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When the Berlin Wall fell, there were 11 countries with border fences and walls. By 2016, that number had increased to 70. We are witnessing a rise in nationalism, an increase in the closure of borders, and an exclusionary attitude towards migrants and refugees, the victims of war and the casualties of globalization.
Mar 26 2017
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Rex W. Tillerson - ExxonMobil

I recognize there are many pressing challenges in the Middle East, but defeating ISIS is the United States' number one goal in the region.

Rex W. Tillerson - ExxonMobil

The United States will increase our pressure on ISIS and al Qaeda and will work to establish interim zones of stability, through ceasefires, to allow refugees to return home. As a coalition we are not in the business of nation building or reconstruction.

Ska Keller

I am not a big fan of a multi-speed Europe because it risks leaving some countries or even regions alone and behind. We should always aim for the whole Union to move forward. But there are things that several member states together can do and that especially on asylum. I am thinking about resettlement for example. There, some member states could say ok others do not want to come along, but we will do something, we will resettle more refugees.

Guy Verhofstadt

When they say for example that we are not capable of managing the refugee crisis, I agree. When they are saying that we have no good results in tackling the financial crisis, I agree. When they all say that the European Union is too bureaucratic, I agree but the response, the solution for that is not to go back in history and fall back into the old style nation states that have created so much trouble and so much tragedy in the 20th century.

Jeremy Corbyn

Donald Trump should not be welcomed to Britain while he abuses our shared values with his shameful Muslim ban and attacks on refugees' and women's rights.

Marty Learn

They're here to do a job, to make a living for their family. JU.S.t like me and you.

Marty Learn

I don't have a problem with legal immigrants coming in. I think they should all go through a process.

Paul Jericho

It's a bit offensive. It's offensive becaU.S.e refugees add so much to the community.

Jay Badams

I think students coming out of here will have a much different opinion when they're adults…than some of the folks who right now are experiencing a sort of angst and worry about people coming here from other countries.

Jay Badams

We're in the business of education here, and I think a lot of that fear, a lot of that resentment, comes from a place of lack of education.

Paul Jericho

I think it's kept U.S. alive. I think it has kept U.S. moving forward. They rent a lot of apartments, they buy a lot of things, they pay taxes immediately. Refugees are the most vetted people that come into this country.

Nikos Christakos

I think that Brussels and certain European states have shown their solidarity to Greece in terms of the refugee crisis. But I think that in the future we need to balance this out further because it cannot be the case for any European that is receiving migrants and refugees because they are on the border to have to deal with this issue by themselves.

Janet Dench

Refugees are much more welcomed when we have gone and selected them ourselves as a country, as opposed to refugees who have chosen us.

Marty Learn

"I don't have a problem with legal immigrants coming in. I think they should all go through a process,"

Marty Learn

"They're here to do a job, to make a living for their family. Just like me and you,"

Paul Jericho

It's a bit offensive. It's offensive because refugees add so much to the community.

Paul Jericho

I think it's kept us alive. I think it has kept us moving forward. They rent a lot of apartments, they buy a lot of things, they pay taxes immediately. Refugees are the most vetted people that come into this country.

Tetteh Padi

I think what makes Ghana different is the fact that we have a very generous asylum policy. They are free to move about. They can go out, look for work. I know for a fact that is not the case in other countries. In some countries, refugees are not even allowed to leave the refugee camps.

Abdul Ghani Bandenjki

We just want the war to end so that one day we can go back to our country. Ghana is not really ready to host refugees.

Avichai Boaron

They are not a human rights organization, they are a political organization. They talk about people's rights, but we lost our homes, we were transferred and today we are living like refugees. But we are not important to them because we are Jews.

Tim Farron

You are now the supporters of a government that is as anti-business as Jeremy Corbyn. You are now the cheerleaders of a government that is as anti-refugees as Nigel Farage. Theresa May has put at risk the very people who have bankrolled her party's success for years, and she didn't have to. So business should drop the Conservative party like a hot brick. We can gain the seats to rob the Tories of their power to wreck Britain, and by doing so we can change the course of our country.

Georgios Kaminis

There is a dilemma. If you have an open-door policy, you're creating incentive for everyone to come. On the other hand, if you build fences and walls, that comes – at least concerning the refugees – against the basic principles of European law, international law. We must be open now for the time being.

Rina van Dijk

People are on a waiting list for 10 years, and they don't get a place to live. These refugees come here, and they get a place to live right away. I understand those tensions. I would like to see, with all the things Wilders is saying, whether he can do anything.

Shabia Mantoo - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are distressed by this incident and understand that refugees were travelling in a vessel off the coast of Hodeidah which was reportedly impacted during the course of hostilities.

Peter Wittig

The chancellor comes to Washington with a very open mind-set and a constructive, pragmatic and forward-looking attitude. We want to build on the strong relationship we've had over the past 70 years.

Mark Hetfield

Refugees, especially Muslims refugees, are really feeling unwelcome now.

Shabia Mantoo - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are distressed by this incident and understand that refugees were travelling in a vessel off the coast of Hudaydah which was reportedly impacted during the course of hostilities.

Seamus Hughes

There are still going to be individuals who want to come here and do us harm, but the data is the data, and you should adjust your policy based on the data. Even the individuals who were refugees generally came here at a very young age and were arrested 20 years later. That's not a sleeper cell, that's a coma cell. You're mostly talking about U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are largely brought into it by connections they made online – which doesn't have a border.

Julia Mayerhofer

What we will see is that more and more people will be stuck in situations for even longer and literally be stranded. The human suffering of this will be tremendous.

Becca Heller

Restricting refugee resettlement sends an alarming message to our nation's international allies.

David Cook-Martín

Barring these or other refugees into the U.S. will not make us safer, but it will make us less credible as a leading democracy and will fuel recruitment by terrorist organizations.

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

If governments and leaders are not keeping that flame of internationalism alive today, then we as citizens must. We see a rising tide of nationalism, masquerading as patriotism, and the re-emergence of policies encouraging fear and hatred of others. A lot of the fear we observe today of refugees, of foreigners, is produced by ignorance, often fuelling politicians as well. We have to recognize the damage we do when we undermine the U.N. or use it selectively -- or not at all -- or when we rely on aid to do the job of diplomacy, or give the U.N. impossible tasks and then underfund it.

Jeff Sessions
John Kelly

At present, more than 300 persons who came to the United States as refugees are under FBI investigation for potential terrorism-related activities.

Michael Birnbaum

Immigration was the dominant issue of the Dutch campaign, after years of war and misery in the Middle East that swept millions of refugees and migrants into Europe in recent years.

Bram van Ojik

We are among the few parties who say that with 65 million refugees worldwide, of which 95 percent is taken care of in the poorer countries of the world, we should do more instead of less. That is not a common position. Most parties say no, we are toward the limit of what we can deal with, and people don't want it. We try to shed light on the other side of the coin.

Eliza Borné

We remain focused on creating a quarterly print magazine with great writing and gorgeous design. The South is host to so many different communities, from so many backgrounds, that I have never found it limiting to focus our coverage on the region. In the past year, we have published stories about Burmese refugees in rural Georgia; coal miners who are struggling to make ends meet in Harlan County, Kentucky; anarchists in Palm Beach County; and migrant workers who died in the little-known Hawk's Nest Tunnel disaster in West Virginia (the worst industrial disaster in U.S. history).

Brett McGurk

ISIS has now lost over 60 percent of the territory it once held here in Iraq and is losing more every day. In total, in Iraq and Syria, coalition-enabled operations – that means our coalition supporting local partners, including Iraqi security forces – have cleared 50,000 square kilometres of territory from ISIS.

Neil Genzlinger

Certainly the final segment, which includes the plight of refugees, is both heart-rending and frustrating. The film offers no solutions and suggests no courses of action; maybe that's because there are no clear-cut ones.

Anuar Aoulad Abdelkrim

Everyone comes to my shows, every religion, every color, a lot of executives. Sometimes people come up to me afterwards and they say, You know, I'm a little bit racist, I don't like my neighbors, but I like you. People said, No, no, no, what do we have to do with them,' but now it's a 180-degree turn because people got motivated to help the refugees because they know their story.

Krisha Prathepan

We intend to challenge any resumption of returns to Greece, as that country's asylum system remains dysfunctional and the risk of refugees being returned from Greece to the very countries in which they faced persecution remains as high as ever.

Ali Ibrahim

I ask any kind people out there to help me get a prosthetic hand, God willing.

Ali Ibrahim

My brother swore allegiance to them. He was trying to get me out. He didn't stay long, and as soon as they cut my hand, he quit.

Ronald Meulendijks

When I see all the refugees getting everything for free, I get very angry. I want to throw something at the television. A government has to treat its own people correctly before accepting new ones. First, you must take care of your own. The Netherlands is ours again.

Colin Yeo

The only exceptions under the old policy were if the refugee engaged in criminal activities or similar or if a ministerial level declaration was made that a particular country was now safe, in which case refugee status for all refugees from that country would be reviewed. No such declarations were ever made under that policy.

Lisa Doyle

This policy will result in refugees who have demonstrated their need for protection being prevented from being able to properly rebuild their lives and being left with the constant fear of return hanging over their heads. Actively reviewing individual cases after five years promises to be a costly, bureaucratic and unnecessary nightmare that completely misunderstands the fact that many refugees desperately want to return home of their own accord anyway when it's safe to do so.

Neil Jameson

It was helpful in areas that don't have any refugees to have a group of people saying: 'We would welcome these people, councillors.' They were involved in lobbying councils and finding houses, which councils were frightened there would be a backlash against. If we can get to 20,000 together, I think our groups will say: 'That's great. Where are the next people coming from?' There has been such enthusiasm for this among civil society.

David Wolfson

If you think about 30 people [the number of Syrian refugees settled in Milton Keynes as of December 2016] in a population of 250,000, what is the difference if it's 60 out of 250,000, or even 200 out of 250,000? The numbers are minute compared to the help we could provide.

David Decosimo

From his hateful tweets and provocative rhetoric to his “new” executive order banning Muslims and refugees all over again, President Trump is driven by the idea that Islam is a threat to what makes us American. Trump has declared that “Islam hates us.” “There is,” he says, “an unbelievable hatred.” Stephen K. Bannon, one [].

Lucky Tran

Policies that accommodate refugees are the reason why I got to be a scientist, and the US immigration ban is now denying a whole generation of people that opportunity. In my lifetime, I've not seen scientists be so willing to come out in to the street.

Wendy Young

There's still this ambivalence in regarding the Central American situation as a refugee crisis. There's a perception in today's world that refugees are people who are fleeing war, and that gang and drug violence is not war.

Mandy Patinkin

I know it would get through to him. I believe it. I believe it because Donald Trump is, first and foremost, a human being. And human beings have hearts and compassion and morality and ethics and I believe, at Donald Trump's core, he too has that.

Mandy Gibson

Maybe it's the media. They are making refugees sound like they aren't legal immigrants and I don't necessarily understand, but they are different to me. Anybody who is coming from countries that have ISIS really should have a very thorough background check.

Rikko Voorberg

We are fighting a situation where people in Greece are stuck there. There is about 63 000 people. In September 2015 we promise to relocate them for the rest of their asylum procedure and we just didn't. It's more then one and a half year later and 85 percent is still stuck there.

Jeff Sessions

We also know that people seeking to support or commit terrorist attacks here will try to enter through our refugee program. In fact, today more than 300 people who came here as refugees are under FBI investigation for potential terrorism-related activities.

Yvette Cooper

There is a big gap between what the government has said, and the evidence we heard from local councils and from organisations like UNICEF who are working with child refugees. This is too important to get wrong when children's lives and futures are at risk. That's why we are making these urgent interim recommendations now. Ministers have said that they need to end the Dubs scheme in order to prevent trafficking, but Save the Children and others have said this will make child trafficking, abuse and exploitation worse. Councils told us that with funding in place they could take many more.

Joshua Browder

It works with almost every device, making it accessible to over a billion people. Ideally I would love to expand to WhatsApp when their platform opens up, particularly because it's popular internationally.

Joshua Browder

I've been trying to launch this for about six months – I initially wanted to do it in the summer. But I wanted to make sure I got it right because it's such a complicated issue. I kept showing it to lawyers throughout the process and I'd go back and tweak it. That took months and months of work, but we wanted to make sure it was right. I wanted to add Canada at the last minute because of the changes in the political background in the US. The language in these forms can be quite complicated. Once the form is sent off, the details are deleted from my end.

Sophie Alcorn

As an immigration attorney, I can see the major benefits that leveraging sophisticated chatbot technology will have in the asylum application process. It will be easier for applicants to submit their applications and it will empower legal aid organisations to assist a larger numbers of clients. Asylum seekers want to follow the laws and do everything properly, and this technology will help them do so.

Yvette Cooper

There is a big gap between what the government has said, and the evidence we heard from local councils and from organisations like Unicef who are working with child refugees. This is too important to get wrong when children's lives and futures are at risk.

John M. Fife

These were middle-class folks who were fleeing for their lives. We'd take in people who had torture marks all over their body, and the immigration judge would order them deported the next day. I assumed it was illegal, but I could not claim to be a Christian and not be involved in trying to protect refugees' lives.

Fu Ying

Look at the past decade or so, there have been so many conflicts, even wars, around the world resulting in serious, large numbers of casualties and loss of property, so many refugees destitute and homeless. Which one has China caused?

Fu Ying

We need the ability to safeguard our sovereignty and interests and rights. In particular, we need to guard against outside meddling in the disputes. Look at the past decade or so, there have been so many conflicts, even wars, around the world resulting in serious, large numbers of casualties and loss of property, so many refugees destitute and homeless. Which one has China caused?

Sayed Zaffer Shah

Hundreds of Pashtuns are being arrested and harassed in the name of terrorism. We never said all Punjabis are terrorists, though Punjabi Taliban were involved in bombings. This discrimination will only spread hatred.

Jamal Khan

They were really angry after these blasts. They took away my grandfather and said he didn't have his identification, but we have been here for many years. The elders had to rush over and get him out of the police station.

Anwar Khan

The authorities think every Pashto speaker is a refugee or a terrorist. We are being targeted, but we, too, suffer from these blasts. May God destroy those who do this.

Mahmoud Hassino

The main idea behind the competition was to launch a campaign to resettle LGBT Syrians from Turkey. The country is becoming more homophobic and it's more difficult for LGBT refugees.

Clare Moseley

With food handouts banned, charities like mine face an even more heartbreaking workload. These measures go against the basic principles of humanity. The demolition of the Calais refugee camp last October did nothing to improve the lives of so many desperate refugees, who now find themselves living destitute on the streets of France and are arriving back in Calais every day. These refugees, many unaccompanied minors, are now living in far worse conditions – the latest punishment inflicted on those living in the streets being the ban on the distribution of food.

Peter Hultqvist

We have a Russian annexation of Crimea, we have the aggression in Ukraine, we have more exercise activities in our neighborhood. So we have decided to build a stronger national defense.

Dimitris Avramopoulos

There are no more excuses for the member states not to deliver. It is possible and feasible to relocate all those who are eligible from Italy and Greece by September. It is as if you have an outstanding bill. You have to pay it.

Erol Kekic - Church World Service

This is so counterproductive. It makes Christians and minorities in those countries an even bigger target, because the perception is already that they receive preferential treatment. And singling them out even more would probably not help.

John Sterman

Those countries with high ambitions for Paris may impose border adjustment tariffs on the US, which would dramatically increase the prospect of a global trade war. That is something that would be very unhelpful. If we withdraw from Paris or the UNFCCC, we make it much harder to limit the potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change. That would create a huge flow of refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere who will look to go to the US and Europe. There won't be a wall big enough to keep out people fleeing floods and crop failures.

Katie Kildow

We were thinking on Valentine's Day, people will go out and spend that money, why shouldn't we spend it on something that's not commercialism and something that can make a difference for her and her family.

António Guterres - United Nations

The rights of refugees and migrants are under attack. Human trafficking is on the rise. And with so many people escaping war, the international community must not escape its responsibilities.

Martin Zandvliet

I thought it was about time to tell the story from the other side that we're also very hateful and lust for revenge. I wanted to make one of those stories. There was all the talk about closing down Europe, the Syrian refugees, everyone was a terrorist. Suddenly the movie became about how we treat each other ... The only way we can get people to listen is to show them something horrible.

Luis Gutierrez - Brother

I want Trump to see the face of a woman, the face of a Muslim, and the face of someone whose family has enriched and contributed to this country despite starting out as refugees.

Hillary Clinton

And stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next. From the women's march to airports where communities are welcoming immigrants, refugees and people of every faith, to town hall meetings where people are speaking up for health care, the environment, good jobs and all the other issues that deserve our passionate support.

Astrid Silva

President Trump would have people believe that all immigrants are criminals and that refugees are terrorists. But like my family, the vast majority of immigrants and refugees came to this country escaping poverty and conflict, looking for a better life and the opportunity to reach the American Dream.

Staffan de Mistura - United Nations

We face an uphill task. It will not be easy. There is a lot of tension and there is a lot suffering that everyone has been bearing, but we must apply ourselves to this task. We do know what will happen if we fail once again: More deaths, more suffering, more atrocities, more terrorism, more refugees.

Salil Shetty - Amnesty International

It was a year when a poisonous political rhetoric of 'us versus them' surged across the world. Whether it was the xenophobic and sexist rhetoric of President Trump's election campaign, European leaders' assault on the rights of refugees, President Erdogan of Turkey's massive crackdown after the attempted coup there or the so-called war on drugs in the Philippines.

Adam Coogle - Human Rights Watch

We hear reports that deportations are ongoing and they probably increased following the attack in Rukban camp in June, 2016.

Matteo Paoltroni

If you keep people in the shade (they) will have to do something to survive. If you are a government body and ... security is one of your biggest problems then you want to know where these people are.

Matthew Saltmarsh - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

It is estimated that up to 250,000 people could be displaced. Almost 217,000 have fled the hostilities since the start of the offensive on October 17, and around a 160,000 of those are still displaced. Others have returned to their homes, in newly retaken areas. But the situation remains fluid and is of course terrifying for those who are trapped or affected by the fighting.

Ibrahim Reyes

It's bad, what is happening in Mexico. But they didn't show solidarity toward us when we were refugees.

Ghezae Hagos

The US presidential campaign, putting undocumented migrants and refugees in the spotlight, terrified them. The election and inauguration of Mr. Trump appears to be the final reason for those who came mostly last month.

Lindsay Lohan

You know, I think it would be a positive thing for America to show their care and support, and for him to experience what it's like for these people … experience how giving Turkey has been to the refugees and how many they have welcomed in.

Simon Baptist

Le Pen has taken care to present herself as a candidate with reasonable views, which has helped her to push the National Front from the fringes to the mainstream. Recent events, such as the refugee crisis, terrorist attacks, and the rise of populist leaders elsewhere, have also played into her hands.

Justin Trudeau

Canada has always understood that keeping Canadians safe is one of the fundamental responsibilities of any government. At the same time, we continue to pursue our policies of openness towards refugees without compromising security. There have been times where we have differed in our approaches and that's always been done firmly and respectfully. The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. Today's conversations have served to reinforce how important that is for both Canadians and Americans.

Donald J. Trump

In order to create economic growth and lots of very good, well-paying jobs, we must ensure that our economy is a place where women can work and thrive, and I think that's happening in the United States much more so.

Justin Trudeau

We have welcomed refugees from Syria we have been very successful and we take our responsibility of security very seriously.

Donald J. Trump

We don't want our country to have the kind of problems you see taking place not only here but the rest of the world. American and Canadian troops have gone to battle together, fought wars together and forged the special bonds that come when two nations have shed their blood together – which we have.

Indrika Ratwatte - United Nations

There were incidences of pressure and harassment especially in KP [Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province]. But does it amount to forced return? No. It doesn't.

Ariane Rummery - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR does not promote returns to Afghanistan given the enduring conflict in different parts of the country and its limited absorption capacity. At the same time, the agency does help those who decide to return based on the options available to them.

Patricia Gossman - Human Rights Watch

We want to make sure that what happened last fall does not repeat. These practices are tantamount to forcing people across the border ... and that's why we say it's unlawful.

Gerry Simpson - Human Rights Watch

What is now needed is not more money to incentivize return to harm, but more money to help Pakistan protect Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Donald J. Trump

When I do, just like with the F-35 FighterJet or the Air Force One Program, price will come WAY DOWN! Our legal system is broken! '77per cent of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries.' (WT) SO DANGEROUS!

Viktor Orban

Of course we can give shelter to the real refugees: Germans, Dutch, French, Italians; scared politicians and journalists; Christians who had to flee their own country; those people who want to find here the Europe that they lost at their home. The foxes are let into the henhouse to compete freely, and nobody can stop the foxes winning time after time.

Steven Goldstein

Today marks a victory for American freedom over Presidential tyranny. The court has sided with refugees who thirst for hope over a president who yearns to hate.

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

I am heartened that the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals showed that care for refugees and commitment to American security go together. The confusion and chaos that resulted from the Administration's hasty and harmful executive order should be a lesson to keep intact carefully developed procedures that have kept America safe.

John Mativo

The government decision specifically targetting Somali refugees is an act of group persecution, illegal, discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional. Hence the said decision is null and void.

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

The confusion and chaos that resulted from the administration's hasty and harmful executive order should be a lesson to keep intact carefully developed procedures that have kept America safe. We are grateful that we can get back to work resettling refugees who have fled the terrors of war and violence, while also caring for those who remain trapped in conflict zones.

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

"We are grateful that we can get back to work resettling refugees who have fled the terrors of war and violence, while also caring for those who remain trapped in conflict zones."

Laetitia Bader - Human Rights Watch

The High Court sent a strong message that at least one of Kenya's branches of government is still willing to uphold refugee rights. After months of anxiety because of the camp closure deadline hanging over their heads, increasingly restricted asylum options and the recent US administration suspension of refugee resettlement, the court's judgment offers Somali refugees a hope that they may still be have a choice other than returning to insecure and drought-ridden Somalia.

Peter Dutton

"I don't have any comment to make in relation to when U.S. officials will be on Nauru next,". "There have been officials there who have left ... in the last couple of days and we would expect other officials to be there in due course.".

Peter Dutton

I don't have any comment to make in relation to when U.S. officials will be on Nauru next. There have been officials there who have left ... in the last couple of days and we would expect other officials to be there in due course. But there is a lot of work being done at an officials level with people from my department and the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State in the U.S., but it's not something that I have anything to comment on.

Spencer Rascoff - Zillow

We think it's bad for business, we think it's bad for the country, and frankly we don't think it makes the country safer, I think it makes us less safe. It cuts at the very center of the culture of the country, which welcomes refugees. The reason that you hear tech leaders speaking out about this is tech and immigration are inextricably intertwined. The innovation that immigrants bring to this country, the ingenuity, the entrepreneurialism, a lot of that is the lifeblood of the tech industry.

Donald J. Trump

It's very important. It's very important for the country, regardless of me or whoever succeeds at a later date, we have to have security in our country, we have to have the ability. We're not allowed to be tough on the people coming in? Explain that one. So we'll see what happens. We have a big court case, we're well represented, and we're going to see what happens. I mean, we'll see. Hopefully it doesn't have to. It's common sense. You know, some things are law, and I'm all in favor of that, and some things are common sense. This is common sense.

Donald J. Trump

We will certainly not stand for sanctuary even cities, let alone states. [California] in many ways is out of control ... from an economic standpoint ... People are leaving California [and] going to Texas and other places that are run in a different manner, but we'll see what happens.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

When the UNHCR manages to operate in a centre and then identifies someone as someone in needs and having the right to international protection. The UNHCR starts a resettlement program and those persons are resettled being it in Europe, being it in Canada or in the US, that I don't know… or elsewhere in the world.

Donald J. Trump

I like Bob Kraft. I like Coach Belichick. And Tom Brady is my friend. I think the other team is fantastic, though. It's a fantastic team. He turned out to be a good quarterback. You know, there's less pressure on the Patriots, because they've been there. Once you've done it - and they've done it - once you've done it, there's a lot less pressure. So, we'll see what happens. But you know, you have to stick up for your friends, right? I don't know even know - what are the odds? I guess it's pretty even. Two great teams. Pretty even. So I'll say the Patriots will win.

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

Airbnb has been supporting refugees well before the current controversies. Airbnb's mission to bring strangers together who help each other in various ways is core to our mission as well. So many Americans were refugees. It's core to the identity and success of the country.

Anas Modamani

Some people are trying to harm the reputation of the refugees like me and they are using Facebook to spread hatred against us.

Donald J. Trump

I like Bob Kraft, I like coach Belichick and Tom Brady is my friend. They're taking a lot of heat (for supporting the president) but they're also getting a lot of popularity out of it. I think they're going to do very well. Tom's a winner. The coach is a great coach. I think the other team is fantastic, (Matt Ryan) turned out to be a good quarterback but there's less pressure on the Patriots because they've been there. Once you've won, once you've done it – and they've done it – there's a lot less pressure so we'll see what happens. You have to stick up for your friends, right.

Elke Wollschlaeger

We're trying to keep it in people's minds what happened in Idomeni last year, and what Europe did to refugees and the Greek people, just leaving the borders closed and thousands of people stranded.

Joseph Muscat

The Libyan authorities are asking for assistance in monitoring their borders, not only maritime borders, but also land borders. They are asking for assistance in managing the camps where refugees, potential refugees and migrants are kept.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

We will agree on a very relevant packages of measures that will help us manage the flows better save lives in partnership with the UN agencies, the UNHCR and the IOM, in Libya, in the countries of origin, having a strong external European initiative to decrease and avoid loss of lives.

Francois Hollande

Those who would like to establish bilateral relations with the US are understood. But there is no future with Trump, if there is not a common approach.

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Every time we depart from our values we worsen the very problem we are trying to contain. We must never allow our values to become the collateral damage of a search for greater security. Shutting our door to refugees or discriminating among them is not our way, and does not make us safer. The global refugee crisis and the threat from terrorism make it entirely justifiable that we consider how best to secure our borders.

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Refugees are men, women and children caught in the fury of war, or the cross hairs of persecution. Far from being terrorists, they are often the victims of terrorism themselves. Every government must balance the needs of its citizens with its international responsibilities. But our response must be measured and should be based on facts, not fear. We are lighting a fuse that will burn across continents, inviting the very instability we seek to protect ourselves against. Shutting our door to refugees or discriminating among them is not our way, and does not make us safer.

Chris George

It's just been amazing and it's a real boost for morale. These are people who were so infuriated by the executive order ... that they wanted to demonstrate their support for refugees. It's just terrific.

Amy Boratko

It allows us to physically get out there and show our support for more families being resettled here. Since the election, I've wanted to get more involved in activism, but specifically in New Haven. And I've long been an admirer of IRIS' work.

Rick Kuhn

He's hung that credibility on saying it's all going to come to an end in a happy way though this deal. If the refugee swap falls through then it's an absolute disaster for him.

Daniel Webb

Extreme vetting at the moment is a statement of intent and not one for optimism. The deal may be viable for some but it is going to leave many people behind.

James Franey - Euronews

It is not often EU leaders get to meet up away from the doom and gloom of Brussels. Even on the picturesque island of Malta, they will find little to be cheerful about. The hosts worry about more refugees and migrants arriving this Spring. Britain is headed for the EU exit door – and the spectre of US President Donald Trump looms large. Trump's immigration policies have been met with indignation in European capitals. All this however as the EU is planning tougher policies of its own.

Ann Corcoran

There needs to be a national debate about how many refugees and other immigrants we take and from what cultures they come from. Frankly, we have made a grievous error in taking the Muslim refugees, Somalis in particular, who have no intention of becoming Americans. They are here to change America. Unfortunately, political correctness and a worshipful attitude toward multiculturalism have blinded us.

Richard Haass

Nothing is local anymore. You have a mess in Syria, and then suddenly you have a million refugees go into Germany, which totally now has overturned European politics. The nationalist movements, the populist movements, the Brexit vote [were] largely a reaction.

Loani Henao

The arrangement was not in the interest of this country, was not for the benefit of this country, but it was for the benefit of a foreign country.

Julia Gillard

The purpose would be to ensure that people smugglers have no product to sell. A boat ride to Australia would just be a ticket to the regional processing centre.

Andrew Scott - Royal Bank of Canada

Mr. Turnbull needs to stop trying to appease Trump and should stop trying to do some special deal with America to hide Australia's own embarrassment about not supporting the rights of refugees.

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

When you see this destruction you really understand what being a refugee means, and why it is so important to show solidarity and not rejection, to provide them with asylum when possible and not push them back across borders.

António Guterres - United Nations

"This is not the way to best protect the US or any other country in relation to the serious concerns that exist about possibilities of terrorist infiltration,". "I don't think this is the effective way to do so and I think these measures should be removed sooner rather than later".

Jeremy Corbyn

President Trump has torn up international agreements on refugees, he's threatened to dump international agreements on climate change, he's praised the use of torture, he's incited hatred against Muslims, he's directly attacked women's rights. Just what more, does President Trump have to do before the Prime Minister will listen to the 1.8m people who have already called for his state visit invitation to be withdrawn?

Mark Parker - Nike

Nike believes in a world where everyone celebrates the power of diversity. Regardless of whether or how you worship, where you come from or who you love, everyone's individual experience is what makes us stronger as a whole. Those values are being threatened by the recent executive order in the U.S. banning refugees, as well as visitors, from seven Muslim-majority countries. This is a policy we don't support.

Rustum Abdulrahman

I keep this image always with me, I made it as small as possible so no matter what it won't be damaged and will never lose it, my wife is my best friend and the partner of my life.

Sahar Dargzini

I love keeping my children pictures with me all the times, they will always remain my children, I hope they will allow me to go to Norway and be with my daughter and see my granddaughter Mirna.

Henef Slu

It was the most beautiful day of my life the day I married my wife Nadima, we had a lot of guests, family and friends, this photograph was the only thing we carried with us from home.

Chad Griffin

Claiming ally status for not overturning the progress of your predecessor is a rather low bar. LGBTQ refugees, immigrants, Muslims and women are scared today, and with good reason. Donald Trump has done nothing but undermine equality since he set foot in the White House. Donald Trump has left the key question unanswered -- will he commit to opposing any executive actions that allow government employees, taxpayer-funded organizations or even companies to discriminate?

Terry McGovern

I am actually sickened by President Trump's use of 9/11 in this executive order. Don't use our loved ones, and specifically my mother, to turn away refugees.

Angela Merkel

The fight against terrorism does not justify such general action against particular countries and people of a particular faith.

Stefan Kipar - BayernLB

Unemployment could rise somewhat in the coming months, also due to the integration of refugees into the labour market.

Joerg Zeuner - KfW

It is still unclear which burdens will fall on the German economy from Brexit and a possible nationalist economic policy in the United States. A negative effect on the labour market linked to exports is not to be ruled out.

Kate Allen - Amnesty International

This is a ban on Muslims entering America, it is a ban on all refugees (…) And we're here outside Number 10 because we want our Prime Minister, Mrs May, to make it really clear to President Trump: there is a special relationship, use that special relationship to say this must stop, the decision that he's taken must be revoked.

Sean Spicer

When we use words like 'travel ban,' that misrepresents what it is. It's seven countries previously identified by the Obama administration, where frankly we don't get the information that we need for people coming into this country. This isn't about refugees. It's about travelers. … And people are actually stopping, reading the order and realizing, Oh, that's it?

Cheryl Hoffman

I understand that the country was founded on immigrants. Please, I get that. But I'm worried that refugees are coming in and being supported by my tax dollars.

Yvette Cooper

The state of accommodation for some asylum seekers and refugees in this country is a disgrace. And the current contract system just isn't working. Major reforms are needed. Even where the accommodation and support are of a good standard, it is still far too concentrated in the most deprived areas. It is completely unfair on those local authorities and communities that have signed up and are now taking many more people, when so many local authorities in more affluent areas are still doing nothing at all.

Joe S. Vasquez

We believe that now more than ever, welcoming newcomers and refugees is an act of love and hope. We will continue to engage the new administration, as we have all administrations for the duration of the current refugee program, now almost forty years. We will work vigorously to ensure that refugees are humanely welcomed in collaboration with Catholic Charities without sacrificing our security or our core values as Americans, and to ensure that families may be reunified with their loved ones.

David Tishler

Where he is they have very little experience treating cancer, they don't have the resources. Without getting additional therapy, he is going to die.

Borge Brende

For us having a moratorium on receiving refugees for 120 days is nothing that we are even considering. this is not up to our standards.

Larry Yungk - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We've informed (the State Department) that there's limited capacity to resettle these other cases. There's no way to compensate for all the U.S. placements.

Karen Monken

We see intense medical needs, especially from Syrians, because their trauma is so fresh, including recent shrapnel wounds and lost limbs.

Mark Toner

The Dissent Channel is a long-standing official vehicle for State Department employees to convey alternative views and perspectives on policy issues. This is an important process that the Acting Secretary, and the Department as a whole, value and respect. It allows State employees to express divergent policy views candidly and privately to senior leadership.

António Guterres - United Nations

African nations are among the world's largest and most generous hosts of refugees. African borders remain open for those who need protection, when so many borders are being closed even in some of the most developed countries in the world.

Barry Carpenter

Historically, our industry has been an excellent starting point for new Americans. Immigrants and refugees can be an important component of some companies' labor forces, especially in rural areas where low unemployment creates a tight labor supply.

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question. These uncertain times call for different measures and communication tools than we have used in the past. There are more than 65 million citizens of the world recognized as refugees by the United Nations, and we are developing plans to hire 10,000 of them over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does business.

Ben Sasse

There are two ways to lose our generational battle against jihadism by losing touch with reality. The first is to keep pretending that jihadi terrorism has no connection to Islam or to certain countries. That's been a disaster. And here's the second way to fail: If we send a signal to the Middle East that the U.S. sees all Muslims as jihadis, the terrorist recruiters win by telling kids that America is banning Muslims and that this is America versus one religion. Both approaches are wrong, and both will make us less safe. Our generational fight against jihadism requires wisdom.

Jason Chaffetz

I think it's surprising a lot of people that he is actually doing what he said he was going to do, but there are those of us that actually support that. . . . People that have a green card supposedly already have been vetted, so there needs to be some further clarification.

Yvette Cooper

This is not just about the impact of British citizens, one of our closest allies has chosen to ban refugees and target Muslims and all he can say is 'well, it wouldn't be our policy' - that is not good enough. Has he urged the US administration to lift this order, to help refugees and to stop targeting Muslims? This order was signed on Holocaust Memorial Day - for the sake of history, for heaven's sake, have the guts to speak out!

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I write to you today with deep concern, a heavy heart and a resolute promise. We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question. Building bridges, not walls, with Mexico. We stand ready to help and support our Mexican customers, partners and their families as they navigate what impact proposed trade sanctions, immigration restrictions and taxes might have on their business and their trust of Americans.

John Zimmer - Lyft
Logan Green - Lyft

We created Lyft to be a model for the type of community we want our world to be: diverse, inclusive, and safe. This weekend, Trump closed the country's borders to refugees, immigrants, and even documented residents from around the world based on their country of origin. Banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft's and our nation's core values. We stand firmly against these actions, and will not be silent on issues that threaten the values of our community.

Rob Portman

I think the previous homeland security secretary had named those countries because of a lack of information and the fact that either ISIS or al Qaeda was present in those countries. In my view, we ought to all take a deep breath and come up with something that makes sense for our national security and, again, for this notion that America has always been a welcoming home for refugees and immigrants.

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

If the recent Executive Order related to health care remains in place and the Affordable Care Act is repealed causing you to lose your healthcare coverage, you will always have the ability to return and can do so within 30 days of losing that coverage rather than having to wait for an open enrollment period.

Jeremy Corbyn

I think we need to find out exactly what his intentions are in the long run and how much the U.S. parliamentary system is going to protect fundamentals of rights and freedoms and laws.

Chuck Schumer

If we get a few more Republicans, I think we might be able to pass legislation. Tears are running down the cheeks of the Statue of Liberty tonight as a grand tradition of America, welcoming immigrants, that has existed since America was founded, has been stomped upon. Taking in immigrants and refugees is not only humanitarian but has also boosted our economy and created jobs decade after decade. This is one of the most backward and nasty executive orders that the president has issued.

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I write to you today with deep concern, a heavy heart and a resolute promise. We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question. We stand ready to help and support our Mexican customers, partners and their families as they navigate what impact proposed trade sanctions, immigration restrictions and taxes might have on their business and their trust of Americans. But we will continue to invest in this critically important market all the same.

Nadhim Zahawi

What if you are British of Iraqi origin, as I am? A sad sad day to feel like a second class citizen! Sad day for the USA.

Michael McCaul

We are a compassionate nation and a country of immigrants. But, as we know, terrorists are dead set on using our immigration and refugee programmes as a Trojan Horse to attack us. With the stroke of a pen, he is doing more to shut down terrorist pathways into this country than the last administration did in eight years.

Kostas Pideris

I've been in danger at sea, fishing and helping refugees, and my boat sinks in the safety of the harbor. My brain stopped. My heart stopped. I was the living dead.

Malcolm Turnbull

I thank President Trump for his commitment to honor that existing agreement. It's not my job, as prime minister of Australia, to run a commentary on the domestic policies of other countries.

Steffen Seibert

The German Chancellor deeply regrets the US President's decision to ban refugees and immigration of certain countries from entering the United States. She is convinced that the necessary fight against terrorism does not justify to place people of certain nationalities or beliefs under general suspicion.

David Gauke - Treasury

The important thing is we are saying that we disagree with it and we think it's wrong.

Heidi Allen

Strong leadership means not being afraid to tell someone powerful when they're wrong. It's an ethos this country is proud of, Theresa May. I don't care how special the relationship is, some lines just shouldn't be crossed.

Steffen Seibert

The chancellor regrets the U.S. entry ban against refugees and citizens from several countries.

Benjamin Netanyahu

President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel's southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea. We have signed international obligations, so welcoming refugees fleeing war and oppression forms part of our duties. The United States is responsible for the United States' policy on refugees.

Charles Kurzman

"I can only conclude that this is whipping up fear and hostility toward Americans who have family background from these countries,"

Jerrold Nadler

This should not be happening in America. The executive order is a gross violation of our standards, our norms and the spirit of our Constitution.

Mohammed Al Rawi

He's a senior. Why would anyone feel threatened by someone like him? This actually makes us as a country look bad. ... I am generally concerned about all US citizens in the Middle East. Targeting Muslims this way puts people in horrible situations.

Manel Vrijenhoek

We were a bit surprised we had to implement this immediately but all airlines are doing so.

Anthony D. Romero - American Civil Liberties Union

Clearly this is just the first day of what will be a very long battle. But the judge understood the consequences for hundreds if not thousands of immigrants and refugees. Now the onus is on the Trump administration to prove that this order is both constitutional and lawful, from their perspective.

Brad Smith

As a company, Microsoft believes in a strong and balanced high-skilled immigration system. We also believe in broader immigration opportunities, like the protections for talented and law-abiding young people under the Deferred Access for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program, often called 'Dreamers'. We believe that immigration laws can and should protect the public without sacrificing people's freedom of expression or religion. And we believe in the importance of protecting legitimate and law-abiding refugees whose very lives may be at stake in immigration proceedings.

Binali Yildirim

There are 55 million refugees in the world…this problem cannot be ignored and it cannot be solved by building walls.

Audrey Gaughran - Amnesty International

At a time when we have a global refugee crisis, President Trump has bared all Syrian refugees and has put a hold on the resettlement of refugees in the United States. This executive order is staggering in its scope, deeply shocking and should be reversed immediately.

Donald J. Trump

Totally prepared. It's working out very nicely. You see it at the airports, you see it all over. It's working out very nicely – and we're going to have a very, very strict ban. We're going to have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years. This was a five-year ban I was talking about the campaign trail. We are putting it into effect. It's a two-year ban now. Full of loopholes. This is a five-year ban. People have been talking about doing this for a long time. Like, many years.

Sigmar Gabriel

The United States is a country where Christian traditions have an important meaning. Loving your neighbour is a major Christian value, and that includes helping people. I think that is what unites us in the West, and I think that is what we want to make clear to the Americans.

Jean-Marc Ayrault

Welcoming refugees who flee war and oppression is part of our duty. I think that is what unites us in the West, and I think that is what we want to make clear to the Americans.

Benjamin Netanyahu

You cannot settle this (refugee) issue by building walls. Nobody leaves their homes for nothing.

Jean-Marc Ayrault

This can only worry us, but there are many subjects that worry us. Welcoming refugees who flee war and oppression is part of our duty. Let's not forget there was a war, that Russia sought to take over parts of Ukraine.

Donald J. Trump

The United States is responsible for the United States' policy on refugees.

Hassan Rouhani

He is new to politics. He has been in a different world. It's a totally new environment to him. They have forgotten that the Berlin Wall collapsed many years ago. Even if there are walls between nations, they must be removed. There will be no negotiations on the nuclear deal. The deal has been finalized and it was approved in the U.N. Security Council.

Lena Masri

The American Muslim community has been the target of discriminatory policies for many years now. Generally speaking at this time the Muslim community is being attacked by this order. It's important for Americans to stand together and rise together. There is no evidence that refugees – the most thoroughly vetted of all people entering our nation – are a threat to national security. This is an order that is based on bigotry, not reality.

Ammar Sawan

My dream, even before the war in Syria, was to live in America. We are not terrorists and we don't support terrorism.

Mohammed Hassan al-Homsi

This decision proves the militant group's theory that the West, led by the United States, is an enemy of Muslims. It's an unfortunate decision.

Johan Karlsson

We are incredibly proud to be bringing home both the Beazley Designs of the Year Award for Architecture and this year's Grand Prize – especially in a year with such intense competition. We accept this award with mixed emotions – while we are pleased that this kind of design is honoured, we are aware that it has been developed in response to the humanitarian needs that have arisen as the result of the refugee crisis.

Kamala Harris

Make no mistake – this is a Muslim ban. We have opened our doors to those fleeing violence and oppression for decades, by presidents on both sides of the aisle. During the Holocaust, we failed to let refugees like Anne Frank into our country. We can't let history repeat itself.

Jan Egeland - United Nations

It will not make America safer. It will make America smaller and meaner. It's a really sad rupture of a long and proud American bi-partisan tradition that America would be there for those fleeing from terror and for the weak and the vulnerable in the world, which are the refugees.

Ammar Sawan

When we heard of the order, it was like a bolt of lightning, and all our hopes and dreams vanished.

Donald J. Trump

We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people. He has stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture or waterboarding, or however you want to define it. … I don't necessarily agree. But I would tell you that he will override because I'm giving him that power. He's an expert. We're no longer going to be the country that doesn't know what it's doing.

Melanie Nezer

This in effect could be a permanent ban. Many of these people may never be able to come.

Lena Masri

"There is no evidence that refugees -- the most thoroughly vetted of all people entering our nation -- are a threat to national security,". "This is an order that is based on bigotry, not reality.".

Hameed Khalid Darweesh

This is the soul of America. This is what pushed me to move, leave my country and come here. America is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. . . . we know that America is the land of freedom. What I do for this country? They put the cuffs on. You know how many soldiers I touch by this hand?

Benjamin Netanyahu

Europe is facing a moment of truth. The issue is populism. What we are hearing from the U.S. encourages populism and even extremism. They are saying that Europe should not take immigrants, shouldn't stay together, not believe in climate change. Love thy neighbor' is part of this (American Christian) tradition, the act of helping others. We have signed international obligations, so welcoming refugees fleeing war and oppression forms part of our duties. President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel's southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.

Charles Kurzman

I can only conclude that this is whipping up fear and hostility toward Americans who have family background from these countries.

Andrew M. Cuomo

I never thought I'd see the day when refugees who have fled war-torn countries in search of a better life, would be turned away at our doorstep. We are a nation of bridges, not walls, and a great many of us still believe the words 'give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...' This is not who we are and not who we should be.

Jeremy Corbyn

President Trump's executive order against refugees and Muslims should shock and appal us all. Theresa May should have stood up for Britain and our values by condemning his actions. It should sadden our country that she chose not to. After Trump's hideous actions and May's weak failure to condemn them, it's more important than ever for us to say to refugees seeking a place of safety, that they will always be welcome in Britain.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Europe is facing a moment of truth. The issue is populism. What we are hearing from the U.S. encourages populism and even extremism. They are saying that Europe should not take immigrants, shouldn't stay together, not believe in climate change. We have signed international obligations, so welcoming refugees fleeing war and oppression forms part of our duties. The United States is responsible for the United States' policy on refugees.

Donald J. Trump

I gave her great compliments until she allowed the refugees to come into Germany, and Germany ... has tremendous problems right now. Well I think Merkel is a really great world leader but I was very disappointed that, when she, this move with the whole thing on immigration. I think it's a big problem and really, you know, to look at what she's done in the last year and a half. I was always a Merkel person. I thought, really fantastic, but I think she made a very tragic mistake a year and a half ago.

Stephen Legomsky

If they are thinking about an exception for Christians, in almost any other legal context discriminating in favour of one religion and against another religion could violate the constitution.

Greg Chen

The ban on refugees will severely cripple the U.S. refugee program, leaving thousands who face life-threatening danger without humanitarian protection. This policy does not make us safer. It shows weakness and withdraws our nation from the position as global leader when so many refugees urgently need protection.

Chris Amsler - Aurora

WERE GONNA BLOW UP ALL OF YOU REFUGEES. This is an ongoing investigation and is a top priority for us. We don't tolerate that type of thing in the city of Aurora. The FBI is now assisting us in our efforts to solve this bias-motivated crime.

Peter Spiro

It's a completely plausible prioritization, to the extent this group is actually being persecuted.

Malala Yousafzai

In this time of uncertainty and unrest around the world, I ask President Trump not to turn his back on the world's most defenseless children and families. I am heartbroken that America is turning its back on a proud history of welcoming refugees and immigrants -- the people who helped build your country, ready to work hard in exchange for a fair chance at a new life. I am heartbroken that Syrian refugee children, who have suffered through six years of war by no fault of their own, are singled out for discrimination.

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

In truth, refugees are fleeing terror – they are not terrorists. And at a time when there are more refugees than ever, America must remain true to its core values. America must remain a beacon of hope.

Vannina Maestracci

I think it's fair to say that refugees coming into the United States to be resettled are some of the most vetted individuals entering the United States.

Thomas De Maiziere

The people taken up by the smugglers need to be saved and brought to a safe place, but then from this safe place outside Europe we would bring into Europe only those who require protection.

Dmitry Peskov

No, our American partners did not consult with us. It's a sovereign decision. It is important that this [plan] does not exacerbate the situation with refugees, but probably all the consequences ought to be weighed up. Contacts at the level of the administrations are not taking place at the moment, there haven't been any yet, such contacts are yet to be established.

Dmitry Peskov

It is important that this (the plan) does not exacerbate the situation with refugees, but probably all the consequences ought to be weighed up.

Nur Hasan al Faraj

If there had been such a possibility before, yes, I would like to have gone. But now, after Trump has come, no, I think I will never go.

Rami Halloum

Trump's pretext is a fear that there could be terrorists among migrants. This is a lie.

Seth Kaper-Dale

The president needs to know he's an absolute fool for fostering this kind of hostility in his first few days. This will inflame violence against Americans around the world.

Nihad Awad

Muslims, we believe, are the sole targets of these orders. These orders are a disturbing confirmation of Islamophobic and un-American policy proposals made during the presidential election campaign. Never before in our country's history have we purposely, as a matter of policy, imposed a ban on immigrants or refugees on the basis of religion.

Kirsten Di Martino - UNICEF

Others argue if you do [allow child marriage] some of the refugees might not claim they are married and just hide it and not come to the attention of the protection services. Therefore if they are in an abusive relationship or exploitative situation they may not be protected. It's not always a scenario of having a young girl married to a much older man, necessarily, because a lot of the refugees come from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and they are legally allowed to marry before the age of 18.

Hiroshi Motomura

His comments during the campaign, and a number of people on his team, focused very much on religion as the target.

Carl Dolan - Transparency International

The EU has a slow-burning corruption crisis in its midst. While EU leaders have been preoccupied with other crises such as the influx of refugees from Syria, Brexit and terrorist atrocities, they have shown little appetite to address the corruption that is eroding confidence in political institutions and shackling sclerotic economies. The fact that the flagship European Commission report on corruption has been delayed by more than a year shows the complacency at the top. This complacency towards corruption is the perfect fuel for a fast-burning crisis.

Catherine Stubberfield - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Any substantial delay in the relocation of refugees...would be highly concerning from a humanitarian perspective. These men, women and children can no longer afford to wait.

Behrouz Boochani

We already didn't have much hope the U.S. would accept us. If they do not take us, Australia will have to.

Ted Cruz

I am encouraged that, unlike the previous administration, one of President Trump's top priorities is to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. To augment the efforts of the new administration, this legislation I have introduced will reinforce the authority of the states and governors to keep their citizens safe.

Stephen Legomsky

From a legal standpoint, it would be exactly within his legal rights. But from a policy standpoint, it would be terrible idea because there is such an urgent humanitarian need right now for refugees.

Anat Bar-Gera

I very much hope that this part of the world – the leaders, the privileged, the rich – will be able this year to include, take care, and solve the problems of the other part of the world. Of the refugees, of the people who come across the seas, and of the kids of Syria – all of those problems that haven't been solved yet, unfortunately.

Tanya Chapuisat - UNICEF

Poverty, social exclusion, insecurity and language barriers are preventing Syrian children from getting an education, leaving an entire generation disadvantaged, impoverished and at risk of being pushed into early marriage and child labour.

Elham Saleh

I was married and used to live in Deir Hafer. My husband joined ISIL so I decided to run away from him, and in our area women were frowned on and ordered to covered their faces.

Fatima Ibrahim Khalaf

We were tired of the shooting and of ISIL. If they saw a car transporting cigarettes they would just take it, and if they saw a car that was transporting people they would take that too. They took government money also. And they took money from the people as (tax). People were hungry and there was no help.

Fatima Ibrahim Khalaf

It was a tough journey. It was like torture. We had to walk a long distance and we had to pay money to the smugglers to guide us here. And we suffered all the way until reaching here.

Samia al-Moussa

We were at home around 11 o'clock at night and we felt a car come close to the house. Abdo, come with us' they shouted, but when he asked 'Where?' they said it was none of his business. He went with them and we never saw him again.

Helene Caux - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Up until the night of the Jan.16 there were 26,000 people .... The flow has increased sharply since then.

Julia Hall - Amnesty International

For every measure that is reflected in it, there is a discriminatory element to it. The discrimination does disproportionately impact on Muslims, people perceived to be Muslim, foreigners, migrants and refugees.

Donald J. Trump

Well, it's doing OK. I mean, you know .. But I do think keeping it together is not going to be as easy as a lot of people think. And I think this, if refugees keep pouring into different part of Europe, I think it's going to be very hard to keep it together because people are angry about it.

Donald J. Trump

If they hadn't been forced to take in all of the refugees, so many, with all the problems that it... entails, I think that you wouldn't have a Brexit. This was the final straw that broke the camel's back. (...) If refugees keep pouring into different parts of Europe... I think it's gonna be very hard to keep it together because people are angry about it.

Paola Bolognesi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

People don't have an option but to flee criminal gangs who exert very strong pressure on communities. We are seeing entire families of up to 20 people fleeing to save their lives.

Barack Obama

But without bolder action, our children won't have time to debate the existence of climate change; they'll be busy dealing with its effects: environmental disasters, economic disruptions, and waves of climate refugees seeking sanctuary.

Roland Schoenbauer - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are worried about the health of these vulnerable people, which is why we transferred some of them to buildings and why we call on the authorities to speed up registration so that more people can be moved to the mainland.

Roland Schoenbauer - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are really worried because people are so exposed and vulnerable to the elements and vulnerable to tensions and violence because of the overcrowding and because of the unacceptable slowness of registration and because of the lack of European solidarity when it comes to relocating asylum seekers out of Greece.

Roland Schoenbauer - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

If you are a person who has been forced to flee and who has lost everything it must be terrible if you end up sleeping on the floor in a flimsy tent with snow and wind making temperatures plummet under freezing. It is really harsh and living conditions for people in these camps are worse than normal, and normal is already unacceptably low.

Eugenio Ambrosi - International Organization for Migration

I wouldn't be able to speculate why they [the authorisations] haven't been received, the fact remains it is the stumbling block to moving people out of the warehousing.

Cathy Hilborn Feng

I broke this story when I was very, very young. I went there to look after the refugees, the blind, the deaf and the dumb. While I was there, the war suddenly came into being.

Adrian Edwards - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Even with recent efforts to improve matters, conditions at many sites on the islands remain very poor. The need for better protection will become all the more acute this weekend when temperatures on the islands are expected to drop. We are worried.

Adrian Edwards - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are worried. Currently, the situation on Samos, Chios and Lesvos is particularly worrying. On Samos, around 700 people, this includes young children and other especially vulnerable individuals, these people are in unheated tents in the Reception and Information Centre.

Homeyra Ghaffari

People hear about America and think it is a dreamland and everything is law and order and they are going to be absolutely safe, and when they enter they are in shock as they try to find their way around. They feel isolated, don't have any clear direction. Their dream shatters right away.

Sani Usman

They were residents of Damasak displaced by the insurgency staying as refugees in the neighbouring Niger Republic and internally displaced people in Maiduguri.

Rainer Weichelt

Here in Gladbeck we noticed, especially in the spring of 2016, that recognised refugees moved in huge numbers from the eastern parts of our federal republic towards the Ruhr region, to Gladbeck. They did not really feel safe in the east.. Nevertheless, regarding the jobless rate, eastern Germany is better off than the Ruhr region.

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This situation highlights the urgent need for states to increase pathways for admission of refugees, such as resettlement, private sponsorship, family reunification and student scholarship schemes, among others, so they do not have to resort to dangerous journeys and the use of smugglers.

Benjamin Netanyahu

We have already treated thousands of wounded from the tragedy in Syria. I want us to find ways of bringing women, children and also men, if they are non-combatants, from Aleppo for treatment in Israeli hospitals.

Mary Flynn

I also see details in my daily work that I know these security screenings are ongoing and continuous until the person arrives in the United States.

Ammar Wazzaz

We have nothing to do with this crime. I hope that what this person did won't tarnish the reputation of refugees like us, who are very grateful to Germany.

Angela Merkel

We are trying to support Greece. ... We want a fair distribution of refugees throughout Europe.

Ruth Brinkmann-Seitz

I'm delighted that this kind of integration is happening - just like that, without any big fuss and really great.

Staffan de Mistura - United Nations

I myself have expressed horror at the idea that by Christmas we would have the final part of the so-called battle for Aleppo that could have ended up in massive destruction – no Aleppo left – and 200,000 refugees streaming toward Turkey.

Harjeet Singh - ActionAid

We share a common ecosystem, and we share common mountains, rivers, history and culture. When these solutions need to be devised, we have to have common solutions.

Jens Spahn

Those who are not refugees, who are not fleeing from Iraq or Syria from war and persecution, must return to their homelands - and that needs to be done consistently.

Marwan Abbas

Every day we kill some of them. But all the time Daesh is sending more.

Caroline Gluck - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We're hoping to bring winter assistance to more than a million displaced Iraqis but funding is an issue and we urgently need extra money to be able to fund all our winter assistance programmes.

Abdullah Ahmed Saleh

It was raining mortars on us. There were snipers. And a rocket landed in the middle of the front yard. Inside the garage.

Haider Mahmoud Ahmed

We have received these items. But we need heating oil. They're here. Blankets, a heater, but we don't have water, drinking water. All the tankers around here are empty. There is no water in them. We want them to be filled so we can live. Yesterday we were freezing. There is no heating oil.

Muhammad Yunus

This creates tension among people at the bottom (of the income ladder). They blame refugees and minorities – and unscrupulous politicians exploit this.

Yaser al-Sawaleh

We no longer worry about losing the cards ... and only the person involved can use it.

Petra Nocker-Schwarzenbacher

I would warn against the idea that one could solve the tourism sector's (immediate) problem with refugees or asylum seekers. That is certainly not the case.

Gabriela Sonnleitner

Caritas thought, what can we do to break down the barriers in people's heads in our economy?

Emma Jarmaine

I think some of the volunteers have very blurred lines. I've seen first hand volunteers getting stoned with refugees, getting intimate ... Obviously people are people and that happens but I think when that does happen it would probably make sense to remove yourself from the position of a volunteer.

Fadhil Barwari

There are lots of civilians and refugees, we cannot use our tanks. We take one neighbourhood and people are leaving, we can't work out who is who. They (Islamic State) are firing rockets and they are hitting civilians.

Rob Bailey

What kind of global and international institutions will we need to have for a stable and resilient international order? It raises questions for our food system, our humanitarian system, for international laws on refugees and asylum, (and) for social protection mechanisms.

Angela Merkel

We cannot tackle all the world's hunger, nor can we solve the problems of 65 million refugees, nor can we change the political order everywhere the way we would like it.

Erna Solberg

We are one of those countries that are resettling the most refugees: 3,100 people are being taken out by the UNHCR quotas to come to Norway. We have done this for a stable long period, so even if we have a low number this year and a large number last year we are in fact participating a lot in this humanitarian crisis.

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

High levels of education are obviously associated to greater tolerance of diversity and pluralism, so what are you doing to educate Norwegians to be more welcoming to refugees? Because we often ask refugees to integrate, but we also need to have populations who welcome them.

Roland Schoenbauer - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Tensions are not completely new, but the situation is seriously concerning us, because it has deteriorated seriously. The tensions are linked to the overcrowding of the sites.

Roland Schoenbauer - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Both incidents together have destroyed the places to sleep for some 100 men women and children. Today there was a third incident where .... stones were thrown and one Syrian man was seriously injured to his head and had to be hospitalized.

Hosana Adisu

We are working on how refugees can link up with the markets in the surroundings. We have established relations between the graduates and the existing financial institutions in this area. It can be micro finance institutions, savings and credits, and the banks.

Jackson Aliga

The bakery training takes six months, every week we have five days training. The first group, which consisted of 31 people, I would say 50 percent have already found jobs and others are in the process.

Daruka Ayak

I've felt comfortable from the moment I started this work. All my kids have clothes and shoes and if they need to buy something at school I can pay. Things have changed compared to the moment I came from South Sudan.

Gerald Edema

Currently we receive between 100 and 180, but previously around July 17-18, at the peak of the influx, we were receiving between 3,000 to 4,000 refugees per day.

Julian Reichelt

A nonexistent dialogue between the Muslim and the Western world, the Middle East conflict and an underlying feeling that Obama left Europe alone with the refugee crisis are just a few examples of failed policies.

Belkis Wille - Human Rights Watch

They should make it a priority to allow these families to reintegrate and get access to school and benefits for their children as quickly as possible.

Charles Vincent - World Food Programme

The situation is alarming in the north of the country except that we cannot technically talk of famine ... we speak of situation with high food insecurity; what is called 'red phase' but not famine.

Charles Vincent - World Food Programme

Currently WFP is carrying out a general distribution to about 13,000 families (about 65,000 people); a distribution which is currently taking place in response to the situation. Is it sufficient? No.

John Dalhuisen - Amnesty International

President Obama must use his visit to shine the spotlight not only on abysmal conditions for the tens of thousands of refugees stranded in Greece, but also on the failure of world leaders to adequately address the wider global refugee crisis.

Christopher Pyne

Peter Dutton and the Prime Minister will make the necessary announcements about Government policy in this area. But there's certainly time. Two-and-a-half months is plenty of time, and if it's the case it will be another great achievement from the Turnbull Government.

John Kerry

We are going to work to protect vulnerable refugees around the world, and we'll share that responsibility with our friends in the regions that are most affected by this challenge.

Sadiq Daware

Whoever tells you the items were diverted is very far away from the truth.

Hassan Barguma

Stealing food meant for starving children is beyond the pale and only adds insult to injury.

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

It's pretty terrifying when you throw out the list of all these issues. Global warming could be set back almost irreparably. And universal healthcare, that could be set back almost irreparably – help with refugees, all these issues, gay rights.

Pavel Rudnev

I came to Baku to do a presentation about migrants, and this was a good subject, because many people here are talking about refugees and the theatre of war. Here and there – wars are constantly erupting, all consequences of a dearth of multiculturalism. When you are a migrant, a person who lives where he can, how does this loss of home influence a person's spirit? Today many plays in the post-Soviet space are about this.

Aisha Turki

The food the army gives out is mostly rice and bread. This child needs baby milk.

Othman Fadel

We were caught between shelling from both sides. Sometimes Daesh (Islamic State) would deliberately shell civilians.

Othman Fadel

He needs treatment. Maybe in the camp we can start to look for it. We need to go there.

Othman Fadel

We need to get out of here. The frontline is in Intisar, not here, but it's still not safe. Our living conditions are unbearable. There's food, but that's it - no medical aid, nothing. The children are beginning to get ill.

Anthony Albanese

Labor's been calling for these people to be settled in a third country. If this occurs, that will be a good thing.

Nina Schick

Even though we are seeing historic opposition to Merkel because of the refugee crisis, there's simply nobody else who could fill the chancellor's shoes, especially right now when you have Brexit, the continuing euro zone crisis, Russia and the migration crisis. She's still the Queen.

Donald J. Trump

Here, in Minnesota, you've seen firsthand the problems caused with faulty refugee vetting – with large numbers of Somali Refugees coming into your state without your knowledge, support or approval and with some then joining ISIS and spreading their extremist views. A Trump Administration will not admit any refugees without the support of the local community where they are being placed.

Donald J. Trump

How stupid are they to allow this to happen? Here in Minnesota, you've seen first-hand the problems caused with faulty refugee vetting, with large numbers of Somali refugees coming into your state without your knowledge, without your support or approval, and with some of them then joining ISIS and spreading their extremist views all over our country and all over the world.

Erik Solheim

If we don't start taking additional action now, beginning with the upcoming climate meeting in Marrakesh, we will grieve over the avoidable human tragedy. The growing numbers of climate refugees hit by hunger, poverty, illness and conflict will be a constant reminder of our failure to deliver. The science shows that we need to move much faster.

Horst Seehofer

I won't accept a lousy compromise. For me what is essential is that you can't take in more refugees than you're able to integrate effectively. No country in the world is able to handle the number of refugees we took in last year. A limit of about 200,000 ... is needed.

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I am deeply saddened by another tragedy on the high seas. . . . So many lives could be saved through more resettlement and legal pathways to protection. The Mediterranean is a deadly stretch of sea for refugees and migrants, yet they still see no other option but to risk their lives to cross it.

Matteo de Bellis - Amnesty International

In their determination to reduce the onward movement of refugees and migrants to other member states, EU leaders have driven the Italian authorities to the limits – and beyond – of what is legal. The result is that traumatized people, arriving in Italy after harrowing journeys, are being subjected to flawed assessments and in some instances appalling abuse at the hands of the police, as well as unlawful expulsions.

Deborah Collins-Barker

Even though we are a very small community, extremely rural, we've actually become very forward-moving. We have a lot of residents work there, and if they're the younger generation and they're going to be moving on to a city atmosphere, they're kind of already getting a taste of a company that's moving with the times.

Andrew Novakovic

Fage took a different path, and I think that's why Chobani had the success more than Fage did. Chobani is still the leader and the innovator.

Hamdi Ulukaya

We're looking at this landscape in the world today, and it doesn't matter where you are – in upstate New York, Turkey, Germany, whatever – you just cannot sit still.

Hamdi Ulukaya

The private sector has a powerful incentive to find new solutions to a crisis that cannot be solved by governments and goodwill alone.

Andrew Novakovic

Yogurt has come in different flavors forever, but not a lot of product differentiation.

Andrew Novakovic

Frankly, I think they'll probably increase their sales. The people who were complaining probably weren't buying their product anyway.

Deborah Collins-Barker

I have heard a very small amount of negative backlash. But they've done a lot for the community and they're always looking out for the community, so I think the positive has definitely outweighed any negative backlash.

Ian Goldin

It's both a short term and a long term investment. In the short term it provides stimulus to the German economy which will grow about 0.2 percent faster than it would have without the refugees. In the longer term – there was a situation with one of the lowest fertility rates in the world in Germany and that will be vital for the long term sustainability for the German Economy.

Pascal Froehly

It has been built quite solidly ... it's an opportunity to recognize the knowledge and ingenuity of the refugees, among other things.

Hans-Georg Maassen

We know of at least 90 Islamist mosques where activities aimed at refugees are taking place. These mosques are largely Arab-dominated and influenced by Salafism.

Rana Yazaji

It is our role to create parallel narratives to say how arts and culture could change a lot, could change what is happening in refugees camps. Arts & Culture can't build houses for people, but it can give hope. We can create memories together and we can imagine another future together through arts and culture.

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Smuggling has become a big business. It is being done almost on an industrial scale. So now they send several boats at the same time and that puts rescue services in difficulty because they need to rescue several thousand people on several hundred boats. When you have so many people at sea on boats that are barely seaworthy, then the dangers obviously increase.

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

We consider that the figures don't adapt when we look at the structural effort required by the EU Council. We are very conscious, and the EU council also, that Italy is on the frontline to welcome refugees and has to be taken into account, than we have to examine the figures.

Pelomoni Venson-Moitoi

I'm a hands-on person. I would get on the next plane and go there. That's how I work. If it means going there and talking to the refugees, I'd go there and talk to them myself.

Thomas Hennefeld

We do not get involved in party politics, but if Christian principles are violated we have to take a… stand. We stand for a Biblical understanding of God, a universal God who is there for the weak, the strangers, the refugees – the opposite of what the FPO stands for.

Matteo Renzi

Italy cannot take another year like the one we have just had.

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

We were told by witnesses there may be many more. There may be other shipwrecks that occurred over the weekend that we are learning more about.

Mohammed Ismail Khalil

Finally there was gunfire between them. We thought we had to run to the army whether we got killed or not, we had to make a run for it. And we finally got to the Peshmerga and narrowly missed an explosive that went off next to us.

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This is by far the worse we ever have seen in the Mediterranean. You could say that the death rate has increased three-fold.

Phil Bloomer

A handful of leading brands, like NEXT and New Look, demonstrate it is a moral imperative, and commercially viable, to treat refugees with respect. The great majority of brands are doing too little. They should learn rapidly from these leaders to outlaw abuse of refugees in their supply chains, and insist their suppliers provide decent work for all their workers.

Melita Sunjic

I think what we saw in the past years in Europe is now it's [refugee crisis] being seen in a very negative picture, but I've also seen a wave solidarity along the migrant route. I worked in the west Balkans last year and I saw refugees come through the poorest parts of Serbia for instance and where the local population were there to help and support and to share with them. A lot of volunteers came from all over Europe to support and help.

Zabihulhah Mujahid

The delegation was sent to discuss some major issues with Pakistani leadership including the arrests of Afghan refugees and their repatriation to Afghanistan.

Greg Elder - Doctors Without Borders

We're talking about a very specific cohort - refugees, displaced populations, people who have gone through a lot of trauma and have had to flee their homes.

Jessem Al-Atlyah

The number of refugees is going to increase in the coming days because Iraqi forces are advancing towards areas that are close to Mosul.

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR is stressing that residents of Mosul seeking sanctuary must not be prevented from fleeing and that they should have access to safe areas, including emergency camps located at a reasonable distance from the frontline, and free from the presence of militia.

Numan Kurtulmus

''If something goes wrong in Mosul, hundreds of thousands of refugees will come to Turkey. Turkey is ready to accept them but if the Mosul operation is handled correctly, there won't be any refugee wave to our country,''.

John Birky

People do express more of a general sentiment of, Why are we letting these refugees in here? Why are we? They're taking our jobs, plus they're Muslim.

Barack Obama

We have every confidence that, as a former prime minister of Portugal and U.N. high commissioner for refugees, Mr. Guterres has the character, vision, and skills needed to lead the United Nations at this critical moment.

Jaber Albakr

We respect this country and its people, its government and its laws. We don't want something like this to happen here.

Sarfaraz Bugti

It is not possible for us to predict who among the refugees will become the president of Afghanistan or the leader of the Taliban.

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

Going into 2017, however, weaker real wage growth and the dropping inflow of refugees should weigh on consumption growth.

Vitaly Churkin

Well ladies and gentlemen you are witnessing I think a historic scene. I don't know if it has ever been done this way in the history of the United Nations.

Robert L. McKenzie - The Brookings Institution

This referendum is completely symbolic. This is far more about challenging the authority of the E.U. institution than it is about stopping migrants and refugees.

Jens Spahn

What we really do need now is that we can regain trust by showing that we can solve problems at a European level. The problems of securing our EU border when it comes to migration and refugees, that we work together on fighting terrorism or that we have a common neighbourhood policy towards northern Africa and the Middle East.

John Dalhuisen - Amnesty International

His attempts to deliberately prevent refugees and migrants from reaching Hungary have been accompanied by an ever more disturbing pattern of attacks on them and the international safeguards designed to protect them. Appalling treatment and labyrinthine asylum procedures are a cynical ploy to deter asylum-seekers from Hungary's ever more militarized borders.

Christos Stylianides

The Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) is the largest ever humanitarian aid project funded by the European Union. It is also the largest ever humanitarian cash transfer programme. We have created a system that combines the Turkish social welfare system with a humanitarian response.

Michael Landau

We don't have a refugee crisis in Europe at the moment, we have a solidarity crisis. And if we succeed in strengthening solidarity, people are ready to act as one and in a good and human way.

Sameh Mohammed

There were about 450 to 500 passengers on board. The boat was overcrowded and began to tilt at two o'clock in the morning until around five, then it capsized completely… the ones who could swim were able to survive, while the ones who couldn't drowned as the boat sank.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Some expectations mixed with grief and shock: this is how you can describe the scene that families are facing over here. With search and rescue operations still going involving the Navy and local fishermen, hospitals along the coast close to the site of the sunken boat have been put on high alert.

Alexandra Foderl-Schmid

This fear often concerns people with little or low education, those people being afraid of changes, afraid of globalisation, afraid of refugees, afraid of migrants moving into our country… they are afraid that their chances are minimised.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

The drowning incident highlights the increasing number of migrant boats from Egypt, carrying Africans and Syrians escaping war and conflicts, besides the thousands of eager Egyptians looking forward to better jobs and improved lives.

Barack Obama

We must recognize that refugees are a symptom of larger failures - be it war, ethnic tensions or persecution.

Mike Pence

It is remarkable to me to see the level of outrage about a metaphor used by (Donald Trump Jr) when Hillary Clinton's calling for a 550 per cent increase in the Syrian refugee programme.

Mike Pence

It is remarkable to me to see the level of outrage about a metaphor used by (Donald Trump Jr.) when Hillary Clinton's calling for a 550 per cent increase in the Syrian refugee program.

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Refugees need access to financial and legal services, education, and employment opportunities; we believe the private sector is uniquely placed to help build the infrastructure needed to support these services.

Sofia Kouvelaki

Many of these children came from their countries on foot, they have crossed the desert, they have walked through mountains, they travelled by sea. All these children have either witnessed violence or have been victims of violence, so you can understand the great trauma they bring with them. When they arrive here they are damaged and it is very important to offer them a therapeutic, healthy and joyful environment.

Giovanni Lepri

Not having their parents, they are automatically in a situation of higher risk. They are very much exposed to possible exploitations and possible situation of continuing violence and need protection, they need all the system of assistance and support and plans for supporting their future, which are demanding, complex and of highest priority, compared to other populations and groups that might be vulnerable.

Sanj Srikanthan

We hope this will send a message to the world leaders to call for durable solutions.

Paulo Pinheiro

We are appealing to countries inside Europe hosting newly arrived Syrian refugees to grant us access and remove any barriers to our work. Time is of the essence, particularly if the commission is to continue preparing well-documented reports on the current situation in the country, rather than reports of a historical nature.

Salil Shetty - Amnesty International

Instead of sharing responsibility, world leaders shirked it. The UN summit has been sabotaged by states acting in self-interest, leaving millions of refugees in dire situations around the world on the edge of a precipice.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Refugees and migrants are not to be seen as a burden. They offer great potential if only we unlock it.

Leo Dobbs

Most of those fleeing South Sudan are women and children. They include survivors of violent attacks, sexual assault, children that have been separated from their parents or travelled alone, the disabled, the elderly and people in need of urgent medical care.

Leo Dobbs

With this milestone, South Sudan joins Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia as countries which have produced more than a million refugees. New arrivals report increased fighting across the Greater Equatoria region and attacks by armed groups that kill civilians, loot villages, sexually assault women and girls, and recruit young boys.

Casey Thomas

All of the families that our kids are coming from have made so many sacrifices to have their kids achieve a better life. We, in turn, definitely prioritize supporting the academic success of our kids.

Samantha Power - United Nations

We are not going to solve the refugee crisis on Tuesday, but I think you will see an important view of political will from leaders around the world.

Leo Dobbs

"This is a very sad milestone". "Most of those fleeing South Sudan are women and children. They include survivors of violent attacks, sexual assault, children that have been separated from their parents or travelled alone, the disabled, the elderly and people in need of urgent medical care".

Leo Dobbs

This is a very sad milestone. Most of those fleeing South Sudan are women and children. They include survivors of violent attacks, sexual assault, children that have been separated from their parents or travelled alone, the disabled, the elderly and people in need of urgent medical care.

Angela Merkel

Many are in integration courses or waiting to get on them. So I think we will need to show some patience, but must be ready at any time to develop viable solutions.

Rasha Rizk - Soprano

It would be great if we came as guests, as visitors representing our country and living in peace. But unfortunately, we came here as refugees because of the war. This is the negative side. But of course the positive side (is) that we are playing our music and we are representing the good side of Syria, the culture of Syria.

Jean Asselborn

"We cannot accept that the basic values of the European Union are being so seriously breached". "Anyone, like Hungary, who builds fences against war refugees or breaches press freedom and the independence of the justice system should be temporarily, or if needed forever, excluded from the EU".

Jean Asselborn

We cannot accept that the basic values of the European Union are being so seriously breached. Anyone, like Hungary, who builds fences against war refugees or breaches press freedom and the independence of the justice system should be temporarily, or if needed forever, excluded from the EU.

Thomas De Maiziere

That suggests that IS was determined to send these kinds of people to blend in with refugees in order to cause uncertainty in Europe and Germany.

Angela Merkel

Terrorism is not a new problem that just arrived with the refugees. But because not each individual refugee arrives here with good intentions we will continue to strengthen security at home. People here are entitled to expect that we do all that is humanly possible to protect their security.

Jean Asselborn

The fence that Hungary is building to keep out refugees is getting longer. Hungary is not far from issuing an order to shoot refugees.

Jean Asselborn

The fence that Hungary is building to keep out refugees is getting longer, higher and more dangerous. Hungary is not far from issuing an order to shoot refugees.

Cate Blanchett - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The rhythm and words of the poem echo the frenzy and chaos and terror of suddenly being forced to leave your home, grabbing what little you can carry with you, and fleeing for safety.

Josh Earnest

Italy is one of our closest and strongest allies and we cooperate across a range of shared interests from addressing climate change and the global refugee crisis, to promoting global security and inclusive economic growth.

Alexis Tsipras

From Europe's side there is an obligation that must be accelerated. Because what is this (EU-Turkey) agreement? We halt the illegal flows but we create legitimate flows. Which are the legitimate flows? It is the resettlement from Greece and the relocation directly from Turkey…and unfortunately from the 33,000 (reallocations and resettlements) promised by the EU in 2016 only 3,000 have taken place.

Thomas Jaeger

This was a dark day for Merkel. Everyone knows that she lost this election. Her district in parliament is there, she campaigned there, and refugees are her issue.

Angela Merkel

On that weekend (in 2015) it was not about opening the border for everyone, it was about not shutting it to those who had made their way to us from Hungary, on foot and in great need of help.

David Murphy - International Rescue Committee

It's really kind of tough to know how they're going to do. They haven't been here long enough to start businesses or anything like that.

Ingo Decker

A large majority of those refugees come from the Islamic republics of Russia, and they generally come through eastern Europe.

Lina Sergie Attar

That pushed a larger engagement on the question of refugees. Then, too, we saw a surge of donations and compassion. With the boy on the beach it lasted from September [2015] to the end of last year.

Molly Short Carr - International Rescue Committee

For every one person that's negative, I get eight people who are coming forward and want to do something and help.

Molly Short Carr - International Rescue Committee

This isn't a new concept for Missoula. It's something that's already been part of the fabric of the community and has had benefits that the community sees today still.

Mary Poole

There was something about that picture and something about being a mother to a young son that just absolutely crushed me.

Adrian Edwards - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Mosul, you probably don't need much reminding, it is Iraq's second largest city. The humanitarian impact of the military offensive there, is expected to be enormous. Up to 1.2 million people could be affected.

Justin Forsyth - UNICEF

It is heartrending to think of these children -- most of them teenagers, but some even younger -- making the grueling and extremely dangerous journey in search of safety and a better life. This flow of young refugees and migrants highlights the critical importance of tackling the violence and socio-economic conditions in their countries of origin.

Yiannis Mouzalas

This work on the preliminary registration gives us the ability to move forward with the programmes being developed by the Education Ministry for the children at the camps, for the children of the refugees. It also gives us the ability to change regulations – we will see how this can be accomplished – to give these people the right to work.

Bettina Luescher - World Food Programme

Because of Nigeria's economic downturn, the number of hungry people could double in the northeastern states that are already so heavily afflicted by the conflict.

Mareike Geiling

Last year in September was the highest point of registration for rooms, but we think because of the attacks in Paris and in Cologne, the registration for rooms declined a lot. We still have some 50 to 80 registrations per month, but it's not comparable to last year.

Mareike Geiling

We have over 10,000 [refugee] applications in Germany, and of course a lot less offers for rooms.

Angela Merkel

The phenomenon of Islamist terrorism, of IS, is not a phenomenon that came to us with the refugees – rather, we have it, and had it, here.

Cety Soledade

Since they still don't have famous faces yet, people try to associate [the painted images] with some artist or movement leader. When we tell them they are the refugees, people congratulate us and are happy. They say this is the best choice for a mural in Rio de Janeiro during this event.

Raymond Perrier

We know the police are regularly told to clear them away. Almost half of the people we see in our clinic are refugees, because they tell us they don't feel welcome in government clinics.

Donald J. Trump

There are more criminal acts in Germany these days because there are more people, thanks to the influx of 1.1 million refugees in 2015 alone.

William Erot

It's an initiative that we can pilot, so that we can be able to have plenty of food that the refugees themselves can be able to produce and support their livelihood.

Antem Sebastien Egbala

I came to Hungary in 2013. Since then, I've been playing with Inter CDF as a defender. I try to do my best.

Kissinger Nnuji

In this team, those who joined this team, even those who don't speak Hungarian, they often learn here because the main language is Hungarian.

Karen Schenone - BlackRock

I think the jury is going to have to be out on what the end-result on negative interest rates is for the next few years.

Nikos Kotzias

Migrants and refugees have needs that can only be met through growth. I suggest that we improve coordination among our competent authorities, with a view to having cross-border programs proposed, approved and implemented. To work towards specific regional and broader, even global, cooperation.

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

By welcoming the team of refugee Olympic athletes to Rio 2016, we want to send a message of hope for all refugees of the world.

Peter Terg

You have to have a bit of courage to ask one of the refugees. I wanted to send a message by doing that.

Robin Masinde Lyambile - United Nations

Initially, it was a vague concept. Because I'll be looking for somebody I know I've worked with. And I think it's the same and even bigger for the refugees.

James Nyang Chiengjiek

The most important thing, according to me, is not to go and win golds. The most important thing is to spread the peace.

Keith Vaz

Europe's efforts to address this 'colossal' refugee crisis has been lamentable. The atrocious conditions in migrant camps within and on the borders of the richest countries on earth is a source of shame.

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

The ultimate goal of the refugee team is that we don't need one anymore. We "wanted to send a message of hope to all refugees. The refugee team will make the world more aware of the crisis.

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

This will be a symbol of hope for all the refugees in our world, and will make the world better aware of the magnitude of this crisis.

Blanka Kolenikova - IHS

People connect terrorist attacks to the refugee influx, but it is wrong to do so. Take Greece for example, which has one of the highest numbers of refugees but is at a low risk of international terrorism.

Paul Manafort

He believes that we need to have a temporary suspension from refugees to stop refugees from coming in from countries that are active in terrorist activities or in a war. That's the issue not the Khan family loss which we all regret.

Pope Francis

We are called to serve the crucified Jesus in all those who are marginalized; to touch his sacred flesh in those who are disadvantaged, in those who hunger and thirst, in the naked and imprisoned, the sick and unemployed, in those who are persecuted, refugees and migrants.

Donald J. Trump

So, they can chop off heads. Right? They can drown people in steel cages. They can cut your throats. We can't waterboard. You know, we're playing by different rules, okay? We're playing by different rules. ... They can chop off heads. We can't waterboard.

Rudi Rocha

For this reason, the situation for those who are arriving in Brazil, the immigrants, the refugees in particular, is complicated.

Rudi Rocha

The labour market conditions in general are terrible, especially for those who are looking for jobs now, especially for those who don't have the skills.

Ioannis Mouzalas

We are deeply worried about the developments in our neighboring country. Anything that disturbs the Europe-Turkey agreement on refugees may increase the migration flows. We hope that this agreement will be respected.

Oliver Stuenkel

For poor refugees, particularly if they don't have any help from a migrant community that is already here, it is really tough.

Donald J. Trump

Iraq is in chaos, Iran is on the path to nuclear weapons, Syria is engulfed in a civil war, and a refugee crisis now threatens the West. After 15 years of wars in the Middle East, after trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been before. This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.

Boris Johnson

The whole country is facing another terrible humanitarian catastrophe, and therefore a potential leap in the number of refugees seeking to escape Syria. Russia in particular has a unique ability to persuade the Assad regime to end the carnage and return to the negotiation table.

Charlotte Eager

But the point of this project, and this is the key thing, is it's not just drama therapy for the women in the cast, it actually has a really, really, important, awareness raising aspect for the Syrian refugee crisis as a whole.

Charlotte Eager

The Trojan Women' is a play about war, it's about refugees. All the men are dead, the women are stuck waiting in a refugee camp to discover their fate and they're going off to be sold as slaves. And so, we thought let's do 'The Trojan Women.

Marc Pierini

Several voices have expressed concern that the March 2016 EU-Turkey deal on refugees might be in jeopardy in the wake of the coup attempt, especially as a mellowing of the country's anti-terrorism law (something the EU wants) is now out of the question in the post-coup context. What is more likely is that the EU and Turkey, which both have more vital concerns than visa liberalisation, will continue to implement core elements of the deal.

Brian Klaas

You very often have to make very unsavoury alliances [in geopolitics], whether that's a good thing or not is extremely debatable. But Turkey is in a geostrategically-important location at a time when that location is exceptionally important for international security between terrorism, the collapse of Syria and the refugee crisis.

Rudi Rocha

The labor market conditions in general are terrible, especially for those who are looking for jobs now, especially for those who don't have the skills.

Hanan Dacka

I could not follow the pace. It was a surprise for me to hear a different language here.

Konstantinos Mitragas

Our job was to save people who were not even wearing a life jacket, and you cannot call the thing they were on a boat. We were operating mainly at night and we were surrounded by babies and corpses. We could not have imagined such difficult conditions, there was no way we could plan for this.

Konstantinos Mitragas

At the peak of the refugee crisis, in the eastern Aegean islands, Greek volunteers and rescuers faced unprecedented difficulties and witnessed human tragedies. The award was a reward for their efforts, and a motive to continue to save lives.

Efi Latsoudi

One of the most difficult tasks we ever had, and one I will never forget, was when we had to treat a young mother, who had lost three of her children. We were all speechless. We were desperately trying to find a way to ease her pain, but there was no way.

Manolis Leousis

We'll have a problem this year. Foreigner visitors tell us clearly that they don't want to see refugees wandering around, from beach to beach and from port to port. The Austrians, the Germans, the Swedish are already facing that a lot in their countries.

Anna Musgrave

It's fantastic that the Archbishop of Canterbury, along with many communities up and down the country, has been so eager to help offer shelter to refugees.

Ahmed Omar

Eid for us is no different from any other day, because all of us are suffering. I am suffering because of the leg I have lost, my brother is sad for his son, my other brother is sad about his son-in-law that passed away.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

If you see us as your brothers too, then you are not far away from your country, you are just away from your houses. Turkey is your country too.

Stefan Lofven

It's not possible to press snooze without acting. We need a Europe that works and delivers and focuses on issues where people expect us to deliver results. That includes, among other things, joint responsibility for refugees and, not least, to create jobs and do it with decent wages and conditions.

Guy Verhofstadt

What makes it so hard for me, and I think the other group leaders and for everybody here in this house, is the way it succeeded (the Brexit). Absolute negative campaign. The posters of Mr Farage showing refugees like in Nazi propaganda because he copied it at that moment.

Musa Fafani

I'm very happy because life, our situation in Africa is very difficult. For me, I was in Liberia because of Ebola crisis I lost all my family.

Donald J. Trump

Hillary also wants to spend hundreds of billions to resettle Middle Eastern refugees in the United States, on top of the current record level of immigration.

Donald J. Trump

Under her plan, we would admit hundreds of thousands of refugees from the most dangerous countries on Earth, with no way to screen who they are, what they are, what they believe, where they come from.

Adam Kushner

We know the refugee populations are going to develop pneumonia, need vaccinations and develop diarrhea because there is risk of cholera in the camps, but you don't often hear about the surgical component. This needs to be part of the conversation.

Rebecca Taber - Coursera

Coursera for Refugees is designed to provide as many of them as possible with greater access to education in career relevant skills, as they navigate new homes and difficult times in their lives.

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

But I am talking about legislative barriers that are coming up, including in countries like in the industrialised world that have been for a long time bastions of principles, principle in defending the fundamental rights linked to asylum.

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The fact that that flow has stopped does not mean the problem of displacement has ended. It may have ended for some countries that don't have to deal with it anymore, for now.

Dominic Lee

Hong Kong is a very convenient place and our government has been very generous to people who seek asylum. This provides a huge incentive for these fake refugees to come to Hong Kong and take advantage.

Paulina Sienicka

We shouldn't be forced to take people to our home country. They take our benefits, money, everything, houses. I think that people that live in the country should come first. Not the refugees. They just come here for benefits, and that's why I think we should leave the EU.