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Mohammed al-Jadaan
This move carries strategic benefits for Saudi Arabia, its citizens and future generations. Any tax revenue reductions applicable to hydrocarbon producers operating in the kingdom are replaced by stable dividend payments by government-owned companies, and other sources of revenue including profits resulting from investments.
Mar 27 2017
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Zoran Mamic

We've come to Jeddah to provide a great game against one of the best clubs in Saudi Arabia.

Gerald Feierstein

There can also be no doubt that the not-too-subtle subtext of the king's tour is a signal that Saudi Arabia will preserve its flexibility when it comes to its dealings with the United States.

Geert Wilders

Leave us alone, lobby in your own country, and stay away. Mr Erdogan is a mere dictator. We would not allow lobbying for North Korea or Saudi Arabia in our country either.

Khalid al-Falih

History has also demonstrated that intervention in response to structural shifts is largely ineffective, and I believe we in the organization have learned that lesson. That's why Saudi Arabia does not support OPEC intervening to alleviate the impacts of long-term structural imbalances. In light of improving fundamentals, whose effect has been amplified by the OPEC and non-OPEC cooperation framework, I am optimistic about the global market outlook in the weeks and months ahead.

Donald J. Trump

This is Masa of SoftBank from Japan. He's one of the great men of industry, so I just want to thank you very much. Crooked Hillary says we must call on Saudi Arabia and other countries to stop funding hate. I am calling on her to immediately return the $25 million plus she got from them for the Clinton Foundation!

Scott Sheffield - Pioneer Natural Resources

People just don't seem to realise how big the Permian is. It will eventually pass the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia, and that is the biggest in the world.

John Kilduff - Again Capital

Saudi Arabia is the key to the market right now. They have cut more than their commitment under the deal, carrying the load that is driving the high compliance rate. If [the Sauids] waver on IPO'ing Aramco or see a real loss of market share, they could decide to produce full-out, again in response.

Mohammed El-Kuwaiz - Capital Markets Authority

That can be a big driver of economic growth in the country. When Saudi Arabia opened up, we started to see demand not just from financial investors but also from strategic investors looking to take stakes in the country.

Yenny Wahid

The two countries face the same challenge of rising radicalism and intolerance so cooperation in those areas will be beneficial. Saudi Arabia has been aggressive in de-radicalization and rehab programs for terrorists. We can learn best practices from each other.

Jon Barney

There's an inherent tension that [U.S. defense contractors] are going to face, because every time you sell internationally, there's perception that you're creating jobs in an international market. And at the same time you're going to need to be able to show that you're making jobs in the U.S. through an international sale. I think, for U.S. firms, they're going to have to navigate this a little differently. A lot of these countries that have been big consumers – Saudi Arabia, Japan, UAE – the underlying threats and economic drivers for them to procure defense products are all still there.

Najib Razak

This is a significant investment and more details will be announced tomorrow. I just want to confirm that the agreement has been reached and King Salman is satisfied that the deal will be signed tomorrow.

John Kilduff - Again Capital

We are an oil nation now. We are a petroleum state. You have to see how far down our shale producers can drive down their costs. It's hard to see them competitive with the likes of Saudi Arabia, but they are competitive with some other countries.

Mohamed Sheikh Abdi

Having travelled to Saudi Arabia for his first foreign trip as a president, the new Somali president is breaking the long tradition by Somali leaders who have paid their very first foreign trips to Ethiopia, which is called by many as the Mecca of Somali leaders. This indicates that the new president now favors an alliance with Arab countries more than others.

Nick Thadaney - Saudi Aramco

For our team, Saudi Arabia represents an opportunity beyond one transaction and has the potential to provide meaningful long-term benefits for Canada's capital markets and economy and to raise Canada's profile as a global competitor.

Herman Wang - S&P Global

How long Saudi Arabia is going to be willing to shoulder the burden of these cuts if it proves that some of their cohorts are not fully complying with the deal, that remains to be seen.

Herman Wang - S&P Global

Saudi Arabia is bearing the brunt of these cuts. They are going above and beyond, compensating a little bit for some of their cohorts within OPEC that are not quite in full compliance. Now how long Saudi Arabia is willing to shoulder the burden of these cuts if it proves some of their cohorts are not fully complying with the deal remains to be seen.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

On the issue of fighting Daesh, we – that is Turkey and Saudi Arabia – will be cooperating with the United States. We believe that the fight from now on will be more effective and that we will be able to clear both Syria and Iraq of Daesh. We told the previous administration not to rely on or trust a terror organization to fight an organization like Daesh. We said it would be a mistake but we were not able to get them to listen. The operation in Raqqa should be conducted with the right (groups) not with terror organizations.

Alex Vatanka

Iran right now is playing the Yemen card as part of a larger geopolitical rivalry with Saudi Arabia. That was not thought through carefully. This moment, with the missile, is actually an opportunity for the Trump administration to come out and say, We're not against the people, we're against the policies of the regime that happens to rule Iran today.

Khalid al-Falih

President Trump has policies which are good for the oil industries, and I think we have to acknowledge it... He has steered away from excessively anti-fossil fuels, unrealistic policies. I think he wants a mixed energy portfolio that includes oil, gas, renewables and make sure the American economy is competitive. We want the same in Saudi Arabia. We have no problem with the growth of American indigenous oil supply. I have repeatedly said, as long as they grow in line with global energy demand, we welcome them.

Ali Naimi

Saudi Arabia tried in the past to play the role of the swing producer by reducing production to maintain a specific price, but the result was unfavorable to the kingdom. Despite the fact that its production fell from more than 10 million bpd in 1980 to less than 3 million bpd in 1985, prices collapsed. As a result, the kingdom not only lost in terms of prices but also lost its market share at that time. We have abandoned once and for all the role of swing producer.

Ali Naimi

"Saudi Arabia tried in the past to play the role of the swing producer by reducing production to maintain a specific price, but the result was unfavorable to the kingdom,". "Despite the fact that its production fell from more than 10 million bpd in 1980 to less than 3 million bpd in 1985, prices collapsed. As a result, the kingdom not only lost in terms of prices but also lost its market share at that time". "We have abandoned once and for all the role of swing producer,".

Abdulsalam al-Wayel

Historically, Saudi society was rich in culture. There were many musical traditions, with different variations and subcultures. People from throughout the Islamic world brought their traditions together in Mecca, somewhat like with jazz. This was part of people's identity for centuries.

Sultan Al Bazie

Saudis have always been the biggest consumers of music in the Arab world. Everybody is happy to have these kinds of performances back – and I say back, because it used to be there.

Nasser Al-Awlaki

They [the SEALs] entered another house and killed everybody in it, including all the women. They burned the house. There is an assumption there was a woman [in the house] from Saudi Arabia who was with al Qaeda. All we know is that she was a children's teacher.

Suha Abushamma

I want to personally thank everyone for their support and well wishes. Although this has been a difficult experience, I am grateful to be safe with my family in Saudi Arabia. Please know that I am deeply committed to my medical career and to helping patients at Cleveland Clinic.

Bin Kalban

The market has started improving. We need to see what momentum the market has and how the market is going to trend, and need six to nine months to gauge it. If it continues for the next six months, for example, then we can go ahead with our plans for IPOs. When we are positive on the market, then we can go to the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) for approval for the IPO.

Khalid al-Falih

It will be quite a diverse economy, with a diverse energy mix, as well, with a young workforce that is productive and contributing for their own well-being, and for Saudi Arabia, and indeed for our region and beyond.

Khalid al-Falih

Saudi Arabia in 10, 15 years will be quite, in a positive way, dramatically different than the Saudi Arabia of the past. It will be quite a diverse economy, with a diverse energy mix, as well, with a young workforce that is productive and contributing for their own well-being, and for Saudi Arabia, and indeed for our region and beyond.

Kirill Dmitriev

We are building a factory of trust when we do one, two, three deals which will lead to big, important energy alliances. To a big extent what we are seeing today is OPEC 2.0 because it is not OPEC alone anymore but OPEC plus Russia. An alliance of such energy players as Saudi Arabia and Russia signals great investment potential for the future.

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran and Saudi Arabia were able to actually stop impeding the process of the presidential election in Lebanon. We have a success story.

Mohammad Javad Zarif

I do not see any reason why Iran and Saudi Arabia should have hostile policies towards each other. We can in fact work together to put an end to miserable conditions of the people in Syria and Yemen and Bahrain and elsewhere in the region.

Hassan Rouhani

There are many countries. You mentioned Iraq and Kuwait. There are eight to 10 other countries in my mind now whose officials have talked to us about this.

Monica Malik - Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

We believe the oil revenue assumption in the 2017 budget is optimistic. Further increases in the oil price are required if Saudi Arabia is to meet its medium-term fiscal objectives.

Fabio Scacciavillani

The variable that will determine the actual outcome over the medium term is the oil price. A recovery is underway, but going forward it might not be a smooth ride.

Virendra Chauhan

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are focusing their cuts on U.S. and European customers as they target excess inventories and protect market share in Asia. Southeast Asian demand is small when compared to North Asia.

Tawfiq al-Lawati

With Saudi Arabia we do sometimes have disagreements and with Iran too. But there is still more bringing us all together.

Ahmed al-Mukhaini

It might even give Oman more leverage, more space, to play a better role in this coalition and the region. By joining the coalition Oman is shielding itself from criticism from Saudi Arabia.

Tawfiq al-Lawati

We hope Oman will stick to the same policies. A full-blown conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia would be a disaster for everyone.

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya

There are many different nationalities, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya and citizens of other nations.

Richard Menezes

Our model of development is welcomed by Saudi Arabia that wants to replicate it in the Kingdom.

Jason Tuvey - Capital Economics

The public finances haven't improved on this scale since the early 1990s, following the end of the Gulf War.

Nasser Saidi

It is feasible that the combination of expenditure reduction, new taxes, cutting of waste, privatisation plans etc. could allow Saudi to eliminate the budget deficit by 2020.

Essam Abdul Mohsen Al-Marzouq

We will meet... in January with OPEC and non-OPEC countries and we will coordinate over the method in which (compliance with) the cut will be implemented. I personally think that the announcements coming from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Russia are all encouraging signs that they will abide by the cut and hopefully other countries will follow suit.

Boris Johnson

I am here to emphasize the friendship that exists between Britain and Saudi Arabia and that is something which is developing and expanding, strengthening bilateral relations. And it's also fair to say that we believe in candor in our relationship. Now is the time for us to talk about the positive things that we are doing together.

Boris Johnson

I am here to emphasise the friendship that exists between the UK and Saudi Arabia. It is something that is developing and expanding.

Aaron David Miller

Negotiating a real estate deal or an oil contract with Saudi Arabia is not the same thing.

Khalid al-Falih

The intent by all those who participated is to contribute to drawing down oil inventories that are excessive. And whether the reduction in that over-supply comes from deliberate intervention – like it is the case in Saudi Arabia – or by simply managing the decline in a way that makes them meet this agreement is left to the countries themselves.

Alan Garten

I'm not aware of any deal in Saudi Arabia. I'll go further, there is no deal in Saudi Arabia.

John Sfakianakis - Ashmore Group

If the OPEC agreement holds, this will be a boon for Saudi Arabia in terms of revenues and, above all, market confidence.

Michael Cohen

At the end of the day, what Saudi Arabia is worried about is they wanted to get the engine started on investment. They don't see it starting when oil is at $35 to $45.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

They risk popular backlash. This will be a popular decision in Saudi Arabia, and it gives Mohammed bin Salman some breathing room.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

I think the problem is who wants it more. We saw in September (Saudi Arabia) wanted it more. Maybe they wanted it more in September because they were doing a bond issuance.

Paul Robinson

The key question Saudi Arabia will need to answer is how quickly they want to develop the mining sector, how much they want foreign investors to participate, and the risks and rewards they would offer to investors and retain for the government.

Monica Malik - Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

The drop in foreign assets implies much of the bond proceeds and more are being used to pay arrears to the private sector.

Michael Cohen

Something's got to give here, and the recipe for Saudi Arabia and Iran to come to the table and put something together is getting more difficult. We should all prepare for big oil price gyrations in the next few days.

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

The EU has links with regimes, some of which are loathsome. However, no one raises the question. We talk about Turkey, and we're right to, but we never talk about Saudi Arabia.

Bernd Van Linder

We have increased our capital substantially by retaining lots of our earnings over the last couple of years. We're comfortable with the level of capital that we have today.

David Grayson

We still see many of our institutional investors seeing value oriented companies in non-oil related sectors. In particular, if Saudi Arabia finally opens up to foreign investment without restriction, you will see a lot of buying there.

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

The bottom line is they've yet to come to a deal in spite of all their optimistic pronouncements, and the heavy lifting is going to have to be done by Saudi Arabia.

Patrick Pouyanne

It will only be possible if non-OPEC countries including Russia also agree to cut (output), because Saudi Arabia will not shoulder the burden alone.

Mohammed al-Shroogi - Investcorp

The health care sector in Saudi Arabia is highly defensive and underpinned by favourable demographics, supportive regulations and greater medical awareness.

Anthony Yuen

It looks like they're moving toward some sort of deal, and I think that given how active Saudi Arabia is versus in previous attempts where they were less enthusiastic, and also given they would be the ones that would be cutting the most. The final contour of the deal is still being worked out, and it looks to be very fluid given how much they have to negotiate among parties.

Donald J. Trump

We are not being reimbursed for the our protection of many of the countries ... including Saudi Arabia. We protect countries, and take tremendous monetary hits protecting countries. We lose, monetarily, everywhere. And yet, without us, Saudi Arabia wouldn't exist for very long.

Muhammad Shabbir - Rasmala Investment Bank

Global markets, the Gulf and Egypt included, were pricing in a Clinton victory over the last couple of sessions, and instead they got Trump in the White House, but investors in the region then turned their focus on domestic factors especially in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Bob Meyer

Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to Hussain's family in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, and his friends at UW-Stout. I want to make a personal appeal to anyone on campus or in the community who might have information that would help authorities locate the individual involved in the attack to come forward.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

This IPO is a very big policy priority for the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia. I think Saudi Arabia is incentivized to make this work.

Nabil Boumensef

Lebanon is no longer a priority for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia no longer backs its allies in Lebanon, which has led to the weakening of its main ally in Lebanon – former Prime Minister Hariri.

Michael Tran - RBC Capital Markets

Saudi Arabia shifted gears and abandoned the strategy of prioritizing market share simply because it proved ineffective. The Kingdom squandered market share in the U.S. and China and failed to increase its foothold in India.

Jeffrey Halley

With both Iraq and Iran saying they won't be part of the cuts for various reasons, and Russia talking freezes not production cuts, the onus will fall on Saudi Arabia to pull any deal together. OPEC's Nov. 30 meeting suddenly seems like a long way away with seemingly half of the group wanting exemptions now.

Hillel C. Neuer - United Nations

The re-election of China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia - regimes which systematically violate the human rights of their citizens - casts a shadow upon the reputation of the United Nations.

Jeffrey Halley

With both Iraq and Iran saying they won't be part of the cuts for various reasons, and Russia talking freezes not production cuts, the onus will fall on Saudi Arabia to pull any deal together.

Jasper Lawler - CMC Markets

It's becoming increasingly clear that Saudi Arabia, along with the UAE and Kuwait will have to shoulder most of the output cut for it to have any chance of happening.

Hillary Clinton

He has advocated more countries getting them. Japan, Korea, even Saudi Arabia. He's said if we have them, why don't we use them which I think is terrifying. But here's the deal. The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.

Tony Starkey - Bentek

Top importers into the U.S. saw volumes drop almost across the board, with notables such as Saudi Arabia showing the lowest imports since February, and Colombia showing a drop in imports of some 200 [million barrels per day] as well, its lowest level in a year.

Masood Ahmed - International Monetary Fund

Some countries -- Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman -- start from a position where they have to make more of an adjustment to be able to balance their budget in five years. They all do have policies that they're articulating that will help them get there, but they will entail difficult choices.

Donald J. Trump

All I said is that we have to renegotiate these agreements because our country cannot afford to defend Saudi Arabia, Japan, Germany, South Korea and many other places, we cannot continue to afford…She took that as saying nuclear weapons.

Anita Yadav - Emirates NBD

With low oil prices, budget deficits are here to stay for a few years, and Saudi Arabia will need to approach international capital markets on a frequent basis.

John Kerry

This is the time to implement a cease fire unconditionally and then move to the negotiating table,' U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said after meeting in London with U.N. peace envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed and his counterparts from Britain, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, which is leading an air campaign in Yemen.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

I think that Saudi Arabia, OPEC and the Russians hope that yes some U.S. production will come back but $50 to $60 is probably not enough to resurrect the entire U.S. shale complex. I don't think they are aiming for $70 to $80, because I don't think they want to bring it all back.

Vladimir Putin

The only problem as of today is (getting) agreements between Saudi Arabia and Iran. (Their) positions have got significantly closer.

Robert McNally

They'll call that a freeze because they're cherry picking August's surge level, but that's smoke and mirrors. Really, what'll happen is Saudi Arabia is going back to a normal operating level – about 10.2, 10.1 – and we'll stay there through the spring, and they will hope the market shows signs of rebalancing on its own.

Abdul Kadir Hussain

If you go down the list of Gulf Cooperation Council issuers, in terms of need and requirement to issue, at the top of the pile there's Saudi Arabia. At the bottom of the pile you have Kuwait and Dubai.

Dima Jardaneh - Standard Chartered

The government has not mandated banks on the bond, which would suggest that they were targeting a later release post-the Saudi Arabia one.

Curtis Bradley

We may find that at the end of the day, after years of litigation, that the link is not sufficiently established even for Saudi Arabia.

Erick Norland - CME Group

The Saudis will probably do their part but there will be a lot of temptation on the part of the other OPEC members to boost their production despite the agreement, which was what we saw happen frequently during the 1980s when OPEC used to limit their production but it was mainly Saudi Arabia that was cutting its production but the other members weren't really following through with their end of the deal.

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

It was the first override of Barack Obama's presidency and a sharp setback for a long time US ally, Saudi Arabia. It also reflects the extent to which Saudi influence in Washington has waned. The tide is turning against Riyadh as one analyst put it. The glorious days of the Saudi-American friendship are over.

Kathy Lien - BK Asset Management

With profits being squeezed the battle for market share can't go on and this deal ushers in a new period of co-operation between OPEC nations and specifically between Saudi Arabia and Iran. While we wouldn't be surprised by some back-pedalling between now and November, this is a historic moment and one that should have a lasting impact on the Canadian dollar.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

What is important is this is incredible to get this done. Saudi Arabia really had to give ground.

Asim Jihad

Iraq is leading a mediation to bring the viewpoints of Saudi Arabia and Iran closer, in order to get out of the crisis and support oil prices. There are still some obstacles preventing an agreement.

Lindsey Graham

If you want to lose Saudi Arabia as an ally, be careful what you wish for. They're the heart and soul of the Islamic world.

James Kreindler

The facts are already so overwhelming. Saudi Arabia doesn't want to see this continue in the media or court...We're going to prevail. We are going to win. Either the Saudis will come to the table or we'll go to court and win there.

Mitch McConnell

I think it's important to the United States to maintain as good a relationship with Saudi Arabia as possible, and I hope we'll defeat the resolution of disapproval of the arms sale.

Mark W. Yusko - Morgan Creek Capital

There is more oil in the Permian and Delaware basins than in Saudi Arabia. We just didn't know how to get it. Technology has opened up the most unbelievable opportunity for many, many years.

Habibullah Abulfazli

We don't have any problems with the people of Saudi Arabia. They are Sunnis and are our brothers. But the Al Saud family are puppets of Britain and America, they are fighting proxy wars against Shiites and against all Muslims.

Habibullah Abulfazli

"We don't have any problems with the people of Saudi Arabia,". "They are Sunnis and are our brothers. But the Al Saud family are puppets of Britain and America, they are fighting proxy wars against Shiites and against all Muslims.".

Ahmed al-Jazaily

Saudi Arabia now does not deal with the legitimate government (in Syria) but rather with individuals who are not recognized, and thus the responsibility for protecting these people falls on the Saudi government.

Ahmed al-Jazaily

But if a pilgrim goes on his own, are his rights protected? If they faced a problem, where will they turn?

William Hartung

The more recent deals that have involved resupplying Saudi Arabia with ammunition, bombs, and tanks to replace weaponry used up or damaged in the war in Yemen are no doubt driven in part by the effort to 'reassure' the Saudis that the U.S. will not tilt towards Iran in the wake of the nuclear deal.

Adel Al-Jubeir

If there's a freeze, Saudi Arabia will go along with it and we are hoping there could be a meeting of the minds when this comes together. I believe again the spoiler will be the Iranians. You can't expect other countries to freeze while you reserve the right to increase your production. The Russian position is more in line with our position than not.

Adel Al-Jubeir

If there's a freeze, Saudi Arabia will go along with it and we are hoping there could be a meeting of the minds when this comes together.

Connor Campbell - Spreadex

(The fall in oil) comes less than 24 hours after the black stuff has surged on news of an agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia to stabilise the oil market.

Thina Margrethe Saltvedt - Nordea Bank

Saudi (Arabia) might have seen that it would be very difficult to get a freeze/cut agreement accepted within OPEC. Iran would not accept such an agreement and Saudi (Arabia) would not like to cut or freeze alone.

Ayatollah Khamenei

Because of these (Saudi) rulers' oppressive behavior toward God's guests (pilgrims), the world of Islam must fundamentally reconsider the management of the two holy places and the issue of haj. They must not let those rulers escape responsibility for the crimes they have caused throughout the world of Islam.

Robert Nunan - Mitsubishi Corporation

There's a feeling that the OPEC production freeze talks might result in something positive, but it's just talk. Either way, despite some increases in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, OPEC production seems to be flattening with the outages in Libya, Nigeria and Venezuela, knocking out about some 3 million barrels of daily production and no one is holding their breath they'll return soon.

Art Hogan

We're kind of leaking out a little bit. Oil moved up 9 percent last week on OPEC and the prayer that Saudi Arabia would just do something on production in September. When that energy complex sells off, it does correlate on the downside. Now investors are as afraid of Janet Yellen saying something egregiously hawkish as can the S&P trade at 17 times in a 1.5 to 2 percent GDP growth environment.

Art Hogan

I think [stocks] will be very much like this week. We'll have sell-offs that become muted and rallies that become muted. What could change it is more jawboning around Saudi Arabia and the September meeting and production cut rumors. That played itself out this week. We have a 9 percent gain in energy prices this week, almost all of it on that.

Michael Cohen

I think the OPEC rumors are a side show to what's really going on within OPEC, between Saudi Arabia and Iran. I think tensions remain extremely high. Iran has not reached its peak production level. I think it's still about 200,000 barrels away.

Matt Smith

OPEC members, including Venezuela, Ecuador and Kuwait, are said to be behind this latest reincarnation. But just like previous endeavours, it seems doomed to fail, given key OPEC members (think: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran) persist in their battle for market share, ramping up exports apace.

Audrey Gaughran - Amnesty International

The dramatic rise in executions that we recorded in 2015 was down to huge increases, primarily huge increases, in just three countries – Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Together these three countries accounted for almost 90 percent of all the executions that we recorded in 2015, again, excluding China.

Hassan Rouhani

They (Saudi Arabia) neither apologised nor did they pay any indemnities. They have not even sought consultation from other Muslims (for the handling of the haj) in subsequent years. They do not have any new plans for the future either.

Ray Attrill

I don't think the markets are in any way, shape or form done with the downside in the sterling. We still think that $1.20 is a not unreasonable target given the size of effective like terms of trade shock. It's like Australia running out of gas or Saudi Arabia running out of oil, particularly in terms of how the financial services sector is potentially going to be impacted.

Per Magnus Nysveen - Rystad Energy

There is little potential for future surprises in many other countries, but in the US there is. Three years ago the US was behind Russia, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Donald J. Trump

Radical Islam is anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-American. Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays. Hillary must return all money from such countries!

Monica Malik - Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

But the key is whether the plan can be implemented, and that will be difficult. It's not clear that the time scale is doable.

Mohammed Al al-Sheikh

The government will not impose income taxes on its citizens, that has been previously announced in the Vision 2030 plan, and it was clear and explicit that there will not be any move to impose any taxes on citizens.

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

In February the EU parliament voted a non-binding resolution to stop exporting weapons to Saudi Arabia, has any European country heeded the call?

Adel Al-Jubeir

Saudi Arabia does not prevent anyone from performing the religious duty. Iran refused to sign the memorandum and was practically demanding the right to hold demonstrations and to have other advantages ... that would create chaos during Hajj, which is not acceptable.

Tim Callen - International Monetary Fund

To ensure their success, the reforms will need to be properly prioritised and sequenced, and the appropriate pace of implementation carefully assessed.

Mohammed Bintin

Iran is the only country that refused to sign the agreement on the hajj. It insisted on a number of unacceptable demands.

Emily Hawthorne

Al-Naimi's removal is less a reflection on [his] policies, which really have carried the kingdom through two decades of highs and lows in the oil markets, than a reflection of the tough scope of the work ahead in Saudi Arabia.

Ewen Cameron Watt - BlackRock

The loan is a way for Saudi Arabia to test the waters and set up an international borrowing profile. This is paving the way for the kingdom to transform from a creditor nation into a debtor nation. It's a significant moment of change in debt markets.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Unless Saudi Arabia or Iran has a change of heart, we fail to see how the outcome (at the June meeting) will be any different, and it may ultimately be mounting supply disruptions in stressed states, rather than collective cartel action, that causes an accelerated market rebalancing.

Daniel Yergin

The big decision from Riyadh is to take decision-making away from the exporters and leave it to the market.

Ted Cruz

As president, I will lead the effort to return the federal land in the West to the states and to the people. America is the Saudi Arabia of coal, and we are going to develop our industry.

Eklavya Gupte - Platts

Iran and Iraq remain the big swing factors, having driven OPEC output higher in March, while Saudi Arabia has been more neutral, keeping production steady since January. Neither Iran nor Iraq has made firm commitments to the Doha talks on April 17, but their collective stance could be a decisive element regarding any agreement over a production freeze.

Mike Wittner - Société Générale

Oversupply still persists due to resilient U.S. production, even if declining moderately; high OPEC output, led by Saudi Arabia and Iraq; and the gradual return of Iran starting Q1 2016.

Neil Atkinson - Lloyds Bank

Amongst the group of countries (potentially participating) that we're aware of, only Saudi Arabia has any ability to increase its production.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Who gives Saudi Arabia a right to retaliate Lebanon and a army and Lebanese people vital in Saudi Arabia and a Gulf usually since Hezbollah is vocalization out? We titillate Riyadh to settle accounts with Hezbollah and not all a Lebanese.

Mohamed Ali al-Houthi

We believe that Saudi Arabia did not go into this war of its own accord, but was ordered to play the role of leader in this war. We believe it is the US waging this war. They are directing the airstrikes, they are deciding which targets should be attacked from the air, and suppling the co-ordinates.

Ipek Ozkardeskaya

I believe that Iran is going to be pushing and pressuring Saudi Arabia and continuing to do whatever it was planning to do before this whole setting got this dangerous. They are not going to be willing to leave the game before they start it.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Some countries like us, Saudi Arabia and some other Western European countries have said that a ground operation is necessary ... But to expect this only from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar is neither right nor realistic.

Bashar al-Assad

They (Turkey and Saudi Arabia) are merely following orders. Their present role is to blow their own trumpets in order to try and blackmail us if we go to another round of talks and are threatening us with a ground invasion if we don't offer concessions. If they were allowed to do this, they would have done so a long time ago, at least a few months ago.

Bashar al-Assad

They (Turkey and Saudi Arabia) are merely following orders. Their present role is to blow their own trumpets in order to try and blackmail us if we go to another round of talks and are threatening us with a ground invasion if we don't offer concessions. If they were allowed to do this, they would have done so a long time ago, at least a few months ago.

Adel Al-Jubeir

Should the US-led coalition make a decision to introduce ground troops into Syria, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia would be prepared to participate by deploying special forces with those troops.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

This is something that could be desired but there is no plan. Saudi Arabia is sending planes and they said 'If the necessary time comes for a ground operation then we could send soldiers.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Saudi Arabia is now sending planes to Turkey, to Incirlik. They came and carried out inspections at the base.

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

Who are we supposed to be talking to about cuts? Will Saudi Arabia or Iran cut production?

Sergey Lavrov

Their participation on an individual basis in the delegation formed at Riyadh meeting does not mean – and it is acknowledged by everyone including our American colleagues as co-chairs of the Vienna process – does not mean any acknowledgment of Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham as partners in the negotiations.

Pavel Molchanov - Raymond James & Associates

Oil prices at $30 are completely unsustainable ... Saudi Arabia is running $100 billion budget deficit. It's not something that can last forever. he sees a "$60 minimum by the end of the year.

Ahmet Davutoglu

Those who are recognizing them as a legitimate partner, they don't live in the reality of the region, nobody can convince us that these people are for peace.

Khalid al-Falih

The economic value of Saudi Aramco as a company is what will be offered. Naturally, the primary field of Saudi Aramco's work is managing the reserves of Saudi Arabia. The reserves belong to the state but the company's ability to convert these reserves ... into a financial value and at the same time for the company to have a portion of these profits will be part of the value of the company.

Karim Sadjadpour - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

To the extent Iran has a strategy in Yemen I suspect they will want Riyadh to concede Syria and Iraq to Iran, in exchange for Iran abandoning its support for the Houthis.

Jamal Khashoggi - Al Arab News

It is so dangerous for Saudi Arabia, even internally, to accept Iranian hegemony over Yemen or Syria so the price is already high for Saudi Arabia.

Laurent Fabius

We wish to see a warming in regional relations, but today this is not the case. We have seen significant tension between Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries. And so we hope that the positive climate that has allowed the nuclear deal extends to other conflicts throughout the region. But this is not yet the case today.

Riyad Hijab

The High Negotiations Commission has, at present, not been invited to the talks. We don't know whether we will be at the negotiations.

Daniel Yergin

There's not been an accommodation possible in OPEC?Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are not going to cut back, to make room for Iran coming back into the market.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

It's not the first time relations between Tehran and Riyadh have been strained. But the worry this time is that sectarian alliances may add fuel to the fire of war and conflicts which already exist in some Arab countries.

Adel Al-Jubeir

I think there is a move toward a common position, toward a common effort. If other producers were to agree it is reasonable to accept Saudi Arabia to go along with it.

Kristina Hooper - Allianz Global Investors

We're only seven days into 2016 and we've already had North Korea's nuclear test, Saudi Arabia and Iran cutting diplomatic relations and China devalue their currency. It's going to be a volatile, turbulent year, and investors need to be prepared for that.

Jeffrey Saut - Raymond James & Associates

I don't know how to handicap the Saudi Arabia and Iran war, an H-bomb in Korea, so I am not doing anything right here.

Michael Cohen

There's a potential for this to cause further unrest, and I think that's the real issue. The thing to understand is while the threat may be higher, the ways in which Saudi Arabia has mitigated that threat has improved over the last decade.

Mohammad Javad Zarif

We have treated these actions with magnanimity and nobleness but unfortunately our neighbor, Saudi Arabia, did not respond to it properly, . The process of provoking tension must be stopped.

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

There are rising stockpiles and the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia makes any deal on production unlikely.

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

There is certainly no chance of Saudi Arabia scaling back its oil supply to make space for Iranian oil. The existing oversupply may actually grow further in the short term.

Hani Sabra - Eurasia Group

Are Iran and Saudi Arabia competitors? The answer is yes. Is that competition intense? Absolutely. Is the level of the intensity of that competition going to increase? Yes. But the idea that the primary tool for that competition is oil is false.

Naeem Aslam - AvaTrade

If the situation becomes more forceful between the two countries–Saudi Arabia and Iran–it could bring an enormous spike for the oil price. The fact is that Saudi Arabia is already struggling with [the] dropping oil price and fighting a war on its Syrian border, and any further strains will immensely impact any foreign direct investment. The Saudis really need to implement policies which can bring more stability in the region.

Kent Moors - Capital Research Group

Bahrain] is connected to the province in which they produce the majority of their oil. It is also the only province in Saudi Arabia that has a majority Shiite population.

Fariba Mavaddat

Mr Salamatian, this has gone beyond diplomatic tit for tat, do you think Iran and Saudi Arabia will be able to control the situation?

Daniel Briesemann - Commerzbank

The main driver here is the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the escalating conflict between these two countries.

Josh Earnest

Moscow is seriously concerned about the additional worsening of the situation in the Middle East with the participation of the biggest regional states: Saudi Arabia and Iran. Russia traditionally maintains friendly relations with both. We urge Tehran and Riyadh, and other Persian Gulf states, to show restraint.

Julien Barnes-Dacey - European Council

The fact that the UAE was unwilling to cut off ties with Iran completely, despite the closeness of its relations with Saudi Arabia, shows the difficulty that the Saudis will have in trying to isolate Iran. The downgrading of ties is not fundamentally a question of responding to executions and the storming of an embassy... (but rather) a function of a much deeper conflict between the two states.

John Sfakianakis - Ashmore Group

It seems the levers of fiscal discipline were put into action in the second half of this year, rather than waiting.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

Mr Badawi, an exceptionally courageous and exemplary man, had imposed on him one of the country's most gruesome punishments, which can only be described as brutal torture. I therefore call on the King (of Saudi Arabia) to discontinue the execution of the punishment, to release Mr Badawi, to let him return to his wife and to enable him to collect the award here during December's plenary session.

Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani

We urge the sides of the Syrian opposition to rise to the level of responsibility and to use this golden opportunity to unify their ranks and coordinate their steps beyond setting up a negotiating team.

Syed Kamall

Saudi Arabia can lock up the man and they can lash him, but they will only strengthen amongst his countrymen the yearning for free speech and debate that he stands for.

Adel al-Jubair

We also see the gains that have been made on the ground. Most of the Yemen's territory that was captured by the rebels has now been recaptured by the government forces.

Kenneth Roth - Human Rights Watch

Guess how many of these Syrian refugees Saudi Arabia & other Gulf states offered to take? Zero.

Hassan Rouhani

Saudi Arabia should carry out its legal and international obligations towards foreign citizens and pilgrims of the house of God. The incident should be fully investigated to see how it happened and what caused it.

Raul Ramirez

You don't usually tip the guy at the pump but in Saudi Arabia you do because petrol is so cheap.

Adel Al-Jubeir

Agreements were made and every single agreement that was made with the Houthis, 67 of them to be precise, the Houthis reneged on them.

Adel Al-Jubeir

We had no choice. We tried every possible way to avoid it. The Yemenis tried every possible way to avoid it.

Faiza Garah

With these airstrikes, is it really possible for Saudi Arabia to get rid of Iran's influence in the region?

Céline Jrizi

The Houthis were not expecting such a strong reaction, and one that was so rapid on the part of Saudi Arabia and their allies. The intervention is to destabilise the Houthis and slow their advance towards the gates of the south, Aden.

Céline Jrizi

It can't get rid of Iran's influence because Tehran is a strong power in the region. This is a war by proxy, with the strength of Saudi Arabia and its allies up against the strength of Iran. I think the coming days will be very difficult for people in Yemen, who will pay a heavy price unfortunately.

Stefan Lofven

But we would like to emphasise that we would like to have a good relationship with Saudi Arabia and see other possibilities to develop this relationship. We have examined various alternatives, we have come to a decision, it's the right one and we will go from here.

Ali al-Naimi

Currently, they are not choosing to do so. They have their reasons but I want it to be known that Saudi Arabia continues to seek consensus.

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

As Chairman McCaul put it, the barbarians are at the gate, America needs to fight them. But no one here is in favour of sending US ground troops into the area. What Washington wants is that countries like Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia step up to the plate and do the fighting.

Christine Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

He was a great leader who implemented a lot of reforms at home and in a very discreet way was a strong advocate of women. Saudi Arabia is for traders, a place where women don't play quite the same role, but his Majesty was determine to actually change the situation.

Musa Islibi

I am going to Saudi Arabia. I have come here to try and cross a couple of times in the past few weeks. I'm tired of it.

Tariq al-Hashimi

I could talk from my own experience and the dialogue I had just recently when I was visiting Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey for instance. Three countries which have influence and significant power in the Middle East. They are very much concerned about the stability of Iraq and they are very willing for all Iraqi social components to come together and try to re-consolidate in their differences, to maintain and achieve sustainable unity in Iraq.

Rehana Mazahri - OPEC

It appears that Gulf Cooperation Council countries, led by Saudi Arabia, are ready to accept the sharp drop in oil prices by not reducing production, to achieve several objectives.

Ali al-Naimi

All these price disorders aren't caused by a shortage in supply. But OPEC and Saudi Arabia are fully prepared to meet any future supply shortage. We've done this in the past, we've succeeded in supplying the market, and getting the market back to stability.

Ole Hansen - Saxo Bank

The rise in OPEC production we saw last year was in order to alleviate the pressure from reduced supplies from Libya. They're now coming back, so we should expect some kind of reaction sooner or later. But at the moment we're seeing a production rise from Iraq, it could potentially rise from Iran as well and Saudi Arabia at this stage is willing to give up its market share.

Hasan Abu-Sharif

Any solution has to address the refugee issue, it's more important than Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa. Al-Aqsa is a mosque like Mecca. We go for hajj, just 10-12 days. Al-Aqsa is just another blessed location. The prophets passed through all of Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Ali Akbar Salehi

We hope to reach a solution on Syria. Everyone is trying to achieve a halt in the violence; all of us including the opposition and the rest of the world. I hope that the four countries Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Iran will be able to reach at least a road map on this.

Ahmad al-Jarba

We have requested that before any negotiation process, the Arab and Islamic states must be present to oversee it, especially countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Sándor Zsírs

Barack Obama used his Brussels speech to send a strong message to both Ukraine and Russia. He said the common values of Europe and the US, such as freedom and democracy would not be stopped and would continue to spread around the world. After Brussels, Obama travels to Italy and then to Saudi Arabia.

Badr Al-Tamimi

There are primary producers like algae and higher plants as well as consumer organisms like birds, like fishes, so it is a complete food network. It is like when you organise your home, everybody has his role in the family, everybody is feeding everybody else, to have a happy family.

Bandar Al Jomah

I am a regular client here. I buy dates at this farm. The valley was neglected before, but after the improvements the farms have become more visible and accessible. It improved the valley and turned it into a beautiful development project. You come here and you feel the entire place is a resort.

Saud AlAjmi

Historically Wadi Hanifah was an environmental resource for ancient peoples. But the development of the city led to the deterioration of the Wadi leaving rubble, holes all over, as well as the impact of factories, industrial activities and pollution by farmers.

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

We're in a bit of a price war at the moment, we've got more supply then we've got demand, and I think this is in part a ploy by Saudi Arabia to I think squeeze the shale oil revolution and US producers more than anything else, but at some point I think we could well hit a floor and that floor is probably around the $80 a barrel mark.

Zahir Belounis

I haven't seen my family in France since June 2012 because my employer refuses to give me the exit visa needed to leave the country. This is a special document that only exists in this country and Saudi Arabia.

Waad Mohammed

I like doing simple things. In fact the character in the film is very similar to me. I like bicycles, I like playing football and things like that. I really enjoyed that.

Saud al-Faisal

This outrageous act by the pirates, I think will only reinforce the resolve of the countries of the Red Sea and internationally to fight piracy, which is against everybody. Like terrorism, it is a disease that has to be eradicated.

James Appathurai - NATO

Already a few times Nato ships have intervened. Sometimes after being fired upon they have used force to repel attacks by pirates. So, could they have done something in that scenario had they been there – it's not impossible. What they don't have is the mandate to do is to board ships that have already been hijacked.

Mohammed Al Zarah

From time to time I come and bring my kids along with me so that they see the history and appreciate the efforts. At least they will start thinking what they should do for their future.

Ali Shuaibi

I think that this is an international problem. There is a sudden jump from the compact traditional city, and only when the city grew, then we realised that this is not what we wanted to have.

Faisal Al Mubarak

We have ignored our history, we have ignored enough of our traditions, and now it's time to go back and refurbish it and bring back as much as we can, bring history back to that part of the city. It doesn't mean that you should have it as a museum that you can't touch, no you have to refurbish it, in the sense that you keep the old in sync with the modern needs.

Abdulrahman Alshalan

This project I think will change the whole lifestyle of the people. Because the project will be a very good organiser of their life and their activities. When you're using your car you don't know when you're going to arrive. So you are saving the time of everybody.

Ali Shuaibi

Sometimes people don't know what they want. You have to experiment, then listen to people, see how they react to it. So the first few experiments showed us how much people craved public space. Now I think Riyadh is becoming a very rich city for people to live in.

Faysal al-Mikdad

I accuse everyone who finances and arms the terrorist groups in order to commit these crimes. They are the ones responsible for the bloodshed in Syria. Saudi Arabia is the main player.

Fatih Birol - International Energy Agency

Saudi Arabia has made substantial efforts to calm down the oil markets by increasing production and slowing prices from going higher.

Maha Barada

While this truce potentially ends the row for now, it is unclear if there has been any shift in views on how to deal with crucial issues affecting the region. For instance observers want to know if Qatar has agreed to stop its support for the Muslim Brotherhood, bringing it into line with the policies of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. It is unclear if the agreement has resulted in such a step.

Yvonne Ridley

It's great news, especially for the Saudi women who are very empowered. I know some of them in particular who have been waiting for this moment. In fact, in the last municipal elections I was in Riyadh and one of them told me, Look, we're not voting this time, but we'll be voting next time, and we will be standing.

Jan Egeland - United Nations

By exposing what is happening in a place like Saudi Arabia or for that matter now in Egypt where there is a battle of values around all of this and help those courageous women who fight for their own rights and they fight for their won rights from Saudi Arabia to Egypt or for that matter in the horrific civil war in Syria. We have to expose the violations we have to help them fight for their rights as equal to men.

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