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Tim Baxter - Samsung
At Samsung, we believe it is a privilege to make groundbreaking products that are enjoyed by millions, and have recommitted ourselves to innovate, not only with new products and services, but also in process. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are a result of that recommitment and the market has responded – with a more than 30 percent year-over-year growth in pre-orders versus the record pre-orders we had with Galaxy S7, making it our best
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NEW Apr 24 2017
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Koh Dong-jin - Samsung

As the person in charge, I can confidently assure you that the Galaxy S8 is a product that consumers can safely use without having any concerns, as we have introduced every possible way of checking the quality of the batteries, not only with the company that makes those batteries, but also with the phone

Park Jung-hoon - HDC Asset Management

People are starting to worry whether Samsung can repeat these kinds of numbers next year. There's no reason to be the first to jump off, but those worries will grow as time

John Vinh - Pacific Crest Securities

We think Samsung looks to integrate semiconductors to save costs, but Apple is different as it only looks to integrate components if it believes it can get performance benefits to differentiate its

Geoff Blaber - CCS Insight

I think that what this underlines is the fact that Samsung is a hardware company and obviously it is trying hard to make this transition to software and

Todd Rosenbluth

But investors are wrong in not looking internationally. The fund gives investors exposure to excellent technology companies that happen to be outside the U.S. These are strong global brands. Investors should think of the overall allocation. The global economy will be a tailwind for large-cap technology stocks like SAP and Samsung. And they're also more stable than smaller

Erik Gordon

Asking the right question as an activist shareholder is not enough, if you do not have a stick available to you, you become like a professor who has no power. People answer your question cause your technique might

Erik Gordon

The questions and techniques activist shareholders developed in the U.S. pertain to how investors value companies universally. The question of whether BHP is undervalued applies whether the company is Australian or

Song Eun-jeong

Generally speaking I think the improved product mix in appliances and televisions and the company's efforts to sell high-end products lifted

Yves Behar

This was the magical element for us. It's hard to develop - the sensors themselves have to be invisible so you cannot see an aperture. And it also has to be

Yves Behar

Some of the art was commissioned especially for this, and some has been specifically scaled by the artists so the images look good in this

Yves Behar

We showed Samsung an idea which was not about how thin we could make the TV or stand, because this is how tech is usually designed. We took a counterpoint to that. We could make it thicker, make it more intelligent, and make it fit more into the home. It's a counter-intuitive approach to designing a TV. The real key was integrating sensors in the

Tom Kang - Counterpoint

We think the S8 series will definitely be a strong flagship for Samsung and help it gain back market share. The launch of the fully revamped iPhone 8 will also be threatening. But there is also pent up demand for Samsung devices rolling over from last year due to the disappearance of the Note 7. So those 2 factors will balance

Ben Silbermann

Computer vision technology is going to be a big deal. Our integration is going to let you take a photo and then find pins that are

David Hsieh - IHS

Apple has ordered 70 million units of OLED panels from Samsung this year, while Samsung is preparing to churn out as many as 95 million for Apple in 2017, in case demand exceeds expectations. It is also possible that some of these 70 million handsets will not be shipped to customers this year and be carried over to next year depending on

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

That's a big bet that its phones will justify a higher price, whereas it could have used these new phones as a way to drive higher sales after a couple of years of

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

I do expect the Chinese to knock off Samsung and that's probably going to be Huawei. I see it as a Huawei-Apple fight in the future, Samsung and probably some smaller competitors underneath them. Over the next three to five years some smartphone handset makers will go by the

Theresa May

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back. We should work together to minimise disruption and give as much certainty as possible. Weakening our cooperation for the prosperity and protection of our citizens would be a costly

D.J. Koh - Samsung

The Galaxy S8 is our testament to regaining your trust by redefining what's possible in safety and marks a new milestone in Samsung's smartphone

Jefferson Wang

We are seeing some great design innovation from Samsung this year and expect the same from

Ian Fogg - IHS

Samsung's initial Bixby implementation falls short of its goal of being a comprehensive AI assistant because of weak app integration and limited voice

Hans Tung - GGV Capital

It is very difficult to come up with a phone that will wow consumers greatly. A company like Apple that makes the hardware software together can really differentiate, Samsung cannot. If all this is not seamlessly integrated, you will not offer a superior consumer experience and that's what we need to look for from all these phone companies right

InJong Rhee - Samsung

The smartphone has become the central point for the modern mobile professional, and when giving a presentation or editing documents remotely, it means they can work effectively using just their smartphone. We developed Samsung DeX with the highly mobile worker in mind, giving them a convenient and flexible desktop experience. With Samsung DeX, enterprise users can also be assured their smartphone and data is protected by the Samsung Knox security platform built into the smartphone. Samsung DeX redefines what a smartphone can do to keep mobile workers

Thomas Cooke

The consumer is the big winner in all of this. We have genuine first class competition among major

Theresa May

We are one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future. And now that the decision to leave has been made – and the process is underway – it is time to come together. For this great national moment needs a great national effort, an effort to shape a stronger future for

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

If something were to go wrong, it will wreck any confidence that they can produce a safe

Kim Kyung-soo

I think Park would stay in a better facility. And she will use a bigger cell than those of others. It will be difficult for (Park's side) to insist they need an outsider to come in and do her

Ishan Dutt - Canalys

This phone really can't afford to have issues. It seems to be perhaps not the best step in terms of PR to be even … overshadowing (the S8 launch and) also reminding people about the Note 7 at a time when the focus really should be on the new device and starting

Bryan Ma - International Data Corporation

Completely baffling, In their defense, if it's about helping the environment, … maybe they're getting a little bit of money out of it? But at the end of the day, it's a perception thing. Why remind people about it again?feedback

Bryan Ma - International Data Corporation

They've talked about it but we need to see it in action. We need to see how well it executes, we need to see how the software works. The bigger thing to watch out for is the Viv acquisition that they made. The problem is, it hasn't been integrated yet. They just made that acquisition … Right now, we can't get too carried away with how Bixby's going to be. I'll believe it when I see it, probably later this year or in the next

Bryan Ma - International Data Corporation

I think ultimately, this is going to be something that will get Samsung back on its feet after the problems of last year. The challenge, however, is going to be Apple. Apple's got a phone that, if you believe the rumor mill, is going to be a tremendous blockbuster later this

Bryan Ma - International Data Corporation

In that sense, Samsung still has quite a bit of an uphill battle to

Kim Kyung-soo

I think Park would stay in a better facility. Getting your hair permed or done by someone from outside the facility is against equality among inmates. It will be difficult for (Park's side) to insist they need an outsider to come in and do her hair. She is 65 and a woman, so in that regard she will be taken care of, but in the meantime she will be going through thorough investigations while being in there despite her age and status as a former

D.J. Koh - Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S8 ushers in a new era of smartphone design and fantastic new services, opening up new ways to experience the

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

Note 7 definitely did some damage to the Samsung brand, especially for people who had little or no personal experience with Samsung devices. But as long as the S8 does well and doesn't suffer from any of the same problems, the memories of the Note 7 issues will fade and Samsung will recover

Christopher Robinson - Lux Research

Initial sales of the S8 may appear slow compared to what was typical for previous model releases. In other words, smaller initial sales

Thomas Husson - Forrester Research

The brand lost prestige and consumer trust with the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7. The launch of Samsung's new flagship smartphone is thus key for the brand, even though it has managed to reduce its business dependency on smartphones, contrary to Apple. The launch of the new device must be perfectly executed for Samsung to gain innovation leadership and to gain market share in the high-end smartphone

Thomas Husson - Forrester Research

We'll see how Samsung leverages its acquisition of Viv over time, but I think the brand will struggle to compete in the longer term with the broader digital ecosystems from Google, Amazon or Apple. Samsung will have to work much more closely with third-party brands and developers to differentiate Bixby from other virtual

Lewis Larsen - Lattice Energy

The additional measures Samsung has taken should certainly improve battery safety and durability. These are most definitely not just cosmetic steps 'for

Thomas Husson - Forrester Research

The launch of the new device must be perfectly executed for Samsung to gain innovation leadership and to gain market share in the high-end smartphone segment. I think the brand will struggle to compete in the longer term with the broader digital ecosystems from Google, Amazon or

Venkat Viswanathan - Carnegie

How confident are they that they can actually find a faulty cell with these additional checks. It's sort of finding a needle in a

Bryan Ma - International Data Corporation

This is one of those decisions that make you stop and scratch your head. The last thing they need in the run-up to the S8 launch is another reminder to the world about what happened with the Note

Kristopher Carter - Uber

We looked at the headlines. Different companies, different technologies. It's sort of like how when Samsung had a battery issue, we didn't all put our iPhones in the

Jude Lee - Greenpeace

People around the world signed petitions, emailed Samsung's CEO, demonstrated in cities around the world, and finally Samsung has listened. This is major win for everyone that took action, and a step towards shifting the way we produce and dispose of

Kwon Oh-hyun - Samsung

I'm sorry for the scandal. I apologise once again for the mistake with the Note 7 last year. It was a failure that arose from trying new technology. It was a donation that was traditional and customary. The auditing committee found it was executed through normal

Jean-Claude Biver

It's a revolution. It will change the face of watchmaking. Apple, Samsung, LG – they cannot follow us because they don't have the mechanical movements. That's our way to escape the competition. What we have invented is not just for the Connected watch. The modular construction can be for a normal watch, too. You buy a three-hand watch, and one day you add the tourbillon module. This is the

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

It is a challenge but this is the dance Samsung has to do in terms of its relationship with Google, where it has an agreement as a result of licensing Android to support certain

InJong Rhee - Samsung

Starting with our smartphones, Bixby will be gradually applied to all our appliances. In the future you would be able to control your air conditioner or TV through Bixby. Since Bixby will be implemented in the cloud, as long as a device has an internet connection and simple circuitry to receive voice inputs, it will be able to connect with Bixby. As the Bixby ecosystem grows, we believe Bixby will evolve from a smartphone interface to an interface for your

Donald Robert Sadoway

I don't expect that these were wireless headphones. If they're both plugged in taking audio and a current, my suspicion is there was a malfunction in the electronics. When I looked at what was happening with Samsung, it seemed to me those phones were catching fire when they were plugged in and being charged. That means current into battery is driving some other reaction that ultimately leads to fire. When it functions properly it's fine, but when it malfunctions it's got all the ingredients for ignition and full-blown

Hwang Kyo-Ahn

After much consideration, I reached a conclusion that I cannot put off or neglect the management of the current national crises and of state affairs. And I judged that it is not appropriate that I run in the presidential election, for the sake of state stabilisation and fair management of the presidential

Park Geun-hye

Although it will take time, I believe the truth will certainly come

Lee Jung-mi

President Park impaired the spirit of democracy and the rule of

Kim Yong-Deok

We are in a very serious situation where we must elect the next president by May the 9th at the latest. It is concerning that the conflict we've seen might now be aggravated due to the election or that the election atmosphere might get

Chung Tae-ho

The case couldn't have been any clearer. With this verdict, the Constitutional Court has sent an unequivocal warning to the people in power not to take advantage of their positions and seek personal

Kim Seon-taek

It was a such an obvious case that there was no room for the court to rule other than impeaching the president. Through the 'Choi-gate' investigation, we found serious violations of laws and evidence of meddling with law and order of the nation by both Choi Soon-sil and Park

Lee Jung-mi

The president violated the Constitution and South Korean law by letting Choi Soon-sil get involved in government affairs. This is a violation of constitutional

Michael Hayden

There are people out there that you want us to spy on. You want us to have the ability to actually turn on that listening device inside the TV to learn that person's intentions. This is a wonderful

Jay Y. Lee - Samsung

I apologise to the South Korean people for revealing something which is not positive through this

Troy Stangarone

If Samsung's Lee is convicted and receives more than a suspended sentence, it would be a significant step in demonstrating that the court system has evolved to the point where it can prosecute white collar crime cases against chaebol

Troy Stangarone

One of the key potential pieces of evidence will be the notes of (Samsung Electronics President) Park Sang-jin. He had taken notes of his meeting with Choi and the prosecution appears to have those notes. How Park Sang-jin's notes are worded and what they might lead to will indicate whether this was a case of bribery or an issue of

Michael Costello - Cisco Systems

Between the time that we notified them and the release date, it was approximately one line of code per

Varun Badhwar

Yes, I think anything connected to the internet is hackable, is something that can be compromised and ultimately you've got to be mindful of where you want your devices placed inside of your homes, offices and across your personal

Will Donaldson

They're tapping into cars. They're tapping into home TVs. They're tapping into every device that you would carry that has a battery in it basically. Because of that, it's so prevalent. There's just so many holes. We're just getting started looking at them. I think Samsung was one of them that they listed, that they could turn it on remotely but it wouldn't put the power light on. So anybody in that room would then be discussing or talking and being monitored without their knowledge or

Andy Yen - Central Intelligence Agency

The exploitation of user endpoints (mobile phones, personal computers, etc) is actually not a new technique, but one that has existed since the first malware was created. This unfortunately is not something that cryptography is designed to defend against, as encryption by itself cannot guarantee the security of end-user

Andy Yen - Central Intelligence Agency

The core cryptographic algorithms and techniques used by ProtonMail and other encrypted services remain

Yuanqing Yang - Lenovo Group

I don't see that risk because I think the China-U.S. relationship is the most important relationship in the world, we need each

William Lu

I think more important is not adding more countries for now, but going deep in each country. I think the Gionee brand is not ready to enter in U.S. or Europe, but if we partner with local brands and offer products with them and work with them to understand this market, then we might be able to. For the developed markets, we have a plan to go step by step and not

Sky Li - Oppo

Our experience in these markets will help us better understand consumer behavior and prepare us for future

Sky Li - Oppo

Recently we have expanded into a number of carrier led markets, such as Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and most recently, New Zealand. The response to date has been extremely encouraging. In Singapore we're now number 3 in the market. Likewise in Australia we have signed agreements with major carriers including Vodafone, Virgin and Optus and are experiencing triple digit

Henry Carr

In my judgment, AbbVie would not have invested the considerable resources that this trial has required unless there was a good commercial reason to resist the

Henry Carr

I now turn to the question of spin-off value. The Claimants submit that the declarations will be influential in other European Courts and tribunals, and will make it more difficult for AbbVie to obtain preliminary injunctions, particularly in jurisdictions where validity cannot be challenged whilst patents are under opposition in the EPO (European Patent Office).feedback

Mingi Hyun - Samsung Bioepis

We welcome the court's judgment. At Samsung Bioepis, we remain committed to driving positive change in the healthcare system through the development of affordable, high-quality

Geoffrey Cain

The thing about Samsung is, it's a giant wound-up ball of yarn of cross-holdings. The setup is so complicated that sometimes I wonder if a group of smart people could find a way to tug at the right connection and find a way to loosen it up, to unravel it a bit, just to see if they could pull it away from the

Kim Sang-jo

To South Koreans, chaebol have two faces. On one hand, chaebol symbolize corrupt ties between business and politics, so people call for reforming chaebol. On the other hand, the economy is so heavily dependent on chaebol that people fear that shaking them too much might make them

Chang Sea-jin

The mission right now is to save Jay Y. Lee. It's like 'Saving Private

Kim Sang-jo

South Korean people, have never had a chance to learn how a modern globalized company should be

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

I don't think people will get this, the point is this has become the story of the show and quite frankly it's a damning indictment of the state of the smartphone market today. It's characterized by a sea of sameness, lots of rectangular devices and Nokia too have the same problem because they are trying to get back to the market with a device like this which is their Android phone and, to be honest, if that's all they'd announced, it wouldn't have got many column inches at

Luis Peixe

I would say that it is a project that comes from the heart, because it's very much part of the mobile phone industry. It was one of the best selling devices in the history of mobile phones and this is a new version of that

Lei Jun - Xiaomi

The ability to create its own chipsets is the pinnacle achievement for any smartphone

Hideyuki Furumi - Sony

The Sony super slow-motion capability enables you to capture life in impressive slow-motion detail that is so precise it will reveal the things beyond the human vision. With the super slow-motion, every day moments that happen in the blink of an eye, can become stunning visual memories – a cat leaping in the air for play, a humming bird in flight or a balloon bursting in mid-air, to name a few. You can dramatise just about everything for any moment, with the super

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

I absolutely think Samsung is going to have a huge impact on the market. I think it's going be the biggest launch they have ever done. I think it's going to be an extremely impressive device and I think it must be a very daunting prospect to all of the competitors in this Android market where competing there is really, really tough. And that's before you even start going head-to-head with the

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

This year has presented an unexpected window of opportunity for Samsung's rivals to position their new devices in the limelight. It's a unique chance to get airtime before the Samsung marketing freight train grabs all the headlines when the widely anticipated Galaxy S8 breaks

Richard Yu

The competition is feisty but I think we have a good

Arto Nummela

In the coming years we believe we are going to be one of the top players in the smartphone market globally. I think because Nokia as a brand is known absolutely everywhere and that gives us opportunity to go global immediately and that's what we are going to do. Awareness is huge and everybody knows Nokia globally, there's no question about it. There hasn't been Nokia smartphone in the market for a while, still it's one of the top preferences. And now when we combine Android, finally in Nokia, there is going to be an explosion in

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

Having Foxconn as one of its backers gives HMD Global an advantage of some rivals. As the biggest contract phone manufacturer in the world it can offer scale advantages and access to the latest technology which should help HMD Global to offer strong devices in the fiercely competitive Android smartphone

Arto Nummela

We are absolutely laser focused on partnership with Google. We are driving the elements bothering consumer like security and software updates. And they hate clutter and that's why we took this

Patrick Moorhead

First, Samsung expended many resources to find the root cause of the Note7 issues and change their processes to assure it won't happen again. Secondly, the expectation is that Apple will really extend themselves to make the next iPhone dramatically different, so Samsung benefits from the extra

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

The P10 is an even more refined flagship smartphone for Huawei and builds on the P9 which was a pivotal device in establishing Huawei as a credible high end phone maker. It is clear that Huawei has huge ambitions and this device coupled with other devices such as the Mate 9 will certainly help cement its position as the clear number 3 in the smartphone

Ramon Llamas

In the process of addressing the situation, I think Samsung buys back some of the good will with consumers. What people want is an assurance that it doesn't happen

Jeremy Daniels

We are proud of what we bought to market with the G5. What it didn't do was appeal to the

Jeremy Daniels

With the G6, it was Important to make a product this time with mass appeal and to make sure we had strong

Frank Lee

We started by placing these two (sources) as far apart as possible and then built the phone around it. What's important for them is to make sure that they present to their subscribers a quality, stable product. This caught the entire market

Steve Cistulli - TCL Communications

We can compete with Apple and Samsung directly in the enterprise market. We are going to use this device, to break the armor and it's our way in, once you have a way in you can get the mind share and hearts of those

Lee Hee-beom

With Pyongchang 2018 and Beijing 2022, winter sports will move from Europe and North American to Asia. We will have more sports fans among Asians because of Pyeongchang 2018 and Beijing 2022. Samsung has already committed to sponsoring the IOC and the Pyeongchang organizing committee. Even with the recent scandal, I don't think (the Olympic sponsorship) will be affected. We already have the agreements, and Samsung has already donated and has agreed to sponsor (the Olympics). So I don't think it will be

Lee Ji-soo

It might be a good chance for them enhance their corporate governance system. They have been relying too much on this family control system for many decades, so this might be a good chance for professional managers to actually run the

Park Geun-hye

The arrest of Lee Jae-young should provide a momentum for fundamental changes to end the collusion between the government and businesses, and reform the

Cho Chang-hoon

With the owner of the company being arrested, it will mean not only financial losses for Samsung, but also social costs as well. However, with this South Korea is showing that it will not accept wrongdoing. So, in the long term, there's a chance that South Korea's credibility will be

Jay Y. Lee - Samsung

He doesn't get into every business decision, but he's the one who has to sign off on major investments or acquisitions ... That's why he can't easily be

Patrick Moorhead

While there was nothing positive about the news, there was one reprieve for Samsung – Lee is not the global face of the brand. Mr. Lee, globally, isn't aligned with the global brand and consumers, and he's not really involved in the day-to-day

Jeong-ho Roh

From a legal perspective, he has, in the eyes of the prosecution, committed a crime, which is legally punishable. And he will be held accountable for this. This is the entire process we're seeing right now, that is the process of establishing the rule of law in (South)

Scott Seaman - Eurasia Group

Lee's arrest increases the risk that additional evidence will come to light that Samsung paid Park's confidante, Choi Soon-sil, in return for the government's help in securing approval for a merger in 2015 of Samsung C&T Corporation and a sister firm, Cheil

Kim Kyoung-soo

We hope it marks a beginning to end our society's evil practice of cozy ties between government and corporations and move towards a fair

Margaret Yang - CMC Markets

The future outlook is clouded by rising political uncertainties and waves of anti-globalization sentiments from the U.S. and Europe. As U.S. reaches full employment and approaches closer to the Fed's inflation target, a tighter Federal monetary policy is expected to lead to a stronger US dollar in the months ahead. This might worry

Kim Yong-serk

It is not like Samsung's business will be grinding to a halt. There are many smart people at the company. Samsung presidents are evaluated on an annual basis, so they cannot make bold bets about the future. They need a chairman when making long-term investment

Anshul Gupta - Gartner

Huawei is poised to reduce the gap further with the No. 2 global smartphone

Jim Cramer

What is really driving the stock of Apple is something quite different. A realization that Apple's worldwide sales are coming in better than expected, its service revenue stream is on fire and its design and manufacturing supremacy is leaving long-time competitor Samsung in the dust. I say you can trade the metal stocks, but not invest in

Bryce Boland - FireEye

What's needed here is oversight. Some cases may be legitimate, such as devices that need to be modified to prevent forest fires or human deaths; others might be more difficult to

Jay Y. Lee - Samsung

I will once again tell the truth to the special

Stefano Zanero

(The Samsung case) is exactly an example of how devices ... are no longer objects we own, but rather services we've subscribed to and which can be revoked at a moment's

Mahbubul Alam

With power comes responsibility. It's a new power that the device manufacturers and telcos have. How they exercise their responsibility is very

Emma Wright - Kemp Little

This ... is an extremely useful way of providing updates on devices without users having to take it in to a

Jeong Marn-ki

We ask that the industry shares the view that making efforts to ensure safety is equally as critical as developing new products through technological

Jay Yoo

Of course costs would rise, but if they don't do that they would get hit with

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

You know, I think there are parts of this that are on a good trajectory, and parts where we're a little behind, where we would want to be. I think Samsung shipping 5 million Gear VRs – that's their product, not ours, but we build technology that powers it. I think that's quite a good result, and one that we're very happy with. It just shows how strong of a company that Samsung is, being able to build these products and sell them through into the

Luca Maestri

We were encouraged by our performance in China because it was clearly an improvement over the last couple of quarters. In mainland China in particular, our revenue was flat and actually grew in constant currency terms. Clearly, this issue of the strong dollar doesn't help

Jay Ringgold

They tell everyone its voluntary. That's like a store saying, You can have this have this candy bar if you want,' but then they say, We're still going to arrest you if you walk out with it'. We live in a free country, we don't have to be forced beyond our

Jack Estes

A number of them know me as a little bit of a maverick. I regularly wear pants printed with dogs and whales ... I'm not the same type of buttoned-down businessman that you see in stock pictures. Some people have said I'm tilting at windmills, but no complaints from clients. I have a somewhat healthy disrespect of authority. I'm a Linux guy. There's a certain ethos that goes with the champions of each brand. I'm into sharing the

John Jackson

Samsung is looking to make sure it takes care of Samsung above all else, and saying safety is their concern would be a big thing for them to say. Why you would you look unfavorably upon someone who says they're looking out for you? They just want it to go away, they want it to be behind them ... I want to make my own

Zack Cernok

Very few people have reached out and heard our side of the

Zack Cernok

The main reason is not just because it's a great phone. Yes, it is. But we feel that Samsung put us in an unfair predicament. I have never been a tech enthusiast, until after this phone came out and the recall started happening. That is what turned me on to

Josh Todd - Localytics

It looks like it has the potential to be a strong competitor to the likes of Apple and

Elliot F. Kaye

Consumers expect more power from a smaller battery that charges faster and discharges more slowly. Companies are under a lot of pressure to meet this performance demand. Industry needs to learn from this experience and improve consumer safety by putting more safeguards in place during the design and manufacturing stages to ensure that technologies run by lithium-ion batteries deliver their benefits without the serious safety

Francisco Jeronimo

What's been difficult for LG is growing the brand awareness that drives the demand from

Francisco Jeronimo

Even if this is one of the best devices at MWC, I don't see it changing the fortunes for

Ric Spooner - CMC Markets

Unwinding free trade agreements and imposing border taxes is seen by markets as a negative for the dollar, which is not being helped by statements from the U.S. Treasury Secretary about it being

Naeem Aslam - AvaTrade

Investors are nervous due to Trump's protectionism policies and their hope is that his tax cut policies could perhaps save the day for

Koh Dong-jin - Samsung

Taking this incident as an opportunity, we have strengthened our determination. From now on, we will give product quality and customer safety top

Koh Dong-jin - Samsung

We suggested that the Note 7 has innovations and a compact design and a 3500 mAh (battery) but we did not know how to make the separators within (the battery) or how many millimeters thick they should

Park Chul Wan

Samsung said the weaknesses could make the phone prone to catch fire. That I understand, but what did trigger fires in such conditions? Did they discuss if there is another cause?

Kim Yong-serk

Samsung may have given a really high target for its battery capacity to suppliers, as consumers demand longer battery life. Its waterproof feature may have prevented heat from

Song Myung-sup - HI Investment & Securities

Consumers will not be reluctant to buy the S8, expected in April or May, only if Samsung clearly finds out what caused the

Yasuo Naruke - Toshiba

It used to be said we were two years behind Samsung (in 3D chips). But we were faster in (64-layer chip) sample shipments, so we believe we've caught up with Samsung

Liam K. Griffin - Skyworks

We launched multiple devices across Samsung's entire portfolio and gained momentum in China, with key wins at market leaders Oppo, Vivo, Meizu and Xiaomi. All of these wins were captured by resulting the growing complexity and performance requirements inherent in today's advanced mobile

Lee Kyu-chul

We will consider necessary measures and continue with the investigation without

Janet L. Yellen - Federal Reserve System

Right now our foot is still pressing on the gas pedal, though, as I noted, we have eased back a

Kathy Lien - BK Asset Management

Unless Donald Trump attacks the dollar again on Friday, we have seen the end to a month of losses in the

Daniel Yoo - Kiwoom Securities

The corporate governance issue for the chaebol companies have been around for the last 50

Jessie Zheng - Alibaba Group Holding

The most powerful weapon against counterfeiting today is data and analytics, and the only way we can win this war is to unite. Alibaba welcomes brands and other organizations in the creation of the world's first 'Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance.' With our robust data capabilities, we are confident the alliance will accelerate the digital transformation in our global fight against

Lee Kyu-chul

I cannot comment specifically on the timing of a face-to-face investigation of the president, but I believe it will need to happen by no later than early February. The president has said she would submit to face-to-face questioning, but if she refuses to comply there is no realistic way to force

Geoffrey Cain

Beyond the arrest itself, this is going to be a big blow to the narrative they've been building. It's hard to convince shareholders and partners they are a hip Silicon Valley-style company when these charges show them to be a company run like a feudal

Rushabh Doshi - Canalys

You also have the Chinese companies, who have seen excellent success. You have Oppo, Vivo (and) Lenovo, who are selling phones that are a bit (pricier), around $150 to $200, but they're giving Apple and Samsung a run for their money because (of the) comparable

Kim Hyun-soo

It's possible that Samsung Group companies will try to behave more transparently in response and operate in a more fair manner that shareholders can rationally

Kevin Plank

What are we going to do if Apple and Samsung start making apparel and footwear? How are we thinking ahead of that curve? Anything that makes sense to have a chip in it, it should….we expect to build it first. We've always been a technology company, not any one of us can afford not to

Hugo Barra

It's a major engineering achievement. Doing that without an OLED display is very, very hard because you have to backlight it. The world hasn't seen anything like

Richard Yu

Our company is a different management style than other companies. We call it collective wisdom. We are not only diligent…we are also

Richard Yu

We never hide our ambition. We have a vision to make the world's best

Adam Bartsch

In near real time, what we're doing is computing the risk of concussion for any single head

Young Woo - SK Securities

It's thanks to the improvement in semiconductors and displays on top of favourable foreign exchange

Manish Khatri

Chinese brands are offering quality that is at par with Samsung, at a better price. Of every 10 phones I sell, almost six to seven are now Chinese

Neil Shah - Apple

Being a global company is Samsung's biggest curse. Samsung phones were comparatively expensive, so I ended up buying a Lenovo a friend

Arvind Vohra

In a country like India, there are two religions – one is Bollywood and the second is

Lee Kyung-jae

There was no collusion between my client, the president and An. There is no truth in saying the accused (Choi) was involved in collecting funds for foundations from

Lee Kyung-jae

The accused has not sought one bit of financial gain for herself since the day the foundations were

Jim Cramer

They are the king of repatriation. You can repatriate those assets from overseas [and] that's $40 in cash per share overseas. It's hard to hate that stock given the fact that it is such a huge winner under the Trump

Park Jung-hoon - HDC Asset Management

We'll have to see how the mobile business does ... but I think Samsung's operating profit should be able to come in somewhere around mid-30 trillion won range (this year).feedback

Kweon Seong Dong

It's not good etiquette to the justices and also inappropriate for the president, as the defendant of the impeachment trial, to say this and that to the media outside of

Kwon Oh-hyun - Samsung

It will take the collective efforts of all employees to overcome the daunting challenges ahead of us. Let's leverage our full set of capabilities as a company to confidently and definitively rise above these

Kwon Oh-hyun - Samsung

After the expensive lesson learned last year, let us make all necessary reforms. First, we will maintain the basics of product competitiveness. Quality has been the cornerstone of our success that we must not compromise. We will restore top quality standards through improved processes and strengthened

Park Geun-hye

It was an important issue, and as president, I thought that it would be good for the National Pension Service to respond well to it. I have done my job and made judgments as president; how can you frame things to claim that an acquaintance did everything?feedback

Park Geun-hye

The matter is under investigation, so I can't make detailed explanations that might put both sides in trouble, but what I can assure you is that I have never conspired with anyone or did anything to give favors to someone, not even by a

Lee Hae-jin

Choi Soon-sil has shown us that our democracy was shattered. I hope in 2017 we will see our democracy

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

I think Samsung have got their heads down and are getting on with it. It's essential because the competition doesn't get any

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

We have always said right from the beginning that we didn't think it would have a dramatic long term impact on Samsung, so far we are being proved right. It wiped out profitability, but I think they will record a spectacularly strong fourth quarter because they have upped their game in terms of marketing with the S7 and Edge and the S6 and entry

Neil Shah - Apple

Samsung is the next brand which will face the Chinese onslaught in the India market. In Western Europe, Huawei has been growing very fast. Huawei is taking away share. If Samsung loses market share in a high volume market like India quickly, then overall market share will decline because it will be more dependent on Western mature markets like U.S. which is more carrier

Neil Shah - Apple

The entire onus is now on S8 and it has to fill up the gap which Note 7

Chris McCabe

There's no effective process for verifying that the party sending in the infringement form is accurate or

Kelly Johnston

How could sellers be so badly misdirected to the wrong agent? From an operational perspective, this is a massive

Kelly Johnston

They're caught in the middle. They want to make sure rights owners are happy, but they also don't want to alienate every

Jason Chaikin

We are really looking to the next generation of technology, so we don't just go underglass, but we are integrated into the

Lee Seung-cheol

It was difficult to turn down the Blue House's orders and requests. What was different about the Mir and K-Sports foundations from other foundations the FKI established was the fact that the Blue House became involved in

Nicole Peng - Canalys

The Samsung case did make (Chinese smartphone users) start to think an international brand doesn't necessarily equal to a safe

Janelle Waack

This removes a threat for technology companies. The products that incorporate technology are not automatically going to get stung with a patent infringement suit that's going to cost them all of the profits from their

Jay Y. Lee - Samsung

There are often requests from various parts of society including for culture and sports. We have never contributed seeking quid pro quo. This case was the

Park Ju-gun - CEO Score

There are two powers in South Korea that were untouchable - the president and the chaebol owner families. The two powers that were previously impervious are now being checked and criticised, and that is

Chung Sun-sup

The chaebol chiefs' testimony will be linked to the reasons why she faces impeachment. If the chaebol chiefs try to dodge this the blowback will be huge; they can't get out of

Hubert Joly - Best Buy

What we are seeing is that the customers that would have bought the phone are waiting. They are loyal to the Android phone and Samsung. There's a segment of those customers who really like that 'phablet' product, and there isn't one that satisfies them right

Barry Kirk - Maritz Motivation Solutions

Cult loyalty involves connecting to all the other people that have made this brand choice. Apple does that. Harley-Davidson, it's like a lifestyle. There's what they call the 'Jeep wave.' It's more social in nature, and that makes it increasingly harder to

Rob Cheng

Even really strong brands with a lot of brand loyalty aren't immune to this customer change of heart

Barry Kirk - Maritz Motivation Solutions

They're a bit controversial for Apple, they don't come with the phone, they are a pretty high price point. I would wonder if they have convinced the market yet ... that it's a critical part of the their product

Kim Hyun-soo

So long as Samsung can maintain healthy cashflow levels and it moves to buy back and cancel more shares, dividend per share will continue to rise. At this point it's hard to tell how big a boost in market valuations there will be from the holding company talks, but the prospects of payout growth is clear and

Amit Daryanani - RBC

The reason you buy an Apple product, an iPhone, is not the hardware itself, but its entire ecosystem: iOS, the App Store and so on. You're seeing challenges from Samsung, from Xiaomi, from maybe a Pixel phone right now. But that's a hardware discussion. It doesn't change the value proposition Apple has as an

Kim Jang-Won - IBK Securities

Samsung's moving to a holding company structure is what investors had already had in mind, so it was not a surprising matter. Samsung's movement has been noted in the market and priced in already. That's why today's Samsung stock moved strongly but closed

Kim Hong-gyeong - Samsung SDI

We put the utmost priority on battery reliability, and will use this opportunity to further enhance customer

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

Your own personal experience trumps what you read and what people tell

Dinesh C. Paliwal

I'm actually super excited to run this company with all the synergies from the deep R&D, which will actually accelerate the R&D and innovation that we have been

Jim Cramer

You want to be the center of infotainment, which they've now brought it into the center for yes, cyber-security [and] autonomous

Sam Abuelsamid - Navigant

They're putting together a lot of the pieces that they could integrate to supply some of these

Sam Abuelsamid - Navigant

They're looking for other revenue streams not necessarily as dependent on consumer

Kim Hyun-soo

Pharmaceuticals and biosimilar shares are rising across the board as the perceived risk of Hillary Clinton becoming the U.S. president has been

Shin Jae-hoon - eBEST Investment & Securities

The IPO price reflected all of the upside such as future orders expected to be won, but not the risks, such as unforeseen

Kim Hyun-soo

Regardless of whether people change or not, the (next generation) Galaxy S8 needs to hit the market for Samsung to get beyond the crisis. The company will put all its efforts behind the product to regain consumer

Lamya Bouyirdane

I panicked when I saw the smoke, and I had the reflex to throw it

John Herrington - Samsung Electronics America

Our priority is to reduce any safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices in response to the

Neil Mawston - Strategy Analytics

Huawei is coming under intense pressure at home in China as (lower end manufacturers) OPPO and Vivo offer similar phones at better price points. The Mate 9 will help alleviate some of that

Neil Mawston - Strategy Analytics

We're in a mature phase of the smartphone market, now only incremental changes are being

Roberta Cozza - Gartner

Just the device is no longer enough. AI and voice control will be main features on smartphones in the coming

Moon Jung-hui - KB Investment & Securities

Inflation from the demand side isn't strong yet, but when you look at energy prices rising, the Bank of Korea is likely to use its rate cut card very

Nigel Toon

We have Bosch as a strategic investor, we have Samsung as an investor and Bosch is interested in autonomous vehicles and the next generation of transportation, while Samsung is interested in missing word edge of network

Nigel Toon

GPUs have been built to run programs that completely describe the algorithm. Machine learning is different. You are trying to teach the system using data and that requires a different style of

Ken Hu

We do not expect future technology to look, sound and feel as it does now … Smart technology, as well as cloud and AI have begun to merge so what we'll see in the future may be entirely different from what we have

Ken Hu

If the problems of our competitors result in an increase in our sales, it's a good thing for us, But we're more concerned about providing more reliable

Ken Hu

We have our sights on the global market. China will make up a substantial portion but we're focused on global

Melissa Chau - International Data Corporation

The longer-term impact on the Samsung brand remains to be seen. If the first recall was a stumble for Samsung, the second recall of replacement devices face-planted the Note

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

In memory they are the global leader, and we have heard demand trends are strong, supply is constrained which is good for

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

Looking at where the stock trades, it's now looking really cheap, I'm warming up to

Lee Seung-woo - IBK Securities

What is important is clearly investigating the cause. It cannot develop a new product on top of the imperfect platform of the Galaxy Note 7, which had all of Samsung's latest

JK Shin - Samsung

We know we must work hard to earn back your trust and we are committed to doing just

Kim Young-woo - SK Securities

I am not positive about Samsung's mobile business until the first quarter, although the components division will remain

Neil Mawston - Strategy Analytics

Apple has been given a slight boost by Samsung's Note 7 missteps, but it continues to face iPhone fatigue among many consumers in major regions such as China and

Tracy Tsai - Gartner

Galaxy Note series users tend to be long term Note users who prefer the design, camera, relevant applications for the [Note 7's] digital stylus ... and most importantly those users are more Samsung loyal

Lee Jee-soo

He has never successfully demonstrated that he is eligible to be a board member. Just because he was born as the son of Lee Kun-hee, he is joining the

Neil Shah - Apple

The iPhone 7 series should help Apple regain lost (China) market share as demand is tracking better than for the iPhone 6s series. (But) Apple needs to offer something cutting-edge to appeal to maturing Chinese smartphone users who are warming to local

Nicole Peng - Canalys

I think Q4 looks promising for Apple in China as long as they ensure supply of the larger 7

Alexander Everke

We have that incident that happened recently and the market is still trying to figure out how to react to

Trip Chowdhry - Global Equities Research

You can't just shoot iPhones out of an assembly line at the speed of a bullet. Apple does things to perfection. There is no need to rush and create an inferior product the way Samsung

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

It's going to be interesting: The next 6 to 12 months are pivotal for the industry. It speaks what type of pent up demand there is. Does Google become a player? Will Samsung get back on track? I think it's almost like a game of high stakes poker. You want to see where everyone's cards