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There is a growing list of cities in the U.S. that have decided to go to 100 percent renewable energy. Another one just achieved renewable energy, two weeks ago, in Georgetown Texas, a fair sized city in Texas.
Mar 23 2017
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Matt Drum

We're still churning through our carbon budget pretty quickly and, if you run a trend line from when we made our Paris commitment, we're still way over and getting further and further behind. The only thing that's keeping us in the ballgame at all is our renewable energy generation. This makes sense when there's no other feasible carbon policy on the table at the moment. ERF [the emissions reduction fund] isn't doing it. Direct Action more broadly isn't going anywhere near it ….

Alexandre Roesch

We need to build a major industrial project around solar and renewables. To start with, increasing the 2030 renewable energy target to at least 35% [up from 27%] will send a strong signal that Europe is back in the solar business.

Nikola Casule

The Commonwealth Bank knows it has one of the most recognisable brands in Australia, it also knows that most Australians support stronger action on climate change. [Chief executive] Ian Narev ... needs to decide whether he wants that brand associated with dirty coal or a future powered by clean renewable energy.

Dave Clark -

As our fulfillment network continues to expand, we want to help generate more renewable energy at both existing and new facilities around the world in partnership with community and business leaders. We are putting our scale and inventive culture to work on sustainability–this is good for the environment, our business and our customers. By diversifying our energy portfolio, we can keep business costs low and pass along further savings to customers. It's a win-win.

Alan Robinson

The sustainability of our planet is in everybody's best interests. Renewable energy plays a massive role in that and hydropower is a significant contributor both historically and moving forward to the future.

David Waskow

There seems to be a debate within the administration about this and it's clear there are some voices who understand that withdrawing from Paris would have significant diplomatic repercussions. Economically, it would also send the unfortunate signal that the US isn't at the forefront of clean energy technology. There are plenty of reasons to stay within the agreement.

Andrew M. Cuomo

New York is a national leader in clean energy, and the tremendous growth of the solar industry across this state demonstrates this renewal technology's increased accessibility and affordability for residents and businesses. Our investments in this clean energy resource create jobs, reduce carbon emissions, support economic growth, and help build a cleaner, greener New York for all.

Richard L. Kauffman

Clean, renewable energy will help the State meet its aggressive energy goals, make electricity more affordable for New Yorkers and bring about a more resilient and versatile energy system.

Ricard Torné - FocusEconomics

Chinese authorities appear to be strongly committed to their goal of closing outdated coal mines and boosting clean energy. In this regard, the ban on North Korean coal imports has the potential to further stimulate China's energy transition.

Joe Kaeser

I can imagine a future in which we give investors the opportunity to invest not just in the companies Siemens Healthineers or Siemens-Gamesa renewable energy, but also in a high-performing digital industry business. We have just raised our profit guidance for 2017 and have increased our dividend three years in a row. I wouldn't end such a streak for no reason.

Gregory Barker

We need to embrace the fact that China has invested very heavily in clean energy. If America won't lead then it's clear that China will.

Miguel Arias Canete - EU Energy

Despite the current geopolitical uncertainties ... Europe will move ahead with the clean energy transition, and will look to China and many others players to push forward.

Teruhiko Tatebe - Honda Motor

The United States is where demand for fuel cell vehicles is going to be among the highest so we've decided to consolidate our manufacturing operations into one location there. Both GM and Honda have our respective missions to develop clean energy sources, and we plan to continue these regardless of the political situation.

Annie Leonard - Greenpeace

Instead of pushing bogus claims about the potential of pipelines to create jobs, Trump should focus his efforts on the clean energy sector, where America's future lives. Renewable energy is not only the future, but also the only just economy for today. Keystone, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and fossil fuel infrastructure projects like them will only make billionaires richer and make the rest of us suffer.

Donald J. Trump

To begin with, the whole push for renewable energy is being driven by the wrong motivation, the mistaken belief that global climate change is being caused by carbon emissions. If you don't buy that – and I don't – then what we have is really just an expensive way of making the tree-huggers feel good about themselves.

David Richardson

While the rhetoric is absolutely negative in terms of advocating pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, ramping up coal, ramping up fossil fuels and being fairly quiet on the support of renewable energy, we think the reality is different. As investors, we're making lemonade out of lemons, which is to say there's going to be some interesting buying opportunities for investors who truly understand these markets.

Nur Bekri

Today, we are facing climate change, and we know this is caused by our use of energy. That is why the Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of clean energy.

Wendel Trio - Climate Action Network

But we see things are changing more at a local level where certain local communities see the advantages of renewable energy and see advantages for the health situation of their citizens to reduce the use of coal.

Michał Kaczerowski

The current government, in my opinion, are trying to kill the sector. We're trying to educate them and we want them to understand that renewable energy sources are the future and we should develop this area because it's good and cheap. We have a lot of problems with smog in Poland and wind farms could help with this.

Liu Zhaoquan

Energy giants will die like dinosaurs if they don't diversify into other energy products and into clean energy.

Wendel Trio - Climate Action Network

One of the big surprises for many people is the high-carbon intensity of the electricity production in Germany because that's the country where renewable energy has been promoted most. They've lead the solar energy revolution by investing a lot.

Mark Z. Jacobson - Navy

I believe that it is fantastic that a boat powered by hydrogen and electricity will travel the world. It is an important step forward and consistent with this proposed path to 100 percent clean, renewable energy worldwide for all purposes to solve energy security, job creation, air pollution, and climate problems.

Gary Cook - Greenpeace

Thanks to the leadership and advocacy of companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Switch, we are seeing the tech industry make major strides toward powering the internet with clean energy.

Jude Lee - Greenpeace

We must see East Asian internet companies exhibiting the will to commit to 100 percent renewable energy, particularly as they expand to markets around the world. Leading IT companies in the United States have already shown that the majority of the industry recognizes that clean power is both good for the environment and good for business. East Asian companies must step up to embrace that reality as well.

Eric Schneiderman

If we can shut-down Indian Point under an agreement that enhances public safety and kick-starts investment into safer and more reliable renewable energy sources, that will be a major victory for the millions of New Yorkers who live in the region.

Li Yangzhe

By 2020, the annual volume of commercial renewable energy sources available will reach the equivalent of 580 million tons of coal. Along with nuclear energy, we will reach our goal of increasing non-fossil fuels to 15 percent of total energy consumption.

Michael B. Enzi

In-situ uranium recovery has been used in the United States for decades, providing valuable jobs to Wyoming and clean energy to the nation. I rarely say this about the EPA, but the agency made the right decision.

Darrell Crate - Easterly Government Properties

We concluded it was not the right time to pursue a merger with Sungevity for a host of reasons, including changes in the marketplace regarding the valuations of renewable energy companies.

Sarah Greenberger

It becomes that much more critical to work together because we feel strongly we should be making a transition to renewable energy. There's a way to do that in a way that's beneficial for our planet.

Sarah Greenberger

As an organization we think a 30-year term is unreasonable, especially when we're still learning about the impacts of wind and other technology on wildlife. It becomes that much more critical to work together because we feel strongly we should be making a transition to renewable energy. There's a way to do that in a way that's beneficial for our planet.

David Goldwyn

If there is a chance of having a rational voice at the table on Paris, on climate, on investing in innovation and keeping the United States at the front of ... clean energy technology innovation and not taking us out of the conversation, I think we have a good chance that Mr. Tillerson would be a rational voice in that conversation.

Sheldon Whitehouse

This is a historic milestone for reducing our nation's dependence on fossil fuels, and I couldn't be more thrilled that it's happening here in the Ocean State. Congratulations to all of the many partners whose years of diligent planning and outreach have put Rhode Island at the forefront of clean energy innovation and positioned our offshore wind industry for growth.

Frank Meyer

We catch the opportunity to be a first mover in producing renewable energy at locations where it is for economic and technical reasons not possible today.

Gary Demasi - Google

We have to keep up with growth but also need to evolve beyond this very important milestone for Google, to be able to do renewable energy projects in every market where we operate.

Gary Cook - Greenpeace

More than ever, companies must show this sort of leadership on renewable energy. Now is not the time to be silent.

Magdalene Lum

We could not study well during such blackouts that sometimes last for over a week. We have been suffering even though we are blessed with a clean energy source in our backyard. The new energy from our human waste will supply us electricity constantly and cheaper.

Samuel Nguiffo

Cameroon will derive enormous economic, health and especially environmental benefits if renewable energy efforts are spread throughout the country.

Lee Jong-sik

We are planning to set a long-term goal to generate 30 percent of our power with renewable energy sources by 2030.

Joo Hyung-hwan

The penetration rate of renewable energy sources is expected to grow up to 11 percent by 2025, and we can meet this goal 10 years earlier than we have aimed.

Tomas Kåberger

In Europe, the incumbent power companies are fighting for survival using the political influence they have. What we have seen in the last 18 months or so in most developed countries is a priority shift from supporting renewable (energy) to protecting incumbent power companies.

Philipp Beiter

Since it was first released in 2009, the Renewable Energy Data Book has provided useful insights for policymakers, analysts, and investors. The 2015 version of the data book highlights the ongoing trend of growing renewable energy capacity and generation in the United States and globally.

Philipp Beiter

The 2015 version of the data book highlights the ongoing trend of growing renewable energy capacity and generation in the United States and globally.

Reinhard Ploss - Infineon Technologies

We are strategically well positioned with our solutions for electro-mobility, autonomous driving, renewable energy generation and the efficient use of electric power.

Anne Cranston

We have bought clean energy for the past few years, but churches and cathedrals have the benefit of being west-east aligned and therefore a lot of us have these south facing roofs. It seemed somewhat of a gift if we could take advantage of it.

Catherine McKenna

Taking traditional coal power out of our energy mix and replacing it with cleaner technologies will significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of Canadians, and benefit generations for years to come. It sends a clear signal to the world that Canada is a great place to invest in clean energy.

Shu Hua

There will be remarkable social benefits and economical ones as we try to renovate the once damaged area with green and renewable energy. We are glad that we are making joint efforts with Ukraine to rebuild the community for the local people.

Al Gore

Today's commitment by the member countries of the Climate Vulnerable Forum to move towards powering their economies entirely with renewable energy is a bold vision that sets the pace for the world's efforts to implement the Paris Agreement and move even more quickly to solve the climate crisis.

Paul McConnell

China's a huge market for clean energy; it's a huge market for everything. But one of the reasons that solar in particular has come down in cost so much over the last few years is because China has been producing huge amounts of solar panels.

Nick Hurd

The U.K. is ratifying the historic Paris Agreement so that we can help to accelerate global action on climate change and deliver on our commitments to create a safer, more prosperous future for us all. We are going to use this positive momentum to grow the U.K. low-carbon sector, which is already worth over 46 billion pounds, as we continue to provide secure, affordable and clean energy to our families and businesses.

Charlie Thomas

It is important to remember that not all renewable energy companies are exposed to the U.S. market and there are still significant opportunities elsewhere.

Tom Steyer

Did we get the president we want, absolutely not. Did we get a majority of clean energy supporters in the senate, no. But in terms of what we did, and the strategy we took, we wouldn't do anything differently.

Nathan Hultman

There is a very major deployment of solar and wind energy in Morocco, there is massive deployments of renewable energy in Latin America and particular in Brazil and Mexico and couple of other countries. All of these together have been showing not only in their own region but also globally what countries can do when they put minds to it and identify what they can do with their own domestic resources.

Admir Softic

On the other hand, the state is determined to meet its commitments towards the Energy Community and the European Union. We are determined to achieve the target of 40 percent for renewable energy by 2020.

Greg Small

The public wants to act on climate change, but it wants to have a policy that cuts pollution and invests in clean energy solutions.

Narendra Modi

Today's signing of the Agreement for Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy marks a historic step in our engagement to build a clean energy partnership. Our cooperation in this field will help us combat the challenge of climate change. I also acknowledge the special significance that such an agreement has for Japan.

Pierre-Pascal Urbon

(Trump) has never made a secret of the fact that he doesn't think much of renewable energy.

Stephanie Pfeifer

Renewables have already overtaken coal as a global power source, electric vehicles are the growth segment of the auto industry and jobs are being created in clean energy sectors faster than any other.

Martin Stanley - Macquarie Infrastructure

This capital raise took MIRA's global fund raising to $29 billion in the past five years. The investment strategy for the latest fund is focused on investment opportunities in utilities, transportation, communications infrastructure and renewable energy throughout the European region.

Nick Hurd

The government is committed to the transition from coal to clean energy.

Susan Chu - Motech

A Hillary win means Obama's renewable energy policy will likely be extended. That would be a big plus for our industry, especially if Hillary should sweep the houses (Congress).

Raymond Carlsen - Scatec Solar

This is an excellent example of how private public partnerships can deliver renewable energy and support further economic growth in Mozambique. EDM and the government of Mozambique have demonstrated strong leadership in taking this project forward and it paves the way for further investments in renewable energy in the country.

Courtney Blodgett

Privately operated renewable energy mini-grids, on the other hand, can be installed and be operational in a matter of weeks.

Charif Souki

She understands the balance between environment concerns and the need for clean energy and at the same time the very, very important role that natural gas plays on the global basis and the important role that the U.S. can play now that it has become natural gas rich and has the ability to export to other countries.

Hillary Clinton

We can deploy a half a billion more solar panels. We can have enough clean energy to power every home. We can build a new modern electric grid. That's a lot of jobs. That's a lot of new economic activity.

Ilmi Granoff

Coal undermines both climate and development goals, while clean energy supports them.

Mary Barra - General Motors

This pursuit of renewable energy benefits our customers and communities through cleaner air while strengthening our business through lower and more stable energy costs.

Bob Keefe

In a short amount of time, clean energy has become a huge part of our workforce and our economy.

James Dozier

The way I look at it is regardless of who is in the Oval Office, we need clean energy champions on the Hill.

Tom Kimbis

With the emergence of renewable energy technologies as the top sources of new power for the United States, we've entered a new paradigm that's here to stay.

David Blowers

There will no agreement around consolidation or harmonizing renewable energy targets across different states. If there is any agreement it might be to look at infrastructure but I don't think it will go beyond that.

Karen Hall - Scottish Natural Heritage

Shetland's got a great resource for renewable energy – particularly wind and wave and tidal. However, it's also got … a lot of protected species, a lot of designated sites.

Alexandra Erick

We are not going to be building five-star palaces. We will build a sustainable, environmentally-friendly infrastructure using renewable energy and, for example, doing away with things like 24-hour air conditioning.

Lisa Jackson - United States Environmental Protection Agency

Apple is committed to running on 100 percent renewable energy, and we're happy to stand beside other companies that are working toward the same effort. We're excited to share the industry-leading work we've been doing to drive renewable energy into the manufacturing supply chain, and look forward to partnering with RE100 to advocate for clean-energy policies around the world.

Tom Kimbis

Solar works in all 50 states and this report proves that what many would consider non-traditional markets are now firmly a part of the clean energy movement. While it took us 40 years to hit 1 million U.S. solar installations, we're expected to hit 2 million within the next two years. That record-breaking growth is made possible by solar's cost-competitiveness and the vast benefits it provides consumers, our nation's economy and environment.

Jean Francois Hamel

In our lab here we are producing biofuels as part of student projects, which are being sponsored in part the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, based in Colorado. So the federal government lab is involved in suggesting projects of importance to the world.

Alex Doukas - Oil Change International

Time is running out. Every dollar wasted on fossil fuel subsidies pushes us closer to climate disaster and makes the transition to clean energy more difficult.

Naim Rassool

SARETEC is going to be providing the skills that… (are) required in order to run these power plants, these renewable energy power plants. SARETEC has been specifically designed and set up to do that on a world-class level.

Hillary Clinton

There has to be a greater fee on extraction while we do everything we can to transition to clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Kirsty Saddler

We are a company driven by positivity and purpose. We constantly challenge ourselves to see if we can do better and moved to a 100 percent renewable energy contract, even though it wasn't the cheapest offer on the table. We are determined to invest in the future, rather than just the bottom line.

Josha MacNab

The key missing ingredient continues to be a strengthened carbon tax and the province-wide incentive it would provide to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency.

Brent Cheshire

Hornsea Project Two is a huge potential infrastructure project which could provide enough green energy to power 1.6 million U.K. homes. A project of this size will help in our efforts to continue reducing the cost of electricity from offshore wind and shows our commitment to investing in the U.K.

Greg Clark

The U.K.'s offshore wind industry has grown at an extraordinary rate over the last few years, and is a fundamental part of our plans to build a clean, affordable, secure energy system. Britain is a global leader in offshore wind, and we're determined to be one of the leading destinations for investment in renewable energy, which means jobs and economic growth right across the country.

George Chua

We have been subsidizing renewable energy. We're not against renewable energy, but why do we need to go into technologies that are not fully developed? We could wait a few more years when they become commercially viable.

David Russell

In the Philippines we've seen over last couple of years, over 1100 megawatts of renewable energy, just in the wind and solar space installed. That's about two billion dollars just flying into what was an industry that didn't exist till three years ago. What we're seeing going forward is, over the next ten years, and expectation that that market will grow by about 20 times.

Mercedes Maroto-Valer

Our project aims to produce low-carbon synthetic aviation jet fuel using renewable energy from agricultural waste and forestry biomass and captured CO2.

Sid Bail

I favor renewable energy, but in this case it's a very bad trade-off.

Yohei Ogino

The Japanese government will aim for the maximum introduction of renewable energy but renewable energy has a cost issue.

Stephen Kretzmann - Oil Change International

This should be a wake up call to anyone promoting natural gas as a bridge to a clean energy future. Put simply, it's not.

Cade Marsh

But if you repackage clean energy in terms of national security and liberty, you'll find people much more receptive.

Mark Carney - Bank of England

In terms of what is the magnitude of clean energy or lower- carbon energy infrastructure and cleaner water sanitation, etc., that will be put in place over the next 15 to 20 years ... it's somewhere in the order of $5 to $7 trillion. The question is how much of that is going to be financed through capital markets.

Hamdi Akn - Akfen Holding

The equity financing will be used for the construction and development of new projects and the expansion of current renewable energy investment projects.

Jim Yong Kim - World Bank Group

India's plans to virtually triple the share of renewable energy by 2030 will both transform the country's energy supply and have far-reaching global implications in the fight against climate change. The World Bank Group will do all it can to help India meet its ambitious targets, especially around scaling up solar energy.

Henrik Poulson - Dong Energy

We see a lot of opportunities. Being a global leader in offshore wind we see a lot of opportunity for offshore wind not only in Europe but in Asia and also North America. There is no doubt that there is significant momentum in the transformation to green energy on a global scale.

Rachel Kyte - World Bank Group

Low oil prices … and the need for clean air and secure supply chains of food and water all reinforce the wisdom of the UAE in taking a long-term view and moving to be a leader in renewable energy and energy productivity. Now we hope the UAE can share its lessons in the GCC and across the developing world.

Lang Banks - World Wide Fund for Nature

Successfully developing floating turbines could enable Scotland to secure even more clean energy from offshore wind in the future.

Thoriq Ibrahim

Moving to clean energy is in every country's interest and I am confident that climate action is an historic inevitability.

Conor Bambrick

The timing of this announcement could not be better. It sets the stage for Governor Cuomo to carve out a big role for offshore wind as a part of New York's monumental Clean Energy Standard.

Jackie Savitz - Oceana

It will prevent oil spills and coastal industrialization, it makes seismic testing unnecessary and it will help promote the clean energy solutions that we so desperately need. With this decision coastal communities have won a 'David vs. Goliath' fight against the richest companies on the planet and that is a cause for tremendous optimism for the well-being of future generations.

Amber Rudd

This project means secure, clean energy for the country, jobs and financial security for working people and their families, and more skills and growth boosting the Northern Powerhouse.

Vladimir Chuprov - Greenpeace

Of course they don't want to share out the finances, they want to maintain the status quo. And of course, neither renewable energy nor energy saving technologies have any chance in the near future.

Roland Jöbstl

If you subsidise fossil fuels you create an obstacle against innovation and new technologies. You offer big companies, who got us into this mess in the first place, the chance to keep their positions and you're working against new companies who can provide new forms of renewable energy.

Bertrand Piccard - Solar Impulse

We want to demonstrate that clean technology and renewable energy can achieve the impossible.

Dirk Vansintjan

For me, the key to success for renewable energy cooperatives lies in their ability to gather a group of competent citizens that are able to manage the technical, financial and social aspect of the cooperative.

Angela Merkel

This path is a big challenge for Germany but it also means huge opportunities for future generations. We believe that our country can become a front-runner for the creation of renewable energy.

Christian Bergsmuller

If the EU (has) that ambitious agenda of moving to about 20% of renewable energy by 2020 – which is very ambitious – we know that we have to import from other parts of the world, and Brazil will certainly have a stake in our energy mix in the future.

Brigitta Bozsó

We won't be able to take advantage of the opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency if we commit ourselves to such a giga-investment now and we spend all our money on that. What's more, we're burdening the population with a huge loan.

Aidar Marat

Our theme is future energy, and we're not just going to exhibit those technologies that should produce renewable energy and energy efficiency, but we're going to implement them into the buildings, such as building integrated photo-voltaic panels, wind turbines, geothermal piles, and basically the buildings will comply with the requirements of energy efficiency buildings.

Aleksander Shenkov

For me the road to success in renewable energy is threefold: follow new technologies, be flexible and tailor the solutions to the needs of the client.

Hillary Clinton

The US and China will build an important partnership to develop and deploy clean energy technologies designed to speed our transformation to low carbon economies. These technologies are essential both to spur sustainable economic growth in our countries and to contain the increasingly urgent problem of global climate change.

Ed de Jong - Avantium

This kind of material emits 70 percent less carbon dioxide and also uses much less non-renewable energy sources, so it is much more sustainable then the traditional plastics and also the properties are much better.

Nicolas Sarkozy

If Italy wants to confirm its choice to return to nuclear energy France, through its ecology minister and Prime Minister, is offering a limitless partnership. And concerning nuclear, we want to develop a clean energy source with our dear Italian friends.

Wendel Trio - Climate Action Network

Really there is a lot of things that Europe can do, by promoting energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy to reduce our dependency on Russia and the Middle East in the import of fossil fuels and it would be very good for the climate at the same time.

Barack Obama

What I want to emphasise is that this announcement is part of a broader strategy that will move us from an economy that runs on fossil fuels and foreign oil to one that relies more on homegrown fuels and clean energy.

Andrea Pirisi

What we propose is an innovative and smart system to recover and absorb energy from cars by slowing them down, increasing road safety and producing green energy by using energy that the car would disperse anyway through its brakes.

Jacques Rougerie

There is everything to explore and discover under the sea. Most simply we have to understand the biodiversity of our seas, migration patterns, and the food of the future, the pharmacology of the future, and all the energy that we can harness, the renewable energy from the oceans that we can use, it's the blue economy of tomorrow.

Barack Obama

The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and the powerful reminder yet that time to embrace the clean energy future is now. Now is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash America's innovation and to seize control of our own destiny.

Silvio Berlusconi

Following the decision the Italian people are taking, we must probably say goodbye to the possibility of nuclear power stations and we must strongly commit ourselves to renewable energy.

Barack Obama

There can be no solution to this challenge without the efforts of both China and the United States. As President Hu indicated we are creating a joint clean energy research centre and have achieved agreements on energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal and electric vehicles.

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