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Donald J. Trump
I also thank the Indian people for their contributions to the effort in Afghanistan, and for joining us in applying new sanctions against the North Korean regime. The North Korean regime is causing tremendous problems and is something that has to be dealt with, and probably dealt with
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Jun 28 2017
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Sergei Ryabkov

Previous multiple waves of American sanctions haven't achieved the result which their initiators had hoped for. Any new attempts to make Russia 'bow down' will be just as

Heather Nauert

Let's remember that these sanctions didn't just come out of nowhere. Our targeted sanctions were imposed in response to Russia's ongoing violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbor, Ukraine. If the Russians seek an end to these sanctions, they know very well the US position: Our sanctions on Russia related Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine will remain in place until Russia fully honors its obligations under the Minsk Agreements. Our sanctions related to Crimea will not be lifted until Russia ends its occupation of the

Sergei Ryabkov

The situation is not conducive to holding a round of this

Sergey Rybakov

The new American jab will not go without reaction from our side, including practical reciprocal measures. In the U.S., of course, they can further soothe themselves with the illusions that they can 'pressure' Russia. Many previous 'waves' of American sanctions have not brought the result on which their initiators counted. Just as futile will be any new attempts to force the Russian side to '

Nancy Theriot

As a UofL faculty member who interacts with students and wants a campus environment free of sexism and exploitation, I believe the sanctions are justified given the seriousness of the

Petro Poroshenko

And we very much admire of your leadership, of your very effective steps, because today includes two historic days – five months of your presidency and – when we launched the first peace plan – peace plan of Ukraine. And I'm absolutely confident that our effective coordination will bring the peace to our nation, to our land, and can support our territorial integrity and

Chuck Schumer

Make no mistake about it. The 'blue slip' threat is nothing more than a procedural excuse by House Republicans who dredged it up to cover for a president who has been far too soft on

Mark Dubowitz

The Obama administration would take the exact same position that the Trump administration is taking right now on waivers – any administration would – but this is as much about politics as about the ever-present tension between the executive branch and the legislative branch over

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

We saw on the one hand the president of Russia saying, Yes we had this problem, we have to admit this. You have on the other side some government officials or parliamentarians trying to ignore

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

We have the impression that some in Russia were thinking by addressing the issues for the future, the past would be forgotten. You cannot forget what happened in Sochi. We have made clear that the past – what happened there – has to be

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

We want to get this done as soon as possible. To come to the appropriate sanction, we have to find out how deep this system of manipulation was

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

It is not only the sponsors, it is not only the social media, it is not only the program. You have to pull it all together to stay

Jeff Davis - Navy

Due to the high rate of speed, the poor control that the Russian pilot had of his aircraft during the intercept, the aircraft commander of the [US reconnaissance plane] RC 135 determined it to be unsafe. Such unsafe actions have the potential to cause serious harm and injury to all

Desmond Tutu

During the anti-apartheid struggle, using boycotts, divestment and sanctions, we were not only able to apply economic pressure on the unjust state, but also serious moral pressure. People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate

Lu Chao

China has done its best, and these sanctions are working. Given time, they will have a greater impact on the

Jin Qiangyi

The United States may want to smoke North Korea out with sanctions so it would drop its nuclear programs, but we doubt this will work. This is a country that has managed to go through decades of

Sergey Lavrov

On LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), we do not prosecute (people) for this or that

Sergey Lavrov

I can only express my regrets at the Russophobe obsession of our (U.S.)

AshLee Strong

The Senate bill cannot be considered in the House its current form. The speaker has been a strong proponent of sanctions and believes we need to do more to hold Iran and Russia accountable. We will determine the next course of action after speaking with our Senate

Yury Slyusar - United Aircraft

We are interested in eliminating, cancelling any sanctions, it would be very useful in the

Eliot Engel

This is nothing but a delay tactic and the public shouldn't be fooled by complex-sounding parliamentary procedure. If Republican leadership says we can't act on the Senate bill, here's an easy solution: Let's introduce an identical House version and we can vote on that instead. I predict this isn't the last excuse we'll hear for trying to slow this bill's momentum, but make no mistake, anything short of an up-or-down vote on this tough sanctions package is an attempt to let Russia off the

Andrey Kostin

Did the west achieve anything with (previous) sanctions? Whether the world became a better place to live, whether we resolve the issue of Ukraine, whether both sides are better economically? I think the answer is no. I think the relations between the West and Russia will worsen substantially… we are now watching now how the new arms race can develop… definitely we see any further sanctions substantially worsening the atmosphere between the U.S. and Russia (as well as) Europe and

Vladimir Putin

All of these restrictions do not produce anything good, and we should work toward a global economy that functions without these

Steven Mnuchin

These designations will maintain pressure on Russia to work toward a diplomatic solution. This administration is committed to a diplomatic process that guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty, and there should be no sanctions relief until Russia meets its obligations under the Minsk

Jeff Davis - Navy

We don't rule out the option of doing so in the future. Ukraine has a right to defend itself against aggressive Russian actions, and we are deeply disturbed by violence in eastern Ukraine and will continue to hold Russia accountable to its Minsk commitments and US sanctions will remain until Moscow reverses the actions that triggered

Frances Ryan

It’s shameful that survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire were left to worry that their benefits could be taken away. But the DWP’s cruel reputation precedes it. If you’ve followed the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire on social media, one disturbing revelation has stood out: the fear that victims could have their benefits sanctioned because they were not able to get to the jobcentre to sign

Vladimir Putin

It will, of course, complicate the Russian-American relationship. I think it is

Ali Akbar Velayati

The U.S. Senate's move is unquestionably in breach of both the spirit and the letter of the nuclear deal. The Iranian committee tasked with monitoring the accord will certainly examine the congressional move and come up with a decent response. America is trying to cover up the repeated defeats it has suffered from Iran in Iraq and

Donald J. Trump

Viva Cuba libre! Our policy will seek a much better deal for the Cuban people and for the United States of America. We do not want US dollars to prop up a military monopoly that exploits and abuses the citizens of Cuba. We will not lift sanctions on the Cuban regime until all political prisoners are free. It is best for America to have freedom in its hemisphere whether in Cuba or

Steffen Seibert

It is strange that in the sanctioning of Russia's behaviour, with regards to the US elections for instance, that the European economy should become a target of American sanctions. That must not

Steffen Seibert

The U.S. Senate's decision raises exactly the same questions for her as it did for Mr Kern and Mr Gabriel. It is, putting it mildly, a peculiar move by the U.S.

Brigitte Zypries

If he does, we'll have to consider what we are going to do against it. I regret that the joint approach of Europe and the United States on Russia and sanctions has been undermined and abandoned in this

Chuck Schumer

This administration has been too eager, far too eager in my mind, to put sanctions relief on the table. We cannot let Russia's meddling in our elections go unpunished, lest they ever consider something similar

Rania Tadros

It is impossible to confidently predict how the situation will develop, for how long the 'Qatar ban' will remain in place and whether any further restrictions will be implemented. At this time, there are no signs that a wider sanctions regime against Qatar is being contemplated by the GCC states, but we recommend that affected parties monitor the situation closely and check for reports from official sources for guidance as to each State's

Mark W. Warner

You add up, without firing a shot or shooting a missile, the amount of disruption the Russians have caused in Western societies at large -- all that for less than 5 percent of the cost of a new aircraft carrier. Pretty good rate of

Michael Crapo

It sanctions those who . . . invest or support the construction of Russian energy export

Vladimir Putin

Now we know that another draft bill has appeared in the US Senate on toughening these sanctions. Why, by the way? Nothing extraordinary happened. What drove them to talk about these sanctions out of the blue? This is, of course, a sign of continued political infighting in the

Alexander Medvedev - Gazprom

I think the bill is aimed at US companies. This is a case of cutting off your nose to look beautiful. If senators believe that they can block the US-Russian co-operation, god be their

Vladimir Putin

We have been through two wars together. The Russian Empire was key in securing U.S. independence. I know the mood of our people, we don't believe America is our enemy. There is hysteria in the media and it affects the mood, but many people in Russia admire the achievements of the American people, and I hope relations will normalize. We have always lived under sanctions, whenever Russia grew stronger there would always be sanctions, throughout history. There is a U.S. bill to toughen sanctions – why?feedback

Bob Corker

We've been interacting with the state department and, again, we'll see what

Rex W. Tillerson

I would hope to allow the diplomatic efforts to attempt to make some progress. If we cannot make some progress, and I have told others in the Senate, I have had conversations with them, I may very well be coming to you and saying the time has come now to do this in order to motivate some movement on their

AshLee Strong

The speaker was a vocal proponent of the last round of sanctions and believes we must do more to hold Russia accountable. The Foreign Affairs Committee is reviewing the details in this latest sanctions package being voted on in the Senate, and after that we will determine a path ahead in the

Vladimir Putin

We have always lived under sanctions, whenever Russia grew stronger there would always be sanctions, throughout history. There is a U.S. bill to toughen sanctions – why? Nothing has changed why are they talking about sanctions – it's evidence of domestic political problems in the U.S. We have been through two wars together. The Russian Empire was key in securing U.S.

William Jackson - Capital Economics

Russian stocks are responding to the bill passed by the U.S. Senate last night which would tighten the sanctions regime if signed into law. Early signs are that (the bill) won't have a very big macroeconomic impact, but ... as far as there were any hopes that sanctions might be eased or lifted gradually under the Trump administration, that is not going to

Rex W. Tillerson

Essentially, we would ask for the flexibility to turn the heat up when we need to, but also to ensure we have the ability to maintain a constructive

Rex W. Tillerson

I certainly agree with the sentiment that has been conveyed by several members from both parties that Russia must be held accountable for its meddling in U.S. elections. I would urge Congress to ensure any legislation allows the president to have the flexibility to adjust sanctions to meet the needs of what is always an evolving diplomatic

Bob Corker

The legislation sends a very, very strong signal to Russia , the nefarious activities they've been involved

Jeanne Shaheen

This amendment also takes appropriate steps to ensure that current sanctions cannot be unilaterally unwound by this

Jeanne Shaheen

Today the Senate has finally confronted Russia for interfering in our elections. This bipartisan amendment is the sanctions regime that the Kremlin deserves for its

John McCain

Vladimir Putin's brazen attack on our democracy is a flagrant demonstration of his disdain and disrespect for our nation. This should not just outrage every American, but it should compel us to

Eliot Engel

If they think that we're somehow willing to relax the sanctions on them before they've complied with the Minsk framework and left Crimea, I think it just will encourage Putin to continue his bullying. And who knows where he'll strike

Bob Corker

With overwhelming Senate passage of the Russia sanctions amendment, the U.S. sends a strong signal to President Putin while ensuring the Trump administration has the flexibility it needs. The Russian government continues to violate the sovereignty of Ukraine, aggravate the crisis in Syria, and destabilize democracies around the world. This amendment makes clear that we will not continue to tolerate such actions, and I am glad we are one step closer to passage of our legislation to hold Iran

Noura Al Kaabi

Do they have the vision of guaranteeing stability and a prosper economy and also to gain the trust of countries around them? Is this something they want to achieve in the long term goal? If that's something they want to achieve we ask them to think about their recent actions in terms of undermining the security of this region and also look within their country itself, about what will happen if the sanctions increase. I think the consequence would be something that we don't want to see, especially the Qatari people suffer

Noura Al Kaabi

Otherwise, it's Qatar's choice for it to be isolated. (…) I believe that with the recent steps in terms of isolation and in terms of economic sanctions, we want to deliver a message to the Qatari government. That message is that we've been waiting for the past 20 years and since 2014 and simply the ball that's in their court as to see if they have the vision of what is

Christopher Granville

The latest oil price action is ominous for Russian equities and the rouble's de-coupling from oil compounds the blow for Russian oil

Peter Kinsella - Commerzbank

Emerging markets have plateaued a bit as people want to see what the Fed does and if it downgrades inflation expectations the dollar will sell off and that's good news for EM. Commodity prices too are way below the levels we saw before so some good news on commodities will be

Daniel W. Drezner

Washington is a town lousy with partisanship. At this point, when bipartisan action is taken, it is worth noticing. As my Post colleague Karoun Demrijian reported two days ago, there has been a rare bipartisan move in Congress to push for strengthening sanctions against Russia: Senators have struck a deal to put a comprehensive Russia sanctions [].feedback

Chuck Schumer

By codifying existing sanctions and requiring congressional review of any decision to weaken or lift them, we are ensuring that the United States continues to punish President (Vladimir) Putin for his reckless and destabilizing actions. These additional sanctions will also send a powerful and bipartisan statement to Russia and any other country who might try to interfere in our elections that they will be

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

The most urgent and dangerous threat to peace and security is North Korea. The regime's nuclear weapons program is a clear and present danger to all, and the regime's provocative actions, manifestly illegal under international law, have not abated despite United Nations' censure and sanctions. Both Russia and China object to key aspects of the international order so painstakingly built since the end of World War II. It would be a war like nothing we have seen since 1953. It would be a very, very serious

Ben Cardin

I would be very, very surprised if the President vetoes this bill. Now he's surprised me on a lot of things. But we haven't passed a bill. I find as we get to the finish line on these bills, every administration generally joins I think we'll have the support of the administration. I'm confident about

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We have legal channels to object to this. International Civil Aviation Organisation should heavily get involved, put their weight behind this to declare this an illegal act. It is actually a travesty of civilised behaviour to close airline offices. Airlines offices are not political arms. We were sealed as if it was a criminal organisation. We were not allowed to give refunds to our

Lindsey Graham

I think the president has conflated the legitimacy of his election with Russia's involvement. Nobody's saying – he won it fairly – that the Russians actually changed the

Bob Corker

This is a very comprehensive piece of legislation. It really touches all the

Bob Corker

I wanted to give [Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson until two weeks

Jason Tuvey - Capital Economics

We are extremely comfortable with our positions, our investments and liquidity in our

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Repugnant [White House] statement and Senate sanctions as Iranians counter terror backed by US clients. Iranian people reject such US claims of

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

We believe that the existing executive branch sanctions regime is the best tool for compelling to Russia to fulfill its

Ed Royce

The THAAD defensive missile system is critical to protecting South Koreans from Kim Jong Un's growing arsenal. I hope any environmental concerns related to the full deployment of THAAD will be dispelled with a quick and thorough review. We need to use every tool at our disposal –- including additional sanctions -– to address the Kim regime's threats. And we must continue to press China and Russia to play more productive roles, since North Korea's nuclear program endangers us

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Repugnant WH (White House) statement and Senate sanctions as Iranians counter terror backed by US clients. Iranian people reject such US claims of friendship. Terror-sponsoring despots threaten to bring the fight to our

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Repugnant [White House] statement & Senate sanctions as Iranians counter terror backed by US clients.Iranian people reject such US claims of

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Isolating Qatar will not resolve any problem. We are and we will do everything we can to resolve this crisis. I hope sanctions will be lifted

Milan Chovanec

The Government approved the suspension of this system for the Czech Republic because of the deteriorating security situation and the malfunctioning of the entire relocation system. The government also urged the Interior Minister to end all activities in these areas. This means that the Czech Republic will no longer take part in the relocation of migrants arriving in Greece and

Dimitri Avramopoulos

We will specify our position on opening infringement procedures against the member states that have not relocated anyone at all or have not pledged any places for almost one year since we all decided to do it

John Kerry

If we become super provocative in ways that show the Iranian people there has been no advantage to this, that there is no gain, and our bellicosity is pushing them into a corner, that's dangerous and that could bring a very different

Heather Hahn

TANF is a cautionary tale about what block grants can mean. When states have flexibility to set policies, the state philosophies will prevail in determining what those policies are. When we look at some of these individual policies, we can see how having a higher share of African Americans in the population translate to a lower maximum benefit level, and harsher initial sanctions. When we put them all together and look across the board, we see this consistent

John Kerry

My hope is that they would in fact not just be the adults in the room but that they would be listened

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I want to clearly say that we disapprove of the sanctions on Qatar. These developments, coming at a time when we need solidarity and cooperation more than ever, are no good for any country in the

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

The aim [of the sanctions] was to influence, to affect the socio-economic situation. To make it worse and to affect the [Russian] elections. That's my deep

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

To put it mildly, the Indian market goes through very positive dynamics right now. I like Essar. It was a challenging project . . . [but] this project is really a gem, a jewel among our projects. There are three regulators in the modern world. First is the American oil market, which produces 9.3m barrels per day. Then Saudi Arabia. And then Russia. So co-ordination of those three leaders, would certainly be beneficial for the market, for the companies, for the shareholders, for

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

It is true . . . It is really good for the industry. Our esteemed Rex Tillerson, our former colleague, perfectly understands the synergy that arises from our joint

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

The problems that we could have had because of the sanctions, we are solving those problems without any difficulty. They are not affecting us, so far. But the market views it

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

To be honest, I don't like to talk about sanctions. I believe they are totally unjustified and even illegal. One cannot transfer political responsibility on to the corporate level. We are not part of the international politics. We do not form policy. I am sweating to try to bring the capitalisation up. It used to be $93bn. And then somebody decides to impose sanctions. And my capitalisation, the product of my efforts, goes down to $62bn. It is more like a Henri

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

Every good deal, every masterpiece, requires some

Vladimir Putin

I never met with him. We have a lot of Americans who visit us. Do you think we're gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something? Are you all -- have you all lost your senses over there? Hackers can be anywhere. Had there been anything significant he would have reported it to the minister. The minister would have reported it to me. There weren't even any reports. There's nothing to even talk about. There wasn't even any kind of specific discussion about sanctions or anything else. For me, this is just amazing. You created a sensation out of

Nikki Haley

The Security Council is sending a clear message to North Korea today - stop firing ballistic missiles or face the consequences. Beyond diplomatic and financial consequences, the United States remains prepared to counteract North Korean aggression through other means, if

Nikki Haley

The Security Council is sending a clear message to North Korea today - stop firing ballistic missiles or face the consequences. We want a negotiated solution, but North Korea must fulfill its basic obligations by first stopping all ballistic missile launches and nuclear weapons testing and taking concrete steps towards getting rid of its nuclear weapons

Liu Jieyi

China is opposed to such (missile) launches conducted by the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea). The resolution adopted by the council today has demonstrated the united position of the international community against the development of nuclear and missile programmes by the

Kirill Dmitriev

We see a much larger number of people from the U.S., Canada. There is a better understanding (among foreign investors) that sanctions really did not work, the Russian economy continues to grow, Russia represents an attractive market and people should work with

Daniel Fried

What was troubling about these stories is that suddenly I was hearing that we were preparing to rescind sanctions in exchange for, well,

Gennady Gudkov

This activity is constant. They are trying however they can, even informally, to lower the

Richard Berman

These potential conflicts have been thoroughly reviewed by Mr.

Michael Mukasey

Senior officials in both the U.S. government and the Turkish government remain receptive to pursuing the possibility of an

Reza Zarrab

I understand that the Greenberg firm represents the government of the Turkish Republic. In theory, the interests of the government of the Turkish Republic and my interests could be different in connection with this

R.C. Hammond

The U.S. and Russia have reached no agreements. The next meeting will be in June in St.

Anton Siluanov

In our view, the most important thing is for the prices to be predictable. And this has a corresponding effect on how predictably economic agents and governments behave when budget policy is being drawn

Anton Siluanov

We see that the Russian economy has started to develop at a higher rate. It has come out of recession this year and we anticipate annual growth of around 2 percent. Our key task now is to prepare a new budget plan for the next three years. It will be no less important or difficult as we have to further reduce the dependence of the budget on the price of oil. It's no easy one and so we have to be under pressure for a few years to come to get the budget into a balanced position and not dependent on external

Anton Siluanov

Our task as the Ministry of Finance is to be prepared for any such changes, to create extra reserves as we have talked about, and hedge our budget from any fluctuations on external commodities

Anton Siluanov

This would give the opportunity for higher rates of investment, higher rates in the economy and correspondingly in the replenishment of the budget. Linked with this, we see a certain increase in the outflow of capital in the balance of payments. But this is due to the fact that our export companies have accumulated foreign currency earnings and are holding them in their accounts, so that is also one of the factors in the outlow of

Anton Siluanov

On the one hand, this should keep prices at the levels they are at present, and on the other it gives a signal to those companies which are extracting shale oil, particularly in the USA, by increasing levels of drilling, by increasing the levels of extraction, and in the final reckoning by the growth of offers on the oil market. At the same it is necessary to be very attentive, it is necessary to be ready for the fact that the possible surplus offers of oil will put pressure to lower the

John McCain

I think ISIS can do terrible things, and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith. I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have. So we need to have increased

John McCain

I think he (Putin) is the premier and most important threat, more so than ISIS. I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have. So we need to have increased sanctions and hopefully when we come back from our recess, the Senate will move forward with sanctions on Russia and enact other penalties for Russian behaviour. I do believe that most of the time that he accepts their advice and counsel. Can I tell you that he does all the time? No. And yes, does it bothers me? Yes, it bothers

Vladimir Putin

You have asked how sanctions against Russia will help in the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine's southeast. They will not. So I appeal to you as well as to the representatives of French media – you should fight for the lifting of all restrictions in the global

John McCain

Hopefully when we get back from recess the Senate will enact sanctions on Russia. I am nervous from time to time. I do believe that the President has great confidence in the national security team. I do believe most of the time that he accepts their advice and counsel. Can I tell you that he does (that) all the time? No. Does it bother me? Yes, it bothers

John McCain

I think ISIS can do terrible things, and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith. But it's the Russians who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy, and that is to change the outcome of an American election. I have seen no evidence they succeeded but they tried and they are still trying. We need to have increased sanctions and hopefully when we come back from our recess the Senate will move forward with sanctions on Russia, and enact other penalties for Russian

Lindsey Graham

The FBI director knew that the information he relied upon to jump into the 2016 election was fake, that he basically took over the Department of Justice's job based on a fake email from the Russians. That, to me, is a stunning story. From a Congress' point of view, he never told us it was fake. So he needs to be held accountable. At the end of the day, if the Russians are this sophisticated, we need more sanctions yesterday against the Russians. Or is, in fact, this a true email? I want to get to the bottom of it. I want to see the

Vladimir Putin

These sanctions do not contribute at all to settling the crisis in

Maria V. Zakharova

It's not a secret that Montenegro joined the European Union's anti-Russian sanctions, including against (Russian) individuals. We have always said that we reserve the right to take retaliatory measures on the basis of reciprocity, as is customary in diplomacy. We will provide a relevant explanation to the Montenegrin

James Clapper

Certainly sanctions are a compelling, powerful weapon–Russians don't like them. They are only emboldened. They are only going to continue to interfere in our political process. To me, that is the big story here and what American people should be concerned

Donald Tusk - European Council

My impression is that today's diplomacy needs professional plumbers rather than indiscreet diplomats. Since our last G-7 summit in Japan we haven't seen anything that would justify a change in our sanctions policy towards Russia. Therefore I will appeal to the other G7 leaders to reconfirm this policy. Perhaps I am less optimistic when it comes to President Putin and his

Bijan Namdar Zanganeh

If sanctions were still in place we would not have been able to sign such a

Steven Mnuchin

We will use everything within our power to put additional sanctions on Iran, Syria, and North Korea to protect American lives. I can assure you that's a big focus of mine and I discuss it with the

Tim Kaine

These people – that's a tough, tough phrase. We've got no beef with Iranian

Ben Cardin

This bill is surgical. Just because they entered into a nuclear agreement, we're not going to permit them to continue to support

Bob Corker

Unless he can come in and demonstrably show us – and I don't think he will be able to, based on the intelligence I've read – we are going to move ahead with a Russia sanctions bill during this next work

Ben Cardin

We have seen a change in Russia behavior. It's all been

Marco Rubio

This is not a sanctions bill, though many of us wish it were. This is a defensive

Shahabedin Yasemi

It's a kind of conditional lifting of sanctions. If borders were open, foreign investors would dare to come and start something

Bob Corker

It is astounding what Iran continues to do around the

John Kerry

On the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), we engaged in an important back and forth. And I welcomed that debate. After Rouhani's reelection, there is much up in the air/room for misinterpretation. This is not the moment for a new Iran

Charles Murray

The sanctions are a farce. They will not deter anyone. They're a statement to students that if you shut down a lecture, nothing will happen to

Nikki Haley

We're doing that now, in terms of getting another resolution together looking at sanctions and how were gonna continue to force it, because this is the same movie that keeps playing. We don't want to start a fight, so don't give us a reason to have

Hassan Rouhani

The Americans do not know our region, that's what the catch is. Unfortunately, Americans have always made mistakes in our region. When they attacked Afghanistan (and) Iraq, when they made sanctions against Iran. In Syria, they made mistakes, and also in Yemen. Who can claim that stability of the region can be restored without Iran? I hope that the day will come that Saudi Arabia will adopt this path. They should have polling stations in place for the people and let the rulers not be on a hereditary basis. They should be picked by the

Hassan Rouhani

I say to all nations and governments: We will not forget the past, but we do not wish to live in the past. We will not forget war and sanctions, but we look to peace and

Delcy Rodriguez

It's unheard of and unacceptable for the US to impose sanctions on a sovereign and independent public … [institution], violating international and Venezuelan laws. The United States power structure never misses an opportunity to violate international

Karim Sadjadpour - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

It makes it much more difficult to isolate Iran internationally when you have a foreign minister like Zarif. The last thing the Chinese are interested in doing is enacting new sanctions against

Maxim Oreshkin

There are serious grounds to believe that by all these measures taken, Ukraine is violating its obligations towards

Richard Mallinson - Energy Aspects

We already have a Trump administration taking a notably different tone than the Obama administration. It hasn't yet torn up the Iran deal…but still we've got the sanctions under that deal being put under review by the State Department, we've got new sanctions being imposed for missile tests, we've got much tougher language coming out of the

Steven Mnuchin

The Venezuelan people are suffering from a collapsing economy brought about by their government's mismanagement and corruption. Members of the country's Supreme Court of Justice have exacerbated the situation by consistently interfering with the legislative branche's authority. By imposing these targeted sanctions, the United States is supporting the Venezuelan people in their efforts to protect and advance democratic governance in their

Herman Gref

Well, I have to say that this has had an effect on us in the last two years… The inability to access international markets is painful for us. You know, sanctions were put in place for political reasons and most likely their removal will also be motivated by politics… To some extent (it) is a kind of deadlock which has resulted in us to predicate our three-year strategy towards a more negative scenario that does not foresee an end to the

Stephen Rademaker

Pyongyang is nuclear-armed and is determined to remain that way, despite sanctions and

Susan Collins

I'd still like to have Director Comey testify as soon as possible before we go out on the recess next week. The special counsel will focus on whether criminal charges are appropriate, and we're concerned about cybersecurity technology. We can impose sanctions on Russia. The special counsel can't impose sanctions on

Nikki Haley

We are willing to talk, but not until we see a total stop of the nuclear process and of any tests there. If you are a country that is supplying or supporting North Korea we will call you out on it, we will make sure that everyone knows who you are and we will target sanctions toward you as well. I believe that China will stay true to that and we will come together on how we're going to do that. We have not seen anything from them in the past week but we are encouraging them to continue moving

Steven Mnuchin

The United States is sending a strong message with this action that we will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons by any actor and we intend to hold the Assad regime accountable for its unacceptable

Nikki Haley

The conversations that I have had ... in dealing with Beijing is that if (North Korea) did something else and if it looked to be long-range, which this does, and if it looks like it is proactively leaning toward an ICBM, which it does, then we would take action. I believe that China will stay true to that and we will come together on how we're going to do that. We have not seen anything from them in the past week but we are encouraging them to continue moving

Nikki Haley

We are willing to talk, but not until we see a total stop of the nuclear process and of any tests there. If you are a country that is supplying or supporting North Korea we will call you out on it, we will make sure that everyone knows who you are and we will target sanctions toward you as well. The conversations that I have had... with my counterpart and in dealing with Beijing is that if (North Korea) did something else and if it looked to be long range, which this does, and if it looks like it is proactively leaning toward an ICBM, which it does, then we would take

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Raisi would likely support the provocative military and regional policies that are already imperiling the nuclear agreement and are leading to increasing calls in Washington to reinstate extra-territorial

Uilliam Lamberti

After the sanctions, everyone understood that there's no other way

Sean Spicer

There is no question that North Korea continues to threaten the United States and our allies, Japan, South Korea, and its neighbours, including both China and Russia, . We are calling on all of those folks in the region, particularly China and Russia, to do everything they can in terms of sanctions to help resolve the situation and bring stability to the Peninsula. But I'm not going to get ahead of that discussion at this

Richard Blumenthal

There are penalties for improperly and perhaps illegally disclosing classified information. And they may not apply directly to the president, but there are ultimately sanctions that apply to presidents as well. No one is above the rule of law in this

Dino Nocivelli

The fact that clubs continue to ignore the FA inquiry and fail to cooperate is deeply concerning. It clearly shows their disregard for survivors of childhood sexual abuse within football and serious questions have to be asked as to the reasons why these clubs have decided not to

Bahram Shahriyari

But the sanctions and mismanagement of our leaders was

Nikki Haley

Well, I think you first have to get into Kim Jong-un's head, you know, which is he's in a state of paranoia. He's incredibly concerned about anything and everything around him. What we're going to do is continue to tighten the screws. He feels it. He absolutely feels it. And we're going to continue, whether it's sanctions, whether it's press statements, anything that we have to

Joseph M. DeThomas

Whether the proceeds from the textile industry support the nuclear programme is an open question. Money is

Hassan Rouhani

I'm ready to, over the next four years, lift the rest of the sanctions against the Iranian nation, like the nuclear sanctions that I lifted over the past four years, with

Matt Brazil

Three months later, if you're lucky, the visit is scheduled, and many times, visits weren't scheduled at

Daniel Glaser

We can and should go after these targets, but turning this into a game of financial cat-and-mouse will never achieve the level of pressure needed. Though China has taken helpful steps at times, it has never been willing to go all

Paul Tjia

I'm not a garment manufacturer. I just make the

Markus Ederer

We must increase pressure to bring North Korea back to the negotiating table. That means we must consistently implement sanctions imposed by the United Nations and the European

Markus Ederer

We must increase pressure to bring North Korea back to the negotiating table. This means above all that we must consistently apply sanctions that the United Nations and European Union imposed. In that regard, it is particularly important that we do even more to dry up the financial resources used to fund the nuclear program. The German government is in complete agreement and the responsible authorities will now take the necessary

Michael Spavor

Mothers in North Korea are no different to mothers in China or Canada, they want to feed their babies the best possible food. I've seen people in a store in North Korea comparing a Chinese and a Korean product and picking the Korean

Keith Luse

The overall number of Americans in North Korea at any one time is down compared to years past. For example today, there is no U.S.-funded food assistance and accompanying monitors. Plus, sanctions have had an impact on overall operating conditions for U.S. and other humanitarian N.G.O.s, influencing the scope of operations in some cases. The North Koreans have been reticent for U.S. organizations to have someone on the ground at all

Isaac Stone Fish

Moon will almost certainly pursue a more conciliatory policy towards Pyongyang, which will make it more difficult for the United States to isolate North Korea with

Pablo Oritja

If they had changed pipes as ordered, the decoupling (of pipes) would not have

Andy Lloyd

This is a strong track record when you step back and consider the number of permits and obligations involved, and the fact that at any mine, there is always an ongoing process to respond to and implement regulatory actions that take time to complete and involve ongoing discussions with

Andray Abrahamian

If you have a coal mining town of 10,000 people who are all in some way connected to the coal industry, then when sanctions are imposed against North Korean coal, the whole town's consumer market will suffer because people don't have the buying power

Rhee Kyong-sook

As new factories open, the branding, packaging and ingredients of our food products have

Kim Chul-ung

I can taste real fruit in the drinks that are made in North Korea, compared to drinks from other

Andray Abrahamian

Around 2013, Kim Jong Un started talking about the need for import substitution. There was clearly recognition that too many products were being imported from China, not just high-end consumer goods but also lower-end ones like food. We're seeing a rise in domestically-made products, including motorcycles, solar panels and food, but the business relationships on which these products depend on are still

Ed Royce

This is money that Kim Jong-un uses to advance his nuclear and missile programme, and also pay his generals, buying their loyalty to his brutal regime. That is what the high-level defectors that I meet with say. So let's squeeze his

Mohammad Khatami

Our candidate is Rouhani. The continuation of Rouhani's government is in the best interests of the country … Rouhani's failure would mean a return to the difficult years [of international sanctions and isolation].feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

We are preparing additional sanctions if it turns out North Korea's actions warrant additional

Sean Liedman

Even if Beijing went 'all in' on economic sanctions and embargoes, the Chinese Communist Party may find it difficult to curtail black-market smuggling activities between Chinese companies and the

Carla Park Freeman

They want to put pressure on him. They have implemented sanctions, but they've implemented them in a way that still allows the North Korean regime to sustain

Ricardo Herrera

Unlike some of these young people, I remember a time before the socialists. Now is not the time for fear. No one is going to work today. If we back down now, we'll be under their boot for the rest of our

Leonid Petrov

North Korea does not care about China's pressure or sanctions because there is Russia next door. Pyongyang has been playing off Beijing and Moscow for half a century, letting them compete for the right to aid and influence North

John McCain

Now is not the time to send a signal to Russia that all is forgotten or forgiven. It is time for the Senate to take real action, including increased sanctions, to punish Russia's destabilizing behavior and counter its malign

Bob Corker

Let's face it, the drive for Russia sanctions was that many people on the left and right were concerned that the administration may try to undo the sanctions on Ukraine and Crimea, and – I'll just use this word – on a cheap deal relative to Syria. I don't think anybody has that fear anymore. And so the desire to act quickly has dissipated, there's no reason to do that because no one feels that's really going to happen

Bonnie Glaser

China could potentially be convinced to cap volumes like they did with coal, at the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) as part of a new sanctions resolution following another nuclear

H.R. McMaster

Well, yes, we do have to do something, and so we have to do something, again, with partners in the region and globally, and that involves enforcement of the U.N. sanctions that are in place. It may mean ratcheting up those sanctions even further, and it also means being prepared for military operations if necessary. The president, I think, has been masterful in terms his development of a relationship with President Xi and the discussions that led them to understand this is the place where the United States and the Chinese understand their interests

Jeremy Corbyn

I've just laid down the gauntlet and asked you to step up. Each and every one of us must step up for this country, including me. And now for a sentence I've yet to utter in my political life. Enough about you, what about me? At the time, young protesters were being shot dead on the streets by the racist apartheid regime in South Africa – Nelson Mandela and hundreds of ANC leaders were in prison. The Conservative government refused to impose sanctions, entertained the leaders of the regime and banned protests outside the South African embassy in

Jeremy Corbyn

The Conservative Government refused to impose sanctions, entertained the leaders of the regime and banned protests outside the South African embassy in London. Being an MP helped bring attention to that ban and the wider cause of South Africa's liberation - and got a group of us

Jeffrey J. Woodbury - ExxonMobil

As everybody clearly knows the sanctions remain in place. I want to be very clear. We remain in full compliance of those sanctions and therefore not a whole lot is being done there, other than our assets on the east coast, which are not included in the

Rex W. Tillerson

I urge this council to act before North Korea does. We must work together to adopt a new approach and impose increased diplomatic and economic pressures on the North Korean

Emmanuel Macron

In the next three months after I am elected, there will be a decision on Poland. You cannot have a European Union which argues over every single decimal place on the issue of budgets with each country, and which, when you have an EU member which acts like Poland or Hungary on issues linked to universities and learning, or refugees, or fundamental values, decides to do

Emmanuel Macron

When the rights and values of the European Union are not respected, I want sanctions to be taken. You cannot have a country that plays on the fiscal and social gaps in the European Union and which is infringing European

Rex W. Tillerson

We must levy new sanctions on DPRK entities and individuals supporting its weapons and missile programs, and tighten those already in

Bonnie Glaser

China could potentially be convinced to cap volumes like they did with coal, at the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) as part of a new sanctions resolution following another nuclear test. They might fill some of the gap, but I'd be shocked if Russia wanted the burden of becoming a lifeline to North

Mark Toner

It is incumbent on every member of the U.N. to carry out or to enforce those sanctions to the utmost. That is something we have been conveying to allies and partners in the region. That is something that we have obviously been conveying to

Pieter Feith

There is also perhaps room for sanctions, some form of travel ban or financial measures directed specifically against the leadership of VMRO. I think the latter. Are we going to continue this charade or are we going to draw a line and say that the accession process has ended or is about to end? That's the question that I think needs to be

Ed Royce

In particular, it will focus on financial institutions as well as what you might call 'slave labour.' These are cases where the North Koreans send out work crews to do work, and instead of being paid, the money comes back to the North Korean regime, and is spent on their nuclear

Kevin McCarthy

The time for waiting on North Korea to get its act together is over. Congress has led the effort to institute tough and far-reaching sanctions against

Mark Regev

Israel cherishes freedom of expression and freedom of speech. To the people outside, I would say this: they claim to be the friends of the Palestinians. But by supporting a hardline, maximalist Palestinian position, are they friends of the Palestinian people? They are chanting, From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' – meaning Israel has no right to exist. I'd like to tell them that Israel is not going away. But at its core, the BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] movement is against freedom of

Alexei Chaliy

The power stations were designed for Siemens turbines. In 2014 I warned there would be problems. Over the past 20 years, Russia has lost the ability to produce turbines of that capacity. And so it ended badly. They have started to build the power stations ... but there are no turbines. There is an option to re-do the

Chris Coons

It was a sobering briefing, and an important opportunity for the entire Senate to hear the emerging plans of the Trump administration to confront what is a very real threat to our security. I'm fine coming here. Frankly if the President and his entire national security leadership team wants to provide a thorough, detailed consultation with the Senate, I think that's

Khaled Abboud

The sanctions are new attempts by the U.S. administration to put pressure on the Syrian

Jonathan Rosenhead

Holding this meeting at Soas, where staff and students have voted overwhelmingly in support of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, and in support of Palestinian rights, seems like a deliberate

Jacob Waerness - Lafarge

Quite early, in 2011 we discussed if an armed group occupies the area around the cement plant, we have to leave. We were not breaching any sanctions. We were a Syrian company -- we had a responsibility to

Steven Mnuchin

These sweeping sanctions target the scientific support center for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's horrific chemical weapons attack on innocent civilian men, women, and

Ranjit Bajaj

Honestly, I was shocked when I received their communication. I had earlier received a showcause notice and I made it clear that I used no abusive language towards the referee. However, they have gone ahead and banned me from the stadium for eight games along with this huge monetary fine as well. I wouldn't have been as surprised had they gone with the usual sanctions they impose on similar offenses, which would have been a suspension from the bench for a couple of matches. But a stadium ban? I was up the whole of last night looking up precedents and could find

Mark Cuban

Personally I'm not a huge fan of our president and some of his issues. I don't know who's driving his Chinese policy and I don't get a sense that he knows what's

Hank Paulson

It is highly unusual and positive for a Chinese president to give a phone call to (the U.S.) president so soon after a summit on North

Steven Mnuchin

In consultation with President Donald J. Trump, the Treasury Department will not be issuing waivers to U.S. companies, including Exxon, authorizing drilling prohibited by current Russian

Zeljko Runje - Rosneft

We are going to drill with Eni next year. That is our plan. On the Black

Jen Psaki

Public diplomacy is a huge tool, presenting a united front, presenting a shared vision of how you approach global affairs – everything from the use of military force to sanctions. When you have officials stating conflicting viewpoints, you're sending a confusing message – not just to people in this country and to Congress, but confusing and conflicting messages to partners and allies around the

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

In my opinion, the way information was given was incorrect. The nation was not given the correct information. And then we saw what was said did not materialise. Sanctions continued, new sanctions were imposed, some of them were extended. In the agreement, the capacity for legal follow-up had not been

Rex W. Tillerson

The U.S. Department of State certified to U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan today that Iran is compliant through April 18 with its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. President Donald J. Trump has directed a National Security Council-led interagency review of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that will evaluate whether suspension of sanctions related to Iran pursuant to the JCPOA is vital to the national security interests of the United

Lu Chao

China's sanctions and persuasion have been so far not very effective, but China is still making its best

Naomi Ages - Greenpeace

If the Trump administration allows Exxon to move forward with extreme offshore oil drilling in Russia despite sanctions, the United States Congress must resist. Removing barriers to Exxon drilling in the Russian Black Sea with a state-controlled company like Rosneft would not only jeopardize global progress on climate change and provide momentum for a similar waiver in the Russian Arctic, it would also send a message to Russia that it can intervene in any country, including the United States, with no