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John Lydon
If they'd have hung us at Traitors' Gate, it would have been applauded by 56 million people… We declared war on England without meaning
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NEW May 27 2017
The latest person who has talked about Sex is Miranda Moore: “They all went to see what they were on about. Julie was sunbathing topless. She said 'do you want to come and have a play' to one of the boys and he refused and went home to have his tea. One of the boys said 'you were almost groomed to believe you were doing nothing wrong. The 11-year-old boy saw the couple having sex in front of the other boys. He said he looked his age at that time. Her husband knew about it, it was just a bit of fun. Speaking to police, Julie said 'there was a time we used to go for a walk up to the Outwoods but we were a couple who enjoyed a bit of outdoor hanky panky.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Miranda Moore and all the other people that have spoken about Sex. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Darren Hayman

I'm pretty sure there's a large section of my audience that wishes I would write more three-chord guitar songs about sex with girls. I still do – they just have to take place in a

Tom Dart

Is this going to stop sex trafficking from going on? No. There's no naïveté here. The notion that we're going to eradicate this sort of thing is never going to happen until our society decides it's

Li Yinhe

The ruling proves that same-sex marriage is acceptable in Chinese culture, and is likely for the Chinese mainland to legalise gay marriage within a

Kevin Steele

It's a terrific jury made up of people of all demographics. We're passed this nonsense about the optics and

Roseann Rife - Amnesty International

This unjust conviction should be immediately overturned. No one should be persecuted based on their sexual orientation, activity or gender identity alone. What counts is their service not their

David A. Harris

You're looking for what people already believe. People don't take in new information and process it. They filter it into what they already know and

Abdul Gani Isa

Lessons carried out with our syariah law are conducted in a very thoughtful way, are educational and do not violate human

Sarojini Mutia Irfan

What they have done is like a virus that can harm people's morale, and this kind of public punishment is an attempt to stop the spread of the virus to other communities in

Peter Tatchell

Britain is celebrating the anniversary of the 1967 act, but in fact anti-gay laws were enforced more aggressively by the state after it was passed. The 50th anniversary in July of the Sexual Offences Act 1967 will be marked by celebratory events, from Queer British Art at the Tate to the BBC’s Gay Britannia season. I feel ambivalent about the celebrations: 1967 was progress, but the criminalisation of homosexuality in the UK did not in fact end until 2013. The 1967 act was just a start. It was the first gay law reform since 1533, when anal sex was made a crime during Henry VIII’s reign; all other sexual acts between men were outlawed in the Victorian era, in

Phelim Kine - Human Rights Watch

The court's less-than-maximum sentence of 85 lashes is no act of compassion. It does not change the reality that flogging is a grotesque display of medieval

Rachel Bloom

I remember being a teenager and [seeing how] teens were always portrayed on TV – everyone was having sex all over the place. I lost my virginity in college and it really messed with my

Monika Bickert - Facebook

We feel responsible to our community to keep them safe and we feel very accountable. It's absolutely our responsibility to keep on top of it. It's a company commitment. We will continue to invest in proactively keeping the site safe, but we also want to empower people to report to us any content that breaches our

Vic Chiang

To legalise marriage would mean that Taiwan's civil code and constitution will say that gay people are people. If the law can be changed, Taiwan's gay community will have human

Yu Mei-nu

If the grand justices make a decision that is not very clear, and it depends on a legislative yuan [parliament] vote, then it will be difficult. I think most legislators will abstain. We want her (Tsai) to be braver. If she can come out and say 'yes I support it' then it will be

Vic Chiang

It's a little bit depressing for us. Before the election, she was really pro-gay rights. But now she has kind of

Debra Messing

Communication about sex has always been a tricky thing in American culture, especially back then. I remember seeing it in the theater as a teenager, and seeing this character who had un-Hollywood hair and an un-Hollywood nose but she still was the protagonist and I thought, I'm Baby. Now I know that every teenage girl thought she was Baby and that was the magic of the

Richard Nisbett

I can ask you how much money you make or about your sex life, and you can tell me or not tell me. So, too, can a sociologist or psychologist ask you those questions. There's no such thing as asking a question of a normal human being that should be reviewed by an I.R.B., because someone can just say, To heck with

Douglas Sughrue

You have the right to a fair trial and an impartial jury. A fair trial doesn't mean that people aren't going to know anything about the

Tim Farron

The progress we made in reducing mixed sex wards during the coalition government is now completely unravelling. Men and women should never be forced to share hospital wards in a modern health service. It is an affront to basic human

Tom Shakespeare

Abortions on the basis of sex appear to be rare in Britain. However, this could change with a new DNA testing method that allows the baby's sex to be revealed to prospective parents much earlier that the standard 18-20 week scan. We know that some women are under strong pressure to give birth to boys, and may be subject to abuse if they give birth to a girl. If left unchecked, use of this technique to determine sex could lead to an increase in sex-selective abortions here, and to Britain becoming a destination for

Tom Shakespeare

Campaigning groups are doing important work to tackle such practices, to support women, and to challenge the cultural attitudes that value men's lives more highly than those of women. Among certain population groups, however, these attitudes are unlikely to be eradicated any time soon. Until that time comes, we believe that the use of NIPT to determine sex at an early stage of pregnancy could be abused by those who put pressure on women to abort female

Vivian Kim

He took advantage of [her] while she was working, vulnerable, and alone. Sorry

Michelle Harris

These women deal with a constant fear when they work by themselves. Will they be next?feedback

Monika Bickert - Facebook

We have a really diverse global community and people are going to have very different ideas about what is okay to share. No matter where you draw the line, there are always going to be some grey areas. For instance, the line between satire and humour and inappropriate content is sometimes very grey. It is very difficult to decide whether some things belong on the site or

Sarah T Roberts

It's one thing when you're a small online community with a group of people who share principles and values, but when you have a large percentage of the world's population and say 'share yourself', you are going to be in quite a muddle. Then when you monetise that practice you are entering a disaster

Travis Hernandez

A guy I was in the Army with and having sex with told me about it, and I was sexually active so it made sense for me to try it. The doctors were really open talking about safe sex and everyone was very nice. I didn't have any issues getting the

Jonathon Rendina

Safe Sex Orders are unfortunately consistent with some laws enacted within certain states. What the military is doing is no different that what many civilian lawmakers are

Ryan White

The making of the series was an ongoing conversation about balancing the murder and the abuse. And I believe wholeheartedly that you can't separate them, so there's no way of telling one without telling the other. But child sex abuse is so hard to talk about, much more difficult than murder. We weren't willing to sacrifice that just because we knew it would be difficult for people to hear or watch. We thought it was it was imperative that people sit through that to understand the inner workings of why Cathy might have been

Howard Crowson

I consider this was deliberate, well planned, targeted abuse of young

David Honda

Based on the evidence at this time, we believe that these individuals were working together. We also believe that we have all suspects associated with this case in

Lucy Hale

I feel very blessed that I get to go from a show to another show. I've been very lucky and very fortunate. We had such a long run on PLL – and it's an amazing ending!feedback

Lucy Hale

Not towards the end, he didn't! I think when we started working with each other we were both super nervous and making sure we were in tip-top shape, and then towards the end we didn't care. Stella makes the most of it. I aspire to be more like her. I think if everyone was like her, the world would be a much better place. She's a fixer and she's very optimistic and positive. I'm not always like that!feedback

Lucy Hale

It's super exciting. She's been living like she was dying, because she was – she had cancer, and she's been told she had X amount of time live, so she was making all sorts of spontaneous decisions. She got married, she thought life was wonderful and her family was perfect, and then in the pilot we find out she's going to live, so she has to re-figure out everything. She has to figure out who she is … It's sort of like she knew how to die, but she didn't know how to

Howard Crowson

The case reveals a clear ability to manipulate and construct plausible lies which deceived the girls. It is unusual only because you are female, this type of offending is more often carried out my

Paul Cleasby

She did meet with the person she believed to be Drew on a number of occasions. They would kiss intimately on the lips and on one occasion the defendant put her hands down the girl's trousers. After a short while Nathan started private messaging the girl and the conversation began to have a sexual undertone with the defendant persuading the girl to to send pictures of herself dressed in underwear. The pictures were sent as the girl believed she was in a relationship with a boy of the same

Paul Cleasby

The girl believed she was in a relationship with a male called Drew who told her he was 13 years old. The contact had started via Instagram with the defendant messaging the girl giving her compliments on how she looked. Due to this flattery the girl began communicating with the character Drew on a daily basis and within a few days Drew tells her that he wants to be in a relationship with her. Having lured the child into the early stages of a relationship the defendant began turning the conversation to matters of a sexual

Michelle Turner

She accepts the majority of the prosecution case. She is socially isolated, exceptionally immature and is vulnerable in her own

Paul Cleasby

The defendant under the guise of Drew told the child he wanted to penetrate her vagina digitally and asked whether the child would want this. The child said she was too

Paul Cleasby

The girl would be excited about the prospect of a date and would spend time doing her make-up and hair and selecting

Miranda Moore

They all went to see what they were on about. Julie was sunbathing topless. She said 'do you want to come and have a play' to one of the boys and he refused and went home to have his tea. One of the boys said 'you were almost groomed to believe you were doing nothing wrong. The 11-year-old boy saw the couple having sex in front of the other boys. He said he looked his age at that time. Her husband knew about it, it was just a bit of fun. Speaking to police, Julie said 'there was a time we used to go for a walk up to the Outwoods but we were a couple who enjoyed a bit of outdoor hanky

Miranda Moore

They did it in the open knowing the young lads were watching. The boys we are concerned with were mainly 14, but one was quite a bit younger. The activity started in the summer of 1992. The boys were too young by law to take part in any sexual activity or display. Even though nobody forced them to do anything, that does not matter. What would happen was following observation by the lads, Julie would engage in sexual activity with them. The boys were all under the age of consent, this would have been obvious to grown-ups such as Mr and Mrs

Miranda Moore

One boy remembers her wearing a mac, short skirt and white stockings. One boy went with her and returned after a few minutes because he was spooked by Mr Wadsworth being there with a

Miranda Moore

Sometimes it was Tony who called a halt to what they were doing, he was calling the shots on occasions. One of the boys Julie would continue to see, she would lean out of her window at home and invite him to her house for sex when Tony was out of the way. Another of the boys remembers Julie saying 'come closer come closer, join in.' One of the boys saw Mrs Wandsworth a month after his first encounter when he was playing

Miranda Moore

Not only did they have sex in the open but they did it in the open knowing and taking delight in the fact that young lads were watching, and they encouraged the young lads to view the sexual encounters. The boys at the time were all too young by law to be participants in any sort of sexual activity. Julie would encourage one of the boys at a time to engage in sexual activity. Julie was doing the activity but Tony was there. He was there to watch in line of sight usually ... to act as a look-out or 'minder' for Julie. She had sexual activity with these young boys again and

Miranda Moore

We are dealing with events between the years 1992 and 1996 so what we are talking about is some time ago. They were partial to having sexual activities in the outdoors. It was part of the edge of Atherstone Golf Club. It is a vast area of trees and shrubs. The couple, Mr and Mrs Wadsworth, also known as Julie Mayer, has admitted that they would engage in sexual activities outdoors. She described it to police as 'outdoor hanky panky.' They both deny that they engaged in any sexual activity whilst young lads were there. They did it in the open knowing the young lads were

Miranda Moore

Speaking to police, Julie said 'there was a time we used to go for a walk up to the Outwoods but we were a couple who enjoyed a bit of outdoor hanky panky. She said 'I have no idea who the boys are they were never mentioned to

Jeanine Piro

This is the biggest cover up since Watergate, a story no one wants to talk about. We have impeached a president for lying about sex with an intern. A president resigned in the face of certain impeachment for covering up a burglary. Why wouldn't we impeach this president for not protecting and defending Americans in the bloodbath known as Benghazi?feedback

Ricky Martin

It's funny because the way we do babies, I get to choose the sex. So definitely girls are

Rebecca Tuvel

Society, should accept such an individual's decision to change race the same way it should accept an individual's decision to change

Nickie Elenor

It can limit discrimination claims if you provide objective reasons for rejection, rather than letting someone think that you didn't want them for reasons such as disability, race, sex or age. Individuals can make claims for unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act during your recruitment

Per Samuelson

The truth is, he gave a very good explanation: this was consensual sex between two adults and nothing else. And he's a free man. He's an innocent man and this case has been

Freddie Gibbs

I think I was definitely on trial for having sex with a white girl. This is

Elise Armacost

We have never proven that Sister Cathy was killed because of her knowledge of abuse in the Roman Catholic

Jean Wehner

I think Cathy was planning to go to the police about what was happening to us girls at

Marilyn Cesnik Radakovic

I think people should take Jeanie's courage, that she had the courage to do this, and they should have the same courage to solve this crime and to solve it

Ewan McGregor

I've seen a lot of snakes in my day and that man is a

Douglas Wigdor

The sudden passing of Roger Ailes will make it difficult for Fox News to refute the allegations against him as his testimony was not secured by sworn testimony to date. For example, our client Lidija Ujkic claims in her complaint pending in the Southern District that Mr. Ailes made the following comments: . . .asking Ms. Ujkic to stand up and turn around so he could see her from behind and commenting that he liked what he saw; and. . .calling her ex-boyfriend and asking whether she 'put out' and 'how's the

Tomas Mortberg

We don't see this as a health and wellness-promoting activity, just like gardening isn't. The break should be used for a walk or going to a gym. A love act with your loved one should be done in your own free time, not during paid work

Tomas Vedestig

We talk more openly about sex and relationships now. It is no longer

Jane Doe

We seem to be breeding a generation of students, mostly female students, deploying Title IX to remedy sexual ambivalences or awkward sexual

Simon Blakebrough

She recalls very many occasions when both she and he had sexual intercourse. She recalls sexual intercourse taking place on Sunday's when Gillian went to church and in Alexandra Park in Manchester where they would have sex in his car. She thinks they had sex as regularly as three times a week. She felt she was in love with the defendant he had promised when she was still a child that when she turned 16 they would move to

Karim Benzema

He said he would not have lodged a complaint if he knew I was involved in the story. For more than a year and a half I'm his worst enemy, a bad guy, a thug, I have to be punished, dragged in the mud, my name and that of my family, in the

Karim Benzema

There's really something wrong with him! …It's all part of his story. When I hear him say that he's ready to play with me again. To hear him at the beginning, I'm a scum, I threatened him, I scared him, all you can invent … And now he wants to play with me!feedback

Jessica Storer

The sexual relationship between the 18-year-old and I was a one-time thing. I accept full responsibility for him drinking and for not saying 'no'. I do feel it was consensual. It was not forced. That's where I came in saying this should be between my husband and I, my priest and God. I understand. I should have said

Galen Sherwin

Frontier's policies are discriminatory at a structural level and need to be changed. How is it that a job that is majority female still fails to take into account pregnancy and breastfeeding? It's time for Frontier to start addressing the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding workers – both inside and outside the flight

Erinn Cosby

Like the cruel history of our people, the legal system and the protections of the law do not seem to exist for him

Bill Cosby - WireImage

If a jury says so forth and so on, there's still public opinion. I know the side that I'm on and the side that I'm hoping for and after that there's more work to be

Radley Balko

Detroit police raid the wrong house, terrorize family after bogus tip about alleged sex

Marieke de Ridder

Sex workers will determine their own rental terms and working hours. There will also be more social control, because the sex workers in My Red Light will be more involved with each other. There's a special living room where they can drink tea and socialise with each other – clients are not allowed there. We hope they will educate each other when it comes to things like negotiating or dealing with unpleasant

Karin Werkman

One simply cannot know whether a woman renting a window there does or does not give up her earnings to a pimp. Prostitution is a form of sexual exploitation, and even in a controlled environment there can be no guarantees of 'clean' prostitution. The only people who benefit from this are the sex buyers. They can tell themselves that by going to this place they are making use of 'clean' prostitution. But that really is an

Sonja Pol

There are no guarantees that in a business run by sex workers themselves nothing will ever go wrong. And the council realises full well that My Red Light is not the solution for the problems in the sex industry. That's not what this project is meant for. What we are aiming at is empowerment for sex

Elwyn Jones

This court has heard of another scream, more than one, in a room where you were? The screams of a little girl of 10, of your sex, madam? Did you put your hands over your ears when you heard the screams of Lesley Ann Downey? I wanted her to be quiet. Or get the child out?feedback

Evin Cosby

He is not abusive, violent or a rapist. Sure, like many celebrities tempted by opportunity, he had his affairs, but that was between him and my mother. They have worked through it and moved on, and I am glad they did for them and for our

Evin Cosby

I thought when my brother Ennis was murdered, that was the worst nightmare of all time. It's so hurtful to this day. I try to block out the day he was killed, but that pain has only worsened in these last few years. For some reason, my family's pain has been a trigger for people to seize upon us

Evin Cosby

Two years ago, and over 10 years later, several women came out. Like the woman from 2005, they claimed to have been raped or drugged. But, like the one from 2005, their stories didn't match up. Instead of going through the criminal justice system, these stories never got investigated and just got repeated. They have been accepted as the truth. My dad tried to defend himself. His lawyers tried to defend him, but they all got

Jill Soloway

The entry point is a great show about sex from a woman's point of

Louise Casey

Rotherham's suppression of these uncomfortable issues and its fear of being branded racist has done a disservice to the Pakistani heritage community as well as the wider community. It has prevented discussion and effective action to tackle the problem. This has allowed perpetrators to remain at large, has let victims down and, perversely, has allowed the far right to try and exploit the

Maxine Peake

The powers that be weren't encouraging her, they were shutting doors, they were telling her to be quiet, they weren't interested. Nobody seemed interested in helping these girls who were in desperate situations. These were really vulnerable young women - the lack of care for them I found

Margaret Oliver

I feel that had the full facts been heard from the girls, we would have got heavier sentences and there wouldn't be offenders still walking the streets of

Kris Jenner

The one thing that we have as a family is each other. It's really nice to come together on these vacations, no mater how old the kids get, and just

Kris Jenner

When you travel so far to relax and be with the family … the last thing you want to do is find pictures on the internet of our vacation. So to see them right out there with a boat and a big a– lens is

Peggy G. Carr

There is much work left to be done. The data show that many students do not feel safe at school and are victimized physically, verbally and

Charol Shakeshaft

It's a high number and a disproportionate number in comparison. We still have a lot of homophobic bias and it plays itself in schools. Those students are singled out and isolated and

David Osher - American Institutes for Research

Bullying is a public health issue because it really affects the mental wellness and health of students and as we know at the extreme end it can lead to everything from suicide to reactive violence. Because it happens, it doesn't mean it has to happen. If you directly focus on bullying without addressing overall issues regarding school climate, social and emotional development of students, you are likely .... to hit a

Lauren Musu-Gillette

There are areas of concern in terms of bullying and rates of victimization being high. We are seeing a long term decline, but we still want people to be paying attention to areas where rates are still

Erin Pahlke

Often the girls in the single-sex schools have higher math achievement, better attitudes, lower levels of math anxiety, they often have better hopes for the future of wanting to take higher level math. You say, this is incredible, single-sex schooling is the answer!feedback

Stewart Lee

It was a chance encounter at the Crocodile cafe in Seattle that led me to the shocking truth about Philip May and Michael Gove. Artificially intelligent humanoid sexual partners are now commercially available. And indeed, I have often wondered if I myself am in fact one such “sex robot”. My lovers always disengage from me in silently satisfied wonder, and rarely request second encounters, having had their expectations soul-shatteringly exceeded, their sexual futures rendered endlessly disappointing. I’m joking of course! I have been married for 12 years. There is nothing to see

Marilyn Glenville

When you're tired, sex drive is usually the first thing to

Marilyn Glenville

If you don't feel healthy, it's harder to feel energetic and

Janice Hiller

They are less willing to allow themselves to feel disregarded, undermined, neglected or ignored by their

Barbara Bloomfield

One of the reasons older women are having a lot of good sex is because they're in a new relationship, especially if they've been unhappy in their previous one. There's no such thing as a normal

Barbara Bloomfield

This is called vaginal atrophy and it can be dreadful. I tell my clients to ask their GP for a vitamin E

Barbara Bloomfield

I often find clients' sex lives improve vastly in their 40s and 50s'. Firstly, ask any 30-something parent and they'll tell you that having young children is the biggest passion-killer of all. In midlife, however, your children may well be teenagers or older, so they need you less and go out more. A lot of people report an improvement in their sex lives when their children leave home; it's a time when marriages get the va-va-voom

Barbara Bloomfield

That means a man will just have to look at something he finds attractive and he'll feel

Barbara Bloomfield

When I see unhappy couples, I often find the thing they adored about their partner when they met has gradually become the thing they can't stand about

Barbara Bloomfield

There are countless reasons to maintain your sex life. Yet often, one half of a couple decides to give up sex, which is when resentment or boredom can creep

Vince Finaldi

Exactly how many parties is he going to be attending? It's just inconceivable to me that he is unavailable at all until June 5 because of these soirees. And those events do not justify avoidance of a

Vince Finaldi

I hope you can step back for a second, evaluate, and see how ludicrous your client's position is. We have motions to oppose and he can't participate in discovery because he has parties to attend. That is just beyond the pale. Especially considering how many children were sexually abused on his watch. It just supports our position that he never really did care much about the kids. It was all about his job and the bottom

Mayim Bialik

We don't want them to have shame about their bodies or fear about women's bodies. While we tend to be a pretty socially conservative house in terms of how we dress and how we talk about modesty for boys and girls, we're very matter of fact with them. We know that a daddy cell meets a mommy cell and all those things. . [They] know all about genetic signaling, and when sex is determined and we've talked about the hormonal basis for gender identity and things like

Goldie Hawn

He was so good-looking, but he had no pretense about him. I could tell right away he wasn't a womanizer. Love, gratitude, compassion, because sometimes every man or every woman will drive their partner crazy. Family. Fun. Laughs. Sex. If you don't nurture that, and remember, you're done. I don't think there's any question that prayer can work. I'm a very spiritual person. I'm not a religious person, although I was raised Jewish and I like my tribe, but that was a beautiful thing. It was phenomenal. I just emptied myself. I don't know how to explain

Justice Haddon-Cave

They slept in the same bed when they were together, had sex, went on holiday regularly together with the boys, and shared a joint bank

Alastair Mackinnon

It's certainly not a replacement for it. I think the main thing is to ensure there's safety and boundaries. Adults need to be careful about the preparation they do with the young people, to make sure they're not giving advice on things it's not suitable for them to give advice

Jennifer Dhingra

Peer education provides a valuable and unique perspective and can really encourage young people to participate. Peers also relate to current issues that affect young people. For example, with topics like sexting, the key messages we want to get across would be on consent and safety and protection against sexual

Kirstin Mitchell

We're touching on topics that are harder to cover within a limited classroom session but are really important to young people, like sexting and pornography. We want to try to change norms and

Hilary Pannack

We run two modules on grooming, coercion and healthy relationships. Very often they've experienced these things

Glen Wiseman

The day sex education is delivered by well-trained and experienced sex educators who have a passion for the topic is the day we can start looking at ways to supplement

Hilary Pannack

They are never left alone in the classroom and we have meetings with teachers beforehand, so we know that what we're covering fits with the

Greg Nevins

Put it this way: If you congratulate a man because he marries a woman and then you fire a woman because she marries a woman, that is discrimination on the basis of sex. We have to focus on would this crime have happened if the victims were a different

John McGann

He thought of smell as this very animalistic, bodily, earthy thing. Smell makes animals have

Elizabeth St. Clair

The main character is staying in a bunkhouse, and over the course of several nights a gorgeous strange woman comes to his bed and has sex with him. The men in the group thought this was the most romantic thing ever – dark, anonymous sex with no consequences. The women, on the other hand, were guffawing. When they pointed out that this was entirely a male fantasy, that few women would relish the prospect of anonymous sex with a possibly unattractive stranger in a bunk bed, the men felt

Arnaud Herrmann

In Southeast Asia, hotel managers were frequently confronted with child sex tourism, not just in the hotels, but especially in their daily

Alyse Kelly Jones

There is no evidence to support that eating spicy food will do anything to bring on labor. Women have been trying many things for decades – sex, spicy foods, walking – and none of those things have proven to

Ronald Vasek

I thought if I signed this letter, it's a lie. And I knew it was a lie. I couldn't sign that letter, I didn't want to sign that letter at all. I knew at that moment he was blackmailing me. I signed that letter to protect my son, because I knew how evil a man the bishop could be if he wanted to

Nichi Hodgson

Every day millions of internet users ask Google life’s most difficult questions, big and small. Our writers answer some of the commonest queries. The G-spot. Today, we know it as that elusive amplifier of female sexual pleasure to which sex toy manufacturers and women’s magazines pay endless homage. But for most of the 20th century, it was the only potential part of the human anatomy that managed to simultaneously exist and not, depending on which scientific research you consulted: a case of Shrödinger’s pussy, if you

Ed Murray

It tears me to pieces to step away but I believe it's in the best interest of this city that I love. The allegations against me are not true. And I say this with all honesty and with the deepest sincerity. But the scandal surrounding them and me is hurting this

Nicholas Dean

What happened is there every day. I don't have to think back to it, I live it every day. I'm not going to have any children because I don't want to bring them into the world I live

Nicholas Dean

The jury heard evidence to the effect that to the outside world you were, in the indictment period, portraying yourself as a reformed character, someone who had experienced the depravity of the drugs world and had emerged rehabilitated. Whilst in fact, at the same time, you were depriving and corrupting young people with drugs and abusing them sexually. You are a very very dangerous man. You, despite your not guilty pleas, have shown remorse for your behaviour. I wanted to die because of what he (Nicholas Taylor) has done to me. What happened was a long time ago but it still feels so

Adam Pendlebury

The Taylors plied their victims with drugs and alcohol before sexually abusing them and that abuse has had a lasting impact on their

Adam Pendlebury

Coming forward and giving evidence during the trial was incredibly brave and has led to two dangerous individuals being sent to prison for a very long

Richard Simmons

I'm sure I will be feeling good and back home in a couple of days. This has reminded me that when you need help you can't be afraid to reach out and ask for

Carrie Wade

As a harm-reduction tool, e-cigarettes should be available, even promoted, to current smokers as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. History has proven that abstinence approaches do not work: Teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection rates did not decline in states that emphasized an abstinence-only sex education curriculum and criminalization of heroin use did not stop overdose

Emma Watson

The fist acting award in history that doesn't separate nominees based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience. MTV's move to create a genderless award for acting will mean something different to everyone, but to me it indicates that acting is about the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and that doesn't need to be separated into two different categories. Empathy and the ability to use your imagination should have no limits. This is very meaningful to

Samantha Barbas

It's an untested area, and I think it would be an open question as to whether or not it's capable of a defamatory

Adam Pendlebury

Neither Nicholas nor Joan have shown any remorse for their actions despite knowing how their actions have impacted on their victims. The Taylors plied their victims with drugs and alcohol before sexually abusing them and that abuse has had a lasting impact on their victims. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support during our investigation and the court process. Coming forward and giving evidence during the trial was incredibly brave and has led to two dangerous individuals being sent to prison for a very long

Emily Culverhouse

When Nick was not around, Joan was a different person. She was under Nick's control at all times. She was controlled by both drugs and violence. This offending – in my submission – would not have occurred had it not been for

Joan Taylor

You, despite your not guilty pleas, have shown remorse for your

Nicholas Dean

You [Nicholas Taylor] caused children to become addicted to drugs and you used their bodies for your pleasure. In truth your behaviour stems from craven lack of any moral compass and your depraved appetite for drugs and sexual gratification. You raped children. You are an intelligent man, but a monster. I have looked to see whether you have any redeeming characteristics, whether there might be any prospect that you will ever be anything better than a monster. I see no good in you, I see no prospect of you

Sheila Miyoshi Jager

I never understood why he wrote it that way. There are whole passages from that book that are essentially copies of his letters to me. I always found it ironic that he was using his love letters to me to write his book and then completely omitted me from the entire

Sheila Miyoshi Jager

He became someone quite extraordinary … and so very ambitious, and this happened over the course of a few months. I remember very clearly when this transformation happened, and I remember very specifically that by 1987, about a year into our relationship, he already had his sights on becoming

Kate Dillon

I'm really proud that MTV has joined the conversation, about breaking down binaries. To be presenting the first best acting award based solely on performance and not on sex or gender identity? It's a historic moment, and one that I share with everyone leading the way for change. What Billions does so brilliantly is they just make it a non-issue. Damien Lewis' character says, Those are the pronouns you use? Great, let's get down to business. How can you make me money?' So Taylor has so much more value than just gender

Andrew Jezic

This is selective prosecution of elective promiscuity. It is hardly uncommon behavior for teenagers. At no point did the girl express any reluctance with any sex acts. From the night before, she actively planned a sexual

Dolly Parton

I've never thought of myself as being a sex symbol and I don't want to have to be a beautiful woman, like Raquel

Dolly Parton

The tap-tap-tap of his paws jolted me back to reality [and] I suddenly froze. I put the gun down. Then I prayed. I kinda believe Popeye was a spiritual messenger from God. I always had an open mind about sex. We all did. It was not a vulgar

Bertrand Périer

I don't see why France's social or legal organization would necessitate gender

Lincoln Beauregard

Their attack on me is unconstitutional and an attempt to silence the

Malaika Eaton

Only the court can stop this misconduct that makes a mockery of the judicial

Peter Gair

These were handwritten fantasy stories but included photographs of scantily-clad but not totally naked children in the region of nine to 12 years, depending on which story one read, having sex with each other and with

Jeremy Benson

You have previously led an unblemished life and served the community in your

Mat Staver

The ruling keeps the case alive for a little while but it is not a victory for the plaintiffs. We are confident we will

Michael Gartland

Do I think it's a million dollar case? Probably not. The next step will be to go to discovery and go to trial, where I am confident we will obtain a judgment against

Tim Carney

I could not put a man away for the rest of his life on what they gave us - the evidence they

Donald Mates - Mugaburu

It's the quality of the evidence, not the quantity of the evidence, you should be focusing

Thomas Spota

We will continue to pursue justice in cases involving the sexual abuse of children, which often means pursuing cases based upon the information from the victim of the abuse sometimes years after the crimes when limited corroborative evidence is still available. For those discouraged by this outcome, it is important to guard against any chilling effect that might result; especially a reluctance to report

Tim Carney

I could not put a man away for the rest of his life on what they gave us, the evidence they

Bob DeMoss

What would the Bible have to say about bullying or peace-making or peer pressure or sexual purity? Focus on the Family would say and Brio would reflect: 'Hey, sex was God's idea so why not follow the game plan that he laid out in the Bible?' And you're not going to get that in the pages of 'Seventeen,' let's be clear. If those topics ever come up in the pages of Brio they will be handled in a non-shaming, grace-filled, welcoming – and by welcoming I don't mean 'hey, we have no standards' – way. We use the Bible as a

Susan B. Ridgely

With homosexuality, for girls especially, lesbianism almost never comes up in any of their material. Girls aren't depicted as people with a sex drive. Their whole job is to keep young boys' sex drive under

Elizabeth Van Winkle

We see the increase in rates of reporting as an indicator of a continued trust in our response and support systems. The fight to end sexual assault, sexual harassment and related misconduct in the military is far from over. We do not confuse progress with

Kirsten Gillibrand

Today's report disappointedly shows a flat overall reporting rate and a retaliation rate against survivors that remains at an unacceptable six out of ten for a third year in a

Peter Thomas

I went a year without having sex with my wife. Now it's on. There's somebody I like a whole

Sam Marcosson

What we have is a judge who has made a record of his inability to be a fair and impartial judge for a whole class of citizens who are entitled to have a fair and impartial judge. It raises serious problems about his fitness for office going forward. He's sent a message, an explicit message, that he's biased about a whole range of issues that might come before him. If a judge simply cannot apply the law because of his or her personal views, it's perfectly honorable for that judge to

Abbie Goldberg

There's really no difference, which is actually quite remarkable when you think about the additional layer of stigma these children are growing up

Chris Hartman

And if Judge Nance can't perform the basic functions of his job, which are to deliver impartiality, fairness and justice to all families in his court room, then he shouldn't be a

Martin Cothran

If we are going to let liberal judges write their personal biases and prejudices into law, as we have done on issues of marriage and sexuality, then in the interest of fairness we are going to have to allow judges whose personal biases and prejudices are different to recuse themselves from such

Marine Le Pen

You mean 'sex'? Because I'm against 'gender theory.' . With me, in the country of Brigitte Bardot, women will stay free!feedback

Matt McTighe

The passage of this legislation is an egregious and blatantly unconstitutional effort to take away the rights of same-sex couples. I urge Gov. Haslam to take a definitive stand for Tennessee's LGBT community and veto this vindictive piece of

Jennifer Donnals

The governor is deferred to the will of the legislature on this bill, but as he does with all legislation that is sent to his desk, he will review it in its final form before taking any

Addison Osta Smith

Being the first female winner is really amazing. All the past winners have been guys. Especially in today's time, when there's a lot of different battles going on for women's rights, I think it's super important to have female role models, and there's so many strong women to look up to in the cooking world. Just because you're a different sex, you can do the same

Danyelle Taylor

I do not believe that the threshold has been met by the evidence presented to this

Kath Sansom

Women have lost their bladders, their bowels, their sex lives – yet feel ignored and helpless. Now lots of women are suing the NHS it’s time these operations ended. In the 21st century it is hard to imagine women being maimed in a surgery with risks that they are not being properly warned

Bill Cosby - WireImage

I think about walking out on stage somewhere in the United States of America and sitting down in a chair and giving the performance that will be the beginning of the next chapter of my career. I miss it all and I hope that day will come. I have some routines and storytelling that I am working

Andrew Wyatt

I am not trying to influence a jury pool. She felt the need to speak up on her dad's

Bill Cosby - WireImage

The history about African-Americans is a history of the United States; but the true histories, not the propaganda that is standard in our nation's history books. The great writer, James Baldwin, said, If you lie about me, then you lie about yourself.' The revolution is in the home. There is something about someone saying, I didn't know that,' that could cause a change in that person's thinking. I miss it all and I hope that day will come. I have some routines and storytelling that I am working

Ross Allan

The surgery was a great success and Molly is much more comfortable and happier as a result. Intersexism is rare in pets, and some cases will not require any treatment at all. In Molly's case it was a painful condition which was causing problems and surgery was an important step to ensure she was able to go on to live a pain-free

Carlos Kaiser

My whole life has revolved around sex. There are no other hobbies. If I went to a nightclub I'd spend 10 minutes chatting up a girl and then leave. You just take her into the first bathroom and the first available cubicle, give her one then leave. This all comes from the culture in which I was raised. I came from a very poor culture among ignorant people, so I had it in my head that to have sex you needed to be macho. It's not something I'm particularly proud

Doree Shafrir

It's going to take a lot of work from people in power, who might not be so willing to give up that power. It also means letting go of this idea that 'we just hire the best people' – because 'the best' is subjective, and people need to examine their own biases. And tech needs better HR, in general. And pay people equally!feedback

Jordan Herrera

It is promoting like, Oh hey, go and have unsafe sex because then you have a backup option and it's going to be cheaper than if you just want to go to a

Tim Farron

What I want is to make sure we deal with something that's become an issue. No, you asked me a question about what I felt about first of all, people who are gay and indeed also about gay sex, and I have said no, I do not feel that they are sinful. And I think that's something that's important to say when people get the wrong idea of you. We're all

Ross Allan

Molly was what is defined medically as a male pseudo hermaphrodite, or more commonly 'intersex'. Her particular anatomy meant that whilst Molly appeared to be a female, closer examination revealed elements of both male and female external genitalia, and unfortunately this was leading to significant genital discomfort. If left untreated, this risked her developing a long-term and debilitating condition. We decided that the very best solution for Molly was to proceed with definitive surgery to create an anatomical situation which would avoid ongoing issues or

Frank Finlay

We got Molly in November 2015 and noticed that around the house she would squat to do her pees but outside she would lift her leg. I mentioned this early on in 2016 to one of Ross's colleagues and they came up with the probability that she was a hermaphrodite, both sexes. They did MRI scans and X-rays, and eventually she was operated on in 2016. We still call her

Tim Farron

I don't think people want political party leaders telling them what is and isn't sin. People's faith is private, and it's up to them to decide how they make these interpretations. For me, separating faith from politics means you shouldn't be trying to have a running commentary on these things, and also shouldn't be trying to impose one's beliefs on

Michael Lewis

The panel also noted prior to the sexual encounter, Mr Brown provided Pupil A with free singing lessons, a part time job and then later, bought her an iPhone on which they could communicate. The panel considered the school's note of their meeting with Pupil A, where she discussed the sexual encounter noting she was 'very conscious of the end of term. The panel also considered that the provision of the free singing lessons and the paid part time job, could be seen as an attempt to foster a relationship, which the panel regard as

Michael Lewis

The panel is satisfied that the conduct of Mr Brown, which involved sending inappropriate messages to a pupil which included encouraging her to take drugs and messages of a sexual nature, and engaging in sexual activity with the pupil, fell significantly short of the standards expected of the

Florence Pugh

I knew Katherine was an incredible character but I also knew that the job behind her was huge and it did terrify me because there was a lot of her to tackle in just one film. But for me that really excites me, when a character kind of scares me. Some of the features about Katherine that really excited me was that throughout the entire film she goes beyond herself and hurts a lot of people and we still love her, we still root for her, we still want her to

Wasim Aslam

We have looked further at the way we audit the management of such cases and, as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our safeguarding work is as strong as possible, have recently increased the resource on this within the ECB safeguarding

Nick Cousins - European Central Bank

Nevertheless, there are always important learnings to be taken. While we made it clear to the LSCA that the individual must not undertake any role that involves contact with children, stated this directly to the individual and liaised with the appropriate authorities, the restrictions we put in place were not properly adhered

Nick Cousins - European Central Bank

The England and Wales Cricket Board is totally committed to ensuring a safe environment in the game for everyone. We have clear and well-established safeguarding policies and procedures that are continually checked and challenged to ensure they are robust. At no time did ECB authorise the individual to work directly with children and during the investigation additional steps were taken to ensure that could not

Elisabeth Moss

Sex scenes are always f..king awkward, . They're always the worst. This is actually not awkward because you have clothes

Lorraine Gilles

Brown "seduced a naive and a curious 18-year-old foreign exchange student … with alcohol, fame, and casual sex. Her "sexual and employment relationship with Brown continued for approximately seven

Ted Allen

By the time I was 7, I knew that I was gay. I think it's time to talk about that

Kristian Nairn

I really do not understand why we're the only little enclave of the country that can't do it. I hope that we can come into line with the rest of Europe and the rest of the United Kingdom and Ireland. There is so much other horrible s*** happening in the world at the minute, I think it is the least of their worries. I think we need to get it sorted out as soon as possible. I don't see why people are so concerned at what other people do behind closed doors or in their

Robert Cawley

Pupil A describes how she had sex with Individual A but cried and had asked for it to stop as she did not want to have sex with a

Lim Tae-hoon

Military investigators used the information they gained from the investigation on the sex video to track down other gay soldiers in the army, starting by forcing the suspects to identify who they had sex with and then widening their search from there. The soldiers who are being investigated had sex with their partners under mutual consent and not inside the barracks. The army has infringed on the realms of privacy and is falsely claiming that these soldiers committed

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett

It starts now with teaching them who I am. They've been up to the Playboy Mansion. I have nothing to hide. And if you don't have shame or regret. You don't understand. These kids know earlier and earlier now. They know,