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Bekir Alboga
Almost all support and work for refugees are paid from the government to church organizations. Our financial revenues are much
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NEW Jul 26 2017
“Apart from all the criticism we currently have for Turkey, they did a lot for the 3 million refugees and it is right that Europe would assist Turkey on this matter.” said Angela Merkel speaking about Refugees. It’s one of the 771 quotes about Refugees you can find on this page. 552 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Filippo Grandi and Jeremy Corbyn. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Zachary Darrah

I've gotten calls from Indiana, Florida, Texas. We can't stop families from coming

Trevor Carey

In my years in the valley, I've met some great Syrian people. Come on, our safety is at stake here. This area they are coming from is embedded with

Tim Farron

I have visited the camps in Greece and elsewhere – something neither the home secretary nor the prime minister have done. I have met these children who, through no fault of their own, find their lives paused as ministers have chosen to ignore them. Has the UK government even signed a memorandum of understanding with Greece to get these transfers under way? I know of two young people who signed a consent form to be transferred under Dubs over a year ago. They are still stuck in

Becca Heller

Many of them had already sold all of their belongings to start their new lives in safety. This decision gives back hope to so many who would otherwise be stranded

Michael Vachon

As a survivor of the Holocaust who hid from the Nazis in Budapest and later was himself a refugee, Soros knows firsthand what it means to be in mortal peril. He carries the memory of the international community's rejection of Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis. It is from the crucible of those experiences that his empathy for refugees from war-torn Syria and elsewhere was

Kate Maltby

The Conservatives’ core beliefs were always centred on stability. Now, like addicts, they must admit they have a problem• Kate Maltby is an associate fellow of conservative thinktank Bright Blue. Seventy-odd years ago my grandparents arrived in this country from Hungary. Over the next two decades, more relatives joined them, refugees by turns from fascist genocide, Soviet totalitarianism and economic collapse. My grandparents arrived penniless, started a small family business and voted Tory. Only a Conservative government, they told me, would stand firm against the radicalism that had fuelled the European conflict. They may as well have pinned “strong and stable” to my

Latif Mukasa

At first it was kind of hard. But the more you do it, the more the ghosts run

Nathalie Faber

This whole migrant situation – what they call a crisis – is for me much more than an article in a newspaper or an item on television. It's all about people, and when you talk to people it's so completely different. We have learned so much from doing it about how just to talk to each other and work with each

Saskia Leefsma

My father is pregnant. It felt curiously intimate, in a way, and I was very honored. What I found incredibly touching was that he was an artist from Uganda who hadn't been able to work ever since his flight. It made me think about what it is to have no

Karin Gordon

They haven't had to flee over the bodies of their relatives or undergo

Razak Iyal

He was a Canadian guy, on the street begging. He doesn't have one thumb. I encourage myself. I can do something in my life. I'm a young boy. I can still make

Karin Gordon

They should have checked the Weather Channel. They were damaged by their own ignorance. They are suffering the consequence of

Razak Iyal

That thumb I have left helps me a lot. We don't encourage people to

Edward Buchel

He is crazy lucky. He ended up in a country willing to put out multimillion dollars for repeated hospital trips, surgeries, drugs, rehab, physiotherapy and occupational therapy for

Efrat Arbel

We are forcing people to lose fingers and toes, making them go to such lengths to seek our

Karen Tumlin

While a partial ban remains in effect as a result of last month's Supreme Court ruling, this decision limits its application to ensure that fewer refugees, families, and loved ones are discriminated against based solely on their religion or country of

Ilya Somin

Earlier tonight, federal District Court Judge Derrick Watson of the District of Hawaii issued an injunction against key parts of the Trump administration’s implementation of the the president’s travel ban executive order, barring citizens of six Muslim majority nations from entering the United States for 90 days, and all refugees for 120 days. The judge’s ruling prevents application of the travel ban against “grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins of persons in the United States.” It also protects refugees who have an established relationship with American refugee sponsorship organizations that have given them a “formal assurance” of assistance with resettlement in the United

Jay Derrick

There are increasing numbers of students in UK classes who also come from families affected by migration and who may also be refugees. Teachers with experience of this themselves can obviously add value to the learning of such students, and to that of students who haven't had these experiences, and whose lives have been relatively

Olga Petrov

I just knew I wanted to teach Russian. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't had the opportunity to find out about the

Jay Derrick

The most distinctive capacities refugees and asylum seekers can bring to classrooms are the fact that they have overcome, and are still overcoming, enormous challenges, to have got to being a

Joe Sestak

Every team has now gotten through, whether it's Iran, Libya, and even after the reinstitution of the executive order on travel, we still got Yemen and Syrian refugees

Rob MacGillivray - Save the Children

Activities of far-right groups planning to disrupt search-and-rescue operations aimed at saving lives are deeply concerning. They ignore the moral and legal obligation to save lives at

Rob MacGillivray - Save the Children

Without NGOs and other search-and-rescue actors, many more lives, like the men, women and children we have rescued, would be lost. These activists wish to disrupt efforts to bring these people to

Rob MacGillivray - Save the Children

2016 was the deadliest year on record in the Mediterranean, with more than 5,000 deaths at sea and 2017 could be worse still. As things stand, the Mediterranean Sea is one of the largest unmarked mass graves in recent times. As a humanitarian organisation, our mission is to save lives and we go where children face the greatest

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

It's high time to end the threat of militant groups in Arsal and little time is left to reach certain reconciliation deals. There are terrorists and planners of attacks in Arsal and this needs a

Michael Vachon

The government has consistently and willfully misrepresented Soros's views on migration and

Michael Vachon

Last week the Fidesz-led government launched a nationwide billboard and television advertising campaign reminiscent of Europe's darkest hours. The Hungarian regime's xenophobia and demonization of refugees are anti-European. Soros's actual position on migration is that the international community should provide more support to the developing countries that today host 89 percent of refugees and that Europe should accept several hundred thousand fully screened refugees through an orderly process of vetting and

Deidre McPhillips

While our methodology did not focus on refugees specifically, it did take into account immigration policies and integration measures per analysis from the United Nations. Our aim with this package was to focus on the economic aspects of immigration and the impacts this could have on a country's perceived standing in the

Viktor Orban

A development over the past week is that they (Soros and associates) are trying to set up a European institution, an asylum authority at European level, which would appropriate these powers from the nation states. According to this, we would not decide who we accept into our countries. Indeed, this would also deprive nation states of distribution activities related to the admission of

Josh Rogin

The White House may transfer consular functions from State to Homeland

Hans Kundnani

Belief in a post-Brexit spirit of cohesion is overstated. On economic union, defence and refugees, fissures remain. In the last few months, there has been a new optimistic – or even triumphalist – mood in much of Europe. At the beginning of the year, many feared that the populist wave that seemed to have engulfed Britain and the United States in 2016 would reach continental

Yoshio Kimura

Breaking a 50-year taboo, we will tackle the debate on accepting foreigners as

Saburo Takizawa - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

You can save the lives of 30 or 40 people at a refugee camp overseas by using the same amount of money as accepting one refugee in

Jenny Martinez

The City of Chicago submitted our letter to the U.S. Department of Justice, which demonstrates our compliance with the law as other cities have also done. But make no mistake, Chicago will continue to be a welcoming city and stand up for the values that have made us a beacon of hope for immigrants and refugees from around the world for

Michel Dambeti - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We left here three years ago to go to the M'Poko site. Now we're back and it's even worse. It's raining, there are no homes, there's nothing to do, there's no food, there are health problems … imagine living in

Gisele Bedani

I knew the killers – they lived in the area. But I thought to myself, these are people I know, they won't hurt

Gisele Bedani

M'poko was a bit like a prison. The conditions were difficult. But there were so many of us – we did gardening, we had our businesses, people were able to sell, to buy. Now everyone is dispersed. It is a catastrophe all over

Frans Timmermans - European Commission

When we drafted the Dublin regulation, we never envisaged this sort of specific situation as we have now been facing for the last two or three years in Greece and Italy. But there is also concern in Europe that many people who do not the status of refugees or aren't refugees are using the opportunity to come here for economic reasons and that is not what the refugee status is all

Paul Walsh

London has a great history of taking in refugees: the Huguenots, the Russians, the Jews after World War II. But there is a difference between refugees and economic migrants. They come here and push down our living standards. There comes a day where you have to say,

Heather Nauert

We are always looking for additional ways to enhance our screening, whether it be for visa applicants or if it's for

Dana Sleiman - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We've started the assessment as to how many tents have been damaged. As soon as the assessment is done, we will provide the families with all the help they need. Apparently it started with a cooking stove. We are waiting to confirm

Marco Minniti

We are under enormous pressure. They are sailing under the flags of various European countries. If the only ports refugees are taken to are Italian, something is not working. This is the heart of the

Justin Trudeau

The Irish have been welcomed here for hundreds of years and still now, from the famine, where we were in many respects refugees, to now, we arrive by choice bringing ingenious little starts ups and approximately 17,165 Irish pubs. An example of fairness and inclusion; of always striving to be better. We don't aspire to be a melting pot, indeed, we know true strength and resilience flows through Canadian

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

They [South Sudan's refugees] don't arrive on the shores of Europe, or Australia or at the border between Mexico and the US. Those are the places where refugees become visible and their voices are

Jared Leto

A baby being born, the complete circle of life, a billionaire, a family living in a shelter, police patrolling the streets, protesters, refugees, heroes and villains, a truck driver, a sky diver, a sex worker, a base jumper, a firefighter, and every great race, color and creed that make up the fabric of our nation. Trailer parks and Trump hotels, big cities and small towns, farmers and football players. A doctor, a preacher, a baptism, a funeral. Sunrise and Sunset. Let's show it in all its beauty - warts and

Ahmad Shuja - Human Rights Watch

The fighters have little or no knowledge of the political-security context into which they are marching. They do not speak Arabic, most of them have never been beyond Afghanistan or Iran, many are barely literate, most are devout

Arnd Bächler

It's very positive for the self-esteem of gays and lesbians; it's very important for people coming out, knowing that they have this equality; and it sends a clear message to any homophobic refugees coming to Germany: We have equality

Omar Jadwat - American Civil Liberties Union

Initial reports suggest that the government may try to unilaterally expand the scope of the ban - for example, by arbitrarily refusing to treat certain categories of familial relationships as 'bona fide'. These reports are deeply concerning. It means that everybody is going to be in the situation of kind of scrambling to understand whatever they put out, and work through the

Stephen Yale-Loehr

Today's order will create more confusion, delays, and litigation. How individuals will prove such a (bona fide) relationship, and whether the burden of proof will be on the government or the individuals seeking entry, remains to be seen. I predict chaos at the border and new lawsuits as foreign nationals and refugees argue that they are entitled to enter the United

Mohammad Al-Haj Ali

Maybe there will be a new law: Refugees aren't allowed to study in universities, refugees aren't allowed in certain hospitals, not allowed to go into New York or some other state. The future there is not

Gerry Simpson - Human Rights Watch

Poorer countries hosting huge numbers of refugees for many years, such as Kenya, Pakistan and Turkey, have recently pushed back hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers. They seem to be taking their lead from richer countries, such as Australia, the E.U. and the U.S., who are pulling out all the stops to limit refugee

Gerd Wiegel

We have had this divisive debate about refugees coming to Europe and especially into Germany, and along with it has also been a real, but less-recognized, peak in right-wing activities and right-wing

Mark Hetfield

HIAS welcomes the ruling as an affirmation that the president does not have unfettered, unchecked authority to bar refugees from the U.S. without evidence to justify such action, and that people with ties to the U.S. can continue to enter. We are very disappointed, however, that others will continue to be arbitrarily excluded and that the executive order has been resurrected to once again cause irreparable damage to refugees, immigrants, and America's reputation as a welcoming

Mohammad Javad Zarif

The problem for some is terrorism and support for terrorism is measured by the amount of money they spend on buying arms from the

Stephen Yale-Loehr

At the very least, there will be delays in refugees' coming to the United States until we get clarifications from the State Department or the federal

Heval Kelli

They brought furniture and food, sat on the ground with us, took us shopping to Walmart. That was the first time I went to

Emily Crane Linn

They have been waiting for families for months. They have garages filled with furnishings for their

Leni Robredo

All of us are hoping that the fighting will soon end so the people can go back to their respective homes. The government has been doing everything that we can. We can only hope that this will end

Clarence Thomas

Weighing the Government's interest in preserving national security against the hardships caused to respondents by temporary denials of entry into the country, the balance of the equities favors the Government. I would thus grant the Government's applications for a stay in their entirety. The compromise also will invite a flood of litigation until this case is finally resolved on the merits, as parties and courts struggle to determine what exactly constitutes a 'bona fide

Marine Mandrila

Food is universal, it is something that we can all share no matter our culture, civilisation or social class. At the same time it is also something quite intimate, which brings back the memories of our mothers and grandmothers. We wanted to support the welcoming of refugees in France. To face off the negative messages that refugees get when they arrive in

Vanessa Saenen - United Nations

Helping refugees means much more that just giving them a refugee card. When they leave their countries because of prosecution or war, they have nothing left. So they need to restart their lives over again. They need a job, to have their family around, to learn new languages, to be able to integrate into the society in the long

Raul Contreras

They just said that they didn't rent places to refugee claimants. (They) said that refugees don't have jobs and probably wouldn't

Béatrice Huret

For me it was not something reprehensible. I knew I shouldn't do it but I did not imagine it would lead to this. What I expect from the court is to drop the charges of 'organised crime'. This is what bothers me the most. To be put in the same boat as those who made people pay for the crossing, who profited from the refugees

Donald J. Trump

Peace is possible and must be achieved. Let's stop the denigration of refugees... they are all human beings just like all of us here

Neeta Helms

Our Moroccan choir has not got visas. It was ambitious to think that seven Moroccan men were going to get visas in this day and

Neeta Helms

Whether the Kennedy Center was going to go for this or not, my goal this year was to celebrate

Deborah Rutter

I don't care if [audiences] don't get it. I don't need to them to. I know it's going to soak in, and that's why we're doing

Ann Coulter

This Daily Trump melodrama is worth it ONLY if he's really going to build the wall, cut off Muslim refugees and deport

Nishchay Hans

We wanted to create a social enterprise model which was not only looking at improving the environment but also had a business plan that could employ excluded communities such as

Farah Naz

I had no choice but to work, and now I am proud. I am feeding my family and changing the view of women in my community, but most importantly I am doing a job which is showing that refugees also can do something

Hasiba Fata

It's just the beginning, so the money is not much. But we are excited about the idea that we can become business women and run our own company, employ other people and also do something for the environment. Maybe it's

Ipshita Sengupta - United Nations

Not only are refugees learning valuable new skills, they are also part of a meaningful and innovative initiative. Such projects demonstrate that refugees are active members of our society making positive contributions to the communities they live

Babar Baloch

Human smugglers will go to any extent to exploit desperate refugees and migrants. These shocking deaths are part of the bigger picture of

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The reality is that women and girls as well as boys and men can still be raped with near-total impunity in conflict zones around the world, and there are still appalling cases of rape and mistreatment of vulnerable women, children and men by peacekeepers sent to protect them. The horror of sexual violence is compounded when it is carried out by someone in uniform who has a taken an oath to

Oscar Isaac

Hi, I'm Chris Cornell, and I vow to keep the promise to fight for the world's most vulnerable

M. Hamza

Why didn't they explain the law when we first came? To expect new immigrants, especially refugees, to adapt within a year or two is

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The role of sexual violence is compounded when it is carried out by someone in uniform who has taken an oath to protect. So it is a responsibility of those who wear uniform to take the lead now by correcting from within, setting an example a stepping forward with new

Eric Schwartz

Many of the countries helping refugees are those that can least afford

Yorgos Kapranis

For many of the families it has been a struggle to explain to them how important it is for children to go to school, even if there are plans to move to another country. This programme is temporary, because these sites are not meant to stay forever, they are transit (sites), families are already moving out of the camps, the EU is paying for apartments and the children then go to the morning classes. So this programme is preparing them to better integrate the national

Alejandro Plans

Our aim is very simple: we want politicians to know that either they fulfill their promise or we will hold them accountable. The uncertainty facing thousands of refugees at the moment is absolutely intolerable. The European governments made a commitment, and we're just asking them to keep it. After all we're talking about people, not

Niko Karaiskos

Refugee children in camps are going to start again in september in a revised programme that we send them to day schools and not afternoon classes. They are going to be together with Greek children morning classes they are going to be taken to reception classes for the Greek language, maybe some other subjects, they are going to do

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Over half of all refugees and displaced people worldwide are women and children. How we treat them is a measure of our humanity as nations. On World Refugee Day my only ask is that people consider the pain and suffering of young girls like these. Not only have they had to flee extreme violence or persecution, lost everything and witnessed the death of family members, but they have also had to face so much abuse and intolerance and

Maria Kamma

We want to revive traditions that were dying out due to a dwindling population, like making cheese and gathering medicinal herbs. By integrating refugees, we can boost the local economy and encourage

Majid Kamasaee

When I arrived on Manus they confiscated my medicine. Everyday in the harsh sun my skin felt like it was on fire. The scars got worse and then developed growths. I was in pain every minute of every day on Manus

Kate Schuetze

It must be a turning point towards a better solution for refugees - one that is grounded in protection, not

David Hudson

The second ad was a huge success. The data was clear. If you can trigger a sense of hope, donations go

David Hudson

Children who have lost their homes, starving families, the heartstrings thing. Ads that convey 'If you don't donate, people will die.' That's what everyone believes

Scott Harrison

Our approach is that water is binary. People are either drinking clean water, which is good, or they aren't, which is bad. We want to present an easy

Patrice Martin

There's lots of people who think Charity: Water is working on the wrong issue, or they're telling the wrong

Amanda Seller - International Rescue Committee

Because sometimes you can't tell the victims from the perpetrators or how long it'll

Amanda Seller - International Rescue Committee

With an earthquake, it's easy; everyone is an innocent victim, and they have a problem that will eventually

Scott Harrison

These are all pictures of sad kids, crying women, scary statistics. What kind of success stories can I tell? And what is success? How do we know when things are getting better?feedback

Scott Harrison

When we started, the biggest problem was that my friends said giving to charity was really

Andrej Mahecic

It is tragic that this happened to people who have gone through so

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

I don't know the name of the restaurant, but that's what our person on the site is reporting

Chris Gunness

In December 2016, UNRWA's mandate was extended for three years by the General Assembly by a large majority. The situation of Palestine Refugees needs to be resolved as part of a political resolution of the conflict between Israelis and

Benjamin Netanyahu

It is time UNRWA be dismantled and merged with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. I told her it was time the United Nations re-examine UNRWA's

Denise Zamora

We're anti-Shariah. We're anti-radicals. It's coming in very slowly, and a lot of the refugees are bringing that ideology here. All of it is just

Giles Duley

It is hard to comprehend the scale of the crisis in Lebanon, a country of 4 million now hosting over 1 million Syrian refugees. The infrastructure of the country is pushed to its limit, and nowhere is that situation more desperate than in the Bekaa

Karim Sadjadpour - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

It's in U.S. interests to try and compel Tehran and Riyadh to address their differences and cooperate against ISIS. Acrimony and distrust between Iran and Saudi Arabia only causes more civilian casualties in Syria and Yemen, more refugees pouring into Europe, and more Sunni and Shia radicalism. In lieu of a grand strategy, our Iran policy must be sophisticated and nimble enough to cooperate when possible, counter when necessary, and contain intelligently, until the Islamic republic's internal contradictions force a course

Dinesh Chawla

I am an immigrant, and I have sympathy for people who are refugees. I do believe in legal

Sadiq Khan

When Theresa May first invited him on a state visit to our country at a time when he was proposing a travel ban on Muslims and changing the American policy on refugees, I said it was inappropriate to be rolling out the red carpet for Donald Trump … nothing has changed my

Duncan Lewis

I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there is a connection between refugees and terrorism. Really needs to think again on this

Donald J. Trump

America sends our thoughts, our prayers and our deepest sympathies to the victims of this evil slaughter and we renew our resolve stronger than ever before: To protect the United States and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life and it's gone on too long. This bloodshed must end, this bloodshed will end. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the travel ban as an extra level of safety! Whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the UK, we will be there - We are with you. God bless!feedback

Karim Elguindi - World Food Programme

For up to 20 years most humanitarian assistance has been for registered refugees Since last year more than 75,000 came in addition to other tens of thousands unregistered refugees, they were not having much. The aim is to provide something more dignified and a user harmonised approach, similar to what we have in registered

Mohammad Ali Hussain

Almost all rickety houses in the district were completely or partially destroyed by the cyclone. Not only Rohingya

Setara Begum

There's no roof. We are just drinking water. The little food we had in our home was all damaged after the cyclone. My children are crying for food. I am helpless. I have no money. There's no hope. I don't know how I will raise my

Hamida Begum

We heard that a cyclone is coming. But there's no place we can go. I hate being a Rohingya. We are being tortured in Myanmar. Now in Bangladesh we have no rights - nothing. After this cyclone, we don't have a roof. We are living under the sky. We have no

Omar Farukh

We have passed a difficult time. We had no tin or plastic sheets above our heads and almost all of us passed the night in the rain. We tried to save our belongings, whatever we have, with pieces of plastic

Roberto Barbieri - Oxfam Intermón

Migration is really a big issue, because we are in a situation in which 65 million people are displaced or refugees. That is the biggest number ever since the Second World War. We have a huge responsibility towards these people. This a nation. Somehow this is the hidden

Erol Kekic - Church World Service

The president's proposed budget cuts for 2018 would mean we would have a much smaller program next year no matter what happens with his executive

Nikki Haley

It's starting the conversation. It doesn't mean that's where it will end up. He's going to have that conversation with Congress on where we should fall on

Jesse Brown

Trudeau is the political equivalent of a YouTube puppy video. Each week, Trudeau feeds the news cycle a new sharable moment, and our Facebook feeds are overwhelmed with shots of the adorable young statesman cuddling pandas and hugging refugees and getting accidentally photographed in the wild with his top off,

Alexandra Bilak

Not including internal displacement as an integral part of that entire displacement and migration picture is very shortsighted, because by looking only at the point of arrival and not considering where those journeys started, inevitably you're missing part of the picture. If you redirect attention to the countries of origin and to really understanding the driving forces of these movements it would be a much more strategic approach and

Jan Egeland - United Nations

What we focus on is the symptom of this breakdown of protection and human rights of people in their local communities. We just focus on the symptom, which is the people we see at our borders. First, conflict resolution needs to be redoubled, tripled, quadrupled. It's incredible there's not a bigger pull towards a peaceful settlement of the Yemeni conflict. We also need to get economic life to countries like Yemen and elsewhere so there's not a collapse in social structures there. Then we need investment in avoiding environmental degradation, and we need disaster risk

Isabelle D'Haudt

Host communities that have shared their land have benefited from new schools and health centres. But expectations are not always met and we are seeing increasing tensions as refugees and locals compete for services and natural resources. The crisis is a financial one – the framework is there but we need funding to provide better facilities – we can't work miracles without

Christian Schmidt

Uganda is the Germany of east Africa. All the top members of government have been refugees so their inclination is to say these South Sudanese are our brothers. The policy has always been, let them

Chris Cornell

One of my close friends is the producer of the film, who's Armenian, Eric Esrailian. My wife is Greek. Her grandparents were actually refugees from the same period of Greek refugees, the same policy. If neither of those things existed, it would still be something that I would want to be a part of and be able to have the opportunity to write a song for such an impactful, and what I think of as an important

Sadek Hamid

Let's not forgot this is the man who stated last year that 'Islam hates us' and introduced the 'Muslim travel ban' on refugees and restricted visa applications from a list of Muslim majority

Emmanuel Macron

You cannot have a European Union which argues over every single decimal place on the issue of budgets with each country, and which, when you have an EU member which acts like Poland or Hungary on issues linked to universities and learning, or refugees, or fundamental values, decides to do

Chris Cornell

Literally, it's the DNA that goes from my children back to my wife's grandparents, who were both refugees of that policy. It felt like that connection was

Robert Collins

Sustainability at blocking the border would be a huge challenge–food, material, shelter for the troops. Intervention across the border to create a buffer zone will be even harder because they would be doubling their logistical challenges in supporting the refugees. Those groups that grab the nukes will have the upper hand. This could lead to civil war, pushing North Koreans north to China, off both coasts in flight by sea, and attempts to cross the DMZ. The latter would result in more deaths than successes due to the density of military forces

Justin Forsyth - UNICEF

One child moving alone is one too many and yet, today, there are a staggering number of children doing just that – we as adults are failing to protect them. Ruthless smugglers and traffickers are exploiting their vulnerability for personal gain, helping children to cross borders, only to sell them into slavery and forced prostitution. It is unconscionable that we are not adequately defending children from these

George Graham - Save the Children

Children fleeing violence, persecution and poverty are taking huge risks in search of safety … it is vital that the EU urgently establishes safe and legal routes which offer children the chance to find sanctuary, rather than being forced to make deadly journeys, often completely

Justin Forsyth - UNICEF

These children need a real commitment from governments around the world to ensure their safety throughout their

Lily Caprani

This shows the need for the UK government to do more to ensure that refugee and migrant children are safe and protected when trying to reach the UK. We must build upon the work done to bring children to safety from Calais last year and improve our rules on family reunion. By making it possible for children to safely reach their family members in the UK from countries of origin and transit, our government could stop the need for these dangerous journeys to

Thomas J. Reese - National Catholic Reporter

If the Chinese president can educate him on North Korea in 15 minutes, hopefully the pope can educate him on some of these issues like climate change and refugees and immigrants and concerns for the poor. On the other hand, it may be that all the president is interested in is a photo-op and looking presidential. If that's the case they'll give him the photo-op and send him on his

Justin Forsyth - UNICEF

One child moving alone is one too many, and yet today, there are a staggering number of children doing just that. We as adults are failing to protect them. This is the tip of the iceberg. Many children who never register fall into the hands of smugglers. The real number is much bigger. We lack an enormous amount of

Tim Farron

Where we have good schools and hospitals. Where we take the challenge of climate change seriously. Where give our teachers and nurses and soldiers the pay rise they deserve for the service they give our country. Where we have an open, innovative economy. Where we treat the poorest and the most vulnerable with compassion. Where we don't turn our back on desperate refugees. That's the Britain I love. That's the Britain I want to

Dimitris Avramopoulos

If no action is taken within a month, I will have to act on my side and take, I would say, legal

Kinga Gal

For them the quota means they're allowed to come, because then they'll be relocated. It's an invitation for those hundreds of thousands of people, and also a chance for human traffickers to carry out more horrific

Hillary Clinton

From the Women's March to airports across the country where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking out like never before. I believe more fiercely than ever that citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy. To support this wave of grassroots organizing, we're launching Onward Together, an organization dedicated to advancing the progressive vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last

Hillary Clinton

From the Women's March to airports where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking up and speaking out like never before. The challenges we face as a country are real. But there's no telling what we can achieve if we approach the fights ahead with the passion and determination we feel today, and bring that energy into 2017, 2018, 2020, and beyond. Onward! We're launching Onward Together to encourage people to get involved, organize, and even run for

Hillary Clinton

From the Women's March to airports across the country where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking out like never before. I believe more fiercely than ever that citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy. This year hasn't been what I envisioned, but I know what I'm still fighting for: a kinder, big-hearted, inclusive America. Onward!feedback

Josef Joffe

Merkel has risen from the ashes of 2016 when she was widely criticized for her open-arms policy on the refugees. All seems forgiven. I have no doubt that her party will come out as the strongest in September, that she will gain a fourth term.... So four more

David Beasley

The suffering of the South Sudanese people is just unimaginable. They are close to the abyss. Violence is at the root of this crisis. Aid workers often cannot reach the most vulnerable hungry people. Many are dying from hunger and disease, many more have fled their homeland for safety

Xi Jinping

Economic growth is not on solid ground ... Economic globalisation is encountering some headwinds. Development has become more uneven – not to mention the other challenges that overshadow the world economy such as wars, conflicts, terrorism and a massive flow of refugees and migrants. Confronted by these challenges many countries are pondering the way forwards ... [but] in a world of growing interdependence and challenges ... no country can tackle all the challenges or solve the world's problems on its

Alessandro Michele - Gucci Group

We have all kinds of customers. Everybody is free to do what they want. Diversity in Europe was not a big discussion. It's a problem that still exists. We're in a very different moment when you think about Italy and [refugees from] Syria. It's not just something you read in the newspaper. It's in your life. In England, when you had Margaret Thatcher, it was one of the most creative moments. We have to use our voice. I don't want to just talk about dress. The way you think is

Jeremy Corbyn

Mmm, East Timor worked out well, I suppose. And the armed forces have done a good job picking up refugees in the

Bertrand Rossier

To play on public fears and merely view these people as a security or an economic issue is shortsighted. This is a humanitarian crisis and MSF calls for urgent, coordinated action to ensure that people on the move are safe from violence and

Bertrand Rossier

Murder, kidnappings, threats, recruitment by non-state armed actors, extortion, sexual violence, and forced disappearance – these are the realities of war and conflicts also faced by people in this region of Central America. Attempts to stem migration by strengthening national borders and increased detention or deportation, as we have seen in Mexico and in the U.S., ignore a genuine humanitarian crisis and do not curb smuggling and trafficking. These strategies have devastating consequences on the lives and health of people on the

Carla Denti

We see gunshot wounds, blunt force trauma ... mutilation of body parts during kidnappings, for example, breaking of bones, wounds from being thrown out of

Tim Farron

Labour should match this [Liberal Democrat pledge], this is a challenge to other parties and particularly to the government. I think we need a strong opposition and you only get that with a clear alternative – this is our clear alternative. I don't want us to be the kind of country who turns our back on those in desperate need. This is about Britain doing its fair share, it's not about taking all of the burden. I had met Syrian refugees in Cologne, welcomed into a civilized country which had the desire to do the right

Tim Farron

They were setting up home, very quickly learning German, aeronautical engineers who will become loyal, tax-paying German citizens. As safe, sanitary and caring as a camp can be made to be, it's still a flaming camp and it's no way to raise your

Raad Al Azzawi

In Iraq, there is a lot of misery, and I saw these writings and frankly, I was very

Tim Farron

My job is to try to present a different set of value, we are a political party making this a major part of our campaign. We believe the British people are better than the Conservative party are making us out to

Theresa May

We have always taken the view that we can help more Syrian refugees by putting aid into the

Eric T. Schneiderman

It's no secret that we've seen intense fear in immigrant communities across New York in recent months. To take advantage of that fear for financial gain is simply unconscionable. Unfortunately, frightened and desperate people are the number one target of scammers. My office won't hesitate to crack down on those seeking to take advantage of this climate of fear -- and I urge anyone who suspects that they are the victim of a scam or price gouging to contact my

Brandi Carlile

I was talking to my wife about it one night just after the baby was born, saying, I don't think I can tolerate the reality anymore that parents feel this way about their children and they're having to flee their homes in the middle of the night. We knew we wanted to take the 10th anniversary of the record and completely dedicate it to the refugee crisis in some way, so we looked up War Child to see what they were doing, and they had a campaign called 'The Story'. We took that as a sign, so we contacted them and asked them if they'd support us in supporting them, and they

Brandi Carlile

I thought I was going to get really lo-fi ... lots of iPhone recordings and GarageBand demos from the back of the tour bus, but I was really surprised when everyone went into proper studios and really put a lot into these songs. But what I wanted it to sound like was what each individual artist would want their addition to sound like so that we could engage all different types of people from different demographics. I can't reach into the refugee crisis and create an awareness that would be based on everyone sounding the

Margo Price

Brandi picked [the song] and it was my favorite off of the record, so it was perfect that we both had the same idea in mind. She's been so supportive of me, so it was the least I could do to repay my gratitude to her. Brandi has been passionate about the refugee crisis long before people even knew it was an issue.