U.A.E. violated the U.N. Security Council Resolution on Libya and continues to do

Yousef al-Otaiba

How's this. You move the base then we'll move the hotel :-).feedback

Collin Anderson

They seem to be hackers-for-hire, freelancing for all sorts of different clients, and adapting their skills as