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Nadia Comaneci
Ilie is very patriotic and sometimes he says things that he doesn't really mean - it's just Ilie, and he will always be my friend. Of course Ilie is responsible for what comes out of his mouth, and I think it is important in sport that you keep the respect and good behaviour. He will have to deal with it (the consequences), but he can survive whatever happens to him. People make mistakes. Everybody in Romania loves Ilie because he is
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Apr 24 2017
Klaus Iohannis, Sorin Grindeanu and Daniel Horodniceanu, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Romania protests 2017. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 48 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 69 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Klaus Iohannis is: “I was surprised by the size of the crowd. Having over 200,000 people in Piata Victoriei (Victory Square) is something extraordinary. It's a very good way to say Europe is alive, it's alert, and basically positive.”.
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John Hall

Those killed and injured included Londoners, but also people from the United States of America, from Romania, France, South Korea, Italy, China, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Poland and Ireland. We weep for the violence, for the hatred, for the loss of life, for all that divides and spoils our world. It was not meant to be like this. It should not be like this. Violence and hatred are not the

Dan Mihalache

We don't have a formula, we have many varieties; that's what I've heard from British officials. Probably during the negotiations, a formula will be

Ion Radu

Too many people died there and it was considered normal. He totally deserves this punishment. He was left alone for too long. He was a cruel

Simon Kjaer

I never accept defeat, but losing 3-2 away against Poland was not a disaster - just look at their results last summer at the Euros. Right now, we are 'below budget' regarding the number of points we have in our group because we lost the home game against Montenegro. We shouldn't have lost that game for sure. It was the sort of game where you win nine out of 10 times with the number of chances we created and the possession we had. That result put us under a bit of extra pressure, but if we beat Romania the group offers all sorts of options for us

Marius Barbulescu

We are dealing with humiliation that is hard to describe in

Cristian Vlad

Because we have one doctor per section for most specialties, when a doctor goes on holiday we need to close down the

Andreea Kis

I chose to be a family doctor because this is compatible with family life. People in the villages preserve their humanity

Sonia Papiu

I don't think any of my colleagues are planning to stay. I think I could learn more abroad. You have higher responsibilities as a resident

Dan Ionescu

Usually Romania is at the border of the European Union, but from time to time we are in the centre and this is a moment in which we are in the centre. So I think that the people are sharing the common values of the EU today, and I think it is a very strong message for everybody including our

Dan Ionescu

There is a broken trust between the people and the ruling party and they are forced to invalidate this act, if they do it so, we will see the final reaction

Catalin Tenita

The feeling in the street is that there hasn't been closure. We're in a situation where the government is consuming social resources just because they wouldn't admit they have done something

Sorin Grindeanu

We now have a budget that will bring prosperity and development to Romanians. We have all the necessary means to implement the governing programme that Romanians voted for with a substantial majority in

Liviu Dragnea

The government has no reason to resign, it was legitimately elected. As long as this tense state continues in Romania, no one has anything to

Klaus Iohannis

I was surprised by the size of the crowd. Having over 200,000 people in Piata Victoriei (Victory Square) is something extraordinary. It's a very good way to say Europe is alive, it's alert, and basically

Klaus Iohannis

The prosperity of the Romanian people was not your first priority. Your first concern was to look after the penal files, and that's why Romanians are indignant and revolted. You have been saying in public that I would like to overthrow the legitimate government. That's false. You won, now you govern and legislate, but not at any price…The resignation of a single minister is too little and early elections would at this stage be too much. This is the available room for

Klaus Iohannis

Romania needs a strong government which works transparently, which governs predictably, in the light of day, not hiding at night. Make good laws for Romania, not for a group of politicians with problems. That's what our EU and NATO partners expect from

Klaus Iohannis

Don't mock Romania... Keep the economic

Sorin Grindeanu

I said I'd let two days pass – one to discuss the budget and the other one for the vote of no confidence in the government, because it's normal for Iordache to participate in the talks on the vote and on the Wednesday evening or Thursday he would then make the decision or I would make it for

Sergiu Miscoiu

The government's loss of credibility is very serious and any measure it takes going forward, not just in the justice department, regardless of its nature, will be looked upon with suspicion and could trigger street

Per Hammarlund

That provided a shot in the arm for EM risk appetite. If the FOMC won't hike as fast as previously thought, that's good for higher-yielding emerging

Florian Iordache

When we repealed the emergency decree, we went back to the initial situation, when there were many unconstitutional articles. We will develop and publish a draft bill which will be submitted in parliament after public

Sergiu Miscoiu

I don't think parliament will reject the repeal decree, but they may try to introduce some of the contested provisions in a draft bill to amend the criminal

Sorin Grindeanu

I do not want to divide Romania. Romania can't be split in two. Right now Romania seems broken in two. My last desire is to witness

Liviu Dragnea

There may even be talks to withdraw it if the Prime Minister agrees. I feel I can't keep everything under control from the centre ... [with] pressure from regional organizations to bring one million people onto the streets of Bucharest. I have decided to meet coalition partners to suggest a solution to solve the

Sorin Grindeanu

I don't want to divide Romania ... Romania in this moment seems broken in

Calin Popescu Tariceanu

A possible repeal of the decree will allow us to have a serious discussion with wide segments from society ... on how we build the future of the country. We will need to have a lucid and nonpartisan approach to find a way to solve this

Cristian Busuioc

I want to explain to him ... what democracy means, and the way the ones who govern must create laws for the people and not against them or in their own

Liviu Dragnea

We can possibly talking about repealing the decree if the prime minister

Daniel Horodniceanu

We have an over population in prisons and this problem can be solved either by increasing the number of places or by reducing the number of inmates. The fastest way to solve this is an amnesty. We were criticised by the European Court for Human Rights who gave us the examples of other states, so we followed that example. And suddenly we are criticised for doing exactly what we were told to

Daniel Horodniceanu

The moment a suspect would have nothing to gain from informing, then he would have no interest in doing it. Therefore, such acts may remain in a dark area, a discrete area where the state could never find or prove

Florian Iordache

Yes, this decree is the ministry's call, and I assume responsibility for that. As long as I am minister and I have signed the two draft bills, I take total responsibility for

Daniel Horodniceanu

There has only ever been one single strategy for fighting corruption and we have learned and developed with that. The state should be consistent and follow this strategy through the proper institutions. If not, it should have communicated its plans to change the national anti-corruption strategy before proceeding with legislative

Victor Ciorbea

There would have been plenty of time to discuss such things in a regular, parliamentary procedure, so no one can claim any urgency. The court will now decide whether the decree is constitutional or

Valer Dorneanu

(The court magistrates) will respect the constitution, the laws, our internal rules and our own

Siegfried Muresan

We have ten days now to try to reverse things because if within these ten days the government cancels its own decree, it will not enter into force and the damage to the rule of law, the judiciary will not be done. So all of the international partners, the European Commission, but also the member states, our partners also from across the Atlantic, from the USA, should use all tools which they have to put pressure on the current government to withdraw this piece of

Eugen Nicolicea

I am disappointed with this criticism because the European Commission's views are usually not founded on the Romanian or international legislation. While being screened for access to the Schengen area, we were asked to contravene our constitution which is a proof either of bad faith or

Diana Rusu

Romanian large anti-governmental protests have been viewed by the urban population as a sign of civil responsibility when the political leaders seem not to follow the best interest of the people. It is worth mention that the massive protests in November 2015 that led to the resignation of the Social Democrat government have set a precedent that peaceful demonstrations can bring a change. I believe this is one very important motivation of all those

Mihai Picu

The economic crisis has squeezed the Romanian economy since 2009. From 2012 to 2015 the PSD government decided to cut investment, therefore many projects disappeared. I believe that this economic issue created pressure groups and a movement against

Ovidiu Ursachi

Three million people have already left this country (including me) because these politicians left us no possible bright future. Many still hope, but now they are at their limit and are becoming hopeless. In this way, Romania will soon be no longer be a stability pole in Eastern Europe. After Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria, it seems Romania is paving its way to political instability. Thus, all western politicians must support us in our endeavour to reverse these

Micu Alexandru

I will be in the street as long as it takes to change this. And when all this is over, if they will still be in charge, I'm seriously thinking about leaving the

Micu Alexandru

I am sick and tired of the people that are in charge right now. They are doing things only for their benefit, even if it means 'burning' the country. Last night around 300,000 Romanians all around the world demonstrated against the government and against the Tuesday decrees. This was probably the biggest manifestation since the Revolution and they still don't even

Michael Iakab

I don't support the changes the Romanian parliament has done, I'm ashamed that I'm a Romanian

Valentina Dimulescu

People definitely feel that their voices have been grossly ignored and lied to since the government promised the president that these changes would pass through adequate public scrutiny. The fact that approximately 12,000 people rushed to protest on Tuesday night and in other major cities goes to show that these protests will most likely continue and even grow. Some local companies said that they will offer free food and drinks to protesters and some private citizens are offering their apartments for protesters outside

Ion Sava

We hope the EU might step in and take a powerful stand, as there are already rumors that the government will try to steer the country away from EU, in order to escape the corruption

Ion Sava

The protests stems from the sneaky and abusive way in which they did it, over the parliament and with interference with the judicial branch, so that it may save their boss, Dragnea, from going to jail. Many believe that we must act with all the strength, now, before they decide to outlaw public gatherings, social media and the freedom of speech. Because they just showed us that they can and will stop at nothing to get total

Diana Rusu

The anti-corruption fight has always had a very large popular support, especially since it has intensified in the past four years, bringing down tens of corrupt officials or politicians. A significant part of the population, notably the urban one that traditionally doesn't support the Social Democrats, has seen an improvement in the standard of living after Romania joined the EU and considers the anti-corruption fight a compulsory step in the transformation of the

Ovidiu Ursachi

When a political party with strong communist roots is coming to power and as a very first measure they make an urgent amendment (normally used for real urgency situations such as war, natural disasters, etc.) to the laws against corruption, then this country has a big issue. In a country where strong corruption is everywhere in the political and administrative system and where investments go into the pockets of politicians instead of education, health, transportation or defence systems, then people have no more

Vasile Braileanu

We are sick of these politicians who think they are elected forever. The chief of PSD was condemned to two years in prison for electoral fraud, a second file on corruption is ongoing, and these changes of the law will pardon him, so he can then be prime minister because he is no longer an outlaw. It is all explained by the justice minister as the need for more space in prisons, that they are overcrowded. Since the bloody revolution not a prison has been built, although justice ministers report every year the prisons are overcrowded and the conditions are

Florin Jianu

How am I going to look him in the eye and what am I going to tell him over the years? Am I going to tell him his father was a coward and supported actions he does not believe in, or that he chose to walk away from a story that isn't his?feedback

Laura Stefan

The rush in adopting this piece of legislation overnight, at midnight almost, is basically to favour him. You would have thought such things are no longer possible in Romania, that things have changed. What we're most concerned with, first and foremost is the way the government has chosen to adopt legislation. This is really taking us back to the 1990s when legislation was adopted overnight and published in the official gazette. You go to sleep with one law and then you wake up with a different

Florin Iarui

I never dared to think that this was possible. I have always thought that there was some logic, some common sense that would lead to a valid law. But when I saw what has happened, I was

Lucian Mandruta

It's an incredible manifestation of disappointment from these people who feel that they have been cheated. They have been deceived by the government. This Socialist government came to power only one month ago and in one month they managed to have 100.000 people unprecedented since the revolution on the streets against

Mark Toner

The United States is deeply concerned about the Government of Romania's recent measures that undermine rule of law and weaken accountability for financial and corruption-related

Laura Stefan

If we accept they can approve emergency decrees without transparency, then tomorrow they will adopt others and so on. We will wake up without institutions

Klaus Iohannis

The problem is that one cannot act the way the government has done in a country with the rule of law, which Romania is and wants to

Klaus Iohannis

This is totally unacceptable. This means that hundreds of corrupt politicians will be cleared to carry on with their misdeeds. Romanians do have a point, to be utterly

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