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Stephanie Shirley
You'd think I'd be as happy as anything because I'm a bit of a feminist, but that really meant that my woman's company had to let the men
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Aug 20 2017
Sexism has been commented on by 361 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Sexism are: Hillary Clinton, Inna Shevchenko and Gloria Allred. For instance, the most recent quote from Hillary Clinton is: “For people who are interested in this, the nearly 66 million people who voted for me, I want to give as clear and as credible an explanation as I can.”.
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Judi McLean Parks

People don't like to have their expectations violated. If you (as a woman) behave in a masculine manner, then in some way or another, I'm going to think less of you, find you less likable, and be less likely to hire you – all because you have violated the expectations of what a woman is supposed to be

Susan Fiske

Bias in general, whether it's directed at gender, race, or anything else, is more automatic than people think. And it's also more ambivalent than we realize. So that makes it harder to detect in

James Damore

I'm not saying that any of the female engineers at Google are in any way worse than the average male engineer. I'm just saying that this may explain some of the disparity in representation in the

James Damore

He "couldn't really get ahead of it at all. People got offended because it goes against the left's

James Damore

The whole point of my memo was actually to improve Google and Google's culture and they just punished me and shamed me. Even though there were many people that looked at it, it was only after it got viral that upper management started shaming me and eventually firing

James Finberg

Google is not alone in Silicon Valley. The goal of the case is to not only get Google to change its practices, but to encourage other Silicon Valley companies to change their pay practices as

James Finberg

They are concerned that women are channeled to levels and positions that pay less than men with similar education and

James Damore

It was totally secretive. And I heard things that I definitely disagreed with. There was a lot of just shaming and, No you can't say that, that's sexist, you can't do this.' There's just so much

Aaron Ginn - Lincoln

It has a silencing effect. There should be room for people to express opinions about the way the company is using resources. But people don't want to be labelled, as James Damore was, a bigot, a sexist or a

Serena Williams

There are barriers I hope to break so my baby, whether boy or girl, won't have to live under those stipulations. I definitely am a feminist. I like to stick up for women and women's rights. So many things happen and I just think, Wow, why don't we have a chance?' If that makes me a feminist, I am proud to be

James Damore

It's illegal to retaliate against a NLRB charge. I'm currently exploring all possible legal

Kara Swisher

It's interesting because I think one of the issues around Silicon Valley is it's supposed to be this tolerant and open-minded place and - just like the rest of the world - there's problems with sexism. There's problems with racism. There's all kinds of problems that had been not paid attention

James Damore

I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don't endorse using stereotypes. Despite what the public response seems to have been, I've gotten many personal messages from fellow Googlers expressing their gratitude for bringing up these very important issues which they agree with but would never have the courage to say or defend because of our shaming culture and the possibility of being fired. This needs to

Owen Jones

James Damore’s diatribe against women in tech offers an insight into the male backlash that was an important factor in the rise of Trump. Google has just reportedly fired one of its workers for circulating a memo discussing the biological inferiority of his female colleagues, and how this made them less suitable for tech. The software engineer in question is James Damore. You’re going to hear a lot about him in the coming weeks: he’ll probably be a star guest on alt-right shows and the rightwing lecture circuit, splashed on the front covers of conservative magazines, no doubt before a lucrative book deal about his martyrdom and what it says about the Liberal Big Brother Anti-White Man Thought Police. For the online right, he’s already a hero: I’ll wager that soon thousands of angry male rightists will change their Twitter profile pictures to Damore’s face, and their Twitter names to I Am James

Angela Saini

Support for the anonymous Google ‘manifesto’ on gender difference is reminiscent of the thinking behind the eugenics era• Angela Saini is the author of Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong. Sexism has long been recognised as a problem in Silicon Valley. But a lengthy memo written by a Google software engineer, and leaked online, has laid bare the ugly underbelly of how some in this male-dominated world think about women. The “manifesto” (which at the time of writing remains anonymous) uses scientific evidence in an attempt to explain that women are, on average, biologically different from men, in ways that make them less likely to work in the same jobs. “Women generally have a stronger interest in people rather than things,” the software engineer

Patricia Scotland

I think that is for others to say. I've always been really focused on my career, doing what I can and allowing other people's sexism, racism and prejudice to be their problem and not

Nasrine Nawa

Some TV stations in Afghanistan prepare reports about the abuse of women, but they don't report everything as they don't want to be accused of being feminist. Most forms of women's empowerment are seen as divisive and anti-men, but we want to remove the negative attitude to women's issues in this

Emily Nussbaum

This reminds me of when Jon Stewart responded to Jezebel's criticism by having his fem support staff sign a letter saying he was not

Kelvin Davis

I just think it's a sexist, stupid comment to make and it's just, there's no place for it in

Claire Smith

That's what we do: Shine the light where it needs to be shone. That's why I am proud to be a reporter. A reporter, I pray, who continues to stand tall not only as a journalist, but also as a woman of color, because that matters greatly. Today, I humbly stand on this stage on behalf of every single person in my profession, in baseball and beyond, who was stung by racism, sexism and other insidious biases, but persevered. You are unbreakable. You make me

Claire Smith

I humbly stand on stage for those who were stung by racism or sexism or any other insidious bias and persevered. You are unbreakable. You make me

Nick Cohen

Anne Marie Waters’ swerve to the far right is understandable but unforgivable. It sounds like the start of a bad stand-up routine. An Irish lesbian feminist walks into Ukip’s HQ and… And the Kippers walk out. Or at least three-quarters of Ukip’s members of the European parliament say they will walk out if Anne Marie Waters becomes their new

Hillary Clinton

For people who are interested in this, the nearly 66 million people who voted for me, I want to give as clear and as credible an explanation as I

Mari Miura

She was not able to use the fact that she was at the top of the second biggest party to progress the feminist

Nancy Snow

We are put in these positions all the time where we have to play the feminist card and the feminine card at the same

Chris Harrison

When I think of my daughter, when I come home and she runs and jumps in my arms, I cry like a baby. I never cry. Probably the first 30 years in my life, I've never cried. All of a sudden you have a son and things change. But when you have a daughter, I know it's a double standard and it even may be a little sexist, but it's just different. They just get to you. They crush you in ways you never thought you'd be

Hillary Clinton

Writing 'What Happened' was hard, so is what we see every day. As we move forward & fight back, I hope this

Seyran Ates

I'm not alone with this idea. It is a movement, it's a revolution. I may be the face of the liberal mosque, but I alone am not the mosque. We have millions of supporters all over the world. Yes, a little bit. I could be in danger. People recognise me. The hostile reactions proved how necessary the project

Emilia Clarke

It doesn't stop me from being a feminist. Like, guess what? Yes, I've got mascara on, and I also have a high IQ, so those two things can be one and the

Matt Bomer

Some things have changed but many, many things have not. A lot of the things that we are dealing with on the show are sadly really relevant and fresh today, whether it's the ageism or the sexism or the anti-Semitism and certain aspects of race. I don't think it's very different. I think everybody is a lot more polite now, but I think secretly down, down, deep inside they fight like it's turf war, like it is a war they need to

Jo Swinson

Blaming women for the gender gap in organisations gets us nowhere. We need to recognise the endemic problem of sexism and all take proactive steps to solve

Seyran Ates

Sharia is a war against women's rights, nothing else,' she said. The UK has helped Islamists to bring women under Islamic sharia law and its patriarchal

Seyran Ates

There is no Islamic requirement [to cover one's head]. There is no theological argument even in the most conservative interpretation of the Qur'

Katee Van Horn - GoDaddy

And the more important question isn't whether someone responds to email right away. It's what they say, whether their responses have impact. We shouldn't be judging people based on how fast they communicate. We should be looking at whether they achieved the goals set for

Debra Weissman - GoDaddy

You can't change a place just by hiring more women. You have to create a safe space to talk about the assumptions all of us have. You have to work against the

Seyran Ates

There are more and more people wanting to break the chains. In many countries you can find people who are practising what we're doing, but they are doing it under cover, privately. Liberal and secular Muslims are squeezed out by radical Islam, so they decide to be silent. It's not so easy for liberal Muslims to be 'out'. It's like being homosexual. They are tarnished as the 'enemy of

Dana Edell

I knew that I wanted to raise my child Jewish and in a Jewish home. And yet I'm also a feminist and activist, and believe very strongly in the right to your own

Katee Van Horn - GoDaddy

We realized a lot of those are invitations for

Debra Weissman - GoDaddy

The most important thing we did was normalize acknowledging that everyone has biases, whether they recognize them or not. We had to make it O.K. for people to say, I think I'm being unintentionally

Blake Irving - GoDaddy

We needed to become the most inclusive company in tech. We had to erase the idea that meritocracy is enough. We know this is a process. We know we're not going to fix it in a day, or a year, or five

Katee Van Horn - GoDaddy

There's a lot of little things people don't usually notice. But they add up. They reinforce these biases you might not even realize you

Lori Mackenzie

Oftentimes, what keeps companies from shifting is believing the existing system is already fair. Blake is really committed to undermining

Elizabeth Ames

It was a big moment. Everyone was skeptical of GoDaddy, the same way they're skeptical about companies like Uber today. But GoDaddy was really committed to it, and it's

Sophie Turner

There is still that sibling rivalry back from when they were young. There's still that sexism that's ingrained in the culture. He's the military man, she's the politician. I think they need to realize that they need to stop fighting for ultimate power and just work

John Bercow

An address by a foreign leader to both Houses of Parliament is not an automatic right. It is an earned honor. Although customarily, an invitation to a visiting leader to deliver an address there would be issued in the names of the two speakers, I would not wish to issue an invitation to President Trump to speak in the Royal Gallery. Our opposition to racism and to sexism, and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the House of

Chris Sweis

If you know Dave you know him to be a very passionate person who is a lover of people…That passion is clear to anyone who knows him…He is also a MAN…A heterosexual MAN…Yes a MAN…A MAN who from time to time has needs and desires of a

Nicole Sanchez - Vaya

Or perhaps they truly don't understand what's wrong with the behavior described, hence the 'what's the big deal?' kinds of questions. These people have been socialized in a corporate environment that is dying, not the one that is on the

Michael Petraeus

How is it that men should pay with their careers for a moment of weakness?feedback

Michael Petraeus

Should Dave McClure pay for his mistakes? Most likely yes. Should he have to step down into the shadows of the company he made? Hell no. I don't understand why a guy, who is an otherwise great businessman who helped over a thousand companies around the world, should have his professional life erased simply because he likes to sleep

Michele Dauber

It's a special spin on 'boys will be boys.' Boys will be boys is the reason we are making so much money and we can't do anything to interfere with

Courtney Knichel

I'm not really a feminist. I was a hard worker, but I know nothing else. I love this life. I came in in 2008. I had nothing else. I always tell my husband, This was my first love.' Do I want to see them hire more women? I just want the hardest worker to get the chance. . . . Maybe the story would be better if I was, like, so pro-hire women. But I'm not. Hire the hardest worker. That's what I

Susan Fowler

It was clear that he was trying to get me to have sex with him, and it was so clearly out of line that I immediately took screenshots of these chat messages and reported him to

Jane Garvey - BBC

As you may be aware by now the BBC has been found to be not quite the equal opportunities employer it has always been thought to be. Yes, there are some breathtakingly high salaries paid to certain presenters but the side of the story that has so incensed all the newspapers, charities and even the Prime Minister is the huge pay gap that exists between men and women. If the BBC thinks we are not talking to each other, we are. Women have learnt a few things and I would argue it's a good time to start acting on what they've

Amy Parish

For me as a feminist, it's really interesting. Because the goal of the feminist movement is to behave with other females as though they are your

Jon Roseman

If I were a senior BBC executive, I would have brought them [the female stars] all in and apologised profusely. But to have them publicly humiliated is ridiculous, it is so

Miriam O'Reilly

The BBC really is a gem and I get angry at the way this government is assaulting it. But I do think it has to get its house in order on not just pay disparity, [but] on ageism, on sexism. It wouldn't have to face shitstorms like this if it did the right thing by

Matt Bomer

All these things that are coming to a head right now in our country – immigrants, sexism, the generational clash – are really big elements in our show. There are so many American ideals that Fitzgerald was wrestling with and that we're still struggling to

Margo Price

I don't want to be called a 'female musician,' I want to be called a

Johanna Konta

I was actually born in Australia to Hungarian parents but I've lived here for half my life now almost and I'm a British citizen and I'm incredibly proud to represent Great Britain...I've represented Britain in the Olympics so I'm definitely a British

Melissa Byrne

Our shirts are our message. We want the USGA to dump sexist Trump because women and men deserve to make sure that they are safe and that sexual predators are not considered ambassadors of sports. You could tell he saw us. He looked at us, and then somebody else looked and had this really annoyed look. Security gets concerned, so we made sure the president was safe in his box before we removed our shirts. He came over to the glass to wave to people, and he looked at

Ella Smillie

Our review shows that specific forms of gender stereotypes in ads can contribute to harm for adults and children. Such portrayals can limit how people see themselves, how others see them, and limit the life decisions they take. Tougher standards in the areas we've identified will address harms and ensure that modern society is better represented. However, there is also significant evidence of potential harm for adults in reinforcing already internalised messages about how they should behave and look on account of their

Cath Tate

Somehow one has to produce cards that hit the moment. It's quite a subtle thing, what people think of as funny. You have to be plugged in to what is really getting at

Cath Tate

It was the first one that really took off. It was quite a financial struggle when the children were little. It didn't happen

Cath Tate

I realised – the more I looked into it – how good some of the women cartoonists

Jennifer Brand

I don't understand it. As a woman, I don't think he's sexist, I don't think he's denigrating to them and I don't think [the protestors] show support for the women that are here

Diane Abbott

We are talking about mindless abuse and in my case the mindless abuse has been characteristically racist and sexist. And just to outline I've had death threats, I've had people tweeting that I should be hung if 'they could find a tree big enough to take the fat bitch's

Niu Tianxiu

The environment for feminist discourse and policy have improved somewhat. And especially at the middle and lower level, if local leaders have progressive attitudes toward gender and can get the support of the families involved, exceptionally able women can partake in a fair

Brooks Barnes

Pascal, a 59-year-old woman in an industry rife with sexism and ageism, seems to have emerged stronger and happier, having reinvented herself as a producer through her company, Pascal Pictures ... On a personal level, after a lot of soul-searching, some in a therapist's office, she has tried to see the hack as freeing. After all, she has no more

Bill Clinton

The thing [these scholars] get most out of being with each other is being with one another . We may be less racist, homophobic and sexist, but we don't want to be around very many people who disagree with us normally and we get news in silos. The truth is in an interdependent complex world, diverse groups make better decisions than homogeneous ones and so these people would make better decisions. I also think you have to begin with the end in mind, that is, you have to say, yeah, you got to win the election, but why in the heck are you running?feedback

Ruth Holdaway

With 1.6 million fewer women than men playing sport once a week in England, and only 9% of 13-15 year old girls meeting the recommendations for physical activity levels, the WTA is reinforcing the notion that image is important for women and girls when playing sport – which is likely to put them off - rather than highlighting the physical, mental, emotional and social benefits of physical activity which will inspire many to give it a

Ruth Holdaway

By focusing on the appearance of women, this poll diverts much needed attention away from the pure talent and athleticism on display from these

Elena Vesnina

Asking fans about what we wear could give people an extra interest in the

Mary Dejevsky

The French president showed elegance and discretion with Trump, as he has with Putin. His diplomatic skill shows up Theresa May’s ineptitude• Mary Dejevsky is a writer and broadcaster. Within hours of Air Force One touching down in Paris there was fresh confirmation that no foreign visit by this US president comes without its risks. Betraying what the kindest interpretation would describe as an old-fashioned eye for the ladies – let’s face it, he is 71 – Donald Trump had strayed from the conventional introductions to compliment his host’s wife, Brigitte, on her figure. He then turned to her husband, the president of France, to remark: “She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful, isn’t she beautiful?”.feedback

Melissa Guzy

If you are going to get derailed because of a guy acting like he was in a high school locker room for about three minutes, you'll never get anywhere in a startup. Sexism is just one of the things you have to come across. We should all earn for what we

Sara Nelson - Association of Flight Attendants

Straight from Akbar Al Baker lips, he confirms what AFA has said all along: Qatar Airways thrives on misogyny and discrimination. Qatar is not only seeking to choke out U.S. Aviation, but also the 300,000 good jobs built through opportunity created on the principle of equality. There is no room for a separation of humanity in air travel or in an emergency. Flight Attendants are onboard to save lives and every life counts. If you prop up Qatar Airways you are supporting sexism, racism, and ageism.

Carly Zakin

What worked, when you deconstruct it is, it was two to three hours of telling you, here's everything you need to know to be a functioning person: This is the news, the latest movie that's out, the book to read, how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. Our audience is not watching morning TV in those ways

Carly Zakin

We've had people tell us we're being emotional. You don't say that to male

Robbie Goffin - FTI Consulting

It's not about being sued. They're worried about ever being able to do business again. The question is not whether you've done something illegal. It's whether you've done something

Claudia Iannazzo

Culture only truly shifts once more women are in power. It's not the vocabulary of the industry that's the problem. It's the gender of the

Robbie Goffin - FTI Consulting

For marginal actors, it's crystal clear there is now a line that you can no longer

Dave McClure

I was getting confused figuring out whether to hire you or hit on

Janice Fraser

This generation has much more confidence in their hire-ability and long-term career

Claudia Iannazzo

The women venture capitalists in this industry have been hearing stories from female entrepreneurs for well over a decade about the behavior of their male colleagues. Until firms set themselves diversity targets or start hiring women, as far as I'm concerned, it's still all

Karin Klein - Bloomberg Beta

We're simply asking that we VCs begin to collect the data and that LPs ask us for it – a sort of transparency pledge. I don't want to exclude men. They are our greatest

Ashley Swartz

For women who come out [about sexual harassment], dimes to dollars it was not the first time. They just wanted it to be the last

Claudia Iannazzo

I think that's just being decent. Who wants to invest money in people who are indecent?feedback

Melissa Pancoast

I understand the feeling to want to keep your head down, be an example of success, and not do anything to make it harder to raise funds. The power dynamics are so awful that if you're trying to keep your company alive you'll put up with all kinds of

Michael Moritz - Sequoia Capital

But if there are fabulously bright, driven women who are really interested in technology, very hungry to succeed, and can meet our performance standards, we'd hire them all day and

Janice Fraser

It's certainly a different reaction than we've ever seen before. It is unprecedented in my

Jessica Mah - inDinero

People who are celebrating are clearly doing too much too soon. People are not thinking about downstream consequences. … A lot of my money I raised is hanging out over drinks. You don't want to take that

Claudia Iannazzo

It took about a week of telephone calls and unconventional thinking to identify the same number of exceptional women candidates. In the end, we'll have no problem bringing on equal numbers of

Lance Hannon

When a darker-skinned African-American female acts up, there's a certain concern about their boyish aggressiveness, that they don't know their place as a female, as a

Rebecca Raby

Popular femininity is a challenging path to navigate. Some of them [said] that you can't come across as too smart. You can't be seen as putting up your hand all the time. You can't be seen as a know-it-all. It's important to take care of your social

Rebecca Raby

They thought it was just something they shouldn't take too

Melissa Lyken

We know what we're experiencing, but sometimes it's hard to put a word to it. They're being told they should take lower-level courses or they should look into a community college as opposed to a

Chris Evert

But then I wonder about that argument because in the past there have been years when the women have been more attractive to watch, been bigger names, and they've still gone with the four men and two women. So why not just make it equal, simple for everyone? That's the way it is in the prize money now so why not in representation on the show courts?feedback

Chris Evert

There have been years when there have been more marquee women players than men players. Fortunately for men's tennis and unfortunately for women's tennis this year the top four men are of very high marquee value, and it's hard to say that Djokovic should be on Court

Angelique Kerber

To be honest, I was really surprised that I was playing on No 2 Court. I think we both played a good match which was at a very high level. And I was actually really looking forward to playing on one of the two big

Chris Evert

I think there needs to be a discussion because we have equal prize money so why do we not have equal representation on Centre Court and Court 1. Instead of four men's matches and two women's matches, I would like to see, and I think all women would like to see, three men's matches and three women's matches to go along with the equal prize

Andy Murray

Well, I don't think anyone's suggesting it is fair. I'm not suggesting that it is... But, like I said, I'm not the one that decides the schedule. When you start at 1:00pm and you can't play under the lights, you have a very limited amount of

Andy Murray

I think ideally you would have two men's and two women's on Centre, potentially starting the matches a bit earlier would allow for that. [They] need to maybe find a way of allowing for an equal split of the men's and women's matches across the tournament rather than just looking at one day. If there's better matches on the women's side than the men's side, you can flip it. If there's better matches on the men's side, then that has to go first, as

Caroline Wozniacki

I think that's something we've talked about at Wimbledon for the last 10 years. I think the other Grand Slams are more equal… whereas here there's always two men's and one women's on Centre Court. Most days, as well, there's more men's matches on Court One,

Venus Williams

Also, Elina [Svitolina] is number four in the world… But I thought we would play on a bigger

Jelena Ostapenko

I think I deserve to play on a better court than Court 12. I think it was a good match from both of us on a high level. I was actually looking forward to playing on one of the two big

Richard Lewis

Already you see fans struggling to get into Number One and Centre for the 1pm start of play. People travel from large distances and they want to use off-peak fares and getting to the stadiums is a challenge. So I think three matches on those courts work for us, it's a tried and tested formula. We review these things for time to time - it doesn't work for

Jelena Ostapenko

But, I mean, yeah, I think I deserve to play on a better court than Court 12, I

Hannah Peaker

Jess Phillips’s idea holds great promise, but we in the Women’s Equality party know it will be more effective with support from across the spectrum. British democracy is designed to protect the status quo. Never has this been more clear. Just a month ago, the public expressed utter contempt for old politics by retreating to older politics in the general election. In England, we were told the only viable choices were blue or red. In Northern Ireland, frustration over the suspension of Stormont resulted in victory for the very parties obstructing power-sharing. And in Scotland, the Tory resurgence rendered a second referendum impossible. The first-past-the-post system, supported by old parties and the media, did what it does best: it returned power to those that already have

Gloria Allred

You emailed me. Why wouldn't I get back to you? Your problem doesn't wait for

Gloria Allred

Mr Trump, you have to understand, the world does not revolve around your penis, or anyone else's penis. If it ever did, it doesn't any more. This is not about genitals. This is about

Gloria Allred

Extremely imperilled. At risk. That's why we're trying to build, really, a legal wall in California against what Trump's doing to roll back women's

Gloria Allred

I wake up in the morning, and I see so much injustice, people writing to me about it, proven injustice... that it's like lighting a match. I have to start working on

Gloria Allred

I start blasting Donald Trump. I said something to the effect of: 'Mr Trump, we don't care what your anatomy looked like when you were born, and you shouldn't care what her anatomy looked like when she was born.' Well, obviously, that really upset

Lizzie O'Shea

We act as if technology were neutral but it’s not. The challenge now is to highlight and remove the gender bias• Lizzie O’Shea is a human rights lawyer, broadcaster and writer. ‘Most women in the Bay Area are soft and weak, cosseted and naive, despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit,” wrote former Facebook product manager Antonio García Martínez in 2016. “They have their self-regarding entitlement feminism, and ceaselessly vaunt their independence. But the reality is, come the epidemic plague or foreign invasion, they’d become precisely the sort of useless baggage you’d trade for a box of shotgun shells or a jerry can of diesel.” This is from his insider account of Silicon Valley, Chaos Monkeys. The book was a bestseller. The New York Times called it “an irresistible and indispensable 360-degree guide to the new technology establishment”. Anyone who is surprised by the recent revelations of sexism spreading like wildfire through the technology industry has not been paying

Gloria Allred

In other words, it is too early to celebrate, Mr. Cosby. Round two may be just around the corner. And this time, justice will

Sarah McLachlan

The first time I felt sexism was the pushback from radio stations [in the mid-Nineties]. They'd say, We added Tori Amos this week, so we can't add you.' Or: 'We added Tracy Chapman this week, so we can't add

Aimee Byrd

It's almost like a conversation closer if someone can just call you a feminist in the conservative church. Because there's so many definitions of that word, and I wouldn't want to attach myself to the pro-choice movement, or the sexual revolution, which I'm very much not [a part of].feedback

John McEnroe

If there's one thing I've always done it's speak my mind. It's got me into trouble in the past, as everyone knows, but at least people know what I'm

John McEnroe

Thanks to my daughters in large part, I now realize how important it is for young girls to have the same opportunities as boys to take part in physical activity. I am proud to be a

John McEnroe

Hopefully, over the past few years I've made some progress in grudgingly figuring out how to become a better person, and am now known for more than just hitting a tennis ball and getting upset and yelling at linesmen and umpires. But I'll leave that for you to

John McEnroe

It's what they've achieved in terms of breaking into what remains a white, middle-class sport that is most

Emily Ratajkowski

Often it's men propelling these acts of sexism, but women discount one another too: Think about how many times you've heard a woman say about another woman, Oh, she's just doing that for attention.' We've internalized this trope. My boyfriend is super confident and was raised by his mum, so he also genuinely loves and admires women. Not just 'Oh yeah, women are cool'. He deeply loves and respects women, so he loves what I'm all

Victoria Azarenka

I had to be here the whole day, which is, for a new mom, is a little tough. Hopefully I won't play like this again. It's tough to know what time I was going to play, and this is way past his bedtime. So I wouldn't do that to

Victoria Azarenka

It think especially in pregnancy, it's so hard to give someone advice, because it's so individual. But I always say that whenever she asks me for my opinion, I give it to her in person, and in private. She has a little bit before, so I will just keep it

Hannah Wilks

The tournament consistently gives men’s matches better locations and more airtime. But the excuse that audiences expect it looks increasingly flimsy• Hannah Wilks is chief tennis editor at

Sarah Kunst

I want to live in a world where being in tech doesn't mean having to be harassed or mistreated. We're getting there.

Mark Leyland

He seemed surprised. Even on Ladies' Day? Tennis is one of the few sports where women get equal prize money and should, ideally, get equal prominence. For Wimbledon, still the biggest tournament in the world, to neglect the women's tournament, whether it be the broadcaster or the organisers, is to go against

Kristina Monllos - Adweek

Young people across the gender spectrum are creating brands that live up to and express their own political ideals. We're seeing this millennial version now where it's a very stylized aesthetic coupled with these feminist, pro-women

Donald J. Trump

You find anything nice about her cheekbones? I dunno. So, look at her

Callum Borchers

The posts followed a consistent pattern: When Trump hits Brzezinski and Scarborough on Twitter, he hits Brzezinski harder, more personally and in a way that seems designed to portray her as someone who is insecure ('facelift') and unintelligent ('low IQ') – and who would not be on TV if not for her romantic relationship with Scarborough, to whom she was recently

Michelle Goldberg - Slate

Trump's tweet was meant to make Brzezinski seem grotesque and pathetic, a failure in the struggle to remain attractive – the only struggle that, in his eyes, really matters for

Sallie Krawcheck

I was humiliated. And I was embarrassed. And I felt shame. And I knew they didn't want me

Emilia Clarke

I feel so naive for saying it, but it's like dealing with racism. You're aware of it but one day you go, Oh, my God, it's everywhere!' Like you suddenly wake up to it and you go, Wait a f------ second, are you .... treating me different because I've got a pair of t---? Is that actually happening? It took me a really long time to see that I do get treated differently. But I look around, and that's my daily life. It doesn't stop me from being a feminist. Like, guess what? Yes, I've got mascara on, and I also have a high IQ, so those two things can be one and the

Emilia Clarke

It doesn't stop me from being a feminist. Like, guess what? Yes, I've got mascara on, and I also have a high IQ, so those two things can be one and the same. Women have been great rulers. And then for that to be a character that I'm known to play? That's so f**king lucky. Anyone who seems to think that it's not needed need only look at the political environment we're all living in to be like, Oh, no, it's needed. It is

Trish Hennessy - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Why not take inspiration from Iceland, which has committed to a plan to completely close the gender pay gap in five years' time? Set a goal. Set a timeline. Work the plan and make it

Trish Hennessy - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Pay matters, but so do working conditions. Many jobs that women work in are precarious: hours are part-time or casual, they don't have benefits or pensions. That means the gender pay gap follows them all the way to

Armine Yalnizyan - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

But they're nowhere near closed. It's people that don't have more than high-school [education] that see the biggest wage gap between women and

Trish Hennessy - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The gender pay gap persists in all types of occupations, even when women are in higher-paying

Lauren Ravon - Oxfam Intermón

We need to have a society where we value the work that women have traditionally done: education, childcare,

Trish Hennessy - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Unionisation helps, too. The gender pay gap is lower in unionised jobs – unions can be a great

Christopher Currie - Facebook

It's something that I don't have to deal with on a daily basis, like Clementine certainly does. It's scary how it develops so quickly, and how people from all over the world get roped

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez

When you have a 2.30 hours delay in a British Airways flight (what is happening to this airline!?) open the inflight shop magazine and want to scream: STOP-CALLING-GIRLS-LITTLE-PRINCESSES!! It cannot be so difficult for an airline to get this right... It's just not on. We are not defined by who we have married or who we sleep

Anita Sarkeesian

If you block someone, then, technically, if they're signed in they can't see your feed anymore and that might be a really important thing for some people. Sometimes I think it's valuable – it's almost a symbolic act – to say, You are disruptive to my space and not allowed in

Steven Jay Williams

Mute don't block. Muting on Twitter or YouTube will not inform the person from the community. If you block them, they know and they can create a new account or find another way to get back into the community. But if you mute them, then they will just be screaming into the void. Some people look at a block as a badge of

Meghan Tonjones

The mute button is incredible. I used to have to unfollow people and actually deal with the backlash and now I can just mute

Lauren Riihimaki - YouTube

99.9 percent of all the comments are so nice and so empowering and motivating and supportive [but] there's that, like, one, tiny, like, .01 percent that are just, like, so angry at their life that they want to hate on you. You can block certain words. It filters them out so I don't have to see it. So people are, like, fat, ugly, pimples.' … You can just filter all that out and I don't have to see it so I can pretend that they're aren't

Hannah Witton - YouTube

I've heard from lots of people that people find their way around it by misspelling things. I reward positive comments by engaging

Steven Jay Williams

The best thing you can do is fill that community with positivity. I choose to celebrate positivity and the beautiful stuff

Anita Sarkeesian

Sometimes you might make it worse by saying something … so the advice that I give is follow what the person targeted is doing. If they are speaking up about it and are being vocal about it then you can amplify their voice… but sometimes people don't want their voice

Steven Jay Williams

I think we are bothered by it … it can often result in an amplification and I think it's one of the biggest mistakes we make. Two wrongs never make a right. I think it eventually digs you into a hole that you may never be able to get out of if you respond

Kirsten Dunst

There's so many feelings going on with Edwina. We wanted a bodice-ripper type of scene, but without any kissing, to make it more animalistic. I think it's feminist because it's a female director ... and you don't see this many women working together that often in

Nancy Theriot

As a UofL faculty member who interacts with students and wants a campus environment free of sexism and exploitation, I believe the sanctions are justified given the seriousness of the

Fiona Carter - AT&T

I realised that the casting… we had less than 50 percent women, they weren't in speaking roles, the positions of authority were white males and secondary positions were people of color or they were women. For me that was a personal moment when I realized I had the power and the responsibility to make a

Keith Weed - Unilever

Why would you only use half the talent in the world if you can use the whole talent in the world? You could get a lot of middle aged men and teach them to try and think differently or take a diverse group of people and leverage the diversity among

Nina Funnell

It is standard, in fact, that when a student exposes sexism or misogyny in their own university they are almost always met with horrendous backlash and ostracism, including reprisals. That's incredibly common in

Renee Rabinowitz

I was sitting in a bible class, which wasn't so great for the teacher because my phone kept ringing. Anyway, I'm thrilled because the judge understood the issue. She realized it is not a question of money; they awarded a very small sum. She realized it's a matter of El Al changing its policy, which they have been ordered to

Anat Hoffman

This is a common story; it happens to many. Like Gal Gadot, Renee has

Renee Rabinowitz

I would have no problem flying with El Al. But it depends on who has the best

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka - United Nations

Stereotypes reflect deep-rooted ideas of femininity and masculinity. Negative, diminished conceptions of women and girls are one of the greatest barriers for gender equality and we need to tackle and change those images wherever they appear. Advertising is a particularly powerful driver to change perceptions and impact social norms. UN Women is excited to partner with the foremost industry shapers in this Alliance to challenge and advance the ways women are represented in this

Victoria DiPaolo

It's all based on sexism, and it is completely unreasonable. Over the past four years, myself and many of my friends have received dress code violations for clothes that were nowhere near

Jeannie Suk Gersen

We chose to set up our system to be stacked in favor of the defendant in all cases. So, in areas where most of the defendants are male, and most of the accusers are female, it's a structural bias in favor of males. Even if we were to get rid of sexism, it would still be very hard to win these cases. I think this is what we have to live with on the criminal side, because we've made the calculation that this is the right balance of

Emily Hall Maresca

What we're known for in the community is having spaces that are definitely feminist and women-friendly and safe for

David Bonderman

Actually, what it shows is that it's much more likely to be more talking. Today at Uber's all-hands meeting, I directed a comment to my colleague and friend Arianna Huffington that was careless, inappropriate, and inexcusable. The comment came across in a way that was the opposite of what I intended, but I understand the destructive effect it had, and I take full responsibility for

Rachel Riley

Personal abuse is hideous. For the record I didn't say Spurs are bottle jobs but tonight's game was a test of nerve. I said the game was a bottle job. Not the same as calling the team bottle jobs as is being

David Bonderman

I directed a comment to my colleague and friend Arianna Huffington that was careless, inappropriate, and inexcusable. Having worked with the company for some months on the Holder report, I recognize the importance of implementing the requirements of the report. Uber is examining the issues with its culture, making significant changes and working to right what has been done wrong, which is extremely important for the future of the company. I do not want my comments to create distraction as Uber works to build a culture of which we can be

Arianna Huffington - The Huffington Post

On this front, I want to say that for me, from the moment I joined the board, a personal and stated goal was to increase the diversity of the board, much though I love my white, male colleagues. So today, as you may have heard or you may have read from the email I sent out last night, I'm delighted to announce that we have been joined on the board by an incredible leader who also happens to be a woman: Wan Ling Martello .... the only woman member of the board at Alibaba and somebody I know you're going to love to get to

Arianna Huffington - The Huffington Post

And as a result, the participation of women on the board went from 14 percent to 25 percent. [applause]. And there is a lot of data that shows that when there is one woman on the board, it's much more likely that there will be a second woman on the board. Oh, come on, David. Don't worry, David will have a lot of talking to do as

Joel Dreyfuss

Look what happened in Paris when a black feminist conference pushed for black-women-only

Glenn Kenny

Always Shine' is a deft, assured movie with a sly self-reflexive undercurrent containing commentary on sexism and self-idealization that's provocative, and sometimes

Katy Perry

In my intent to admire and appreciate a culture I actually did appropriate and I mad a mistake. I'm juggling 7000 balls. It's hard to hear those clapbacks sometimes and your ego just wants to turn from them and I've had great teachers who hold me accountable like when I said I wasn't a feminist. My friend Shannon pulled me aside and said 'Sweetie, here's the Webster definition of feminism and it's just equality. I have lots of white privilege. Oh, really? Do you miss Barack Obama as well? Oh, OK. Times change. Bye! See you guys

Warren Beatty

There's so much that I could say about Diane, and so much has been said already, but I have a list of things that I think she is. I would start with saying she's such a brilliant, beautiful, passionate, authentic, political, dramatic, hilarious, honest, generous, spontaneous, ethical, independent, feminist, actor, director, writer, producer, singer, photographer, designer, real estate developer, and mother of two

Melissa Silverstein

It's almost an exclamation point on what women have been saying for a long time – in the industry, outside the industry; that our stories matter, we are the heroes of the stories, we can kick butt as well as anyone else and we're equal. The bigger picture is, for me, that women stories are as valid as male

Joelle Emerson - Uber

To survivors everywhere, including to Uber's own employees, it communicates a belief that women lie about sexual assault. To seek to discredit a survivor by reviewing her confidential medical records is not only a stunning violation of privacy; it reinforces all of the sexist and misogynistic beliefs about sexual assault. It's the definition of rape

Lee Garrett

Guys … when is the last time YOU actually saw a pretty feminist? There is a reason for

Juliet Williams

As a feminist, when you're dealing with gender relationships, you take progress anywhere you can get it. Anytime I'm seeing an image of a man fathering in a joyful, focused, concerted way, that's something to

Rosie Litterick

It's so brutal it's anthropologically interesting. From a feminist point of view, all the men are awful and treat the women terribly but they still air it. Like, Tom telling Sophie she was behaving like a 'slag' is abuse. And it should have been treated like abuse, but it wasn't - it was on air for all to

Karl Stefanovic

It's a news website, one which seeks to profit from criticising publicly humiliating people – women especially. Go hard on me. Make up your stories, publish your lies, send out the paps. But if you have a sliver of decency for the women in Australia, do not slur the reputations of others in your eagerness to throw mud at me. If you agree with me the best thing you can do, is to never go to that

Lee Garrett

Guys … when is the last time YOU actually saw a pretty feminist? There is a reason for this. I do hate

Josephine Lee

I really want to win, it'll change the magic industry for generations to come. I'm not just doing this for myself, I'm doing this for all women in

Anna Cole

Davies is a horrible sexist MP who loves the attention ... but I wouldn't vote for Sophie Walker either. She doesn't know the area or local issues. They talk about glass ceilings for CEOs but for women here that's not important. Austerity, poverty, that is what women here worry

Gloria Steinem

I'm glad we've begun to raise our daughters more like our sons, but it will never work until we raise our sons more like our

Tim King

Be vigilant in redirecting conduct which is demeaning, intolerant, disrespectful,

Emily Kane

We can all help by avoiding judgment, and avoiding small, everyday assumptions about what a kid will enjoy or be good at based on their

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Teach our sons to cook, clean and look after themselves – to be equally competent in the home as we would expect our daughters to be in the

Christia Brown

That should start at 3, when they really pick up stereotypes and notice them. If you don't help them label them as stereotypes, they assume this is the way it

Karl Stefanovic

[The Daily Mail] is a news website, one which seeks to profit from criticising and publicly humiliating people, women

Jane Campion

It's not off my agenda. I'm fricking fed up. What I feel I want to do is keep doing good work. I'm noticing there is a lot of really interesting female-oriented work. That's not true. That's complete rubbish. You could change this overnight, you just have to give 50 per cent of public funding to

Gerard Lee

I think it's a complicated problem because if you sort of force feminist ideology into a story or a film funding bodies policy, the danger is you're going to get a story where you can predict the

Jane Campion

I'm actually seeing a bit of a change, I'm seeing more sisterhood coming at me you

Jane Campion

I do feel like it's been a cultural problem [but] I think we'll be cracking it pretty soon. That's not true. That's complete rubbish. You could change this overnight, you just have to give 50 per cent of public funding to

Grayson Perry

The appalling ubiquity of online sexist and racist abuse speaks of lonely, angry men. If we don't teach them emotional literacy, they might well end up living lonely, unhealthy, shorter

Alex Gardega

I have a lot of empathy for the creator of the bull, Arturo. I'm a pretty happy person, not seething or angry and certainly not anti-feminist. My piece is not without a sense of humor. There is plenty of room for Fearless Girl; it just interferes with another artists work/

Anne Hidalgo

I am asking for this festival to be banned. I will refer the matter to the Prefect of Police. I reserve the right to prosecute the organisers for

Liane Hornsey - Uber

Wherever I have worked, I have seen things that are not great for women. I worked in entertainment for six years. They need more love and respect from the company. That's my sense of what's wrong. I'll be honest with you, I suffer cognitive dissonance every day. Because I read that I'm working for this highly aggressive, highly confrontational guy and I don't find that at all. My whole experience of him, and I know this is really hard to say to people because they do not get it or believe it, is that he's extraordinarily

Salma Hayek

There is this thing that it's true that maybe if you're pretty you can get parts easier. But it is really violent to assume that if you are pretty, you are stupid. If they realise that you're smart, the anger is really multiplied. It's almost like they've said 'ok, get a monkey'. And then the monkey talks and they go 'oh my god the monkey talks, what do we do?'. I think it's ignorance, overall. I started this conversation here a couple of years

Radhika Nagpal

We need to do everything, like mentoring, fighting sexist exclusionary behaviors, training men to behave better, and investing money in better practices. We need to make up for century of

Bibiana Steinhaus

For any referee, whether man or woman, it is the biggest ambition to be able to blow the whistle in the Bundesliga. I've spent many years working towards that and faced several setbacks. Which is why I'm very happy about the trust the referee commission has shown in me, which proves that even in refereeing it's performance that

Howard Webb

We have some good female officials in England, more and more are coming through and if they have the ability it shouldn't make any difference if they are male or

Lena Dunham

To be honest, I'm in the greatest amount of physical pain that I have ever

Debra Satz

If the agenda is more papers by women, and more papers about feminist issues, that's great. But if it turns out it's a really narrow conception of what that is, that's not so

Malcolm Press

The students are interested in issues rather than political parties. They care about equality of opportunity; they care about feminist issues, and

Hilbrand Westra

This is the first time that something like this went to court, so it handled it very

Robin Wright

That red carpet syndrome is always going to be about the fashion. That is why it is there! It's a give and take we do each other a

Robin Wright

I think I was 17, in Paris, and went in for a go-see thinking they were just looking at the face. That's why it's there, that's why people are stopped on that carpet - because they're wearing a designer's piece. You're there to sell. They doing you a favour and you're doing them a favour by giving them publicity. It's give and take. You're a woman, you wear a dress, and people say 'well why don't they ask questions about the man in the tuxedo or the suit?' Well it's because they're all wearing the same

Robin Wright

The problem is feminism today is such a derogatory and diva-like word. [but] Feminism means equality, period. Equal birth, equal

Johanna Luyssen

It has never been proven that a character automatically reflects all the thoughts, ideas and ideology of their author. And that's just as

Kellyanne Conway

He had me sit through a bunch of tapes showing then candidate Trump commending Jim Comey about Hillary Clinton's emails, talking about him etc. And the fact is that they showed all these clips and it showed candidate Trump in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I said 'Hey, thanks for the trip down memory lane and talked about winning Michigan,' and then he rolled his

Kellyanne Conway

Let me tell you something, Hillary Clinton is in search of sexism as an excuse for why her disastrous candidacy and campaign lost six months ago, but I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that. Can you imagine a male anchor rolling their eyes at Hillary Clinton or a female representative spokeswoman for President Obama or President Bill Clinton? I think

Anna Billingsley - Yik Yak

We took a number of steps that we felt created a much safer and secure campus and we are continuing to address concerns related to sexual violence. Our eyes were opened and we worked diligently to meet the needs of the

Debra Katz

The bigger picture is that students shouldn't have to go to court. That's the purpose of

Natacha Henry

Madame Macron's age is a feminist issue here. I was at the hairdresser's at a very small town in Orléans the day he was appointed minister of economy, and all the ladies were so happy she was so much older than him. We're so fed up with these older guys with young

Rod Dreher

Do you see 'racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry' in Griffiths's message to his colleagues? Of course not, because it is not there!feedback

Elaine Heath

It is inappropriate and unprofessional to use mass emails to make disparaging statements – including arguments ad hominem – in order to humiliate or undermine individual colleagues or groups of colleagues with whom we disagree. The use of mass emails to express racism, sexism and other forms of bigotry is offensive and unacceptable, especially in a Christian

Jessica Grose

You never hear anyone say it out loud, but the unfortunate gerund “adulting” is everywhere. Peculiar to social media, it’s a term that seems to be wielded most frequently by young women — and the pastel-bedecked brands wooing them — to signify the completion of quotidian grown-up tasks like doing laundry, going to work, exercising and [].feedback

Richard Prum

If you say anything about a feminist science, you get a lot of negative blowback immediately. But this isn't a science that accommodates itself to feminist principles. It's about the discovery of feminist concepts in biology

Richard Prum

It's a sad thing that, given the promise of evolutionary biology, we've really failed to lead culture in any meaningful way, whether in thinking about racism, sexism, or economic disparity. We're just hanging at the rear end. And there's a real prospect for that to change because of all the power of evolutionary theory to be relevant to people and people's

Mireille Escarrat

The FN is xenophobic, racist and anti-feminist. For me it feels like the 1930s. We're going

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