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Michael Block
Something is happening here. We used to worry about mortgages. We used to worry about home equity loans, student loans. This is the next phase. Consumers are getting pinched a little bit in certain demographics, and it's going to be an issue.feedback
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Oct 12 2017
“Something is happening here. We used to worry about mortgages. We used to worry about home equity loans, student loans. This is the next phase. Consumers are getting pinched a little bit in certain demographics, and it's going to be an issue.” said Michael Block speaking about Rhino Poaching. It’s one of the 72 quotes about Rhino Poaching you can find on this page. 45 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Julian Rademeyer, David Williams-Mitchell and Pelham Jones. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Trang Nguyen

When you go to traditional medicine shops, you need to know someone. But it's easy to get rhino horn today through Facebook, online forums, or e-commerce websites.feedback

Michael Block

The rotation into value and energy and financials hasn't happened and tech outperforms.feedback

Musa Mntambo

It was a brazen attack and we are still shocked and we are trying to ensure we save as many rhinos as we can. We continue to appeal to the public to tell us if they have any suspicions about anyone they believe might be involved in this or other similar incidents.feedback

Cole Smead - Smead Capital Management

The biggest names in the market right now have the highest prices, and that's a big problem for the market. It's getting narrow. … That's just to the detriment of the passive investor.feedback

Mark Spellman

If the Trump domestic agenda gets delayed into next year, that's what I think is the biggest risk to the market right now. If that were to happen, I think you'd have a problem.feedback

Michael Block

I don't think they're just left for dead here. I don't think they're going away. There's some value there. Let's go find it.feedback

Matthew Peterson - LPL Financial

The market really is expecting a cut. We still feel it's a matter of when, not if a cut happens. But any thought this gets pushed to 2018 is a market negative.feedback

Michael Block

Comey's firing is igniting a storm that will be yet another distraction to the public policy driven thesis for economic growth and higher stocks. With that, we are putting our long trade on financials on watch. It worries us that the sector can't hold a rally. The rally in the sector (and for Value vs. Growth) should play out as this situation gets swept away in favor of more talk on tax cuts and stimulus, but any delays will move us to the sidelines and has us choosing spots more carefully.feedback

Peter Fearnhead

Rhinos are one of the great symbols of Africa, yet they are severely threatened and are on the decline in many places across the continent due to the extremely lucrative and illegal rhino horn trade. The rhino's return to this country, however, is a testament to Rwanda's extraordinary commitment to conservation and is another milestone in the restoration of Akagera's natural diversity.feedback

Pelham Jones

We have spent billions of rand without any income whatsoever from the species. We have private rhino owners laying down their lives to protect the species, showing total commitment and dedication, yet we get described as rich white farmers wanting to profiteer.feedback

Pelham Jones

We believe we are able to sell rhino horn at a price substantially lower than that of the illegal market. So the illegal market would respond to that by saying the only way we can stay in business is to try to undercut the current legal market. We believe this is going to force many illegal players out.feedback

Cathy Dean

I expect there will be loopholes in the system that will be exploited. If that happens then it is going to be an own goal, and they [the private traders] will have shot themselves in the foot, because it will push back any chance of getting an international trade proposal through.feedback

Elodie Sampere

We tried everything to get them to mate naturally. When he first tried to mount the girl, the rangers guided him … but it is difficult with a rhino. We removed them from a zoo environment, which was not conducive to natural instincts, and put them in a semi-wild environment. There were a couple of matings, but it never resulted in a pregnancy.feedback

Pelham Jones

We welcome the Constitutional Court ruling, we believe it is a right we have been entitled to. We are in an advanced stage of setting up a domestic trade desk and are consulting with economists to determine market prices.feedback

Kirsten Pullen

It is hard to pinpoint a particular species within our breeding programmes because all of them could potentially be impacted if we suddenly can't deal on a European basis, or it's much harder to deal on a European basis. When you are talking about something like the white rhino, obviously they take up quite a lot of space so no one zoo can do it, and we would be hard pressed to do it within the UK. So, it has to work cooperatively across a European basis to make sure we can achieve those numbers.feedback

Jiri Hruby

Pamir was anaesthetized. The intervention took less than one hour and it was performed without any complications.feedback

Jan Stejskal

There is no live tissue (in the horn). It's just compact matter, similar to nails or to hair. If you cut it, it's like cutting your hair or your nails. So it has no impact on the life of the animal.feedback

Allison Thomson

The risk we run at the moment is that if we open up trade and poaching escalates we will have no rhinos in the wild. We will only have rhinos on farms, being farmed like cows.feedback

John Hume

Banning the trade in horn has made the horn more and more and more valuable. Had we never banned it, the price of horn would never have got to where it is now. And that Parisian rhino would have been safe in its zoo because its horn would have been worth a fraction of what it is.feedback

Julian Rademeyer

The criminal networks involved have shown themselves to be far more innovative and utterly ruthless. They are often outthinking law enforcement and government regulations, finding new loopholes to exploit. Shooting and jailing the poachers is not a long term solution. They are very easy [for the crime syndicates] to find and very easy to exploit. Whether they get killed or arrested means very little to the syndicates, and the same applies to the couriers. The kingpins who are making the big money are getting away with it.feedback

Julian Rademeyer

You are dealing with very sophisticated transnational organised crime syndicates in many cases and yet your law enforcement is hampered by international borders. Police tend to police their own backyard.feedback

Julian Rademeyer

There have been warnings for the last four to five years that zoos need to tighten up security.feedback

Duan Biggs

The issue is complex, but a well managed and enforced legal trade that is structured to fund rhino protection and deliver community benefits is likely to work better than the status quo. I think that poaching a rhino in a zoo or in the wild is even more morally repugnant than a well regulated legal trade.feedback

Julian Rademeyer

People have limited sympathy for poachers but I think [their poverty] is a reality that has to be grappled with.feedback

Dan Ashe

We're confident that our facilities are very safe and the animals are safe.feedback

Ed Grace - Fish and Wildlife Service

It's more valuable, pound for pound, than cocaine or heroin. By the time it gets to Vietnam or China or somewhere in southeast Asia, a full horn will go for anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million.feedback

Ron Kagan

We – and I think most, if not all – U.S. accredited zoos have 24-hour security. That doesn't necessarily stop someone from coming with a gun and doing horrible things … obviously, there's a lot of motivation for bad characters.feedback

Michael Hutchins - ABC

They're taking some major chances here by breaking into a zoo and killing an animal for its horn. So it's a relatively new risk for zoos, but something they're going to have to start thinking more seriously about.feedback

Laura Weyrich

I do wonder what rhino tastes like. I'm not a big fan of sheep. I think I'll take the rhino.feedback

David Williams-Mitchell

All of our members who hold rhino are deeply aware of the situation in the wild. It is shocking, wherever it happens. The fact that it has happened in Europe … it is, with hindsight, unsurprising that somebody would have a go. What really needs to happen is we need to reduce the demand for it.feedback

David Williams-Mitchell

To ensure people cannot get on to the site in the first place. To have cameras, particularly surveillance cameras. Obviously, every institution is different, so there are different needs for different places.feedback

Mark Pilgrim - Zoological Society of London

As a result, we have comprehensive CCTV across the zoo, including focus on our rhino habitats, monitored 24 hours a day by an expert on-site security team.feedback

David Williams-Mitchell

Therefore, their security is already very high. I think one has to be realistic that when you have armed gangs with guns and chainsaws, who are able to break in through fairly serious security measures, then there isn't a whole lot we can do. Obviously we realise that rhino horn costs upwards of €50,000 [£43,000] a kilo, and the issue of security had been discussed by the Taxon Advisory Group.feedback

Paul de La Panouse

Animal parks throughout Europe have been put on alert to look out… to get into these places they have to climb 3.5 metre fences, go through padlocked doors. It's not easy to kill a rhino weighing several tonnes just like that. It's a job for professionals.feedback

Crawford Allen

This is the first time we've heard of it. It's certainly the first time it's happened in Europe. It's an incredibly shocking and distressing occurrence. It's also a game-changer for zoos. They've woken up today and realized their world has changed if they have live rhinos in their collection. It's really a no-brainer for these criminal groups. It's a low-risk, high-profit enterprise for them and they can make as much money robbing a bank as they can killing a rhino with far far less security.feedback

Cece Sieffert

It's absolutely heartbreaking for the keepers who devote their lives to taking care of these incredible animals.feedback

Crawford Allen

The people who targeted the zoo in France have probably already checked out other zoos that they can target. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a horrific wake-up call for things to change.feedback

Cece Sieffert

I wish I was surprised, but these animals are so brutally targeted. Wildlife crime is run by organized crime syndicates with very complex networks of middlemen moving rhino horns from Africa and India to networks in Southeast Asia. With the poaching crisis at such an alarming rate, it was sadly only a matter of time before these animals in zoos and other protected areas were targeted.feedback

Thierry Duguet - Vince

It's extremely shocking. An act of such extreme violence has never happened before in Europe.feedback

Paul de La Panouse

We are grieving. It's a terrible shock. Animal parks throughout Europe have been put on alert to look out... to get into these places they have to climb 3.5 metre fences, go through padlocked doors. It's not easy to kill a rhino weighing several tonnes just like that. It's a job for professionals.feedback

Thierry Duquet - Vince

The criminals broke several security systems.They shot Vince dead and cut off one of his horns, probably with a chainsaw. His second horn was only partially cut, which suggests that the criminals were interrupted or that their material was defective.feedback

Tom Milliken

It's simply not possible to regard the sustained poaching of three rhinos each and every day as anything less than a continuation of the crisis.feedback

Michael Block

With the VIX threatening to go to a hat size, three-month protection is looking cheap across the board.feedback

Michael Block

There's this delicate balance going on between taking profits and managing risk, and not missing what's to come. It's almost like everyone wants to sell, but no one wants to miss anything.feedback

Jonathan Krinsky - MKM Partners

One sample size is tough to glean too much from, and Sep. 2011 was a much different market. So I don't think I would read too much into it.feedback

Kirsty Brebner

I firmly believe that we are going to be able to prove that they can. They are clearly trainable, they have a strong sense of smell, the eventual aim is to train rats to find ivory and rhino horns too,'' she said.feedback

Thinh Van Ngoc - World Wide Fund for Nature

Vietnam can no longer turn a blind eye to wildlife crime because the world is watching: the government must use this conference to signal a new start by announcing concrete plans to end the rhino horn and ivory trade and close all tiger farms.feedback

Ishaam Abader

We don't only focus on anti-poaching, we also focus on demand reduction and increasing rhino populations by diversity management.feedback

Michael Block

There's a lot of doom and gloom regarding political uncertainty, regarding the Fed and regarding the overhang of Brexit.feedback

Luke Warwick - The Pew Charitable Trusts

Sharks are in global crisis and there is a complete lack of management framework internationally and domestically around the world to protect them.feedback

Michael Block

The financials, already on the ropes, could see a further setback in a lower for longer scenario.feedback

Michael Block

The question is, are jobs and subsequently housing, hitting a wall? I would say we're close. The rate of change in jobs growth is slowing, and that could ding anything.feedback

Michael Block

Monetary policy creates a backdrop for higher asset prices, but it doesn't solve the structural challenges in the jobs market.feedback

Michael Block

We've yet to have the blow-off top accompanied by huge volume that I've been looking for here. So even if I'm negative on this market short term, I have to throw up my hands and say that this situation could persist for quite some time.feedback

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