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Emmanuel Macron
In the next three months after I am elected, there will be a decision on Poland. You cannot have a European Union which argues over every single decimal place on the issue of budgets with each country, and which, when you have an EU member which acts like Poland or Hungary on issues linked to universities and learning, or refugees, or fundamental values, decides to do
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NEW Apr 28 2017
Angela Merkel, Donald J. Trump and Filippo Grandi, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Refugees. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 504 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 750 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Angela Merkel is: “Apart from all the criticism we currently have for Turkey, they did a lot for the 3 million refugees and it is right that Europe would assist Turkey on this matter.”.
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Abbas Kabir

This has become part of my life. Most of my fellow refugees don't have money to join a gym and so on but we can come here and play football for free. It's got a nice community feel and really helps people to cope and

James Lowbridge

Football is a way of getting young people's attention and then there are educational inputs from ourselves, youth workers and the local police. It's one way of helping non-refugees to understand that refugees are not here to cause problems but because it's a safe haven away from issues they face in their own countries. It's worked really well and we've had no

Naomi Westland

The response from football clubs has been encouraging. We had hoped to get about 10 clubs involved but over 20 have come on

Daniel Ruiz

They refuse to release our agents, 13 in total, of which two are expatriates. They are all disarmed, but they demand asylum in Uganda, Kenya or

Jennifer Rubin

President Trump and his advisers are rightly concerned about Syria and North Korea. These rogue states, guilty of human rights atrocities, pose the risk of wider violence and destabilization. Syria’s civil war has already created millions of refugees, has rekindled diseases (e.g. polio) that were once thought to be extinct and has allowed the country to become a haven for Islamic State terrorists. And yet, these should be lesser concerns in the bigger

Vincent Olislagers

Just getting to the hospital can be very hard if you don't speak the language and have limited legal

Abdu Bulama Bukar

Married women have been made single again; kids have been orphaned; homeowners are without shelter; Nigerians have been turned into refugees in their own

Shinzo Abe

Needless to say, it's important to maintain peace through diplomatic efforts. At the same time, dialogue for the sake of dialogue would be meaningless. We need to put pressure on North Korea so that it will seriously respond to calls for dialogue. We assume we would take a series of actions, including processes to admit landing, set up and manage accommodations, and screen (refugees) to decide whether we should protect them or not. The government is responsible for protecting and rescuing Japanese citizens if they face crises

Pope Francis

At this time support the efforts of those who are actively working to bring relief and comfort to civilians in Syria, the victim of a war that continues to sow horror and death. The latest despicable attack yesterday on fleeing refugees has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. Bring peace to all the Middle East, from the Holy Land to Iraq and Yemen as

Rod Drury - Xero

Gay marriage, cultural tolerance, refugees, active strategies to address diversity – more than ever our leadership here is

Donald J. Trump

Vicious slaughter of innocent civilians with chemical weapons including the barbaric killing of small and helpless children and babies must be forcefully rejected by any nation that values human life. That's a butcher. So I felt we had to do something about it. I have absolutely no doubt we did the right thing, and it was very, very successfully done. It is time to end this brutal civil war, defeat terrorists and allow refugees to return home. I don't like it because I don't think it's necessary. The bank mainly helps a few companies - and these are companies that can do very well without

Heidi Hautala

Inflating aid figures with in-donor refugee costs does not help the least developed countries to tackle poverty and inequality. The EU and its member states must keep their promises to both tackle poverty and assist refugees, and should not be trading one off against the

Heidi Hautala

The EU needs to find funds for both development and assisting refugees, and should not trade one against the other. Before we congratulate Germany on joining the club of those few EU member states who have reached their commitment of 0.7% of GNI to development cooperation, it is worth noticing that over 20% of its official development aid is spent on receiving refugees. At the same time, aid directed to the poorest countries is in

Adrian Edwards - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR reminds the international community that the Horn of Africa drought of 2011 cost more than 260,000 lives, more than half of these children aged below five. A repeat must be avoided at all costs. This really is an absolutely critical situation that is rapidly unfolding across a large swathe of Africa from west to

Philipp Ruch

I would describe the climate in society as very fragile. The politicians say we've given enough refugees shelter; now it has to be

Yael Ronen

We try to really keep it very personal, not to turn them into the representative, or mouth, speaking in the name of refugees coming to

Ai Weiwei

Many Gulf states refuse refugees. I don't think that's an intelligent act because many refugees even have the same religious background to them and talk the same language. I think this only shows very short-sighted politics ... like you're refusing to help out your brothers or your relatives. (Signing the convention) is not just to help but to testify that a state can understand what humanity is

Jasmine El-Gamal

The president was moved by “beautiful babies” killed in chemical attacks. But he's turning away children just like

Mark Hetfield

The fact of the matter is that when there's military intervention, there has to be an accompanying humanitarian intervention, and that's where we're concerned. Refugees have been vilified by the current

Amy Dudd

Aid globally might be going up but that is obscuring something quite important – that the increase in aid is not reaching the poorest people. Rather, it is remaining in donor countries, meaning the impact on poverty and sustainability on a global level is not what it might appear from the figures. If we are spending aid in our own country, it is not 'genuine' aid in the sense of the developmental impact. Helping refugees is absolutely the right thing to do but the direct benefit to developing countries is less

Adrian Lovett

International aid has never been higher, but the need for it has never been greater. With four devastating famines looming and 130 million girls denied an education, we need life-changing aid. But the refugee crisis means too much aid is being spent in Europe, and does little to help end extreme poverty. Now is the time for donor countries to focus on reaching the world's most vulnerable rather than inflating their aid

Aditya Chakrabortty

The politicians lining up to condemn the Croydon attack created the current climate of intolerance. Two weeks ago a teenager was almost killed for the apparent crime of seeking safety in this country. Reker Ahmed was waiting at a bus stop in south London, when passersby asked where he was from. “They established he was an asylum seeker,” say the police; the 17-year-old was then kicked and punched, his face was smashed in, an eye socket was cracked and his spine was fractured. The mob swelled to 20 or more. Some joined in, others

Rachel Aviv

The next day, a doctor inserted a feeding tube through Georgi's nostril. He showed no resistance,' Soslan said. Nothing.' Georgi was given a diagnosis of uppgivenhetssyndrom, or resignation syndrome, an illness that is said to exist only in Sweden, and only among refugees. The patients have no underlying physical or neurological disease, but they seem to have lost the will to live. The Swedish refer to them as de apatiska, the apathetic. I think it is a form of protection, this coma they are in,' Hultcrantz said. They are like Snow White. They just fall away from the

Kamal Ismail

The strike is good but if he's serious about wanting to help the kids he should take them in. Otherwise that shows that he has another

Diane Abbott

With right-wing politicians across the world scapegoating migrants, refugees and others for their economic problems, we are seeing a deeply worrying rise in the politics of hate. We must make clear that there is no place for anti-foreigner myths, racism and hate in our

Mohamad Chaghlil

I don't have full idea why he did that now. We lose hundreds of Syrian people every day, we lost more than half a million people in Syria. So why chemical attack is worse? Dead is dead. I can't understand, and the Syrians can't understand. I talk with her every morning. She is old. She needs me, and I need her. I'm alone here and she is alone there. I think he doesn't care about who needs the support, and who is the murderer and who is the good person. Maybe he felt he has to do something for politics. He's a national hero now. 100

Anwar Jebran

We want peace, we want safety. We don't want more military, more weapons, more

Mohamad Haidar

If the U.S. wanted to interfere with military action it would be more beneficial to strike the presidential palace in Damascus. The United States is capable of stopping the conflict in one month if they are taking it seriously. I thought as the president, it is up to him to decide to decide what is beneficial to his own country. But I wish they took into consideration in the decision how many innocent people are suffering and hurting in

Zelekha Mahmoud

I feel that maybe now they will get rid of Assad so that Syria will be secure again, so we can

Jennifer Rubin

President Trump has taken calibrated but prompt action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, prompting the question as to why, when the situation on the ground was far less challenging, President Barack Obama could not have acted similarly and thereby forestalled much of the death and destruction that followed. We will never know whether swift military action early in the Syrian war (as many in Obama’s Cabinet, including Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and Robert Gates advised) would have helped to dislodge Assad from power, prevented Russia from establishing a foothold in Syria, spared hundreds of thousands of lives and precluded the outpouring of millions of refugees that strained neighbors’ and European economic and political systems to the breaking point. What we do know is that Trump ironically has the opportunity to rebuff a policy of retrenchment, amorality and willful blindness (call it, say, “America First”) and reestablish U.S. leadership in the

Donald J. Trump

No child of God should ever suffer such horror. There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and ignored the urging of the U.N. Security Council. Years of previous attempts at changing Assad's behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically. As a result, the refugee crisis continues to deepen and the region continues to destabilize, threatening the United States and its

Sunjeev Bery - Amnesty International USA

If the refugee moratorium is lifted, and the original refugee acceptance numbers are re-established, then the most vulnerable Syrian refugees will have a home outside of Syria to come to and that includes many children who can often bear the brunt of the violence inside

Amanda Catanzano - International Rescue Committee

Hopefully there's a recognition now of the real horrors in Syria and what's driven 5 million people outside the borders and into the frontline states around it and why they are refugees, why they are fleeing violence and suffering. A solid first step would be to both materially and rhetorically support that mechanism. Massive cuts in foreign assistance are inconsistent with trying to address this suffering. When taken together with a shutdown of the the resettlement program, it's a signal that refugees aren't welcome here and we won't help them where they

Moustafa Bayoumi

The US bombing of a Syrian airfield is flip-floppery at its worst. And it signals to America’s foes that Trump can be easily dragged into military quagmires. Donald Trump, the man who just over a month ago wanted to bar entry of all Syrian refugees into the United States, now wants us to think that he cares deeply about Syrian children. I don’t believe

Donald J. Trump

Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children. Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered at this very barbaric attack. No child of God should ever suffer such horror. I think what Assad did is terrible. I think what happened in Syria is a disgrace to humanity, and he's there, and I guess he's running things, so something should happen. Numerous previous attempts at changing Assad's behavior have all ... failed very dramatically. As a result, the refugee crisis continues to deepen and the region continues to destabilize, threatening the United States and its

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We still have a long road to travel in expanding resettlement and the number and range of complementary pathways available for refugees, . To meet this challenge, we not only need additional places, but also need to accelerate the implementation of existing

Maggie Forster Schmitz

Céline knows what it's like to be a refugee. She's genuine in her interest in helping refugees and marginalized communities in the Middle

Niki Stergiou

The first few days, there was chaos in the classroom. They didn't listen, they didn't respect me. They could not understand that I am the teacher,and they had to follow certain rules. When they were angry or they had a fight, some used to take their bags and leave the school. Some climbed over the gates of the courtyard. They tried to

Apostolos Staikos - Euronews

For many refugee children, this is their first school. They are learning a language, which is completely new to them.They live in a country, which supposed to be just a stop off on their route to Northern Europe. But now, with the support of the local community, they can build a new

Kati Piri

Europe should be the place to open up. We know who are coming, if they take them to legal pathways and not to smugglers. You can do all the identification before and we can still show our human our our human side as the European Union, by taking the most vulnerable refugees. It's not happening

Mohammed Alhammadi

I just received the photos from my family inside Syria, in an area southern of Idlib, where chemical weapon attacks happened and many children were killed. I cannot understand how can we talk about the political situation and solution with someone who is using chemical weapons and attacking what is supposed to be his

Stephen O'Brien

Is vital that we not only say that we are going to hold people to account, but that we actually say that we are gathering the evidence and that that evidence will be presented one day in order to make sure any perpetrators who violated those laws and principles and held to

Isabel Marques da Silva

But diplomatic sources are clear: that strategy will only be presented once there is a clear political transition

Ashraf Ghani

I do not make these decisions as an individual. I am not entitled. Has the legal due process been completed or not? What has been our treaty? – because it's not subject of discussion, I don't have it on top of my fingers. Those people are making a judgment that the conditions are worth returning. Of course, there's a push factor from the host countries, but there's also a pull

Malcolm Turnbull

This historic visit has ... underscored the growing partnership between our nations and has been a valuable opportunity to discuss our ongoing security and development

Jeremy Corbyn

The prime minister should put human rights and international law at the centre of her talks with Saudi Arabia's government this week. Numerous human rights organisations, including the UNHRC and Amnesty International, have documented the dictatorial Saudi monarchy's shocking human rights record. The Saudi-led coalition bombing in Yemen, backed by the British government, has left thousands dead, 21 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and 3 million refugees uprooted from their

Janet Darley

This is a sobering reminder of the importance of the need to create a welcoming society, where refugees feel welcomed and

Diane Abbott

Sadly this is not an isolated incident but part of a sustained increase in hate crimes that this Tory Government is yet to offer any effective response to. With right-wing politicians across the world scapegoating migrants, refugees and others for their economic problems, we are seeing a deeply worrying rise in the politics of hate. We must make clear that there is no place for anti-foreigner myths, racism and hate in our

Angela Merkel

Apart from all the criticism we currently have for Turkey, they did a lot for the 3 million refugees and it is right that Europe would assist Turkey on this

Ted Sargent

A lot of students are attracted by that

Winnie Byanyima - Oxfam Intermón

The international community seems intent on watching on as millions of people are stuck between the rock that their country has become and the hard place that exile offers them. Oxfam calls on rich countries to show their support for Syria's neighbours that have welcomed these refugees and to resettle at least the most vulnerable 10 percent most of Syrian refugees by the end of

Babar Baloch

The solution to the crisis in Syria is political but, in terms of support, it is humanity that is needed. We are asking other countries to come forward and help those countries neighbouring Syria that are hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees to share responsibility for resettlement and humanitarian admissions. Those desperate refugees are in need of resettlement. We haven't identified the five millionth refugee, it is more about getting the data from the registration authorities and incorporating that into the

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

To meet this challenge, we not only need additional places but also need to accelerate the implementation of existing pledges. These generous pledges are a welcome and important symbol of solidarity and responsibility sharing by the international community. If we are to achieve our goal, we now need to accelerate these efforts in 2017 and

Babar Baloch

We have been talking about close to five million for a while. Whilst significant increases of refugee numbers ... are not currently expected, much will depend on whether a political solution to the conflict can be delivered or found. Peace is essential, but for that we need global responsibility and solidarity

Angela Merkel

We had done too little in the past, that is why we took in refugees – because it was the right thing to

Marta Pardavi

The rules coming into force today simply deny protection to children, deny protection to refugees and essentially resort to illegal

Christoph Lang

Although immigration is a key factor in Berlin's reversal of the declining rates of the 1990s, the refugee crisis alone does not explain the current trend. Even before the refugee crisis Berlin was one of the main destinations of migrants. And not only from abroad. A lot of young Germans are coming to the capital to study, to start a family or a career but afterwards they move on. That is why Berlin became the youngest city of Germany. An average citizen of Berlin is almost two years younger than an average citizen of

Ai Weiwei

When the Berlin Wall fell, there were 11 countries with border fences and walls. By 2016, that number had increased to 70. We are witnessing a rise in nationalism, an increase in the closure of borders, and an exclusionary attitude towards migrants and refugees, the victims of war and the casualties of

Maria Katasonova

Putin, Trump and Le Pen all stand up for their countries' interests but they understand very well that cooperation and dialogue with each other's countries can correct the mistakes that the Obama-Merkel-Hollande axis made–really serious mistakes like allowing for terrorism, an economic crisis, and a refugee crisis. They can fix all

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

Airlines just have to do what they are told and we just have to hope that people who make up these rules have good reasons to do so because the rules that were laid down by the American government on a number of airlines yesterday were slightly strange in that they only affected foreign airlines they didn't affect American airlines … I just wondered whether there might be more to it than met the

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

One has to be realistic and I think the important thing that we've got to do is to beat ISIS, make sure they don't control any territory in the world and I think that's the most important thing we can do. Then we've got to start winning over the minds and souls of people around the world. By being much more open and by treating people with decency, people from all walks of life, looking after people having to flee countries, that's the kind of example I think Britain should give and other countries should give and that I suspect is the best security weapon that we can put

Christoph Schult - Spiegel Gruppe

Life was largely back to normal in a day. So an incident like London is even less likely to create any extra sense of insecurity. While some people do feel insecure about terrorism and might link it to the refugee crisis, they think the government is now doing O.K., that there are some fanatics in the world and what can you do?feedback

Brian Ruh

The main bad guy is trying to manipulate public opinion to make the refugees out to be a menace in order to push an agenda that would remilitarize

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are at breaking point. Uganda cannot handle Africa's largest refugee crisis alone. The lack of international attention to the suffering of the South Sudanese people is failing some of the most vulnerable people in the world when they most desperately need our

Marta Pardavi

Our position, which Orban has called 'pretty human rights nonsense' has just won in Strasbourg. If I were the Hungarian government I would be considering the necessary legislative amendments now. Helping refugees has become stigmatised. Many organisations decide to keep it in the background. Old, trusted, large organisations are afraid to step up publicly to avoid the backlash on their other

Rex W. Tillerson

The United States will increase our pressure on ISIS and al Qaeda and will work to establish interim zones of stability, through ceasefires, to allow refugees to return home. As a coalition we are not in the business of nation building or

Ska Keller

I am not a big fan of a multi-speed Europe because it risks leaving some countries or even regions alone and behind. We should always aim for the whole Union to move forward. But there are things that several member states together can do and that especially on asylum. I am thinking about resettlement for example. There, some member states could say ok others do not want to come along, but we will do something, we will resettle more

Guy Verhofstadt

When they say for example that we are not capable of managing the refugee crisis, I agree. When they are saying that we have no good results in tackling the financial crisis, I agree. When they all say that the European Union is too bureaucratic, I agree but the response, the solution for that is not to go back in history and fall back into the old style nation states that have created so much trouble and so much tragedy in the 20th

Jeremy Corbyn

Donald Trump should not be welcomed to Britain while he abuses our shared values with his shameful Muslim ban and attacks on refugees' and women's

Marty Learn

They're here to do a job, to make a living for their family. JU.S.t like me and

Marty Learn

I don't have a problem with legal immigrants coming in. I think they should all go through a

Paul Jericho

It's a bit offensive. It's offensive becaU.S.e refugees add so much to the

Paul Jericho

I think it's kept U.S. alive. I think it has kept U.S. moving forward. They rent a lot of apartments, they buy a lot of things, they pay taxes immediately. Refugees are the most vetted people that come into this

Nikos Christakos

I think that Brussels and certain European states have shown their solidarity to Greece in terms of the refugee crisis. But I think that in the future we need to balance this out further because it cannot be the case for any European that is receiving migrants and refugees because they are on the border to have to deal with this issue by

Janet Dench

'Refugees are much more welcomed when we have gone and selected them ourselves as a country, as opposed to refugees who have chosen us,'.feedback

Jay Badams

We're in the business of education here, and I think a lot of that fear, a lot of that resentment, comes from a place of lack of

Jay Badams

I think students coming out of here will have a much different opinion when they're adults…than some of the folks who right now are experiencing a sort of angst and worry about people coming here from other

Avichai Boaron

They are not a human rights organization, they are a political organization. They talk about people's rights, but we lost our homes, we were transferred and today we are living like refugees. But we are not important to them because we are

Tim Farron

You are now the supporters of a government that is as anti-business as Jeremy Corbyn. You are now the cheerleaders of a government that is as anti-refugees as Nigel Farage. Theresa May has put at risk the very people who have bankrolled her party's success for years, and she didn't have to. So business should drop the Conservative party like a hot brick. We can gain the seats to rob the Tories of their power to wreck Britain, and by doing so we can change the course of our

Abdul Ghani Bandenjki

We just want the war to end so that one day we can go back to our country. Ghana is not really ready to host

Georgios Kaminis

There is a dilemma. If you have an open-door policy, you're creating incentive for everyone to come. On the other hand, if you build fences and walls, that comes – at least concerning the refugees – against the basic principles of European law, international law. We must be open now for the time

Rina van Dijk

People are on a waiting list for 10 years, and they don't get a place to live. These refugees come here, and they get a place to live right away. I understand those tensions. I would like to see, with all the things Wilders is saying, whether he can do

Mark Hetfield

Refugees, especially Muslims refugees, are really feeling unwelcome

Shabia Mantoo - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are distressed by this incident and understand that refugees were travelling in a vessel off the coast of Hudaydah which was reportedly impacted during the course of

Seamus Hughes

There are still going to be individuals who want to come here and do us harm, but the data is the data, and you should adjust your policy based on the data. Even the individuals who were refugees generally came here at a very young age and were arrested 20 years later. That's not a sleeper cell, that's a coma cell. You're mostly talking about U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are largely brought into it by connections they made online – which doesn't have a

David Cook-Martín

Barring these or other refugees into the U.S. will not make us safer, but it will make us less credible as a leading democracy and will fuel recruitment by terrorist

Jeff Sessions

At present, more than 300 persons who came to the United States as refugees are under FBI investigation for potential terrorism-related

Michael Birnbaum

Immigration was the dominant issue of the Dutch campaign, after years of war and misery in the Middle East that swept millions of refugees and migrants into Europe in recent

Julia Mayerhofer

What we will see is that more and more people will be stuck in situations for even longer and literally be stranded. The human suffering of this will be

Bram van Ojik

We are among the few parties who say that with 65 million refugees worldwide, of which 95 percent is taken care of in the poorer countries of the world, we should do more instead of less. That is not a common position. Most parties say no, we are toward the limit of what we can deal with, and people don't want it. We try to shed light on the other side of the

Peter Wittig

The chancellor comes to Washington with a very open mind-set and a constructive, pragmatic and forward-looking attitude. We want to build on the strong relationship we've had over the past 70

Eliza Borné

We remain focused on creating a quarterly print magazine with great writing and gorgeous design. The South is host to so many different communities, from so many backgrounds, that I have never found it limiting to focus our coverage on the region. In the past year, we have published stories about Burmese refugees in rural Georgia; coal miners who are struggling to make ends meet in Harlan County, Kentucky; anarchists in Palm Beach County; and migrant workers who died in the little-known Hawk's Nest Tunnel disaster in West Virginia (the worst industrial disaster in U.S. history).feedback

Brett McGurk

ISIS has now lost over 60 percent of the territory it once held here in Iraq and is losing more every day. In total, in Iraq and Syria, coalition-enabled operations – that means our coalition supporting local partners, including Iraqi security forces – have cleared 50,000 square kilometres of territory from

Neil Genzlinger

Certainly the final segment, which includes the plight of refugees, is both heart-rending and frustrating. The film offers no solutions and suggests no courses of action; maybe that's because there are no clear-cut

Anuar Aoulad Abdelkrim

Everyone comes to my shows, every religion, every color, a lot of executives. Sometimes people come up to me afterwards and they say, You know, I'm a little bit racist, I don't like my neighbors, but I like you. People said, No, no, no, what do we have to do with them,' but now it's a 180-degree turn because people got motivated to help the refugees because they know their

Krisha Prathepan

We intend to challenge any resumption of returns to Greece, as that country's asylum system remains dysfunctional and the risk of refugees being returned from Greece to the very countries in which they faced persecution remains as high as

Ali Ibrahim

I ask any kind people out there to help me get a prosthetic hand, God

Ali Ibrahim

My brother swore allegiance to them. He was trying to get me out. He didn't stay long, and as soon as they cut my hand, he

António Guterres - United Nations

It is difficult to explain to a country like Kenya that has more than 500,000 refugees that they should go on accepting this large number of refugees, seeing the kind of measures that the United States or that several European countries are

Mark Toner

As for the new executive order, this administration isn't ignoring the plight of refugees or discouraging people from visiting the U.S. It is simply making the security of the American people its No. 1 priority and instituting a temporary pause so that we can evaluate and ensure our vetting processes are as strong as they can possibly be. In short, American diplomacy plays an important role in American security, a security which promotes our

Ronald Meulendijks

When I see all the refugees getting everything for free, I get very angry. I want to throw something at the television. A government has to treat its own people correctly before accepting new ones. First, you must take care of your own. The Netherlands is ours

Jörg Krämer - Commerzbank

For the first time in many years Merkel faces the risk of losing the chancellorship. Schulz managed to de-mystified Mrs. Merkel after her popularity had suffered during the refugee

Krassimir Kanev - Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

Bulgaria is a transit country, the refugees want to move to [other] EU

Colin Yeo

The only exceptions under the old policy were if the refugee engaged in criminal activities or similar or if a ministerial level declaration was made that a particular country was now safe, in which case refugee status for all refugees from that country would be reviewed. No such declarations were ever made under that

Lisa Doyle

This policy will result in refugees who have demonstrated their need for protection being prevented from being able to properly rebuild their lives and being left with the constant fear of return hanging over their heads. Actively reviewing individual cases after five years promises to be a costly, bureaucratic and unnecessary nightmare that completely misunderstands the fact that many refugees desperately want to return home of their own accord anyway when it's safe to do

Neil Jameson

It was helpful in areas that don't have any refugees to have a group of people saying: 'We would welcome these people, councillors.' They were involved in lobbying councils and finding houses, which councils were frightened there would be a backlash against. If we can get to 20,000 together, I think our groups will say: 'That's great. Where are the next people coming from?' There has been such enthusiasm for this among civil

David Wolfson

If you think about 30 people [the number of Syrian refugees settled in Milton Keynes as of December 2016] in a population of 250,000, what is the difference if it's 60 out of 250,000, or even 200 out of 250,000? The numbers are minute compared to the help we could

David Decosimo

From his hateful tweets and provocative rhetoric to his “new” executive order banning Muslims and refugees all over again, President Trump is driven by the idea that Islam is a threat to what makes us American. Trump has declared that “Islam hates us.” “There is,” he says, “an unbelievable hatred.” Stephen K. Bannon, one [].feedback

Lucky Tran

Policies that accommodate refugees are the reason why I got to be a scientist, and the US immigration ban is now denying a whole generation of people that opportunity. In my lifetime, I've not seen scientists be so willing to come out in to the

Wendy Young

There's still this ambivalence in regarding the Central American situation as a refugee crisis. There's a perception in today's world that refugees are people who are fleeing war, and that gang and drug violence is not

Mandy Patinkin

I know it would get through to him. I believe it. I believe it because Donald Trump is, first and foremost, a human being. And human beings have hearts and compassion and morality and ethics and I believe, at Donald Trump's core, he too has

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This is the gold standard in refugee protection and a powerful model for all countries that, at a time of record-high levels of forced human displacement, this kind of humane leadership is needed more than

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The imperative remains to provide protection for people fleeing deadly violence, and we are concerned that this decision, though temporary, may compound the anguish for those it affects. Americans have long played a crucial role in promoting global stability while simultaneously exemplifying the highest humanitarian ideals, from support for refugee emergencies overseas, to welcoming some of the most vulnerable refugee families in the United States to rebuild their lives in safety, freedom and

Rikko Voorberg

We are fighting a situation where people in Greece are stuck there. There is about 63 000 people. In September 2015 we promise to relocate them for the rest of their asylum procedure and we just didn't. It's more then one and a half year later and 85 percent is still stuck

Jeff Sessions

We also know that people seeking to support or commit terrorist attacks here will try to enter through our refugee program. In fact, today more than 300 people who came here as refugees are under FBI investigation for potential terrorism-related

Yvette Cooper

There is a big gap between what the government has said, and the evidence we heard from local councils and from organisations like UNICEF who are working with child refugees. This is too important to get wrong when children's lives and futures are at risk. That's why we are making these urgent interim recommendations now. Ministers have said that they need to end the Dubs scheme in order to prevent trafficking, but Save the Children and others have said this will make child trafficking, abuse and exploitation worse. Councils told us that with funding in place they could take many

Mandy Gibson

Maybe it's the media. They are making refugees sound like they aren't legal immigrants and I don't necessarily understand, but they are different to me. Anybody who is coming from countries that have ISIS really should have a very thorough background

Joshua Browder

It works with almost every device, making it accessible to over a billion people. Ideally I would love to expand to WhatsApp when their platform opens up, particularly because it's popular

Joshua Browder

I've been trying to launch this for about six months – I initially wanted to do it in the summer. But I wanted to make sure I got it right because it's such a complicated issue. I kept showing it to lawyers throughout the process and I'd go back and tweak it. That took months and months of work, but we wanted to make sure it was right. I wanted to add Canada at the last minute because of the changes in the political background in the US. The language in these forms can be quite complicated. Once the form is sent off, the details are deleted from my

Sophie Alcorn

As an immigration attorney, I can see the major benefits that leveraging sophisticated chatbot technology will have in the asylum application process. It will be easier for applicants to submit their applications and it will empower legal aid organisations to assist a larger numbers of clients. Asylum seekers want to follow the laws and do everything properly, and this technology will help them do

John M. Fife

These were middle-class folks who were fleeing for their lives. We'd take in people who had torture marks all over their body, and the immigration judge would order them deported the next day. I assumed it was illegal, but I could not claim to be a Christian and not be involved in trying to protect refugees'

Fu Ying

We need the ability to safeguard our sovereignty and interests and rights. In particular, we need to guard against outside meddling in the disputes. Look at the past decade or so, there have been so many conflicts, even wars, around the world resulting in serious, large numbers of casualties and loss of property, so many refugees destitute and homeless. Which one has China caused?feedback

Sayed Zaffer Shah

Hundreds of Pashtuns are being arrested and harassed in the name of terrorism. We never said all Punjabis are terrorists, though Punjabi Taliban were involved in bombings. This discrimination will only spread

Jamal Khan

They were really angry after these blasts. They took away my grandfather and said he didn't have his identification, but we have been here for many years. The elders had to rush over and get him out of the police

Anwar Khan

The authorities think every Pashto speaker is a refugee or a terrorist. We are being targeted, but we, too, suffer from these blasts. May God destroy those who do

Mahmoud Hassino

The main idea behind the competition was to launch a campaign to resettle LGBT Syrians from Turkey. The country is becoming more homophobic and it's more difficult for LGBT

Clare Moseley

With food handouts banned, charities like mine face an even more heartbreaking workload. These measures go against the basic principles of humanity. The demolition of the Calais refugee camp last October did nothing to improve the lives of so many desperate refugees, who now find themselves living destitute on the streets of France and are arriving back in Calais every day. These refugees, many unaccompanied minors, are now living in far worse conditions – the latest punishment inflicted on those living in the streets being the ban on the distribution of

Dimitris Avramopoulos

There are no more excuses for the member states not to deliver. It is possible and feasible to relocate all those who are eligible from Italy and Greece by September. It is as if you have an outstanding bill. You have to pay

Erol Kekic - Church World Service

This is so counterproductive. It makes Christians and minorities in those countries an even bigger target, because the perception is already that they receive preferential treatment. And singling them out even more would probably not

John Sterman

Those countries with high ambitions for Paris may impose border adjustment tariffs on the US, which would dramatically increase the prospect of a global trade war. That is something that would be very unhelpful. If we withdraw from Paris or the UNFCCC, we make it much harder to limit the potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change. That would create a huge flow of refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere who will look to go to the US and Europe. There won't be a wall big enough to keep out people fleeing floods and crop

Dawud Dargham

There is a limit to what we can endure. We are humans made of flesh and

Katie Kildow

We were thinking on Valentine's Day, people will go out and spend that money, why shouldn't we spend it on something that's not commercialism and something that can make a difference for her and her

António Guterres - United Nations

The rights of refugees and migrants are under attack. Human trafficking is on the rise. And with so many people escaping war, the international community must not escape its

Martin Zandvliet

I thought it was about time to tell the story from the other side that we're also very hateful and lust for revenge. I wanted to make one of those stories. There was all the talk about closing down Europe, the Syrian refugees, everyone was a terrorist. Suddenly the movie became about how we treat each other ... The only way we can get people to listen is to show them something

Luis Gutierrez - Brother

I want Trump to see the face of a woman, the face of a Muslim, and the face of someone whose family has enriched and contributed to this country despite starting out as

Hillary Clinton

And stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next. From the women's march to airports where communities are welcoming immigrants, refugees and people of every faith, to town hall meetings where people are speaking up for health care, the environment, good jobs and all the other issues that deserve our passionate

Astrid Silva

President Trump would have people believe that all immigrants are criminals and that refugees are terrorists. But like my family, the vast majority of immigrants and refugees came to this country escaping poverty and conflict, looking for a better life and the opportunity to reach the American

Staffan de Mistura - United Nations

We face an uphill task. It will not be easy. There is a lot of tension and there is a lot suffering that everyone has been bearing, but we must apply ourselves to this task. We do know what will happen if we fail once again: More deaths, more suffering, more atrocities, more terrorism, more

Salil Shetty - Amnesty International

It was a year when a poisonous political rhetoric of 'us versus them' surged across the world. Whether it was the xenophobic and sexist rhetoric of President Trump's election campaign, European leaders' assault on the rights of refugees, President Erdogan of Turkey's massive crackdown after the attempted coup there or the so-called war on drugs in the

Adam Coogle - Human Rights Watch

We hear reports that deportations are ongoing and they probably increased following the attack in Rukban camp in June,

Matteo Paoltroni

If you keep people in the shade (they) will have to do something to survive. If you are a government body and ... security is one of your biggest problems then you want to know where these people

Matthew Saltmarsh - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

It is estimated that up to 250,000 people could be displaced. Almost 217,000 have fled the hostilities since the start of the offensive on October 17, and around a 160,000 of those are still displaced. Others have returned to their homes, in newly retaken areas. But the situation remains fluid and is of course terrifying for those who are trapped or affected by the

Ibrahim Reyes

It's bad, what is happening in Mexico. But they didn't show solidarity toward us when we were

Maggie Yeboah

We have not have something before like this. We don't know what to

Ghezae Hagos

The US presidential campaign, putting undocumented migrants and refugees in the spotlight, terrified them. The election and inauguration of Mr. Trump appears to be the final reason for those who came mostly last

Lindsay Lohan

You know, I think it would be a positive thing for America to show their care and support, and for him to experience what it's like for these people … experience how giving Turkey has been to the refugees and how many they have welcomed

Simon Baptist

Le Pen has taken care to present herself as a candidate with reasonable views, which has helped her to push the National Front from the fringes to the mainstream. Recent events, such as the refugee crisis, terrorist attacks, and the rise of populist leaders elsewhere, have also played into her

Justin Trudeau

Canada has always understood that keeping Canadians safe is one of the fundamental responsibilities of any government. At the same time, we continue to pursue our policies of openness towards refugees without compromising security. There have been times where we have differed in our approaches and that's always been done firmly and respectfully. The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. Today's conversations have served to reinforce how important that is for both Canadians and

Donald J. Trump

In order to create economic growth and lots of very good, well-paying jobs, we must ensure that our economy is a place where women can work and thrive, and I think that's happening in the United States much more

Justin Trudeau

We have welcomed refugees from Syria we have been very successful and we take our responsibility of security very

Donald J. Trump

We don't want our country to have the kind of problems you see taking place not only here but the rest of the world. American and Canadian troops have gone to battle together, fought wars together and forged the special bonds that come when two nations have shed their blood together – which we

Indrika Ratwatte - United Nations

There were incidences of pressure and harassment especially in KP [Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province]. But does it amount to forced return? No. It doesn'

Ariane Rummery - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR does not promote returns to Afghanistan given the enduring conflict in different parts of the country and its limited absorption capacity. At the same time, the agency does help those who decide to return based on the options available to

Patricia Gossman - Human Rights Watch

We want to make sure that what happened last fall does not repeat. These practices are tantamount to forcing people across the border ... and that's why we say it's

Gerry Simpson - Human Rights Watch

What is now needed is not more money to incentivize return to harm, but more money to help Pakistan protect Afghan refugees in

Donald J. Trump

When I do, just like with the F-35 FighterJet or the Air Force One Program, price will come WAY DOWN! Our legal system is broken! '77per cent of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries.' (WT) SO DANGEROUS!feedback

Viktor Orban

Of course we can give shelter to the real refugees: Germans, Dutch, French, Italians; scared politicians and journalists; Christians who had to flee their own country; those people who want to find here the Europe that they lost at their home. The foxes are let into the henhouse to compete freely, and nobody can stop the foxes winning time after

Steven Goldstein

Today marks a victory for American freedom over Presidential tyranny. The court has sided with refugees who thirst for hope over a president who yearns to

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

I am heartened that the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals showed that care for refugees and commitment to American security go together. The confusion and chaos that resulted from the Administration's hasty and harmful executive order should be a lesson to keep intact carefully developed procedures that have kept America

John Mativo

The government decision specifically targetting Somali refugees is an act of group persecution, illegal, discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional. Hence the said decision is null and

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

The confusion and chaos that resulted from the administration's hasty and harmful executive order should be a lesson to keep intact carefully developed procedures that have kept America safe. We are grateful that we can get back to work resettling refugees who have fled the terrors of war and violence, while also caring for those who remain trapped in conflict

Laetitia Bader - Human Rights Watch

The High Court sent a strong message that at least one of Kenya's branches of government is still willing to uphold refugee rights. After months of anxiety because of the camp closure deadline hanging over their heads, increasingly restricted asylum options and the recent US administration suspension of refugee resettlement, the court's judgment offers Somali refugees a hope that they may still be have a choice other than returning to insecure and drought-ridden

Peter Dutton

I don't have any comment to make in relation to when U.S. officials will be on Nauru next. There have been officials there who have left ... in the last couple of days and we would expect other officials to be there in due course. But there is a lot of work being done at an officials level with people from my department and the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State in the U.S., but it's not something that I have anything to comment